Summer 2022 “Suite Deal” Sale

Spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh takes, and awesome deals from Centerpointe!

To celebrate the season, we’re opening up our extensive collection of Holosync Suites…

...and then cutting prices across the board!

For a limited time, you can save $31 off ANY ONE of our most popular Holosync Suites (digital only):
Just use the promo code: SUMMER22

Super Learning and Memory

The Super Learning & Memory Suite includes three state-of-the-art soundtracks that use precise combinations of Holosync tones to…

...enhance the parts of your brain that will make you into a focus, concentration, learning and memory genius:

  1. Ultra Focus and Learning increases your focus and concentration so that you become totally absorbed in whatever you’re doing. 
  2. Super Memory Stabilizer helps move what you’ve learned to long-term memory, so you’ll remember it – forever.
  3. Laser Memory Recall primes your brain for easy recall of what you’ve learned, whenever you need it.

Plus you’ll also get access to a fourth “bonus soundtrack”...

...Eureka Moment.

Eureka Moment uses Holosync to put you in the precise brain wave state of “ah ha” insights, creative ideas, and…

...sudden solutions to seemingly “insoluble” problems.

From students to professionals, the Super Learning and Memory Suite has something for everyone!

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Ultra Success & Wealth Suite

If you find yourself

  • Having “great ideas” that burn out before they reach their potential.
  • Unable to get your entrepreneurial projects off the ground
  • Living paycheck-to-paycheck, never able to get ahead 
  • Burdened with student loans or credit card debt
  • Stressing out about money

Then don’t worry...

...we’ve got the answer!

I’m talking about our powerful, targeted and comprehensive solution to propel you beyond your financial limits:

The Ultra Success & Wealth Suite.

There is a ton of “money advice” out there...

...but there is simply nothing like this anywhere in the world for any price!

That’s because the real first step in making more money is changing how you think about success and wealth.

Check out one of our most popular Holosync collections that’ll help you get onto the right fiscal path.

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Wu Xing Power Suite

In a world full of chaos and turmoil, how do you balance your emotions and heal the hurt in your heart, mind and body?

Using state of the art neuro-audio soundtracks, the Wu Xing Power Suite helps you:

  • Transform despair into courage
  • Transform melancholy into joy
  • Transform anger into patience
  • Transform fear into serenity
  • Transform worry into grace the touch of a button!

You also get a TON of free bonus materials, including a Wu Xing Journal and a free guided meditation!

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Journey to Self Suite

Centerpointe Research Institute | Journey To Self Suite

Did you know that by holding on to negativity and resentment, you are actually getting in your own way of success?

From the jerk who cuts you off on the freeway to the person who broke your heart…

...grudges can fester into counterproductive thoughts and actions.

But now with the flip of a switch, you can create the mindset you need to:

  • Have compassion (instead of criticism) for others
  • Express love in healthy and fulfilling ways
  • Forgive those who hurt you in the past
  • Live a life of gratitude

By letting go, you will create unshakeable peace and fulfillment in your life.

And to help you get there, we have the perfect collection of soundtracks powered by our transformative Holosync brainwave technology:

The Journey to Self Suite.

Here’s what you get with Journey to Self:

  1. Journey to Love (30 minutes) This soundtrack will unlock your heart and mind. Use Journey to Love to overcome any fears or resistance to giving and receiving love.
  2. Journey to Forgiveness (30 minutes) Use Journey to Forgiveness to combat the toxic, unconscious material that keeps you from feeling whole, centered and happy. 
  3. Journey to Gratitude (30 minutes) Journey to Gratitude provides an easy way for you to connect with feelings of joy and contentment, and to help you cultivate a mindfully thankful state.
  4. BONUS SOUNDTRACK: Journey to Compassion (30 minutes) This special bonus track will inspire authentic kindness and understanding toward others, allowing you to let go before grudges take hold.

Each soundtrack features the powerful Holosync audio technology and carefully chosen affirmations using Centerpointe’s Autofonix™ encoding method…

...all embedded beneath soothing music or sounds of nature.

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Passages to Healing

Are you feeling overwhelmed after a great loss, change, or other crisis?

We understand what you’re going through, and we can help!

Do any of these scenes seem familiar?

  • You find it difficult to confront places or situations that remind you of your loss
  • You turn to unhealthy habits as a way to cope with your loss
  • You struggle to keep your composure in front of others
  • You have trouble concentrating and focusing
  • You feel like you are walking around in a fog
  • You find it hard to get a restful sleep
  • You fight to hold back the tears

These are all totally normal after experiencing a great loss or change.

The good news is that you don’t have to face these times on your own!

Passages to Healing is a powerful tool with a light touch for sensitive times.

With Passages to Healing, you can find instant relief and a safe space to heal and grow - even on the days when you don’t want to get out of bed.

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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The Magical Wooded Path

Nothing can serve your child (or grandchild) as profoundly as a practice of mindfulness.

Centerpointe Research Institute introduces the first meditation suite for kids!

The Magical Wooded Path!

Six powerful 12-minute soundtracks help kids (ages 6-12) find immediate relief from stress, anger and confusion - and build up a strong mental resistance to those negative emotions as well.

Now it’s easy for children to discover profound inner-resources and powerful mindfulness tools that will serve them their whole lives.

AND we’ve included a companion soundtrack for adults, “Beside the Gentle Brook,” to listen along with your kid/s (or by yourself!) to help alleviate stress and worry.

If you've got kids (or grandkids) in your life, you’ve GOT to check this out!

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Embracing Love Suite

Everyone needs love. Everyone deserves love.

Now you can open your heart and take your love to a whole new level.

Centerpointe’s Embracing Love Suite includes four powerful soundtracks to enhance every aspect of your relationships:

  • Heart-Centered Communication
  • Priceless Connections
  • Present Partnership
  • Open to Love 

You also get a free set of digital Inspiration Cards to help you nurture your relationships, deepen your communications and enrich the way you see and feel love in your life.

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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Seeds of Hope

The ultimate “Greatest Hits” collection with Holosync soundtracks pulled from our most popular Suites!

This astounding Suite includes five powerful soundtracks that will literally reprogram your brain in amazing ways — in ways that the world needs RIGHT NOW. 

Whether it is grace, compassion, love, abundance or positivity…

...we’ve got you covered.

We also included a sixth BONUS soundtrack that you can use anytime, anywhere to calm your frazzled nerves, release your worry, let go of anger and find your inner center.

It’s the perfect way to sample the different Suites we offer.

See what Seeds of Hope will do for you.

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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The Total Health & Fitness Suite

Total Health & Fitness is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before.

These state-of-the-art soundtracks use precise combinations of Holosync tones to enhance the parts of your brain that make choices and motivate you.

  1. Eat, Drink & Be Healthy is your secret weapon to help you lose weight and finally keep it off by sticking to a healthy diet
  2. Optimal Fitness helps your brain get “in the zone” where exercise becomes easy and enjoyable
  3. Positive Mind is a simple and easy way to ensure that your brain becomes your ally and not your enemy
  4. Bad Habit Buster will help you rid yourself of bad habits and choices, and exchange them for healthy ones

Thousands of people have already used this product for themselves, and the feedback (and the results) amazed even us!

We have a proven comprehensive solution for your health and fitness needs that can work for everyone!

Check out Total Health & Fitness today!

Just use the promo code: SUMMER22
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