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Boy, do I get some good letters. Here’s another one, with my answer.

Hello Bill,
I’m interested in understanding better why people in general can know that a certain way of life is good for them but continue on a course that isn’t. For example, smoking or being overweight. There is as much information available as we’d care to read on both topics, but people continue to do what is not good. Are they all “unconscious incompetents” even though they cognitively know what they are doing is not good for them. I haven’t smoked in many years but have just lost some weight and want to keep it off permanently. I “believe” being at this weight is good for me. What beliefs do I need to be aware of and guard against to stay at this healthy weight. How do I reach “unconscious competence” on this issue?



You’ve hit on precisely why becoming more aware provides a solution to every human problem that has a solution (some don’t). People do most of what they do OUTSIDE their awareness, which means they do it automatically. What you do with awareness, though, you have a choice about. Awareness creates choice, and what I teach is largely about how to direct your awareness to what YOU DO inside your head that creates:

1) how you feel and the other internal states you experience,

2) how you behave,

3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and

4) what the events around you seem to mean.