Holosync creates dramatic increases in
mental clarity, focus and concentration,
intuition and thinking abilities…

Is this really possible?

Yes, it is.

Let me explain how Holosync will do this for you—and, a lot more.

Whole brain thinking…

When you listen to Holosync, the two sides of your brain are receiving two very precise but slightly different audio signals (these are NOT spoken messages, by the way). To reconcile these two slightly different tones, the two sides of your brain must create new neural pathways.

I realize that I'm only at the start of the program but...
I've noticed a lot of changes even in that time. For example:

  • increased intuition
  • lucid dreaming
  • bursts of creativity
  • increased awareness
  • more choice in my responses
  • better management of my attention
  • a clearer sense of purpose

One of my favourite outcomes are those unpredictable moments when I find myself looking at the world through new eyes, where old scenes have new life, colours become brighter, and everything seems clearer. This is typically accompanied with an overwhelming sense of awe and appreciation. –Tony

This links the two sides of the brain, creating what scientists call whole brain thinking. The two sides of the brain work together in a more coherent, more synchronized manner, rather than in a way where one hemisphere is dominant over the other.

A more synchronized, more coherent brain is capable of what many people call superlearning. Superlearning began in the late 1960s with the work of Bulgarian psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov .

Lozanov created synchronized rhythms in the brain (using methods considerably more primitive than Holosync), causing students to produce alpha waves. While they were making alpha waves, these students were able to learn between five and thirty times as much information, in less time…

…and, retain it better!

Holosync makes this same brain coherence easy, creating these same brain patterns, but much more precisely and easily than Lazonov’s methods!

What’s more, as you use Holosync, your ability to create these brain wave patterns quickly become permanent.

Making these (and other) desirable brain wave patterns improves several other beneficial mental abilities—creativity, focus and concentration, problem solving, receptivity to learning, and intuition, to name a few.

My brain feels sharp as a tack...

After using Holosync I’ve experienced a great number of improvements. My brain feels sharp as a tack. I handle complex accounting procedures every day. We have a computer that checks error rates on all manual computations. Over the last six months my error rate has dropped from 8% to under 3% which is the best in the whole company. –Kevin

What do scientists say?

Researcher Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., describes the relationship between brain wave patterns, learning, concentration, problem solving, and creativity:

I have developed the positive qualities of being
more focused in whatever I do and enjoy clarity of mind.

Although I was initially quite skeptical, time proved you right about Holosync. I am happy to report that after almost 4 months into the program, I have developed the positive qualities of being more focused in whatever I do and enjoy clarity of mind. Sure, these may be considered ‘old stuff’ by those who have read other participants’ reports, but what was important, is that I read about them only after experiencing the improvements myself. –Henry K.

Predominant brain wave patterns are associated with different states of consciousness or awareness. For example, beta frequencies ranging from 13-26 Hz are associated with concentration, and alert problem solving; alpha frequencies (8-13 Hz) occur when the eyes are closed and a state of alert relaxation is present; theta (4-7 Hz) is associated with deep relaxation with a high receptivity for new experiences and learning...

There isn’t even a way to tell
you here about everything I’ve
experienced through this system.

I’ve been using Holosync for over a year now and I have to say that it’s been nothing but miraculous since the beginning. When I started I was at a point in my life when I really didn’t want to try any more self help programs. But despite that, I know for sure this system has made some real changes in my life. There isn’t even a way to tell you here about everything I’ve experienced through this system. Sleep better, happier, more productive, much MUCH more creative -- that’s just a short list. –Carol W.

Morris also describes how these brain patterns (easily created by Holosync) “create the ability to sustain this theta period of openness for learning.” Students whose brain patterns were changed (as yours will be when you use Holosync) exhibited “improved focus of attention” and “a greater openness and enthusiasm for learning”.

Greater mental abilities…

These same brain patterns, plus the increased communication between the left and right brain hemispheres, also create:

  • Increased intuition
  • A greater ability to focus and concentrate
  • Enhanced problem-solving ability

Even those with previous difficulties gain an extraordinary ability to focus their attention…deal with complex situations…learn quickly…excel at pattern recognition…and remember more.

“Mind chatter” decreases. Confusion decreases. Focused attention increases.

Dr. Morris further describes what happens as your brain becomes more synchronized and works together to create more beneficial brain states:

The linear, sequential style of problem solving preferred by the left hemisphere is brought into balance with the global, intuitive style of the right hemisphere and limbic system...This allows the learner to have greater access to internal and external knowledge…expanding intuition in problem solving.

...my thinking has clarity and I am able to focus on
what I need to for sometimes quite long periods of time.

Since using Holosync my mind has slowed down so much that I now tend to direct my mind to what to think about. The background noise in my head has lessened so I don’t hear it and my thinking has clarityand I am able to focus on what I need to for sometimes quite long periods of time. I’m a professional classical musician, playing in an opera and ballet orchestra. We perform operas which require absolute focus for up to 3 or 4 hours. It is now so easy to do this. Before, more often than not, I would get bored, daydream or get very tired. Now it is not difficulty at all and I enjoy it. It is very rare for me to struggle to pay attention for the duration of a performance. –Victoria C.

One of the by-products of hemispheric synchronization appears to be a highly focused stateof attending. The ability to reduce ‘mind chatter’ and focus the attention is critical for efficient learning.

After about four months, I noticed that I felt clearer, more focused, more competentin my job and, generally, more centered. –Paul

Ideas, intuition, and creativity…

Neurotechnology and biofeedback researcher Thomas Budzynski has extensively researched the brain states created by Holosync. In these states, Budzynski says, "a lot of work gets done very quickly."

Since using Holosync, I’ve experienced a noticeable i ncrease in awareness, creativity and feelings of peace and contentment never before available to me. –Donna L.

Budzynski and psychobiologist Dr. James McGaugh of the University of California at Irvine have both found that information is also more easily processed and recalled in a theta state.

I have had periods of creativity since using Centerpointe that I could not have conceived of before. –Richard H.

Noted researchers Elmer and Alyce Green of the Meninger Foundation have also studied this phenomenon. They found that those able to produce more theta waves (an ability you will gain through using Holosync) had "new and valid ideas or synthesis of ideas, not primarily by deduction but springing by i ntuition from unconscious sources."

In their seminal book Beyond Biofeedback, the Greens further discussed many remarkable effects of the theta brain wave state. They found that those producing theta waves became highly creative. They had life-altering insights, "integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being".

Such people were "psychologically healthier, had more social poise, were less rigid and conforming, and were more self-accepting and creative".

Another remarkable effect was an improvement in physical, mental, and emotional health. These people experienced "improved relationshipswith other people as well as greater tolerance, understanding, and love of oneself and of one's world."

I have more focus
and clarity of thought...

Holosync is the best thing I have ever purchased in my life. In a few months, I have become more aware of who I am and what I want. They have raised my energy level to a new level, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally, I have more focus and clarityof thought, and I am able to persist with one line of thought, until the issue becomes clear to me. Emotionally, I have dispelled the negative thoughts that clouded my judgment, become poised, and more confident and persistent. Physically, I have much more energy to do things. I cannot thank you enough for this technology. –Susan R.

Holosync affects
mental abilities in two ways

Holosync puts the brain in the optimum state for enhanced learning, creativity, problem solving, and intuitive thinking. Then, as you continue with the program, the brain’s normal “plasticity”—its ability to change in response to the Holosync stimulus—allows you to access the mental state you need, when you need it, whether you need to focus, concentrate, learn, remember, be creative, or problem-solve.

Of course, Holosync will do much more than just improve mental abilities. It will increase your feelings of well-being, your ability to focus and concentrate, and your creativity and intuition. It will allow you to resolve emotional problems, and feel a greater connection with other people. You’ll feel happier, more centered, and more alive.

There's no risk to try Holosync…

You don’t have to take my word for any of this because Holosync has a no risk One-Year Money-Back Guarantee. You can try it for an entire year, at absolutely no risk to you. When you do, you’ll discover that Holosync really will do everything I’ve said, and more.

I am calmer, more relaxed, more focused and many other positive benefits...

I noticed right away since I started Holosync that I am calmer, more relaxed, more focusedand many other positive benefits. This alone has inspired me to stick with the program. My new girlfriend is getting positive results too. She notices that she is getting more in touch with her intuitive side, which is awesome! –Joe

I seem more centered, more focused, and
more positive about each day than ever before.

I am by nature a bit of a skeptic, yet somewhat adventurous. I approached Holosync with an open mind, yet held the jury out until I was convinced by my own experiential knowledge. It is, as you have said, very powerful. I seem more centered, more focused, and more positive about each day than ever before. I’m delighted that I came across your ad last winter. It has made a great difference to me. –Terry M.

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