Awakening Prologue

Improve my mental clarity, emotional health, stress level, confidence, and overall well-being! Synchronizing your brain can quite simply catapult you to much higher levels of effectiveness in your work, success in your relationships, and fulfillment in your life.

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Super Learning & Memory

Tap into your brain's inner creative genius and generate "Aha!" moments, as well as natural mental highs

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Total Health & Fitness (THF) Suite: MP3

Overcome unconscious resistance to eating right while you build lasting brain patterns that support a healthy and nutritious diet.

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Ultra Success & Wealth Suite

This 3-track set of Holosync soundtracks (plus bonus soundtrack and a special workbook) is designed to help you succeed and prosper in all areas of life (no matter what your current situation).

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Journey to Self Suite

Journey to Self is a unique and powerful suite of three soundtracks–plus a fourth bonus track–designed to help you discover and experience profound levels of deep personal fulfillment.

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Mind Stim

Put On Your Headphones and Unleash the Power of Your Mind! A unique audio soundtrack based on the work of renowned French physician, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, Mind Stim is designed to sharpen focus and concentration, and improve well-being.

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In the Zone

Exercise with Holosync! This very special Holosync soundtrack gently puts you in the exact brain waves of the flow state known as "the zone" – and keeps you there.

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Sleep Suite

Specially engineered Holosync soundtracks re-train your brain to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep soundly by gently creating the brain wave patterns of deep and restful sleep.

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The Embracing Love Suite: MP3

Take your heart and mind to a whole new level! Enhance every aspect of your relationships with the "Embracing Love" Suite – Four powerful Holosync soundtracks with silent affirmations recorded in our proprietary Autofonix technology.

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Wu Xing Power Suite

Tap into ancient Chinese wisdom from the Wu Xing Elements to take back the power in your life and transform negative emotions into positive assets.

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