The Essential Alan Watts Book With CD Commentary by Bill Harris

Get the seminal book by one of the most influential figures in the history of Western spirituality. Also included: A special CD commentary by Bill Harris, "Alan Watts and the Infinite Journey."

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The New Science of Super Awareness (NSSA): Paperback

Get Bill Harris’ best-selling book, "The New Science of Super Awareness", FREE. You pay shipping only. No added "handling" fee! Delivered anywhere in the U.S. for only $6.95 and internationally for only $11.95.

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WorkBook - Submodality Solution + CD

Learn how to take charge of your mind in order to create the thoughts, feelings, results, and experiences you want in life.

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Thresholds of the Mind

Often touted as "one of the best personal growth books ever written", Thresholds of the Mind explains the scientific principles governing mental, emotional and spiritual change, and how you can use this information to greatly accelerate your growth.

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