Awakening Prologue

Improve my mental clarity, emotional health, stress level, confidence, and overall well-being! Synchronizing your brain can quite simply catapult you to much higher levels of effectiveness in your work, success in your relationships, and fulfillment in your life.

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In the Zone

Exercise with Holosync! This very special Holosync soundtrack gently puts you in the exact brain waves of the flow state known as "the zone" – and keeps you there.

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Autofonix - Easy Weight Loss

The "Easy Weight Loss" Autofonix soundtrack helps you reach the target weight you’ve struggled to achieve...sometimes for years. Powerful affirmations help increase your willpower and remove ingrained patterns that are sabotaging your efforts.

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Autofonix - Perfect Health

All your dreams start with one thing: Better health. Open yourself to a better you! Use the "Perfect Health" Autofonix soundtrack to foster robust energy and get rid of the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from your best self.

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World's Greatest Teachers - Shawn Phillips

Digital downloads (MP3 and PDF) of Bill Harris’ interview with fitness and spiritual guru, Shawn Phillips on more effective, faster training techniques.

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Total Health & Fitness (THF) Suite: MP3

Overcome unconscious resistance to eating right while you build lasting brain patterns that support a healthy and nutritious diet.

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