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Control the universe with your mind? Or just the tri-county area? Let’s clear up a few things about The Secret…

by / Friday, 09 November 2007 / Published in Uncategorized

Several of you have asked about The Secret, and why, since I was in it, I’m sometimes critical of it. So what’s wrong with me? Why am I such a wet blanket?

First of all, The Secret used just a small bit of what I said when they recorded what I had to say about using the mind to create what you want in the world. They had a certain point of view they wanted to present, and I quite frankly didn’t know precisely what it was when I was being interviewed. Now, I see that their point of view was primarily a magical one, in the sense that The Secret seems to be saying that all you need to do is wish, hope, or “put it out to the universe” in order to get something. This point of view was presented despite the fact that very few of the teachers featured in The Secret (and I know almost all of them) actually believe that.

If you want to give “putting it out to the universe” a try, go for it. I’ll just caution you that I know a lot of very successful people, and none of them (and I really do mean zero, none, nada, zip, goose egg) became successful using that method.

Yes, every successful person I know did use their mind, and did focus on the outcome they wanted. Focusing your attention on what you want IS necessary. However, it’s just the first step. and you certainly don’t do it because it creates some sort of magic tractor-beam that sucks what you want into your waiting arms.

Here’s what happens when you focus your mind on the outcome you want: 1) it generates ideas you can use to get it, 2) it alerts you to resources you can use but might not see otherwise, 3) it creates the motivation to act, and 4) it helps you develop necessary personal qualities you might need, such as imagination, courage, persistence, or enthusiasm.

Next, though, you need to act, you need to do something. And, if you want something in return, the action you take needs to be of value in some way. It can’t be just any action. Running around in your underwear in Times Square is an action, but it might not get you the outcome you want.

The idea that thinking or hoping by itself will get you what you want is first-class magical thinking. It’s preconventional (see previous posts for what I mean by that). Yes, if you wish for something, every now and then it might happen. This is called a coincidence. A stopped clock is right twice a day, but that won’t help you know what time it is. If Aunt Sally sends you a check right when you need money and after you “put it out to the universe” to “attract some money”, it’s a coincidence, not your mind magically pulling Aunt Sally’s arms toward her checkbook and making her write a check and stick it in an envelope addressed to you. Try using your mind to get Aunt Sally to send a check every week and see what happens.

“Every now and then” is enough reinforcement for someone at a preconventional level, though. Sadly, those who think this way struggle to make life work, because preconventional ways of being in the world work only in a preconventional society (and even then they don’t work that well). As a way of navigating the world, they are very primitive, which is why preconventional societies have always been poor, and have offered life spans of about 40 years at the most, with few creature comforts. (And, for those of you who romanticize such cultures, remember that they generally involved slavery, human sacrifices, murder rates MUCH higher than modern society, treatment of women as possessions, and had no democracy or freedom of choice–all this from the latest anthropological studies.)

But back to The Secret. What is more, both controlling things with your mind (other than yourself, which is what you should use it for) and the hope of getting something for nothing are self-centered, egocentric, narcissistic points of view. Yes, until we learn to be in charge of ourselves and our immediate environment we do tend to think mostly of ourselves, but that doesn’t make it resourceful or desirable.

I find that those who wish for magical powers like this do so because they feel powerless in the world. They don’t see a way out of their situation (though there is one) and this idea that there is a magic way to get what they want sounds very appealing.

Telling those who are having trouble making life work, “just wish for what you want,” and that no action is required, is nothing short of cruel. There are very concrete, workable ways to create what you want in this world, and they can be learned (I teach exactly how to do this, step by step, in my Life Principles Integration process online courses). Wishing and “putting it out to the universe,” though, are not on the list of ways to create what you want.

Many people who saw The Secret assumed that of course you need to take action (this is obvious to anyone past the preconventional level), and they supplied that piece even though it was barely mentioned in the film. These people quite likely benefited from seeing The Secret because they were inspired and reminded of something that is true–that all success BEGINS with how you focus your mind.

Those who didn’t supply this extra piece, and were left with the idea that they can just wish for what they want, didn’t benefit from The Secret, and in fact were, in my opinion, harmed.

And don’t even get me started on the idea that people in Africa are starving because they are thinking the wrong thoughts.

What you focus on does create your reality, but there’s no magic involved. Many–most– people don’t know that this is true. Until you can observe your thoughts and be aware of how you focus your attention–which comes at a certain level of development–you cannot intentionally focus your mind. Before that point your mind still focuses on something, but it is done automatically, unconsciously. When you are immersed in your mental processes, these processes (what I have called your Internal Map of Reality) will create your life without any intentional direction from you.

Once you develop to the point where you can observe your thinking process, rather than being it, you can direct your mind, and in doing so begin to take charge of your life.

So, my friends, keep Holosyncing, because Holosync creates such awareness. And with this awareness, keep stepping back in an effort to observe whatever it is that you are immersed in. In this way, you can transcend it. More on that later.

Finally, before I go, let me comment on a few posts responding to what I said about Yogananda. I love Yogananda, but that doesn’t change the fact that a belief in miracles that still surrounds him is preconventional, magical thinking. No evidence whatsoever exists that people can dematerialize, for instance, or that any of the other sorts of magic described in that tradition can actually happen. If those of you who believe in this stuff have some evidence–not stories, but actual evidence, that any reasonable person would accept–put it on the table.

And, I have to say that one of my pet peeves is people who use quantum physics to “prove” that magic exists. Quantum physics represents a deeper level of understanding how the universe works. It does not, however, prove the silly New Age magical events it’s often trotted out to prove. If you really think there is some actual evidence for magic or for the suspension of the laws of physics, show me. Not stories, not anecdotes, not that someone else you respect thinks so, but proof.

And make no mistake, anyone who wants to believe in this stuff is welcome to do so. I wasn’t trying to demonize it, and I’m not trying to talk you out of it. By its nature, magical thinking requires no proof, so I’m not surprised that several people have posted comments in which they pledge allegience to various types of magical thinking, but without any attempt to offer proof.

All I’m doing is pointing out where such thinking fits developmentally, and further making the point that people who live from this point of view have a hard time functioning well in the world. Magic is an explanation offered when rational, or transrational, explanations are not available.

Yogananda, for instance, was very highly functioning, but it wasn’t because he relied on magical powers. It was because in other areas of his life he was developmentally well beyond that approach to life. If he wanted to create a certain result, he focused his attention on how to do it, then took action. I don’t recall a single situation where he relied on some sort of magic to get things done.

Someone asked the Dalai Lama what would happen if modern science disproved some of what Buddhists believe (which it has, in several cases). “Then that belief will have to go,” he said. This is why the Dalai Lama is not a preconventional thinker.

Again, thank you for reading.

Be well.


PS: By the way, I have another recommendation for you. Please check out Integral Institute’s Integral Life Practices Starter Kit. Ken Wilber and his brain-trust (consisting of some of the smartest and most spiritually advanced people on the planet–and I mean that) have created a unique way to “cross-train” in the areas of body, mind, spirit, and shadow material. This, along with Holosync, is a very potent way to develop your awareness.

Ken and his team have found that when you do a daily practice that affects all four of the above areas, it greatly accelerates your growth. When you leave out any of these areas, it holds you back. So, they’ve identified some of the very best time-tested practices in each area and they show you exactly how to do them (solving another problem–what’s the correct way to do a certain practice?). They even give you “one-minute modules” you can do on days when things are hectic and you have little time, so you can hit each area, at least a little bit, every day.

Most of you are already using something powerful in the spirit area–Holosync (in fact, as they add “auxiliary modules,” Holosync is the first one they plan to add). I think you’ll find that this kit is a powerful way to create a practice in the other three areas. I highly recommend this kit. Go check it out at

Until next time, when I’m going to share something new about development…


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151 Responses to “Control the universe with your mind? Or just the tri-county area? Let’s clear up a few things about The Secret…”

  1. Chris says :

    Hey Bill, great article. I do have one question though. In the Secret and else where I’ve heard of people who chaim they can consistently get parking spaces by visuallizing an open spot. If it happens a few times thats a coincidence but if it happens everytime then something is going on. I’ve also heard Brian Tracy talk about that in his Psychology of Achievement tapes. Now I don’t personally know any of these people so maybe they’re all BSing but just though I’d get your opinion on the matter.


  2. Carol Kindred says :


    I will say though that The Secret made me smile and brightened my day and it led me to you and that’s the most important thing to me!

    I tried to get into the magic but just couldn’t quite believe it. I got a few parking spaces but my gut was telling me “don’t set yourself up, you know better”.

    You were what I needed and The Secret got me what I needed. Hey!!! A little magic never hurt!

  3. Alan G says :

    I read the Secret and then purchased the movie and enjoyed both. I still share them with my friends. I have never become disillusioned about how things work. I know the “inspired action” they barely mentioned in the movie is what turns focused thoughts into reality. Many years of self study in personal growth led me to the Secret which then led me to learning about those in the Secret movie. This pointed me toward Bill Harris and Centerpointe, and now I am happily using Holosync.

    It is unfortunate some people will not grow beyond what the Secret seems to teach. I used the Secret as a starting point and have found my growth in learning from those in the movie and not necessarily from the movie itself.

  4. Susan says :

    Thanks Bill! Excellent blog and always fresh ideas!

    I haven’t seen _The Secret_ yet (although somehow it does leave a bad taste in my mouth before I’ve even seen it; yet I do believe there must be some good aspects to it). It sounds to me like something of Jung’s concept of synchronicity, only in reverse. Wishful thinking creates synchronicity? Maybe it could be practiced as gratitude in reverse to turn it into a positive (wish for what you want, and then have gratitude when you receive it)?

    Speaking of quantum physics, New Age, and Eastern paths, have you read anything by Fritjof Capra? He wrote _Tao of Physics_ and _Turning Point_. Really excellent books! I found a lot of connections with concepts from Centerpointe’s support material.

    Thank you!

  5. Morenike says :

    So glad you clarified this Bill. I have the Secret (the book) and I have read it. I’m glad I already knew about the fact that action is required othewise I’d have been a lot more disappointed. As it was, I found “The Secret” a little misleading because of what it left out. And I was puzzled because I thought surely all those speakers (many of whose books I’ve read and products I’ve used – including yourself) did not arrive at their level of success by simply putting it out there and leaving it at that. In that sense I think the Secret did some people a disservice.

  6. Hi Bill,

    It is really valuable to read your comments on The Secret and its ‘magical’ perspective. ‘Refreshing’ is the word. Yet the same myth keeps reappearing, witness the ‘Cosmic Ordering’ material. perhaps the more stressful we find the world, the more we hope for magical intervention, (win the lottery!).

    On the other hand, we need to be aware of new dogmas. As paradigms shift, the new one, in this case the views of Ken Wilbur and others (which are brilliant), become the new orthodoxy. As soon as that happens it is already time to move on.

    Anyway thank you for your excellent interviews with teachers of the Secret and this excellent blog.


  7. Peter(NL) says :

    Hola Bill,

    I have to say Bill, the statements you make here – and I’ve seen you make similar points elsewhere – boggle my mind just a little bit. I think most people with some knowledge about life know very well that action is a key part. And focus is another fundemental key to purposefully creating life circumstances.

    The points you make sound to me however like a very narrow view and very contradictory. You seem cavalier toward magical thinking, which I can agree can be harmful, especially to those that fit in the group of your understanding of ‘preconventional’ thinking (I wonder how many ‘preconventional’ thinkers read your blog btw).

    Like you seem to indicate, there is no magic in this universe. And I can agree on that. But experiences that rise from deliberately focusing your attention, intention and action in unison can’t be summed up by the 4 points you make.

    “1) it generates ideas you can use to get it, 2) it alerts you to resources you can use but might not see otherwise, 3) it creates the motivation to act, and 4) it helps you develop necessary personal qualities you might need, such as imagination, courage, persistence, or enthusiasm.”

    You try to convince people that the ‘acting force’ behind creating in your life those things that you want (or attracting circumstances) can be explained away by developing traits, cognitive processes and simple goal motivation for getting you into action. This is what I would deem preconventional thinking – yes these are very important elements. They are the traits of any successful person. It does not explain how synchronicity occurs and the process through which circumstances are attracted. I’m not going to claim I do know how this works and I’m certainly not going to bring in quantum physics for explaining it either.

    It just seems incredibly clear to me that the process of manifesting is MUCH more than simply having your brain’s basic functions poised for it. It seems to perpetuate the belief that to become aligned to attracting a certain lifestyle there is this linear path to it that must be accomplished by hard work, certain actions, certain ways of using your mind ( like looking for red will make your brain pick out red easier in a picture, or looking for solutions will make your mind creatively processes produce solutions ). This is folly and just a partial limited part of what really is going on.

    It does not explain why certain people come into your life at the exact right time. It does not explain all those manifestations you never took action for that simply fall into your lap by doing nothing much of anything (how would you explain this). If you review all the major changes in your life and you examine how those precise lifechanging circumstances had to unfold for those experiences to happen – it’s incredible minute events that set things into action. Was it because of those 4 points you mentioned? NO. But if you have the focus going consistently, you are going to create an incredibly successful life – its like a turboboost to deliberately creating a rich experience of life.

    I value your services and contributions, however I can’t help but think you are putting up a very invalid and silly point here. You’ve been pretty opportunistic of all the opportunities that have unfolded from the Secret. You haven’t been shy to associate with its success – but you do disassociate with its contents. Your course for instance, ‘The Masters of the Secret‘ brought much value, but doesn’t it feel like double standards/speak you are putting out here.

    If you disagree with the contents of the Secret – have the balls to steer away from it. And I’m actually agreeing on most of your points, mind you. But to cash in on one end and then project contradictory beliefs (ye these are just beliefs not facts – be honest) on the other end – that seems to be bent thinking in my book.

    Just my opinion. I hope contrasting opinion is allowed here:)

  8. Zeljka says :

    I completely agree with you, Bill, on what you say.
    Many times I read of magical ‘wishing’ methods. It is absurd.
    But, although I only brushed through ‘the Secret’, I got the idea that
    by ‘With our thoughts we create reality’,
    author wants to encourage with the proper choice of thoughts, rights actions come about .
    Isn’t that also their point of view ?
    And, to me, it is very liberating and a source of strenght and stillness inside
    while in agressive invironment (often) .

  9. Kurt says :

    about magical thinking not getting results…

    in the sense that magic is just advanced science we don’t understand yet… to use the analogy that “you don’t have to understand how a car works to be able to drive one”… couldn’t it be possible that you can get results from magical thinking because it causing something to happen (at a level beyond what science presently comprehends) as long as you happen to be doing it in the right way and it isn’t necessary that you may not understand how it’s coming about ?

  10. maria montgomery says :

    I thought the secret was beauiful, but I’ve always been a believer in magic. It was a person on the show by the name of esther hicks who I respect and love, she’s only on the first one, but for the most part it gave people hope. It lead me to alot of people I otherwise wouldnt have ever given a ear to, I would have never listen to anything like holosync if it wasnt for the secret so for that reason Im enternally greatful

  11. Samadhi says :

    It is quite tragic that anyone would think the Secret and power of positive thoughts and vibrations was the only thing needed to catapult their life. However, I love the Secret movie. I mean how can a person not get that part? Mind-blowing.

    I love the article and love the HOLOSYNC program, I just started.

    Samadhi (Marie E. Pollnow)

  12. Mark says :

    Dear Bill,

    When a magician does a magic trick, it seems there is no logical explanation for his ability. Of course it is a trick. He understands how to create the illusion. Life can be like this at times. We might focus our attention on some outcome and then something happens we did not consciously create. Our sub-conscious mind does something to support our goal and it appears like it is magical. There is always a logical explanation for what happens but we are just not aware of the mechanisms involved.

    For example, we might be in the market for a new relationship. We are attracted to a certain type of person. We might sub-consciously use a substance, science has found, to influence behavior in insects, animals, and humans, called pheromones, to attract a mate. This ability to attract a mate with pheromones works even if you have no knowledge of the substance. When a person is unaware of a factor involved in creating their reality, it can appear very magical. They just notice that what they think about effects there actual experiences in some way that is beyond explanation.

    I will not be surprised if future scientific discoveries make us more aware of unseen forces at play in our lives. Scientists discovered that elephants communicate using sounds which are so low humans cannot hear the sounds. I wonder if the sound of our voices is affected by our thoughts and if these vocal qualities influence the people around us in a way that is outside our awareness.

    We have been somewhat aware of the fact that body language is a significant influence on communication. Much of the time we do not consciously look at a person’s body language or consciously control our own body language. Therefore the results of our conversations can be mystifying.

    I will not be surprised if we scientifically learn there is some bioelectrical broadcasting emanating from people and that we sub-consciously receive these messages. If this is the case, the effects of this communication will appear magical or confound our understanding of our world since we don’t currently understand this type of communication.

    We are more in control of our reality when we are aware of all the factors involved in creating our reality. I think this is what you say Holosync does for us. It increases our self awareness. It increases our ability to understand our thoughts and actions and to consciously direct them to achieve our chosen purposes. I choose to believe you. I am using Holosync and I think I it is working. I hope it becomes more and more clear to me that Holosync works as time goes on.

    The biggest problem occurs when we believe in some factor which has no basis in reality. When we have faith in something that is not true, we waste time, energy, and our thoughts. This can lead us to some very dissatisfying results or great disappointments.

    I believe that in order to achieve our goals we must focus our minds, take the actions we understand we can take, and then let the unseen factors work their magic just because our sub-conscious mind helps us achieve our goals in ways we do not understand.

  13. Connie says :

    I read “The Secret” and enjoyed it but then I read the book that the Secret was based on I got much more out of that book. That book is called “The Science of Getting Rich” in that book there is something that must be memorized in order for the so called secret formula to work. Every time I say the secret formula which are words I have mystical experiences or premonitions of something that will happen in the future. I have found that if a person wants the advice that the Secret suggests one must clears their mind of all their thoughts that pertain to old thoughts for it to work. If you know anything about all the other people who wrote their comments in that book “the secret” they are not like the average person they are all different and view life on a completely different level.

  14. Yossi says :

    Thank you so much, Bill!

    Among the many things that yanked me in The Secret had to with the starving in Africa somehow attracting that, as it were. As one who is ethnically Jewish, no one will ever convince me that my People attracted the Holocaust, the Bosnians genocide, or the people of Darfur, for that matter.

    His Holiness’ statement explains why I am a Buddhist (and Universalist Sufi)!!

  15. Hello Bill and everyone else who reads this blog.

    I purchased Holosync long, long ago, and can speak very highly of it.

    I am inspired by the quality of the responses here, because caring, loving, concerned people voice their views and feelings.

    What a wonderful avenue this blog presents.

    Whether we as individuals seem to have contradictory values as far as another is concerned, is simply a confirmation that our filters, that is, our subconscious mind, allow us to interpret things according to our model of our world.

    That is not to say any one is correct or incorrect – it is wonderfully ‘our model of the world’.

    That is what constitutes the magnificent diversity of input, resulting from our unique experiences, that we bring to a blog such as this.

    I go back a long way in following what Bill does.

    He was a pioneer in the realm of the mind and its intricacies.

    The Secret was the catalyst for a lot of people who never gave any thought to the fact that there was more to life than the obvious – going to work, raising a family, the ‘dos and don’ts’ of societal conformity, generic gender expectations, age cliches, and so on.

    Thank you all.


  16. Chad says :


    What’s wrong Brother? Have you ever wondered if your life’s work, the masterpiece called Holosync, was really your inner child crying out in dual harmony for validation and love? What happened to you, that you locked your inner child away in the dungeon of your subconscious?

    I was locked in the closet many times as a child, Dad left when I was 2, was sexually molested, beaten, verbally berated, and so on. I loved life so much that I had arts and crafts hour with a soldering iron on my forearm several times when I was 18. Hey the list goes on but. . .what’s important right now? What happened to you that the enchantment of life, the magic, was forgotten about. . .or maybe more appropriately, denied?

    Where do I get off writing this? Well. . .one of your blogs says. . .“Bill’s Complaints”. . . you got irritated when people didn’t follow directions while writing in your blog. . . you only want people to respond to what you write. . . “you” wrote that you were being critical. . . and because I just received my 6 pack of CD’s on the Inside Secrets of How to be Happy, Peaceful, and Successful. . .and well, happy people refrain from being critical of others, and themselves. I care about you Bill, that’s where I get off. . .I care.

    There’s no doubt you are a genius Bill, that is why you were tested so hard as a child. Pushed to the brink, I bet. It’s hard to know and understand so much at a young age, I mean, who’s gonna’ know and understand what you’re going through. . . right? Did you ever pray for something and then not see the answer, prompting you to go it alone? Or maybe there’s an answer to a question that still has not found it‘s happy conclusion, like WHY ME?

    What does success mean to you Bill?. . .money, doing what you love, notoriety, respect among your peers and in your field. Sure, but something is missing. . .a piece to your puzzle of completeness. I see that you like to hang out with a Zen Master, that’s neat. Really though, who ranks Zen Masters, and who cares? In your quest to be a leader, are you leading by example or by touting that you are the best? I am asking questions that your articles brought up in me, to relay back to you, to do with them what you will.

    I know you are special Bill, and I bet that whatever you asked for as a child will be comin’ round the mountain when sidhe comes, real soon like. The magic is in and all around you. One of the ironic parts of this letter is that, every time you write, you’re “putting it out in the universe”, and now you are getting a seemingly long overdue response. If your life had been any easier, meaning less brutal, would Holosync technology be available to the world? Sometimes prayers get answered later that we want, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get answered. Maybe your answers come, just after you create a masterpiece from your pain, when you realize that love is what brought it to fruition. Well, we both know that “God” means love, and from me to you, love is magic. . .in it’s purest form. Brother, you need only to let that little boy inside you heal , to put that missing puzzle piece. . . in it’s rightful place. : -)

    Your Unconventional Friend,


  17. fun-da-mental says :

    The problem is this: If you control the universe with your mind, then you are the controller. But who controls the controller itself….? And who controls the controller of the controller…??

  18. ian whippey says :

    Hi, Bill.
    As Susan says, in your blog, above – November 9th @ 8.36pm – Fritjof Capra`s books do add a lot to this `Law of Attraction` & `The Secret`debate. Two more of Capra`s books are also worth mentioning here: `The Web of Life` & `Uncommon Wisdom`.
    By the way, Bill, thank you for Holosync. I am using it, and gaining great benefit from it.
    Ian W

  19. Taimoon Stewart says :

    Dear Bill, I really appreciate your views on the Secret. I was initially attracted to it, but very soon got turned off precisely because it left you devoid of a developmental quest. I was also turned off by the high-powered advertising, commercial nature of spreading the ideas. To be honest, I was disappointed that you were a part of that scenario, and was relieved when I saw your subsequent response, and the fact that you did not know the agenda, and that they took only a part of what you said. So, thank you for grounding the concepts in a developmental perspective. I very soon got turned off New Age books because I found that they seem to take pieces of eastern philosophies derived from Hinduism, Budhism, Taoism etc. without providing the depth of those concepts and emphasizing the hard work that goes into practicing those beliefs towards achieving self-development. I have been using Holosync meditation since 1998, and have moved so far along the road towards observing, that I am almost a different person today. Thank you for what you have created, and the good you have put out into the world. Taimoon

  20. Alan T says :

    It’s a pleasure to hear such level-headed, rational … and practical thoughts. I haven’t actually seen The Secret, but I heard the hype about it when it was on TV here.

    I think it’s pretty clear that to achieve any kind of change in your life, you have to start with your mind. If you keep thinking and acting the same way, nothing will change for the better, unless you get lucky. But as you say, just wishing for things will not achieve anything. To make a change in your life, you have to do something different.

    I’m still just starting out with Holosync, but it seems to be helping me to make changes in my thinking and my life. I’m only managing to find a few hours each week for time to myself, but even meditating a few hours a week makes a difference. I can see improvements in my interactions with people and my ability to cope with life. I can’t imagine what benefits I would get if I could meditate every day.


  21. Wilf Archer says :

    The best thing about The Secret was the introductory music and trailer, loved them, butas for the rest it was like comparing a pinhole camera with a 20 mega pixel digital camera. Both take pictures but the outcome is so different.

    During the course of my work I come across a lot of people who have watched and believe the powerful message delivered by The Secret and the reason they come to me is because they are suffering from the disease transmitted by the movie. I coach people to use their mind skills to overcome the problems they are facing in their daily life and work. Many of my clients have taken on board the message of The Secret and as such have abdicated their responsibility to take charge. Then when they inevitably fail they blame the Universe or their spouse for not supporting them and thus plant the seeds of self inadequacy. “What is wrong with me, you, them, etc.” is their war cry. This I have called New Age Blues, a depression that permeates to their very soul.

    I digress. I believe strongly in the Law of Attraction and The Secret is an insight into this Law but because the Universe loves balance the Law of Attraction is always accompanied by the Law of Distraction and it is falling foul of this that is the cause for most failures.

    Don’t get me wrong – I may agree wholeheartedly with what you say about The Secret but please do not dispel magical thinking outright. The Secret is as close to real magic as watching an illusionist on stage, it is only perception. Real Magic is about aligning yourself through ritual to take advantage of a preconceived situation, with the ritual being specific to the creation of a particular state. However, even at its lowest level it still requires the manipulation of the physical realm.

    Really enjoy your blog

    Best wishes

    Wilf archer

  22. Phillip McClure says :

    Ken Wilbur refers to the world of science and logic as “the flat land.” He then speaks of higher levels of understanding that involve transcendent experiences. It is during some of these types of experiences that some things occur which at least seem to defy logic and the limited rules of science and rational thinking.

    Personally I believe rationality (science and logic) are limiting beliefs which act as filters of a sort, filtering out the eternal element from the physical, temporal, scientific world. You can refer to this as magical thinking, if you wish, but I see it as being very different than the magical thinking you’re referring to in your levels of developmental stages.

    Science is as much a belief as any religion and has it’s own dogma based on logic, cause and effect, etc. By science’s own admission, through the study of quantum physics (as you know, I’m sure) you can break out of the one-way movement down the river of time and go upstream (or backward in time), producing the effect before the cause.

    There is an eternal world that transcends and includes the flatland of our scientifically valid physical world, which exists beyond time and space. When we touch this world we can temporarily transcend the limits of science and logic and sometimes know things or do things that the rules of our everyday world claim are not possible. There is far too much evidence of this for there not to be something to it. There comes a point when it is more of a stretch to believe the limited, flatland view of science and rationality, than to believe in the continued repetition of coincidence. If it happens again and again or if you know that it is going to happen before it does, then it does happen, or if you know things that you could not possibly know (at least according to science and logic) and they turn out to be true, can you really call this coincidence? I’ve had too many of these kinds of experiences to deny them.

    Logic can only take you so far. There comes a point when logic falls apart and starts producing nonsense results like paradoxes, or simply causes you to shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t know the answer to that. We don’t have an answer to that question.” Science simply chooses to deny or ignore what it cannot measure or explain. This does not mean that these unexplainable elements cease to exist or are somehow “not real, only that they are beyond the scope of science to deal with them.”

    Humans have two ways of viewing their world. One, the rational (science and logic) or temporal, and two, the intuitive or eternal (intuition, psychic connections, prayer, faith, etc.) We have two ways of seeing the world, just as we have two eyes. When we view the world with one eye, we perceive a flat world. When we view the world stereoscopically, using both our eyes, we create a three-dimensional view of the world that is much more accurate and useful.

    Just some food for thought.

  23. ELinsley says :

    I agree with you Bill about these points. But I found the Secret the inspiration I needed to seek out some new material for study. It was almost an infomercial for life coaches, motivational speakers, and authors of self help books. It made you guys a little money and it made the producers a little money, and it helped a few people get up and get going. Nothing wrong with that.

  24. Deb says :

    I feel Peter’s post clarified what bothered me so much about your thoughts on the Secret. To me, it felt like you bashed the movie – promoted YOUR way as the more appropriate way – and yet are very willing to reap financially from it. Total contradiction of energy.

    I really enjoyed the Secret and while I didn’t agree totally with how they approached the subject many of the jewels of that movie such as your emotional guidance system were areas that I could begin conversations with my college students on taking responsibility for their own life and making their thoughts congruent, and throwing out beliefs that no longer serve them.

    Take out the ideas of magic and mystery and synchronicities in life – no thank you – I will continue to believe we have a divine connection with source and source responds.

  25. Jane Hamilton says :

    A friend of mine believed the secret utterly. She lived her whole life by the Law of Attraction, including taking action. Two months ago, she died after elective surgery that she had been sure was the right course and would go well. The worst thing for her was that when the surgery went disastrously wrong, she lost her main belief in life and was left in a wilderness. She had been so sure that this surgery would be the answer to her problems and had envisioned a good and healthy life ahead. She died disillusioned and despairing.

  26. Lorie says :

    I’m with Peter (NL)….

    The Secret is harmless if you put some thought behind it….it’s a feel good movie just as many Hollywood movies are. It makes most people feel hopeful and there is nothing wrong with that, is there?
    You can’t use it to promote yourself and call it down in the next breath – that, my friend is definitely hipocrisy!

  27. Kelly says :

    Hi Bill, Thanks for Holosync….I quite agree with what you said about action, however, if everything is energy, I do believe that people can be Light enough in their being to “travel”. I also believe in the Holosync method as a stepping stone in your progress to enlightenment, whatever path you choose…It is about belief, isn’t it…I also think that your emotions take you in a direction and that inspired action is necessary to getting what you want.

    The Secret, was edited…alot, I’ve heard…but it was part of my process, like Ramtha, Abraham and The Course in Miracles….many,many others….but it has all led me to realize that going within is the only way to get to my desires….THE ONLY WAY…,this journey through the resourses that we are all given, we all understand….that it all requires this…there are no avenues to get to where you want to go ,unless you go within….your program helps tune our frequencies to a higher level, which otherwise would take years, however it does not stop there…how far down the rabbit the hole do you want to go….I am grateful to you and your program.You have been very generous with the material and “open communication”,far exceeding most programs.

    I really do not believe in magic either, but if love does move mountains….and I believe it does…I don’t need proof to know that there are others capable of being more progressed in that area…Grateful to share my thoughts, Kelly

  28. David says :

    Thank you, Bill for explaining where you’re coming from. I’ve long maintained that every major religion has two separate credos: a simplistic, superstitious one for the masses and a subtly complex one for the enlightened. Your explanation of the 4 stages of psychological maturity makes much more sense. I have a twist for you, however. I’m bi-polar and I’m using Holosync to reduce (hopefully eliminate) my mood swings. I’m just in Awakening Prologue and seeing benefits already. The twist is as follows. When I’m not in a mood swing I see things very much like you describe as post-conventional. Along with that I tend to have success in most areas of my life and get huge satisfaction out of helping others. However when I’m depressed or manic I regress into conventional and even pre-conventional thinking. In mood swings I become ego-centric though in different ways. When manic I become a social magnet and live for pleasure. I commit to way more than I can handle without considering the work involved, go deeply into debt and lose the ability to focus on anything for more than a few moments. When depressive I become reclusive, self-loathing and unable to stop focusing on everything that’s wrong with my life.

    You mentioned the potential harm done by The Secret. When I saw the movie (before starting Holosync) I was in a manic phase and I immediately adopted a belief in “magic”. I quit my day job thinking my fledgling entrepreneurial enterprise would get all the fuel it needed from my wishful thinking. I’m now maxed out on my credit cards and looking for another job. At least now I have a realistic sense of what to expect from focusing and, with the help of Holosync, I think I’ve got a better chance of staying with my plan.

    Thanks again

  29. Attila Nagy says :

    Hello Bill,

    Your blogs are very thought-provoking. I will share a few things that popped into my mind.

    Marcus Aurelius wrote something like this almost 2000 years ago : Miracles are not things that exist against reality, but rather things that exist against our view of reality.
    To papraphrase this, we can say that there are things/phenomena in the Universe that we call miracles because we still do not understand why and how they happen. In this sense we are all “preconventional” compared to beings of higher inteligence for whom it may be trivial.
    Thought is energy. Focusing is focused energy, like a sunbeam through magnifying glass, or just a raindrop. (And that can burn out a whole forest.) The equivalence of energy and matter is common knowledge by now. Why is it than that you question a process in which thought can create matter directly, or make matter disappear?
    By looking at the world, we can see that everyday people cannot simply manifest material things by using their intellect. But if you really want to see this happen, the only thing you need to do, is to look for it. There are a few grand masters who can do it. The question is, whether your view of the Universe would collapse by such an experience. And if so, would you survive on a higher level (quantum leap), or disintegrate and die. Fear of the latter may hinder you from experiencing such “miracles”.

    In spite of the above thoughts, I admit that you are right in your view that by mere wishing, one will not create material things. To become a grand master, one has to work extremely hard to learn to focus on a level only a handful out of a billion has reached in history.

    So yes, there is action needed (which can be super-concentration of mental powers), and no, we cannot assert that it is impossible for a human being to create matter directly from thought.

  30. ZenArrow says :

    My wife had breast cancer diagnosed.
    The secret opened my eyes to a connection of mind and body.
    All the news the specialist doctors gave was that they cannot cure cancer. They simply manage it’s symptoms and recommended the most drastic of all operations. Since it was in the liver also by this stage, everything else they were overing seemed like shutting the gate after the horse had bolted.

    However other methods of dealing with this in other ways, gave us hope which they didnt. In fact with the law of attraction principle, FEAR is an enemy. Fear bring your horrors upon you. At least in an unconscious part of the thought processes, and then transmitted as energy to the universe. I know people who curse themselves so badly by this Fear factor, that they seem to mystically be in the wrong place at the wrong time, oblivious to them standing in the way of the next accident and causing it.

    Anyway, back to cancer. Fear in the body is high energy, as are all emotions. Lots of energy in emotions. The principle cure for cancer, is one of feeling well being in it. In fact the cause of the cancer, if they really understood it so, and many alternates do, is of imbalance of the bodies proper functions by stresses and other emotional blockages.

    In other words cutting the door of the house aint gona fix the rusty leaky roof. So we opted to give this a try. For if people have the operation they remove the fear factor. Others have personal issues which have them fear it coming back and woe is to me. Some even get to like the idea of dying as a matyr like thing. And others resolve to it killing them and find peace. But the reality is, we simply believed for healing, we planned the logic to build the faith required, and the body healed itself with the energies being in harmony. With the diet changed to fresh foods and salads more often for enzimes and good old carrot juice orange apple mix every couple of days.

    All contributed to the healing. But I think the most important factor is attitude and what you decide is going to happen to you in your heart of hearts. And that can be sparked off by asking the right questions, and thinking about the possibilities. In the liver it is in operable, and yet it has GONE!

  31. Louise says :

    Dear Bill – I had mixed feelings a few weeks after watching the Secret. On the one hand I was thrilled to see that people were finally receptive to hear and pay attention to this philosophy, but under other hand I was really disappointed with the “Hollywood” style of this movie. For Pete’s sake….get rid of that stupid Genie idea! Why, for the sake of me, do these producers always have to do that? It looked as if they were trying very hard to self-sabotaging this unique opportunity by making it looking as ridiculous as they could. Creating or manifesting our reality requires a clear intent/decision, discipline, tenacity, and a flaming passion to stay with the program. All the teachers/philosophers in The Secret have this “warrior-like” common denominateur. They earned it with disciplined dedication. These people including constantly work on. It’s a way of life, period, I know….because I am one of them too. And THIS needs to be seriously emphasized in the new Secret in the makings.

    I sincerely hope they will hear it from many people.

    Please folks, do another Secret about the “reality of The Secret”.

  32. KammeO says :

    There are no “real” coincidences because there isn’t anything that God doesn’t know about BEFORE it happens. God isn’t something separate from…… it’s the HOW, it’s ALL of it……

    If someone asks for more money and it shows up as a check from a relative, the point is IT SHOWED UP. The idea is not to limit the experience of “MORE” with conditional expectations of HOW.

    People sometimes say “SHOW ME GOD”…. and the thing is, there is nothing else TO SEE/EXPERIENCE. Free Will allows us all to CHOOSE our experience. One is not “less than” another.

    And as far as people starving in Africa: starvation is a perception just like anything else here; conditional & temporary.

    The body is WHAT each of us is IN, not WHO we are.
    WHO we are is ETERNAL.
    The illusion of being human is a GRAND one, but it’s still “Xbox”.

    In the meantime, while I am in this human form, I very much enjoy your Holosync, as I HAVE noticed it is sort of like defrag for my brain. Thank you.


  33. Joanne Smith says :

    I loved “The Secret.” I watched it every day for 60 days straight and I got plenty of ideas. Unfortunately, none of those ideas panned out, no matter how much work I put into them. Even without the ideas bringing any income, two of the major things I needed – a laptop computer and a car – were gifted to me and I was completely surprised. I didn’t get the new versions I had been visualizing, but I got good-working, reliable items that I love and cherish. The fact that I got the exact model of car I wanted having no money to my name amazes me on a daily basis. The fact that it was in such good condition and so well maintained blows my mind.

    I’m on disability and have tried everything I can to bring financial prosperity into my life. Even though the money isn’t here yet, the things I’ve wished for so deeply in my heart have come into my life a year later. I understand your stance on action, but I have to testify that the law of attraction does work in some pretty magical ways as well. Gratitude is my daily mantra.

    I purchased my first Holosync disc with equally magically attracted cash. As soon as I can manifest enough to meet a few needs that are a little higher on my To Do list, I’ll be ordering my next level disc. Until then, I’ll be working hard visualizing a little more magic.

  34. Ale says :

    Hello Bill, I think you have the point. I haven’t read that book, because most of those productions have one objective, demonstrate that they can become wealthy convincing others they’re wrong.
    If we think in the power of our mind, it doesn’t mean that we can move objects and eventually get into the safe room of a bank to become wealthy, it means that our minds work in achieve goals, see relations and correlate them to take specific actions.
    BUt i have a question, what do you think about all the hermetic thoughts?

  35. Frank Pulieri says :

    Centerpointe as created by Bill is in essence his evolving religion, just as many others have also created their own religions which others then follow. The secret could also be considered a religion of sorts. Why would anyone ever want to follow another’s words. What we should want, is to correct all thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions to their purest most beautiful and highest form. When this is achieved we have the magic of our choice and not the pot luck form which most experience throughout their lives. Yes, it is magic when you give yourself what you do not want, including blocking the magic of choice. Bills words and beliefs will block magic, and then everyone will know he was right and more will then follow his religion. All religions that I am aware of block magic, but you will get crumbs that will keep you following.

    That said Holosync is phenomenal and I thank Bill for it.

  36. Croydon Kemp says :

    Bill: I agree with you in that the practice of wishing and nothing else normaly results in nothing else. There is no magic.

    What there is, are different levels of control. By control I mean the abiliuty to access the energy of the universe in such away as to create material formations. These can be anything you can think of.

    The first thing needed I feel in this discussuion is the acceptance of the fact that the body is just a machine that you fly around in for awhile and then move on. It is the I am that we need to access and understand.

    The Mind/Soul/Essence/Personality/Ect which drives the body is the key to the “Power” and the understanding nessessary to
    move and to create anything any where in the Universe. I feel this understanding will come to the fore in the very near future.

    Integral Inst. is but one of many who are at the door to this knowledge. Also the use of sound will be found to be the key to all change. You are on the track. Tesla found this out when he tuned a crystal to the correct fequency and accessed the zero point power/back ground energy of the universe. Ran it through an amp and powered his lights.

    I currently use holosync as atool to access the theta level and try to learn some of the simple knowledge of the universe.

  37. Ashish says :

    I have not read Yoganandas book, but i am aware of the tradition and the magical stuff they do. Well one very compelling evidence and proof of this tradition is Swami Rama. I am not sure whether you have heard of him.
    In laboratory conditions, under the observation of research scientists, Swami Rama demonstrated many ways in which one’s internal states could be regulated voluntarily. These research demonstrations have been one of the major cornerstones of the mind-body movement of the past few decades.

    The EKG of Swami Rama was recorded while he was sitting motionless, and caused his heart to stop pumping blood at will. This was done by voluntarily speeding up his heart rate to over 300 beats per minute, causing atrial flutter(This lasted for 17 seconds). This demonstration and others were performed at the Menninger Foundation, in Topeka, Kansas in 1970. The research was recorded for the public, in part, in the book Beyond Biofeedback, by Elmer and Alyce Green.

    Other demonstrations have included psychokinesis (moving objects through mental will power), recording and remembering accurately conversations in the room while registering being in deep sleep (delta) according to EEG, as well as growing and ungrowing cancers on his arms and in his buttocks.
    There is a photograph of a 14 inch knitting needle instrument that Swami Rama successfully caused to spin with his mind from a distance of five feet. This was done in the presence of the research scientists at the Menninger Foundation. A mask and plexiglass plate were placed over Swami Rama’s face by the research scientists during the experiments so that breath could not accidentally affect the needles. His body was also entirely covered with a cloth so as to further insure no accidental involvement of body motion with the needles.

    There is also a photograph of Swami Rama showing a glow of light from the area of his heart chakra. This untouched photograph was taken with a Polaroid camera in response to a challenge from one physician who was skeptical about the ability to cause a visible light to be radiated at will.

    These demonstrations were not done merely to impress anybody with the unique powers of one person, but rather to demonstrate to the scientific and medical communities that the human has tremendous ability to self-regulate with training.

  38. Dr. Houston Vetter says :


    Thank you for your post and comments about the Secret. Here is the IMOR (Internal Map of Reality) verbiage I use.

    The movie “The Secret” doesn’t tell the secret it tells the Law. No one has to believe the law for the law to work (i.e. gravity works regardless of whether one believes or knows about it). The same with LOA…

    The Secret, which the movie didn’t address is that each individual is the leading edge extension of Divinity (or whatever word one chooses to use, God, Universe, the Void, Oneness, no-thingness, Source, etc.) The Secret (you the individual aligned with YOU the more than, physical and non-physical) uses the LAW of Attraction or is used by it.

    What if Action isn’t required so much as it is the natural results or extension of alignment (congruence) of you (who we think we are) and YOU (who we really are) and our use of Internal Mapping of Reality, VAK, patterns, etc. determines how well we are aligning/integrating the two most important poles of you/me and YOU/ME. What if INspired action flows or is the natural extension of this alignment and is a lot more desirable than just taking action.

    Action is the result of force of will, on the other hand INspired Action is the result of alignment of you and YOU (the you, you are aware of and the INner YOU (Inner Being, Spirit, Unconscious patterns, Internal Map, etc… again we can choose the term we prefer.)

    INspired action may not seem like action or can be a lot less than action for actions sake. There is a difference between you ‘have to take action-logical action” and taking INspired action. There are also two action journey’s. The physical action journey and the mental/emotional action journey (which you teach in your Life Principle’s program). If one will take the mental/emotional action journey first and then take the physical action journey second (as a result of the mental/emotional journey) one often finds it easier, more pleasant, more enjoyable and a shorter action journey all the way around.

    Ken Wilber as you have pointed out ,has developed a model that addresses these issues in a very useful way. My perception is that Wilber’s course is a good one to use after one is benefiting from Holosync and having one’s Primary Polarities Aligned (Spiritual Technology-Deep PEAT, I mentioned from last blog post.). Or more accurately the use of Holosync and having one’s primes integrated makes the use of Wilber’s model much more effective and work more on a quantum/deeper level.

    To Your Best,
    Dr. Houston Vetter

  39. Sandra says :


    I am not ashamed to say that because it is the truth as I see it today. I am among thousands of people walking this earth…preconventional thinker…yep, that’s me, I fall among those. I credit the “Secret” for inspiring me and leading me to Holosync. I am a beginner in this technolgoy therefore my hopes are to change this preconventional thinker, if that is at all possible. I’ve have magical thinking, come from a preconventional society, am egocentric, have a narcissitic point of view, and have wanted something for nothing so to speak, for quite some time. I definately have felt and feel powerless in the world.

    I may not have all the smarts to understand the technology itself but what I do believe is that my brain has been affected by my environment coupled with tramatic experieces which have formed my,,, what I understand now to be my map of reality therefore my “preconventional thinking”. When I saw the “Secret” what held an incredible attraction for me was the piece where the gay man was made to see how he thought… coupled with the help he received to change his thoughts and life. Maybe…I thought to myself I could benefit from this…maybe just maybe this is the change I need to find a way out of my circumstances. Like many of your participants, I’ve tried hundreds, if not thousands of ways to become part of a life I can only imagine. None held any long term changes. I put forth much energy to combine both good thoughts and good feelings… but it just does not hold any long term benifits for me, so I am now trying the Holosync way. I have nothing and I mean nothing to lose. Of course, I was not thrilled that it came at a monetary cost to attain it, remember I am a preconventional thinker.

    I may not know alot of things but I did know that it would take more than positive thoughts and feeling good to bring about change in my life, at least for myself…for this individual thinker. I do however adamantly credit The “Secret” for leading me to Holosync. Your piece on the secret made perfect sense to me…. a continuous process, a self discovery…meditation, which I had unsuccessfully attempted feebly throughout the years. Maybe all this talk on coincidense is true or maybe not…maybe hope, proverty and desperateness is in actuallity, part of a preconventional society… maybe wanting to have more for yourself and loved ones is narcissitic and egocentric..maybe prayer and dreams and magical thinking are a fluke…..maybe.

    All I know is that I want my present reality to change and have internally desired that change for years. I also know that if Holosync offers me a way that I can change that reality I am definately going to put forth my energy to make that a reality…however long it may take, remember I have nothing to lose. Maybe one day I’ll be writing you about all the changes that have taken place in my life…maybe or maybe not huh? The one thing we preconventional thinkers DO, that you did not mention Bill…is that we don’t give up, no matter what happens..we fall and get back up…we don’t give up no matter how many times we hit the wall. We keep grabbing at different straws and trying them out. I felt a need to say that in my and other preconventional’s defense.

    So although, we may not be able to advance through the Holosync program like others who have the means to do so can, …we “preconventional thinkers” do not give up! So Bill, we will see if this map of reality is indeed what has held this particular “preconventional thinker” back…we will see…remember we don’t give up. Please know that I truly appreciate all that you write…it is truly inspirational and full of hope! (smile)

    From a beginner”!

  40. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    Yup I wholeheartedly agree :O). I read Yogananda’s book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ and loved it. But I must admit I was at the preconventional stage at the time. I did find hope in the fact that the people in it could do amazing things at the time. But as you say “put it on the table” if anyone has any proof ha :O). And now that I’ve been meditating with holosync for around five years I can see the conventional and perhaps part of the post-conventional point of view and see the secret in the same way. It did seem to me something was missing in the secret when I saw a Bob Proctor and John Assaraf on ‘Ellen’, until I read your ‘The Secret About the Secret’ article, and could sort of see that the nuts and bolts of manifestation were not included. So thanks for clarifying the reason for my gut feeling there haha :O).

    Anyway, keep the great blogs coming, I’ve read them all so far and have got something useful out of every one.

    David :O)

  41. Neo says :

    Dear Bill

    I think you have valid points but I totally agree with Peter(NL) comments.

    It is not totally what you said in your article and it is not totally what is shown in the Secret. A middle ground would probably be closer to the truth.

    I agree that maybe not everything is “magic” but there are certain things that is hard to explain by conventional means. One simple example is the Firewalking experience is not just “magic” but by just changing your beliefs almost anyone is able to walk through Hot coals without burning your feet is pretty amazing in my point of view…

    Keep up your great work


  42. I do agree with Bill’s comments on having to take action once you have thought of a plan to make money.
    In the Secret Movie, one of the speakers “just got checks in the mail” by thinking about them. I wondered what he did to receive checks in the mail.
    I feel this movie was made in order to suck people in to buy more, how to work the Secret tapes, programs and books to make others wealthy!!!

    Regarding parking spaces, long before The Secret Movie, for years, I have always gotten a parking space wherever I needed it even at Christmastime. I just never thought my parking spot wouldn’t be there. Take what you like from that.

    Tamara Sweeney

  43. Brenden says :

    Bill: I completely agree on the ideas that you said about the secret. The book is basically suggesting to focus on what you want, in every way possible without killing yourself, and that thing, will manifest into what you’ve working on, concentrating on, etc. But if you are so immensly lazy and know that you do want to make something of your life but just can’t stop or snap out of doing what you’re doing, how can you begin to concentrate on something. And I think that’s where holosync would tie in. ??? Regards, Brenden:NJ

  44. Elizabeth says :

    Of all the comments I read re “Control the Universe with Your Mind,” the one I resonated with was the one from Kurt. Some things just seem so magical in that they appear at the exact time one needs them. As the future comes hurling towards us, I believe advanced science will reveal even more to us, that previously we may have just taken on faith. Meanwhile, “The Secret” I believe, has been invaluable to people who have never had their awareness or consciousness expanded ever, or very little. “The Secret” is a beginning place for the “masses” to start thinking of more spiritual things. Also, like others have said, it connected me to you, Bill Harris, and Holosync.

  45. Susan Butterfield says :

    Dear Bill,
    So…. science has disproved some of the beliefs of Buddhism. Are you going to enlighten us as to which ones and whether or not the Dalai Lama has removed them from Buddhist dogma?

    Best regards,


  46. Roger says :

    Not to belabor the Yogananda issue, but…

    There are some logical errors with the way Bill describes the potential for “miracles” such as those found in Autobiography of a Yogi:

    Bill wrote: “No evidence whatsoever exists that people can dematerialize, for instance, or that any of the other sorts of magic described in that tradition can actually happen. If those of you who believe in this stuff have some evidence–not stories, but actual evidence, that any reasonable person would accept–put it on the table.”

    Fallacy: Appeal to ignorance (or “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”)

    —Presumably Bill is asking for experimental scientific evidence. If we lived many years ago, there would be no evidence that visible light is only a small part of the light/electromagnetic spectrum. That would not have been proof that the only light that exists is visible. It is not logically accurate to state that a phenomenon does not exist, based on absence of its observation in a scientific context.

    I’m not claiming that the “miraculous” events in Autobiography of a Yogi happened or that they didn’t, only that that is not correct to say that they are impossible. One could accurately say, science doesn’t have an explanation for how they could occur, but then science can’t explain lots of currently observable phenomena, either.

    Bill wrote: “Someone asked the Dalai Lama what would happen if modern science disproved some of what Buddhists believe (which it has, in several cases). ‘Then that belief will have to go,’ he said. This is why the Dalai Lama is not a preconventional thinker.”

    Fallacy: Appeal to inappropriate authority

    —Admittedly the Dalai Lama qualifies as an expert. But does he really disbelieve in the types of phenomena described by Yogananda? I would bet that he thinks it is possible to dematerialize to the extent necessary to, for example, walk through a wall. I also think he would consider such a practice a waste of time and effort, in comparison with expending energy in the pursuit of one’s particular learning lesson during a life on earth: for just one example, learning to favor facts over emotion. He does believe in reincarnation, another phenomenon shunned by the scientific community.

    If Bill or I get a chance to meet the Dalai Lama, maybe one of us can ask him specific questions and get his opinion. Until then, he doesn’t really belong in this argument.

    Bill wrote: “All I’m doing is pointing out where such thinking fits developmentally, and further making the point that people who live from this point of view have a hard time functioning well in the world.”

    Fallacy: Argumentum ad Hominem

    —Allow me to suggest that there is a big difference between allowing the possibility of the phenomona described in Autobiography of a Yoga to exist, and having a “hard time functioning in the world”. The prime example being Yogananda himself, as Bill admits.


  47. Suzanne says :

    It’s very interesting to hear your take on The Secret and also to hear the feedback. I’m not sure where I stand yet. Just trying to absorb all this info for now.

    I am wondering though what your thoughts might be on the ‘Busting Loose’ point of view, where everything is just an illusion that we have created. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and anyone else’s. It frankly boggles my mind but as I said, I’m gathering info for now.


  48. so what is your opinion about Abraham-hicks then?

  49. JT says :

    Peter(NL) makes a good point on Bill’s views. I think your view here Bill is a bit too dismissive of alternate possibilities.

    It seems plausible to me that the act of focused thinking could influence circumstances in our favor, without our direct effort, a ‘coincidence’. The reason this seems plausible to me is becuase of the interconnected nature of the universe.

    Then again, it also seems plausible that focused thinking only allows one to percieve favorable circumstances, that is, it does not actually change the circumstance. Maybe focused thinking will help motivate you to get into the situations that seem like a miraculous synchronicity.

    That being said, it can not be proved that focused thinking does not directly effect actual circumstances. While I agree, it would be foolish to just think wishfully all day and not take action, I would not dismiss the possibility outright.

  50. Jack Leonard says :

    Hi Bill,

    As a molecular biologist and a keen observer of human behavior, I respect your analysis of “The Secret”. It is refreshing to hear your rational voice, and your evidence-based reasoning.

    That’s not to say that things don’t happen for reasons we don’t understand. Clearly they do. Someone once said, “the universe isn’t only stranger than you imagine, it’s stranger than you CAN imagine”.

    Everyone would like to influence, if not outright control, the outcome of events in our lives and careers. It’s not about wishing, hoping, or praying…it’s taking effective action. The role of the human spirit and belief should not be underestimated, however, because it gives us the strength and determination to perservere against what are sometimes incredible odds. Despite that, engaging in purely wishful thinking and waiting for miracles is little better than doing nothing at all. God (aka the Universe) helps those who helps themselves. If the universe is completely indifferent to the outcome, then it’s entirely up to us to create the reality that we desire. That’s a good thing!

    All the best,

  51. Dianne Paukovits says :

    Hello Bill, Thanks for your latest blog I did enjoy reading it along with the comments posted by the readers. Like some others, I too, have come to your column via The Secret. I was first intorduced to this via the DVD.

    I have the audio and the book, both of which I use periodically when I am drawn to them, like I do every other book, c.d and dvd I have on my shelf and I take from each of them exactly what I need at the time.
    This leads me in all sort of directions and I am finding my way beautifully thankyou. My awareness and life are opening more each day, I am becoming more in tune with my Higher Self as I learn to let go of all that no longer serves me and this follows on by allowing me to give more unconditional love than I ever have. Thankyou for your part in my journey. Dianne

  52. Anakasha Lee says :

    Thanks for your comments on The Secret Bill. I’m relieved to see that people are finally waking up to the narcissism of this magical new age rubbish. I saw a “Puppetji” video on the same – which is a real laugh. For some real, rich and gutsy energetic information on realisation Elysha’s website is great for cutting right through to your youness.

  53. lynn oxford says :

    Just curious, do you think feng shui is magical thinking?

  54. Stephen Warrilow says :


    I endorse fully all of the points made by Peter(NL)on November 10th, 2007 at 5:48 am. I would add the following:

    Whilst I entirely agree with your points made in your recent blogs re stages of development and all of your teachings and writings regarding the criteria for creating the conditions for achieving, creating and attracting a successful life, and I also understand and share your rejection of “pre-conventional” magical thinking, where does the concept of “Life Purpose” – or “alignment” – fit into all of this?

    My own lived and observed life experiences show me that there are dimensions beyond that of a focused mind (and a balanced brain) that ultimately determine the outcomes we experience in life.

    Put simply, there seems to be a transcendent (or spiritual) dimension that ultimately determines the course of a person’s life and especially that affects factors such as timing and synchronicity etc.

    I would suggest that in addition to and beyond all the excellent principles that you teach (and that I totally support and my life experience bare witness to) there are further and higher principles and dimensions that need to be articulated and understood and – I was about to about to say “applied” – but I feel could be more accurately described as “aligned with”.

    I may have misunderstood you, but my concern is that you are so understandably concerned (for all the valid reasons you have frequently and eloquently outlined) to steer us away from the limitations and inadequacies of magical thinking that you seem to negate and/or totally ignore the transcendent or spiritual dimension.

    What you seem to present is ultimately a reductionist or mechanistic view which whilst necessary and essential as a foundation, does not, in my lived and observed life experience offer the full perspective.

    I would respectfully and humbly suggest that we need to seek to ascertain our own individual “life purpose” and align ourselves with that – as an additional and integral component of all of the personal developmental work that you teach. Thus the ultimate outcomes we experience is a combination of all that you teach when aligned with personal “life purpose”.

    In my life experience to date and in my current understanding this occurs within the context of the unitive or integral stage of our development.

    You have spoken elsewhere about how you have reached a point in your life where you feel that having done sufficient and extensive personal development work, “invested in the universe” and aligned yourself with your personal “mission” or “life purpose”, that the universe now rewards you for the value you create and deliver.

    I feel we would benefit from hearing more from you about how this happened for you, and how you discovered – if you’ll forgive the cliche – your calling, and particularly your experiences of and interpretations of the timings, synchronicities and alignments that have occurred as this has unfolded.

    Further, I feel we would benefit from your explanation of the basis of the principles that underlie how (beyond a focused mind and balanced brain)
    the universe functions to create /manifest these timings, synchronicities and alignments and the role of the transcendent or spiritual dimension in this unfolding.

    Stephen Warrilow

  55. Ria Swift says :

    Dear Bill,

    I am not fond of the Secret mostly because I think they duped people. I felt they were being dishonest and not giving enough information. I didn’t like the marketing either.

    I understand your point about magical thinking but I don’t think it can be applied to all parts of life. My experience has been that if I can work it out for myself just trying to pull it in won’t work. If there is nothing I can do, as in a survival situation, help is there almost immediately. I would imagine when it is my time to go there will be no more help that saves my life. I’ve also noticed that the clearer I get, the more of my ‘stuff’ that gets released what I do want happens more quickly. Granted I am not just sitting at home waiting but in a very short period of time what I want and need is easily obtainable. I can honestly say most of my parking spaces are right up front. I can’t remember the last time I had to park too far from a building, except for today oddly enough. I attribute that to my intuitive sense of pulling in the lot and ‘knowing’ right where the empty slots are. I would say I am 95% correct. Am trying to apply that towards other areas of my life. Perhaps that is more of a remote viewing thing.

    Lester Levenson, from Sedona Method fame, had many synchronistic events like my parking spaces one. His were even better.

    I wanted to mention something that happened in my life, just to throw a wrench in the whole ‘magical’ thinking thing. I had cancer three times. The 1st time I had chemo and surgeries. The 2nd time I refused to put myself through all of that again. When I found out I challenged the god of my lack of understanding to heal me or kill me, quickly. I really let go. I knew I had no way of healing cancer and I was pretty sure the medical profession was shooting craps in their attempts so I had to let go. My thinking was I will never, ever put myself through that torture and poison again-never! I don’t know how to say this briefly and get the point across but in 1.5 weeks people, jobs, money, etc starting showing up out of the woodwork. I was taken places I had no intention of going to, given jobs I didn’t look for or particularly want, heard voices telling me what to do and bumped into sevearl people who ended up helping me in unimaginable ways and eventually was healed of breast and ovarian cancer. I never looked for these people. I stopped researching, talking to doctors, reading more reviews, etc. I simply gave it all over to something else. I abdicated all responsibility for my healing. (The book will be out next year). I felt like I had no control over my life. I don’t know what to attribute this too. I didn’t sit and think about it all the time. In fact, I refused to think about it. I just put it out of my mind. It all came to me anyway. Perhaps that original declaration and intent was strong that I didn’t have to do anything else. Far be it from me to know the cause of all this.

    Another time I was in the ocean with my siblings. The beach was private so we didn’t have life guards. The undertow was great that day because a storm was coming in. We were not supposed to be in the water but being cocky teeenagers who were all on swimming teams we thought we could handle it. Shortly after body surfing we found ourselves to far out to swim back. I tried several times to get back to the beach but I’d only move a couple of feet if that. I had no clue what to do. All of a sudden a picture popped into my head that showed me if I dove down and put my fingers in the sand I could pull myself in because the undertow did not roll directly across the bottom of the ocean. It rolled about a foot above the sandy bottom. This is what I did to bring myself in. I didn’t know that little known fact. A couple other things like this have happened also. Is this intuition, a voice from something spiritual, knowledge I had inside I was not aware of? I don’t know.

    You seem to be pretty adamant about magical thinking not working. Perhaps we don’t know enough about magical thinking or intuition or spiritual guidance or who knows to make dogmatic claims. Check out the work of Dr. Richard Batlett at His work is pretty darn magical and he is curing all kinds of things based on Quantum Physics principles. I use his work in my practice and it works. Sometimes it takes several sessions but ultimately it works.

    There is more to us than we know. I am sure you know that. Best to keep our minds wide open, don’t you agree?

  56. Ann Widdowson says :

    I choose to write because I felt a feeling of sadness. From all the support and care you have put into providing us, your holosync users, I’m seeing dupicity, or the end justifies the means, rather than integrity. It seems as though your trying to say that the Secret misrepresented you and your philosophies, and yet your are using it as a personal forum in Materes of the Secret to support yourself. As I see it from reading the comments of which more than half came to you by way of the Secret, your intention of sharing your knowledge through the production have come to pass, just not as you would have liked or choosen. Explaining what the movie did or didn’t take from your interview, sounds like a man concerned too much with what others think rather than His intentions.It r production, it was someone elses, and you choose to be part of it, and it benefited you and those you claim to want to help. I would expect you to act from a position of integrity rather that self promotion. You are either greatful for the doors that have opened and the opportunities presented and should act accordingly, or I feel you should disassociate yourslef from the product ( and how sad would that be for those you have helped). You made a choice and have benefited from that choice, and as I see it your entire reason for doing it was met. We only get to make our choices, we do not get to controll the consequences, regardless of our intention.

  57. Keely Meagan says :

    I am glad to see so much conversation about the Secret. I too am curious to hear how you explain synchronicity.

    I am somewhat confused by the term “magical thinking.” From a wiccan perspective, magic is not wishful thinking. It is so much more than using the power of intention and gratitude. I do believe it taps in to how the universe works-in ways we do not always understand. It may have been Starhawk who said “magic is the way the universe works”. It seems to me there is magic used in ancient cultures and religions (in which people lived for very, very long times) which is very powerful, and the way you are using “magical thinking” is very different.

    My main issue with The Secret – which I loved – were that they did not address the fact that unconscious beliefs are thousands of times more powerful than conscious beliefs (see the excellent book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, MD) and without addressing the beliefs of the unconcious mind (basically what is accumulated by age 5) it will keep generating the same old crud in our lives.

  58. Maralene says :


    I appreciated your comments. While positive thinking is something which frees one’s attitude from obsessing on the worst case scenario; it is equally important to put “feet on prayers” as my parents instructed me wisely. Scriptures seem to confirm that the Creator expects people to use their God-given talents to achieve while expressing gratitude for the results that come our way. The real Secret seems to be focus on what can be done with some effort, faith, and due diligence. And when “miracles” happen don’t question them, just give gratitude that circumstances fell into place.

  59. J.D. Hansen says :

    While I too agree, The Secret minimized some very important information; I also believe The Secret serves as a seed — a seed that encourages mainstream humankind to transcend to a higher level of consciousness — to leave behind victim mentality, and transcend to a more positive, empowered state of being.

    Bill, in a previous post you spoke of those at the transcendent level in regard to religion, “Though someone at the transcendent level may see the limitations of these other views, they don’t make them wrong, which would be like making a child, or a teenager wrong for not being able to see the world from an adult perspective.”

    Would not The Secret fit into the very same category when perceived from a transcendent point of view? Could it be The Secret is more of a means to an end? The vehicle by which to reach an audience that otherwise may have been unreachable?

    I believe that you, and many others like you, are the water that will make the seed grow.

    With deep respect,


  60. Elizabeth says :

    Hey Bill. I really love your blog.

    When I watched The Secret, my first thought was, “People aren’t going to understand the spiritual backwork that’s needed to get to the point where you’re attracting what you want.” I also thought it was ridiculous that it didn’t explain very well that action is needed, and lots of it. In addition, I thought it was terribly irresponsible to encourage people to self-heal. Although some people are able to self-heal, to tell this to a general audience who has a lot of muck sitting in their subconscious minds is inappropriate. But the information it provided about quantum physics and the law of attraction was very valuable. Perhaps if the movie had not focused so much on manifesting bicycles and necklaces simply by looking at a magazine picture, etc., people would have noticed the other messages, like taking action.

    I hope you won’t mind if I tell you something else that’s been bugging me for several months now. No offense, but I think it is disappointing for you to use the The Masters of the Secret course (you even used a similar logo to “The Secret”) to market your products, but then turn around, and basically say The Secret is a load of you-know-what. It really lessens your credibility. You could have just said how you felt when the movie came out. The controversy alone would have probably brought even more people to your site, in fact. People who thought the movie was ridiculously magical in nature, or who thought it was too materialistic. Personally, I went to your site because I found what you had to say in the movie to be interesting and compelling.

    I have a question for you. I really hope you’ll address it, because you seem to have the knowledge and experience to answer it:

    If we create our reality by what’s in our mind, how do we explain a baby getting a fatal illness, or a two-year-old being snatched by a predator? It’s sort of how you alluded to the starving Africans in your post. I would really love it if you’d elaborate. You said, “Don’t even get me started on that people in Africa are thinking wrong thoughts.” Well, what I’d like to ask is, “Please do get started!” It’s very hard for me to reconcile the power of the mind with bad things happening to babies, and starving children in Africa. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, and also, how does the law of attraction fit in with those events?

    Also, what do you think of the vibrational levels concept?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for your thought-provoking blog posts.

  61. Joseph says :

    While I certainly do not believe that simply “putting it out there” will create piles of money to suddenly manifest in my bank account, I still have to leave room for the possibility that there are energies going on around me that I don’t understand or that happen outside my awareness. I guess my main question is, then, what is the definition of “magic”? As far as I know, there is no indisputable scientific proof of “universal consciousness”, yet virtually all integral and searching philosophies (quantum physics, Jungian psychology, mysticism, many religions, etc.) ascribe to this belief, often presenting it as “fact.” But, without empirical, scientific data, is it any less magical than the belief that “our thoughts create our world”?

    Mind you, I’m playing devil’s advocate here, because I wholeheartedly believe in the universal consciousness philosophy, based on my own experience and because it resonates deep within me. But I still think it’s an interesting philosophical question. On one hand, belief in certain types of “magic” seem to place one into the pre-conventional, lowest rung of the developmental ladder; yet, an understanding and “knowing” of other types of “magic” (as in universal oneness and interconnectedness, which cannot be proven, either), catapults one into the “transcendant” realm, that appears to be something to which human beings should want to aspire (ok, no shoulds…but you know what I mean, I think). In fact, many believe that science can explain the ecstatic state of unity and bliss by saying that it’s really just a release of chemicals in the brain, or, in the case of near-death experience, the “light” is what is experienced as our systems shut down. Ultimately, it’s still a belief and, in a sense, magical. It’s just that it’s a more all-encompassing, pluralistic, compassionate belief system than the mostly self-serving approach to magic as presented in The Secret. It’s more experiential than it is faith-based.

    I’m not a scientist, but I do know that even science is limited and flawed. How many times have we heard about “studies” that “prove” a certain idea, only to find out later that the studies were inherently flawed? Not being a scientist, I can never truly know what is fact and what is not, so I have to choose to believe or disbelieve whatever studies exist (many, after all, are biased). In the final analysis, it seems that it’s up to me to base my beliefs on what makes the most sense to me — on a variety of levels.

    All this to say that I do agree with you — pure magic and “wishcraft” is complete bull. But, again, as a post-conventional, green-meme thinker (I think!), I simply must leave room for the possibility that things exist that are beyond my human comprehension. Today’s magic may be proved fact tomorrow. I’m not going to bank on my dreams and desires, though, unless and until they lead me to appropriate action.

  62. David says :


    I appreciate your comments regarding your participation in The Secret, but do not accept the idea that you lent your name and ideas to a project without knowing how they would be used. That would be negligent and irresponsible on your part, and you just don’t seem like that kind of person.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  63. Rich says :

    Bill, your message is simple and clear.

    I am on Purification Level 1 and I can attest to the fact that regular meditation with Holosync and following the instructions to the letter are leading me to greater self-awareness and an increased ability to focus on what I want. It also has considerably dampened my interest in metaphysical speculation, especially of a magical kind.

    I have also done the Life Principles Integration Process courses and they work, provided you follow the instructions and don’t get lost in meaningless metaphysical speculation. Once I started focusing my mind on exactly what I wanted in life in outcome terms, then I started seeing and finding the information I needed and getting the ideas I needed to make things happen. Our brain is a wonderful machine, it just needs to be focused on the right things.



  64. Mike says :

    Hi Bill,

    What’s the difference between the claims in The Secret and waking delta as described in your interview with James Hardt?


  65. James G says :

    Hey Bill,
    Im glad that you wrote this blog as I have read the Secret and was surprised that you endorsed it, as I thought it pushed the idea that you create your own reality a little too far. Thanks for clearing this up. It gives you more credibility in my eyes, but it does raise one question for me though, and that is why did you not read the secret, before it went to press, if you were going to be quoted in it. I think I would if I was going to be published like that.

    Also my conclusions, from reading alot about the success of a lot of people, are basically as you have put in your blog. That by thinking the right thoughts makes you more aware of the possiblities that are out there, and causes you to seek these things out. By doing this you become more in line with success and the things you want, but it still requires work and effort.

    As far as getting parking spaces etc. My hunce (after watching What the Bleep-down the Rabbit Hole) is that if we can tune in to the cosmic consciousness per-say, maybe it can help direct us as to when and where to go at the right time, and be in the right place when opportunities arise. So hey presto a parking space. We don’t so much create reality, but are more in tune with what is actually there in the world around us so that we can best use it to acheive our goals. Thats all.


  66. natalie says :

    Just read your thoughts on The Secret. Thank you! I’m glad that you as a writer on psycho-spiritual topics actually keeps his neocortex going strong. Thank you for not blaming the poor and starving for not focusing properly on what the universe is supposed to give them…

  67. Caroline Payne says :

    Dear Bill,

    First of all my thanks to you for this blog and all those who participate who are obviously serious minded people on the path of self growth.

    I’m very new to all of this, but add my comments for what they’re worth. Like many others The Secret has been amongst the numerous books I’ve read this year, most of which have been like stepping stones and without which I probably wouldn’t have found you or Holosync.

    I do feel that the Law of Attraction is a valid law, and just reading about it has forced me to notice when I’m focusing on scarcity or neediness, or fear in an egoistical sort of way which I can see have been self-sabotaging in the past. I agree that thoughts are a form of energy and believe from my own experience that happy or positive thoughts vibrate at a different resonancy to negative thoughts. I know when my inner self is happy I get a completely different reception from all those I meet during the day and notice the small ‘miracles’ happening around me. I think the missing piece has been the role of the sub-conscious and for me that is where Holosync comes in.

    I’ve also been aware of ‘coincidences’ or Jung’s sychronicity for many years, which have often helped me make life-changing decisions for the better for which I’m very grateful.

    Personally I’ve found too that following dreams + ‘gut instincts’ (although for me they feel more from the heart) has worked, even when I have no idea how these new ideas will unfold, and somehow the next step or action always seems to present itself which to me is part of the magic.

    I think that we’re living in a very exciting time, and value quantum physics for giving me an alternative paradigm which seems basically to agree with what all the major religions have to say, which seems to be for the first time a real meeting of science and spirituality.

    Finally my sincerest thanks Bill for the Holosync program which I’ve only just started but feel very excited about, and for so much back up material and other stuff. Your passion for what you are doing really shines through!

    Best wishes to you, and everyone else

  68. Janice Thomas says :

    I don’t respond to blogs but I had to after your comments about The Secret and having being lead to you because of The Secret. Ann Widdownson has put it correctly on how I feel also regarding your comments. I don’t believe in wishful thinking and it was stated in the movie by Fred Alan Wolf that the Law of Attraction is not wishing thinking. I believe in God and LOA, I knew something was going on in my life through the years but didn’t understand it or knew what it was, but the Secret explained a lot to me about the Blessings that I have experience in my 55 years here on this earth. And now I realized that there are bigger things in store for me in the future that I never thought were possible now that I have rid myself of old briefs that I have learned through my life thanks to the Secret and you and the others in the Secret. So please don’t be so critical about the Secret because it has lead alot a people to you. So, you really should be grateful for the Secret. Because I am grateful for the Secret and I understood I needed to do additional research about the LOA which again lead me to you and using the Holosync. I hope you will answer in your blog the many questions that others have asked you and let all of us know what your answers are are.
    And by the way, since practicing LOA – I always get close up parking spaces and have received several unexpected incomes and I so grateful each time it happens.

    Thanks and Be Well,


  69. Thanks for the article Bill about the Secret. I watched it several times and read the book, which is just a repeat of. So many ppl around me were exstatic and so excited. I personnally have been listening to and reading self help material for a long time, and when i first watched the movie, i came away from it with some anger. Number one, I picked up right away that the message they were sending out was only half truths , if that. From working a twelve step program for 18 yrs. I know from experience that one must change themselves first and thier actions before their life changes. The secret is painting a picture of,{just see it in your head and it will happen}. Tomorrow a gold cart will show in your driveway, just because you thought about it, and that’s it. Voila. Hello , it doesn’t work that way. All of life is action. Maybe that could be the title for part two. thanks for allowing me to share.
    P.S. I am listening to holysync now. It has been about 3 weeks. Very enjoyable and easy listening. one day at a time though for me. It is what it is. thanks so much.

  70. But Bill, couldn’t you say that the idea of God is a magical idea since there is no proof that he/she/it exists? But you mention God sometimes in your articles. What am I missing here? Thanks.

  71. Susan Olson says :

    Bill–I love Holosync and your and your staff’s support. However, I don’t agree with your generalized comments about “The Secret.”

    I do think there can be ‘magical’ thinking in some New Age thought without vibrational alignment. I believe (spirituality and science) this is a vibrational Universe and alignment, along with desire and releasing resistance (this I know you agree with), not only puts us in the ‘field of all possibilities,’ but GUIDES us to action based on inspiration, not desperation. Releasing resistance allows the ‘ask and it is given’ to manifest.
    This is the ‘magic’ of the Universe for me.

  72. Joseph says :

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and it came up during my Holosync meditation this morning, too. The thing is, for most of my life post-childhood I was always a very rational thinker — I guess you could say “conventional” in the sense that my thinking was rational but extremely dualistic, black and white, this or that. Then in my 20s I became exposed to metaphysics and began to open my mind to the possibility that things existed in the universe that I could not explain, and the idea that we are all connected via one energy. In other words, I had to raise my developmental level and awareness in order to accept that. So, to me, I always thought that a belief in “the spirit world” (or ‘magic’) was actually a HIGHER, more evolved level consciousness. To suspend my disbelief and accept the power of crystals, pendulum magick, healing energy, etc., seemed like I was advancing and expanding my consciousness rather than stepping back. Therefore, when I hear you say that magic is a preconventional idea rather than a more advanced one, my back went up a bit (because, of course, I’m still a bit attached to being “right” — but getting better, thanks in large part to Holosync!).

    So, needless to say, I’ve been feeling a little confused as to what constitutes “magic” as opposed to what constitutes “expanded consciousness” and the experience of the Divine. What I came up with this morning is that magic, as expressed here and in The Secret, seems largely self-serving, ego-based, and materialistic. The belief that you can control the others, the world, even the weather (!) with your thoughts is certainly narcissistic, childish, and clearly falls into the realm of the pre-conventional. Belief and experience of the Divine, universal consciousness, and other unseen forces, however, seems to come along with a significant increase in compassion and sense of unity, and leads to an expanded world view. This clearly moves beyond the “what’s in it for me” that often can typify the pre-conventional mindset, I would think.

    Anyway, those are my ruminations on this. I’m not sure exactly why I keep thinking about it so much, except that I’m obviously working on sorting some things out. I guess because as move through Holosync and continue expanding my awareness and gaining more information, I am starting to give up what’s left of my magical thinking and I’m having some resistance (!) to doing so. We do, after all, seem to live in a “magic pill” society, so abandoning all those deep-seated beliefs in fairy godmothers, wish-granting Genies, and superhero powers–conscious or not–I guess makes me feel unsafe and vulnerable on some level. As long as I believed there was the possibility of wishcraft, I had some hope. So, perhaps I am still holding a bit more onto the preconventional parts of myself than I readily like to admit! Truth is, though, I’m finding out that I don’t need to hold onto any of those beliefs at all — that I have plenty of hope without them. I never really believed it anyway — it’s sort of like Linus holding onto his security blanket! He no longer needs it, but isn’t ready to give it up just yet. I, on the other hand, think I’m ready to donate my blanket to someone who needs it more. ;-)

    Oh well…onward and upward, I always say. Thanks!

  73. Tom Wallace says :

    Proof of magical thinking (sort of)

    There actually have been experiments that have shown that intention can alter reality. Take a look at Lynne McTaggart’s work at
    These are rather large scale tests with thousands of people sending intention to one plant to grow faster (for an example) with standard scientific test groups. Quite interesting. Also I’m sure everyone has heard about the TM tests of mediators in a city lowering the crime rate.

    So if we want to have an open mind, I don’t think we can discount entirely ‘mind over matter’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I whole heartedly agree with Bill’s basic idea in this blog that sitting around and wishing is not the best way to change your life and that action is required. I would also add to keep an open mind and not limit yourself or the universe.

  74. Jack says :

    Some homespun practical advice for believers in magic: My wife came home from the gym tonight, and dinner’s aftermath was still strewn throughout the kitchen and dining room. It’s not a high class problem, but wish as we might, we couldn’t make that mess go away. Then we got off our hindquarters, the kids pitched in cleaning, and in under 5 minutes flat, we had the place spotless. For us, it really is all about taking the right actions—even in the simplest of household tasks. Why should we believe that life’s more difficult challenges will magically sort themselves out if we just send out positive energy—never mind winning the lottery, do you think I could get the neighbors to come by and clean-up the kitchen for us by believing that they will? Reminds me of the “Elves and the Shoemaker”. That’s not to say that I won’t shovel out my elderly neighbor’s driveway this winter without being asked. That’s not magic, but it is kind of special for both of us. Come on…we all know where Santa’s magic comes from, and I still can “make believe” along with the best of you. Now finally, the advice: keep on dreaming in magic, if that’s what really compels you to do wonderful things. Peace.

  75. robert says :

    Bill, thanks for the post, Im a sucker for the easy way to accomplish your dreams, and the get rich fast products. The secret was inspirational, but would of been much more practical and useful if they wouldve talked more about taking action. If your in the right frame of mind, expecting a great outcome, and you take action, not much can stop you.

  76. Keith McLachlan says :

    Bill, this is one of your best articles. Even in modern times, with so many scientific discoveries, magical thinking still pervades society. People do feel powerless and grasp at straws.

    Your article provide me with the insight that I need to become more focused on what I want to achieve, and why. Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone’s books didn’t provide the “why” part.

    I am going to print this article and put it in with my MyILP kit.

    Thanks again,


  77. Zeljka says :

    I think not all people are gifted or children of magic. Magic holds great part of enthusiasm played along.
    Some people are nonenthusiastic and not in love with life. They might say they wish for something, but it never comes true for them because they don’t live the dream. I think Bill refered to those kind of people.
    But it is the spirit, the essence of a persone.
    Wherever living for the dream is involved, a person will be a dreamer and her or his dreams will come true, and yes, it is magical and the magic is in our hearts and minds. And I am in love with it. Aren’t you ..?

  78. Mara says :

    Bill –

    Having used your materials and Ken Wilbur’s for some time, I have
    found one thing consistently missing in your blog – addressing the deeply
    engrained self-centered ancestral patterns that focus on representing
    ourselves as valuable to the world. Most of these patterns are actually
    destroying mankind’s opportunity to continue living in symbiotic
    relationship with the earth, poisoning our entire ecosystem and the
    availability of life energy for our own continued existence as a species.

    Unless we very rapidly move from the self-centered materialistic
    gratification mode into one where communities of people focus on renewable
    living in harmony with nature, we are passing an atrocity to our offspring.
    As an intelligent species with imaginations and more than enough information
    at our beck and call, we can be focusing our creativity on building systems
    for living that don’t bulldoze another square inch of precious land anywhere
    on this globe, that don’t pollute the waters another drop, that don’t
    pollute the air with another speck of poison, that don’t rely on fossil
    fuels at all. When we begin to revere those who are working to educate
    children in home and school environments of love, respect and community, and
    those who are devoting their minds to creating sustainable living solutions
    for all life, that’s when the fear that creates the need to wildly make
    millions of dollars through persuasion techniques to sell people more
    information or more material goods will no longer hold a sense of excitement
    and power.

    If all of the creative potential, for instance, that is being used to create
    copy that closes a deal or that creates the next fashion buzz or that
    flaunts muscle mass or stamina in sports competitions – if all of this
    intelligent energy were funneled into a collective venture to make this
    world a beautiful joyful living space for everyone, we could actually have a
    joyful world as our collective reality.

    It is only because we collectively have chosen to pay sports idols millions
    of dollars for exhibiting their physical feats in a stadium that their
    talent is being used that way. What if we paid these athletes huge sums of
    money to be fire fighters or to be the stamina in helping restoration after
    a sunami? What if we, as a species, gave glory to physical strength in those
    ways? Wouldn’t it be grand to use our intelligence and unique talents in
    ways that truly maximized the resources and gifts that are abundant in our
    world and ourselves?

    How about focusing peoples’attention to celebrating life by having such a
    wholesome consciousness that the most fulfilling thing to do is not to make
    millions of dollars to lead a jet set lifestyle, but instead, to live in
    communion with the source of life that is represented by everything that is
    on this planet? What if we truly questioned the unconscious greed attitude
    that has pervaded our society because so many people experienced childhoods
    that did not show them how precious and valuable they are and that all life
    deserved to be held in utmost respect and that it is necessary for each of
    us to contribute firsthand to a system that provides for everyone and
    everything? Is this magical thinking? I don’t think so. It is the truth of
    who we really are at the core, deep beneath the rubble of not being totally
    honest with how significant our gifts and talents really are to the
    community of life.

    Here are some what ifs that bring wonder and excitement into physical
    realty. What if people banded together in small communities and began to
    reorganize priorities for a life well lived? What if the school teachers
    and firefighters and stay-at-home moms and engineers who are really putting
    full attention to shifting man’s priorities into responsible co-existence on
    this planet were all revered with equally huge incomes that persuasion
    salesmen and marketing gurus and the in-the-news idols of our times are
    getting? What if those who are filling their pockets with money and then
    spending it on more goods that eventually contribute to the cluttering of
    the earth and to choking us in a slow death were awakened? Here’s a good
    example. Most people who consider themselves aware and environmentally
    frienly are flying around the world in jets, many of which are private jets,
    polluting the skies with massive amount of poison from the jet fuels. Is
    this considered reasonable because they have work to conduct or deserve a
    much needed vacation? That’s magical thinking to the max to think that they
    are so important that they can poison the world but others are the culprits.

    What if some people who know better and are in positions where thousands of
    people respect their opinions would stand up bravely like MLK and Gandhi
    have recently done, without the need to buy into the materialism that is out
    of control at this time in the supposedly civilized world? I am an eternal
    optimist even in my sixties and encourage you, Bill, to be one of those
    people who is willing to step forth and promote awareness of these changes
    that mankind as a whole needs to make in order to live what they preach to
    be true.

    Speaking of fantasy thinking, it seems to me that the most blatant fantasy
    is the way mankind is continuing to live on this planet idolizing money and
    material goods while rationalizing it by handing off money to charities and
    shirking personal participation in creating a reorganized integrated world.
    When will a group of influential people in the avant-garde sector like you
    stand up and relentlessly tell it like it really is – that the safety and
    joy we really yearn for comes with a big price. And that the price is a
    complete overhaul of mankind’s focus on material goods, and that the top
    priority to experiencing safety and joy is to lovingly care of each other.

    I encourage you, Bill, to stand up and speak to this big picture which goes
    far beyond Al Gore’s global warming campaign. That campaign, when you
    examine it, is promoting a very narrow vision of what mankind needs to face
    up to and own as our collective mission. We have the talent, intelligence
    and wherewithal as a marvelously intelligent and creative species to
    collectively create a more joyful future for mankind that celebrates how
    precious each of us is by using our individual gifts to build a world of
    magnificent community rather than for our own private pleasure.

    Am I living too far into the future and not accepting that man is so
    entrenched in the materialistic money game to experience its true honor and
    glory in the next generations? Is mankind really going to pass this broken
    system on to our offspring for the sake of our own folly? I’m encouraging
    those who have the attention of thousands of people to step up and reveal
    the big picture as it really is.

    There is a way out of the pain that is causing this obsession with money in
    the collective human mind. We need to muster our courage and face what we
    together are continuing to create in this world we share. The way out is the
    courage to hold a new vision for mankind in which each of us uses our gifts
    in new ways and uses our imaginations and resources to create these new ways
    of living. The way out is leaving the confines of how life in general has
    unfolded in the past for mankind. The way out is to have the courage to not
    only step up to our own lives but to step up and contribute fully with our
    lives to creating a totally new system of living on this planet – one where
    we are not using the ideas of rejecting codependence or claiming
    independence as an excuse to not take care of others as well as ourselves in
    everything we think and do.

    It takes the courage to say ‘I’m not buying into the mindset that has
    created life on this planet as it is. I’m facing what needs to change yet in
    myself in order for the human race to honor itself and all life (which
    includes me). I’m willing to do what isn’t necessarily easy but what I must
    do to model to my offspring what is really most valuable in being alive.’

    For me, that which is most valuable has nothing to do with making a lot of
    money. While I was single parenting three children, one of them said to me
    “Mom, I’d rather that we’d be on welfare than for you to be paying attention
    to work instead of being with me just for the sake of giving us kids more
    things and vacations.” Wow, that was the universe giving me a clear message
    of how our culture’s money mindset has blinded us to what the deepest part
    of our being is here to experience on this magnificent and beautiful planet.

  79. julian walker says :

    great post bill!

    glad you are setting the record straight regarding your participation in and position on this movie.

    i wonder if you saw my review of it:

    and/or heard my dialog with ken wilber on it here:

  80. Mark Lurtsema says :

    I think there is room for pre-conventional, conventional, and integral thinking. Each dimension helps a person to find his or her place in the world by giving meaning. Each level is a bit more complex than the previous level, and there is no reason to move between levels until the solution that led to one or another level becomes the next problem to be solved.

    I have enjoyed each step along the way. In fact, I have particular fondness for some of the places and levels I have observed life through. Which is why, in contemplating the Secret, I would like to share the following with you.

    Coming from my first teacher, Drill Instructor Sergeant DeBord, of the USMC, it comes out of a highly conventional paradigm. Nevertheless, it is a highly applicable (if rhetorical) question important to any study of the Secret.

    “…If you wish in one hand, and **** in the other, which do you think will fill up fastest?”

    Someone wrote: Take out the ideas of magic and mystery and synchronicities in life – no thank you – I will continue to believe we have a divine connection with source and source responds.

    The divine connection with source isn’t magic…it isn’t even divine…it just is.

  81. fiona says :

    Thanks, Bill, for your articulate and honest response to The Secret. At last somebody’s making sense! The Secret, for me, was no news (the ideas have been around for centuries) and I couldn’t understand all the hype. Besides, it only told half the story, and as you pointed out, the whole ‘doing’ side of achievement/happiness was missing. Goodonya, mate (as we say here in Down Under)! – Fiona

  82. Dan Goss says :

    I agree Bill, You are seemingly endless in your criticism of not only the movie but of the book ‘The Secret’. Your criticisms and your ‘lengthy’ defenses do not serve you. I have learned for myself that when I criticize I am telling much more about my own self than I am about the one I criticize. This is not a criticism it is a truth.

    Your logic has nothing to do with it. You are not right and you are not wrong.
    Why attack another’s truth in defense of your own? Does it really make sense? Everything is true.

  83. Bill,

    Good idea using “The Secret” in your email to draw people to your blog too bad you missed the point.

    Like you say most successful people acted on their thoughts in order to generate their success, but this does not negate many of the steps that they took along the way.

    To dismiss the message in “The Secret” (sounds like your sour because they didn’t put you in the book or in the video) is like saying that learning Calculus is a waste of time because Edison, Gates, Wozniak , never used it to create their success.

    “The Secret” helps you to create a foundation for thinking successfully. Emerson tells us, “The ancestor of every action is a thought”. “The Secret” shows us how to create these ancestors.

    Its very interesting that “Holosync” is a relvant science to you but it has no wide spread acceptance when compared to “The Secret” and all the similar writings (Hicks, Dyer, Chopra), and “Holosync” has been around for a long time. It seems that the only people who keep pushing that snake oil are the ones with a tape/CD to sell you.

    Bill – success always seems just off in the distance for you specifically because of blogs like this. Let go of your jealously and start to put out thoughts and writings that help people and encourage positive thinking and you will receive all the success that you dream about.

    David Mc

  84. IVONNE says :

    Interesting approach to the secret stuff. I am surprised that you have such a negative idea about it though. Personally I think that we have to make things happen. Taking action and focusing. I do believe in “magic” though. If I agree with your point of view then it is not necessary Holyosinc either. A good book is enough. What your mind believe is your reality after all.

    That magic is called “faith” the capacity in believing in something you can not see, analyze or get proof. You just believe. Some people call that outcomes “miracles”. I have to say that you create luck, you create that magic.

    I do not think that is the message of the secret. The secret is trying to teach that everything that is coming to your life for good or bad is your responsibility. Your mental attitude create your life. You attract things to your life.

    Of course the secret is just a commercial version of the whole science around this. It is not a secret. This knowledge has been here for centuries. There are plenty of books that you can read and get a deeper understanding about this.

    I personally get my parking spots in the 98% of the times. This is happening long time before “the secret”. All I have to do is to believe that spot is there for me.

    I highly recommend Richard D. Larson and others interesting books you can find in amazon.

  85. Linda says :

    I just want to say that there are some of us who saw “The Secret” and didn’t feel they were simply pushing magic. It bothers me that someone (of your stature) would be in something not knowing what the “bottom line” was or what the producers wanted the outcome to be. I agree with Dan Goss… criticism doesn’t serve you..but (to me) does say more about the person being critical. I still do Holosync and don’t intend to stop because you are….omg…..human.

    I would rather move forward…..Linda p.s. thank you for holosync…

  86. Joseph says :

    A number of folks keep bringing up the “How could you not know how the Secret was going to turn out, or their point of view”. I just have to say that, having spent many years in the entertainment and recording industries, this is really not at all unusual. The “magic” is in the editing, and pretty much anything can be edited in such a way that the finished piece can be virtually nothing like what it seemed like at the beginning. Many important things still end up on the cutting room floor, and almost never would a relatively minor participant in a project get to see or approve the rough cut before it’s finished. If they allowed every person in a project like The Secret to approve the finished product, it simply would never get done. People can sign on to a project with the best of intentions, being told what the project is essentially about. However, the bias often doesn’t come out until the piece is edited.

    So please cut Bill some slack here — it is, in fact, more likely than not that he is telling the honest truth about what he thought the finished product would be and how disappointed he was with the outcome. It happens all the time — ask almost any author less popular than J.K. Rowling (who gets total control — this is the exception in the “biz”) how they liked the way the movie version of their bestseller turned out. Interview with a Vampire, anyone?

  87. Lawrence says :

    Finally……..someone talking sensibly about a movie that for the most part puts a “fairy-tale” spin on Universal Principles. In some respects The Secret does a disservice to those sincerely looking for guidance on their path and quest towards greater Self-Mastery. I was troubled after my first viewing – the over-simplification of the profound can be dangerous. I was also troubled by the appearance of many well-known authors, coaches, etc, like yourself who by default put their stamp of approval on the movie.

    You have restored some of my respect and I thank you for that. I hope the others who participated and who share your point of view will “come out” as well……even in the face of some who would cry “jealousy” or “deceit.” It takes courage to admit being duped.

    The marketers behind the movie may have indeed been of the “fast food fast buck” variety……..I would like to think otherwise, but then that might be more “magical thinking” :-)

    Please continue the conversation……

  88. Roselyne says :

    Don’t know if my previous email got sent off – it just disappeared. Obviously must have submitted it prematurely… any way my last comment was I turned to holosync because MY LIFE WAS NOT WORKING and therefore have to question my perceptions, interpretations of things, people’s comments etc in other words my thinking…My way of thinking and then my way of behaving (action) were the causes of my difficulties. I think, therefore I act (don’t act), therefore my life is. I need to remind myself, when I read a comment from you or from someone else that brings up a strong emotional reaction, that my way of thinking (which I admit has been faulty or my life would have been working better) is being challenged…that is a good thing because obviously something needs to change. I’ll be honest, there is nothing I would like better than to simply think myself into a different life but that just feeds the helpless child, victim, poor me aspect of my belief system. Anyone that has ever accomplished anything has worked for it in some way, granted it may have seemed to have come easier to them because they did not hold on to many of the limiting, self-defeating beliefs (and ensuing behaviours) that I consciously or unconsciously hold on to. Now all those thoughts and all the effects of those thoughts and actions have had any impact on my body chemistry as well and that is part of what I need to deal with now but I believe it is do-able and because I have this belief my mind is open to answers that are “out there” that I had previously not been looking for because they did not fit my “belief system” or “map of reality”. Anyway all the controversial comments around the “Secret” have led me to post these comments. What I hear you say, Bill is that you are grateful for what holosync has done for you and as a result your gratitude is expressed in the service you provide the rest of us…and well you gotta eat too eh? The neat thing is the more you get, the more you can give. I’ve always admired a straight shooter – keep up the good work… sure gets me excited and when I can feel the life pulsing through me I know I’m onto something…

  89. Bob says :

    Hi all,
    “The Secret” was also brought into our house around April of this year. My Mrs was totally hooked by it although i was a lil sceptical. It has mislead a lot of people looking for purpose in their lives, which is kind of a shame but hey thats the way it goes.
    The best thing the secret has done for my wife and I is lead us to Holosync and Mr Harris of which i am eternally gratefull for, hehe. Got Awakening Level 1 in the post last Friday and am reading Oneness isnt Metaphysical which I must say is a complete eye opener. Just waiting for the fat cheque to come from Auntie Mavis so i can buy into the Life Priciples Intergration Process ;-)
    Good luck to everyone on their journeys to enlightenment
    and above all
    Have Fun!!

  90. I agree mostly with Peter NL’s Nov 10th comments-you certainly have taken advantage of your association with The Secret-just yesterday, I received another endorsement from Centerpointe with the Secret logo on the front of the envelope. I also never understood the Secret to be telling anyone just to imagine and not act. I further think you use science and religion to your own purposes and probably not any more truly scientifically than many those who believe in magic ( and who cares, but it seems odd to call on science for back-up). If I could dematerialize, probably the last thing I would sign up for is a scientific study. There is so much on this planet and in life that is beyond our mental understanding, so much we have yet to discover that I could imagine one day everyone sitting around and laughing about those poor souls who didn’t know that they could…(fill in the blanks)

  91. marie langley says :

    Well, a lot of interesting viewpoints here, but “do you believe in magic?” is like, “Do you believe in god? I always think, “what do you mean by god?. Same thing with magic, I feel magical thinking has its own evolution, I remember how it was as a child, natural, no question, I cant recapture the knack I had then, but know magical things happen in a certain state, and never when you are trying too hard or thinking too much. The trick is to get in to that state, whether with Holosync or anything that works for you, i believe in magic. Love M

  92. Nancy Boyd says :

    Hi Bill,

    This conversation leaves out one of the most important “missing elements” to The Secret — which so far no one else has commented on, so I will.

    In my experience, you need the ingredients of intention, focus, desire, and considered action — plus two that are not discussed as critical in The Secret:

    — receptivity/allowing (usually getting out of your own way)

    — aligning your emotions with what it is that you intend.

    The latter element is the major missing piece. It simply does not serve you (and doesn’t seem to work) to believe with your head and disbelieve with your heart. What you FEEL must be aligned with what you WANT and INTEND.

    Sometimes that means doing the hard work of letting go of dysfunctional states of being, thinking, and habits — but isn’t it worth it, in service of a greater good for you and all your relations?

    Just my 2 cents today. Curious what others think about this.

  93. Junito says :

    To clarify my post. When I refer to “the way you handle people (your so-called colleagues) when they are speaking” I am referring to your “interviews” on The Masters of the Secret website. These are people whose opinions you claim to respect and you don’t even give them the courtesy of your attention. Incidentally, if you are so against the message the DVD is teaching, it certainly didn’t stop you from jumping on the bandwagon or opportunity to capitalize on it with the “The Masters of the Secret,” did it?
    Self-centered, egocentric, narcissistic. Yep- that about sums it up.

  94. Junito says :

    For every example you can site disproving “magical thinking” I can think of several which would support it. It has worked in my life (even before “The Secret”) and I have seen evidence of the reality of it in the lives of many others. Of course you are able to disprove it …. that is the nature of the Law of Attraction. You will find whatever it is you are seeking to prove or disprove by creating a reality to support your beliefs. Isn’t that what you teach, Bill?

  95. Steve1271 says :

    “Control the Universe with your mind? Or just the tri-county area.”

    I would settle for controlling the tri-county area. In lieu of that, I’ll just keep holosyncing.

    On viewing the Secret dvd, I thought it was three times too long. Just too repetitive.

  96. Junito says :

    Well of course if the “people in Africa’s” daily reality and what they observe are all that they know, they wouldn’t even think to think differently. Does you purport that your “LPIP online courses” WOULD help them? If they could afford a computer and internet access, that is.

  97. Denise Courchesne says :

    About the article on the “Secret”…you digress sometimes…neat…Namaste…thank tou…

  98. richard says :

    Hi Bill:
    Thank You much for the impact Holosync is having in my life..I also wish to add to comments made by Peter(NL) on 11/15/07..I’d recommend for you and anyone else to explore LIFE TEACHINGS OF MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST by Spaulding..These 6 volume books depict THE END of what all of us might behold when we supposedly understand the fully realized consciousness of manifesting ANYTHING aligned with “spiritual” my opinion your wonderful Hololsync series,The Secret and A Course In Miracles to mention a few to an unimagined..or forgotten TRUTH(?)…Awakening Level
    INFINITY!…nice idea…
    Be well 2 U 2!

  99. Tamsin says :

    Having read and heard a great deal about the Secret and various opposing views, I only actually watched the film a couple of days ago. Having done so, I agree with much of what you say Bill – although felt that the film did mention that action is required a little more than might first appear on the surface. Like you I do not agree with the simplistic mantra that if you focus on getting a parking space you will. However, for me, the best part of the film is that it promotes the benefits of positive thinking and shows people that when they are making choices they can choose to be negative and get one set of likely results or positive and get another. And it’s the stressing that we all have control over our choices that interests me. For me, it goes back to a personal value of whether you want to create a good feeling and happiness in yourself and other people or not, and how that usually (of course not always) results in getting a better response from others. Anyway, I very much enjoyed your post – and also your quote from the Dalai Lama with which I completely concur.

    All the best and thanks


  100. […] here’s the blog of a guy who was in the the movie. He makes a great point that the movie presents the information poorly […]

  101. Hildegard Hintz says :

    Frankly I don’t care if I am pre, post, supremus, ultra or subter supter with my conventions. As you so aptly stated “Different developmental stages will never see things in the same way”.
    To quote Einstein “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”; or “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts”.
    And Holosync enables me to see it from all possible sides.

  102. Betty says :

    Dr. Harris,
    You stated “keep Holosyncing, because Holosync creates such awareness. And with this awareness, keep stepping back in an effort to observe whatever it is that you are immersed in. In this way, you can transcend it.”
    And later when refering to use of quantum physics to prop up magical views of reality you said “If you really think there is some actual evidence for magic or for the suspension of the laws of physics, show me. Not stories, not anecdotes, not that someone else you respect thinks so, but proof.”

    In what journals is the evidence of the effectiveness of Holosync published?

  103. Stephanie Farlow says :

    Dear Bill,

    I am going to purchase the Holosync material after listening to the demo and also love your blog.

    However I am going to have to go along with the fact that you had no problem whatsoever capitalizing on The Secret. Our entire existence is magical and so is the belief in God or The Infinite or whatever you want to call it and so why should beleiving in the unseen combined with unwavering faith can bring you whatever you want theory be different than any of these other things?

    I also thought that the movie did convey that action needed to be taken as well as unwavering beleif, faith etc. I can remember my son calling me one day and saying he did not have the money to buy formula for his baby and I was worried sick and put a wish out for just that ASAP and that night upon arriving home from work there was an entire case of formula sitting on my front step. Coincidence NAH! I don’t think so and I certainlty do not consider my self at that stage of developemnt that you explain. My mind is wide open to all.


  104. Gary says :

    I think if all the lucky things that happen in my life are coincidence, then I am one super lucky person, but only after watching the secret. I have had great things happen in my life since starting the secret, and they happened pretty randomly, so there has to be some force directing things, otherwish I’d be more likely to have things happen that aren’t what I want, because I just want one thing, and there are so many things that can happen. And didn’t you say in the secret that that gay man had people at his work who quit and homophobes on the street just weren’t there anymore? That sounds magical.

  105. Derek says :

    Dear Bill and everyone,

    It’s interesting reading everyone’s comments. Over the last 7-8 years I’ve had an insatiable desire to study everything I can get my hands on to do with many different subjects relating to our lives, I guess I’ve been looking for answers to those questions such as “Why are we here?”, “What’s right and what’s wrong?’, etc, etc.

    I came across “What the Bleep do we Know”, “the Secret”, and “Abraham-Hicks” plus many other materials. I’ve extensively studied all of these and I have to say the “Abraham-Hicks” material seems to have the best answers that I’ve been able to find to date. I’ve cross-linked many aspects of their teachings with other authors, world events, social beliefs, my own experiences, etc. and it seems to check out as being true as far as outcomes are concerned. I’m now applying what they teach into my own life and it is absolutely working. It’s taken many hours of listening, watching and reading for it to click with me.

    A point I want to make… There’s been much criticism regarding the secret, especially that it was very general in its approach. Yes, there is more to the processes, but consider this, it has taken many, many hours for me to go through the processes, they had to summarise it down to within 2 hours to fit on a DVD. It’s like watching a documentary on being a pilot and later complaining that you can’t fly the plane and crashed. Pilots spend many hours learning to fly!

    Also, It’s like being told all of your life that the colour red is blue. You just don’t believe someone telling you that red is red, especially when everyone else says it’s blue. I see this here and everywhere.

    It really is true… What you believe becomes your reality

    It’s taken me a while but I’ve really changed and amazing things are appearing in my life, and with very little perceived effort. I say perceived because there is action on my part but I’m not deliberately setting about to take action, I’m more just going with the flow, and that is when it is easy. The key is that you really have to believe you have, or will have, what you want. You have to FEEL GOOD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN (initially takes much effort). You MUST give up the notion that you are right and such and such is wrong – Everyone is right! You have to apply this to everything in your life. FOCUS on what you want, and FOCUS on feeling good about it. It includes everything you say to yourself and others.

    It’s like breaking an addiction, try not watching or reading the news for 2 months, it’s hard to begin with. After breaking the habit, and then seeing it again, you just can’t watch or read it because it makes you feel awful. Lets face it, most of it has nothing to do with us. We expose ourselves to so many things that negatively affect our thinking that we are numb to much of it.

    To help eliminate this addiction, Abraham has said to meditate because it stops our thought. If you find yourself criticising, or saying, thinking anything that makes you feel even slightly bad, change what you’re doing/saying to feel better. Go meditate!

    That’s why I use holosync. It has helped me to calm down and stop thinking for a while. I know Bill says it’s okay to think about things because the tones will create the brain state needed, but try to stop your thought, it is key!

    Thanks for creating the holosync program, Bill. It has really helped me to harness the LOA.



  106. Sharon says :

    I appreciate this blog. I am in total agreement with Derek. I too have spent years and years searching, studying, doing traditional counseling and using holosync for over 5 years now. I attribute many of the positive changes I have made in my life to the holosync but feel that had I found Abraham at the same time that I would have been better able to “find a good feeling place” in the midst of difficult situations that brought up uncomfortable emotions that were hard to “meditate” away. (Meditation is not feasible in the middle of a busy day when issues are surfacing.)

    I was aware (holosync definetly increases awareness) that these difficulties were a necessary part of the growth that I desired but having been introduced to Esther and Jerry Hicks and their work with Abraham I now know how to consciously make the best of every situation “before” my emotions snowball to a place where the only “action” I create is usually one that I regret.

    In my experience, action flows naturally once inspired by strong emotion, positive or negative. Any work that inspires strong positive emotion is “magical” for what we are able to accomplish and attract more of can seem nothing short of miraculous. It truly is a journey that we take alone for no one else has the ability to interpret our experiences and the beliefs that are behind them and “tell” us what is right or what is wrong for us. (I especially know this after stuggling with trying to “please” my counselor when he would give advice that didn’t “feel” right for me even though it sounded like it should). We have to learn for ourselves what “feels” good and what doesn’t and respect that no matter what anyone else thinks our life will work better when we follow “our” hearts (feelings).

  107. Freddy Jimenez says :

    I have a confusion between what is expresed here and what you mean by responsibility as empowerment.

  108. Belinda says :

    Hi Bill, I saw the Secret and then I received those phone call recordings between you and other people in the Secret, so I have understood from just about the beginning that you defintely need action. I find that the Law of Attraction is hard to understand until you have tried it, once you’ve used it in your life a few times then it becomes easy to understand. I guess one of my stories is that I wanted a little more money and am a stay at home mum.. I used to have the thinking pattern that there was no way I could make extra money and look after my kids, it would be too hard. I just visualised money in my purse and then my partner brought a sewing machine home from work and I started to do sewing for his work, making my own money.. and voila.. money in my purse. I didn’t even talk to him about it, it just happened and I must admit at first I didn’t even realise that what I visualised had come about because the events leading up to it were so ‘normal’. So that is how I think of it as working, you visualise, things come about in your life and then you use those resources.

    One thing that I only found out recently is that Esther ‘Abraham’ Hicks was cut out of The Secret, I got the the edition with her/them in it and I really think that the parts with her/them in it are very important because she speaks of the emotional guidance system and she tells the 3 steps, the third being the most important.. action.

    I would like to know you thoughts on Esther and Abraham..

    I would also like to say that my life changed after seeing the Secret, but it wasn’t that I learnt of this “magical” Law of Attraction lol.. it was more the gratitude part for me. When I found gratitude it completely changed my attitude on myself and my life, nothing in my life changed but the change that was in me was huge. I went from being negative and complaing all the time to loving everything in my life.

  109. Belinda says :

    Me again lol

    I just read Derek’s comment and have thought that too.. After much study after seeing the secret I now realise that the movie was really only scratching the surface. I think people who see it then need to go on and study for themselves, online and also looking within themselves.

    And I must say I agree with everything he has said because it is much of which I have been thinking.

  110. Shawn Taker says :

    Bill I’m usually right with you in your view of the universe. BUT ..I cringed when you suggested coincidence as an alternative to Magic. I’m with you on the magic issue but there are no coincidences without Duality. So the Ultimate Reality cannot include coincidences.

    “There must be some amount of randomness/coincidence in the universe” can not be a true statement can it?


  111. Peter says :

    Dear Bill,
    While I principally agree with you on the ‘mind magic’ subject, I think the reality lies somewhere to the left of your position and to the right of the new age flunkies.

    If you do some research on the current state of science regarding thought as a causal force you may be staggered. A good starting point is Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment”. Specifically the experiments with the Galton board are fascinating. Then there is the work of Bill Tiller who was able to change the PH of water (and other acts of magic) with meditation sessions. You find me one person who knocked on a thousand doors to generate a desired outcome and I’ll give you another for whom the world came and knocked on their door. All I’m saying is it does happen. The whole terrain is nebulous and I don’t think it can be summed up or understood any more from teh Newtonian mindset. I think there is just too much about our universe that is unknowable from the “double blind placebo” mindset that defines modern science, clearly modern science needs a new and wider term of reference. As for the secret, MOSTLY I am with you, That’s my bit, happy reading, Peter.

  112. Ilias Glenis says :

    Hi Bill,

    great article. I think that whenever we project our thoughts of what we want for the future we disengage from the present moment. For me, being creative in the moment and then acting upon that imagination is as close to manifesting our thoughts to create “the magic” that “The Secret” is trying to sell.

    A perfect analogy is playing a musical instrument. Which for me is the closest thing to manifesting a thought in real-time as plucking a string on a guitar expresses the thought I imagine, that in turn creates a vibration we perceive as a musical note. Yet, that sound is left to be interpreted by the perceiver, and that perception could be anything. Still that vibration is received.

    Every musician could have figured out what Saddartha took so many years to.

    Holosync works in a similar way in that the symbiosis that occurs between the two hemispheres of the brain creates an integration that brings these two halves into unity, thus eliminating the illusion of duality or of projected “wantingness”. (Don’t mind me I just made up that word :o)

    “If” we could bring the duality of mind into the present moment, we could create a world where noone wants for anything and the idea of the law of attraction would not even be necessary. In many ways Holosync does that.

    When you consider that most of the world’s wealth is kept under lock and key by “kings”, there still exists enough wealth in the world for every single human being alive to live like a king, and then wealth wouldn’t even be necessary.

    Yet, it is the “in betweens” in a world of polarity that causes us to want for, long for anything. As a result, the illusions of duality perpetuate scarcity on every conscious and unconscious level and then we, in all our self-projected limitations, continue to reach for the next conscious shore.

    The law of attraction really isn’t a natural law like the law of gravity, which is only based on relative perceptions on this planet and by no means universally definitive.

    These imaginations are only temporary after all and forever changing…

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

    Your friend,
    Ilias Glenis

    P.S. Holosync helped me get through two open-heart surgeries in the last 4 years and I am forever grateful for your work.

  113. Lisa says :

    I think there is a lot of confusion about the Law of Attraction that people are missing. Everyone is quick to point out that you need action….well duh! But the law of attraction has a way of arranging things where the action you need to take is made really clear to you in your life. For example, I may desire a million dollars and I put that out into the universe. I let it go, then lets say, I may be guided to buy a guitar, I then learn how to play it quite well, and then eventually Im recording music with big named musicians…and pulling in a million dollars! This is how LOA usually acts in regards to manifesting. You didnt get that million dollars to plop straight out of the sky(although you could), but you eventually got it didnt you? The universe arranges for you the easiest way to get what you want, if you ask and are willing to raise your frequency to match what you want. It sounds magical, but this is how it things work.
    How do you think holosync works to improve so many things in your life? Your actively raising your vibration through meditation..and the universe responds by, increased health, clearing out of junk etc.

  114. Dear Bill,
    In the movie Dune (the miniseries), some people believed that Paul Atreides was the messiah. Some people believed that he was a god, and some needed to.
    I am a coach and have seen, am seeing, lives transformed. Some of them needed to attribute it to having watched “The Secret” which propelled them to take action towards their goals, others just thought it was an entertaining film and that was all.
    There is no single explanation that can fully account for the why of an event. There are simply too many variables. This is true whether the system is an individual or a whole community.
    Some people believe in magic and some don’t. We honor where they are in their paths and then, we let it be.
    I am still in the immersion part of Holosync. I went back to the first part of your lectures (the one that discusses the meaning of life, smile, smile) and found it no less than enlightening. I have listened to it many times and then one day, I listened to it and wow! I get it! Beyond the intellect..
    I hope that you will reach more people.

    with best wishes,
    Melinda Sorensson

  115. Peter G says :

    Funny…I came away from The Secret not so much thinking “magic” but goal-setting. While it was light on actual technique, I thought it fleshed out the value and importance of setting goals pretty well. In fact, I put together a goal board in plain sight of where I work, which I think is a great improvement over merely writing goals down somewhere.

    So, to me, The Secret was all about focusing on where we want to go. Nothing particularly magical about it. There wasn’t a tremendous amount of new ground broken here. Long ago, Psycho-Cybernetics did a much better job at this. But, you have to admit, The Secret’s presentation was exceptional. If we just take the goal-setting part away from The Secret, it can make a vast improvement in our lives.

    And then things like HoloSync provide the techniques we need to help us reach those goals.

  116. Diane Dutton says :

    Hi Bill,

    My path to progress started with Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, required action ? – Yes.

    Then seeing The Secret – I realized that again, we are 100% responsible for our thoughts and our actions, how we act and react to others.

    If most people who spend their time complaining about life’s bad breaks took a look inside, they might find answers to their problems and take action.

    So, following James Ray who says “involution before evolution” action is the key to The Secret. If you listen carefully to you and the other teachers in The Secret, you all move us to motion/action/intention forward.

    I have had things fall into place to some degree after I clarified my intention but it was my openness to these people and ideas and my considerable action that creates results.

    My coach Rory Cohen of the Take 10 System believes your systems will be my next step in my journey towards my intentions. I look forward to that learning process.

  117. Edmond Allmond says :

    I’ve read your comments about the movie “The Secret”, and most of the responses and comments along the timeline.

    Respectfully, I am disappointed by your words and observations. I, too, see that action is key. I also see that the film is nothing more than a brief glimpse at a precious way of successful living. I do not see an offering of “magic” as solution, as you’ve described.

    I am of Buddhist belief in my life’s way; I had also read writings on The Secret by many of the great philosophical masters by the time I was in high school, years ago. If your belief is like mine, that the film is but a brief glimpse at a way of living that most persons would greatly benefit from, then it seems apropos to me for you to comment in a more progressive and wise manner.

    You believe that “magic” is offered up instead of reality; it seems, however, that the idea of magic is in the interpretation (or misinterpretation) of the message presented. Someone of your stature would do well to explain rather than bash. Perhaps you need an assistant to help you filter your ideas (and anger). Help those who missed some pertinent messages and material to see what they’ve missed. You might even increase your client base with a wiser method of communication.

    The ideas briefly referenced in the film are very old ones; even the name “The Secret” is an old, well-used reference to a particular way of thinking — and acting. Napoleon Hill helped popularize the reference in the United States in the late twenties and early thirties of what is now the previous century.

    It would behoove any reader or viewer or listener to go far past the brief visuals of the movie, or the sales pitches that you and many others offer, and go to a library and read, for no fee at all, the original authors, doctors, philosophers, who so eloquently spoke of this way of right thinking (and acting).

    The comments that I’ve read from you seem more like a jealous preacher reaching for a greater congregation (and a fatter donation basket) within his community.

    I agree with most of your observations. I strongly disagree with and am greatly concerned by your choice of words and method of explanation.


  118. Jackie says :

    What a relief to read Mara’s post dated November 14th. Always on the verge I am but never ever yet written anything on this or any other personal development blog until I read Mara. Please take note. And please don’t respond by telling me we are deserving of riches and cars and houses and anything else we “want”. Then you’ve not understood Mara. ‘Course I want stuff. A big new house, car, clothes, relationships, but only coming at me when we think differently. Completely differently. Then we are taken care of and we get what we “need”. The “wants” are killing us.

    And I appreciate Bill very much but I am pretty sure we don’t ask the “how” question. How can I? may lead to action but it’s just more of the same business we all experience with no results. The action we need to take is mental. We change our attitude, and beliefs. (We must know our want is already answered) Then we act only when we are prompted through our intuition. Effortless action. If you want to buy a new house for example the action you may choose is arranging finances, getting a realtor, and any other action you take you think you need to move closer towards your dream is not appropriate. Alot of running around as usual with all the results you would expect from any hard working goal seeker to achieve his dreams BUT if you engage your Universal Mind, you may find yourself inexplicably drawn to a completely unrelated course of action like going to the store to buy a bag of chips and WHAM….you see, and meet and hear exactly what you needed to move you into inspired action in manifesting your dreams. There’s a difference. Can you see what I mean? thank you Bill. Started Holosync 3 weeks ago

  119. Kim Krieger says :

    Finally!!! I have had such an issue with The Secret and it’s implication that magical thinking or focusing on “getting the bicycle or parking spaces” will begin to happen with the Law of Attraction.
    I believe very strongly in the Law of Attraction but I am a very centered woman. As a therapist for over 20+ yrs., I have seen the devastation of clients who believed “if only” as a way of magical thinking. I have had arguments with my husband of 39 yrs. because he thinks I am negative in not believing ,”that if I just focus on it, see it, and pretend it, the it will happen”.
    Well, I don’t see myself in a chair that is a car and then ,voi la, it becomes a car. I believe that IF I want a car, I need to make sure I work, save my money, and then buy the car I can afford or want. Does that make me a non-spiritual being?
    I think not as I believe that Spirit is in each and every thing, everyone, and in me every second of my life. As a white woman , who was invited to study with the Lakota way of life and Spirituality, I have seen what for me ,Spirituality is. There is no magical thinking involved. It requires faith, belief in something Greater than ourselves and yet part of ourselves . Spirituality is NOT passive but a very active daily practice. On bad days, Spirituality can become a second by second practice to keep the mind focused and on the path. So, good for you Bill. It is about time someone with some clout can speak out for growth and change as an active , living choice. Magic can be seen and enjoyed by a talented magican. Do you know what card I just pulled out of life’s deck? Reality!!

  120. Clark Ramos says :


    Thank you for all the inspirations.

    For all the dreamers, inspirationalists and idealists, including myself, Jackie, Mara, Bill, and everyone else! I choose to say we long for the day when a miracle will happen that will transform mankind into intelligent self enlightened loving beings.

    Wishful thinking and believing may help keep this dream alive but it does not advance it with the speed and power needed to save the world, ourselves, and its creatures.

    We all have elements of understanding, we have, and we have lived and do live in the pain of abuse created by greed, competition, anger, resentment, and jealousy. (Of course more could be added.)

    Many methods have been and continue to be tried, in the hope of awakening the air of being whole and complete without division to understanding in order that all will experience and express love in a way that honors first themselves and then everyone, as part of the life shared by all living expression.

    We continue to awaken seeing limitations which we must overcome. Our prosperity too often comes from seeing others as less worthy than ourselves.

    The focus upon competition, Kings, Leaders, Rulers, Dictators, and the like continue to cripple many.

    It is already known that good and prosperity comes as we provide inspirations from our heart. These inspirations come from abundance, an energy source some have chosen to call GOD. This too is greatly abused and dishonored, because the ‘Brain’ playing the role identified as ‘Devil’ demands obedient attention!!! This attention is stolen, moment by moment and most of humanity seems only vaguely aware that it is happening. It is hard at first to see how entrapped and beaten down we are by thoughts which run rampant in our presence every moment. Songs and memories insulting us, reminding me of some mistake I once made that makes me feel bad, guilty, ugly, ignorant, incapable . . .

    It is these intrusive words that are overcome in order to live differently.
    (The words and their author ‘the brain’ some call SATAN)
    The overcoming is accomplished by being alertly aware without becoming victimized and feeling guilty or reacting in any way to the penetrating flow of manipulative ideas that demand ones attention and obedience.

    We have the ability to express love, compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, and we have the ability to dream and make our dreams a reality. This reality is made up of the products people thought others would like or find helpful. Personal value comes with expressing creativity in joyful inventions. Joyful inventions can range from thought to printed words, to building tools, homes, etc.

    When personal expressions are acted upon to help and prosper both sides, only good can come of it. When bad appears, it is only brought about by people still imprisoned in the hell of a mind still blind to the demons of thought they have no control over and which have convinced them that “I am what I think.” Some may also try to justify their actions by saying “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to be able to live with the realization that everyone is no longer controlled by thought over which there is no control. (Please remember this refers to uncontrolled thought.)

    Everyone is valuable. Everyone alive has something good to share and express to the benefit of life.
    Our task is to see this expressed by ourselves in the best ways we are capable of imagining and acting upon. Yes, there is the action required. We can sit and dream, imagining a perfectly loving universe. But, if sitting, and dreaming, and imagining never goes further than that in and of itself, it will probably take another eternity to become a reality everyone can experience.

    ‘True believers’ in the historical versions of Godly expression seem to believe (in their enslavement to words and in their fearing of responsibility have given their power to the Devils they fear.) that God wants them to allow a good portion of the planet, its creatures and people to be destroyed, before God will see that they have suffered enough to be worthy for Him to return (In the form of Jesus) and save them from their refusal to see truth and instead remain willingly enslaved by uncontrolled thoughts whipping them every step of their lives.

    Sin, falling short of the mark, and/or disagreeing with GOD and choosing to think and express ones self differently than exactly like GOD is perhaps the rule and confusion of the day.

    Ego, Selfishness, Greed, etc all stem from loosing contact with wholeness, the ocean of infinite presence, awareness, and power beyond mental comprehension. That is falling short of the mark.

    Love remains whole and complete even now. The artificial imitations of life (mental thought) struggle to maintain what has always been a confusion, a grasping for separation from wholeness while claiming personal (wholeness) validity.

    That has always been a defensive position that tries to take what it cannot touch. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    When you fling yourself into space, and separate yourself from oxygen, you can claim complete life, comfort and health, but it will not prevail. Quickly the lack of oxygen and other essentials of life will loose their grasp on you. (Good by.)

    When life is recognized for what it is, when life is abided in and expressed with appreciation, and care is given to meet the needs of the moment, every good thing is added.

    It is said that we are here to tend to the needs of this planet, it is the garden we have been entrusted with.

  121. Tom says :


    I really appreciate you posting your thoughts here. I enjoyed the secret, but was turned off by what you refer to here as their “magical” thinking. I know that focus is very important, but it is nothing without action.

    I enjoy your Master of The Secret series because it gives us a chance to hear all an unedited version of the experts’ thoughts. Thanks for continuing this work!

  122. dawn says :

    iT seems odd that your lengthy commentary belabors what you feel are the weaker aspects of the Secret when you have benefitted from it. if you fell you were misrepresented you could simply say it and state how. i didn’t find a specific in you comments but a general beating around the bush. Sorry, just don’t know how else to describe it.
    frankly i’ve watched the secret several times and it never occurred to me that they were saying simply having positive thoughts without action would bring me good fortune i desire. I saw it present a basis for having a better life for ourselves in general. I got from the movie that initiating your plans along with a focus on dwelling on what you desire and positive frame of mind rather than negative focus is very beneficial. Jack Canfields message particularly was based on focusing on a goal and coming up with an action plan. This is what he did and it worked. It is reasonable and has manifest in my life when i am depressed and think everything sucks for long enough, things do go wrong. It is only logical negative thinking will bring on inaction and lack of motivation for accomplishing goals and when we are positive we are motivated seek action and are generally more productive. this is simple psychology in my book. I’m not sure i see your philosophy reflected in your comments.
    Thank you for offering an open forum, i appreciate it.

  123. Eoin McCabe says :


    In the non-duality teachings being delivered by numerous individuals today, one of the key messages is that thoughts, like everything else in this life (an illusion itself), just happen and we, i.e. the personality or ego, believe we are thinking them, that we have control or the potential to control them. Thoughts manifest from consciousness or source and are no different from anything else that manifests in this life. We have no control or choice in this manifesting.
    So how then, can one focus thier mind or direct their thoughts, if they are not their thoughts in the first palce and they have no control over them anyway, given that they are creaetd from source (consciousness or presence or one-ness or whatever word you choose!) without any reference or relevance to us – the personality or ego who believes they are thinknig them and creating them?
    I hope I am making sense, I am fascinated by the non-duality teachings and yet greatly frustrated by them as they (to me at least) appear to make irrelevant and redundant all that I teach and was passionate about in my work as a coach and personal development trainer!
    Eoin, Ireland

  124. Bill,

    I think Chad (and a few others) summed things up very well. I too agree that you are a very intelligent man. I also agree that something has seemed to suck the joy out of you. But mostly I think that it is your fear that will not allow you to accept that Life provides us with magic when we are open to it.

    No, I can’t prove it to you. In fact, it took me quite some time to prove it to myself but now I know what I know and no one else can convince me that I am wrong. I did take action toward my greatest dreams and desires and as I did there were opportunities that were brought into my life that had absolutely nothing to do with the action I was taking, and they were just what I needed. That syncronicity is the magic.

    The only problem I have with The Secret and many of the teachers in it is how its message seems to be that of using the law of attraction only for material gain. Unfortunately, that seems to be most people’s only measure for success. My success has little to do with financial reward. However, I now have more joy in my life than I ever could while making big money in coporate America.

    Michael Celender

  125. Pamela says :

    Interesting article – When I read The Secret, I didn’t take it that all you had to do was sit back and think positive and put your wishes out there. I took it that what you think about, you get more of and that I have noticed in my own life. And, if you are focusing on what you want in a positive light, the ideas and the how to become more clear.

    However, as far as magic is concerned, I would tread lightly. There is a huge Pagan/Wiccan community that will beg to differ that magic does exist and does work! Don’t put down a religion you know nothing about!

    Think about it, isn’t it magical the way this whole world was born and exists? Some things just can’t be explained.

  126. Renita says :

    Thanks Bill for this. I was taken up by all that in the Secret and then disappointed when nothing happened.
    Thanks for clearing this up for me. I thought I was a real basket case for a while.

  127. Bill,
    I must say that I am a bit disappointed in you for not knowing
    what all would be edited out of the Secret. If you are going to endorse
    something and put your name on something you should always know
    all the details before agreeing to be interviewed in something
    as widely popular as the Secret. I mean it made millions of dollars
    and now that its has basically run its course and you apparently have made
    millions in royalties from its sales it seems like you are recanting
    whats the Secret is all about. By doing this you are now creating
    a new way for you to profit by trying to undo the very thing that you and
    the Secret teaches. I am quite sure that if you didn’t agree with its contents
    that you could have expressed these concerns before the 1st copy ever sold. I mean even Oprah endorsed the Secret and that didn’t hurt it’s sales at all. So is this all about lining your pockets at any cost? Or is your mission truly to help people? I just find it funny that now you recant
    after its made its rounds on pay per view TV, Oprah, Larry King
    and many other circuits. Will the real Bill Harris please stand up? Please explain yourself Bill. maybe this is why Esther Hicks pulled out in the beginning? I would have had more respect for you had you done the same
    if you truly didnt believe the Secrets contents. It’s a little bit late for
    you to be truthful.

  128. Judi says :

    I had to laugh about the post asking about the parking angel….I discovered the parking angel angle years ago in San Francisco after the earthquake, when everything was chaotic, parking crazy. It has always worked for me….still does. It is, I believe, the ability to actually concentrate on an outcome and achieve it. Do I actually believe that an angel has time to hang around me while I am looking for a spot? No….do I act as my own angel by focusing carefully on an outcome and believing that it most assuredly will happen? yes…

    I’m an artist, so magical thinking has a different meaning to me…..but I also love science and spent years finding out about how the brain works (thanks you Dr. Karl Pribram). And keep asking your angel for those spaces….

  129. marilyn says :

    I could not agree more. The idea that wealth, health, possessions or anything else for that matter is going to drop on your head because you wish it is at best laughable and at the worst dangerous. The reason that I say dangerous is because it prevents action and interaction with life. I should mention that when I said this in my review of The Secret with Amazon in the UK I was slated. There are clearly people that believe (a) that if something is in a book, then it must be true and (b) that all they need is a dream and no action is required. All of you who took part in The Secret did not get where you are today by wishful thinking and it is important that you have spoken out. Thank you for being honest and honorable.

  130. Joe says :

    I feel Bill Harris is losing his mind, so many contradiction and cover ups. The authors of ‘The Secret’ are confused lot. Set out to give a secret to the world, with monetary benefit in mind but end loosing the secret themselves. Now I know why secret was kept secret. Is Human kind ready for ‘The Secret’? I think lot of soul searching has to be done for ‘The Secret’ to be a success.

  131. Christine Haviaris says :

    I understand this war about The Secret about as well as I understand the Mommie Wars….both seem a little silly. I read The Secret after receiving it for a gift on my 40th birthday last year (shortly before ordering Holosync, by the way!) and loved it. It seems to pull together many of the ideas and principles on which I’d been operating throughout my life. I had always considered myself lucky, but after the Secret starting seeing myself as powerful, not lucky. I never once thought all that was necessary was thinking or wishing. Not sure if it was spelled out in the book, or just my own intelligence that indicated action was a necessary component, and the focused thought was simply the first step. But honestly, wouldn’t any thinking person know this? Seems to me that the many critics who assume readers of the Secret don’t know this insult their intellegence more than they beleive the Secret does…..give us some credit, huh??? Thanks for listening!


  133. Nancy says :

    Let me try this again. My previous post was brief and I believe to the point.
    Nowhere in my exposure to The Secret was I led to believe that all I had to do was think and the heavens would open to me. Of course, action is necessary.

    I have listened to your series of interviews with the Masters of the Secret and really enjoyed them. However, never did I hear you express concern about the message The Secret was providing. Why not?

    My position is that good thoughts lead to better outccomes.

    I also see the value in what Quantum Physics offers us in alternative ways of seeing “reality”.

    We are never too old or too smart to learn new things. An open mind is a good thing.

  134. Jody Curtis says :

    Hello Bill,
    Let me start off by saying I love your work and the Holosync program. I have received tremendous benefits so far and will be buying my next level soon.

    As far as this article about the secret. I have been using the Universal Law of Attraction for a long time in my life as well, and know that the Universe provides amazing opportunities to guide me to the people and places and things at the right times to make my dreams manifest (which in my opinion is magic), yet it is up to me to take action on my “hunches” or “gut feelings”.

    I think we (as a society) have become so busy and caught up outside ourselves most of the time, that we may “wish” for what we want, then miss the signals and the guidance that life is sending us.

    So, I do see your point of view, but felt the need to respond to your challenge “If you really think there is some actual evidence for magic or for the suspension of the laws of physics, show me.”
    There is scientific documentation for many incidences of the suspension of the laws of physics. I personally have bent a spoon with no physical force, and am currently taking an “online spoonbending course” to understand the deeper beliefs that allow for becoming “one” with the spoon. Using the mind to direct the heart energy. This is the magic that transforms lives and worlds. Isn’t this suspending the laws of physics?

    The fundamental forces (or fundamental interactions) of physics are the ways that individual particles interact with each other.

    What about the numerous numerous instances of bilocation of Saints that have been so well-documented, witnessed and investigated that they are accepted facts in the history of the Church and in hagiography?
    Or, levitation, spontaneous healings, cases of mothers lifting a vehicle off of their child? The universe is the field of ALL probability so it only makes sense that (proof or not), magic exists.

    Keep up the good work Bill!

  135. Tracy says :

    I had the “Secret” in my hands but have an impatient personality ( nothing Centerpointe can’t fix…ha ha) But needless to say, I thumbed thru the whole book in 20 minutes feeling that I got the main idea about it. I believe most of these ideas were already instilled in me form a history of reading this type of material in my younger adult life.

    I will share my most recent secret with you… after ending a relationship (at the time) a year ago, One day I woke up knowing I was on my way to start a walking excercise at a new park in my area. (planned) I was meditating/praying that I was ready to add some more fun into my life (with that being said, I was ready to gain a man back into my life) I prayed that I knew some energy could hear my request, knew what I needed and that I demanded action! I left my house about an hour or so later. I had a terrific feeling, knowing that I was going to recieve my reward. I parked my car and got out, as I shut the door and turned around I saw this cute guy about my age smiling back at me. (the timing was incredible, you had to be there) We joked a bit, walking and talking. We set up endless regular workout dates and became good friends. Now remember, I did ask the (energy) to supply me with something I needed, right? Well the guy is non- commitmental after his own fresh break-up. We’ve never been intimate…but sure had some heavy flirting/makeout sessions… So, I didn’t get the guy. -Here’s the point…I was able to lose 40 Lbs and become fit in a matter of 5 months. I used to have really nagging undiagnosable health issues (gone!) I used to have sleep problems (gone!) It’s like I’m a new person from that one change. (Awesome!) I was very blessed to have been in tune enough to harness the concept that I along with something else made this happen. If we could only be so lucky to do this every day…Wouldn’t that be great!

  136. Bill,
    Why dont you guys come out with a sequel to the Secret and call it THE TRUTH! I see that Rhonda Byrne was one of Time magazines 2007 most influential people. In the sequel really teach how to use the Law of attraction
    and teach it like it is no matter how long of a DVD it takes. You have mislead
    millions of people who were gullible enough to think that all they have to do is wish for something and they will receive if they are in alignment. To me, all of the people who were in the Secrets credibility has taken a hit including yours since the Secret is sold out and your pockets are no doubt richer. Again will the real Bill Harris please stand up???

  137. hannan says :

    Hello Folks,

    Its a coincidence that i just finished reading the “Secret” a few weeks ago.

    Bill Harris’ remarks make sense. One may think you just need to wave a magic wand to fulfill one’s desire. Or as Louise Says: about the film why did they use that stupid genie (reminds me a comedy about my friend the Genie). Of course action is necessary. Do you remember the film with Jimmy Stewart It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – I suppose this is what everyone watches on Christmas. Now Bailey crossed his fingers and said ‘I bet I get a million’.
    Did he get a million? He did at the end of the film, but that was counting on the action of his wife.

    short description:
    Its a the story of George Bailey who loses faith in life at Christmas when things turn bad for his savings and loan. An angel named Clarence comes to earth and shows George how his life affected those around him and gives him the perspective he need to keep living his life. It points out that every life no matter how small has a big impact on those it touches.

  138. Michael Ferguson says :

    Bill: I have been using Holisync for 6 years now. I just had the strangest thought. Everything I have read tells us to imagine the life we want and magically the opportunities appear to make it happen and that is working for me. But everyone still grows old and dies. I have never seen anyone escape this. The ones that get very old do not have the quality of life they want.
    Like our cells we are designed to die. Except cancer cells they have lost the design to die.

  139. Joshua says :

    In the movie the Secret any who watch it only gets the message from it according to how they believe.Those who act and think the mainstream beliefs and shun so called magic are closed minded and thats just fine.Every one plays a different part of the source they are. For magic to work one must really truley BELIEVE it works and then it works because you are in the end a God creating your physical experience.I find the mainstream thinking boring.I have praticed the occult for 35 years and I have seen the label magic work many times.I find that what you get is always what you BELIEVE deep inside that you get.Magic and mainstream are labels.The power of mind directed can create wealth, you can walk on water and you can create anything you desire with out any physical work.
    I have used Holosync for 7 years and I use it for relaxing do I need it? No I can relax with out it. We all have been conditioned to believe that we need what ever the belief peddlers say we need.Everyone has something to sell that they say you need but do you really need any of it? Of course you don’t but you have belief in the ill-usion that you need it and its part of this agreed reality so I just want to say that what you belive in is right for you no need to argue with anyone abnout it.Try being true to yourself and forget what the rest of the voices of others around you say, they are not living your physical life you are.Life is a infinate mysterious wonderful journey that never ends and you can experience anything you believe you can.There will always be those who close their minds and only can see their own limiting views and that is ok for them.There is no right or wrong its only how we belive that makes it appear so.

  140. Hi Bill,

    I have had numerous miracles occur in my life and in the lives of close family/friends. By miracles I mean physical healing with no real scientific explanation.

    For example I had suffered for five years with a chronic back pain that 2 doctors, 2 physiotherapists a chiropractor and multiple massage therapists could not explain nor could they make it better.

    After remembering a past life memory the pains left me overnight. I still had occasional and minor reoccurances for the next few months, until I dealt with the issue of arrogance which was uncovered in the past life memory. More details of that story is in my book, Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story.

    Also I had sprained a wrist quite badly, it was black and blue and swollen. In about 20 hours time it was healed due to intensive mind control measures I engaged in. And before anyone goes on to doubt the fact that it was indeed sprained, I had sprained that same wrist five weeks prior, and was still in pain from that earlier sprain. Both were due to a fall in the same way on rollerblades. The second sprain was much worse in terms of pain and the appearance of my wrist and hand. Yet 20 hours later my hand was so well that I was giving massages with it and ZERO pain was there and the wrist and hand looked completely normal. That complete story is in a book just being published now called Living the Law of Attraction which is a collection of stories gathered by another set of authors.

    And there is more, much more that I could say along the lines of changing my thinking and how the outer world changed nearly instantly to reflect that change. I used to have a similar idea about Yogananda’s book, but I have since experienced so many amazing things that I no longer doubt the authenticity of it. A lot of my belief in the accuracy of his stories lie in the fact that so much of the other things he says about consciousness and Samadhi like experiences I have also experienced myself.

    Now can I consciously and deliberately do the things he reports other masters doing…no! But I have no doubt that one day I will.

  141. Nick says :

    I feel the Secret was a great vulgarization to bring it out into the open and get more people thinking about it. Unfortunately, those who follow it to the letter are not getting the most of it.

    The Secret only touched on some very, very basic concepts. If you further the study behind the principles you will find concepts that have been around since this civilization, mostly encapsuled in the hermetic principles.

    I think The Secret and What The Blip Do We Know are great way to bring out to the mass that there is more to life than working to pay the bills. It lacked in the pushing people to ask more questions department.

    I also got turned off. It seemed like a big advertising segment.


  142. Teri says :

    Since we live a holographic experience where the past, present and future are all happening at once then it stands to reason the “script” of our life has already been written. Perhaps through the awareness leading us to awakening/enlightenment these scripts may chnage and/or fall away. Things around us do not change but we begin to see things differently. This illusionary world is built on a system of duality and thus will never change.

    There seems to be a huge “Ego” Spiritual movement going around the world at the moment and the Secret is one of them.
    Manefesting is from the ego. It is just the ego that manifest because Spirit/Mind (call it what you will) has nothing to manifest. The driver of manifestation is the ego, and its mantra is “seek and do not find”
    So it doesnt matter how much one uses the Law of Attration eventually shits gonna happen. There will be suffering and it comes back and bites you in the ass. The whole system is based on fear.

    Eventually one will suffer to the deegree one manifest. So what will happen then? When one reaches that level of sufferring one will have to find a better way, one will want to find a better way, one will be on their knees looking for a better way. One will realize “my way doesnt work”. So it doesnt matter its perfect. Eventually it will lead one on the path of awareness and eventually enlightenment, but such a long way around. Many incarnations.

    The law of attraction is about fulfilling the egos needs, not the MIND nor the Spirit..same thing. Also at some point all the cars, houses, money doesnt fill the emptiness within, doesn’t take you to truth. It just keeps one attached to the illusion…just the way the ego likes it. Perhaps some will be successful with manifesting then become bored and finally decide to manifest Joy in their life!!

  143. Chad says :

    I know Bill is extremely busy and doesn’t have time to answer and review everything, but I think this would be of tremendous interest to both Bill and the Holosync clients.

    Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research has PROOF that the mind is in fact capable of effecting reality. In years and years of experiments they have shown the ability of the mind to effect random number generation for instance. One of the primary areas of focus for the research was of course what effect that consciousness might have on engineered systems. Maybe I am misreading the research and maybe this is one small application of consciousness effecting reality that has no bearing on anything else. However, the research does seem to give some credibility to some of the basic ideas described as Magical Thinking. I would encourage, Bill as well as the readers to look over the research, to think about it with an open mind and give it some genuine consideration and then post back here on this incredibly exciting area of research.

    I will close with the web address to review the research and a excerpt from the site’s description of the implications of the research.

    Beyond its revolutionary technological applications and scientific impact, the evidence of an active role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality holds profound implications for our view of ourselves, our relationships to others, and to the cosmos in which we exist. These, in turn, must inevitably impact our values, our priorities, our sense of responsibility, and our style of life. Our ability to acquire, or to generate tangible, measureable information independent of distance or time challenges the foundation of any reductionistic brain-based model of consciousness that may be invoked. The lack of notable correlations in the data with standard learning curves or other recognizable cognitive patterns, combined with the repeatable and distinct gender-related differences, suggest that these abilities may stem from a more fundamental source than heretofore suspected. Certainly, there is little doubt that integration of these changes in our understanding of ourselves can lead to a substantially superior human ethic, wherein the long-estranged siblings of science and spirit, of analysis and aesthetics, of intellect and intuition, and of many other subjective and objective aspects of human experience can be productively reunited.

    I do look forward to hearing from someone else on this very fascinating research.

  144. Sharron Livingston says :

    Hi, thank goodness for this post. I have struggled to build a publishing business and have recently had to face facts about the liklihood of its success. Lots of people told me to buy The Secret hailing it as some magical potion that would be the answer to my ills. I did and having watched it a few times I could not find any tangible advice beyond what seemed to me to be wishful thinking. In the light of so much praise from others – for whom I assumed ‘The Secret’ has worked -Instead of being an inspiration, it made me feel even more useless.

  145. James says :

    hi bill, well, ever since i had seen the secret, it put every thing into its place. I have, every time, when going out, got my parking spot, I seen my jet ski and got that after 30 days of the first thought, i wanted a border collie pup, got him after 60 days, i did not want to work 9 to 5 and i don’t!
    I’m retired at 37 years of age. i wanted to be the best at what i do and that is what ever i want to do! My friends tell me there problems and i share the secret with them, how and what ever form this is to be used”the secret”consequence’s of actions will remain the same, good actions get good consequence’s and that is what you have to focus on. no the secret is not magical it is a lifestyle of wonderfull change,then again if you want more BS in your life think about that. the more you think the more you get, it dont matter what it is, for the last two years this is what i know forsure…….
    james-in canada

  146. frank says :

    hi bill
    i like your stile. you really hit the nail in the head about the secret and magical thinking.
    so many popular “spiritual and other teachers” are cheaply sucking up to a public weeknes – probably for commercial and self deceiving reasons.
    the pitty is that quite often there are values in basis of the teachings but they stop at wishes and magical thinking becoming more impractical and clamsy in real life.
    in my oppinion so called “spiritual” and wordly success can go together
    the question: why regularly some good ideas (and practices) attract people who are runners from reality checks.
    e.g. TM movement, conversation with god…..etc. etc.
    why so many people assumes that “spriitual” means nonpractical and uses this excuse to be ineffective?
    on the other hand what is the solution for it?
    i found some of this ideas powerfull but very tiring because of interpretation of it as an excuse for effectivens in real life

    i am glad that you have a “public” with your attitude.
    keep on

  147. Zeljka says :

    Last time, I commented without actually reading the book. I only brushed through, and now that I’ve read it, I have completely different opinion – they DO say you actually make things happen simply by your thoughts; NOT that positive thinking gets you going, but they really refer to a thought as magic. Bill, I CANNOT SUPPORT YOU MORE FOR WRITING THIS! I think everyone who believes that is out of control! It is not magic fairyland!
    I entirely uderstand when author says many people become afraid of their negative thoughts then. People have feelings. It is unatural and unhealthy to always force good thoughts on you. All of our thoughts and feelings should be felt, acknowledged and expressed. I found terribly inhumane when they say people attract desasters. As if the persone who said that examined millions of people who died at war, and like they ALL had tragic thoughts, that were prevalent. Everyone is a bit afraid of losing their fortune. I don’t think that if someone loses it, he opsessed about it, and one who didn’t lose it, didn’t think about it. I think it was temporary wheel of fortune, and the one who lost it, did some bad or unlucky investments. We are not gods. Would they say people who are unhappy since childhood somehow prearanged where they will come in this world? Or people born with dawson syndrome? To me, any saying that you attracted, like, car accident, is like cult talk, and I think it can only attract heavy pressure on people, as it did on me. It culdn’t sound more inhumane or ‘out there’, INSANE. I think that the persone who got that idea, succeeded after distress, then felt such need to stay in control, that he forced himself to believe he can control EVERYTHING. That is how he was ‘sure’ bad thing won’t happen to him – being afraid of watching desasters, he chose to believe it was PEOPLE’s ‘fault’. I looked forward to Secret, thought it encouraged you to think freely and positively, be yourself, follow your dreams, but what I read so far, made not want to finish it, because I think it is absurd, and highly inhumane in some aspects. THINGS DO NOT HAPPEN IF YOU SAY SO. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT, PLUS, YOU HAVE TO BE LUCKY. MIRACLES HAPPEN, SO DO BAD THINGS. THAT is the nature of universe, good and bad, and not ‘nobody knowing the secret’, and that you can magically command things to happen. I am extremely dissapointed with this book and principle.

  148. Al says :

    I am very happy that Bill has been detailing the pragmatics behind making The Secret work. I have always loved meeting new people yet had a hard time doing so. I’d be out in public and desperately want someone to chat me up, yet it wouldn’t happen.

    I started using TS to feel and act as if I already had a peaceful tranquil life. Soon I began to live this life. I had 2-3 strangers chat me up out of the blue. Others I chatted them up out of the blue. To the untrained eye it LOOKS magical. To me, I knew that my body language changed. My demeanor changed. I looked happy. I looked approachable. Hell maybe even pheremones played a part. The only reason this blissed out living soon disappeared was that I began to doubt whether it’d continue and well, “your wish is my command”.

    I also used TS to get $1000 by the end of the month. However, yet again I took action. I saved my money and my brain became attuned to any opportunities to make more (and I didn’t take them, but the $650 paycheck brought me up to $1000).

  149. Shawn Hetrick says :

    That is a extremely valuable blog. Ive just listened to two posts and already my mind is being freed from authority. I recently got into the dating field and found myself accepting alot of advise from quote authorities without any investigation on my own part and paid out the wazoo for there advise and found none of it worked, but because they had such a authoritive attitude I became convinced that the only way I was to succeed in the dating field was to follow and buy there advise and go to there seminars and buy there products without any research on my part. Thank you for freeing me from this.

    FROM BILL: You really should get Holosync and start using it if you aren’t already. Go to

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  151. Mary says :

    Hi Bill

    Question: How does the ILP Starter Kit differ from Life Principles Online Courses? If they are different, which one do you recommend starting first? Please give an answer to both questions, thank you.

    I’ve been using Holosync Meditation CD’s now for 4 weeks and would like go further in my spiritual development by taking either course above or possibly both, that is if they both have something different to offer.

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks again

    FROM BILL: I don’t have the time to describe each here. In brief, the Intergral Life Starter Kit is a was to improve yourself based on Ken Wiber’s four quandrant perspective: developing 1) the internal of the individual (the subject), 2) the external of the individual (what can objectively be perceived from the outside), 3) the internal of the collective (the internal experience of culture), and 4) the external of the collective (institutions, laws, etc–what can been seen from the outside). Google it and see what they say about it.

    The Life Principles Integration process is about how to become more aware of how you create your internal and external life, particularly how you can, with enough awareness, have a choice about 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or are attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. See for more information.