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What if there’s nothing you can do to change yourself?

by / Thursday, 09 October 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Almost everybody is looking for some sort of help. Let’s face it, being a person isn’t easy. There’s plenty that can go wrong. You can get sick, or injured. You can fail to make (or keep) friends and end up feeling lonely. You can make a mistake and lose money, or not make any in the first place. No matter who you are, you’re going to feel bad at least some of the time. Sometimes you have to put up with people who are annoying or hostile and who certainly don’t have your best interests at heart. You try to get what you want, but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get what you don’t want. And even if you get what you want, you can lose it, it changes, or it falls apart. Or, you consume it and it’s gone.

I’m not saying that life doesn’t have its joys, because it does, but everyone at some time feels helpless, alone, and confused in an unpredictable world with a lot of problems and plenty of suffering. We wonder, then, what we can do about this Problem of Life?–which, to make matters worse, includes death, since the fact that we’re going to eventually fall apart is inevitable, not only for ourselves but for those we love.

So what are we going to do? Is there any way to master this situation? 

Well, there are a number of ways people try to escape from this human predicament–that of being a lonely, isolated separate self in an unpredictable world full of problems and suffering.

You could try to beat the game on a material basis by becoming wealthy or powerful. As they say, “It’s easier to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable–at least you can arrive at your problems in style.”

Or, we can resort to technology to make life easier. We can take advantage of labor-saving devices, medical miracles, and so forth, to reduce our suffering and at least put off the inevitability of death and sickness. In that sense we’re certainly better off than people were a hundred hears ago, or a thousand years ago.

Even if we do succeed in accumulating money or power, or when we take advantage of modern medicine or use technology to make life easier, we still aren’t satisfied. If you increase your income, for instance, you feel better for a few weeks or months, perhaps, but then (as you know if this has happened to you) the feeling wears off. You may stop worrying about paying your debts but you may start worrying about getting sick. If you get a better car, it’s fun for a while, but pretty soon it’s just transportation, and you instead worry about repair bills, the cost of gasoline, or something else.

In fact, if you solve any particular problem or challenge, it’s soon replaced by another one. Have you noticed that? There’s always something to worry about. If you’re wealthy or powerful you still worry about sickness and death, but you might also worry about revolution or financial collapse (which seems to be more than just a worry right now), and whether the IRS will catch you cheating on your taxes and take away your wealth. Or, you worry that somehow, through some sort of ill luck, the authorities will put you in prison for no reason. You can always find something to worry about regarding your health, your relationships, your children, your parents, your money–or something.

So, eventually, if you really go into this, you start to think that maybe your problem isn’t in your external situation, since you find yourself worrying no matter what that is, and you begin to suspect that your problem might be something in you. Maybe you could stop all this worrying if you learned to control your mind. You decide to “think positive thoughts,” to “be peaceful”–as Alan Watts once said, “To breathe slowly and hum gently,” and get yourself into a peaceful state of mind. There is an entire culture today (what most people would call the New Age culture) that assumes that positive thinking and controlling your mind is the solution to your problems.

But as anyone who has tried this knows, it doesn’t always work, because you still have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you’re just whistling in the dark. While you’re thinking positive thoughts, a part of you is still asking, “What if this happens? What if that happens?” I get many letters from people who wonder why their life is still full of problems even though they are spending time visualizing what they want, saying affirmations, and “putting it [what they want] out to the universe.”

After a while you realize that soothing your troubled mind is no easy undertaking. At least part of the problem, you discover, is that underneath the conscious part of your mind is a lot of unconscious stuff that affects you by coming out in unpredictable and uninvited ways. What are you going to do about that?

So, you look into various approaches for sorting out the unconscious–psychoanalysis, for instance, or getting involved with some sort of spiritual teacher. In other words, you look for someone who can act as a mirror for those unconscious aspects of yourself that you can’t otherwise get at.

Now we’re getting somewhere, you think. But as you go into becoming aware of and changing the unconscious, at some point you begin to realize that this process of getting at yourself, of improving yourself, of changing yourself, is very much like trying to bite your own teeth, or look into your own eyes, or taste your own tongue. In a very real sense you’re trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Let me put it this way: if you’re the one who needs improvement, you’re also the one who’s going to have to make it happen, and how are you going to do that? Even with the help of a teacher, it’s you who’ll have to implement his or her instructions and suggestions, and if you’re messed up in some way, how will you do that? I go into this problem quite deeply in my second online course. (I encourage you to take these online courses, which I call my Life Principles Integration Process. You can take a free preview lesson at

But I digress. This problem–how to change yourself when the one needing the change is also the one who must bring it about–has been around for thousands of years. The problem could be stated in this way: can change really be self-generated, or–as some religions say–is it a matter of grace? There are adherents to both points of view.

Grace is supposedly freely offered to all, but some people seem to “get it” while others don’t. Why is that, you wonder? Perhaps some people resist grace. The question becomes, then, “How do I get grace? And, if I’m resisting grace, how do I stop doing that?” If, however, there was some method you could follow in order to experience grace, or to stop resisting it, it wouldn’t be grace.

Certain things in life are innately spontaneous, by definition. It’s like saying to someone, “You MUST relax. You MUST be peaceful.” Relaxing, or being peaceful, by definition, can’t happen by force of will. Exerting your will is the opposite of relaxing or being peaceful. Or, someone might say to you, “Please be spontaneous. Be totally un-self-conscious, right now.” But how can you intend to be spontaneous?

So let’s take this a little further. Can you intend to love someone? Love, if it’s really love, is a spontaneous happening. In fact, many, if not all, highly valued human sentiments are real and valuable only if they happen without intention, without will. Being spontaneous, loving, or relaxed either happen or they don’t. One of the reasons we’re so charmed by children is that, up to a certain age at least, they are spontaneous and un-self-conscious.

So changing yourself is a lot like trying to do something that only has value if it happens without trying. It’s like the old joke: sincerity is the most important thing, and once you can fake that you’ve got it made.

Everyone has had the experience of wanting to be a certain way but somehow being unable to pull it off. “I try to be kind, but I get angry anyway.” “I try to motivate myself, but I end up playing video games instead.” “I want to feel close to my children, but for some reason I just don’t feel it a lot of the time.”

So what do we do? If the changer is the one who must be changed, we end up chasing our own tail. So who changes the changer? This has been the unacknowledged elephant in the room in spiritual and personal growth for several thousand years. And, it’s been a problem for such a long time because it’s an insoluble problem, along the same lines as “Who guards the guards?” or “Who governs the government?”

In some types of yoga, Eastern philosophy, or New Age thinking, this problem is approached by saying that there is a lower self, often called the ego, and a higher, or spiritual, self. The job of the higher self, then, is to transform the lower self. Sometimes this transformation happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. So, we wonder, why do some people’s higher selves fail to get through to their naughty lower selves? Are some peoples’ lower selves too strong? If so, who will weaken these too-strong lower selves? Or, maybe it’s that some peoples’ higher selves are too weak, and again we can ask, who will strengthen them? This has been a problem of spiritual awakening and self improvement since time immemorial.

So, here we are, trying to get better, seeking the positive, the good, and the desirable in ourselves, and trying to get away from the negative, the evil, and the undesirable. (And, since I’ve written about this extensively in other posts, I’m not even going to get into the fact that good and evil, positive and negative, desirable and undesirable are all mental, not real, distinctions–which means they aren’t intrinsic to the things and situations we assign them to–and each side of these polarities only makes sense in terms of each other. What’s more, it’s impossible to get rid of one side of the polarity–for instance, get rid of “bad”–without getting rid of the other side.)

Let me approach this problem in still another way. You meet a Buddhist teacher, and he tells you about Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. The first Noble Truth is that all life is suffering. This is really what I was describing in the beginning of this article. Life is full of frustrations and problems, and even if we solve some of them, others pop up to take their place. We get what we don’t want, we don’t get what we do want, and even if we get what we want it eventually goes away or falls apart.

The second Noble Truth is that this suffering, this chronic frustration, is caused by clinging, or desire. And, the third Noble Truth is that suffering can be ended by giving up desire. (The fourth is the Buddhist method, which I’m going to skip for now.) So the teacher tells you to work on giving up your desires. Do that and you’ll end your suffering and your frustrations about life.

So, you go off to work on ending desire. When later on the teacher asks you how it’s going you tell him that getting rid of desire is turning out to be more difficult than you thought. Then the teacher really throws you a curve. “I’m just curious,” he says. “Isn’t your wanting to get rid of desire another desire?”

Uh oh. Now what? How do you get rid of desire when wanting to get rid of it is just another desire? This is just like trying to be spontaneous on command, or willing yourself to love someone–or, trying to change yourself. It’s also like trying to get good to win over evil, heads to win over tails, or desirable to win over undesirable–or to get any side of a polarity to win over the other side.

These are examples of the double-bind of life, my friends, and what are we going to do about it? No matter where you turn, it seems that when you really get down to it, there’s nothing you can do! I once heard Alan Watts describe this dilemma by saying, “It’s as if someone put molasses in one of your hands and feathers in the other, clapped them together, and then said, ‘Now, pick off the feathers.'”

“So, Bill,” you say, “are you telling me that there’s nothing I can do to change myself or improve myself? That’s pretty negative. Maybe I’ll just go to someone who’ll be more encouraging.”

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not negative, and you don’t need to be discouraged by it. And, of course you’re welcome to go to someone who will tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you probably will, until you’ve exhausted every possibility. By going into this, I’m trying to save you the trouble of doing that.

Let’s review.

I described the problem: We suffer, we worry, we get old, we die. I described some of the ways we try to solve the problem: We try to solve it on the material level, with money, power, or technology. When that doesn’t really solve the problem, we try to control our mind in order to stop worrying about everything. But that doesn’t always work, either, so we try to get at the unconscious part of us, hoping that if we fix that we’ll be okay.

Finally we begin to realize that our biggest problem is that the one who is trying to fix things needs fixing, and that this is a real bind. We’re trapped, like a stupid person trying to teach himself how to be smart.

So this sounds pretty discouraging. There’s nothing you can do to change yourself. But, you see, this doesn’t mean that change can’t happen. Change obviously happens all the time–all you have to do is look around. It does, however, mean that you can’t bring it about.

So why is this true? The reason YOU can’t change yourself is that YOU don’t exist. “You” is an idea, a concept, an abstraction–despite the feeling we have that there is a “you”–and just as “3” (another concept) can’t do anything, or the border between the US and Canada can’t do anything, “you” can’t doing anything.

You could say it this way: doing happens, but there is no doer, or at least no individual doer. The real doer is the whole, the entire going on of it all. It just seems as if there are lots of separate doers who could take independent action (action independent of the infinite matrix of connections that include the whole) and therefore change themselves. The separate self is just a way of thinking, not a solid reality–in the same way that the border between the US and Canada is a way of thinking, but not a tangible, real line. It’s just that we are so used to this way of thinking that independent separate things and doers seem incredibly real.

But here’s the most amazing thing about all of this: the fact that you can’t do anything is GOOD news, not bad. The truth is that the realization that what you thought was “you” is a hallucination–and therefore can’t do anything–creates incredible freedom and peace. That realization is the spiritual awakening everyone is searching for–except that when it happens, part of the realization is that there’s no separate self there to have it!

Thinking about this idea that there’s no separate doer gives us a weird feeling. “What do you mean, there’s no me? I can feel it!” But the existence of a separate self is completely unsupported by the facts of nature. Not only is there no separate you, there’s no separate anything. Nothing has any separate essence, by itself.

Why am I making this outrageous assertion? What do I mean?

If you really look around, you can see that nothing exists separately. Everything exists in relation to its environment, and you can’t describe a thing unless you also describe its environment. Bees need flowers, and flowers need bees. They’re really one interconnected system. And both of them need a certain kind of atmosphere containing certain gases. They also need certain minerals and microorganisms in the soil. They also need a certain temperature, caused by being a certain distance from a certain kind of star, in a certain kind of galaxy, in a certain kind of universe. And, pretty soon you realize that to adequately describe a flower or a bee, you’ve included EVERYTHING.

There really is no way to describe anything, including yourself, without describing, at the same time, the environment. And all of these aspects of the environment act together, as a unit, in the same way that all the water molecules in a river flow together, or all the parts of a mobile hanging above a child’s crib move in response whenever one of the parts is touched.

There’s no getting around it: everything is connected. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything, taken together, constitutes what scientists would call a unified field, an integrated, interconnected system. In Chinese thought they would say that the universe behaves as a single organism. The truth is that you go with your environment in the same way that your head goes with your body.

Most people, though, don’t see themselves this way–or rather, they don’t feel themselves this way. Most of us feel separate from the world. We feel at odds with the environment, and think we have to conquer it or control it in some way. The poet A.E. Houseman described it this way: “I, a stranger and afraid, in a world I never made.”

We say that we “came into the world,” as if we were that stranger, popped into an alien world, when really, if you think about it, people come out of the world, in the same way that apples come out of apple trees. We’re an expression of the universe, and therefore a part of it. In fact, not only is everything an expression of the universe, it’s also true that everything depends upon everything else. The entire universe depends upon you. Even before you were born, the universe depended upon the fact that you would someday be here, and after you’re gone, it will still depend upon the fact that you once were here.

Given that everything is really one thing, one process, “you” is just a way of thinking. And it’s a way of thinking we’re so familiar with that if feels strange to contemplate that it’s nothing more than that, but still, “you” is an idea. And, like all ideas, it can’t do anything. The universe is flowing along, changing all the time, and many of these changes seem as if “you” are initiating them, but this is an illusion created by identification with the mind.

So a great part of the reason we don’t feel that it’s all one thing is that we experience the universe to a large degree through our rational mind. That mind, though, is very limited in the way it perceives things. Our linear mind is a kind of scanning device, where we tend to look at things in lines (which is why they call it the linear mind), one part at a time, kind of like moving the beam of a flashlight around a darkened room, where we see one part of the room at a time. This is why it takes so long to “become educated”–we have to scan miles and miles of lines of information, which takes years.

But the world doesn’t come at us in lines, one thing at a time. It comes at us all at once in a multi-dimensional way. Our limited minds, though, can’t take all of this in, so we bite off one piece at a time (or, at most, a few pieces) and in doing so we find it difficult to see how everything goes together. (There is another part of the mind that does this, but it is obscured by the linear mind until something happens that gets the linear mind out of the way.)

This failure to see how everything goes together makes different aspects of the whole appear to be separate items, with their own individual essence, when in truth they all go together, in the same way that up and down go together, or two ends of a stick go together.

Then, seeing ourselves as one of those separate items, we feel, as Houseman said, “A stranger and afraid, in a world I never made.” In this kind of world (a product of the mind dividing everything into separate things and events) it’s difficult to relax. It’s difficult to feel at peace.

When your perspective shifts, however, to one where you see how everything goes together, everything changes (notice that I didn’t say, “When you shift your perspective.”). From this new perspective, this new way of looking, you feel integrated with the rest of the universe (since you are). You stop worrying about how this or that might “get you.”

The sensation, if I can call it that, of being it all, is one of being an aperture through which the whole looks out on itself. But let me clarify something. This doesn’t mean you don’t still have a separate self, because you do. It’s just that it’s now quite obvious that this separate self is an idea, a way of thinking. Instead of being fooled by your mind into thinking that you are a separate self, you now have a separate self, in the same way you could have an idea, or a theory, or a plan to do something.

Ideas, theories, and plans are strictly mental events. In that sense you have ideas, theories, or representations about reality (and especially about who you are), but there’s nothing solid about them. You can’t touch them or put them in a wheelbarrow. And they can’t DO anything. They’re a handy way to navigate around, but these ideas and representations about reality and about who you are aren’t the same as the realities they represent.

Seeing this, you also see that what you thought was going around doing things (the separate doer), is really a multidimensional doing, a response to and an interaction with everything else. When this happens you stop feeling as if your center is inside the body. Instead, it feels as if it is everywhere.

There’s still another reason why the problems we discussed at the beginning of this article can’t be solved, and it has to do with the fact that everything in this universe is impermanent. As the universe changes, things and events continually come into being and then eventually pass away. There’s nothing anyone can do to change this.

So when the mind chops the universe into separate things, it’s an attempt to freeze things the way they are–a vain attempt to stop impermanence. We take something that is a continual, ever-changing flow and try to make it into a collection of solid, unchanging things. And, of course, the main impermanent “thing” we’re concerned about making into a solid thing is “me” (and, secondarily, those things or persons we’re attached to). Since what you think of as you is just as impermanent as everything else, if you think of yourself (and, feel yourself) as that separate self, you’ll see impermanence as a threat. Then you feel anxious and afraid.

But if you see–and feel–that you’re the going on of it all, what is there to worry about? What difference does it make what form the whole takes?

So what does this have to do with all the problems I outlined at the beginning of this article? Certainly all of them still can happen, but who, then, are they happening to? If the separate self is just an idea, they must be happening to the whole. And they must be a doing of the whole. In fact, all the attempts to “solve” them are also a doing of the whole.

An awakened person has two perspectives. One is that of the being the whole. The other is the separate-self perspective created by the linear mind. The linear mind’s job is to divide the universe into separate things and events, and to make representations of reality. And, though this isn’t reality, it’s a handy thing to do. Inches and centimeters aren’t reality, either (you can’t hand me a couple of centimeters, or tie up a package with them), but they are very useful. The awakened person knows that in an ultimate sense the separate self is a game and the representations of reality created by the mind are, though useful, just ideas.

On the other hand, unless you play this game, life is pretty boring. To a great extent, life IS this game, so the awakened person plays but also knows that the playing isn’t serious. Paradoxically, though, the more you really play, the more juice there is to life. So in an awakened person these two perspectives are integrated. Ken Wilber would say that the awakened person has transcended and included both.

So the awakened person still has problems, but he (or she) doesn’t take them with the same grim seriousness as other people. He also doesn’t dismiss them as illusory, either. In other words, this transcending and including contains the fact that living from both perspectives, yet neither, is a paradox. It’s a mystery. It’s ungraspable and unexplainable (yet here I am, doing my best to explain it).

The one big difference is that the awakened person, as I have said before, chooses how he will play this game. He choose what aspects of life to become attached to. He sees the consequences of attachment and of playing as a separate self, and enters into life knowing the consequences. He plays at being separate, while knowing he isn’t, because as long as the mind is one of our main interfaces with the rest of the universe, the sensation of being a separate self will be there.

On the other hand, the unawake person’s attachment to certain things or events–and his experience of being a separate self–happens unconsciously, without choice. He isn’t playing when he becomes attached to people, things, and events being a certain way, or when he resists impermanence.

So, here you are, using Holosync, and possibly many of the other methods I described above, in an attempt to solve your problems. Am I saying that it’s useless, and why bother? No. I’m merely saying that “you” aren’t the one that is “deciding” to do these things, even though it feels that way. When you do these things, that decision isn’t an impulse coming from a separate agentic being, deciding in isolation. It’s an impulse coming from all the interactions “you” have with the rest of the universe. Though it seems like an impulse from you, it’s really an impulse of the whole. It feels like an individual impulse, an individual doing, but that is an illusion created by the mind.

So change may happen to the supposed separate self you’ve always thought you were, but that change is really a happening of the whole. This goes back to the grace versus self-change paradox. Some “parts” of the whole end up “awake” while others don’t. Why? This is like asking why some water molecules in the ocean end up near Russia while others end up near Mexico and still others end up in a sludgy puddle. That’s just what happens.

So when the mind inside your organism relaxes because of the multidimensional influences of the rest of the whole (which may appear as “you” meditating with Holosync, or doing some other spiritual practice), that part of the universe feels better. It stops resisting impermanence, and it stops feeling separate and alone. And even if it does feel separate and alone from time to time (since that’s what the mind creates), it just flows with it and lets it be the way it is.

So the secret to the Problem of Life isn’t in somehow solving it. The awakened person hasn’t solved anything (the ultimate cosmic joke is that there’s nothing to solve). And though the play of trying to solve The Problem of Life can be fun–just as being chased in a dream can be fun–the secret is in treating life as play. When you see all attempts to solve the Problem of Life as non-serious, you can still work on solving it, as if that could be accomplished, but you play the problem-solving game with a deep sense of peace–and know that any solution is temporary. You surrender to the way things are, knowing that everything eventually passes away.

I realize that from a “common sense” perspective this doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s a paradox, a mystery–a mystery that will never be solved. And, that Mystery is who you are.


Now, before you go, I have a few recommendations that may interest you.

First of all, my good friend Stewart Emery, who is known as one of THE fathers of the human potential movement and is one of the most amazing thinkers and teachers I know, has a new book, and I think you might want to get a copy. This book is getting rave reviews. It’s called Do You Matter? Stewart wrote this book with Apple Computer’s former industrial design manager, Robert Brunner (instigator of many of the cool design ideas built into Apple’s products, and their relationship with Apple users).

Though Do You Matter? was written as a way of helping businesses design not only their products, but also their relationship with customers, many people are saying (as I did when I read it) that everything in it applies to how a person designs his or her life, including how to design your relationships with others, your career, your goals, and a lot more. This makes the book of great benefit to anyone. Many people have been saying that it’s too bad this book has to go in the business section in the bookstore.

I’ll just say that if you knew Stewart the way I do (he was the best man at my wedding), you would immediately go to Amazon and buy this book. I highly recommend it. Here are the and Barnes and Noble links to read about and get this cool book;


Next, I was recently a guest on a podcast called The New Man: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp, and I think you might enjoy checking them out. First of all, to hear my contribution, just click here:

Then, scroll down and you’ll see “Latest Podcast Episodes,” and I am #30.

This podcast was created by some Intergral Institute/Ken Wilber types, and targets 20 and 30-something men, though they tell me that quite a few women listen, too. I think they do a great job of looking at a lot of issues that people of that age face, from an integral perspective. These guys are pretty together, so go check it out. There are quite a lot of other podcasts, on all kinds of subjects, on this same site, so take a look:

So, with that, I’ll say goodbye, and be well.


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90 Responses to “What if there’s nothing you can do to change yourself?”

  1. Chris says :

    Thanks for the article Bill! Sure will see plenty of comments on this one. hehe

  2. Excellent Podcast Bill! I love hearing you explain the concept of witnessing and the benefits. I am going to implement your practical suggestions right away and just know I will benefit! You’re the best! Guess I’ll be checking out the book as well. Thanks again. Jeannine

  3. Hi there Bill,
    I just want to say thank you. I work with the quantum energy fields as well as teach Yoga, and high school health. I read a lot of “new age stuff” How many times do I find myself dismayed more often than not. You address the concept of the transceneded person as integarted with the whole. Every one on this planet has some issue whether it is illusory or not. I love it when people say, “you are a healer why isn’t your life perfect, Kristine?” Okayyyy…

    I get and am so happy that you discussed and gave breath to what has been on my mind for years! ( Perhaps you and I are connected in thought…”

    What is going on, what we think, is around us,
    “…is really a multidimensional doing, a response to and an interaction with everything else…” and “in an awakened person these two perspectives are integrated. Ken Wilber would say that the awakened person has transcended and included both.”

    So the awakened person still has problems, but he (or she) doesn’t take them with the same grim seriousness as other people…”

    Love it. Thank you a milliontimes s for giving creadance to this knowledge.

    Kristine Lotoski, MSW

  4. Jane Edwards says :

    Thank you for this message, Bill.
    I had read Alan Watts “The Book on the Taboo.Against Knowing Who You Are” back when I was 19. It made a great impression on me then, amoment of “satori”. But a further 36 years of living had dulled the effect.

    Your blog gives a wonderfully succinct explanation of all I had forgotten, and in my case very timely. I am disabled and have retrained several times in order to contribute to the world and feel active in it. Every time, after a while, my body would contrive another ingenious way of preventing that activity. Even though I was good at everything I undertook.

    But I learn something new each down time. What I had forgotten was that this is probably the object of the particular game I am playing with myself. Going up a level with new knowledge doesn’t come from the smooth bits when I’ve mastered something. It is from the tough obstacle course that was probably designed before this manifestation of the universe called Jane was born.

    When it is too easy it is unrewarding. I’d forgotten that. And also that as part of the universe there is so much pleasant, funny and restful stuff to enjoy even while I’m playing the game.
    Thanks again, Universal Bill.

    Much love,


  5. Brian says :

    Thanks Bill, this is very helpful for me at my current “stage” … as well as your HoloSync which I am immensely grateful. What a time saver this blog can be
    for those who truly listen to it.

    This blog reminds me of a joke I just heard:

    A monk walks up to a hotdog stand and says, “Make me one with everything”.

    : ) Cheers ~Brian

  6. Lorell Girard says :

    Thanks Bill, great reminders! This couldn’t have come at a better time in my personal ‘game’ or the world situation..Lorell Girard Bend, Oregon

  7. Alan Wortman says :

    This posting makes no sense whatever and I don’t know why it is posted. There are enough things to be depressed about without having to read this super-depressing posting. All it does is make me lose faith in Holosync. Please be more judicious in future psotings. I’ll stick with Holosync for now because I believe (believed?) it was helping.

    FROM BILL: Alan, my friend, you missed the point. Read it again. Those who acknowledge that life is the way it is–impermanent–and surrender to that fact of life, are free. You are depressed because you are holding on to some idea of a way out of the human condition. There is no way out. However, there doesn’t need to be a way out because it’s not the way things are that creates your pain but rather your resistance to the way things are. Furthermore, once you see that there is no separate you, that you’re the whole going on of everything, looking out through two eyes, then it doesn’t matter what happens, at least in an ultimate sense, because you–the real you–will always be here, in one form or another.

  8. fox says :

    “Is there any way to master this situation?”

    The question is of course: WHO is going to master this situation.
    We have to ‘find ourselves’ first, find out who we really are, before we can ‘master’ life and death.

  9. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,
    I love the image, as you said it, of picking yourself up by your bootstraps. And, as you mention grace, I have used Holosync and Ho’oponopono for external assistance, the first being physical-spiritual and the second being purely spiritual. These have worked well to help me to stay comfortable during the sometimes stressful events in my life. (ie, people cutting me off on the highway, children screaming in my ear, unexpected bank account events…)

    But, the best part of your post, the most fun, is the idea you present that we are simply an idea of an individual playing the game of life. This takes all the pressure off and goes a step beyond Thomas Troward. Indeed, we are still connected to Original Spirit.

    Therefore, success is inevitable unless I quit. And, that’s the lesson from Napoleon Hill. You will be successful at whatever idea or passion you pursue — as long as you enjoy it, unless you quit.
    ( And the switch you offer, is that it is not mastery or proof to the Universe that you have the ability to jump those hurdles: It is that you are enjoying your mastery or passion.

    So when the mind inside your organism relaxes because of the multidimensional influences of the rest of the whole (which may appear as “you” meditating with Holosync, or doing some other spiritual practice), that part of the universe feels better. It stops resisting impermanence, and it stops feeling separate and alone.

    Thank you, as always,

  10. Barb says :

    For those who are having a difficult time understanding Bill’s post, please read “The Holographic Universe” byMichael Talbot, “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart and watch the DVDs put out by Nassim Haramein. We ARE the universe experiencing its self and it’s creations. When you look out through your eyes, you are deceived into thinking you are seeing things outside of yourself when in actuality, there is nothing outside of ‘you’ because there is no ‘you’. ‘You’ are the event horizon. We are all the event horizon. Each piece is as important and critical as the next. This experience we call life is all about emotions. Just don’t get stuck in a certain emotion. When an emotion comes, dive into it, experience it, feel it to its peak and then release it. Have fun with it. That’s what we are here to do. Include and transcend. Experience without attachment. There is no death, there is only transformation. Energy cannot die, cannot be killed, cannot be destroyed. And that’s what we are – Energy…..

  11. Stu says :

    I enjoyed your post. Your point about seeing past the linear mind made perfect sense to me. Lately, I’ve been attracted to learning more about the ‘going on of it all’ and have begun to notice the myriad patterns that connect the Universe: Mathematics, Physics (Classical, Quantum, Process), Wilber’s AQAL model, Spiral Dynamics, Holons, Complex Adaptive Systems (including our brains), Fibonacci numbers, Fractals, etc.; the patterns are there if we look – and we then begin to realize we’re a part of this whole, ongoing, creative process. Everything is IN RELATIONSHIP to some other ‘thing’ and all arising togther in rather elegant fashion. How can this realization not blow your mind? And once blown to pieces, we might reconstruct a more effective mind/map of reality and begin to live consciously, as you suggest. I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts on some of these connecting Universal patterns in future posts.

  12. Tim Jones says :

    Interesting article, Bill- very thought- provoking. However, don’t you yourself have products and teachings on how to ‘self- improve’ and control your mind and thinking processes? (e.g Resourceful Belief Builder)- if the above article is true then trying to change your reality in this way is surely futile? However, I do find something deeply compelling in the idea that we usually experience all events in consciousness as filtered through the interpreting, separating mind- and that there is an eternal ‘something’ beyond that which is the real source of peace, love, creativity etc, so thanks again for a truly deep and mystical read.

    FROM BILL: The whole point of the post was to convey that change DOES happen, but there’s no separate doer that brings it about. Change is the result of all the infinite interactions of the whole. It just looks as if there is a YOU that brings it about. As I said toward the end, that means that Holosync use, or Zen, or anything else, does happen, it is part of the whole, and changes happen as a result. It isn’t that change can’t happen, it’s that there isn’t any separate YOU who changes, or who can create change. Change is a characteristic of the whole, and one of the infinite ways it manifests is a “you” meditating, or whatever it is “you” do. When “you” do something, though, it’s really the doing of the whole.

  13. David says :

    Fantastic stuff Bill :O) It is always awesome waiting for your next enlightening post, and it’s always enlightening reading and/or listening to them.
    Thanks heaps,
    Dave :O)

  14. Andy Phillips says :

    Hi Bill – great post and – isn’t it strange – perfect timing :-) I wish I was you. Wait a minute, I am you. That’s great, I feel really pleased with myself now. And all those other posts are great – hey and they’re me too. Well, I am them, that is, we are us, er, whatever. Got to stop taking those bank account events so seriously, and getting irritated when I cut myself up on the road. Except I can’t, because I’m not really here – or there. Maybe just lie back and enjoy it ?

    FROM BILL: Not sure if this is meant to be clever sarcasm, but it misrepresents what I’m saying, and which I have said in various ways in many of the posts I’ve made: Life is full of suffering. It’s built into life. It’s not ALL suffering, of course, but all coins have two sides, and one side of the coin is the undesirable side. That being the case, if you resist that fact to add to whatever is happening additional consequences created by that resistance. Do what you can do make the world be the way you want it to be. But once you’ve done what you can, let go of needing it to be a certain way. When you do this, you can enjoy life.

  15. Brian says :

    This has to be one of the best posts I have ever read and answered a question I have been carrying around for forty years. I had realized the nature of creation as dichotomies, that all things had their opposites and that good and evil were merely two ends of the same piece of string. Life appeared to be made up of pieces of string and was understandable. It was also immensely enjoyable as I was no longer trying to hold onto just one end of any particular string.

    Of course, as with anything, it did not last. I was convinced that I had somehow miraculously become enlightened and possessed the truth of life and anyone who didn’t see it was wrong! My viewpoint was that this knowledge was special and therefor I was special and others should be able to see that. So I slid quietly back into the trap of right and wrong and the consequent suffering.

    After reading your blog I realized that I had not changed, I had simply, for a while, ceased to exist as a separate entity. I was a drop in the ocean able to experience the whole ocean as myself. I was not one end of the piece of string but the whole string stretching for miles.

    And then I was nothing. Yet at the same time in this universe you cannot be nothing without being everything.

    Thank You.

  16. S. Brimacombe says :

    Hi Bill — you are ‘spot on’ with this post. Laughter is welling up in me. I love the way of It. The timing is perfect–I was just considering everything you just wrote in these past days and then here it is… in fact, verification is showing up all over the place. But then of course, it’s always been there. Nothing to do… nowhere to go… just watching the most incredible show ever. Thanks for being a player.
    Blessings to you!

  17. Aisjah says :

    Hi Bill,
    Very interesting blog. The only way I can know the truth of “there is no Me doing the doing” is when I become quiet and get into my beingness, and expand into spaciouness- then I feel absolute bliss and joy. There are no problems in this space of beingness. No thinking, just the hum of bliss. Lately, it has occured to me that this experience can become most of my experience of what I call my life. The state of Grace that allows me to have this experience seems to be inconsistent, in that my identification with my mind takes over and all the life situations that have degrees of suffering assert themselves again.
    Then I remember to listen to Holosync or do my meditation practice or my latihan (spiritual practice) and the bliss arises again. And this is how it goes on for me. I Awake then go to sleep again in consciouness. A part of me gets that there is no one here and then it goes away again. I can’t know it with my mind, but can experience it in my being. Thanks Bill, keep on blogging, not many people are saying this stuff in quite the same way as you are.

  18. Chris P. says :

    I love the article. I ‘get’ that it’s a game. I ‘believe’ I understand the nature of my being. Here is where I get stuck: what to ‘do’ & why ‘do’ anything? You ‘do’ for the experience of ‘doing’, right? Ok, so what if you’re not interested in having the experience of ‘doing’? My favourite thing to ‘do’ is to do nothing. Then I get told I am ‘lazy and unmotivated’, that I have talents and ‘should’ use them. I say everyone has ‘talents’ and may choose to use them or not. But this idea, that’s it’s “OK” for me to ‘do nothing with my life’ is met with hostility. Is it a ‘sin’ to do nothing with your life? Whatever that means… If it’s a game, why ‘do’ anything? And if you do choose to ‘do something’, how do you choose ‘what’ to do?

    FROM BILL: Who is choosing? Find out. Choosing happens, but there is no chooser. Look carefully and you will see.

  19. Bill,

    Great Audio blog! I have perused your postings before but never too intensively due to lack of time. (To the above Alan Wortman, stick with Holosync it does work. Too well in fact!) However today I seemed drawn to the posting and noticed the audio feature and that I could download it. That was great because I had to go out and do some more work on my deck so I threw you on my ipod and went outside.

    Wow, you really made me think in a way I hadn’t considered before, especially with the analogy of the bird and the flower and how they are interconnected to each other but also to so many others things as well. You truly can’t describe something without describing it’s environment and then it’s interconnection to the universe.

    Thanks for turning a lazy day of deck building into an introspective afternoon.


  20. Gus says :

    Bill: you have just translated the Heart Sutra into business-talk, with great clarity, Gautama the Buddha himself enjoys this post.

  21. Heidi says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for this post.
    It is the most helpful piece I’ve read in a long while.

    I’ve noticed that people who seem to ‘fit’ well into the world and the universe seem to have in common that they are at peace with their particular role. In a way, it seems that they have neatly jumped over the paradoxical knot and have ‘chosen’ what seems to have been chosen for them in the first place.

    Trying to work out the principles of this ‘role’ and the secret of figuring out which role is ‘mine’ to play out out of the myriad possible roles seems to be one of my main spiritual preoccupations. I’ve tried out – and been rejected – from so many ontological positions that I have to wonder what exactly I’m resisting, and it seems that a large part of it must be fear of losing the sense of a separate self. Or in other words, by being swallowed up by the process of life.

    Do you have any recommendations for ‘relaxing the self’s resistance to impermanence and change’?

    FROM BILL: How about not having any ontological positions?

  22. Greg Turner says :

    My intuition is that many desires arise as a result of believing in a separate self. Seeing oneself as a separate entity creates a sense of lack which then results in desires to fill that sense of lack. And that truly seeing the separate self as an illusion results in many desires fading away. Could you comment on this aspect? Thanks

    FROM BILL: And, being attached and having desires and pretending to be a separate self (the Godhead playing hide and seek from itself) is a fun game. The difference is that the asleep person plays unconsciously, while the awakened person plays by choice.

  23. Opening doors, removing screens and shaking out carpets.

  24. carlos says :

    I can see how doing holocync for the past 2+ years have helped me a lot to drop the game of black and white. I still play it a lot of course but not the way I used to. Even before holocync I could see how everything in life is so relative.I consider myself smart but in relationship to whom? Compare to some people I am smart compare to others I am an idiot. In my opinion everything including emotions and states are in a spectrum. and everybody is somewhere in that spectrum we already have some of x and we all have room to improve in x .

    enlightened people can always be more enlightend , happy people can always be more happy. smart people can get more smart .
    unhappy people already have some level of happiness , stupid people already have some inteligence . Everybody is somewhere in the spectrum nobody reaches 100% ,everybody already have some percentage.

    Using holocync have help me a lot to reduce my resistance to what is black(in my book) . The things that I considered to be small or not that important (in my book of black and white) I am almost not resisting at all. The things that I consider big or important I am resisting way less than I used to and it is very libarating.


  25. Santiago Jimenez says :

    Great post Bill, life is surely a mistery as mutkananda said “a meaningless energy going nowhere for no reason”. After an amazing opening in the NYC Big Mind workshop I’ve been going through many amazing realizations, right now I feel like living in a dream most of the time, it’s all emptiness, a wonderful feeling of lightness, like walking on air.

    A couple of weeks ago I was in the ER with a sugar reading of 640 which is very close to a diabetic coma, and as I was in the reanimation room barely able to talk I had a strong feeling that I was going to die, my reaction was thinking: “…waaaooo I’m diyng, I wonder was that’s like….let’s see…..”

    I finally made it and spent 3 nights in the hospital and left with a type 1 diabetes diagnose. Now I have to use 3 to 4 insulin shots daily probably for the rest of my life….. well, oddly enough my level of anxiety is close to 0…. it was natural for me to see it as a change, an experience, that’s it, there’s no label in my mind saying “this is bad” … to me everything is the same now, I have almost no expectations at all…..soetimes I feel like leting go until I can actually die, but not out of desperation since I love life, but just to see what it would be like…… it may sound harsh but I basically don’t feel like caring.

    I was wandering if you ever went to a period of disowning your separate self, I really like the state I’m at, but I remember you and Genpo saying that Karma keeps building anyway and there’s no escape from it.

    I know there’s nothing “I” can do, and that “you” don’t have anything to say. But if the whole feels like expressing something through your separate self… it would make itself very happy through my separate self …..or whatever that means… ;)

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: This is the Third Rank, as I described it in another post. And, yes, I’ve been there.

  26. John Griggs says :

    Hi Bill,
    My question is; Isn’t life just as full of ectasy, joy and bliss as it is suffering? Or isn’t life as much one side of the coin as the other? Isn’t joy as inevitable as pain, seeing as one cannot exist without the other?
    Certainly the ultimate is our willingness to be, to fully experience any experience that becomes us fully.
    In asking this I understand that this idea of a self that wants to identify itself as a seperate “John” may very well be narcissistic in nature. That the self’s desire is a happy world, a “light narcisism” that it wants to somehow control by being happy. I know this to be imprint behavior passed down to me from both mother and father, in their words actions and behaviors in their attempt to “deal” with suffering.
    However it also seems somewhat illusory to say that, Life is FULL of suffering, as if it is not also FULL of everything else that appears and disappears. It would seem the process is experience, and that all suffering and fulfilment is fleeting in and of itself. In other words it seems that what we refer to as life is FULL of experience, and the real deal is whether or not we are willing to be an experiencer or a resister of experience.
    Most of us are repressed to one degree or another, and depending on the culture and parenting techniques of any given culture that repression may take the form of either avoiding suffering or avoiding happiness, (For example I was at a Sermon after Katrina where the Pastor said that when people thought Katrina was going to miss them they began to celebrate and that’s when God intervined and punished them!)
    Given our current Zeitgeist, I am experiencing that although there is a great amount of “suffering” going on, there is also what seems to be a
    resultant backlash of awakening for many “I’s” of the world. My experience of this is excitement, hope, and joy. That being said I am learning to train this mind to turn on my radio or Presidential debate to experience the awakening as oppossed to experiencing the suffering-as they both are of the same spectrum-the specrum of awareness.
    So this individual that calls itself John, am I understanding It, or still missing It?
    Peace In

    FROM BILL: Of course life has joys. No one, though, sees that as a problem. People DO see the other side of the coin as a problem. I’m pointing out that 1) there’s really no separate self there to suffer, 2) people strive to get rid of one side of the coin (the suffering side) when that is impossible, and that this creates a double-bind, an insoluble “problem”, 3) the real problem isn’t the suffering, it’s resistance to it.

    And, impermanence is a fact of this universe. everything ultimately falls apart. Again, though, it is only in resisting this that we suffer. Death goes with life, and there’s no escape from that fact. And, ultimately, it’s a great arrangement (I’ll explain that in another post sometime). And, if you are the entire going on of it all, which you are, then the fact that things come into being and ultimately pass away is just the play of the universe. As things pass away, more come into being, and it’s all you, so why worry. Only when people are attached to the idea that “they”–the illusory separate self–MUST go on, do they suffer. In clinging to life, you miss it–just as, when swimming, if you grab onto the water, you drown.

  27. Ah yes, don’t do, don’t don’t do, just happen!

  28. Julius Ko says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve just started your 3rd course; lesson 2; so doing some goal setting; etc.. but this comment is not related to the course, it’s about your post and Andrew Cohen. I remember from course 2; and now from this post how you talk about there is ‘no doer’ and ‘everything is interconnected’; how would this relate to Andrew’s teaching’s.. or does it?

    Because it seems to me; you go alot more in depth; in the sense of teaching personal power, then beyond the mind and then back to reliving the passion…. and Andrew’s teachings are similar; he just does it very straight forward and to the point.

    Are there similarities? I strongly desire to be living 51% or more in the authentic self… or as you say it; to live in the unconcscious mind 95% of the time.

    A part of me sees and feels a sense of urgency; but another part or is it the same part, doesn’t feel ‘ready’.. double bind? same things?

    No idea. Thanks.

    – Julius

    FROM BILL: There’s no way to NOT live in the “authentic self.” Awake or asleep, you’re IT. If you’re tall and you don’t know you’re tall, you’re still tall. At any rate, “authentic” and “inauthentic” are just ideas. In reality, there is no such thing.

    I am not familiar enough with the finer points of Andrew Cohen’s teaching to answer your question.

  29. Janet says :

    THANK YOU!! This was just what I needed to read. I love you Bill.

  30. Marie Scott says :

    Hi Bill,

    It’s been a while since I’ve read anything so compelling and on-target. I am now getting toward the end of Holosync Level 3 and doing much better in terms of awareness than when I started almost two years ago. But, there are times when I still hate my mother. My comment here is about mind over matter: If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

    Best regards,

  31. SiewPing Wong says :

    1. Does this mean that we do not have ‘control’ over our lives? We may choose, but we do not have control; that there are some things in life which we just have to accept as is and surrender to what is? Is not understanding this life paradox the causing of us feeling the sense of helplessness or hopelessness, or the negative emotions which you described?

    2. Does this mean that we are not 100% responsible for our lives, since we may have choice but no control? Does this mean that since we are part of co-creation – we have part responsibility in our lives only? When events happen to us, we try to understand it, “why”, for example. Another example would be how people are ‘born into’ certain life situations/circumstances.

    3. Since life skills are not the answer to mastery of life, (money, technology, psychoanalysis and understanding of the life paradox) are you saying that there is no answer to life? Is the understanding of the life paradox the answer to life?

    Thank you,


    FROM BILL: No, it means that there is no you to be responsible or to have control. “You” is an idea. The whole point of this article is to show you that people think they are a separate self, and from that perspective they try to control things, but fail. Then they go, “shit, life sucks.” But the reason you can’t control things isn’t because life sucks. It’s because the “you” that is trying to control them doesn’t exist. There is no SEPARATE you. Everything exists in relation to everything else. It’s all one thing, one system. The idea that some part of the whole, artificially split off, could “do” something is ridiculous. It just SEEMS that way when you look from the (false) perspective of being separate.

    The only way to get this is to shift perspective to Big Mind, so see things as the whole. You will NOT get this intellectually, ever. Who would get it? There’s no separate self to get it.

  32. Lauren says :

    Hi Bill,
    There is one thing that I am still unsure about regarding your reading. On the premise–
    -we are everything
    -Identifying myself individually is a falsity or a human condition more so
    Is it not just as much of a falsity thinking that mechanisms of an organism or universe can recognize that organism or universe? For a microcosmic example… a hand doesn’t recognize or question its place in the human body. It simply is a hand. Or, a tree doesn’t contemplate its place in its wider ecosystem. It just is.
    So to me there seems to be a certain amount of audacity thinking we are even capable of recognizing our universe or our greater all. Rather, we are parts of a whole that think we can understand our place, but really all we can do is play our role. It seems the universe is a play with the ultimate dramatic irony. We each must play our role yet are truly incapable of ever realizing its a role.
    Any thoughts?

    FROM BILL: You are asking me questions about your interpretation of what I am saying rather than what I actually said, which makes it difficult to comment. I didn’t say that we are everything. I said that there is one thing, the whole. You are assuming, I think, that I said that YOU are everything (and that each person is everything). That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that “you” is a way of thinking, not a reality.

    The mind divides the whole into separate things and events, including the illusion of a separate self. All of this is illusion, created by the mind. It might be useful, but it’s not reality, in the same way that dividing things into feet and inches is useful, but inches and feet aren’t really real–you can’t hand me an inch, or do anything with an inch. “Inch” is an idea, not a reality. It’s a useful idea, but it isn’t a tangible reality.

    In reality, none of the divisions created by the mind exist. They are mental, not real. When you say, “Isn’t it just as much of a falsity thinking…” I’d have to say YES, no matter how you complete the sentence. The falsity is being in the world of ideas rather than experience, the world of theory. What you think about something, your idea of something, isn’t the same as what it represents. All ideas and theories and representations are just Ideas about the world. They are, however, not the world.

    My main point here is that we live as if we were a separate self, when we aren’t. What you think of as you, and your environment, are one thing, not two. You cannot speak of “me” without speaking of the entire environment (well, you can, but you aren’t be accurate when you do, because “you” includes all your connections to everything else).

    There is no separate you to recognize anything. Recognizing happens, but there is no one who recognizes. The Whole recognizes, but there are no parts that recognize. “Parts” is a WAY OF THINKING not a reality.

    Ultimately, this is not something you are going to get intellectually. It is an experience. It’s like wanting to know what it’s like to have sex without having sex. No matter what ideas you learn about it, you won’t know what it’s like until you experience it. The same can be said for what I’m trying to get across to you. I write this stuff so perhaps you and others will look around and begin to experience how obvious it is that everything is one thing, not so you will get it in your head.

  33. Wolf Halton says :

    Maybe the issue is strictly one of focus. I have been running a study on pronoiac practices and have found the reduction of worry to be drastic, and with no detrimental side-effects. Missing the worrying does not mean a person then ceases to react to the world. In my studies, people follow either of 2 major base programmings.
    1. The world is fundamentally a dangerous place and I must watch out for threats at all times
    2. The world is basically a friendly place, and I must watch for patterns that show me where my next great surprise is coming from.

    In no case were my study participants 100% worry or 100% ease. We are taught as children to “get used to being disappointed” and are protected against our parents’ neurotic fears, so we take them as our own unconsciously. Pronoiac people tend to look for the good in any given situation. What the world appears to accept as normal; the worry and fear; are not as powerful in the lives of such happy people.

    So, as you say, there is nothing to be done to improve the world, but a small shift of emphasis can make anybody’s inner experience more fun and more empowered. We are all susceptible to rhythm entrainment on many levels. In one poor neighborhood in Conyers, a couple of residents have entrained the whole street to keep the trash and clutter down. The strongest and most consistent signal either engulfs weaker signals (making the weaker signal come into harmony) or disrupts them (making it uncomfortable to the weaker transmitter to remain in the vicinity of the stronger signal). In this case, people who were disposed to be neater have felt safer to do so, and people who are opposed to the impulse have moved. In many neighborhoods, the signal of fear and distrust have won out and those are the “scary” neighborhoods, where outsiders are cautioned not to go into.

  34. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill,
    My question to you is why are we SO entrenched in our minds and SO seemingly removed from the Allness. It would seem that we come out of the womb with concrete thinking and a separate sense of self (well almost, you know what I mean).Is this all part of the game? Are we constantly being nudged to awaken in whatever way is necessary by a higher self? An infinite self ?

    Best wishes,

    FROM BILL: First, there is no you to be separate from (or connect to) anything. Separate selves, events, and things is a way of thinking, not a reality. Second, everything IS the whole. How could anything be removed from the Allness if everything IS the Allness?

    We don’t come out of the womb with concrete thinking. It develops (see my entire series on human development where I explain this in detail).

    The mind divides the All into supposedly separate things and events, including what seems like a separate self. All of that is just a way of looking at things, not reality. Nothing is removed from anything. It can’t be. It also doesn’t matter if “you” wake up, any more than it matters if you wake up from a dream you’re having at night.

  35. carlos says :

    Bill , I have a question.

    What might be the difference among the different people at a deep level??

    I mean when we drop(or integrate) our social masks , our ways of coping , our anger , our fears , our resistance ,our stories etc etc??

    You said that behind all that we are the whole process, but at an individual level two people that have integrated all that would still be different right?

    So what would those differences might be ? and what would determine those differences ? genetics maybe?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge


    FROM BILL: The question is too vague, too open-ended.

  36. Matt P says :

    This blog makes me ask the question, “So then, is there no such thing as free will?” It really makes it seem that way. And Bill I am not challenging you and saying there is or isn’t free will, I just simply want to know your answer to this question. I am very curious as to what your answer is. It makes me wonder, when I type these words, I can choose to stop typing them to check an see if “I” am just responding to “you’re” blog post as an automatic response mechanism; as just one part of the universe as a whole responding to another part, like a flower pollenating being the response from contact with a bee. If I were, how could “I” stop and wonder if “I” am or not? A flower doesn’t choose to not pollenate just to see if it really is seperate from everything else. If I am just one part of a thing responding automatically to another, why is it that I can choose to throw in a random, unrelated phrase in this post like “pop goes the weasel”? I could have refrained from doing that. I would really like to hear your response. Awesome blog posts Bill, I look forward to them so much. they really do help.


    FROM BILL: The question isn’t whether or not there is free will, but rather WHO is it that has free will? My point is that there is no such thing as a separate self, thing, or event. No “thing” has any separate essence. There is no separate you with a separate essence. No thing, person, or event has any separate agency apart from it’s interactions with everything else. “Free will” means that something, all by itself, uninfluenced by anything, can make a choice to do something.

    That, however, isn’t true, because everything “you” do is the product of all the influences around you. Free will is a way of thinking, not a reality. Thinking that you can do something that is not the product of all your interactions with everything else is like thinking that a water molecule in the river decides to go here or there. It doesn’t. It goes wherever it goes as a result of all the interactions with the other water molecules. It seems like you decide to do things independently of the whole, but you don’t. You decide as a result of an infinite number of relationships and interactions, almost all of you are unaware of.

    There is no separate entity who could have free will. It just seems that way because you have bought into the illusion that there are separate things, events, and selves. It’s fun to pretend that there are separate things, and it’s handy to do so sometimes, but it isn’t real. Decisions are made, but they are really made by the whole. Actions are taken, but they are really taken by the whole.

  37. carlos says :


    What I mean is this: There are two guys A and B.

    Right Now the lifes of both guys is determined by their programs whatever they are. Some programs are effective some are not that effective. Most of their decisions , desires , likes ,dislikes are determined buy their programs(values ,beliefs , fears , desires , stories etc) Right now the decisions ,preferences and lifes this guys live is dictated by their story ,their programing

    If both guys become emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy . If they have the beliefs , attitudes etc that empower them if they belief that everything is possible for them I think they would still have different likes, dislikes , preferences , they will make different decisions etc.

    So if their programing is not dictating their decisions and preferences and the way they want to live their life anymore ,what is??

    You might say they choose what they want ,however some people will still be incline to choose lets say adventorous life , another might choose to become a business man or a polititian or a family man or whatever.

    So what is the cause of a guy choosing one way of living their life over another way. genetics maybe or something else??


    FROM BILL: What happens to what you THINK OF as “you” is partly determined by genetics, partly by your Internal Map of Reality (beliefs, values, etc., as you described), and partly by all the interactions and relationships with the rest of the whole.

  38. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill,
    Yes I understand all that you have said.
    I did say ‘seemingly’ removed (or separate).
    I said SO entrenched because there doesn’t seem to be any middle way in the mind.
    A bit like being pregnant, you either are or you’re not. You can’t be a little bit pregnant or a little bit entrenched.
    I have been doing Holosync for 5 yrs now and my concrete thinking is cracking but my goodness it had a firm grip.
    I will try and clarify my real question to you.
    Do we identify with our ego (ie think that’s who we really are) so completely (most people) because we have allowed that to happen (free will) over many lifetimes not just this one?( Did you say that reincarnation was just a concept?)
    Could that explain partly why concrete thinking is so easy to adopt early in life yet such a devil to shake off?
    Be gentle with me I’m English.
    Best wishes,

    FROM BILL: You identify with your mind because that’s what humans use to make sense of the world. It’s the filter through which you experience life–until you develop (see all my posts about this) to a perspective that includes more than that of a separate self.

  39. Heikki says :

    Wow Bill!! Im speachless…. Thanks to greater powers that you are in the SAME world with me!!

  40. Terry HS says :

    Hi Bill,

    to be quite honest, I didn’t get a tremendous amount out of this particular post because it’s simply a revision of information (albeit very useful) that’s in the support materials and elsewhere on the website.

    That said, thank you so much for the New Man recommendation. I downloaded the podcasts and found them absolutely FANTASTIC.

    I’m in the age group that they refer to and the material really speaks to me. It’s uplifting to see that others have come up with healthy and resourceful ways of addressing some of the challenges I face in my own life.

    I look forward to hearing from you again.

    Until the next time.


  41. Emilia says :

    Dear Bill,

    Most clear, Bill ! Thanks !
    As you say, I understand all explanations at cognition level, and when I say that I mean all blogs, lessons IPLP, read a lot of books, etc….
    I’ve even tryed not as much to intelectually-understand them, as I let these teachings,informations just sort-of ‘flood-me’ – and see myself how I grasp thenm and how I feel as result !!

    And I kind of manage to… witness !!
    And this is great, because I realise, at experimental level, that – if I had the guts to divorce after 30 years mariage only because I didnot know why I was feeling bad (but for first time in my life, I had the guts to follow my feelings) – it was really bad, but it WENT AWAY and other perspectives opened to me.. And many times these new situations are frightening (chaos), but then – I just manage to refrain from acting-at-first-impulse, and just wait… and watch… because it really GOES AWAY !! I even now I LIKE to split-out my feelings !! To see why/how… and looks like I am in a wonderland !! I’M a very interesting experience to watch and play with !!

    Thanks Bill, bless you,

  42. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill,
    Yes again. I have read your material. I get it, I really do! (At least the me who I think I am gets it). I must be coming across as if I have no comprehension of what you are saying whatsoever.
    I have been ‘letting it be ok’ for 5 yrs and my perspective IS shifting/developing. This is why I have never asked a question before, as I am aware that the question is coming from a ‘me’ that doesn’t exist in reality. It’s so easy to get tied up in knots with language when you’re perspective is still one of separateness. Have you forgotten how real the ‘map of reality’ feels? Even this question is meaningless because there is no you. I knew I should have stayed quiet!
    Help! My brain actually hurts!
    Reincarnation – fact or fiction?
    Best wishes,

    FROM BILL: WHO would actually reincarnate? Is there some separate self who would do that? If you think so, find it. Spiritual practice is a disciplined hunt for the separate self, ending with the realization that there is none. Without this hunt, during which you turn over every rock, looking everywhere, most people would never be truly convinced that there is no separate self.

  43. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill,
    Another question.
    My son is almost 3 yrs old. Is it possible for him to develop without becomming attached to his map of reality in the first place?
    Best wishes,

    FROM BILL. No. He needs his Map of Reality to navigate his life. My point is NOT that your Map of Reality is a bad thing. It’s a very useful thing. It’s when you mistake the map for the reality that you get into trouble. And, EVERYONE does that, until they move through the various developmental stages that enlarge one’s perspective to the point where they see that they are not their Map. See my sequence of posts about human development, right from the start of this blog. Your son needs to develop a Map of Reality, and he will become attached to it. Just love him.

  44. Kevin says :


    First, thank you for taking the time to respond to people’s comments. In my opinion, it doubles the value of this blog.

    I’ve been reading several writings on transcendence and non-duality, and have noticed they create an unfamiliar feeling. The feeling is hard to describe: not quite despair, not quite relief, not quite apathy, not quite peace, not quite anything. My admittedly dualistic mind finds this uncomfortable.

    Is this an indication of resistance or retreat from the ideas? Or can there be action in non-action? Feeling a little adrift…would appreciate if you could relate from your own experience.



    FROM BILL: Action happens all the time, but there is no individual actor. Action is action of the whole, but it seems like individual action when viewed through the mind, which divides everything into separate things and events, including a separate you. Your mind is creating how you feel, not whatever you read. And, I am not trying to get you to adopt ideas, so it isn’t a matter of resisting IDEAS. Ideas represent something, but they aren’t that something. Ideas are ABOUT reality, but they aren’t reality. So I’m not trying to get you to adopt any particular set of ideas. I’m trying to get you to go past ideas about the world to a direct experience of it.

  45. Julius Ko says :

    Hey Bill,

    Following up on my previous post, from what I understand from Andrew’s Teaching, the Authentic Self would be more parallelled to your concept of Chaos (using the Prioginin model – Pardon my spelling); and more importantly; how you’ve mentioned somewhere; that this “Chaos” may be how ‘God’ acts in this universe (Andrew from what I understand now; takes the stance that CHAOS/Evolution IS GOD in action)… and his whole teaching is for the individual to embody this “authentic self”; instead of via the seperated concept of the ego-self.. to put another way; I think it could be paralleled to what you said in the post of: -> “You are this process..” and not the ‘individual doer’.

    Does that make sense?

    Hmm.. maybe I just answered my own question then; teachings seem to be similar… but on a practical level; how to speed it up.. because Andrew is very good at communicating the ‘URGENCY’ of this matter.

    Holosync, LPIP, but how about the concept of intention/will or ‘definite purporse’?

    – Julius

    Anyways.. happy thanksgiving from Canada; don’t think it’s thanks giving in the states, but it is up here in Canada.

  46. Benjamin says :

    I love holosync!!! and….
    Anyone looking for FREE DAILY INSPIRATION?!
    quotes, affirmations, meditations, presence tips…
    visit my fresh new blog at

    God bless.

  47. Jay Rana says :

    Dear Bill, thanks for the post. The way I understand it, your article is trying to elaborate on the fact that God is One and he is in us all. The “You” or “I” factor is an illusion that tends to separate us from the God who is One and in us all. Some believe there is no God, some believe its all energy, some believe there is something but not God as a higher standing. Whatever the beliefs maybe, this article seems to portray to us all the fact that we are all one and a part of the whole. I myself would stick to believing this theory as we are one because we all have God inside us.


    FROM BILL: What I’d really like you to do is to go from believing a theory to having an experience of it. One of the main points in everything I’m sharing with you is to go from IDEAS about reality to a direct experience of reality.

  48. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for your answers. Don’t be concerned, I am just loving my son (he is a joy) it was merely a question.
    I would encourage anyone who is at the early stages of Holosync to stick with it, with all my heart. It works.
    If it’s helpful to anyone – my mind was in a terrible place 5 yrs ago.
    It was in a black hole. I developed a sort of social phobia (fear of blushing in public) as a child which had beaten my mind to a pulp by my 30’s. I found interacting with people increasingly difficult because of the anxiety I felt. I kept it to myself completely as I also felt a deep sense of shame for being so self obsessed. My head was full of negative chatter. So much so that I would have welcomed some sort of accident that left me with no memory so I could start again. I’d be almost pleased when other things went wrong in my life as it gave my mind a bit of light relief!
    Eventually death seemed like sweet release from the anxiety. I finally told my boyfriend at the time (now my partner of 10 yrs and father of our son) who had no idea that I was in such a state. I had become quite an actress as I was frightened of the people who loved me discovering that I was a sham.
    Anyway, with his help and encouragement I found Holosync and the rest, as they say, is history. I am at purification 3. My mind feels almost clutter free. The negative chatter is gone. There is peace a lot of the time. There is no shame. I still feel separate but I know that my mind isn’t me. (In fact I was close to the truth wasn’t I, without even realizing it, in thinking that ‘I’ was a sham).
    My perspective is developing and so will yours.
    Best wishes,

  49. Michele Wilson says :

    Loved this article! Reminds me of a book I read called “After the ecstasy, the laundry” which similarly is about even if you get an enlightened moment, there is still life stuff we need to do…
    I was fortunate to have a spontaneous “ultimate connectiveness” moment years ago, which left me in awe, but I didn’t really understand it until years later.

  50. gloria says :

    I really enjoyed this blog and got a lot out of it. I admire your persistence Bill in reiterating things over and over – your patience is admirable.

    I have finally recognised that the difficulties I have had in understanding this stuff is because I was soooooo afraid of what I am attempting to do, i.e. let go of the idea of ‘me.’ In fact, I didn’t even know that is what I was trying to do, I thought I was trying to make a ‘better’ me – a more acceptable me, a me that I would be able to live more comfortably with. It’s been like having one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake and just spinning my wheels.

    Thanks to all the other posters and Bill’s answers. I do get a lot out of the question and answer format and enjoy the comments as much as the blog. Special thanks to Catherine for your openness and honesty – your journey is remarkably similar to mine. I am just beginning to appreciate just how much courage it takes to go through this process.

    FROM BILL: The reason you can’t “get” this is because, first of all, there’s nothing to get, and second, it’s the mind, the idea-maker, that thinks it is going to get it. What isn’t dualistic can’t be “got” by the dualistic mind. The big joke is that there’s nothing to get and no one to get it. When you are trying to make a better me, it’s really the universe who is the doer. It just seems like there is a you who is trying to do something.

    And yet, all of this is the game of life. I’m not saying that anyone should stop doing all of this. Why stop? It’s not a separate you that is doing it anyway. The entire universe comes together to do whatever “you” seem to be doing. Why? Who knows. Where is it going? Nowhere. What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t need to mean anything. All of it is the One playing hide and seek from itself, pretending to be the many, just for the fun of it. ALL of it is for the fun of it, not just the “good” parts.

  51. Micah Blumberg says :

    It’s sitting at the table, looking at the screen,

    hands together, thumb bitten,

    a thought flashes, for a moment leaving the world of judger, and

    just being in the world of perceiver,

    the thought says, this image, I will write, it’s a woman, her name is Jane, and in Jane’s brain is a picture of Jane, wearing a yellow blouse with a green skirt,

    she is standing in a building, a skyscraper

    if there is no me to be me,

    then me is just part of all that is everything, a connected part of everything,

    it’s not me sitting here typing,

    the universe is typing, the universe is experiencing it’s self and thinking that it is Micah

    like Jane is the universe thinking it is Jane,

    we are both the universe Jane and I, and that’s all there is, just us, just what is,

    I am the computer, and the table that the man types on,

    I am all of it,

    the whole going on of it all….

    and that folks is like liberation,

    not a liberation from reality, but a liberation from the idea that this local reality matters,

    I don’t care if my locality is here now, I’m all of it anyways, and when I die it makes not a drop of difference,

    because in the sense that I am the universe, I cannot live or die anyways, people can die I mean, but that’s not real anyways.

    it’s just me changing form,

    which is just the same when people are born…

  52. Chris says :

    Hey Bill, I LOVE your articles, but I’m having a little trouble with something… You said….

    “What I’d really like you to do is to go from believing a theory to having an experience of it. One of the main points in everything I’m sharing with you is to go from IDEAS about reality to a direct experience of reality.”

    But how does something like this actually happen to a person? I mean how exactly is the bridge gapped, or maybe a better question is, where is the actual connection between KNOWING that your idea’s and beliefs being only and exactly that, and actually HAVING a more direct experience of it??

    FROM BILL: How have you gone from your ideas about what sex is (before you ever had any) to having a more direct experience of sex? You have an IDEA of who you are. That idea, however, doesn’t include much if anything about how you digest your food, how you circulate your blood, how your neurons fire, and how your cells divide. It doesn’t include much if anything about all the interrelationships you have with, ultimately, the entire universe. It doesn’t include more than a tiny fraction of the ongoing stream of sensory input you have in each moment.

    Your idea of yourself is a caricature of the real thing. Like most people, you’re confusing this idea for the real thing (in fact, your idea of ANYTHING is just a fragment of the real thing). The real thing includes everything, but that experience only happens when you get the idea of who you are out of the way. In other words, when the mind stops, or when the part of the mind that creates an idea, a map, a representation of everything simultaneously with it’s experience, and then confuses the idea with the reality. That’s why we meditate or do other spiritual practices–because it quiets the mind and allows you to get out of the narrow slice of reality the mind is capable of capturing, so you can see the rest.

    That’s why, in my online courses, I have people observe their mind very carefully, because when you watch something with awareness you gain distance from it. This is also what happens when people experience Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind process (which, by the way, gives you almost instantly an experience of being the All).

  53. gloria says :

    Thanks, once again for your comments, Bill. It is slowly but surely sinking in.

    If anyone is interested, there is a series of You tube videos of an Australian woman (Linda Clair) talking about her experience of awakening/enlightenment which describes much of what Bill is talking about. In the first video she talks about how it took her a while to realise what had occurred because there simply was no ‘I’ there to appreciate or articulate it.

    I have been going to this woman for meditation and can personally attest to her sincerity. What is so refreshing is that she talks about this experience as being so ordinary. She was an ordinary married woman with kids and no interest in spiritual matters until something took hold of her and compelled her to follow through with what was happening.

  54. Mimmi Svensson says :

    This is what I have come to realize through “playing the game of life”..
    But it sure took a long time to do so….
    You put words of what I have “sensed” for quite a while now!

    It is very interesting to come to this realization!

    Okay…”I” will go drink some tea with my beloved now…
    But thanks for your blog!

  55. Robert says :

    Greetings Bill. You have my admiration for being able to make this information available. One cannot compliment you enough for making it available free.

  56. Nurse Timothy (Parish) says :

    Thank you, Bill, for showing me/us that it is possible to write and speak about “higher” levels of awareness, though at times our ability to understand requires us to reach a little higher than the stage we are in most of the time. I know that two years ago, I would have had to reach quite a bit; and several years ago it would have all sounded like gibberish (or heresy) to me and I would not have even thought of reaching.

    I have been having the time of my life, immersing myself in the works of Ken Wiber and Susanne Cook-Greuter, and following up their references. And I have had some interesting/valuable email exchanges with Susanne…
    wow!, it is like corresponding with you. Her comments on our leadership / political developmental lines (lower left /lower right quadrant of Wilber’s AQAL) and how we get the leadership we have were insightful.

    A few hours ago, I watched the presidential debate, and witnessed myself empathising with the senators, especially Sen. McCain in such obvious distress, watching the two parts of me…that is them…speaking to each other from different levels of awareness, different vMemes…

    And the pundits, the panels of “experts”,
    all trying to make sense
    of what they witnessed,
    from within their own perspectives,
    were facinating examples
    of several different developmental stages
    along several lines.

    Thank you for Holosync, and these blogs to help us “understand” the process it facilitaties. Be well.

  57. Sheryll James says :

    Hi Bill,
    I need some of your wisdom here. I have experienced a lot of wonderful now moments, and LOVE feeling this freedom.

    There is one huge shadow iin my life that I can’t seem to conquer. You know and say that to BE is it, and to be, one must make a daily commitment. i agree, but isn’t commitment a human choice? But now my tolerance for the “lazy” is getting less than it was before. I choose (do I?) because all my other choices or non focus didn’t work. And I’m in the same bind I’ve always been in. I’m doing all the earthly work with a small group of people, while the others (even though we are all connected), are choosing to not do so. I’m letting everything be as it is. I don’t think I’m separate from anyone. I try to own my own parasitic nature. I guess I’m angry, because now I’m doing what I’ve always done, being the “responsible” one. I know I’m not responsible for anything, or anyone, but aren’t I responsible for growing toward enlightenment?

    Oh I know, I’m not seeing the WHOLE picture, or being the whole picture. I have a desire to motivate others just like you do, so how is that letting everything just be as it is?

    I found out through my years of growth that Iactually have some deep core values, that have clarity and are not borrowed. Now I know that to be fully ALIVE is to know the peace of being congruent with “love others as you love yourself”. And then I get mad at all the others who cannot SEE that WE ARE ALL ONE. And in doing so, I become separate again.

    Help, help, help. I want to scream to the world WAKE UP!
    I’m sure you have felt this way too. How do you let the world be as it is, without feeling apathetic, discouraged, or outraged? I know those feelings are OK and I can observe them. They almost feel like a fire in my blood, a passion, a passion for peace, a passion for authentic love in the now.

    Thanks for listening Bill and anyone who has any thoughts I would welcome with great appreciation.


    FROM BILL: I am not apathetic, discouraged, or outraged, nor am I wanting to scream for the world to wake up. To have awakening there must be sleeping. The world will never wake up. Buddhists vow to free all sentient being, yet know that this is impossible. It is a paradox. The world is the way it is. Why fight against it? It’s fine to work to reduce suffering, but being in resistance emotionally to the fact that there is suffering, and always will be, is more just suffering. Do what you can, but relax about it.

  58. Nancy says :

    Thanks again Bill,
    I think this is one blog I will read over and over again with more insight and delight each time.

    A video that would be of interest to all those who are struggling with the “how” of separateness illusion should look to this video of a brain anatomist.
    She visually illustrates the difference between connectedness to all and connectedness to a separate sense of self.

    I am working with children, 3.5 yrs, 5 yrs. and 6 yrs. I have been struggling with the conflict of how to intellectually connect them to their separate selves so they can function in the world (need to take turns with others, fact that others can’t read their minds which means they must talk if they want others to know what they want), without disconnecting them from their sense of connectedness…. Ongoing process.

    And, Bill, if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear from you in the guise of your separate self.

    Thanks always,

  59. Nancy says :

    I always remember what someone recently said, that a common frustration of children is that it is so painful to have their great spirit stuffed into such a tiny package….

    Love to all,

  60. Elizabeth M says :

    I had a huge realization yesterday. Now, I think it should have been obvious, but it wasn’t until yesterday. Many of your posts here and in LPIP ( I am in the 2nd course) are about being exposed to other ideas of how the world works, so that I (others) can change our beliefs. If I change my very strong held beliefs about how the world operates and about who I am. White doesn’t have too win. Things are as they are. Let everything be ok. Let it be ok that I am depressed or happy or whatever.
    If I change those beliefs then I will find the support for those new beliefs and that will aid in having a whole new unfiltered perception of the world!

    FROM BILL: Better yet would be to realize that all beliefs are just ideas about reality. The map is not the territory, and the biggest block to your freedom is confusing the two. New beliefs are still just beliefs–ideas. Go beyond beliefs to a direct experience of things. Beliefs are handy, but you have to see them for what they are.

  61. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    I’d like to say a thank you to Gloria for the Youtube post on Linda Clair. It was fascinating.


  62. celestine says :

    Thanks Bill for the abstract ideas which you teach in clear terms. You greatly entertain my soul.

  63. Sheryll James says :

    Thanks for your comment Bill. I “know” what you are saying I just don’t KNOW it yet. Anyway, I am finding that the use of Holosync, and Bigmind are really a great combination. For me, the 3-2-1 technique with the “lazy” world as the object has really helped. I think my last note to you was my 1st person to 2nd person step.
    Again, thank you for listening and bringing me back to NOW.


  64. Donald Scalmanini says :

    I am in the beginning stages of getting to know you, Holosync and centerpointe which to say the least is enlightening ( just ordered my awakening prologue package;-). After reading your words but more so, during, I immediately felt so much more connected to “The Whole” what I mean is that perpcetive has new meaning to me which certainly will begin to have the effect that it is intended to have. I thank “The Whole” through you Bill for dedicating your life to sharing this with anyone who has, had or will have this essential “knowing” to become awakened.
    relax, savor, indulge, enjoy life
    Donald Scalmanini
    Florence, Italy

  65. dan patrick says :

    Bill –

    How about the short version? Maybe it’s just too late after a long day, or maybe I’m too down to have the energy to invest in getting better, but I couldn’t get through this.

  66. Throstur R. Thorsteinsson says :

    Hi Bill.

    I would like to begin this comment by saying: Thank you.
    Thank you for The Holosync solution even though I’m not sure if it’s working… But even so, it has been a steadfast part of my life for the last four months, and it has been comfortable in use.

    Anyhoo, this is quite hard to wrap your head around…

    As I understand it, you say that we are one being, one energy, and our separate consciousnesses are merely perceived as separate because we lie to ourselves. How can there not be an “I”? I mean, I am not in YOUR body, nor in HIS thoughts, and I cannot hear what SHE is thinking.

    And if the concept of “I” is just an idea, then what is an idea to the universe?

    A part of me finds this concept ridiculous, and yet, a bigger part of me believes you (or wants me to).

    Either way, to a person who has the average view on life and the meaning of it, this is quite disturbing… Scary even!

    This was a good blog; gave me alot to think about, but I’m afraid it only leaves me with more questions than answers…

    Still confused,
    Throstur R. Thorsteinsson.

    FROM BILL: I’m continually amazed at how people re-word what they think I’ve said and then disagree with it or become confused by it. I did not say that there is no “I”. I said that there is no SEPARATE “I”. Everything exists in relation to everything else. There is no separate you that acts independently of your ENTIRE environment.

  67. Hi, Bill.
    I enjoy your blog and love Holosync, but today I’m writing for another reason.

    You’ve done some fabulous teleseminars in the past. Are you planning to do any in the near future? I’m creating a page to direct people to teleseminars for spiritual and personal growth, and yours are some of the best that I’ve experienced. Sure would like to point people in your direction!

    Please let us know who you’re interviewing next, and when.


  68. Bill C says :

    Hi Bill, great post. So in my thinking and application of this post to my own life and my personal experineses and in recognizing the different times of my life when i’ve had what i have previously categorized as spirtual experiences when my perspective changed and my being became unified with the whole for those several instances in my life of limited duration (seconds but within seconds much learning and awareness and punctuated changes and understanding of my connectedness to the whole and of that which is greater than what I conceived of me (linear thinking etc)), and when I then become aware of the shift and in seeking to grasp it or hold on to it I lose it — does the shift in perspectives for those more awakened and enlightened become one of an increasing frequency and duration of this new awareness of the whole and the perspective change and is this a process of allowing or does the enlightened one truly live in this state of changed perspectives while recognizing that linear perspective does exist? I believe in my own life that I live in the linear mind with intermittent shifts in perspective with the whole, and am wondering does this reverse for the more awakened and enlightened one or is it an entire shfit perspective and living in this new perpective staying centered on the whole with recognition of the mind’s other perspective and in using the linear perspective as a tool? Or is it both? I am trying to allow the perspective to return and be open to it and cannot will it into my awareness but certain environments and conditions trigger the shift and it just happenss. I hope this makes sense and thank you for the post. Bill C

    FROM BILL: You lost me somewhere in the middle of the first incredibly long sentence.

  69. Josh Brown says :


    I read your blog yesterday after reading the latest support letter and may need more support???? My experience was one of feeling like I was knocked off the rails….in fact I have this very strong image of a train locomotive coming to a screeching halt with all the cars derailing and piling up behind it. I also am aware of an experience of surrender as I realize that I’m never going to figure it all out(no matter how hard I try). I’m just sitting with it all.
    Thanks(I think)
    Josh Brown

    FROM BILL: I would suggest calling support at Centerpointe and talking this over with someone.

  70. Terry HS says :

    Initially I struggled with Bill C’s post because as you (Bill H) pointed out, it is quite long.

    I think he’s basically asking if enlightened people…

    * live predominantly in the linear mind

    * or from a blissed out perspective

    * or if they fully embody a feeling of oneness whilst using the mind as a
    useful tool.

    I think Bill H answers this question in his series on developmental levels. You might want to check it out Bill C. It’s thorough and fascinating.

    But yes it seems that an enlightened person fully embodies their connectedness to everything. And whilst seeing the mind as a useful tool for navigating the relative world, they recognise that it’s just an idea of the world and self, and not the real world or the real self.

    Hope that helps.

    best wishes,



    Bill H – I’ll be expecting a cheque in the post. :-)

  71. YUMMMMM to all of this. YUMMMMM, i say. YUMMMMM!

    Howdy, sangha!

    Marcus EliYAhu Mann

  72. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill love you blogs. I just wanted to make one comment. I have been using Holosync for two years now and this financial crisis has not even bothered me. I used to wake at 2 am in the morning stressing about everything. I am now taking your on-line course Internal map of Reality. and I have noticed how it is easier to be open to possibilities. I cannot tell you how easier my life is sence I started Holosync and this lesson. I should be happy with all that I have accomplished to date, but for some reason I love the feeling I get not being on auto pilot. Thanks and may you days be like mine.

  73. Steve W. says :


    The below is written not as rebuttal or disagreement, more as a ‘thinking out loud’ to garner some response or insight from you.

    I get what the point you are making in this blog entry, but the mind keeps bringing up the ideas like: sure this is all well and good on a theoretical level, but in ‘reality’ these thoughts that I am having are being generated and sensed in this brain that is indeed separate from your brain at least on a physical level.

    For instance, the pain sensors in this body detect a wound or illness in this body and transmit the impulses to this brain and not to your brain. Therefore this physical pain is only experienced by this brain. When watching someone suffer with cancer or some other painful disease we sympathize and even agonize with them, but we do not feel the actual pain. It is located in their body and brain, or ours if we are the ones afflicted. Severe pain seems to have a way of bringing one right into the body. There is no doubt during such episodes that we are separate and right there.

    Sure, there would be nothing to experience by the brain if there wasn’t a whole since the brain is made of elements of the whole. So, there wouldn’t be a body or brain to begin with without the whole, so the connection to the whole is obvious. The body cannot exist in a vacuum. But, there sure seems to be a brain and body; here sitting on a chair, typing some words and seeing them appear on a screen, feeling sensations coming from and to this body, seeing sights in the room, hearing sounds in the house, smelling the odors of the air, tasting the contents of the mouth and sensing the thoughts, impulses, pictures and etc. in the mind. There is something here which is not there.

    Though all the above is happening in a body/brain which does have its own unique space within the whole it obviously is a part of the whole. A part of the whole which is experiencing itself from within itself while feeling it is a separate self? Each one of us the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, sensations sensors, mental formation observers and great mystery experiencers (I.E., The Whole, God, Universe) of the whole from within the whole?

    Oddly I can feel the truth of what you are saying and yet cannot understand it or make sense of it. Probably ‘it’ is not understandable by the linear mind, just by the ‘Big Mind’ which is beyond this level of understanding. Coming from that mind, it all just is. We are not, yet we are. Until one knows the answer the right questions can’t be asked. After one knows the answers, there are no questions.

    Yet here I am, full of questions.

    Steve W.

  74. Kory says :

    Thank you Bill. You are and have been one of my biggest heroes and mentors from afar over the last 3 1/2 years. As I just stated, I started using holosync over 3 years ago and I’m on Purification Level 2.

    This article was just what I needed to read. I will admit that I have been going through a few difficult situations in my life and this is a clear reminder of how I should be interpreting these events and my reactions to it. Due to a neurological disease I have been battling my entire life (Tourette’s Syndrome), I have really found your work and holosync to be of a big help. Over the years I have learned to hide this disease and the effects and have a successful career – however, I didn’t realize how many negative past experiences I had suppressed.

    Your work really has given me hope Bill….and I’m eternally grateful to you.


  75. Zoltan H says :

    I am not native speaker , but I want to say many thanks to Bill.
    I have fought with myself for years now very seriously , creating all the troubles possible…
    Now reading this text above the understanding slowly arrived from nothing, like the light was swithed on.
    Part of me is always afraid example to be sick etc. , other part is desperately want to change lot of things, fighting for the concept of “separated me”.
    I did not look this before in the way above, I was convinced that that these are all me.
    Now it is truly relaxing not trying, forcing to fix myself…
    Thank you Bill

  76. Michael says :


    I really needed something good to eat while hungrily meandering through a really odd day. This article tasted like candy and felt like steak. I’m well again.


  77. Susan Moore-Jones says :

    With reference to your comment that one cannot decide to love, it is a spontaneous happening, I take issue based on my own experience. I could not stand children at one period in my life. A person who had two adored children was visiting and I was pretending to like the kids because I was a polite person, keen not to hurt anyone’s feelings (!). The father commented how he really liked the way I loved children so much. There were a lot of people present so I just smiled and said nothing, but felt like a total awful fraud. After that I really tried to like those kids and other kids so I would not have to pretend. In the meantime I pretended like mad! Suddenly I found myself genuinely entranced by and loving kids. I was astonished and rather pleased. 25 years later I still adore kids…well most of them!I have since applied this principal of “fake it til you make it” on a few fronts and find it works. I guess it forms new neural pathways.

  78. Carl Batchelor says :


    I found this blog entry to be especially fascinating, having been a student of Truth teachings for about 12 years. There were so many things I wanted to comment on but I’ve been able to boil it down to one entry.

    Regarding your response to Alan Wortman’s comment on October 10th, you state: “You are depressed because you are holding on to some idea of a way out of the human condition. There is no way out.”

    This may come as a shock, or it may just sound incredibly arrogant but there, in fact, IS a way out of the human condition. This is neither my opinion or belief, nor anyone else’s — it is a spiritual fact you can find out for yourself that very few other people have ever known. There is a whole other world that exists regarding a person’s resistance to reality and what each person can do about it. Resistance is negative attraction — the more you resist what you don’t want, the more you are tied to it. The answer is simply to let go. That is the most common way of expressing a spiritual concept that few people in this world are even aware of, much less understand.

    I agonized for days over whether to post my comment for you to read because of the nature of its content. But I was struck by your grasp of spiritual knowledge, yet perplexed that it all came to an abrupt halt at which point, in your mind, life became a mystery. In addition to your blog I read many of the articles — and from all of this I got a sense that you have a yearning for more of this knowkedge.

    I don’t want to presume anything but if you are interested in seeing way past what you can imagine, there are a number of books and other materials on Truth teachings. For starters, I highly recommend reading “The Secret of Letting Go” by Guy Finley. I guarantee that if you read and study this book with, not only an open mind, but a sincere wish for enlightenment, the way you see yourself and other people will change forever. You will find that your True Nature has no limits. See for yourself — it’s God’s knowledge. Know once and for all that there is something you can do to change yourself.

    FROM BILL: No matter what you do, life, and everything in it, is impermanent. The only real “way out” is surrender to this, and becoming aware enough to choose how you engage in life, rather than living on autopilot, where you unconsciously create suffering. Suffering is built in to life, but the conscious person chooses which situations (all of which involve SOME sufferng) to get involved with, knowing the consequences and surrendering to them.

    No offence to Guy Finley, but he has not found “the solution” to the human predicament, any more than anyone else. I am well aware of the entire universe of “solutions,” and of course anyone is free to become involved with any of them. See my series on human development, which is one “solution” to the human condition after another, each one left behind as the person becomes more aware and sees through it. Every developmental stage has it’s own solution. For instance, the conventional stage divides everything into good and evil, black and white. This makes it easy to make sense of life–upon entering any situation, you can clearly “see” what pile in which to put everything. The “solution” is to go after the good and avoid the evil.

    This works AS LONG AS IT WORKS. But at some point, for some people, they become aware of aspects of life that are not explained by this approach. They notice that all these pairs of opposites (for instance, good and evil) GO TOGETHER and depend upon each other. This brings about a new perspective, and a new “solution”==one where “everything is relative,” things are vaiable and culturally determined instead of set in stone, and where “every voice is equal.” This is the pluralist view. Every developmental level is a way of making sense of life, and particularly why life involves suffering and death. Every solution seems like THE solution, for however long it works. When new information or new situations intrude that show it to NOT be THE solution, there is a period of unsettling chaos, follow by reorganization at a new level, a new perspective. With that new perspective comes a new “solution.” Every person at any developmental level thinks their solution is THE solution.

    The truth is, though, that when all is said and done, NOTHING can be done about the impermanence that is built into the universe. Enlightened individuals acknowledge impermanence and surrender to it, realizing that most of the suffering of life–and most delusion–is created by resistance to impermanence. Then, having gained tremendous awareness (a hugely broad perspective that encompasses the entire infinite universe), the enlightened person enters into life knowing that it involves suffering, but also knowing that with great awareness he can CHOOSE what situations to enter into, knowing that they are impermanent and will create suffering. For instance, the enlightened person chooses to have friends, or a spouse, or children, or to have a home, and so forth, knowing that they are impermanent. Any potential suffering-containing situation becomes a conscious choice, which is not the case for 99.99% of people.

    I’m not saying that there is no way out of the human condition from a depressed or negative perspective. I love life, but the truth is that no matter what you do, life involves SOME suffering. All of these “solutions” are attempts to pretend in some way that that isn’t the case. They are, in that sense delusional.

  79. Michelle says :

    I bought the introductory CD the Awakening and then I got the first custom tapes. I did this to overcome a drinking problem. But I have never had more of a severe problem until now. I called and talked to someone and they didn’t help me at all.

    This program has made me so dysfunctional that I cannot even deal with anything–I haven’t worked in my professional for over a year!!

    HELP!! I feel that this program has sentenced me to DEATH!!

    Please if anyone can help me, call me at 602-643-9534.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Michelle Perry

    FROM BILL: Michelle, I’m going to be very straight with you. One reason you have an alcohol problem is that you refuse to take responsibility for yourself. Why would Holosync be responsible for your addiction? You’re not going to be able to get over this as long as you are blaming something outside of you for the problem. And, though Holosync has helped MANY people stop drinking or taking drugs (it is the cornerstone of the Integral Recovery approach to addiction recovery), Centerpointe is not an addiction recovery company. You should seek treatment with someone who specializes in alcoholism. Our support line is to help those using Holosync, but it is not designed to be therapy. I appreciate that you are having a hard time, and sympathize. Find some specialized help, continue to use Holosync, and good luck to you.

  80. Bob Hughes says :

    Could it be that Bill Harris has actually understated something?

    But maybe it is not possible to overstate the concept of “BIG MIND, BIG HEART.”
    Thanks for including it with “Awakening Level 1.”

    No doubt Genpo goes against the grain of conventional Zen with his “Delta” triangle concept.
    (ego/apex/no-ego; immature/apex/mature; unhealthy-alcoholic/apex/healthy alcoholic; dark-side/apex/enlightened-side).
    Hee-Jin Kim, likewise, challenges conventional and post-modern Zen with his analysis of Dogen’s similar concept of thinking/nonthinking/not-thinking.
    (see Kim, “Dogen on Meditation and Thinking,” 2007.)

    For us Christian Holosychners: consider No-God/Beyond God/God.
    (see, Carter, “The Nothingness beyond God, an Introduction to the Philosophy of Nishida, Kitaro,” 1997.)

    P.S. Wiseguy Bill now has got me drinking: that is, drinking garlic-spiked lemonade before falling asleep on my back wearing earphones listening to “Floating.”
    Thanks a million BIG-GUY.

    But Geez bill, going through 4 BIG DVDs for a little taste of “BIG MIND” was very tedious. Sorry bro.
    It was much easier to listen to the also including CD “Floating”.
    Fantastic ocean-sounds! Virtual 3D recording itself was worth the price of admission.
    Minor suggestion: Add seagulls.
    I’ve used at least 4 different ocean recordings for meditation in Tai Chi classes. By far the students like a few seagull sqwacks thrown in–otherwise it sounds like the air-conditioning system. Hey, what’s a beach without those damn seagulls? (sea gulls/apex/no sea gulls).

  81. Chris says :

    Totally agree with above. Im over a year using holosync and didn’t hit rock bottom with alcohol till well into holosync use. Professional help is the key. Get the help you need, like you would normally, and continue using holosync. I can tell you that once I sobered up, holosync helped me a lot with dealing with my new life, and I had many realisations about what was going on and am currently VERY concious of this situation.

  82. Susan Moore-Jones says :

    I read Michelle’s post Nov 9th. My heart goes out to you. One of the most important things I have learned from Bill is the concept of all suffering is caused by resistance and that resistance can take many forms. I am overweight because for as long as I can remember, food has been my addiction. As soon as I am bored or under pressure I get the most compelling hunger happening. I am a new Holosync user although not a new meditator. At times I feel very hungy after a session of Holosync and I am trying hard to identify what resistance I am trying to distract from by eating. So far I have come up with a few and my eating is less compulsive. I have not come to the end of it but I am using it as a tool and watching with great curiosity. I think the stronger the compulsion, the stronger must be the resistance and therefore what underlies that,perhaps the most difficult to confront.I strongly suggest professional counselling and support would be most helpful along with continuing Holosync.

  83. Heather says :

    Genius. Every time.

  84. Richard says :


    I don’t understand what you’re saying here:

    FROM BILL: WHO would actually reincarnate? Is there some separate self who would do that? If you think so, find it. Spiritual practice is a disciplined hunt for the separate self, ending with the realization that there is none. Without this hunt, during which you turn over every rock, looking everywhere, most people would never be truly convinced that there is no separate self.

    Genpo Roshi, in one of his Big Mind videos, talks about how several Tibetan masters came back and ‘spoke’ to him from the dead.

    What do you think he means by that?


    FROM BILL: You’d have to ask him to be sure, but I think these masters are aspects of Genpo Roshi himself–and if pressed I think Roshi would agree. But beyond that, why base what you think about reincarnation on what someone else says (including me). Notice that in what I wrote I said to find the self that reincarnates. If you find it–a separate self or soul–and therefore prove to yourself that it really exists, then maybe there’s some way it could go on after the death of your organism (which is yet another question to investigate experientially, rather than just believing what someone else has said).

    If, however, you look for the separate self–if you look everywhere–and you can’t find it (other than in your head, where it exists as an idea), then maybe it doesn’t exist. Zen is actually a discinplined way to look for the separate self. The big ah-ha in Zen comes when you realize that there isn’t any separate self, that “you” is an idea, not a reality. But just telling someone doesn’t create the same shift (or any shift at all, really) as discovering it for yourself, experientially. To do that you usually have to search until you’re really convinced that it cannot be found.

    So I’m not asking you to believe anything I say. In fact, please DON’T believe anything I say. I’m just giving hints that might send you out on the search. Instead of trying to convinced you to believe this or that, I’m suggesting that you do your own investigation, your own searching, and find out for yourself what is true, what is real.

    If you read my series on human development, you’ll find that at a certain developmental level (“mythic”) a person believes in a certain dogma. Instead of finding out for themselves, they believe “experts”–priests, Zen masters, philosophers, whatever. Someone else has the power to know, and I just believe them. At a higher level, though, a person gives up “believing” (which actually means fervently wishing, from the Old English root “lief”) and decides what is real by direct experience. That’s why I suggested finding the self who reincarnates, rather than just believing someone else’s opinion about reincarnation.

    The Zen master often asks the student to show him the self, giving the student the idea that there must be a way to do so. A fervent student can almost go nuts trying to show the teacher the self. He looks and looks and looks, and tries everything, until (if he is lucky), he gets it–what he thought was “me” is just an idea. There is no me. The only doer is the entire going on of it all, the entire universe. So, then, as I said, who is it who reincarnates? Show it to me.

  85. Jay Doll says :

    I think I get your point that the self can’t act alone and make any changes that don’t also effect the universe around us. Trying to think like you talk, I don’t like the interactions that my “idea” of self has with the universe so knowing myself is just an “idea” is not necessarily any comfort if I can’t seem to change the idea (imagined relationship of self with universe)

    FROM BILL: Your idea of yourself can’t do anything, including interact with others. An idea is an idea. Can the idea “small” interact with other things? Can “three” interact with other things? If there is no separate you, who would “change the idea”? Acting happens, but there is no need for a separate doer. And, who is it that doesn’t like the actions? Not liking the actions is a thoughts. You are under the delusion that there is a thinker who thinks these thoughts. Actually, the thinker is just another one of the thoughts. In the same way, the feeler is just another one of the feelings. You don’t need a thinker and thoughts, or a feeler and feelings, or an actor and actions. The thinking and the thinker are the same thing. The feeling and the feeler are one thing. The actor and the action are one thing. This idea that there needs to be a doer and a doing is the same mistake as thinking that there is something called lightning, and then it does something called “flashing.” The flashing IS the lightning. There is no need for a duality here, and the same thing applies to what you think of as “you.” There is no need for and idea of you and a you that has the idea. There is just the idea, but no “other” that has it.

  86. Yvette says :

    I started this to journey “find myself” and now find myself surprised to find that I don’t exist :~) Is that an old joke or did I just make it up?

    Thanks Bill. I’ve been listening to the podcasts again and this one struck a chord. I volunteer at a theatre that puts on “A Christmas Carol” every year and each time I see it makes me ponder on the nature of change. Now I realize the futility of wishing for my own ghosts of Christmas past-present-and-future to scare the living daylights out of me to force me to change.

    FROM BILL: Just to be clear, there is a you, but it includes all the interrelationships that connect you to everything. The “me” everyone thinks they are is their IDEA of “me”, which exists, but isn’t who you are, and can’t do anythings (ideas, such as “big” or “the equator” or “happiness” can’t do anything).

  87. Tonka says :

    I just read this blog and hope that it is not too late to ask a question.
    If I am not a doer how can I be responsible for my actions?
    Thank you Bill eather way.


    FROM BILL: Who is asking? Find the one who is asking. Responsibility (the ability to respond) happens, but there is no need for a “someone” who does the responding. The responding happens without the need for a responder, just as the flashing happens without the need for a “thing” called lightning that does the flashing. All you need is the doing, you don’t need the doer. The doer is an idea, not a real thing.

    Behaviors are generated from your nervous system. That nervous system is a sophisticated response mechanism that learns certain responses in order to survive, stay safe, meet certain needs, and so on. Once learned, those responses happen, when needed, automatically. Some of them were perfect for, say, a traumatic childhood, and allowed you to deal with a difficult situation. If used in other situations they sometimes create outcomes that aren’t so resourceful. If anger, or withdrawal, or being passive, or being in a constant state of hypervigilance served you when you were small, it may not serve you in a different environment.

    The reason many people act in irresponsible or dysfunctional ways is that their nervous system–the part of them that generates feelings, behaviors, and so forth–is operating automatically. When you become really aware you see how these responses are generated, and those that don’t serve you fall away. Still, there is no need for a separate self who responds. Responding happens, without the need for a ghost in the system called “the responder.”

  88. Medini says :

    Dear Bill
    I have listened to your web course on the Power of Now and have ordered your demo CD of holosync and I am still considering it. I also listen to several of the podcasts in your blog. They are all veery helpful and calrify a lot of things in my mind but I have a question from this podcast ( what if you cant do anything) You describe our individuality (ego) as an idea of the linear mind helpful for transactions in this world but not real and that it is actually the totality that is trying to change but then where does the resistance to this change originate? If individuality is something I have and it is not the doer who is resisting and how can it resist? (which is also an action )

    FROM BILL: You’re misunderstanding, to some extent. The separate self is you IDEA of yourself. If I asked you to tell me who you are, you’d tell me your name, what you do for a living, where you were born, what you like to do, where you live, and so on and so on–this is a sketch you have of yourself. Notice, though, that it leaves out all the interactions that connect you to everything else. It leave out how you grow your hair or beat your heart. It leaves out your brain chemistry, how you digest your food, how your cells divide, and thousands of other things. Your idea of who you are is nothing more than a scrawny caracature of who your really are (the entire going on of it all).

    That idea of who you are, though, can’t do anything, including resist. Like any other idea, it can’t DO anything. Can the border between Texas and Oklahoma DO anything? OF course not. It’s just an idea.

    The problem is that we confuse the idea of a thing with the thing itself, and we especially do this with our idea of who we are. When you ask me where the resistance to the change comes from, you’re talking nonsense. No change is necessary. “Change” is another idea, for that matter. There’s no one to change, there’s no one who can change, and no change is needed. My point in this post was to say that we keep thinking we need to change (that is, what we think we are needs to change), and then we’re frustrated that we can’t ever pull it off.

    We assume that this is because we’re too screwed up, or that changing is too hard, or we just haven’t found the way to do it yet. But the real reason that we can’t change is that there’s no “me” to change (and, as I added here, no change is necessary). Once you experientially get (not intellectually, but experientially) that you are IT–all of it, the whole going on of it all, that all the interrepationships that make up the entire universe are all one thing, and that there is nothing in existence that is separate, including a separate “you”–at that point you are free. They call it awakening, or enlightenment, or Christ Consciousness, or Buddhahood, or Oneness, or Nirvana, and many other names. So what needs to change? The entire going on of it all is continually changing, but the idea that there is some independent agent that can do anything apart from to flow of the whole thing is nothing more than an idea, and a delusional one at that.

    As for doing, and changing, doing happens, but does not require a “doer.” Changing happens, but does not require a separate someone or something that changes. The doing is a doing of the whole, and so is the changing. Nothing exists independently of anything else. This is the Buddhist idea of mutual interdependence–that you can’t describe anything without describing it’s relationships with everything else. You can’t describe something without also describing its environment.

    So, the reason you can’t change is that you, as a separate agent, don’t exist. What you think is you is just that scraggly, incomplete caracature. So there’s no need to change. Once you realize that you don’t have to change, and that you’re IT, looking out from a certain organism, you’re FREE.

    And I didn’t say that the ego wasn’t real. I said that your ego–your idea of yourself–isn’t the same as the real thing. It isn’t the real you, any more than your idea of a potato is a real potato. Ideas REPRESENT things, but they aren’t the same as what they represent. If that were true you could eat the menu instead of the meal and it would fill you up. Having an idea of who you are is handly, as long as you remember that it’s just an idea, and not the real thing. Almost everyone, though, has fallen for the illusion that their idea of who they are IS who they are.

  89. Mercedes says :

    Dear Bill,

    I fight you and I fight you, knowing along the way that you are right… :-)

    My deepest insights which were also my most obvious ones, and at the time , one might argue, my most “shallow” ones, are coming home to roost:
    For the child knew before it was conditioned by one’s well meaning catholic parents, the truth,

    -what chance do you stand against bishops, Benedictine monks et al in your family when you feel, sense and react in a different way to what you are supposed to?…

    I count myself lucky to somehow having found my way to your camp via Deepak Chopra, et al, and finally having found Holosync to be a most useful tool et al. (I am now half way through level 4.)

    And yet, there is still anger, resentment and, dare I say it, fear, even though I can see that it is all bullshit, it is still there at times, but I am coping with it much better.

    Okay, I am not falling in love with the teacher, because I am also able to see way beyond you, for what it is worth in the nicest possible way, – since not only can I see clearly the double bind, but also the fact that ultimately everything comes from within. While, yes we are dealing with a universe, – and a reality,- that has an ever moving horizon; so it is obviously also with the self…
    And in a paradox way, maybe the self is indeed the centre of the universe, at least from this present state of dualistic awareness, if this is how I choose to see myself for now, until I get lost in the next expose….
    …and here rests my case…

    In gratitude, as always, for your great work

    Mercedes Oestermann van Essen

    FROM BILL: Wow! You really had me, right up until you dashed my hopes by saying you weren’t in love with me.

    All kidding aside, the thing is that no matter how much you experience the transcendent, and certainly no matter how much of any other worldly or spiritual achievements, you still can’t get away from the fact that everything is impermanent. Even the greatest Zen masters still had, in the back (and sometimes the front) of their minds the fear, sadness, even terror, that comes from being impermanent. I know all of you are still hoping, but there really is no escape. That doesn’t mean life can’t be wonderful–in fact, when you reall acknowledge NO HOPE (which is NOT hopelessness, but rather seeing the way things really are and ending your relationship with hoping, hoping, hoping), THAT’S when you really begin to live.

  90. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi bill kate. My comment is about finally getting what you want and its comming so fast and your so use to not gettingwant or , not getting what you do want. For years I have wanted to be my own boss. Fear has held me back. I have finally started getting it, and things are comming so fast, I feel overwhelmed do you have a meditation or thought process that helps you not get discouraged, I love the rollor coaster ride, but I look like hell, even when I lay down the excitement is almost more than I can bare. I cry,laugh, scream,dance,I hugged a stranger, I had a date for first time in over 13 years,it went great and I am not stressing. I know that things change the impermenance of all things has been my greatest discovery. I don’t want it to end and now it dosen’t. Imagine that just imagine that! Bob Procotor said it will start comming so fast and ferious you worder where its been all this time. Can a person die from sheir joy?

    FROM BILL: All emotions, including discouragement and fear, are created by YOU, by how you focus your mind (ie, by the internal representations you make). If you are unaware, you will do this focusing unconsciously and automatically. If you are aware, it becomes a choice. The secret to everything, and the solution to all emotional and motivational problems is to become more aware. Use Holosync!