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It’s hard being here, isn’t it?

Tuesday, 22 January 2008 by

Okay, everyone. Let’s take a breath.

I realize that these posts about human development have become pretty intense for some of you. There is a lot of information, a lot of terminology, and some complex ideas. So let’s pause for an easier-to-understand, more relaxed post.

And, at the end, I’m going to add a few recommendations you might want to look into, if you’re interested.

Let’s get started. First, let’s zoom out from the details for a few general comments about what I’ve shared so far about development. (Trust me, this will be easy stuff, and interesting.)

Here, in my opinion, is the basic underlying idea I want you to understand about development:

This is the third post in a series about cognitive development based primarily on the work of the legendary Jean Piaget, but also drawing on other developmental theorists.

First, before we jump into this, why should you care about human development? How will knowing this benefit you?

First, cognitive development underlies development in nearly every other area of your life. And, since where you are in the developmental process has a huge affect on the way you make sense of the world, and to a great degree determines your ability to successfully navigate your life, understanding development can greatly help you take charge of your life. If for some reason you aren’t creating what you want in life — enough money, enough friends, enough peace of mind, enough fulfillment — it’s very likely that where you are developmentally has something to do with it.