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Centerpointe Research Presents: 

Journey to Your Inner Center 

16-Minute Guided Meditation by Bill Harris

Here's What You Get

Escape from the chaos of day-to-day life

Feel vitalized, worthy and refreshed 

Experience extraordinary oneness

Enjoy a creative visual journey

Let go of tension and fear

Journey to Your Inner Self will help you feel centered and give you the power you need to tackle any challenges ahead!

How To Download The Guided Meditation

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Would you like even more inner strength?

Here’s an easy way to discover & experience profound levels of deep personal fulfillment! Introducing Centerpointe’s extraordinary “suite” of Holosync soundtracks:​​​​

Journey to Self

This Suite Includes 4 Transformational Soundtracks to Help You on Your Journey into the Most Profound and Vital Landscapes of Your Life

Get the Journey to Self Suite...
...including the FREE Bonus Track!

Journey to Self is a unique and powerful suite of three soundtracks–plus a fourth bonus track–designed to help you discover and experience profound levels of deep personal fulfillment. 

Each track is driven by powerful Holosync® technology to automatically create changes that used to take years, decades even, of meditation.

Silent affirmations are embedded beneath your choice of soothing music or river sounds, using our proprietary Autofonix™ technology, to deepen and amplify your results.

The soundtracks are presented in high bitrate mp3 format and can be downloaded and played on nearly any smartphone or other media device.

Note: You cannot purchase Journey to Compassion anywhere for any amount of money...but it's FREE with your purchase of the Journey to Self  Suite.

Here's what you get:

  • Journey to Love
    Your road map to give and receive love in profound and deeply fulfilling relationships
  • Journey to Forgiveness
    The solution to toxic, unconscious material that keeps you from feeling whole, centered, and happy
  • Journey to Gratitude
    Reconnect with feelings of joy and contentment and cultivate a mindfully thankful state
  • Journey to Compassion (FREE Bonus Track)
    Live a more peaceful life, with authentic kindness and understanding toward others (including yourself)

Suite Price: $69

Tracks are not available for individual purchase.
Available in digital download version only



Track Length: 30 minutes

We all need love in our lives. But, sometimes we fail to experience the full power of love in life because we’re unable to fully open our hearts and minds to its possibilities.

By listening to Journey to Love, you can overcome your unconscious resistance to being hurt or rejected. 

You’ll also find yourself automatically shifting your behaviors to a more kind and loving state, as you let go of the need to control, manipulate, or demand things your way.

Listening regularly helps support your deep desire to create lasting, supportive, loving relationships.

Click to see the silent Autofonix affirmations we use in Journey to Love...

Included in the Suite

Tracks are not available for individual purchase.



Track Length: 30 minutes

Journey to Forgiveness reaches deep into the unconscious–to the delta brain wave state, where the most powerful changes occur… help you heal and release unresolved emotional material and impart a sense of freedom that only true forgiveness can produce. 

This is a critical step in the Journey to Self process. Until we learn how to fully forgive, we can stay stuck in old, unresourceful beliefs and negative patterns of behavior. 

For many, forgiveness is the answer to the toxic, unconscious material that keeps us from…

...feeling whole, centered, and happy.

Click to see the silent Autofonix affirmations in Journey to Forgiveness...

Included in the Suite

Tracks are not available for individual purchase.



Track Length: 30 minutes

A content and happy life begins with gratitude.

Gratitude gives rise to contentment, peace, and many other values associated with a centered and fulfilling life.

Journey to Gratitude is an easy way to reconnect with feelings of joy and contentment, and to help you cultivate a mindfully thankful state.

Often, the happiest people are those who are also the most grateful.

Being grateful for what we have in our lives opens the doorways to receiving even more.

Click  to see the silent Autofonix prayer we use in Journey to Gratitude...

Included in the Suite

Tracks are not available for individual purchase.



Track Length: 30 minutes

Compassion transports you back to the roots of meditation, and the most profound results of this ancient practice.

Compassion has the power to diminish, even dissolve, the ghosts and rogues lurking in the shadows of your mind.

With Journey to Compassion, you’ll live a more peaceful life. You’ll experience authentic kindness and understanding toward others––from the slow lady in the fast lane… the person who broke your heart.

Click to see the audible "Metta Bhavana" affirmations we use in Journey to Compassion (for the first 10 minutes)

Click to see the silent Autofonix affirmations we use in Journey to Compassion (for the remainder of the track)...

This track is only available with the purchase 
of Holosync® Journey To Self Suite


(Free Bonus Gift)

Digital Download Only

Your Journey to Self Suite includes a beautifully designed, printable journal to help you document your own Journey to Self. 

Journaling deepens your experience, provides clarity, and helps you resolve questions and issues in real you write.

We’ve included intriguing questions on each journal page, to prompt and inspire you, but this journal is your own, to use however you wish. 

Please note: The Journal is a digital product (only) for you to download and print at home.

Get the entire Journey to Self Suite for only $69 for MP3 format!

Plus... Get your Free Bonus Track, Journey to Compassion, when you order now!


Here's What Some Holosync® Users Are Saying

I found this process so helpful in changing my life. They have helped me reach a state of Acceptance, Compassion and Love. I rarely get angry, if ever and accept each day as a new blessing in my life.

~ Carol Behar  

I find I am able now to detach and observe myself. I am also able to remain peaceful and centered long after I would have crumbled. I can be objective about my suffering and consciously choose not to continue but to choose joy and peace instead. This is a real change for me. 

~ Kim

I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone because I feel completely free of stifling belief systems and limiting mind programs. Thanks for creating such an incredible tool that has helped me reach this state of acceptance, peace, fun, joy, pain, sorrow, and serenity. What more could one ask for in life? 

~ Randy

I am also more quick to love and forgive than ever before. I see the connectedness of it all. Compassion is comfortable. Joy is something I feel and radiate throughout the day as I am grateful for so many things. 

Dina DelPreto Ridenour 

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