“I always hated yoga. That is, until I tried it.”

~ MaryEllen Tribby, Centerpointe CEO

Do you want to strengthen muscles and gain more confidence in your balance and movement all while feeling years younger?

For over 30 years, Centerpointe has been the worldwide leader in meditation and brain entrainment tools. And now we have something that also helps your body too - in dozens of ways!

Yes, there are other yoga programs out there. But none combine the benefits of yoga with the power of Holosync. This is truly a complete mental and physical health program all in one.

This is the ONLY program that yoga and non - yoga enthusiasts both love.

I guarantee you have NEVER seen or tried anything like this before!

Dear Friend,

I’ve been there - where you are right now. 

I had friends ask me time after time to take a yoga class. After all, they were offered at my gym. The gym that I was already paying for

But I said no each time.

My oldest daughter would plead with me - “Come to yoga, and after we’ll go to breakfast. Make it a girls morning.” 

Yet, I still said no.

Even my youngest daughter would say, “Mom, yoga will be so good for your tennis, your work and your stress.” 

Again, I said no.

Frankly, I was embarrassed, ashamed and confused. 

Why did I keep turning down my friends and even my own daughters, especially when I knew yoga would help me?

  • Help me with all the aches and pains that come along with aging.
  • Help me with my flexibility and stability.
  • Help me with my overall stress level.

Why was I fighting it so much?

After I really thought about it, the answer finally came to me. 

I simply did not believe I looked like the type of person who does yoga.

I had this ridiculous image in my head that I needed to be 5’10” and be able to do handstands across my kitchen floor in order to partake. 

So the aches and pains got worse and I noticed myself holding on to the railings every time I went up or down a flight of stairs. 

Monday Mornings and Parking Lots

Then one Monday morning I was pulling into the office parking lot and there he was. 

You see, we had just hired this “new guy”, Gregg. And there he was doing all these “unusual”  movements, right there in the parking lot! They were graceful and natural. They did not look difficult. As a matter of fact, they looked kind of fun.

Once I snapped out of my daze, I rushed inside and called Karell (our accountant) to come and look, thinking she would be as shocked as I was. 

And all she said was, “Yeah, he does that every morning.”

Not getting the reaction I was looking for, I immediately went to Marc (our Director of Client Services).&nb