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“Giant asteroid causes extinction of magical thinkers”

by / Thursday, 28 October 2010 / Published in Human Behavior, Personal Growth, The Human Condition

I’m posting this comment about my last post, and my response, as a post of its own, and as a FINAL way of dealing with the recent wave of people who don’t like my opinions about magical thinking and so forth.  Take it or leave it, folks. If this doesn’t do it, I’m done with this either way.

There will not be an audio version of this post.


I’ve been using Holosync for the past three and one-half years and have gotten a lot out of it.  I’ve also found your blog posts most enligthening.  However, I must respond to your comments here with regard to your negativity toward the belief in past lives.  You’re certainly entitled to your opinions.  I lost my brother nine years ago and shortly after that I began my own personal quest for answers initialy about why this happened.  Ultimately, my search led me to trying to understand the whole concept of the after life, past lives, etc. which I had always been skeptical about.  In the course of my reading (including books by MDs and PhDs), as well as interaction with a couple of “spiritualists” who were able to connect me to loved ones I had lost, I have changed my mind and now find myself very much convinced of the possibility that I have been here many times before.  The idea that my body is just a temporary home for a timeless energy/consciousness has become a part of my awareness and belief system even as I continue to move through the levels of Holosync.  Though I do not have scientific proof of any of this, I do think there is much more to life than is seen or known by anyone.  I’ve simply gotten to the point where my mind is open to a greater range of possibilities than ever imagined.  That’s what led me to Holosync in the first place.

FROM BILL: I would no more be able to get you to change your belief about this than I could get a fundamentalist Christian or someone who thinks the earth is flat to change his or her beliefs. Beliefs are wishes. The word even comes from Old English, meaning “a fervent wish.” There is no evidence that any credible scientist would accept for past lives. Many people–you included, apparently–do not need evidence, though. What they need is an ANSWER or a REASON for something, and their belief helps them fill that need, at least enough to keep it at bay.

Many people think I’m presenting my thoughts on this blog as my version of Truth, and that I’m essentially saying that you should all adopt my view as opposed to some other view. My life, however, is not about choosing between competing theories, and I’m not presenting what I say in that manner. DO NOT believe what I say. But DO find out for yourself–which you do by becoming more aware, and by investigating and learning how cause and effect really works.

One of my main messages to you is that life is not about believing the “right” thing. This may be something you’ve never considered, but finding the “right” or “true” believe/theory/dogma/explanation is not going to save you from the human condition. It isn’t going to improve your life. It isn’t going to keep you from suffering. It isn’t going to keep you from getting what you don’t want or not getting what you do want. And, it isn’t going to save you from impermanence. It seems like a reasonable thing to do, but I’m here to tell you that it’s really a dead end.

Many of you have a core assumption, completely unexamined, that if you can just find the right way to believe, the right theory, the right explanation, you’ll be fine and all things will become clear–or at least better. I’m here to tell you that many things will never be clear to you, many sources of suffering will never be solved, and you will never escape from certain things inherent in the human condition. My suggestion would be to ABANDON the search for the right theory. You’ll never find it (it doesn’t exist because life isn’t an idea or a theory). How many “right” theories have you already been through? Did they help?

This search causes many of you to accept a certain way of thinking, a certain theory, a certain dogma, or a certain explanation for one or more of the following reasons:

a) it sounds good to you,
b) it makes you feel better,
c) a lot of other people believe it,
d) it seems to provide a solution or explanation to something that is bothering you (why bad things happen, for instance, or why you have to die).

What I’m asking all of you to do is to find out about all these things for yourself, rather than accepting someone else’s ideas because they sound good to you or someone you trust believes them. DO NOT rely on my description of reality, or Ken Wilber’s, or the Pope’s, or Swami Suchabanana’s, or Heidegger’s, or Hegel’s, or anybody else’s. I’m NOT saying what I say here to convince you to think like me. I’m saying it to get you, first of all, to examine and challenge what you’ve been believing without really examining it, and to prod you to gain the necessary awareness and motivation so you can see things more clearly FOR YOURSELF.

When I see some of you believing things that clearly are at odds with what we know about how cause and effect works, I know you’re believing them blindly and without really examining them. I see gross errors in logic. I see a rush to believe something just because it offers an answer to something that bothers you or because some group of people believe it.

If that’s what you want to do, that’s fine with me. Whatever works for you. I’m here to at least try to teach you a more sophisticated way of dealing with life that goes beyond the limited world of beliefs and dogmas and theories, and is instead about real, in-the-now experience. In other words, it’s about life, not about ideas about life.

Theories are wonderful tools. A good one has predictive and other practical values. But theories should be examined much more closely and with much more care than many of you are using. In fact, many of you have done almost no examination, though I expect you would claim that you have. To believe something for the four reasons I cited above is plainly delusional. Yes, you can probably waltz through life with your favorite delusion in-tow. Most people do. You are, however, handicapped if you do. And, not only are you mistaking the map for the territory, your map has a lot of mistakes on it. No wonder you often feel lost.

There are certain people on this earth who manage to come to terms with the aspects of the human condition I’ve been describing: impermanence, cause and effect, and that much about the universe and life–where it came from; what it means, if anything; where it’s going; and why it’s happening–will never be known. To be one of these people is a worthy goal.

All three of the things I just listed freak people out, which is why they seek heavens and reincarnations and psychic powers, and believe things that make them feel better but without having evidence to back them up. If you can acknowledge and make your peace with these three things, you are FREE. You’ll stop churning away at trying to save yourself from them. You’ll certainly drop magical thinking. This will leave you free to LIVE, NOW.

This is why the person with an incurable disease who makes his peace with what-is gives everyone a contact high. He’s PEACEFUL in a situation that freaks everyone else out. This is why certain awakened humans affect people in the same way. Be one of them. Or not. It doesn’t matter to me.

My main point here is that this is not about my theory is better than your theory or my Dad can beat up your Dad. It’s about possibly ending the era of your life where you search for the “right” way of thinking, or the right theory–as if the “right” idea would provide a solution to your woes. This is about finding out what life is about, independent of maps, theories, or beliefs.

Instead of comparing what I’ve written here with what you believe, and saying, “I agree with that and that, but not with this and this,” I suggest that you sit with it, examine it, and use it to challenge your own view of life.

Are you up for it?

221 Responses to ““Giant asteroid causes extinction of magical thinkers””

  1. Richard Martin says :


  2. Brian says :


    You ever hear the quote:
    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

    I hope you realize that you probably offended at least 25% of your client base with your last blog post. I love Holosync and will continue through the journey…but I won’t be stopping back for this blog. I find it humorous that you would send out affiliate marketing emails for a company like Learning Strategies, when some of their products are what many would consider “magical”.

    FROM BILL: If I had identified something that was holding you back from being effective in your life, and I didn’t tell you about it, what would you think of me? Magical thinking holds people back from understanding how the world works and being effective in navigating it. Sometimes people need a shock to wake them up. Those who are offended are wasting an opportunity to look at something that just make make a big difference for them. I have no control over that. I call them as I see them.

  3. John Edwards says :

    Way to go bill. If every one held there breath and didn’t exhale or write stuff until the last tape of the three level holosinc course the world would be a better place.

    I want support and encouragement not b……

    They way some people and carry on think there must be millions in telling people what they want to hear and getting them sucked in.

    That’s what I so much respect with the way you run Holosinc. Here it is, use it, the outcome is predictable, give us a call if you have a problem, like minded people hang around, the rest, good luck with the journey.

    Whats complicated about that? No esoteric thinking involved, just doing and learning some basic life skills.


  4. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE, what is the best SOLUTION
    when we FEEL an intense (-) EMOTION ?
    FEEL it until dissolves by itself
    (and the BELIEF dissolves by itself too ?)
    or LET IT GO (sedona method) ?
    And, when we FEEL (-) EMOTON,
    we have to ANALIZE it to UNDERSTAND
    what is the BELIEF that is creating this EXPERIENCE ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you experiment and find out instead of asking me?

  5. matt cohen says :

    I really like you posts, bill. All of them. Just hearing your voice go thru it again about the game of black and white or increasing awareness, or impermanence and cause and effect i find very calming and centering. I haven’t gotten you holosync tapes, b/c im choosing to spend my time to go thru law school b/c i’ve chosen to be very attached to my autistic son and i’ve chosen to make it important to myself that he has a good nest egg when i pass on. I just said all that b/c apparently i’ve also chosen to feel bad about listening to your podcast w/o buying your product.

    BUT, i also felt sad to hear the frustration in this post. Folks must be commenting some dumb shit. Don’t keep talking tho. You’re helping a lot of people.

    FROM BILL: Matt, I understand if it’s difficult to afford Holosync during lawschool, but I will say that using Holosync will make law school MUCH easier. Nearly every person I’ve ever heard from who was in school told me their grades went up with less studying when they were using Holosync.

    And, we have filed a patent for using Holosync for autism and have a pilot study going right now with autistic kids and the results are extraordinary. You might consider it for your son.

  6. Ooooh Haaaaaa!

    To live a perfectly imperfect life in an imperfectly perfect world!

    Wonderful entertainment guys. Haven’t had as much fun since when I used to watch the wrestling when I was a kid.

    Thanks to all the gladiators
    Bring back the Colosseum


    FROM BILL: Gee, I hadn’t thought of it, but now that you mention it, this does bring back memories of being nine years old and watching wrestling. Ain’t life sweet?

  7. Ben says :

    It’s funny, Bill… I had a very similar conversation online earlier this week, though it related to politics… people had already chosen their beliefs and were deafly (not “deftly”) arguing their perspective without listening to anyone else. When I pointed out that it didn’t really matter what they believed, that it was pretty much all based on deception and manipulation rather than truth, honesty, and doing right by people, I was immediately labeled as a “liberal” (though the label doesn’t fit – none of them do!) and dismissed accordingly. It brought to mind, as often is the case these days, the quote from Bertrand Russell:

    “If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.”



  8. Joan Brooks says :

    Thank You Bill. and as you know magical thinking can be dangerouos. Joan

    FROM BILL: Yes, I was bitten by a magical thinker at a red light just yesterday.

  9. Robert says :

    Hi to all,

    The map is not the territory.

    As I read comments on this blog, it appears that many of you are missing something here, and I wonder if you realize what Bill is saying when he makes that statement.

    The way I understand it is that we all have a map of what we think is so, but it is merely a representation of reality. That’s all. That’s it. It’s a mental idea.

    I know it is very personal and very important to many of you and THATS OK. That’s part of being a human being too. It’s hard to realize that it is merely a representation. That’s why we need the awarenes that comes with meditating with Holosync and hanging in there with it.

    So we all have beliefs and ideas about life or what is (reality). I have them. You have them. Bill Harris has them. If you are a human being you have them.

    There is no escape. But do we really see or realize what’s going on here. Starts getting into this cause and effect thing. Think about it.

  10. annie sullivan says :

    Thank you, Bill. You have such strength of character! I wish I could express myself half as well when someone asks me my opinion. I think I’ll just print this out and hand it out to those who ask— if that’s ok with you!!??

  11. carlos says :

    I love this quote from. ” Peaceful worrier “.
    ” We all have a terminal disease , it is called birth ”

  12. Fran says :

    Hello. My name is Fran and I am a magical thinker. I dont know if there is a 12 step program for that. I love hanging out in “I dont know what any of this means land” but eventually I get bored and I am drawn back in. Its fun for me to believe in angels. I love talking about what I might have been in a past life to my friends or doing tea leaves and tarot cards on girl’s night. When in Rome.. right?

    FROM BILL: In one of my lives I was the guy in the third row on the third curve (the guy without a shirt wearing the leather hat) in the Ben Hur charriot race. If you rent the movie you’ll see me.

  13. Karen Coghlan says :

    We are a very imaginative species and will always invent a story for ourselves that makes us feel better. As long as we are always aware that it really is just a story we are telling ourselves–and that understanding fundamental “realilty” is probably beyond our comprehension–there is no harm. But I do agree with you, Bill, when you say that the harm starts to manifest when we actually believe our “story” is the true explanation of reality. If we watch our lives carefully in the context of our “story” we will see that it just does not jive. So why not just admit that there is a lot that we just don’t know/understand and “let that be okay”.

  14. Chris says :

    I hope by “I’m done with it either way” you’re aren’t talking about the BLOG. You could always just stop doing comments!

  15. catherine says :

    ok so no more lazy opinions or fervent wishes.
    Sounds horribly grown up…

    Any recommended reading re cause and effect? There’s a lot of crap out there…

    FROM BILL: Take a physics or chemistry course. Or, read Isaac Asimov’s many (non-fiction) books about science. Though they aren’t totally up to date, they convey very well how the universe works and they give you a solid grounding in the scientific method. And, they are accessible for an intelligent lay person.

  16. Joe says :

    These last few post and comments remind me of Jed Mckeena’s Enlightenment trilogy. Great books.

    thanks for the blog, Bill.

  17. michelle s says :

    fun, fun, fun- and just in time for Halloween:) Let the good times roll-or not

  18. Erik says :

    Hey bill, here’s something I’ve been thinking about…

    Since everything is relative to everything else and all the polarities depend on each other, the reason we can observe our feelings, emotions, thoughts, our physical body and the outer world(in other words, everything that’s changing and has a form) is because the “thing” that’s watching must be unchanging and formless.
    I think Eckhart Tolle said something like, the purpose of the world lies not within the world but in transcendence of the world. So basically it means the purpose of the world is to act like a mirror(or something). Everything you can see is not you.
    What do you think about this spiritual nonsense?

    FROM BILL: Tolle is at the third of the five stages of awakening I have written about (see the post, “The Five Stages of Waking Up” and the post right after it–a two blog series on these stages). From that place, the transcedent looks like “the place.” You, can’t, however, as I have said more times than I can count, escape from the relative world of cause and effect and impermanence, though it seems as if you have in the third stage.

  19. John Bullough says :

    Bill, greetings from sunny UK. I’m a Holosync user and I like your evidence based approach. I’m wondering what you make of morphic fields and morphic resonance as researched and documented by Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and director of the Perrott-Warrick Project, administered by Trinity College (of Cambridge University) in UK, and how you integrate this into your world view? Sheldrake’s work of the last several decades is evidence based, regularly published in peer reviewed journals and seems very relevant to what you are saying here. In summary, his experiments suggest that minds (and indeed even individual cells) extend in space and time via fields of probability and that all of nature has memory via morhic resonance. I commend his books to anyone interested in taking a holistic view. Wishing you well, John

    FROM BILL: I don’t know if Sheldrake has formally “proven” his theories, or of they can be proven, but he is certainly not rying to make up any magic–he’s trying to explain a phenomenon he has noticed. He’s essentially talking about, once again, cause and effect.

  20. Chris says :


    When I started holosync, I thought I’d be learning all these airy-faery metaphysical reasons for why things happen. And that I’d see through to the fabric of the universe and be able to bend it to my will.

    Now, even on AL4, I am looking around me and I realize what a monumental task it was just to accept that I need to decide on a point from A to B and then figure out how to get there.

    I don’t see energy fields or auras or synchronicities (coincidences, I call them now). I don’t see the future except what I can calculate and intuit based on reasonable expectations.

    What I do see more clearly are people’s motivations. Which are a far cry from what they say they are motivated by. Probably like I did, most people have lofty reasons and explanations for their behavior, when really most of their reactions are quite basic and animalistic.

    I wanted a journey to the infinite but apparently there’s a lot going on here on Earth that I need to understand first.

    Anyways, good product, works as directed, sometimes painfully so.


    FROM BILL: As soon as I refine my remote viewing abilities a little more I’m going to offer free colonoscopies.

  21. Kim says :

    I just found your blog today and like Chris – I hope you don’t mean you are stopping the blog.
    I have to say I really enjoyed this blog entry.
    Like it or lump it. Research and find your own answers.
    Not my intention to try to convince anyone of anything. Appreciate Ben’s comment about …..”deafly (not “deftly”) arguing their perspective”…

    Regardless of my compassion for the human condition and my love for all life, I do not coddle anyone in their offended victim-hood and sympathize with them which will only allow them to stay in that illusion longer while sucking me in with them.

    Will be fun to watch Ben Hur to look for the guy with a leather hat!
    Thanks Bill

  22. John says :


    Yes Kim I feel the same way. I love the blogs and get a great out of them until I read some of the entries under the blog. keep teaching and making us think bill you are very appreciated..

  23. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    in your little book “MANAGING EVOLUTIONARY GROWTH”,
    at pag. 29 and 30, you say:
    1) ISSUE which are DENIED and not DEALT with
    in the early stages of the programm
    will REAPPEAR in each successively deeper level,
    but each time in a MORE primal and INTENSE MANNER.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Just don’t resist what you are thinking or feeling. Watch it with awareness and notice what consequences it creates.

  24. Heikki says :

    I dont need this blog, its very good, but I dont need this blog.

    I just do my daily holosync and thats it.

    And the whole world follow.

    What a ride!;-)

    Pur3 cd4 now

  25. Ellen Rich says :

    Rock on! I finally get it…for as many people as there are on the planet, there are that many belief systems. Does anything really matter but being present and not suffering…and we control the suffering with attitude and presence.
    Thanks Bill.

  26. catherine says :

    If we become aware enough to drop magical thinking, do we look back on it with scorn and loathing, or is it integrated into our new understanding?

    Are there any original thoughts or only understanding of old concepts that is new to the individual?

    Good to see Sam back.

    FROM BILL: Magical thinking is developmental (it is a developmental stage, usually happening between the ages of 3 or 4 years old and maybe 8 or 9). At that age the mind is not developed enough to understand cause and effect, so the child naturally comes up with magical explanations for things he can’t understand.

    Actually, societies go through these stages, too. In tribal societies, where there is no knowledge of modern science, magical thinking is a way of understanding why the world is the way it is (it hasn’t rained in a while because the gods are angry with us, etc.). You can learn much more about the develomental nature of magical thinking by reading the beginning series of posts on this blog.

    Typically a person (or a society) does not move from one developmental level to the next unless circumstances force them too. In other words, as long as the current way of understanding things works, we keep using it. When we are pushed to move to a new developmental level, quite often we do “throw the baby out with the bathwater” (as Ken Wilber has termed it) in the sense that instead of retaining what is valid and still works from the old developmental stage and integrating it with the new stage, we tend to reject the previous stage in toto.

    A good example of this would be society passing from a conventional stage to a post conventional stage. This happened in the 1960s in the US, where youth completely rejected conventional values and instead began to say that rules were bullshit, that there was no right or wrong, and that pretty much everything that society stood for in the past was to be rejected.

    Though this generation brought some good things–including caring for the environment, a new compassion for the human factor in corporate settings, and a new kind of spirituality that wasn’t based on acceptance of a dogma (a more personal spirituality not dependent upon adopting a conventional set of beliefs)–the threw out the parts that worked. Rules ARE necessary in many cases, for instance. There are things that in a practical sense should be considered wrong, in the sense that they cause suffering for others. The family IS an important institution. And so on.

    So, yes, people do tend to reject the values of the previous developmental stage when they move to a new one. The healthy way to move to a new stage, though, is to transcend the old AND include the parts that work. In the case of magical thinking, there really isn’t much about it that “works”, though. People who are developmentally beyond magical thinking do, however, retain certain benign echoes of magical thinking in things like saying “good luck,” or keeping a lucky coin, and things like that. They don’t, however, really believe that these things have magic powers, which a true magical thinker probably does.

    In our society magical thinking takes a peculiar form because most people in the West have SOME scientific education. Still, many people don’t really understand what the most educated people know about how the world works, and when people don’t understand something, they tend to look for magical explanations because people seem to need SOME explanation. I also find that those who feel relatively powerless (which is usually because they don’t understand on a practical level how cause and effect works, which makes it difficult to succeed in many things) tend to seek things they hope will give them power. Psychic powers certainly are on this list, plus things like learning to manipulate people (books on how to bed all the women you want, sell anything to anyone, get rich without working, etc), and having physical powers (martial arts, for instance).

  27. James Wilkinson says :

    “FROM BILL: As soon as I refine my remote viewing abilities a little more I’m going to offer free colonoscopies.”

    Get a grip Bill!

  28. Sam says :

    I suppose a much more concise way of articulating all of this might be: Is there an example of successful utilization of the information you’re sharing here, for instance through the big mind process or perhaps something like voice dialogue? I really appologize for the bullshit–a lot’s going on for me right now–however I think that this is of the utmost importance. The reason perhaps that there is a lot of magic type thinking is that most people don’t have a philosophy of life regarding how all of this stuff works, therefore they look to those who seemingly have one (James Ray for instance) to help to guide them. For some people this is just fine, and perhaps we could talk about how to effectively guide people through their suffering (the suffering being that they lack a definite major purpose or philosophy of life). However I think that your idea for success might be different, in that you’re trying to get people to do their own practice and come to their own conclusions about life, hence some changes need be made. You can simply not post what I or others write, however eventually you’ll have to deal with the issue. My idea would be to better understand what your success chriteria are–what success means to you–so that you can attract people who are better suited for your definite major purpose and be attracted through the blog etc to students who are willing to take this ceriously and who don’t resist doing the work. Again I appologize for
    any confusion, however it seems that I’m the only one to step up here.

    I’m not looking to you for answers, Bill, and perhaps it’s time to make some space between yourself and those who are looking for answers. The truth isn’t really about you anyway, and people making the mistake of calling you truth by way of labeling you as a guru to them or something only puts you in a double bind; you tell them what they don’t want to hear and they’d rather shoot the messenger than learn from the information. You’ll never drop what doesn’t work with many others holding on for dear
    life. It may have served you at one time to be the torch bearer for Alan Watts and Nepoleon Hill however I think that that time has passed. It’s time to become!

  29. Lisa says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m new here, having just purchased holosync (haven’t started it yet). I don’t really know what all the hullaballo is about magical thinking or even exactly what people think that is. I can say, however, that as a newbie here, it looks like some of people’s distress over your comments is that they look like a different philosopy than what you seem to convey in The Secret, and what they probably trust that you stand for. LOA makes sense to me, what you said in The Secret was interesting (and why I ended up trying holosync), and I’m excited to explore this as a life-enhancing methodology. I’m also an author’s coach and was looking for a meditation to help my clients with their writing.
    Best, Lisa
    PS I have experimented with remote viewing, and with some interesting and surprising results, however, the idea of remote colon viewing gives me a rash. :)

    FROM BILL: What I said in The Secret was not magical thinking. I described how, when a young man changed the way he thought about his life, his life changed. This happened because what you believe becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy–you unconsciously seek and create the “evidence” that whatever you believe is “true.” You do this in three ways: 1) you attract or become attracted to the people and situations that will help you be “right” about your belief, and reject or fail to notice or fail to be attracted to people and situations in which a different outcome would be possible; 2) you pick an interpretation of whatever happens that supports your belief, even if other interpretations are poossible; and 3) you act in ways that help you be right.

    When this young man changed what he believed, his situation changed. No magical thinking was involved. This is pure cognitive psychology.

    Magical thinking is the belief that you can suspend or alter the laws of nature with your mind.

  30. Catherine says :

    Thank you for your reply.
    When you say that many people don’t understand how cause and effect works on a practical level, do you mean that they are confusing one for the other. ie they think they are at effect when in fact they are at cause?

    FROM BILL: I mean they don’t understand how things work, how this causes that and then that causes something else. They don’t understand how the world works–why people do what they do, how financial markets work, how physical processes work, how chemistry works, how physics works. etc.

  31. Ed Caldwell says :

    Way to Go, Bill! Ah, magical thinking is so hard to move past!

    The struggle as I understand quite often is, living in the paradox and not feeling the urge to flip one way or the other. Our complex, but often simplistic minds want to reduce things to dualistic thinking that always turns into a battle of winners vs losers. And, we always want to be on the winning side!

  32. Santiago says :

    …. Bill ….. I think you might need some work on your magical thinker shadow ….. you’re surely attracting A LOT of them ….. I know a good medium that can help you with that …. ;)

  33. David says :

    Awesome stuff Bill! :)

  34. catherine says :

    I’m back tracking slightly.
    Going back to Ken Wilber and throwing the baby out with the bath water, didn’t he also mention something about the baby boomers (not all of them) having post conventional ideas that came from pre conventional motivation? ie claiming you are acting from higher morals eg ‘question authority’ when in fact what you really mean is “nobody tells me what to do”. Somebody (Chris) on the blog put it into their own words, saying that he noticed how people had lofty reasons for their behaviour but that in reality their reactions were pretty basic and animalistic.
    I thought that was really observant on his behalf as it’s really easy to kid yourself in this way. I know I do it myself at times and it feels pathetic. Another trap to be mindful of?

    FROM BILL: Again, you’re falling for the “if the expert said X it must be true” fallacy.” Ken is talking about the fact that those who are really PRE-conventional (magical thinkers), because they are against conventional thinking, as are the post conventional people, they LOOK like they’re in agreement and are saying the same thing. But again, if you’re deciding something is valid just because someone else said it, you’re falling for the “letting the expert think for me” trap. If an expert says something, don’t just believe it. Be skeptical. Research it yourself.

  35. Chris says :

    Remote viewing colonoscopies, Bill?! You crack my ass up!

  36. Heikki says :

    Santiago, it is because magical thinkers are the biggest part of human population today.

    About 98%.

    So, they (you) are everywhere.

    Also here.

    And, your “good medium” belongs also them.

    Pur3 cd4 now

    FROM BILL: I think 98% is a bit high. Perhaps if you count uneducated people in 3rd world countries, but certainly not in the West.

  37. Catherine says :

    I’m a complete turd sometimes.
    Point well taken.
    I will leave you in peace and do my own research.


    FROM BILL: Great. Now, from making a picture in my mind of you being a turd, I’m going to need therapy.

  38. Peter Osudar says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’d like to thank you for writing such intelligent and thought provoking posts. I think you make spirituality very easy to get into for some of us who consider themselves “concrete thinkers.” You inspired me to read Mere Christianity and a lot of what you say lines up.
    Again I’d like to thank you for helping me get a little more in touch with me and the world around me.


    FROM BILL: Happy to be of service.

  39. Peter Osudar says :

    Oh and there is nothing wrong with magical thinking. It inspires some of the most creative and intelligent ideas out there. Remember that’s where a lot, if not all ideas begin.


    FROM BILL: That’s not what I mean by magical thinking, though. That is creative thinking, or possibility thinking. Magical thinking is when you think you can alter the laws of nature with your mind or some other magical technique.

  40. Heikki says :

    Bill, also believe in democracy is magical thinking.

    Like Winston Churchill said, democracy is only the best of the worst

    What is the best of the best?

    I know that;-), and you know that.

    Pur3 cd4 now

  41. Santiago says :

    Thanks Heikki …. it was a joke

  42. Heikki says :

    Santiago, dont worry.

    I dont either;-)

    Lets just do our daily holosync.

    Pur3 cd4

  43. William says :

    In response to a post by Peter Osudar above you wrote:

    FROM BILL: That’s not what I mean by magical thinking, though. That is creative thinking, or possibility thinking. Magical thinking is when you think you can alter the laws of nature with your mind or some other magical technique.

    I read your blog and Ken Wilber’s Blog and came across the following on Ken’s regarding a Mr Trivedi who appears to be able to use his concious intentionality to alter the atomic structure of, amongst other things, plants and humans. Ken writes:-

    To put it briefly, Mr. Trivedi has an empirically demonstrated capacity to alter the atomic and molecular structure of phenomena simply through his conscious intentionality. The number of experiments done on this capacity (known in Sanskrit as shaktipat) that have been done in coordination with Mr. Trivedi is quite extraordinary—so far, over 5,000 empirical studies by universities and scientific research organizations all over the world (including the world renowned materials scientist Dr. Rustum Roy at the University of Pennsylvania).

    So Mr Trivedi seems to be altering the laws of nature with his concious intentionality(his mind?). Any thoughts Bill?

    FROM BILL: You’re making several assumptions. 1) That this is true. 2) That if Ken Wilber says it’s true it must be. 3) That (assuming it IS accurate) that it involves an altering of the laws of nature.

    If something really IS happening, it isn’t happening through an altering of the laws of nature. It’s happening within the laws of nature.

    Citing authorities might be a starting point for a discussion, but as I have been saying lately, doing so is generally part of a way of seeing things in which we are looking for the best of several theories put forth by others–as opposed to finding out for oneself. Though I have a lot of respect for Ken Wilber, I don’t assume that everything he says is necessarily true, especially if it conflicts with certain things I know (or have strong reason to believe, based on my own investigation) to be accurate or reliable.

  44. Here’s a quote from an authority: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Carl Sagan

    The PBS science show NOVA, which aired last night, was about elevators. One of the interesting tidbits I learned is that the “close door” button on elevators doesn’t actually work. It’s merely put there for the passengers. An Otis elevator specialist said that it gave people riding the elevator a sense of control. No matter how many times you press it though, nothing happens. I believe him. He’s a boring elevator guy. Why on earth would he lie about that. But I can swear that every time I’ve pushed that button in my life (usually 12 times in quick succession, especially after someone else had just done the same thing) I could have sworn that it closed the door. Maybe I used my mind to bend the elevator mechanism to my intention… or maybe it was just a clever way of tricking me into believing I had some form of control over the door. After all, we’re pretty helpless in elevators.

    Just for the hell of it, I checked out Tivendi’s website. If you Google the name it comes out at the top. Turns out the guy is Indian and claims to be able to modify the genetic signature of cashews and peanuts, etc etc. There are even graphs of DNA signatures complete with scientists claiming that this is all unusual. As an example, one of the claims of genetic manipulation by the mind is endorsed by a metallurgist. How a metallurgist is supposed to know how to interpret a DNA plot is not explained. Moreover, there is no indication of the provenance of the samples, or that there were statistical controls. Unfortunately, there appear to be literally hundreds of these claims on the website, so who is going to take the time to see if any of this makes any kind of sense. I will bet it doesn’t.

    Getting a scientist from one field to endorse research in a completely unrelated field is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Just because someone knows about metallurgy, doesn’t mean they have the detailed technical knowledge, much less the statistical smarts, to make a judgment on the validity of DNA research better than a non-scientist. We see this all the time in the global warming debate. Biologists and physicists and computer scientists make pronouncements (pro and con, but mostly pro) about the validity of anthropogenic global warming, yet it is really only climatologists and possibly geophysicists who have the detailed knowledge and experience of the field to make a truly informed judgment. As it turns out, there is really no consensus on the matter amongst climatologists, thought the majority does seem to favour the theory. However, there are many dissenting opinions. That’s how true science works.

    Another point is that just because someone is a scientist, this does not mean that they don’t have some form of magical thinking. I would venture that this might even be more the case with scientists in India, where it is my understanding that Hinduism and various forms of mythic and magical beliefs are still quite common. Further to that, the scientific method and peer review are set up specifically so that scientists’ biases and “false positives” can be picked up by other scientists. Academic and scientific rivalry is such that there are always others who are ready and willing to take apart someone’s research and conclusions. That’s why it works over the long run.

    I’ll keep my money on true science, not the blogosphere.

    Just my two cents worth.


    FROM BILL: Make it four cents.

  45. James Wilkinson says :

    I can’t wait for this discussion to just die off, forever (do I need to say more?).

  46. Zebbedee says :

    There is a big difference between saying:
    ‘there may be a bigger meaning to it all but you can’t know for sure what it is”
    and saying:
    “there is NO bigger picture so stop looking – just admit that you will never know and you will be a lot healthier mentally”.

    The human tendency to look for (or propose) meaning may certainly be just a desire to ward off egoic insecurity, sure… but it may also be an indication that there really is a bigger picture to be found.

    Our search for understanding of the physical universe is one example. Desire for meaning lead us to increased understanding (read: more meaning) of the actual territory. Could the psychic universe, including the possibility of ‘magical’ abilities, be another – just as valid – area like this?

    FROM BILL: No, because scientific study has shown it to be pure, unadulterated horseshit.

  47. catherine says :

    Rich, brilliantly clear and put together.
    Phew, you’re too good!

  48. michelle s says :

    A good book regarding how science comes to new conclusions is by Thomas Kuhn “The Structure of Scientific Revolution”. Interesting reading-even for the non science person. The internet has probably led to even more ‘expert’ statements than were in existence previously. Learning to reason and question can be hard work, just like life.

  49. There seems to be a misconception amongst magical thinkers that rational types and scientists don’t see the mysterious or wondrous side of life and existence, what is often called the “magical” side of life, metaphorically that is.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Scientific curiosity and a genuine appreciation for the complexity and relative opacity of existence are fuelled by wonder and awe at the power and mystery of nature. However, instead of jumping to conclusions about metaphysical realities and other planes of existence, rational people and scientists try to ascertain what is happening and how it happens, i.e. cause and effect, by observable or at least measurable means. They often make mistakes, and have biases, and are full of human foibles. But they have the courage (or the foolhardiness) to submit their beliefs and theories to peer review and skeptical inquiry by others.

    Conversely, the people spouting New Age drivel and leading various forms of magical thinking, the gurus and mediums, are really just feeding their egos. They do this in two ways. First, they refuse to see reality as it really is. They prefer putting their hands over their ears, closing their eyes, and shouting la-la-la. Second, they often exploit others who are vulnerable, depressed, poorly educated. They do this to feed their own need to feel superior and in control. If you can’t handle reality and what it implies, you can always hoodwink others into following you. It’s really nothing more than immature control freaks.

    If you accept that there is really only a small bit of control over circumstances and that life is a mystery, you can still live your life in awe of the power and grandeur of nature, life, and other humans.

    There is no salvation. I have assumed control.


    FROM BILL: Wow. This is a GREAT blog.

  50. Gloria says :

    Wow. This is a GREAT game of black and white.

  51. Dorel says :

    So, how does this work?
    Are there a set number of humans on this planet that forever keeps coming back?
    It would steer in me a lots of suffering knowing that me is actually not me, but it is Citizen John, that jumped from his previous life into my body, to solve whatever he could not solve there.
    If that was the case, how many of us would be in this same situation?
    Take a hard look in the mirror and another hard look at all your loved ones, they might not be whom you think they are, and now start joining the suffering.
    Whose fault would be to be, if Citizen John wants to harm someone using my body, so that he can finish his ill-intended behaviour? And to it, could I convince the courts not to punish me if I can prove that reincarnation exist, and that in reality it was not me who done it, and that it was Citizen John?
    Somehow, I feel much at peace knowing that the Universe relied on me even before I was born, and knowing that it will keep doing so well after I am gone, knowing that I am unique into all my aspects of me, just like the other 6.7 billion people that are out there.

  52. James Wilkinson says :

    @Richard Martin

    Tom Campbell was a hardcore scientist and became what Bill would call a magical thinker.

    The Social “Scientific” Matrix that teaches you that Fluoride is good for your teeth and other such utter nonsense is far more into the occult than you would think, and after so called power.

    So really, this whole discussion here is fascinating and total and complete bullshit at the same time!

  53. Elaine says :

    Here’s what I don’t quite understand:
    Bill says that…”1) you attract or become attracted to the people and situations that will help you be “right” about your belief, and reject or fail to notice or fail to be attracted to people and situations in which a different outcome would be possible”

    So…what is all this about attraction? How does it (attraction) work? Is it all just random, or does it work in predictable ways. Do I attract specific outcomes by thinking specific thoughts? According to the magical thinkers, if I hold “positive” ideas, eg, “people generally like and accept me” I’ll attract & be attracted to people who like me, and contrariwise, if I hold the ‘negative’ idea, I’ll “attract” equivalently negative experiences.

    If that were true, then my thoughts and feelings would be a Cause that is effecting my world. Since that is scientifically unproveable, and therefore presumably untrue, what the heck IS happening when we “… attract or become attracted to the people and situations that will help you be “right”..” ???

    Is it just that I have not yet reached a developmental level where these two seemingly disperate concepts (“I experience the effects of what I ‘attract’ while at the same time, ‘attracting’ cannot be a ’cause’ of any ‘effect.’)

    Thanks for this forum, Bill. It helps me get clearer about What It Is That I Don’t Understand. It irks me that I don’t understand—the curse of an enquiring mind!— but maybe after another year or two of holosync I won’t give a whoop whether I understand things, or not.

    FROM BILL: Your thoughts do not attract other people or situations directly. If you are repeatedly focusing on something you want, four things will be more likely to happen: 1) You will get ideas about how you can act to get what you want. Then, of course, you will have to act on those ideas, evaluate what happens when you act, and refine the actions if they don’t work as well as you thought they would. 2) You will notice resources you can use that you would ordinarily not notice or pay attention to. 3) You will become motivated to act. The stronger the emotional feeling you attach (whether it is a positive feeling about something you want or a negative feeling about something you want to avoid) the more likely you will be motivated. 4) The more likely you will be to develop the qualities you might need in order to get what you want.

    In terms of being attracted TO people and situation, it is the same as above, especially the second point. If you are focused on certain kinds of people or certain kinds of situations (whether because you want them or want to avoid them) you will notice them more and be drawn to them. This attraction will be particularly strong if the person or situation will help you be “right” about something you believe is true. If you believe people don’t like you, you will be more likely to be attracted to situations where that is more likely to happen, and you will be more likely to pick out and be attracted to people who will help you be right.

    In terms of attracting certain other people, you will give off certain physical (body language cues). Someone who is focusing on not being victimized gives off certain physical cues that predators spot. For the most part this happens outside your awareness. If you become aware enough that it happens WITH awareness it becomes a choice and you will choose whatever serves you and drop what doesn’t.

    Your thought ARE a cause, at least a partial cause, of how you affect your world. Thoughts by themselves, however, do not create everything that happens. Thinking that they do would be magical thinking. They do, however, lead to your paying attention to certain things instead of others, which causes your mind to seek to create or attract more of those things. Your thoughts cause you to become motivated (or unmotivated) to act to get those things. They cause you to assign certain meanings to what is happening, which also affects how you feel and act. They also cause you to notice certain resources you might use in gettting what you want, and to not notice others. And, your thoughts cause you to give off certain unconscious cues that others can pick up. None of this has anything to do with magic.

    The way to discover that this is true is to pay attention and watch it happen. Just believing that it is true because I said so isn’t helpful. It is the actual awareness created by observation that is valuable. This is what the first of my three Life Principles online courses is about (

  54. Heikki says :

    Gloria, you are not black or white to me.

    You are human being to me.

    I see same from the mirror.

    I play a little also, but only what i want to play. Not anymore what i have to play.

    What a ride;-)

    Ps.One plain truth to all of you. You can choose what is your “truth”. In every situation. Really.

    In bisnes, only purpose to the company is to make profits to its owners.

    Ok, no argument.

    Do you want to be a useful idiot? Then be “an owner” and pay as big salary as possible to workers who do as less as possible.

    But the other side of the same coin.

    The only purpose to human being and also to the salaried worker in his/her own job is do work as less as possible as bigger income and the best benefits as possible.

    Ok, no arguments.

    Do you want to be a useful idiot? Then be “a salaried worker” and do work as much as possible to owner who pay as less as possible.

    Its only your choice.

    Pur3 cd4 now, and I do work as less as possible

  55. James Wilkinson says :

    “Wow. This is a GREAT game of black and white.”

    yeah, now I am white, but in my past life I was rather a bit black. LMAO

  56. catherine says :

    I think this blog has provided excellent info for the magical thinker to cogitate.
    That was the aim of the exercise no? Words can transform and all that.
    Indeed we are all one (how nice) and dualistic thinking is not reality, but on a practical level people have gaps in their knowledge ( I’m including myself obviously). I feel I am better equipped to fill them now. Thanks for that.

  57. James,

    I have no idea who Tom Campbell is, but there is no end to citing exceptions to any rule. There will always be scientists who hold magical or religious views that are at odds with the scientific worldview. So what? It doesn’t prove a thing.

    Everybody has some form of cognitive dissonance. As humans, we are experts at compartmentalizing our lives, our beliefs, and our values. Moreover, there are many different lines of development. All of them are dependent on cognitive development, though that is not a necessary condition for development in any other line. A scientist can operate at a high cognitive level in science and everyday living, but be like a child in terms of emotional or spiritual development.

    As for your comments about fluoride, I can only assume that is some kind of conspiracy theory, and those are impossible to refute for someone who believes in them. In my opinion, it’s a form of paranoia and a derivative form of magical thinking. You’re basically saying that mysterious forces are working in the shadows to harm me/us. A cabal of evil masterminds is plotting to take control (or has taken control) of the government/academia/the economy/children’s minds/insert whatever you happen to be scared of here.

    The only answer to that is to “get real.” Most people have a hard time agreeing on which restaurant to go to for lunch. Academics and scientists, while clever at conducting their theorizing and experimentation, are notoriously individualistic. As a group, they would have a hard time organizing their way out of a wet paper bag.

    Conspiracy theories are for people who feel powerless or who have little understanding of how real decision-making works in society. It’s much more atomized and competitive than you can imagine. They feel influenced or buffetted by forces beyond their control, so they look for someone to blame for their predicament.

    Interestingly, that is also a key feature of fascism: the search for scapegoats and claims that the scapegoated group is plotting to take over the world or the country, or that it is operating in the shadows and is the real decision-making body.


  58. Jem says :

    Hi Guys & girls.

    Bill I have to say your explaination To Elaine is probably the most helpful explaination you have given in a while, most greatful for that, thankyou. Have to say i’m loving holosync.

    To Richard & all other fundamental Scientists, please give us a break. Ok science is a valuable & most important observational tool, however any crediable scientist will tell you he hasn’t got a clue about anything. All he can give you is facts based on the most up-to-date observations, which I might add are very different from the scientists observations of a 100 years ago, & will be from scientists of a 100 years in the future. Today’s view on reality is not by any means correct, it is an ongoing exploration into this crazy world we find our-selfs in. For one to sprout science in the way I see some people doing here is just as biased as some fundamental Christians/Muslims sprout theire religious ideas etc.

    People please keep an open mind in all you read. Don’t accept anything just because someone who is very sure of themselfs states it is so with conviction in the name of science, or anyother word of influence. Beware all you people looking for answers. Truly there is no wiser saying than the “Guru is within you”. Yes read, observe, but always come back to yourself. One man’s/woman’s truth is another man’s lie. The world is not made of concrete (unflexiable) & we are only scratching the surface of what is.

    And just as an aside I had to laugh when Richard Dawkins was bought in as a crediable unbiased scientist, I had to read his dribble while doing my science degree. He truly is the equivalent of a fundamentalist for science & by no means is taken seriously by the whole scientific community. Please if your going to use science to explain your perception of reality do it in a scientific way which is from a neutral, unbiased point of reference.

    Saying that interesting blog.

    FROM BILL: Though science certainly doesn’t know everything (and never will, as I have said), science does have one thing going for it: what it says comes from experiemental observation and to be accepted by the scientific community must be repeatable. Magical thinkers can’t say that. Their explanations about reality come from inside their little 3-pound mental universes and their fervent wishes about life.

    To argue that today’s science will be later proven wrong because what was believed hundreds of years ago was later proven to be wrong is faulty thinking for this reason: what thinkers said hundreds of years ago was either said without resort to use of an experimental/observational scientific method, or was the product of scientific experiment, but at a time when scientists didn’t have understanding of the basic physical laws of the universe (which they do now), nor did they have today’s instruments, or today’s computing power to analyze what they observe.

    What science has discovered during the last hundred or so years will be refined, but it is very unlikely that it will be disproven.

    The problem with trusting “the guru within you” is that some (most?) gurus don’t have the criteria necessary to evalute the subject on which they offer opinions. They don’t know much at all about how cause and effect or the laws of nature work. To speak intelligently about any subject you must first learn about it. Most people, unfortunately, are scientifically ignorant and unwilling to pay the price to gain the knowledge that gives them the right to offer an intelligent opinion.

    Most people who don’t like Richard Dawkins find him offensive because he asks magical and mythic thinkers to offer some sort of proof for their silly views. As anyone who reads the reader posts on this blog can see, being challenged to justify their views pisses off most magical thinkers.

  59. C says :


    I am seriously thinking of applying to spend the 9 days becoming a big mind trainer in Maui in March. I know of a way to pay for it all. But it involves taking on some debt. Boy I can imagine it might be a life changing experience.

    What to do — throw caution to the wind and go for it? Or wait until I’ve prudently saved up and followed Dave Ramsey’s advice like you have suggested before.


    FROM BILL: I’m a big champion of Genpo Roshi and Big Mind, as everyone knows, but in this economic climate I would not go into debt. When you buy now and pay later you always pay MORE for things. This is one reason why the poor stay poor. How can you get ahead financially when you pay more for everything than other people?

    And, is it realistic to believe that you will recoup the tuition through client payments after the training? That is the question to ask. If you charge $100 per session, that’s 100 sessions just to break even, not counting the interest (probably another 5 sessions year). AT $75 per session, it’s 134 sessions plus more sessions to pay the interest. And that’s just to break even.

    Buying now and paying later might seem like “normal” thing to do, but it has only been normal for the past few decades. For most of the past things were bought on credit only when those things created income that would retire the debt and also make a profit.

    Though it’s theoretically possible that you could create a thriving business doing Big Mind with people, the world it littered with “coaches” who paid a lot for their training and then found that not that many people are willing to pay for coaching. Very few people make any money coaching or doing alternative therapy with people. In this depression era (which is going to get a lot worse, and will last for many years), the number of people who will pay for Big Mind is going to go way down.

    I would follow Dave Ramsey’s advice. Pay for things when you have the money, not before.

  60. Jem says :

    You shoot your self in the foot Bill, I was dislusional as you, well then ok. Many times in your response you actually fuck up in view of your responses. (less said the better) It seems like you want to keep the baby, but through out the bath water??? There are many differnent views in the scieitific comunity & only 1 is Richard Dawkins dribble. Richard Dawkins philosophy 1) Life is down to evolution (no God),2) There is no God, or indeed inteligence in life, only , 3) Poerty sucks 4$ All beauty needs to be scientificaly proven…..what a load of dog shit. If I had more energy I would carry on, however pup time. Bill wake up your views are the narowest iv’e come across in a while. I have just re-read this and I dont think by any means it represents me, however I

    FROM BILL: Show me one atom of evidence for God and you’ll have something. Narrowest you’ve ever seen, huh?

  61. Heikki says :

    “Buying now and paying later might seem like “normal” thing to do, but it has only been normal for the past few decades. For most of the past things were bought on credit only when those things created income that would retire the debt and also make a profit.”

    Bill, you make it again.

    Its only a harmful meme. “Buying now and pay later”.

    Creditcards are very bad for the (mentaly) poor people, cash and creditcards in whatever way is to the wises.

    I dont hate creditcards, they are very good tools also. But very bad masters to the weak minds.

    Forexample, i need creditcard to buy my holosync. But I pay my credit back as soon as possible, usually in 30 days. It means no intrest to creditcompany. Which belongs to bank, by the way.

    Nevertheless, I dont have loans anymore either. But it doesnt mean that I dont have “things”.

    To “C”, lets just do our daily holosync. After that everything you/me need, is going to happen. I live in heaven now, someday you (re)find yourself also here.

    Pur3 cd4 now

  62. catherine says :

    I think your keyboard has run away with you there Rich. Making parallels with a guy who mentions fluoride being unhealthy and fascism is a bit, um rich.

    It’s too easy to shove things under the umbrella of conspiracy theory. Something unusual is happening in the world IMO (and I am allowed one). I’m from the UK and live in France at the moment and historically Europeans fight for their freedom and rights. We notice when they are being taken away. Perhaps in America you don’t notice as much because your freedom has not been fought for? We are meant to be scared that at any moment a terrorist will strike. What bloody nonsense. I’m much more concerned about losing my freedom and human rights than ‘terrorists’. That’s fascism for you.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know if there is anything harmful about fluoride, but these is something harmful about a government bureaucrat deciding that everything should have it in his or her drinking water. If there is a “conspiracy”, that’s it.

  63. C says :

    Hey Bill,

    Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the trainer aspect and seriously making any money at doing it. I was thinking more for the 9 days spent with Roshi and doing some deep mind work and possibly finding a life purpose during that time. Worth it to go into 10k debt for more happiness overall? I dunno. It’s a lot of ifs.


  64. Jem,

    What makes you so sure that I’m a science fundamentalist or dogmatic about these matters?


  65. Dave says :

    Bill, well said very compassionate in the true sense of the word! I sat with it and had a great moment….especialy when I decided to doubt it. Try it! it was so freakin exciting I was brand new. It left the door open just a crack, just enough for me to let go and watch how life itself falls back into place to create a delightfuly unfamilar beauty. I emerged feeling…Impermanance is such a gift. Holosync ROCKS!!!!

  66. Kristopher says :


    Do you still talk to your DNA or recomend that others do? I am, of course refering to the intro and afirmation content of the longevity meditation CD which I received with the original Holosync package. I am not being flip when I ask this- I am looking to see if there is a change in your thinking over time about some of your materials or if you have an internal logic that does not put this under the “magical thinking” category. I daresay that many critical thinkers would tend to put much of the notion of the mind having any more substantial and direct effect on the health of the body than that of the cumulative effects of stress in the “wishful” if not “magical thinking” category.

    How has your thinking changed and/or remained consistent?

    FROM BILL: First of all, I have never advocated talking to your DNA. The Super Longevity soundtracks are based on research Dr. Vincent Giampapa made me aware of. Giampapa, among other things, is a past president of the organization that board-certifies physicians who want to practice anti-aging medicine. He is also author of quite a number of peer-reviewed scientific papers in the longevity field.

    There has been considerable peer-reviewed research in the past 15 years or so showing that environmental factors, including mental state, stress, etc. do affect the activation and/or inactivation of genes. There is little dispute that DNA does change.

    I do not claim that I have the scientific expertise to evaluate this research. That’s what the peer review process is for. When Giampapa suggested that we create the Super Longevity soundtracks, I relied on his expertise and his knowledge of the current research (of which there is quite a bit more now, fifteen or so years later). Some of it will probably be disproven, which always happens. Much of it has been confirmed.

    A quick google search turned up the following, which is on the subject. I also came across a few others, which I have not listed. Anyone interested in looking into this further though, can google G. Rein and R. McCraty, the authors of the study linked to below.

    There is little doubt that the mind does affect the body. That some magical thinking types extrapolate from that and make weird claims is inevitable, and is obviously not something I support. That the mind has a significant effect on the body, however, is not wishful thinking nor is it in doubt. Thousands of studies support that view. Magical thinkers may use that view as a jumping off point to make magical claims, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the mind does affect the body and, in fact, quite strongly.

    The main effect of the Super Longevity soundtracks comes from Holosync. Stress, which is a mentally-induced phenomenon, is dramatically reduced by Holosync. Holosync has been shown to significantly reduce levels of stress hormones in the blood (as does traditional meditation, based on a number of studies, though not as dramatically). Since stress does cause negative changes in DNA, Holosync acts as a mitigating factor.

    The other aspect of these soundtracks are the affirmations, which though they were spoken in my voice were written by Dr. Giampapa–and are not “talking to your DNA” (I just went back and re-read them). I have said many times that though affirmations do have an effect, it is a limited one, for reasons I will outline below.

    Affirmations are a type of internal representation (others would include internal representations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch along with other kinesthetic sensations such as balance, heat, pressure, etc). Internal representations create 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to (the result of a combined effect of feelings and behavior), and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens around you. That being the case, internal representations have a significant effect on your experience of life.

    The internal representations you make have a significant impact on the degree to which you resist whatever is going on around you, which is precisely what stress is (stress is not something outside of you, it is your RESISTANCE to what happens outside of you). Stress is a huge factor in the acceleration of aging, and lowering the amount of stress you create for yourself is a huge factor in increasing longevity. And, stress does have an effect on DNA, according to quite a few studies.

    Do affirmations have an effect on DNA? If they do, I would say it is minimal, just as the effect of all affirmations is minimal–something I have been saying for over twenty years.

    Why? Because humans make a constant stream of internal representations in response to the world all day long. Saying affirmations, or listening to them, for a short time each day will therefore be offset by what you do (probably completely outside your awareness) for the rest of the day. This is like spending 30 minutes a day cleaning your house while you spend 23 hours and 30 minutes a day throwing trash on the floor, and wondering why your house is never clean. Still, the affirmations have some effect, and that effect is enhanced if you are listening to Holosync at the time.

    I have never said, however, that affirmations are a big deal. In fact, I have said that if affirmations were as effective as New Ager’s claim, everyone would be a millionaire and every kid would have a pony. And, I have never said that you can or should “talk to your DNA.”

    Scientists are just beginnning to understand this relatively new idea that DNA can change. I don’t think you can change DNA with your mind in the sense that you can decide to change something and then think or wish hard enough and in doing so somehow change it. That would be magical thinking. I do, however, think that by de-stressing yourself you can protect your DNA so that your stress response doesn’t create negative changes, and that this will also have an effect on how effectively your endocrine system works.

  67. James Wilkinson says :

    As of April 7th, 1997, the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has required that all fluoride toothpastes sold in the U.S. carry a poison warning on the label. The warning cautions toothpaste users to:

    “WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”

    FROM BILL: I’m going to post this, but again we’re veering off topic in taking about this sort of thing.

  68. catherine says :

    Talking of being in a worsening depression- do you think there is any possibility of gold being ‘confiscated’ again, as happened in the 1930’s? Not sure if that is feasible today, but I’m hearing it on the grape vine.

    FROM BILL: Anything is possible.

  69. Heikki says :

    Caherine, everything is possible.

    Also that mongolia coming superpower in couple of years.

    Or aliens landing your backyard.

    Or whatever you are ready to experience?

    Wake up, there is no such thing as change to worse. Every chance is only chance for better.

    At least in here, now, forever.

    You understand this perhaps someday, or not.

    Pur3 cd4 now, and the ride continue;-)

  70. Catherine says :

    Yeah thanks for that Heikki. Perhaps when you move on to the next cd you’ll lighten up a bit. I should have said ‘likely’ instead of ‘possible’, clearly.
    Flowering 2 cd 2 now, and still enjoying sarcasm (a very low form of witt indeed).

  71. Luis says :

    There are two types of people realist and idealist. In each type there is a full spectrum of different shades. The life of each individual is free and unique and should always be cherished and respected unless it attempts against goodness. I personally belief that I was not asked if I wanted to come here so while on Planet Earth, I will eat, drink, love and be loved while I am merry! The rest is just perception and it does not matters! Why fight? Why be controlling? Why be mad? Accept life, embrace it and enjoy it! However we met and is gone is a gift of life and we have to understand that each of us have a different path in life that has to be respected. Remember the departed but let them be departed because they are as free as you are. Remember we are all one energy and we are all interconnected as one. Separation is just an illusion the has to be conquered!

    FROM BILL: There are two types of people: those who think there are two types of people, those who think there are three types of people, and those who don’t believe in the entire idea of types of people. I know this even though I got a “D” in typing (8th grade).

  72. Luis says :

    What will be will be! If it is going to happen you cannot stop it. Why even bother with thinking about it. I know that one day I will die, and I do not think about it. Enjoy life!

  73. darlene says :

    we are just clever monkeys searching for a way to control our world. from Holosync I have the awareness that all you can control in this reality is your perspective on it. everyday I meditate I ask to see truly see and awaken to reality as it is, to be ok with whatever happens, to be comfortable with uncertainty, to have no resistance to whatever is happening because all it does is cause me suffering. It is what it is. No one has the answers to the big questions. I’ve stopped my grasping for security because it does not exist. Through my use of holosync and your classes, Bill. I’ve become more aware of the unconscious constructs that are driving my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, assumptions and actions. I have a sense of freedom that I have never before experienced.

    FROM BILL: Yay for you!

  74. James Wilkinson says :

    FROM BILL: I’m going to post this, but again we’re veering off topic in taking about this sort of thing.

    sorry bill, I touched upon this as an example of what I feel is part of magical thinking is also, cause people live under MANY lies, however, it was not my intention to open a discussion about conspiracy here…looking forward to your next post.

  75. catherine says :

    Thanks Luis. I am enjoying life. I’m just interested in what’s going on. Hope that’s ok with you. (More sarcasm tinged with a slightly bitter tone. I still have A LOT of work to do!)

  76. catherine says :

    There’s loads of evidence to support the mind/body connection. I’m looking at the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who developed the ‘German New Medicine’. It’s too lengthy to go into on the blog, but certainly worth investigating.

    ‘Since the underlying criteria are completely scientific, it is very easy to test the German New Medicine. Physicians and physicians’ associations all over the world are constantly attesting to its veracity through signed documentation.’

    I can also relate the findings to my own situation. For example when I’m on a new level of holosync which is pushing my threshold beyond what it can cope with, I notice physical symptoms occur. Cold hands and feet, tiredness, nervousness, night sweats are just some of the symptoms that I’ve noticed. GNM sees this as a natural and necessary biological system of trauma healing.

    Not sure if I’ve explained that too well but I’ve tried to keep it short.

  77. Heikki says :

    Catherine, Im not so interested in anymore whats going on, outside.

    Im just intrested in my daily holosync and what its doing me, inside.

    And the whole outside world has followed;-). Like mirror.

    At least mine.

    6-10 years ago I also wondered a lot whats going on outside? And it effected me inside, unconsciously. And it made my outside world. Like mirror.

    Catherine, I think that we have only a different direction (the mind). Although the same treatment.

  78. James Wilkinson says :

    speaking of asteroids bill, is that some sort of stargate you’re entering on the cover of your book? :-D

    FROM BILL: It’s the threshold of your mind.

  79. catherine says :

    Heikki, I understand what you are saying. I just don’t agree though that ‘the whole outside world follows’. It’s your perception that changes not the outside world in reality no? . I’m ok with that, in fact I rather like it. Having been a bit of a control freak in the past it’s quite a thing to watch all the chaos and feel ok. That’s why I’m interested in what’s going on around me.

  80. catherine says :

    I have this running joke with my husband.
    Sometime in the future I have that perfect day. The one where I experience reality free of concepts and am full of love for everything (even spiders). Birds eat from my hand, people want to be with me and I realise that I am all there is. As I’m grinning away taking all this in (I almost want to lick myself) a bomb lands on my head and kills me.

    Still makes me laugh…..

  81. ROSARIO from Italy says :

    Dear BILL,
    in your online course you say:
    “WITNESSING is not something “YOU” DO,
    but rather what is left
    when “YOU” STOP DOING everything.”
    If “YOU” is just a THOUGHT
    (no one is controlling)
    WHEN the “YOU” will STOPPING its DOING
    to let WITNESSING emerge ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Isn’t there something sitting there right now doing something? Isn’t there an organism reading this, an organism you call Rosario? Didn’t that organism type your question? That organism isn’t an idea. What you think of as “me,” however, is an idea. And, that idea isn’t the same as the organism I’m referring to. That idea is but a caricature of who you really are. It leaves out quite a lot–in fact, most–of who you are. The fact that “me” is an idea doesn’t mean that nothing is there. It just means that your idea of what is there isn’t the same as what is really there.

    I’m just saying that witnessing is awareness. Awareness, however, is not thinking. Awareness is not the contents of awareness. It’s just awareness. When the thinking, the conceptualizing, the believing all stop, there is just awareness. The ideas are are not awareness. They are part of the contents of awareness. Take them away (including the idea of “me”) and you have witnessing, pure awareness without content.

    Rosario, you keep asking this same question in different forms, over and over. You’re looking for an intellectual understanding which you will never get. This question will never be resolved for you by thinking about it or by asking me about it. It will only be resolved by internal investigation so that you know what I’m talking about, not intellectually, but by embodying it internally. The first step in that is to stop trying to figure it out mentally. Give it up.

  82. Heikki says :

    Catherine, say wellcome chaos! Inside and outside.

    Be just a witness. Like Bill has about one million times;-) said, let what ever happens, happen. (Yes, it sounds like a cliché, but its so true)

    I have gone through such things in many times during my holosync history. And also couple of times before.

    First, totally panic, then a moment when Im sure Im going to die/vanish/be crazy, then everything looks more clear and more understandable.

    After that process, I choose and (re)choose the best meme and “throw away” bad ones.

    This prosess in an ongoing prosess. I never become perfect, but I always become better.

    Its not question how can I get more awareness?? It is an issue, how can I create more space for consciousness?

    It comes when you stop “trying”. Start to just be.

    Human being, ready to receive.

    A paradox, yes;-).

    Catherine, lets just do our daily holosync.

    Pur3 cd4 now.

    FROM BILL: I suggest giving up disowning your imperfections.

  83. Chris says :


    What would happen if you holosynced a monkey?


    FROM BILL: Any you ask this because…?

    There are many interesting hobbies a person can get involved with these days.

  84. James Wilkinson says :

    Rosario, vai nel bosco con un’ascia e taglia giù un po’ di piante e senti il tuo corpo mentre lo fai, questa é un’ESPERIENZA.

    Rosario, go into the woods with an axe and cut down some trees and feel your body while you do it, this is an EXPERIENCE.

  85. Catherine says :

    Heikki, you’re lovely but my last comment was just my sicko sense of humour. All is well thanks.

  86. Heikki says :

    Bill, thanks!

    Here is a good hint all of you.

    Google “zeitgeist addendum”.

    New era is always better than previous.

    Really, there is no such thing than ghange for worse.

    There is only chaos between two era.

    In human minds and societies.

    Are you ready?

    Pur3 cd4 now

  87. Catherine says :

    I’ve had quite a lot of upheaval in the last few weeks leading to a major breakthrough for me. The main reason I started using holosync was because of an overwhelming social phobia. Even though it is a thousand times better thanks to years of holosync, it still lurks about under the surface. I know it’s there and yet I don’t want to look at it.

    Turns out during the latest upheaval that I am ready to look at it. I realise that it is my being secretive about it that is keeping it alive. Not telling my family and friends, afraid of exposing my vulnerability, worried what people will think, trying to always be strong….

    Now I’ve accepted that, the emotional charge has gone, there’s nothing really left to face. I will tell anyone who wants to know.

    Hope this helps anyone in a similar position.

    Still a turd by the way.

  88. Actually, for the Big Mind trainer certification, it’s even worse than that. They want 10K per 9-day certification session, and you have to do two to get certified. Plus, you have to get an annual refresher for 5 days at 5K a pop. This is obviously aimed at coaches/trainers/consultants. Who can find a month to devote to this, even if it is spread over a year?

    I just don’t see how anyone can build a successful business model around that. In order to justify that investment and make a decent living and finance a business, you’d have to generate at least 200K. That means you need corporate clients. I’m also a big fan of Big Mind, but as a personal/spiritual growth tool. I can’t see it working in a corporate environment.

  89. Chris says :

    Good call, Richard. I say bring back the centerpointe retreats. I don’t remember how much they are, but I’m sure they’re a lot less than 25k and probably work much better.

  90. catherine says :

    I watched Zeitgeist and its Addendum when they came out.
    I think I was going through my ‘there will be a mass awakening leading to utopia’ phase at the time.
    Jaques Fresco has some great ideas. I don’t like them all though and some people will hate them. I can’t see it working. All systems break down in the end. There will never be a ‘perfect’ one that doesn’t. That’s life.

  91. John Ramsten says :

    Thanks Bill for What you wrote.We need a smack in the face to wake up from time to time. What about THIS AS ALL THERE IS! No magic, just this. I don`t know what it is. Breathing happening, writing this happening,life happening. Pain being experienced, hopes and dreams… but in the end This is all there is, just this. Love John

  92. James Wilkinson says :

    Catherine, you and I, as well anyone reading here, will also fall apart, but who gives a shit??? Let’s sync and be happy NOW!!!

  93. Heikki says :

    Catherine, you are not ready. You are still the slave of money.

    Dont worry, someday you will understand also. And one hint again to you all.

    Required only 8%. Again, required only 8%.

    Not the whole masses.

    And the rest of the world follow;-).

    Somebody has always be the first. Peter Josephs is the first in this case. And I will do what I can do here in north-europe.

    By the way, Peter is a leader of himself, Im a leader of myself. And holosync also makes all the time more and more new self leaders.

    Like I had told, Bill is the best leader. Because He do self leaders. Not wanting followers.

    Like late honorable Jiddu Krisnamurti r.i.p.

    Pur3 cd4 now.

  94. Carlos says :

    Before I started doing holocync 4 and a half years ago , (now on purif 2 cd 4) I was very emotionally inmature (although I was already in my late 30s) and I had twice as many issues as I do now. However the way I see society and its leades has not changed much.

    Thinking that the perfect society will come along is in my mind utopian and childish. It is as childish as dividing the world between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. I think everything is way more complex than that.

    I think every single system has pros and cons. I think that theories about bad people brainwashing the good people until they wake up is bullshit. I think most leaders are doing the best they can according with what is going on in their heads and the best they can sometimes involves killing hundreds of thousands and brainwashing millions, but if “the good people” would take over they would do the exact same shit. They would benefit millions(starting with themselves) and screwed up millions starting with their enemies.

    Humans are very complex with a lot of internal drives going on . sometimes these drives are in conflict with each other. Nobody is that good or that bad and power corrupts most people.


  95. catherine says :

    You completely misunderstand me AGAIN.
    We’re ALL slaves to money at the moment Heikki because THAT is the system. I don’t like it any more than you do and I too am doing what I can to find a ‘better’ way. You’re making a HUGE judgement about me based on what you THINK I am saying. Listen to yourself. Are YOU ready?

    I know everything breaks down James, as I said , that’s life. It’s easier to say than embody though. My friend’s child died recently and it seems that I haven’t nailed it quite yet. Have you?

    FROM BILL: Everyone is a slave to money, except you.

  96. Peter says :

    Heikki, I wonder if there is something you don’t know?

  97. Peter says :

    Catherine, I think that I understand what you are talking about. In my case being afraid of people was one of the reasons why I started using Holosync. Social phobia and being afraid of people are probably the same thing. My situation has improved a bit since I started a program (2.5 years ago), but I still fill nervous when I am around people, especially bigger groups. I hope that somehow, someday it will be easier for me. Right now I’m not sure of anything and I have one big ongoing upheaval. My body feels sometimes like it was going to explode. I’m resisting a lot for sure. It’s so hard – will it ever become easier? I don’t know who I am nor where I’m going to. One big chaos and a lot of fear. Does anyone here feels or felt the same? I’m writing it because I feel lost and terrified. I know that my post is chaotic because it reflects how I feel lately.

    Bill, Holosync is pushing my mind so it can evolve, right? You say in your book that there are infinite possible outcomes after the reorganization takes place and that one of this outcomes can be the death of the system. Is it possible that I will cease to exist, in other words die as a result of this process? I’m asking this question because sometimes I feel like I was falling apart and that my life has lost all the sense it had. Sorry for being so pessimistic but that’s just the way I feel like now.

    FROM BILL: Your IDEA of you is falling apart. No big loss. I’m sure you’ll replace it with another.

    No one has died so far from Holosync. I doubt you’ll be the first.

    You’re using Holosync to become more AWARE.

  98. catherine says :

    Also Peter Joseph is not the first. His ideas are not original. He himself admits this. I’m all for change, but the Venus Project sounds a bit like New Age communism to me. I’m mindful of other people’s aspirations. I’m not being negative, personally I think it’s healthy.

  99. catherine says :

    ‘Pure communism, or the stage in history after socialism, refers to a classless, stateless society, one where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made in the best interests of the collective society with the interests of every member of society given equal weight in the practical decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life.’

    Sound Familiar Heikki? Nice adea but never seems to work. Even if everyone ‘wakes up’ people still want different things. For example, Peter Joseph has stated that he would go along with a one child policy in order to keep population down if necessary. I strongly disagree, so already there is a problem.

    You give due credit to Bill for being an inspirational teacher and yet I feel that you are missing some of the key teachings.. Would you say that Bill is a slave to money?

    FROM BILL: I…am…a…slave…

  100. catherine says :

    Sorry if I’ve gone off topic with my comments, but at least I can smell my own bullshit these days.


    FROM BILL: Too much information.

  101. catherine says :

    Group mentality is something that gets silly, people herd together for a cause and end up ignoring the rules of their group, and the rules of society.

    ‘Most people start off with decent intentions, but get caught up in the chaos and excitement of their movement or cause, and lose themselves with in the group.

    The defensive nature of group members is quite interesting to observe and study, when it comes to pointing out factors that undermine their cause or their group identity.

    It is as if one had killed something they loved, or as if they were personally offended by the information due to too much emotional attachment.’

    Having met many members of the zeitgeist movement, I can attest to this.

    FROM BILL: Hey, I have a solution to all this..oh, shit. I forgot it.

  102. ROSARIO from Italy says :

    Dear BILL,
    when we WATCH the BIG MIND DVD workshop
    we OWN our DISOWNED qualities ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  103. Catherine says :

    Ignore my last comments. I don’t want to get drawn into these pointless exchanges anymore. Maybe best to not post them.

    FROM BILL: Duh. Or is it “Doh!?”

  104. Bob Ladle says :

    This is a great post.
    Faith and be(lie)f in the end just give people who do not KNOW a position to defend.
    I think your next project should be to point out that free will is an illusion. That will really stir things up. (grin)

    Again, great post.

    FROM BILL: I like that–faith and belief give people who don’t know something to defend. I wished I’d said that. Oh, and by the way, I’d like to point out that there’s no free will. Or free lunch.

  105. Carlos says :

    Peter ,

    I think holocync will continue to “cure” you from your fear of people. It might take some time though. What I really love about holocync is that it works on all your issues at the same time.

    However if you want to get rid of that fear faster the best thing you can do in my opinion is to just jump off the cliff. ( unless there is something clinical about your condition) , be more social, get yourself in social situations , talk to the people in the line of the supermarket , start small and then do something more uncomfortable . nothing bad is going to happen. Most people are to worried about their on situations they dont really care about you or me that much.


  106. Heikki says :

    Catherine, I LOVE money and this monetary system. Like I LOVE every single human being in the world of today.

    So, I dont “no like” them.

    “Love” is just a word. To me it means also “readiness to abandon”.

    In other words, to be independent but at the same time, paradoxically, dependent on.

    Yes, I LOVE EVERYTHING;-). Just making ongoing selection.

    Here and now;-)

    Pur3 cd4 now

  107. James Wilkinson says :

    No more personal growth for Rosario! Thinking yourself to death!

    No more Zeitgeist for Catherine! Have I nailed it? What’s there to be nailed? (don’t make me be vulgar).

    And no more teaching this stuff for Bill, since he’s forgetful!

    Oh, yeah, I’m a slave too!

    LMAO, this blog is getting HILARIOUS, great stuff! :-)

  108. catherine says :

    Hmmm…….. are you trying to tell me something or have you been drinking again?

  109. catherine says :

    Peter, I completely understand! It really will get easier though if you stick with the holosync. My fear kicked in when I was about 11 yrs old (I’m now 42) from an incident at school. I gradually turned from a confident child to fearful one. I was good at down grading the fear though and even better at hiding it. I think if I’d told somebody what had happened and how I was feeling, things could have been nipped in the bud. However, I didn’t and by the time I was 30 I was mentally exhausted with the effort of ‘keeping it together’. It feels terrible and is very distressing. I also felt a sense of shame about being weak and self indulgent which added to the whole mess. What a pickle!

    I tried loads of things, but if I’m honest I was a bit half hearted. I thought there was something innately wrong with me that couldn’t be fixed and that I would have to manage as best I could. Holosync and Bill’s teachings changed all that. I remember crying with relief when I read his book and began to understand what was happening to me. It has been a long road Peter but very worthwhile. Bill is so right- your IDEA of you is falling apart. Go with it, don’t be afraid. I’ve been there and it really is ok.

    I don’t know if you’re secretive about your fear (the only person I told was my husband). I’m at a stage now where I see that the secrecy needs dealing with. So I’m going to let people know, What’s the worst than can happen? Think about it.

    Also this whole episode is not ‘you’. It’s a biological response that your brain has set off automatically to protect the organism you inhabit. It’s just got stuck in a cycle and holosync will unstick it.

    A massive hug to you from me.

  110. catherine says :

    Peter, see what happens when you open up and let go? You find out that you’re not alone. (Note to self)

  111. catherine says :

    Ahhh I seeee. It really is pointless. I am slow to catch on sometimes. Maybe my brain has atrophied from all the booze……..

    No free will. I think I see why. Control is just an illusion in reality, as is free will? Happening happens or words to that effect?

    Throw us a bone…..

  112. catherine says :

    Carlos’ idea may well work for some people. I tried them all, including public speaking and got worse. Go figure.

  113. Heikki says :

    Peter, you are a slave of money.


    But honest one;-).

    Now you can choose.

    You have a “both sides of the same coin”.

    In reality, there is only two power witch makes the “world go around”.

    Love and fear

    By the way, you cant eat “money”. You cant have a sex with “money”. You cant have a close human reationship with “money”. You can not create a warm, strong houses for a mere money.

    Those things people are needed

    Yes, you can buy a dinner, you can buy sex, you can be the builder of the house by money.

    Whats missing?

    Close relationships to humans

    You cant buy close relationship to humans. You can buy just a superficial relationship with yourself.

    Those are the four things that a person only needs to live a deep spiritual life.

    Others are purely for ego desires.

    You “want money”? You create suffer. You “want fame”? You create suffer. You ” want other people’s resources”? You create suffer. You “want anything”? You create suffer.

    Conforms to mine and other people’s needs, first. Thats love.

    Fear just tear us apart, and darken the visibility of the reality.

    Are you ready? Cleans visibility.

    Monetary system is alike capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism.

    A small number of people have heaven on earth, large number of people have nothing but a living hell.

    By the way, “clean visibility” means intuition, creativity, courage, the understanding that we are all the same.

    Today, 6.5 billion people live on Earth.

    What the world would look like if all “6.5” billion would provide a clear vision to reality?

    Fill their needs first also and abundance of the world opens to everybody, including to you.

    And then we can explore the inner and the outer space, without limits

    Really, are you ready?

    Cooperation, not competition anymore?

    Bill, Im too crazy;-), hah hah. If majority means normality:-(

    Pur3 cd4 now

    FROM BILL: Money does not prevent close relationships, or anything else that is “good.” Cut out the preaching.

  114. C says :


    Is it possible to be (following the program directions) almost on P4 and still have a ton of shadows?

    FROM BILL: You’ll always have a ton of shadows. You’ll just be more aware of them.

  115. catherine says :

    I’m trying to stay quiet but honestly Heikki, somebody who is feeling really delicate could be further damaged by buying into that (pardon the pun).

    All you need is more awareness, not loads of confused words.

  116. catherine says :

    ….I should have said traumatised. ‘Damaged’ is misleading. Words can be tricky.

    I notice that Bill doesn’t get caught up in the emotions of people’s stories. He gets to the bones of them and diffuses the emotional charge with practical advice gained through experiential knowledge. That’s why I listen to him.

  117. Heikki says :

    Bill, how about “Cut out the preaching, please.”

    But, lets move on.

    Just waiting new topic

    pur3 cd4

    FROM BILL: Okay, PLEASE. Why do you need to try so hard to appear to be important or spiritually “advanced”? Why list what level you’re on with each post? Who cares? This is the expression of a disowned voice. Find it and become aware of it.

  118. Carlos says :

    I think that for as long as the human race exists, humans will have the desire and the drive (many times unconscious and masked) of competing with each other , preying on each other and taking advantage of each other (survival drives) as well as the desire and drive of helping each other and doing things for each other.

    put the most “advance “,” compassionte” people on earth in a situation where it is either them or the next guy and most of them will step on the next person to survive.

    The only bad thing about money for me is that I am not very good at making it :-(


    FROM BILL: Money is a measurement of the amount of benefit you bring to others (unless you are a crook). People exchange money for something they want or need. Find a way to benefit other or solve their problems and you’ll make money.

  119. Dave in ATL says :

    Hey Bill,

    First, I gotta say no one tells it better. You and Ken Wilber are my goto people for putting the inexplicable into words.

    Second, as I explore my own magical thoughts, I find a curiously wired nervous system that seems to have been assembled by an impaired child speaking a foreign language. Oh, hey wait, that was me! No wonder I’ve got so many magical thoughts lurking fearfully in the shadows. I guess I’m a human bean after all. Anything to feel safe. But as you’ve said, dreaming of safety does not create safety. Just the reverse usually. So thanks for that.

    Third, since one of my magical thoughts seems to involve idealizing successful or beautiful people and devaluing my own accomplishments, I say thanks for not hiding your own shadows. I don’t think these rascals every just vanish; I think becoming aware of them and re-owning their voices probably takes a lifetime. I’m guessing that allowing yourself to attach to consciously being human involves re-owning all these shadow voices, however long the process takes. Is that fair to say?


    FROM BILL: Idealizing successful people isn’t magical thinking. Neither is dreaming of safety. Magical thinking is a belief that with your mind (or some other “magic”) you can alter the laws of nature (which you can’t).

  120. Catherine says :

    I’m English. We’re far too polite to step on anyone. We’d rather die than make such a dreadful social gaffe!

    Feeling slightly deflated. Being human is hard work sometimes. I hope to truly be at peace with it before I peg it.

  121. Peter says :

    Heikki, I encourage you to listen to Bill and to realize that you are not the most aware being in the universe. Everybody has something interesting to say. Stop talking to us like to stupid people.

  122. Peter says :

    Carlos, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it and I think that you are right about social situations. I’m trying to practice it as often as I can. Best wishes, Peter

  123. Peter says :

    Catherine, thanks for warm words. You are right that sharing your story with others is good because it shows you that you are not alone. That’s why I wrote that comment. I understand very well what you are saying. I’m 27 now and I’ve felt that something is wrong with me since I remember (probably since my birth) but I wasn’t aware of it for a long time. It became a really serious problem for me when I was in high school because I realized that my life wasn’t working at all. Now, it’s much better, believe me. Holosync has helped me a lot and most of the time I feel better than I was a couple of years ago. I had a really big amount of upheaval lately but something has shifted in my mind and I feel better now. I’m also sending a big hug to you Catherine. Be well.

    Bill, you were right. I haven’t die and my Idea about myself was replaced with something new. I’m not sure yet what is it but it feels quite good. Thanks!

  124. catherine says :

    That is excellent news Peter.

    I missed this comment…FROM BILL: Everyone is a slave to money, except you.

    You really do know how to press people’s buttons don’t you? I see what you mean and there must be truth in it because I felt slightly cross reading it. I’m changing my mind about certain things lately like other people change their socks. Hopefully it’s a sign of my flawed thinking unravelling……….

    FROM BILL: OF course people like and want money. How else can you get food, shelter, entertainment, clothing, a car, basic security, whatever? If you get lots of it you can have better food, shelter, entertainment, clothing, security, and so forth. As long as people are honest about how they get the money, the only way to get it is to do something for it that the person paying the money wants more than they want the money.

  125. catherine says :

    Peter, I also mean opening up to people in social situations… ‘I’m recovering from a social phobia but I feel really nervous right now’ kind of idea.

    I spoke to an experienced specialist about this particular phobia and he said that the one thing most sufferers had in common was that they were secretive about it.
    Most people aren’t secretive about having a fear of spiders or whatever, but they are about this.

    If the thought of doing it terrifies you, it’s probably a good indication that it will need dealing with at some point. That’s my experience and I hope it helps.

  126. Heikki says :

    FROM BILL: OF course people like and want money. How else can you get food, shelter, entertainment, clothing, a car, basic security, whatever?

    Bill, if people have survived and fullfilled their basic needs hundreds of thousands of years without money and could survive and fullfil their basic needs millions of years ahead without money, why they want money now with “of course”?

    I know that, but maybe you can explain this paradox to airheads here without preaching?

    Pur3 cd4 now

    FROM BILL: Because before the invention of money people lived at a grim subsistence level, with an average life span of about 25 years. Money has been around for about 5000 years. Without it there is no civilization as we know it. If you don’t want your money, give it to charity. Stand up for your beliefs.

  127. Catherine says :

    Ok I get what you are saying re money but perhaps you misunderstand me a little. I have a small business and earn good money. I don’t resent it in the way you perhaps imply. What I do resent is the gulf that exists between the haves and the have nots. If I was sharing a table with a group of friends and some of them were eating dry bread while I pigged out on roast duck, I’d feel shit and share it. Most of us would of course. I hope that one day there will be a system that provides a good standard of living for all. The current system will never allow for that. You’re going to tell me that it can never be, but is it really a hopeless ideal?

  128. Catherine says :

    …….by the way I’m not advocating taking people’s wealth from them or suggesting that it is wrong to be wealthy.

  129. Michelle says :


    Just wanted to add a comment about this hot topic of magical thinking.

    I used to think all sorts of magical thoughts. Past lives, fate, looking for a reason for my being here, longing for “oneness”, feeling there was something wrong with me etc, etc.

    I’ve been listening to Holosync for a few years now and I KNOW from my own experience that this type of thinking vanishes – puff – gone. It was exactly as Bill describes it “Magical”. Now the fact that I once thought like that seems unreal.

    This is it – we have one life – it’s very short – why waste it trying to avoid the inevitable. When you face up to the fact that you WILL die and be nothing one day then it tends to make you want to live fully now and brings a sense of freedom. And when you face up to the fact that your loved ones will die or have gone completely then you get real. THIS IS IT!

    Start to appreciate the preciousness and vulnerability of everyday life. Longing for it to be different or have a bigger meaning is a part of the individual – these longings and thoughts will go as you relax and trust. And this happens with Holosync.

    Through Holosync I’ve realised that life is what I make it and my thoughts are what make it enjoyable or not – and these I can choose in a moment. I recommend that anybody who is looking for an answer just carry on using the CDs. Then you will find there isn’t one – and it doesn’t matter anyway.

    Thanks to Bill for his amazing product.


  130. Carlos says :


    I think most people are afraid of social situations because they fear the possibility of rejection. (or were afraid at some point and got over it by either facing their fears , doing therapy , holocync etc. ) Some of us more , some of us less. like with everything else there are many degrees to it.

    I read somewhere that the reason why people fear rejection so much is bacause people lived in tribes of about 100 people for thousands of years. In those times rejection meant separation from the group and consequentially death since nobody could survive on their own.
    Today that fear of rejection does not make logical sense but it is still there.

    I was super shy as a kid , I grew up trying to look good and impress others . Of course I made a fool of myself once and again.

    I have made some stupid comments in this blog for which I had no experiencial evidence at all. But I do have a lot of experience in getting over my shyness , way before I started doing holocync and learning a little about personal growth.

    I learn this : If you are afraid of say talking to strangers(or women) and you force yourself to do it . It will be super uncomfortable the first couple of times .IF you keep at it , you will get use to it. You might still be afraid of OTHER social situations but not that one as long as you keep doing it. The big ansiety I felt when I approached and talked to women I did not know turn into exciment and anticipation over a relative short period of time.

    You will probably need a big motivation though (like being sick and tire of being shy) and the support of a mentor or a good friend who will tell you you are going to be ok.


  131. James Wilkinson says :

    FROM BILL: “…If you don’t want your money, give it to charity…”

    Wait, let me give you my account number, LOL

  132. James Wilkinson says :


    I abosolutely agree with you about dealing with (and enjoying) PMR (physical matter reality).

    This however, does not (at least for me) exclude NPMR (non physical matter reality).

    And again, this isn’t AT ALL, a call for magical thinking!

    I suggest that Tom Campbell’s SCIENTIFIC approach to a Big TOE (big picture theory of everything) is most interesting and it adds (not subtracts) to Bill’s approach to reality (which in my book is very accurate in many ways, and of practical down to earth use, but in my opinion it is NOT the highest perspective you can get to).

    For me, NPMR is a causal and integral part of PMR.

    I can only speak from my own EXPERIENCE, and I hope that no one takes this coment as an offense or a call to magical thinking.

    What’s more Michelle, Campbell (and myself as well) will agree with you that Holosync is an amazing technology!

    Have a lovely day! James

  133. catherine says :

    Forgive me for butting in Carlos. There is a huge gulf between being shy and having a social phobia though. I’m not particularly shy, in fact quite the opposite. A social phobia can happen to anyone who experiences a trauma (usually during a social situation) which sets off the sympathetic nervous system. For some reason the trauma can settle in the brain and a pattern is established, with social situations being the trigger. People’s neural networks and nervous systems play a key role in how things progress. Some people create new neural pathways and move on, others don’t for some reason and get stuck.

    I’m saying this because it can become a complete mind fuck. Whatever you do the pattern remains because it has become so firmly entrenched. The thing is that you literally can’t avoid social situations so you are constantly exposing yourself and yet not feeling significantly better when having success in managing them. (Or the feeling of success is fleeting)

    Perhaps Peter doesn’t fall into this category and mastering his shyness is the answer, but I think it is important to make the distinction. Social phobias are on the increase apparently (maybe they’ll even become ‘trendy’!) so understanding them is helpful. Holosync pushes the nervous system to create new neural pathways in the brain to cope with such trauma and ‘unstick’ it. It really is the way forward and hopefully such technology will become mainstream.

  134. catherine says :

    ……witnessing also helps enormously, but it does take practice.

  135. catherine says :

    FROM BILL: Because before the invention of money people lived at a grim subsistence level, with an average life span of about 25 years. Money has been around for about 5000 years. Without it there is no civilization as we know it. If you don’t want your money, give it to charity. Stand up for your beliefs.

    Fair comment but I’m not sure it’s that simple. Debt is ruining an otherwise workable system. If you look into the history of usury (which you probably have) it has always been a contentious issue no? In England the collection of interest was disallowed during several periods in history. The federal reserve/bank of England charge interest on loans which makes no sense and creates instant debt. Who is benefiting from all this debt? I have no personal debt and yet the general debt that is inherent in the system inevitably effects me in the long term. All these bailouts plus interest have to be paid for somehow. Surely scrapping usury would benefit the majority and eventually even lift people out of poverty? Haven’t corporate interests gotten out of hand? Am I barking up the wrong tree……..?

    FROM BILL: Debt is no more the fault of money than being fat is the fault of food. Money has three functions: it is a store of value (which allows you to be of value to people and save the beneficial results to use when you want to), a medium of exchange (which allows us to do more than just barter, which is a highly cumbersom process), and a measure of value (which is what is breaking down as the value of money is devalued).

    It’s what humans do with (or to) money that is the problem. When governments get too big they generally inflate the money supply or otherwise debase the money, which is really just a less-visible form of theft. This debasement of money has eventually happened in every major civilization in history, generally as part of the breakdown of that civilization. Don’t worry, though, it took several hundred years to play out when the Romans did it, and we’ve only been debasing the currency for about 100 years.

  136. Shyness is probably the most ingrained personality trait and it is also the most well attested in psychological research. A good book to read on this is Galen’s Prophecy, by Kagan. He shows that it is possible to see the trait in newborns and it persists through development. Personality traits tend to be relatively stable over the lifetime. This is also backed up by a mountain of research and well accepted by personality experts.

    What this means is that it is most probably not something that happened to you or a childhood event, though you may interpret it as such because that is how you filtered your initial “shyness” experience. You just happen to be that way, and in many cases it is physiological. In other words, it’s nobody’s “fault.” certainly not the person who feels shy or afraid in social situations.

    You can however develop strategies to deal with the shyness, as Carlos has mentioned from his experience. The same goes for all our temperamental and dispositional traits. For instance, I’m impatient and quick to anger, but I’ve developed strategies to deal with those traits. They can still come out under pressure, but less and less with progressive awareness and development. In other words, development leads to greater versatility in thought and behaviour, but it doesn’t change our underlying makeup.


  137. Heikki says :

    FROM BILL: Because before the invention of money people lived at a grim subsistence level, with an average life span of about 25 years. Money has been around for about 5000 years. Without it there is no civilization as we know it. If you don’t want your money, give it to charity. Stand up for your beliefs.

    Thanks Bill!

    Lets move to the higher plateau, and we see perhaps what is yours true level now?

    Bill, if people have survived and have fullfilled their basic needs hundreds of thousands of years without money and at the same time EVOLVED spiritually and technically and could survive and fullfil their basic needs and at the same time EVOLVE spiritually and technically without boundaries millions of years ahead without money, why they want money now with “of course”?

    And by the way, most of the people of world today live still at a grim subsistence level nowadays. Although the monetary system has been around for 5000 years.

    Yes, like you wrote, “without it there is no civilization as we know it”. Did you know that a child dies of hunger every 6 seconds somewhere in the world in civilization as we know it now? Did you know that year 2009, the world’s arms expenditure increased by U.S. $ 1464 billion, a record level in the world in civilization as we know it?

    Do you give a shit?

    Dont worry, me neither ;-)


    Pur3 cd4 now

    ps.What comes to me? As I told, I LOVE money, too. I have not for many years longer “wanted” mere money, I have only been prepared to receive money as well. So, I am also fully prepared to abandon it, too. It means that there is no belief behind which I “ought” to stand.

    Just a pure awareness that the monetary system (as well) has been pretty good servant for a small minority of the last 5000 years, but a very bad master to the vast majority of the past, present and future.

    FROM BILL: Heikki, your post is so ignorant I’m not even going to grace it with a reply. Please 1) change your tone, 2) restrict your posts to comments about what I post, and 3) stop the egotistical adding of the Holosync level you’re on to your posts (why do you need people to know what level you’re on?). Otherwise I will stop posting what you write. I’ve warned about this before, and things are getting out of hand again. You are one of the worst offenders.

  138. John says :

    Hey Bill,

    Maybe you’ve become bored with running Centerpointe. You’re much more aware now than you were 10 years ago, I’m sure. Maybe you’ve outgrown the challenge.

    I miss Mind Chatter. Blogs are good in theory (like communism) but often abused in the hands of the wrong people.

    FROM BILL: You don’t like that my blog is a totalitarian dictatorship?

    Mind Chatter was just too much work to put together each month–especially since it was free.

  139. Holosyncers of the world, unite!

  140. Peter says :

    It’s nice to see that my problems are important to other people on this blog. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I’ve always been shy and it’s making my life difficult somehow, but it’s not the whole story. I’ve started using Holosync because I identified with Bill’s life story. My emotional threshold has always been lower then average and I often felt depressed, anxious or angry. It’s true that social situations are difficult for me but other situations are that too. I know that life isn’t easy for all people but some of them seem to be coping with it better than others and better than me for sure. I’ve seen it in my family for many years for example. 2.5 years of Holosyncing has helped me to relax a bit and to have more acceptance. I’m less resistant now and see everything from a higher perspective. Yet I still feel sad very often and life seems to make little sense to me. I feel insecure somehow and for that reason all my actions are aimed at getting safety. This is also the case in social situations. Instead of trying to have fun while being with other people I am doing all I can to feel safe. Of course I do it unconsciously. I’m not sure if something can be done about it using the will power or entering such situations more often. Probably doing it with awareness can be very helpful. So I hope that doing more Holosync will help me because it creates awareness.

    FROM BILL: You really should do my online courses: You’ll be able to find out how you DO shyness, depression, feeling unsafe, being sad, etc. Once you are able to watch your create these things you’ll stop doing them.

  141. Catherine says :

    Perhaps best not to post comments that are off topic no matter how interesting they may be? I’m sure they’ll be raised again at the appropriate time if they’re of value. It’s a bit like Chinese whispers. By the time you get half way through the comments the original message has been lost. It’s so easy to go off on a tangent especially when you and others have so many interesting and thought provoking things to say!
    Verbal diarrhoea is not pretty though (clears throat nervously)

  142. James Wilkinson says :

    totalitarian dicatorships rule! nice contribution to the new world order bill! (pun intended)

    I was reading through some of your mindchatter pdf’s archived on your website, the graphic work on those newsletters all by itself was a whole load of work, I can understand you stopped producing them.

    the blog is a great substitute, though admittedly, there are some crazies in the comments section (me included).

    keep rolling bill! ehm no, I meant keep ruling, since you’re now a dictator! ;-)

  143. Peter says :

    Catherine, you are absolutely right about social phobia. At least what you are saying describes me. It’s true that when you enter into social situations often (because you can’t escape it) you can learn how to cope with them better but it doesn’t mean that you necessarily feel better in those situations. This is the way that it is in my case. I know how to build a relationship if I need to but I feel uncomfortable while doing it and because of it I have little or no motivation to spend time with people. Many people that I know seem to like social situations and meeting new people. I’d like to be like them but for some reason I can’t. There is something in my mind, in the way I see myself, other people and the world that makes me feel afraid of life in general and social situations in particular. At least now I know that it’s something in me not outside of me. Not so long time ago I was blaming others for my bad feelings. Now I feel like in some kind of trap – I know that the source of my biggest problems lies inside me, but I can’t do anything about it, at least with the will power.

    Bill, you will probably say that I should forget about getting rid of the problems because problems are built into life. But I hope that some problems can be solved even if it seems impossible in the current moment.

    FROM BILL: There are two kinds of problems: those you can’t do anything about, and those you can. You can have choice regarding 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) what people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what is happening around you. To have choice over these things, you need to be aware of how you create these things and be able to watch yourself create them, as you do it. Take my online courses.

  144. catherine says :

    A quick question if I may?
    I’ve just had an ‘odd’ experience during holosync which I have had several times before but not for a while. Having nodded out for a bit I ‘come round’ and everything’s changed. There’s no thinking and it feels as though I have no boundaries in my body. It is completely peaceful and gorgeous. Then my mind kicks in and it’s gone. I’ve been assuming that it’s some sort of OBE (does this even exist?) but could I be in the transcendent and not even realise?

    FROM BILL: That’s the transcendent. That’s what’s there, behind everything else, when the mind and the world it creates is out of the way.

  145. Peter says :

    I’m a student of your online courses. I think they are great but mastering things you teach takes time. I’m doing all I can to watch how I create those four things you are talking about but there is so much going on in my head that it’s really difficult.

    FROM BILL: I’ll bet you aren’t doing all you can to watch those things. You need to practice doing it in a structured and organized way, which (unfortunately) few do. Those who do, though, experience huge positive changes.

    My suggestion is to practice watching your internal representations (mostly your internal pictures and internal dialog) for 5 minutes or so three times a day: when you first wake up, when you turn out the light to go to sleep, and perhaps one other time during the day. Just pick something that happened during the day and think about it. Notice what internal pictures you make, and notice what you say to yourself about it. And, notice how your internal state (which includes your feelings) change as a result of the internal representations.

    You can also think of something you really want, notice the internal representations you make (and the internal state that is created), then think of something you strongly want to avoid, notice the internal representations you make (which will be of something you don’t want), and notice how your state changes (it will probably change to a negative state). Seeing how you create your internal state begins the process of having choice over them.

    Let it be okay that this watching isn’t easy at first. Just play with it a little bit every day and you’ll start noticing what you’re doing inside more and more. You’ll see ways you are sabotaging yourself by focusing on what you don’t want. As long as you do this outside your awareness, you can keep doing it, and keep creating bad feelings and negative out comes. Do it with awareness, though, and what doesn’t work falls away.

  146. catherine says :

    Peter, I remember that when I was at my lowest point with this, I would wake up in the morning and for a few seconds feel completely peaceful. Then my brain would suddenly kick in and the awful feelings would return. That ‘chink in the armour’ though fleeting, gave me hope that I wasn’t fighting a losing battle.

    It is a sort of trap, your brain is trying to protect itself from danger and your mind is creating all sorts of troubling thoughts because your awareness of what is happening is so limited. Honestly though, as your awareness grows a lot of the troubled thinking and difficult feelings will go. I’ve learnt this in retrospect, so to begin to understand what is happening, and your part in creating it would be of huge advantage to you RIGHT NOW. It even becomes sort of fun!

  147. nathan says :

    FROM BILL: Idealizing successful people isn’t magical thinking. Neither is dreaming of safety. Magical thinking is a belief that with your mind (or some other “magic”) you can alter the laws of nature (which you can’t).

    I’m sorry, but I read this, and was wondering if you could give us a discourse on “The Laws of Nature”?

    FROM BILL: Go the a university and take a series of science classes. Or, buy some of Isaac Asimov’s excellent (non-fiction) books on chemistry, physics, biology.

  148. Peter says :

    Bill you are right that I’m not doing this in such an organized way which you recommend. I need to work on it. Thanks for the instruction.

    Catherine, it’s nice to know that you understand me. I know I need more awareness. Seeing that there are people who were where I am now and have moved forward gives me hope. Thank you for your comment!

  149. Roberta says :

    I’ve been using Holosync for about three months and I love it. I was a chronic worrier about everything from a spot on the table to world politics and what the hell everyone is supposed to be doing here. I hated my job and though I was in nursing school I wasn’t as into it as I wanted to be. I find myself actually looking forward to work now and feel excited about my career again even though I’m 63 (another thing I worried about–what am I doing at my age studying for anything?) It’s never too late to do something good for yourself and others. Besides, nobody knows what will happen in the future. We just do the best we can until the end. I’ve altered my schedule to make time for my Holosync sessions. I also plan to take the online courses after Christmas expenses are over.

  150. Chris says :

    We love good, meaningful discussion. Join us at:


  151. James Wilkinson says :

    that’s really all I need to know about asimov:

  152. chris mcaulay says :

    Hi Bill

    I know you speak a lot about impermenance – are u familiar with the ideas of Ray kurzweil and the technological singularity? I am not scientifically trained or informed in the same he is so i have no way to say for sure if what he is saying ia true or not but he is very convinced that by 2045 we will through the power of nanotechnology have the option of being able to choose how long we live for and he presents his information with confidence to large audiences.

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on this as according to him we will transcend biology merge with AI and profoundly increase our potential and transform our lives!

    Thanks for your articles on the whole subject of beleifs and how they create our experience of life!


    FROM BILL: I am familiar with Kurzweil. I suppose it’s possible that if we find a way to continue to keep dissipating the entropy that builds up in living systems we could keep someone alive for an indeterminate amount of time. I suspect not, but who knows. The reason a person dies, in thermodynamic terms, is because he or she stops being able to export the entropy that is created as a result of any energy exchange, including the energy exchanges necessary for life, metabolism, etc. The ability to keep this going is at present genetically determined. It would be quite an achievement to figure out how to stop this from happening. Then we’d be faced with a bigger problem: what to do with all the people who don’t die. No one wants to die (well, almost no one), but it’s actually a pretty good arrangement in terms of the whole.

  153. Sam says :

    Before the tomorrow of Dharma practice
    there is danger that the death of today will arrive.
    Now, without deluding yourselves,
    if you want to practice Dharma, do it today.

    Having experienced it one is not free,
    for during the experience
    more nonvirtue is gathered.

  154. Alan H says :

    Bill, this was a great blog! It really cleared up a lot for me. I think to sum it up for those that aren’t getting what Bill says is that you are paying Bill for a program that increases awareness, and that awareness can be directed to aspects of your life in order to try and make it a little better. To get to a place where you except the facts of life and are one with life and not fighting what is. Its a waste of time, and money, to be arguing a point which you yourself cant experientially prove about something that will happen at a future time. Angels, demons, heaven, hell, reincarnation, this religion, that religion, all pull your focus off of what is real….NOW, and put it to something which is not here yet. Im not saying you’re wrong if you’re a magical thinker, but it doesn’t address whats here and NOW! Hope that helps. Im on Awakening level 2 and halfway through LPIP. Im using these products to improve my life NOW, not to secure a seat at the head table in a fairy tale.

    FROM BILL: Well stated. I AM, however, saying that magical thinking is wrong. All magical thinking does is take something you don’t understand and attribute it to magic–which is just a way of begging the question. Why is the universe here? God did it. Does that really explain why the universe is here? You’d have to ask why God created the universe, or who created God? Once you’ve answered that, other why questions would appear (I almost said “magically appear” but I caught myself in the nick of time). Sometimes you just have to say, “We don’t know.” In some cases, we’ll never know. In other cases, as with scientific research, we continue to find out more about how cause and effect works. These discoveries are generally of a practical nature, allowing us to manipulate cause and effect more effectively so we can grow more food, be warmer, travel faster, do more work, create more novel forms of entertainment, and so forth.

  155. James Wilkinson says :

    “Then we’d be faced with a bigger problem: what to do with all the people who don’t die.”

    Not to worry about that, the globalists are taking care of it! LMAO

    Transhumanist Kurzweil has some weird ideas! Hmm… .

  156. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill! Could you please explain what is magical thinking? Thanks.

    FROM BILL: I have, over and over. Read the articles on this blog. Read the one you’re commenting about.

  157. Chris says :


    I’m going to postulate that if you name your kid Isaac, it will magically make him into a sound rational thinker.

  158. Anna says :

    Well, well, well…Not that it has happened to me but you never know if someboby through “magical thinking” gets important answers for her/his questions, problems, situations so that through those answers she/he finds more comfort living in NOW , finds out what life is about, find more freedom and peace what is the problem about “magical thinking”??

    When the answer we are looking for is the right one we just know it. When it comes we know it otherwise it would not have come at all. Any single way we follow to discover it is the right one. Even if it is “magical thinking”.If there is a nudge to follow it we must follow. Basta!

    I had a nudge to buy Holosync and I DID. Basta! Many people I know think Holosync is a hocus-pocus and “magic-thinking”. So what!?

    Life must be MAGIC, anyway.

    FROM BILL: Something isn’t magical thinking because someone THINKS it is. Holosync is very much science-based. Someone who thinks Holosync is magical thinking is just uninformed. Their lack of information doesn’t make Holosync into magical thinking. It just means that they’re jumping to a conclusion without having any evidence.

    As for your other comment, I’ve said many times that people adopt a certain perspective (magical thinking being one possibility) because it’s the best solution they can come up with for explaining why things are the way they are and for navigating their way through life. If all you’re looking for is to comfort yourself, and believing you can call on mysterious forces to help you makes a person feel better, great.

    However, if you go beyond just giving yourself hope and comfort to accomplish something in a practical way, in the real world, magical thinking is useless. A person at a higher developmental level, where one begins to learn how cause and effect works, is much better prepared to create the outcomes they want in life. The ONLY outcome magical thinking is good for is giving someone a greater sense of hope or peace–and, once you begin to see how the world works, magical thinking won’t even do that any more.

    Finally, if someone is “finding answers,” they aren’t the result of magical thinking. Any real answer to anything comes from a knowledge of how things really work in the world.

    I suspect that you don’t understand what I mean by magical thinking. You seem to think that “magical” refers to a sense of wonder, awe, joy, synchronicity, or something like that. I’m talking about “magical thinking” in the sense of having belief that you can use your mind, or some other method, to suspend or alter the laws of nature. Such a belief is pure delusion. I suggest going back to previous blog posts (back toward the beginning of the blog) where I describe magical thinking as a developmental stage.

  159. Chris says :


    I asked my magic 8-ball if this blog was correct, and it said no.

    FROM BILL: So who do you suppose is the magic eightball in this case?

  160. Sanna says :

    I saw yesterday on TV a new document film “Changing Your Mind”. The film was about stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science and was based upon the book “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge.

    Our brain has an amazing capacity to alter and reorganize itself with exercise (with Holosync!).

    The film was all about life, not about ideas about life.

    FROM BILL: I know Norman Doidge (and have read his book). I interviewed him a couple of years ago. Perhaps I will share that interview on this blog.

  161. Alan H says :

    Bill I would love to hear you comment on the magical thinking that comes from such new-age sources such as Jerry and Ester-“Abraham” specifically. I just was sent a youtube video of this today and could not stop shaking my head from disgust. It seems that Christianity, Islam, and even Buddhism get all of the bad wrap for the magical stories and that many of these new-age quacks get overshadowed!

    FROM BILL: The whole Abraham things is definintely magical thinking.

  162. Anna says :

    Thank you for your answer, Bill.
    Since everything is impermanent we always stay uninformed. We always have a lack of information. All we know now is not everything that is.
    All laws of nature that we know now are not definite because the nature itself is unlimited as we all are.
    Our minds are altered by the laws of nature not vice versa. Since we do not know all of them there are always things that happen and we cannot explain them. So they are not science-based. But only now. Who knows what we can explain in 500years from now. 500 years ago USA did not even exist. Neither existed airplanes nor Bill Gates was in schedule to be born.
    That is why for me all what metters is faith. This is what I desire to improve. And the improvement of faith never ends.
    But I do not like theories. I love real life. I love to talk to the people with experience. They have fantastic answers.
    I have -what I call- “evil luck” to have 13 relatives who survived Auschwitz.
    They are all in their late 80ties and……very very very happy.
    I was in Auschwitz 13 times in my life. Every time I was there I thought “That place had been their home for 4 years!!!!!”
    Last Christmas I asked a couple of them “Tell me what did make you survive????”
    “Faith” they answered.
    “Faith in what?” I asked.
    “Faith in the higher guidance, young lady. Fath in God, darling” they answered.
    “The lack of faith brought us to hell. Being there we discovered our chance. Suddendly we got stronger and our enemy weaker. Out of nothing we started to believe that we would be free.When you have faith in the higher guidance you have everything. You get it only by living. So, young lady, keep moving!!!! You have much easier then us. You are not in Auschwitz”.
    “Mentally and emotionally-yes, I am” I thought to myself. But I have just followed their advice and kept moving. And I still do.

    None of them pray madly and constantly or go to church everyday. They say their life and art of living is their prayer. But many of their experiences are absolutely not science-based. When you happen to be in my country go and visit Auschwitz. Go and see. Surviving that was a miracle.

    None of them has written a book to share his/her experiences or ever talked about it in the public. They even did not go to Nürnberg for the trial. “Why should we loose our time ” they say” we were done with the hell in our way. We wanted to study, go out, go swimming in the summer. We wanted to live.”
    Many people do not even know what my relatives got through. In the sommer they cover their tatoo-numbers with make-up.
    They absolutely do not have the attitude of a victim. The faith healed their pain.
    I do hope to have the same genes. I do hope this is hereditary.
    God,I am sure it is.

    FROM BILL: Your explanation of why the laws of nature are not “definite” is typical of uninformed people who are uneducated about science and cause and effect. I’m sorry, dear, but you don’t know enough about what you’e talking about to say anything about it.

  163. Terry Lyle says :

    Hi everyone,

    This has been quite the roller coaster of blog repsonses, and very enjoyable.

    First to Peter.
    I’m going to chime in on your social fears. Although I’ve had pretty good success over the years I lived, most of my life has been steeped in fear. I wrote a response in Bill’s “The Human Condition” blogpost that describes that to some degree. Because of that fear I missed a lot of professional and personal growth opportunites. I could not bear to be in groups of people and would find any excuse to avoid that situation. Same with flying…terrified and I sacrificed a lot of business opportunities as well as having fun. Hated social events and family gatherings. I could not bear to have poeple touch me (except my wife and kids)…I hated “huggers”! I was constently depressed or anxious. As Catherine mentioned, I hid much of this fairly well from the outside world, yet lived in deep pain for a long time.

    When I was 50 I had an experience that was life changing. I spent a number of years in a limbo…still functioning but not really present. At 55 I discovered Bill Harris and Holosycn. My life changed…and I mean really CHANGED.

    I posted a response to Bill’s “The Human Condition” that describes my “watching with awareness” that might help. I don’t know how to link to it and don’t want to repost it here because it was kind of long.

    The main point being, I was trying to watch in order to stop the overwhelm I experienced with each new level of Holosync. I thought being aware was a tool to control what was happening. When I called the Holosync support I mentioned this (the overwhelm was tso dramatic that I needed some help) the person I talked to said “but the watcher doesn’t DO anything…it just watches.” You may want to search out my post of what transpired.

    In a nut shell, I let my self go through the overwhelm (which I originally thought I could not survive if I didn’t try to control it). And I let it do what it had to do and “watched”. Accepting all the feelings, tears, even the judgments that my mind made.

    Since you are taking the Life’s Principles course, you know all about the tools that Bill gives to bring you to this awareness. Yet, I hadn’t started that course at the time of this experience. But, I kept wondering what this watching was all about? How could I “watch” without wanting to control? How could I watch without thinking and judging? My overwhelm was…well overwhelming to say the least.

    Peter you wrote, “I know that the source of my biggest problems lies inside me, but I can’t do anything about it, at least with the will power.”

    Here’s my great discovery. Let the “will power” go. It doesn’t work and I caused myself a LOT of pain trying to “control pain”. When you watch, like Bill says, all of that pain may still be there. The fear, the horrible thoughts, the anxiety…yet it seems like, “well this is interesting…let’s see what happens”. And you survive.

    How about this? Let it be okay that the source of your biggest problems lay inside you. Watch and see what that brings to “mind”. What would happen if you let it be okay that you “can’t do anything about it”? Could you “watch” those thoughts without judging? Just let them happen – they may be unpleasant or pleasant. But, they don’t have to be the “truth”.

    Peter my suggestion is to stop “trying” ( I did that for a couple of years with Holiosync with no great success) and let it all happen. “Trying” is only related to mind. Everyone of us “watches” what we do…we are just “not aware” that we do.

    OOPS! I’ve gotten carried away and I’m not trying to be a Bill Harris here – I’m hardly qualified. But this stuff has changed my life so dramatically that I feel a real desire to share. And there are others like you, Peter, who feel they are doing something wrong or “not getting it”…I was there that’s for sure…but you are doing everything right…believe it or not.

    Here’s where I am.

    Although I prefer solitude, I really enjoy being among people. I used to resent the fact the being with people drained my energy. Now I am thankful to give that energy to them.

    I am totally okay with flying and it’s my preferred method for going long distances. I have even enjoyed it!

    I HAVE BECOME ONE OF THE “DREADED” HUGGERS! I am now so connected to people that I have to hug them (when appropriate of course). People who have known me for years believe I have gone crazy! My siblings particularly, who still can’t bear to be touched…what a tale of trauma in this family, huh!) My staff in my Art Department who have know me for 20 years cannot believe I was the same “stick in the mud” that was I was for so long.

    I never worry about anything. This from a person who literally stayed awake entire nights worrying about EVERYTHING!

    I suppose one could attribute this to the fact that I’ve been around awhile and being 27 is tough no matter what. Oh, but I wish I had known at 27 what I know now!

    To Richard Martin,
    WOW! I greatly admire your very insightful and well informed posts. I checked out your blog and have added it to my list to review regularly. I appreciate the time you take to post on this blog.

    All the others…you entertain me and enlighten me.

    Bill, you are the best….this blog was a thrill!

    FROM BILL: Very well stated, Terry. I’m always touched when I hear what happens to someone who uses Holosync, too–the real reason I stated the company was because of what it did for me, and it makes all the hard work worthwhile when I’m reminded that Holosync is still changing people’s lives.

  164. Anna says :

    Your necessity to tell me that I am uneducated and uninformed reveals your education and wisdom,Bill.

    We have cause. We wait for effect.

    I love my blissful ignorance,darling

    FROM BILL: Well, if you believe in magic, you are uneducated. A few things have been discovered since magical thinking was the common way of understanding the world. Hope it works for you.

  165. Alan H says :

    In regards to Anna’s comment, I think its that “faith” that brought many of the Jews to those camps in the first place. Now, in no way am I saying they deserved it. My grandfather afterall fought in World War II. But it would have been more resourceful to fight it out before they were gassed then to think some mythical and imaginary “God” would save them. You may have won or lost anyway, but at least you would be proactive and DOING something! This is the REAL stranglehold that the few have over the many in this world. How many more millions of people have to die, or lose their freedoms, because of the “god” belief? We are really going to have to outgrow believing in fairy tales if this world will ever progress any further, or we will all be done for.

  166. Anna,

    I can understand and respect the fact that these Holocaust survivors used prayer and religious faith to pull through the hell of Auschwitz. However, God or their prayers had nothing to do with it.

    They say “The lack of faith brought us to hell. Being there we discovered our chance. Suddendly we got stronger and our enemy weaker. Out of nothing we started to believe that we would be free.” Faith or “God’s will” had nothing to do with it. The Holocaust was perpetrated by the Nazis and their henchmen in occupied Europe. When they say they got stronger, are they referring to the Allied armies that crushed the Wehrmacht and the Nazi political machine, or to themselves, praying? Millions of Allied soldiers died defeating Nazi Germany in hard-fought battles. The Red Army and the Soviet Union sacrificed at least 25 million people. Whatever you think of their politics, it was this combined effort that led to the liberation from Auschwitz and Treblinka and Majdanek and Sobibor, not any efforts by those incarcerated in the camps.

    While I empathize with their experience and greatly admire their determination to survive and thrive after their ordeal, I find their thinking ethnocentric, mythical, and, in some sense, juvenile.


  167. Bob Southwell says :

    Excellent. Well said.



  168. Bob Southwell says :

    Anna: Re Auschwitz survivors

    I do not recall their names, but I have read about two sisters who survived although the rest of their family didn’t.

    Afterwards one said that her experiences strengthened her faith and showed her there truly was a god. The other said that her experiences showed her there absolutely was not a god.

    Same experiences, yet different interpretation.

    Worth thinking about.


    FROM BILL: You’re probably talking about Corry ten Boom and her sister (whose name I’ve forgetten). I’ve been to the ten Boom house in the Netherlands and have met their daughter/niece. Corry wrote an amazing book called The Hiding Place. She survived a German concentration camp; her sister and father did not. Their faith certainly did help them (they were Christians, not Jews), and her sister, especially, was practically a saint. Their experience, however, is hardly proof of the existence of God. It’s merely an example of the effect faith and their Christian principles had on them. I highly recommend this book, by the way. In fact, I recently re-read it.

  169. Peter says :

    Wow! Terry, thank you for taking the trouble to write this comment. It’s really helpful to have someone you can relate to. I’ll keep going and watching. Big hug to you!

  170. catherine says :

    Would you post a link to your blog Rich? Googled you but …………?

    I remember very well Terry’s previous post. What terrific and inspiring changes!

    A helpful book to add to the mix might be ‘Vaporize your anxiety” by Tom Stone.
    It complements Bill’s approach and the exercises within are effective. A key point he picks up on is how we suppress the full extent of our emotions in a bid to protect ourselves. We are often terrified of being overwhelmed by them to the degree that anxiety seems a safer option (unconsciously). If you’ve been suppressing for a long time, taking the witness position might seem like emotional suicide! It’s not of course but it can feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place until you ‘get it’ in practice.

    Anyway, a good read if you’re hiding from feeling the fear.

    FROM BILL: No one has ever been overwhelmed by an emotion. It is RESISTANCE to emotions that overwhelms people. If you just watch emotions with awareness, they stay a while and then pass away.

  171. James Wilkinson says :

    @TerryLyle Great contribution!

  172. Anna says :

    To Allan H. and Richard Martin,
    I am not Jewish nor are my relatives who survived Auschwitz. But we have many Jewish friends. Since I live in Germany I also know many Germans(not Jewish) who survived concentrations camps.

    None of them see her/himself as a survivors of anything.
    They see themselves as persons with a certain terrible experience who made the best out of it.
    None of them have ever asked for any sort of compensation.
    They are lawyers. dentists, doctors, architects,businessmen,engineers.Most of them still active professionally in their 80ties. Not that they have to. They just want to. And they are very happy persons.

    You are free to judge their thinking and attitude.
    They do not care. They have different things to care about.


  173. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill,

    I love my blissfull ignorance, my magical uneducated lightness of being. Even more than two days ago.


    FROM BILL: You have offered your opinion without doing enough research to know what you are talking about. You haven’t actually read what I’ve said about magical thinking. I have NOT said that “lightness of being”–or any of the things that people metaphorically describe as “magical” (love, synchronicity, beauty, etc) are part of magical thinking. Magical thinking is believing that you can alter the laws of mature, the laws of physics, which cannot be done.

  174. Al says :

    Hi. I try to stay away from blogs and animated discussions but on this occasion I could not help to notice and say that you are all trying to be right and give your own interpretation of the Truth (if Truth really exists anyway). Bill, who are you to say that “…Your explanation of why the laws of nature are not “definite” is typical of uninformed people who are uneducated about science and cause and effect…”…Do you think that cause and effect and science are the answer? If everything could be explained through science there would be no wonder, no mistery and no reason for science to develop and contraddict itself, as it happened and is always happening. I do not share any of your view points (and I am talking about everybody involved in the discussion about magical thinking). I also have faith and beliefs in God, but I do not assume I am right and everybody else who does not believe is wrong. My God is made of infinite, indeterministic essence encompassing all there is, your God can be science, cause and effect, someone else God can be nothing, because ‘nothing’ in their minds is all there is..each one will come up with their own answer, and funnily enough our same beliefs are subject to be changed by new ideas and beliefs…funny, isn’t it? I cannot help but accepting the evidence of the science but at the same time I am willing to believe that the same very science which is so true today, will be total bogus tomorrow because new realities and ideas will surface the flow of life. So there is no real permanent truth. Only fleeting moments of deterministic laws bound to be contraddicted by new and contraddicting laws. The same water poured on your head causing wetness is just a law applicable on this planet, under certain temperatures and external conditions, but as we are all witnessing the planets are living being also subject to change and to become new entities with different characteristics and peculiarities. Under new conditions wetness could become something different to our senses, and our same senses could become something different from what we are familiar with. To believe that faith helped people to survive in the nazi camps to me makes perfect sense, but I am also opened to accept other people saying that it is only magical thinking and that people survived because ot the course of history and of the defeat of the nazis. All in all no one is right and no one is wrong. I keep my faith (or better, I try to) not because it is working or making me happy. Faith is not for seeking compensations of any kind. About Anna saying: “…I do hope to have the same genes. I do hope this is hereditary..”: this sounds indeed racist and irrational. And about Richard Martin saying: “…I find their thinking ethnocentric, mythical, and, in some sense, juvenile…” in reference to God or God’s will…I bet you Richard would start praying like a shoeless friar if your life would be hanging from a thread. And bear in mind that I am not in any way mocking your statement. I am talking about your ego inflated of self importance incapable of accepting the fact that people suffering pray, and people whose prays have been heard, to believe in whom they pray. This is not magical thinking. It is just life and experience leading people to be whatever they believe to be

    FROM BILL: I just got through explaining to Anna that she had not actually read what I have written, yet was evaluating it, and then you come along. (Sigh.) I have never said that “science and cause and effect are ‘the answer'”. I have said that the laws of physics cannot be changed by your mind or some sort of magic.

    I have also never said that everything can be explained by science. If you had actually read the last 20 or so blog posts I’ve done, you would see that I have said over and over that many things will never be explained. In fact, the whole source of magical thinking is that people think they MUST have an explanation for what they can’t explain. A spiritually mature person is comfortable realizing that some things will always be a mystery. No one will ever know where everything came from, where it is going, or why all of this is happening. Explaining something by saying God did it, or God knows, even if you don’t, isn’t an explanation, it just gives a name to the supposed cause.

    People who say that science will someday be disproven base their view on the fact that the magical and mythic views of pre-scientific days have been disproven. Of course they’ve been disproven–they weren’t based on any empirical evidence. They were, in fact, the essence of magical and mythic thinking. (By the way, mythic means, in this context: magical thinking is the idea that you have the power to alter the laws of nature; mythic thinking is the slightly more developmentally advanced view that some powerful other has that sort of power, and can be aproached for help).

    Now that humans have begun to study the universe in a systematic, empirical manner, knowledge builds on pat knowledge. Magical and mythic explanations have been disproven and discarded, at least by educated people who understand cause and effect. Yes, certainly some minor details here and there might be “disproven” as we find out more about how things work, but the basic laws of nature–how cause and effect works–will never be disproven.

    The number of electrons in an atom, the structure of different molecules, the processes involved in chemical reactions, the laws of motion, the laws of gravity, how different kinds of energy are changed into one another, etc., etc., etc., will still be the same in 100,000 years. We will know much MORE about these things as time passes, but since scientific knowledge is the result of empirical investigation, subject to peer-review critique, only the mistakes will be corrected, or refinements made because of better instruments. Beyond that, knowledge will build on past knowledge.

    Yes, many new things will be discovered, but the basic laws of nature that have been discovered will not change. These laws, by the way, are the same everywhere in the universe. They do not change on other planets.

    Finally, I know Richard Martin, and I doubt very much that he will “pray like a friar” if he finds himself in a life-threatening situation. I know I won’t. Death is part of life, and I’ve made my peace with it. Praying is something people do when they believe there is a powerful being out there somewhere that they can talk to, and who might “save them.” (This is the essence of mythic thinking.)

    I’ve been cured of any idea that there is an escape from the human condition. That cure come with a reward: a profound peace about life, and the end of trying to find a solution to an insoluble problem–what do do about impermanence. I no longer need a cure for that problem. Being human, just the way it is, is fine with me. In fact, it’s utterly amazing.

    If someone wants to pray, I have no problem with it. It is, however, an example of what I am calling magical/mythic thinking–a belief (a hope) that the laws of the universe can somehow be suspended, whether by you or some powerful ‘other’. If you want to pray, pray. Whatever works for you. Praying empirically changes the way you feel–but not because some God is listening.

    It’s amazing how threaten people become when what they hope to be true is challenged. Oh ye of little faith.

  175. Sam says :

    Can you please say something about how you effectively respond to the “magical thinking” that goes on? If we understand how cause and effect works we can understand how to deal with the cause of trouble–those who “believe” in magic–and we can take actions to strengthen our focus in the face of this madness. How do you deal effectively with people who’s beliefs are different from yours, and how do you work with belief systems that aren’t working and that get in your way?

    PS: Besides, is it even possible to just believe in magic; you have to actually do it.

    FROM BILL: Everyone does the best they can to figure out how to navigate their way through life. Those strategies are developmental (they grow and change in a series of defined steps). Go read my blog series, starting at the very beginning of this blog, describing those developmental stages. Whatever strategies a person uses, it’s what currently works for him or her. When and if it stops working, they are forced to move to the next developmental stage, which will have a new perspective, with new strategies that solve their “this doesn’t work” problem.

    I am not “against” magical thinking in a critical, “there’s-something-wrong-with-you” way (though that’s how many of you who defend magical thinking take it). I see people struggling with life because their current perspective doesn’t work very well. They have trouble making money, creating what they want in life, or otherwise understanding the human condition. Magical thinking is often what is holding them back. It fails to provide what they need, and they’re ready to go to the next developmental level, to expand their perspective to include what WILL allow them to better navigate their life. What kind of a teacher would I be if I didn’t provide a mirror for them and point out what I see as holding them back?

    I think you should just assume that there are people from many developmental levels in the world. None of them abandon their current way of understanding and navigating life until and unless it stops working. Wanting everyone to be at the highest developmental level isn’t going to happen, and wanting people to be different than they are is a fight you will lose.

    I am in a position to help those who might be ready to see what’s on the other side of the hill. Those who like their side of the hill the way it is (their way of navigating life still works for them) won’t listen anyway. This is why I said in my answer to another post that if praying works for you, pray. At a certain point, however, praying doesn’t work for a person–they know too much, and it no longer makes sense. At that point they need to find a new way of making sense of life. They go through an identity crisis. When they come out the other side they have a new perspective, one that integrates the knowledge the older perspective couldn’t explain while including the aspects of the old perspective that are worth keeping.

  176. catherine says :

    FROM BILL: No one has ever been overwhelmed by an emotion. It is RESISTANCE to emotions that overwhelms people. If you just watch emotions with awareness, they stay a while and then pass away.

    I don’t want to do the book an injustice with an explanation of it open to misinterpretation. He says that people ‘feel’ as though they will be overwhelmed by their emotions and so suppress them (resist them) which as you say, can then cause the very thing that you are trying to avoid-overwhelm, often in the form of anxiety.

    My point is that there are several good exercises to use if you are struggling to witness your emotions, that’s it.

    I’m with John Lennon by the way-God is a concept.
    The nuns at my old convent school will not be happy about this.

  177. catherine says :

    ………I mean that’s what people do isn’t it. Hide from their emotions, suppress them, disassociate from them. When your heart is so full of sadness that it ‘feels’ like it might burst you try and distance yourself from experiencing the emotion fully. It feels awful, so suppressing it ‘seems’ like a better option.

    As you say nobody has ever been overwhelmed by an emotion, and yet it seems we are afraid of feeling them fully. I have read that we have been conditioned at an early age to avoid intense emotional experiences- called preverbal conditioning. Research shows that spindle cells in the brain are involved with the processing of emotional information and as there are relatively few spindle cells in our brain during infancy, we therefore (so they say) really don’t have much capacity to feel and process our emotions at that time.. As we grow we acquire more and more ‘hardware’ but it tends to be grossly underused due to our earlier conditioning.

    Would you agree that this ’emotional constipation’ that we all seem to have in common could be ‘built into the wiring’?

    FROM BILL: I have been trying to say, for several years, really, that human life has a lot of suffering built into it. I have not been kidding when I say that there is no escape from impermanence. This means that everything you care about, everything you love, everything that means something to you, will eventually end. And, there’s no way to escape the fact the considerable amount of times that you get what you don’t want or don’t get what you do want. This is why the Buddha said that all life is suffering.

    However, when you allow yourself to feel the feelings that come from the above, with awareness, and without resistance, you save yourself from a huge amount of suffering. Most suffering, as I have said over and over, comes not from what is happening, but from resistance to what is happening.

    This, however, is just meaningless knowledge unless you develop the awareness to actually DO what I’m talking about. There is a price to pay to do that. If you pay that price, your entire life changes. It does not stop your suffering, because a lot of it is inescapable. It does, however, stop your self-created suffering.

    But instead of applying yourselves to diligently practicing watching, so you can see, as you do it, how you create your suffering, you’re all arguing about silly things like whether magical thinking is valid. Sigh.

  178. Catherine, just click on my name with my posts.


    I made the mistake of assuming the Auschwitz survivors amongst your relatives were Jewish. Maybe that invalidates my characterization of their position as ethnocentric, but it certainly doesn’t invalidate the charge that it is mythic and somewhat puerile.

    The key point, though, is that these people ended up in Auschwitz because of the actions of real people (Nazis and their various collaborators across Europe), not because they didn’t pray enough or didn’t have enough faith in God as conceived by them. They didn’t also survive their incarceration because of their prayers and God’s will. It was because armies fought and the Nazis were defeated. Historical facts and forces are what caused these events and their effects afterwards, both invidividually and collectively. There is no mystery there, although the motivations of the Nazis are certainly up for interpretation.

    Understanding cause and effect isn’t just about science and technology. It is also about understanding history, sociology, psychology, economics, politics, philosophy, etc. Cause and effect permeates ALL phenomena. But to get it, you have to read and educate yourself. You can’t just assume that because science and history and social forces are mysterious to you that they are so for everyone. I’ve spent my life educating myself on these matters and coming to my own conclusions. The more I read and learn, the more I’m convinced that cause and effect is the underlying structure of reality. I might agree or disagree with Bill and others about facts and how to interpret them, about causal linkages and other verifiable phenomena, but at least we don’t throw our arms up and say, “what are you going to do, it’s all a mystery and God’s will.”

    So, again, I empathize with the people who survived Auschwitz. I also understand that prayer and faith in God helped them to get through the ordeal. I believe firmly that there is empirical evidence about the power of prayer, but it has nothing to do with ineffable or magical forces. It is rather a question of the mind changing itself to become more resilient through prayer. Bill has written a lot about the benefits of resilience and this is what prayer allowed these people to do.

    To Al, you’re assuming that because prayer is comforting to certain people and that some use it in trying circumstances, that it’s the way to go for everyone.

    I used to be a believer and was even a born-again Christian for a while in university. By my mid-20s, I was a raging atheist. Later on I became more of an agnostic, and would still characterize myself as such. To say I’m agnostic means I admit that “I don’t know.” Despite this philosophical agnosticism, I choose to live atheistically, because that is how I want to live my life, that there is no salvation, no escape, as Bill puts it.

    I can accept that some people find comfort in their religion, but I don’t. I find more comfort now in accepting my ignorance and my human predicament. It helps me “seize the day” and see my life as a question of choice, even though ultimately I only control a small part of my fate and my future.


    FROM BILL: I couldn’t agree more.

  179. Anna says :

    Hi Al,
    Unfortunately you misunderstood me. Talking about my genes and heritage I have no discriminating thoughts in my mind. Sorry if it souded racist to you.

    What I have in mind is a potential and strength that came out of faith in the higher guidance and helped my relatives not only to survive but also to develop very happy life. What I am sure about is that this pontential and strength is inside everyone of us. It is in everybody`s genes.
    But the way I have expressed myself could make you think that I was racistic. No, I am not.

    One day I found myself in the middle of depression and started-what I called- “self healing” process. It was very difficult. I had days that I wanted to kill myself.
    I kept asking myself how is it possible that my relatives who got through the hell a happier than I am.
    Talking to them helped me a lot to overcome my crisis and I started to believe in life again. Step by step I started to feel the joy of life. They have a first-hand information and they also know my background.

    As for the rest -you understood me perfectly well. I wonder why you did and Bill did not.
    I also want to thank you for what you have written to Richard Martin. You are perfectly right. My aunt, who was a guinea pig for Dr. Mendele, has just read the post and is very very sure that even Bill would pray like friar.

    Since we have never been in a real life-threatening situation(every day,every hour, every minute, every second for 4 years!!!!), we have to be grateful for that.

    I am.

    Take care everybody.
    It is snowing here.

  180. James Wilkinson says :

    I hate to admit it Bill, but your last replies to the comments on this thread are kick ass! Other than that I would love to hear you play the Saxophone, I understand that you’re way better than the other Bill (Bilderberg attendee Clinton that is).

  181. Peter says :

    Bill, I’ve got a question regarding overwhelm. Lately I have a lot of strange physical sensations: I feel dizzy, like someone who is going to faint, my head is aching, I feel lost, I can’t focus and I forget what I wanted to do, simple things seem difficult to me. Is it possible that it’s the sign of overwhelm?

    FROM BILL: Overwhelm isn’t whatever is happening to you–it’s your response to what is happening. If you resist these things, you may overwhelm yourself. Personally, I would go to a doctor if those things happened to me. I suppose it’s possible that these things are related to your Holosync use, but I doubt it. Once people start using Holosync they blame every cold, chill, or hangnail on Holosync and forget that these same things happen all the time to people who aren’t using Holosync.

  182. catherine says :

    I’m a bit gobsmacked! I don’t think my question had anything to do with magical thinking being valid or not. I was talking about spindle cells and emotions and asking a reasonable question I thought. Perhaps I’m getting bogged down in the detail, but was it that awful?

    I don’t know what to say about the rest. It’s as if you’ve never read a single post I’ve written.

    FROM BILL: I’m not necessarily addressing you in my responses, but rather the whole group.

  183. Anna,

    Your aunt who was a guinea pig for Dr. Mengele used the best means she could think of to get through the ordeal. It was apparently such a powerful experience for her that she has kept that faith through all her life. All I can say is good for her.

    However, that does not prove one bit that there is a God who heard and answered her prayers. It just proves that she found strength in her beliefs. Beliefs are powerful. When a new drug is being tested, the pharmaceutical company has to prove conclusively that it is more effective than a placebo by a significant margin. Doctors have known this for decades, if not longer. It’s a proven fact.

    I do think your view is ethnocentric, but it’s centred around your religious beliefs. There are belief systems (e.g. Buddhism and Stoicism) that are essentially godless, but that nonetheless provide comfort to people in times of suffering as well as guidance in their day-to-day life. Admiral James Stockdale, who suffered through years of torture and solitary confinement in a North Vietnamese prison (the Hanoi Hilton) attributes his resilience in large measure to his knowledge and application of Stoic precepts. I don’t know what role religious faith played in his ability to endure, but from what I’ve read, it was primarily his Stoic philosophy that sustained him. He can recall being tortured by a North Vietnamese officer and feeling pity for him because of his stoicism. Philosophy, not religion, sustained him.

    There are other ways of being, thinking and acting. You just have to be open to the possibility. I’m not trying to get you to adopt my point of view, but you might want to admit that your view is not the only valid perspective on this.

  184. Peter says :

    I’m not blaming Holosync. I just wanted to ask an expert (whom you are in my opinion) if such things may be the symptoms of overwhelm, stress etc. (I know that overwhelm is my reaction to what is happening). I certainly will go to a doctor and do some medical research. Thanks.

  185. catherine says :

    Don’t even bother with me. You’re busy and I’m asking questions that I already know the answer to if I take the time to think. That feels better.

  186. Terry Lyle says :

    Hi Peter, et al,
    Love the overwhelm. I mean LOVE it, Let it be okay. Suck it in and breathe it out. Realize that this is the revelation. I know. I was soooooooo afraid…I mean that I was so afraid that I thought I would die if I let it be okay! But here I am. And tomorrow I will still let it be okay. Even more so. Because I have all of a sudden relalized how awesome LIFE is.

    (And stop arguing with Bill fer petes sake)

    FROM BILL: Ah, c’mon. It gives me something to do.

  187. James Wilkinson says :

    that’s what I say terry, if we don’t bust his balls bill’ll be bored to death!

  188. Al says :

    Hi Bill, it is me again (sigh!). It seems you failed to grasp the essence of my message. It was not intended to protect my idea of God in contrapposition to what you believe is magical thinking. I was just inviting you to reconsider your statements and accept the fact that everyone is the way it is due to the way of life they conduct, their experience, culture and background, and no one is better or, in your words, higher in the ladder of the developmental stage than anyone else. I was trying to say that nobody can be right on anything, not even educated people with extensive knowledge of empirical sciences or universal laws. This does not mean that I do not need medicines or that if somebody will throw me a stone and hit me in the head I can avoid the accident or get healed by means of magical powers. I am still a man who needs to work and to pay the bills, buy food to feed my perishable body. There are smarter, uglier, more interesting, appealing, fascinating, stupid, cultivated people than others, no doubt. But this is true only in the deceiving surface of appearance and reality experienced through our limited senses. It is curious how you make affirmations and then withdraw your statements (please do not take this as a personal offense, just as a genuine criticism from somebody who just happened to read your words). You said: “…I have never said that “science and cause and effect are ‘the answer’”…”…and shortly after you said: “…but the basic laws of nature–how cause and effect works–will never be disproven.The number of electrons in an atom, the structure of different molecules, the processes involved in chemical reactions, the laws of motion, the laws of gravity, how different kinds of energy are changed into one another, etc., etc., etc., will still be the same in 100,000 years…”. If the latter statement (…but the basic laws of nature–how cause and effect works–will never be disproven…) is not ‘the’ answer and in utter conntrapposition to what you yourself call impermanence, then please give me your definition of ‘Answer’, because you confused me (and bear in mind that I am not seeking for an answer per se, just your definition of it). “But the basic laws of nature–how cause and effect works–will never be disproven” sounds like a very solid answer to me. On a strictly physical level framed on a dimension made up of space and time your assertions about laws of nature make sense. But I invite you to look at the big picture and go beyond the mere physicality and be humble enough to admit that you, on a different not purely physical level, as human being are just an illusion as real as a puff of air dissolving in the space (just a figure of speech to describe the unspeakable), where laws of nature have no room whatsoever. Whatever you say about laws of nature are just principles applicable provided that certain conditions are met, conditions which can be sustained only on a physical plane conceived by our human minds. You make it sounds as if empiricism is the cutting-edge science unveiling all the layers of misconceptions that ruled our ignorant world: “…Now that humans have begun to study the universe in a systematic, empirical manner, knowledge builds on pat knowledge. Magical and mythic explanations have been disproven and discarded…”, and perhaps you fail to see that empiricism can be traced back to Greek practitioners of medicine (Empiric school) who rejected adherence to the dogmatic doctrines of the day (Dogmatic school). But do you truly believe that through science based on empiricism humanity has really improven or elevated its condition and enlarged the scope of compassion and understanding? I do not need to tell you that. I know you are educated enough and have the capabilities to give me lectures on science and phylosophy. And yet you think that I feel threatened because what I “…hope to be true is challenged…”. My faith or your knowledge is not the topic of the discussion. I am sure you are a happy, peaceful, mature, balanced and brilliant person, but if you think that people believing in God or in any kind of methaphysics, external forces or unexplainable essences of any nature are self deluded, ignorant or uneducated just becuase of their beliefs and lack of understanding of cause and effects, then you are just shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods (to put it in Einstein’s terms). And this does not mean that I am better than you, or that I am right and you are not…this would be just childish and egomaniac..All in all we are just the same (believe it or not). And regarding you talking about praying and saying: “..I know I won’t. Death is part of life, and I’ve made my peace with it…”, you just forgot the most fundumental law of nature which is called law of survival, meaning that if you living person in the flesh and on this physical planet find yourself in a death situation, you will do anything possible to save your life, including praying if that is the last resort left. And that is not my assumption, I am just being truthful to the survival principle abide by laws of nature, which are only true here and now as physical beings living and breathing on this Earth. My personal experience thaught me that miracles exist: I come from a place very close to a small insignificant village where one of the most popular Saints acknowledged by the Church and by all kind of believers in the world was born and performed miracles of which my family witnessed their manifestations. Should I just forget it all and say: “It is only a myth…that cannot be possible…it is irrational magical thinking…”. I just cannot do that and I do not ask you to believe me either. That is my personal history, not yours. Richard, if by ‘Agnostic’ you mean to admit ‘I don’t know’, then welcome to the club, because I am one of them although I still pray and try to be connected with the infinite spirit that I call God, no matter what. And Bill, finally I hope you will reserve a little attention to a few quotes that one of the most influential and best known scientists and intellectuals of all time said: Albert Einstein—

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
    “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”
    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”
    “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

    Just reflect on these words and see how much sense they make in comparison to the ‘never-be-disproven’ truth of laws of nature and cause-effect…

    FROM BILL: Sorry, but I just can’t read such a long, continuous paragraph. A person’s perspective IS related to their background. However, it is much MORE related to their developemental level. Perspectives GROW and DEVELOP as people mature. Or, stay the same if people don’t mature. Go read my series on human development beginning at the beginning of this blog.

  189. I just realized you all have inflated egos, but not me.

    FROM BILL: I’m much more humble than you are.

  190. ROSARIO from Italy says :

    Dear Bill,
    your online courses 1 and 3
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: What do you think? Your asking that question saddens me. It tells me that nothing I say is getting through to you. Sigh.

  191. ROSARIO from Italy says :

    Dear Bill,
    if I ask you a question
    is because I am not sure of the answer.
    so PLEASE
    your online courses 1 and 3
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: You think I would have a course that is magical thinking?

  192. catherine says :

    I’ll tell you what, I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about magical thinking.
    It’s so clear now what it is and what it isn’t, that we’re just going round in circles with it. I’m open to anything, but have decided not to spend too much time dwelling on the unknowable. If God REALLY exists and prayer REALLY works then God is obviously extremely selective about which ones are answered (half the world seems to be on its knees at any given moment). That in itself would give me cause for concern if I were a believer.

    FROM BILL: Amen. (Oops. I mean, yeah.)

  193. ROSARIO from Italy says :

    Dear BILL,
    you said that
    to GET WHAT YOU WANT you have to:

    In your courses 1 and 2 you say:
    to GET WHAT YOU WANT you have to:


    and yours are not magical thinking ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: That particular statement isn’t magical thinking. “Channeling,” however, IS magical thinking.

  194. James Wilkinson says :

    wow! rosario, you’re more confused than I thought!

    catherine, yes, that’s exactly what bill’s trying to do here: have us look everywhere until we come to the logical conclusion that magical thinking doesn’t work!

  195. Anna says :

    To Richard Martin: And vice versa.

    To Al: Great statement.

    To Bill: On Nov.,16th I made an order of my next level. Usually it took 8 days to arrive in Germany. Yesterday I talked to Stacy (a very very nice person) and she could not find my order at all. After a while she discovered that my order got stuck in you computer system.

    Since your computer system “makes jokes” how can I be sure that it works perfectly well in your studio.
    Because if it does NOT I can get my next level with affirmation of somebody who wants to have 12 children or live in Vladivostok.
    How can I be sure to have my affirmations or prove that they are mine.

    Could you please take care of it.


    FROM BILL: Nothing is absolutely certain in this world, but I don’t think a single person (out of a HUGE number) has ever received the wrong affirmations. The airlines’ computer sysytems make mistakes all the time, too, but no one has ever gotten on the wrong plane unless the passenger made the mistake. The way things are set up I can’t see how someone could get the wrong affirmations. As for an order, there is a process by which an order is “released” (don’t ask me what it is–I have no idea), and apparently your wasn’t. Beats me what that’s all about. I understand your concern, but you have nothing to worry about regarding your affirmations. Worry about something else (there are so many other possibilities these days).

  196. Keith Price says :

    Hi Bill

    For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that your claim that ‘there is no evidence that any credible scientist would accept for past lives’ is really right. I would refer you, for instance, to Ian Stevenson’s “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation’, and some of the material in ‘Irreducible Mind: Towards a Psychology for the 21st Century’, by E.F. Kelly et al. I don’t believe (!) that my being impressed by this material is solely or even mostly due to the four reasons you mention above, and as far as I can determine, these are credible scientists, like Sheldrake.

    I’m on Purification Level 1, btw, and will power right on to the end. Fascinated to discover how things are for me then!


    FROM BILL: Notice the title: “cases” are not proof. “Suggestive”? There’s a word that conjures up visions of solid proof. Believe what you want. No one in the scientific community with any reputation would believe in this silliness. And, anyone can write a book.

  197. Keith Price says :

    Hi Bill

    Sorry to harp on this, but I think you are being just a tad dogmatic here. Stevenson’s book doesn’t deserve your curt dismissiveness – it is a careful examination of actual evidence material – the ‘cases’ mentioned, for which it is extremely difficult to come up with credible alternative explanations. Hence the rather modest term ‘suggestive’. ‘Proof’ is a difficult word in this context – no more does anyone have what we could call ‘solid proof’ to the contrary, and a lot of the dismissivenes we find in the scientific community and elsewhere is not really due to a radical lack of evidence, but rather to people ‘just knowing’ that there couldn’t be anything to it because it cuts right across their materialistic or generally positivistic view of the world. Not just anyone could write a book like Stevenson’s, or the other volume I mentioned, which is perhaps more impressive, because most people don’t have solid, documented evidence, or the kind of training to present it properly and convincingly. It may not amount to what some people would call proof, but it is NOT ‘silliness’. Finally, Bill, I try to believe things I have good evidence for, so please spare me the ‘believe what you like’ line. I am not one of your impressionable magic thinkers!

    I could say a lot more about this, for example about what ‘proof’ might mean in various areas of science, what views espoused by some scientists are more shaped by the zeitgesist than the actual evidence etc., but that will do for now!

    FROM BILL: Again, that is not proof. Do a little reading on the scientific method and how empirical proof works. If, to some extent, what scientists think isn’t shaped by the actual evidence, then why would you want to jump on board that silly bandwagon? Having a situation that is supposedly difficult to explain suggest a certain “alternative” explanation isn’t even close to proof.

  198. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill,
    thank you for you answer.
    It is not that I worry about anything. It is just business. Yours and mine.
    I always watch-as good as I can-what I pay for. Since my order was not “released” there could be also a possibility that my affirmations could not be released either.
    It was just a business question not a blog chitchat.


  199. Kathy Steevens says :

    Hi everyone,

    A great blog. My first post, although I’ve read a quite a few of everyone else’s and I’ve listened to and read all of your posts Bill, that are available on this blog. Never knew Mind Chatter, sadly. Bet that was great too. I’ve been using Holosync for a couple of years now and am also taking the Life Principles courses. Not as diligently as I could be but persevering in fits and starts.

    I come from a very Catholic background – and any catholic out there will know what that means, and I have to admit, old habits die hard. Since learning about the developmental levels we all go through as Bill explained it and looking back on my own experience, especially in the past two years, I know I have moved forward through some of those levels, yet in times of crisis, during sleepless nights, I would still find myself reverting to prayer. My mother’s answer to every problem is prayer – the panacea for all ills.

    I have a drug addicted, mentally unstable son, whom I have very little control over and who, at 27, is in the fast lane to self destruction. His behaviour has been causing the whole family grief for many years but I’ve been on my own with him in the past two years – the same time that I have been using Holosync. My resistance to the situation and the suffering and pain I have experienced in relation to it have at times been so overwhelming that I’ve been willing to try anything even prayer, though I know it’s futile. As Catherine so succinctly put it “If God REALLY exists and prayer REALLY works then God is obviously extremely selective about which ones are answered.” My mother has been praying for my son for almost 15 years now and nothing has changed.

    There’s been yet another crisis in the past few days with my son and I think my Holosync practice has finally provided me with a clarity, acceptance and detachment from the situation that I never thought I could ever achieve. Last night I felt a major shift that has finally brought me some peace.

    What will happen to my son, will happen, and I can do nothing to stop it. No amount of wishing or praying is going to change a thing. God knows I’ve tried:) And even though I’ve intellectually known this all along, I have resisted it with all my being. Last night was like a complete paradigm shift for me. It has brought me peace and calm and acceptance. Sadness too and many tears but also strength to face the future and be ready to pick up the pieces yet again.

    I can only attribute it to Holosync since I have tried many strategies in the past – none of which have ever brought me to where I am now. Certainly not any amount of praying. Though it obviously works for some and worked for me some of the time. It certainly works for my mother. She is a very strong and resilient person.

    I have to agree with Richard when he says “I believe firmly that there is empirical evidence about the power of prayer, but it has nothing to do with ineffable or magical forces. It is rather a question of the mind changing itself to become more resilient through prayer.”

    But as you pointed out Bill. That’s fine as long as it’s working. But when it stops working, then you move on to a higher level.

    Really enjoyed reading all your comments. I hope to tune in more often.

    FROM BILL: See if you can interest your son in Holosync. Tell him it makes you high, which of course it does. Holosync is quite effective in treating addictions.

  200. Keith Price says :

    Bill, this will be my last post on this. I should like to point out that your original claim was about ‘no evidence’, not ‘proof’. I pointed to credible scientist who appear to accept, or seriously entertain, evidence about past lives. That is an area – parapsychology – which necessarily doesn’t admit of the same level or type of evidence that you have in physics or chemistry, in that it is often inferring about inner realities based on the kind of evidence you might get in court (though parapsychological experiments are typically MUCH more rigorous). There is no helping this, even if you are tring to ‘prove’ the opposite. I understand about empirical evidence very well indeed, thank you, and submit that a (not ‘the’ – there is not just one such) ‘scientific method’ is the most rigorous method you can adopt given the subject matter you are looking at. ‘Proof’ in some areas (think history, for instance) will often amount to what the evidence appears to be showing on the balance of probabilities.

    Not sure I understand what you are saying about the ‘silly scientific bandwagon’. The bandwagon in question isn’t, in any case, science, but ‘scientism’, which is precisely the dogmatism that says that all real knowledge is empirical, and leads to Wilber’s ‘flatland’. Surely, Bill, you wouldn’t want us believing in that? I happen to be a philosopher by training, and I know the arguments around whether the mind is material (the brain or some set of functions thereof, typically) very well indeed. Let me tell you that they in no way stack up, despite the best efforts over many decades of some very smart people indeed. Based on this understanding, it becomes a bit of an open question what the actual nature and powers of the mind are, and evidence about that is called for! We are quite certain that the straight magical approach isn’t right, but there is also considerable evidence that, for instance, some psychic abilities can be real, and some evidence that there can be psychological continuity of some sort between lives. That the skeptics society fiercely denies all this cuts no ice with me, as it becomes quickly apparent, if you dig a little bit, that their blanket opposition is based on materialistic scientism, and not a proper scientific approach. I always want to look at the actual evidence and make up my mind on that.

    I trust the above makes my position clearer, and shows why you have seriously mistaken your man in your previous responses!


    FROM BILL: Perhaps you should go back and read my other (voluminous) comments about this subject, both in my articles on this blog and in my responses to posters. I’ve addressed what you’re saying many times before. I’m tired of repeating myself, and most other readers are tired of the subject, too. For some reason dealing with the number of people who want to believe in this sort of thing is like getting rid of an ant infestation. No matter what you do, there’s always more. Though I’m probably doing a public service by addressing this subject, and many people have seen the light as a result of what I’ve said, I find that it’s a lot like trying to convince a fundamentalist Christian that there are other possible points of view, or a person who thinks the Earth if flat that it’s actually round.

  201. Kathy Steevens says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I’ve already tried. He’s not interested in getting help and he doesn’t take any advice I may have to give. Quite the opposite in fact. Had anyone but I suggested it, it may have worked but now that I have, he’ll reject it outright.

    But thanks for the suggestion.

  202. catherine says :

    I’m back tracking here, but I wanted to address an earlier post from Rich on the subject of shyness. Again I feel it is important to make the distinction between shyness and social phobia, which is an ‘anxiety disorder’. The two are quite different and while not mutually exclusive do not necessarily go together either. My own experience is testament to that as are the experiences of many others. If you care to research the subject more fully you’ll perhaps gain a clearer understanding of the differences. I’m not trying to be argumentative or defensive, but for somebody who is in the depths of despair with this to imagine that it is an ingrained trait is misleading and inaccurate. Research clearly shows that indeed such disorders are often triggered by specific events and that shyness is not necessarily an underlying factor. We are all capable of shyness in certain situations as we are of impatience or anger, but what I am talking about here is quite different.
    Of course in the grand scheme of things who really cares? It is insignificant detail and increased awareness is the key. But for the person suffering with such a disorder, the detail can be helpful.
    Just to make it even more confusing, mercury poisoning (erethism) can also cause symptoms of social phobia. This is well documented. Lewis Carroll’s mad hatter was said to be based on a character with the condition.

  203. catherine says :

    ……I forgot to mention that having been a mental health nurse (wonderful irony) I also have a lot of clinical experience with anxiety disorders generally.

    Is holosync being used at all in clinical practice to your knowledge Bill?
    I would have obviously recommended you back in the day, had I known.
    My career was rather short lived though. It seems they didn’t like my unwillingness to follow certain protocol…….using restraining chairs, withdrawing treats, over medicating and other such humiliating ‘techniques’ which probably still go on in some institutions today.

  204. lad says :

    Wow, Bill, this is such a needed breath of fresh air! There’s no right answers when you keep asking the wrong questions. I know so many people who need to read this!

    Regarding Reincarnation Beliefs: There was published research in India about a delayed memory test given to people who claimed hypnotic past life regressions. They were asked to recall and match names from a list presented to them weeks earlier. Their scores were compared to a control group’s results. The reincarnation group made significantly more mistakes in recalling the correct time and place of their formed memories. The beliefs and experiences these people have could be the results of a basic displaced memory function.

  205. Jerry Diaz says :

    Regale us, Your Omnisciency. In the fifth stage can all your inferiors look forward to becoming belligerent and defensive?

    FROM BILL: I don’t see any inferiors, and most people are already belligerent and defensive. These are two incredibly popular shadows.

  206. Gaudeamus says :

    John Bullough Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 6:48 am
    Bill, greetings from sunny UK. I’m a Holosync user and I like your evidence based approach. I’m wondering what you make of morphic fields and morphic resonance as researched and documented by Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and director of the Perrott-Warrick Project, administered by Trinity College (of Cambridge University) in UK, and how you integrate this into your world view? Sheldrake’s work of the last several decades is evidence based, regularly published in peer reviewed journals and seems very relevant to what you are saying here. In summary, his experiments suggest that minds (and indeed even individual cells) extend in space and time via fields of probability and that all of nature has memory via morhic resonance. I commend his books to anyone interested in taking a holistic view. Wishing you well, John

    FROM BILL: I don’t know if Sheldrake has formally “proven” his theories, or of they can be proven, but he is certainly not rying to make up any magic–he’s trying to explain a phenomenon he has noticed. He’s essentially talking about, once again, cause and effect.


    Rupert Sheldrake writes in the introduction to his book “The Sense of Being Stared At:”

    “I believe it is more scientific to explore phenomena we do not understand than to pretend they do not exist. I also believe it is less frightening to recognize that the seventh sense is part of our biological nature, shared with many other animal species, than to treat it as weird or supernatural.”

    Would’t it prudent to allow for the possibility that current scientific paradigms will be revised thanks to the rigorous application of the scientific method?


    FROM BILL: I like Sheldrake’s work, and I stand by my quote about it. There will of course be new scientific discoveries, but the basics of cause and effect and how the laws of physics operate will not be disproven. No one is suddenly going to prove that f=ma is false. The reason many things that were previously widely believed have been diproven over the last few centuries is that those things were not believed based on empirical evidence, or the evidence they were based on was faulty due to a lack of proper intrumentation. What is believed today about cause and effect is quite solid.

  207. Jerry Diaz says :

    Yes, it seems, Mr. Kettle.

    FROM BILL: So far, every word you’ve written exposes what a nitwit you are. Do you want to keep going until everyone reading this blog is absolutely sure that you are an angry, ignorant, and unhappy person?

    Please, either gain some manners and some civility, or inflict yourself on some other group of people.

  208. Gaudeamus says :


    I agree. But wouldn’t it be a paradigm shift for science if Sheldrake’s findings could be proven? What I am after is that we don’t have to resort to magical thinking to allow for the possibility that there are “unknown unknowns” still to be discovered. I completely agree with what you say about the basics of cause and effect and the necessity for empirical evidence.


  209. Seijin says :

    Tough words, but true: there are too many “dimensions” in life, reality, nature, whatsoever, to get them neatly into a cute box named “right theory”. In Huna we say “the world is what you think it is” to express: there is no absolute truth valid for everybody/everything. There are rather infinite variations of truths. This is again a theory, but at least one which does not try to provide a ready made territory guide….

  210. NoCAGal says :

    As a person who has had many “psychic” experiences my entire life (I’m 63 yrs), I can attest to the fact they were NOT “magical thinking” nor did I invite any of these experiences. In fact, they were quite surprising, yet somehow, felt very natural. This ability runs in my family, from my father’s side. There is more than this life and to this life. I believe it all depends on how open a person is to this type of energy. I accept it as just another aspect of my existence.

  211. Raoul Nanda says :

    Bill, if I should abandon my search for the right theory/belief, why should I spend $700 on you “Life Principles” Class?

    FROM BILL: My Life Principles courses are not about a theory or belief, nor are they an attempt to convince you that a certain theory or belief is better than another. They are about observing how you create four things in your life, and how you could have choice about them if you were aware enough to see how you create them: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens.

    Organizing your life around a certain dogma is something people do at a certain developmental level. You might read my posts at the beginning of this blog about human development, in which I explain this.

    If you want to have choice about these four things, the first of my courses tells you how.

  212. Raoul Nanda says :


    “My suggestion would be to ABANDON the search for the right theory. You’ll never find it (it doesn’t exist because life isn’t an idea or a theory). How many “right” theories have you already been through? Did they help?

    This search causes many of you to accept a certain way of thinking, a certain theory, a certain dogma, or a certain explanation for one or more of the following reasons:

    a) it sounds good to you,
    b) it makes you feel better,
    c) a lot of other people believe it,
    d) it seems to provide a solution or explanation to something that is bothering you (why bad things happen, for instance, or why you have to die).

    What I’m asking all of you to do is to find out about all these things for yourself, rather than accepting someone else’s ideas because they sound good to you or someone you trust believes them. DO NOT rely on my description of reality,”

  213. Hi Bill


    And, we have filed a patent for using Holosync for autism and have a pilot study going right now with autistic kids and the results are extraordinary. You might consider it for your son.

    I have an epileptic daughter whom I believe your Holosync product will help. (Epilepsy being related to brain electrical dysfuntions) I asked her to have a listen, which she was willing to do and indeed did though not for very long. Her given objection was quite simply that the soundtrack was unappealing to herself.

    So here I am reading your past blogs and I notice the above statement.
    Have you designed/recorded or will you be releasing versions of your product that may have a greater appeal to the younger people?

    FROM BILL: You mean Holosync under Justin Bieber? Plenty of young people like the soundtrack we use. I’ve been doing this for about 25 years now, and no matter what I do, someone doesn’t like it.

  214. Terry says :

    Magical thinking? Hmmmm……sounds like our politicians from the top on down. To think that we can print money out of thin air and flood the globe with it and not have the economy collapse in our faces to me is quite a magical journey they have embarked upon.

    And even more magical are the people who think it will have no impact on them. Holosync is great but we all need do something to change the direction of our national debt.

    IMHO there is too much magical thinking being posed as solutions to society’s ills and too many people are buying into it which has placed this nation on very tenuous economic foundations. Unless we return to the foundations of personal responsibility and limited government that this nation was founded upon, we are all going to have more time than we need and ever wanted to be holosyncing, but will probably not be enjoying it.

    We need a big paradigm shift to get this nation back to a sound footing and it involves the discarding of liberalist magical thinking solutions and the implementation of personal responsibility for our lives and our society beginning with each of us.

    FROM BILL: I don’t think it’s magical thinking. It’s just dishonesty. They know what their actions do to society. They just don’t think the consequences will come while they can be held responsible.

  215. Marc Sullivan says :

    Well said. I find that as we share our open-minded thoughts (such as the case with this blog) without closed minded egoic attachments to our “open-minded” thoughts, we come to get a broader view of a bigger picture that we are finding just keeps on getting bigger.

    So what if you don’t happen to believe in past lives. Big deal! You believe in what has come into your awareness as what YOU see, and I think that is part of the point in life.

    Be Well, Bill and thanks for everything!


  216. albian says :

    Wow, what a blog. nothing like i expected. Are you an anti guru Bill. I remember reading a guy called jg Kristnamurti, not that wanker kristnamurti. He to was an anti guru. Im sure you would of read some of his stuff. Not everyone is where you are at and you too used to be the same. im sure your frustration is dumbing it down for the masses, thats your job Bill.

    People look to you for answers, Maybe direct them gently to the answer?

    FROM BILL: I am aware of the “other” Krishnamurti.

    I’m just trying to point out that something of historic preportions is underway, and it is going to be dire. I avoiding saying anything for quite some time, but finally decided that I was not doing anyone any favors by not sounding the alarm. Those who think I’m all wet are of course welcome to plan for the coming Age of Aquarius where everyone will love everyone else. Personally, though I would love for that to happen, I don’t see it coming. I see a lot of suffering coming, and plan to do everything I can to alleviate it, even if doing so isn’t in my own personal best-interest. Someone has to do the right thing rather than just saving their own ass.

  217. albian says :

    From little things big things grow.

  218. Niurka says :

    Is Holosync available in spanish? Thank you very much

    FROM BILL: No, though Holosync itself has no language, only the support materials. We have many, many people using Holosync in Spanish-speaking countries. 40% of Holosync users are outside the US.

  219. Nick says :

    You shouldn’t associate the brand of your product with your own personal feelings. It’s bad for business and changes people’s understanding of your product.

    I would shudder to see McDonalds post pamphlets about teachings of Jesus or anything unrelated to their products or brands.

    FROM BILL: I am not expressing “personal feelings.” I am explaining well-researched information that just might protect you from yourself, if you care to take it in.

  220. Valmai Francis says :

    so well said Bill, l have searched for many years for various answers and along the way decided to allow myself to believe others concepts that fitted in with where l was at…at the time.
    l regularly thought l had all the answers and no one could sway me….it is marvellous what age, wisdom and hind sight bring….l now look back and wonder how did l come so far carrying so many others ideas as my own, invariably dropping them like discarded clothing as l began to know myself more.
    My most important and profound task that l will ever be set is to look after my brain, for without its health it doesn’t matter if l do “the right thing or the “wrong thing.
    The best thing l ever did was start Holosync so very long ago.