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Beyond the Separate Self: the Unitive stage of development

by / Monday, 28 April 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Finally, after months of blog posts discussing human development, we arrive at the highest developmental level described by Susanne Cook-Greuter: the Ironist or Unitive perspective. Susanne really doesn’t like the name Ironist (which comes from another researcher), so I will refer to those from this stage as Unitives.

At this point it’s important to understand that the stages described by Dr. Cook-Greuter are not theoretical. They are, rather, derived from actual data from real people. This means that the descriptions of the developmental levels I’ve shared (the different perspectives a person can take as they seek to make sense of who they are and how they fit into the world) come from the analysis of data from real people, compiled over many decades.

In other words, Dr. Cook-Greuter describes a level or perspective only if sufficient data exists and she knows that some number of individuals exist who do see things from that perspective.

Almost certainly there are a few rare individuals who see things from perspectives even higher and broader than those described by Susanne Cook-Greuter and summarized in these posts. As time goes by, and more information comes to light, even higher developmental perspectives will no doubt be investigated and cataloged. Many theorists–Ken Wilber, for instance, and several others–have described possible ways of slicing the Unitive stage I’ll describe in this post into several different stages. As of yet, not enough hard data exists for these levels to be anything but theoretical.

You might say, then, that this is a story without an ending, because those living from the highest perspectives are always breaking new ground and exploring new ways to make sense of what it means to be a human being.

So, with that preamble, let’s look at the Unitive perspective, and see how it differs from that of the Magician.

The Magician is, in a way, a transitional stage in the sense that Magicians have one foot, or at least three or four toes, in the separate self, and the other foot in the transcendent. Or, you could say that the Magician experiences the self partly from the perspective of a separate, individual entity, centered inside (and identified with) the body/mind, and partly as the infinite connections linking that body/mind to the rest of the universe. The Magician has seen his ego for what it is–a mere map of reality, a construct, a way of seeing things, rather than something solid–but has not entirely transcended it. The separate self is no longer solidly real for the Magician, but it’s still a significant part of the Magician’s experience of life.

Unitives, though they still have a sense of being a center of awareness in a body, no longer experience themselves as a separate “me.” The separate me isn’t just an idea, a construct, a way of looking at things (as it is for the Magician, and to some degree for the Strategist and the Individualist). Now it is also felt and experienced as such. The Unitive’s felt sense has expanded to include the entire matrix of connections connecting everything in the universe in one universal ever-changing flow.

This is, quite obviously, an entirely new and different way of experiencing human existence and consciousness–a more cosmic or universal perspective. All the paradoxical aspects of existence are now integrated. Polar opposites, such as good and evil, being and not being, self and other, subject and object, existence and non-existence, are experienced without the sense of oppositional tension experienced by those at previous developmental perspectives. Instead, these seeming opposites are just part of the flow of how things are. In terms of time and space, the Unitive’s scale of perspective is infinite, taking in the passing of ages and, in terms of space and distance, the entire infinite universe.

The Unitive is able to take any previous developmental perspective or point of view and shift between perspectives and states of awareness effortlessly. All experiences–joy, grief, life, death, being, not being, pleasure, pain, having, not having–are seen as natural parts of the flow of existence, to be noticed and experienced as they are. The rational mind is not seen as a limitation (as it was by the Magician) but rather as just another manifestation of being human–sometimes useful and allowed to be more prominent, and at other times not needed and allowed to recede into the background.

The Unitive is able, then, to cherish all humans as part of the grand dance and flow of the universe, not needing others to be different than they are. “Higher” stages of development are no longer seen as “better.” Rather, all stages are necessary, interconnected, and always-changing aspects of the human condition.

The Unitive sees himself in similar terms–he has no need to be a certain way and therefore accepts himself in a non-controlling way. Though he may have many achievements, he sees their insignifigance in the grand scheme of things. At the same time, he sees that his contribution to the universe is an essential part of the whole–as is the contribution of every other person, animal, plant, rock, or piece of dust. His humility and grace, however, isn’t so much the result of a decision to be that way as it is a natural and spontaneous expression of his perspective. The Unitive truly sees the bigger picture, which allows him to “play” full out without attachment to what does or does not happen.

The Unitive’s perspective is one of non-ego-involved witnessing, moment-by-moment awareness, and resourceful responses to the infinite number of systems and variables swirling around him–including all the conflicting needs, paradoxes, and constantly shifting realities of the situation. He is no longer identified with a certain “me,” a certain role or identity. He spontaneously takes on whatever persona is necessary in order to catalyze others or in some other way be appropriate to the moment. His concern is quite often outside of what most people would consider his own individual interests–a concern often expressed as an unconditional love for humanity.

The Magician has a highly developed ability to “trust the process” of whatever is going on. The Unitive’s low identification with the separate self and his greater identification with the rest of humanity further elevates this trust–of the way things are, where they are going, and what can and “should” be done–to an even higher (and more selfless) level. To the Unitive, there is an awareness that on an ultimate level everything is happening in a perfect way, even including the fact that the world contains much suffering and many problems. These problems, and any addressing of them, are just parts of the dance, parts of the endless going on of it all.

This is reflected in the Buddhist perspective of the bodhisattva–the awakened being who vows to stay in the world until all beings have been similarly liberated.

The Unitive sees happiness and unhappiness as part of the necessary, temporary (and endless) fluctuations inherent in the human situation. Instead of seeing life in a dualistic way, where some things are appropriate and desirable while others are inappropriate and undesirable, the Unitive experiences the world as a place where all opposites “arise together” and “go together”–in any polarity each side implies (and needs) the other. Up needs (and is defined by) down, here needs there, life needs death, good needs evil, and so on. Positive and negative are seen–and experienced–as mental constructs, as ideas, rather than as innate or intrinsic characteristics of things, events, or people. The Unitive watches as positive turns to negative and back to positive, endlessly–and necessarily. This is, indeed, a totally new and different way of experiencing the world.

Because Unitives don’t seem to be as engaged in the goals, pursuits, and concerns of the rest of humanity, some–particularly Experts, Achievers, and even Strategists–may see them as being more distant from the world. This, however, is a mischaracterization. The Unitive merely sees the perfection of all aspects of the universe. This includes his own motivation to intervene in some cases and his contrasting motivation to leave things alone in others.

Unitives serve to catalyze others just by showing up. Their way of being in the world provides a spontaneous challenge to the perspective of others and demonstrates an alternative way of being in the world. Their ability to see others as whole, their tendency to interact in non-demanding ways, and their effortless comfort and inner security about being human often has a subtle but profound effect on others.

Unitives have a completely internalized transpersonal morality, independent of any particular societal standards or rules. Naturally being in the moment, they decide what is right by intuition. Conflicting impulses or external demands are simply part of life and need not be resolved, only witnessed. If a response is needed, it happens.

The Unitive feels no need to be this or that, to achieve this or that, or to be in this or that state. He may act to be something or achieve something, but this is just “what happens” rather than the result of a need to get somewhere. This seemingly passive attitude, however, in its in-the-moment spontaneity, actually allows the Unitive to take powerful, effective, direct action. It’s as if, in not identifying with a separate self, the universe acts through the Unitive. Buddhists describe this by saying that doing happens, but there is no doer (the implication being that there are no separate doers, and that the real doer is the whole).

The Unitive sees all words, mental maps, representations, theories, meanings, divisions, and boundaries as mere constucts–ideas about the world, rather than the world itself. Instead, reality is experienced as a living, flowing, interconnected continuum, a unified field of possibilities existing now, and only now. At the same time, though, the Unitive sees that words, maps, representations, theories, meanings, divisions, and boundaries are essential aspects of human meaning-making.

Because the peak experiences so strongly sought after by those at previous developmental levels are readily available to the Unitive, these experiences no longer have the extraordinary and often startling quality they have for those at other perspectives. They are one more part of being human, happening in time and then passing away–another wave rising, then falling.

As you might imagine, the Unitive lives in the now moment. He sees that even planning for the future or learning from the past happens in the present moment. Being in the now moment happens naturally because the Unitive isn’t focused on regrets or hurts from the past, nor is he hoping for something better in the future. Paradoxically, the Unitive looks at the universe from an expanded time frame that includes all past and future time–while never leaving the present moment (from the Unitive’s perspective, that’s really all there is–past and future are ideas, not realities).

The Unitive’s stable awareness of the now allows him to see things as they are, without the added meanings created by the mind–though when it serves his purpose he can use ideas, concepts, and mental maps as useful tools. He sees these things for what they are–often useful mental constructs about reality, but not the reality itself.

Life to the Unitive is a temporary eye-blink of separation from the ground of being from which all things emerge. And, the Unitive is aware that this separation, this taking of a human form, is a choice. (Zen master Genpo Roshi speaks of the awakened person as “the one who chooses to be a human being.”) To the Unitive this separation from the ultimate ground of being, and the creation of a enduring separate self, are illusions used to safeguard the ego’s need for permanence and to defend it against the fear of death.

Unitives have transcended such narrow and limiting ego boundaries. They notice but are not preoccupied with whatever enters their awareness. Their perspecitve is that of the witness. This is a watching, more effortless than ordinary willed focus, in which there is awareness but not necessarily an awareness of anything. This is sometimes referred to as pure consciousness, awareness without content. The Unitive notices whatever enters his field of attention, but everything receives equal attention and awareness, and nothing is judged as better or worse, or more or less appropriate. The Unitive, therefore, has an open, non-grasping and non-judging experience of life.

The Unitive sees his life’s work as a natural outcome of his participation in the flux and flow of the whole. He cares about the problems of humanity, even while he sees their perfection, and works for fairness, justice, and benevolence toward all. Magicians and Strategists see themselves as masters of their souls, but the Unitive sees this control of life as both illusory and unnecessary. All outcomes, all ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, or being are part of the flow and all are equally valuable. Whatever happens just is. Even not-being is valuable. This is a way of looking at life difficult for those from other perspectives to understand.

The full range of beingness is available to the Unitive. In one moment he can be serious and in the next, playful. He can be personal or global, simple or complex, serene or active, rational or transcendent, sublime or silly. He can also be sad or angry, or exhibit any other human expression. As you might imagine, only a small number of people live from this perspective.

With this look at the Unitive developmental stage, we come to the end of our overview of the various developmental levels. I began this series because, despite its fundamental importance, one’s developmental level is rarely taken into account in descriptions of human interaction, values, morality, politics, psychology, or behavior.

Humans interpret and respond to whatever they experience from their particular developmental perspective, yet few who observe humanity are aware of this spectrum of perspectives–much less where they come from, how a person from each thinks and behaves, or how to deal with persons from different perspectives. Expecting a person from one perspective to see the world from another perspective is futile, whether they are a Democrat, a Republican, an Iraqi soldier, a South African tribesman, a 14 year-old high school freshman, or a born-again Christian. You can’t argue or reason another person out of their level of development.

As you view and relate to other people, or as you watch the news, I hope you will realize that each person thinks and acts from his particular developmental perspective, and that this is the only way he can make sense of his environment and his life. All perspectives include a certain type of cognition, a way of determining what is right or wrong, a way of relating to spiritual matters, a way of understanding one’s sense of self, a way of deciding what is important and what to believe (including a way of determining what is “true” and what criteria are used to determine that truth), certain strategies for navigating the world, and a lot more. Understanding these perspectives allows you to see why people act as they do, and it allows you to better communicate with them (or realize that you probably aren’t going to get through to them).

And, of course, understanding these developmental levels also allows you to better understand yourself, to understand why you see things the way you do–and to realize that your perspective is just one of many.

As I said toward the beginning of this series, whatever your perspective, you are immersed in something, which means that you are unaware of it. In fact, in being immersed in something, you are it.

Your perspective is, in fact, the place where you are stuck, the place where you are unaware. Genpo Roshi once asked me to express to him my current understanding of the way things are. I gave a very Zen-like answer: everything happens by itself, there’s no doer other than the universe as a whole, everything is connected, and so forth. He then looked me in the eye and said, “Now doubt that.” He was really saying, “Your current understanding is where you are stuck.”

Keep in mind that each perspective is a way of making sense of being here, one of many possible ways of dealing with the trials, tribulations, and ups and downs of being a human being–which you may have noticed can be quite a challenge. Each of these ways of making sense of things works for as long as it works, which could be a few years, or a lifetime. If your way of making sense of things stops working, it’s probably because you acquired more information, had new experiences, or were thrust into a new situation, and in this new situation the old way of making sense of things just doesn’t work any longer.

At such times you feel uncomfortable and a bit lost–until you develop a new way of making sense of things, one that transcends and includes the old way, and can handle the new situation and take into account the new information.

And, finally, remember that awareness drives development. Whatever you are immersed in you are unaware of, like a fish in water. When you do become aware of it (if you do), your perspective changes. It expands. The goal here, if there is one, is to continually enlarge your perspective–until it ultimately includes everything. As that happens, your point of view moves from being me-centered, to group-centered, to world-centered, and finally to cosmos-centered. As this happens, care increases, compassion increases, and love increases.

And, lord knows, that’s what the world needs.

So, whatever you’re doing, watch. Learn to be the witness. Watch your body. Pay attention to how it feels and how it moves. Notice how those feelings and sensations change. Watch your emotions. Watch your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideas, the meanings you put on things. Watch everything. Be with all of it, right now, in each moment. You can even watch your sense of “I am,” your sense of existing. And, since Holosync creates increasingly deeper awareness (you knew I’d end up here eventually) and allows this watching to be more and more effortless, keep meditating with Holosync every day. If you do, you will greatly accelerate your growth.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long journey. I don’t know what I’ll tackle next, but I hope you’ll find it interesting and useful as you do your best to make sense of what it means to be a human being.

One last thing before I go–a reminder that Zen master Genpo Roshi and I will be doing another Big Mind workshop in New York on June 28-29. This is an opportunity to have a profound experience of the transcendent, to find out what it feels like to be one with everything, to be awake to who you really are–and, to experience any number of profound insights normally taking decades of meditation to realize. Nearly everyone who has attended a Big Mind workshop has described it as the most profound experience of his or her life. I would love for you to have this experience.

These workshops fill up extremely quickly, so if you are interested, go to right now and grab a seat. I look forward to meeting you in person in New York, June 28-29.

Until next time,

Be well.


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160 Responses to “Beyond the Separate Self: the Unitive stage of development”

  1. Terry HS says :

    Gosh; it’s about time! I’ve been on the edge of my seat for the past three weeks. Not so long next time. This stuff is too riveting!

  2. Sam says :

    Awesome! I’m at that level……………… not! ;)

  3. Hubert says :

    Thank you.

  4. Will says :

    Thanks for the post on the final developmental level.

    Ok, how do we get there. Will using Holosync over a 10 yr period give us the awareness that is needed to reach the unitive stage?

    Would it be possible to hear from,say, ten people who have completed the programme? As, apart from your good self, we have very few examples. Maybe some EEG results from them as well would be great and compared with someone at the unitive stage.

    Thanks, Will.

  5. Tim Johnson says :

    Wow. Thank you Bill so much for that post and all the previous posts on developmental levels. I’ve learned so much these past weeks and greatly appreciate the clarity with which you’ve explained these ideas. I feel like I’ve grown more just by reading them! Looking forward to meeting you and Genpo in Seattle this weekend!

  6. Mark Lurtsema says :


  7. Susan Hay says :

    My God, this series on developmental levels has been riveting from start to finish. What a gift you have, Bill, for taking complex ideas and making them readable by ordinary folks like me! Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us all.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see where your inquiring mind takes you next….

  8. Thankyou Bill for a very interesting and profound series of articles…. now waiting to see where you take us next….

  9. Mark Evans says :

    Yea, I’d like to hear from some other people who’ve completed the whole Holosync program too!


  10. Santiago Jimenez says :

    Amaaaaazing …….just amaaaaaazing , thank you so much Bill, see ya in NYC !!

  11. Thanks Bill! In response to Tim…
    I’m also amazed that even just by reading this we can grow! It certainly brings clarity to ourselves and having an idea of how ‘it’ all fits together.

  12. Darrell says :

    An interesting journey, Mr. Harris. I’m on a couple of discussion lists where such topics are often batted about. I’ve passed your link on a couple of times in conversation because of this series. Well done.


    Darrell G. King
    Rochester, NY, US

    In the Now, it’s not that past and future don’t exist; it’s more like they don’t intrude. – D. King

    Metacognition Discussions: Do you train your mind? Share your views and experience!

    Mensans in positive conversation:

  13. Jacki says :

    It sounds like you are referring to unconditioned awareness. This is our natural openness of watching what is, which includes watching thoughts, feelings, and the physical world. You can live your life focused mostly on your thoughts of INTERPRETING what is, which is stressful. Or you can live your life, the reality of it, without losing your awareness of it in the thoughts, which is stress free.

  14. David says :

    Thank-you Bill for this series of posts. I have found them to be inspiring as well as informative. The inspiration comes from seeing what possibilities lie ahead if I stay the course. I initially started Holosync to overcome bi-polar disorder that no longer responds to any kind of medication. After one year things are much better – I still get depressed but the episodes are shorter and less debilitating. Ironically I am starting to see depression differently. The Dalai Lama once said “My enemy is my greatest teacher.” I now see depression as the enemy that has taught me a great deal. I am much more compassionate now where I used to be indifferent. I now feel overcoming bi-polar is secondary to psychological growth and I’m confident Holosync will be a big factor in that growth. Thank you for Holosync and thanks again for the posts.

  15. Edward Pisko, M.D. says :

    This has been an unbelievable experience for me and I am very appreciative of your efforts. Your explanation of the unitive stage of development made me sigh and say “well that explains alot, if not everything that is ongoing in my life”. Thank you for Holosync which brings it all together and thanks to Genpo Roshi who makes it all so visceral and real.


    Ed Pisko

  16. todd says :

    in response to will’s post, i would first like to say– Fabulous question… and the only one that is needed.
    i believe we must remember also that as soon as the question is asked the answer is given– we must simply discover it!
    so, will, and all others who are so Blessed to ask such an inquiry, ask this question in meditation and simply pay attention to thoughts, things, persons, and events that occur in your Life. i do believe these simple instructions will amaze you.
    … but that just my perspective. ;)
    ALL Peace, Prosperity, & Happiness to ALL!

  17. Jessica A says :

    “You can’t argue or reason another person out of their level of development.”
    Yet, you CAN catalyze people just by being around them if you are of a high level of development, as noted in this quote:
    “He spontaneously takes on whatever persona is necessary in order to catalyze others or in some other way be appropriate to the moment.”

    I have been internalizing the fact that I can’t reason another person out of their level of development, as much as I try with words or good deeds. That’s where Bill’s advice of “let whatever IS be okay” really starts to make sense! I would say that Genpo Roshi is in the place where he can catalyze your spiritual growth just by being in the same room with him!

  18. John Griggs says :

    Thank you for such amazing and thought provoking material, and for the simply complex way you write it.

    Will, I am almost halfway through the program and I can say that in reading this material, it is easy for me to comprehend because with my continued use of Holosync I am experiencing these words as an experiential awareness-as a happening that I am all aspects “of”. I am aware that this might sound a bit airey-fairey however it is a challenge to explain a fully engaged experience of anything let alone a wholeness happening all at once!

    Perhaps a small slice of experience might temporarily sooth your roaring hunger for more.
    I am a Comedian and the other night I found myself spontaneously questioning to my audience; I wonder what the world would be like if each one of us individually allowed themselves to experience ALL their emotions the same way many of us “feel” laughter. We just let it happen. We don’t think to try and stop it or “Do” anything with it, it begins from nothing and ends to nothing and it’s all fine by all of us and thouroghly enjoyed because most of us were brought up in the world to understand laughter as being a “safe” emotion to express. Imagine if we did that with what we perceive are the “negative” feelings, allowed ourselves to experience them as safe to express fully and in the moment. Without judgement, without acting out emotionally or physically on others, we just let them live themselves out like we do a good laugh at a good joke.

    Now I’m not there yet, but as I ponder this question and a greater world imagined has it’s way with this Demonstrator I call me. In other words I begin to experience myself resisting these so called negative feelings by either wanting to distract myself or justify myself. I want to place meanings all over them. As this experiencing comes into increased focus I remind myself to “let whatever happens be okay,” Or “Let go and let God happen,” and of course this means not to quiet the mapmaker, but to be aware of the mapmaker wanting to do it’s job and make it’s map. As I watch and experience this process, letting the wholeness of the feeling happen, it seems to go back to the nowhere it came from in the first place.

    During the course of this process I am left a gift. As I let go the feeling passes along, leaving with it several golden nuggets of awarenes that we call Ah-Ha’s, (which I prefer to call Ah-Ha-Ha’s as I do prefer experiencing laughter as much as possible.)
    Thus, I seem to be experiencing my feelings more fully and freely than I ever thought possible when I first started Holosync, as I was started doing Holosync to “stop” the negative feelings. I have come to realize that I was stopping all my feelings at the exit gate of my mind, forcing them and their susequent thoughts to rattle around in my mapmaker and thus nibbling away at my perception of reality, the same way that adorably detestable mole I call “Chewy” is nibbling away at my vegetable garden as I type these very words. I must admit, I love seeing how I can defer Chewy without hurting him, he knows it, we both enjoy the game.

    It’s true what Bill says, The best thing to “do” about any of this is nothing but let it be. Let it breathe it’s life within you and without you. It will anyways.
    Peace In

  19. Philip Hamilton says :

    Thanks for the journey Bill,
    I enjoyed being there since 9-07.
    It is great to hear a Buddhist thought in western terms!
    You have added much to my growth as an Unitive!
    All the Best,

  20. Alan says :

    Hi Bill, thanks for the explanations of the different perspectives. For me they have been right on the mark. I have been using holosync for almost six years (I am ready to order level 8) and it’s almost eerie to look back and see how I have progressed through these different levels of perspectives.

    Currently I see myself in the magician perspective and my hope is someday (with the help of holosync) I will awaken to the final perspective. I find that the witnessing and living in the moment much easier now than when I first started. Although I still find myself caught in the throes of my ego too much for my liking. At least now I can sometimes catch myself when it takes over in those challenging times we all face everyday.

    Staying in the “now” is such a simple concept yet not easy. So for all those people uncertain if they should continue with holosync all I can say is it definitely has changed my spiritual & personal life for the better and I look forward to finishing all the levels.

    Thanks Alan

  21. Chris says :

    Thanks for this series of articles Bill! Really a true eye opener, and as Tim Johnson pointed out, it really makes me feel like I’ve grown and my perspective has expanded because of your posts. Thanks a bunch!

  22. Melissa says :

    Reading about all the different developmental levels has been very revealing and enlightening for me. I think of what I have or have not experienced myself and also recognize the levels of those around me. I feel this topic has given me a greater understanding not only of myself but also of all people and the workings of the world. It has definitely given me a sense of increased freedom and peace. I am grateful for each moment of awareness and the joy it brings :) Thank you so much Bill, and I look forward to your next topic!

  23. Barry says :

    Possible steps to achieving this state.
    Do the workbook in “A course in Miracles”. (It’s Free on the net) The text book portrays the ego as an enemy and it is more as Genpo shows us that the ego is like of a well meaning friend though misguided.
    Be gentle and loving to all beings, unconditionally.
    Surrender all desires and fears to God in the moment they occur.
    Cease judgement and opinon on what occurs.

    Love you,

    From Bill:

    The steps to this stage go through all the other stages, in order.

  24. Will says :

    Hi again,

    In response to Todd (msg 16).Thanks.

    I hear you, but still would like to have it in black and white . Not asking for Bill to stamp ‘ENLIGHTENMENT GUARANTEED’ on every cd (though it would shift some units). Just curious to know,as Bill has taken the time to write about these stages, how far in vertical development Holosync will take you.

    A few Graduate examples would help this matter.


  25. Lynda Silva says :

    Thank you Bill for all these invaluable posts. I have learned so much and I’m sure that I could not have gotten through this material on my own and without your wonderful writing skills.

  26. kimbo says :

    love in the past is just a memory…
    love in the future can only be a fantasy…
    true love lives in the here and now

  27. Martin (from Montreal, Canada) says :

    Hi Bill,

    First, warm thanks to you and your team at Centerpointe for ALL you’re doing.

    Question to you and all:
    Is there any relationship between the “Unitive” stage of development and what the “Unicists based ontology” is suggesting, from the standpoint of how the universe is perceived?

    Thanks, Martin

  28. Ros Prasad says :


    I really appreciate all the research you have done on this material, and your willingness to share it with everyone. This has inspired me to look further and read the work of others that you mention, for example Ken Wilber. It has really opened me up to an expanded way of thinking. I have also been using Holosync for a couple of years now, and found it has helped me to deal with life’s challenges much more calmly.

    It would be great if you and Genpo Roshi could come to Australia one day and run some Big Mind workshops!!

    With love and appreciation,

  29. Sammy says :

    Hey Bill.

    These are great summeries… Human Development is truly a facinating and complex topic.

    I’m eighteen years old and have been holosincing for about a year now and I am really enjoying it. My only issue is that, living in Australia, we don’t really seem to get any of your retreats coming over here.

    The retreats you are currently doing with Genpo partucularly stand out to me.

    Come to Australia!!!

  30. S. Brimacombe says :

    Hi — after reading about all of the stages how do you figure out which one you’re at — and will that help? I’ve noticed that I have qualities and experiences from all of them and it just depends on what’s going on in the moment as to which stage I’m exhibiting at that moment. I certainly don’t feel enlightened though. Honestly, the more I grow — the less I know. As I look out into the world it’s just one big huh?! It all seems pretty wild and crazy to me — an overload of stimulation. I’m constantly trying to locate my center that feels rock-like and still and keep me sane.

    I welcome anybody’s reply who recognizes this and has some insight. THX!

  31. Catherine Winn says :

    I am on about the fourth level of holosync and I stopped there. I really wanted to feel that there were changes happening to me, but I can’t honestly say that any have. Since I am down in Mexico it is difficult to get things shipped to me….. so between this effort and paying for it I guess it defeated me, altho something in me is still pursueing this same trend. Perhaps you have run across this type of reaction before and can ‘enlighten’ me. Thanks ,
    Catherine Winn

  32. Mary says :

    Hi Bill,
    thanks so much for this and the others posts. It made me go deeper into the subject and read Cook-Greuter original texts. Do I have to say more ;-)?

    Anyway, thanks again

  33. rIch says :

    and it is still on some relational levels not easy.

  34. Peggy Winkler says :

    Thank you, Bill. It’s so interesting to see how you have changed and grown since the first time I read and listened to you. You’ve always been naturally articulate, and a joy to read and hear. And I love Holosync. Peggy

  35. Thanks for the email. I like to read and hear about all the things you advise. However, I’m the “customer from Hell” for the time being, because I’m unemployed with no money to spend on your products. Drat!

    Re: above (email required) I’m already on your mailing list.


  36. Juan Lugo says :

    Aloha Kakahiaka Nui, Bill!

    I felt like a stranger in a strange land with my thoughts of living, loving and embracing the moment, because my family, friends and acquaintances would joke with me that I was not right. My wife would become angry with me because the things that “she” thought should upset me; would not and then something trivial, would cause me take notice. I shared this post with her, as well as the others, but this time an “aha” moment resonated within her and her statement to me was, “So, there are others like you in the world! I now understand what you have been saying to me and I also understand that I would become angry with you for being so happy and understanding of whatever happened. I want to share this journey with you!”

    Mahalo nui loa,

  37. Faye says :

    Very interesting descriptions of levels. It’s been my experience that these levels do not exist as hard and fast, seperate, well divided states of consciousness, but rather as leaves of sorts that often overlap and interweave within one another. I may have moments where I am perceiving at one level and through a shift of focus am able to bring in aspects of another.
    In the past when you wrote about those who believe in ‘magic’ as being at lower levels of development, I obviously had a misunderstanding of your meaning. In your description here of the ‘unitive state’ you say, “Life to the Unitive is a temporary eye blink in seperatoin from the ground of being from which all things emerge, and the unitive is aware that this seperation, this choice to take human form is a choice.” As far as I’m concerned, to live with this knowledge is to live from what I would call a “place of magic”.
    To live in the realization that we are not merely the body and mind we percieve as self is the basis of grasping the fact that we are in fact at the helm of everything that occurs within our reality – EVERYTHING…. we are creating it all!! Which leads to this next point.
    You state, “The unitive cares about the problems of humanity, even while he sees their perfection, and works for fairness, justice and benevolence for all. Whatever happens, “just is”…… If one truly sees this as perfection – then why would they ‘work’ to change it?..and then, that the progressioin of levels goes from ‘me-centered, group centered to world centered)
    From my perspective, if I truly realize that all that is appearing within my reality is nothing more than my creation, a reflection of what is within, then the truth is that to become embroiled within the problems of the world would be on par with intervening within the plot of a play I am watching. If I know that it is all perfect, and that whatever happens ‘just is’, then how could I even garner up enough motivation to get embroiled within the perceived ‘problems of the world’. The ‘benevolence’ part, I do understand – as that comes from a place of acceptance of the all and an outpouring or loving energy.

    I would therefore surmise that the highest level of the unitive state would not be demonstrated by one who goes out of their way to serve the ‘world’, as there would be a deep understanding of the fact the world as we’ve been taught to think about it – does not exist. In truth, there is no ‘out there’, it’s all being creator by “I” as the perceiver.

  38. john dupuy says :

    Bill, Thank you so much. This was just extraordinary. Half way through this last entry I wanted to stand on my chair and applaud! Talk about writing well about a difficult subject. This developmental view changes everything, and I think this knowledge and how to work with it may prove to be one of the most important intellectual milestones in human history. A detail I might add to this unitive stage/s. It becomes what I call “transtemporal”, This means one realizes that that the Self (big Self, not small self) does not arise in time, but that the dimension of time arises in the Self. The whole “eternal life” thing the exitential dread on non-existence is exploded as a separate self construct/fiction, and all one can do is shake ones head and laugh. Your IT. Games over.



  39. Laurel says :

    Apart from this wonderful content, I have just one tangential query: Why did you use exclusively male pronouns? He, him, his, etc. No she, her, hers at all ! Not one.

    As a professional editor, I notice these things, and I found it distracting to think that, for you, the world is solely comprised of male people, or at least those are the ones you are speaking to.

    I would like to think that this was unintentional on your part. But have you noticed the effort in publishing and in publications generally to rectify the imbalance in our culture — an imbalance that is so evident when only male people are mentioned in print?

    It’s no longer enough to say, “Well, by saying ‘he,’ I mean everyone.”

    Please consider an acknowledgement in your choice of pronouns that over 50% of the world’s populace is other than male. It will make a subtle but nonetheless palpable difference in your writing to the Holosync community. Thanks so much.

  40. San says :

    I think I am looking into this world you discribe. I am at purification 2 cd4 and I am at a loss what to say after reading this blog. I used to be a hard charging professional who knew what should be done in most situations and things had to go my way. Well, my career crashed and burned. It took me years to reinvent myself with the help of holosync. I am in a new competitive career environment now and for some reason, without using my will power, l let whatever happen be ok. It just happens that I don’t have the appetite to don’t jump up and defend what I believe should be mine in my work environment and personal life anymore, however, everything appears to be falling in place for me. Thanks for explaining this.

  41. Jo-Anne H says :

    Well, those last few paragraphs really took my breath away. I’ve been facilitating Authentic Movement groups here in the UK to help people do exactly what you suggest – witnessing yourself in the moment, being however you need to be in the presence of others, feeling and expressing whatever needs to arise (if anything does), noticing what thoughts, judgements and perceptions arise in the self whilst moving and whilst witnessing others – and I’m constantly amazed by how simple and profound this practice is and how difficult it is sometimes to follow! You’ve given me a wonderful affirmation of the purpose of this practice and why I find it so powerful, deceptively so, when no-one is “doing anything special” except being here now. Thank you for giving me a renewed sense of the value of “Practising Presence”, as well as for this fascinating journey through the developmental levels; I’ve been forwarding the blog posts on to various people who I know also find them as interesting as I do. Good luck to you in your own ongoing journey, Bill. You be well too! ;-)

  42. Freda says :

    So what do you think about Eckhart Tolle,? I believe He is at the highest point of Universal Awareness I would like to know what your feelings are about him and his worldwide web broadcast “A New Earth” with Oprah Winphrey. This has been very inspiratually for me. Thankyou, Freda

  43. rob says :

    You’re a very bright soul. I have a favor to ask of you — can you please please please be more concise and brief?

  44. Mark Lightcap says :

    Dear Bill,
    First a comment on your post: It occurs to me that in the 8 years I’ve been reading and marveling at your insightful newsletters and posts, you yourself have grown tremendously. Congratulations!

    To those who wonder if listening to Holosync is worth it: I started listening to Holosync back in 2000. I have listened and meditated to the soundtracks religiously. I am now up to Flowering, Level 3. Here is where I am now thanks to Holosync and my stick-to-it attitude: 1. The cobwebs in my life are finally starting to clear. 2. I no longer even think about killing myself to end my emotional pain. 3. I have so much more patience now it’s unbelievable. I’m talking about patience with myself. (I’ve always had lots of patience with other people.) Do I still get frustrated and angry? Sure but not nearly as often and now I am able to let the anger go much more quickly. 4. I have accomplished some goals I had that I don’t think I’d ever have accomplished without my daily meditation with Holosync. I am retired at the age of 59, able to spend my time writing songs (my passion) and recording music. I am doing what I want to do. 5. I rarely get sick anymore. I was able to lower my cholesterol levels and blood pressure among other health related concerns just by mentally concentrating on it while meditating. (I combined Qigong with Holosynch to accomplish this.) I’m not saying any of this will work for you, I do know for a fact however, that it’s worked for me. 6. The sky seems bluer and the leaves on the trees seem greener these days. 7. Life for me is no longer good or bad, life just is. I plan on meditating with Holosync as long as this body of mine will let me.

  45. BERNADINE says :

    I know I am eveything, down to every tree and ant, how do I know this because i have witnessed the Oness.

    However I do not like okra or liver, this is the individual me.

    I have experienced life as being good, not necesarily fair


  46. Charalee says :

    Very interesting material.

  47. Humm…notice within self huge chaos even while calm and stillness permeate my actions and immediate environment. Sooo confused, the map is crumpled and I can’t find meaning or even want to at the moment. And I’m only in my first year of Holosync, egads.

    Thanks a bunch Bill,
    Angelika O.

    P.S. So grateful for your online course!!

  48. Graham says :

    I have traveled many paths of development .. some religious … some philosophical. To one extent or another they are all ordered – structured – regimented and squeezed into templates of ‘understanding’ with annotated ‘explanation’. For me they all depend upon devotees mutual insecurities and an imprisonment of the soul.
    My answer is surrender. To unconditionally open my heart and welcome in the totality and One of the Universe.

    You can share some of what I have found at

  49. Joshua says :

    Well–well—well…..I’ve arrived, and didn’t even know it….!!

  50. Kyle says :

    Thank you, Bill

    For your generous contribution to this work.

  51. michele demchik says :

    your words gently flow though my mind. i thank you!!

  52. Bill. You said it would be short. My head hurts.
    A devoted fan.
    By the way… Get a grip on yourself.

  53. Jan says :

    Thanks, Bill, for all the information. This is quite deep, but the stream is definitely there. However, I do agree with some other folks, who would like to hear from people who’ve completed Holosync. This would be very intriguing.

    Your posts here, are so informative and enlightening. The entire program opens so many new doors for people who are not aware.

    I’ve also been a firm believer that if we give all of these thoughts over to God, all of the ill feelings regarding others, this world would be at peace. Caring and thoughtfulness toward others, is the first major step.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to say a few things.


  54. Hi Bill and dear friends of Holosync,
    I was very interested to read about the Unitive stage of development as I have followed the different stages of our evolution with curiosity. Each stage I was able to say, ahh yes, I remember that one. Having been a meditation practitioner for 40 years, I have my story of exponential growth that has occurred during the last several months of using Holosync. Many of my experiences are prefaced by a huge “Ouch!” as conditioned responses and old issues have come to the surface in a fury.
    Thankfully, the breakthroughs have been life-changing and the peace that overrides attachment is growing more and more, literally hour to hour.
    Personally, by direct experience, I use my own growth as an experimental stage upon which I utilize the various techniques offered through Bill’s tapes and the Sedona Method and various other philosophical/spiritual/ scientific/exercise regimens. I have literally felt my brain change!
    A detachment to ups and downs has brought many sighs of relief. Other emotional attachments such as despair, or high hopes, have been experienced as being one and the same within the larger continuum, thereby losing importance within the context of patiently waiting for the external drama to resolve or the inner drama to reveal the deeper letting go requirement. All is experienced through the perspective of what I call “The 500 Year Buddha” meditation. This statement alone, sends me directly to a historical perspective of our human stories, whenever I am tempted to personally engage in a drama, a potentially fearful or emotionally charged situation, or even the ordinary requirements of everyday life that used to feel frustrating or overwhelming.
    I identified with the Unitive stage and chuckled at the reference to Magician, as indeed the detachment to suffering feels like magic.
    The magical quality being that while no longer reacting to life from the previous perspectives, a genuine caring for the effect of suffering in the lives of friends, relatives and people in the marketplace, gives my life a deeply sacred request to hold the stillness and the 500 year Buddha perspective for the sake of all of us. Thanks to the boost from Holosync, I am able to fulfill my lifelong goal to be of service to this great silence that resides in every one of us. I am able to feel the “pervasive eternal” in the middle of a storm and hold it, not only for myself, but for the “my same self” that is present everywhere at all times and in every person.
    Thank you so much for your work Bill, and your associates. Exactly what I needed at the time I needed it appeared.
    In service to the great “Aha!”
    Your friend,
    Teya Priest Johnston

  55. Alison says :

    Great reading Bill,
    Thanks for being there….

  56. Didi Wang says :

    Thanks for the blogs that put my own development in the “big picture” for me. It’s now easier to see how people relate to each other why people are different. I guess it’s much easier for me to trust the process of growth after reading the blogs. Once again thanks very much. All the best,

  57. Ed says :

    I found this section to be very helpful–it helped me stretch into new realms. It helped me loosen up where I could feel I was fixated or stuck. I do question, however, how realistic it is to say that the Unitive allows whatever to arise and doesn’t see one state as any better than another, as all are part of the mix of the human condition. In Holosync, there is the sense that having choice is better than not having choice, that being resourceful is better than being unresourceful, and so on. And even though all is happening simultaneously, there still does seem to be an evolutionary direction from lower to higher.

  58. Genevieve says :

    When Bill sent me an email asking me to send feedback about this post, I really felt like he was asking me personally. Bill said the new addition to the blog was short, but I thought it was quite long actually, which is , of course, a matter of opinion. In terms of feedback, I have read about this stage of development before somewhere , although it may have not been called the Unitive stage. Reaching the unitive stage would be great, but what I do not understand, is whether being a unitive would be like being a person who is so omnipotent, god-like and allusive, adaptable and perhaps even characterless that I am wondering if being at that stage would be easy to live at. Perhaps unitives are lonely? Are they liked by others who have not reached this highest stage? Does my comment make sense to anyone, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Will Bill respond to my comment? I am doing Holosync and I like it. I have been emotional, but I am having some great insights into my life. In addition one time while I was using it, I saw bright lights even though my eyes were closed, which I know is a sign of hitting some kind of zone of pleasure for me. I have similar lights arise in front of me in my mind when I have a very strong orgasm. I am being very honest here, but not in order to shock, but simply to explain what I experienced. I used to see these kinds of lights when I was about 6-9 years old, I remember, and I was very disappointed when I found myself not able to summon them at will when I went to sleep at night. These lights stopped coming to me for some reason.

    I will have to read the blog again to really understand it.


  59. I have been reading Ken Wilber for over ten years now, so the postings have not been that new to me, but they have been a good refresher and good to help remained focussed on what really matters. I find myself constantly having to be alert for the arrogance of, “wow I’m pretty high up the tree” and keep reminding myself that it all doesn’t matter, it’s being what you are where you are whatever that is. but having said that having a wee road map of what might be coming up is helpful to draw us along on the journey.

    I’ve been doing holosync for about 8 months and frankly its a struggle. I’m finding far less happening in my meditation than previously. My life is going fabulously well and that may be due to Holosync in part at least. The concepts certainly make sense, so I’m happy keeping at it.

  60. Terry says :


  61. Terry says :


  62. Bill,
    THanks as always for your work in general but more specifically for this latest series of write ups.Very accurate and informative.Perhaps you could suggest individuals at these levels and or thought systems that adhere and arise from such levels of development.Also i believe your readers would benifit from suggestions for the specif practices and requirements for reaching each of these stages individually.Also a accurate guide for examining where ones developmental level is and how to consistantly raise and remain in the Higher Levels.

    Looking forward to your next series,it will be interesting to see what is next for Centerpointe,what programs are to come and if Synthisis and Integration become part of the program so as to assist in a more wholistic approach to raising the collective Consciousness and guiding Humanity through the stages of development.I would like to see your work take a more Global Perspective and adress issues of Developing Nations and the task of bringing them safely through their levels of Development.

    Once again thank you and thank you to everyone who participated and who have been “Raised Up” due to these writings and technology.We are all participating in a very special phase of the Cosmic Evolution and unfoldment.Earth herself is raising into higher Unitive stages and all her Beloved SOns and Daughters will be brought will her.It is up to us to align with her Higher Dimensional self and ourselves transform Lower and outdated modes of Consciousness and to develop ourselves and others through these stages consistantly.I wish you all dear ones most speedy and Integrated Personal Spiritual,Mental,Emotional and Physical Development and Ascension!

    In Love,Power,Wisdom and Harmony,


  63. Mark says :

    I have read your posts on human development with interest for the past several months. I think it represents a good model for trying to understand the nature of human development and experience. It is also hierarchical, which isn’t a necessarily a bad thing — although I detect an assumption that it is somehow better to be a unitive or a magician or a whatever. This may be because many of the people who have an interest in this development model are functioning along “second-tier” lines, and most of us have an inherent belief that so-called higher development levels are better than less developed levels.

    I was interested enough to take the SCTi survey, which yielded interesting results. I am still chewing on the results I received. Not surprisingly, questions I answered ran the gamut of the entire development hierarchy — and several of my answers were interpreted with different meanings than those I was trying to express–which probably underscores some limitations on the enterprise. I am in the process of having people I am close to review the survey to get their perspectives. I am also seeing a therapist, and have shared it with him. At some point, I may even schedule some time with Ms. Cook-Greuter.

    As I said, my curiosity is peeked — in that I am both interested in understanding myself better, but am also greatly interested in how this model can be used to make better sense of the human condition.

    As far as unitive — I have never met an enlightened person. I have met people who claimed they are enlightened because they had opportunistic tendencies…but actual unitive…I am not sure. Of course, perhaps I have met such a person, but failed to recognize it.

  64. Jeff Harrison says :

    Thanks Bill,
    Very rich series.
    Thanks all who post here; I don’t know about you but I take comfort knowing you/we are out there/here.

  65. Chris Zourides says :


    I thoroughly enjoyed your articles on the different stages of human development. VERY interesting stuff! I particularly enjoyed relating to the “Magician”. I feel as if it has put a good deal of perspective on my own growth over the years and it is comforting to know that this journey we are all on is an upward one whereby oneness is the ultimate experience. I look forward to continuing with Holysync and increasing my threshold, as well as experiencing more love, joy and eventually oneness in my life.
    Thank you!


  66. Visvas says :

    Hi Bill,

    I really enjoyed this series of blogs on developmental stages. It certainly sheds light on the whole process and greatly enhances the understanding of self development and the use of Holosync technology. Moreover, I get a greater understanding of the experiences of the unitive person, because as you are going through the holosync technology that awareness becomes more pronounced and the experiences you encounter relate to the description of the unitive person, or at least that is what I have experienced.

  67. Michael Ferguson says :

    Sounds like the unitive entity is a man for all seasons a comellion. Becomes what ever is needed?

  68. Robert Allen says :

    …..thanks for this great series Bill. I am starting Purification Level 2 now and have had a number of big “shifts” during the past two weeks or so. Intuitively (or thereabouts), I know I am going toward this Unitive stage and seemingly at an accelerated pace. It feels like being on the threshold of it, in infant form: not really there yet (fully enlightened), or fully grown, but what a contrast to what I was!
    …..and thanks for creating Holosync.

  69. Max Tobin says :

    Well articulated and leaves the space to open to the grace in a wonderful way.
    Wonderful to see all the awakening happening at this time of Divine Remembering.

    Blessings for you and your work.

    >>>>All the paradoxical aspects of existence are now integrated. Polar opposites, such as good and evil, being and not being, self and other, subject and object, existence and non-existence, are experienced without the sense of oppositional tension experienced by those at previous developmental perspectives.

    Nicely put; BUT one can discern intent and choice and does not deliberatly linger in a realm where the choice is to manipulate or control the choices of others; nor to neglect response ability. I find there is a greater receptivity to my claim that the forgotten choice of seperation is the primal dis-ease. We align at this time with the Divine and all healing and revealing is possible.
    However, the service is to assist our brothers and sisters that we may all be inspired to remember this living wisdom of heart centered being.

  70. Meribeth says :

    Thanks for describing these developmental steps, especially the fact that even the most advanced can still experience anger or sorrow. When this happens to me (I’ve reached my current threshhold a couple of times lately), I was feeling I had somehow failed and was not applying the appropriate principles. If I experience anger because a tenant does not pay his rent for instance, and I decide to take the steps for eviction, have I lost that sense of oneness or unconditional love?

  71. Rebecca Andrew says :

    I understand intellectually what you have been saying. I doubt if there is enough time in this lifetime for me to achieve the highest level. I have just begun my journey. Will be interesting to see where it takes me.

    Thank you for one of the paths I’ve chosen to follow…

  72. jane wexler says :

    Hi Bill
    I am from Australia, where kangaroos jump down the city streets….(in our dreams). I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your latest blog. There is something particularly compassionate about the way you have written it and it leaves me with a great feeling of connection with the world.
    Thank you

  73. gloria says :

    Once again a brillian article somewhat spoilt by the author’s persistent use of masculine pronouns. I know I’m not at the unitive stage by my reactions to once again feeling ‘left out’ because I am a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’ or a ‘they’ (presumably ‘they’ are neither/both genders).

    “Your perspective is, in fact, the place where you are stuck, the place where you are unaware.” I must be stuck in identifying myself as a female. Does that mean that Bill is stuck in being identified with being male?

    Regards Holosynch, I have been doing it religiously for 5 1/2 years, having missed probably less than a month in total. I have made massive progress in that time but I can’t honestly say how much is attributed to Holosynch and how much is attributed to all the other work I have done and continue to do, including A Course in Miracles and a great deal of other therapy. I have no doubt that it helps though and am willing to commit to seeing the whole program through for that reason alone. The power of belief cannot be overestimated and even a little faith in something is enough to produce results. Besides, it has become a habit, almost like a dear friend who I visit with on a regular basis and I like some regularity in my life!

    I have certainly had glimpses of the unitive experience because I could relate very easily to Bill’s descriptions. Perhaps more to the point is that I really don’t care what stage I am at most of the time, and that is a lovely place to be. I doubt whether anyone who has truly reached the unitive stage would be reading in here!

  74. robert says :

    Another great post, I look forward to the next one.

  75. Paul A Theriault says :

    Bill: By way of analogy, I would like to compare your “Blogs” to a microburst of light which strikes a surprised pallet of film. There, the imprint stays in the embryo of privacy until the developer excites the surface molecules with the energies of his/her own thoughts. Thus, new concepts are formed and because of the uniqueness of each developer, an infinite variety of insights are added to the larger tapestry of thought.
    Thank you for all these ideas and interesting discussions. I find that you write in in a lean and unassuming manner. Thank you for sharing!! :)

  76. Aida says :

    Dear Bill,

    I am very grateful to have stumbled upon your work as a human being. I have always considered myself mild tempered, tolerant and very sensitive to others, considering the world as one and that we are all equal and suffering is unfair and it is painful for me to see a person in need. I am learning that I have become a creation of my painful experiences growing up in a strict and neglectful family environment, in that I feel peoples suffering very deeply and want to take their pain away.

    I have been using Holosync as per your instructions everyday (since Sept 07), and checking my budget to see how I can fit in the cost of the deeper levels (left myself broke helping others less fortunate than I). I have to admit though even just on awakening prologue I have come a long way.

    It would be an amazing forward step to arrive at the Magician’s level of growth. It would be great to continue to feel with others (as opposed to ignoring it if I cannot help) without the painful emotions that accompany it. I feel it will allow me to develop ways to help others without me becoming one of the them (feelings of guilt).

    Please don’t stop what you do as you do provide a way out for those who want a way out of the mind trap and can’t do it alone.

    I am trying to convince my sisters to use holosync, but I can only observe how their mindset and beliefs are controlling them and that they are stuck, as they operate their life on autopilot as you explain, and they continue to play the victim, and feel helpless. They continue to tell me this is how it is, and its too late for their life to change for the better (they’re in their forties).

    There is hope!

    Forever grateful.

  77. Stephen Peterson says :

    Thank you so very much for all the work you are doing for our benefit. You are my mentor and Guru. I have been meditating for 18 months with Holosync and have completed 16 months of your 18 month online course. This ongoing blog on the developmental stages of the human being has awakened me to the growth I am going through. I see that I have qualities of all the stages although 18 months ago I was stuck in the beginning stages. I am amazed at how far I have progressed. When I started with Holosync I was a mess you would say. I was broke and depressed on welfare with no hope of going anywhere but down. Since then I have progressed to a person that is very happy with my life and by the way as far as being broke I am making a six figure income. What do you think about that victory?
    Thank you Bill. You definitely made a huge difference in my life.

  78. Ed Sevilla says :

    Thank you very much for this wonderful framework of looking at human life and development. It certainly deserves deeper discussion and contemplation.

    1. I wonder who among some of the real people we encounter are Unitives – This, in a way, is the view expounded by Lao Tzu and Budha. How about Jesus? Gandhi? Mother Theresa? Einstein? Perhaps, I should read more biographies to recognize when they’ve reached this level.
    2. Apparently, this upward development is a natural process when the conditions that bring about awareness happens and when we allow letting go from our old perspectives.
    3. Why this takes so long to happen if at all, seem to indicated a “stuckness” a “blockage” in one’s view and perspective which prevents us to experience reality beyond what we had previously gotten used to.
    4. Question: Should “stuck-ness” just be allowed to be, or should an intervention (that is not an intervention – wei wu wein- acting without acting of Lao Tzu) be the policy (so to speak)?
    5. Is the Unitive, a catalyst in this “grand dance and flow of the universe”? Or is the thought of catalyzing un-unitive? How should we understand the saying “the universe is unfolding as it should”?
    6. In the “humility and grace” of seeing the insignificance of one’s achievement in the grand scheme of things, while seeing one’s contribution as essential part of the whole, how does it allow one to play full but without atttachment to what does or does not happen? Where did that indifferent detachment come from? Or would it be an openess to an unknow which one has not considered?
    7. In not being identified with a certain “me”, and opening up “to spontaneously take on whatever persona is appropriate to the moment, one’s identity would have shifted from a narrow sense of self to that of one who has expanded it to consider others as well. That’s it, isn’t it?
    8. To “trust the process and the way things are” is not the same as accepting and not doing anything about how things are turning out – global warming, increasing disharmony, etc. Isn’t it? Can’t one choose among the conflicting directions of decisions being taken at any given moment and make a choices towards harmony rather than “stuck-ness”?
    9. Yes, things are happening in a “perfect way” based on decisions made in the past. But, this “perfect” many to be stuck in suffering and lack of options to get out of stuck-ness. Shouldn’t one make intervening decisions and wouldn’t those decisions have impact on a better “perfect” future one day?
    10. Yes, worse or better are simply mental constructs, rather than as innate or intrinsic charactristic of things, events or people. So, what would be better or worse would be qualities of consciousness that produce those mental constructs. There’s the problem where intervening solution should go. Isn’t it?
    11. Yes, intervention cannot be forced but should be a natural process of consciousness development as the awareness expands. But, we know there are conditions that block this expansion. This is a sickness – the stuck-ness. And there are solutions. Wouldn’t our heartfelt, compassionate and wise effort have an increasing effective result. Shouldn’t this be the direction of evolution?
    12. Yes, I agree, well meaning effort can cause more harm and mere presence has maybe an even greater impact. But, as we can see, there is an imbalance in the world. There lies not a mistake in the system, but in decisions made in the past. There is a learning and correction needed that is not happening. But, the correction should be not only well meaning, but wise – in accord with how nature works. Thus, a need for a direction to reach a level where one is in harmony with nature to be able to work with nature.
    13. Thus, the first direction is towards becoming one with nature/universe. Then, to encourage this direction in others.
    14. Can this be made as simple as this?
    15. Are we not equiped to evolve this way? If we are not, how can it be corrected? Isn’t this direction in accord with the human development process? If we pursue this, wouldn’t we arrive at the higher levels of development?

    Just asking myself and my others. Perhaps a continuing discussion will lead to concrete realizations and expansion of consciousness

  79. Louise says :

    So would you say that eckhart tolle is evolved to the
    unitive stage?

  80. Jennifer Barnes says :

    Hello Bill, Thank you for this series, and I thank the Universe? for the computer and the internet, without these tools, I would not have been able to take part in the Centerpointe Blogs and Holysync. Finding all these on the internet has changed by life and I am still in awe about it I have become very much a part of it , as it has confirmed many things I have felt and known and understand why I was out of step with the traditional teaching I received as a child. What a wonder it is to be able to access this on the other side of the world from you To me humanity is a tree and we are all branches and twigs and leaves, Regards Jennifer

  81. Pam says :

    Hi Bill,
    I just want to thank you for this series. I don’t have the words to explain what a difference it has made in the way I view the world and my place in it. I have always felt like there was something “wrong” with me; like there was somehow a huge gap between the way I see existance and the way the world works. I was never able to reconsile this difference until now. Understanding how all of us are at different developmental levels, and taking that into consideration when dealing with people helps it all make sence. And, by the way, thank you for Holosync. It has had a more profound effect on my life than anything I’ve ever done. Thanks again.

  82. Kenneth Bowman says :

    Ever since Vietnam when I was just 19 a certain combat mission had a profound affect on my mind. What later became known as PTSD kept me locked at the age of 19 for some time! The VA was of NO or Little help being more concerned with polliical issues than actually doing anything worthwhile.

    After starting Holosync I have made substantial improvement, far more than the so-called Doctors could imagine!

    Keep up the good work, I need it!

  83. Janet Muller says :

    This series is wonderful, Bill. Thank you.

    In this post, I really loved this statement:

    “His humility and grace, however, isn’t so much the result of a decision to be that way as it is a natural and spontaneous expression of his perspective.”

  84. Steve says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for giving us this series, it is fascinating stuff. If you have the time and the inclination I would love to hear your comments on the different levels of Dr. David Hawkins map of consciousness. Anyway I’m looking forward to your next post no matter what the topic…..


  85. Stephanie says :

    Bill, thanks for asking for a response. Your blog on the developmental stages are highly interesting mind – candy! Very enlightening to read and process imho. These categorizations seemed to help me deepen my perspective that each of our individual ways are perfect while different and help me deepen my acceptance of all and lastly my own Self as what it is at this moment. I would like to add for you that I plan on re reading the blog segments, and that on the background that I don’t habitually read as much since I started spiritual practices. These pieces were gems to me and well presented here. I am most grateful.

  86. Susan Feeny says :


    Thank you for your continued support! I find this to be a very exciting and important subject. It explains so much about human interaction and the state of our world.
    I would love to join you in NYC for “Big Mind” but I need a miracle, which is still in the realm of the possible. I have used the “Big Mind” DVD from the “Integral Life Practice Starter Kit, Version 1.0”. Each and EVERY time I have used it I have had a new life altering realization about who I am. For example one of the strongest was one of the first, when I realized that I am not my “damaged self”. That one realization was worth the whole thing and it didn’t end there. It is a long program to watch so I don’t do it as often as I would like. Yet, each time it takes time to mull over the newly acquired information, which is exactly what your blog has been about. At some point I would love to attend a live workshop. Not only is “Big Mind” an amazing process but Genpo Roshi has an amazing ability to understand this process at a very profound level and is very talented in guiding others through it. . . . .and that is JUST from watching a DVD. I look forward to the real experience at some point.


  87. michael redpath says :

    hi bill,”human development” oh what fun this all is, i’m looking forward to whatever comes next. you be well too bill,love mike.

  88. Marco says :

    I see, I dont know, I see no point in this, no meaning whatsoever, really there is nothing to understand. Is there meaning to life, to being a human being? Who exactly knows, who will ever know? some people say YES some say NO. I say YES and NO.

    These so called teachers are just fooling themselves, there is nothing to teach about an illusion, nothing to teach about aliveness, we are aliveness, need not do one thing. Need not change anything at all, or to sit in a certain way or to practice certain things, who is going to teach ‘me’ how to BE or how to breathe or whatever! Even meditation is in one or many senses pointless because there is nobody there meditating in the first place… saying that meditation makes you more ‘accident prone’ is just a way of selling your stuff to ‘stupid’ people. Meditation is good for source/relaxation thats all! You are always at one with the universe, even when thought has obscurred everything in your life, even that is ONEness expressing itself. There is nothing to do at all, no levels to achieve, no dimension to BEING. Anyone at any given moment can transcend without any meditation whatsoever. It just happens like that! Without any teaching whatsoever. There is no indication that one is ever ‘not ready’ for IT.

    It´s all too comercial all these workshops and shit and “they” charge people WAY TOO MUCH and for what? try to teach them to be themselves? no effort whatsoever is required for one to be at one with Everything, when everything is included nothing is excluded. All this really doesnt matter, by all means dont listen to my comments, I have no claims!

    People come to the workshops or read this and think that they are going to GAIN something and that is the problem/situation and they LOVE it and they will continue to go to all these workshops and shit in the search to be something else than what they already are, and they are FOOLS and the people who arrange these workshops make a GOOD living of them.

    Give up ‘the seeking’ to understand, that is the only formula ‘one’ needs.
    Many of these so called ‘enlightened masters’ teach non-duality when it cannot ever be taught, its all a spiritual sales market but hey it couldnt be any different from what it is.

    Thanks for the input… here is a hint there are no levels because there is no ‘you’. “Even when ‘one’ is stuck in a sense of seperate self, that is still just aliveness or ONEness expressing itself.” What can one do? NOTHING.

    I have made no point whatsoever maybe a few pointers but this respons carry no meaning whatsoever. Namaste everyone, namaste indeed. -M

  89. Joan M. says :

    Dear Mr. Harris the state of conciousness you are dsicribing is Illumination
    or Buddic Conciousness. It is very interesting to me that westerners feel that they have to prove everything in a lab in order to acccept its existince as if human observation were what validated truth.

  90. darrell culvahouse says :

    The Unitive was great. Much like the Dreamer and The dreamed in sorcery.
    Much like The Observer/Witness of Cosmic Consciousness. Can we ever understand even the material Universe;much less ‘The What’ that set it all in motion and {probably} exists outside of it?

  91. Kartik Subbarao says :

    I’m curious what your response was to Genpo’s “Now doubt that” comment. For a Unitive who has transcended all polarities — including doubt and certainty — how would doubt be an applicable tool for further development?

  92. Amanda says :

    I am grateful to Susan Cook-Grueter and Ken Wilber for the clearest maps of human existence I’ve yet found.
    For those of us at the Strategist and Achiever levels (and I bounce there often), it could be useful to add a caveat. These levels are like probablity clouds. According to Wilber, they are measured in 25% 50% and 25%, so a person is considered at a certain level if 50 % of his/her responses are made at that level, but he/she does 50% of the thinking at either above or below. So when you speak to someone, it can be appropriate to use language at just above the developmental level you think he/she is hanging out in most often.
    The other thing these wise folks (and others like Tolle) point out is that evolution is moving toward greater consciousness. And since this is a loving universe, it is moving toward greater joy and less suffering. So as you move up the “levels” you are likely to experience just as much pain (or more) but less suffering. And that’s about all we human expressions of the universe can expect.

    Thanks for letting me add a few other themes.


  93. Heikki says :

    Thanks Bill!

    I have used the holosync 2 years now, and Im going to use it to the blessing;-) end.

    Nothing has changes, except my point of vieuw all the time;-)

  94. Ralph hume says :

    Bill,good stuff. You are probably familiar with David R.Hawkins,if not,
    I would recommend one of his Books “THE EYE OF THE I”.

    Bill,you are a Mensch. You seem to be committed to helping people
    help themselves get out of their own way.

    A fan,


  95. Ed says :

    I’ve been reading an online book by Peter Brown entitled, “Dirty Enlightenment.” It’s posted at his website, http://www.theopendoorway.or/ I find what he’s expressing to be an excellent example of the Unitive stage of development you so well describe. I would encourage others to read this online book.

  96. Arizona says :

    Thanks Bill. That was quite fulfilling to read. I do not really
    know exactly where I am in my journey, but I am enjoying
    it more and more everyday. Sending lots of love and light.
    Thanks so much for your insights and all the effort that you
    put into the process.

    As ever,

  97. Ollie Lind says :

    Dear Bill,

    I won’t pretend that I know it all, or will resort to the old defense, “I knew that.”

    Some of the material seemed a little convoluted (but aren’t we humans that way!)

    Your final post is excellent. It might be summed up as:

    You must just be;now.


    Ollie Lind

  98. Verena says :

    Hello to all,
    This is a very interesting read inviting us all to find our own place in the scheme of things. Now if we are to let whatever happens to in and around us be o.k., aren’t you inviting us to do some judging at the same time, however unattached to the outcome we might be? A paradox. Accepting what we are immersed in while striving to get out of it. Feeling more intensely than ever before and at the same time watching it happen.
    All I can say is that it makes the ride much more interesting. I used to feel there is something wrong with me because I’d do things and at the same time recognize the pitfalls and see a number of other possibilities. too often I wouldn’t dare the unexpected. Too often that was frustrating.Lately I’ve been having more fun doing what I feel like and just watching myself be happy or squirming in misery. Interacting with people is so much based on habits, it truly does make me laugh out loud at myself sometimes.
    Thank You for Holosynch, I’m grateful I found it. Verena

  99. Aisjah says :

    Thanks for this wonderful last article on the Unitives and the description of all the ways of living life on that level of consciousness. Of course I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be one…but it must be extraordinary in some sense to be alive at that level. I suppose it would be like being God and being aware on every possible level of life in this world and all the other worlds that exist in the universe….yet also detached – letting everything flow and just be. I can’t really imagine being able to not judge myself or others actions’ or world events, but just let them be, knowing the perfection of all things and all people, no matter what that appeared to be. I do think that Holosync is a wonderful gift to humanity on many levels… but more importantly in this one aspect and that is that it gives us the ability to be detached yet fully engaged with ourselves and others..the witness in the moment giving ourselves the opportunity to integrate fully all the time moving us on to greater awareness that pushes the envelope…and what would have overwhelmed at an earlier stage no longer does and so on. Thank you.

  100. Kurt says :

    Thank you, Bill.
    I think developmental theories such as this one are crucial for dealing with the global issues we are facing today.
    I love the fact that, in general, the people at each higher level of development are happier, healthier and wealthier. They also have greater empathic capacity, which is the most important developmental capacity in my opinion. In order to develop empathy we must expand our worldview and heal and integrate our disowned shadow aspects. The latter is rarely discussed yet is the sticky stuff that keeps pulling us back down into the lower levels we are seeking to transcend and include.
    Thanks again, Bill – you are a beacon of light in the world!

    Love & Laughter,
    Author, Inward & Upward

  101. James says :

    Wow, pretty neat, I read about half of it and what I read was very interesting. There has to be a way to get the growth holosync provides in less time. Where did you come up with the time lengths to spend at each level? I love you.



  102. Robin says :


    This series has been a very important key in the door Bill, for going deep into cognitive development and just being! I also wrote a paper relating stages of cognitive development to the teaching of mathematics while being inspired by it all!
    These things have been spoken of on this planet for many many moons, but still we cannot progress until we stop to listen to reason and then integrate it into our lives. Very few of us ever really wake up – – and then?
    I congratulate you on presenting Piagets work and its modern day expansions in such an easily accessible way.

  103. liq says :

    “At such times you feel uncomfortable and a bit lost–until you develop a new way of making sense of things, one that transcends and includes the old way, and can handle the new situation and take into account the new information.”

    What advice can you give if one is stuck in a transitional period , still integrating the new information learned and figuring out how to make use of it. it is uncomfortable. feels as if friends and family are leaving my life (and I their’s) and new people are being introduced. it feels as if it is part of an agenda. the cycle. non the less still on the floor piecing the puzzle together.

    FROM BILL: Watch whatever is happening. Be the witness. Meditate with Holosync.

  104. dianne murray says :

    Bill, thanks for these blogs on personal development. They have been very good food for thought. I hate to see them end.

  105. Robert says :


    This blog came to my attention through referral of a friend who is participating in the Holosync program.

    Just wanted to offer my opinion that this is an absolutely fantastic blog. Many thanks to Bill Harris for providing it and, also, for offering means to help others get to the postconventional and unitive stages.


  106. Doug says :

    Thank you for your skillful, clear teachings. “I” will endeavor to employ them as best as I can for “others.” :-)

  107. Maggie says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you sooo much for sharing your exquisite knowledge on human development, especially for this part. It showed me the most important features of the spiritual ideal I’m heading towards. I love the idea of not only taking others the way they are, but most of all regarding all devolopmental stages as equally “good” (or desired).
    Even though the sole reading doesn’t do the trick, it obviously contributes to the next mental shift (like a seed left in the ground that is about to sprout).
    Not trying to change others (or to be more specific their views on life) is one of my biggest challenges now. Realizing that everything is the way it should be (perfect) in this very moment is extremely soothing.
    Bearing in mind this truth I will find it easier and more logical (“deduced” as my mind still finds it comfy ;) to restrain my ego and “let go” in my everyday relationships.
    I look up to your high value work and am looking forward to your next post.
    Maggie, Poland

  108. Jeremy says :

    I love the blog. Several months back, in an online discussion, I posted on the importance of understanding developmental levels, as in Piaget’s system. Then your blog expanded out from that foundation. Much of the later info, such as Cook-Greuter was new to me, but I seemed to ‘know’ it intuitively as I read it. And I could recognize in the descriptions my own growth over the last decade.

    I am currently on Flowering 4, the final holosync level. According to the levels you describe, I am firmly in the strategist level, with experiences of the magician becoming more common, and occasional, but unpursued, glimpses of the unitive. I’m just happy to be where I am. And as long as I continue to be in the processes of awareness and growth, I trust wherever I will end up.

  109. Dwayne says :

    Then I ask, what of me? I am of all in all. I operate in time and space, yet I am not in time and space. I see things from out side of all. I am a controller that does not control. I am a manipulator that does not manipulate. I rest in all. What of us?


  110. Brian says :

    Thank you….

    The ongoing education you have provided which I luckily stumbled across just over a year ago has been top notch. The material you offer is continually outstanding, and reassures me that the money I spend on holosync not only goes for a remarkable meditation tool, but a remarkable education. Value added is definitely a great way to describe your business model. I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginnings of deconstructing my blinding ego mask. Watching, and studying myself is truly the most fullfilling and interesting pursuit I have ever embarked on.

    I just listened to the great cd The Truth About The Secret that you sent – I continually hear you say that you are no public speaker, don’t sell yourself short you have a disarming and engaging style that is unmatched.

  111. Pam Midgley says :

    Hello Bill!

    Thanks for your article! This one line summed it all up for me:

    ‘The Unitive merely sees the perfection of all aspects of the universe.’

    Knowing our own perfection, this perfection of the universe is naturally all we would see, all there Is.

    Awesome, awesome!

    Many thanks again,

  112. Mary Kneller says :

    I would love to meet you as well, but I am laid off, lost everthing I ever owned. I live in an RV. I am out of money. Yet, I am creative and I know I will survive. I will come out of this, on the other side.
    I still try and study these things, but it is difficult in this situation. Every day becomes more difficult to believe. I will not quit.
    Thank you!

  113. Deborah says :

    Thank you for sharing these informative descriptions of the stages of evolution. I have only personally known one person who has reached the unitive stage and it is an amazing experience to be in “its” presence for one is truly aware of the unconditional love and acceptance that emanates from these beings. Unitives are able to elevate the vibrations of most anyone they come into contact with – even if only for a brief moment.

  114. Beata says :

    Thank you, Bill. Brilliant series!

    Take care,

  115. David says :

    Awesome stuff Bill! I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts on human development and the other ones besides haha. Thanks very much for showing me what I have to look forward to with continued holosyncing…. fascinating!

    Thanks again,
    David :O)

  116. Tim Johnson says :

    Sorry this is off-topic but I wanted to respond to Kenneth Bowman. There is a wonderful technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that might help with your PTSD. You can learn all about it at and download a free manual on how to do it. My pleasure to serve, Tim

  117. Dear Bill; Thank you for asking my opinion. The unitive stage is something very close to where I have always felt I am. Even as a child. Is it possible to be born in that stage already. Even Buddist, say that we try to to get to a certain level. And we can go up or down the level latter with each life that we live. I have always seemed to help the people around me just by being there. People would come to me for help even though they did not know me or where I was from. I called myself the atmosphere changer. I feel the Unitive is the glue that keeps the universe in balance. Even though the world seems to out of wack. Life is a balancing act. trying to balance your emotion over reality. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. ftf.

  118. ade says :

    Another interesting article! (But I believe I liked the Magician article better).

    Based on Bill’s description, I suspect that the Dalai Lama is a Unitive. While I have a lot of respect for someone like that, I can’t say that I feel any call to express such a modality of Being. The basic problem I have with the Unitive modality is that it seems to be all about flow. In a practical sense, of course I do appreciate flow; for example I like Tai Chi, I like ballroom dancing, I like swimming, and flow is crucial for doing those activities well. But what really interests me is that which does NOT flow. So living large like the Dalai Lama, with a big emphasis on flow, is just not me and I don’t think it ever will be. I like to keep a low profile and I think I always will.

    I would propose that the Cook-Greuter sample is biased towards including people with a Shakti/Shiva imbalance on the Shakti side, because I think such people are more likely to live large and be noticed; whereas people with an imbalance on the Shiva side are probably more likely to live small and just not show up in the Cook-Greuter sample. And I don’t think it is inherently better to have an imbalance on the Shakti side; both possible imbalances have their characteristic risks. An example of the risk of an extreme Shakti imbalance would be Chogyam Trungpa in the late stage of his life; an example of the risk of an extreme Shiva imbalance would be the Indian sages who say the world is just an illusion, so they ignore the suffering around them and neglect their own bodies. Such a sage is likely to simply die unnoticed, whereas someone like Trungpa will get noticed.

    So I think the term “Unitive” reflects a Shakti imbalance. I don’t know where the term “Ironist” came from, or what it was supposed to mean, but to me it suggests a modality of Being that has more Shiva in it, and it resonates with me much more than the term “Unitive” does. Didn’t Parmenides say that the universe was really a great iron ball? And there are some interesting Zen koans about iron bulls. I find that such sayings speak to me on a deep level: what is it, here and now, that is NOT flowing?

    1) “The Unitive sees happiness and unhappiness as part of the necessary, temporary (and endless) fluctuations inherent in the human situation.”

    That is not the way I see (or would want to see) happiness/unhappiness. In a poem, Jane Hirshfield said that happiness and unhappiness differ as a bucket hammered from gold differs from one of pressed tin – each carries the same water. I like that!

    2) “Life to the Unitive is a temporary eye-blink of separation from the ground of being from which all things emerge.”

    I don’t think being alive separates you from the ground of being for even the briefest of moments. How could it ever do so? If something can be separate from the ground of being, then it was never the true ground of being. To me it seems that life, and especially human life, just has to be remarkably expressive of Shiva, the ground of being. If anything in our universe could ever even come close to being separate from the ground of being, I would point the finger of suspicion at Rumi’s “bewildered atoms”, not life and certainly not human life.

    3) “To the Unitive, this separation from the ultimate ground of being, and the creation of a[n] enduring separate self, are illusions used to safeguard the ego’s need for permanence and to defend it against the fear of death.”

    To me, this view is superficial at best and confused at worst. Granted that no theory is perfect, but I think the notion of a separate self is a reasonably good theory. The basis for the validity of this theory would be considering a human being in the universe as Shiva showing up in a particular little part of Shakti in an unusually strong and transparent way. Anyway, I think the ego issue is mostly a red herring. The really important issue is whether or not the flux and flow that is our universe is just an illusion. I would say it is not an illusion. The stone maiden whose name is Parashiva, really is dancing!

  119. Jack says :

    Posts are too long? Ramana Maharshi said “Of what use is it to complain of the stinginess of the ocean if you approach it holding only a thimble?” Gender issues? You would rather he talk about dysfunctional women instead? Me, too. BTW, Ms.Editor, “comprised of” is incorrect. It’s “composed of” or “comprises.”

  120. Jennifer says :

    Who cares if the theoretical person is addressed as ‘he’ , ‘his’, ‘him’…. Its just a conventional thing really. Better than an ‘it’. he he .. :o) Anyway, I prefer ‘one does this’ or ‘one does that’ or ‘their’.. take out the gender thing in total! ;O) Then hopefully everyone will be happy, or not happy and we have consensus!! ;O)

    By the way Bill, loved the Unitive post, very interesting! I wonder what is beyond??

    love Jen

  121. ann erhardt says :

    the intuitive seems to be intuitively aware of all sides of the picture & sees the ebb & flow of the human situation as part of the ebb & flow of the universe. He sees that the duality of things and doesn’t focus on any one thing–he looks past it into the vastness of eternity, transcending the ego therby focusing on eternity and the relative intermingeling of each AND every action

  122. Maria de Dios says :

    Nothing defines my opening state in those five months with Holosync Awakening Prologue. I am more focused in my root as creation and creator with awareness of what I really represent in this world. Things come true since I make the internal representation of what I want. I cannot define this realization, only I feel it. Believing by sure all is connected within my senses I have had big gifts. Yes, now I certainly believe in my creations. Today I understand the sentence “Be able to see beyond of what you see” and “There are many eyes to blind to see”. Thank you. Maria.

  123. Viraj Perera says :

    Hi Bill,

    There’s a lot of Buddhism in this which is fantastic as it is the only philosophy that goes so deep into describing deep mental phenomena. However, Buddhism says that attaining Arahantship (Arahant or Arahat) is the highest spiritual achievement one can attain (only through Vipassana/Insight/Mindfulness) meditation and this is achieved through developing moment-to-moment awareness (just as you’ve described above). As far as I know, this method was first described by the Buddha upon attaining full Enlightenment and the Buddha preached in Many Sutta discourses that Mindfulness meditation is the only way to attaining Full Enlightenment. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Many thanks. Viraj Perera.

  124. Vanessa says :

    Everyone who wants to reach this stage should read “A New Earth” by Echart Tolle. In comparison to what Bill has written, it describes exactly how you can get to this “unitive” stage of develpoment. I have definitely become awakened since I have read it.

    Also, go to

    to watch webcasts covering each individual chapter. It’s absolutely amazing and enlightening. I guarantee you will be impressed. They should cover this book in every school curriculum.


    I am in the process of creating a free online course that will expand on what Eckhardt Tolle is doing with Oprah. I do like what Tolle is saying–and, I think there is more. I think it’s amazing that Ophrah has put this subject on the table in such a public way, and I thank her for doing that. This free course will include Genpo Roshi, Ken WIlber, Diane Hamilton, Sally Kempton, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, and (I think–I haven’t heard back from her for sure) Byron Katie. And, me. I’m doing this partly because I hear from a lot of people who are intriqued by and attracted to what Tolle talks about but are uncertain about how to implement it. And, I think there are a few key points Tolle doesn’t bring up. The people I’ve chosen have some very helpful things to teach about this topic. I hope to launch this within a couple of weeks–maybe sooner, and will email everyone from Centerpointe about it and also announce it on the blog.

  125. ian says :

    Thanks Bill I used to think I was my feelings but now I am a watcher!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Viraj Perera says :

    I agree with Bill in his reply to Vanessa’s comment above. Eckhardt seems to go in circles in his book and hasn’t really explained how to implement it (although he has written a book on meditation and mind exercises). If anyone wants to dig deeper, read the book “Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond” by Ajahn Brahm. Brahm has been a forest meditator for decades and practiced meditation to its ultimate goal and KNOWS what he’s talking about through his own experience. The beginning instructions are some of the best anywhere, and the descriptions of the advanced states are unparalleled in their vividness. He has perfectly laid out the method one needs to follow to attain “true” Enlightenment (as people nowadays tend to mistakenly label the high bliss states of meditation as Enlightenment when in reality, these states are only regarded as states of “Enlightenement Awareness” which are not permanent). Further Brahm goes into detail in explaining the hindrances (sensory desire, ill will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and remorse, and doubt) to attaining higher states of meditation (and I have hardly seen any authors educating the reader about these hindrances) which the meditator needs to be aware of. Never before has this material been approached in such an empowering way. So if you’re a serious meditator I strongly recommend you read this book. You will save a lot of time.

    And yes, I use Holosync with the method laid out in Brahm’s book. Holosync has made amazing changes in me which I am not too surprised about because this is what meditation does. However, I must confess that Holosync has made the progress much faster. When you meditate you become more and more mindful (you start to see things as they happen more easily and more clearly as your mind becomes more and more quiet – in other words your moment to moment awareness develops). Holosync enables you to develop mindfulness very quickly and will push you into deeper states of awareness in your journey to Enlightenment. So if you don’t want to waste time and want to know exactly what you need to do and how you need to develop mindfulness, and get rid of the hindrances in order to attain the true states of Enlightenment, read the book. It has certainly awakened me. It has given me the deepest insight of exactly what I need to do from someone who has traversed the path.

  127. Michelle Beaton says :

    Hi Bill,
    I was wanting to know if you know the name of any individual living at the unitive stage of development. I would be interested in reading an autobiography written by such a person if it’s available.
    Aside from that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all I have learnt from you through your online LPIP courses. I am corresponding with Katie.
    I am currently up to course 3 lesson 9, and I have done the homework to the best of my ability so far for each lesson. I will definately go over the whole course a second time because I am determined to master the material.
    What I really want you to know is this material has changed my life for the better, and well…..
    as I am writing this I can see that there really aren’t words to explain what this information has done for me.
    Please just know that the information, as you present it is clear and life changing. The way you describe things are very understandable, and leave no room for excuses.
    You truly are doing a job that you are really quite excellent at.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the heart of my family, who I am now a better person for.

    Thank you


    Genpo Roshi is at the Unitive stage, and not only can you read his book, Big Mind Big Heart (which has a ton of self-revealing information), you can mett him and spend time with him. Just come to the workshop we’re doing together in New York, June 28-29. Go to

  128. dan lofing says :

    Mr. Harris:
    Since you asked for feedback, here are a few words. I have used Holosync for about eight years. It is a useful meditation tool. You have created an interesting mind-map in these articles, but as you yourself have said, “The map is not the territory.” Words can be tricky things – pale reflections of a pale reflection – easily misunderstood and misleading. As the first story in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones says:

    Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era, (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to enquire about Zen.

    Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitors cup full and then kept pouring.

    The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”

    “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup.”

    Maps are useful, but one should remember to look away from the map occasionally and appreciate where one is.

  129. Sandy says :

    Hi Bill,

    I am responding to your request for our feedback on this post. I have read each & every one of them with great interest. I find that just reading about the different levels inspire me to be more of what I always have known I could be down deep in my heart. Mozart said that (and I paraphrase) that Love is the soul of a Genius, not knowledge, not wisdom, not even action or inaction. We were made to love, our bodies and souls thrive from it, all that diminishes love in our lives is to our detriment. Understanding this has changed how I live & operate in this world, it continues to be the one thing above all others that helps me understand & clarify what I really came on this planet to do. Your posts Bill make the way more clear than ever. The thing I find myself asking is how can I best communicate effectively with those at different levels. I suppose if I took the time to take it apart I might find the answers woven into all you have expressed, but I just thought it might be helpful to have it all charted out or explained succinctly. If you have already done this in another resource please let me know but that is what I thought might be helpful. I wish you all the best, thank you for making such a difference in my life, even though I have not thad the opportunity to meet you, I can say most assuredly that I love you very much Bill. Thank you, I am honored to share the Planet with you!!

  130. Fred Wiedemann says :

    Thanks, Bill, for this latest on human development. It is a superb multi-faceted ‘guidance’ tool. I’m chugging along on Flowering Level One and count this, along with Holosync itself, and The Nine Principles for Successful Living as pillars for whatever growth I have obtained.

    I hope it will be published in some cohesive form. Fred

  131. Margaret says :

    I have been a “Unitive” my whole life. I am seeing through these posts that we don’t post, my thought is that it is not our job to teach from this forum, that is your position at this moment. My question is – where are we? Is there a group of us somewhere working on a project I could help with? I’ve met very few of us throughout my time, very few.
    Just wondering.

  132. I write to express my appreciation and support for what Bill Harris has articulated so well. For many years, both in my academic research and just as another human being in this universe, I have often asked how we combine our dual need to separate events and also bring them back together. This is not an easy problem. Both in behavioral and brain research many challenges remain, and I have been fortunate to be part of these explorations.

    The summary given by Bill Harris is one of the most articulate explorations of these issues I have come across, and I complement him. Indeed I complement the entire Holosync. mission. Its a foot in the door to what Bill spoke so eloquently about.

    In my youth I had the good fortune to communicate with, and visit the Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, one of the pioneers in human personality. He too was fascinated about stages (flow patterns) in human development, and how we seek unification with the universe if we are to be truly whole.

    Having recently retired from my academic posts in both the USA and Canada, and now being happily relocated back in Eugene, Oregon, I have tried to take some of these insights that Bill alludes to into an integrated Health Coaching program: ETHOLIFE HEALTH COACHING. The basic idea is quite similar to what Bill outlined so well here. I use the Greek foundation term, ethos, to refer to our fundamental roots and character, which can be lost to the detriment of both our physical and mental health.

    We need to unify ourselves, and through this unify our connections with the universe.

    I will be happy to share ideas and our Etholife program with anyone interested. A key, as Bill again pointed out, is to share our lives and our perspectives.

    For more information go to “” and send me a note. We each can reach toward a higher level of being. I would love to hear your views.

    John Fentress
    Founder, Etholife Health Coaching
    Eugene, Oregon

  133. Thor Sandmel says :

    I agree it is important to be aware of these stages when dealing with people. The funny thing is, though, I feel I am at all stages at once. As I have felt ever since my youth, we don’t have to go anywhere, we are always already there. And yet there is work to be done, we seem to develop, and I am as caught up and frustrated by this development as anyone. It is all a show, but what a great show! And as all show business people know, the show must go on.

  134. John Curran says :

    Hi Bill,

    I listened to the audio version of your blog, and I found it very interesting. I think it’s all about self awareness as you pointed out, and our willingness to expand our perspective as we become more enlightened and realize our interconnectedness with all of life. As we become more spiritually evolved and self-realized we connect with our source of being. Thanks for being part of this shift in consciousness in this small but growing number of people in the world!


    John Curran

  135. Kaye/Switzerland says :

    To anyone interested,

    I was doing holosync regularly for 10 months and when Bill started his development blogs, I seemed to relate to each level as if I just noticed it happening to me, like preceding the levels, and lots of Aha’ moments happened for me. Because of my positive changes, my husband started holosync without any kind of encouragement from my side. I encouraged a 23 year old daughter of mine to do holosync who also acknowledged my changes. Due to my ability to explain greater joy to my family and friends also in my work place, I do not remember experiencing any suffering anymore. I find it easier and easier not to engage in personal dramas’ anymore and just do not have emotional charged situations either.
    I dont holosync anymore and I only needed level 1. I am easily comfortable by myself and do not need to pump my life with activities anymore, be it what it may. I can just sit and enjoy all my daughters, aged 32, 25, 23 and 16, all are still unmarried and are in and out of relationships, all having exciting lives.
    A year ago, I was constantly worrying about them, and assisting them with dramas and personal problems. All ok these days. I love the way my life is now, easy-going and accept everyone involved in my life just the way they are.
    Due to Bill’s clear blogs, I seem to just have reached a level and along comes Bill and explained it.
    Now that my life has evened out, my daughters’ lives are evening out as well, each one different from the other, but really easy-going, clear and confident, I am amazed of the changes for the good in all our lives. My new threshold is simply a step ahead of most frustating and overwelming everyday situations.
    I enjoy nature more and more right in my own garden and my most enjoyable time is leaving the car at home and walking to work, since 6 months now, through rain, wind and snow.
    A lot of strange people have made comments of what a pleasure I am to our company, just my presence etc. More and more I have come to believe this wonderful change. I smile lots more for no reason.
    I am considering really putting this whole business to the test, by going out of my comfort zone and finding people who need to build this easiness into their lives, as everyone I know is managing their lives very well, with all its ups and downs.
    Thanks to Bill and his method, I am one contented 53 year old woman, with a contented husband and contented children.

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, some people use Holosync until the acute pain they’ve been experiencing is gone, and once it’s gone they lose the motivation to keep going with their seeking. Though you are in a wonderful place, there is ten or twenty times more of it, if you keep going. Every new place seems so good compared to where we were that it seems like a good place to rest. I hope you will allow yourself to keep going, because you have experienced just the tip of the iceberg. One of the things I’ve learned from Genpo is that even though he’s in a place few humans ever attain, he is still looking for the next larger perspective, the next step. There’s always more. Stop and rest, but don’t build a house.

  136. Carol Iglesias says :

    Awesome Bill… just awesome!


    Carol :-)

  137. Dan says :

    I’ve enjoyed your series on human development; it was well presented and you did cover a lot of ground. What I find interesting, particularly in this last post and your closing statements about observing everything about ourselves, our lives, our observations about our observations etc, has an interesting and infinite set of ironies. The concepts you spoke about, I found very easy to follow and understand. They in and of themselves are simple and logical, yet at the same time cover a very complex issue.

    Additionally, the simple act of being mindful enough to consciously make observations is in itself at the same time also very difficult to do, especially if one were to attempt to consciously do that continuously.

    I suppose being mindful of all this or perhaps having this type of knowledge or ineterest as a default mindset within our make up may have some benefit or purpose towards achieving the most (if possible) developmental level possible. But then again the counter balance to that (which life always seems to provide for us) would be that having the conscious mindset to achieve or aspire to the ultimate level of development, would then also mean ones lower levels of cognitive development would still be in play. In order to make the decision necessary to achieve such a goal, the involvement of ones ego must come into play because the concern for self is what is at play in making such decisions.
    If one is truly highly developed, then the ego should have been transcended even though not, obviously, totally abandoned. But again an irony. If the ego is not completely abandoned in a higher consciously developed person, but remains a remnant of a lower devlopment stage, then in order to access it, doesn’t that require one to consciously take a “developmental step” back in order to do so? Again the irony, we must literally take one step back, in order to move two steps forward. No wonder we call it a long journey.

  138. uniquesoul says :

    Your work is great, Bill, but if you could condense the work of Cook-Greuter into a big table it would make it much more applicable to the real life of all of us laymen. Thanks!!!

  139. Dan says :

    Great informative post. That would definitely be wild to see things from that perspective and be able to describe it to others and help them out. I’ve seen some pretty wild things using Holosync and it keeps getting better.

  140. Andrea says :

    Hello Bill

    For me all I read till now from this blog and received from Holosync tec. have been LIFE SAVING.
    After 3 yaers I’m a new being.

    Grazie Mille from Rome!

  141. John Neilson says :

    Bill – while some of this material is a bit over my head, most of it makes a lot of sense. I am reaading “Conversations With God – Book I” by Neal Donald Walsh [& “God” ]. Much of what is said in the book has a lot in common with your material both here and in the Accelerated Change Maximizer Course.
    I must say that your explanations are easier to follow than his.

    I suppose Holosync [beginning Level-4] is responsible for recent changes in my attitude to life. I am largely detached from the news, politics, others’ dramas, etc. While not unemotional, I am uninvolved in these things which seem trivial now. At the same time I am more compassionate than previously. And at peace with myself and the world.

    I also read a new-age mag called NOVA []. An article in the April issue [] also has a lot of parallel ideas. And I have come across similar ideas in other arenas. So it looks as if there is quite a movement throughout the world, towards a new philosophy based on the non-dual universe you describe.

  142. Curtis Zaerr says :

    Dear Bill

    Once again you have said some really great things in your blog. It is amazing what was unfamiliar yesterday, will be familiar today. The only thing we must be is “present”. In the Now. It is going into those unknown territory that can be quite scarey at times. We can describe those territories in many ways, along the way we learn about many emotions. Every emotion in the spectrum will be felt. It is impossible to go into new territory and not have felt the spectrum in one fashion or another. Along the way, we learn what is familiar. Everything unfolds accordingly. A person learns their really is no need to be scared, it really is an illusion. However, being scared is part of life. One must experience it to know how to deal with it. One must experience being trapped sometimes to know how to deal with it. One must experience the whole range to know how to become a better “person”. It comes with growth. Once you experience growth, you become better acquainted with growth. You realize growth is worth it. The more experiences we are able to forge through by facing our fears the less resentment we will have in the long run. It is only by not surrending to fear, but forging through that allows us to know what we are capable of as an individual human. It is only by not surrending to our fears that makes me realize…if you feel it…it is real.

    Something else in your blog that caught my eye. Every experience is in and of itself amazing to each individual. I certainly try to respect everyones point of view in some way. I try not to look at the world as right and wrong. However, this way of thinking can be hard to maintain. Especially, when holding onto that thought is having to be right. There are always games in life. These games that represent the flow of life is sometimes difficult to continue. It is in these games that one realizes how unnecessary they can be. What is unfamiliar today, will be familiar tomorrow. This is partly why I look forward to tomorrow no matter what. My job is to try to make it as beautiful as possible. That is my only job in this world.

    The greatness we seek is already within each of us. The greatness we seek is when we realize we are all great. Each and every one. Yesterday, I met a gentleman who at times appeared to be daydreaming. He daydreamed about greatness. It was at this moment I had to acknowledge I could no longer allow myself to sympathize with him. What was unfamiliar yesterday is familiar today. I believe when I became aware of his daydreaming that allowed me to stay in the present moment. It allowed me to recognize the importance of staying in the moment. It showed his vulnerability to the world. I had to accept that was where he was in the world.

    Just something on the funny side. I love the movie, Uncle Buck. It kind of reminded me of when John Candy went into the principals office about his neice. The principal scolded his nephew for being a daydreamer. I loved his response to the principal….I do not want to meet any six year old who is not a daydreamer. Just something I have thought of that all. It a funny movie. That scene does kind of ring some truth to it. There is not much action in the daydreamer. There is a time to dream, and there is a time for action. Dream, then act. That is all we can do. Live our own dream, not our friend, family, or anyone else. We must always live our own. We do not have to control someone else’s in order to know everything will be alright. It already is alright.

    I kind of rambled I know….but it was fun.

  143. R. Gary Cousineau says :

    5-20-08 BLOG response for Center point-The 5 stages of enlightenment, Unitive state of Development.
    This brilliant, impressive writing about stages of human development that we can possibly evolve or grow into distracts people from focussing on the truth about injustice.
    Without the struggle to survive because of injustice, and in a world where every body has equal opportunity, we all would naturally evolve to our highest possible level, effortlessly and automatically.
    The myth about earning, evolving or choosing how you see things from different developmental stages or perspectives and creating your own realties is nothing more than the next phase or the “turning the other cheek to injustice scam”.
    Ignoring injustice, does nothing more than perpetuate the few rich getting richer with the vast majority of poor getting poorer in the negative cycle of insanity that’s keeps the whole world spiraling down.
    Turning the other cheek to injustice to survive in comfort while others suffer unjustly, instead of doing something to stop it is the moral equivalent to bending over and spreading your cheeks .
    Injustice for anyone is injustice for all.
    One extreme is every bit a bad as the other. In the end all will all get what they deserve for believing what they want instead or what is.
    Everyone creating their own comfortable reality with their heads in the sand, ignoring or pretending injustice isn’t there will get exactly what they deserve, “shafted”.
    Best wishes to all who do what they can to eliminate injustice.
    Gary AKA rgaryc at hotmail

    FROM BILL: The truth is that the solution to injustice is having more people who embody higher developmental levels. The whole idea of injustice–or doing something about it–doesn’t even appear until the Achiever stage described by Susanne Cook-Greuter–the 6th stage. This stage began to appear in human history during the Enlightenment (1700’s) and led to ideas such as Universal Rights, the abolition of slavery, the women’s movement, and so forth. The higher on the developmental scale you go, the more compassion and care the person exhibits. Even while someone at the highest levels of development is “turning the other cheek” he is doing much more than others to help end suffering. No one is saying that it is a good idea to ignore suffering. The enlightened person is doing MORE to deal with injustice than others. At the same time, though, from a more cosmic perspective, he sees that everything is happening just the way it’s supposed to, including the suffering and all the efforts to alleviate it. This is one of those paradoxes of being human, but it is NOT in any way a turning away from injustice.

  144. Draco says :


    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts, but this particular one is especially eye-opening. As an undergraduate student at UCLA, I constantly get wrapped up in the minute (and sometimes trivial) details of college life that I start to lack perspective on what is really important in life. It’s not all about me-me-me.

    From this post, I’ve taken away these main points, which I will do my best to live by in my day-to-day life:

    Everyone and everything that happens is part of the grand dance and flow of the universe. I can work hard to achieve a particular outcome that I want, but whether I achieve it or not does not affect my happiness. In other words, I am not attached to any particular outcome.

    Unitives have the ability to effect change in others just by simply being in the world and acting compassionately through their enlightened perspective of the world.

    Absolute control of our personal lives is illusory and unnecessary. Humanity is more important than the individual self.
    We should go from:
    me-centered -> group-centered -> world-centered.
    Love and compassion increase with each new perspective.

    And finally, awareness is the key to drive development, so keep meditating!

  145. Marilyn says :

    I heard last night that a medical doctor, she was a young 26-year-old was killed in a car crash. A truck slammed into her car, ruptured her liver and she died at 11.45 am. This stuff sounds very good Bill, but tell that to the grieving mother. I don’t get this “all the universe is one” stuff. And any way, if it is, who gives a rat’s ass?

  146. Tylen Aneurin says :

    Hi Bill, having listened to the whole series, it seems that as part of growing, we definitely experience growth into all these stages, and at the same time, but since we do tend to stagnate in certain areas, we end up shortfalling and challenged there. So, experiencing a certain level at large is only an indication that we are on the right track and I am sure Susanne ‘s SCTi Assessment is the correct tool to assist us in our growth.

    I think we shouldn’t at all label ourselves and our growth, and that these incedible lessons should act as inspiration, and not as time-space coordinates.

  147. Michelle Beaton says :

    Hi Bill,
    I would love to hear more about the shadow self. I understand that meditation wont touch the shadow aspect of myself, and that I will have to deal with that seperately with a specific technique.
    I am a Holosync user and I realise that I will feel increasingly pushed to deal with the shadow aspect of myself.
    If you could write anything about dealing with the shadow and using Holosync just to shed some more light on this subject area it would be much appreciated.


  148. Larry Bird says :

    I am Creek/Cherokee/Choctaw. I was raised by my grandmother who was a very powerful Medicine Woman. She would have looked at these articles and said, “lotta words”. That’s not to take anything away from their content, but, to my traditionally-trained Native mind, it’s a whole lot simpler than that. I am not Sioux, but I am a 20 Sioux Sundancer, so I borrow a bit of the Sioux language. The Sioux have a universal blessing that honors the Oneness of all—Mitakuye Oyasin! It literally means, “All my relations” , but in a larger translation means, “It is all one. We are all one. There is only one. People, animals, plants, rocks, everything.”

    Not so many words but it encompasses everything that was said in all the words of those articles. Achieving the level of full recognition and deepest level of understanding and acceptance and practice of “Mitakuye Oyasin” is the path in few words. Not so may words.

    FROM BILL: I appreciate the “all my relations” idea very much. However, there IS more to this than just saying “we’re all one.” First of all, there is a developmental process that people go through to get to the point where they see things that way. And, the idea that “we are all one” is interpreted in a very different way at each developmental stage. Finally, there is a significant difference between saying we’re all one and actually having the experience (usually called “enlightenment” or “self-realization”) of being the entire going on of it all, where the locus of “self” is the entire universe rather than just the individual body/mind. For instance, many people coming from a Green, pluralistic point of view say that we’re all one–it’s almost a cliche, in fact. These people are not having the experience I’m talking about, however. They believe it, but aren’t BEING it. A step in the right direction, but still a long way to go. I don’t know if you read my entire series on development (going back to the beginning of the blog), but all of this is explained, step-by-step, in a series of posts.

  149. Connie says :

    Bill, I couldn’t help but notice as I read some of the comments that people have written about your long post and laugh because at one time I too looked and saw that you had a lot to say. But then again I didn’t read everything you wrote either because call it lazy or what ever you call a lazy mind. But now I have begun to read everything you have written and it’s very interesting because even though you have a lot to say about particular subjects the person reading it learns something that is so vital to their understanding of the world and what is going on inside the human mind. Our lives are like onion skins as you grow a little wiser each time you loose the outer exposed skin and the new one appears. The whole thing is getting to that other level or the other layer of that onion skin and that is what makes us a truly enlightened person.

    FROM BILL: I write only as much as I need to write in order to say what I need to say, and no more.

  150. David says :

    Thank you for this Blog, it is difficult to convey these states in words, but you have done well to point them out, I certainly recognized the Unitive state. I have been blessed to have experienced the Unitive state of consciousness as described for a short while, on a few occasions. Although I am not there for the time being, or you could say I am not there for being in time perhaps, but I feel the it will return with a mass awakening.

    The most profound experience of Unity Consciousness occured In the early 1990’s. I had a conversation with a psychic lady about her crystal collection, she lifted one particular crystal which turned out to be ‘Sodalite’, and suggested that I place it on my third eye area. Not long after I did this, I began to feel a pleasant sensation around the area of the third eye, and tingling feeling.

    The sensation traveled down my neck to my heart, and then to my hands. It was then that I felt a shift in consciousness as though I awakened from a deep sleep, I was truly awake for the first time, with a real feeling of pure joy. I will try to describe the experience in the best way I can. I felt the complete absense of fear, a total peace, as I was ‘One’ with everything. I looked at the psychic lady, and my mother, and I recognized myself in them, we were ‘One’, and I said softly, ‘God’. My ego had merged with pure eternal consciousness.

    It was all so simple, and this was truth was literally staring at us all in the face. It felt like being told the funniest joke conceivable, and we were the punchline to it. The ‘Oneness’ or ‘Unity’, was Unconditional Love, I had never felt such love before as I was Love itself. After about a minute the consciousness slipped away to normal conscious state, but I had never before or since felt so alive and so happy.

    For three days I felt a mild not unpleasant headache, in the center of my head but no side effects. It was on the third day that I was observing an old lady walking in the street, who I did not know, and suddenly as before the ‘Unitive’ state briefly returned, seeing beyond her form I recognized her consciousness as though it were my own, and felt a ancient unconditional love for her.

    I had not meditated or done anything to initiate the state of Consciousness, or at least in this lifetime, it just seemed to happened almost by accident. I have been waiting for this state to return again, knowing that there is really nothing that I can do to bring it back as such. However I am at least aware that due to the information on this Blog and elsewhere, that its return feels imminent. God Bless, love and peace.

    FROM BILL: Meditate with Holsync!

  151. Enrique Martin says :

    As always, well said and beautifully explained Bill!!! Many thanks.
    There is one thing however that I will like to get your view, which is always very enlightening to me… :-)
    When you said that the “Unitive feels no need to be this or that, to achieve this or that, or to be in this or that state. He may act to be something or achieve something, but this is just “what happens” rather than the result of a need to get somewhere. This seemingly passive attitude, however, in its in-the-moment spontaneity, actually allows the Unitive to take powerful, effective, direct action. It’s as if, in not identifying with a separate self, the universe acts through the Unitive. Buddhists describe this by saying that doing happens, but there is no doer (the implication being that there are no separate doers, and that the real doer is the whole)”

    What happens with the concept of free will? Is there such thing? or only the ilussion of free will, and the more develop the self become the more aligned with the whole universe become and then the ilussion of free will gets lessened… Could you please elaborate on this idea? It will mean a lot to me…(and hopefully to some other as well…)

    FROM BILL: If there is no separate doer, then who is it who has free will? “Free will” is a way of thinking about things, not a real quality of nature. Any free from will is actually the free will of the whole, as the whole is really the only doer. Another way to look at this would be to say that all of “your” actions are really the result of the infinite number of interactions with and connections to everything else. Free will assumes that there is an agent who decides something separate from the whole. This is just not true. When you look at things from the perspective of a separate “me” it certainly seems as if there is free will, because a certain amount of “why” your organism acts is based on your nervous system, which has recordings of past interactions in it. These decisions, then, are also based on the rest of the environment, not on any agent that is separate from the whole and who makes decisions separate from any such connections.

  152. Enrique Martin says :

    Many many thanks!

  153. Mike says :

    You just explained basic meaning of enjoyment of life in realization of time. I AM THAT I AM , I AM ONE. CHOOSE LIFE

  154. Trent says :

    I typically enjoy your writing and enjoy this one as well. I do however feel that there are a few things that should be illuminated that are not. These are particularly important points that are prone to misunderstanding.

    One of the main misleading things when speaking about this view is: although the Unitive may “see the grand dance,” “know they have no free will” and other relatively profound thoughts, there is an important message missing here. That message is: context. There’s a right and wrong context for when these views are embodied, and the unitive has the perspective to assume the right view for the right time because they were also at those prior stages at one time in their lives.

    Here are a few examples. It is very important that when driving a car, planning your wedding, etc, that a doer is assumed. It is important to realize that a car crash would be bad and that showing up naked to a wedding is also bad. Now, from the “extra” perspective the unitive has, this is just “how it is” and “no one did it,” and so on.

    This brings an important point: how reality “really is” is the exact same as it is for the unitive; although thinking about it from other way around perhaps teaches a better lesson. If you think being a unitive sounds scary in some way, then realize that the profound nature of what it SOUNDS like is much different from WHAT IT IS. I can best demonstrate it with the analogy of a coin.

    Take a coin and look at the “heads” side, this will be our “phenomenal world,” the arising and passing sensations with all of their human meanings, all the drama, all the feelings, etc. Now view the “tails” side. This side is the “transcendent,” the ability to see the world as “it really is,” bare bones emptiness, unity, and so forth. Now put the coin on the desk and spin it. THAT is what a unitive’s life is like. Every single thing that was true before being a unitive is true afterwards. Now, hoever, there is simply an added wisdom that comes from the insights gained while moving through the path.

    Enlightenment, being a unitive, and everything related does not outwardly change a person much on it’s own. The enlightened must choose to change the content of awareness by choice, just as anyone else does. When the dogma is stripped from enlightenment, the enlightened person is left with one basic thing: true insight and understanding of the 3 characteristics of reality (suffering/no-self/impermanence), and that is all. The content of reality is still the same, and that content may or may not be changed based on these insights.

    In summary: the unitive still has the “heads” side of the coin, but they also have the “tails” side to look at now as well; and this duality is mixed and mingled to serve whatever purpose they decide, whether that is good, bad, or downright ugly.

    FROM BILL: FIrst, I would say that the stage in which a person integrates the relative and the transcendent is perhaps beyond that of the Unitive stage. The Zen master Tozan referred to it as the Fifth Rank, the Unitive probably representing the Third.

    Second, I did not say that there was no doer. I said that there was no individual doer. When driving or attending a wedding there is indeed a doer–the whole. Even for the most unawake person, there is no separate doer. The whole is always the only doer. The Unitive just has the wisdom to know it. So driving, or dressing for the wedding, both happen, but no separate doer is needed.

  155. Trent says :

    Bill, integration can take place at any stage on the path. The content of reality is still accessible and malleable despite one’s conscious level. Some may choose to integrate slowly while they gain insights, may some take follow a road that resembles Tozan’s 5 ranks.

    The point I would make for what you said about a doer is similar. Although the unitive (assuming now that we’re speaking about Tozan’s 3rd) would have the ability to see that macro perspective of reality, he would not lose the ability to interpret the micro perspective of “his self.” Again, that is the content of reality and as you said, that is how it always has been. The point I am trying to make is that description like this SOUND like a limiting model of enlightenment, and any model of enlightenment that limits anything is erroneous and sets the stage for problems. I’m simply making the point that either view can now be embodied; more doors are open. While this new view is available, the old can still be taken to help the person function in a normal, everyday human way, and often times that is the best way to go about it, regardless of whether or not they have the knowledge to know that feeling is illusory.

  156. JV says :

    Thank you Bill for Holosync and this Blog………..
    I have used Holosync……..I the been an interesting ride to be sure. I don’t react quite the same way I used to act torward things….I am only on the 1st level……I like life more w/all the ups and downs………….this is what a few folks have said about me: …..What are you doing you definitely seem more settled……You look so much better……I notice you have let go of certain things you have definitely grown. ……you look and act a lot different, better somehow… sound different…….what are you doing?

    FROM BILL: I hope you’re telling tem!

  157. Adriana Sabbadin says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have been using Holosync since July 2008. I am now on Awakening level 1 and I have to thank you for such a great tool you put at my disposal for furthering my personal growth.

    I am a senior Psychotherapist at Kids Company a fairly large for UK standard charity organisation run by the great Camila Batmanlghelidjh based in London Uk providing assistance and help to over 12000 neglected kids in schools around London and about 1000 attenting their centres. You can read further about Camila and Kids company at to have an idea of the type of organisation it is and how it operates. Last year Kids Company recived £4M from the governement.

    I have been working with Camila for the past 4 years. I provide support/supervision and psychotherpay on a one-two-one basis to members of staff that work directly with emotionally neglected and physically/sexually abused children. I run creative imagination workshops for Kidsco as well as at CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) in West London. I also have a private practice in London Little Venice.

    I was discussing Holosync with Camila a couple of weeks ago, I was putting forward to her the idea of offering to some of the young people attending Kidsco centres a room equipped with headphones and holosync meditation. Of course the first possible hitch we may encounter will be “attention span”. Can you imagine a group of 15years-old coming into a room and seat there for 30min listening to rain and bell sound? We both laughed, you can join us too in it.

    I have chosen not to let it go and decided I would get in touch with you and pick your brain together with your personal and professional experience to come up with some ideas. You must have encontered similar enquiries or perhaps you have allready placed holosync in similar places.

    So here I am asking for your inputs. I am very interested in such a project as I know directly how beneficial holosync has been to me personally. Bear in mind that I am a transpersonal psychotherapist and have been fairly interested in personal growth for several years.

    Well, get in touch with me as soon as you can. I will be prepared to meet you in NY if necessary.

    Bear in mind that Kidsco is a charity and always lacking funds so do not go over board when you look into the project. Camila has still to raise 4.5M to run the all operation and she does it very well together with Prince Charles, Allan Yenton, Ruby Wax, Gweneth Paltrow, The archbishop of Canterbury and many more committed benefactors Kids Company.

    Awaiting to hearing from you

    Best wishes

    Adriana Sabbadin

    FROM BILL: You are doing good things. I am on the board of a few similar organizations in the US, and give them lots of money each year.

    I don’t think the attention span thing will be a problem, based on the feedback we get from thousands of parents who offer Holosync to their kids. They love it, including those who are ADD. And, it has a powerful positive effect on many of the problems such kids have.

  158. Adriana Sabbadin says :

    Bill, thank you for your input. I would like to discuss this further. Are you reachable at any other address? if so please let me have your contact as I do not want to clog the blog.

    all the best

    FROM BILL: I’m sorry, but I’m not available at any other address. Unfortunately, I have SO many people using Holosync and taking my other courses that if I interacted with all the people who ask for me, I wouldn’t have any time to do anything. That’s why I have a large support staff and communicate with everyone as much as possible in writing, audio, and video. More of that in the works. The best way to interact with me (other than this limited blog post opportunity) is to take the Platinum version of my online courses, where you get unlimited email access to me about the course content ( or to come to a public event. The public events I’m doing consist of speaking at other people’s seminars from time to time, the workshops I do with Genpo Roshi (, plus, this year, an 8-city tour I will do with Lisa Nichols for her book launch (I will speak before she does at a Saturday night event in each of eight cities and then meet after with Centerpointe people in that city) in May and June.

  159. Brian Fradet says :

    Hi Bill–

    Can you please explain the difference between the experience with Centerpoint’s CD’s and a person who does TM (transendental meditation) consistantly? Is there a difference and what might it be? While I believe in the power of technology, some things also can’t be shortcutted. Please explain. Thanks, Brian

    FROM BILL: Excellent question.

    First, you should know that I started with TM, in 1969, and did it faithfully or 16 years. In fact, I still do it sometimes. I have 6 of their advanced techniques, and took their advanced TM Sidhi program twenty-nine years ago. I have the utmost respect for the TM family of techniques.

    When you do TM, or most other traditional techniques, you are slowing your brain waves into the alpha pattern, and later, if you practice enough, you are having periodic excursions into a theta brain wave pattern. These slower brain wave patterns create more awareness, they connect you more with the unconscious mind, they eliminate stresses from the nervous system, and they cause the brain to make a number of beneficial (and pleasurable) neurochemicals and hormones that improve your heath, your mental clarity, and your emotional functioning.

    These slower brain wave patterns also create greater coherence, or synchrony in the brain. The two sides of the brain work together more (the result of new neural pathways between the left and right homishperes), creating what scientists call “whole brain functioning.”

    In addition to the increases in mental clarity and the other things I mentioned above, brain coherence is associated with greater awareness of how everything goes together, how everything is one connected thing/event. This awareness is associated with greater happiness and well being, more peace of mind, greater compassion, increased wisdom, and greater feelings of spiritual connectedness.

    On the other hand, brain lateralization–where to the hemispheres are not coherent (associated with the faster brain wave patterns most people are experiencing most of the time)–is associated with feelings of separation along with the emotions that go with that seeming separation (anger, fear, anxiety, depression, alienation, etc.). The ultimate feeling/experience that everything is connected, that everything “goes together”, is the Oneness experience many people speak of–Unity Consciousness, the Transcendent, Christ Consciousness, I Am That, or whatever you want to call it.

    Holosync is simply another way to create these slower brain wave patterns, except that:

    1) we can create them the first time and every time, easily, consistently, and precisely, so you don’t have to spend years (sometimes decades) perfecting the ability to create them with traditional techniques. People often quit meditation before they see real results (other than feeling a bit more calm and relaxed) because meditation, at least at first, can be tedious and difficult.

    2) With Holosync we can go even deeper than traditional meditation, into delta patterns, which are associated with what is called the causal plane, with kundalini awakenings, and with incredible increases in awareness. This ability greatly accelerates the process (and is an amazing experience).

    3) By lowering what is called the “carrier frequency” we use to change your brain waves as we go from one program level to the next, we can make the experience increasingly more potent (and more challenging), something similar in power to being in the presence of a powerful awakened teacher day after day. 4) People tend to progress, based on my experience with over 700,000 people over 23 years, about 4-6 times faster than with traditional techniques, and the progress begins right away, rather than after a lengthy time spent mastering the technique.

    You seem to be wondering whether or not you can attain with tradional meditation with Holosync because it seems to be a shortcut, and therefore must be akin to losing weight without dieting, or learning without studying. I have two answers to that. First, the results speak for themselves. Ask someone who has done Holosync for any length of time and they will tell you that the results are real, and they are permanent. You can read many comments about this all over this blog. There are a lot of them after the initial post, for instance.

    In fact, as with traditional meditation, a momentum is created when you use Holosync that continues for years after you stop. It does not create a dependency, and the results do not taper off or go away if you stop using it. And, I’d have to say that I had more happen in my first year of Holosync than in the prior 16 years of traditional meditation, and I was a VERY disciplined meditator pre-Holosync, putting in 1-4 hours a day.

    Second, Holosync is anything but easy, and for the same reason that traditional meditation, if done seriously (rather than 30-40 minutes a day, for instance, as most people practice it) isn’t easy. Yes, you skip the big learning curve with Holosync, and the technology creates the brain wave changes rather than your focusing tecnnique. But the real challenge of meditation isn’t learning how to do it (in fact, Holosync users who have never meditated, after a couple of years, meditate better than much more experienced traditional meditators because their brains have been changed to match the brains of those who have put in many times the number of years of meditation).

    The real challenge in meditation is that it reveals who you are under the surface, under your facade, and a lot of people don’t like what is revealed. Whatever aspects of yourself or the world that you have disowned–whatever you think is bad, wrong, negative about yourself or others–will move from unconscious to conscious. Because you don’t like or approve of this stuff, which is why you disowned it in the first place, you resist it when it comes into awareness. This can create tremendous upheaval, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You experience your own resistance to certain parts of the whole.

    Ironically, it is the embracing of all of this stuff that allows a person to enter into transcendent consciousness. You can visit without handling all this stuff, but until you handle most of it, you can’t stay. If you want to realize that you are the ALL, you can’t be making part of it not-okay. This process of embracing ALL of the universe is the most difficult thing any human can undertake. At the same time it is an amazing journey, and every step takes you to a higher spot on the mountain, with a better view of yourself, other people, and the human condition.

    A Holosync user has to go through this process just as any traditional meditator does, except that the journey starts sooner, because you skip the preliminary learning curve, and it happens faster. Results appear much sooner, which reinforces one’s motivation to keep going. Most traditional meditators, in fact, never meditate deeply enough, or for long enough, for this to really happen.

    I have to say that I was extremely skeptical about what became Holosync myself when I first began to play around with it back in 1985. But when I began to experience the results, both in terms of the meditative experiences and the long terms results (all the stuff I’d read was supposed to happen but was only happening a little bit, here and there) I became convinced. Now, many years later, having seen many thousands of people report their own version of the same thing, I’m even more sure. And, of course, there is the fact that Integral Institute’s Ken Wilber and many of the top teacher there use (or have used–and endorse–Holosync, and Zen Master Genpo Roshi and many of his top students use it

    Try it. You’ll like it. And, you can still do TM, if you already do it, along with it. Many people do.

  160. Dale says :

    Bill, As always, I am a great admirer and love my holosync.

    Gloria…he, she…what does it matter. My name is Dale and I’m female, I get called Mr. all the time by people who have never met me through the mail. I have people ask for Mr. all the time on the phone…I get a kick out of it and the responses I get when they expect a man and get a woman. Perhaps you have a shadow peeking out. Good Luck with that!