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Don’t know where it came from, don’t know where it’s going…

by / Wednesday, 13 October 2010 / Published in Neuroscience, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality

How do you reconcile the spiritual seeker’s yearning for “no self” with the equally sought-after desire for a psychologically healthy ego? Are these seeming opposites compatible? If so, how? Is one better than the other?

Since someone taking the second course of my Life Principles Integration Process online courses (which is about such spiritual matters) asked me…here’s my answer:

Lesson 1 brought up for me 2 topics I’ve struggled with for awhile.  The first is how do you reconcile a spiritual “no self” with a “psychologically healthy “strong I.”  In other words if you truly see all as one, and practice no resistance (or as you call letting whatever happens be ok) how do you at the same time set boundaries and no longer allow “unhealthy people, things in your space” because by definition in doing that you are playing the duality game.

The 2nd is how do you reconcile – trying to control the game and therefore get the outcomes you want with the co-creative process with spirit.  Isn’t there a bigger picture or a higher self that might have a different agenda than what our ego thinks it wants at the moment?  So how do you play with the energies and when do you try for outcomes and when do you “let go and let god”.




You’ve asked a key and fundamental question.

First, I want to say that I don’t think any of this is metaphysical (which is how almost everyone looks at it). Metaphysics is the refuge of those who don’t understand something–to solve the dilemma of not knowing, they attribute what they don’t understand to something mystical, something beyond the physical. This really doesn’t answer the question, though– other than saying “God did it,” or “The Tao did it,” or something like that. It just pushes the question off onto “God,” or something else.

This is a type of magical thinking, where you make up a “something” to be responsible for something you don’t understand. This might make you feel better, but it doesn’t really solve the problem. And, some of these questions aren’t answerable, and never will be answered. Acknowledging that, and being comfortable with not knowing, is the mark of a spiritually mature person.

At any rate, with that introduction, here’s the answer to your question (some of this is newer thinking for me and isn’t fully developed in the course lessons).

The universe is one interconnected thing/event, flowing along like water in a river. But our mind divides this one thing/event into supposedly separate things and events. These separate things and events, however, are just ideas about reality. They don’t really exist other than in our minds.

These ideas about reality are, however, absolutely necessary. Our nervous system creates them because they help us to survive and navigate our way through life. One aspect of dividing things into this and that is the creation of preferences–what Alan Watts called the Game of Black and White, where the main rule is that White Must Win. This is called ‘having attachments” in the language of Eastern philosophy. And though this game is the cause of suffering, we have to play in order to be here.

This is what is called “a double bind”–a “damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don’t” proposition. There is no way to be human without having preferences. If we didn’t prefer eating over not eating, or procreating over not procreating, or being safe over not being safe (etc, etc) the human race would have been gone long ago. These preferences, of course, also include such things as setting boundaries, as you mention in your question.

So people must, and do, try to “control the game.” If you don’t try, you can’t survive (and, if you weren’t trying to “control the game” there wouldn’t be anything to do). Yet if you do try, you create suffering. Can you see how this is a double bind?

Many people see experiences of the transcendent, where there are no distinctions, as an escape from the suffering and frustrations of being a human being. In fact, most of Hinduism is about getting to this state (“moksha,” or liberation) and, hopefully, staying there. In Zen, though, being established in the transcendent is only the third of five stages (there are many other ways of naming these stages, though, some of which include more than five–the Ten Ox-herding pictures, in Zen, for instance–but they’re really the same stages divided in different ways). And, many Zen people acknowledge that human beings can’t escape making distinctions and becoming attached to things.

In Hinduism many of the famous gurus mostly just sit in a no-mind blissed out state called samadhi–they’re in this third stage, permanently established in the transcendent. However, they can only do this because in their culture they are so revered that their followers take care of their human needs. When someone gains the ability to be in the transcendent continuously, rather than just “visiting” (through meditation or some other practice), it seems as if they have escaped from the human condition. From the perspective of the transcendent there are no distinctions, no suffering, no this or that–just peace.

Despite this, the human condition eventually hits this blissed out person over the head. Human beings have to eat, defecate, come in out of the cold, and so forth. Blissed out or not, they have to deal with several aspects of the human condition from which you can’t escape. These are:

1) Cause and effect: We’re all caught in a giant matrix of cause and effect. Cause and effect is, in fact, one of the most significant aspects of that one thing/event that is flowing along like water. Cause and effect subjects us to physical forces beyond our control: gravity, weather, the sun, geological events, etc. What’s more, there are billions of other people (and animals) who have agendas different from ours.

This means that sometimes we don’t get what we want, or sometimes get what we don’t want. Though we learn to do what we can to mitigate this, ultimately cause and effect is beyond our control and all of this getting-what-we-don’t-want creates suffering. Being in the transcendent might make a person not give a shit about cause and effect, but they still can’t escape from it. Many of the consequences in the cause-and-effect matrix don’t depend at all on whether or not you give a shit.

2) Impermanence: All things, including everything you have, want, or love, eventually ends. This includes the thing you’re most attached to: that which you think of as “me.” This dilemma of impermanence also creates suffering.

There is no escape from cause and effect or impermanence, and the fourth stage is one where these realities rear their ugly heads and must be dealt with (which happens, however, from a perspective of knowing the transcendent and having a LOT of awareness that other people don’t have). Then, finally, Stage Five is where you finally (if you ever make it) successfully transcend and include both the transcendent and the relative, where you integrate the “being” part of life with the “human” part.

One way to look at this would be to say that someone at this fifth stage knows that there is no escape from the human condition (i.e., cause and effect and impermanence). So, with incredible awareness, this person CHOOSES how to relate to the human condition. Where the average person makes distinctions and becomes attached to this or that UNCONSCIOUSLY, with little awareness of the consequences, the awakened human being chooses his or her attachments, with an awareness of the potential consequences (or at least being much more aware of them than the average person–I don’t know that anyone can ever be FULLY aware of all the consequences).

Zen master Genpo Roshi, for instance, has said that he CHOOSES to be attached to his wife, his children, his motorcycle, his dog, etc. He knows that these things are impermanent, and he knows that they may not always act in the way he would like them to. So he makes these distinctions and enters into these attachments with his eyes wide open, knowing the consequences of doing so. He doesn’t get to choose “no consequences,” but he can choose WHICH consequences.

Not making such distinctions, or not entering into attachments–if that were possible (which I don’t think it is)–would make life dry and boring–in fact, lifeless. To be here, to be a human being, you have to play the Game of Black and White. The question is, will you play with awareness, by choice–or unconsciously and automatically, without choice?

I’ve written two lengthy articles about these five stages on my (this) blog. The first one is called The Five Stages of Waking Up and the second (which is the post right after that one) is called (I think) So There You Are, Enlightened. You might want to read them.

Be well.


But wait, there’s more. I received this answer from Maureen:


Thanks so much after 20 some odd years of “searching” you are the only one who has ever explained this in a way that makes sense.  Conscious “choosing” to play the game makes total sense.  Before it always seemed like you either had no attachments and had achieved enlightenment. bliss etc (how do you do anything) or  were attached and still on the road of suffering.  Realizing the consequences and doing it consciously is brilliant.  Thanks SO much.


And I couldn’t resist answering her:


I will say, though, that this process of waking up isn’t an easy one, in many ways. (Do, by the way, go read those blog posts–and, there are quite a few other related posts on the blog, too.)

As you probably already know, just to have a deep and bona fide experience of the transcendent escapes most people. This is largely because to have such an experience you have to let go, at least temporarily, of your entire Internal Map of Reality, with all it’s ideas, beliefs, concepts, etc., and also all your dividing of the world into this and that. You have to go to a place where there’s just awareness, but without any contents of awareness. This isn’t easy to accomplish. If you even get close to letting all this stuff go, even for a moment, you get a weird feeling of having nowhere to stand, no reference point around which to build your sense of “me.”

This freaks most people out, and keeps them from “taking that first step off the 100-foot pole” (as they say in Zen). This step is a leap into the unknown, and for some reason most people think something negative will happen, even though that isn’t what happens. You can do certain things to make it more likely that this experience of pure awareness will happen, but in some ways whether it happens is a matter of grace (which really means “nobody knows why it happens to some people and doesn’t happen to others”).

Then, to get to a place where you can do more than just visit the transcendent is an even greater accomplishment. This involves an even more complete dropping of your identification with your mental map, your “I’m me” reference point.

I might add, though, that this doesn’t mean you permanently lose your mental map. As I said, you need one to survive. Rather, you become keenly aware of the difference between that map (including your idea of who you are) and the territory it represents AND YOU RARELY, IF EVER, FAIL TO BE AWARE OF THAT DIFFERENCE, even if it looks to others as if you’re behaving just like everyone else. You go from the deluded place of BEING your idea of who you are (ie, thinking that your idea of “me” is the same as the real me) to HAVING an idea of who you are, but without confusing that idea with the reality. As I said, that map is not only handy, it’s absolutely necessary.

Then, there is the fall from grace, so to speak, where the relative world inevitably intrudes into your experience of the transcendent and informs you, so to speak, that despite your transcendent experience there is no escape (other than death) from the human condition.

Finally, there is (if you ever get there) the integration of the relative and the transcendent, the fifth stage. You transcend AND include both the relative and the transcendent–you integrate your humanness and your beingness.

Each of these stages (even including the fall from grace, which in many ways is a tour of the hell realms of being human) is a monumental accomplishment. VERY few humans get to the last stage. Most of the people who are thought of as “enlightened” in popular spiritual culture are actually in stage three (Eckhart Tolle, for instance, is at stage three, [it appears that way to me, anyway–but what do I know]–as, I think, is Byron Katie, and many of the popular Hindu gurus).

This entire process involves a continuing and expanding increase in awareness. Though part of this is awareness of the transcendence–the part most people want to be aware of–you also become intensely aware of the suffering inherent in the human condition. Before a person reaches the stage where they fully embody the transcendent (stage three), human life is almost entirely about trying to escape from, mitigate, or find ways to distract oneself from suffering. Most human activities–seeking power, knowledge, redemption, salvation, riches, or status; following various health regimens or seeking creature-comforts; or becoming absorbed in certain pastimes–are natural human attempts to escape from or distract oneself from suffering.

When someone reached that third stage, where they can really hang out in the transcendent, rather than just visiting, that person has become extremely aware. Later, when the fall from grace (inevitably) comes, this awareness makes it a certainty that this person will feel not only their own suffering, but also that of all living things. This happens with an incredible intensity. No distraction or attempt to escape–no religion, money, power, fame, knowledge, health regimen, or anything else–can keep such a person from feeling the full extent of all human suffering. This would be unbearable without the deep and total experience of the transcendent. Even then, the enormity of one’s own suffering, plus the endless suffering of all other living things, hits you like a ton of bricks.

In Buddhism this experience is personified by the bodhisatva Kanzeon, the embodiment of compassion. Kanzeon feels and holds the entire suffering of all living things. If a person goes far enough in this process they, in a sense, become Kanzeon. (The other major embodiment is that of wisdom.)

When you stop trying to escape from the human condition, when you stop trying to grab at everything you think might possibly save you from the-way-things-really-are (cause and effect and impermanence in particular), and you really allow yourself to be fully aware of the entire spectrum of existence, from the greatest bliss to the greatest suffering, you are face to face with REALITY, as it is. To handle this requires tremendous courage and tremendous awareness. (And you can’t just “decide” to face reality in this way. If it happens, it is a result of a lot of practice and a certain amount of grace–for want of a better word.)

The person who has arrived at this point is no more and no less caught in the human condition than any other person. They’re just much more AWARE of the way things really are. I’ve said that awareness provides the solution to every human problem for which there is a solution. Awareness also puts you face to face with the many aspects of being human about which you have no choice, to which there is no solution.

Once you gain this kind of awareness, it’s too late to say, “This is too much. Forget it.” You can’t just decide to go back to hoping that more money, power, love, knowledge, the right religion, the right dogma, the right theory, or even enlightenment (or, for that matter, anything else) will save you. It’s very clear at this point that nothing can or will save you (or anyone else) from the human condition. There you are, right in the middle of an incredibly mysterious situation over which you have only the slightest amount of control. You don’t know why it’s happening, you barely know what is happening–and you don’t know for sure where it came from or where it’s going.

There’s nothing left to do but live. When it’s time to eat, eat. When it’s time to sleep, sleep.

And when it’s time to party, party.


Be well.




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60 Responses to “Don’t know where it came from, don’t know where it’s going…”

  1. Erik says :

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    I’m damn glad I found out about this so early on in my life(I’m 19 by the way).

    “There you are, right in the middle of an incredibly mysterious situation…” I get what you’re saying(at least a tiny bit). The last few months I’ve had this feeling that being here, right now, is so incredibly weird…(and no, I’m not doing drugs)

    All that talk about What it’s All About, whether it’s from some philosopher with 5 PhDs or from a guy who thinks the earth is flat and on top of a giant turtle all seems like senseless noise…All based on ideas that don’t really make any sense.

    …kind of makes me wonder why I fall for it all the time…

  2. catherine says :

    This is such a clear and concise post.
    I’m running out of sensible questions.
    That’s a complement by the way.

  3. Visvas says :


    I am with you and especially when it is time to PARTY, PARTY!


  4. catherine says :

    oops I mean compliment although the other meaning kind of works too.

  5. Heikki says :

    Thanks Bill!

    To live in the world but not from the world.

    I dont even “have to” sleep. My autonomic nervoussystem put me sleep when its time.

    Sometimes its hard to remember, how easy life can be!

    Holosync helps me also “remember”.

    Pur3 cd3 now.

  6. Carlos says :


    I know this is off topic but, When you embrace and include “the victim” it can mature to what?

    I think I have disowned that aspect of myself


    FROM BILL: Don’t you feel like a victim sometimes? Don’t things happen to you that don’t seem “fair”–that you didn’t do anything to invite or create? If course. This happens to everyone. New Agers have made it a bad thing to feel this normal human emotion. I would agree with them that when you feel like a victim and you HAVE had something to do with creating what has happened, then you’re just acting in an unconscious way, but everyone feels victimized sometimes.

    This is partly what I’m getting at when I say you can’t escape from cause and effect. There are some many forces in the world, most of which you have not control over, that it is assured that many things will happen to you that you have no way of avoiding or preventing.

    If the victim is a disowned part of you, you will deny that you ever feel that way, and people who express feeling like a victim will piss you off. You will also express your own victimhood, but in a dysfunctional and immature way (and, you won’t see that you’re doing so). If this aspect matures, it becomes wisdom and awareness–wisdom to know when you have contributed to creating whatever has happened, and when it was beyond your control, and also the wisdom to know that you can’t escape from suffering, so you quite trying to escape and accept your humaneness. Most of the suffering people experience isn’t caused by “what-is”, it’s caused by their resistance to what-is.

  7. Bruce says :

    Let’s all do: “The Holosync Hula”

    We have no-Thing to loose and no-Thing to gain since we are in all forms that ONE-Thing known as EVERY- Thing.

    The observer and the observed.

    This is so much fun I can hardly wait for the pain.

  8. Ven says :

    Would you say you are onthe fifth stage of development ?

    FROM BILL: I no longer care–or think that I know.

  9. Santiago says :

    HI Bill,

    It’s being a long time since I’ve visited this blog and it’s always nice to read it. IMO that 5th stage you talk about it’s really paradoxical in the way that we are COMPLETELY free (no one can tell you what the world is, who you are and what to do) but that also means you’re COMPLETELY responsible. No one to blame, no god or others ,,,, this also wakes you up to your deepest parts and in those places is just harder to cause harm, because you see yourself as every one.

    Having said that, I got a question about the apparent eccentric behaviors of spiritual teachers .. Maezumi Roshi died because he was drunk in a bathtub, Alan Watts was an alcoholic, Adi Da and many Hindu gurus had issues with sex … what’s your take on that ? do you really think they were choosing to do this ? Have you asked Genpo about it ?

    Hope to get to see you again soon,



    FROM BILL: The choice we have is a no-choice. Al spiritual teachers are human.

  10. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE can you describe us the differences that you have seen in you before and after the awakening ?
    What changed in you exactly ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: I’ve become completely stupid.

  11. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    does HOLOSYNC help us to experience
    all 5 STEGES of development completely
    (magician, surrender, etc.)
    that you described ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: What did I say about this in the post I just made?

  12. Chad Avalon says :

    This is very interesting to me. Right now I am experiencing a questioning of why I want to continue with the path. Everything is just the way it is. Knowing the bliss, and knowing the heart-breaking beauty of everything as it is seems to help, as you mentioned in the post. So it seems as if that would be a motivating factor that my cause-and-effect mind would like to cling to as a desirable outcome of spiritual practice, and holosync in particular (because its so damn effective). But at the same time, its that very functioning of this desiring mind that seeks to alleviate suffering in any way that it can that is the problem when our identities our restricted to this functioning and this functioning alone. But it is deeper. The hearts movement, the deeper hunger for the truth is beyond(or before, however you want to think of it) this “functioning”. This is what I am slowly understanding myself to be, what I truly am. It is oh so very hard to let go of all of my old ways of thinking and being, like a huge cosmic bandaid being ripped off (I guess thats why holosync is “good”, it rips it off fast and painfully). And the more I understand myself as this then the more I accept things the way they are because I no longer solely function from that cause-and-effect mind. Then pain, the discomfort and all the torment of living is just that, so simple. And the sadness cannot be separated from the joy; the essence of a broken/open heart. Deeper still, every movement is as it is, which is why its so strange to “search”. But searching is the hearts longing, if it is earnest, to know the Truth expressed through human functioning (do this to get that. Do holosync to understand yourself as That). Then there is only clarity, the clarity of Being as things are. It seems Bill, that you like to strip things down in a very rational manner but it seems that if you do not include the element of our true selves as this impulse of Being, then the understanding is incomplete. Perhaps I have answered my own implied question but I would like to hear what you would say to this.

    FROM BILL: And why do you need an answer?

  13. Paul says :

    Hi Bill,
    I understand that reaching Stage 3 is uncommon, but for a person who has gone through the entire HS program would you say it might be:

    a) UnLikely to reach Stage 3
    b) Likely to reach Stage 3
    c) Impossible to tell
    d) (maybe you could fill your opinion here?)

    Kind regards,


    FROM BILL: Beats me, but people who finish the program are pretty darned contented with life and have a quite different way of dealing with the human condition.

  14. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    FROM BILL: I no longer care–or think that I know.

    Dear Bill,
    your answer means that
    you are alway present here now
    to see how your life spontaneiously unfold by itself ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  15. Heikki says :


    This text, why not mp3 version as usual?

    I listening them all during my days. Especially when i do work.

    My favour is “seven reasons why your life sucks”.

  16. catherine says :

    What are you describing when you say ‘the choice we have is a no-choice’?
    The no-choice in being human, that in reality choice doesn’t exist or something else?
    Can ‘I’ not choose because ‘I’ am just an idea?
    Does Bill the spiritual teacher still suffer? (you’re not hitting the bottle secretly?)

    Am I missing the point you’re making because I’m sure there is one.

    FROM BILL: The majority of what happens to you in life IS beyond your control and is not a choice. Impermanence is not a choice. The giant matrix of cause and effect relationships that affect you (including all the actions of other people and all the physical events you can’t control) are not a choice, though you do have a little bit of control over whether you end up with certain people or situations–if you are aware enough.

    Control is largely an illusion. You obviously do have choice about many things. However, those choices are made based on the information accumulated in your nervous system–ie, knowledge and experience. A lot of this is incomplete or faulty. If you become aware enough you can exercise enough control over enough parts of your life, in most situations, to come out reasonably okay.

    Most of us have been taught by New Age teachers over the last decade or so that you can control the universe with your mind. Show me someone who is doing this. Yes, if you look closely at cause and effect and learn how it works you can exert enough control that you have an advantage over those who don’t have this wisdom. Or, you can just be in the right place at the right time and kid yourself that you did it.

    Everything you do is a response to the rest of your environment. There are aware responses, based on seeing more of what is really going on, and unaware responses based on not very clearly seeing what is going on.

    Ultimately you have some choice about your own actions, but this is limited by your circumstances, and the amount of wisdom/awareness you have (how well you can see the matrix of cause and effect and make wise decisions). And, you have the ability to choose to relax about all the things you have no control over. Other “choices” and other ways to supposedly control the world are illusions.

  17. Natasha says :

    I’ve noticed that I look to you to show me
    what to do, what path to follow,
    not only you, but in books I read etc,
    I look for someone to tell me
    “this is how it is, this is the path to take”

    I don’t have a question I guess,
    nor have I been hit by a life altering realisation
    just wanted to tell you how I feel,
    and that maybe- not knowing is ok.

  18. Catherine says :

    Actually a more honest question is why the hell are we bothering? If being super aware leaves you drunk and dead in the bath tub what does that say? I could have done that years ago.

  19. catherine says :

    Seriously, I know my earlier comment seems erratic but your answer to Santiago confuses me. Do I understand correctly, that even if you are in a highly advanced (for want of a better word) state of awareness you may still suffer to the degree that you react in such a self-sabotaging way? It almost seems like coming full circle, yet I’m guessing it’s not like that at all.

    FROM BILL: Everyone suffers to some degree because life and everything in it is impermanent and because you sometimes get what you don’t want or don’t get what you do want. To the degree that you embrace the fact that these things are part of life, you suffer less.

  20. catherine says :

    Thank you and I understand what you have said.
    You are the most aware person I have contact with. May I ask you a personal question? (and get an answer!) What do you suffer over now? Is your suffering relative to your present perspective, which is obviously different to mine, or do you still suffer for example over finances and social pressures? In my head you would be suffering over things I have yet to be aware of, not sexual issues or perceived pressures ( in the case of Alan Watts I think) as in Santiago’s examples. Is this wishful thinking on my behalf?
    Sorry if it’s a clumsy question.

    FROM BILL: First of all, I’m not crazy about the fact that everything is impermanent. In fact, it’s quite a bummer, IMO. Every time I get used to something I like, it changes, ends, falls apart, or gets consummed. Second, all kinds of people keep doing things that keep me from getting what I want or cause me to get what I don’t want–including (but not limited to) my wife and my children, my employees, local bureaucrats, and the current crop of national rulers. In fact, quite a large number of people seem to be involved in one way or another in keeping me from getting what I want (a few are solidly on my side, but even they do things that keep me from getting what I want, and the rest seem to be completely disinterested in me).

    I do, however, enter into the various situations of life knowing that these things inevitably will happen, and my resistance to them in about 2% of what it used to be. In that way, I save myself a lot of grief. I also seem to be able to avoid 90% of the situations and people that (pre-Holosync and pre-Zen) used to cause me grief. This has definitely improved things a bit, but I still keep having all these darned human problems.

  21. Chris Z says :

    Great Post…thanks Bill!! Makes me want to “acheive” stage 3 and move to India…..LOL.

    FROM BILL: Except now they revere computer programmers in India and the gurus are being edged out.

  22. Terry says :

    Thank you Bill. Of all the teachers that ever came to me from “The secret”…you alone have given me the most heartfelt, caring and insigthful lessons I have ever had in life.
    I can not say enough about you and Holosync.

  23. Dianne Michon says :

    Bill, your answer to Maureen was very good. Most people are not even “aware” that they have a “choice” as humans and that they don’t have to live in default, in which case life picks the events/people/things for you…..which can make you feel good or bad, depending on what you think about. Took me a long time to get to that, now I monitor my thoughts…..makes being human feel good/better. When I feel like not giving a sh*t, then (even though our minds don’t have an “on or off” switch) I make one….I have a beer or glass of wine and forget about the thoughts I do not want to think about in the first place. I’m really thinking “holosync” will help me in that area, because I really do believe that my brain can always use help in attracting better people/events into my life. Keep up your great work, it’s really fun reading!

  24. Marianne says :

    Thank you Bill,
    you walk your talk, you laugh a lot (I see you laughing in the spaces between your words in your “comment replies”!), and I really enjoy choosing my attachment to my HS CDs!!!

  25. Dave Woods says :

    You said several years ago that you were going to “take it to the next level.” Your post and your answers sound like you really have. I see and sense a real change in you. Very cool!

    >>I’ve become completely stupid.>>

    Ha ha. I must be ahead of you on “the path”. I have always been completely stupid. Many have commented on it, including you (perhaps there are different kinds of “stupid”?).

    >>I no longer care–or think that I know.>>

    If you no longer care or think that you know and you know that none of us know s%&#, why do you keep writing this stuff. This might be the pertinent question.


  26. Dave Woods says :

    Sorry about the post. I seem to have gotten some sort of contact high from reading your post. You are really giving off the good stuff! May I say it pleases me very much? You are getting close to your real potential. I hope it does not ruin all your fun.

  27. Well; after all that, I can honestly admit I am on the right-track be it ever so a work in progress. Yet, what has come of it’s own contenience, surely baffles me, where do lots of this already here awareness come from? There is without a doubt a key *(& perhaps many key evidences not yet ignited; but for some reason, I am aware it will happen, & within this here now lifetime, so I don’t really feel anxious about that; just kinda in the anticipation of it really dose excite to the extent of keeping my own awareness fine tuned to some inner nudging. It is such a “mystery” but exciting venture; what we are all going through; at times perplexing; so it’s dubious we can always even put it as eloquently as you have; but. I do understand most of these concepts….. & notice that “being alone at times– really is a “positive-nature” of my own ventures of thought”! They/I have less interference @ the more complex episodes to accept many “knowings” many times for the better-acceptance; then I just let it happen.- but it’s not really ever gone, I notice. This noticeable trend actually “expedites” many & all these inner happening to be more visible even to my own conscienceness/understanding; I personally rarely spend time trying to “dissect it all”, as you/others apparently do,… causes much frustrations–& many authors alike do this as well; just accept it’s coming/digest this “knowing” as “it’s truly just a-given”–& given freely. Too much thought can blur the content of thought. It takes care of itself, at least for me; anyway. However, so fleeting it may appear….that “knowing” will resinates properly/ deeply. “Where it come from”, Bill; seems to not even matter any more; as just going with that “flow” is the majestic part–“is most fulfilling” in/& at that moment… It could be unconsciousness, or consciousness, “to me” that dose not really even matter; “it’s the essence” of getting that “knowing”, as it is occurring & enjoying so much” that “knowing-fully” as it happens, is my-thrill. That is what matters to me…what is fulfilling totally; & using Holosync has promoted much of this joy. At this point–& of course as it’s happening, words cannot even explain totally explain how accurate my intent to express thus; here is; why….could the searching instead of the “accepting” be a block-many persons as yourself; (or others could be having) actually be the culprit-in transcendence-further/deeper to satisfy one totally; albeit whatever stage? “Sometimes words make issues worse….”woe to many an author”….why putting your eggs in the strongest-basket, (the spiritual) is my own choice of travels, in this human condition, “it’s work”, & also it works daily,…. I must admit….lsld *(sorry for the typo’s)

  28. Ellie says :

    Amen- Brother.

    Nicely expressed

  29. Ali says :

    Hey Bill

    Been enjoying the Blog for the last couple years – Started the Life Integration course last week . Its just as I hoped , concise and to the point wisdom in a complete and thorough package – all the owners manuals to handle my human machine!

    Its no hype , although it took me years to finally take the plunge as I’m pernickety and wary of marketing shlock , I’m 100% happy and can only say money well spent , more like the wise , thinking mans bargain!

    If its still on special and anyone else here is thinking about diving in – Do it! Spend less on some other consumer junk and buy the course – complete the course and be a changed , informed human piloting your own ship .

    Bill can only give pieces of his wisdom on the blog , I have always been hungering for more – The online course is the whole story.


  30. Jane Foley says :

    Hi Bill, You asked for what we think in relation to “Don’t Know Where It’s Going…” I found your response to Maureen very interesting and informative. However,I was struck by the fact that you didn’t mention love at all, since my Qi Gong master rates love as supremely important, and I have personally found that it does help with these issues, since it renders permanence imaterial. For example, when I love somebody, an animal/ animals, elements, colour, making something beautiful, my planet and all that exists on it, then I am in fact loving, and being, the same oneness. I remember experiencing that unity and loss of self once as a young woman while walking 10 miles home 10 across mountains and a river at night. There was this moment as I stood watching the mist roll off the river, and had this sudden revelation in my body and my whole being that I was each individual blade of grass and the mist and river. (I wasn’t high by the way!) It was what was called a peak religious experience. We don’t need to be Zen to have awareness of it. I am not claiming to be very far along this path however, and very bad things happening to my children have sure as hell shown me that I have masses of attachment. I do think that love is important though, and that we can love without attachment.

    FROM BILL: Love without attachment is what happens when you are in the transcendent. A lot of what I was saying in this post is that thinking that you can stay there and avoid impermanence and cause and effect is an illusion. So though love might just be the best things about being human, you can only “love without attachement” to a certain extent. In fact, what you love, and the fact that it is ultimately impermanent, is a major cause of suffering. Even in the most spiritually advanced person, life has a bittersweet quality to it, largely because of the impermanence of all things.

  31. Hello Bill


  32. susan says :

    So how does one reconcile (as one becomes more the witness) that “whatever does not serve you falls away” with the foibles of being human and subject to addictions and “bad” behavior despite having achieved “higher” consciousness?


    FROM BILL: As I have said many times, there are four categories of things that affect your experience of life that you DO have choice about TO THE DEGREE THAT YOU ARE AWARE. They are: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. While many things happen over which you have no control, addictions and bad behavior are not thrust upon you. They are a result of a lack of awareness of the consequences (and I don’t mean “knowing what the consequences are”–awareness is seeing how you create what happens, as you do it, including seeing the creation of the consequences).

  33. Catherine says :

    My current line of questioning continues…..

    You use Byron Katie as an example of being in a state of grace. She is in such bliss that she would rather be extinguished than tread on an ant! She says that she embraces all of life including the ‘negative’ aspects. I remember you saying before that she will inevitably fall at some point. Is this still your thinking? Why is this ‘tour of hell’ such a given in the developmental process (none of the other stages seem to be), and for how long did you personally take the tour?

    Please know that your words are never wasted, it all sinks in eventually. It’s wonderful for those who have realised that questioning everything is a road to nowhere, but my mind remains extremely curious presently, I’d be kidding myself if I said otherwise. I’m beginning to see how incredibly ignorant I am though, so that’s progress!

    FROM BILL: Go read my other posts for a more complete treatment of these five stages.

  34. catherine says :

    FROM BILL: Love without attachment is what happens when you are in the transcendent. A lot of what I was saying in this post is that thinking that you can stay there and avoid impermanence and cause and effect is an illusion. So though love might just be the best things about being human, you can only “love without attachement” to a certain extent. In fact, what you love, and the fact that it is ultimately impermanent, is a major cause of suffering. Even in the most spiritually advanced person, life has a bittersweet quality to it, largely because of the impermanence of all things.

    This answer you just gave answers all my present questioning. It’s blown me away for some reason and I feel very tearful as I write this.

  35. Thor says :

    There is a saying that the Roman emperors used to have a special slave whose main duty was to walk two steps behind the emperor and from time to time whisper in his ear: “Memento mori”, remember, you shall die. We may safely assume that none of these emperors (with the possible exception of Marcus Aurelius) were anywhere near stage three or even stage two, but they did in a way transcend the normal human conditions of their time. They had all the earthly power any human could possibly have, and they might easily forget their own humanness, so they could use such a reminder.

    Now, it so happens that I have Cerebral Palsy, use an electric wheelchair, am severely speech impaired (using synthetic speech devices for conversations with strangers) and have increasing pain in my arms, my back and my legs, plus the normal afflictions of people my age (63). I am very grateful for this, as it saves me the trouble of procuring such a slave (just as well, since slaves are rather hard to come by these days). My own body reminds me of my humanness and mortality all the time. Sometimes I may get a bit exasperated, saying “OK, i’ve got the point, now leave me alone for a while”. And occasionally it does, and I get a brief pause of peace, meditating, listening to music, helping a friend, contemplating nature, etc. Of course I am grateful for these brief visits at stage two. Also, I am fully aware that I will probably never get to stage 3, let alone 4 or 5. And I am content with that. I will continue living with all the pains and frustrations, and continue meditating and trying to let go, well aware that I will probably never succeed fully. So what? I can still enjoy and appreciate other people getting farther than I ever will. After all, if we are all really one, what does it matter if this frail bag of skin I happen to call “me” (as part of the game) is unable to support any lasting “transcendental experience”? I still am who I am, which, by the way, was all God Himself could say when presenting Himself to Moses. So, I will play the game until the curtains fall, and then, well, who knows?

    FROM BILL: The only benefit of reaching the fifth stage is that you drop a lot of your resistance to the way things are. Since a lot of suffering comes from that resistance, this saves you a lot of pain. The main characteristic of the fifth stage, at least the way it is described in Zen, is what is called “ordinary mind”–that you, like everyone else, are ordinary, and that there is nothing to attain, nothing to get. The other characteristic is trememdous awareness. Genpo Roshi’s teacher, Maezumi Roshi, once said that the essence of Zen was “to be stupid”–partly a reference to this ordinariness, and partly a reference to the fact that we really know nothing about where all of this came from, why it’s here, or where it’s going.

  36. Joan Brooks says :

    Thanks Again Bill,. I look forward to your blog each month. This one confirmed for me the ‘trancendent experience’ that occurred eighteen months ago. I have never been the same since that time. Awareness is so important and knowing that we always have a choice is critical. I am currently on Holosync Awakening Level 4 Disc 3 and look forward to moving into Purification in the new year. Thanks again.

  37. Sam says :

    I went back and re-read your post on the five stages of enlightenment and was really surprised in what I learned there that I didn’t notice before. It seemed almost like a new post even though I had read it before (all be it some time ago) and I attribute this to my incresed ability to witness now what I was unable to witness then. I wonder if anyone else has done that–gone back to re-read something and notice much more that was there before. I think it’s quite interesting that I’ve gained in perspective the ability to witness that which I didn’t (or was unable to) before and notice the change through this blog. It’s blowing my mind.

    I think that I now have a deeper understanding of the stages by witnessing different parts of what these stages are like and, due to the witness, I notice how the background has changed over time. It’s making me think about how much I might be missing now and really motivates me to keep being curious about this whole witnessing thing. I really can’t explain how much it blows my mind; it’s almost like I’m on a different timeline or something. I really would love it if others know what I’m talking about and also notice progression like this because it’s so far out: I don’t feel that I’ve changed but the background, the context, the whole witness seems to have undergone a change over time that’s noticeable.

    I also wonder now about how after discovering this about the witness how it will change my current perceptions of what we’re discussing here… Really quite amazing, although I’m sure most will just witness another ramble. There is a lot more going on here than I ever realized, that’s all I can say.

  38. Richard Martin says :

    The ability to “see” how we’re thinking, as it happens, is powerful and liberating.


  39. John Edwards says :

    Fantastic opening question.

    I see life as a dichotomy.

    part one Life is physically swimming in a river which is the human experience of keeping alive,doing, being feeling,and experiencing and
    Part two while doing the swimming using my mind in the pursuit of the presence of Christ within, ignoring the physical..

    For me there is no conflict between the physical and the mental. Both are separately living in two states.

    For 55 years I swum in a river that was at best and open sewer of unimaginable negativity and hate and pain. Creating a massively distorted vision of the reality. I accepted this reality and while doing that I keep looking inside myself talking and asking for the Christ within to manifest in his transfigured self and allow me to be part of it. For protection and deliverance from my physical reality

    This dichotomy kept me sane (well on the outside) and on this earth. Having two parts never gave me a reason not to wake up the next day.

    The deliverance was holysinc.

    After four years of daily listening I have recently experienced swimming in a pure beautiful river. (awakening level 4) Lovely feeling. It comes and goes but is becoming longer and more lasting. The real filth I swum in to a large extent has gone and the bad days are better than the old best days.

    I expect sometime soon to have the pristine water to swim in as a dominant feature of my life. Seeing the physical world from the pristine waters of the river is amazing.

    And the second part I feel the closeness of the presence within me. Sometimes its so beautiful I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I suddenly feel it calls to me wanting me to pay attention and engage in devotion to it.

    The words nothingness emptiness only describe the horror of the past but I know I am happy with holosynic and what it delivers. I do wonder if they can join the two parts at the highest level? As for attachment I am very happy to be attached to swimming in the clear pristine waters. Any one who isn’t should swim in the sewers for a few years and experience the horror of it.

    From where I started on day one with my first lesson to today could only be described as a miracle.

    I must be improving as up until now I have never bothered to think about the opening question.

    May great blessing wealth and prosperity come to you Bill.

  40. Richard Martin says :


    You’ve finally got us tongue tied….


  41. Sam says :

    Isn’t there something about values presupposed in the question of “How do you reconcile the spiritual seeker’s yearning for “no self” with the equally sought-after desire for a psychologically healthy ego?”? It seems that one can seek whatever we attribute as being important with respect to spiritual values–different at each stage of development–as well as living in the world of shared values of the rest of our human comunity.

    I ask myself when I’m seeking something “what would that give me” to determine what seeking this thing outside of myself will give me, and when I get an answer I again ask the question to go further and further along this line of discovery eventually reaching the highest pinnacle of what I’m seeking; hopefully my highest value is something that relates to spirit, and is something that will further my growth. I then look at the values of those living in the world and ask myself “if I had those values what would that give me” and continue on until I again reach the highest attainment I think the world will give me; hopefully this answer matches pretty closely with the one above for spiritual values, in that being in the world with the rest of humanity (rather than just off by myself meditating) helps develope my spiritual side and helps me to constantly keep growing through new experiences.

    I think that once these values (or any seemingly onflicting values) are brought into alignment we can successfully have a life wherein we live in the oneness as well as that of everyday people who’s oneness is simply being in the world. Of course there are conflicts within myself regarding this–otherwise I wouldn’t have so much time to post such long posts to this blog because I would be busy having fun–but I certainly believe that both are possible. I also think that our looking at the five ranks as a way of helping us with our values is important as we will deal with these conflicts differently at different stages and it’s helpful for me to notice these reactions as being a result of a conflict in values rather than something inherrent about the situation. Bill has described quite adequately how to do all of this however I’ve been quite lazy about actually practicing what I preach, however once you dig into it you recognize the truth for yourself.

    FROM BILL: The more you think, the less you understand. That would cause me to THINK LESS, as I’ve suggest about fifty times to you.

    The highest attainment is realizing there’s nothing to attain. I guess you’ll have to keep trying to attain something until you really get that–if you ever do. If you keep THINKING endlessly about everything, you never will get it.

    Th original question was similar to a question of “How can one attain deep sleep while remaining awake?” or ” How can I go to Mexico and remain in the US at the same time?” The two choices were apparently contradictory. The only thing about values in the question was that both were important to the questioner.

    So how do you know that certain things that are outside you? Is that possible, that things could be “outside you”?

  42. Dennis Caxton says :

    Bill – I listened to this blog twice now – it’s breathtaking in its simplicity and a devastating eye opener.

    I am so delighted I stuck with Holosync and I am about to order Purification Level 2.

    You are a natural teacher, thank you.


  43. Milan says :

    Thank you Bill! At least, now I know where I’m heading with Holosync. If I ever arrive there I hope I will choose the right things.


  44. Sam says :

    I’m not looking for more or less understanding, but rather right understanding. If there are two vehicles for economics to flow through the standard is that the lesser vehicle will hord and hold more units per individual and the higher will hold less units but they will be of higher value; same with thoughts. I wouldn’t be prompted to think less but rather think in a higher quality manner, and I would also be encouraged to witness when I’m acting from the lower vehicle (the self) and hence am holding onto many useless thoughts because I believe they hold value; the higher vehicle picks and chooses useful thoughts to keep and sheds the unproductive ones (conscious change).

    Right now I’m trying to scrape the old immages of the sun from my mind so that I can perceive the real sun, as well as hold on to all those old pictures; I don’t think I can have both can I?

    It seems to me that very often I do hold one in higher regard than the other and I definately feel a difference from my world of big mind and meditative inner life and the world “out there” however I also know full well that this duality is created within my mind and that the feelings I get are from a polarized situation that results in symptoms in the body that don’t mean anything other than to let me know that there are competing pressures being put on me. Although I know this stuff consciously I can’t seem to get conscious change to work–I can’t witness a polarized situation and notice that it’s not the best idea to associate into my body but rather step back and observe–and I’m sure that these polarizations serve me in some way or they wouldn’t be happening. It seems that I could do this stuff in my sleep but I always have to be awake to watch or witness, and sometimes I think that if I could somehow sleep while being awake then things would be ok; let the autopilot do what it’s good at, and “let go and let god” to quoat the letter.

    FROM BILL: I’ve come to the conclusion that someone (and it might as well be me) needs to tell you, Sam, that you are thoroughly full of shit. I’ve never in all my life heard such a constant stream of ideas completely unsupported by any kind of personal experience. I’ve been listening to this BS from you now for at least five years. Give it a rest. Stop all this mental maturbation. Go find a girlfriend. Take a cooking class. Take up a musical instrument. But stop thinking about all this shit, and certainly stop telling me about it.

  45. Catherine says :

    Sam, I would like to give you a motherly hug. Nevertheless from my own experience thinking too much gets you nowhere. Having a curious mind is one thing, but going round in circles is quite another. Having done this myself many times I now realise (because I’ve watched myself do it!) that it affects not only my mood but also my physical health. It’s a complete waste of energy because you will never find ‘the answer’ in this way. I think Bill has made this abundantly clear but it seems you’re not taking it on board still.
    Maybe go back to basics. Holosync, witnessing, and letting what ever happens be ok emotionally. Thinking is useful but the brain generates all manner of thoughts not all of them true or helpful.

  46. Sam says :

    This is all part of the vetting process I need to undergo to be successful and I welcome it; it may as well be you or any other, so please come to any conclusion you like.

    Show me someone who is a shining example of what you’re talking about. Have you ever had any students that succeeded you in your understanding? Are there any “real-world” people using your information to better themselves? Focus on what you want: show us someone who isn’t full of shit.

    Also what about the new standards regarding blog comments? You seem to post a lot of people thanking you and talking about how wonderful holosync and all of your teachings are, but very few creative minds willing to actually work with your information. Perhaps this creative mind isn’t me, but it sure isn’t most of the others on this blog–Bill’s responceability to consciously bring this out– and it reflects poorly on you: the poor quality of responces to your posts (including yours truly) reflects a poor quality of leadership.

    FROM BILL: Sam, you’re really something. Feel free to read. Please don’t post.

  47. Heikki says :

    Sam, “full of shit” means “full of harmfull memes” in your head.

    Dont worry, lif is just a ride.

  48. Chris says :


    If you ever do another Centerpointe retreat, sign me up first! Thanks.


  49. Catherine says :

    Your creative mind is getting in the way of you experiencing reality directly Sam. Don’t you see that? You’re creating stories in your head and trying them on for size which, although may be interesting to you, won’t get you to the experience you seek. There is such pride in you regarding this creative process that it’s blinding you to the obvious. Blaming things on Bill is merely a reflection of your state of mind. Been there, done that.

  50. michelle s says :

    Great post- have read it numerous times- still receiving more insight. However, while lots of people are getting the sweetness and light from al4 it’s kicking my ass and resistance is high. On the plus side- after three years I know to just keep going- as even though I am noticing the ‘clouds and storm’ I know the sun is always there.
    As an aside to Sam- you may also think I am full of it- but thinking too much gets you nowhere-just a mental exercise-which I used to engage in a lot-living life is the real exercise-and I agree with Catherine.
    Good Luck

  51. Carlos says :


    That was a funny answer to sam. I wonder why it took you so long. It reminded me of a friend of mine that everytime somebody argue about something to much He would tell him to go find a girl or at least jerk off.

    In my mind Sam is just trying to sound knowledgeable about this stuff to get people’s approval , specially yours, of course this might be just me projecting :-)


    FROM BILL: I don’t think you’re projecting.

  52. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I came to your teachings a few years ago. During that time I felt your program was about believing that one could be Happy peaceful and successful ALL THE TIME (BTW do you still print this in your sales letters ?). Also A LOT of Alan Watts stuff (the game of black and white, etc).

    I think you had a lot of success because all of us humans are incredible hungry to find answers, to find someone that can tell us what to do, and the way you presented your teachings made a lot of sense. (To be honest it seemed to me you believed you had it all figured out)

    Now it seems a little different (your post Genpo Roshi stage). There is a lot more emphasis on the human condition and how we can’t escape suffering and not so much “just do holosync and focus on what you want and it’ll all be ok”

    Having said this. Don’t you feel you where happier before, when you thought we could be happy, peaceful and successful all the time ? How has your behavior changed with this deeper realization that we can’t avoid suffering ?

    As always, much gratitude, you’ve been a great teacher, hope the questions make some sense.



    FROM BILL: I’ve always been interested in finding out what IS, not with finding the delusion that made me feel the best. Those human being who are most highly revered for their spiritual maturity are those who see things the way they are and have gone through a process of making their peace with it. If you make the suffering built into human life into a shadow it expresses itself anyway. When you acknowledge that being human is joyful AND sorrowful, and really come to terms with that, you don’t have to fight against it anymore. As I have said, resisting what can’t be changed puts you in an unwinnable fight, a double bind. This double bind (which you can opt out of by acknowledging things the way they are) is the real culprit in terms of human suffering.

  53. catherine says :

    Where does this leave Sam? Will your very obvious total withdrawal of approval deepen the issue or will he see the lesson and make a choice?

    I don’t imagine he’s finding it funny right now.
    Or, on the other hand, maybe he is. What a muddling existence!
    Being a jellyfish seems quite attractive right now.

  54. Jane says :

    Hilarious!!!!! :)

    One of the brilliant things i’ve found from using Holosync is that I really don’t have to think that much any more it all feels sort of taken care of and I respond to things at just the right time in just the right way, don’t want to sound smug or anything and I’m really not, but reading Sam’s post just made me think what a strain all that is and what tension it must be causing.
    It’s easy to say relax… but RELAX!
    p.s. Excellent post by the way

  55. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    I have just EMBRACE it,
    EXPERIENCE it and
    OBSERVE waht is happening to me NOW
    I have to IDENTIFY what is my CORE BELIEF
    that is creating it too ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Why do you always think it has to be one thing or the other? Do both.

  56. Peter says :

    Hmm.. and at what stage are YOU Bill? :)
    Keep up the good work!

    FROM BILL: Who knows. Who cares (other than you, apparently)?

  57. Steve says :

    Hi Bill,

    thanks for that brilliant post. I absolutely agree with you.

    Right now I’m in a period of suffering, my wife broke up with me, and I have to face all these emotions, all this suffering.

    And at the same time, I’m forced to open up and connect with people around me, I tell them my story, they tell me theirs, and I realize that we’re all connected through the intense suffering we have to go through during our lifetimes. There’s so much more to life than just that, but it strikes me with awe how resilient and sentient we as a race are. Every one of us, our whole race, for centuries, for millenia.

    At any rate, thanks for Holosync, it makes a positive difference in my life and certainly is a big support in this time of turmoil.


    FROM BIll: Ain’t being human interesting? But haven’t you picked up on the main rule here? No one whose anyone posts something that actually has anything to do with my posts…

  58. Karin says :

    I found out about Holosync about an hour ago.
    I started reading Bill’s blog 45 minutes ago.
    Now I know that I will never know “where it came from and where it’s going.”
    There seems to be no difference to what I knew before.
    But I feel so much more relaxed that it’s o.k. to think that things are what they are.
    I’m so moved that I even dare writing my first blog comment ever.
    If it’s so difficult to feel connected with the universe – why not just enjoy to be connected with so many people feeling unconnected…
    I will have a very happy Season and wish you all the same….


    FROM BILL: Realizing that certain things will always be unknown, and that there are certain things about the human condition that cannot be escaped is actually a huge realization. Good for you.

  59. Clark says :

    I see the coming hardship and despair, the planet itself appears to be getting poisoned much more than we hear of. This wave of dark days ahead may prove to be a positive step in the cycle of mankind living on this planet! Shocks can shake up one in a way that causes one to open their eyes wide and look more receptively for possibilities that can help one become free from the gloom and doom threatening to bury them within its grinding claws of entombment. Despair can be a good thing. When one is so far down they can only look up, they may begin to see something they fought fiercely against seeing during the whole of there previous experience in life. Of course there is also the possibility that many will simply commiserate with each other and share last rites!

    It is possible to be realistically optimistic when everything around one is falling apart. All in all death is a constant companion of the living. Once born it is a promise that shall not fail for that which is changing.

    It is what every form of life has in common that presents hope.

    Our problem is resistance to experiencing what all share in common.

    Individuals tend to fearfully believe that finding a common oneness, a wholeness with all life will dissolve them into nothing that can be expressed uniquely from a point of view such as they have identified with.

    This fear seems to be that of experiencing a living death. But, what exactly does that mean? If something is present to experience such a death, what and where then is that death itself that one is so fearful of?

    We claim to be fearless, it is a commonly expressed motto these days; “Be Fearless” “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” “No Fear.” Still, talk and words are cheap expressions that do not in anyway validate the actual experience.

    Talking does not infuse life into the subject expressed, it is merely a representation of something commonly agreed upon in order to communicate with symbols.

    Communication merely points the way towards an experience that one may choose, or reject.

    However, as long as one inhabits flesh, that flesh is still vulnerable to nature and its creatures. Alertness to ones environment is vital to enabling a successful adventure. It sometimes only takes a moment of negligence, where one drifts off into some distraction or other, too find ones self caught up in some form of accident that sheds all flesh from ones presence.

    Most of us do not yet know that experience. Were it leads we also do not know. Life itself continues, as such, if we have recognized its intimacy, perhaps one also persists.

    But what has that to do with ones hopes for loved ones living in flesh today, and those who may be born tomorrow? What role shall we play in their experience on this planet?

    We have history to view and it is easy to see that cycles persist!

    What enables the cycles of human behavior to to remain so consistent?

    How about resistance to change? No I don’t mean spare change!

    Personal experience in becoming completely receptive to any and every inner feeling, thought, sensation, sound, light, energy, etc, without resistance.

    That enables the possibility of something new within ones life experience.

    That is why meditation is helpful.

    As long as one is stuck within, reactivity rules.
    Only when one is truly free and non resistant, can one truly respond, and act from the core truth of ones self.

    FROM BILL: Sorry, Clark, but I took out your link. I’m not interested in promoting such things.

  60. Margaret says :

    Hi, I have read this blog intermittently over a period of at least two years, have gained great insight but have never had the courage to post a comment. I have only completed the awakening prologue, have purchased the next stage but for some reason or another never completed it. I know I need to and it will be beneficial if I do, one day !

    My quest was to answer the question “Who am I” as apposed to “What am I”. I understand to a point my biological beginnings but I wanted to connect to, to discover, the “being” beyond the labelled biological mask. Holosync has helped me in as much as I now know who I am not. I am not who I THINK I am. I know I am not my ego, that two dimensional patch work quilt built up of others opinions. Opinions of the herd, the family, the system. For lack of better understanding I now see myself as life aware of itself. My mind is still full of judgements good and bad I still have hundreds of attachments but I am more aware of them. I have begun my quest and am probably attached to it.

    Now to the point of my comment ! I believe I understand where you are coming from Bill but believe that in your attempt to explain that social consciousness can swing to extreme levels in times of socioeconomic upheaval as in pre WW11 Germany and in the long term we require less big governmental intervention makes it appear that you are making a political statement. When the opposite is true you are in fact calling for the de politicalization of the human journey. I used to believe that better politics could make a better, fairer world now I just call it as I see it, I call it politricks.

    FROM BILL: There’s no getting away from politics. It’s part of the human condition. There is the transcendent part of being human, and the relative side. to deny either is to be only partially alive. I just want less centralization of power, as it bring less freedom and more suffering. Will I get it? Probably not. Would I be remiss to not act or speak out in order to hopeful reduce the suffering of some? I think so.