Awakening Prologue

Improve my mental clarity, emotional health, stress level, confidence, and overall well-being.

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World's Greatest Teachers - Raz-Ingrasci

Digital downloads (MP3 and PDF) of Bill Harris’ interview with human potential expert, Raz-Ingrasci, on improving the quality of your life, career and relationships.

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World's Greatest Teachers - Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks

Digital downloads (MP3 and PDF) of Bill Harris’ interview with relationship experts and authors of over 30 best-selling books, Drs. Gay & Katie Hendricks, on creating intimate and fulfilling relationships.

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Unfolding Perspectives

Making Sense of What It Means to Be Human: This collection of articles about the stages of human development is crucial information for anyone who wants to understand themselves, and why human beings are the way they are.

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Resourceful Belief Builder

Learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and focus instead on beliefs that automatically attract what you WANT into your life (instead of what you don't).

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Autofonix - Total Self Confidence

Unlock your brain’s potential to achieve your dreams. Use the "Total Self Confidence" Autofonix soundtrack to exponentially boost your self confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. Get higher self esteem than you’ve ever had before.

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Autofonix - Attracting Love

The "Attracting Love" Autofonix soundtrack supercharges the magnet of your heart and helps you attract the love you deserve in your life. Become a more loving and compassionate person and experience the world in terms of connectedness.

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