How Holosync helps you
experience unshakable inner peace…

Holosync has a powerful positive effect on stress and anxiety. Perhaps the most common feedback from the more than one million Holosync users over the last 20+ years is the remarkable effect Holosync has on stress.

Many scientific studies reveal that long-time meditators experience much greater levels of inner peace than those who don’t meditate.

In fact, these scientific studies are incredibly encouraging for anyone interested in experiencing greater peace of mind.

Though meditationis wonderfully effective in increasing inner peace, it is difficult to master . It takes a long time to see results. Most people find it difficult to motivate themselves to meditate regularly.

Holosync makes meditation easy, by effortlessly creating the precise brain wave patterns of deep meditation. You meditate deeply—in fact, more deeply than even the most experienced meditators—the first time, and every time.

I have become incredibly calm
and peaceful

I have been working the program faithfully for one month. I have become incredibly calm and peaceful on the inside. Some would use the word centered and I personally can see why. I feel so anchored in the center of my being. For sure, there are people and things connected with my job which a month ago would have sent me home in tears and frustration which today (literally TODAY) hold no power or importance to me. And THIS AFTER ONLY A MONTH. This stuff is amazing!–Wayne D

I lost my worrying, anxiety,
frustration and resistance to life as it is.

Where do I begin? I first saw the ad for Holosync Meditation in Science of Mind magazine and thought ‘What do I have to lose?”. Well, I lost a lot. I lost my worrying, anxiety, frustration and resistance to life as it is. My relationships have healed. My mind is peacefuland open to all the good in my life. I feel inspired and connected to all of life, and worry far less. I have more trust in the process of life. After 2 decades of searching every potion, notion and lotion to help heal my life of depression and anxiety, I began to feel some relief. Centerpointe is a blessing to every life it touches –Helen

You begin experiencing the benefits of meditation—including deep levels of inner peace—almost immediately.

Why is meditation even necessary?

In other words…

Why don’t we feel peaceful already?

Here’s why: Each person has a stress threshold. When that threshold is exceeded by the events of your life, you feel uncomfortable, stressed, anxious—even overwhelmed.

I have found much inner peace.

I no longer lose my “cool” when speaking with people that make me angry and I have found much inner peace. The first few times I listened to Holosync I came out of it in tears. –Bonnie

If you’ve been traumatized—especially during childhood, when we’re most vulnerable—your threshold will be lower than normal. The lower your threshold, the more often the ups and downs of life will push you over it. Your inner peace will be disturbed.

You’ll be more likely to experience uncomfortable emotions: anxiety, anger, fear, confusion, sadness, depression, and many others.

Holosync will dramatically increase your stress threshold , restoring your ability to be peaceful. The higher your threshold, the more it will take to push you beyond it.

A workout for your mind…

I could go on for pages, but it will suffice
to say that my life has been touched and
changed in a very profound way.

A little over a year ago, I began using Holosync. My marriage was a train wreck, my inner life full of turmoil, and peace was “out of grasp due to anger and worry”. I am highly sensitive and experienced extreme social anxiety even though I love people. This week after a year of listening to Holosync, my husband said, “Thank you for the peace, goodness, and the love.” I am so grateful for the restoration of my marriage. I am experiencing peace for the first time in many years as layers of false fears are peeling away. I could go on for pages, but it will suffice to say that my life has been touched and changed in a very profound way. –Samantha G

We all know that training pushes an athlete’s physical threshold higher. Holosync pushes your mental and emotional threshold higher—in fact, dramatically so. If your threshold is low, it will first increase to the point where it is “normal.”

Then, your threshold will continue to increase until it actually…

…exceeds the threshold
of an average person.

If your threshold is already normal, these changes happen more quickly. In either case, Holosync creates:

  • Lower stress levels…
  • Less anxiety…
  • More resiliency…
  • Greater happiness and well-being…
  • More inner peace

This increase in inner peace is, in fact, the most common result Holosync users experience during the first few months of the program. During this time, you’ll notice that those things that would cause you to react, feel bad, or become overwhelmed… entire state of being has changed

I’ve only been doing Holosync for 3 months, but my entire state of being has changed from one of fairly constant agitation and worry (a classic Type A) to a more constant state marked by peace of mind. My view of what is available to me in this life, and, more importantly, of what I am capable of achieving, has greatly expanded beyond anything I could imagine. If this is what happens after 3 months, I can only imagine what it will be like in 3 years! –Bill R

…don’t affect you
in the same way.

Instead, you’ll remain calmer, more centered, and more peaceful—no matter what happens.

A balanced brain…

Holosync creates a balance, or synchrony, in the brain. Your brain creates new neural connections between the left and right hemispheres, increasing communication within your brain—and changing your perspective on what happens around you.

I just love Holosync!

I have had a significant increase in peace and in the ability to be ok or even good with the way things are, just as they are without changing them. Awesome! Because life certainly happens, and the way I respond to it definitely is the deciding factor as to whether or not I suffer over issues, or let them roll off my back. –Mary

There is no longer a feeling of stress
or agitation when something happens.

You asked me what it was like to have graduated from the Centerpointe program. I continue to feel calm, centered and competent in myself. That feeling of calm competence is lovely. There is no longer a feeling of stress or agitation when something happens. My life and my job are much like others--things happen, changes occur, demands are made. What I notice now is that these events are not stressful--I don’t get upset, or agitated. I just handle it. Does that mean I don’t notice? Or don’t care? No. It just means I don’t add my upset to what may be a difficult situation. My life has evolved through this inner process into a life that is simpler, manageable and has less stress. Outside events didn’t need to be controlled so much as my response to them changed such that the stresses fell away. –LS, Nevada

You’ll see the world, other people, and yourself, in a new way. You’ll feel safer, more connected to others…

…and more

Holosync users experience a dramatic increase in inner peace and equanimity, and the ability to remain calm and centered regardless of what happens around them.

I created Centerpointe in 1989 because Holosync had such a profound effect on my own level of inner peace (which was heartbreakingly low prior to using Holosync, I assure you). I want you to experience the same remarkable inner peace that I (and hundreds of thousands of other Holosync users) now experience.

Holosync will do much more than just increase your inner peace. It will increase your ability to focus and concentrate your creativity and your intuition. It will help you resolve emotional problems, and feel a greater connection with other people. You’ll feel happier, more centered, and more alive.

I am happy and at peace because that is what comes from inside me

The past few years have been very successful and effortless. I move from one level of success to the next. Every area of my life is successful. Physically I am in the best shape of my life. Spiritually I feel connected to everything and everyone like never before. My relationships are peace and harmony. My wife and I are as happy as we have ever been. I am truly living the life of my dreams. The amazing thing is that I am at a level of peace that comes from within. All of the success that I am having is not why I am happy, I am happy and at peace because that is what comes from inside me, all of the life situations I am experiencing are a byproduct of what is coming from within me all day, all night, everyday. Everyone around me notices this. Bill, Holosync is a masterpiece. Your work will change generations of people. Job well done and most of all Thank you. –Matt L

There’s no risk to try Holosync…

You don’t have to take my word for any of this because Holosync has a no risk One-Year Money-Back Guarantee. You can try it for an entire year, at absolutely no risk to you. When you do, you’ll discover that Holosync really will do everything I’ve said, and more.

I just felt an immediate sense of peace.

When I listened to Awakening Prologue for the first time, tears started rolling down my face. That happened for the first three days during meditation and then stopped. The sound of rain and gongs etc. felt physically like I was being “washed” or “cleansed” on the inside. The tears just happened on the outside even though I wasn’t sad or happy or anything. I just felt an immediate sense of peace. –Linda

So far, over one million people in 193 countries have used Holosync to improve their lives. Why not become one of them? CLICK HERE to join this powerful program.

Through Holosync I have literally become a different person.

I recently had a cancer screening test which in the past would have sent me down a deep hole of despair. This time I just watched my thoughts, feelings, and images I was creating and let them be okay. As I became more aware of them and deeply accepted them, they dissipated. I spend a lot of my time just watching my thoughts and feelings and am now able to change them at will. Thanks to Holosync I live a joyful and peaceful life regardless of what is going on around me. –Barbara

In describing my inner changes to a
friend the other day I likened it to dawn

Holosync leaves me feeling peaceful and self-satisfied. I sleep more deeply -- makes a great sleep aid for those stressful times! Overall, I seem less uptight, more able to detach, more accepting. I feel you’ve developed a really powerful tool in this. In describing my inner changes to a friend the other day I likened it to dawn -- how there is this ever-so-gradual and imperceptibly growing light and that all areas of my life are becoming more highly illumined by this light. Thank you so much.” Cathy L., Tucson, Arizona