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Welcome to “the Blog that ate Mind Chatter”–and the little-known secret of human development…

by / Friday, 28 September 2007 / Published in Mind Power Magzine

Welcome, everyone. As you can see, I’ve decided to start a blog, and to allow it to eat Mind Chatter, so to speak. This way I can communicate with you more often, and do so in a (hopefully) more spontaneous and intimate way–one that will be more useful to you. And, it gives us a weird name for the blog.

While I’m at it, let me tease you a little bit about something I think you’re really going to like…

Though Mind Chatter is going to Newsletter Heaven, we’re working on something MUCH more wonderful, which will be unveiled very soon (and which I will describe in greater detail in another posting). This new “something” will have more and more varied content, and will involve more different media (print, spoken audio, video, music, and more). It will introduce you to more new ideas, more amazing people, and more useful, fascinating, and entertaining information.

I think it will knock your socks off.

In this blog I’m going to share some of what I’ve been thinking about in a way I hope will be useful to you in your growth. Some of the posts will be article length, while others may be very short. If you want to comment on what I write, you are welcome to do so. I’d love to know what you think, and to have your ideas about what you’d like me to write about. Once in a while I will post comments from readers, but it probably won’t be a regular thing.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the process of human development, so that’s what I want to touch on in this post. This thinking has been stimulated by reading a lot of Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Lawrence Kohlberg, Robert Kegan, and Jane Lovinger (in case you want to google any of them).

Human development takes many forms–humans undergo moral, cognitive, ego (or self), interpersonal, emotional, values, and spiritual development–just to name a few areas of development. A thread running through all these streams of development is our ongoing attempts to discover meaning in our existence, to find some sort of significance.

I suspect that you’ve probably thought about this. Here we are: vulnerable, alone but also part of a larger whole. We’re here for a finite amount of time, and then we’re gone. On one hand, we have a certain amount of control over our existence, while in other ways we’re subject to forces we can’t predict or control. So we ask questions such as, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s it all about?” “Why do we die?” “Why is this happening?” “How do I know what to do next?” “How do I relate to the rest of the world, and to other people?” “What is Truth?” “How do I know what is right and what is wrong?” “Can I be happy? How?” And so on.

In the beginning, of course, we aren’t asking such existentially complex questions. But from the moment we’re born we do start trying to make sense of our existence. How we do this changes and develops over and over as our environmental situation changes–hence the idea of developmental levels. These are levels of meaning-making, of understanding. You might even say that they are levels of wisdom.

These developmental changes happen when changes in our environment force us to change. At such times we must find a new way to function, a way to look at things from a new perspective, a way to adapt to our new situation.

When we are born we don’t have much of a perspective on who we are. We experience what psychologists call an oceanic fusion with our environment. We can’t even tell where we end and the rest of the world begins. But with a bit of experience (we bite our blanket and nothing hurts, but when we bite our toes, it does hurt) we figure out what is “me” and what is “not me.” This is the first of many developmental shifts. And, at this point, this is the extent of our ability to make sense of our world. Is it me, or not me?

At the other end of the spectrum, some few individuals grow into a perspective (by moving through many intermediate stages) where seeing and meaning making no longer happens from the perspective of the separate self, but rather includes an experienced unity with everything in the universe–a universal, or cosmic, perspective. And, there are probably unrealized perspectives beyond that.

Why am I sharing this with you? Why should you care about any of this? Because you’re very likely sitting there, just as I am, doing your best to make sense of what it means to be human, vulnerable, mortal, and conscious, and I have found this idea of human developmental levels to give a very helpful perspective on this human need to make sense of our existence.

When you think about it, it’s very weird being a person. Just when you think you might have it figured out, something new happens that lets you know that you don’t. Or, you latch onto a group of people, or a set of ideas, that seem to explain things, but alone in bed some nights you still have a weird sense that there’s something unfathomable about being human, something profoundly mysterious. These feelings come especially when something terrible happens to you or someone you love, or you ponder the incredible suffering in the world.

So, I thought you might benefit from understanding this idea of levels of developmental, as I have.

Before I go on, I also want to say that I’m not trying to say that some people are “better” than others (though I do think that saints are better than Nazis, for instance) so much as I’m saying that there are increasing levels of perspective, where more of what is can be included in one’s view, and a wider perspective is better.

There are many ways to slice these developmental steps. One broad way would be to talk about four basic divisions: preconventional, conventional, postconventional, and transcendent. Let’s look at these. Another time, perhaps, we can drill down a bit more.

Remember that each of these levels represents a perspective, each of which involves 1) a certain way of doing, 2) a way of being, and 3) a way of thinking. Doing would include how you interact, what needs you act upon, what ends you try to achieve, how you see the purpose of your life, and what role others play in your life–how you act.

Being would include how you feel about things, how you deal with your feelings, how wide your awareness is and what you choose to pay attention to, and how you experience and process whatever is going on around you–how you feel.

Thinking would include how you think about your experience, how you structure it inside your mind, how you explain it and make sense of it–how you create a mental map of reality.

Preconventional thinking, the first perspective, is very egocentric. It’s all about me. It’s very body oriented (as opposed to mind-oriented, as in the second perspective). The preconventional perspective is impulsive and opportunistic. It’s all about me, and my needs, now. The preconventional way of looking at time is narrow–it’s all about what happens now. There’s little or no ability to delay gratification, and little if any ability to take the role of others, to realize that other people have their own needs and their own agenda. It’s just me, looking out at the world and trying to get what I want or need.

Most people at this stage are children (up to about age 12), but some people stay at this stage well into adulthood. This is usually because they live in a culture where the center of gravity is preconventional, or they have suffered some sort of trauma during this stage, which has prevented them from developing past it.

People at this stage of development tend to answer the existential questions I posed earlier (Why am I here? What’s it all about? etc.) through a kind of magical thinking. Some of the thinking surrounding The Secret, for instance, comes from this level of development. The idea that you can control the universe with your mind is a highly egocentric, narcissistic point of view. About 10% of adults are at this stage of development.

At the next developmental level, the conventional perspective, things are more about us, about our group, whether that group is the Catholic Church, the Democratic Party, the Marine Corps, the kids who live on my block, the people who go to my school, or Red Sox fans. Instead of me against the world, as at the preconventional level, it becomes us against the world. You’re either with us, like us…or you aren’t. The way we think is the right way, and the way others think is, well, wrong. People in this stage do see that others have needs and wants, and as long as they are part of the our group, those needs and wants make sense. Otherwise, they don’t.

Those at this developmental level have traded the more me-centered approach for the security of being part of the group, even though this involves following rules and ways of thinking set by the group. This security provides huge benefits in that it allows us to have a clear way to make sense of who we are (we are a Catholic, or a Marine, or a part of the junior class), and clear-cut ways to decide what is right or wrong, what is important, and so forth.

A person at the conventional level is capable of introspection, of symbolic and abstract thinking, of the ability to follow the rules of the group and to assume a certain role in the group. This is the beginning of the creation of a true independent self, and at the higher reaches of the conventional perspective we find some people are who true experts. This perspective is often described as groupcentric, or ethnocentric.

People at this level of development answer the existential questions I posed earlier from the point of view of rationality, cause and effect, subject-object thinking, and materialism (if you can’t see it and measure it, it doesn’t exist). Metaphysical explanations, popular at the preconventional level, are seen as fluffy and irrational. Instead of magical, life is very concrete at this stage. About 75% of adults are this stage.

At the next stage, postconventional, it’s about all of us–not our group, but everyone. The idea that all men and women are created equal, the ideals of the American and French revolutions, republican and democratic government, and so forth, are postconventional ideas. Another postconventional realization is that what something means depends on one’s personal perspective, whereas conventional thinkers assume that there is some sort of Truth out there, and they’ve found it, or at least that are in the process of finding it.

At the postconventional stage, objects are permanent and “out there” but what an object or an action means comes from the observer, and varies depending on who is doing the observing. There is an assumption that truth is relative rather than fixed. “It depends,” a postconventional thinker might say. Postconventional thinkers, then, look to discover the underlying assumptions in any situation, and from their perspective, those assumptions are relative.

Postconventional thinkers tend to look at the system as a whole in whatever they are doing–another example of looking from a wider or more all-encompassing perspective. Ecology, for instance, is a postconventional concern. From this systems view of things, everything is interdependent. Also, boundaries are open, meaning that where you draw the boundary for anything is arbitrary. Boundaries can be drawn in many different ways, depending on what is considered within or outside a system, and that distinction is arbitrary.

Those at this level see and are comfortable with the paradoxical nature of the existential questions I have posed. Those at this stage are comfortable with the fact that, as they see it, nothing is fixed (as opposed to the conventional level, where things are very much black and white, either/or), and that what seems to be true varies with the context. Where the conventional person has simplified existence into black and white categories, the postconventional person sees the complexity, the multidimensionality, and the relativity of everything.

Existential questions are about “all of us” at this stage, whereas they were about “me” at the preconventional stage, and about “us” (our in-group) at the conventional stage. It’s estimated that about 14% of adults are at this postconventional level.

There is yet another stage. This fourth stage, or perspective, could be termed transcendent, or unitive. Those at this stage come to realize that all objects–including abstract ideas such as the self, the ego, and even the idea of three-dimensional space and time–are human-made constructs, based on layers upon layers of symbolic abstraction. There is an awareness that language presupposes many things that may not be true about reality, and traps us in a view that may not always serve us.

For instance, the whole idea of subject and object as separate things–one of the main premises in language–is seen by those at the unitive stage as constructed rather than actual and real. Subject and object, a unitive thinker would say, “go together.” They are actually one thing, not two. In fact, all polarities created by the mind (and language) arise together: up makes no sense without down, good makes no sense without bad, me makes no sense without not-me. All of these polarities, say unitive thinkers, are arbitrarily constructed.

At this transcendent stage what I and many others have called a witness perspective allows the person to stand aside and observe what is without adding meaning, without creating a mental map of what is being observed, or at least view things with a realization that all meaning being added is just something made-up. A person at this level realizes that the mental map we make of reality isn’t reality itself–that the map is not the territory it represents.

At this level the existential questions I’ve posed are seen from a very cosmic perspective, where the typical separate self-identity is no longer seen as the essence of the person. Instead, everything is seen from a universal or cosmic perspective–you might say, from an experience of being “one with” everything. Consciousness or rational awareness assumes either background or foreground status depending on one’s momentary attention. This stage is often spoken of as “enlightenment” or “self-realization.” It is estimated that less than 1% of people are at this level of development.

Each of these stages can be further subdivided in various ways, and perhaps we can look at that in a later post. What I’ve described is but a skeleton of each of these stages, each of which are made up of several sub-stages. There is much more we don’t have room for in this post.

We could, for instance, look at each of these stages in terms of their perspective on time (for instance, the preconventional person sees only now, while the transcendent human being sees eternity). We could look at what type of cognition is used, what is “true”, what constitutes right or wrong, the interpersonal style of each stage, how decisions are made, what creates anxiety at each stage, what defenses are used, what constitutes “me” and what is “not me” (or even if that idea makes sense). And, there are other aspects of how people at each level try to make sense of being a human being. Religion, government, and organizational structures are perceived in a different way at each of these stages–there are preconventional, conventional, postconventional, and transcendent versions of each.

The point I want to make right now is that we each have a way of making sense of the world and how we fit into it, and as long as we continue to develop, this way of making meaning changes, expands. As our world changes, we find new ways to make sense of it. When you went away to school at about age five, your world changed. It was no longer about mom and dad and sister and brother. Now there are teachers and rules and a schedule, and the challenge of being away from home, and you had to adopt a new perspective in order to manage and understand that new world. When you went away to high school, things changed again, and once again you had to develop a new perspective and news ways of making sense of your new situation.

When our world changes, we struggle for a while, and then, hopefully, our perspective expands in a way that allows us to deal with the change. If we don’t, we have problems. In fact, many people come to Centerpointe in the first place because they failed to fully make sense of life during one of these shifts. The world doesn’t make sense anymore and they need to move to a new perspective but haven’t yet been able to do so. Some people (actually, many people) have been abused or traumatized at a certain stage and, as a result, part of them is stuck at the level where the trauma happened.

Understanding these stages will help you navigate life more easily, to better make sense of who you are, to more easily find fulfillment–and, to more easily move yourself to the higher levels, where the real fun begins.

Until next time…

Be well.




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156 Responses to “Welcome to “the Blog that ate Mind Chatter”–and the little-known secret of human development…”

  1. Mandeep says :

    Nice Bill,

    Thanks for all the value you provide us. You are a very nice person and I can tell you really do care. I will be attending your seminars (if you give one in san francisco) when I graduate college and get a job.

    Thanks again

    Purpose, happiness, success, and freedom,


  2. carlos says :

    Hi Bill I just want to say Thank’s for the Master of the Secret Interviews because that is why I’m here, everyone of them was excellent and after that I start with the Holosync program. I’m looking forward to be part of your personal client coaching because everything you say is new, interesting & perfectly balance between spiritual and material life. Keep going !!!!!


  3. Sheila says :

    Hi Bill: Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I like the new (blog) format, and I’m looking forward to the “extras” you’ve promised will come along with it. I’ve “subscribed” so I won’t miss anything.

    I’m hoping you will leave the MindChatter Archive accessible, because I still enjoy (when time permits) digging into the older issues – pre-2005 – before I started using Holosync. I’m now on Purication I, and would need an entire blog just to tell you how much this program has already done for me. :)

    As an “affiliate”, I’m hoping that something will be set up where we can send people to the blog, and when they surf beyond to the “demo” that they would be picked up for the “link” for possible purchasing and sales commissions. I think there is a lot of sales merit in sending them to the blog instead of straight through to the CRI main web-site, because some people need two or three “contacts” before they make that leap to purchase. I’m sure the “geek squad” at CRI can probably figure out something that will work.

    I’m hoping you’ll also continue to have the CRI coaches occasionally posting – I found their stories and advice interesting and helpful. Also, I’d be interested in continuing to see comments by those using Holosync, and especially from those who have now completed the program – there must be a few of them around. One of them did drop in on a forum I post to the other day – what an amazing story he had!!!

    Best regards,


  4. Rod Mudgway says :

    Hi Bill

    I’m from New Zealand and have been using your program since the beginning of the year. Enjoying the ride!

    Your information from your emails, books and retreats (on the CD’s) as well as your life principles programs and the holosync (which really is wicked) has opened my mind to a new world. Thank you.

    Best wishes

  5. Bill,

    I am thrilled you are starting this blog!

    I love the light-hearted feel about it (and the name of it)! I am also a Coach and sometimes, we get way to serious about having folks “get it” – and a reminder to keep it light and “let everything, including where they are right now, be okay” :-) makes the learning more fun for everyone!

    Thanks for all you BE and DO!!!

    PS I get feedfback every day about what a great job your staff does, so thank you (and them) for that also!!!

    Much love,


  6. Ryan Weita says :

    Hello Bill,

    Nice new additional format which increases accessibility. It adds a pleasant, new dimension. BTW, what was up when including that Tom Hanks comment in the Sept. issue? It seemed a bit off balance, IMHO. I enjoy and look forward to the continued evolution. Cheers!

  7. Tenna says :

    I just have a question . . . in your introductory letter, you indicated “Of course, we welcome you to comment on my posts, but will only publish certain comments.” What does that mean, exactly? Are only certain comments acceptable?

  8. philip says :

    Hello Mr Harris.
    Im the baby of the centrepointe programme but I wanted to say that since I first started reading and useing the Awakening programme six weeks ago along with the centrepointe materials. I have been telling anyone and everyone who would listen to me. That in the last 20 odd years I have been searching through countless books therapies basically you name it Ive probably had a go at it. To get the demo have a go and I hope you dont mind but Ive even went as far as Garanteeing the programme will work amazeingly well.
    I didnt think I would ever come into contact with someone who seems to have put all the knolledge in my head into a concise and understandable writen format. Your work has been a revelation to me and Im sure the future is going to be filled with beauty. ok thats enough plugs for you Mr Harris when do I get my commission lol.
    To the skeptic if there are any left. Im no fool and addmittedly Ive spent a lot of money on BULLSHIT in the past but no more.
    Now heres the bit you have been waiting for. I became so depressed and desperate for help in some way or form that I actually heard myself ASK! for it no beg for it and within five minutes (no Joke) I was on a site called “The secret behond matter” which led me directly onto and ultimately to a face to face meeting with the real Me.
    Now Im thinking if Awakening prologue can do so much to help Me in six weeks what Am I going to be like in another six weeks? during my use of the programme my memory has improved so much that I actually remember things from my childhood that were lost to me for reasons Id rather keep to myself.
    That and well my relationship with my wife has went from me being in a rutt and caught up in all sorts to something amazeingly beautiful again and my relationship with my sons has improved a great deal too.
    I have tonnes I want to talk to you about but I best leave some space for other participants to use :)
    Mr Harris Iam truely grateful Thank you.
    Take care,Be safe. Phil…

  9. philip says :

    I can answer your question. some comments may have some intimate details that would probably be best served by not being published into the blog for the sake of dignaty and privacy of the individual. We are free to write what we want but isnt it nice to know someone actually cares about us.or would you preffer your washing be aired in public?
    Take care,Be safe. Phil…

  10. Elon Block says :

    Hey Bill,

    I look forward to reading Mind Chatter every month. And from your letter, it looks like Mind Chatter is evolving and growing into something which will deliver even more value and benefits. Which is hard to believe it could get any better. Yet knowing you from attending the Retreat, I believe that the “blog” will be packed with more “good stuff”, and even better than before.

    Thanks for the great program, and all that you and CRI do.


  11. Lisa says :

    Hi, how do I subscribe to the blog? Lisa

  12. June says :

    Hello Bill,
    Thanks Again for being the person you are and share all that your work for with us. All of your accomplishments touch everyone.

  13. Curt Hingson says :

    Hi Bill
    Where do you get off by pushing all this psycho-babble stuff on us?

    That’s sure to get your attention….now, let me quickly say that I trust you completely, therefore I am able to allow myself to be inspired and excited by the potential of raised thresholds and awareness, through your writings and the Holosync program. The real question behind the lead in question is, how have you come to be so motivated and dedicated that you can share these insights on an ongoing basis? The well of wisdom from which you draw your insights must be so deep that you realize there’s enough to be shared to keep you (and us) busy for more than a lifetime. Thank you Bill, for all that you (and CRI) do. Curt.

  14. bob says :

    As I practice Holosync and listen to the lectures, my mind automatically turns to the idea of sharing what I experience with others who are so much worse off than I am.
    I am surrounded by people who in desperation have become drug addicts to mask/stifle the messages they receive from their bodies. I will occasionally lend them the awakening cd but they are so addicted to their misery that they soon quit listening and go back to their pills.
    How can we spread the Holosync gospel at a time when most of the world population seems hell-bent on committing collective suicide? Is Centerpointe simply waiting for things to deteriorate to the point where there is a world-wide cry saying THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY?

  15. Donna says :

    Bye-Bye Mind Chatter. I will miss you.

  16. Adeola says :

    I am always glad to read any thing written by Bill. I believe he and his CRI team are doing a great job. Please keep it up. I am Nigerian and I live here in Nigeria. Reading from Bill and some others has fortified my conviction that I can truly achieve my peculiar life goal despite the situation in my country. In fact, I have come to realise that wherever the Lord place you in His beautiful creation, you can indeed achieve your dreams. There is never a lack of peculiar opportuinities wherever you are. I am not part of your programs yet because of my present financial situation. However, because that situation is fast changing for the better, thanks to the Lord and people like you, I shall be part of it in no distance future. Lest I forget, this blog thing is great; I trust it will be greater than the GREAT mindchatter.
    Be of good cheers!
    Adeola Abimbola
    Lagos, Nigeria

  17. Tana says :


    I have been utilizing Holosync since May, 2007. I studied Hemisync years ago with Suzanne Evans Morris in working with children with severe communication and feeding disabilities. When a friend shared her experience with Holosync, it was one of those Gestalt moments where I knew I needed to act to try it.

    Holosync has been such a blessing. I am a fairly optimistic person and that optimism has multiplied and continued to support not just me but everyone around me. Amazing!

    I love your enthusiasm and continued eagerness to explore every morsel of information with all of us. Thank you for the service you and your staff provide…..I am truly grateful.


  18. Bill,

    Thanks for moving this to a blog. It makes it more convenient for those of us who are constantly on the move and are only at our office/home computers for about 10% of our online time.

    Wi-Fi and broadband will make it much easier to be able to keep up during travel down-time.



  19. paul anthony says :

    Thank you, for taking the time to share your experience , strength and hope to yhose who want and or need some guidance and direction, and are closed to spiritual ideas and awarenesses.. Peace be with you, as we trudge the road of Happy destiny, may God be with us all, take care, paul Anthony – Hayward, Ca

  20. Ronald Wyatt says :

    Bill, this was put together real nicely, however, I believe the point of the matter is first discovering where we think we are, and proceeding to where we think we wanna be. Agreeing with the verbage you used regarding perspective, It appears that each and every viewpoint one has reveals the particular state one is in. The Witness if I understand you correctly is the perspective that is more valuable then the other states, however The real punch of the matter is how to arrive (using a perspective other then Witness) at a different viewpoint. If one is currently struggling with finance, or any other situation that requires immeadiate attention I’m reasonalby sure that the Witness perspective is not where energy is focused. However, It would make logical sense to me that if that person had reached the Witness stage that these problems would not contribute to a stressfull situation, but one in which the calm derived therin would help suggest action to alleviate the situation. Do you agree ?

  21. yeshe says :


    This is a very good summary of Wilbers stages, as well as Cook-Greuter.
    Just wanted to add that David R. Hawkins “scale of consciousness” interfaces with Cook-Greuter’s ego development stages quite nicely and gives a more spiritual orientation to the stages.

    We use both of these approaches as well as the Enneagram types as part of our Integral Awakened Mind program.

  22. nrl says :

    Thanks Bill for the invite. Using the demo, my young daughters & I started the program a week ago, & then the packaged arrived Monday or Tuesday. What an exciting esacpe! We have set up our get away haven.

    I am so thrilled about Mind Chatter & the blog, it is exactly the material I have always enjoyed reading about. Since my early days of being able to read I would look through the library & spiritual books available, looking for meaning & connection & learnng about levels of awareness. I think It was my way of trying to stay alive during years & years of abuse, & trying to find God in all this. It’s a confusing world & for some it’s just brutual. I grew up in abuse & my parent’s ignorants was a handicap. The education programs & leaders influenced my world.

    Thanks BILL!

    Peace & Blessings!

  23. Bill,
    I am looking forward to your blogs. I have read _A Brief History of Everything_ by Ken Wilber and _Power vs Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior_ by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. In fact I have read them twice. You and I are on the same page.

    Off the subject but very important to me, is my next step in Holosync. I am finishing Awakening Level 2 and I want to move on. How do I do that? Please send me the infformation to move on. My favorite is Super Longevity. My DNAs say hi.

  24. Tom Wallace says :

    As a Holosync user (level 1) I am impressed by the meditative results.

    However, I am skeptical about the effectiveness of the high frequency affirmations.

    Question: Has Centerpointe done any testing to see if they actually work? I know that just the intention of recording them is positive – but I would love to see a study, for an example, instead of affirmations you repeated the number 46, had 20 people listen to the track and then ask them what number was just repeated.

    Is there any scientific method testing I can see to put my doubts to rest?



  25. Tom Wallace says :

    Using Gamma

    I heard an interview with Lynne McTaggart on a podcast (Brain Sync –
    Theater of the mind 6/18/2007) – She was talking about scientific
    experiments with intention (a bunch of people focusing on remote
    healing, that sort of thing)

    What was interesting is that in her experiments the Gamma state was
    the most powerful in sending intentions.

    I had only used my Holosync Gamma CD once, right when I first got
    Level 1 from Holosync, and didn’t really like it. But I thought that
    since I had another year of entrainment style mediation under my belt
    that I would try again. To take advantage of the extra powerful
    intention I had just heard about, I took an audio clip of my saying
    affirmations and edited it on top of the Centerpointe Gamma track using Windows Media Maker

    Wow! It was a powerful experience, and I was almost gitty for hours
    after. I have to say though, that a week later I had a day of being
    depressed. I am a happy person almost all the time, so the ‘dark day’
    really stood out. It may or may not be related, but I suggest going
    into using gamma mediation slowly and carefully.

  26. bassam bachir says :

    Dear Bill,
    it is wonderful to have the new format, please keep inserting these interesting photo themes, and would you make the phont a bit bigger so i do not have to squeeze my eyes to read your articles. I am looking forward to follow thw BLOG.

  27. Leslie-Ann says :

    As a less than 6month user of Centerpointe and Mind Chatter, it is important to me that the Mind Chatter archives continue to be available as is. Not sure if I wil prefer the Blog set up as I do like the Mind Chatter set up, but ultimately the information sharing is what is important.

  28. Debbie says :

    Dearest Bill,
    I will miss Mind Chatter and it’s pix of colourful rocks. But all things, good, bad or neutral must come to an end. I have been in the Awakening Prologue for four months and I definately have seen some changes in my emotional state. I no longer obsess over little mistakes or disapointments anymore. For example, I have been teaching myself to play mandolin for four years and finally I have some other musicians to play with. Ironically I now meet them at a little Gospel church -right behind my apartment. (I have even been asked to play there every Sunday morning, which gives me an excuse to not attend my brother’s usual boring church!) I also have jammed at the Salvation Army hall with a different set of musicians. Tonight the old lady on the acoustic guitar sang way off key, the Metis guy played his electric guitar too loud, and I was the lone lttle mandolinist. Our audience was, well, down and outers. Yes, I would have prefered to play at a fancy Jazz/Blues joint with fancy swingin’ cats, but then again,would I be as well recieved there as I was here? When it comes down to it, whether it be low-income people or sophisticated folk, an audience is an audience. Thanks to Holosync I have become less nervous about what people might think of me , and I am no longer snobby and judgemental. Heck, I work at a Dairy Queen, so who am I to feel that i am “better” than these poorer folk? So, Bill, that’s my story. So far.
    Debbie R.

  29. Hildegard Hintz says :

    Do you not confuse your readers by making the following statement in your blog: “I am not trying to say that some people are “better”than others ( Though I do think that saints are better than Nazis, for instance”.)?
    As also stated in your blog, we create polarities; nothing makes sense without its opposite, eg. good makes no sense without bad.
    Therefore, how can a saint be “better”than a Nazi in the bigger scheme of things? Our concept of “good” saint means nothing without “bad” Nazi.
    After all, everything “just is”. It is our judgement that gives it a particular meaning.
    I believe that LIFE is an expression of an individual ( and/or group) interpretation in that lifetime. Ultimately, I am here to experience mySelf while “out of the collective whole”. (without the judgement)
    Holosync has enabled me to control my emotions and apply my interlectual understanding of creation to a much greater degree. Thank-you

  30. Morenike says :

    Bill, so glad you’ve started this blog! I’ve been using Holosync since last May. It’s amazing, but even more amazing are the changes that have taken place in my life. I’m looking forward to ordering the next level. And to staying in touch via your blog.

  31. Draco says :


    I’ve been a faithful reader of MindChatter for years now, and I have to say that it is the single most insightful newsletter I have ever come across. As an undergraduate student at UCLA, which is one of the nation’s leading research universities, I feel privileged to be enriching my education with your enlightening thoughts about the human mind and its evolution over the millennia and for generations to come.

    Keep up the fantastic work! Your work is indeed a labor of love.

  32. Penelope says :

    Thanks for all the extra added value you share with us and the fresh perspectives that keep our minds expanding (although often hard to wrap your mind around in the beginning).

  33. Walt Dennig says :

    Hi Bill . . . I know this blogness is the wave of the “now” . . . but I’m an old-fashioned mail list (listserv) kinda guy and find that these blogs require just too much work . . . my email program (Eudora) is set up to receive hundreds of emails each day, that are filtered into neat little mailboxes . . . then they are there for my consumption at my convenience . . . and if I don’t get to them for a month or so, they just keep on collecting and become a part of my electronic library . . . so, even though you will send me a notification of a new entry in the blog, I probably won’t visit, because it’s just too much work and I have many things to do each day . . . HOWEVER, if you would just send me each of the entries, in its’ entirety, I would set up a filter and save it automagically into my library and have the benefit of that wisdom for my consumption at my convenience . . . thank you . . .

  34. Tyrell says :


    Just wanted to let you know that I use the Awakening prologue faithfully. It has helped tremendously with reducing stress levels, and seeing life in a clearer manner. As a 51 year old grad student it has also helped me remember and retain more information.

    As a psych major, I am naturally skeptical when trying new thing of this sort, so I took a test before I started, and found that I was mostly right-brained. After 9 months in the program, I took a similar test and found that I am now considered whole-brained.

    I love the centerpointe programme, and will be ordering the next level as soon as finances permit. (I did mention I am a student, right? lol)

    Thank you Bill, and keep up the good work!


  35. Bill,

    Observing myself moving in an out of many of the stages you mention above, in a day, is a tad exhausting at times (particularly from the Preconventinal thinking perspective…). Thanks to Holosync when I get that “hollow sinking” feeling I know its time to step out and become the observer again. The adventure continues. Thanks, I think, nah, “I” know.

  36. Matt says :

    Dear Bill,

    I think the blog is a great idea, especially since I can get to see what other participants have to say about things. Being the only person I know using Holosync, it makes it difficult to hear the opinions of other participants. I also noticed you called the teachings of “the secret” preconventional, does this mean you do not agree with them?

  37. Paul says :

    I look forward to my new RSS feed from Bill and Centerpointe as I find the information presented thus far very instructive and enlightening. Thank you for making this available in this interactive format.

  38. Raymond says :

    Hi Bill, This is the way to go. Another teacher of the SECRET with a blog this is awsome. keep them coming as they are of great benfit to us your students.

  39. Shannon says :

    Bill, I am so grateful for you to have created such an amazing program and I am very excited about the blog. I feel like all of my personal growth journeys have been centered around what is wrong with me without any real solutions. I truly believe that has now changed. I have a question with regards to different stages of spiritual development and physical brain trauma. I have a woman that I cared for when I was in college who suffers brain damage due to a car accident she was in at the age of 17. She is now 30 years old and is essentially “stuck” in that type of mentality emotionally, yet in other ways she does like a twelve year old because she lost the ability to create some connections for decision making (for example what kind of food to order off the menu). Still, she knows she is not a child and gets frustrated. She also has short and long term memory loss. Because it quickly creates new neurological pathways, have you ever considered Holosync as a potential developmental tool for humans with brain damage?

  40. BRENDA says :

    I have to say… I am 6 days new to the holosync program, I absorbed absolutely everything you said, I am amazed, thrilled, and excited.. I truly believe I have found that which will guide me to my own understanding as a whole and as an individual.
    Truly Amazing

  41. Molly says :

    wonderful to see a Centerpointe blog! i love it and will visit often! I can’t say enough good things about Holosync, it’s a wonderful product and has changed my life. thank you for creating it :-)

  42. Lilian Bramley says :

    What an excellent venue for you to collect the thoughts of your followers. I have ordered the awakening prologue, can’t wait to start it. One the skills I admire about you is that you make the information easy to understand, this is something that I am currently working on..maybe you will do an feature article on it one day soon…hint hint….:)

  43. James Copeland says :

    Hi Bill,

    I am looking forward to reading your future mind chatter here on the blog. I am inspired and moved by the work Centerpointe has done and will do. I have been sharing alot of what I’ve discover using your program and it has be enlightening


  44. Sandeep says :

    Hey Bill – Its great to know that you have started the online blog. However please do restore the mind chatter archieves section. Your articles and programs are just thrilling. I rave about them and have been using them since a year now. Cheers!! – Sandeep

  45. Patricia Bowness says :

    Bill, I love the way you write, which I’d like to assume must be a direct consequence of the way you think. Thank you.

  46. Jerry Waxman says :

    Hi Bill;
    Synchronicity in the works.

    This morning I was in touch with a friend who had recently mentioned stress in his life. I was telling him about meditation, hypnosis, and brain-entrainment. Then he told me about this website. Within 30 minutes I became an affiliate with Centrepointe’s banner on my website. Then I forgot about it.

    This evening, I got skyped by an internet marketer who I hadn’t talked to for a long time. He thought all this meditation, hypnosis, entrainment stuff was BS, until I mentioned some of the benefits. He asked if there were any free tracks he could pick up. Then I remembered the free demo over here. That’s how I got here now. I want the demo for myself – I’ll suggest it to others soon.

    I came to the blog when I couldn’t find a place to sign for the MindChatter newsletter.

    I read your blog almost all of it, though I had to skim most of it. What interested me most was the description of the transcendant stage, where in essence, you might say there is no real dichotomy between cause and effect.

    I have been contemplating and writing about the first pages of The Bible, lately – this evening, in fact. It is interesting to note that light was created. At that moment the concept of darkness also took effect. There could be no light if there was no darkness, and vice versa.

    Likewise the genders of animals and human beings. The Bible states
    They made them male and female. There could not be one without the other.

    The Bible’s account of the creation of the world, I think is an accurate account of what occurs inside of us. We each create our own world – and then come to Centrepoint for some help on maintenance and redisigning the worlds we create.


    Phuket Thailand

  47. Gabriella says :

    I am thankful for this new blog, so I can easily be connected with this beautiful energy wich helps so much to devolop conscousness. I would like to suggest Bill to write abaut lucid dreams, I started few month ago Awakening level 1, and the first week I had marvellous lucid dreams, but infortunately only few days. I there anything one can do to keep them going on ?
    Thanks again, lots of nice things for you all.

  48. Mads Bergendorff says :

    Hi Bill,

    Good idea with the blog. I would like to propose that you take a critical look at the size of your postings – in my view you could improve the power and dissemination of your messages by simply – making it short and writing less!

    All the best,

  49. Herb says :

    Dear Bill,
    After looking over all the breakthtoughs in science, it looks like every field is exploding and spawnig new disciplines like noetic science, neurobiology, neuroscience, econophysics and all the research in Emotional Intelligence and intuition. The new disciplines are too many to name. It seems a simple word change can rewire the whole brain and perspective so that all the other technologies and insights make more sense and are more workable. A word change tunnels it’s way through the mind like a virus and starts a chain reaction. The most effective is change to positive non-judgmental scientific descriptive words. Without belaboring the point, science has hit spirituality and without much remorse of looking back is exploding into the areas sacred to religion, metahysics, philosophy and spirituality and meta is being stuck in front of all the old disciplines. I only bring this up so that anyone wise may take advatage of what’s going on. Can you imagine? A technology for spirituality. It’s easy to imagine as the subconscious seems to work rather mechanically and can put us in tune with the universe and life for better reception of what it has to tell us. luv, Herb

  50. jm says :

    Moving to blog format is an effective way to update and move forward with the newsletter, and I think it’s a terrific idea. Interactivity is the way to go. From the amount of feedback here already, I know I’m definitely not alone in my assessment. I must say I’m really curious about the new multimedia project you’ve got in the works, too. Sounds really exciting!

    My thanks go to Bill and everyone at Centerpointe for being there for us, and for developing such great tools.


  51. Lisa Varley says :

    You Lost me on this one

    Gilbertsville , Pa

  52. Alemenia McLean says :

    Dear Bill. I just got on to the blog site and read the info about not being able to talk to everyone presonally. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you a very important question. I am serious (WILL YOU MARRIE ME?) I have been so profoundly changed by the introduction to Holosync that there can be no other explination for how I feel about you. I will understand if you are already married, but if you are not I would ask that you consider getting to know me and see how wonderful our life could be together. I have waited all my life for someone that understands the workings of the mind and how to restore. I have suffered for over 40 years with undiognoised bi-polor disorder. After listening to holosync for 16 weeks the cloud has moved. The hell that held me prisoner has now somehow gone, and I feel that for the first time it’s gone forever. I have gone out of the house for the first time in over 12 years without panic. I actually had lunch at an outside cafe, with many people around me and I even had a conversation with this elderly gentelman. Can you truly understand how I feel. After that day I reserved a room at a local book store to show The Secret to try to introduce Holosync to anyone who will listen (no one showed up) but that was ok because I didn’t give enough notice. The good part is that I did not judge, I will just reschedule and I want to be in the world again. Thank you so much.

  53. Alicia says :

    Hi Bill,
    I wanted to let you know that it is wonderful of you to share what can help people with thier own personal growth. I am a clairvoyant and medium and when I read the secret it just confirmed things I already know and do in my own life. I believe that everything while we are on this level, stems from love and loving yourself. Thanks Alicia

  54. The four levels of development you mention are fairly similar to the four levels of spiritual development described by Dr. M. Scott Peck in his book A Different Drummer. About 20 years ago I heard Dr. Peck give a talk in Missoula, Montana about the four levels, and it had an important effect on my life by helping me to identify where I was actually located spiritually. At the time I belonged to a millenarian sect and thought that by virtue of the sect’s alleged enlightenment, I must surely be at the fourth stage of development. But as I thought about it, I realized I was actually only at the second stage; I was conforming, belonging, though no longer happily. This gave me the courage to leave the sect and to “graduate” to the third stage, of going into what Peck calls “emptiness” or “not knowing”. This is a stage of spiritual development where dogma is no longer adhered to rigidly. A person who has just entered the second stage will believe that a person entering the third stage is a “backslider” and has declined spiritually; but in fact, the opposite is true. Thanks for these insights.

  55. Lourdes Cervantes says :


    I have experienced a great improvement in my “traditional” meditation since I started with Holosync.
    Let me be honest, sometimes I get bored with the one hour listening (Dive and Immersion) but I am aware that something is happening and my life is changing for good, not just because of Holosync, but I want to beleive that is helping.

    Thanks a lot.

    Lourdes /México

  56. Cal Banyan says :

    Bill – Nice job on the new blog. I look forward to reading more about your Holosync program. I have a friend who is very impressed with it.

    Cal Banyan
    Tustin, Cal

  57. Carol Kindred says :

    These people know so much about personal growth programs and this is all new to me. Still, I believe I had a head start because of my almost lifelong believing that “in the overall scheme of the universe, just how important is (fill in the blank)”? I’ve been happy but this is so different.

    My life has become so much better since starting Holosync that I will look no farther. It’s helping me decide maybe I can write the book so many people have told me I need to write about my father. Time will tell.

    In the meantime two of the most important people in my life are addicts that so badly need help and I wish they would do this program but that’s their decision to make, not mine. I’m thankful every day that I discovered it for myself. I’ve met two people on line who I talked into trying it and feel good about that.

    If anyone knows of a website available to get with others who do Holosync, I would love to know about it.

    Thank you for the blog! Love to you all!

  58. Bill,
    As always, thanks for your thoughtful comments. We really enjoyed your interviews with the Master from the Secret, and employed many of the tips on our website
    Thanks for the insights and help!

  59. Sonya Burdge says :

    I love the Blog! Mind Chatter was so ponderous and annoying to plough through all that annoying Adobe formatting. This way I can get what I want of the words of wisdom so much easier AND comment on it too. I have been doing Holosync for a while and my words of wisdom are now more worth listening to!


  60. d.w. scote mathis says :

    wow I like where you are going. can’t wait to experience 100% perspective at level 4. who I am is a stand that all people share life as love and service. unleashing the power of me that is all and nothing is my goal my mission.

  61. Antonio says :

    Thank you Bill…

    Keep it short and simple.

    Light & peace,

    Be All.

  62. Bill,

    Congratulations you your new blog. It is an awesome way to interact on the Internet. So many of us who are providing personal improvement products and services are connecting through the Personal Development List. Do you know about that? After you’ve written a few more articles, I suggest you add yoruself to it. Check it out at

  63. Heidi N. Brugger says :

    Will you maintain the Mind Chatter archives so we read back issues? I came in on part of a series and want to get the issue that started it.

  64. Stephanie says :

    Hello Bill, and fellow Holosyncers!

    Wow, I love you Bill, and CRI … I am very happy to have found your program, and thank you for the free online courses ” The Masters of the Secret” which lead me here.

    I never stop being amazed and everything you do with Centerpointe. You have raised the level of business in the world, now others will have to met up to some high standards! And I thank God for that! I love the way you run your company. It is full of inspiration and integrity.

    Every mail I have gotten so far from joining the program puts a huge smile on my face, even when I think I am Hamlet, while checking the mail, just an envelope from Centerpointe brings me back to the role I am playing…and I just have to laugh!

    I have been on this spiritual journey for a long time, and I have found Holosync to be an awesome addition to my spiritual mind tool collection.

    I have all of David R Hawkins books, actually 2 copies each because my husband and I love his work, and attended his talk a few years ago in Seattle, along with ” The Coarse in Miracles” which supply me with very powerful affirmations. But even with these top quality and they are top, I was missing something and I do believe Holosync will prove to be that springboard for many spiritual enthusiast as it is proving to be for me and my husband.

    I was so excited about this program that I got my brother and best friend to join the program…wish I would have seen the affiliate program first, could have used the $60 towards my next level…haha

    God is great and so are you!
    Thank you a million times and over.
    And peace to all the other fellow Holosyncers! God Bless!


  65. Stephanie says :

    I hope this gets posted! So I intend to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION! lol

  66. Janis Chastain says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thank you for the insightful blog. It is clear that there is a huge amount of information behind what you presented. May I add some thoughts about the perspective of time in the developmental stages? I would like to suggest that each developmental stage has a sort of functional cognitive-emotional loop which has to do with time. The preconventional stage is based on now but awareness is limited. We are not conciously aware of the past or future and we are not fully aware in the present. We are innocent. We tend to make assumptions and in our culture are constructing the basis for the next level of development. In the conventional perspective there is a cognitive-emotional-behavioral loop based on a past-future time perspective. Awareness of now is very limited, the future is projected from the past. This has a dramatic effect on our life keeping us in a loop doing the same thing over and over. The postconventional time perspective is a present- future perspective. This perspective promotes creation and allows us to move beyond the past. At the transcendent stage, there is no time. We are not concerned with past or future, only the perfection of the present. This is a very conscious level. Since we no longer process our experience through the past or future, we are able to use all of our self to receive the experience of our life. Meaning is no longer a projection. We are conscious of and fully experience in present time our mental, emotional, physical, intuitive and our “state of being” intelligences. Meaning is received as an understanding because we are receptive and transparent. We no longer get in the way of “higher” meaning. It is my experience that how we think and how we utilize our emotions has everything to do with our perspective of time, and is a huge part of our ability to move to the next developmental level.

    Thank you for allowing me to add my two cents. Thank you for your important work and thank you for your generousity.
    Everett, WA

  67. Lisa S says :

    Good-by Mind Chatter, and thank you Bill for creating the Blog. I have yet to try Holosync, although I have listened to the demo. Holosync users please keep telling me and selling me on Holosync, my life certainly is in need of an improvement.

  68. Hello Bill,

    I’m on AL4…and this blog is a definite good idea – how about using another color than white as background? White is snowblinding many people.

    Cheers from Switzerland

  69. Laura says :

    I have enjoyed all you have shared… Thank you for another step/tool to pull the weeds out of my life! It is so enlightening to now wake with the cup full instead of half-empty and not have a clue as to why?
    Blessings in all you do!

  70. Dee says :

    Will an archive of newsletter articles be available?

  71. collette turner says :

    Bill, you rock!! I have been with you for 6 years of holosync and LPI course. You have changed my life! I have never been happier thanks to your course and holosync. I love your sincerity. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
    Thanks, Collette

  72. Lisa says :


    A very good blog & Post, However I did’nt really finish reading it all :) !

    * It was very complex and simplistic. and there was some parts that were really relevant and some parts that were irrelevant Keep up the interesting posts Bill * !!

  73. Robin Christopher says :

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience with holosync.
    I have been listening for 4 yrs. I am on purification level 2. I will list here a few of the dramatic changes that have occured in my life during this time.
    I lived most of my life with an on-going ‘buzz’ of fear that has now completely evaporated.
    I talk to strangers; walk boldly into new places; an not undone by negative

  74. Robin Christopher says :

    (cont.) comments from other people. In the past year have heard and seen life in a truly expanded awareness. I look different, I dress differently, I have even changed my name. I could go on for many pages about this adventure………I will add this…..I am 75 yrs old
    From Robin’s nest

  75. Lisa says :

    I have enjoyed reading mind chatter and will miss it but on the lighter side I love the blog. Will it be possible to receive or open archives of mind chatter?

  76. Tara says :

    Bill, you are truly an amazing individual. Thank you for opening my eyes more every day. From the bottem of my heart. Thank you.

  77. Jondavi says :

    Hi Bill ~ just wanted to comment by saying that your summary of the different developmental stages as they are understood within the hologram of consciousness helped me to identify something that’s been blocking my own progress. Unconscious self-sabotage has a way of striking that is subtle and almost unpredictable. For some reason that I have not been able to identify, this happens to me when a project that I value is close to full fruition. A critical time when a cross-over point occurs is when we move from unconscious competence into conscious competence. Seemingly, for me, it is at that crossing point that something happens that “throws a wrench in the works,” so to speak, and, like the mythical Sysiphus (sp?), my rock comes rolling down the mountain. So, essentially, what can be done to eliminate self-sabotage that will ensure that one will not become a victim of its transparent challenge?

  78. denis khan says :

    Thanks for your positive inputting. Could you please project the personal problems and suggested solutions, albeit on an anonymous profile? Most of us have sex and finance related problems, also struggling to understand ourselves and our near and dear ones, especially failing to experience God’s Infinite Love for each one of us. With your macro vision, I feel you could help us get b back on track. Thanks once again. Denis

  79. Iris says :

    Dear Bill,
    Far away in Israel I enjoy your work, listening to the discs.
    I work with Sound and invented some new ways of Sound healing. Love it. So thanks for your new developments and the one I am thrilled about is the 3d sound!
    Also – your words are inspiring. The only think I allow meself to comment about is the “pushing” you do in your letters (not the blog) to buy. This I dont like very much though I understand the reason. On the whole – you bring great ideas and send you blessings of love.


  80. Barbara says :

    Thank you for your product and I’m so happy you are doing this blog! I have seen tremendous changes in my personal growth since starting your program and look forward to what lies ahead! I began blogging myself just recently, joined a Spiritual Writer’s Group and have met many new and exciting people who have entered my life since I started your program. I look forward to continuing my journey with Holosync as the major part of my meditation routine.

  81. Deborah says :

    Thank you Bill, I really appreciated this framework. I can “see” from my perspective, that when I started Holosync four months ago part of me had been stuck in the preconventional stage. I am happy to report that I LOVE using Holosync and it has quite naturally become part of my increasingly joyful everyday life.

    I look forward to reading your deeper explorations of the four levels – it seems to me that that Holosync dovetails neatly with this macro view: after all, if the name of someone’s game is growth and development, then one might be asking what tools are most useful in achieving a shift from, say preconventional to conventional and so on up?
    Each to their own I say, but as a one-time Yoga teacher, I tell my friends that (a little tongue in cheek here) had those pragmatic Medieaval Yogis had the technology, I feel they would have used Holosync!

    Many thanks for your commitment and dedication in continuing to supply us with these wonderful insights and awesome tools.

    Best regards


  82. Syed Shahid Raza says :

    Its a very good blog.
    Have a nice day
    GOD Bless You.


  83. […] there newsletter and finally moved into the digital age with a blog.  You can read the innagural post on there new blog.  Another bonus and reason for posting here is to give them a little kick […]

  84. Ulrika Jensen says :

    Hi Bill and Everyone here from all over the world!!

    I live by the town of Edson in Alberta, Canada.
    I have been Holosyncing for 17 months now.
    I am on Awakening Level 2 cd3.

    Changes in my life:

    * Former fear of heights is now completely gone.
    * My Mom is Holosyncing – she’s on Awakening Prologue.
    * I speak up and share my point of view readily, and am not afraid of confrontation.
    * I feel comfortable in my own skin and I like being alone with my own thoughts and spending quality time by myself.
    * I go to Aquasize and Yoga 3 times per week. Before this I was a regular diet junkie. Now I am quite comfortable accepting my own body and working with it and only doing things that are FUN!! And group activites are FUN because of the incredible energy of the group! I actually LIKE physical activity now :)
    * My ThetaHealing sessions have become deeper and the energetic releases more profound.
    * My relationships have become more honest and peaceful/harmonious.
    * A couple of weeks ago I had a neat out of body experience while Holosyncing. I left my body for about half a second and I thought wow I love it out here being weghtless, and then I snapped right back into my body and was aware of how heavy I was. LOL

    Anyway, the above are a few things right off the top of my head that have changed. Thanks for reading! Happy Syncing :)


  85. mariana says :

    I am verry glade to see one blog where we can talk about something is important for living day by day.I apologise my self for my english but I do want to be part of the questions.
    Welcome and do a good job.

  86. Faye Watson says :

    Thank You! This article on Human Development is one I shall read over and over.

    Again, thank you

  87. BillyWarhol says :

    Nice one Bill*

    U will like the important feedback U get from yer Audience with a Blog*

    Cheers Everybody! Billy ;))


  88. John MacGillivary says :

    I am a newbee to the program and what a program so far Wow!! Just can’t seem to keep a lid on this system been telling everyone about this wonderful method of meditation not medication. It is most refreshing to come across someone who is willing to put forth so much inspiring information . Already I have made numerous friends . Blessings Bill A devout student ; J.A. MacGillivary

  89. trine moore says :

    love it ,oddly enou ,just today i was `thinking`(something i do my damnest to avoid!)about my personal venture and what i came up with is Cut the Clatter.


  90. Cindy Radtke says :

    Bill, I love the Blog and look forward to more insightful comments. Your discussion of the development stages has helped crystallize some concepts that have been brewing in me for some time. Thanks.

    I am about to start Level One, having progressed with the Awakening Prologue since March 2007. I have a deep commitment to spiritual growth, and I appreciate the way your program has helped me make progress on that path.

    I want to respond to Bob who asked when and how the Holosync Gospel can be shared. I believe it is my responsibility to be an example of attraction in my changed demeanor and ability to show compassion that adds to the healing energy of the world. I have had to learn that others have their own spiritual path that may indeed be different than my own, but if I can love others for their own process, I can love myself in the same way. In other words, the teacher appears when the student is ready.

    I would like to see a discussion of the ways Holosync helps with health issues in a future blog.

  91. DORIS says :

    Hi BILL, would like to ask you to comment on the level of the one % 0f people and the bionergetic structure of the form of being and or state of mind at that level…thanks ….Is a new language or form of communication needed at that juncture? Are we aware on (of) multidimensional levels of our oneness? Thank you in advance for any enlightenment you can shed on/into the matter (no pun intended)….Sincerely,Doris Bonett

  92. Garth Greatheart says :

    Just a note to say that it’s great that you have started the new blog although I will miss Mind Chatter….alas. I have been working with Holosync since April 2007 and also enrolled in the Life Principles course. Both have been life altering for me. I am a therapist and a Buddhist and I have to say Bill that I am thrilled with the results I am getting. I have gone through the most extraordinary changes and continue to expand with every new level. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to giving of yourself is such a geniune way. I am honoured to be part of this most incredible journey that you and others have offered in such an open and caring way. Is there something that I can give to you in return for such personal change and joy? Garth Greatheart

  93. Raywyn says :

    Awesome and endless – keep up the good work. Bill!
    Even my Sister in New Zealand is on her path now and has a copy I sent her some time ago to learn from…so I’ve more to learn too! That’s the joy of lifelong learning and Living Choices eh!
    Kia Ora and Blessings,
    Kiwi in Canada – Raywyn M.E.

  94. FAye HAyes says :

    Aloha Bill
    I just read your blog description of human development in a nutshell. WOW, as a psychtherapist of twenty years in the past and a new member of Holosync process I am enjoying receiving your information.


  95. Kathleen says :

    To Bill And Everyone:
    Thank-you first for writing and sharing this piece, I have always thought of life as in terms of chapters like in a book each chapter representing one place we are in or at and another up ahead and one behind that led us where we are presently much like your stages, if you look at your book and think of it as a wonderful journey you enjoy each page while at the same time look forward to the next chapter and it is sort of like an action pack thrill each day because all things are possible and because of that each day is a wonderful unfolding surprise, and your excited to be in it’s presence. Kathleen Brewington

  96. karmic*octave says :

    congratulatios on diversification Bill…as a budding acoustic ecologist, at some part of everyday i feel, because we feel, the 1percent, 75percent, and 14percent perspectives you cite…but not necessarily in this order…hoorah for intellectual, mental, and spiritual discourse…hoorah for Bill’s Blogtasticness 8)

  97. Anthony says :

    Thanks Bill,
    I’ve read a few models of Personal Development and that was quite clear for me. Look forward to receiving the demo CD


  98. Hello Bill, I think the blog is excellent. I have been doing the Holosync program for about 3 years and find it is an important part of my life. I recently joined a group studying Ken Wilber’s “Up From Eden’ and though it is well researched and he is clearly a highly literate and intellectual thinker I find his stlyle of writing rather complex and convoluted. On the other hand, I find your style highly readable and you have the ability to make complex ideas understandable. There is a real art in achieving this and you have it. As I have been going through a tough few years with several close bereavements (cousin, mother, friend plus a serious knee operation following an accident) I find reading your view of change and progression/spiritual evolution reassuring. It is ‘comforting’ to know that you and many other like minder ‘seekers’ are out there sharing a similar perspective in this rapidly changing and often irrational world! Please keep up your good work- it means alot.

  99. Diana says :

    Brilliant! I’m so glad I decided to read the blog. I wish you wouldn not have used, The Secret, as an example of the preconventional stage. Since it is not about controlling the universe with your mind but instead controlling your mind. I’d say the bases of The Secret is in every stage mentioned in the blog.
    I am so excited about this blog and look forward to reading every one of them.
    Thank you!

  100. Charles says :

    Hi Bill,

    I read every word of your article and hungered for more. For those who thought it was too long, may I suggest that you give them a 200-300 word summary with a link to the full article for those of us who want it all.

    I did wonder as I read your very thought provoking article, where you got the percentages of the population in those various stages of personal growth.

    I like the blog format much better than a pdf newsletter because:

    1.Your headline and first sentence or two allows me to quickly decide if I want to invest the time to read the whole thing or not and

    2. I get to participate with my comments and

    3. I get to see what’s on every other commenter’s mind too.

    That just adds tons of pizzaz and interest for me.

    Thanks for all you do Bill,


  101. Ursula says :

    I don’t quite understand how you are one of the teachers of the Secret, yet in what you just wrote it says that that is basically a rather lower level of human development. If I am trying to evolve, and get all caught up on the Secret then it will make me stagnate at that level. Can you explain this to me please?

  102. shelley says :

    Hi Bill..

    Thankyou for this article, it was only yesterday that I was discussing with a friend about how we see things in our perspective. And then I read your article, quite profound, gave me alot more clarity and understanding to my own thoughts of exsistence, and why at certain stages of our lives we perhaps do things. I enbrace and look forward to your further articles on human development..
    Thankyou Bill..

  103. Viraj Perera says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have been looking for a mind development tool for a while. Although I have been practicing traditional meditation methods I could not persist as it was boring and it was very hard to focus. In addition I was under tremendous pressure recently that I was looking for way to to make my mind peaceful. This is when I came across Holosync.

    I ordered the demo straightaway. I felt the effect the first time I used the demo version. After a few days I joined the program. I received Awakening Prologue. It’s been 7 weeks since I started using it. Although I haven’t experienced any dramatic changes yet, I do feel that I am changing and the program is having positive effects on me. There is no doubt about that. I have much faith in Holosync and I know it’s working for me. Therefore, I recently became an Inner Circle Member.

    Further I would like to comment on your marketing approach. You treat clients like gold. All the freebies, the support hot line and regular updates on the program have made my investment much more worthwhile. More than anything, the overall value I am deriving from your program is worth much more than I paid for it.

    I want to thank you for working hard to bring this program into fruition. You have done an amazing job to the mankind. I wish you all the very best, continued prosperity, good health, wealth and happiness (although I know you have achieved all this).

    Thank you.

    Viraj (Melbourne, Australia)

    PS: I am looking forward to participating in one of your retreats. The CD’s were wonderful.

  104. Usha Dhanesha says :

    This is a great article. I am looking for a window of opportunity to come on one of your retreats.

  105. Montag/Abend/221007

    I congratulate you on launching the blog. The new service enables interactive discussion.
    You demonstate a great holistic approach to thinking, feeling, and acting.
    You make a great contribution to the field of human behavior, service to others, and making a world a better place.
    Thank you.
    Ihr R.M. Santry
    Ober-Ramstadt, Germany

  106. Beata Mroz says :

    Hello Bill,
    By knowing that all light & matter interaction are nothing else but wave interactions in Space = phisical reality (Quantum Theory/Wave Mechanics)… I would like to say that you send wave full of peace, unconditional love and inner beauty. Bill you definitely interact with true knowlege and wisdom.
    Thank you for the Master of the Secret series and sample of the Holosync program. You’ve got my vote and I am going to continue my experience with Holosync.
    Take care

  107. I am very excited about this new blog and the article that I just read. Holosync has been a part of my life for the past 6 months and I look forward to learning more from Bill Harris.

  108. astrea says :

    The blog sounds more interesting to me. I also like to read others’ comments and that if anything will sell more of Holosync CDs. I am sorry to say the newsletter became quite tedious and I unsubscribed so I am pleased to see this change.

  109. Ted Blackall says :

    Yes Bill, It’s all great. keep talking.

  110. Isabel Re says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the Blog. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with those of us who are finding our way on this journey. Just thank God for you. I know for a fact you help change lives.


  111. Ben says :

    Hey Bill,

    From someone who has been fascinated with the works of Ken Wilber and a big fan of I-I over the last five years, I am glad to read you last post.

    One thing that struck me about Centerpointe and you blog is the difference between states and stages. In your blog you talk about stages, pre through post, and you product Holosync basically helps you advance through states.

    Now in your book you talk about the internal map of reality, which I basically agree with. However, you fail to differentiate people’s internal maps of reality along Stages.

    For example someone at blue altitude (conventional) can’t Choose to have green altitude (post conventional) thoughts. You make it seem that people simply choose whatever they want to believe in a meaningless universe, when actually they probably can Choose what to believe within the confines of their particular values structure (red, amber, orange, green, teal, etc).

    Using holosync someone at amber altitude (mythic) could probably develop the ability to choose to believe positive thoughts like, “I am loved by Jesus, or I am a loving child of Christ” but they probably couldn’t choose to believe something from green altitude “All cultures and religions radiate with infinite love” because it is simply beyond their cognitive capacity.

    Last thing. As Wilber often repeats, getting into altered states enhances your ability and speeds up the process of moving through stages, but an individual still must move through those stages over time.

    Obviously as we use holosync (which I love) we develop more and more ability to witness our thoughts thus increasing the chance that we can possibly transcend one values system and move up to the next altitude (pre conv to conv). However we can never escape entirely our cognitive structures and just choose whatever we want to believe, since our “free choice” is actually limited by these cognitive values levels.

    Sorry if this was too long. Just some thoughts from an interested holosync and Integral fan.


  112. steve says :

    While reading about your thoughts on levels, I find myself going ok I’m there on this level and there on that level, etc. Perhaps we are all like a chinese menu, one from column a and two from column b and some from column c. for example think of doing, being and thinking as the rows and preconventional, conventional, postconventional and transcendent as the columns. I believe myself to have certain preconventional was of doing, conventional ways of being, and postconventional ways of thinking for one circumstance and an entirely different response or process to another circumstance. And I think that it is all ok. Lots to think about here, my point is that we are not entirely preconventional, conventional, etc. but move between these as conditions determine.

    I am enjoying the show now, just getting settled into my chair to watch what comes next.

  113. Charles Carroll says :

    I have gleaned so much from your Mind Chatter issues, I sort of hate to see them go. I have been printing them out and using some of the quotes on a board that is outside my work cube. It is frequented daily by several employees to see what quote or comment I have posted. I guess I have gotten use to the format and the ease of finding the things that jump out at me from each issue. The colorfull presentation was extreamly enjoyable.
    I will just have to get use to working with the BLOG. My first time on a blog. Thanks for all your valuable information. Chuck Carroll

  114. Robert Bridge says :

    Dear Mr Harris,
    Thank you for this personal invite to this blog, I am very glad that I commented on your Centrepoint site. I have had your holosync freebee CD for maybe 2 1/2 years now, and I still listen to the interview and that 5 minutes of electro sound sample. It’s great infact I was tempted to place it mixed with a tune in a night club last week whilst DJ ing in Wardour St, however I did not but what suprised me is it reminded me of you and then I recieve this invite, that’s great. Coincidence is what this new life is all about, even though I am not subscribing to your wonderful program you have shared your strength and hope which is so big and full of positive messages.
    Last month my friend played the video of The Rules of Attraction. I originally retracted from the invite to watch and dismissed many of the well to do theorists, however when you contributed I surendered:am practising this idea as much as I can remember. Currently Bill I am doing a BA’s in English Language and Media Studies (Where I have come; from believe me this is progress) and am very happy to know of you!

  115. Sharron Knotts says :

    The article, Spiritual Assumptions, has to be the best one I’ve read so far. I now understand that no matter what is happening with thoughts during meditation, it is all ok. I was becoming concerned that my mind stays so busy that ‘nothing’ is happening. Now I understand that stresses are released, which makes sense. I am ready to begin Level 2 and look forward to my progression.
    Thank you so much! slk

  116. Debbie says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve read and done many things for self-development. Always thinking I’ve been dealt an awful set of cards and playing victim all my life, the trick was getting past all that and how do I act differently. I’ve tried many different things as I said but never was able to follow through, I got to a certain point and crawled back in my rabbit hole where it was safe. Now I know very well there is a way out of this world that I have trapped myself in.

    With your program I realize that there is help for me, and now for once in my life I am changing. Not that it’s been easy, but at least I realize why I react the way I do or did and then see the world with a new set of eyes. This has been me many times, even though I’ve just started the level I , I’ve gone through that much growth.

    The funny thing I found with your article besides being intrigued is that I seem to contain a little from all the levels you stated. Almost like I’ve trained myself to react a certain way depending on the situation. If that makes any sense. Although when life gets difficult I can’t say that I am at the high end of the spectrum, usually at the under 12 side.

    I’ve always had a knowing that cycles could be broken (along with ancestral cycles of thinking), Like for instance when my children were born I knew that I didn’t want to be my parents but I had to change my self to model for them a better life, but how. So one thing is for certain is that I always had a knowing of what is possible but breaking the cycle of how to break the cycle was key.

    For the first time in my life your program is serving that for me. A new way of thinking, a better positive me. I look forward to continuing….

    Sorry for rambling, but most of all ……….



  117. Anand Shiraz says :

    You have created a way to embrace love and oneness. Your presence and your contribution to life is beautiful. Bless you for sharing and seeding the the impulse to awakening. Love, Anand Shiraz.

  118. Lolly Donnelly says :


    I’ve been using Holosync since April 2006, and on level 3, and so very pleased with the changes. Some of them haven’t been so pleasant and just a little scarey at times, but the support centre have always been prompt in replying my concerns, they have been fantastic. I expect there might be more but I’m not concerned as the changes and benefits far out weigh these times. My inner life is certainly changing for the better. Thank you so much.

  119. Allan Moore says :

    Hi Bill,

    Very good and interesting topics on stages of development. However it fails to answer my previous points.

    Your wrote: “The idea that you can control the universe with your mind is a highly egocentric, narcissistic point of view. About 10% of adults are at this stage of development.”

    The sort of narcissitc view point is the viewpoint of the Magician who thinks he can dominate nature and turn it to his ends. However it is possible to work “The Secret” in a magical way. Most fail because they lack faith, which places a block immediately on any effective intereaction with the “magical” universe and secondly because they are not Sidha’s.

    You mention the Trancendent developmental phase but I can tell you that it too can become a trap an error. Many who take this view feel that they and the universe/God are one and the same. However this sense is a mistake and there are two (Mystically speaking) highers Transcendent States. We are ultimately one and different from the absolute. The same in constitution and quality but parts of and not the whole. You are an individual and even if you merge with the divine “light” and become at “one” you are experiencing it, you don’t become the whole. This is absorption is not the ultimate aim at all and is the lowest transendent level.

    I can explain in detaill the mechanics of this but there isn’t the space. Think though if Buddha or anyone else achieved enligthtenment and we are all one…….then we should all immediately achieve it with him. We did not, therefore we have to say that either no one has ever achieved this ultimate “oneness” or that what they are experiencing does not change the simple fact that they are still individuals and cannot do it for us.

  120. Marsha Jacobson says :

    Hi Bill, I have been using Holosync for a couple of years (I can’t remember the exact length which is a good thing in Holosync terms!) and am on Awakening level 3, CD 2. I have 4 great children and a wonderful husband and because the effects of meditating have been so obvious they know to give me that hour in the day with no disturbances – even my 8 year old little girl! I have suffered from depression almost my whole life (I have just turned 50) and I can honestly say that holosync is better than any antidepressant on the market. I have always been a writer in my head and since holosyncing I have become one on paper. I’m not published (yet) but I will be. My oldest son (24 – same husband!) gave a speech at my 50th and joked about Holosync saying that I should give it all up and just smoke a joint! Perhaps one day he’ll begin holosyncing and realize how absurd that comparison is! Thanks for everything. I hope to see you one day on a retreat. – Marsha Jacobson

  121. Anba says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have been using the holosync program for sometime now. I am calmer. I can withstand greater stress in my teaching profession. Surely,
    I think, holosync program has contributed to my ability to cope with stress.

    With a blog like this, in addition to the newsletter, it makes things more interesting for holosync users. Unlike many sublimal CDs, the special thing about holosync is that the users are guided with a lot of information and motivation. These itself helps the user to maintain the discipline to carry on using the program. and that in turn, helps the user to develop some kind of discipline – an attitude of being calm and reflective.

    As such, apart from the sound frequency that may be doing its job to balance the brain’s two sides, the person develops a discipline of getting into a meditative state on a daily basis, and that itself, I think, helps the person to remain poised and calm in difficult or demanding situations. In my view, people who are scientifically inclined, will definitely appreciate the benefits of holosync technology. They will benefit most from the holosync program.

    Thank you Bill, and best of regards.


  122. Charlyne says :

    Hi Bill! I miss Mind Chatter! I just finished reading your blog…(as well as the several comments that suggested that you use “less words” and “keep it short” because they are “busy”..)
    I am one of the “busy people” too…(translate that to self-important?)I too don’t have “time” to read all my email…
    Frankly…when your emails come in…they are the FIRST to be read..and I inhale every word… that you talk even MORE…if you want…
    As much as I appreciate knowing what eveyone’s opinions and experiences are…what I find of most value is what YOU share…so I vote for MORE “you” and less “us”!
    Because I already “know” what I think…that has gotten me where I currently am..and by knowing what is in YOUR mind…your thoughts are my stepping stones from where I am ,to where I would prefer to be…more Inner Peace!
    By the way…I have been a daily user of Holosync since March of this matter how busy I am…my daily practice is at the top of my priority list! Some fills me with bliss and peace..sometimes it brings up the inner demons that have haunted me throughout my life…they are not “unconscious” anymore..and I get to observe them..this is not always what I call a “pleasant” process…in fact…sometimes it feels awlful…but…THIS is exactly the stuff I have wanted and needed to access through traditional meditation all these years….and now it is just emerging…
    You were not kidding..this program works! Almost too well!
    I am beyond “impressed”….I would have just loved this stuff if it had just “made me a little more peaceful” inside…I expected a “better” self-help tool…not something that would come in and completely upset and disorganize my entire (what you Map of Reality!)..WOW..this stuff is sure not for “sissies”!
    I would not recommend your program to someone who just wants “fixed up a little better”…only people absolutely commited to real transformation should touch this stuff!
    There are days I walk up to my Walkman and headphones..and go “uh oh! Now what!”…as if it is the opening to a sacred cave…the true unknown..and I do not know if I will encounter angels or demons! For me..this requires “courage”!
    I am so grateful you have created this unbelievable tool for all of us! I thank you with all my heart!

  123. Annmarie Fisher says :

    Thank you Bill for all that you do! You are an angel from heaven! I have been Holosyncing since late August and I love it. I just ordered the next level with my affirmations, I can’t wait to receive it. I am now an Inner Circle member and commited to seeing this through to eternity! :) Have a wonderful day and thank you again! Sincerely, Annmarie

  124. Marilyn Weaver says :

    I am an original Holosynch Inner Circle member from way back when. I remember when Bill had the time to personally answer my questions by email. His clarity on “What Is” cut through all of my window dressings, and created many breakthroughs that helped me blossom along my life’s journey. The transition and awareness of my healing has been truly amazing. I have a life that is tranquil no matter what challenges I encounter. Sometimes I find myself wondering about Bill’s quest to earn more money, or to develop more material gains for others, yet I think that his path is different than mine, so “what is” for Bill is different than “what is” for me. We each have our own space in this universe. Isn’t it great?

  125. George Martin says :

    Hi Bill. Thanks for Holosync. I have just started the program and so far enjoy it tremendously.

    Your mind chatter articles are great. My greatest frustration lies in the human race’s nature of having to start over with each birth in the attainment of knowldge. Each of us must learn what has come before.
    As you know each generation will aquire the knowlede of what has come before and what has been learned thus far.

    I hope for the day when we can start our young off with all aquired knowledge thus far. Then they can soar like eagles as they create their own knowledge, Knowledge that is new and truly enlightining.

  126. Marjory Regan says :

    Hi – Happy to see the blog. I used my cd’s so much that I literally wore them out. It’s been a long time since I could listen to them – but I will tell all of you out there that they really helped my when I really needed help due to health issues. I need to reorder another set. I was really excited to see Bill speak in “the SecretI” ‘ll keep reading the blog. Thank you . Marjory

  127. Lauren says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the fascinating blog. I hope you do as threatened and go on to discuss all the nuances of the different stages and how each might relate to different parts of life. I’d be interested in knowing how, generally, the stages tend to relate to one another, how they interact…which stages are or are not compatible with each other and why. Are we all born preconventional and then move on (or not ) from there? Take it easy. Lauren

  128. Sharon says :

    I been using your program for 1 1/2 years and love it. I have a high stress job and it helps me cope. I’m ready for the next level, I enjoyed the rain and chimes, will this continue?

  129. Kathryn (aka Katie) Fairclough says :

    This new ability to blog I think will prove a worthwhile tool.
    Here in Britain I managed to catch a snatch of programme on Radio 4. They were talking out the need for kids to meditate. There was someone else as well but my attention was drawn to Dylans (YES Bob Dylan’s) input, some of what he was saying mirrored your way of couching your take on life.Or is it that he’s experienced Holosync.
    Guess if he’s done so he can’t advertise it for u, don’t know what the perameters of that sort of stuff the BBC are able or not to “air”. I know our rules and regs are probably somewhat differnt from those of the USA’s.
    Without my mum who died when I was 14 years 4 months old I was left to fill in the gaps of my upbringing which I often found incredibly hard to tackle, my dad loving though I knew him to be; was like a lot of men not intuative and I did n’t have the skills to open touchy subjects that i know if I’d had a mum for longer would have been a resource I could have drawn on. There’s 8 years between my brother and myself an d that was a chasm in our ability to talk together as siblings more often are able.
    He’s heavily into “Gastroenterology” a dark bit of medicine I think you’d agree. I don’t know what he’ll do when he retires or if he will be able ever to do so . One gets the feeling he might “Die on the job” asw it were.
    His brilliance is often reaslied by his counterparts but I worry for his patients as he feels distant to me. Maybee its just his brilliance he knows to be difficult for others to come to terms with ( the green eyes of envy) are probably directed at him and this is a “hushing factor”. I may try to introduce him to Holosync but I will have to be very carefull of my approach. It seems so sad that its more easy to talk to complete stranges than one of your family.
    Well I gota get on with my life as I see fit , thanks for you help.
    Hears hoping the “deaf” of this world will one day hear your messages and they will find solace in its tenets.

  130. Jess McCarthy says :

    Hello Bill,

    I am a beginner medidator too, but like everyone else, am finding your program (or journey really), enlightening and very worthwhile. I enjoyed listening to the bonus 6 CD retreat recording that you sent out. Really helped my understanding of what was going on in my head. Thank you. Three questions, if you ever find time?

    1. Have you read “Jesus for the non-religious”? Perhaps what Shelby-Spong is saying is Jesus was the first transcendent human being?

    2. You are critical of “The Secret” in suggesting that a single mind can control what is happening in the universe. But don’t you agree that what you think controls what happens to you? Not just spiritually, but materially and personally as well. If that is so egocentric, then why is it so often true? Or am I just missing the point.

    3. What is the best course of action for someone “way down the track” who is married to a preconventional thinker? Parenting small children traps you in conventional thinking too.

    I set my alarm for 3:45am so that I can meditate for an hour and walk for an hour. Otherwise I would never have “me” time – as I haven’t for many years. How’s that for devoted to you!!!

    Warm regards, Jess.

  131. rona says :


    Good job all around! Very nice revision of the web site.

    Also, do you have any material regarding Holosync and its impact on ADD children?



  132. Cecilia RAdemacher says :

    I love this ides of the 4 developmental levels, what would be the background, what is it based on? I’m a Polarity therapist and I find it very useful to use with clients as reference.

  133. Mary says :

    Hi Bill, this is a great idea. I have been using Holosync for a while now. I will be moving on to Awakening 4 soonish. It has done great things for me. I am much more peaceful and calm about life in general and able to cope with stresses in a positive manner. I was able to negotiate to work from home which has greatly improved my life. I dont think I would have been able to stand back and make my point without getting overemotional and counterproductive before. Thanks.
    I hope one day I will manage to afford the LPI courses too. Till then all I can say is that my life has indeed been transformed and I look forward to more of it!1
    Mary (Wales, UK)

  134. Bonnie Martiny says :

    You are so right in saying we are often traumatized at a particular stage in our journey and can’t get past it or keep repeating cycles over and over like a skip in an old record due to a scratch or damage of some sort. This is in keeping with many of the psychological theories I have studied and just in examining my own life and friends and family members. I hope I can get past those bumps in my own song and play on.

  135. Jane says :

    Like the blog. I have lapsed in use of Awakening Prologue and am now psyched to get back at it. I agree with what someone else above put forth….kind of an anonymous sharing of stories and personal info. especially mental health growth/recovery. Maybe discussion group that you visit only as time allows. Something to think about. Anyway, glad to be drawn back. Thanks, hugs. J.

  136. Adrian says :

    I have a question that I am sure many others are contemplating as well. You seem to be very clear of how the “the secret” is very mechanical and can be described using logic and the magnificent “goal seeking mechanism” of the brain. And as you stated in this post – “the idea that you can control the universe with your mind is a highly egocentric, narcissistic point of view.” This makes very much sense, and I agree with you. However I can’t help but notice others (even some of your self-help contemporaries) do not express the same viewpoint. They constantly say ‘thoughts carry energy’ and since everything is energy, your thoughts can change the material world. They go on and on about quantum mechanics and how understanding it can change our lives. And not to say I completely disagree, because I am sure they have reason to say what they say. But my question to you is why are we seeing this dichotomy of perpectives on the ‘law of attraction’, and where does all this “new science” fall in place?

    Thanks for everything,

  137. Michael says :


    You have explained Ken Wilbur’s developmental model far better then he does.
    It is a wonderful offering and I appreciate it immensely.

  138. Wayne Dent says :

    I have been working the program faithfully (everyday as instructed) for one month. I have become incredibly calm and peaceful on the inside. Some would use the word centered and I personally can see why. I feel so anchored in the center of my being. For sure, there are people and things connected with my job which a month ago would have sent me home in tears and frustration which today (literally TODAY) hold no power or importance to me. And THIS AFTER ONLY A MONTH of faithfully adhering to the instructions provided with my Holosync CD’s. This stuff is amazing! I can only look forward to that which is to come as I continue on this path.
    Thank you for all that you do to promote this wonderful method of meditation (which I know is so much bigger than just meditation). I am completely content with where I am yet so excited about where I am going!

  139. Troy says :

    Bill maybe you could develop a holosync track with a guided 321 process as suggested by Ken Wilber hmmm? for our shadow work.

  140. ltg says :

    What a great coincidence. I just finished reading Ken Wilbur’s “A Theory of Everything”. What an amazing read! It really shed a lot of light on why the things we as a society (or government) do to try to make the world a better place tend to fail miserably or cause other problems. It’s not what I’d call an easy read, but I hope everyone who reads this comment picks up a copy and gives it a shot.

  141. Susanne says :

    Hi Bill

    Good to see you have set up something to this blog! I am looking forward to the mind chatter and what will bring out from it.
    I am not used to using this site but I am hopefully seeing any specific chatters has to chat about.


  142. Mare says :

    How do I fit myself into a category as you explained them when I don’t really know which one I fit into. In other words, what if I feel that certain aspects of more than one category applies to me?
    I can’t quite get my mind around all this!
    In my way of thinking, we complicate matters when we start pidgeon-holing, only to become frustrated because we wind up back at square one, still asking the question, “Why am I here and what’s to become of me”.
    So I think that’s why religion gives a person something to hold on to, an idea or tradition to get through life without driving ourselves crazy trying to figure it all out. Yes, maybe the path of least resistance, but perhaps God being omniscient, knew that we’d be asking these questions and gave us something to hold onto until we complete the journey.

  143. Roger says :

    I’m now listening to CD 4 of Flowering Level 4, and have been pleased with the effect using Holosync has had on many aspects of my life–with a few bumps along the way, which the instructions and supporting material had prepared me for pretty well.

    I find I disagree with Bill on the issue of Paramhansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” and whether it, including the so-called “miracles”, represents a “pre-conventional” developmental stage, which is described by Bill as “very egocentric. It’s all about me. It’s very body oriented (as opposed to mind-oriented, as in the second perspective)”.

    Most of the individuals in the book who perform what scientists would call “impossible” feats do not fit into this category. If they must be put into a developmental category according to the this paradigm, they would fall into the transcendental stage.

    Although science can do amazing things, at its most advanced levels there are many things it can’t explain, whether in physics, biology, and particularly in matters dealing with consciousness. To deny the possibility of human beings performing the acts of consciousness and will described in “Autobiography of a Yogi” requires scientific evidence of that impossibility, not simply that scientists haven’t observed it and documented it. Why create limits before they are necessary?

    That said, I’m not taking a position on whether the described events actually did take place, only on whether it’s appropriate to deny that they are possible. The materialistic bias of current science can be as restrictive as religions have been in the past–and are now, for too many people. For someone who believes something is impossible, guess what? It is impossible.

    The “Autobiography” deals with science in a logical, open-minded manner. A quote from page 266:

    “This conception brings us to the law of miracles.

    The masters who are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies or any other object, and to move with the velocity of light, and to utilize the creative light-rays in bringing into instant visibility any physical manifestation, have fulfilled the necessary Einsteinian condition: their mass is infinite.

    “The consciousness of a perfected yogi is effortlessly identified , not with a narrow body, but with the universal structure. Gravitation, whether the ‘force’ of Newton or the Einsteinian ‘manifestation of inertia,’ is powerless to compel a master to exhibit the property of ‘weight’ which is the distinguishing gravitational condition of all material objects. He who knows himself as omnipresent Spirit is subject no longer to the rigidities of a body in time and space. Their imprisoning ‘rings-pass-not’ have yielded to the solvent: ‘I am He.’

  144. Sue Danforth says :

    I wholeheartedly agree with Roger’s interpretation of Paramahansa Yogananda’s autiobiography in that not everything has to be proven by science as impossible without belief that it can and has happened. “I am not my body — I am not my emotions” is one analogy of the weightless state of what I believe is the astral body. Based on the paradigm you present, those acts and happenings are straight away from spiritual identities in the transcendental stage. It was not hard for me to believe, at all, what was stated in truth by Paramahansa. The fact that his physical body did not deteriorate in what would be considered a normal way is also an (unproven by science) ‘miracle.’ I plan on getting the demo for Holosync before I go further but haven’t the faintest idea of where to locate it. Putting people in different levels based on their belief systems isn’t accurate, in my perception, because people’s consciousness is manifested largely due to their physical environment and upbringing.
    -Suzy (maybe I’m defensive about that book and the misunderstood ‘miracles’ of consciousness and in unconscious states, but the book changed my life and helped me through a miscarriage as well as another life-altering event). “I am not my body. I am not my emotions.”

  145. Sandy Brennecke says :

    Hi Bill,
    I like your new blogging idea. This first one is written in a lighter tone without sacrificing the message. It is also more succinct and easier to read…ie not so much redefining of the issues presented. I suspect you can feel comfortable doing it this way because the comments you receive will indicate how well your reading public understood the points you made, giving you a chance to redefine if necessary. I enjoyed your article content in Mind Chatter but found myself skimming or skipping when redefining got too lengthy.

    I loved the last part of your final statement in this blog “–and, to more easily move yourself to the higher levels, where the real fun begins.” …key idea here is “where the real fun begins”. :-) I love it..feels like a gentle tickle in my heart that puts a smile on my face and love in my world.


  146. Allan Moore says :

    Hi Bill,

    There are a few things I would like to take issue with after reading your last missive.

    Well it seems to me you are at extreme odds with the “Secret” and I can’t really reconcile your beliefs with theirs. Clearly one has to put oneself in alignment with what one wants by actually doing something….but that doesn’t mean that no “supernatural” effect or agent is at work. The speed a which one can acheive or get what they want is miraculous if one uses the right mental and spiritual tools allied to some material effort. However most people who do not employ the “secret” or anything like it, fail to get what they want and fail to achieve. This is simply a matter of fact. (only 1 in 16 bussiness survive for 5 years for example). I am afraid that the idea that hard work, training and effort alone will gaurantee success is nonsense and patently so. However it is remarkable and “magical” how things fall into place when when employs “The Secret” in our endeavour.

    However what really got my goat with your latest missive is the mention of the trickster magician Randi. He is not a scientist and his “reward” for proving the paranormal is a nonsense. His conditions are severe and if he isn’t convinced totally (God himself couldn’t convince this professional debunker) he won’t pay. He sets the rules and for example his attempt to test Homeopathy was crazy. He had made a dilution that was essentially weaker than than a drop of water in the ocean and then we are told that it doesn’t work. There are limits to everything. Actually various paranormal powers have been scientifically proven both in the USA, Europe and particularly in Russia. These are repeatable experiments but unfortunately few people ever want to follow up on the science and in the West we are up against the powers that be that don’t want us to know for a fact that such powers are in existance, it reduces their power and changes quite a few political ideologies of the western world. So we have professional debunkers like Randi running around. Of course a true master wouldn’t have the sligtest interest in proving things to Randi or in his million dollars.

    Quantum physics tell us demostrably that the observer cannot be seperated from the observed and there is a a tendancy for the observerd to fulfill our expectation. Now this raises a very serious scientfic problem especially regards the paranormal. If the testors are antagonistic to these subtle abilites and effects they could very well be stopping them! Dont’ believe in Quantum Physics? Best dump your Tv, Computer, Mobile phone etc then because they work off Quantum Physics Science.

    Consciousness clearly interacts with matter at very subtle levels. This is demonstrable in quantum physics. This of course brings into question the nature of reality itself.

    Lets look at the brain. Recently tests have been done using imaging scanners on the brains of persons receiving stimulation to cause sensations, of taste, smell and imagery etc. It was found that the subject was aware of the taste or smell etc BEFORE there was a change in the brain! This indicates that the brain is not creating the experience but responding to it. Which raises a lot of questions and answers that I won’t go into here to a great extent.

    Brain waves etc do not cause the sensations etc but are responses. Brainwaves are not thoughts but responses to thoughts and other things.

    Look at Holosync, you can use holosync to create various brain wave patterns associated with various moods etc. Such as feelings of compassion. However unless you are very experienced using holosync, simply changing your brain waves to those of a Bodhisattva (Buddha of Compassion) won’t fill you with feelings of compassion at all. In fact you might not get any experience whatsoever. Again this clearly indicates that the brain waves are not the cause of the experience but the result of them. If you create brainwaves of compassion using holosync then you should eventually, after practicing, experience compassion. What I believe is actually happening is, Holosync is doing more than simply causing brainwave change, it is causing a resonance, an “idea” in the deep mind that ultimately results in the experience. Think of it like this. The purpose of life is to manifest your self through your body and transform it to the Suddha Devam (immortal devic body or Christ Body of Ascension). Years of meditation transform the body including the brain, so that it can be charged with the spiritual energies of the soul. What holosync does I believe is help one to transform the brain far quicker so that higher experiences can be gained. It’s not everything that is needed but I believe it can certainly help create the conditions at least in the brain that are required.

    Finally I have to take issue with the idea that good and evil are perspectives and that a higher transcendent persons sees it that way. Good and Evil are absolutes. There is no way, murder, rape, torture etc can be reqarded as “good” or even neutral, requiring only our perception to make a distinction. Those things are Evil. We are ultimately spiritual beings and Evil is not an opinion. Evil is however limited and conditional on the chaotic nature of this universe, whilst Good is absolute, unconditional and is the ultimate extinguisher of Evil. If we say, well Murder, Torture etc are only evil if we say so, then we are insane. If ever that idea takes route then we are well on the road to hell and our societies will dissemble into chaotic hellish conditions. Are we not already seeing that in some places?

  147. Ann says :

    Hi Bill I have just listended to your programme of enlightement wow this sounds really fantastic. Its a place I’d like to experience for sure.
    First I would like if you could have more knowledge on your holosynce programme what you can expect from it what you can get from it and what level whatever there is to know I wish to know.
    This new venture because I live in the UK and my friend Pauline will you ever come to the uk?
    This is fantastic work Many thanks

  148. […] The blog that ate Mind Chatter.  Blogg skriven av Bill Harris, skaparen av Holosync. Länken går till första inlägget. Bill har under det senaste året skrivit mycket om människans utvecklingsstadier. […]

  149. Carl Springer says :

    I have a question:
    What headphones are required for holosync?
    My stereo headphones have a response of 10-40,000 hz which to my way of thinking is good for Beta. Alpha is 7-13hz, Theta 4-7 hz. Is more responsive headphones required for the Alpha and Theta ranges?
    Thank you,
    Carl Springer

    FROM BILL: A question for our support department.

  150. Julie Martin says :

    This is more of a question than a comment. While I was reading this post, I felt like I fit into the last three categories. I seriously doubt that I really am in the Transcendental category, as I am only on Awakening Level 1 right now… but I still feel that I fit into more than one category. Is that possible? Or am I just incapable of telling the difference from my subjective point of view?

    FROM BILL: You may have some qualities of levels beyond where your center of gravity is, and you always have the capacity to exibit characteristics of levels you have been through. Your center of gravity, so to speak, is going to be in one place–you have one main way of making sense of the world, and that’s where you come from most of the time.

  151. Jose says :

    Just a question. Why don’t you start a chat about holosync? PLease send your reply directly to my email.

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