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In this post I’m going to answer some of the questions you’ve asked me, and make a few other comments I think you’ll find interesting. Then, in my next post (honest) I’m going to talk about the developmental levels after those we’ve already discussed.

First, though, I want to give you a report on the 2-day workshop Zen master Genpo Roshi and I taught last weekend in Los Angeles. Quite frankly, I was blown away by what happened. We had about 220 people, from all over the world, and they clearly had a series of mind-blowing and life-altering experiences.

Toward the end Genpo asked if anyone had failed to experience the transcendent states we’d promised were possible with the Big Mind process, and not one person raised a hand (on the previous day, a handful of people did raise their hand and confessed that they were having trouble, but Genpo worked with them and once helped, each of them did have an experience of unity consciousness).

Everyone wants to improve his or her life in some way. You wouldn’t be reading this blog, or be involved with Centerpointe in other ways (Holosync, my online courses, and so forth), if you didn’t want to improve your life–and  if you didn’t think that what I offer might help.

I have one very potent resource that I don’t talk about very much. From a business standpoint it isn’t a big money-maker, and it occupies just 10 days of my time each year. This resource gives you, though, the greatest amount of personal contact with me, and–based on the feedback we get from those who take advantage of it–the fastest, deepest, and greatest amount of change.

So let me ask…if you really could get 6 months of growth in just 5 days, would that interest you? What if you could pack so much insight and so many personal ah-ha’s into a few days that you experienced a huge breakthrough? And, as a result of these insights and ah-ha’s, you really did experience a significant positive change in your life?