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First, I apologize for taking so long to post this. I have been unusually busy this past several weeks, and getting this to you fell down several notches in my to-do list. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.


Well, we’ve all been through a lot as we’ve discussed and argued about social mood. This topic has obviously struck a chord. You’ve sensed that something is wrong, and I presented one possible explanation of why you’ve felt that way.

Of course, some of you were already quite aware of all of this.

And, some of you think I’m full of it. I wish you luck. Hopefully your refusal to see what seems obvious to a great many people won’t come back to bite you. Those of you who have magical solutions, good luck to you, too. Let me know how that works out. I’ve found some of the more bizarre ideas highly entertaining.

And though I didn’t set out to make this a political discussion, a lot of politics ended up coming out. To those of you who think it’s just great that the people in charge want to continue the process of centrally controlling and regulating everything under the sun, redistributing wealth, getting rid of fossil fuels, and so forth will, I suspect you won’t be so supportive once the consequences of these things begin to affect you personally, as these changes will affect you in ways you will not like.

Over the last year (and before I ever brought up the idea of social mood) I’ve been discussing something that is basic to the human experience, but often denied: that we have little or no control over many aspects of the human condition.

(If you’re new, consider reading these posts: The Human Condition, Don’t Know Where It Came From, my series on Seeing Things the Way They Really Are—there are others.)

This lack of control was perhaps less obvious during the recent period of extremely positive social mood (which topped in about 2000), and also because in wealthy countries many human problems are less severe. Now that social mood is turning negative, this lack of control will become more obvious.

Many have asked me what to do to be more prepared.