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“Because I like you, please pull your head out of the sand.” (An update on what’s going on)

by / Sunday, 25 November 2012 / Published in Uncategorized


Are those in power wanting the currency to fail so they can install a new currency? Of course the new currency comes with new laws that grant privileges (that can be taken away) as opposed to rights which are ‘god’ given.

When things get bad enough ie hyperinflation, the disappearance of our savings to buy hundred dollar toilet paper, etc. it seems then we’d all be willing to accept any solution even the giving up of our rights for ‘privileges’ in order to make the pain of inflation stop.

Is this some version of what the next 5 years might bring in your opinion?

My answer:

A new currency might happen. It won’t really affect what we are facing, though. It will merely be a smoke screen. I am skeptical about hyperinflation. I have no crystal ball, but I don’t see how that could be the final outcome. Here’s what I think:

We are in a DEflationary time. Debts are either being paid off, which reduces the money supply, or are being declared unpayable, which also reduces the money supply. When a debt is made (ie, money is lent), the original money still exists, in the hands of the borrower, while new money, in the form of the IOU (bond, mortgage,  etc) now also exists. If the borrower is thought to be a good credit risk, and it is assumed that he will pay back the debt (which is what happens in normal times with most debts), the debt creates a doubling of the original amount of money that was lent: $1000 lent becomes the original $1000 plus the IOU which can now also be used as money (“I’ll give you this IOU in exchange for that item I want.”). This is how inflation happens (this is a simplification–this creation of credit money happens in many ways–this is just a simple example).

When the original debt is paid off, the IOU is then no longer worth anything (nothing is owed any longer). The extra credit money created when the debt was initiated disappears. There is another possible outcome, though. If, instead of the debt being paid, it becomes obvious that it cannot be paid–as with, for instance, all the mortgages people took out to buy houses they really couldn’t afford, or all the student loans that can’t be repaid because those who owe it can’t find work–the IOUs also become worthless. Whether an IOU is paid, or can’t be paid, it is no longer worth anything, and the credit money it represents disappears into the same thin air out of which it came.

Ordinarily, credit money is a good thing. It is, in fact, the essence of capitalism–it is the “capitalizing of an asset”. This means an asset is turned into capital. The purpose of this is to use the asset (without consumming it) to create more wealth. Wealth isn’t really the money, though (money just represents wealth). Wealth is actually more stuff–more things that make life easier: products, medicines, infrastructure, clothing, food, machines, and so on.

Before people had this idea of capitalizing assets (in the 1300s), people generally worked from sun-up to sundown just to create enough wealth (again, stuff–especially food) to stay alive. The nobility took part of that “wealth” in (supposed) exchange for protection, and also because they claimed they had a “divine right” to it. The protection, of course, was actually provided by the same people who were raising the food (the wealth) that the nobility were living off, as these serfs would be conscripted into the army whenever there was need of protection.

Once capitalism began, however, assets could be offered as collateral for money (ie, capitalizing those assets) and the money could be invested in something: ships to bring goods back from foreign lands, or the creation of a mill to create cloth, or whatever it happened to be (later, as capital formation drove the creation of machines, the whole thing accelerated and consumer goods, fuels, new technologies, medical miracles, etc, were created with this “capital”). Wealth (stuff that made life easier) was created. In fact, over the next few hundred years so much wealth was created that humans of all classes began to enjoy leisure time, medical care, paved roads, indoor plumbing, a much healthier and consistent food supply, and on and on.

This ability to capitalize assets (ie, the process of capitalism) completely changed humanity from subsistence to a whole new way of living–one most of us take for granted, since most people are largely ignorant of history, and certainly ignorant of financial history (and the progressives who now control the schools and the media and the government don’t want you to know how important capital formation is to YOUR LIFE and YOUR COMFORT–and, in fact, how important it is to the poor).

There are places in the world where many people still live at a subsistence level, of course. These places, however, are poor at least in part because they don’t have capitalism and the legal protections that allow it to operate (methods for legally transfering property, strong courts that guarantee the sanctity of contracts–so promises must be kept, even by the powerful–and “honest” money [which I will explain in a moment]). Hundreds of billions of dollars of assets, of wealth, sitting in third world countries and which common people “own” for all intents and purposes (their family has lived there for hundreds of years and cannot be evicted), cannot be capitalized. Why? Because these “owners” have no deed to the property because there is no Western system for owning and transfering property. There is no way to transfer ownership of these assets other than to informally transfer them to their children. For that reason, these assets cannot be capitalized–used to create more wealth.

The other poor places in the world have socialist economies/governments, where capital formation isn’t part of the mix: Russia, North Korea, Cuba, etc. These are the places from which people are trying to flee, in order to get into the places in the world where capital formation is allowed: The US, Singapore, Hong Kong, some countries in Europe, etc. (the list used to be longer).

I’ve gone on about capital formation at length for a reason. Capitalism grows the pie. In other words, it creates wealth. Most socialists and advocates of centralized control assume that there is a pie of a certain set size, and if someone (an individual or a country) has more pie than another, they had to have stolen it from those who have less. Though this certainly has happened in history, and no doubt still happens to some extent in some situations, most of the wealth any rich person or country has is the result of using capital to create more wealth, not from the stealing of wealth. The laws that protect private property and contracts are designed to prevent this theft, though today those guarantees are breaking down–though not from a failure of capitalism. (More about what is going on when this stealing does happen below.)

So, to get back to the deflation I was describing: As debts are either paid or acknowledged as unpayable (credit extinction), the debt side of the asset/debt relationship disappears. This is called deflation, just as the creation of the additional “money” (through credit creation) is called inflation–something that has been happening at a very high rate since we stopped backing our money with gold in the early 1970s. Today the debt has become too big to service (ie, pay the interest on and still have anything left over to live on). In that period of time a dollar has shrunk in buying power by (my educated guess–too lazy to look it up as I write this) about 1/12th. This means (assuming my guess is right) that it takes $12 to buy what $1 bought in 1970. Things don’t really cost more today–it’s more accurate to say that the money is just worth less because so much of it has been created out of thin air.

This creation of money out of thin air (the money creation I described when a debt is created) is A GOOD THING as long as the money goes into something that in turn creates wealth. If someone uses the money to start a company and create something people want, wealth is created, jobs are created, and the economy GROWS. Ideally, it grows enough to compensate for the increase in the money supply created by the debt. In that case, there is no inflation. (In actual practice, in some years there is a little bit of inflation and in others there is a little bit of deflation, so it evens out–ideally. A gold standard (again, ideally) keeps things from getting out of hand one way or the other, because people/countries have to part with gold when it does get out of hand, and this is a strong motivator–when there is a gold standard–to maintain honest [non-inflationary] money.)

If, on the other hand (and this has been happening for many years now–one of the many results of no longer backing our money with gold), the debt money goes for consumable items–items that do not generate wealth, but are simply consumed (furniture, homes, cars, stuff you put on your credit card, etc)–then you have debt that doesn’t create wealth. This debt is referred to as “non-self-liquidating debt”, because it doesn’t create the wealth that a) grows the economy, and at the same time b) provides the money to pay off the debt itself. This kind of debt does create inflation (which is why since 1970 it takes 12+ dollars to buy what could be bought then for $1). Debt that creates wealth is self-liquidating debt, because it creates enough wealth to pay off the debt, plus enough to make the creation of the company or other enterprise worth all the risk and work (ie, it makes a profit).

At any rate, in our current environment, the huge amount of accumulated debt (most of which is NOT self-liquidating) is either being paid off or found to be unpayable. This causes huge amounts of money (most of which is unpayable debt) to disappear. All the bailouts and QE 1,2,3 etc. are attempts to creates new debt to replace it, so as to avoid the deflation that naturally happens when debts go to money heaven.

Once true deflation starts it becomes a chain reaction and leads to the sorts of things that happened in the 1930s–foreclosures, massive loss of jobs, huge poverty, huge suffering (hmmm–a lot like what’s happening today). The whole society is forced to live on less while the debt is being “repaid” (all debts are repaid–if not by the borrower, then by the lender). In our current situation, stuff was created, bought, and consumed before the money was there to buy it (in otherwords, it was purchased on credit), and now, finally, the piper must be paid. When you start paying back a debt you obviously have less to live on while you’re paying it back. This is happening all over the world, and EVERYONE (save a few who have the reins of power and can use force to steal from the rest) will live at a lower standard of living. And, I would predict that this process will continue for DECADES, perhaps generations. That is how huge the debt is that must be paid (the debt is many, many times the value of EVERYTHING of value in the entire world).

Right now the powers that be are pumping more debt money into the economy (through bailouts, “quantitative easing”, etc) to try to replace what is disappearing through the disappearance of credit money, also called deflation, or deleveraging. So far those powers that be are keeping up–they are creating just enough new credit to make up for the old credit that is going to money heaven. Once deflation really gets going, though, they won’t have a prayer of keeping up. This chain reaction came within hours of being ignited in the last meltdown a few years ago, where most people lost 40% of their 401k’s. The powers that be probably won’t be able to forestall it a second time, though.

There is one hope, though–and this is the only escape for the government and the big banks who are pumping all this new debt into the economy:

If the economy GROWS (enough wealth is created that the debt can be paid), the collapse that every deflation leads to might be avoided. Unfortunately, the economy is NOT going to grow enough (if it grows at all–today’s growth is miniscule and shrinking, and may must be statistical smoke and mirrors). First, it’s very difficult for economies to grow in this environment (HUGE HUGE debt, no jobs, etc). The reality is that the economy will not grow until the debt has been “paid”–until the deleveraging, the deflation, has run its course. If we had a much smaller amount of debt–perhaps what we had 15 years ago, we MIGHT grow our way out of it. Now, it’s too late. The debt, as I said, is greater than the value of EVERYTHING. The amount of growth needed would be some truly magical growth beyond anything the world has ever seen.

And, to make matters worse, in times like these–times of increasingly negative social mood–governments become more authoritarian and LESS free market oriented. Capitalism, you may have noticed, is being blamed, demonized, restricted. The very engine that needs to be set free is fettered. More regulation and ways to block capital formation are created everyday. While Obama (to pick one example) talks about increasing jobs and growing the economy, those who are watching what he actually DOES are seeing action after action after action that blocks capitalism and the free market from working. You would think (and, as a matter of fact, I DO think) that these guys are sitting around trying to NOT grow the economy.

Finally, when government gets this large, and centralizes this much power, there are many huge international companies that line up to suck on the government power tit, which is why they CAN steal from others. Without that government power (I have said this many times on this blog) these companies a) would never have become so big, and b) would have one power, and one power only–to create and sell a product to those willing to buy it voluntarily. Unfortunately, I don’t have room here to go into the reason why this is so. Perhaps in a future post I will discuss why centralized power (not capitalism) is the source of the problems we face.

At any rate, we are faced with a HUGE, unimaginably high debt that will never be paid. It WILL disappear through non-payment. This WILL cause a massive deflation (a contraction of the money supply, as everything that really has no value, because it’s just unpayable debt, is extinguished), and no amount of government or Federal Reserve Bank creation of more credit-based funny money will help.

First, there is no way to create enough new credit money, and there is no way to actually get it into circulation in the economy. Second, even the money they are creating now is just sitting there in banks as little 1’s and 0’s in someone’s computer. This allows the banks to PRETEND that the assets they hold (all the many kinds of debt instruments that can never be paid) are actually worth something. 98% of these “assets” (“promises to pay”) will eventually be shown to be worthless. Even now, the banks don’t want to lend the funny money the Fed is creating (they just want their balance sheets to LOOK better), and in this environment there aren’t any worthy borrowers out there who want to borrow it and use it to create new companies and new wealth.

What is coming is a massive game of musical chairs, where the chairs are money. Money (and by that I mean debt instruments–someone’s promise to pay) will disappear as it becomes obvious that the promise to pay cannot be kept. 7 billion people will be scrambling for a chair as most of the chairs disappear. If you have money in a bank–which has lent out 30 times as much as they have deposits (this is called “fractional reserve banking”, and it is legal!)–and just 3% of the depositors come to the bank and ask for their money (this is called “a run on the bank”), the other 97% will get no money, no chair. In fact, long before a run happens the government will do something to make it look as if this isn’t happening. They will ration withdrawals for some other supposed reason. This same thing will happen (a failure to make good on the promise to pay) with bonds, money market funds, pensions, 401Ks, and a thousand other debt instruments.

If your “wealth” is someone’s promise to pay (and it probably is), you will quite likely be left without a chair. But don’t worry. Obama (or one of the other central planners in the world) will take care of you. At least that’s the promise. I’m a bit skeptical (based on the history of these sorts of things, and the facts of the situation today) that these guys will be able to make good on it when the time comes, though.

What’s more, historically goverments (which become quite authoritarian in such times–voters actually DEMAND more authoritarianism at such times, a form of insanity to be sure) always make whatever a prudent person would do to protect himself in such circumstances illegal. Again, I don’t have time to give lengthy examples, but I can think of two off the top of my head: hoarding cash (actual currency), or moving money out of the country, to places where it might be safer. Both of these will eventually be strongly discouraged, taxed, or outlawed. Those who move money offshore are already demonized. What’s wrong with these greedy people who don’t want to lose their money?

So here it is, in a nutshell:

1) Capitalism allows assets to be “capitalized” so they can be invested in something that creates wealth. This has raised the standard of living of humans by probably at least 100,000% since the 1400s.

2) At a certain point, the safeguards that keep this process honest are removed. Two I can think of are the creation of the Fed in 1913 (very anti-free market) and going off the gold standard in 1971. This allows legatized stealing by the government and huge corporations who ally themselves with the government.

3) The age of consumer debt (debt that creates no wealth but is just used for consumption) creates inflation, in addition to debt creation for massive government spending, destroying the value of the money and becoming a silent tax for the entire population.

4) The debt eventually becomes so large it is impossible to pay. We’re there, folks.

5) During this time the size of government increased by huge multiples, controlling decisions individuals used to make for themselves and adding layers of expensive regulations so that the entire society becomes like an afternoon at the DMV and huge corporations are allowed to grow and to use government power to legally steal.

6) Eventually the debt begins to DEflate–the game of financial musical chairs begins. During this time the whole world (since the whole world is so interconnected financially today) is forced to live at a much lower standard of living. This goes on until the debt is paid. In our case it’s going to take a L O N G time. It took about 20 years after the 1929 stock market crash. This is going to be worse–the debt is MANY times larger. MANY MANY MANY times.

7) Radicals and demagogues become mainstream and take over governments (and the media, popular culture, and the educational system) all over the world. The demagogues say, “Follow me. I know who’s to blame. Let’s get them!” Think Hitler, as one historical example. Hitler was ELECTED. In such times people admire this sort of person (at the time, Hitler was admired–only after the fact was it obvious who he really was) and want more authoritarian control (again, insanity).

8) When things hit bottom, you will hear people saying that the world is coming to an end, and that capitalism is dead (it won’t be, though–all other systems only create enough wealth for survival, and people aren’t so stupid that when this becomes apparent they won’t revert to sanity. Let’s hope we live that long.)

So what can you do? I’ve already said on this blog that we are in a car that has already been driven off the cliff, and now the people in the car are asking how to avoid the crash. There will be no avoiding of it. The car will hit the bottom of the canyon. I wish it weren’t so.

I don’t know exactly how this will play out. No one does. Everything is at best an educated guess (and, there are a lot of guesses by those who have no idea what all the variables are–uneducated guesses). In every case in history when this sort of thing has happened it has ended in a massive war. That will, no doubt, happen this time, too.

Who will be involved? There are huge tensions between European countries. There are huge tensiosn (beyond tensions, in fact) in the Middle East. There are huge tensions between China and Japan.  There are also tensions between many social groups. There is talk of states seceding from the US, just as in the American Civil War. Could there be another civil war? Nothing, at this point, would surprise me.

In the coming years those who have become dependent upon government will ultimately be stiffed as the governments fail to keep up with what they’ve promised to their dependents, who will then be extremely angry. (This is already happening, actually.) This will cause riots (or worse), as is already happening in Greece and the Middle East. The public has no idea that all of this is going to happen, or what the real cause is. They are listening to demagogues who will point them to who they “should” blame. Right now it looks like this will be “the rich”, corporations (those in league with big government deserve some of the blame), and capitalism and free markets (which doesn’t deserve the blame–it’s our straying from these two that has caused this mess). It may also be “The Jews”, as it was in the 1930s and 1940s (and in quite a few other times of negative social mood over the last few thousand years).

What can you do? Be out of debt if possible, or be prepared for the consequences of not paying your debts, whatever that turns out to be. Store some food. Have some actual cash not in a bank. Have some gold. Have a network of loved ones you can count on. Stop voting for people who are dishonestly making the debt (and the eventual consequences) bigger. Consider tapping into some of the sources of information I listed in my last few posts, so you know more about how things are unfolding. Consider what you would do if social services, utilities, and the infrastructure you count on are either temporarily out of service, or perhaps even out of service for a long time. And, please, use your Holosync. You’re going to need the awareness and higher threshold for stress Holosync creates in the coming years. In fact, it might save your life.

Quite frankly, I have no pat solution for all of this. I don’t know how it will play out, or when. I see all of this in process right now, though. I know what I’m saying here sounds really negative, and really scary. What can I say? What I know leads me to draw these conclusions. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am. Whatever happens, life will go on in one way or another. The best things in life ARE free. A lot of people are going to learn to focus on those things in coming years, and less on the newest electronic toy or some other external item.

And, as life goes on in the coming years, people will need things, and you can be someone who provides those things. You can start a business, if you want to, or work for someone else who is providing things people need. You CAN create a good life, even in bad times, especially if you don’t get unconsciously caught up in herd-like negative social mood. Be like a Boy Scout. Be Prepared.

Finally, I’ve written these last 4 posts, plus this one, knowing that they might be quite unpopular with some people, on the assumption that if you’re aware of what is happening–rather than just being unconsciously swept up in it–you have more choice about whether your emotions run away with you (and you angrily follow the radicals who want to lead to you) and blindly follow the negative social mood herd. And, you may have a chance of being more prepared.

To all of you who want to attack me for posting this, save your strength. I’m not interested in having angry debates (as happened with the last several posts) with uninformed people. Don’t shoot the messenger. If you can prove to yourself that all of this is baloney, good for you. If you have legitimate questions, and can’t figure out how what I’m saying squares with something else you’re pretty sure is accurate, please ask. Ask with some respect, though. Name callers will just be deleted and banned. I don’t have time for that sort of crap. I have a lot to do, and a lot of people relying on me. I don’t have time to read angry rants or to pick apart the faulty logic of uninformed people who wouldn’t change their mind anyway no matter what I say.

You might go back and read my three posts on Going to Hell in a Handbasket, because a lot of what I said was going to happen in those posts now HAS happened, or is happening–which ought to give me some credibility. Some of the very smartest (and reasonable) people in the world see things the way I do.

I wish all of you the best. As always, be well.

290 Responses to ““Because I like you, please pull your head out of the sand.” (An update on what’s going on)”

  1. Robin says :

    Thank-you Bill.

    After going through your courses (and regular Holosync use) I was able to turn the corner personal growth (I know we continually develop but it all became clear enough), and begin to focus on other subjects like economics and even science – filling in gaps that my Arts degree didn’t cover.

    And I knew capitalism was the answer (Casey Research subscriber), but didn’t have the ability to convince my wife that more government control is not the answer (our votes cancel each other out). Maybe this post will help explain it. And your description above really clarified the deflation/inflation topic that I’ve been confused about.

    Again Thank-You!

    FROM BILL: It is sad that so many people have been convinced that government actually wants to help them, and actually is helping them. Neither are true.

  2. Paul Cowan says :

    I think there is a coming war. I am in the UK where the govt. is entirely bankrupt but they still blow 10bn pounds a year on a meaningless war in Afghanistan. The UK, France and the USA are funding jihadis in Syria. No prizes for guessing how that is going to end up. More worryingly is that China and Russia are arming Assad. Trying to look at Syria one through “one side is right” is completely futile in what is a whole world of wrong.

    I wonder what you think about Obama’s praise for Saul Alinsky who has also been credited by Cameron here in the UK and Tony Blair before.

    FROM BILL: Alinsky was a straight-up Marxist-Leninist. He is behind most of the tactics of today’s left. Those of you who think Obama is a great guy and those who in the government who have your best interests at heart should get a copy of Rules for Radicals (by Alinsky). Chilling reading. I used to believe in this stuff. Sigh.

  3. david says :

    Bill, I agree 100% with all that you’ve said in this post.

  4. Jeff says :

    Thanks Bill,
    A clear and concise overview; I really wish I could argue against your observations but from my reading and listening it is what it is.

    I really don’t think that those who remain in the dark have much time left to get it but I respect your continued efforts. Sometimes a 2×4 is needed; personally I prefer a nudge nudge wink wink ;)

    About the only bright side I can see is that some places/people will experience these changes to a greater or lesser degree and so I prepare as I can and, of course, continue to raise my threshold for stress; I bet there will be plenty of opportunity to bump up against that threshold!

    I’m from the government and I’m here to help you; words to strike terror in the hearts of men (and those other, softer (in a good way), humans)).

  5. Ken says :

    Great post Bill! Bravo!

    Interesting you think hyperinflation is not likely to happen this time. I thought when a deflation hits, the government prints money to add liquidity, and this in turn cases hyperinflation.

    FROM BILL: Only if they can “print” (they don’t really print it anymore) more than is disappearing through deflation. Download Robert Precter’s huge article about this at the Elliot Wave site. I think it’s called Understanding Deflation.

  6. Paul Cowan says :

    Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals is chilling. Cameron in the UK is also a fan and he is supposed to favour the right.

    The plan is to slay the middle class and I don’t think I am being alarmist by saying that.

    The amount of people fooled by Obama the first time was understandable but to fall for it again was understandable.

    Do you think any of this economic implosion is by design?

    I remember in your first post that you wrote that conspiracy theories seem more plausible in times of negative social mood which is something I like to recall before descending into the ludicrous.

    But do you think there is any truth in this?

    The more logical explanation is that too much debt was created to the wrong borrowers.

    FROM BILL: In boom times (positive social mood)–and we just exited the biggest boom times in modern history–risk seems minimal, so bigger and bigger risks are taken. Invariably these risks are stupid risks, including lending out 33x the amount of money you have (banks); “leasing” of gold reserves by central banks all over the world (who would borrow this gold, and what they would do with it, is of interest to me–I’m going to have to find out–as it is another game of musical chairs that will play out–not as much gold in existence as is on the books); offering (in fact, forcing by law) mortgages to people who cannot afford the houses securing them; giving student loans to students who will not have the ability to repay them; untold various derivatives representing supposed wealth that doesn’t exist, etc, etc.

    These chickens are now coming home to roost.

    AND, the left does, in my opinion, want the collapse that is imminent to happen. Obama says in his writings that he thinks the countries of the West, especially the US, are colonial powers who have stolen the wealth of poorer countries (based, as I said in my post, on the socialist idea that the pie is of a set size, so if someone has more they are thieves, instead of understanding that the richer countries are richer because their utilization of capital formation to create wealth as created a bigger and growing pie). His goal (and that of many other leftist/progressives) is to level the wealth of the world so that the West becomes much poorer, to the supposed benefit of the poorer countries. This is, of course, going to be an unmitigated disaster, and will eventually lead to war, HUGE loss of life, huge destruction, and god-knows-what-else.

    I don’t think the economic collapse was started by design, but I believe Obama and team do want to make it worse and make sure it happens. Chilling.

  7. Vic says :

    I have question for all of the people who think more government is good.

    How much is enough?

  8. John Steinke says :

    You can have cost-push hyperinflation from money printing and depression-deleveraging with enormous job-loss and economic disruption at the same time. It has already started and will accelerate rapidly. No way out but it is important to do as Bill suggests re network of loved ones, preparing as best as one can knowing what is unfolding. Stay close to supportive communities like your fellow Holosync meditators, but also others that you can assist and receive assistance from.
    My personal mantra is Buy Gold, Buy Silver and meditate with Holosync.
    For more specific advice on gold I follow Mr. Gold, jim Sinclair at
    On silver David Morgan at, the equivalent of Mr. Sinclair but for silver.
    Mr. Sinclair in particular is a saint in terms of providing free guidance from his 50 years as the world’s top gold-trader.

    FROM BILL: I love Jim Sinclair and have been reading him since the late 1970s. I would, however, find someone on the other side of the deflation/inflation debate, so as to not hear only one side of that argument. I have been involved in both sides, and I have trouble seeing the flaw in the deflationist argument. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  9. Luis says :

    now, this has happened (to a smaller scale) in other countries. where the government has just obliterated the economy. a couple of examples in the western hemisphere, Argentina and Mexico. the governments there even took people’s retirements and left them flat out broke. no wonder they do not trust banks and almost everything is dealt with in cash. standard of living went down and the gap between the rich and the poor grew significantly. crime went up, so did prices. things cost about the same as they do here and they have 3rd world salaries. tuff shit. can’t own anything bigger than .22 cal guns, very large nanny state. i wonder what makes people believe that we are not heading there. being originally from mexico, it seems like i went back in time… and i see how everything is developing and a lot of people are like the frog in boiling water… slowly getting cooked without noticing. it may be too late to wake up, it would take a massive intellectual awakening… what do you think, Bill?

    FROM BILL: Anyone who trusts the government to have your best interests at heart, especially when it is this size, is a babe in the woods, a naive idealist–and is about to be blindsided by events.

  10. Don says :


    Would it not make more sense to stockpile good for barter exhange then worthless dollars? To me if I can barter some whiskey or toliet paper that will serve me much better than a bunch of cash that will by less and less. Thanks for putting this info out there.

    FROM BILL: I think you should have some cash. If you have something that will be scarce and people will really want, it might be valuable. How will you know what will be scarce, though? Though people may end up bartering in some situations, I’m personally not planning how I would participate in that.

  11. Avis Ashcraft says :

    Dear Bill, I’m 70,not very intelligent, never have asked the ” big questions”, have been warped from the age of three by molestation, can’t seem to do much about addictions, don’t feel much real connection to anyone, contemplate suicide regularly. Even if something is good for me and I feel the goodness of it within my life I don’t keep it up. I’m on level 1 of awakening and have experienced a little peace of mind-at least I don’t totally fall apart and run away every time the darkness comes. Although it is so easy for me to drop out of daily practice, any excuse will do, I will endeavor to continue to use Holosync and read your blogs and letters as regularly as I can because I bought the whole package up front with emergency money to save money. I truly appreciate all you have done in your life to help others. Reading
    Your letters and blogs shows me just how little I am, know and remember. Anything you could say on a personal level that might help me will be treasured. Avis A.

    FROM BILL: Avis, we’re all little. We’re all doing our best to navigate our way through being human, and we all have our challenges. Do you best. Keep going with Holosync and the peace will expand. Along the way you may encounter some of your inner demons. Shake hands with them and they will dissolve. You’re going to be fine.

  12. Anthony Freckleton says :

    Thanks Bill.
    Very interesting and I tend to agree.I am from Australia and big government is on the increase and yet standard of living is rapidly declining.
    It was announced today that business confidence is the lowest for 21 years and this is during our biggest mining boom.
    What happens when the boom finishes?
    Barack Obama’s brother sums it up well. He compares Kenya to Singapore.
    Kenya and Singapore were similar. Kenya received aid of many billions and has gone backwards whereas Singapore is going ahead. There is no comparison today.

  13. Kevin says :


    Thank you for another great post.

    I came across this article about senior care in the future and I thought I would share it. It’s really a shame what’s going to happen to people. Seniors who rel on care too

    Obamacare, Medicare Cuts Could be Death Knell for Up to 50% of Nursing Homes

  14. Santiago says :

    Let me se if I get this.

    If I have an asset, capitalizing it means that I turn it into cash (or it’s equivalent, like an IOU). Then money is created out of thin air by the lender (like a bank for example) so the total supply of money grows, but this money is still not justified.

    Both the lender and borrower hope that with this new money, enough wealth will be created so as to pay for the loan and also make a profit. If this happens, everyone is happy and now the money that was created out of thin air is justified, there is more wealth in the world thanks to the risk that both sides took.

    If there’s a failure to create wealth, then the asset goes to the lender and the money that was created goes back to where it came from (thin air) and the one that ends up paying the price is the borrower who lost his asset.

    Right now, the money that has been created out of thin air all over the world is so much that is very difficult for the world to create all the wealth necessary to justifie it. So we’ll basically have to pay it back by reducing our standard of living or create an amount of wealth so big (like very cheap energy or something like that) that we can justifie it. I guess a combination of both is what will end up happening.

    Either way it seems that the best thing anyone can do to contribute both to his own well fare and that of the world, is to learn how to create wealth. In other words, learn how to help others.

    This is apparently a very logical system, yet most of us don’t understand it, I guess if as little children we where taught this, the world wouldn’t be in such trouble.

    I would think that understanding economics (at least how wealth is created) is incredibly important, right next to reading and math, yet most people come out of school hardly knowing anything about it. Why hasn’t this been taught in schools ? is it some kind of conspiracy from the left?

    FROM BILL: It isn’t taught in schools because they schools are run by progressives who hate capitalism and want socialism. They demonize this process and those who utilize it.

    You leave out a few things in your summary. First, part of the problem is that in boom times, times of extremely positive social mood (and the 1990s was the peak of social mood over the last 200+ years), things are so positive that no risk seemed to big. For that reason all kinds of terrible risks were taken. Plus, the government mandated that many of these risks be taken. They actually forced lenders to make the mortgage loans and the tuition loans that are all going sour (and, the banks were happy to make those loans because in addition to forcing the banks to make them they also made the taxpayers–not the banks–responsible for failed loans by guaranteeing the loans). When social mood turned negative, starting around 2000, the risks that were excessive turned out to be terrible ideas, and not the taxpayers are on the hook for those loses. This was a typical setup. The bankers win if they win and the taxpayers lose if they lose, and then it all gets blamed on capitalism, when the whole setup was nothing close to anything pure capitalism would do.

    The other thing you left out of your summary is that this wealth creation method (capitalism) took the world from where it was in about 1400 (subsistence living) to where we are now–a VAST difference. If the socialists win, we may be set back, in terms of quality of life, several hundred years. They want to kill the engine that created all the wealth they’re redistributing.

  15. Catherine H says :

    Avis sounds both intelligent and articulate to me.
    Make friends with your demons and you will find peace…it’s a given!
    It feels ok once you get the hang of it….
    Stick with Bill, he is genuinely helpful.

  16. Brandon says :


    I’ve been studying socionomics for a few months and contemplating it’s theory in my mind quite often. Men like Dacker and other ‘haters’ tend to be in a constant stage of denial. Some of my close and intelligent friends refuse to accept my ideas about negative social mood and I can understand why. It’s much easier to allow wishful thinking to dominate one’s thoughts instead of facing the fear and terror of realizing what’s more probable for the future. I understand because I’ve had to deal with it personally, though now I’d rather have the awareness than to be ignorant.

    From what I can gather from socionomics and my studies of the Great Depression, am I correct in thinking we’re currently riding the correctional A wave which has historically ushered on mostly financial debacle? During the mid 30’s, didn’t a B wave rally take place which confirmed optimism for a short period by stabalizing the economy? Could we possibly expect a general outcome in that direction this time around? Is it likely that war conflicts would be lessened as people tend to be more financially conservative during such times? That the most likely occurences of major wars tend to be near the bottom or after a C wave correction when people reach peak desparation? And that widespread optimism won’t be recognized until approximately the 2050s? That’s a pretty big pill to swallow.

    You advocate being able to start a business in this type of environment. I want to entertain and educate people through my music and writing. Does this sound feasible?

    One last thing. Since becoming aware of social mood I’ve been extremely skeptical of a lot of theories and conspiracies I’ve run across. A really popular one is the sci-fi global sustainability project promoted by Zeitgeist. It sounds great and all, but wouldn’t it suck to not be rewarded for working hard? There’s no incentive like the attainment of wealth in this type of system to do so. Wouldn’t such a world be even more easily corrupted? These ideas seem very much against capitalism. Do you see this type of system gaining any ground? It kind of resembles that of a type 1 civilization. What kind of world would you hope for and what do you think is the most realistic outcome during the next big uptrend?


    FROM BILL: I think your analysis is pretty much correct (but what do I know?). The Zeitgeist “Project” is ridiculous, and these sorts of things pop out of the woodwork in times of negative social mood. People are searching for an answer, and the kinds of weird things they get attracted to in such times is amazing.

  17. bill would you pls stop taking a eurocentic and american view of the in australia and china and india things are definitely on the is not your doom and gloom on this side of the world best regards and holosync has stopped my huge dependence on should be knighted.

    FROM BILL: Wait and see. This will be a world-wide event. The world’s economies are inextricably interconnected. Right now some parts of the east is in a short term correction in social mood. The amount of debt outstanding in the east also cannot be paid, ever, and things will not work out there, either. The US owes China HUGE amounts of money that will never be paid. You don’t think that will sink China? It will. You don’t think Australia is quite dependent on the Chinese economy? China buys huge amounts of raw materials from Australia, and there is huge trade between the two countries. If you’re getting your info from the TV or daily newspapers, you’d better look more deeply. I read quite a few things that focus on China, Singapore, Australia, India, etc.

  18. thanks for your reply.are we not experiencing the rise and fall of empires,the same as it ever was. tah trenton

  19. RV says :

    Hey Bill, all

    something related for a weekend read…

    David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D.
    Professor of Economics
    University of Georgia

    Tax system explained in Beer – to make it more manageable

    Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this

    The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
    The fifth would pay $1.
    The sixth would pay $3.
    The seventh would pay $7.
    The eighth would pay $12.
    The ninth would pay $18.
    The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.

    So, that’s what they decided to do.

    The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve. “Since you are all such good customers,” he said, “I’m going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20.”Drinks for the ten now cost just $80.

    The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men – the paying customers? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his ‘fair share?’

    They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody’s share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

    And so

    The fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% savings).
    The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33%savings).
    The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28%savings).
    The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% savings).
    The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 ( 22% savings).
    The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

    Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings.

    “I only got a dollar out of the $20,”declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man,” but he got $10!”

    “Yeah, that’s right,” exclaimed the fifth man. “I only saved a dollar, too. It’s unfair that he got ten times more than I!”

    “That’s true!!” shouted the seventh man. “Why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!”

    “Wait a minute,” yelled the first four men in unison. “We didn’t get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!”

    The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.

    The next night the tenth man didn’t show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn’t have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!

    And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

    For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

  20. Adam says :


    Thank for your analysis. It was very informative, I currently work in finance and I am curious as why the largest asset management firms/pension funds/mutual funds etc seem so ignorant of the dangers you have outlined here.

    If the debt truly is as unpayable as you say, surely they would have begun to make preperations, in regards to the money they manager. Or is it a case of putting on a different face for investors, and stashing their own cash in a hole in the ground.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

    FROM BILL: A good question. However, most of these guys have to make some money each quarter or people bail out of their funds. So, they do what they can, short term-trading, whatever, to “beat the S&P”–if you beat the S&P, even if you lose money, you at least save face. And, those who manage these funds are herd animals, too.

  21. Bill,

    Thank you for providing a bit of sanity. Your posts are clear to anyone who has an attention span long enough to keep it all together. The vast majority have been trained to respond in micro bytes of info. If it can’t be said in 140 characters it won’t be heard. What’s coming will be harsh and horrible for most people. The $700-800 TRILLION in unsecured debt the USA is ‘responsible’ for is but a part of what the rest of the world owes and has created to keep up. The blame game is 1000’s of years old and has yet to ever make a difference. For those few who see the coming crash who don’t have a parachute and are in the wrong cars… there may be a little time left to find a place that will take the coming hit better than others. The crash that occurred in the 400’s took 1000 years and the arrival of ‘capitalism’ to produce the last 600 years. I am sad yet excited for what we are living into. Thank you for sharing it. I know I am not alone.

  22. Hagai says :

    Are you going to release an MP3 version?
    I’d love to hear it rather than read it.

    FROM BILL: I might. Reading, though, is good for your brain.

  23. Eva says :

    Thanks Bill for this great post! It’s a bit confusing for me because I always hear about the money supply that is growing. No w I hear you say it is shrinking.. Personally, I’ve no impression right now that we’re in a deflationary time…

    Personally, I’m more experiencing a decrease in purchasing power and correct me if I’m wrong, in a deflationary time, your money should buy more so your savings or your cash money should have more ‘power’ instead of less? Especially things that should be cheap, like water, energy to warm up your house should become cheaper then. I also see beer, wine, cola and other simple stuff really go higher in prices in comparison with your salary each month. (I don’t own a car, but also fuel is becoming more expensive)

    Maybe it’s too early for me to say and eventually a deflation will come as less people and corporations want to invest and so there a lot less paper money in circulation and then prices will drop but I seriously doubt that… In my opinion, silver and gold will do good in deflationary and inflationary times, so it is the best way to protect your wealth. And if you are really wealthy I would consider farm land and real estate too. I suppose you have watched the info on money and currency of Mike Maloney and read his book? I’m currently studying and comparing all the info of the experts to make up my mind so I can make an informed decision but there are so many variables to be taken into account.. For the moment I think the best things to invest in are: farm land , real estate, gold and silver. (of course the first two are only for the rich people, silver is cheap now so accessible for the less fortunate) In my opinion, the best thing is to stay away from banks (and government have control over) and to be as independent as you can (while it is still possible).

    FROM BILL: To be well-informed, check out the resources I list in my Going to Hell in a Handbasket posts. Some are spending, several are free. And, yes, food and energy prices are rising, for more complicated reasons. Oil, however, was about $150 a barrel and is now below $90. The deflation will come.

  24. Bishop David Wilcox says :

    Dear Brother,
    I share your blog opinions and from serious research have a honest solution to the World problem of finance and turmoil that has been produce by the Banking Elite in their thrust for a One World Government.
    In our own country, the Republic of, by and for the people has been cleverly disposed of and does not exist but on paper, and this too has been seriously covered up through the educational system controlled by the District of Columbia owned and controlled BY the International Bankers. This Corporate District was established in 1871 by an act of Congressional Treason, known as the Act of 1871 which 10 square miles of land, the District of Columbia, was sold to the group of Bankers, who were behind the Civil War in bank rolling both sides of the street, so to speak. This Corporation became known as, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Not to be confused with the Republic of the United States(Union) of America. As you mentioned, their first major step occurred in 1913 in taking control of Congress outright via the Presidency downward. However, their is a solution, this solution has existed in finality since 1810 and was the hidden cause of the War with England in 1812-1814 and the subsequent burning down of the White House and the Library of Congress. What has been historically subpressed is the Original 13th Amendment that was dully ratified by the States existing at that time. It is this Admendment that will liberate the Republic and dissolve the current rule of the “Illegal,” Corporatation known as, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” And, this Corporation not only owns the British Government, it also own in our country the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and the Judiciary.

    ROM BILL: Sorry, a little to much on the wacky conspiracy theory side of things for me. All this legal stuff has little to do with what is going on, other than the creation of the Fed and the addition of the formerly unconstitutionall income tax.

  25. Lynda D says :

    I think you are 100% correct and the clues are everywhere.
    For the first time in my lifetime, the outcome of last month’s presidential election did not correspond to a bad economy. Obama has what he believes to be a depression-proof voting block of people dependent on government. As long as the checks and food stamps keep coming,
    who cares if the economy is bad?
    But every socialist country hits the same wall, what Dame Margaret Thatcher referred to as running out of other people’s money. If the US prints more, we become another Weimar Republic. If we try to borrow more, we’ll have to raise interest rates on our T-bills to make them attractive on the open market.
    So here is my question–what should those who believe in capitalism do about the fiscal cliff? Obama has turned it into either/or: Dems believe in ‘fair share’ or the redistribution of wealth. Republicans believe in cutting gov’t spending as a way to lower debt.
    I think Republicans should walk away if Obama can’t cut spending significantly. One of my favorite essays is Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience.” Thoreau would argue that spending us into bankrupcy is not justice, even if the majority wants it. He would walk away.

    FROM BILL: Personally, I think the real reason this sort of thing is possible is that the progressives control the educational system, the popular entertainment industry, and the media. Each of those, beginning as soon as children can understand language, promote progressive values and agendas and demonize corporations, the rich, the military, and capitalism. Anyone who promotes another point of view is crazy and dangerous, or worse.

    When I posted the Going to Hell in a Handbasket posts (a must read, folks) brainwashed people came out of the woodwork attacking me. None of them (and I mean zero) had any real arguments. There were NO points brought up to refute anything I said. There were just personal attacks, straw men, and wacko “logic”. When Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck were mentioned (I don’t remember how they came up) you would have thought someone had advocated pedophilia or serial killing. When asked, these people admitted they had NEVER heard any of these three. They just KNEW that they were evil. A few people tuned into Fox News and then posted comments saying that, “Hmmm. Seemed like regular mainstream news to me.” They were surprised that it wasn’t a lineup of racist, homophobic haters of the poor, because that’s what they had been told.

    So when you have every major source of information promoting a single point of view and the demonization of the other side of the story, those hearing the progressive point of view naturally assume that it is right. Repeat a lie over and over, from a supposedly trustworthy source, and people who are not paying attention believe it. And, in times of negative social mood, people want an enemy to blame everything on. The rich, corporations, white people, and capitalism are a great target, especially when their ability to plead their case is limited by the other side’s ownership of the means of communication.

  26. Tim says :

    Hi Bill

    Im doing the LPIP course and am trying to focus on what I want rather than what I don’t want. But this feels directly in conflict with reading your blog, any tips to deal with the apparent conflict?


    FROM BILL: I didn’t say ignore reality. I want free markets and a smaller government. That what I WANT. If a bus was bearing down on you, would you pretend it wasn’t? If you had cancer, would you acknowledge it and do your best to do something about it, or just think positive? Anyway, I did NOT say to think positive in my course. I said to do whatever you are doing WITH AWARENESS. If you do that–if you think negatively and do it with awareness–you will drop anything that isn’t resourceful, which probably means you will drop the negative thinking. Generally being realistic about the situation you’re in is resourceful. Negative thinking limits you. Realistic thinking gives you information you need in order to successfully take action. Then, you can think about what you want. If you want to go to New York and you pretend you aren’t in LA because that would be negative, given that it’s so far away, you probably won’t be able to get to New York. You need to know what IS before you can act the make it better.

  27. Just Retired says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for the update and your thoughts. I have felt you were on target for some time — that it was merely a question of degree. People talk about leaving the US, but given your thoughts on a worldwide impact, do you see any point in that? Is it likely to be less severe in another country and if so, where? I

    FROM BILL: I think this will affect the entire world, though I’m sure some places will be affected less. Things were terrible in the 1930s and 1940s, but most of it was in Europe and Asia. It was plenty bad in the US, but not even close to what it was like in Europe and Asia. You just have to keep your ear to the ground, find several reliable sources of information (there is a LOT of lousy information masquerading as fact these days), and realize that this is a moving target. Check my Going to Hell in a Handbasket posts for a list of some information resources. Some are expensive (worth it if you can afford them) and a few are free (John Mauldin and Martin Weiss both put out some good free information, and Mauldin buries you in it).

  28. Robin says :

    While I appreciate the information that you have provided, are you thinking that maybe it is totally besides the point of the Holosync goal? It seems like such a distraction from the goal of the Centerpointe products. You called me out about 6 years ago for disagreeing with you. I have really put time, 7 years, energy, listened everyday, and just about memorized your life philosophy.
    Please get back to the reason we all found you in the first place. I listened to something this morning that put a new light on all the things you teach. Said in a different way it made sense. Thanks for being constantly aware of the world but let’s get back to the task at hand, shall we? Here is the link, shared with permission:

    FROM BILL: Big picture, the point of Holosync is that it creates incredible awareness. All the other mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits (which are substantial) flow from the fact that as you listen you develop incredible awareness. Awareness allows you to get rid of your inner demons, and it also allows you to better navigate what’s happening around you. If you are ignorant about what’s happening around you, or you just want to close your eyes to it, that’s your choice. Personally, I think it’s a mistaken choice. Have the courage to look reality in the eye, and then, with the proper awareness, you’ll know what to do about your situation. Pretend that situation ism’t there and you are a sitting duck. Would you walk across a busy freeway without looking in the name of “being positive”?

  29. Andy Phillips says :

    Hey Bill, glad to see you are not pulling your punches as usual :-) The fact is – IMHO – we are all floating – most of us on rickety rafts – down the river. Anyone who has ever visited Niagara – it can get rough. It’s good to have a paddle, better to have an outboard, or a powerboat; battleship good and so on. I use this metaphor because I have been in both politics and finance most of my adult life (after I’d been around the world a few times trying to find myself). [Oh and there I was, all the time. Hi everybody.] My point being there was NOTHING I could do. We’ve all heard the expression “Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic ?” That’s what it felt like in both arenas. Those who annoyed me the most in finance were the looters – those determined to rip off the other passengers. “Never mind where the boat is going, I will be in first class, ordering waiters and prostitutes about”. That’s what’s wrong with capitalism: it is not very good at controlling the rats. And the latter are not just on Wall Street, although there is a fair concentration there, some of whom have been doing their level best to prove Hitler’s thesis. On the governance side, Americans are in love with democracy, which would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Democracy doesn’t work. It especially does not work in tribal societies. The best that can be said (pace Churchill) is that it is the least worst system of government. Everybody gets a say at least, if they can make themselves heard above the babel. The trouble is, even then, what they mostly have to say is “Me first.” The one thing you can guarantee about opinions then is they will be different. So we have gridlock, and this time it’s the cats – the egotists, power-brokers and manipulators – who hold sway.
    Luckily, none of it is real. We are all FREE. So, don’t worry, be happy :-)

    FROM BILL: What you call the looters and quickly flushed from a real free market system. selfishness is not a very good success strategy. Those who serve, benefit in a free society. What you’re bemoaning is a state-run capitalism, where the biggest companies suck up to the government and use their power to steal from people. You are certainly right that humans do not have the control they think they have, which will become much more apparent in the next several years. The US is not supposed to be a democracy, which is a word, by the way, that socialists love. A dictatorship of the majority (led by an elite who “guide” them). We are supposed to have a republic. This, of course, has been undermined by progressives who believe they know what’s best for you and are willing to force you to live that way, for your own good.

  30. Nick says :

    Hi there,
    I’d like to be more informed on socionomics and the waves. I’ve researched all of the resources in Bill’s previous posts. I’m beginning to understand and be more informed, but I struggle wrapping my head around economics and to find the time. What I would like is to let intelligent people tell me what’s going on.

    What is your favorite paid source of information for the wave principle in forecasting socionomics? A source that’s reliable and accurate where they just tell you what’s going on and the wave we’re in?

    FROM BILL: Elliot Wave International has many newsletters, one of which is about socionomics. There are several books about it. Search for social mood on Amazon, or for Elliot Wave or Socionomics. For basics on economics, get Thomas Sowell’s books on the subject. Clear, logical, easy to grasp. Also check out the Cato Institute and their library of books. Look at my posts on Going to Hell in a Handbasket, where I list many information resources.

  31. Santiago says :

    So how is it that the progressives got control of the media and the educational system ? has it always been like that ? There was a time when the heroes where people like Henry Ford and Rockefeller, that was mainstream thought, how did they end up becoming the enemies ?

    FROM BILL: It started in the early 1900s when Teddy Roosevelt became President when McKinley was assassinated, and then really got in high gear when Wilson was elected. Later we had FDR, the LBJ later, and then on into the more modern era. There are some great books about this.

  32. Thanks for posting this Bill. I couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing how economically ignorant people are in this country. I knew in my gut that Romney was the right man to turn this country’s current course towards the fiscal and economic cliff around. My heart sank the night of the election when I realized that Obama was going to be re-elected. I still can’t wrap my mind around how the American people could elect a Marxist, Anti-capitalistic Socialist with the agenda he has to the White House again.

    After that night, I have not watched a single news channel or listened to even one of the talk shows that I have been a faithful listener to for lets say 20 years. I can’t. It makes me too depressed. It makes me feel helpless, vulnerable, and angry. I did what I could. I voted and I donated to campaigns. But there is nothing I can personally do to effect or change the direction the duped and ignorant citizens of this country have chosen. Especially in the state I live in, the Mecca of Liberalism, California. So I have chosen to be a “media recluse.” I have not and will not watch or listen to the media anymore. There is no point to it. It only makes me feel fearful, anxious, vulnerable, and helpless. Now after nearly a month of media silence, I actually FEEL BETTER than before. I am not being constantly bombarded with all the different layers and levels of negativity that I was exposing myself to prior to the election. I am much more focused and my attention is directed towards the issues that I have control over. So I am instead, meditating daily, (of course), and trying to build my internet business so I can try to protect myself and family from the turmoil that is almost certain to happen. You can call it “bunker” mentality if you like. Frankly, I don’t see any other option than a ‘bunker” mentality for the foreseeable future….

    FROM BILL: Subscribe to the Wellington Letter so you can keep up without enduring the depressing stuff on TV. I can hardly stomach it myself.

  33. Jim Lunsford says :

    I think it says a lot about our times that so many people are inserting their politics into their business practices as you have just done. What is so odd to me is that most of them say the same thing (pretty much) and yet no one does anything. We all seem to think all we need to do is shout it out and things will just work themselves out. I personally don’t care anymore. I do agree with what you have written within the bounds of it’s self-admitted simplicity. However, when you add our education system and nuclear weapons/sites the possible outcomes are far worse than anything anyone has ever witnessed before. And yes, I do think this is all by design, and none had our good in thought at all.

    FROM BILL: I’m not trying to inject politics into my business. Saying all of this probably isn’t good for business, given how polarized things are. However, what I think is coming is going to be dreadful, and most people don’t know about it. I care about the people who look to me. So, I’m opening my big fat mouth. I think that IS doing something–informing people so they have a shot at preparing.

  34. Bruce says :

    Well Bill, that future scenario is pretty scary. Your economic argument seems pretty reasonable although I imagine I could find reputable economists that would dispute it. There have always been people predicting major doom and gloom. Most of the time they’ve been wrong. Hopefully you will be too although I am worried. But I find your statement in a response to an earlier post that “Obama and team do want to make it worse and make sure it (an economic collapse) happens” hard to believe. Really? Obama purposely wants to hasten a collapse of our economy? He wants the people of this country to lose their jobs and saving? Its certainly possible that his economic policies are wrongheaded ineffective or worse destructive, and I’m not saying they are but come on. And as you know the recent economic crisis occurred on the previous administrations watch. Possibly the result of the previous administrations policies?

    FROM BILL: Yes, all of this was not caused by Obama by any means. It was caused by a huge 200+ year top in positive social mood, which allowed people to think they could create huge unpayable debts and take huge risks and nothing bad would happen. Obama has said, in his books, that he wants to level the US with the rest of the world. This is how he’s doing it–by taking advantage of this situation.

  35. Carol Hasidim says :

    Hi Bill, you may not remember me but I attended your seminar in Austin, Texas a few years ago. I really enjoyed it & enjoy your posts on FB generally. However, I think you really overstepped with this last post. I am not sure you should even be posting on this kind of issue. Most of your posts are about self help, self realization, etc. which is certainly your area. But the world economy? Capitalism? Alarmism? I fear you may have been watching FOX news of late.
    I am not even sure why you wrote such a post.. Are you angry about perhaps having to pay more taxes?
    In any case, Iam surprised that you are so worried about the economy. I’m sure it will all work out and people do not really have to buy generators and stockpile food!

    FROM BILL: Please point out the flaw in what I have said. If you knew something dangerous was going to happen to people you care about, wouldn’t you tell them?

  36. Peter Strang says :

    Bill, Thanks for writing this. It is very informative and you are brave for doing this.

  37. Gosia says :


    Thank you for that. I’ve been reading your blog and using Holosync for a few years now.
    They’ve changed my perspective, and my life, multiple times. Not that I’m so jolly and everything I touch turns into gold (that could prove useful nowadays) but I AM a different person. At this point also very scared in anticipation of what’s ahead of us.

    I wish you and your loved ones all the best.

    Take care.


  38. Gordon Graham says :

    ‘Is this some version of what the next 5 years might bring in your opinion?”

    My short answer is that of a college prof down at The Evergreen Sate College: “If the global warming trend does not reverse itself in the next 5 to 10 years then it won’t for a very long time.”

    During which “Baked Alaskan” will take on an entirely new meaning, as will deflation – of our ego and presumption of dominion over the earth.

    FROM BILL: The world is not coming to an end, and the planet warms up and cools down over and over. THAT part of things will be fine (though the ocean did rise 11 millimeters in the last 15 years (read that today). I’m getting more flood insurance.

  39. David W says :

    Ah, how much we don’t really know. I even wonder about the most educated amongst us.

    Anyway, two things are on my mind, which are closely related: Energy and Foster Gamble’s “movie” THRIVE. Have you seen it, Bill? And have you explored their website in great detail? I had mixed feelings about it all. There does seem to be some evidence that inventors have created “free energy” devices but that these have been suppressed by the big gov’t/big corporations alliance (or whatever you want to call it, such as “corporatocracy”, etc.).

    And here comes 12/21/2012 and the fiscal “cliff”. Sometimes I really admire Mick “Crocodile” Dundee. I suppose ignorance could be bliss, at least for a little while. Obviously I’m beyond that. I’ve simply chosen to not to worry, for myself at least…

    FROM BILL: The “fiscal cliff” is a scare tactic. These baboons aren’t even addressing the real problem. No, I don’t know about Thrive. And, “free energy” doesn’t exist. It’s contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. Sunlight is the only free energy, but capturing it take energy itself.

  40. Hello, Bill.
    I am sorry if some people use this forum to lash out at you; I, too, think that is rather pointless and self-serving. Perhaps those folks should simply start blogs of their own and share their own opinions. As for me, I very much appreciate hearing your thoughts on all is this. I do often find it difficult to sift how true information from biased arguments, but you have already earned a great deal of respect from me, for many reasons, and therefore, I welcome your thoughts and ideas and I thank you for going to the great effort to share them here. And, given that none of us can truly guess what exactly will come to pass, I also appreciate hearing your advice on measures to take that may help. And so, I thank you, Bill. As always, your generosity impresses me greatly. Be well, Bill.

  41. John Decker says :

    Hi, slightly off topic I guess, holosync is so powerful, does this mean that the urban legend about this song causing people to commit suicide may actually be plausible?

    Bill, have a listen, and then tell me if you think this song could really cause some people to commit suicide.

    BILL: Wow. I got away just in time. I was reaching for a case of Twinkies to end it all when my cat jumped on my lap and…

  42. Kevin D. says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks again for all of this free advice. I’ve enjoyed pursuing some of the resources you’ve suggested like Weiss Research and Elliott Wave International.

    I have a question. If I understand it correctly, the Elliott Wave model says that there are no exogenous influences in the market. Basically, the market indices (DJI, S&P 500, etc.) are a measurement of social mood in the aggregate. What does it mean, then, to say that a government is interfering with the market and distorting it? Again, if I’m understanding correctly, the market indices should be measuring the totality of social mood, which should include government influence and the people’s willingness to accept it. How can there be any distortions if there is no outside influence? I can’t help but think of the government as an exogenous influence in this case, but this seems at odds with socionomics and the Elliott Wave Model. Could you clarify this please?

    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

    FROM BILL: That’s not what he’s saying. He saying that social mood (which I suspect has something to do with cycles of the sun, sunspots, solar radiation, etc, but who knows) drives events, not the other way around. When the government makes lots of rules and favors certain people in the economy, it takes away people’s choices and has many consequences–almost all of them negative. According to socionomists, changes in social mood aren’t one of them–social mood is what causes governments to become more authoritarian (and the populace to want them to be more authoritarian).

  43. nicolas says :

    Is Obama being black a factor in YOU emphasizing his weak points and disregarding his strengths? In examining it further, I have seen that Romney was NOT HONEST AT ALL, and was a talking head for the FAT CATS.

    FROM BILL: So now I’m a racist, huh? That’s why I’ve given several millions of dollars to organizations that help inner city kids and served on their boards, built two schools in Africa, tutor Filipino children every Sunday, and grew up playing music with mostly all black bands. You are a sad person, Nicolas. Sigh.

  44. Vic says :

    Ever since I first learned about the Jewish holocaust as a small child, I wondered how the heck people could have ever let themselves be so manipulated as to allow something like that. Now I see the same thing happening right before my eyes every day- even evidenced on this page. WOW. I wonder how long it will be before everyone who disagrees with the ‘progressive’ agenda will have to be eliminated ‘for the good of all’.

    I have a question for Hank. You mentioned that Obama just wants the ‘rich’ to go back to what they were paying under Clinton. Do you think he would be willing to cut federal spending to what it was under Clinton? He clearly is not. He wants MORE spending.Why is the answer to the problems that government creates always MORE government? Please give some serious THOUGHT to that.

  45. jeff helton says :


    I congratulate you on your brutally lucid interpretation of the global financial crisis. I have somewhat similar views and have been expressing them in my blog, In the replies section above, you wondered why there is lending of gold. The answer lies in derivatives, which allows for collateral underlying a loan to be borrowed, as crazy as that sounds (the functional equivalent of taking out a mortgage on an apartment you are renting). The rather dubious “safeguard” in this system is an inticate process called “mark to market” (if you studied the enron collapse this may ring a bell). The theory is that you constantly adjust the amount of collateral posted against the loan based on daily market values. So if the market price of the (for example) gold you have posted against a loan (most of which are just interest rate bets called swaps) drops during the daily trading session, you just call up the gold warehouse and borrow a little more to get your collateral value up to the agreed upon value. Of course, this process works best when everything trades within a relatively narrow range. We saw the calamity that ensued when the mortgage derivatives swung wildly downward in value in the 2008 crash. In the collapse of lehman bros, for example, countless investors who had no real understanding of the derivatives their brokers had put into their accounts witnessed a wholesale evaporation of wealth. They became general creditors in the world’s biggest bankruptcy when lehman as counterparty was unable to post enough collateral to make good on its pledge. How could investors get themselves into such a bind? Most accounts in the securities industry act like bank accounts — the broker is able to re-lend your securities much like a bank re-lends your cash. The only way to avoid this situation is to take and retain legal possession of your assets, e.g., rollover 401K money into an IRA and leave your nonretirement securities in a “cash” (not a “margin”) account. It is not necessary to take physical delivery of certificates. These nonleveraged IRA and cash accounts are the only assets SIPC guarantees (surprise!). Except for the recent doubtful arguments by the madoff victims, to my knowledge there has never been a loss (other than obviously changes in market value) on such an account. BTW, funds in 401K, insurance, and pension accounts are all bound up in the securities lending system and there is nothing you can do about it. This is the business of the giant custodial banking firms such as State Street and Bankers’ Trust. Ironically, the fed and other central banks, in buying up highly rated treasury bonds, are reducing the pool of valid collateral, most of which is required to be AAA or equivalent, thus eroding the very foundation of the debt ponzi they seek to preserve. Ultimately the daisy chain of securities lending in this country goes to london, in a mirror image of wall street called “the city.” Ironically, most of the large institutions operating there are the US TBTF banksters. Why is this? Because, britain, for whatever reason, sees “the city” as kind of a hands off bonded warehouse for international banking. This means the US banksters can use unlimited leverage on the assets located there, in a process called “unlimited re-hypothecation.” Deep in the bowels of many credit instruments and equity investments such as mutual funds and etf’s is language such as “may engage in securities lending” and even deeper in the small print are references to “domiciled in london” or equivalent. Remember when romney stated that “most americans have assets in the caymans”? This is what he was talking about, as “the city” has morphed into an international hyper-leverged banking system headquartered mostly in remnant entities of the british empire, such as the cayman islands, bermuda, and the bahamas. I have gone into a more thorough discussion of what I call the anglo-american banking industry in several posts in my blog, such as Remarkably, almost no one is aware of the structure of the anglo-american banking system, how leveraged it is, and how it extends to banking havens such as the caymans. I have a funny feeling we are all going to get more educated very rapidly at some point in the future. Cheers.

    FROM BILL: Thanks for posting, Jeff. I would suggest that those of you reading this go check out Jeff’s blog. Yes, I have read about what you are describing, just didn’t retain enough of it to write about it off the top of my head (which is what I am generally doing in these posts). Of course what you are describing are increasingly inventive ways of creating huge leverage, and then further leveraging the assets which have already been leveraged. A hall of derivative mirrors. Capitalizing an asset, as I described, then capitalizing the debt instrument created in the first capitalization, then capitalizing the debt instrument capitalized in the second capitaliization, and so on (and then bundling a bunch of the together an capitalizing that. This is, of course, not how capitalism is supposed to work, but in times of extremely positive social mood all risk seems like it will turn out okay.

    And, another comment, for the benefit of the rest of you who are reading this: when the SIPC (the Securities Investor Protection Corporation–the securities equivalent of the FDIC [which is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insures bank deposits]) “guarantees” the money in an account, it is the taxpayers who are really guaranteeing it. And, if the taxpayers can’t pay (which will happen eventually with both the FDIC and the SIPC, since there is huge leverage in both banks and the securities markets)–though the powers that be will probably figure out a way to describe what is happening in a way that masks the truth) then the account holder will be holding the bag–an empty one. This is yet one more version of the game of music chairs I described, where the chairs are the shrinking amount of money.

    If your wealth is someone’s promise to pay, I would take steps to be paid now–and not in the form of yet another promise to pay.

  46. Ulrich Miller says :

    Hi Bill,
    thanks for all this information. I guess when times get darker the more important it is to let ones inner light shine brighter. I try to do that in my daily encounters with other people and in return I feel people have more positive feelings towards me also.

    I live in Germany and I was looking for some good source of news and information
    regarding the topic discussed in this post, i. e. the current state of affairs regarding the economy, the country, where we are heading globally and so on. I found some really interesting stuff.
    There is a guy (well a corporation) from Switzerland and his point is that today most organizations (companies, administrations of cities, governments etc.) do not function properly (to say the least). And he thinks to have found a way how to improve this: With a cybernetic approach for management and tools such as e. g. “synthegration”.
    In his economic views he see things almost the same as you Bill, i. e. deflation and
    the possibility of huge crashes.
    I am just amazed about on the hand he see things also realistic on the other hand is on a mission on how to help and improve things. A very good mindset for the times to come in my opinion.

    I hope I am allowed to share links here:

    Anybody interested in management should have a look at this. If somebody lives in German speaking part of Europe, here is his very interesting blog:

    Best regards,

  47. Santiago says :

    Bill how did you get to be so sure are you about Obama’s intentions ? It seems so incredible that a president can fool an entire country, I mean, he got people to elect him so that he can destroy those very same people ? can someone really fool such huge part of the population ? How did he do it ? Do you really believe that his actions don’t come from ignorance but just from a desire of destruction ? Ins’t it possible that he really does want to help but it’s using the wrong approach ?

    I personally don’t like Obama and think he’s mistaken, but to say that he has the intention of destroying the US just seems too weird.

    FROM BILL: I got it from his own books, and from video of him (and the many others around him–his “czars”, cabinet members, friends, labor leaders, “community organizers”, etc). He has clearly stated his intentions when he is speaking to those sympathetic to what he wants. Nearly every single person around him (and Obama himself) is on record as being a lover of Marx, Mao, Che, European socialists, Alinsky, and so on and so on.

    When websites connected with Obama, his initiatives, proposals, events, or election campaigns list the organizations supporting those intitiative, proposals, etc, the list always includes scores of socialist, Marxist, and left-wing labor organizations, and even organizations with nice-sounding names but which were set up to fund terriorist groups like Hezzbollah or Hamas. In fact, pretty much ALL of the supporting organization are of this ilk.

    How does he get away with this? Why doesn’t the pulic know about this? Because the media isn’t doing their job. They protect him because they agree with his intentions and his outlook. So does academia. The alternative media is all over this stuff, though. The information is out there are readily found if you’re willing to look for it. Your question tells me that you aren’t looking for information outside the mainstream media, which is not objective by a longshot.

    Now, you might think. “Well, it’s easy to say such things about the left,” and to exaggerate and take these things out of context. I have, however, seen scores of videos of these people speaking to their own groups (ie, Socialists, Communists, union rallies, and so forth), where they speak AT LENGTH about what they (and Obama) want to do. No way to take this out of context. Glenn Beck used to show a lot of these videos on his TV show–he wasn’t presenting his opinion (though he usually added it). He just let Obama and his friends talk. No explanation was necessary. He would also show the lists of supporters of Obama events and campaigns (etc), right from their websites, and (also from their own website) show what these groups believed and what their agenda was–which is as I have described it on this blog. This is where I first saw such evidence. Since then I have seen reams more of it.

    I also hear what he says to the public (as in his campaign), and then match it with what he is actually doing (again, not reported by the mainstream media, but not difficult to find out). He is doing pretty much the opposite of what he says. And, grossly misrepresenting what those who oppose him say, believe, or want to do.

    Obama has only fooled about half the people, Santiago. Can you think of any other leader of a country in the last 70 years or so who completely fooled most of the people? I can. Can you list a few such people?

  48. Brandon says :

    Why would U.S. leaders want to run their country into the ground and level western society with the rest of the world though…some master plan for world domination? It seems like the socialists mantra is ‘you’re either with us or against us’, not much unlike Nazi Germany. Is that what we’re headed for if the socialists have their way? So is the plan 1. Make the population desparate enough to ask for war 2. Fulfill hidden agenda with consent from the people…?

    FROM BILL: Hitler was an ethnic nationalist, which is generally a right wing type of centralized control. Socialists are internationalists–an international type of centralized control. Obama has said that the west has stolen from the rest of the world and he is trying to give it back as a way of leveling things (the typical Socialist goal). Socialists don’t get that capitalism isn’t about stealing, it’s about creating more wealth. Since governments got so big the largest international corporations have aligned themselves with big government–what is called “state capitalism”, which isn’t true capitalism, but rather a kind of fascism.

  49. Ken says :

    Bill, reading some of these blog posts is sad, of course, but also kind of instructive.

    These posts mirror what’s happening in the country–and world–as a whole. You articulate a libertarian (not conservative but libertarian–uneducated readers don’t understand the difference) perspective and explain how this has contributed to the state of the state.

    And most libs reply not with a thoughtful retort but with personal attacks. (Note, I’m not talking about democrats, just the liberal democrats.)

    Either their “maps of reality” are so shaky that they feel compelled to attack when anyone challenges it. Or it could also be that the new “politics of personal destruction” embraced by the left starting in 2000 with the “stolen” election of GW Bush, that has become so hard wired into their consciousness that that’s how they now communicate with people who disagree with them.

    Many of them “assume” that if anyone disagrees with them, they are the enemy. And the enemy is the opposite of them in every way. So if they see themselves (not that they really are, but just see themselves) as kind, intelligent and inclusive, then by definition, the other side MUST be mean, stupid and racist. Even with zero data, many libs are QUITE COMFORTABLE accusing people they don’t even know of being the most vile, mean people. You can read it all here in their posts to you. It’s amazing they cannot see what they are doing.

    I’m sure you all have also noticed the linkage the progressives have made between the other side and being mean + stupid + fox news + glen beck. Who has brought up fox news and glen beck in this thread? Only the libs, not Bill. Why? Because it’s been hard wired into their little noggins. There’s no other way they could react. It’s like pressing play on a recording. They react as they’ve been instructed. Like good little robots–of hate and intolerance, ironically.

    This thread is merely a microcosm of the macrocosm, in real time. Clear and sharp, for those of us who can see.

    You know what this is like Bill? And this in the sad part. It’s like a marriage in which one person has “poisoned the well” and hates the other person. Things have been said, terrible things (often imagined things, let’s be honest), that can never be taken back. How to divorce half the country that you can not divorce? How to walk amongst people who’ve made it clear that they have no tolerance for a difference of opinion and whose go-to response is to get hysterical and/or go nuclear? How can you reconcile with people who have no interest in reconciliation?

    FROM BILL: Even sadder is that what these people are supporting will be incredibly grim for THEM. They are so uninformed that they don’t know they are supporting a point of view that will take away their freedom of choice and dramatically reduce their own standard of living. If I thought they understood the consequences of what they are championing I’d say they were masochists, but sadly few of them have any idea what Obama and crew really want, or how it will effect them. It isn’t as if they are going to “win” something if the left prevails. They will lost along with everyone else, as in Cuba, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Venezuela, China, etc.

  50. David Murray says :


    Thank you for your courage to provide full-spectrum useful information to the “Holosync community” – despite the risk that this may cost you some business due to the politicized nature of the topic.

    Awareness of our true economic environment is also important for the individual’s abitity to thrive, just as awareness of our true mental environment.

  51. Eva says :

    Well, thanks for your reply! I’m going to read more of Mauldin and others you mentioned.. I’m trying to understand all of this.. So does this mean that you’re of the opinion that the money that will be lost by bankruptcies of companies and debt in general (by everyone) that cannot be paid back will be greater than the amount of money-printing that is been going on by the FED, ECB and other central banks (so the vanishing money is greater than the printed money so far? Or is is more a question of money circulation? (the money that vanishes right now is out of circulation and the money that is printed are simply 0 and 1’s on a big server while not being used/in circulation)

    If deflation kicks in, I think a lot of people would want to borrow money by the banks because the rent is so low and they see that you can buy a lot with it (in case your salary keeps being the same which I’m quite certain it will be.. otherwise there will be riots) If that’s the case, and a lot people start doing this, It won’t take long for the rent starts going higher.. If the rent goes higher, it will be disastrous for paying back the American debt or European debt (and other countries of course but I’m from Europe so that’s what I follow the most).

    The only way out at that time seems to me to print even more money and hyperinflate the debt away (so currency becomes worthless and there wouldn’t be debt in the real sense anymore.. that’s actually what has happened in most case in history and even on purpose like in Weimar in Germany . Other examples are Spain in 16 century or the fall of the Roman Empire..all exemples of too much deficit spending which cannot last forever. Main reasons were: government was too big and money spent on wars while thinking that they were too big to fail.. I can see some resemblance with America of today)

    It seems to me that deflation could not keep going on for a long time (just the fact that it would take so much more time to pay off the debt.. so the standard of living would be even lower in that case)
    The other way is a default which would be unprecedented in history as the dollar is the world currency. If the world currency, the dollar fails, there would be a need for another world currency… what could that be? It could be gold and silver again (but then their worth would have to go astronomously higher what seems impossible) or a basket of commodities, metals and and other materials (certificates of that, like in the past there was the gold standard).

    This is the way I think right now. Could you point me where I’m making wrong conclusions in my thinking process? Thanks.

    FROM BILL: Google “Guide to Understanding Deflation” by Robert Prechter. You can download the PDF for free. He lays out why deflation is inevitable in great detail (63 pages), and answers all the objections (the Fed will save us by printing money, etc., etc).

  52. Daniel B says :

    Hi Bill

    Just a thought after watching this survey that said conservatives were happier than liberals. When you were right into your liberal thinking you were not a very happy chap and now well you are. There is a really interesting clip on youtube that explains the liberal mindset. It made me realize that i was thinking like a conservative and acting like a liberal, and it would make me miserable. When i was young i loved what was good in life, I felt i was here for a reason and that reason was for me to lead a happy healthy life and contribute. I’m going back to this and I’m going to shut out that influence that tells me I’m a curse on this planet, and i should degrade my own judgements and regress to a stage of mindlessness. This is about as close to a hallelujah as you can get

    FROM BILL: When I considered myself to be a Marxist-Leninist (late 60s, early 70s) I was very angry, and so were all the other lefties I hung out with.

  53. Simon Burns says :

    Dearest Bill,
    I have been on the holosync solution for ten years and coupled with taking personal responsibility and remaining intensely curious, have prospered(I feel like a TREKKY)
    I cannot express my thanks well enough as our language doesn’t accommodate my personal experience. Unfortunately I have to agree with you.
    I have been getting alternative viewpoints on the world’s fiscal demise and those viewpoints are written by some verry savvy dudes.
    I thank you for being Bill Harris, you are one out of the box and I admire individuals with consciousness and the balls to be themselves.
    I salute you in the most respectful manner and would one day love to meet you. It is on my bucket list!
    Love and kindness to you and your team Bill,
    regards Simon Burns.

  54. Richard says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your indepth analysis of the state of the world. I must admit I am somewhat ignorant of the history of the world economy, although I do have an interest in it. How do you see Australia fairing in the meltdown? Alot of commentators are saying Australia is one of the best countries in the world as far as being able to sustain the meltdown, with about 7% debt to GDP. I often wonder how we can continue to ask for a high hourly rate (minimum rate is $16.51 per hour) with low productivity while we are competing with countries like china who as you know work very cheaply. Our house prices seemed to have sustained at the moment, however interest rates are low at 3.25%. I would be very interested in your view on Australia.

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, no country will fare well in what is coming. Certainly being less in debt will be a plus and perhaps mitigate what is coming. The entire world economy, though, is so interconnected that what is coming will affect everyone.

  55. Vic says :

    If Putin thinks Obama is the most honest politician and the Obama campaign says that Romney lies a lot, then who are we to question them?


    Hank has to be a professional troll. No one could be THAT obtuse.

    FROM BILL: Certainly Putin, being an ex-KGB officer, is someone we should all trust. If he thinks Obama is fantastic, who am I to disagree?

  56. Santiago says :

    So in a way this is also the republicans fault, they weren’t able to make it clear to the public, what obama is doing. They should have showed those videos you mentioned during the presidential campaign again and again. I followed it and never saw them, maybe they did but it wasn’t enough. Of course republicans have their own issues, especially regarding religious moral codes and the like, but at least their economic policies are less damaging I think.

    FROM BILL: They assumed that being that direct would not work, that it would alienate people. I also think they need to do more educating, but the strategists are just going for the small group of undecided voters and are using poling to find out what THEY think the issues are. Obviously not a great strategy. If we don’t undo the brainwashing done in the schools and by the media, and teach people how things really work and what the real consequences are of the things Obama and crew want to do, real solutions will never be possible.

  57. Paul Cowan says :

    I wonder when the penny will drop or if it ever will?

    I have never voted and I certainly don’t feel the urge now.

    I seen the crowds cheer as they voted Hollande in, in France. They were cheering like they had escaped the gallows. More like they have just been lined up for them.

    I seen the people cheering and crying as Obama was elected.

    Same here in the UK with Cameron who is another Alinsky fan.

    These people are going to deindustralise and destroy the western world.

    What hope do we have when at every election people believe that making a lesser of evil choice will in anyway make things better. How has the penny not dropped?

    Media plays a big part.

    You only have to watch the disgusting fawning over the Royal family in the UK to know how wrong this all is.

  58. Nick says :

    I found a great article about inflation over at

    This article show you exactly why Gov. needs and supports inflation: it’s a hidden tax, rather than a straight forward tax.

    It also explains that inflation is not caused from prices rising, but from the money supply being increase.

    Another great point this article shows is why most people’s income do not go up, but prices continually do.

    What I learned is that the Gov. is inflationary by default. And because of this, it will probably never support a gold standard. If they do support a gold standard, they’re probably submitting to it (big difference). Germany is in a position to pave the way for a gold standard. Will they do it?

    I also learned that any Gov. administration who promises lower taxes is going to turn the printing press on and increase the money supply as a hidden tax.

    A big question to ask yourself is, “Would you rather be taxed outright for Gov. spending, or not know about their spending and pay for it through inflation?” I know which answer Gov. would choose ;)

    Anyway, it’s a great article to learn in simple terms about inflation and money. Take care.

  59. Nick says :

    I also wanted to mention how you can benefit in an inflationary, fiat money environment. Figure out the concentrated areas to which Gov. is going to increase the money supply, and invest business to those areas.

    For example, if you know the Gov. is going to increase spending to boost the manufacturing of steel in Pittsburgh, PA, then as a wise investor, you could buy properties in Pittsburgh because more housing will be in demand from steel production.

    Why does this work? Because price levels do not go up as a whole. The fiat money (increased money supply) first hits the steel industry and Pittsburgh area before prices go up from inflation. So if you’re in Pittsburgh, you’re on the front end of the increased money supply and benefit will more income and purchasing power. However, other people in America will not benefit because they will not see the income before prices go up.

    This is just an observation. I’m still “green” when it comes to economics. So go easy on me :)

    FROM BILL: What will you do if the bottom drops out of everything, as in 2008? Your money will be gone. This is a time to preserve wealth, not risk it in order to (hopefully) make more. In different times your formula would work (it has worked). Now, it is too risky for me.

  60. Nick says :

    The Fed through their quantitative easing has bought $900 billion in mortgage securities from banks and $1 trillion in U.S. government bonds. Looks like another round of QE4 is coming next year. What are the consequences of the Fed doing this? Why would the Fed buy bad mortgage securities and bonds? How do they benefit from that?

    FROM BILL: They don’t. It is a political move, and their only hope is that they can get the economy to grow (as I stated in my post). It won’t, though, certainly not enough to pay off these massive debts. They are doing all of this to inject as much money into the system as is disappearing, to try to head off deflation. So far, so good. I’m betting this strategy won’t work forever.

  61. jeff helton says :

    Of course all the money stuff just leads up to the fun part, as you described in the musical chairs analogy. One useful reference I have found is the book The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe. You’re probably aware of it. The relevant part to all the economics (most of the book relates to sociology) is that our country’s all out wars have occurred on an 80-year cycle (1780, 1860, 1940, and …2020). Before each war is a depression, although the ones preceding the revolutionary and civil wars have faded in memory. One useful measure is that the 80 year cycles can be broken down into four 20 year cycles (the four “seasons”). In particular, I think the next major economic crash will resemble the one forty years ago in 1973, when we had partied hardy and suddenly had to pay the bar tab. In general, the first two 20 year periods (spring and summer) are the spiritual foreshadowings of the real, down and dirty happenings of the second two (fall and winter). A couple of quotes — ““The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze a Crisis mood. Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.” and “History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to incurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high-tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Losing in the next Fourth Turning could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence – perhaps even our nation – might never recover.” Not exactly suitable for the msm. Funny how just at the critical time, one of the authors is dead, the other not heard from, and the book fading into oblivion, all so we can make the same maistakes of the past cycles. Cheers.

    FROM BILL: I have read it, and their other books. Good stuff.

  62. Brandon says :

    Oh, I see. Excuse my ignorance, I’ve not been very politcally enthusiastic until much recently. However, I’m feeling pretty optimisstic about the possibilty of having an honest Republic in office next term. There’s talk about Rand Paul running for president and Ron Paul is busy speaking publicly about libertarianism and supposedly doing a good job. Perhaps a Paul in office would usher on that B wave rally I’m expecting…then again maybe I’m being too hopeful.

    I’ve decided to go on about my business either way and get rich or die trying.

  63. natasha says :


    Bill hi,

    I have been using holosync for seven years (maybe it has something to do with what I am feeling-that’s why I am mentioning it)
    at some point I read your responses and thought you were a pretty arrogant fellow and felt annoyed by you. At some other point I thought you were a pretty angry fellow and told everyone that you don’t like off, so I was angry at you.
    Now, after many months of not reading this blog, I come back and see you as a really loving and caring person, and I actually get your sense of humor and laugh! (“I hope you don’t accidentally reproduce!” epic!)

    oh dear… life’s funny

    ok. back to being sad about the economy. (jokey)

  64. Santiago says :

    A lot of people on the left like to use Sweden as an example of a country in which socialism really works. They seem to have a high standard of living and a lot of entitlements (education, health care) how has that been possible over there ?

    FROM BILL: You tell me. Are people trying to get into Sweden?

  65. Sanna says :

    To Santiago: Sweden is not socialist country but social democratic country. Here in Finland we use definition “Nordic welfare society” when describing Finnish, Swedish and Danish societies.

  66. Julia says :

    Hey, I love you all, if you want to save the whole earths economy, research and promote Gary Taub.

    The dominant diet theory, high carb low fat is the number one reason for our rising health care costs, and frustrated economy.

    This diet takes consumed energy, and shunts it into fat, depriving brains, muscles, and immune systems. Which means people are dumber, angrier, fatter, with more health problems.

    A high fat, low carb diet can reverse that trend.

    If you want to hear someone really intelligent listen to Gary Taub.

    I bet you Bill Harris eat fruit, thinking you are being really healthy. That fruit can be the number one thing that traps fat, no matter how much you workout.

    “Carbs are fuel for the brain.” There are no studies that prove that Carbs are fuel for the brain. Carbs get converted to Glucose, Glucose gets rearranged into Ribose, Ribose is the building block of ATP, the energy of your cells. But Glucose (from carbs) is a very inefficient source of energy, and the insulin spikes from carbs cause energy to get diverted from your brain into fat cells. I have something I want you to listen to, its about real science in nutrition. Seriously this is really important, and really good, I think you especially will really love listening to this. If you care about hard science when it comes to nutrition listen. Perhaps from your computer in a dark room, with a blindfold. it may change the way you think about carbs forever.

    FROM BILL: I agree with you that a high protein/higher fat/low carb diet is healthier. I don’t agree that it is the cause of higher health care costs, though. It certain is a cause of disease, but the main cause of high health care costs is the fact that the health care industry consists of government mandated state-monopolies (little or no competition), and that people don’t directly pay for their health care (little control at the consumer level). So, everyone, stop eating all those carbs. But do everything in moderation. Please.

  67. Terry says :

    Keep posting Heikki’s comments. They’re worth it if only for the entertainment factor.

    I have a sneaky suspicion he spends a LOT of time ‘in the clouds’….and the altitude is way up there whenever he posts. Lol.

  68. Anthony says :

    Bill, I’m so glad you are not afraid to interject clarity into a circumstance that desperately needs it. I wondered why for the last few years things were not making sense, up has become down and black has become white, 2 + 2 now apparently equals 5. Ive kept my mouth shut for so long while the things around me continue to not make sense. There were some jews on the way to the to concentration camps that said “don’t worry this is the worst it will get”. Your blogs are very informative! And unfortunately, this one probably confirms the suspicion Ive been carrying in the pit of my stomach for so long. This is the reason I started holosync. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    FROM BILL: Go read my “Gong to Hell in a Handbasket” series. It explains why these days up is down and 2=2+5.

  69. Miika says :

    Hey Bill,

    A good post, I shared it on Facebook so that more people would find out about what’s going on in the world at the moment. I have a question for you:

    In the comments you stated the following:

    “It is sad that so many people have been convinced that government actually wants to help them, and actually is helping them. Neither are true.”

    So are you saying that there are no people in government who want to help others?

    Reading your posts has opened my eyes in the sense that I have realized that socialism doesn’t really work. After all, the socialist countries in the world currently have exorbitant amounts of debt. I also think that although the welfare society has been a really good thing, it’s not something that can be sustained in the current economic climate, if it can be sustained at all.

    But then again I think that you also have to give socialists some credit, because during the times before Marx and others like him, people in Western countries had to work really long days in bad conditions, and at least to me it seems that socialists helped the average joe in the factory floor or in the coal mine. If I’m wrong, please don’t hesitate to correct me.

    I am still not sure how the well-being of the poor, the disabled and so on can be guaranteed using a purely free-market system. Maybe socialism doesn’t work, but I think that it is very important that everybody has access to education, health care etc. If you can’t afford going to school, how can you climb out of poverty?

    So how does the free-market system take care of the “disadvantaged” people, so to speak? In a purely capitalistic system, don’t the rich get richer while the poor get poorer? I guess that when wealth is created it trickles down to the poorer individuals as well, but I do not know of any examples in history where philanthropy was the primary method in which disadvantaged people where helped.

    Thank you again for this good post and keep up the good work. I also really appreciate the fact that I can now download my Holosync, so thanks for that as well.

    FROM BILL: Socialists would like to take credit for social advances (and they do). However, it is free enterprise that created these advances. Before free markets (not much left of them now), the poor were REALLY poor, like they are now in 3rd world countries. It is because of the huge increases in wealth in the world that the countries that have free markets a private property have “poor” who have homes, cars, phones, microwaves, plasma TVs, and enough to eat that they are fat.

    Government’s real job is to guarantee the sanctity of contracts, protect private property rights, provide a means for transfering private property rights, and provide for the common defense. Nothing else they do helps–regardless of how many “good” people happen to work for the government. Centralized control where others spend your money for you NEVER works. Even when well intentioned, the unintended consequences grossly outnumber any small (temporary) beneftis–if any.

  70. Santiago says :

    I fund this amazing TV series (Bill might probably remember it) by MIlton Friedman called “The power of the market” Here he tackles many aspects of society and the difference between a free market approach and a socialized one. Medicine, labor, inmigration … truly wonderful.

    FROM BILL: Great series. Friedman’s logic is impeccable. Truly worth watching, especially for those of you who are saying, “What about the poor? Don’t free markets ignore them?” (No, they don’t–you’ve been listening to too many progressives.)

  71. Santiago says :

    Thanks for clarifying Senna, I’m very ignorant about those countries, I know it’s a stretch but could you make a brief description of how those societies work ?

  72. Julia says :

    I love you all!

    Ray Kurzweil has written a new book. I’ve read it, and I’m reviewing it for an online magazine. I’m curious as if you have read “How to Create a Mind” and if you have any thoughts on his optimistic views of the future.

    Ray Kurzweil correctly predicted an exponential increase in the development of technology (I hope I am saying that correctly) in the 1960’s (or was it 1980’s)

    His predictions have been the most spot on, and most accurate, of any person attempting to predict the future. Yet he is an optimist.

    Kurzweil doesn’t focus on politics, he focuses on technology, no matter what happens in the realm of human beings, politics wise, technology isn’t going to slow down. Have you read or watched Kurzweil and including his amazing recent interviews.

    I think it isn’t emotion that drives our economies, instead it’s the pace of technology. I think Kurzweil might agree. How about you Bill. Can you look into what this man says, and see if it doesn’t shift your view?

    Peace and Love! Hugs and Happiness!

    FROM BILL Social mood drives the creation of technology, too. And, worse, it drives how it is used. In times of negative social mood it is used to control and kill (Hitler’s scientists were geniuses and created many of our modern conveniences, transportation options, and medical breakthroughs. They were used to kill people in times of negative social mood.) I agree with Kurzweil about technology. Still, social mood will go up and down. Now, for a long time, it’s going to be going down, and technology will be used to control you. Eventually, it will have positive effects. Not yet, though.

  73. Kevin D. says :

    On the topic of diet, I’d like to offer my experience and relate it to Bill’s teaching on awareness. Note that I use the word “diet” here as a general way of eating, instead of a crash course to lose weight.

    First, I already eat a high protein/high quality fat/whole foods diet. It makes a world of difference in my mood, energy, and in keeping my blood sugar under control. I first became motivated to change my diet as a way to improve the overall quality of my life, which was fairly miserable at the time. Irrititability, chronic knee pain, fatigue, you all know the story.

    The way I came to that way of eating was hard won, though. There are so many ideas out there about the best “miracle” diet that it’s impossible to reconcile the many contradictory suggestions. So I finally just decided to take as much personal responsibility as I could and judge for myself what helps and what doesn’t. This way isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t quick. But it works.

    And here’s where awareness comes in the picture. If you adopt this way of eating, always expanding your sense of “cause and effect” regarding food and the way you feel, it becomes increasingly hard to eat foods that negatively impact you. You know it deeply, not just in your head.

    This, to me, sounds like awareness as Bill describes it. Incidentally, exploring diet is the way I came to Holosync and Bill’s ideas. I was looking for other other treatments to further improve my life since healthy diet isn’t a cure-all (nothing is), and came upon Holosync. So, what began as an exercise in expanding awareness related to diet has lead to me continuing to expand awareness through Holosync. Kind of cool.

    Whatever way of eating you choose, please don’t do it simply because somebody told you to, or that you feel like you “ought” to do it. Do what makes you feel the healthiest and best. Your awareness is the best judge.

    Happy Holidays Everyone

  74. Ramona says :

    I sincerely appreciated your articles, and agree with them. Some of the bloggers here have added some GREAT extra information, ie Jeff Helton. (Wonderful explanation of debt derivatives)
    Those people who choose to stick their heads in the sand, will have their bottom half exposed. What’s the worst that can happen if you are prepared? Nothing? Whats the worst that can happen if you’re not prepared?
    And people want more Government? Almost every President up until Bush Jr. warned about too much government. Ronald Regan said, “The nine words you should fear the most are: ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.'”
    The financial markets will eventually correct itself, it may take some time, and it can happen even quicker if we don’t buy into war. War does not create real wealth. It does not really get you out of a depression. It just gives this illusion of recovery by creating HUGE amounts of debt. Making a few people VERY rich in the process.

  75. Kahuna says :

    Bill do you think the whole cosmos is connected and controlled by human emotion? Do you think the clouds are regulated by human emotion? I was on five hits of lsd25 during a bus trip across the state of California and I watched the hills grow, and turn to dust, and grow again. I watched the clouds turn into this vast paradise, as I watched the clouds I realized these clouds were part of my thoughts, my mind was connected to the clouds. It was a profound spiritual experience. The sky and country was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Everything was so beautiful!

    BILL: No, I gave up magical thinking when I was about 8 years old. The cosmos isn’t controlled by human emotions. Zero evidence for that.

  76. nicolas says :

    Accusing me of being a sad person because I believe you are a racist is not accurate. There are many “closet racists” especially with the everly increasing negative social mood. Therefore, I was curious…it was not a mean-spirited accusation. However, some people tend to get uncomfortable at trigger words.

    Furthermore, I don’t think whoever won; Romney or Obama would affect anythinhg in the slightest! To the masses Obama winning would make a better looking news story…in comparison to Romney, a ‘proud republican’ with an already bad public image.

    FROM BILL: So you’re job is to ferret out the racists, huh? How absolutely righteous of you. Baseed on your question, I’m going to guess that racism is a shadow for you.

    We’re headed for trouble, big trouble. What Obama is doing is going to make it much worse. Romney couldn’t have prevented it, but he could have mitigated the damage, just as someone who goes into more debt makes the final outcome worse, while someone who stops spending money he doesn’t have makes paying the price for his mistakes less difficult. Obama’s policies are making this more expensive and more difficult for YOU. He is restricting your choices and your freedom over your own life. To me, that sounds worse.

  77. Carlos says :


    Did you say that the worst of the crisis is expected in the next 5 years or so. Or nobody knows for sure and it could happen say 15 years from now ? ( i know things are pretty bad now but I mean the worst part)

    I can see how blind people are with Obama. i was pretty blind myself but your blog as well as my past experiences ( growing up in Cuba) wised me up.

    I can understand how people get so fooled by Obama. Some politicians are really good at this stuff , specially if they controlled the Media. Castro fulled most Cubans in the early sixties and for many years after that. Even today many people , intellectuals included worship him in Latin American countries.

    FROM BILL: Quite a few very intelligent people are predicting the bottom (on this round) to be 2016 or 2017. No one knows for sure, though. Yes, ask someone who is from Eastern Europe, Cuba, or other socialist utopias what socialism is like. You won’t find many who will defend it. No one is trying to sneak INTO Cuba.

  78. Amber J. Gardner says :

    CRAP! I see it! I finally see it! I can finally see how “redistribution of the wealth” is stealing and will ruin everything.

    This isn’t good. No one will see this coming because it’s seems like such a good idea. But now I see it, this is the same as before WWII, isn’t it? I see it now, clearer than before.

    But I understand why the majority of people can’t. It’s very sneaky brainwashing and phrasing and choosing a perspective that benefits the ideal rather than reality. Like you look at it and it seems like a great idea. Like a generous, good idea. But then tilt you head a little bit, don’t blink and really look at the facts and truths that are buried, and the true image pops out.

    Isn’t there some way to get this information to a larger audience in a way that they can see it too? To make it so clear that no one can argue it?

    If everyone were to see what was going on, couldn’t we just all stop and go back? Is Obama really doing this on purpose, or perhaps he’s just not aware of what he is doing? It’s just really hard to believe he’s doing it on purpose. Why run the country to the ground on purpose?

    FROM BILL: To you it looks like a good idea (until now)? Forcefully taking something that a person rightfully earned, through their own work, and giving it to someone else is just plain morally wrong–in addition to all the other negative consequences.

  79. Santiago says :

    There’s a wide spread belief that the big recession was a failure of the free market and that government intervention was what saved the country. What is the truth behind this, what really happened ?

    FROM BILL: Didn’t you read my post? That’s what it was all about. We hven’t had a free market in the US for quite a long time. This was a failure of screwing with the markets. Congress made it impossible, for instance, to NOT loan money for houses to people who didn’t have the income to pay for the loans, and then guaranteed the loans with taxpayer money. That means the banks had no risk, no matter how risky the loans were. The public took the risk (and now they’re paying, through all the bailouts). Is that a free market when the banks win if they win but don’t lose if they lose? The mistakes that led to this were mandated by the government.

  80. Amber J. Gardner says :

    I just had a conversation (well tried to) with my very liberal friend about this. She got really heated up about the subject and couldn’t talk about it without emotion. She refused to acknowledge anything you wrote. And is dead set on the idea that Obama has helped the recession, not make it worse.

    The thing is, she’s really passionate about this subject (or at least seems to be), a whole lot more than I am. She’s really intelligent and very educated. Much more so than me.

    In fact, a lot of people I think are very intelligent and whom I admire and wish to emulate are all Obama supporters.

    That’s why to say they’re just being duped and brainwashed just doesn’t buy it for me. And that there are a secret group of people planning the destruction of the U.S.A.

    And even if that was the case, is there really no way to avoid this?

    Truth is truth is truth. It’s what is It’s what is happening.

    If Mitt Romney or anyone really in a high place can just explain all this in a way that isn’t condescending and belittles the poor, but rather will help them and make it very clear HOW this will help and HOW the other way will hurt EVERYONE, Romney wouldn’t have lost.

    You can’t just blame the media and leftists for ALL of it. If one side calls the other stupid and corrupt, the other side just can’t call them ignorant and naive. We’ll get nowhere that way.

    Is there really no way to just lay it out on the table and just work it out WITHOUT emotion and just figure out how what is best through study and logic and what works and what doesn’t without politics and mudslinging, but rather clarity and compassion and empathy?

    FROM BILL: Google the Heritage Foundation. Go look at some of their videos.

  81. Amber J. Gardner says :

    FROM BILL: To you it looks like a good idea (until now)? Forcefully taking something that a person rightfully earned, through their own work, and giving it to someone else is just plain morally wrong–in addition to all the other negative consequences.

    Yes, when you notice that fact, it becomes very clear. I even brought that up to my friend and her response was the response I always got, the feedback that seemed the most right.

    That it’s wrong to let people starve to death while the rich simply have to survive on slightly less.

    Now, I know the majority of our poor aren’t really starving to death, but see all these people are coming from a compassionate and morally good point of view. Like the poor is a crying child to them and they need to feed it instead of allowing the child to figure out how to feed itself.

    It doesn’t even register to them that the food to feed the child is coming from someone else’s kitchen. I, who have lived a pretty humble life (i barely made $700 a month), looked over that fact a well. If I could be happy making this much, surely the rich could stand to lose lower just a tiny bit of their lifestyle that is waaay too much anyways.

    I mean, we’ve all been taught being generous and charitable is good to the point no one even points out that it no longer becomes charity or generosity once you take choice out of it (well, not the people I hang out with anyways).

    So, no, stealing of course isn’t good. But it’s like… It’s never presented that way and the idea never really occurred to me. It never felt like stealing till just recently. It felt like…the world becoming more evolved or something, becoming more friendly, trying to take care of each other. Thus I can understand how people can take that viewpoint, despite how inaccurate it is.

    I’m starting to see how people can get behind immortal acts without even realizing it is in fact immoral…

    FROM BILL: Where there is starvation you will see a social system that doesn’t have capitalism, doesn’t protect private property, and where there is no rule of law to guarantee the sanctity of contracts and to all people to transfer property in a legal sense. We should be teaching people how to be more productive, not just giving them a subsistance handout. A life where you get to create something, or contribute to something, is much more fulfilling that living off a government check.

    Capitalism and free markets is much more compassionate than centralized control. Capitalism creates wealth. It grows the pie. It is why the world is 100,000x richer today than in the 1300s. Look at the standard of living in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and other socialist countries. No one is trying to get into those countries. They are trying to get out.

  82. Samuel says :

    Hello Bill! Thanks for posting this.
    Do you have any guess on how long it will take before war breaks out in europe?

    FROM BILL: I have no idea. It’s already broken out in the Middle East, though.

  83. david says :

    FROM BILL: Yes, progressives have been planning this for about a century. And, only when social mood becomes negative do they get enough people who are afraid so that they can grab this kind of control. They did it in the 1930s, in the 1970s, and now their making more progress. In times of positive social mood the public doesn’t want authoritarianism and such things are rolled back. The progressives, though, are always waiting in the wings to grab more power. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    @Bill: That’s more like it Harris, now we understand each other! We just love Rahm Emanuel, don’t we? And now that he’s the Mayor of Chicago even more so! The hegelian dialectic game of problem-reaction-solution is everything to these guys. The biggest example of this in recent world history is 9/11 which has been the biggest lie, in order to start a couple of wars. And in the US it’s brought about TSA and Homeland Security (this just for starters, more police state tyranny to come, and it’s technology that allows for this, you could not aim at creating a world empire without the technological means for control and enforcement, and of course the mentally degraded sheep that come with declined social mood).

    Central banks and the issuance of money in private hands is the biggest problem the world is facing today, that’s also where the solution lies: take back the money powers from these thugs and you’ve solved half of the problems. By the way: the FED will celebrate its 99th birthday (do the day) on 12.21.2012 (and get me right, I’m no doomsday prophet, but apparently, the elites are obsessed with numbers and their hidden meaning, to me that’s interesting). But then again, you already know this Bill, so I’m really not preaching anything to you.

    @Amber: I don’t think your friend is very intelligent, in fact I think she’s rather stupid. Someone with a bit of wits understands (by looking at the facts) that Obama is some of the worst scum there is.

  84. Robin says :

    I didn’t mean to say sine wave. I meant that the social mood chart you showed us, derived from the wall street journal, was a fractal, where they circled every fifth peak rise, or peak low, to demonstrate an almost musical pattern of three times of improving social mood, and two times of falling social mood. That does not match the exponential pattern of technology. If social mood drove technology then it would be exponentially going up, not going up three times, and down two times in such a linear and predictable way.

    Social mood is a wave, but unlike a sine wave it goes up over time, it just doesn’t go up steadily, nor does it go up at an exponential rate. So it really seems unlikely that social mood regulates technology.

    About as unlikely as this “hell in the handbasket theory of yours is coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calender.

    You see looking at wave patterns, three up, two down, long term increase, like the social mood pattern, it might be about as rational as looking at the Mayan Calender and assuming that they didn’t write any dates past May 21rst December 2012 Just because there was no point.

    All these retards are predicting that the end of the Mayan Calender means the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and then Jesus is going to come back with a team of aliens, to save 144,000 people and and

    but your not a moron Bill, it’s just really funny that those other morons, I mean that all those fooled smart people are really afraid.

    Their social mood is turning to fear, because of a calender, and astrophysicist are warning us about solar flares, and you know with solar flares comes massive earth quakes, and tsunamis, holy frijoles batman!

    FROM BILL: Technology doesn’t go away in times of negative social mood, but the expansion of it does peter out. Then it continues where it left off when the negative period is over–though sometimes technology advances by finding better ways to kill people, which are then turned to more peaceful uses after social mood turns positive. So the trajectory is up but the path is not constantly up. And, in times of negative social mood technology is used to kill or control. Look at all the cameras watching people in Western countries, the tracking of people via GPS, the snooping into people’s buying habits via technological means, the spying on people through their phones, etc.

  85. Vic says :

    While getting educated, don’t forget Mr. Williams.

    Our Government-Created Financial Crisis

    By Walter E. Williams
    December 11, 2012

    Suppose you saw a building on fire. Would you seek counsel from the arsonist who set it ablaze for advice on how to put it out? You say, “Williams, you’d have to be a lunatic to do that!” But that’s precisely what we’ve done: turned to the people who created our fiscal crisis to fix it. I have never read a better account of our doing just that than in John A. Allison’s new book, “The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure.”

    Allison is the former CEO of Branch Banking and Trust, the nation’s 10th largest bank. He assembles evidence that shows that our financial crisis, followed by the Great Recession, was caused by Congress, the Federal Reserve, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and was helped along by the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama White Houses.

    The Federal Reserve, under the chairmanship of Alan Greenspan, created the massive housing bubble by over-expanding the money supply. President Bush and members of Congress, through the Community Reinvestment Act, intimidated banks and other financial institutions into making home loans to people ineligible for loans under traditional lending criteria. They became subprime lenders. Lending institutions made these loans, now often demeaned as predator loans, because they knew they’d be sold to government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Freddie and Fannie.

    The GSEs had no problem taking this risky path, because they knew that Congress would force taxpayers to bail them out. Current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is following in the footsteps of his predecessor by massively expanding the money supply by purchasing Treasury debt. He is creating prime conditions for a calamity by the end of this decade.

    Then there were the crony capitalists, among whom are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, JPMorgan Chase, General Motors and Chrysler. These and many other companies, through the thousands of Washington lobbyists they hire, are able to get Congress to shortcut market forces. Free market capitalism is unforgiving.
    In order to earn a profit and stay in business, producers must please customers and wisely use resources to do so. If they fail to do this, they face losses or go bankrupt.

    It’s this market discipline of profits and losses that many businesses seek to avoid. That’s why they descend upon Washington calling for government bailouts, subsidies and special privileges. Many businessmen wish not to be held strictly accountable to consumers and stockholders, who hold little sympathy for economic blunders and will give them the ax on a moment’s notice. With a campaign contribution here and a gift there, they get Congress and the White House to act against the best interests of consumers and investors. Allison suggests that if our country had a separation of “business and state” as it does a separation of “church and state,” crony capitalism or crony socialism could not exist.

    Allison says that crony capitalism should not be our only concern. The foundation for economic collapse 20 to 25 years from now has already been set. Social Security and Medicare deficits, unfunded state and local pension liabilities, government operating deficits, baby boomer retirement and a failed K-12 education system have eaten out our substance.

    What I take away from Allison’s highly readable book is that our biggest problem lies in the Federal Reserve’s ability to manipulate our monetary system to accommodate big government and use inflation to rob Americans. That’s why politicians and government leaders everywhere hate a monetary system based on gold. They can manipulate the quantity of paper money, but they can’t manipulate the quantity of gold.

    Here’s a tidbit of information about John Allison, now president of the Washington-based Cato Institute, that speaks to this man’s morality as BB&T’s CEO, which can’t be praised highly enough. His company refused to lend money to developers who acquired land by having the government take it from private owners, euphemistically called eminent domain. That’s putting his money where his mouth is, not sacrificing principle for the sake of earnings.

    FROM BILL: Walter Williams is one of my favorites. He teaches economics at George Mason University and is one smart dude.

  86. Santiago says :

    I made a mistake in the question, I wasn’t talking about the recent housing market recession, I get what you explained about that … I ment to ask about the great depression in the 30’s. It seems to be “common knowledge” that what happened then was a failure of the markets, and that government intervention trough the new deal was what saved the people.

    What was the real cause of the great depression and what was the “New Deal” about? There seems to be a lot of speculation and confusion around this issue, and it’s been used by the left to demonize capitalism.

    FROM BILL: Yes, progressives (who, remember, control academia and the media) have spend a lot of energy promoting that idea. Go check out some of the books about this put out by the Cato Institute. This was yet another goverment created mess–and another crisis the central planners didn’t let go to waste. It would have been a relatively short recession had the central planners stayed out of it.

  87. Veronica says :

    When the economy crashes and we can not pay our mortgage, who will come to vacate us from our property? My family and I are trying to prepare for the future but we owe a $175,000 mortgage. Will it happen fast enough that the government would have no way to collect? Or should we be imagining henchmen who will come and take us from our home? Where will all the homeless people go?

    Thank you for your time. I have read all your posts and wish to express my gratitude for your writing. You have a gift. I especially love reading your responses to some of these comments. Laughter feels so good.


    FROM BILL: Veronica, I don’t know what they will do. They certainly evicted people in the 1930s. There will be a lot more of them this time, though. You can come live with me.

  88. June says :

    Mr. Harris,

    I sincerely hope that someone else has been posting in your stead because if not…..

    If I didn’t know that Holosync REALLY works……. I would avoid anything to do with you at all cost, lol. With all of your truly enlightening spiritual and mental advice, you seem to be ABSOLUTELY STUCK at the ethnic/racial level of development in spite of all your proclamations.

    Sure you may have many “Black friends” and all of that, lol…….but you are coming off as a person who visits the Klavern nightly to get your “ideological fix” or something.


    Maybe being “slightly racist” is a shadow for……….YOU…… and you try to convince yourself that you are not racist by engaging in all of those “noble” things you mentioned above. However, you out of all people should know that we can deal with our shadows in very INTERESTING ways (even in ways that seem or appear “contradictory”).

    I apologize if it appears that I am judging you because who am I to judge?

    It just saddens me to find out that you hold or embody some “views” that are so hostile on a racial level.

    And please don’t delete or dodge this post because I am SURE that there are MANY others out here who are re-evaluating their take on you……given your recent “revelations” (not so much your economic predictions, but simply the “tone” you take) in your last several posts.

    FROM BILL: Give me a break. I am alerting you to a dangerous situation coming your way. If you don’t agree, don’t prepare. If you like centralized government control of everything, I suggest moving to Cuba or Venezuela. Or maybe France. I haven’t said a word about anyone’s race, either. Calling people racist is one of the most intellectually lazy things you lefties do. Very sad. Sigh.

  89. Vic says :

    June, from where I sit, it looks like racism is YOUR shadow.

    Please give that some thought.

  90. Anthony says :

    Bill, in talking about all the potential dangers that face our republic and capitalism for that matter. I was wondering if you had any thought on AGENDA 21. Ive been following it for sometime now, but when I tell people to beware of it, they look at me like I’m a conspiracy theorist(I hate that look). They are working hard to pass this in our towns, and people will blindly go along with it!! Under the auspices of (sustainable growth) who wouldn’t?! We have truly let our country fall into irresponsible hands. APATHY ERODES DEMOCRACY!!! and ignorance would be bliss!
    Is there a potential AGENDA 21 blog post coming up? Thanks for everything Bill

    FROM BILL: I’m not familiar with Agenda 21. If it is about”sustainability” (sounds like a wonderful thing, doesn’t it–the left are so good with names), I’m probably against it. Sustainability is a code work for centralized control, less choice, and forcing some progressive agenda on people. Look at the groups sponsoring anything “sustainable” and you will see all kinds of socialist organizations from all over the world.

  91. Webakkhit says :

    Hey I take issue with some idea

    not with any person man, so I apologize before writing this

    the idea is that the government is taking your hard earned wealth and redistributing it.

    false idea

    imagine you own a theater, you must pay for lights, heat, workers, movies

    those are your costs

    you ask each person for some money, when they enter, its a trade, if they want to see the movie

    you honest business man, then government comes and makes you pay taxes on that income,

    then they spend it on the community projects

    you say now the government is stealing my wealth and redistributing it

    but this is like a holosync user saying you are stealing his money and redistributing it.

    you see the government is like the movie theater, the government is not stealing your money, they are not redistributing your wealth

    you don’t have to pay taxes, you don’t have to love in this country, you can sleep like a bum, eat from the trash, and or make a house out of rocks in the desert, hunt wild life, start a business in System D, only local people know you, don’t report your business to government, take more risks, and pay the mafia, oh wait what?

    the mafia? why?

    for security

    you see the government replaced the mafia, with a concept of justice for all, its a territory security company

    government is a territory security company

    just like the movie theater

    you don’t have to be here, and if you are here you don’t have to do business here
    but if you do business here there is a price, just like there is a price to use holosync, or to see a movie, in the territorial security company, the price is tax revenue.

    tax revenue isn’t stolen, its money the territorial security company earned, just like paying for your holosync cd is money you earned.

    you call it stealing and redistribution, but that is not right, I take issue with that idea, not you, my apologies again for I hope I have not offended anyone with my thoughts

    FROM BILL: Ridiculous “logic”. Obviously you have no skin in this game.

    First of all, when I “distribute” the money I make by selling Holosync I am voluntarily giving it to someone who gives something I want in exchange for the money. I am happier after the transaction, and so are they. My giving the money to the government isn’t voluntary, though. It is taken from me under the threat of fines, confiscation of my property, or even jail. Second, the government doesn’t give me what I want in exchange for the money. If that were the case, why would the government be necessary? I can spend the money on what I want without their help.

    But the government isn’t spending my money on my first choice (which is what I always do). Or on my second, third, thirty-third, or three hundred and thirty-third choice. Once in a blue moon they MIGHT accidentally spend it on something I want. Why would such an arrangement be good for any society?

    And, I am already paying about 50% of my income in taxes. That’s certainly enough–and that doesn’t count the fact that I pay half the social security tax and half the medicare tax for all my employees, and both sides (employer and employee) for myself. And it doesn’t count the taxes I pay (and you) in every product or service I buy, the price of which has been raised by about 1/3 due to taxes. The idea that the “rich” don’t pay their fair share of taxes is an outright lie. The top 10% pay 70% of the taxes in the US. The Top 5% pay 59%, and the top 1% pay 37%.

    Taking money by force is dishonest. Spending money on what people don’t want is extremely wasteful. But this isn’t all that happens. Money is sucked, through taxes, from the private sector into the government sector (where, as I said, it is wasted–and also ends up being used for various kinds of graft and dishonesty). When left in the private sector it creates jobs because, as I said in my post, it can be lent to people who want to start companies. This creates wealth, which makes society’s pie bigger. It is the whole reason why you aren’t working from sunup to sundown just to have enough to eat. The living standard of the entire world is about 100,000x as high as it was before this mechanism became popular about 700 years ago.

    We have had (and still have) societies that used (or use) your silly logic. The Soviet Union was a great example. Shortages, lines, super-crappy products, no choice (the central planners would decide on 3-4 shoe styles and everyone would have to wear them), closed borders so no one can escape to another country, secret police, super-high alcohol and drug abuse. A real workers paradise. We have the same thing today in North Korea and Cuba. In the socialism European countries unemployment is WAY higher than in the US (and it’s pretty damed high here).

    The only “security” the government is supposed to provide (look it up-it’s in the US Constitution) is to guarantee the sanctity of contracts, keep people from stealing your private property, and provide for the common defense. Everything else is off-limits. The US government was several hundred times smaller when it did just that.

    We actually have other people in this country who provide security and make you pay for it (notice that the government’s supposed “security” isn’t a choice–you have to have it and pay for it). These other “protectors” are called the Mafia. And what the government does is pretty much the same. Go read How I Found Freedon in an Unfree World (free PDF online–one of THE best books I’ve ever read). Harry Browne has a section where he describes how the Mafia protection racket works, point by point–and then shows that the government does exactly the same things, with exactly the same penalities.

    Your logic isn’t really logic. It’s nonsense. In fact, dangerous nonsense, because uninformed beople like you believe and then vote for people who are screwing you while you applaud. That, my friend, is insanity.

  92. Gérard Depardieu is one of several well off celebrities and business leaders who has elected to live elsewhere than France since the election of the Socialist government in the spring. The primary reason is that the government wants to impose a 75% marginal income tax on revenues exceeding (I think) 1 million Euros.

    The reaction from the French left and the media has been to shamelessly attack him through name-calling and denunciations of his unwillingness to supposedly contribute to French society. We’re talking about probably the greatest French actor of the modern era, and a very successful businessman to boot! Reading the denunciations and ad hominem attacks is like something straight out of Atlas Shrugged!

    Richard Martin

    FROM BILL: That’s what happens in times of negative social mood: former heros are demonized (and governments become more authoritarian and attack the rich).

  93. david says :

    AGENDA 21, the book on the UN website:

  94. Ken says :

    FROM BILL: Your logic isn’t really logic. It’s nonsense. In fact, dangerous nonsense, because uninformed beople like you believe and then vote for people who are screwing you while you applaud. That, my friend, is insanity.

    “who are screwing you while you applaud”

    What a perfect line.

    I also notice that you’ve been called a racist, arrogant and socialist (because people voluntary buy goods from you) in the past week. Not too shabby. The cranks keep posting their nonsense. A continuing indictment of the worldwide educational system.

    FROM BILL: It is sad, because most of the people who villify me and defend the left are good people, but have never heard anything but the progressive point of view. They start pushing it on kids in nursery school. It’s in children’s cartoons, in adult movies, repeated in every network (and most cable) news report. When you’ve heard the same refrain for your entire life (capitalism is bad, rich people are thieves, we should all be equal, self-reliance is a code word for stealing from the poor, those who disagree with us are evil, etc) anything else seems jarringly WRONG. The “think-for-yourself” mentality I’ve been advocating is nearly dead, and so many good but misinformed people are going to go down with the ship, sunk by the socialists, while cursing capitalism and the “rich” (which, these days, is becoming anyone with an income).

    Folks, I used to be one of the left-wingers. Once I got out in the real world and learned about the other side of the story, their approach seemed ridiculous, dangerous, and anger-filled. I gave it up and concentrated on being of service to people. That worked a lot better.

  95. Carmen says :

    Thanks Bill for all you are doing here and there, thank you also for this space of free opinion, from Spain today I only can say world is becoming a sad place, I’ll keep using my holosync, most people would need it to get calm in these absurd times. Sorry for your country, for your children, for ours, for all of us, just sorry!

  96. david says :

    FROM BILL: It is sad, because most of the people who vilify me and defend the left are good people, but have never heard anything but the progressive point of view. They start pushing it on kids in nursery school. It’s in children’s cartoons, in adult movies, repeated in every network (and most cable) news report. When you’ve heard the same refrain for your entire life (capitalism is bad, rich people are thieves, we should all be equal, self-reliance is a code word for stealing from the poor, those who disagree with us are evil, etc) anything else seems jarringly WRONG. The “think-for-yourself” mentality I’ve been advocating is nearly dead, and so many good but misinformed people are going to go down with the ship, sunk by the socialists, while cursing capitalism and the “rich” (which, these days, is becoming anyone with an income).

    Folks, I used to be one of the left-wingers. Once I got out in the real world and learned about the other side of the story, their approach seemed ridiculous, dangerous, and anger-filled. I gave it up and concentrated on being of service to people. That worked a lot better.


  97. This is not a new mentality. Nietzsche wrote about “the herd” and how Christianity was a religion of resentment and envy aimed toward the rich and powerful. Ayn Rand said exactly the same thing and appears to me to have been highly inspired by Nietzsche, although she never openly acknowledged the debt.


  98. I would also add that socialism is nothing but sublimated Christianity.


    FROM BILL: I think I know what you’re talking about, and I guess whether you could say Christianity is sublimated Christianity would depend on how you framed what Christianity is/consists of. There is no set thing called “Christianity” that everyone would agree on–rather there are a multitude of things running around under that banner. As you know, I respect your thoughts on things like this, Richard. Can you elaborate on exactly what you mean?

  99. david says :

    Rich, when I see how young Nietsche flashes the hidden hand: I wonder about his upbringing and his role in culture creation. How much is truth and how much is twist?

  100. Well, I start from the New Testament. It is full of resentment against the wealthy and powerful, that they will get their comeuppance in the afterlife, or at the Apocalypse. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are utopian visions of the future, when the powerful will be punished for their ways and when the ‘meek shall inherit the earth.’ The Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, the Good Samaritan, these are all themes that resonate with egalitarianism, collectivism, envy, and resentment.

    Christianity first grew by attracting slaves, the poor, and women, it was a religion of the oppressed and outsiders. Throughout late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when princes and wealthy clerics were exploiting Christianity for their own benefit, they had to at least give the appearance of meekness and charity. Usually, though, they did it through benefactions to monasteries and churches. While they were doing this, they were simultaneously being denounced by monastics and other ascetics.

    During the Middle Ages, there were thousands of peasant rebellions, often couched in Biblical and Christian terms. Most of these movements were religiously inspired (such as the Hussites). The Reformation tapped into this resentment and discontent with the powerful. Luther’s 95 Theses railed against the injustices perpetrated by the official Church, such as indulgences and penitence. The Reformation was as much a liberation movement as it encouraged people to develop a direct and personal relationship with God, and to thereby bypass the clergy. This was made possible in part by the biblically inspired peasant rebellions and the creation of widely available bibles in the vernacular languages of Europe, starting with German.

    This trend continued with the anti-slavery movement in the late 18th and 19th centuries. American slaves were inspired by biblical tales of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and the wandering in the wilderness. The ‘promised land’ was a utopian future where African American slaves would be free and equal with whites. It is the impetus behind the ‘Negro spiritual’ and Gospel music. In the early 19th century, the Indian war chief Tecumseh’s brother was the spiritual leader of the Indian nations. He united them around a Christian inspired utopian vision. The same thing happened in China in the mid-19th century during the Tai Ping Rebellion, which led to tens of millions of dead as a leader taking the mantle of ‘Jesus’s Little Brother’ led a peasant revolution to establish the Heavenly Kingdom of God in China.

    However, in the 19th century, thinkers and revolutionaries with collectivist and populist leanings became increasingly atheistic. The revolutionary impulse was sublimated and reemerged in the form of collectivist ideologies such as anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, marxism and social democracy. Toward the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, various currents in American and British societies merged syncretically or influenced one another: American transcentalism (a kind of nature worship or pantheism native to New England, the home of Puritanism); anti-slavery; universal suffrage; public health; anti-trust legislation; a third Great Awakening; etc. etc. The result: the YMCA and YWCA; the Boy Scout movement; evangelical revivalism; suffragettes; the Women’s Christian Temperance Union; etc.

    Progressives, though they professed scientism and the ‘improvement of society,’ were focused heavily on building a ‘progressive’ and utopian society in the here and now by ‘purifying the higher races’ through public hygiene and sanitation, public education, cleanliness, and housing programs. I see it as a kind of collectivist and egalitarian Puritanism aiming at building the utopian society in the here and now rather than waiting for an apocalyptic future or the metaphysical promise of a blissful afterlife. Public bath houses were aimed at the ‘working man,’ so he could take a weekly bath and clean up after a hard day’s work. Many of these institutions were funded through capitalist and progressive-inspired philanthropy, such as Carnegie’s funding of most of the public library system in the US and Canada.

    I admit that Progressivism has a checkered history and that some of its beliefs, such as eugenics, were problematic to my thesis, but I nonetheless believe that it is fundamentally a Christian ideal of a just society.

    In the 20th century we’ve had Soviet communism that has worked to create the workers’ utopia in the here and now. But this is another example of sublimated Christian ideals, of egalitarianism, collectivism, punishment for the wicked (though in this case through the agency of the State and the Party). It would be interesting to see to what extent Maoism and Gandhism were influenced by Christian thought and ideology, especially as both countries had been influenced and colonized to a certain extent by these ideas throughout the 18th and 19th centuries (Tai Ping Heavenly Kingdom and Gandhi’s education in England and South Africa, his knowledge of Western and Christian philosophy and values, etc.). Another aspect of modern Christian collectivism is ‘liberation theology,’ very common in Latin America, as well as the evangelisation of Latin America, Africa, and Oceania.

    The fundamental point here is that Christianity is the first global ideology and movement to openly contest worldly power and wealth, to encourage the poor, slaves, women, children, the ‘wretched of the earth,’ to revolt and to fight for their rights by collectivizing their plight and attracting these same to them. The twin–and somewhat contradictory–ideals of apolyptic eschatology and metaphysical redemption in a blissful or punitive afterlife have fuelled Christianity from the beginning, and became the driving forces of socialistic endeavours in the modern age.

    Richard Martin

  101. Santiago says :

    The evidence seems to show that places with strict gun control like Japan have a dramatic lower rate of deaths by fire arms compared to the US. Would this be an exception to the free market, in which individual liberty should be restricted in order to protect the community at large? I’m even seeing many hard core libertarians taking this apparent anti freedom position.

    FROM BILL: In the US the states with the most strict gun laws have the greatest amount of gun-related crimes, and the states with the least strict gun laws have the least amount of gun-related crimes.

  102. Rosalie says :

    Bill, I agree with your comments. The ” Car over the edge” is a great analogy. The definition of Fear is – being unprepared. I’m aware of the ” car crash IMPACT that is fast approaching so I have prepared the best I can, by having an emergency plan. Ie: I and my young daughters have a designated meeting place if there is no cell service. We have a plan and have supplies packed for 3 day, 3 week, 2 month crisis. Its the years long or indefinite one that is difficult to prepare for.

    But just as important as being prepared is to try to lift up or shift the collective conscious mind of us and our fellow beings. I know our thoughts create our Reality. Can you help me start a world wide simultaneous mediation that people throughout the planet can visualize and co-create a softer car crash landing? What a Wonderful thought. What impact would this have? If we all on this planet take action, including those current leaders, WE the PEOPLE completely live the Golden Rule and don’t expect hand outs, are held accountable, the impending doom may not have to be as such. We can imagine landing in water where some of us can swim away or a parachute releases from our vehicle, James Bond style:) I feel it is worth a THOUGHT instead of succumbing to negativity and fear.
    I am prepared but would rather “positive think” our current course to a better landing. What do YOU THINK?

    FROM BILL: Thinking creates feelings and actions. Thinking alone doesn’t create outcomes. Thinking creates actions which then create outcomes. You will not think the car into a softer landing. You might ACT the car into a softer landing (fewer regulations, less spending, less debt, more freedom, less authoritarianism). This, however, will not happen. The typcial actions of negative social mood times will make the impact worse.

  103. carlosae says :

    “Socialism is nothing but sublimated Christianity”

    I dont know What you guys specifically mean by that. I think that you can see most religions from different perspectives.

    Growing up in Cuba(socialist/communist country) I was taught in school that Christianity /Catholicism was evil , that the religion was used by the rich/nobels to keep the people from revolting( be a good sheep) . etc. That the Church was powerful and became rich in the middle ages by granting salvation to the nobility in exchange for their properties.

    In the early sixties the Catholic Church opposed the communist government and as a result they were totally vilified , When I was a little kid( in the mid/late seventies) just believing in god was the biggest tabboo and kids that were religious /catholic were seen as weirdos and they had to hide their beliefs or they would be teased and ridiculed by both teachers and students.


  104. Brian says :


    Sorry to hassle you with another finance question, but what do you think of using services like and to buy and store silver or gold? Basically you buy silver or gold online and then those services store the gold or silver for you in their own vaults. You can sell the gold back to them or take delivery of it whenever you want.

    It seems like it would be safer than using a bank to store gold and could be more appealing for those who are uncomfortable with storing a lot of gold in their own homes though. The gold is still in a vault thousands of miles away though, so I don’t know how fool proof it is in the event of a financial collapse. There are also fees charged for storage and handling.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know about those two specific institutions, but unless you have a LOT of money to turn into gold, I would take delivery of it and keep it yourself (but not in a safety deposit box). If you have a lot, google Safe Wealth Group and look into their services. In fact, I just realized that you can read PDFs of their advisory service online (just google them and you’ll see the PDFs).

  105. catherine H says :

    I’m drowning in detail! Am I the only one?

    Surely the detail is a dead end.
    Better still a maze that just takes you round in circles.

    Basically people have erroneous ideas ranging from silly (granted not all) to downright dangerous (again there are obviously exceptions) and live by them as if they were ‘the truth’.

    Once you get this rather simple fact the detail surely takes care of itself?

    Discussing whether or not socialism is sublimated christianity sounds to me rather like pondering over black being the new brown.

    I rest my case and will accept answers on a very small postcard.

  106. Rosalie says :

    Bill, I am a very action driven member of my community. Thought need action . AGREED.
    I am prepared for an emergency but hope for something better. I find your comment,
    ” This, however, will not happen. The typcial actions of negative social mood times will make the impact worse.” as discouraging and frankly quite surprising.

    How do you KNOW that spending less, fewer regulations ect…. will not happen. We can all prepare and take action but leave out the “never gonna happen” attitude. Anything is possible and I would think you would be leading discussions, to prepare, be responsible and hope with all you got for better.

    FROM BILL: Based on the lessons of history, my statement is akin to saying, “We’re in a war. People will be killed. Buildings will be destroyed. There will be suffering.” There has never been a time of negative social mood where there wasn’t an increase in authoritarianism, increased central control, huge economic problems, and all the other things I have discussed in past posts. I wish it weren’t so. Yes, there will be people (like me) who oppose these self-destructive acts. Unfortunately, they will happen.

  107. Proctor says :

    All one has to do is read the laws of thinking by bishop jordan to see that Christianity is in favor of individual wealth creation, libertarian ideals, G-d wants you to be rich, Abraham in the old testiment was a millionaire, the prophets and judges were rich men. Christianity has been wrongly interpreted by liberal communists. Bishop Jordan’s audio book laws of thinking will change your mind about Christianity. Or atleast over turn the idea that there is a simple way to interpret the bible that is somehow aligned with liberals.

    FROM BILL: To my way of thinking, it is possible to frame Christianity as socialist, as Richard Martin has done, or in any number of other ways. There are Christians who interpret Christianity as favoring the poor over the rich, and other Christians who interpret it as being in favor of being rich.

  108. david says :

    I see you’ve erased Rich’s comments that you’ve previously approved. I very much disagree with what Rich said.

    FROM BILL: It was someone posing as Richard. That’s why I removed them. Another example of how cowardly and immature some people are–they can’t even post as themselves.

  109. Hi Bill

    Where once I may have said ‘What in The Dickens?’ at the prevailing darkness of the themes and tones of these Blog Posts-some of which you indulged me in over the last couple of years, the events we’ve actually witnessed in these recent years and that you have previously predicted in these blogs are coming to fruition, so whilst I know too little to be of any genuine service in this blogging environment; and all the ultimately ridiculous and avoidable financial calamity’s and events that surround us in this World that You, I and Everyone else in this World will be subjected to, I would like to take the opportunity to Thank you and all at Centerpointe and the other Bloggers for the time you gave me in this your very own arena of Dreams.

    If any one has worked harder at ensuring a reality check version of Truth and Reality is available to all then it must be you, I do not envy or begrudge you your wealth Prosperity and Happiness and in Time I can only hope to Achieve a Tenth of the endeavour and work that you have put into yourself, may the miracles of Christmas shine upon you and those that you love-and assuming the Mayans Prophets were actually just some version of God hitting the reset button, may you’re next re-imagining of Bill Harris carry with him all the best attributes and the same Groundhog Day like nature that you so diligently have given and displayed to us all, Peace to All and Goodwill and SilvertoeVelocity speed to all men. God Bless Us All!

  110. nicolas says :

    FROM BILL: Give me a break. I am alerting you to a dangerous situation coming your way. If you don’t agree, don’t prepare. If you like centralized government control of everything, I suggest moving to Cuba or Venezuela. Or maybe France. I haven’t said a word about anyone’s race, either. Calling people racist is one of the most intellectually lazy things you lefties do. Very sad. Sigh.

    How is calling someone racist because you intuitively sense this lazy?

    I don’t believe that you are a RACIST. However, I do believe everyone has their prejudices; racial or otherwise, to some degree. Of course, this comes with the human condition, if we didn’t have prejudices we would eat almost anything and not have “favorite foods, colors, music, etc.”.

    FROM BILL: Prejudices and preferences are not the same. Look it up. Calling someone a racist is intellectually lazy because it involves using a flaw in logic (it is called an ad hominim attack–again, look it up) instead of a real argument. It is also very un-classy. Anyone can call names. Few of those who disagree with what I write, however, offer a single piece of evidence supporting of their point of view. They just call names. When there is no evidence of racism, this is particularly low class, especially when the left has made “being racist” such a universal accusation, regardless of evidence. If someone disagrees with Obama, it can’t be because they are against centralized control, high taxes, or out-of-control spending. No, it’s “racism.” It’s because of the color of his skin. Intellectual laziness is the perfect description of such bullshit–though ignorant is another good description.

  111. david says :

    FROM BILL: It was someone posing as Richard. That’s why I removed them. Another example of how cowardly and immature some people are–they can’t even post as themselves.

    I understand, sorry about that Rich, in fact I found it really odd that you would post such comments.

  112. Vic says :

    While Christianity can be framed in any way the framer wants to suit their own preferences or purposes, Jesus Christ himself was more concerned with what was in the heart than what was in the wallet. That’s the way I read it, at least. The “tax the rich” attitude of some of the poor (and NOT so poor), AKA ENVY, would be considered just as much a spiritual problem as the “let them eat cake” attitude of some of the rich.

  113. Terry says :

    Good grief! If you want to say something to Bill without your identity exposed, just pose as “anonymous” or make up a name. Posing as someone else? That’s really pathetic.

    I’m completely shocked. There are some real creeps out there.

  114. George Angeli says :

    Hi Bill,

    Interesting article and for the record Holosync is brilliant.

    You’re right about a coming conflict. Anyone with any inkling of historical knowledge can see that.

    Democratic states do not tend to go to war with each other. It just doesn’t happen and history proves that. They will find a way to resolve their differences way before things escalate to physical conflict. So there will not be any civil wars in Europe or certainly within counties of the EU. Also the US will not fragment because anyone harbouring such notions will quickly realise how short-sighted they are being once they see what’s happening in the wider world. If anything the conflict will intensify the union of the USA.

    My focus would be a skirmish in the East China Sea or South China Sea between the Chinese and US Navies that will escalate and this would be nothing different to what rising powers have done for millennia to assert their dominion. The other source of course is Iran. Israel are chomping at the bit to take action to disable its nuclear programme. But the US has no appetite to stir that particular hornets nest and rightly so. Culturally and historically the Persians are not an easy foe to defeat. And the lessons and cost of the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan are still too fresh in our minds to want to get ourselves tangled in another middle eastern web. But at some point something will need to be done.

    Either one of those scenarios will require the US, Europe and Russia to come together to see it through but not before death and destruction on an unprecedented level.

    Right now, like every analyst around the world in every public and secret agency in the world, it’s not quite clear to me where and when but it will happen I’m sorry to say.

    FROM BILL: In ordinary times, I would agree. In times of negative social mood (and this current one is just beginning–in fact we are in a positive mood rebound right now [yes, this is a “positive” time, relative to a few years ago, and certainly relative to what is coming]) things happen that would NEVER happen in times of positive social mood. There was a bloody civil war in the US in the 1860s, for instance. Both world wars involved democratic countries.

    And, yes, the tensions in the Middle East and between Japan and China will probably flare up.

  115. Randall says :

    Bill, I completely agree with you. I spent the last four years learning about what you are saying. What I want to know is: what do you recommend for people to do as this blind-side event prepares to happen?

    FROM BILL: Read my series in the archives about Going to Hell in a Handbasket for recommendations.

  116. david says :

    The “glue” that makes us all average, normal, and clueless

    by Jon Rappoport
    December 23, 2012

    Tragic events, crises, threats are designed to capture our minds and hold us in a state of emergency, whether or not such a state is officially declared by our august leaders.

    This “glue” is one aspect of the Matrix.

    And of course, when events seem to threaten our very existence, these leaders are all too eager to enact responses and solutions that make the original crises pale by comparison.

    We couldn’t be blamed for defining “solution” as “whatever is worse than the problem.”

    In this sordid mix, what part of ourselves is being held down? What capability are we unwilling to exercise? What does fear keep us from doing?

    It’s obvious that freedom takes a hit. We become more cautious about exercising our freedoms. However, freedom isn’t just an idea or an empty condition. Freedom implies power. Individual power.

    If it didn’t, who would care one way or another about freedom? Who would make an issue out of it?

    If each one of us didn’t have power, freedom would be no more than a fairy tale with which we could amuse ourselves.

    The exploration of power is not something you’ll find in a school or in the workplace or in a community group. It’s a kind of taboo. People don’t talk about it.

    Not talking about it makes as much sense as writing a book about the sun and neglecting to mention it gives off heat.

    The repressed conversation about power is a cultural artifact. We’re somehow led to believe it’s impolite to bring up the subject. It’s self-aggrandizing. It runs against the grain of appearing humble. It seems to legislate against the mandatory premise that “we’re all in this together.”

    What does this taboo conceal?

    Power is the capacity to imagine and create.

    Rather than being about “the truth,” power is about inventing new truth, in the sense that, when you create, you bring something into the world that wasn’t there before.

    After a great artist or scientist makes imagination into fact, others then gather around and analyze the truth of what has just appeared. But the cardinal happening was the invention itself.

    Even more important was the capacity to make imagination into fact.


    Flowing from freedom.

    This is what crisis and threat and tragedy seem to blanket with despair. But that is an illusion.

    Nothing can happen in this world that changes or diminishes your inherent power, unless you decide it does.

    Staged crises are also an example of power. They are perverse art flung up on the screen of our perception, designed to make us feel we have to give in. Give in to what? To the sacrifice of our own capacity to imagine and create reality.

    “Somebody else made reality for me.”

    That idea is also the hallmark of hypnosis. The subject, in a trance, accepts what is already real as the final summing up of his life. His only job is to adjust his actions to the world as it is.

    There are many examples. Look at the mesmerizing tonnage of legend launched to convince the population of ancient India that the caste system was a cosmological necessity, given the rules of universal justice and the regulations governing reincarnation.

    This “spiritual system” was, finally, a cosmic fascism. It was a work of art designed and managed by the aristocratic and priest classes, to cement their control over the population. In other words, these rulers invented a reality for the masses that thereafter commanded:

    “We made reality for you. Your job is now to live inside it.”

    Likewise, in recent centuries, the rise of science was twisted and extrapolated into its own legend: materialism.

    “There is nothing beyond particles whirling in space. That’s it. That’s what is real, everywhere. You live inside this idea. Adjust. Reject any thoughts that don’t mesh with it.”

    And against all this is, if we want it, freedom. Power. The individual capacity to imagine and create reality.

    How far does this power extend?

    Life on planet Earth appears to mandate against any far-reaching exercise of creative power. That, too, is an illusion.

    There are no limits.

    The whole repeating covert op of tragedy, tragedy, tragedy, grieving, grieving, grieving, coming together, healing…the whole endless and repeating ceremony is put there to assure us that we are little creatures with nowhere else to go but Acceptance. This, we are told, is our only option for redemption.

    This idea has been sold in the marketplace of spiritual commerce since the dawn of time.

    It’s a straight-out lie. It’s told, again and again, to serve rulers.

    And rulers want to make sure that the number of creatively powerful individuals is kept to a bare minimum. Otherwise, the single monolithic reality they have invented and sold would shake and fall apart.

    Drowned in a multidimensional triumph of many powerful individuals creating many brilliant and simultaneous realities.

    That is the true unalloyed meaning of an open society.

    Jon Rappoport
    The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

    FROM BILL: Good article.

    There is a polarity between freedom and security. People have been led to believe that security is obtained by giving up freedom–by letting the state take care of you (in terms of finances, safety, food quality, morality, and many other aspects of being a human being). The truth is that with freedom you can create your own security. Without it, you are at the mercy of the powers-that-be. (Remember that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.) Everyone is secure under such a system (supposedly) but life is boring, without challenge, without juice–and without choice. During times of negative social mood people feel so insecure that they actually ask for (and vote for) authoritarianism–thinking that it will save them, that it offers security. Unfortunately, those who are offering the dictatorial “solution” created the problem in the first place, and DON’T WANT TO SOLVE IT (and don’t know how to, anyway). And, the promise to solve all problems and make you safe from all dangers is unattainable anyway.

  117. Paul says :

    I don’t care about politicians because it was always obvious to me that they are bunch of thieves and liars…
    I was raised in catholic family and as you are probably familiar there are stories in the bible and some other sources about the 3rd world war and about signs that God will give to people to warn them.
    Me myself I don’t know anymore if I believe in the God that catholic religion presents and talks about.The world changed me,I don’t know what to believe anymore,I am looking for answers-I hope holysync will help me start feel again,to love again.
    But back to the subject-I was just curious Bill if you believe in God,what’s your image of God,what do you think about those biblical prophecies?

    FROM BILL: I guess it depends if you believe in things because you want them to be true, or because you have evidence that they’re true. As for prophecies, I don’t get mine from primitive pre-rational societies.

  118. Anna says :

    Hello Bill,
    I wish you and the whole Centerpointe stuff very very Happy New Year

  119. Ed Clark says :

    Bill am i mistaken or isn’t there alot of empirical evidence for intelligent design of some sort. Maybe not God or aliens or such. But isn’t there as much emperical evidence for design as for evolution? Maybe i am just hoping for a God of some sort or maybe i am just hoping for something instead of nothing but in doing alot of research myself on the matter there does appear at least to me to be plenty of empirical evidence out there which suggests design or basically something instead of nothing as far is how we are here. Just curious since you have said you have read no evidence.

    FROM BILL: I see no such evidence. In fact, the universe seems to be unfolding in a manner described by what is called chaos theory (which actually isn’t that chaotic–it is about how order evolved from chaos in what are called complex systems). In this view, in each situation there is a bell curve of possible outcome, none of which are predictable, other than in terms of probabilities. For a more complete description of this elegant mechanism (by which stars and galazies form, cells divide, human populations interact, and all things complex evolve), see my three-part series in the archives of this blog, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”.

  120. Paul Cowan says :

    Obama is employing every one of Saul Alinsky’s 13 ‘Rules for Radicals’ and Boehner and the GOP have absolutely NO clue what’s going on!

    Crazy to watch this pathetic spectacle.

    FROM BILL: He certainly is. Reads would benefit from googling Saul Alinsky and “Rules for Radicals”.

  121. Dy Dudley says :

    I understand how frustrated you are with the administration and the way this has all built up.
    However I think you are missing one very important reality.
    The Chinese.
    What they have done, is intentionally attempt to cripple the entire world by undermining manufacturing and employment in general in order to weaken the globe – then own it!
    What the US, Europe, Japan and others are doing is slowly getting back what has been taken from them by gradually, equalising the currency imbalances and slave labour issue that no country that respects human rights can compete with.
    In the end it is the smartest option the only option and needs to be done delicately.
    This much bigger and more serious than what the isolated economic model your article is attempting to address, which in isolation is just fine.
    You don’t realise that there is a war going on. It is very real and very serious.
    When you understand that you understand that there is no choice if you want to try to preserve some semblance of living standards which will, unfortunately be compromised.
    War has causalities and requires sacrifices.
    God bless America.
    I hope this makes sense to you Bill.
    It is written with the best intentions.
    Good luck with how you navigate throughout it.
    Happy New Year

    FROM BILL: I am well aware of what is going on with China, which is part and parcel of what I have been describing. And, there is nothing “isolated” about the economic model I have described. It involved the entire world, including China. China is also facing a crash and a depression. Finally, Western countries have not stolen anything from the rest of the world.

  122. Susan says :


    Thanks for speaking your mind. I have been at the receipt of much anger from people who proposed to be my spiritual friends. I have aways been a free choice person and believe that control and manipulation with lies is hurtful to those you are controlling and manipulating. So I appluad you for sharing what is true for you and being loving enough to explain in great detail why you came to the conclusions you did. Trying to control my reality by trying to control how others think is insane to me, which is why I love Holosync. Just be an observer as you say. Own your power as you suggest. Trying to creating my reality by getting others to think a certain way seems way more difficult than just observing and making conscious choice for myself. Thank you for your practical suggestions for how to survive these times. Gosh I do wish that we do it fifferent this time and do not go to massive war.

  123. david says :

    FROM BILL: I am well aware of what is going on with China, which is part and parcel of what I have been describing. And, there is nothing “isolated” about the economic model I have described. It involved the entire world, including China. China is also facing a crash and a depression. Finally, Western countries have not stolen anything from the rest of the world.

    Global problems are calling for global solutions. I recently watched a video by Ken Wilber on the IntegralNaked YouTube channel and as a result I almost fell off my chair: Ken is telling us in his complicated way of expressing simple concepts that global governance is coming, even that it’s inevitable.

    Why does our good friend Kenneth have to make things so complicated? It’s all rather simple, go read Jon Rappoport’s blog (the author of the article I’d recently posted on here), he cuts through all the beef and gets right down to the facts: (what this guy writes is not for the faint hearted, but he most certainly says what’s what).

    FROM BILL: Ken may be right about global governance coming. He is wrong about his idea that it will solve the problems in the world. Centralized power has never ended well. In times of negative social mood nothing ends well.

  124. Nick says :

    An excerpt from an article I was reading:
    During the 15 weeks since the QE3 announcement, ending Jan 2, 2013, the Fed has purchased $245.4 billion or an average of $16.36 bn. per week. In other words, the Fed is buying $7.24 billion more per week than announced. There are currently $927 billion of agency MBS on the Fed balance sheet. The $7.24 billion per week is the amount the Fed is re-investing as previous MBS are being prepaid. At this rate, the Fed will turn over about 40% of its portfolio this year.

    If we use the average MBS purchases since QE3 began, the Fed is buying at a rate of $850.7 billion per annum. Let us put this number in the proper perspective:

    1. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the US originated $1,712 billion of mortgages in the four quarters ending Sept 2012. At its current pace, the Fed is buying 49.7% of all originations.

    2. According to Freddie Mac, for the first eleven months of 2012, 80% of the mortgage originations were refinances. This is a weighted average, so we can assume $1,270 billion of the originations were refinances and $342.4 billion were purchases. In other words, the Fed is purchasing 100% of all purchase mortgage originations plus 41.4% of the refinances.

    3. Approximately 90% of originations are agency conforming and those are the only securities that Bernanke can buy. With this adjustment, the Fed is actually buying up a whopping 55% of all conforming originations.

    4. There are about $9.5 trillion of total mortgages outstanding, with the Fed owning about 10% of all mortgages. As the non-conforming loans are prepaid, either voluntarily via a refinance or involuntarily via foreclosure, the Fed is going to own more and more as QE-infinity continues.

    What are the major consequences for the Fed spending and buying in this great amount? It seems like some has to pay for the money they are spending.

    FROM BILL: Right now they are desperately trying to inject “new” (I mean, phoney) money into the banking system to make up for all the debt instruments that are being renigged upon (ie, going to money heaven as not being worth anything). This is an attempt to keep deflation from kicking in, which will be a DISASTER. If the funny money ever actually makes it into circulation, it will cause massive inflation. It will only make it into circulation, though, IF the economy grows (which will cause banks to begin lending that money out).

    This, I predict, will not happen, however, and at some point the amount of liquidated debt will swamp the ability of the Fed to buy anything or issue any additional credit money.

  125. Ken says :


    You’ve been saying for years that you wanted to update your LPIP course. How’s this coming?

    Patiently waiting.


    FROM BILL: I have several other projects I’m concentrating on first, but I am going to redo it and make is much better (and it’s REALLY GOOD right now, just the way it is).

  126. Richard says :

    Hi Bill. Please fix the Centerpointe site Participants area – my only complaint with Centerpointe would be the website – participants area. I’m trying to order a deeper level (Purification Level 3) online however get redirected back to the main page “Exercise with Holosync” everytime I try. I’ve had several problems like these with links in the past – not loading correct pages or links.

    Thanks Bill.

    FROM BILL: You’re clicking on a link once you’re inside that area for deeper levels? Click on the link (if there is one) that says Special or Current Special and see what happens. Otherwise, call (though I will tell someone what you said, I’m not the one to tell–I’m the dumbest one in the company about the geeky stuff).

  127. Chuck C says :

    Bill, THANK YOU!!!!!
    I have been reading a lot about this and I believe that “EVERYTHING” you said is absolutly true. The “BIGGEST” thing is “Do your homework” and be prepared for what “IS” comming. If at all possible, at least put a few thousand somewhere (Not in a bank) or where someone else will find it. Even that won’t be enough, but it will cousion the blow until you can figure out how to survive.
    NO, Obama Care won’t do it. Nor will anything else the government will promise.

    FROM BILL: What? You don’t have confidence in ObamaCare? You have no confidence in the Supreme Leader? Have you not seen him on David Letterman, and The View? His hipness doesn’t give you confidence? Tell that to the 65,000,000 people in the US without jobs.

  128. & says :

    Hi Bill.

    A few months ago I began bringing up similar topics of conversation as found in this blog with my friends. Not one of them agreed with any of the points raised or cared to hear a counterpoint on the subject. I am far from an expert on economics, but I can see the world around me. And I’m far from wealthy, yet I can see how capitalism is a superior system to the alternatives we’ve tried in the past and that rich people don’t automatically equal greedy people.

    Just recently, we had a third conversation-turned-debate on the topic. I started out simply standing up for capitalism and its merits. By the end I had been polarised by those opposite me as being pro corporate greed, anti helping the poor, in favour of materialism, and the list goes on. I was outnumbered and felt like I was taking the blows on behalf of the ‘evil corporate bankers’. Unfortunately not being experienced in the topic or skilled in the art of arguing I didn’t make a very good referenced case for my viewpoint. Even neutral people around thought I had lost the argument.

    I always considered my friend group to be mature, intelligent and well-rounded people but the way in which they doggedly disagreed with anything counter to their viewpoints has really made me rethink them. What I always thought was a discussion about ideas turned into an argument about ideologies – with me unknowingly playing the villain to them.

    Its been 2 weeks since I’ve spoken to them. I’m pretty hurt, angry and confused about it all. Despite feeling quite lonely, I don’t really want to go back to them. It might just seem a silly and harmless disagreement to outsiders, but to me and my closest friends it is a realisation of serious clashing life philosophies.

    I’ve been doing more research on capitalism/socialism and watching Milton Friedman’s documentary series ‘Free to Choose’ on Youtube. I read ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand and was impressed by its comprehensive advocation of independent living. I often am a person who can see both sides as valid but on this issue – the more I research the more it becomes clear and the more sure I am of the stance I have taken.

    Not quite sure where to go from here in regards to my personal life but I guess I have to trust that things will work out ok. Hopefully I’ll look back in a year and realise it was the right decision.

    FROM BILL: The media, the schools, and popular culture have been telling people that capitalism is bad for a LONG time. Many of your friends have never heard anything else, so the other side of the story is at complete cogitive dissonance with what they deeply believe. You might notice that they can only recite the talking points of the left though, and actually don’t make any real arguments or refute any: they can only repeat that socialism is good for the poor, capitalists hate the poor; socialism is compassionate, capitalism isn’t–and call names. It isn’t true, however, that capitalism isn’t compassionate, or that socialism is good for the poor. Capitalism is the most compassionate economic setup in the history of the world. It has raised nearly all humans out of daily drudgery and given them a much longer life, time for recreation, a steady flow of food, and many other things that did not exist before capitalism–except for royalty, whoi were living on the work of serfs. Every socialist country has a lower standard of living than capitalist countries, and MUCH less freedom. But it’s hard to argue with brainwashed people who have closed their mind to additional information. It is, indeed, sad. Learn more, and stand your ground. Your friends need to hear the other side of the story.

  129. Adam says :

    Holosync and LPIP no longer relate even loosely to this blog. This is the blog that creates mind chatter. I just wish it was labeled appropriately. State your intentions and let people know what they are dealing with. Otherwise get a tv or radio show please, please.

    Do you think if Romney won and the senate was controlled by conservatives anything would be different?

    I don’t. It is all the same – a clusterfuck. Just wish I could enjoy and beg you for more about gold, the downfall of civilization, and how super awesome capitalism is… I really do.

    Congratulations on your millions but don’t you think you are better suited for radio or tv now? You used to create the framework and now all you do is fill it in. I miss you finding and sharing the beams.

    Next time I will praise your ideas or spout out my trials and tribulations dealing with my close-minded friends about socialism. Then atleast I will actually get a response from you better than censorship. So simple, adapt the beliefs of those that accomplish what you would like. So simple. So inevitable.

    FROM BILL: Important, historic events are happening. You need to know about them. You also need to do something to become more aware and more resilient (use Holosync). If you don’t think it’s worthwhile to know that troubling times are coming (much more disconcerting than what has happened so far–which has been bad enough), then you should shut your eyes and go do something else to entertain yourself. Do your best to pretend than nothing serious is happening. I am trying to alert you to dangerous consequences coming your way–coming everyone’s way. If you don’t want to be warned, ignore me. Sarcasm and criticism of the messenger are merely intellectual laziness.

  130. Ken says :

    Aviation question

    Bill, do you think it’s safer to get a plane equipped with a BRS parachute system or upgrade to a twin-engine plane in case one engine should fail? Considering modern turbine engines are so reliable and an engine failure very unlikely, would you think adding a BRS system to a small single-engine plane would be the best bang for the buck while maximizing safety?

    FROM BILL: Not my area of expertise. The best investment is lots of good recurrent training.

  131. trace says :

    it seems &’s friends are talking about crony capitalism and bankster corruption (as in the Fed and money printing, repeal of glass-steagal, going off the gold standard, bailouts that are socialist) which gives free market capitalism a bad name. before i starting reading this blog and started researching free market and libertarian ideas i felt the same as his friends. i didn’t understand free market capitalism so i just lumped all that is going on today as CAPITALISM.
    i now read both sides of the story and try to navigate between the two to arrive at some kind of valid understanding. i read ron paul, doug casey, peter schiff, jim rickards, and others. i’ve so far come to the conclusion that govt has no business in peoples private lives (which i believe the right has screwed up) and that free markets are where it’s at economically ( which the left screws up). i. guess that makes me closer to a libertarian than anything else.
    anyway, the smartest people (in my mind) that i’ve read are all calling a collapse worse than anything we’ve seen in history. i even watched a tony robbins video lately that said that his most powerful clients were saying the same thing. i thought that was odd and very uncharacteristic for him to say.
    so i’m meditating,working out, doing LPIP, and preparing as best as my resources allow. interesting times, indeed.
    thanks for pointing all this out, bill. your blogs have been invaluable (and i’ve read them all) and holosync and LPIP and all the extras that i’ve recieved as bonuses have been well worth the money. trace

    FROM BILL: Perhaps crony capitalism ought to be called chrony socialism. It is quite close to what was called fascism in Italy in the 1930s.

  132. Brian says :


    Is it really true that you gave Genpo Roshi a deeper level of holosync right off the bat and he showed no signs of overwhelm or intense experiences? Do you remember if it was in the Purification or Flowering range? Going through some of the upheaval I have, it is mind blowing to me how someone could start off in Purification and not have hugely intense experiences. But if that’s true, it does give me some faith that it really is me generating all these feelings and experiences, and it is possible to let them all go.


    FROM BILL: Who else would be generating your feelings and experiences, if not you? Your nervous system responds to your environment, learning as it goes (often in a faulty way), generating responses to what happens. If you don’t like those responses (which are running on autopilot for the most part) you need to develop enough awareness so see how you are “doing” those responses. This awareness makes them into a choice, and once they are a choice you will choose what serves you instead of continuing to automatically do whatever you’re doing now. That’s what Holosync is for: to make you more aware of how you create your experience of life.

  133. Mark says :

    You’ve made the following claims in this comment thread:
    Obama says in his writings that he thinks the countries of the West, especially the US, are colonial powers who have stolen the wealth of poorer countries. His goal (and that of many other leftist/progressives) is to level the wealth of the world so that the West becomes much poorer, to the supposed benefit of the poorer countries.

    schools are run by progressives who hate capitalism and want socialism.

    And, ultimately people like [Obama] (possibly him, possibly someone else) will try to get rid of (and I do mean get rid of–just as was done in the French Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Chinese Revolution) those who are not on board with centralized “social justice” (which means “forced redistribution of wealth”–also known as stealing).

    Nearly every single person around him (and Obama himself) is on record as being a lover of Marx, Mao, Che, European socialists, Alinsky, and so on and so on.
    I also hear what [Obama] says to the public (as in his campaign), and then match it with what he is actually doing (again, not reported by the mainstream media, but not difficult to find out). He is doing pretty much the opposite of what he says.
    Please provide original source material that will verify these claims. And by source material, I don’t mean paraphrasing, second-hand reporting or similar. I want to be able to hear him say what you claim he says, and to read in his words what you claim he wrote.

    Thank you.

    FROM BILL: I don’t have a catalog of all the videos I’ve watched of Obama and the various people around him (cabinet members, union leaders, heads of the many organizations and NGOs that promote his agenda (any event the left puts on–a march, a protest, or any other kind of gathering–related to helping Obama or aspects of his agenda has a huge list of supporting and funding organization, most of which are openly socialist, often clothed in nice-sounding names, but not shy about admitting what they believe), the various “czars” he has appointed over the years, and so forth). You will have to make your own list of these people and google them, or go to YouTube and search for videos of their speeches. Obamas books are easy to find. Also read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, one of Obama’s idols. Also google Piven and Cloward, two of his other idols.

    If you actually do this, you will be amazed, as I was.

    I assure you that everything I said, and which you quoted above, is the result of the words (and actions) of Obama and his friends and supporters listed above. It is amazing that these people are so transparently open about what they want to do. This is partly because the influential people in the mainstream media (who you could also google to find out their ideological leanings), do not report any of this to the general public because they know that about 75% of the American public would be horrified if they found out what these guys have in mind.

  134. Hi Bill

    As you kept previously saying and repeating that people would be wise to investigate and indeed do some blogging journalling and so forth for themselves I got to that stage a couple of months ago where I started blogging for myself and as you and you’re regulars can see, I’ve left you in piece so to speak after having been quite relentless over some of your previous blogs.

    One of the biggest things that came up into my awareness recently was how much of my life I’ve spent saying “God if you exist…” and then when the plan seemed to fail “Satan I’ll sell you my soul if ….”. And then later I would countermand each of these God-Satan wishful thinking’s switching mentally to the opposition in a frustrated right then God, Satan I asked for one small thing blah blah and so on.

    I have read your previous blogs where you do go into detail on belief. I have also read the work of some demagogue scientists who always seek to debunk the Religion and wishful thinking. Have you considered or do you consider yourself to have written a piece that really breaks up this 3 pronged-cycle or is it simply a case of no dissection of proof positive or negative is ever going to fool the mind into breaking up such patterns.

    What I am saying is -it seems like a form of desperation kicks in on auto-pilot and my awareness to stop the cycle isn’t high enough to realise that i’ve once again entered into that cycle. Can any reworking debunking dissecting get someone (ie myself) to a point where I am no longer looking over my shoulder in worried anticipation that I’ll find myself in this 3 pronged-cycle again?

    Thank you for your continued patience this last couple of years.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know what the “3-pronged cycle” is. I will say this. Human being are caught in several double binds (damed if you do/damned if you don’t conditions). One regards beliefs. Beliefs are the result of making an internal map of reality, which we need in order to survive. You would have no way to navigate yourself around without that map (unless you want to live on instinct, like a cat, or be with the most minor ability to respond to your environment, such as the way an earthworm can go toward or away from light, but not much more). On the other hand, beliefs are always false in the strictest sense of the word–they approximate truth at best.

    And, once you believe something you will unconsciously attract or create more “evidence” that you are right, and delete or distort anything that disagrees with your belief, unless life totally hits you over the head with conflicting evidence, in which case you MIGHT change your mind. And that just leaves you with another semi-truth, which will have its own drawbacks and consequences.

    As I have said before, awareness provides the only real solution to those problems in life that do have a solution–and MANY don’t. The best thing I know for creating that awareness is Holosync. Wise people make their peace with life the way it is while doing their best to mitigate what can be influenced. Holosync is a cheap and effective method for becoming wiser.

  135. david says :

    FROM BILL: I hope we can survive it.

    I hope so too Bill.

    BIG conspiracy DOES NOT require a lot of people in the know, the ones on top dictate policy (they have their own reasons), the brainwashed TV-programmed fluoride-heads abide to policy because “it’s the law”, and the results, as you can see are devastating.

    FROM BILL: Those on top can’t dictate for long. Other forces are stronger than they are–including the tides of social mood, and the forces of cause and effect. And the effect of huge, unpayable debt cannot be controlled by the elite.

  136. david says :

    “If you actually do this, you will be amazed, as I was.

    I assure you that everything I said, and which you quoted above, is the result of the words (and actions) of Obama and his friends and supporters listed above. It is amazing that these people are so transparently open about what they want to do. This is partly because the influential people in the mainstream media (who you could also google to find out their ideological leanings), do not report any of this to the general public because they know that about 75% of the American public would be horrified if they found out what these guys have in mind.”

    I’m actually amazed that you’ve been amazed. But then again, Obama’s agenda isn’t his agenda at all, I’m sure that if you dig into the UN’s Agenda 21 you’ll find most of what’s in Obama’s writings (which again aren’t his own writings at all) and more. Again, I’m telling you that things are unfolding according to a script, maybe one day you will recognize it as well.

    George Orwell and others have been sold as being fiction writers, when in fact they are plot writers, ding dong, it’s wake up time.

    FROM BILL: Nothing unfolds according to a script. Go re-read my posts about chaos theory and how complex systems operate (“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, parts 1-3”). In complex systems, probabilities rule. Yes, there are those who are pushing a certain agenda. It isn’t a certainty HOW it will turn out.

  137. david says :

    ps: one thing’s for sure, obama’s way more twisted (and in the worst possible way for that matter) than this kid can twist his arms:

    pps: I didn’t know anything about obama when he first appeared on the international stage, but I can tell you that much: one look at the guy was enough for me to know what he’s all about, period. This is what I mean when I talk about knowing, the kind of knowing that has nothing to do with linear thinking, the kind of knowing that cuts all the beef and gets right to the meat of the matter.

  138. G.A. says :

    Bill, I love you!! (I admire your wisdom and your ” ‘high spot on the mountain” view, it’s very comforting)

  139. Mark says :

    FROM BILL: I don’t have a catalog of all the videos I’ve watched of Obama and the various people around him (cabinet members, union leaders, heads of the many organizations and NGOs that promote his agenda (any event the left puts on–a march, a protest, or any other kind of gathering–related to helping Obama or aspects of his agenda has a huge list of supporting and funding organization, most of which are openly socialist, often clothed in nice-sounding names, but not shy about admitting what they believe), the various “czars” he has appointed over the years, and so forth). You will have to make your own list of these people and google them, or go to YouTube and search for videos of their speeches.

    As Richard Dawkins likes to say, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Saying the president wants to bring down the country is one extraordinary claim among a number of your other extraordinary claims. Yet the best you can do when I ask for first-person evidence is to say, “Google it yourself”? That’s, uh, less than convincing. It’s likely that very conceivable opinion man has ever had is Google-able, which is why I asked for first-person evidence (i.e., direct quotes, in context, from the persons you accuse of perfidy). If you cannot substantiate what you say, you’re no better than the wackiest talking head on radio.

    FROM BILL: The evidence is there. It IS extaordinary. And, I don’t have time to do your research for you. I can see that you aren’t really looking for evidence. You think that by demanding it from me you will refute what I have said. Go look for it yourself, if you have the guts to find out that it IS there (it’s even worse than I have described).

  140. Samuel says :

    Hello Bill! Im about to finish reading “How I found freedom in an unfree world”, and I got to say: WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK!!!! The best book Ive read so far!! Thanks so much for recommending it/ Samuel

  141. Graham says :

    FROM BILL: In the US the states with the most strict gun laws have the greatest amount of gun-related crimes, and the states with the least strict gun laws have the least amount of gun-related crimes.

    Hey Bill,

    It would make sense that the states with the most gun control laws developed such strict gun controls because of the risk of coatastrophe in that state. So more laws and screening were implemented to stop the higher probability of incidents cause by certain people…. whom would probably just acquire their guns regardless of the obstacles OR from one of the lesser controlled states.

    On this topic why doesn’t everyone create some models of the various solutions. Would you rather be in a room with X number of normal people allowed to have a semiautomatic weapon on them, or a room where

    A) they weren’t able to own any weapon
    B) they were all individually profiled with a probability of ‘losing their sh$t’ and monitored accordingly?
    C) they were only allowed a single shot hunting rifle
    D) the government offered to pay everyone for handing in their weapon

    This is what i have thought about these things from my limited perspective

    Also as a fan of socionomics / Elliott wave I want to say that Bob Prechter is probably the second most impressionable theorist I have read and studied materials from (behind you Bill). But having lost a fair bit of $$ willingfully on his world outlook over the years it’s occurred to me that

    A) things may not happen as drastically and suddenly as bob suggests
    B) I wouldn’t bet against him in the long run :)

    I love visiting the US so hopefully everyone turns their TVs off long enough to calm down and start getting creatively productive again to carry the flag for west for many years to come ;). Love visiting the East too. Yin and yang.

    FROM BILL: There is an old adage: “The markets always do WHAT they’re supposed to do, but never WHEN.”

  142. FROM BILL: I don’t know what the “3-pronged cycle” is.

    Once again thank you for your swift response. I shall/will have to spend some time in contemplative meditation as to my own given meaning of the “3-pronged cycle”. It seems to be a phrase I have picked up during the life that I have lived without ever considering what it means to me. My ability to be more contemplative and have deeper self realizations of awareness and of course act in a more WISE fashion has been enhanced considerably by Holosync and your team of staff and fellow bloggers. I will be most interested to see what TOPIC OF DEBATE you bless us with next.

    Thank you for your time.

  143. Nick says :

    13 Tax Increases That Started January 1, 2013

    Tax increases the fiscal cliff deal allowed:

    1. Payroll tax: increase in the Social Security portion of the payroll tax from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent for workers. This hits all Americans earning a paycheck—not just the “wealthy.” For example, The Wall Street Journal calculated that the “typical U.S. family earning $50,000 a year” will lose “an annual income boost of $1,000.”

    2. Top marginal tax rate: increase from 35 percent to 39.6 percent for taxable incomes over $450,000 ($400,000 for single filers).

    3. Phase out of personal exemptions for adjusted gross income (AGI) over $300,000 ($250,000 for single filers).

    4. Phase down of itemized deductions for AGI over $300,000 ($250,000 for single filers).

    5. Tax rates on investment: increase in the rate on dividends and capital gains from 15 percent to 20 percent for taxable incomes over $450,000 ($400,000 for single filers).

    6. Death tax: increase in the rate (on estates larger than $5 million) from 35 percent to 40 percent.

    7. Taxes on business investment: expiration of full expensing—the immediate deduction of capital purchases by businesses.

    Obamacare tax increases that took effect:

    8. Another investment tax increase: 3.8 percent surtax on investment income for taxpayers with taxable income exceeding $250,000 ($200,000 for singles).

    9. Another payroll tax hike: 0.9 percent increase in the Hospital Insurance portion of the payroll tax for incomes over $250,000 ($200,000 for single filers).

    10. Medical device tax: 2.3 percent excise tax paid by medical device manufacturers and importers on all their sales.

    11. Reducing the income tax deduction for individuals’ medical expenses.

    12. Elimination of the corporate income tax deduction for expenses related to the Medicare Part D subsidy.

    13. Limitation of the corporate income tax deduction for compensation that health insurance companies pay to their executives.

    There could be more. It’s interesting to note that Obama promised economic growth during his campaign for a second term. I didn’t believe him, but obviously millions of people did. His plan and what he’s doing will slow economic growth. Either he’s blinded about the consequences, or he knows exactly what he’s doing and has his own secret agenda.

    The only thing that can provide real economic growth, which means more jobs and higher income and higher standards of living for everybody, is a free market with free pricing – capitalism.

    Right now, our standards of living are being reduced. You don’t have to go far to see this truth. Investigate regulations on your shower head, toilet, municipal water, electricity, municipal waste, the mail system, taxes, etc. And now, there have been countless movements to regulate the internet.

    For example, Obama claims that the Government created the internet, and without the government, you wouldn’t have the luxury of the internet.
    Here’s his quote:
    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”


    This is not true. Talented individuals with their own goals, talents, and skills created the internet. They may have worked for the government, but the government is not one-minded . Unique individuals with their own ambitions work for the government. What the government did was claim this creation “mine.”

    However, it’s the free market and entrepreneurs that made the internet useful – that saw relationships to bring value and created higher standards of living. In other words, capitalism brought you the internet. Not the government. The government doesn’t have the capacity to produce, they can only take away.

    Take caution: Whenever someone from the government promises economic growth, do not believe them. The only exception is if that future president or congressman wants to grow the economy by making themselves (government) smaller and removing their affairs from the market.

  144. Nick says :

    Is it true that the bond market is at an enormous bubble ready to burst? And that the bursting of this bubble is bigger than any other –, real estate, stock market?

    When the bottom falls out, what are the everyday implications of this?

    FROM BILL: Interest rates cannot stay low forever, and when they do rise…pffft! All debts will become even more unpayable.

  145. Kencil Jarman says :

    I think your analysis of our condition is quite accurate. You might want to study the Gilded Age as an example of how the same basic thing can happen because there is too little centralized government. For example, Standard Oil had cornered the world oil market before the antitrust laws. This stuff happens in a cyclical fashion. The major problem I humanity’s inability to postpone immediate gratification for a long term goal.

    Either way the economy will work out its own kinks. One can make the case that it is the policy of the Reagan administration that has created the current problem. By the protective regulations of the New Deal and setting loose the demonic side of the financial industry.

    Thanks for the fine analysis. There is more going on beneath the surface you describe. In fact, if you go back before capitalism, the same kind of cycles worked in every system. Marc’s early writings uncover these processes.

    Have Fun

    FROM BILL: Standard Oil caused one thing as a “monopoly”: lower prices for consumers. When the government broke it up the pieces all grew to be bigger than they were had been when they were one company. And, Rockefeller still controlled them. The Standard Oil thing was a non-event, except to the lawyers involved and the grandstanding government people who were trying to look like they were helping the public.

  146. Kencil Jarman says :

    Throughout history, someone always eventually controls the bulk of the capital.
    At least we could hold government responsible, if we bothered.

    FROM BILL: Those throughout history who have controlled the bulk of capital did so by creating the wealth they ended up controlling through their creativity, the actions they took, and the risks they incurred in the process of providing goods and services for consumers.

  147. Jim says :

    Hi Bill

    I have read a lot of your blogs and find them very straight forward ,and

    helpful .A few blogs back you gave a list of financial analyzes

    websites and sites to purchase monthly reports , I was wondering

    if you could reprint them or tell which blog it is in .

    Thanks for any help

    FROM BILL: One (or more) of the Going to Hell in a Handbasket articles.

  148. Brandon says :


    I’m thinking the trend in market will soon be heading downward. I’ve been watching the DJIA, and I’m making a prediction that it’ll go beyond 14,000 but not much further. This is based on what little I’ve investigated as far as previous wave personalities.

    Could the time be sooner than later when the dow begins its descent
    into “triple digits”? This would play out over the next few years I imagine, but I really don’t know what to expect.

  149. Nick says :

    Is it accurate to say that the Fed is artificially pushing interest rates to zero by QE infinity. And when they cannot hold the interest rates down anymore, the bond market bubble will burst and interest rates will rise through the roof?

  150. Sam says :

    I’m doing well. I’m really achieving results in my life. Which is why I want to share an idea that I have had recently with you.

    This woman was telling me that if you watch and observe the patterns that you always do, you can choose to do something different.

    Now in this situation she is imagining that her consciousness is watching the subconscious process, seeing the whole sequence of it, realizing the likely result, and choosing to do something different instead, so that the result is different.

    However the problem with this scenario, is that what you think is happening isn’t really what’s happening.

    At this stage, this woman has no choice except to observe her previous patterns and do them differently to achieve what she now predicts will be better results.

    What’s happening, the thing we call choice, isn’t choice, what’s happening is the brain’s pattern is auto developing, auto updating it’s previous experiences with better more coordinated bets based on newly acquired information from recent life experiences.

    You call this observing your patterns, your old tapes, and doing something different, something spontaneous choice, you think this awareness and this dice roll of spontaneous inner change is choice, and is happening, but it’s not a free process. It’s not above the laws of causality, cause and effect that determine your neurobiological process.

    How arrogant it is to think that one’s own choice is above the laws of physics, superior even to the rules that govern the motion of all other things in this cosmos. Not even deity would be so absurdly arrogant as to presume itself above it’s own physics.

    You think infinite intelligence is observing an automatic subconscious pattern, and then choosing something different? Well that’s not it, that’s an illusion you are automatically participating in. You can’t do anything else except act on your best bet to achieve the goals you are focused on.

    FROM BILL: Nice try in setting up a straw man and knocking it down. However, I haven’t said anything about “infinite intelligence” (whatever you think that is) doing anything. And I also haven’t said anything about defying the laws of physics or the laws of cause and effect (for which I have considerable, loving respect). I suspect that you know very little about what I am saying and are making some wild guesses based on what other people say, which you think must be part of what I am saying. (By the way, I think you “no choice” advocates are extremely entertaining.)

    If you observe something you’re doing, and you see exactly how and why you’re doing it, and you also see that it isn’t serving you, and that it’s creating consequences you don’t want–wouldn’t that CAUSE you to change your behavior? Hmm? Why it’s our old friend cause and effect!

  151. Sam says :

    There are narratives that are neither mine, nor yours, but people represent them in dialog, this is what’s happening. After the dialog I remember it’s just a narrative, it’s not me. So I will take up the cross of the “people who believe in cause and effect” once again. Only see what rewarding narrative may develop.

    “FROM BILL: Nice try in setting up a straw man and knocking it down. However, I haven’t said anything about “infinite intelligence” (whatever you think that is) doing anything. And I also haven’t said anything about defying the laws of physics or the laws of cause and effect (for which I have considerable, loving respect). I suspect that you know very little about what I am saying and are making some wild guesses based on what other people say, which you think must be part of what I am saying. (By the way, I think you “no choice” advocates are extremely entertaining.)

    If you observe something you’re doing, and you see exactly how and why you’re doing it, and you also see that it isn’t serving you, and that it’s creating consequences you don’t want–wouldn’t that CAUSE you to change your behavior? Hmm? Why it’s our old friend cause and effect!”

    I don’t know what all your personal views are, so I wrote it addressing a common narrative expressed by thousands of believers in choice. These are the kinds of things people say to me.

    My friend Guido wrote to me directly after I posted this and he said:

    “Hey Sam not only I agree with you, I’ve been preaching the same thing in a Philosophy class full of soul-believing idealists. The only problem I have with your description is that you mention “act” and you mention “choice” (like when you said: how arrogant is it…) The problem is not that choice isn’t above the laws of physics, the problem is to think there’s such a thing as choice, free will and agency. The problem I have personally with this way of thinking (even though I can’t find proof of the contrary) is how deterministic it is. I loathe determinism, I can’t stand it. Yet, it occupies a big part of this paradigm
    “I tried seeing randomness as a solution for that determinism, but I have found myself doubting if there really is such a thing, since I cannot think of a single thing which is really random. Random by definition would be something that under the exact same conditions would yield different results. Is there such a thing? I couldn’t find any. But recently I’ve read the Multiverse Theory, and I’m toying with that idea despite how unprovable, untestable and unfalsifiable it is… shame on me. What do you think?”

    As far as people who believe in causality “cause and effect” when they say they have a problem with I tell them this:

    From Sam to Guido: If you want to understand what they mean by choice, watch the segment about how an effect treatment for OCD, how it was theorized, devised, and implemented. You brain can change itself, and that’s what they mean by choice! however I say that’s not really choice. That’s change from within, but it’s still based in the same laws of physics that already govern how your brain operates. Your brain’s knowledge of it’s own coordination expands, and you have to do things better than how you used to do them. They call it choice but if you have to choose in alignment with your best bet about what could improve your results is it really choice? No it’s not. It is however change from within, change from you.

    “My reasoning is simply the guiding principle, which underlies all science, that nothing interesting occurs without a material cause. In short, miracles do not happen.” on why an observer should be able to go down to the level of brain activity and discover all there is to know. From the book Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness

  152. Mark says :

    FROM BILL: I don’t have time to do your research for you. I can see that you aren’t really looking for evidence. You think that by demanding it from me you will refute what I have said.

    I want to make sure I undertand this: Regarding statements YOU have made, my twice asking you for evidence shows you I don’t want evidence. Is that correct?

    FROM BILL: No, it shows that I don’t keep a catalog of all the sources of the innumerable videos I have seen, and I don’t have time to find them for you. If you are interested in seeing them, create a list of all of Obama’s czars, advisors, union friens, and organizations that supported his presidency and various initiatives. Then go to YouTube and google their names and watch. Probably every video won’t be a gold mine, but many will. Also go read Rules for Radical by Saul Alinsky, so you can interpret what these people are saying. He is one of Obama’s mentors and idols (also Hillary Clinton’s–he master’s thesis was about Alinsky). Also goodle Cloward and Piven, another two important people in Obama’s universe and see what they have to say (plenty of video on them, too). Again, I don’t have time to do your reseach. If you really wanted to find this evidence you’d be googling your butt off. Show me that you care…

  153. Marie E. Pollnow says :

    Bill I have understood these points at a layman’s perspective. I am scared for the future. I am one of those people having difficulty getting a job. I have a bachelor degree in Social Work, which is worthless. I have $50,000 in medical, and school debt that I cannot pay. I no longer believe the lies. I have never understood why everyday people have to take out these huge school loans when all the knowledge should be given freely. Furthermore, a lot of degrees are a waste of time, effort, and money. Don’t tell anyone because when I say that people get upset (illusions.) Thank you for explaining things. I am learning more about the details of capitalism. I have to laugh at the DMV comment. I have a 97 Camry that always has “engine light” on which is automatic fail on emissions. It took me approximately $300 to get my car fixed (from companies alligned with government) $99 just to re-register plate and my city has an additional $20 wheel tax. All that trouble and now my engine light and two more lights are on in my car. Government and their buddies got their money and I still have not gotten the job even though I visualize and believe every night. However I do have faith. I have to.

    FROM BILL: Marie, I agree that tuition shouldn’t be so high. It is high, though, because the government decided that “everyone” should be able to go to college, so they created all kinds of loans and grants, all backed by a government guarantee. This means two things: 1) if the loan isn’t repaid, taxpayers must repay it, and 2) those granting the loans don’t have to be careful about who they loan money to. So they make loans to people who shouldn’t be borrowing the money, because the lender doesn’t have to pay the consequences for unpaid loans.

    However, there is a reason why you should have to pay to go to college (though not so much): the teachers must be paid; the buildings must be built and maintained; the electric bill must be paid; the administrators (though there should be fewer of them) must be paid; etc; etc; etc. People make their living making a school work.

    And, if you want free education, get a catalog from your favorite college, then get a library card and start reading. Most of what I know I didn’t learn in college (about 98% of it, in fact).

  154. Erik says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have a couple of questions that are maybe a little off topic, but I really can’t ask about anywhere else…
    I’m not going to try to explain my psychological state too much because it’s such a mess I don’t even know where to begin.
    I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of Alan Watts and a few other things and to me it almost seems like I’m going through something like great doubt (or am just completely losing my shit) besides all the psychological problems I have.
    About 6 months ago I quit taking dopamine pills that I’d been taking pretty consistently for about two years, which at the same time helped me and messed me up in more ways than anything else ever had(I’m not even going to try to figure that one out).
    Perhaps the worst thing was that my social phobia came back so strongly that I’m literally incapable of going into certain situations(school, formal social gatherings etc.) Just sitting in school felt like I was going to have a full-blown panic attack at any moment and I can’t figure out why. It makes no sense whatsoever. I can’t see the thought’s or the trigger that causes it and I don’t have the mental flexibility or the awareness to figure it out. It’s like all mu issues have come to the surface and I can’t think straight. My mind is hazy and doesn’t seem to work properly.
    One thing I have realized, with my emotions being so close to the surface, is that there is a sense of hurt and vulnerability in me, that probably underlies my phobias. I can sometimes feel it even if there is nothing upsetting going on at that moment and it doesn’t seem to be triggered by any thoughts. It seems like it’s always there under the surface affecting everything I do.
    Even relatively small disapproval or aggression can bring it out and make me extremely emotional, even to the point of crying, which is extremely frustrating and embarrassing, especially since I’m a guy. Thankfully I’ve been able to avoid situations like that.
    It’s pretty clear to me that that overblown emotional reaction is the main cause of my phobias, or the fear of embarrassing myself or looking extremely weak.
    It seems like some kind of unintegrated childhood trauma. The reaction is almost completely automatic and almost alien.
    So the most important question I have is how to deal with this problem?
    I hope I didn’t sound too confusing or erratic. I’m not going to go into the great doubt thing right now.
    Getting over this problem seems to me the most important thing of all, because I really can’t go on living with this.
    I was wondering if you have anything to say about this.

    FROM BILL: Great doubt, in Zen (which is what Alan Watts is talking about), is the deep-in-the-bones realization that nothing will change the fact that life is impermanent, that everything you get attached to, including yourself, will eventually go poof!, and that there is plenty of suffering that can;t be escaped. When you doubt that nothing will save you from the basics of the human condition–really doubt it all, completely–it throws you into a transcendent state where you see things from a MUCH different perspective.

    You may be doubting a lot, but I suspect that there is more going on than just Alan Watts. It does sound as if you have been traumatized in some way. First, I hope you are using Holosync. If the dopamine was prescribed by a doctor I would go back to taking it if it helps. You might also try taking tryptophan (an amino acid) or 5-HTP, both of which are precursers to serotonin, a lack of which accompanies most anxiety and depression. Also consider seeing a therapist. Good ones aren’t easy to find, and it’s often difficult to figure out if the one you’re seeing IS good. You might try my friend Dr/ Beverlee Taub, you works often by phone. 503 640-9342. You might also try a program (google it) called Panic Away. I know the guy who created it and it’s quite good. Good luck.

  155. Where is The Paradox In These Process We Call Wise?

    I was going to write a blog article on this question that seemingly popped into my head out of know-where , however as you are already aware that I struggle with this stuff and that I haven’t any correspondence on my own little blog to debate with (figuratively speaking) I thought I would bring it back to an older all knowing group of hacks and ask if you are able to write such an article to debate.

  156. Erik says :

    Thanks for replying Bill, that helps a lot. Just writing about this feels a bit therapeutic and makes my mind clearer.
    This whole experience with dopamine pills makes me kind of wary of letting someone mess around with my brain chemicals. Taking the pills did reduce my anxiety and get me to function in a way that allowed me to go back to school(at one point), but there were side-effects, not to mention how utterly messed up I felt when I quit.
    It’s been more than half a year, yet I still don’t feel like I’ve totally recovered. It feels a little like someone put my psyche through a blender, and I can only hope there’s no permanent damage. There were times when I honestly thought I had gone insane or was very close to it. It was kind of like the feeling when you haven’t slept in a really long time and start to feel chaotic, but the chaos feels lot deeper than that and much more permanent. You can’t think what to do about it either, because your mind is a haze and your thinking is totally out of control and erratic.
    I wonder if taking more pills is really the answer to this, because that’s interfering with an incredibly complex system and you never know the type of mess this could produce. Taking drugs is like trading one mess for another (possibly worse) one. This has definitely left me feeling more mortal than before.
    I feel like I have to treat my issues in a very fundamental and permanent way. That’s one of the things that led me to stuff like zen or “spirituality”.
    That’s no longer the only reason though and not the deepest reason. My problem is that I don’t have a real teacher and the thing seems to have stagnated a little. It seems like I’m nearing something like great doubt, but I can’t really be sure.
    My life is like a near constant existential crisis. I can’t figure myself out at all. It’s almost like my “internal map of reality” (as you put it) went almost completely haywire and still hasn’t put itself together months later.
    Luckily I have my basic material needs met, otherwise I’d be truly screwed.
    I will be screwed however if I don’t start studying immediately. I need to study a LOT, but I feel like taking it up is going to literally suck the soul out of me. I have a massive block to it and I don’t know how to go past it. So I have a practical question… How do you motivate yourself?
    Most of the topics taught in school actually interest me a lot(especially in the light of the new type of perspective that I’m coming into), but as soon as it get’s mixed up with the type of attitude of “you MUST study to get an education and a certificate so you wouldn’t die homeless” my motivation is immediately crushed, and it seems like that’s what everyone is telling me to do. Or worse, “without an education you wont fit in with society”. F*** if I care, I don’t like most of society.
    It might seem naive, but I feel like I would rather die than live that bleak and utterly worthless life, just living to survive.
    I’m scared of death and suffering, but I’m not THAT scared.
    …I think I pretty much answered my own question there.
    Sorry about the e-book-sized comment. I hope it didn’t waste too much of your time.

    FROM BILL: You will recover from the dopamine pills. I would suspect that your brain dind’t need to make dopamine because you were taking the supplements, so it stopped making much of it. When you stopped the pills, there wasn’t enough, which is why you felt bad (and you probably weren’t making enough in the first place). Now your brain has to learn how to make it again.

    I think you need to see a physician or naturopath who understands these sorts of things and have your hormone levels tested. That’s the only real way to know what is low and to find a proper dose if you have to supplement what you aren’t making.

    As for learning, go to the library or bookstore and do it on your own. School is great for some, but in many ways it’s over-rated. Decide what you want to learn and read, read, read.

  157. Christopher says :

    I am starting to appreciate many of the financial risks you speak of. However, I must be still missing the point. Conservatives often make fools of themselves speaking about weapons and personal freedoms (gay marriage, abortion, even the hypocrisy of marijuana (I dont smoke)). So I apologize if I missed it, but what is the main thing we should take away? I am buckling down and contracting financially now but not sure if I am ingraining everything you are conveying. I know the elections have passed so thats irrelevant. And honestly if conservatives dont open up to the personal freedoms they proclaim to believe in, I would rather deal with socialism even though it devastates me financially. Are we suppose to take anything away from this specfically? List (oversimplification)?

    FROM BILL: If you think the only choice is betwen a centralized government that takes away from producers to create a dependency state and who wants to regulate what you eat, drink, drive, live in, etc…and religious conservatives…then you’ve been reading and watching the mainstream media, controlled by progressives!!

    They want you to think that’s the only choice. They are masterful at framing the argument (seeing as how the other side doesn’t have much of a platform to give their side, it’s easy for the progressives to win the debate–their point of view is described by their enemies, and not at all truthfully).

    Most conservatives are not against personal freedoms at all. I know a lot of them. Trust me on this. What you see on TV, though, is that conservatives are mean, racist, homophobic, etc. This is not an accurate portrayal. The same message is repeated endlessly in the popular culture and in the school from nursery school through grad school. You could be a libertarian, if you don’t think you like conservatives (you should find out what they actually want first, though). Libertarians believe in all the freedoms you think are important (other than taking everyone’s money to give away to someone else), but they don’t believe in huge government, huge debt (to be paid for later, through the nose by taxpayers who are now 5 years old), wild spending, and centralized control of everything. Oh, and stagnant growth with no jobs.

    I’ll tell you one thing. The current policies are going to create the biggest, baddest depression you’ve ever seen or heard about (you have read up on the financial crashes in history, haven’t you, so you can identify the same warning signs created by the same stupid policies, right?). I guarantee that you aren’t going to like it. The progressives, though, will blame the conservatives somehow.

    The fundamentalist Christians, as weird as some of their beliefs are, are on the right side of the big government and debt questions. And those questions, right now, are going to determine EVERYTHING in your life in the next 10-20 year. You’d better prepare, and stop voting for those who are making what’s coming worse.

  158. david says :

    I’ve posted links to Jon Rappoport’s articles before, this is one of the best I’ve read from him so far: DON’T let the title of the article turn you off, read it, it’s thought provoking material, and more than appropriate in the frame of this discussion, talk about: “Because I like you, please pull your head out of the sand.” (An update on what’s going on).

  159. Sanna says :

    “The Nordic countries. The next supermodel. Politicians both right and left could learn from the Nordic countries” headed The Economist (British journal) an article Feb 2nd 2013.

    FROM BILL: The Nordic countries are going to be in as much trouble as everyone else.

  160. Terry says :

    I’m interested in your view of the prospects of a civil war if the government continues its drive to disarm law abiding American citizens.

    FROM BILL: Who knows? I wouldn’t be totally shocked–though not for that reason.

  161. Erik says :

    Bill, I seem to be fundamentally confused about some pretty basic things about life.
    I don’t understand what I am(not intellectually, nor in my bones). I don’t understand what’s going on or what the point is(in the widest sense). I’m often utterly baffled by the experience of life if I come out of my usual hazy semi-disturbed state.
    My habitual thoughts and emotional reactions seem really shallow and stupid to me, definitely not something I genuinely want to express. It’s like my subconscious just throws this stuff up almost constantly. I suspect taking dopamine pills and quitting might have made this a lot worse.
    It seems like “I” am an almost neutral observer of everything that goes on and don’t really have any will to do anything. Everything I do starts with some invisible impulse and it’s like “I” don’t really control any of this. I don’t feel responsible for anything I do and no amount of moralizing from anyone is making the slightest difference, but I’m still very affected by people trying to force me to do something, blaming me for something, calling me lazy etc. which shows that the separate “I” is not really gone from the picture.
    I am ridiculously behind on my studies and I find it almost impossible to take it up, because of my resistance to it(school really taught me how to hate studying), the constant emotional and mental turmoil(anxiety, depression, anger, fear, …), the “philosophical” or existential confusion, the mess of my social life, bad health etc.
    I’m in my last year in school and have exams, plus there’s a new system coming in next year which might nullify my previous marks. Failing now would really suck for numerous reasons(disappointment, bitching from various people and general drama being right up there).
    I am going to be the one to suffer the consequences of this and it’s a mess and it sucks, but knowing this still makes almost no difference in my behavior(except making me really stressed out occasionally).
    I’m either in an almost constant state of contemplation(for lack of a better word), completely distracted by some form of entertainment or in a state of extreme restlessness, annoyance, depression or anxiety and there is no time or capacity for any kind of resourceful behavior. And the time is running out or has already run out and I can’t even figure out why I’m not more freaked out by this.
    It’s like everyone is telling me to take control, to force myself to do something, or try to talk me into acting differently in some way, but I feel I can’t do it. It’s simply not happening. And all this pressure from people is making the problem a lot worse.
    I don’t understand how to affect what goes on or even what this “I” is that’s supposed to affect things. I “know” that there is no “I” that can “affect” anything and I can even be in a state where I’m not confused about this stuff at all. I’m in that “state” almost all the time, but every smallest interaction with someone(especially close to me) brings back this confusion and insecurity.
    I just “do” things and I don’t fundamentally understand why I do them and why I fail to do other things. Even the times when I feel like I’ve chosen to do something have been preceded by some subtle impulse or state of mind, which means “I” am not the source of action. It’s like everything is just happening and the feeling of control is just that – a feeling.
    The “problem” is the practical side of life, which is quickly spiraling out of control(and has been for a while) and I’m afraid it will have permanent negative consequences. (Is this the point I’m supposed to “let go”?)
    I feel like I’m completely incapable of doing what I “have” to do and doing more and more what I “want” to do(which isn’t all that great to begin with) and always beating myself up for it, in addition to the bad consequences. No amount or rationalizing seems to work(not that my mind is really up for the task right now).
    I don’t really have much support either. Barely anybody is giving me the chance to talk things out, let alone actually being able to understand(not that they have to listen to me or give a shit, but it would be cool if they did). Almost everything I say is dismissed, scoffed at or simply discarded as bullshit and excuses. An insecure part of me seriously wonders if I really am just making excuses, but my senses tell me I’m not.
    All of this could be manageable and not a real problem, except for this glaring weakness in me. It’s like this acute vulnerability seems to be at the center of me at all times, usually hidden, but very easily brought out(especially now) and it has been there pretty much as long as I can remember. Sometimes the smallest amount of disapproval can bring it out make me feel all choked up and falling apart for no apparent reason. It’s destroyed my confidence and is like the breaking point in all this mess.
    The one thing I can’t handle is my own weakness and it’s also the one thing that absolutely no-one understands and the one point everyone immediately tramples on at every opportunity. It’s the thing my social phobia, anxiety disorder and pretty much all my problems are based on.
    I don’t know if everyone has this to some degree, but in me it seems to be especially acute.
    Sorry for the massive comment. I realize you have your own stuff to deal with so I hope I’m not bothering you too much. I’ve said some of this before, but writing this out is pretty therapeutic and clears up a lot. I don’t expect you to solve my problems for me, but I appreciate your feedback a lot if you have any.

    FROM BILL: Welcome to the human race. Life is sometimes quite difficult. It’s harder in times of negative social mood. Use Holosync. Do your best to help others. Be compassionate. Everyone is trying to figure out how to best navigate their way through life, and it isn’t always easy. Empathize with others.

  162. Ken says :


    If I can add something to Bill’s comment, it would be to try something different.

    What I mean is, if your life is not working on many levels, maybe you should not keep doing the same things. Often, particularly if we have trouble seeing cause and effect, the mere act of changing our actions can change our perspective and we can bump into something better.

    At a certain point, what do you have to lose?

    One caveat, if you’re almost through university, I highly recommend you stay the course on that one.


  163. & says :

    Hi Bill.

    I’ve been doing some more listening and reading.

    Is the natural flow of capitalism destined to end in market controlling corporate monopolies? Does the price and industry control that a successful capitalist can eventually attain, create barriers to entry for other capitalists (even if their product is better?)?

    I understand that the more pure capitalist system that used to be in place is long gone. Does the involement of government we have today help or hinder successful corporates in the market?

    In Australia, we have corporate supermarket chains selling milk for $1 (loss leading) and have slowly been sucking customers away from other established independant brands. The consumers buy the cheap milk because its cheap, not knowing they will eventually have to pay more for milk in the long run once the monopoly company sends the others bankrupt (in which time they can raise their milk price to whatever they want to). The government doesn’t step in because cheap prices help them win a election every four years and therefor they only have short-sighted concern for the industry and use it as a tool for its own agenda. It is this sort of example that I’m seeing amongst critics of capitalism and I’m having trouble countering it. I want to do a Milton Friedman style rebuttal by saying the problem was caused by something else entirely and it’s not the systems fault but I can’t find my Nobel prize right now. I swear its here somewhere.

    As I’m learning from reading economics, the answers to these things are usually not an obviously discernible linear cause equals effect, but rather a murder mystery trail of red herrings and seemingly guilty bumbling butlers who are suspected of being to blame just because they’re idiots, whereas it turns out the person pretending to solve the crime was to blame all along! Um..

    As you can see im a little lost navigating through the forest at night with a box of matches. Can you help me understand this ‘end game’ of capitalism (corporate monopoly control) and if it could have been A) prevented, and B) what role government has in perpetuating or alleviating its impact in the market today?

    FROM BILL: I don’t think you can show me a single supposed “monopoly” in history–other than government-created monopolies, such as insurance companies, utilities, and other highly regulated businesses (cable companies is another example)–where the price when up. Standard Oil was supposedly the biggest monopoly in history. The price of oil went down. Microsoft was supposed to be a monopoly–but the price of software went DOWN. Name one instance of a monopoly a) where the price of something went up, or b) where some other company didn’t come along and best them (as Apple did to Microsoft). The only examples are government mandated monopolies, as describe above. All of those have high prices and bad service.

  164. Santiago says :

    I found this nice writing from Joseph Campbell about the joys and sorrows of the world seen from a somewhat Buddhist perspective. Maybe this change and turmoil we are experiencing will help in bringing more Bodhisattvas to the world.

    “All life is sorrowful; there is however an escape from sorrow; the escape is Nirvana – which is a state of mind or consciousness, not a place somewhere, like heaven. It is right here, in the midst of the turmoil of life. It is the state you find when you are no longer driven to live by compelling desires, fears, and social commitments, when you have found your center of freedom and can act by choice out of that. Voluntary action out of this center is the action of the bodhisattvas – joyful participation in the sorrows of the world.”

    Joseph Campbell describing key concepts of Buddhism, from The Power of Myth

  165. & says :

    Well your answer was pretty clear and sensible. Its ironic that I watch the news and scruitinise what the government is doing to ‘fix’ things, when probably the best fix would be for them to just leave whatever it is alone.

    I just did some more researching based moreso on ‘government + creating monopolies’ and found an aussie article with some good examples of government owned monopolies I can relate to (our postal system and our telecommunication system). Here is a really good passage which has helped clarify for me that a free market system will self-regulate its own winners and losers just fine and much more fairly than an artificially engineered government system:

    “A company trying to hold a monopoly on a truly free market is like a football team trying to remain premiers forever. When a team is last in the competition, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. They have incentive, because they have a real, visible goal, and a struggle ahead that dominates irrelevancies such as personality conflicts within their own team — such trappings are a luxury they cannot afford. They train harder, try harder, think harder. They experiment and develop new combinations and styles. They have to if they are to win. Once they have won, however, then troubles start. Incentive gradually or quickly dies, ego problems arise, players become so involved in the glory they forget about the work. Pressures increase, conflicts grow and eventually the team falls apart. Good players get bought up by the up-and-coming clubs at higher and higher prices, and the club is back to square one. And the cycle continues.”

    So why does the government protect some corporations with tax breaks and subsidies? Is it because the corporations give the government donation money which helps them stay in power and preserve themselves in office?

    I’m trying to understand what incentive the Government has for allowing this to happen.

    FROM BILL: They have several incentives. One is what you stated: these multi-national corporations give politicians huge donations. In return, the government gives them tax breaks and other favors. Without the power of government, these companies would have to make their money without special advantages–they would have to make a good product that people want.

    GM did not do this (make a product enough people wanted to keep them in business), which is why they were technically bankrupt. But the government bailed them out instead of letting the bankruptcy happen (this actually means that taxpayers bailed them out, so that a company not serving the public very well kept begin able to do so, regarless of the “vote” against them from consumers). Had the bankruptcy happened other car companies would have bought up the pieces and much of the company would have “survived”, but under the management of others.

    Another part of that scam was that the unions, a big part of the left wing (and another huge financial contributor, based on union dues forceably taken from workers and applied to political causes the workers often did not support) ended up actually OWNING a big part of GM. This was nothing more than a payoff to the unions manuevered by the government.

    But I digress. The other way these big companies get in bed with the government is by moving from the private sector corporate jobs to governments jobs (cabinet jobs, FED jobs, lobbiest jobs, etc) and back again.

    Again, without the power of government, I assure you that the “problems” of “too-big companies” would disappear.

    Get a copy of How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, by Harry Browne (one of THE best books EVER written, and available in a free PDF online–google it) and Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt (also, I find, available in PDF form online).

    Thank you, Andy, for being willing to look into the facts about this subject. You give us hope for the future.

  166. Ganesh says :

    Any updates on what newsletters to read? I know you recommended The Daily Reckoning before, and Weiss. Is the Daily Reckoning still good, do you think?

    FROM BILL: Dow Theory Letters (Richard Russell), The Wellington Letter (Bert Dohmen, expensive but terrific), Elliot Wave Theorist, The Dines Letter, The Aden Sisters, Gary Shilling, Weiss Research (lots of free stuff), John Mauldin (free and incredible info), Grant Williams, The Wall Street Journal editorial page–all are great.

  167. I read von Mises’s “The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality” last weekend. Very enlightening. It’s also available as a pdf.


    FROM BILL: Von Mises is a true genius, and a must-read for anyone who wants to understand economics, how a free market works, and the disruptive and negative effects of government interference.

  168. Is Human Action (over 900 pages!) worth reading?


    FROM BILL: If you have the patience and the time, it’s the bible of Austrian economics.

  169. Carlos says :


    Is public education necessary ? I know it is very ineffective, but what would be the alternative?

    I would like to know your thoughts on what the role of government would be in a free market society and what kind of regulations ARE legitimate.


    FROM BILL: The alternative to public education is obviously private education. Don’t you think those paying directly for it would have more of a voice in what was taught, how good the teachers are, and so forth?

    The role of a national government in a free society is to guarantee the sanctity of contracts (so that the stronger don’t fail to keep their promises just because no one will enforce them), the rights to private property (so that no one can take away what is rightfully earned), and to provide for the common defense. Everything else is left to local governments and to individual people to work out for themselves.

  170. Jessie Maring says :

    I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of economics, but a couple of things about your article really puzzle me: how come you never mention the trillion-dollar war as contributing in a major way to our incomprehensibly huge debt? It’s obvious that on-credit consumerism and silly mortgages are not successful ideas, but how is wealth, well-being or prosperity created by war? Second, why would anyone of intelligence want to align themselves with the so-called conservatives who want to send women back to the 1800’s, espouse creationism, reject science as being “from the pit of hell”, perpetually blather about hurricanes being caused by homosexuality, announce to the media that babies resulting from rape are a gift from God, make comments that are clearly anti-black and bigotted, and on and on and on. This stuff isn’t from wackos on Facebook, but comes from Senators and Representatives, volunteering their beliefs, on camera, to the media. What on earth would prompt one to trust the economic theories of such hateful crazy people? Shouldn’t one have the reasonable expectation that barking mad vitriolic nonsense on social issues and impeccable economic logic are not going to flow from the same source? I am so repelled by the anachronistic and hateful rhetoric of Republicans that, no matter how wonderful their economic ideas might be, it would hardly make a difference if the cost is living in a world of coat-hanger abortions and Matthew Shephards hanging on fences. I also wonder how any plan to solve our economic woes that appears to depend primarily on slashing social security, medicare, education and every other good thing, while carefully protecting the sacred cow of the bloated war budget, can be successful. Since there’s only two parties in the US, what’s left to vote for except the Democrats?

    FROM BILL: Your description of conservatives is exactly how they are portrayed by the news media, the popular media, and the educational system, all of which are controlled by the left, who hate conservatives. I know a lot of conservatives (I bet you don’t know any, except those who are selected for TV to make them look like monsters). They give more to charity, they are more compassionate, and they aren’t rascists, homophobes, anti-women, nor do they have weird science views. These people are selected by the media to make people like you have a certain view of conservatives. Obviously it is working. Unless you look farther than your current sources of information I’m sure that it all looks the way you think it is.

    No conservative I know wants any of the things you cite. You are describing a tiny, 1% or less, group of nut-jobs, which the left wants you to believe are representative. What conservatives want is a smaller government, since EVERY instance of such huge centralized control in history has ended in tyranny and tears–and economic collapse. They also want honest money, not a government that adulterates the money (in the last one hundred years those who favor centralized control have inflated the money supply so much that what cost a penny in 1913 costs a dollar today). This sort of thing caused the fall of the Roman Empire. Believe me, life changed a lot when that happened, and it wasn’t for the better. In fact, it led to a depression that lasted for HUNDREDS of years.

    Conservatives want to grow the pie larger (that means do what causes an increase in wealth in the society), so everyone has more (that is what happens). The left’s characterization of conservatives as greedy is not even close to being true. I know because I sit on boards of charities that help inner city kids (yes, my dear, childre of color) with many conservatives, and they are generous and compassionate, with both their money and their time. In fact, I have never met a conservative who is as you describe them, or who advocates what you think they want.

    In every case in history where conservative economic policies has been followed, the result has been more wealth, more jobs, less poverty, and less discord. In every case where the left’s agenda has gained favor, there has been less wealth, fewer jobs, more poverty, and more discord. Often it has ended in world wars, economic collapse, much suffering, and millions of deaths. But you would have to read some history, including economic history, to know this, instead of just watching your TV and assuming that what you are being told is accurate.

    Get out of your house and meet some actual conservatives (or read their books, at least) and you will find that they are not at all racist, nor are they anti-gay, or anti-women, or greedy, or into weird Christian fundamentalist views on science or medicine.

    As for the war in Afganistan, I am not an expert on it. Yes, wars are costly, and I tend to be against them. Your Democrats are for them when the public is behind them and against them when the wind blows the other way. During most of the Bush years the Congress has slightly more Republicans than Democrats and the Senate was evenly split. That’s where the power to declare war lies, and the power to fund it. Until the second half of Obama’s first term the Democrats controlled both houses and the wars went on and continued to be funded. Your beloved Democrats had to participate in order to fund these wars. You can’t blame the wars on the Republicans. Both parties voted to fund them. Did you know that? I’ll bet not.

    I suspect that the war in Afganistan is happening partly because Pakistan has nuclear weapons and we don’t want Jihadists who have sworn to kill all Americans to have such weapons. Do you think that would be a good idea? I don’t. Nor do we want Afganistan to be a free zone for terrorists to regroup and train. Is that a good idea? Probably not. What to do in such cases isn’t always that cut and dried. I don’t know enough about the situation to know what is the best thing to do. And neither do you. Don’t just parrot what the media tells you about these things. Why not do your own research and become your own expert? Based on what you say in your post, I have strong doubts that you have done any investigation of these issues other than watching TV.

    Believe me, though, these wars, though expensive, are not the reason the economy is on the brink. Personally, I think some dark days are coming, and the US is going to need a strong military, just as we needed one in the 1940s. And just as happened back then (which allowed Hitler to take over Europe before we wised up), current leaders are not taking the threat seriously. Historically has always led to trouble. (I should have said TROUBLE.)

    So your fears that conservatives, if they took power, would do all kinds of awful things to women, people of color, gays, and so forth, and would support huge unfounded wars are, I think, unfounded. Only a tiny fringe group (less than 1%) think in the way the left has portrayed conservatives. But if you aren’t willing to think for yourself and look at some other sources of information, I guess you’ll continue to believe what you believe. It’s part of the left’s strategy to scare people like you from even considering other points of view or other ways of dealing with the problems we face.

    Meanwhile, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and no one who is in charge is doing anything to stop it from happening.

  171. Dione says :


    I’ve read almost all of your recent posts within the past 48 hours–at least the last 12 of them, plus some of your more heavily referenced ones–in addition to 50-75% of your responses to the comments. So I “get” what you’re saying, and know that I don’t know enough to say I fully agree or disagree, which I hope you can respect. My degree in philosophy and all of the reading I’ve done over the years makes me agree with most of what you say–it makes sense–but I have a thing where I have to cross check facts before aligning myself with things. Enough of my intro.

    I’ve ordered the Demo CD for Holosync, but am already 90% sure I’d like to just get the first level of the program. Still, my mind says I must go through the right steps and evaluate this demo before just jumping in and buying. (Is that OCD? LOL)

    My concern is this: After reading all of this, after hearing about how crap things are about to be, after thinking of Galt’s Gulch and how I’m on this godforsaken train in the middle of nowhere (my strange way of saying I feel like Eddie Willers), I can’t help but be left despondent. I had been working on positivity and self-worth for the past year, and finally felt optimistic about the future–MY future–just two days ago, and now… Now I’m feeling very dejected. It’s still amusing to me because I often just laugh at the absurdity and arbitrarity of life, but it’s still a little sad, y’know?

    This state of abjection stems from acknowledging the fact that in all likelihood, I may NOT have a good future when what you’re pointing out comes to pass. And yes, I know: few people will have a good life. My heart is heavied by that thought, daily, as I daily think of all people’s hurt. But at the moment, I’m thinking about the only person I have control over, the only person who will feel pain if stabbed in the leg for my stash of chickens or scotch come the Hard Times.

    Will the Holosync help with that? Or is this other course, The Life Principles Integration Process, a better bet for the fiscally challenged? I can’t really see much about that on your site. Is it even still offered?

    Your response will be appreciated!

    FROM BILL: My heart is heavy about a lot what is happening, too. One of the things I teach is that there are many things about being a human being we don’t have a choice about. So, what I suggest is that you focus on those things you COULD have a choice about, which are: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens.

    These four things can be a choice because you–through internal cognitive processes that generally happen outside your awareness–create them. Become aware of how you create them–in other words, gain enough awareness to see how you “do” these things, as you create them–and they will become a choice instead of just happening on autopilot. Awareness creates choice, and once you have a choice you will always choose what serves you, and others.

    Holosync, when all is said and done, dramatically increases awareness. So does traditional meditation, but traditional mediation takes too long, IMO. Then, to accelerate things more, learn to direct that awareness to those cognitive processes (and to some other things I don’t have the time to go into here), where your creative power lies.

    If you do this, you will be as prepared as you can be to navigate your way through life. I can’t do anything about the waves of history, which swing from positive mood to negative mood, and the fact that unfortunately we are entering a time of extremem negative social mood. During such times human being show their darkest side (not all of them, but enough to make things much more dangerous).

    As I have said, this is a time to bond with others, to develop a support system, to be prepared, and to vow to help others when the going gets tough. what else is there to do? And just consider how many in Europe could have been saved had they understood what was about to happen in the early 1930s.

    I hope you will get Holosync. You have nothing to lose. AFter all, you can use it for a year and still return it for a refund. And, we have the lowest return rate, by far, in the personal growth world–because Holosync, if anything, does MORE than what I promise.

  172. Santiago says :

    There’s a hot topic in the alternative media about the privatization of water.

    “The elite multinational and Wall Street banks and investment banks have been preparing and waiting for this golden moment for years. Over the past few years, they have amassed war chests of infrastructure funds to privatize water, municipal services, and utilities all over the world. It will be extremely difficult to reverse this privatization trend in water”

    … is this one of those world conspiracy/new world order things? what do you think is going on here?

    FROM BILL: It seems to me it’s more difficut to reverse the government-izing of something. I’m not sure what privitizing water means in practical terms, but I’ve never seen anything that was privatized that didn’t work better than when it was controlled by government. All utilities–elecricity, natural gas, and water, for instance–are controlled by government-sponsored monopolies, which means you have no choice regarding where to get them,unless you want to dig a well, buy solar panels, etc., etc. The government restricts any competition for these things. Maybe that’s why I keep reading about a water crisis. Now that I think about it, pretty much every crisis has the government’s power driving it.

  173. Jason says :

    Well done Bill !

    Thanks for standing up and making people aware of what’s really going on…
    People need to know what’s in store for the future and prepare themselves.

    And getting caught up in the negative emotions surrounding it is just going to make it all the more painful. As humans we need to pull ourselves out of despair and live from the heart… Life can be incredible if we all want it to be.

    Love everyone… it’s that simple.

  174. Andrea Parker says :

    Hi Bill,

    I am about to enter the middle stages of Holosync- the Flowerings I believe they are- and previously had no interest in politics or economics. Lately however, I have been drawn to information of this type. I believe it is due to how Holosync dramatically increases awareness.

    I have been drawing information from Glenn Beck, Robert Kyosaki, Donald Trump, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and others. Bill O’Reilley has just posted a similar warning as well. I have also become informed about preparing for economic collapse from helpful blogs and books too.

    Suddenly, I wondered if you had any opinions on this. Here I discover that I am on the same page as you.

    We are indeed lucky to have Holosync for the times that come.

    With Gratitude,
    Andrea Parker

  175. Hi Bill

    I would just like to comment that I must be REALLY BORING TOO as I have continuously followed ALL these Blogs and discussions regardless of my own personal involvement in them, lest I previously missed some sublety that passed over my head.

    I even watched both the included Sam Harris and Pasi Salhberg Video’s and read the massive Santiago’s waterworks (conspiracy or plain fact?) post.

    The Sam Harris talk started of talking about reactions to being attacked by a crocodile as opposed to another human (Reminded me of the old English Seaside Punch & Judy puppet show), anyway it was seemingly clear that it was a presentation of Atheism ideology, and yes he did look like Ben Stiller (there is always the Madagascar Solution).

    The one question that never seems to be asked or appropriately or satisfactorily answered for myself on FREE WILL ISSUES is as follows:-

    Is surviving death e.g. attempted suicide by you own hand or dying during a medical procedure only to later recover an act of free will?

    I would be interested to be told of any philosophical resources on these issues.

    The Pasi Salhberg talk on Finnish Educational Systems was actually highly informative yet the model he presented was cultural, and we are surely more likely to see flying pigs than we are to see a Holistic Education System being introduced Worldwide are we not?

  176. Santiago says :

    It’s amazing to me how the world keeps becoming worse and better at the same time, here’s a nice talk on international development from an integral perspective, for anyone who is interested (recommended)

  177. Ken says :

    Scientists haven’t yet proved their is no freewill, but according to this brand new major scientific study there is no free won’t!
    How free is free will if you have no free won’t?

  178. Ken says :

    Hey Ken, if you wouldn’t mind, please add a moniker to your future posts so readers & Bill can keep the two of us straight, such as Ken #2, Ken G. or whatever. Thank you for contributing.


  179. nicolas says :

    What are your thoughts on Robert Kiyosaki? He states on his blog under the series: ‘8 Rich Dad Scams’ that “Higher Education” and “Get a Job” are the two biggest ‘Rich Dad Scams’ ;in other words, lies by the rich to keep poor people poor.

    It’s quite obvious too that schools condition people to be workers and followers and not independent minded people. This way people are easily put into a herd mentality where they are then later met with some cognitive dissonance when they begin to question the system…much like a Cult!

    FROM BILL: Robert is right, though some can benefit from college if they don’t swallow what they learn whole. Robert is suggesting being an entrepreneur, being independent of the herd, being self-reliant, creating value for others. I agree.

  180. Erik says :

    Thanks for replying to my previous comment Bill and Ken.
    I think I figured out my “will” problem or more accurately it figured itself out. It still didn’t solve my problems, but at least I’m not splitting myself in two mentally.
    I also figured out the main problem I have, that truly makes me incapable of dealing with my life and seems to be the main cause of all the rest of my issues. It’s the fact that I’m very vulnerable emotionally to any kind of aggression(sometimes even slight), disapproval or anger. Even a small conflict can trigger a completely overblown emotional reaction. I have a very hard time expressing my anger because of it and it made it almost impossible to stand up for myself while trying to hold off the reaction at the same time. This completely destroyed my confidence and self-esteem when I was growing up and going to school and made me go almost completely numb by the time I was in 8th grade.
    The reaction is kind of like a panic attack with hyperventilation and uncontrollable crying (depending on how bad it is). Thankfully it hasn’t happened in a long time(though there have been close calls).
    There’s no way in hell I could possibly live down loosing my shit and crying in a social situation like school. This whole issue makes me feel extremely pathetic and is the one thing I absolutely can’t deal with. I don’t know if this is understandable to anyone else.
    I think you already mentioned that this is probably some sort of childhood trauma. I wonder how bad the trauma had to be to get this type of reaction or at what time did it happen. I had a physical trauma very early in childhood, but I don’t think that would have caused it(might be connected though).
    Bill, I wanted to ask if you know anything about curing these types of things. You recommended a therapist, but I was wondering if there’s anything I could do by myself(I started to listening to holosync again).

    FROM BILL: I hope you’re using Holosync, as it calms down the parts of the brain the cause (unnecessary) anger. Dr. Beverlee Taub is my recommendation for a therapist. I have known her for 27 or so years. She works in person or by phone (clients all over the world). 503 642 9342.

  181. Jal says :

    What about the law of attraction??? Isn’t meditation suppose to bring peace and help one not to be fear based?

    FROM BILL: I assume you are saying that in pointing out what is going on in the world and in the economy that I am being “fear based”. If I pointed out that you were about to accidentally walk off a cliff would I be “fear based” or just realistically keeping you safe?

    The law of attraction is nothing more than the laws of cause and effect, tinged with a lot of silly magical thinking that says that those laws can be avoided by something you do with you mind. The first part–the laws of cause and effect–are real. The magical thinking is not. And though I am not approaching what is going on in the world from a fear perspective (I am approaching it from a perspective of prudence), avoiding real danger is the one real and legitimate use of the emotion of fear.

  182. Terry says :

    I’ve been curious for sometime about your perspective on the implications of technological and medical advancement in the coming decades on spirituality and spiritual growth.

    As you know, many well respected and highly qualified scientists are talking about radical life extension in the next 15 years or so and a little further down the line, an end to age related death.

    It would be interesting to hear your view on what this means for folks like us who are on this spiritual path.

    FROM BILL: I think the unfolding scientific discoveries about life extension are amazing. I have been following them for 30 years and read extensively about them, including many of the scientific papers as they come out.

    I do not, however, think that human will conquer death.

    As for the effect on “spiritual growth”, I’m not sure what that is anymore. Most people think spiritual growth is a possible escape from suffering, and hopefully dealth. I’ve been convinced–by life itself as well as by my Zen studies–that there is no escape from suffering. Even if you attain the transcendence of the mind, you are still subject to impermanence and cause and effect. You will still suffer. You may take it in a more accepting way, but even the greatest spiritual masters feel a certain melancholy at the thought leaving this world.

    Spiritual seeking, IMO, is a human attempt to come to terms with the double binds of life, impermanence, and the laws of cause and effect, and that why we’re here and what it all means will forever be a mystery.

  183. Amber J. Gardner says :


    I’ve used Holosync for years now. I’m on Purification Level 2. And yes I don’t get as stressed as I used to, I still make crappy decisions and can’t seem to create positive relationships.

    Just recently I lost my place to stay and was very close to being homeless. During this time, I was INTENSELY over threshold despite all the Holosync I’ve used — though I am much better now and I’d think it would have been worse without it.

    Still, my situation hasn’t really improved since I started using Holosync and tried, on and off (it’s so hard to stick with it) the LPIP course.

    I am jobless, car-less and frankly only have credit to sustain myself long enough to get to someplace that WILL take me in.

    I feel okay. Is there something I am missing? Am I doing something wrong? How can I finally make all this work for me before I end up creating another disaster I won’t be able to recover from?

    FROM BILL: This has nothing to do with your question, but if you’re on Purification 2 you aren’t following the directions very well. It should take about 3 1/2 years to get that far. I get concerned when people rush through the program–those I know of who did often don’t get the same benefits as those who take my advice about how to use the program.

    As for your “situation”, that is a result of some conditions over which you have little or no control (we are having a world-wide depression, so opportunities are not what they were prior to 2008), and WHAT YOU DO. If you want to make money you have to do something to create value for other people. When you do that, people trade the value you provide for money. In a depression there is less money overall, but those who figure out how to create and deliever value end up with more of it.

    Holosync makes you more aware, it calms your screaming brain and your emotional upsets, and it increases your mental abilities. It does not magically put money in your pocket, are in some way “change your situation”. It might give you the mental and emotional readiness to take the actions that cause it to change, but you have to DO SOMETHING different than you’re currently doing in order to get different results.

    I am working on a video course on money and success right now. And, I plan on launching it by giving it away to quite a few people, probably in April. It will be well worth taking.

  184. Chuck C says :

    Hi Bill
    Just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for saying exactly what I have been watching happen for at least the past 6 years. Actually it has been happening since the Vietnam war, but when the Republicans lost their majority in congress 6 years ago everything really started heading down hill. Would it be, only as simple as Republican or Democrat, it would be nice, but since our Federal government has become so large that “NO ONE” can keep track of where all of everthing is going. Even the GAO(Government Accounting Office) has become so big that it cannot watch over its own waste, let alone the rest of the government.
    Back in the late 60s I thought about buying a couple hundred dollars of gold, just be cause I wanted that shinny stuff, today that shinny stuff would be worth over $10,000. What is that, 500% increase?
    Actually I believe that the two party system should be banned and each politician should run on his/her own record with the media required to give each politician the exact same air time, including NEWS coverage on what each one does with all the voting published out where everyone can find it without having to wade through mounds of information to find what they are doing. Also no two politicians should be able to band together to push a bill through congress, this allows for “Pay Backs”.
    NEWS is no longer news, it is propaganda dispensed by who ever is being paid the largest amount. Also I believe that if any NEWS program reported anything derogitory about a person and it turns out to be false, the person who initiated the information should be heavely fined and do some type of prision time. That is NOT freedom of speach, it is slander.
    Again, Thank You for saying what needed to be said.

  185. Amber J. Gardner says :


    I suppose when I first started Holosync–the advertising and watching The Secret and all that–I had this idea that it would magically give me success. I had this idea that if I could make myself happier, everything else in my life would fall into place.

    But around 2010-2011, I started to feel better than ever, really peaceful. But my outer life remained the same. It was a big shock, cause I didn’t realize till that moment that how I felt had very little to do with what was going on outside (or rather Holosync gave me the awareness and thus the ability to choose how I felt about my situation?).

    Inner peace and happiness began to feel overrated.

    I was left with a life that still wasn’t working and the challenge of changing my behavior in order to change my life.

    I know I have to change my behavior. I know I have to create value in order to create money. But I just don’t know how. Even trying to copy others don’t seem to work, cause it feels like our situations are too different and fear still holds me back when it comes to doing something I’ve never done before. The anxiety is not completely gone, especially when I try to make a change.

    Actually, it took me much longer to reach Purification 2. It took me a while to develop a habit, then I wouldn’t have the funds to purchase a deeper level, so I’d stick with one level longer than in the instructions. Also, there was that one time I DID move too fast, realized it, and went back to the previous disc, so that took some time.

    I started Holosync around the time I saw The Secret in 2006. So yeah, 6 years, but didn’t really feel remarkable change in my mood till 2010, where I started listening to it twice a day, instead of just once. But now I don’t feel much change since then.

    I’ve purchased special headphones and am switching back and forth between Holosync 2.0 and Classic. Does lying down affect the effectiveness? Cause sometimes it’s the only way I can get through it. It drives me crazy to sit up for so long. Also, sometimes I forget which version I listened to and may have used Classic twice or something before switching to 2.0. Does any of this affect the results? If I’m doing something wrong, I’d definitely would like to correct it.

    FROM BILL: If success was easy, everyone would be successful. Are you willing to pay the price to be successful? It means learning to think like a successful person, to believe like a successful person, to value what a successful person values, to focus like a successful person. And, it means acting like a successful person. You have to find out what each of those mean, and then adopt those ways of being.

    You CAN do it. It just doesn’t happen, though, unless you really want it, and really go after it. You’re doing what most people do–stop and give up the first time it gets hard. Those who succeed keep going no matter what happens. What they do either works, which is always nice, or it doesn’t, which is also nice because it creates wisdom. It only creates wisdom, though, if you LOOK for the wisdom instead of going “poor me” and making excuses.

    As for thinking of how to create value, you might have to wonder about that for a while. I was a few months from being 40 when I started Centerpointe, and it I didn’t pay myself anything for the first three years.

    Keep asking yourself HOW to create value, and pay attention until something pops and says to you, “Here is the way to create value for others.” You have to be paying attention and looking for it. Opportunity is falling from the sky all around you (and all around everyone else). Very few are looking in the sky to see what is falling, though.

    You’re young, smart, and beautiful. Don’t quit. You have all the ingredients for success EXCEPT persistence. You can decide to have persistence, though.

  186. Julian says :

    The comment from Hank came from someone who’s very deluded and stuck in Yin Yang political way of thinking.

    Glenn Beck is an actor who pretends to be a truthseeker. Have a look at the picture of him crying, he’s a complete fraud. There were many people, aside from Ron Paul, who’ve been talking about the monetary system long before Glenn Beck came along. Glenn Beck is not the head of the End the Fed movement.

    Have you ever thought of appearing on some radio show like Coast to Coast, the Alex Jones show? Those people do get into the nature of reality, which is something you cover really well Bill Harris.

    FROM BILL: Not very much deep looking at reality is going on on Coast to Coast, unless you think flying saucers are real.

    And where do you get your certainty about Glenn Beck? How do you know he is “pretending”? Did you used to play racquetball with him or something? I haven’t followed Beck that closely since he left Fox News, but I find him to be very sincere, and right about most things he reports about. He quite elegantly profiled all the people around Obama when he first hit the national stage, and everything he said about Obama came true–same for all the people around him.

    I don’t buy the deep Christianity view, but I also think that if someone wants to be a Christian, and isn’t pressuring others that they have to be one, too (which he isn’t), who is to judge? Most Christians are good people who want to help others.

    We’re all trying to make sense of things and figure out how to navigate our way through life in difficult circumstances (life is difficult for everyone). If Beck’s way works for him and he isn’t hurting others (as some are), good for him. Beck has done many amazing kind things to help others who were in need. He is a good and sincere person who values personal freedom and knows enough about history to know that centralized control always ends in tragedy. Good for him for alerting folks to the danger we face.

    And what difference does it matter who was first to criticize the Fed? Is this some sort of ego competition? Who cares? The Fed is ruining the lives of many people. I hope more people pile on and criticize it, in any order.

  187. Dwight says :

    Hi Bill,

    I can see that every point has it’s truth that brings together the ‘team’ to support that way of thinking.

    Have you read the book 2052?

    In the end, there is no perfect form of economy or government. Because of human nature, short-sightedness impacts all forms of human endeavor, including democracy and the form of economy we all enjoy. However, the quarter-based profitability, and the herd-mentality itself, drive our government and our capitalist economics. We kill the very resource bank (the earth and the people on it) with these very means.

    Without balance, our words become one-sided.

    I wish the best to us, the world, and to you.


  188. Santiago says :

    The left keeps using the scandinavian countries as an example of social policies that work. What would be a good counter argument for this ?

    FROM BILL: Tell them that the Scandanavian countries aren’t so great. Do a little critical investigation and you’ll find that this is true. Really, Santiago. Haven’t you yet learned that pretty much everything these people say is said with ideology (not truth) in mind, and presented without citing facts or by cherry-picking the facts (they are famous for telling one side of the story). Everyone who thinks is great to live in Scandanvian countries should immediately sell the farm and go there. People are not trying to get into Scandanavian countries, last I heard.

  189. natasha says :

    my bill, my lover, my mother, my child and my teacher,

    thank you for giving me the tools to do what I needed to do. i know you can feel my gratitude, so i won’t dwell on that.

    i have decided to stay, i will be working as a healer, untighing the knots and healing the shadow of whomever asks me to. there’s noone to be liberated. everyone is free as it always has been. i will be staging the mother-child relationship and healing the problems in that.

    tell genpo, that i respect him, although he knows that already. i respect his choice to stay in the level he chose to stay to teach the rest of us what needs to be taught. and of course pay the price for that.

    if i can ever be of service to you and the work that you have chosen to do, you can contact me via email and we’ll exchange phone numbers.

    i leave it up to you to publish this comment or not.

    i guess the final stage is respect. I am offering that to you..

    goodbye my love,

    FROM BILL: Thank you, my dear. Perhaps you can help Dwight. He seems to need it.

  190. Sanna says :

    What`s so special about the Nordic countries?
    To Santiago and others who are interested in knowing more. Please, google and you will find lots of information and research reports about the subject.
    One link to start:

    FROM BILL: Shared values are great–depending on what they are. No matter how you view it, centralized control has NEVER ended well, and it isn’t going to end well in Scandanavian countries (which have a very high suicide rate, by the way).

  191. Amber J. Gardner says :

    Thank you so much for you reply! I am deciding to be persistent. I’m not giving myself a choice in the matter. I will look for the opportunities and wisdom.

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. When I succeed in being able to think and act like the person I wish to be, I know for a fact you and Centerpointe will be largely responsible.

    Thank you :)

  192. Ken says :


    Bill’s sharing his political and economic opinions is one of his contributions besides creating HS. To take a public stance in this 50-50 political world does cost Bill money. I guessing quite a bit. If he wanted to make more money, he wouldn’t say anything political and would maximize his sales. Instead, he’s trying to help warn people of a coming cliff. He’s clearly stated his intentions numerous times.

    As regards your binder idea, Bill doesn’t need one, but you might. Print out your comments and Bill’s response, put it in your binder, and if you keep listening to HS well beyond prologue–and do some heavy shadow work–refer back to it in 3-5 years. I believe you’ll see that you are, in fact, everything you’re accusing Bill of being.

    If you can only see the flaws in one political side, you’re stuck in tier one. Sorry, but it’s true. Someone can be REALLY smart and educated and stuck in tier one btw. Intelligence doesn’t equal awareness.

    This won’t fully make sense until you get there. But in the meantime, if you find you get triggered frequently by others, it’s highly likely YOU ARE everything that really triggers you. Also, while you’re learning, and we all are, I find it’s better to journal you’re feelings rather than lash out at others. You’ll still get there but will have burned far fewer bridges in the process.

    Best of luck.

  193. Ryan says :

    I’m responding to a reply to someone else. To point out some things in what you wrote Bill, and then compare them to things you could have said but didn’t. Since you began this blog I have been trying to communicate this message to you in different ways. Maybe this time you will see the pattern I see. I hope so.

    You said:

    “Rush and Beck are pointing out that the left is trying (and, lately, succeeding) in centralizing as much power as possible in their hands, and taking it away from YOU.”

    “It is not hate to stand up to someone who is trying to control you and steal what you have earned.”

    “Whenever I see someone accusing others of ego, or hate, or discrimination (racism particularly), I immediately know that these are THEIR issues. They are shadows.”

    Now imagine you had said:

    [Whenever I see someone accusing others of X, I immediately know that these are THEIR issues. They are shadows.]

    [Whenever I see someone accusing others of trying to control you, I immediately know that these are THEIR issues. They are shadows.]

    [Whenever I see someone accusing others of trying to steal what you have earned., I immediately know that these are THEIR issues. They are shadows.]

    [Whenever I see someone accusing others of centralizing as much power as possible in their hands, and taking it away from YOU. I immediately know that these are THEIR issues. They are shadows.]

    FROM BILL: a) I am saying exactly what I mean, and b) I have said what you suggest, many times. So have other posters.

  194. Dwight says :

    Hi Bill,

    I want to say that last night, having been using Holosync for only four days, I began reading your blog. Started with 2007. I was really impressed with the articles on developmental stages. Cool stuff.

    Then, I clicked on November. I was livid. Not the highest brain state for me. I guess you could tell. (duh)

    I don’t like political writings and stay away from them as much as possible. Well, it seemed totally out of place. I think I made that point with a baseball bat.

    So, I am sorry. I was out of line. (I’m still not happy about the political blogs.) Ha.

    This is your company. Of course, you have every right to do whatever you want. I wanted to see a system purely focused on one of the most amazing technologies I’ve come across.

    I have tried to use Monroe. Holosync really ROCKS! So, I am disappointed to see it not be pure Holosync here on this site.

    Yet, it was very presumptuous of me to tell you what to do with your company.

    So, I apologize.
    Love and Prayers,


  195. nicolas says :

    What’s your take on Hypnosis and Subliminal Message MP3’s. Are they worth spending your time pursuing progress with these or is it a waste of time? If so why is it a waste of time? And, why would being ‘aware’ of what you create be more important than just trying to change it?

    FROM BILL: Hypnosis, with the right facilitator, can be quite powerful. I think subliminal messages are largely BS. For one thing, they don’t even register on the brain (we, by the way do not use “subliminal” messages).

    Awareness creates choice. What you do with awareness, you can choose to do or not do. What you do outside your awareness happens automatically, driven by internal cognitive processes set up when you were too young to know what you were doing. When you try to change something in opposition to those unconscious processes, the unconscious processes always will. Only when you have enough awareness to see how your unconscious process create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you are assigning to what happens are those process subject to change. If you see the creation with awareness, it becomes a choice, and once it’s a choice you will always choose what serves you.

    In other words, in the aspects of life where you really are having a problem are really NEED to change, you can’t just decide to change. The unconscious processes are running the show. That is, until you see how you’re “doing” those processes, with awareness.

  196. Jem says :

    Hi Erik,

    I really feel for you mate, I can relate totally to what you write and it is exactly how I felt most of my life in fact when I read how you explained your social phobia it was what I had been searching for to explain my condition. I had just gone with anxiety & depression before but that just didn’t cut it.

    I don’t know what level you are on with holosync but although I have great respect for holosync and it works wonders it does take its time. Unfortunately I feel you might be new to the program. What I can suggest that helped me more than anything is Kundalini Yoga, you can find DVDs by Maya Fiennes or Ana Brett & Ravi Singh on amazon and if you do any of there DVDs daily you will notice a big improvement in every area you explained in a couple of weeks. Its not a miracle cure but nothing is, but with continued practice you will see great results, I find it the perfect accompaniment to holosync. Hope this helps, holosync is great but it gets worse before it gets better and takes time, kundalini yoga will give you inner strength & direction you seem to need in a couple of weeks.

    FROM BILL: Holosync “getting worse” is really you become aware of the various ways you are in resistance to many things that cannot be escaped about being a human being–aspects of life and of who you are that you can only repress but not get rid of. To the degree that you can allow and just watch, things don’t get worse–they may become intense, but not worse. I will admit that I had a lot of upheaval when I was going through the first 2-3 years of Holosync because I was a mess and in resistance to a lot of things. Stick with it.

  197. Ed Clark says :

    No direspect, truly. However we have beat this horse dead and still pounding away, don’t you think. By now if people haven’t got it, will they? Wouldn’t we be better served now to focus on what after the bottom completely falls out. How best to use our Holosync and meditation and build our spiritual selves to help against the doom ahead. You have said now so many times about what is to come but what about after that. Shouldn’t we shift gears toward that now?

    FROM BILL: I have been talking about that all along, and before I ever brought up my warning. That those who were brought up under the nannying of progressive schools and progressive news and entertainment media should feel anger that what they have been told is so ISN’T so is natural. You will notice that not one fact or actual argument (that I can remember) has been put forth by any of these people on this blog. They call me names and they diss others who are anti-progressive idea, but NO FACTS, NOT ARGUMENTS. Why should I engage these people in a “discussion”? They aren’t discussing anything.

    If I have more to say about what is happening and what is coming, and I think readers need to know about it, I will feel compelled to write about it. If one of the brainwashed wants to learn, great. If they just want to rant, I will shut them down. And, as I feel the urge, I will discuss other things.

  198. Robert says :

    Hi Bill,

    What is the difference between sublimial messages and Holosync affirmations?

    FROM BILL: Short explanation: We use a technology called Autofonix, which I developed based on research regarding communicating with the profoundly deaf through sounds frequency modulated to ultra-high frequencies (just as is done in FM radio), which are then de-modulated by the ear. These sounds are just as loud as everything else on the soundtrack, but are in the “dog whistle” range to they cannot be consciously heard (except by a few with unusual hearing).

  199. Hi Bill

    Although I can understand the reluctance of long-term Holosync users to be interested in the subject matter of the game of black and white and the map is not the territory, and the US Political Left-wing/Right-wing Debates I am quite sure that I and others I recommended Holosync too have benefitted enormously from your efforts over these last couple of years of Blogs and the increased participation reflects that, and for myself with my own contribution I can see a great deal of improvement from where I was mentally from the Hell in a Handbasket series to where I am mentally now, so as someone else pointed out I can look at my journey and progress through these blogs. (and others can use it as a point of journey or passage reference too-if they feel the need).

    My question today is this, whilst I prior to Holosync had studied Hypnosis and indeed NLP I was not getting effective results from those technologies.
    If I felt angry I could feel physical symptoms suchas my blood pressure rising as though I was about to bust a blood vessel and like most people I would in many scenerio’s seek to repress those feelings making my physical condition perhaps worsen.
    I have gone through multiple-levels of Holosync now and yes have had resistance and been a mess as you yourself described. I have become aware that I still have ’bouts’ of anger where I perhaps might be working alone and suddenly find myself thinking angry thoughts et al yet no longer having the physical feeling symptoms.
    Is this a known stage of Holosync where the so-called anger pattern somehow still gets tripped yet the associated physical symptoms aren’t noticeable?
    I was intrigued by Natasha’s comment saying that you could feel her, are these patterns being played out of physical bodily symptoms that I am unaware of through a form of internal dissociation, or are they symptoms of Higher Meditation Stages that are externally triggered. I perhaps lack the understanding between the external and internal, and you’re comment regarding the dog-whistle frequencies brought this fact home, ie we are touched by frequencies other than those we traditionally notice, I hope my question makes sense.

    FROM BILL: I wouldn’t make too much of all this. People get angry sometimes. Allow yourself to be human. Holosync calms your brain, so the times when you’re angry and it’s not called for diminish. Don’t overthink this.

  200. Nick says :

    Probably one of the most intriguing and informative pieces of info. about money is “What has government done with our money” by Murray Rothbard. The audio book is available on itunes U and PDF at The economics and journey to sound money becomes clear with this piece of art. Then, once you’re done with that, read or listen to “the case against the fed.”

    I saw in the Wall Street journal (could have been USA today) a few days ago saying that the stock market hit a record high. Then, I was looking at the Fed’s estimated remittance to the Treasury for 2012 at $88.9 billion. That’s record breaking, considering in 2008 it was roughly $30 billion. The Fed has also pledged to buy long-term maturing bonds and keep long term interest rate low.

    This is bad news. A fall in interest rates does not grow the economy, it can only misallocate real savings. Artificially lowering of interest rates means increase of money supply. And this causes banks to expand credit out of thin air.

    The goal is to stimulate the economy, especially the housing market, which the buying of long term maturity bonds indicates.

    The problem is that the artificially lowering of interest rates diverts real funding from wealth generating activities to non-productive activities. So individuals will buy “luxury” debt that doesn’t produce anything. And since their real savings is not increasing, but being indirectly stolen, more unpayable debt.

    You can argue that inflation is low, so none of what’s being talked about -depression, deflation, etc. – is real. But the government polices that are taking places (look at gun control, drones, who Obama is nominating, etc.) and the Fed artificially playing with interest rates and pumping money out of thin air faster than you can blink, it’s only a matter of time before SERIOUS inflation hits.

    Another problem with artificially lowering rates is the case for entrepreneurs and real wealth generating activities. Entrepreneurs are mislead and confused on where to channel their capital and give poor forecast on people’s time preferences. The result is more unpayable debt. I was a prime example of this when my real estate business crashed.

    If interest rates are artificially low, real savings less, and wealth generating activities very low, does this indicate that the stock market is artificially high? Hmmmm … for the short term investor, maybe not a problem. But for those workers and long term savers that have someone managing their savings and retirement in bonds and stock, and do not understand what’s going on, could be huge problems.

    I don’t think you’re going to wake up one day with a newspaper headline that says “Crash” and your money is gone (though it’s possible). I think you’ll see a managed deleveraging. In other words, a slow journey to the bottom of the sea without oxygen.

    At some point, you’re going to realize that the cash you save in the bank isn’t going to do squat for you, while you find yourself working harder and harder without an increase of income. I hope this won’t be you. Understand money. Be intelligent in your money generating systems. And as always, provide real value to people.

    This is going to be a beautiful time for a lot of people because they’re going to realize that a fixed income isn’t working. So they are going to become freelancers and business owners focused on providing value and raising the standards of living, which will directly raise their personal income. This is the bright side of the bottom falling out.

  201. David says :

    Hi Bill

    Only trying to help as you helped me. Please note that 2 years ago I posted here that the Dow would make a new all time high using the Elliott wave counting of Tony Caldaro. It has. We now expect the Dow to top in 12 months with about 10 percent more gain from here. Top about March 2014 to end this bull market….that this is a bear rally is extremely unlikely.

    Prechter Elliott wave lacks objectively identifying where waves begin and end. Follow Tony Caldaro by googling Elliott wave lives on. Once stocks top in about early 2014 we expect a 50 percent drop (probable crash) but not below the March 2009 lows.

    The wave 3 down nonsense has been now eliminated through Elliott rules. All I can say is check it out. It is way better than the subjective nonsense of Prechter. Good luck and bless you for your services. Good luck to you.

    FROM BILL: Prechter is now saying this is a b wave. And, he will ultimately be right about a depression and a huge deleveraging. I agree that he has been wrong about short term stuff over the years (he did, though, predict the dot com bust).

  202. Amber J. Gardner says :

    North Korea is in the news a lot lately and things are changing in Venezuela as well.

    Could this be the hints of the next major war you predicted will happen, or is the news just hyping things up so we can be controlled with fear like with Iraq?

    FROM BILL: I suspect that war is coming, though not next week.

  203. natasha says :

    my dear bill,

    i would like to ask your advice on kundalini energy.
    when it is awakened, do you advice us to carry on with holosync as usual?
    will holosync facilitate the process of the kundalini awakening?
    or should we take some time off?

    there are some websites on the internet about these things,
    but as you understand, i trust you more.

    thank you,

    FROM BILL: Of course. Stick with Holosync.

  204. natasha says :

    Hello my fellow readers of bill’s blog!

    this is his crasy follower natasha.

    let us choose to play the game my friends

    let us base it on love! why not?

    let us hurt like fuck

    love ’til it hurts

    let us pretend we have no idea what is really going on

    step out, come back and do it all over again.

    let us do holosync all the way, to be able to bare the pain and the love

    i’ll be coming back, saying my silly thoughts, since bill is kind enough to be

    posting them! : )


  205. natasha says :


    please, please! choose a map of reality that seves you.

    one that makes you feel good, and if it makes you feel bad, that would be because

    you care for others.

    i know you can do it. bill knows you can do it. he knows.

  206. David says :

    holosync all the way—now that’s a thought that I support

  207. Ken says :


    I was bored Sunday night, surfed over to your website, and just listened to your Jack Canfield interview. Great interview. Jack sounds like a really nice guy.

    While I was there, I also ordered a set of the free retreat cd’s and decided to share the wealth and got a pair of Tank headphones from you guys. Can’t wait to hear the difference, if any, between those and my sony mdr’s.

    Since you’re kind of a music guy, do you have any idea how long our headphones last using your program daily? My old ones were about four years old. Seemed to work fine but I don’t know if I’d hear any difference if they started to go.

    Thanks in advance.

    FROM BILL: I’ve had the same two pair of Sony headphones for about 25 years.

  208. Ken says :

    A little mouse told me your putting the finishing touches on a new and improved lpip program. Any truth to that rumor you can share with your loyal blog posters? (And at this point, there’s only about five of us left. Ha ha.)

    FROM BILL: I haven’t had the time. But I am finishing a new course called The Secrets of Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad.

  209. Nick says :

    Bill, can you comment on the quote below with my questions in mind:
    1. What are non-productive assets.
    2. What are wealth generating activities
    3. Why does loose monetary policy mis-allocate resources into non-productive activities?

    I have my ideas, but your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    The quote:
    “Contrary to popular thinking, loose monetary policy, which leads to a misallocation of resources, weakens the economy’s ability to generate final goods and services, i.e. real wealth.”

    This means that loose monetary policy not only cannot provide support to the economy but on the contrary undermines the foundations for economic growth.

    The so-called recovery that Bernanke and most commentators are referring to is nothing more than the revival of various non-productive or bubble activities, which in a true free market environment wouldn’t emerge in the first place.”

    FROM BILL: I don’t really have time to give a full answer. I suggest that your read Henry Hazlitt, F.A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard about this, Or Thomas Sowell.

    To give a short answer, non-productive assets are those that throw off no wealth. The whole idea of capitalism is to produce wealth. A company that makes something people want is a productive asset, as are the dollars invested in it. Nothing the government does produces wealth.

    Wealth is generated when something is created that people value, as when steel is turned into a chainlink fence, or wood is turned into a home, or various raw materials is turned into a car. Wealth is stuff people want and use, something people value and will trade other assets to have.

    Loose monetary policy (which is really creating money out of thin air and then lending it (or giving it, these days), devalues all the other dollars, since the money supply grows. If the money is taken by the government it is almost always spent on something non-productive–something that is consummed rather than something that creates additional wealth. When more and more assets flow to the government, less and less is available to be made productive. This is one reason why the growth of the economy is down to almost nothing.

    This will eventually be deflationary–and if you through inflation was bad, wait until you experience deflation. As I’ve said before, it’s a game of musical chairs, and many people will be left without one–in a world where chairs will be needed if one is to survive. This will make people incredibly angry and the end result will be a lot of violence.

  210. Santiago says :

    Very interesting article, and one that is very in tune with the times we are living … a happy life vs a meaningful life

  211. Joel says :


    How are you?

    All the people in my life close to me love the term everything happenens for a reason!!! And it just not working for me anymore. They all believe it, firmly. So it makes it hard to believe anything else when you don’t quite know what to believe. Do you have some other explanation or saying I could use to give myself some better understanding of the world. Something perhaps starting with everything happens as a direct result because of the way we act and behave except for the things which are out of our control like the way others act and behave and also the weather.

    Any thoughts or advice?

    FROM BILL: Meanings (as, for instance, about whatever is happening) come from the observer. Meaning is not inherent or intrinsic to anything. It is something added by the mind. Those who think things happen for a reason can always add a reason, but they are mistaken that the reason is built into what is happening. Things just happen, based on laws that govern complex systems, sometimes called chaos theory. See my posts: Breaking Up is Hard To Do (I believe there is more than one part).

  212. trace says :

    how about saying ” things happen… and then we make a reason”. kinda seems to piss people off though.

  213. natasha says :

    All is Love.

    Love is healing, joy, peace, and evolution.

  214. Paul Cowan says :

    Cyprus is pretty incredible.

    Personal accounts being robbed by the loving government. Theft is the only label that you can attach to this.

    Governments have done this throughout history when things get tough. Normally it is the pensions. Thinking the same could not happen “here”, no matter where here is, is foolish.

    Anybody who thinks their government will always look after them needs a reality check.

    Here in the UK, the government is dying to fund armed Jihadists in Syria while the national health service and infrastructure of their own country falls apart.

    It is beyond insane.

  215. Jeff says :

    “I am working on a video course on money and success right now. And, I plan on launching it by giving it away to quite a few people, probably in April. It will be well worth taking.”

    Hey Bill,
    I’m sure it will be worth taking. Don’t know how you will decide who gets given the pearls but, fwiw, my 62nd birthday is in April and……hint, hint

    When you do see war happening “next week” please do speak up.

    On my last year of Holosync and it’s been a major life changer; from basket case to useful basket; thanks to both of us.

  216. Jem says :

    What is your take Bill on why the world is going down the path of islam the most corrupt & cruel religion there is? As Paul mentions the British Government & the French are trying there damnedest to support the jihadist muslim brotherhood which they also helped put in power in Libya & Egypt claiming it was down to humanitarian reasons. The BBC news at the time covered these stories consistently trying to turn public opinion around to agree with the rebels (muslim brotherhood) because they were promoting it was the humanitarian thing to do, yet now the muslim brotherhood are in power in these places we hear nothing about the persecuted Christians or the liberal people of these countries (who are being killed while protesting) who are opposed to a strong islamic sick religion being in power.

    Obama is also on the side of the muslim brotherhood stopping funding to Israel while increasing funding to the muslim countries surrounding Israel on the pretense of humanitarian aid when everyone knows thats not the case. All the time during this, all governments around the world have pretty much opened there doors to muslim immigrants which are flooding in to all countries with a mission of creating an islamic world and all the governments seem to be bending over backwards to help them. My question is why???????????????????

    I honestly can’t think why, the only thing seems to be is that Saudia Arbia money is behind this and that oil is some how involved. It scares the living shit out of me and im just waiting for countries, people to start fighting back but the media seems to be on the muslim side as the governments are trying to make anyone who says anything look like a racists natzi, right wing monster…its beyond me.

    At the same time the media are covering up when English children are being beaten up and raped by muslim gangs, and the government is increasing foreign aid while evicting British families from there homes. Please would love to hear your reasons why you think governments are not only allowing this but are actually promoting it.

    FROM BILL: This is what I warned would happen in times of negative social mood. Such things have always happened in times of negative social mood. See the 1930s in Europe and Asia.

  217. Nick says :

    I really appreciate you, Bill. You go into such great detail to help us become aware of what’s going on in the economy. You have helped me protect my wealth and open my eyes to things I wasn’t aware of. You have also simplified economics for me-something not taught in public education. I do hope that you keep informing us. I take what you have to say, and then do additional research. I look at what progressive media says, what conservative media says, and what libertarian media says, then make the best decision I can based on what I want and my values.

    I always felt that you tell it how it is, and leave out the fluff and stuff letting us make our own decisions. And I agree, those who have disagreed with you have no facts to back it up. They take an intellectual lazy stance. And I’m glad you bring a playful attitude to it as well.

    Please don’t go away on this topic. I value your experience and dedication to make a difference. You’ve actually strengthen my decision to be a life-long customer.

    Thought I’d share my appreciation because you deserve it and I respect your contribution.

    FROM BILL: What do you mean they don’t teach economics in the schools? Sure they so. They teach that each should pay according to their ability, and each should receive according to their needs. This is a system that should work at least for several more years–followed by war and economic collapse.

  218. Nick says :

    If you’re not into politics or economics, by pass those topics. Bill has a ton of post here about personal growth compared to what’s posted about economics and politics. One of my favorite is the five stages of enlightenment: /blog/2008/05/19/the-five-stages-of-enlightenment/

  219. david says :

    Heath, not getting involved in Bill’s programs because you don’t like his latter blog posts is moronic, get over it and DO use Holosync, you’ll love it.

  220. Anthony says :

    Bill, is the GOP dead?? Can the pendulum swing back or has our country become FUBAR? Has the progressive cancer spread too much? What do you think about a libertarian candidate who can adopt some of the policies of the left, while maintaining capitalist & free market principles? Is there a way to salvage this thing we use to call a republic?

    FROM BILL: I’m not optimistic. In times of negative social mood the public actually asks for more authoritarianism. And, they get it.

  221. david says :

    natasha, “all is love. love is healing, joy, peace, and evolution.”

    sounds like a slogan from some new age church.

  222. carlosae says :


    I would also like to thank you for helping me see things as they are regarding politics/economics. I grew up in a communist contry ( and hated the system) But I still was pretty lost about all this stuff.

    I didnt know it but I think I was unconsciously a liberal or semi liberal.

    After reading your posts and reading “how I found freedom..” and ” the anti-capitalistic mentality” and comparing what I read with my past experiences everything made sense and I was able to understand many internal conflicts I had.

    I think I still have probably one last question about it.

    It is regarding global warming.

    I hear/read everywhere that the scientific community is in agreement that global warming is real and cause by humans to a great extend.

    Am I checking the wrong sources or is there anything else going on here??

    Thanks for everything you do


    FROM BILL: My sources tell me that the temperature has not gone up AT ALL in the past 20 years. If and when it does go up (or down) it is only slightly (slightly) because of humans. It is mostly because of the sun and beyond our control. The left loves to catastrophize everything because then we’ll want them to have more power so they can save us. Ha!

  223. Aaron says :

    I don’t understand many of the arguments. You say that China is going to be hurt by the United States not paying off the debt. China has only bought up about 2 trillion. It is fair to say that in the next 10 years, the Chinese economy will create 100 trillion dollars. Even if the United States paid back $0, it wouldn’t hurt China that badly. I don’t understand the debate about the gold standard. The last 70 or so years off of it has been the most prosperous years this nation has ever seen.

    I do agree that politicians are corrupt but they do have to do what the voters want of they won’t be reelected. I am not against a new system though, but I can’t think of a better one. Can you?

    The economic meltdown was created by fraud. The world economy lost 20 trillion dollars in a matter of months. Even with 2 huge recessions, one caused by fraud, America’s 500 largest companies have average a 7% yearly growth over the past 10 years.

    The private sector is coming back as for the first time since 2008, there are many private sector buildings being made in San Francisco. It took the United States 5 years from an instant economic loss of 20 trillion dollars. Our debt is not that large and we will pay it off gradually.

    Warren Buffett, widely known as the best investor in the world is bullish as always on the United States economy. Why listen to some economist who talks about theories? Buffett has been evaluation and investing his own money in United States business for 50 years.

    FROM BILL: I guess you have a lot of catching up to do on economics and political science. If you think the level of debt we have is a good thing, and you think that debts need not be repaid, then you also have so catching up to do on ethics.

  224. Bruce Fodor says :

    I am new to Holosync. How do you invest your money Bill?

    FROM BILL: Sorry, I am not an investment advisor. You can read my posts about what is happening in the economy. You need to become your own expert. Or, just take your chances. We live in dangerous times. Personally, I think this is a time to retain your money, not risk it.

  225. & says :

    Hey Bill,

    Finished reading ‘Economics in one lesson’ thanks for the recommendation. For those unacquainted – the one lesson is that money should not be taken from one individual or group in order to benefit another individual or group. Business, companies, commodities, services etc, all have a natural lifespan and when Governments use taxpayer money to keep alive a dying entity then that particular group in need receives money that could instead be used for more collective good. It also creates an artificial disadvantage for other competitors in that business area who don’t get funding and have to compete against those who do. One very obvious example of this I heard just today on the Aussie news – The Gov is trying to pay for their promise of improving funding to primary and high schools not by creating more wealth to do this BUT….. are you ready for this? Taking the 2 billion dollars needed away from their current university funding. There’s a word for that, it’s LOL.

    Bill Your other recommended book Harry Browne ‘Freedom in an Unfree World’ I read a year ago another time you mentioned it. I can say in reflection it has directed my course in seeking self-sufficient living and productivity. I’m currently downloading some of his financial talks to move onto.

    On a personal note- I’m starting a new full time job in advertising in a month. It could lead to big things and I don’t feel guilt that’s its in a field that is perceived by some around me to be manipulative, money-hungry and soulless. Since learning more about personal liberty and power – the way I see it now, if I can accumulate personal wealth then I can choose the people I want to help and the wrongs I want to right independent of the exponentially convoluted government system. Best chance I have of making a change for good is succeeding in the capitalist system – not whinging about its faults.

    One last thing – I think the focal transition of this blog’s topics into topics of this nature IS A GOOD THING. Personal growth needs to be just as much about external results as inward results. I’m looking forward to this new course you have in the works. In regards to the mystery giveaway well if you want a guinea pig who will actually use it my hand is up.

    FROM BILL: Good for you, Andy. You made my day. I hope you’ve motivated a few people to read both books, as they are important. As with you, both of them changed my life.

  226. Sebastian says :

    I know little of the subject in question, though I am disturbed by some of your response to people posting here.
    Some of those posting are simply offering their earnest disbelief in the scale of crisis and whether or not this is able to be put down to ignorance I am a little shocked, and sometimes vicariously offended, by the frequently sarcastic, condescending remarks you proffer in reply.
    Even those who are perhaps being antagonistic or are simply unpleasant people seem to receive a response from you that can easily be interpreted as on par with the attackers attitude.
    All in all, this seems to be a very negative exchange and very different from the Bill Harris I used to listen to, compelled and admiringly, from lectures included with the Holosync program.
    Just my two cents, although perhaps not even worth that.

    FROM BILL: I don’t think you can find a single instance when I put someone down for being an “earnest disbeliever in the scale of the crisis”. What bothers me are those who come here and merely call me (or conservatives, or libertarians, or anyone who thinks progressive policies are destructive)names, but offer NO fact, NO evidence, just vitriol. That is intellectually lazy. Few if any of these people have looked into these topics, have read widely about them, know anything about economics or history, yet they are so smug and certain that the party line they believe is true that anyone who disagrees with them is branded as evil. They demonize certain thinkers without ever having heard or read them. Anyone who come here with an open mind and can present actually facts or evidence is treated with respect. Anyone who comes here with a disrespectful attitude, however, may be put in his or her place.

  227. AVR says :

    Thank you for your succinct description of what we all need to be aware of.

  228. nicolas says :

    In times of negative social mood, its definitely a good idea to prepare in every sense of the word. Financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc…

    For example, I’m getting into weight training, and self defense/martial arts.

    However, I’m not using these for the sole purpose of defense as I enjoy weight training; its like meditation, and self defense/yoga are very enjoyable as well.

    I believe that were meant to be sovereign individuals, and protecting yourself as well as standing up for yourself as well as feeling empowered is important to your well being.

    Books such as ‘How I found freedom in an unfree world’ and ‘Atlas shrugged’ really resonate with me…its the libertarian influence.

    What else can you recommend in times of negative social mood as far as becoming the strongest version of yourself and being able to thrive rather than “just survive”?

    Also, I’d like to thank you for the new special you just launched as I had been thinking of purchasing a deeper level.

    FROM BILL: Eat healthy, meditate, get in shape, strive to care for others, be prepared in terms of survival (cash, food, etc). Become resilient. You’re going to need it.

  229. Hi Bill

    I have read a multitude of Economic Data ever since I first joined the Holosync Program and yet appropriate workable solutions still seem to evade and ellude me.

    It is almost as-if we are spinning two separate coins:-

    The first coin:coin one is a coin characterised on each side by Unconscious Incompetance and Conscious Incompetance.

    The second coin:coin two is a coin characterised on each side by Conscious Competance and Excellence.

    (I borrow The Learning Process Terminology from Paul Scheele one of your associates whose Work & Teachings I have moved into studying & using)

    Despite all my efforts I often feel like I am permanently stuck spinning coin one without ever making an effortless and easy transition to the alternate coin two.

    Your comment on resilience set my mind apace and I am curious as to whether it is possible that a reinforcement or repetition repetition repetition of having resilience in my younger days is what is actually scuppering my efforts in making the necessary awareness transitions now. IE. I have deeply suppressed issues that need to be brought up into my conscious awareness in order to progress->See new possibilities and potentialities.

    Does resilience as an attribute in and of itself cause suffering through the suppression of much needed or required other thought processes? or in fact cause suffering through the failure to release thought processes that block or no longer serve us in the way that they were originally intended?

    Yes I have learned from you and yes I have progressed through Holosync yet establishing life enriching habits and activities does not seem to be happening fast enough due to unconscious self-sabotaging breaks that I seem to be holding onto, I seek to trust my unconscious mind but it is already seemingly too skewered to be reliable, any new hints and tips and short cuts?

    FROM BILL: Resilience just means bouncing back from setbacks quickly. How could that cause suffering?

  230. nicolas says :

    I see what you mean by ‘striving to care for others’ . However, although I do strive to care for others I seem to have relationships; a new friendship, a romantic relationship with a girl, etc. turn sour or meet a lot of resistance in doing so. This gets to the point where I get really frustrated and go to hating the world because it seems as if my attempts are futile or it will take too long to do so.

    I may have some negative beliefs in this area. It frustrates me because in building a social circle I either wind up with people who “show their true colors” later down the line or it doesn’t work out. In this negative social mood building a social network is possibly one of the most vital assets you can have. Being a loner is going to bring you loads of possibly unnecessary stress and frustration.

    I’m wanting to change this area because I’ve noticed recently that I enjoy activities much more when done with others.

    FROM BILL: So you’re finding that other people just won’t do what you’d like them to do, huh? Welcome to being human.

  231. david says :

    Doug Casey Refutes Common Hesitations to Internationalize
    Doug Casey, Chairman
    April 16, 2013 4:06pm GMT

    Tell a person that it’s a big beautiful world, full of fresh opportunities and a sense of freedom that is just not available by staying put and you will inevitably be treated to a litany of reasons why expanding your life into more than one country just isn’t practical.

    Let’s consider some of those commonly stated reasons, and why they might be unjustified. While largely directed at Americans, these are also applicable to pretty much anyone from any country.

    “America is the best country in the world. I’d be a fool to leave.”

    That was absolutely true, not so very long ago. America certainly was the best – and it was unique. But it no longer exists, except as an ideal. The geography it occupied has been co-opted by the United States, which today is just another nation-state. And, most unfortunately, one that’s become especially predatory toward its citizens.

    “My parents and grandparents were born here; I have roots in this country.”

    An understandable emotion; everyone has an atavistic affinity for his place of birth, including your most distant relatives born long, long ago, and far, far away. I suppose if Lucy, apparently the first more-or-less human we know of, had been able to speak, she might have pled roots if you’d asked her to leave her valley in East Africa. If you buy this argument, then it’s clear your forefathers, who came from Europe, Asia, or Africa, were made of sterner stuff than you are.

    “I’m not going to be unpatriotic.”

    Patriotism is one of those things very few even question and even fewer examine closely. I’m a patriot, you’re a nationalist, he’s a jingoist. But let’s put such a tendentious and emotion-laden subject aside. Today a true patriot – an effective patriot–- would be accumulating capital elsewhere, to have assets he can repatriate and use for rebuilding when the time is right. And a real patriot understands that America is not a place; it’s an idea. It deserves to be spread.

    “I can’t leave my aging mother behind.”

    Not to sound callous, but your aging parent will soon leave you behind. Why not offer her the chance to come along, though? She might enjoy a good live-in maid in your own house (which I challenge you to get in the US) more than a sterile, dismal, and overpriced old people’s home, where she’s likely to wind up.

    “I might not be able to earn a living.”

    Spoken like a person with little imagination and even less self-confidence. And likely little experience or knowledge of economics. Everyone, everywhere, has to produce at least as much as he consumes – that won’t change whether you stay in your living room or go to Timbuktu. In point of fact, though, it tends to be easier to earn big money in a foreign country, because you will have knowledge, experience, skills, and connections the locals don’t.

    “I don’t have enough capital to make a move.”

    Well, that was one thing that kept serfs down on the farm. Capital gives you freedom. On the other hand, a certain amount of poverty can underwrite your freedom, since possessions act as chains for many.

    “I’m afraid I won’t fit in.”

    The real danger that’s headed your way is not fitting in at home. This objection is often proffered by people who’ve never traveled abroad. Here’s a suggestion. If you don’t have a valid passport, apply for one tomorrow morning. Then, at the next opportunity, book a trip to somewhere that seems interesting. Make an effort to meet people. Find out if you’re really as abject a wallflower as you fear.

    “I don’t speak the language.”

    It’s said that Sir Richard Burton, the 19th-century explorer, spoke 10 languages fluently and 15 more “reasonably well.” I’ve always liked that distinction although, personally, I’m not a good linguist. And it gets harder to learn a language as you get older – although it’s also true that learning a new language actually keeps your brain limber. In point of fact, though, English is the world’s language. Almost anyone who is anyone, and the typical school kid, has some grasp of it.

    “I’m too old to make such a big change.”

    Yes, I guess it makes more sense to just take a seat and await the arrival of the Grim Reaper. Or perhaps, is your life already so exciting and wonderful that you can’t handle a little change? Better, I think, that you might adopt the attitude of the 85-year-old woman who has just transplanted herself to Argentina from the frozen north. Even after many years of adventure, she simply feels ready for a change and was getting tired of the same old people with the same old stories and habits.

    “I’ve got to wait until the kids are out of school. It would disrupt their lives.”

    This is actually one of the lamest excuses in the book. I’m sympathetic to the view that kids ought to live with wolves for a couple of years to get a proper grounding in life – although I’m not advocating anything that radical. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids: to live in another culture, learn a new language, and associate with a better class of people (as an expat, you’ll almost automatically move to the upper rungs – arguably a big plus). After a little whining, the kids will love it. When they’re grown, if they discover you passed up the opportunity, they won’t forgive you.

    “I don’t want to give up my US citizenship.”

    There’s no need to. Anyway, if you have a lot of deferred income and untaxed gains, it can be punitive to do so; the US government wants to keep you as a milk cow. But then, you may cotton to the idea of living free of any taxing government, while having the travel documents offered by several. And you may want to save your children from becoming cannon fodder or indentured servants, should the US re-institute the draft or start a program of “national service” – which is not unlikely.

    But these arguments are unimportant. The real problem is one of psychology. In that regard, I like to point to my old friend Paul Terhorst, who 30 years ago was the youngest partner at a national accounting firm. He and his wife Vicki decided that “keeping up with the Joneses” for the rest of their lives just wasn’t for them. They sold everything – cars, house, clothes, artwork, the works – and decided to live around the world. Paul then had the time to read books, play chess, and generally enjoy himself. He wrote about it in Cashing In on the American Dream: How to Retire at 35. As a bonus, the advantages of not being a tax resident anywhere and having time to scope out proper investments has put Paul way ahead in the money game. He typically spends about half his year in Argentina; we usually have lunch every week when in residence.

    I could go on. But perhaps it’s pointless to offer rational counters to irrational fears and preconceptions. As Gibbon noted with his signature brand of irony, “The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous.”

    Let me be clear: in my view the time to internationally diversify your life is getting short. And the reasons for looking abroad are changing.

    In the past, the best argument for expatriation was an automatic increase in one’s standard of living. In the ’50s and ’60s, a book called Europe on $5 a Day accurately reflected all-in costs for a tourist. In those days a middle-class American could live like a king in Europe; but those days are long gone. Now it’s the rare American who can afford to visit Europe except on a cheesy package tour. That situation may actually improve soon, if only because the standard of living in Europe is likely to fall even faster than in the US. But the improvement will be temporary. One thing you can plan your life around is that, for the average American, foreign travel is going to become much more expensive in the next few years as the dollar loses value at an accelerating rate.

    Affordability is going to be a real problem for Americans, who’ve long been used to being the world’s “rich guys.” But an even bigger problem will be presented by foreign exchange controls of some nature, which the government will impose in its efforts to “do something.” FX controls – perhaps in the form of taxes on money that goes abroad, perhaps restrictions on amounts and reasons, perhaps the requirement of official approval, perhaps all of these things – are a natural progression during the next stage of the crisis. After all, only rich people can afford to send money abroad, and only the unpatriotic would think of doing so.

    The most important first step is to get out of the danger zone.

    Let’s list the steps, in order of importance.

    Establish a financial account in a second country and transfer assets to it, immediately.

    Purchase a crib in a suitable third country, somewhere you might enjoy whether in good times or bad.

    Get moving toward an alternative citizenship in a fourth country; you don’t want to be stuck geographically, and you don’t want to live like a refugee.

    Keep your eyes open for business and investment opportunities in those four countries, plus the other 225; you’ll greatly increase your perspective and your chances of success.

    Where to go? In general, I would suggest you look most seriously at countries whose governments aren’t overly cozy with the US and whose people maintain an inbred suspicion of the police, the military, and the fiscal authorities. These criteria tilt the scales against past favorites like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

    And one more piece of sage advice: stop thinking like your neighbors, which is to say stop thinking and acting like a serf. Most people – although they can be perfectly affable and even seem sensible – have the attitudes of medieval peasants that objected to going further than a day’s round-trip from their hut, for fear the stories of dragons that live over the hill might be true. We covered the modern versions of that objection a bit earlier.

    I’m not saying that you’ll make your fortune and find happiness by venturing out. But you’ll greatly increase your odds of doing so, greatly increase your security, and, I suspect, have a much more interesting time.

    Let me end by reminding you what Rick Blaine, Bogart’s character in Casablanca, had to say in only a slightly different context. Appropriately, Rick was an early but also an archetypical international man. Let’s just imagine he’s talking about what will happen if you don’t effectively internationalize yourself, now. He said: “You may not regret it now, but you’ll regret it soon. And for the rest of your life.”

  232. FROM BILL: Resilience just means bouncing back from setbacks quickly. How could that cause suffering?

    So Resilience is never having to say ‘This Time Is Different’

    I merely struggle with some of the learning contra-dictions for instance Holosync does as you state it does (for which I am thankful).

    I then look at alternate tools suchas those of Learning Strategies which seem sensible in enhancing or building on the Holosync Foundation.

    I then try another tool ‘The Sedona Method’ which to me is best described as an Exorcism Mechanism.

    Can I have Greatly Expanded Awareness and Threshold and Enhanced Mental Capacities and be using an Exorcism type method that potentially runs contrary to having the increased Threshold and Lifestyle Strategies, do I do them one at a time or continue concurrently with the stated purpose or choice that my unconscious will automatically know the difference of what I want to keep and what I need to be shot of

    You can see I am in a laughable muddle, although laughter is not such a bad tool in and of itself as a form of release.

    FROM BILL: A muddle of your own making, caused by confused thinking. The Sedona Method is nothing more than letting go of ideas, concepts and attachments that cause you suffering. How is that contradictory to any of the rest? The more awareness you have, the easier it is to see how a) these things are IDEAS, not reality, so why cling to them if they cause you to suffer, b) have choice about what you believe, feel, or do. A high threshold is the result of awareness. The more aware you are the less preventable (self-generated) suffering you cause. Then, of course, there is all the suffering you can’t do anything about because it’s built into the human condition–impermanence, lack of control over what happens, and so forth. You ADD self-created suffering to these things to the extent you resist them. Resisting them is caused by a lack of awareness.

  233. Haj says :

    Do you think not holding some belief means you are smarter, braver, more intellectually honest, or otherwise superior in someway to the person who automatically formed a different belief than the one you formed? How do you think your brain forms a belief do you think it’s choice? Nobility? Honor? Wisdom? or perhaps it’s a bit mechanical like a factory. As if the brain was a belief factory. Should one admire a belief factory?

    FROM BILL: If your questions reflect what you think I am saying about beliefs, you are wrong. All beliefs are “true” to the believer. Humans figure out a way to make what they believe come true, or seem to be true, which amounts to the same thing. The real distinction to make about beliefs is whether they are resourceful or not, especially since you will arrange for any belief to be “true”.

    Now, if you are talking about facts, and you think that something I have said here is factually inaccurate, then your job would be to present evidence that this is the case. So far I’ve found that those who come here to attack what I am saying have presented no facts, no evidence to back up their views. I am interested in what is accurate, and if you or anyone else presents actual evidence that causes me to change my mind, I will happily change it. Only the stupid or the intellectually lazy cling to a point of view that is contrary to the known evidence.

    If I read you correctly you are trying to argue against what I am saying by attacking me as someone who is trying to be morally or intellectually superior or arrogant when I am simply not suffering fools gladly who come and call names without ANY actually arguments to recommend their point of view. Any idiot can do that (and a lot have). If you are so “right”, so smart, bring me some actual evidence of it.

    What you say seems to imply that all points of view are equally valid. They aren’t. Some are just plain factually inaccurate. For instance, the commonly accepted idea (taught to people from age 5 onward, with no presentation of other points of view other than as examples of demonic thinking) that centralized control and big government is good for people just isn’t born out by the facts. Nor is the idea that capitalism is the cause of the current suffering in the world. Fact. Evidence. Where are yours?

  234. Irene Slovin says :


    Where is your focus?

    After reading this blog post I kind of feel as if you have forgotten everything you teach. I am a student of yours who has taken your Llife Principle Integration Process and frankly, I am a bit surprised at your negativity.

    It is not war that brings us out of the darkness …it is our revolutions! The commercial revolution, the scietific revolution, the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the technological revolution ….and be prepared for the next revolution… The green revolution…the revolution that will or should I say is bringing about the consciousness or awareness that you teach!

    Don’t you teach about the need for the machine to break down in order for it to be rebuilt. Embrace the change!

    The consciousness/awareness that the green revolution will bring is what will bring us all to the next level of being!

    Believe it … focus on it And most of all ” Be OK with whatever happens!”

    Your student,


    FROM BILL: Boy, oh, boy have you missed the point. Those who are in charge of the economies of the world (governments) have dishonestly created so much debt it’s not countable–it exceeds the value of EVERYTHING by many times. Debts are always paid, either by the borrower or by the lender. When a whole world has spent money it doesn’t have, there is nothing that can be done about the fact that everyone will have to live at a lower standard of living until the debt is paid back. This happened in the Roman Empire and it took until the 1500s (about 900 years) to pay it back. That time is called The Dark Ages.

    When such things happen people are so angry they go to war, and that will happen again.

    My telling you that hard times are coming and that you should prepare is my love for you speaking, not my negativity. Is it negative for a parent to warn her child to not run out in the traffic?

    Yes, this will be a time of huge chaos, followed by a reorganization. During the chaos, millions will die, however. World War 2 brought many positive changes–in medicine, chemistry, transportation, communications, and in many other areas. However, millions died and whole cities were leveled. Chaos does, indeed, always reorganize, but it is also a time of great suffering. To alert you to protect yourself isn’t negative. It’s compassionate realism.

  235. Garry says :

    Hi Bill
    i’ve not been round these parts for a few years.
    I must say the recent theme did raise the smallest of eyebrow muscles for a milli-second.
    I read you’re comment on Afghanistan and admired you’re honesty in stating you ‘didn’t know’ in part the dynamics of what’s went on.However,not to be in a social science term the stand out ‘pigmallion’ in the class i do know of what you could say a little factiod of sorts about that situation.

    There’s a series of Fed Reserve transactions around the middle of 2008 that we’re used as clearing of Afghani opium deals-basically,it’s a way to introduce money into the system without it ever saying it came from US(iam from Britain but we have a similar anglo/american model that plugs in).
    that would explain that region’s fairly recent monopoly on the production of opium!
    And it then get’s entered into the system through the…yep,you gussed it-the drug traffic!
    it may sound mildly conspiratorial but it’s actually an old impulse which we the British used to great effect with the Chinese a mere 200 years ago!!(hope they forget that one????)

    Iam also guessing the theme on this post is to warn and protect people!i notice a Libertarian slant on this and was wondering,since having people’s best intrest at heart(the ones who will listen haha)it’s also maybe worth mentioning running co-terminus with that impulse that the preffered asset class for many Libertarians is precious metals.

    Although an oxymoron to suggest ‘how’ libertarians should spent their money-it’s also worth noting that despite a politically managed economy,all that infatuation with storing of wealth is infact also adding to the misery of a failing economy!

    It’s a hoarding non expressive non expansive facet to wealth!!maybe good in part,and or good for some people-but,it’s also worth showing the ‘unintended consequences’ as it were of such a mindset.

    As rivals to our British hegemony the 16th Centuary Spanish had an interesting evaluation of gold-2 human bodies for every ounce mined!!even Rio Tinto aren’t that bad these days though!

    Lastly,final factiod-the country of Mongolia have a nice little estimated verifiable 1.5 trillion in gold and copper reserves-some clever cookies at Goldman Sachs have found a way to package that asset to gather them an intrest paying 12% per annum!!it’s then a debt imposed on the country in a complex by design fashio..oddly enough,that model means that when the mines go online in 2017-yep,the countries entire debt to GDP with be eclipsed rendering them bankrupt just out of the starting blocks!
    (albeit it’s more nuanced that tradition definitions of slavery) Ken Wilber get’s to say slavery has been outlawed in large part–hmmmm,that’s not a very ‘integral’ metric to assume such a statement.

    Take care Bill

    as you like to say

    Be Well

  236. AlanH says :

    Hi Bill

    Dumb question, do you ever get ‘fans’ and Centerpointe users that come over to the HQ for surprise visits? (Don’t worry I’m in Connecticut it’s a long drive lol).

    I ask because there are some of us users that wanna meet the man who made us all aware someday and we’ve been waiting for retreats.

    Thanks again!

    FROM BILL: Meeting my at my office isn’t a good idea because I don’t have the time to pay any attention to you when I’m working. I will schedule a live event when and if the opportunity to succesfully do it (financially) arises.

  237. Irene Slovin says :


    Perhaps I am missing the point….what exactly are you suggesting I/we do to prepare?


    FROM BILL: Check my previous few posts for extensive comments on how to be more prepared. For one thing, though, get out of debt. Any form of “wealth” that is someone else’s promise to pay will dissolve in the upcoming years. Even a bank account is a promise to pay. So is a mutual fund, a bond, or any kind of IOU. Neither a borrower or a lender be. Be prepared to live for a while if basic utilities go down for a period of time, or are on and off for a while. Do your best to become less dependent upon “the system”. It may let you down when you least expect it. Create a circle of friends and loved ones who can count on each other.

  238. Irene Slovin says :


    Here’s what I believe. The world as we know it is changing. And it has to do with awareness and consciousness. More and more people are awakening and as this happens people become wiser and better solutions to our problems will become exceedingly more apparent. Also, more and more people will lose their attachment to “things”. This is all stuff you teach.

    Not all revolutions occur through world wars!

    I figured out, all on my own, that money wasn’t backed by gold when I was in high school. I also figured out, all on my own, that money was actually backed by goods and services. I was in high school in the 1970’s.

    Here is another realization i have made…and this is based on my 25+ years in the mortgage banking industry and the new anti money laundering laws that are now in effect….our world is going to do away with cash COMPLETELY…it is untraceable and the only people who use cash are those who are trying to hide something. If you have cash and no one wants it anymore than it is useless. So I disagree with your advice about keeping cash.

    I also believe that all of these changes are for the better. I welcome the new world with open arms those who will suffer are those who resist and cling to their attachment to things and money!

    Those are my thoughts and I like them…they serve my greater purpose!

    Thanks for listening Bill and thanks for your wisdom…


    FROM BILL: You misunderstand what I teach. I am not saying to be less attached. You must be attached to survive. The double bind humans are in is that, yes, attachment causes suffering. But without attachment, what’s the point? Life is about be attached to others, and to things.

    The change that is coming isn’t about people becoming more aware. In fact, I think people are less aware and certainly less well-informed than any time in recent history. What is driving the change is DEBT. Today’s, and tomorrow’s, money has been spent, just as when an individual buys things before he or she has the money. To pay it back he has to live at a lower standard of living. This living at a lower standard of living is just beginning. It has nothing to do with being less attached to things. In fact, it will ultimately be about surviving.

    Go read my series on Going To Hell in a Handbasket. We have entered a time of profoundly negative social mood. This one will be worse than in the 1930s and 1940s. It is something that happens cyclically, and happens in very predictable waves governed my fibonacci number relationships (which govern the shape and number of most things in the universe, from atoms to galaxies to the number of leaves on the branch or a tree to the movements of the stock market.

  239. Daniel B says :

    Hi Bill

    I have been reading this blog now for years and last few years have really opened my eyes and shifted my world view.
    Right now i am really getting my life together. I am working full time relationships have healed and gotten way better i am getting fitter sleeping less doing more I am building a business. (finances are coming) All of this i hope to use to then fund my dream of being an actor. I really feel i have started to master a lot of the success principles that you and many others teach. I have been using holysync for nearly eight years and i am excited. My question is that i have not done all this because i want to bunker down and go into survival mode. I would love to continue forward to my dreams. I plan to get some gold and silver in a safe over the next 12 to 18 months and then shoot for my dreams.
    I guess the thing is reading about what you are seeing coming can make it seem like it may all be hopeless. What about spring always coming after the winter? On the other hand i know because i have this information i have a competitive advantage. Although i will not be able to turn my back to the suffering. A lot of what i have learned is that some of the greatest fortunes are made in the worst times. If you are prepared. Also i note that Hollywood also often does very well in bad times as a comparatively cheap form of entertainment. My vision for my life has meant me building a lot of courage and faith so i still feel like moving forward reading this.
    OK the question Success can still be achieved even in the worst of times right? ( i am looking for some kind of reference from you because you have been such a huge influence in my life ) Maybe though in these conditions it comes more down to the last man standing. I believe i have the tools to be that last man standing.

    FROM BILL: Don’t shoot the messenger! It is what it is. You will have to deal with the conditions, whatever they are. So go for it. Be prudent, be realistic, have a safety fund you don’t touch, but go for it. Yes, many of the biggest successes came in the worst of times. Just because times are bad doesn’t mean we should all crawl under a rock.

  240. Irene Slovin says :


    It is all about awareness…

    Awareness is about recognizing and making the connections.

    There is a direct relationship between our debt and our unhealthy attachment to money and things.

    This isn’t rocket science…as people lose their money and things they realize how little they need to survive.

    The enlightened will be happier!


    FROM BILL: Though consummer debt is too high, it is government debt that is going to kill us. And, the utter dishonesty behind the government making people who have been prudent and NOT in debt to pay the debts of the government and big banks. The govenment urged people (who know little about economics or money management) to go into debt.

    Again, read my articles about Going to Hell in a Handbasket and you will see that in times of postive social mood everyone thinks it’s a good idea to go into debt because there will always be a job and there will always be a way to pay. When social mood changes and becomes negative and the jobs disappear, those who believed this are caught short. And, when tomorrow’s money has already been spent, the world’s standard of living goes DOWN. You, I assume, have not greedily bought a lot of stuff (or have you?). You, though, will pay for the excesses of others because those in power have set things up so that those who were prudent and didn’t go into debt will pay for those who did. How fair is that? And it won’t matter how enlightened you are.

  241. Daniel B says :

    Thank you.

  242. Amber J. Gardner says :

    I read your comment replying about what we should do and I just want to laugh. I mean, I believe you, it’s just my situation is so the opposite of what you’re saying one needs to do to be prepared it’s laughable.

    Get out of debt? I have yet to find a minimum wage job. I can’t pay bills. Don’t have a car. If the lights or water decided to turn off for a month, me and my grandfather who I’m living with (and lets face it, im living off him, which is shameful), will be so screwed.

    I’m living in a very ignorant place without any friends I trust nor family I know very well. The way I think and talk is very different from those in my immediate environment, which leads to tons of misunderstandings.

    I think about how I can create wealth, and yet my best skill isn’t a practical skill.

    I haven’t thrown in the towel, but its like…I almost feel like there’s nothing I can do about this debt and my situation other than keep trying and hoping for the best. It’s to the point I’ve also sort of decided to just make a suicide rush towards what I really, really want before the shit REALLY hits the fan.

    Which means, going back to college, even if that means more debt. And writing a book and self-publishing it, even when there’s no real money in that, and just focusing on creating a more effective IMOR.

    Just thank you for Holosync again, cause at least despite how screwed I know I am, I still feel very okay about it all.

    FROM BILL: I would start looking around and seeing what needs exist, and then get the training or skills to meet them. That might not be through college. Making money is all about solving the problems of others, or benefiting them in some way. If you don’t have the skills or talents or knowledge to do that yet, GET IT. Read, study, apprentice to someone, go to schoos–something.

  243. natasha says :

    it’s really funny afterall… i’m laughing…
    those people that the rest of the world regard as “enlightened” people,
    the ones that sway in endless seas of permanent bliss,
    are not the real enlightened ones.

    the enlightened ones are the rest of the people
    that look upon them, they just do not know it.
    and what they do not know is not all the things
    that their consciousness could attach to,
    but the fact that they are human…

  244. Steven says :

    Hey Bill, I understand the Federal Reserve banking system is privately owned. What do you think about nationalizing it, so that money can be created by the government? The federal government could then give grants to the states to build infrastructure without the huge interest associated with private banks. Could this be a helpful solution?

    FROM BILL: The constitutional authority to create money already lies with the Federal Government. What the Fed is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. However, creating money to loan out–to anyone–is dishonest. It devalues the existing money so someone else can benefit. Why should those who have worked for money lose purchasing power as the result of a conterfeiting scheme by the government? When people have money they are willing to lend it out if the borrower has a good idea for creating wealth (things that people want, that will make their lives easier or happier). There is no need for artificially created money to loan. There is, however, a need for the government to stop using cronyism to steal from others. If that were to happen, money would come flooding into the economy to do what I suggested above.

    However, all the current debt (or a great deal of it) would need to be paid back in one way or another. The system needs to be cleansed of debt. And, believe me, it is going to happen, involuntarily–and it won’t be pretty. The entire world will live at a lower standard of living for a LONG time.

  245. natasha says :


    bill! Satcitananda!

    you cheeky one you…

    i remember every single word from you life principles…

    : )

  246. natasha says :

    hello everyone, bill,

    i was trying to do some research, but couldn’t get anywhere via google,
    maybe you guys can help me.

    i was trying to find some 10 reasons (number arbitrary) why having an ego (a dual self) is a good thing, and what it has taught us humans. the good things we have gained from having one.

    could you help me?

    thank you in advance,

    ps. sorry, i know this is way out of the current blog discussion, but i thought this would be the best (and last) place to drop this question.

    FROM BILL: Your ego is your idea of yourself, nothing more. Just as you have an idea of California and then there’s the real California, there’s your idea of yourself and then there’s the actual you. You only need one reason for having an ego: survival. Without an ego, you wouldn’t survive, just as without a map you’d probably get lost. Without a dual view (without preferences) you wouldn’t come in out of the cold. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between chalk and cheese. The problem isn’t having an idea of who you are. It’s not being able to tell the difference between the idea and the reality, between the map and the territory.

    Disowning the ego is a great way to create unnecessary suffering for yourself. Only the spiritually immmature are anti-ego.

    Please see my blog posts on the Five Stages of Waking Up.

  247. Robert says :

    Hi Bill,

    Since we know what the ego is. Can we really and truly ever know what reality is?

    Seems to me we are caught or trapped since we are living in a world where we are trying to experience reality through something we solely aren’t or aren’t at all—an ego.

    FROM BILL: You aren’t experiencing anything though your ego. Your ego is your idea of yourself. You can’t experience anything through an idea. You experience things through your senses.

  248. Terry says :

    It’s breathtaking the scope of tyranny that is taking place already.

    Whilst I don’t agree with all of their positions, I am grateful to conservative Americans for their rabbid opposition to what’s going on.

    The fact that the three current scandals are out in the open gives me some hope – I like the fact that the absurdly biased mainstream media were directly targeted.

    With any luck this will shock them into doing some real journalism.

  249. nicolas says :

    Is the world increasing in negativity more and more or am I just focusing on the wrong stuff? I tend to notice an exaggeration in negative viewpoints, negative remarks, negative commentaries, negative states of mind amongst the masses, and aggressiveness on all sides. Also, there is a “blame game” going on too…both on the part of the media and people…attempting to criminalize the “wrong-doers” or make innocent people seem to be “wrong-doers” in the eyes of the public. The world is growing in chaos and it seems to be no way out at times, I think maybe they should start inventing personal space ships!

  250. natasha says :

    my dear friends.

    we do realise that bill is talking with facts, which we then experience as something negative, individually, each of us right? we do realize that what he says is actually neutral right? (regarding current state of affairs)

    also, best blog de-shadowing capitalism i should say. no?

  251. Andrea says :

    I am still a bit unclear as to why deflation is so bad, at least where individual families are concerned. It seems like hyperinflation or even inflation would be so much worse for average people. If deflation causes goods and services like haircuts and shoes to be dirt cheap, it seems like that would make life easier.

    But I do understand that deflation is considered worse by the economists. I do see how it would be less profits for the businesses, but it would be nice to get our stuff cheaply for a change…

    I know that what is coming will be historical and terrible, but I guess it is just hard to see how exactly it will play out.

    FROM BILL: Check out the 1930s. Was that bad? You bet. Yes, prices go down in a deflation. But guess what? They go down because all the money has disappeared. What good are low prices if you have no money? If there’s no money, no one buys. If no one buys, people are layed off. No jobs, no money.

    In deflation, all the credit money that has been created out of thin air (in this case, trillions of dollars–an unimaginable amount) goes back into thin air. Credit inflates the money supply; the paying back of the credit (or inability to pay it back) deflates the money supply.

    Lots of what you think of as money (in fact, almost everything you think of as money)–bank accounts, money market funds, treasury bonds, or corporate bonds, for instance–are promises to pay. They are IOUs. If they can’t be paid, their value DISAPPEARS (these debts can’t be paid now–it’s just that not enough people are asking to be paid back at the same time–yet [they eventually will–it’s happening now with gold]).

    This is how money goes to money heaven. It’s a game of music chairs. The chairs (the money) disappear, and only a few people end up with a chair. You have low prices in deflationry times because there’s no money–prices keep going down, trying to get them low enough so that someone will buy the product. But there are, at such times, too many good and services chasing too little money. You think, for instance, well, I have a car I can sell and get some money, but when you try to sell it, no one has enough money to pay you for it.

    Deflation is worse than inflation, though it is caused by inflation.

  252. Amber J. Gardner says :

    Quick question. You say the upcoming changes will affect the everyone everywhere. But a lot of people are talking about moving out of the U.S.A.

    Will the social mood affect the USA harder than the other countries? Should people with the means move to other countries or locations as soon as possible?

    I had that idea for a bit (though I clearly cannot move anywhere at the moment), but then the violent attack in London reminded me that this really is worldwide.

    FROM BILL: By everywhere I meant EVERYWHERE. I suspect that social mood will probably be worse in other parts of the world. Most of the places you might go are dictatorships, or about to become dictatorships. I suppose you could try to live off the land in some isolated place in Canada or something. Your guess is as good as mine.

  253. nan says :

    Thank you Bill for the time and effort to write these blog posts. You provide a calm voice in the foggy darkness.

  254. Andrea P. says :

    Ok, I see now. Thank you Bill. So it is less about price, which is more of an arbitrary matter and more about the availability/ non-availability of currency.

    FROM BILL: Nothing arbitrary at all: the more money in circulation in relation to the amount of goods and services, the more the price goes up; the less money vs good, the more the price goes down. However, if money is disappearing at a HUGE rate (which it does when deflation hits), no one has any. Then, prices fall further in an attempt to sell something, anything, to get some money. In a deflation “cash is king”. And, no one will have any.

  255. Eva says :

    Hi Bill,

    What’s your view on gold and silver money in deflationary times? Is it best to have some or not?

    thank you, Eva

    FROM BILL: There are no sure things. Educate yourself. No one ever made money following the advice of others.

  256. Tim says :

    Indeed looking at the situation with the logical analysis found in sound economics and the study of human action as a way of understanding political economy can lead to a very bleak outlook. All the indicators show that governmental, international and supra-national policies are exacerbating problems, stifling creativity and suppressing individual well-being (wealth).

    All of which leads to a student of both economics and consciousness to ponder a solution to the paradox: How can I look at “what is” yet still focus on “what is wanted”?

    I see ever increasing encroachments upon individual choice being consumed by the political and bureaucratic realm of government regulation, yet hold to the belief that peace and prosperity are the gifts of freedom. I see how wealth is being depleted by centralized planning, while yearning for a world where everyone can increase their well-being by giving what they have to get what they want (free trade). I see an erosion of the enlightened principles that birthed a nation conceived in liberty, yet hold a vision of a society that works for everyone, free from coercion and aggression, where political structures exist simply to protect individual rights to life, liberty and the freedom to pursue one’s own idea of happiness.

    How do you do it? How does one take a realistic and sober look at the present political and economic situation, note that the trend is antithetical to promoting human well-being while holding a focus upon those things and experiences that are wanted? How do you “hold the vision” in these times?

  257. Steven says :

    Some people are saying the UK is about to collapse. As in the following video by Money Week

  258. Terry says :

    My God. 1984 is here. It’s unbelievable. Like a bad dream.

  259. Chris M says :

    Dear Bill, I have a question about cruelty, passive-aggressiveness and how much is necessary for development. I feel so melancholy when I look around and watch other people. Just jaded. For example, there is a ‘family’ restaurant with music loud enough to damage kids ears. You said that negative qualities can mature into positive ones, but to me it just looks like coveting cruelty, with a laugh akin to a drunk at a bar. Socially the ‘intensity’ is coveted to be one of the group. People BELIEVE that life is in itself cruel, although to me it seems like most of the cruelty is created and perpetuated by such people themselves, for example, the context being initiated by them behaving in a crass, thoughtless manner. In their eyes, they are stuck/not xyz because the world is cruel. Such people cannot be interacted with positively because it is a personal attack. It may get to the point where such people go about challenging if your hearing is that good. As if coveting your senses! Dangerous it seems. I have tinitus. Best case scenario, the cheap Chinese washing machine, when I first turned it on, the loud sound as the gears, etc, caused it. Worst case, perhaps when I went back to old (Presbyterian) youth-group to do voluntary work, and they played a game where they had to yell long and hard at another person and the looser sat down. True story. It was hard to watch. You said you need a strong stomach to watch this stuff. Negative mood. Good fruit should produce good results, right, but I see nobody standing up for something that naturally should be basic. I mean there is a difference between some part-deaf teenager getting a job in a supermarket and putting the speaker up too loud and nobody bothering to complain to some extent also, though I think that is not good either. I just feel so powerless. A little off topic perhaps, but I guess it’s worth noting that these kinds of things are happening. I think people tend to stratify into groups, don’t necessarily get exposure to other people. And, there are different normals for each group, some seemingly oblivious to the solidness/reality of other norms. Naturally, embodying is important, or becoming so, to me. I guess I just want you to write more blogposts! There are a hundred topics! Speed reading, mind-mapping, mental literacy, brain gym, visualization, heck, the monty hall paradox, or even just paradoxes of different sensory methods, there is a list of paradoxes in Wikipedia. You could talk about the power of the unconscious mind! For example, with visualization – “Say you want to multiply large numbers, have each number represent an animal, go inside your mind and into a room, they interact in different ways based on the animals, and at the end you have the answer symbolically. Then shrink the room to the size of your hand, put a mini-you in one door, and a second later the mini-you comes out the other with the answer.” Or maybe body-mind synergy like how yoga can be spiritual practice. Or maybe how to speed up or slow down the perception of time. I don’t know if you want to write a blog-post or whatever is surrounding that (for you), but, I think it is beneficial for a lot of people! I am writing a book for my cousins, and a lot of comprehension regarding self development, or at least what is possible in certain respects, has come from your blogposts! Keep writing and doing blogposts! Well, hopefully that’s a little motivating :). I know I’d prefer it to be motivating.

    FROM BILL: As the guru said, “The wave goes up, the wave goes down.” In social mood, and in everything else.

  260. Luke says :

    Come on Bill new topic please :) We realise the car is falling from the cliff and ready to burst into flame, what did Alan Watts say about life and falling off a cliff with no point in holding on to rocks that fall with you. Lets move on and start doing some fun stuff while we are falling. :) P.s thanks for HS finished PL1 and feel like my life has turned out fantastic. I will keep on going but the need to finish as decreased, not so much in a hurry. Take care Bill

  261. Carol says :

    The events that are happening are seen by many as negative and fearful. There is another way to perceive these events. I’ve read that there must be pressure to create a quantum leap. I’m assuming the pressures will come from the social/political arena as well as the geological/climate disruptions. By continuing to use Holosync, we can make a quantum leap in our physical/mental/spiritual experience and do it with conscious awareness. Bring it on!

    FROM BILL: I’m not saying you should be fearful, but I am saying that big trouble is coming. Nearly every human will be living at a dramatically lower standard of living. That is no more a quantum leap than malaria is. Later, there will be positive change. Before that, many will suffer. Be prepared.

  262. Matthew says :

    What do you think of a Psychology degree(PhD)? Both considering all of your experience in the personal growth field, as well as whatever interactions you’ve had with people who have PhD’s.

    Would you consider it useful? Considering what you’ve done in your life.

    FROM BILL: Sure, if you want to teach psychology somewhere.

  263. So you have written a great deal previously on what you regard as The Stages Of Development as seen and known from your own years of experience with your product and your own teaching and also the various products of associate teachers, masters and so forth.

    Have you written any articles on a litmus paper type test of confirmation biases within those stages of development. The reason I ask is that the area of confirmation biases seems to be my own greatest hurdle in following the guidance and paths you have laid out and explained for us all. I think I am at Stage X only to later have to re-evaluate thinking I have not progressed from stage W.

    Are you able to lay it out as a litmus paper type set of grading’s between acid and alkaline. The PH in the middle being the optimum confirmation bias to have (or in fact not if that is actually another trap that some of us fall into). This talk of quantum leap’s and happy Luke is disconcerting to myself as it seems to me the World is falling more and more into the kind of chaos that suggests a Quantum Retreat, yes the mini-wars are elsewhere than History suggests yet the patterns remain largely undisturbed from what the reading materials you have previously recommended suggest.

    So the desperate plight that is brought about through continuously flawed confirmation biases and the processes we can use to not get ahead of ourselves in our multi-faceted belief structures? Any new ideas? This is a request for a pointer of guidance from your back catalogue of articles but if you have not written largely on the confusion of confirmation biases maybe you could. Thank you.

    FROM BILL: Okay, so people look for proof of what they already believe. I’ve been saying that for years. If you do so with awareness, it becomes a choice and you begin to notice where doing so if faulty and doesn’t serve you. I’m not sure what that has to do with developmental levels, other than people look to confirm what they believe no matter what their level (though at a certain point you aren’t particularly interested in believing anything unless it is useful to do so).

    A developmental level is just a perspective you take that helps you navigate your way through life, find meaning or explanation of certain things you experience, and so forth. Each perspective works as long as it works. When/if you encounter information (esp. through experience, and esp if it is crucial to navigating your way through life) which isn’t/can’t be explained or dealt with through the current perspective, life pushes you to change/expand your perspective to one that can take into account what the previous perspective couldn’t.

    Different developmental levels get along better in times of positive social mood and worse in times of negative social mood. And, those that are adjacent (developmentally) have more animosity for each other.

    As for thinking you are at a certain level, why bother? Who cares. Live your life, be open to changing your perspective as needed, and do your best to be kind and understanding to those who have a different perspective. And, as they say in boxing, “protect yourself at all times”.

  264. nicolas says :

    Considering moving to a college campus dorm in my mid twenties. It’s due to the fact that can’t find a job and living in an apartment. Would this be just focusing on moving away from something and thus be focusing on what I don’t want?

    FROM BILL: You have to ask ME what you’re focusing on? Just look. It’s your mind doing the focusing, not mine.

  265. natasha says :

    (this is for you, please do not post it)

    my dear bill,

    i just received an advertising email from centerpointe, where you start off by saying that divorced some time ago.
    i just wanted to write and say i’m sorry for what has happened, a divorce is always something painful, so i am giving you a warm hug and a kiss on the forehead…

    you are a wonderful man, and your need to help humanity is pure and selfless. in my eyes this is exceptionally obvious.

    we are all ‘pawns’ of God (or big mind, or however you want to call it) dancers in his ball of Love, and whether its us doing the dancing or he, is -in the end- not that important.

    i will always keep an eye on you.


  266. carlosae says :

    i agree with Bill. I grew up and lived most of my life in Cuba. There is zero political freedom in Cuba and very few choices for people.

    The system makes you more lazy , sneaky, selfish ( ironically) and ruthless. Most people of my generation grow up trying to milk the system as much as they can while giving as little as they can.

    That is what I did for the first few years after moving to US.

  267. nicolas says :

    Negative social mood can be a collective of out of control thoughts, actions, fears, and confusion. A rationalization for all this commotion can be that since A.) Since focusing your mind on what you want helps you to create what you want since focusing on what you don’t want unfortunately directs your brain to create or attract more of it, then B.) Declining social mood can be a collective of ignorant people focusing on what they don’t want ?

    Or is it that negative social mood is far beyond simply people focusing on what they don’t want and more of a massive spin cycle or as Richard Brodie pointed out “mind viruses” being regurgitated through the media and sources by the left; i.e., hollywood, media, movies, music…etc.

  268. ghislaine says :

    Dear Bill,
    I just would like to reply to Adam T* because I felt like him. I got very depressed when I read your blog and for a while I lost hope. But the truth is that the world is not going well and that is not new..The only thing that we need to do is actually keep hope in our hearts and beleive that whatever we Do Today has an impact on us and on the world. That is how I turned around my depression by spending more time with people who contribute and give to others. By giving more myself, and by chanting mantras who bring joy and hope. I hope, Adam, you will keep faith, not in Bill, but in Life itself. The laws of the universe are always working. The book from Deepak Chopra: The 7 spiritual laws of success is very simple but there is all we need there to have a good life. In LPIP course we learn how much all is connected, so of course we do impact each others and the rest of the worl in some way.
    Kind regards,

  269. Jem says :

    I like Ghislaine, Adam & im sure, like many others after reading your blogs became extremly depressed & anxious thinking O my God the whole worlds going to shit, feeling total fear for a long time. I can’t understand your reason for printing so much negativity, do you believe it, are you stuck in a depresive frame of mind, have you lost hope your self or does it help you sell more holosync???

    I honestly don’t know but what I did realize was that reading your blogs really didn’t help me for a long time, like watching the news, who wants total negativity all the time, no one, it zaps the soul, strips you of hope, goodness & the desire to move forward. Specially when your telling us to buy gold, stock up on food & water, buy a gun etc when a lot of the people who read this have no money to do any of these things.

    You say you are just warning people, I had a hard time with that as well as it wasn’t rocket science that the world is in a pretty shitty place, but also you were stating it as it was a full gone conclusion, which nothing is a full gone conclusion. Well if that was the case people are warned.

    Thank God, holosync does work extremly well, albeit slowly. I think I started reading your doom & gloom blog reports around Aw 3 or 4 not quite sure when you went all doom & gloom. I think when I was on Aw 1 & 2 you were still positive. Anyway this lead to an extreme increase in anxiety for many years untill I stopped reading your blog & now cominjg to the end of P3 I see that its not all doom & gloom at all, its just change and to be honest we need change because the world we have created really does suck of corruption, death & destruction & a whole new way of dealing with the world is needed. Out with the old out dated & in with the new.

    What this time needs is people who are true to them selves, holosync really does help here but also with the courage to step out of the box society has put us in, to follow ones heart for a better world. It is true people that will change the world now not the government, not the buisnesses but the people. Good people everywhere are fighting the corruption that is destroying the world, follow your hearts peole, take courage & know if you are serving good you can never loose.

    FROM BILL: So sorry. Actually, everything is perfect. Take no steps to protect yourself whatsoever. Just continue your life as if nothing is happening.

  270. Terry says :

    Hey Bill

    We haven’t heard from you in almost a year.

    Hope you’re okay.


    FROM BILL: Very busy.

  271. Hi Bill
    I’d just like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the excellent video course that I recently put myself through “How to Create Success in Good Times and Bad” and also to your associates at Learning Strategies who have run an excellent series of free “Fest” courses a number of which use and include Holosync.

    I have been reading and reading and reading and seeking to develop my questioning and judgement skills and was wondering if you could do a blog on law and judgement or recommend some law and Judiciary based reading materials. I have looked on Amazon and am unsure as to what anyone wanting to understand law should read as a “must have” in the collection.

    If you were on the voting panel to make recommendations as to the 2020 Olympic Games which Country from those on the list is objectively the best choice?
    Japan-Tokyo (Radiation Poisoning)
    Spain-Madrid (Rail Disasters)
    Turkey-Istanbul (Earthquakes)

    Yes I know I should not put those things in the criteria but that is surely what will be on the minds of Sports fans and prospective Olympians, if not the Buenos Aries (Argentina) deciding committee.
    My own choice at random would be Istanbul-Turkey, what would trained international lawmakers & barristers and so on use as professional criteria in these choices?

    So any book recommendations on law? and thank you once again for all the feedback and teaching and patience you have given and demonstrated since The Hell in a Handbasket Series (I felt I was somewhat hogging your time and blog).

    FROM BILL: Off the top of my head I have no law-oriented recommendations. Law is a pretty broad category. What kind of law?

    As for the Olympics, those choices are determined by progressive-run groups who have their own agenda. Personally, I think Turkey is a dangerous place to go, given the jihad mentality of the part of the world (and, it is essentially a dictatorship). Where they hold it is out of my hands and my wishes mean nothing. I’ll watch on TV.

  272. natasha says :

    “david Says:
    September 3rd, 2013 at 10:10 am
    Bill, there are truly NO WORDS for your comment to Santiago, I’m appalled that you apparently support Monsanto, and that you even dare to write such a reply. You should limit yourself to doing what you do best: personal growth stuff and music.”

    david. stop asking for bill’s attention and affection in such an unhealthy and indirect way. Either a. ask for it directly which is healthier (you will receive it) or better yet b. give it to yourself on your own.

    how’s this for personal growth? : )

  273. Thank you for your response;

    as you say LAW is a very large field to be seeking to tackle or get one’s head around. I am wanting to see materials on TORT LAW and THE DOCTRINE OF PRECEDENT if you or any of your longstanding readers have any reading recommendations in those areas. Yes wiki has some pages but I find much of the information to be vague or some thing of a light sprinkling, any deeper research recommendations in those areas will be gratefully received. Thank you.

  274. Ganesh says :

    When the Fed prints money, where does it actually *go*? To the banks? I heard they are hoarding the money they get from gov’t. How does it make its way into the market? or does it at all, given hoarding.

  275. david says :

    Natasha, if I want Bill’s attention and affection I’ll send him an email on his personal address.

    Bill, I get what you’re saying, and from that “rational standpoint” one could almost agree with you. On the other hand, what qualifies you to say that what you “know” is the truth, only because it’s coming from a “respected” scientist (whatever that means).

    “Respected sources” say a lot of things when the day is long…who to believe at the end of the day?

    FROM BILL: There are empirical ways to determine the truth of many things. The GM food haters are violating the rules of empiricism, cause and effect, and rational logic in hthe way they draw their conclusions. I am not relying on what some scientist said. In fact, most of you are drawing your conclusions (not just on this issue) based on what someone else said. I am evaluating the methodology for the scientists I read, and I have the background to do that.

    If you know how cause and effect works (if you’ve had a true scientific education) you can evalute what others say about such things. If you don’t have such an education, if you don’t really understand how cause and effect works, you have to rely on “experts” and their opinion. Such opinions, though they could be empirically accurate, quite often aren’t truth. They are often biased opinions, especially when they are about highly charged topics. Most people (including many reading this) believe these opinions largely because they hear them–accompanied by what passes for “proof” among the unwashed–many times, and what you hear over and over MUST be true. (And, by the way, these same people also avoid opinions which contradict theirs, as this is confusing–we’ve heard a lot of ranting about those who offer competing political opinions in the comments posted on this blog.)

    This is why I have urged everyone to become educated–about history, science, economics, spirituality, and anything else important to human life. Pay the price to actually have the criteria that would allow you to evaluate what others say. Or, don’t offer uneducated opinions based on what other biased people have said as if it’s something you know and have actually evaluated for yourself.

  276. Kevin says :


    Robert Ringer just beautifully illustrated everything you’ve been discussing with these posts. I thought I’d share

    Here’s the link to his blog post and I’ve pasted the content below for your readers.

    Longtime readers know that I’m a proponent of embracing change through action. Homeostasis, the tendency to live with existing conditions and avoid change, is a curse that paralyzes a majority of the human race.
    While it’s true that we live in a rapidly changing world, it’s important to recognize that the daily changes we witness are changes in form only. The real substance of our universe, and thus of life itself, is comprised of universal principles. These universal principles, also known as axioms, truths, or natural laws, form the infrastructure for the stage of life on which each of us performs.
    When the weather changes dramatically, as it has in the past several years, the universal principles (euphemistically referred to as “science”) that cause such radical changes remain firmly in place. Likewise, the economy may change, but, no matter how much mischievous politicians try to manipulate it, the free-market principles that underlie the workings of the economy do not change one iota.
    Technology changes on a daily basis before our very eyes. However, our vanity blinds us to the reality that all we really do is rearrange atoms. Video games and iPods aside, the laws of molecular structure are the same today as they were in prehistoric times.
    This is not just an academic discussion I’m engaging in here. On the contrary, it has everything to do with how you live your life on a day-to-day basis.
    Any civilized religion has built into it — at least through implication — the sanctity of universal principles. Universal principles are omniscient and omnipotent. Whether they are omnibenevolent is subject to debate and beyond the scope of this article. My focus here is on the importance of living your life in harmony with universal principles as the only possible way to retain your sanity in an increasingly insane world.
    Everyone is familiar with George Santayana’s famous words, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Even a casual student of history is painfully aware that, notwithstanding how far mankind has advanced technologically, we continue to make the same mistakes today that our ancestors have made throughout history.
    Sadly, when idealistic lads and lasses bid farewell to their clueless profs at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale, they have learned almost nothing about the lessons of history. Worse, the pudding heads who were in charge of teaching them have likely perverted the lessons of history to ensure that these future leaders of our society will make the same mistakes as their predecessors.
    The great Thomas Sowell explained it even better than Santayana when he said, “Everything is new if you are ignorant of history. That is why ideas that have failed repeatedly in centuries past reappear again, under the banner of ‘change,’ to dazzle people and sweep them off their feet.”
    If you guide your actions in accordance with what you see and hear around you — particularly on television — you’re likely to spend your life in a state of waking dreams. On the other hand, given that you have been blessed with a human brain, you have the capacity to make a conscious decision to refuse to join your lemming neighbors as they obediently follow evil and ignorant politicians and “good cause” advocates over the Cuckoo Cliffs.
    My advice is that you neither try to predict the future nor allow the madness of the crowd to discourage you. Instead, relentlessly focus on the infrastructure of life and base your actions on universal principles. I believe this is an important key to finding freedom and happiness in an unfree world, because universal principles will never desert you.
    Old Charlie Dickens was right on target back in 1859 when he said, in the very first (and very long) sentence of A Tale of Two Cities:
    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way — in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”
    In other words, it was pretty much like any other time.
    And the same can be said of today. Crises come and go, but only one time in history is the world going to come to an end — and you won’t be around to remember it happening anyway. Which is why a rational approach to life is to concentrate on those things over which you have the most control, and rely on the infrastructure of life — universal principles — to work its magic for you. To the extent you do so, you will have a much better chance of leading a prosperous, meaningful, fulfilling life — during both good times and bad.

  277. natasha says :

    :) thank you

  278. Jim says :

    It never ceases to amaze me that people assume that if we’re interested in self-development/enlightenment/etc. that we will be oriented to the ‘left’.

    It is not extreme to take responsibility for yourself and your family by providing the means to protect and defend yourself and others who may need help. Part of this is to realize what is going on in the wide world, and to make reasonable preparations.

    It’s not extreme to realize that the world is run by power mad individuals trying to expand their reach. One of their most useful methods is to pretend to be looking out for the rest of us while they attempt to slowly strangle us out of our God-given freedoms.

    If these things bother you, just go on about your business as usual and stop making assine statements. Everybody has opinions of course, just keep yours to yourself.

    FROM BILL: When Renee posted her comment that my last post was “extreme” I went back and read it again, wondering what I might have said that could have been interpreted that way. As I read the post I thought, “This is SO reasonable and logical. I’m just explaining how the economy works and why we’re in such a bad situation, and what to do to protect yourself.”

    I chalk her comments up to the fact that anyone under 50 has been brought up in the progressive-run school system, watching progressive-made movies and television shows (where business and the military are always the vilains), and where they have been told over and over and over that anyone who defends capitalism, free markets, and business, or who is against redistribution of others’s wealth is evil and don’t even consider listening to them. Hear this over and over from age 3 or 4–and hear no other point of view–and I can see why she would think that what she has been told MUST be golden truth.

    Sadly, it is these younger people who are mostly going to pay the price of the dishonesty of today’s leaders. Please, people, do your own research. Learn how to evaluate things based on facts, not on opinions repeated over and over. Challenge everything.

    And, above all, remember that being a person is hard. Vow to help those who are suffering (which is pretty much everyone). Be part of the solution.

  279. Ganesh says :

    Bill, How will the younger people (<50) will suffer the most (see your last comment to Jim)? If in the coming economic climate, people will want *more* authoritarianism, and they get it, wouldn't they be "happier" about it? It would seem that conservatives would be under attack and would therefore suffer.

    FROM BILL: In times on negative social mood people want authoritarianism because they’re scared and they don’t know what to do. A strong leader (who acts like he knows what to do, even if he doesn’t) seems comforting. Being scared and allowing someone else to take over, though, hardly creates happiness. And, authoritarianism always ends in blood and tears.

  280. Santiago says :

    Bill are you aware of Shumann Holophonics ? I got their ad from Integral Life, it surprised me, I would guess they could be advertising holosync, giving your relationships with the integral community.

    FROM BILL: I am not aware of it.

  281. Daniel B says :

    Hi Bill

    What is your opinion on Richard Duncans suggestions towards dealing with the coming crisis. His definition of the system we are now involved in is Creditism. And believes if we allow the system to finds its equilibrium then we will not be alive to see the end of the great depression and that the government should engage in Apollo style plans to at least give us a chance of stepping up to the next stage of progess ie Energy independence seeing as the government runs the economy anyway. Thinking over what you have wrote i am thinking you believe the end is inevitable. Is their such things as creative economical solutions? Or does the system have to die


    FROM BILL: I don’t know about Richard Duncan. However, when trillions of dollars of paper wealth (which isn’t real wealth) are created, eventually it will be exposed as being what it is: worthless. I’ve said before: this will be a game of musical chairs, and the chairs remaining at the end will be things that have true, real wealth (things that have actual value and usefulness). Those that are promises to pay will disappear. Only a few people in the end will have a chair, because few people are holding things of real value. This is a matter of cause and effect winning out. It is similar to someone building a life on lies and eventually being exposed. The financial system is built on lies–the presentation of paper promises as being wealth. If the paper is backed by actual stuff, all is well. But if you promise the same stuff to thousands of people, and they all want the stuff at the same time, the house of cards will fall.

  282. Brandon says :


    Now that I’ve fulfilled all my debts, gathered some gold, silver & US bills, I was thinking it’d be a smart investment to start allocating some resources towards bitcoins etc…

    In short, I’ve heard that these virtual currencies are very good for the free-market and that we’ll be seeing more of them in the future. Any thoughts or advice?

    Thank You


    FROM BILL: I can’t comment on your investment position. You need to become your own expert. (By the way, gold is very shakey right now.)

  283. Hi Bill

    I have a couple of questions that you or your readers may or may not be able to assist me with.

    The first is that I recently found myself asking the question “how can I create my own overwhelm and enlightenment engine based on my own research notes and bibliography?” strange thought I know but it basically led me to believe that I have an inferior questioning technique and was wondering if you have any books in your library that teach excellent or superior questioning skills?

    The other matter is that I own a small non descript non entity web address or web site amongst the millions available that I cannot personally think of any particular way to take forward for further development, in this kind of scenario do you keep the address out of sentimentality or let the address go back into the public domain for others to perhaps find and develop or do you seek out resources and contacts who will take the site forward in alignment with your own values, as you can see I am once again moving into a level of confusion as to how to progress in this particular instance? Any tips or inspirations on the economics of websites and web addresses?

    Thank you

    FROM BILL: Too big of a topic for now. Take my LPIP or Success course, both of which address this in detail.

  284. Zak A Klemmer says :

    Bill: A friend from my Toastmasters club recommended Holosync to me (I’m on my second week of listening). The more I read about you and your ideas the more I know I have found a right path. This post above is an honest assessment and I’m grateful to have found Holosync.

  285. Paul Cowan says :

    More of this is coming truer and truer, the IMF has started talking quietly about bail ins:

    This has already happened in Cyprus of course. It seems to me that they could rob everybody’s account in the whole world and they still would not have enough money.

    What I still cannot understand is how the UK and US have not collapsed already. The UK especially is indebted to the moon and back.

    How can the UK and US just repeatedly increase their debt limits to infinity? I realise the US is the reserver currency for now anyway but how can they just simply go on and on and on.

    Why should they worry about the debt it it just carries on like this.

  286. Jim says :

    Inflation/Deflation debate.

    Bill, That the current economic/political situation cannot continue to proceed normally is a given, considering the extreme amount of both debt and money creation being done.

    I understand from reading your blogs that you are in the deflationary scenario camp. It seems to me that the amount of additional currency being created through Quantitative Easing will lead to a debasing of currency in terms of what it will purchase, i.e. inflation; and, when the market realizes the actual situation, hyperinflation.

    Do you anticipate deflation after inflation, before, or when? Or perhaps some sort of whipsaw effect.

    Many thanks. I have enjoyed Holosync for many years now.

    FROM BILL: I have no chrystal ball, but the money being created now is barely offsetting the money that is disappearing through debts being retired, either through default or by being paid off. At some point the amount of debt going to debt heaven will be so large no government could possible inject enough credit into the system to offset it. This is deflation. Maybe inflation will come later.

  287. Hi Bill

    Sorry to be a pain, I have recently found myself seemingly under siege for updated payment and renewal of one of my Website domains, anyway the long and the short of it is that I had not updated that particular Website for some three years, the three years in fact since your Hell In A… Blog where I first began interacting with yourself and using The Holosync Solution. So I decided that in order to make the Website worthwhile I would have to build it up and update it and so on, I was originally planning and intending to let it go but the analytics data was telling me that it was getting several hundred so-called hits each month and that translates in your own World (as a leading light entrepreneur and business man) into money. (Although I personally have not made any).

    Anyway I have now included some links to your own website and one or two of your associates whose technologies that I recommend people try, and not knowing how these things work, I would not want to upset you or they in any manner, so if you could check what is said and if you object to my referring people to yourself or your associates let me know and I will remove the links and referrals.

    the address is

    I hope you are keeping well and thank you for all the efforts that I feel you have made on my behalf these last few years, I really need to start thinking about how I can better improve my own financial circumstances including what I have learned-do you have any more top secret elite courses that we should know about or have we exhausted you out?

    FROM BILL: Sorry, I don’t have time to vet it. If you want to link to us, I’m okay with it.

  288. Joel says :

    Hey Bill,

    Hope you are doing well. Just a quick question if you have the time. You have been an endorser of Ken Wilber and Intergral institute for some time. As there are apparent conflicting beliefs between yourself and Ken; global warming! What do you decide to take from his writings, teachings and what do you not?

    What is Prechter’s ideas on global warming?

    How do you decide what to take from a source and what not to? I guess I can answer this for myself, years of study, reading and making your on conclusions.

    I JUST WANT TRUTH IN MY LIFE! but how to get there dam it?

    ;-) cheers

  289. This design is steller! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!