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The Great Matter of Life and Death

by / Wednesday, 05 January 2011 / Published in Human Behavior, Spirituality, The Human Condition

I’ve written a lot about impermanence and cause and effect over the last year. I’ve said that there is no escape from these two aspects of the human condition–an idea many of you have resisted (and, I might add, I’m not surprised–resisting these two conditions seems to be what human beings do).

Over the New Year’s holiday someone posted the following comment about how he had personally responded to my remarks about this topic. Rather than just post my answer under his post, as I often do, I’ve decided that this is important enough to warrant a separate post.

Though this is quite short, I think it will really give you something to think about.

THE COMMENT: I think I may have taken some of your advice too closely, or used it in the wrong way. I took what you said about impermanence and said, ‘If I’m happy I can’t enjoy being happy because it’s impermanent and will go away’… which keeps me from being happy when I notice it. It’s quite strange, and like I’m waiting for something to let me go ‘full happy’. Except if I ever noticed that I was on ‘full happy’ I might say, ‘hey stop that’. –James


You’re experiencing your own resistance to the fact that everything is impermanent–which, unfortunately, is what quite a bit of the human response to life ends up being about. If you go back and read the posts where I talk about impermanence (“News Flash: There’s No Escape”, “Where are You Going–And Why”, “Seeing Things the Way They Really Are, Parts 1-3”–and several others) you’ll notice that I’ve outlined many of the human activities, philosophies, and ideas that are are derived from our attempts to put off, defeat, or deny impermanence (these include magical thinking, including beliefs in some sort of afterlife, attempts to defeat aging by following certain health regimens (wacky or otherwise), trying to accumulate a lot of money, trying to become more powerful, attempts to develop various “powers”, etc).

Impermanence freaks people out, and our own impermanence freaks us out even more than the impermanence of the people and things we’re attached to.

Particularly up until a certain developmental stage people have a lot of trouble acknowledging their own impermanence (see my series of posts on human developmental levels starting at the beginning of this blog). This is why humans have created so many explanations for what supposedly happens after death–it somehow makes it easier if we pretend that the end of our separate self isn’t really an end. One sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to acknowledge and deal with our own impermanence–plus an acknowledgement of something else humans don’t want to admit: that no one really knows what’s really going on, why we’re here, what it’s all about, how it started, where it’s going, etc.

In terms of our own death, we’re talking about the impermanence of the separate self created by our brain/mind–our IDEA of who we are. I’ve extensively written about the fact that the separate self is just an idea, and that there are no separate things or events except in the mind. Separate things and events are merely ideas about reality–handy ideas, to be sure, but still, they are just ideas. There is really just one thing-event (for want of a better word): the entire interconnected going on of it all. The mind chops this one thing-event into many, and then assumes that if many things and many events exist in the mind they must also exist “out there.” This is what some call “mistaking the map for the territory.”

When the brain/mind that creates these ideas comes to an end, so do the ideas–including the idea (and consciousness) of “me.” Certainly the one thing-event, the entire going on of it all, continues, and the atoms that made up what you thought of as “me” continue to be a part of the whole. In fact, during the entire time that you’re being a “me” there is a constant flow of atoms into and out of “you”. You are an ever-changing pattern or “whirlpooling” of matter and energy, with constant input and output.  In this way you are connected to, an aspect of, the whole. This is why I say that the universe is one interconnected thing-event.

We don’t like it that our idea of “me” ends, though. We’re quite attached to it, and its impending end freaks us out. We think we ARE this idea–again, the mistaking of the map for the territory. My last three posts were about how when we go into chaos and reorganize we resist the temporary end of the old me as a reorganization at a higher level is creating a new me. A time comes, however, when this reorganization can’t happen. Entropy takes over. The brain/mind dies, and all its ideas cease to exist, including the idea of “me.”

What I’m advocating is an acknowledgement of WHAT IS–including the fact that everything is impermanent. Despite what you might think, this acknowledgment creates a profound sense of freedom, spiritually and otherwise. Even when people use the strategies I mentioned (and some I didn’t list) to not acknowledge impermanence, they still suffer from an underlying fear of it. Impermanence becomes a shadow, a disowned aspect of being human (I’ve also written quite a bit about shadows on this blog, should you care to peruse the library of past posts).

Shadows express themselves despite the fact that they’ve been disowned, despite our attempts to push them out of our awareness. Their expression, though, when disowned, is dysfunctional, delusional, and immature. It creates suffering, both for the person doing the disowning and for others. Much of human suffering and cruelty is, in fact, related to the expression of this shadow.

I suspect that no one, no matter how “spiritually advanced,” becomes entirely comfortable with the fact that his or her life will end. However, when a spiritually mature person acknowledges and makes his or her peace with impermanence, a great deal of the related shadow problems disappear and are replaced with a profound sense of peace, compassion for others, and greater mastery of life–the qualities you see in great spiritual masters.

In James’ feeling that he can’t enjoy anything because it’s all impermanent anyway, I think he may be experiencing Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief regarding his own impermanence. Going through these stages is part of the process of becoming spiritually mature. The most esoteric training of spiritual paths that deal with this question–sometimes referred to as “the great matter of life and death”–are, in effect, methods for moving through something akin to these stages–though the process isn’t always framed in this exact way.

It’s a bit self-defeating, though, to say that since everything ends there’s no value in experiencing it. This is why many spiritual traditions talk about “being in the moment” or suggest that you “be here, now” instead of mentally being in the future, when what’s happening now (and, in an ultimate sense, you) will have ended. When you’re just being here, now, the fear of impermanence has no hold on you. In fact, the now moment becomes much more significant, and much more alive.

Some people say that it’s better to just “have faith”–in effect, to believe that impermanence isn’t real. Everyone is, of course, free to do that, and many people do. Isn’t it interesting, though, that among the most revered humans in history are great spiritual masters who have made their peace with impermanence? Those who look reality (one significant aspect of which is impermanence) in the eye and make their peace with it seem to share certain rare qualities–they exude power, equanimity, poise, peace, and compassion.

You sometimes see these qualities in a person with a terminal illness who, after moving through the stages of grief, finally comes to terms with the fact that they are dying. Family, friends, and caretakers often report feeling what some call “a contact high” from being around such a person, and are often in awe as this person goes through his or her death process.

I’m not sure what advice to give about this question, as it isn’t something easy to explain in a few paragraphs. My own coming to peace regarding this matter, to whatever degree I’ve done that, has been the result of forty-plus years of meditation and many years of work with various teachers, culminating in my association with Genpo Roshi these last few years. Not many people make their peace with impermanence. It’s much easier–or at least it seems so–to avoid the question.

To make your peace with life–and death–you have to look it squarely in the eye, which I think you’re beginning to do, James. That you noticed your response and were able to step back and comment on it shows a higher level of awareness on your part. So, keep going. Sit with this question of life and death until it loses its hold on you.



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194 Responses to “The Great Matter of Life and Death”

  1. Gloria says :

    Great article, Bill. Loss has been the great storm cloud hanging over my head my entire life because of a series of tragic losses early in life. My motto used to be: dealing with life is dealing with loss and dealing with loss is finding something to takes its place. That was my strategy until it finally and inevitable (and thankfully?) failed when the husband I replaced my late husband with left for another woman after 21 months of marriage. That’s when I turned to Holosynch (and many other modalities). It’s been an amazing ride for the past 8 years and at times I have felt like a bottomless well of grief.

    What I have realised is relevant to your mention of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s process – grief has to be acknowledged and experienced. That is what I tried to by pass and it caught up with me big time. The other thing I did was to form incredibly strong attachments to the things I loved, so that the sense of loss was magnified way out of proportion in many instances – I used to regard even the loss of a favourite plant as a tragedy.

    Another thing that I have become very aware of is just how much of other people’s grief I have taken on. I was deeply affected by all of the sadness around me as a child, which wasn’t even mine and I’m sure this happens to a large degree with many people with sensitive natures. Some people seem better at ‘growing skin’ than others.

    Because grief felt so awful to me, I lived in fear of it – not any more! I am at an age (same as you, Bill) where serious illness and death is accumulating around me and I don’t get pulled into it like I have in the past. e.g. my closest friend’s husband has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and so she is now in the same position I was in 14 years ago (different disease) and there has been no triggering of any emotional reaction in me at all, which enables me to be a much better means of support.

    The work I have done is paying great dividends, even though I get frustrated at times that I am not ‘better’ than I am. But even that kind of thinking doesn’t have the same kind of power to pull me down as it used to.

    I also have experienced a lot of what James talks about and I have come to see that that is just part of the journey and pay no heed to it.

  2. Steve says :

    One may ask “Why read a book when it is going to end anyway?” or “Why have this tasty food when the enjoyment will eventually end?” Sure, you could pass on reading that book or eating that food, but then you are not really living life at all.

  3. Sam says :

    You spoke in a cd with Ken wilber once (it came with the program in the beginning) about different lists that the Buddhists have, such as the five hinderences or the three poisons, that they use to keep everything together in the oral tradition. I wonder how you find these things useful in witnessing and if, at a certain point, the witness is cultivated enough such that these lists (or pointing out instructions) are no longer needed. I’m finding that these pointing out instructions are useful in my being able to witness things I didn’t quite know how to get at before. I also notice how these things soon become nothing more than concepts and how it’s easy to get stuck in going through the motions of practice; I’m in a mindfulness group so I am mindful in meditation, but I just can’t get it together out there in the world. I also find that zen is helpful in cutting through a lot of this and I’m wondering if you have anything to say to that as well (as much as one can say anything about zen). This stuff freeks people out, however Zen freeks shouldn’t be so worried about it; no offence, however is there a self to take offence? Here I go again!

    FROM BILL: They have no use in witnessing. Witnessing is watching. Watching isn’t about thinking or categorizing. Again (and again), STOP all this theorizing and questioning. Shut up and watch.

  4. Johannes says :

    This is all very interesting, but I still feel that there is a next step to life. You guys ever heared of Dr. David Hawkins and consciousness research?

    FROM BILL: Personally, I think Hawkins is entirely full of shit (and himself). Your feeling that there is a next step is proves what…? That you hope there is one? You’re just making my point.

  5. Rob says :

    In some of the other blogs ‘universal awareness’ is mentioned, and its got me thinking regarding this blog.

    Has James began to question the impermanence of happy emotional states because of he has experienced this ‘universal awareness’ to a degree that hasd affected his perception of reality?

    By questioning the very permanence/ impermanence of his reality is he resisting this unversal awareness? If I remember correctly, universal awareness requires nothing to sustain itself, then by that reckoning it doesnt require any type of state to exist .So if James is experiencing this nothingness state, is is unable to comprehend it emotionally because we dont naturally have a state of nothing in reality (unless we are dead?)

    FROM BILL: Universal awareness is what I have referred to as the transcendent, or awareness without content. See “The Five Stages of Waking Up” and other posts about this topic. If you’re in this state there’s nothing to resist.

  6. Johannes says :

    Wow, thanks Bill for the comment!
    Nah, my feeling proves nothing, I’m just saying that with the peace that comes with accepting reality as it is, there still is some feeling of incompleteness.
    Your and Hawkins’ work both helped me a lot in my life. So since you’re reading my comment, I’d like to thank you for your work.

  7. “Shut up and watch.”

    That’s my new motto…


  8. jason says :

    Hello Bill im afraid of death and i dont no how to deal with it ….all i can do is live in the moment and when death comes watch a self be scared..

    please reply is this the best way to deal with death

    love jase

    FROM BILL: You’re just going to have to deal with it. You WILL die at some point. That’s the way it is for everyone. You can either be afraid all the time, or come to terms with the fact that you’re here now, but you won’t always be here. I would get busy figuring out what to do NOW rather than being off in the future worrying about something you won’t even be here to experience. Find something you want to do with your life and start doing it.

  9. Sam says :

    Witnessing is not watching, however the watcher apparently is the one that pinned you down; the witness witnesses this. I’ll shut up and watch now.

  10. Robert says :

    Hi to all,

    Looks to me that Bill is alluding to nothing more than surrender in life which you can’t do too well if you are immersed in the needs of the ego.

    My pain and suffering in life revolves around the needs of perfectionist, and I’ve got it really bad!! (Play a seriously hard game of black and white.)

    Guess what, I just made a mistake while typing this comment, and I AM OK emotionally with that fact. I have surrendered to that fact.

    All these years of using Holosync IS paying off. As the mind slows down you will surrender more and more and just watch.

  11. Catherine H says :

    Yes it’s true.
    My step-father died a few years ago having been diagnosed with motor neurone disease. He accepted his illness and impending death with such grace and humour, it was deeply touching (and quite out of character!)
    I used to relish his company and the peace that I felt when with him.
    A very intimate and special privilege.

  12. jason says :

    Thank you Bill im really thankful .

    love j

    be well

  13. Kathy Steevens says :

    As a nurse, I’m often exposed to death and dying. Death itself doesn’t frighten me. You’re here and then you’re not. I think it’s much harder on the people left behind than on the one who’s dying. Apart from losing a loved one, they’re confronted with their own mortality, which as you say Bill, seems to freak people out.

    Unfortunately, nursing also exposes you to some awful suffering and I find that much more disturbing than death itself. In these cases, death is a welcome and longed for release, for both the patient and the carers. I’ve decided I’m going to die peacefully in my own bed, in which case, dying shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  14. CJ says :

    It does seem reasonable that impermanence generates resistance only when we view this present moment as “all there is”.

    A dear friend lost her 22-year-old Army Officer nephew this week; bullet wound to the head. Some would say this is a senseless waste, others would argue it is the “cost of freedom”. His funeral took place yesterday with many, many people coming from several states…folks wanting to pay respects to a young 22-year-old that touched so many hearts.

    One elderly lady came from out of state, from where he graduated University with honors and was a neighbor. She told the story of how when he passed through town just after his graduation, he stopped by to visit her. Noticing that she was having financial difficulties, he pulled out $500 and handed it to her. . . just one of the many stories heard from folks who felt it important that his parents know what kind of young man they had raised. They’ve also begun to hear wonderful stories from grateful organ recipients, giving some light to a young tragedy.

    Perhaps part of the beauty of change, impermanence, is the opportunity and grand privilege to share the journey– to touch the spirit of those with whom we walk side-by-side in this presence. A conceptl like compassion that is well worth openly embracing?

  15. Ronald G says :

    To me, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t know if I’d like to live forever but I would like to try because I love seeing all of the changes in everything!

    In my 50+ years of metaphysics I’ve learned one thing, it all depends on how you believe. When we realize we are the center of “OUR” universe and we create “it” based on OUR thoughts, the rest falls into place.

    Remember what JOB said in the Bible, “The thing I feared has come upon me.” When we “focus” on a thing, it becomes real to us; we give it life, so if we want joy, then we need to move our thinking 100% to the thought of joy. We can’t bounce back and forth or let the slightest doubt come into our thoughts or we’ll lose what we desire and be in the same boat.

    Life is for the living; we should be present all the time. Louise L. Hay taught me, “the point of power is in the present moment”.

    Until we stop dreading the past and fearing the future, we will never live in the present with happiness, and if we can’t do that, the future is already doomed.

    FROM BILL: However, to be human is to doubt, and repressing or disowning anything about your humanness–including doubts–causes what has been disowned to express itself anyway, in dysfunctional, covert, and immature ways that create suffering for you and for others. Better to acknowledge doubts, and watch them with awareness. Those that do not serve you will dissolve.

    The flaw in New Age ideas about postive thinking (including those of Louise Hay, who is a very sweet person) is that it disowns the negative side of the coin of life, and you can’t have a one-sided coin.

  16. AJ Martin says :

    You are correct about impermanence, this is a basic Buddhist teaching. By following the middle path one is aware of happiness and sadness, that we all experience and know the impermanence of it. ar Death being the great equalizer is brought to most through fear. One must understand that this is not our first round on earth or our hundredth. We, the self, or soul or whatever you wish to call it,is immortal. “We” have always been and will never die. our mission on Earth 101 is to gain experiences that will expand our consciousness so that our understanding of the Universe increases, and that one lifetime, perhaps, we may know a little of the Will of what you presume that GOD IS. aj

    FROM BILL: Ah! What one can learn from books!

  17. Brooks Powell says :

    Having experienced unease at the thought of impermanence, may I suggest the following: The God Theory by Barnard Haisch, Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner and the meditations of Jeddah Mali. The Gospel of Thomas achieves new meaning after reading these and related offerings on the subject of the Field.

    FROM BILL: Absolutely. Anyone looking for a way to not face up to impermanence should read these books.

  18. Mike says :

    Hi Bill,

    I know that Buddhists use focusing on impermanance as a meditation, and part of this includes recognizing that whatever arises (including joy and happiness) will pass away. Before you can become OK with impermanance you must recognize it (and this includes the recognition that ALL things pass away, including joy and happiness). Perhaps this is what James is going through.

    Be Easy,

  19. Hi Bill, great article with deep revealing truth. Impermanance is a reality, having said that we need not go into overdrive with our thinking going from one extreme to another, thus sapping our capacity to enjoy the here and now. What we shoulg garner from this is that life is precious and priceless, and as such we ought to treasure it, value it, and celebrate it!!!

  20. Elaine says :

    This is the best post ever about impermanence/death/etc. Or maybe I’ve just advanced to a level where I am less resistant?
    I’ve been using something like Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind dialogueing for personal growth, and am wondering if it would be helpful to “Talk with Impermanence” as a step towards getting it into the light? That would be better than being scared sh*****s of death & dying, which has, in the recentish past, been the demon I’ve been dealing with. (It’s all Bill’s fault for bringing this up, curse it.)
    It’s also because the older I get, the closer I get to the crunch. Like Wise-Woman Gloria (above) I’m no longer in the first flush of youth. I figure, Why wait until I’m dying to come to peace with the idea of death? I don’t want to be haunted by dysfunctional impermanence for another 30 or 40 years (which is how long I’m going to live because of the [non-wacky] health regimans I embrace….unless of course I get run over by a truck)

    So, another Project for 2011: Coming to terms with Impermance.

    Thanks again, Bill, from the whirlpool I call Elaine

  21. Carol N. says :

    “Do not go softly into that dark night; rage, rage against the dying of the light!” To me the meaning is clear: Grab life by the horns and and enjoy wherever the ride takes you, for as long as it may last…no regrets! Live for today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

  22. Josh says :

    Shut up and watch! Great words. It reminds me of what my favorite guitarist, Trey Anastasio, said in an interview about how his “job as a musician is to listen and shut up.”

  23. Terri says :

    Bill, why do you say Dr. Hawkins is full of shit (and himself)?

    FROM BILL: A long story–too long to tell now.

  24. Lauren says :

    First, Bill, I want to say “thank you” and that I really enjoy reading your posts–the casual way you explain higher thinking really speaks to me and I think you’re a very smart and “knowing” individual.

    The impermanence of human life is mirrored in the forever disappearance of each moment–and also in how our cells continue to die but are replaced in order for our “now” person to exist–Inevitably each day is never to be seen again, and eventually our ability to regenerate cells stops.

    For me, to experience a form of (the feeling of) permanence is to stay awake to my moment to moment choices (starting with the thoughts, feelings and supporting actions that I embrace) so that I can continue to grow into a greater version of myself –because doing that is the legacy I (we) leave behind. When we fully employ (and enjoy) each “now” moment, with the intention of creating an existence that’s rich and meaningful —That’s when our “now interactions” (whether internally or externally) can have “permanent” legs–like children who grow up and move on to create–our inner life and outer actions are like children that grow up and into things we either like or don’t–Many of the root level choices are ours (thoughts, feelings and actions) –and what happens then is usually reflected in those choices–and it’s the results that can have a form of permanence because they a part of a permanent link in the chain of events (cause and effect) that form both the future and history.

    I don’t fear death–although I do fear pain. I know that even children grow up and eventually die–At the end of my physical-ness, I would imagine that I will be most grateful that my children (both literal and figurative) have experienced my love and attention fully.

  25. Julie says :

    Last year my husband had near total organ failure and (obviously) nearly died. I was interested in my response, as I sat there waiting in the hospital room and he was in the resuscitation room for 10 hours, which was:-

    Although (obviously) I would prefer for him not to die now and I probably will go through a grieving process when it happens and this is not something I can avoid as he WILL die at some point. It will be NOW or it will be another NOW sometime in the future, but it WILL BE – and it is a natural process that I will go through, and come out of eventually, and life will go on, as it does, until it doesn’t.

    So in a sense it didn’t seem to matter at the point when I was waiting, which NOW it would be. The only way I won’t experience his death at some time is if I die first, and again I know the ‘die’ part WILL happen at some time, and when it does it will be NOW.

    Meanwhile, whichever of those NOWs come first I’ll just carry on enjoying what’s here in THIS CURRENT NOW.

    Interestingly I didn’t tell my husband how ‘matter of fact’ I felt about it at the time because I wondered if he might have interpreted this as me not caring for him. But we did talk about it later when he was recovered and he’s ok with it.

    Just thought I’d share.

  26. Dale Remlee says :

    78 and don’t fear death. Fear pain if it becomes part of the process. Perhaps much too strong an ego. Believes it is going to live forever! Really curious as to how the human race is going to progress …or not in the coming years. Sorry that Me won’t be around to par take in all the drama. Realize that idenitity is a patchwork construction and I would love to freely let go and perhaps be able to live lovingly and without judgements. But on the other hand my particular personality is having a roller coaster ride and mostly enjoying it.

  27. Kathy Horne says :

    I am beginning to understand this. I have always thought there was afterlife..after all energy is never created or destroyed…so it must go somewhere. I guess the energy remains but the concept of me..Kathy, may not follow. I don’t fear death…although I’m not ready for it yet. I have gotten much better at enjoying the present moment. As for what happens after this life…I’ll just wait and see. In the meatime I choose not to worry about.

  28. Ed Pisko says :


    Wonderful post and courageous as few are willing to talk about death. It is possible to totally move beyond the fear of death. Thanks to Holosync I recently went through one of those transformations in which a lifetime of crutches such as Zen, Kabbalah, yoga, etc. etc. just slipped away. Now death is just part of life.
    Blissful; life without the big questions.
    Thanks again.

  29. Maurice Corrigan says :

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for your post. And thanks to your commentators heartfelt responses on the human condition.
    All ‘real’ and grounded thanks to your purge of the new age space cadets and other magical thinkers in 2010!!!
    The existential challenge of impermanence is initially disturbing and I wonder does one have to be of a certain age (I guess I am of a similar vintage to yourself and Gloria) and have a degree of ‘work’ done to integrate fully? My experience also is that it is ultimately liberating. As you suggested in your response to James it’s a matter of deciding what one does and with whom between now and the day (when ever that might be) we die!
    Paradoxically the degree we are prepared to live is proportionate to the degree we are prepared to die.

    Kind regards

  30. Anne says :

    We are here in order to achieve expansion.
    We belong to the source of all that is.
    We are creators and through our thoughts create our reality.
    Thank you for contributing to my expansion :)

  31. Gene Burnet says :

    Bill, I hesitate to comment on your blog, as at this point in my spiritual development, I try not to judge others, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I think every thing you said is very close to the Truth. You mentioned 40 years of meditation and I believe that meditation is the key to moving down the spiritual path of enlightenment and especially to the point of not being horrified by the impermanance of our separate self. Furthermore I believe Holosync is the best meditation techique and teacher on the planet. This is where I have a problem with your blog. I don’t believe anyone could have the views you do on impermanance and everything else you say you believe while keeping the best tool on the planet out of the price range of us regular folks. Especially when you know that raising the conscienceness of just one person benefits the world. You are in the position to help many people but you choose to help just the few that can afford your prices. Help and teach the whole world while helping yourself instead of just a few. You have something that really could raise the enlightenment of the whole world yet you price it out of the worlds range. Again I say that these don’t seem to be the actions of someone who truly believes in impermanance. Thanks for listening.

    FROM BILL: Prices aren’t set by magic. It costs money to offer Holosync and all the necessary support and education that goes with it. As it is, you can do this program for about 50 cents a day. Prices are a great way to allocate resources, because those who think this is “too expensive” use some other method, and do so by choice. In this way scarce resources are allocated BY THE CHOICE OF THOSE WHO USE THEM. Isn’t that wonderful?

  32. Seer says :

    Well Bill, you’re half way there at least.

    So many ways to look at your theory of impermanence, none particularly right or wrong, most tailored to the individual, generally in spite of whatever teachings they’ve grown up on :). We each take what we hear, see and feel and piece together from that what we’ll believe, always subject to change as we ‘grow’ ;).

    There used to be an old trick that Wiccans used for those new to the path, kind of a shock value method ; those with an interest in learning from others were told to recite the Lord’s prayer in reverse, line for line. A bit radical and often misunderstood, assuming a non-existent link to Satanism. But it’s purpose, for those who were able to manage it, was to free the individual from prior baggage (thoughts, beliefs, expectations) and allow them to start from scratch, so to speak, so that they could better absorb the new ideas. I don’t think that’s often even mentioned today to new comers, and it isn’t necessary of course, just a faster path, it has the same freeing effect that your impermanence theory does :).

    There are so many means to a variety of ends – the nice thing about life is that there’s plenty of room for all of these paths, as much room as is needed for each of us. Yours is one way, it will work for those with your ears and eyes, it’s generous of you to step up to the plate. Often the only way we can absorb new ideas is to free ourselves from old ones, your thoughts here serve that step pretty well for those who are ready for it :).

    Your teaching has it’s place and serves it’s purpose, even though it will make many uncomfortable, put off by this impermanence aspect you’re proposing. Every path has numerous sign posts telling travelers it’s time for them to turn back or aside, to seek another way. It’s all good :).

    Our instincts (for want of a better term) are more deeply embedded than any teaching we will experience, what we learn only fine tunes ‘us’. We all find our way in the end and some of these paths actually provide delightful surprises – it truly isn’t the ‘end’ that matters, it really is the journey, which is what you seem to be saying, so I suppose I can agree ;).

    FROM BILL: Wow! I’m halfway there? Fantastic. And I didn’t even know I was trying to get somewhere. Nothing arrogant about you! Thanks for the chuckle and the compassionate sigh you evoked.

  33. Heikki says :

    Its just a ride;-)

    Life, I mean.

    So, sit back and enjoy. Or get nervous and suffer

    Its your own choice.

    Peculiar paradox. I have gotten, I get now and I’ll get everything I wanted in my life. After I admitted to myself that I actually wanted for myself everything that I have experienced in my life.

    Yes, “I” wanted to experience my mother’s dead, Yes, “I” wanted to experience my own divorce. Yes, “I” wanted experience everything also so called “negatives” things.

    I pray for myself today, more adversity. Because adversity is life.

    Suffered by them is always your/my own choice

  34. eva says :

    Your blog couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just diagnosed with brain mets. I have a CT tomorrow to find out if there is a primary site for the lesion. Either way death is immenent for me. Since finding out about my fate I have waivered from what I think of acceptance to denial to why me to feeling completely sorry for myself. My husband initially was handling it well however, he is realizing he is going to lose me and talks of dying with me. I feel I need to be strong for my family. The last two nights I have had a fear of nightfall, missing my family, knowing they are going to miss me. I’m 45 years old have the two best sons in the world and a husband who I have been with for almost 30 years. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Knowing that I’m Leaving him and my two sons hurts so much, I just want more time….

    FROM BILL: I understand. For now, you’re alive. Make the most of it.

  35. AL says :

    Hello Bill: Regarding your comments about immpermance;
    The Greatest Book on Wisdom states this about Impermance,

    That a Man should enjoy rhe fruits of his Labor
    and be content with what he has !
    In other words
    Eat, Drink, and be Merry !

    Actual Verse:
    There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his
    soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God. Ecc Chapt 2:24

    Verse 2:23 states:
    For all his days are sorrows, and his travail grief; yea, his heart taketh not rest in the night.
    This is also vanity.

    In Short these verses are saying;
    Life is Full of Ups and downs
    Sorrows and grief worrying about stuff, is Futile,
    or empty of significance, or simply a waste of time…

    That is Why Holo-Sync is such a Great Tool to help
    Re-wire your Brain, to throw out the waste
    of past experiences or hurts, and establish new
    neuro path ways, for Good thoughts, so one can
    Live in Contentment and Peace !
    Enjoy your Day, Make the Best of it !
    Be Well with Mind Body and Soul ! Amen !

  36. Gerard says :

    Thanks, Bill. Happy New Year to you. Another impermanent year filled with the now. Heres to it and to you and to us all.

  37. Andy says :

    Kinda with James but in a different way: I can’t take life seriously and yet am deeply moved by it. Ah the polarities and paradoxes… I used to call it “The tragedy of the moment”: every nexus of space-time has never happened before and will never happen again – so unbearably poignant and yet often so banal. I want to say, “I die every night and am surprised when I ‘resurrect’ – there is no fear in it”. The continuity of my life both irritates with its constraints and comforts with its stability. I am totally free and yet shrink from the consequences of radical action. I don’t care what people think, because most people are operating from a very low level of awareness (and ultimately no-one is there anyway), yet I want to contextualise my statement and justify myself. So I want you guys to know I was very ill a few years ago, it was very painful, I did nearly die and at that point I was not only cool with it, but almost wanted it. Evidently I wanted to get better more. For now there appears to be more to come, but there may not be. Bill may be right or he may be wrong, but he is stating truthfully and cogently where he is at. That is always helpful. Meanwhile, those who know, know. Those who do not, presumably will.

    FROM BILL: Well stated.

  38. Impermanence….what about it?? No longer bothers me. I was getting there on my own after the death of my mother… My life long interest in the field of archaeology has strengthened my belief that all humans and the trappings of thier lives have a limited existence and are inevitably replaced by a new set of humans and their “stuff” (interconnectivity of all things). Then about 8 years ago I started Holosynce and all my beliefs on the matter were confirmed. I do not fear death but maybe still fear the act of dying…no one likes pain…. . My goal now is to live in the moment and make sure that I leave some positive contributions to the society of man before the curtain falls on my last act.

    FROM BILL: This from someone who is very close to completing the entire Holosync program.

  39. Sam says :

    I really enjoy the people bringing up these things from the books; I haven’t read them.

    FROM BILL: Yes, Sam, I can see that you are lost in the labyrinth of your own mind. Perhaps you ought to read some of those books. Get lost in someone else’s mind for a while.

  40. Lorraine Hough says :

    By your own definition of impermanence, wouldn’t impermance be impermant?

    FROM BILL: Yes, if we were playing word games. That would be like saying lying is a lie, or that the word exclude excludes itself. But impermanence isn’t a “thing” that comes into being a passes away. It is a word describing a quality of this universe, and that quality is real. In fact, it’s often said that the only thing permanent about the universe IS impermanence.

  41. Jerry Diaz says :

    Quite the diatribe from such an enlightened soul. Does surpassing Tolle’s level 3 also rekindle the incessant need to be right?

    FROM BILL: So your argument about what I’m saying consists of an attack on me personally, and a characterization of what I’ve said as a “diatribe”? If you think something I’ve said is incorrect, prove it.

    I find it interesting that in another post you made an assumption that I see others as inferior. Boy does that fit the definition of a shadow if I ever saw one.

    So far none of your comments contain any content or argument–just name calling and assumptions about my motives.

  42. Very well formulated response to an experience of impermanence. It is a very hard fundamental law to both grasp in experience as well as accept. The over riding psychological construct of “me” is perceived and “mocked up” as both continuous and cohesive, i.e. solid and permanent as is. This serves some adaptive requirement to live in a complex interchange we discuss as culture but experience as varying levels of reality. As you note, meditation and/or holosynch can slow down this process such that we may perceive the dis-continuities and the open spaciousness of what/who we are.

    FROM BILL: Good point. We do mentally create the illusion that the separate self is something solid and continuous, and that certainly is a fundamental, though more subtle, way of trying to escape from impermenance. And, it explains why human being are so attached to their idea of who they are (ie, the self).

  43. jason says :

    Dear Bill i am needing to no about DR R Hawkins book {POWER VS FORCE} when he says he had that spritual experience of bliss energy go up his back } i just new he was full of sh=t and him self … but then after reading your blog i new that all he speaks of about life after death was just his mind and i was free and new that his work was on a magic thinking level…….anyway can you please tell me does DR Hawkins no that its all bullsh+t about life after death and hes just doing it for book sales…?

    FROM BILL: I think he probably believes what he says.

    love j

  44. Carlos says :

    If Jerry Diaz thinks of these blogs Posts as diatribes and have a low opinion of Bill Harris I wonder why he is coming to this blog in the first place.


    FROM BILL: I think he’s a new visitor, and has very little information about what this blog is about. As you know, my views on life, spirituality, personal growth, and most other things, are at odds with what most people think. If someone is set in a certain point of view, a lot of what I say is going to upset their apple cart. That is difficult for some people.

  45. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    You’re the source and creator of all you experience, you’re a
    God, but what you, the individual entity bouncing around
    inside the big universe you’ve created, what you do is totally
    out of your control.
    werner erhard

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE from your AWAKENED VIEW can you explain me this total nonsense “You are the source of all your experience and you don’t have the least control. All you can do is choose what happens.” ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: You have a choice about some things, to the degree that you are aware of how you create them, as you do it: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracked to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. If, however, you are unaware of how you create these things, and are unable to observe the process by which you create them, you will have no control over what you create.

  46. Carlos says :

    I have being reading a book by Nathaniel Branden about self esteem . The guy is considered to be an authority on the topic and He has similar views as the ones presented by Bill(as opposed to those presented in the secret)

    He wrote:
    “Self Responsability entails such realizations as the following
    -I am responsible for my choices and actions
    -I am responsible for the way I treat other people
    -I am responsible for being in the relationships I choose to enter or remain in.
    -I am responsible for the meaning I give or fail to give to my existence.

    ” …I am far from suggesting though that a person never suffers through accident or through the fault of others , or that a person is responsible for everything that may happen to him or her . We are NOT omnipotent …”

    …”some things we have control over ; others we do not . If I hold myself responsible for matters beyond my control, I will put my self -esteem in jeopardy since inevitable I will fail my own expectations….”


    FROM BILL: Yes, he is right. One of the main things I’ve been trying to get across is that the idea that you can control everything (with your mind, a la The Secret) just isn’t true. You cannot control impermanence or cause an effect, for instance. You can INFLUENCE cause and effect to a certain degree (enough to create a totally different life if you apply yourself), and you can do things to forestall impermanence to some extent (repair your car, brush your teeth, exercise, eat well, etc), but these two things include forces way beyond our control.

    There are four categories of things we can control, or, as I usually say, have choice about: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. However, you only have a choice about these things to the degree that you are aware of (ie, can actually see what you do to create them, as you do it) of how you create them. Most people have limited or no awareness of how they create these four things, so they happen automatically. This causes people to assume that they “just happen” or that they are caused by outside events, other people, etc.

    Those four things are created by what I call your Internal Map of Reality, a collection of internal cognitive processes that for most people run on autopilot, creating whatever they were programmed to create by their early life experiences. Becoming aware of what these processes are, and developing the ability to observe how you use them to create those four things gives you choice over them.

    This requires three things: 1) enough awareness to observe your internal processes, which is why I suggest that everyone use Holosync, which dramatically increases awareness; 2) knowing how you create those four things, which requires a knowledge of how your internal processes work to create those four things; and 3) the ability (which requires that you have #1 and #2) to observe yourself creating those four things, as you do it. To gain that ability, I suggest that everyone take my three Life Principles Integration Process online courses (

    When you can watch yourself create those four things, they become a choice. And, once you hav a choice, you will always choose what serves you. What doesn’t serve you is almost impossible to do WITH AWARENESS.

  47. Seer says :

    Arrogance is a point of perception – personally I prefer to think of it as confidence ;). At any rate I was speaking of your theory as being half way there – you of course are wherever you are :D.

    And you’re welcome ;).

    FROM BILL: You, of course, have the full story, that we can only wonder about and hope to someday know.

  48. Natasha says :

    Bill, sorry that this is irrelevant to our conversation
    but can you help me please?

    I really feel the need to pray,
    but I have experienced that all of this is me,
    that I am God and I have created everything,
    and now I cannot pray, because I do not have who to pray to… (myself?)

    I’m not religious at all by the way- it’s just that
    when I felt really bad or needed help, praying to something bigger than me
    used to soothe me and give me strength. Now this has crumbled
    and my meditation cannot cover this intimate 2nd person conversation
    I used to have with this “something bigger than me”. What can I do?

    Thank you for all your help,
    and I look forward to your reply,

    FROM BILL: You can pray if you want to. However, you’re noticing that as your perspective becomes larger, some things that made sense before now don’t make sense. If you realize that there is one thing-event that makes up the universe, and that you’re IT (not you, Natash, since that is an idea, but the real you, which is the entire going on of it all), then who do you pray to? If you were praying, as you say, to something larger than yourself, where do you find it once you realize that you are that larger thing you were praying to?

    This is why spiritual sophisticated people have to come to terms with cause and effect and impermanence–and the fact that much of existence is an unfathomable mystery. Once you realize that putting off the unknown (or the unwanted, such as impermanence) onto a supreme being doesn’t really make sense, you then begin to move toward reconciling yourself to the facts of this universe, which you have no control over. And, the things you do have controld over are your responsibility, your choice–not that of a supreme being. Once you make your peace with these things (which doesn’t mean “believe them,” but rather “embody them”), you’re free.

    There is no magic solution. Life is what it is, right here, right now. Live it, moment by moment.

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with expressing gratitude for the wonder of it all, though, and that you are here as an aware being.

  49. Heikki says :

    Bill, greetings from finland!

    I just made a huge profit again. So what, I will continue holosync to the bliss end.

    Yes, life is a wonderfull gift!!!

  50. Rob says :

    Hi all, I sent this email to support, but after writing it, I found it so profound to my sense of self that I wanted to share it. It may not be entirely related to this blog, but was hoping it may relate in some way to anyone else?

    Im getting some really encouraging and startling results from my first week on the awakening prologue. Amoungst some of the postive changes Ive experienced Ive become much tidier, more observant to detail, more confident, and far less reactive to triggers of negative reponses that would have prevoiusly caused me considerable discomfort. I am able now it seems, to ‘watch’ as Bill puts it, negative responses that do arise, and I am starting to see what I think are the negative internal reprentations that I used to hold on to so much.

    However, in the last day or two I have started to get an inkling of a strange feeling that I dont think ive had before. I have an image forming of what I want to acheive by the end of the next three months, and then the next six months. That image is making me feel really good inside, and very positive, but im also getting a real sense of berievement. Am I mourniing the loss of some of my old negative creating beliefs?

    The life Im starting to see is a very different life to the one I have now, and I know it will require some big changes inbetween. From what I have experienced in this one week of holosync to what I see in 6 months, I think it frightens me a little that it will happen. I have no definate idea of how Im going to achieve the final part of my 6 month ‘image’, as it is lacking in clarity of the details, but I am absolutely im sure on the first 50% or so, if that last bit made sense?

    Im finding it hard to interlectually comprehend the changes im getting, as they seem so rapid. Im not sure if im just extrapolating my progress so far and making uip a fantasy for 6 months time, or if I can achieve what I envisige. The one thing that holds my belief strong to the fact I can do it, is that im pretty sure I have this picture from my instinct, as all the good changes in this last week feel ‘instinctive’ for my greater good. For the first time in my life Im beginning to see exactly what I want

  51. jason says :

    Bill how do you reclaim a shadow ? i think i have blocked out most of the negitive aspects of the coin and now there biting me in my ass…lol

    love j

    FROM BILL: 1) Read my posts about shadows in the archives. 2) Start using Holosync and using the free 4-lesson online course that comes with it, which deals with shadows.

  52. Mark says :

    “One sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to acknowledge and deal with our own impermanence–plus an acknowledgement of something else humans don’t want to admit: that no one really knows what’s really going on, why we’re here, what it’s all about, how it started, where it’s going, etc.”

    “When the brain/mind that creates these ideas comes to an end, so do the ideas–including the idea (and consciousness) of “me.””


    That which humans, (and it appears, yourself) don’t want to admit is that NO ONE really KNOWS what’s REALLY going on! Yes Bill, and that includes after death. Your seemingly learned statement “When the brain/mind . . . comes to and end, so does the ideas–including the idea of “me”– is itself a grand assumption or presumption about what does or does not continue after death. Having had a near-death experience this much I can say: I may not “know” what “really” happens after death, but the possibility of self-aware consciousness continuing after the mind-body shuts off is as plausible and probable as the assumption that it does not. For such an ostensibly rigorous mind as yours, I would think you would recognize the inconsistency boarding on hubris inherent in this statement and other statements you have occasionally made that show a rather blind side to your otherwise logical and sensible mind. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading your musings.



    FROM BILL: It is NOT more plausible to think that “you” continue after death, since there is zero evidence that this happens. There is plenty of evidence that it doesn’t (no dead people have ever turned up who were still having a “me” experience).

    The fact that we don’t know what happens after death does not add ANY credibility to the idea that something survives death. That is purely a presumption, a wish, a hope. There is NO evidence for it. The most you could rationally do is say that maybe it’s a possibility, but you’d think there would be SOME evidence for it if it were true.

    An experiences you have while you’re alive (which is what a near-death experience is) adds no information about what, if anything, happens after death.

    Why does my opinion “border on hubris” but yours is somehow plausible? If we don’t know what happens after death, wouldn’t all “guesses” be equally valid? Why is my description “hubris”? I suspect it’s because you are so attached the your hope that it isn’t true. I have, however, a lot of dead people on my side. None of them have stepped forward to say, “No, no. I survived my death.” All you have is the fact that a lot of people, none of whom have any evidence, belief in an afterlife.

  53. Alma says :

    I believe that this Dimension represents everything that we are not. If we are Eternal in essence then we wanted to experience impermanence. We are creators and very beautiful curious beings. Your knowingness of your divinity has to be greater than your need to keep moments for ever or loosing them. When you know who you are, You are forever, and You also know that You have it all, so why keep it? =)

  54. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill and the whole supporting staff, I want to thank you for your fantastic service. I have just received my AL4 via FedEx. You sent it on Jan 12th and it came just an hour ago here in Germany!!!! So I´ve just had my first 30min session.
    Since USPS had lost the first recording you made another one without charging me again and am very very grateful for that.

    I realize that the supporting staff on the phone needs a lot of patience but I hope they also understand the people who call.
    Holosync programme has its price but it has become >life important< for me. It gives my emotional life a great value. It is really very fantastic tool or….let´s say……"magical tool" that helps me a lot….and I do love that kind of magic.

    Have all of you a great 2011!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Ed Clark says :

    Are you basically saying that there is nothing “spiritual” in this spiritual path that i have thought that i have started by using Holosync. At times it has felt as though there is something larger than myself here during meditation and times after. Very confusing for a person that was looking to Holosync for a spiritual direction. Thanks in advance for a response -Ed

    FROM BILL: There certainly IS something larger than the small, separate self most people think they are. There is a huge, interconnected universe, what I have described as the one “going-on-of-it all”, the one thing-event. You ARE that one thing-event (not the “you” represented by your idea of yourself, however). You have to be, because that’s all there is. Your mind chops this one interconnected thing-event into smaller supposedly separate things and events, but all of that happens in your mind. Those divisions don’t exist in reality. They are handy to make, but they are mental categories, mental divisions.

    If you are looking for a separate supreme being, I don’t think you will find it, though many think there is one. Nothing in this universe is separate from anything else. The “supreme being” is the going-on-of-it all. But you aren’t separate from it.

    None of this is metaphysical, in my opinion. Metaphysics isn’t needed to explain the universe. Metaphysics is merely taking what is unknown or mysterious and giving it a name. That solves nothing, however.

  56. ILIR KALORËSI says :

    Hello Bill!
    I just wanna thank you, for post blog you are sending, and for your teachings, I no that you are clever man,but man sometimes, you fight like lion, with those nut shell hard brains.
    Keep fighting, maybe they can understand someday.
    I hope you deceid to visit Europe,i dont now how meny Holosync users are in Europe, last year in januari Genpo Roshi was i Kopenhagen,Danmark.
    Maybe you can arrenge some visits with him two Danmark,or Sweden.


    FROM BILL: Genpo Roshi is in Germany right now (Dusseldorf). We have a lot of Holosync users in Europe.

  57. Em says :

    I now live with the fact that change is the only constant we have. It is your decision how to react to change. You may become very depressed and angry. You may feel incredible sadness. Or you may decide not to react to change and then later act on the change that is upon you. All of us have gone through horrific times. None of us is special in that way. The real measure of our spiritual growth is how we act with change. Once I realized that I did not have to react immediately, it was like a burden had been lifted. No longer was that immediacy of action. I could take my time. I could look at the change in all kinds of perspectives and sometimes that change turned out to be an opportunity or something really wonderful.
    We have to become allowers. We do not have control over what happens to us, but we do have control of how we react to it. When you look back at your life, especially on a happy occasion, do you see how every little act or twist or turn in the road led to this very moment? How incredible is that!
    Another aspect of impermanence we should embrace is happiness. Happiness is a choice. I hear my colleges talking about how awful Monday is or living through the week just to have fun on the weekend. What a waste, I think. You are only living 2 days out of a week. You are missing 5 days of wonder, learning, compassion, etc.
    I firmly believe that our emotional state has a lot to do with how are lives are day by day. And our emotional state effects others and even the universe.
    As I have gotten older, I have become more outrageous. I have been a teacher for 26 years. And I will have to say that there are few teachers who have any understanding about me. I love to laugh and have fun. That may include something crazy I write on my personal school email or some comment I make during a meeting, etc. My work with English as a second language students will involve something to make them laugh and enjoy learning more.
    Living in the moment is challenging. And I am not saying that I can do it all the time. But since I have been teaching myself to do so, I feel freer than I have in any other time of my life. Of course, sometimes negativity starts to eat me away in my brain. My remedy was to call all that negativity “Mildred”. I happen to hate that name so it is perfect for the negative thoughts that invariably arrive.
    I use several techniques to keep me on course. I wait up every morning to the sound of Paul McCartney singing, “Let it Be”. It gets me started on a positive note everyday. Another technique I use is a line from Crosby, Stills and Nash. It is their line, “Rejoice, Rejoice, we have no choice but to carry on”. I have a lot of lines of poems, and sayings up in my room at school. The last one that really helps me is from The Greatfull Dead from their song, Trucking. Here it is, “Sometimes the light is all shining on me. Other times, I can barely see. Lately, it appears to me what a long strange trip its been.”

    FROM BILL: What if you didn’t try to disown negativity? See my post in the archives, “What’s Hidding in Your Shadows?”

  58. Em says :

    Lastly let me say that I have a folder in my file drawer at home that is labeled “Total Crap”. The title on the folder says, “When I croak……..”. In it I have my will and important papers. But I also have things that I think about in this lifetime. I have some jokes. Some memories. At times I address my adult children directly if it is something I want to tell them. I hope when I am no longer in bodily form, they will do some laughing as well as I know there will be crying. I am lucky to have a great relationship with my children. I guess I would have to say to those having trouble with impermanence, “Don’t worry about life, it isn’t permanent.

  59. James says :

    Thanks for the reply- the thing is, at the point that I read it, I wasn’t feeling that way. I guess even feeling ‘Happiness is impermanent’ is an impermanent feeling that I go through cycles of.
    I’ll read it when I do feel like that again.

    Also, I think the point is about not enjoying something because it’s impermanent is attachment, obviously you can always ask ‘Why not just enjoy it?’ (And I think it’s a useful question) but you also have to take into account that at whatever level of awareness I have, I probably can’t embody it yet…

  60. mary says :

    Bill, I recently read this in a catholic bulletin of all places! – “in every love there are three aspects -the one who loves, the one who is loved and the love that unites them.” It seems to me the more we see ourselves as the awareness and the choice to become a more open channel to unite the two loves the less impermanence is an issue. When I speak of love I don’t mean the emotional human variety but “unconditional positive, compassionate, understanding regard”

  61. Alan H says :

    Hi Bill great blog once again. I did have a few questions though. If everything is impermanent, do you feel that “kundalini”, which you speak of in the course material, is impermanent too? Also, in your opinion, what constitutes a a real kundalini awakening? Of what I have read, people seem to have these “awakenings” and then the whole experience stops after a while. Seems kinda false to me if kundalini is really just energy at the base of the spine. I ask because since Awakening Prologue, and I am now on Awakening level 2, I have experienced the kriya jerks that you talk about in the support letters many times, and am wondering what they lead up to. They aren’t harsh, quite pleasant actually, but are these reactions impermanent too? (I know they would stop when we die Im just referring to when we are alive)
    Alan H

    FROM BILL: Everything is impermanent. If you have a kundalini awakening and then die, where did it go?

    I’m sure there is a medical/scientific explanation for what Eastern meditation schools call a kundalini awakening. In my opinion, though, what is important is awareness. A kundalini awakening involves becoming aware of certain things that you weren’t aware of previously. In that school of thought, the opening of each chakra involves an enlargement of your perspective around various aspects of being human: survival, sexuality and life force, power, love, communication, the transcendent, and then (supposedly) total enlightenment. Though there is something to all of this in many ways it is a primitive way of looking at all this coming from thousands of years ago, before modern medicine and modern science.

  62. Sandy says :

    I wholly disagree with your idea that the “me” ends with death. Earlier in your post you stated that no one knows what happens, so then how can you make a statement as though you, and you alone know? There have been scientific studies showing that when a person dies, they actually lose weight immediately and it is thought that that weight that is lost within seconds of death is the particle matter of the spirit leaving the body.

    My biggest disagreement is that you state that no one really knows then you go on to state “your” truth as it is the only truth. It will be interesting to see if you allow this to be posted. I have just found this site and ordered your demo CD. I thought I’d read your blog to see what your point of view is, and so far, with the very first thing I have read, it’s not very open. I’ll keep reading and see if my initial impression of your point of view changes or not. Should be interesting.

    FROM BILL: No reputable scientist believes what you said about “particle matter leaving the body.” I’ll bet that a coroner has a very reasonable explanation for this weight loss.

    What I said is that there is no evidence for any afterlife. There are plenty of suppositions, such as yours that a weight loss at death (if such a thing actually happens) MUST mean something about an after life, or a “near death” experience MUST mean that there is an after life–even though there are many other possible explanations for these two phenomena.

    These kinds of logical mistakes happen all the time when people want to believe something, as when people see lights in the sky and think it MUST be something from outer space–as if there aren’t many other more likely explanations. In such a case the only thing you could say is that there are lights in the sky and you don’t know what it is. To move from that to “it’s from another planet” is an unfounded logical leap, and so is saying that a dead body loses weight, or someone has a certain experience when they almost died, or someone ‘remembers” a past life, therefore there is an afterlife.

    Until there is some empirical evidence for an afterlife, I don’t buy it. You might desperately want there to be an afterlife, but the only some reason people believe in one is that a lot of other people (who also desperately want it to be true) also believe in it. That is hardly proof. If you can prove it me me, go ahead. In fact, James Randi has a long-standing million dollar offer to anyone who can prove something like this. So far, no one has.

    I get that you may deeply believe this. I just need proof. Nothing you have cited–or anyone else, over many centuries–is taken as proof by any reputable scientists. Wanting or hoping for something is true, or saying that X happens, so Y must be true when logically it doesn’t mean that, isn’t proof.

    By the way, what I believe about this, and what Holosync will do for you, are two entirely unrelated things. I’m quite certain that Holosync will dramatically improve your life, and many other people who read this blog will tell you.

  63. Jorge says :

    Hi Bill!
    Thank you for your wonderfull writing ! Allow me tell you my point in accordance with your words – All phenomena are impermanent … everything that is tangible is impermanent, it changes. Even thoughts in my mind are changing at each moment … and the same hapens to my beliefs: they change (only for those people who have no beliefs – enlighted people that live in the present moment – beliefs don’t change!) … at each second the world is not the same … even the Universe is continuously changing – it is impermanent… . However, i believe that the Self, the Oneness, the Real Nature of myself does not change … if i forget that belief and achieve to live totaly aware in each moment i aproach to realize my Real Nature … only my Real Nature/the Self/the Oneness does not change – i believe It always existed, It exists just now and It will exist forever -, It is not a concept, neither It is a belief … It is not a phenomenon … only It Is ! It is Permanent, Eternal !

    Kind regards,
    Lisbon, Portugal

  64. Mark says :


    Thanks so much for your speedy reply concerning the so-called after-life plausibility question, the possible hubris and such. If you read my comment again you will see that I didn’t say that a self-aware consciousness surviving death is “MORE” plausible, I stated that it is “as plausible”. Your statement in your blog “borders on hubris” for the simple fact that you make the blatant presumption that ““When the brain/mind that creates these ideas comes to an end, so do the ideas–including the idea (and consciousness) of “me.” How are you so sure? Those who have been clinically dead, no-brain waves, no heart-beat for significant periods of time do return from death but you simply refuse to admit this evidence because why? they weren’t dead enough???? If someone returns from death then their time of being dead doesn’t seem to enter your court of consideration. Here is the odd thing: having been resuscitated from death and had the oft-reported “seeing of the light”, finding myself “self-aware” and in a state of consciousness many times more vivid than normal waking consciousness while being pronounced clincally dead, I still have no idea if what I experienced was a post-life, DMT induced hallucination or if it was, as it seemed, somehow “more real” than my normal individuated consciousness and thus was experiencing simply a more subtle form of conscious reality. And even more odd, and probably quite hard for you to believe, is the fact that I don’t really care if self-aware consciousness does survive death or whether our consciousness simply shuts off and the supposed “I” disappears into oblivion. I enjoy falling into dreamless oblivion each night I go to sleep and would not care in the least if I never woke up to face another day. Most people are terrified of the idea of oblivion, I cherish it. But I do not presume on one side or the other about the after-life; you, however, do presume as your statement makes clear. It appears to you perhaps that it is intellectually courageous to face (meaning presume) that self-aware consciousness doesn’t survive death, but it is actually a disingenuous courage for it fails to admit all anecdotal evidence that would suggest the contrary, and, more importantly, it does not admit your own unavoidable ignorance (not-knowing) concerning the “after-life” question. Whewww!! That was a mouthful!

    Blessings and thanks for your column and your replies!


    FROM BILL: Sorry, Mark. I couldn’t make it through your attempt to mount a defense of your imaginings by misrepresenting what I’ve said, calling me names, etc. I’m sure there’s a blog out there where you can read about what you already agree with. I think you should find it. This blog isn’t about the question of whether or not there is an afterlife. If you want to believe that there is, you are certainly free to do so. I’m just not motivated to go to all the trouble to unwind your attempts at logic. I know you’re very impressed with yourself, and I can certainly get into a good argument, but I just don’t find you or anything you say very motivating–or very interesting.

  65. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    if AWARENESS is already present,
    is it correct to say that HOLOSYNC creates AWARENESS ?
    What HOLOSYNC does exactly ?
    Slow thoughts so that AWARENESS can SEE the falseness of the “I” thoughts and so can recognize itself ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: If you don’t look to see what you are doing, you aren’t aware of it. Rosaro, I have written hundreds of thousands of words about this. Go back and read all the articles on this blog about awareness, instead of trying to get me to state it all again. It’s all there.

  66. Andrew Baines says :

    Body losing weight on death is an urban myth. To an extent the idea that there is an event of death is a misguided as well. The experts cannot point at a definitive event where, for certain, death occurs, short of the body being blasted to smithereens. They simply agree for the purposes of a death certificate such and such a situation will allow them to put the person down as dead. That is great for the smooth running of beaurocracy but it doesn’t tell us when death occurs.

    One way of looking at it is that your life is a process which begins and at some point comes to an end and your definition of death will depend on how you wish to define and limit that process.

  67. Bill,

    I read with interest your article/ comments. Alas I really do wonder what your issue is with Dr. David Hawkins?

    Someone else asked the question on this blog and you chose not to answer it, which is of course your prerogative.

    Alas I am rather curious, would you kindly go into a little more detail please?

    Kind Regards


    FROM BILL: I haven’t answered this because it requires a lengthy answer which to be pertinent and accurate would require that I go back and review Hawkins’ material, which I don’t want to do (as I find it boring and tiresome), nor do I have the time to do it. So this answer isn’t as complete as it could be, because I just don’t have the motivation to go into it in detail. Google David Hawkins scam and you’ll probably find plenty of additional information.

    1) Though his material is presented with a veneer of science, it is not based in science, but in his own non-scientific, non-proven (and in many cases dis-proven) theories. This is obvious to anyone who actually has a scientific education.

    His biggest silliness is the use of muscle testing, which is the basis of his whole system, and which has been proven to not work (yes, I know that many of you think it’s fantastic—I have looked through the actual scientific studies on it, and all those I read found that its predictive power was the same as random chance). James Randi has offered one million dollar if Hawkins can prove that it works. He has not done so.

    Even those who believe in kinesiology say that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that muscle testing can be used in any way as a reliable truth detector, even by those supposedly trained in it (Hawkins has no training in it, according to kinesiologists), despite Hawkins’ false claim that “peer reviewed” studies exist.

    He frequently misuses scientific terminology and concepts in his books and teachings, demonstrating a lack of scientific and mathematical understanding, from his use of logarithmic scales, to absurd and meaningless numbers plucked out of thin air (such as the energy of a loving thought being 10 to the power of minus 35 million megawatts), to the improper use of chaos theory terminology, to the common New Age use of what he calls “quantum theory” (it isn’t) to prove various spiritual propositions (all of which is pure bullshit).

    He also claims that adrenaline makes the muscle go weak during his muscle testing. However, adrenaline makes muscles stronger, ready for fight or flight–not weaker. A high school student could spot such nutty inconsistencies.

    Hawkins clearly doesn’t understand the difference between using a scientific theory as a metaphor and using it as “proof”–something I see in a lot of New Age teachers who talk a lot about quantum theory.

    Those who are not scientifically trained (his target audience) fall for all this bunk. In fact, many New Age teachers use scientific terminology to create an appearance of scientific veracity, and Hawkins is the king of such methods. When challenged by actual scientists (which has repeatedly happened, thankfully), Hawkins takes the position that his system of truth has a higher truth rating than science and so science cannot be used to determine the validity of his work (sigh). It is quite easy to fool people who have a weak (or no) understanding of science and the scientific method.

    2) Hawkins’ credentials are also suspect. His PhD in Health and Human Services is from a private unaccredited distance-learning university called Columbia Pacific University (CPU) which was closed by court order for failing to meet standards set for private universities. Big red flag.

    3) Hawkins has some questionable honors and titles, where the awarding organizations are difficult to identify. Many of his honorary titles have been modified on his website (when their bullshit nature was exposed), and some are self-styled or vanity awards. Red flag.

    4) Quite frankly, in my opinion he shows many of the qualities of a narcissistic cult leader.

    5) He frequently dismisses those who criticize his theories with the ad hominem argument (attacking the one who criticizes his work, instead of actually dealing with their criticism), stating that they “calibrate below 200”, the basic level of integrity, and so are not in a position to criticize him. Red flag.

    6) Finally, I know some people who have dealt with him personally, and they tell me he is incredibly arrogant and quite weird—something I could have guessed from reading his material.


  68. jason says :

    I believe in Jesus

    FROM BILL: That’s the beauty of life. You can believe in anything you want.

  69. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    when you say
    ” the nervous system in order to make a shift
    you have to let go of some of the unresolved mental
    and emotional material”
    What do you mean exactly ?
    HOW do we do it ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Rosario, you amaze me. You read my books and articles, you take my courses, and then you ask questions that are dealt with in detail in those books, articles and courses, as if you had never taken them. Go back and review what you already have from me, rather than asking me to repeat it.

  70. We can’t not believe things. It’s human nature. What we believe, however, makes all the difference.

  71. jason says :

    Dear Bill i have one more question for you…?

    when PARAMAHANSA yogananda died the self realisation people said that his body did not corrupt for 20 days and there was a odour of roses coming from him …

    is this true?

    love jase

    FROM BILL: Yogananda was a beautiful man. However, Hinduism is fraught with magical thinking, miracles, etc. Bodies begin to rot as bacteria start to eat them–no matter who it is–unless they are refrigerated. Magical thinking is a belief that the laws of nature can somehow be circumvented. They cannot. Many people, of course, WANT to believe in such things. That doesn’t make them factual, however.

  72. Carlos says :

    Yes , the new age “culture” is full of gurus with huge egos looking for followers. Unfortunally most people are desperately looking for leaders to follow and trust so they follow the gurus blindly.

    I made that mistake too I am embarrased to admit.


  73. Roy Palmer says :

    Cracking post Bill. And very stimulating comments too. Hugely entertaining. There’s no doubt facing the matter of death triggers some interesting reactions. I suppose given the alternative possibilities of some sort of life after death or no life after death, many people are going to choose the more comforting choice, even if there’s no evidence to support it. But I’m going to take your advice and sit with this question until it loses its hold on me ~ or I die and find out the answer!

  74. Ven says :

    Any suggestions on good credible books for a basic understanding of Chaos theory and Quantum theory?

    FROM BILL: Most of the really good books are difficult to understand unless you have a good science education. There probably are some written for lay people–that aren’t New Agey–but I stopped reading these things a while ago. Go to Amazon and brouse, but if the book starts to try to “prove” spiritual propositions using quantum theory, forget it.

    Perhaps Rich Martin can suggest something. Rich?

  75. Chaos, by James Gleick
    The Misbehavior of Markets, by Benoît Mandelbrot
    The Fabric of the Cosmos, by Brian Greene
    Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next Fifty Years, by Vaclav Smil (or any of his dozens of other books)

    The problem with books about quantum physics is that there is a ton of drivel out there. Also, many physicists wax poetic and flip into metaphysics, when writing about the quantum.

    As for chaos theory, I actually think you’re better to read about systems theory, but that’s a huge field. I recommend starting by reading Vaclav Smil’s books about the ecology and statistics of complex dynamic systems such as energy flows in society and nature. The book I’ve recommended is about things like meteors hitting the earth and the probability of earthquakes in the next fifty years. As Spock would say: Fascinating!

    He also has several books about the evolution of technology since the 19th century. He even has a book about diesel engines (Prime Movers of Globalization) and how they are the true wonders of the modern age. Unfortunately, Smil doesn’t talk about gremlins and ghosts in the machine. ;-)


  76. Actually, a better way to learn about quantum physics is to read about the history of the Manhattan Project and the evolution of nuclear power.

    The Making of the Atomic Bomb, by Richard Rhodes
    Terrestrial Energy, by William Tucker
    Power to Save the World, by Gwyneth Cravens
    Sun in a Bottle, by Charles Seife

  77. Not Rich Martin says :

    A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

    “for all those who couldn’t understand A Brief History of Time”

  78. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    has the same effect of do it in speaking ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Big Mind and Voice Dialog are about becoming aware of aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of, or only partially aware of. Awareness creates choice. In these parts of you operate outside your awareness, they will operate in the way they have been programmed to operate, by your past experiences. Anything that makes you more aware of these aspects of yourself, whether speaking from the voice or writing from it, creates awareness.

  79. Peter says :

    Hi Bill, What would you recommend a person who feel so bad that it seems impossible to use Holosync any longer? I started AL4 in December 2010 but I stopped listening entirely a couple of weeks ago because I had a huge break-down. I feel so bad physically and emotionally that it seems unbearable sometimes. I visited a doctor and he sad that I have a really low serotonin level and that it can be brought up but it will take a long time. While I can’t be sure if he is right I know that I’ve been depressed or very anxious for many years now and while using Holosync (last 2,5 years) it’s gotten worse. I’m just not sure if using this technology is safe for me. You say that Holosync is not harmful and the only thing that harms us is our own resistance to what happens. But what if it becomes so difficult for a person who uses Holosync (so much stuff coming into the surface etc.) that he or she can’t handle it and commits a suicide because they feel so bad? I know it’s a difficult question but things became really complected for me. A doctor that I mentioned sad that I should be careful with using Holosync because sound has a really huge impact on people’s health. I’m going to see a psychiatrist tomorrow. I hope I will be OK someday in the future.

    I’m not writing this to blame you or Holosync. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t feel worse now if I hadn’t started to use your program. Yet I’m sure that I don’t feel better then I was before starting it. I hoped that more that 2 years of using Holosync will improve a lot in my life. Somehow I feel disappointed and confused. I don’t know what to do about my participation in this program…


    FROM BILL: Holosync will increase your serotonin levels, not decrease them. Holosync is making you aware of aspects of life and of yourself that YOU think are bad in some way. You think this because someone (probably parents) taught you this when you were small. These aspects of you, however, are not bad. They are just part of being human. If you think they’re bad, however, you will resist them. Obviously resisting something that can’t be resisted creates incredible stress.

    Though I don’t have research on this for Holosync specifically, serotonin levels are increased in traditional meditation, and I strongly suspect that one reason why a person’s threshold for what they can handle increases so much when they use Holosync is that Holosync increases levels of serotonin, along with changes to other hormones (increased DHEA and melatonin, decreased cortisol–which we do have specific Holosync research on). I think that low serotonin levels are a biomarker for a low threshold (along with high cortisol).

    Obviously you have a low threshold. The main thing Holosync does is raise that threshold. To achieve that, however, you’re going to have to go through all the stuff you were told was wrong or bad about you, and see it with enough awareness that you realize that it ISN’T wrong or bad, just a normal part of being human. When you repress something about yourself you think is bad, it comes out as a shadow–it expresses itself in a dysfunctional, immature, covert, negative way. When you become aware of it and acknowledge it it matures into something quite valuable and positive, and when narcissism, for instance, matures into self love.

    I understand that you are suffering right now. However, it isn’t coming from Holosync. Holosync is just making you more aware of all the things about yourself that you are fighting against. Stop fighting and the pain ends. Sometimes it isn’t easy, at first, to stop fighting because you just aren’t aware enough, yet. If you stop dealing with this stuff it will still be there, and it will still show up in your life. Ignoring it isn’t the answer–that will just cause you to experience it in one form or another for your entire life.

    I had huge amounts of upheaval when I did Holosync because I was truly screwed up emotionally. I have no doubt that my serotonin levels were low. I was depressed a lot (before and during Holosync). However, you can make it through this. One key is to take responsibility for what you are experiencing, in the sense that you acknowledge that it is coming from you (obviously you aren’t doing it intentionally, but it does come from you). You need to ask yourself questions, such as “What am I doing that creates this internal conflict?” “What was I taught is ‘wrong’ with me?”

    Certainly I’m not suggesting that you disregard mental health professionals. However, realize that they do not know anything about Holosync, and will find it easy to just tell you not to use it as a precaution, but without any real reason. Though not everyone has this experience, many people have been through difficult upheaval with Holosync. I certainly did. And, I am SO SO SO glad I kept going because I came out the other side without the huge list of mental health problems, behavioral problems, relationship problems, confidence problems, and self esteem problems that I had before Holosync.

    Person after person, for over twenty years, have told me the same story. You are experiencing your own resistance to yourself. Stop resisting and the pain will stop.

    Hre are my suggestions: 1) Use Holosync a little bit less that what the instructions say, perhaps 4x a week instead of every day. Find an amount that reduces the upheaval. However, you need to use it enough that it can work its magic on you. 2) Watch your responses with curiosity. Step back and observe them. Look and say, “Hmmm” a lot. Become fascinated with how your body feels when the upheaval comes. Instead of being immersed in it, watch it with curiosity. 3) Make a list of all the things your parent said (or implied, by giving you negative reinforcement) that started with “Don’t”–Don’t talk too much, don’t get in the way, don’t want anything, don’t brag, don’t try to control your own life, don’t ask questions about money, relationships, emotions, personal realities, don’t make your own choices, don’t feel good, don’t be messy, don’t be unattractive, don’t make us look bad, don’t say what you really think, don’t fail, don’t succeed, don’t ask for help, don’t disappoint us, don’t surpass me, don’t disobey, don’t take any risks, don’t make any mistakes, don’t act like a child, don’t tell us your troubles, don’t have any troubles, don’t be negative, don’t be positive, don’t ask for anything, don’t do anything to upset us, don’t be weak, don’t be strong, don’t stand up for yourself, don’t think you’re important, don’t expect things to work out, don’t expect anyone to like you, don’t be who you are, etc, etc, etc.

    These are all examples of things parents convey to kids that cause them to struggle again them for their entire life, even though they’re normal human qualities. We try to repress them (and there are MANY other examples–I just give these to get you thinking) because they cause us to feel so bad. Then, however, they express themselves anyway. The more repressed they are the more the expression is painful, for us and for others. This is what Holosync heals. You are fighting against Holosync wanting to show this stuff (whatever it is for you) to you so you can let it be okay that you, like everyone else, are human.

    The reason people’s lives change when they use Holosync is that they eventually let it be okay that they have these (and other qualities) and that they aren’t “bad”–though they express themselves in a bad way when they are repressed. You pain is the result of fighting so hard–against yourself. The only way to stop this is to WATCH very carefully to see how you’re doing it. Holosnc allows you to do this.

    Cut back a little, and keep going. You will be so glad you did.

    Anyone else who has used Holosync for a while feel free to chime in with your experience.

  80. Dan says :


    I definitely suggest to keep using Holosync. It definitely helps reduce depression and anxiety. I have been using Holosync for 4.5 years. From 2.5 years to 4.5 years your mood, outlook, and awareness improve a lot. Also do some of the practices that Bill suggests. If you are watching your mind you will see that the worst case scenario is that you feel some depression and anxiety and you have some negative thoughts. For some reason by just using Holosync and watching your mind everything starts to improve.

  81. Dennis Caxton says :

    As far as the Greater Matter of Life and death goes, perhaps my countryman, William Wordsworth is relevent in his Recollections of Early Childhood.

    As he moved from poem to poem, he began to really question why, as a child, he once was able to see an immortal presence within nature but as an adult it was fading away except in the few moments he was able to meditate (Holosync wasn’t around in those days!) on experiences found in poems – and here’s a bit of it that I think is relevant:

    Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
    The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
    Hath had elsewhere its setting,
    And cometh from afar:
    Not in entire forgetfulness,
    And not in utter nakedness,
    But trailing clouds of glory do we come
    From God, who is our home:
    Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

    Sometimes, less is more?



  82. Visvas says :

    I certainly have experienced great upheaval using Holosync. And as Bill has described his experience of the process I feel the same exact way. I have had the same issues of depression and anxiety. At times I have cut back but not entirely when I felt more overwhelm. Please take Bill’s advice and also use the support line when you are going through stages of overwhelm as well as when not feeling any overwhelm. The support line helps and Holosync works.

  83. Erik says :

    Hey Bill, do you know anything about the Venus project? Or the Zeitgeist Movement (which is basically the same thing)?

    If you do, what do you think about it?


    FROM BILL: I could say quite a bit about it. Perhaps I’ll do an entire post about it.

  84. Erik says :

    In response to what Peter said…I’m also going through(or more exactly ‘was’) something similar, though it’s not quite that bad. I’m going to a psychiatrist and taking a medicine called Seroquel XR(it’s basically dopamine) and it seems to work pretty well, so you might want to ask about it.

    A couple months ago I ran out of it and couldn’t get more(I won’t go into why) and immediately my general mood was starting to get worse. Everything that my parents did seemed to annoy me, I became anxious and depressed, my sleep pattern got totally messed up(it’s still messed up actually) since one of the effects of the drug is that it puts me to sleep. The first day I was off I was up for 40 hours and my mind went relatively nuts(it was pretty fun actually). This was similar to how I was before I started to take the drug, only it used to be much worse. I also feel that I’m more resilient now than before and some of my fears and anxieties(public speaking in particular) have greatly reduced.

    I haven’t done Holosync in a while, partly because my therapist ‘advised’ me to stop and partly because all my headphones systematically broke. My mother was also really against it.

    Bill, she was totally sure that you were some sort of crook, even though she only looked at the front page for about 20 second. (I didn’t have a credit card and she wouldn’t give me hers even though I told her that I’ll pay her back(I was 16 by the way). It was a complete and total pain in the ass to make her look past her prejudice. Thankfully she agreed after a while(though she still doesn’t trust you, even though she’s never read your stuff or anything about Holosync).

    I’m planning on starting again however. In the mean time I did something called the Presence Process and It seemed to have a good effect on me. In fact I think it’s prefect to use with Holosync. What do you think Bill?

    FROM BILL: I don’t know what it is, so I can’t comment. So far over a million people have used Holosync. It seems to help everyone A LOT who sticks with it.

  85. catherine H says :

    Peter, I’ve written here before about my experience of anxiety and depression in the form of a social phobia and I’m presuming you are the same Peter who is experiencing similar difficulties?

    I’ve been through those very dark times where everything seems hopeless. I was so bleak that the thought of suicide was reassuring. The ultimate control over your life when you feel you have no control I suppose.

    I am absolutely certain that holosync cannot harm you. All it can do is help you to become more aware, which yes can be painful if you resist those parts of you that need to be faced.

    I was ready for change when I began holosync but it had taken me years of mental torture before I reached that point. You have the benefit of this wonderful technology and the support of all of us here who understand what you are going through. Grasp this opportunity with both hands, you will not regret it.

    I can only back up everything that Bill has said. I rarely even think about how I used to be now. It sort of bores me to ponder on it. I hope you appreciate the huge change that has happened for me to be able to say that.

    Please know that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you. You will realise this if you trust and continue on with holosync.

    love catherine

  86. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen says :

    I have used Holosync for 5 years now and have to say that I have had pretty traumatic times each time I entered a next deeper level. I am now on Purification level 2. My outer world reflects what went on inside over recent years.

    It has affected all areas of my life particularly my work. All in all not a pretty situation. I suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks and I still say each time I go through depression ( I have made a half hearted attempt to kill myself last year), that I will stop using Holosync. I go back, when the mind comes out of chaos and things stabilise again. And, yes, each time my awareness increases and I feel a little better and calmer than before.

    I too had serotonin levels at 0 and started taking a natural supplement which helped somewhat. I have studied energy psychology and NLP so am able to do my own processes. I steadfastly refused at any point to seek traditional help, since this goes against everything I have learned and believe in.

    I have had birth trauma and was kidnapped by terrorists when I was 17 and it took me 20 years to face the situation and deal with it. These old traumas may have made my reactions to Holosync extreme, or maybe these things are just things that showed up in my life because of some pattern which is locked in my DNA. I certainly know that I have had, and still have safety issues, but can see much clearer now how they are keeping me stuck and are a smokescreen of the mind.

    I certainly have totally cleared the issue of the kidnapping and have totally forgiven the perpetrators to a point where I can honestly say that I could meet with and have a discussion about the motives and why anyone would feel the need to enter into such activities. Being in this space of total forgiveness is a great relief> Did Holosync help me? Or was it a forgiveness process, heart mediation which got me there? I do not know. Nothing happens in isolation..

    In the same vane, I have to ask the question: Can I blame Holosync for all of what I have been through in recent years? Of course not. Holosync shows me what is already there. I finally got that big insight last year and can live with the fact that I have co-created on some level every thing that is happening to me. Is there an easier way to get there? Probably. Alas using Holosync reflects that belief in me that everything worthwhile has to be hard work. I am questioning this premise these days.

    Some people talk about one’s soul plan etc. I have no way of knowing the validity of these more esoteric matters and I find it not very credible, but left overs from the mystical part in us. It strikes me that our reality changes in line with the stage in our evolutionary development we are stuck at. In the final analysis there definitely are no absolutes, just the illusion of them.

    One thing I know when we are not grounded everything becomes worse. I spend a lot of time at the computer and only learned last year about the importance of grounding. I purchased a grounding mat and since have felt much calmer and more energetic.

    Grounding is a big issue and I would recommend to anyone who uses Holosync to ensure that they are properly grounded.

    Having done Holosync for so long now I cannot say that I would recommend it. Yes, it clearly does increase one’s awareness. I have learned a great deal about myself.

    Right now I am unsure if I will continue once I have finished Purification level 2, as it is effectively stopping me from doing my job properly. It has done so to varying degrees at least until now, each time I go to the next level and I cannot afford this upheaval any longer. Neither am I willing to experience it for weeks on end. It is all very well saying that one should not resist it. When one is unable to work properly, and this means profitably in my case, sometimes for 4 weeks at a time, pure practicality must sooner or later dictate one’s actions.

    Of course I have no way of knowing how things would have progressed without Holosync, so am keeping an open mind, as I do with most things these days. Only because I have not experienced something or cannot find proof of something does not mean that it does not exist or has an effect on one.

    Oh, well, the proverbial cloud of unknowing. I am learning to be comfortable with that and that’s a huge step in my book.

    FROM BILL: Again, Holosync does not cause upheaval. Resisting what you become aware of about yourself causes upheaval. Learn to watch your resistance with awareness and it will fall away. It is unfair to blame Holosync for your own resistance.

    Believe me, I understand what it’s like to have a lot of resistance and do this to yourself. I did it for many years. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have done this to myself.

    Failing to use more traditonal methods of dealing with mental health difficulties might be a mistake.

  87. Chris says :

    Peter —

    Keep going with the holosync, but give yourself a break for about a week. I’ll bet you’ve made more progress than you think, and sometimes the upheaval from going “even deeper” can mask the changes you’ve already made.

    I used to take Cymbalta, a heavy dose, and smoke all kinds of things and drink. Now I don’t need any of it, and I reach so much better feelings now than I could ever reach by using substances.

    I’m on AL4, on the 0.5 CD. This has been the deepest level, and it’s been the most difficult for me, but really the changes are so dramatic. I’m reaching that point where “everything is going to be ok” that Bill refers to occasionally.

    I’ve stopped for about 5 days now (first long break since I started the program) but the changes and insights just keep coming. In fact, I’ve changed so much that I’m taking some time to get used to this new world that I’m experiencing. It’s the same old world, but I’m interacting with it in such a new way now, and it’s exciting.

    Bill, any advice on how to handle big changes in yourself, and still be prudent and thoughtful? I just want to follow this feeling where it leads and do whatever I want… but I’ve got relationships to think about and jobs, etc… advice, please!


    FROM BILL: Go back and re-read Managing Evolutionary Growth, which we give everyone with their second program level. It’s all in there.

  88. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen says :

    Hi Bill,

    thank you for your reply. Just for clarification’s sake: I do not blame Holosync. As I stated: I realise that it shows me what is already inside me. Took me a long time but I did realise this a year ago, finaly. And the saying: “That which you resist persists.” is certainly true. I am learning this more and more at a deeper level, still a way to go though.


    FROM BILL: I wasn’t really accusing you of blaming Holosync, but I also don’t want anyone who is contemplating using Holosync to be dissuaded by comments from someone who’s had a difficult time (which I did, also). Ultimately it’s less difficult to go through your stuff than to live with it, though while you’re going through it, it sometimes doesn’t seem that way. Your story, and that of Peter are extreme examples, and I don’t want anyone to think that this is what Holosync users typically experience.

  89. Nina says :

    Hi Bill,

    In this post you mention people with terminal illness who have come to accept that they are dying and the ‘contact high’ some people experience when with these ill people. My question is regarding this.

    My grandmother died a little under a year ago and I was lucky enough to be with her the hour before she died. I am not sure if she was conscious in this hour, she was making noises although not able to talk ( I like to believe she did know I was there- although I cannot be sure). What I did notice was an amazing light peacful feeling in the room, a feeling I had never experienced before with her. I thought this peaceful feeling remained for an hour or so after she died and while her body was still in the room. At the time I was surprised by the feeling, I had thought death would be frightening but it actually felt quite wonderful (it seems very strange to me to write this even now).

    After this experience I thought that maybe there is some kind of kind spirit, afterlife… something spiritual… but that didn’t seem to quite fit in my logic either. Now after reading this blog post I wonder if it was more that she simply had come to accept that she was dying and that what I experinced was this ‘contact high’.

    So my question… do you think it could have been this ‘contact high’ that I experienced?

    Many thanks,

    NB: Many thanks for all you do. I have experienced wonderful things with Holosync i.e. I live in Sweden I no longer need to use a ‘therapy light box’ to help get me through the winters.

    FROM BILL: I do think that’s what you were experiencing.

    Why don’t you move to somewhere where it isn’t so dark for half the year? Come live in Oregon.

  90. michelle s says :


    I can say that at times I have certainly witnessed and experienced deep turmoil. I told myself that others survived and so would I- I just needed to keep going and get to the other side. I cut back slightly when it felt bad-but continued use. Now- I am sure there will be more upheaval-but if I survived so far, I will continue to do so. When I look back to when I started I see a huge change (fall 2007)

    I am no longer a magical thinker- and I was big time- tarot cards, astrology, I even did readings- etc. I was a hypnotherapist for a while. The more I used Holosync- the more I saw that a lot of people just wanted a magical solution for anger, pain, stress without doing any work. I didn’t have the right training to help them without the ‘magic’ so I left.

    At my other job I found that even when it’s very stressful for the people around me- I am ok. I can be calm in almost any situation. People comment on how calm I am- no matter what is going on.

    I used to have a bad temper- and would become angry quite quickly-now it doesn’t last, and it doesn’t have much substance. I am so glad that I have stuck with Holosync- and no matter what I have to deal with- I will continue until I finish the program.

    The LPIP courses are also very good. I have learned a lot from them, and going through the blogs. You are not alone, and there is lots of help available.

    All the best,

  91. Kathy Steevens says :

    My experience with Holosync has not been as traumatic as for Peter and Mercedes although I have had my moments. I am on AL4 on CD1 so just over 2 years for me.

    I have battled a drug addiction on and off for over 30 years but because I was what they call a functioning addict – always had a job, always did what was expected of me as far as my responsibilities went and functioned “normally”, I managed to keep it a secret for most of those years. It finally got to the stage where I could not cope with it anymore and went to a drug rehabilitation centre on and off for almost a year. I don’t know if they really helped me much but I guess it was part of the journey. It led to divorcing my husband and moving as far away as I could get from all my friends and family.

    I isolated myself and spent thousands of dollars on a whole lot of different personal growth programs only to find none of them worked, I finally discovered Bill and Holosync. (“my daughter told me to watch “The Secret”)

  92. Kathy Steevens says :

    My computer decided to post that before I’d finished writing it. Here’s the rest.

    When I finally turned to Holosync and Bill’s teaching, I thought I’d struck gold and still do. My upheaval, when I’d start a new level, manifested in a return to my addiction. Even though I didn’t feel as though I was going through an upheaval at the time, the fact that I would use drugs again made me realise that I must be because in the past, that’s what I would do – turn to drugs or alcohol.

    This is now happening less and less. I’ve still had the occasional relapse over the past 12 months, but the drugs are no longer an attractive or satisfying option and they certainly don’t fix anything. The next morning I’m still the same person with the same problems I had yesterday. Postponing them by getting stoned for a day achieves nothing and makes me unwell for days. When my mind goes there now, I find I reject the idea and rather than thinking of how good drugs might make me feel, I think of the consequences of how I’ll feel afterwards. So I don’t, and it’s great.

    It’s difficult to measure your progress with Holosync but when I look back and see where I was to where I am now, I’m a different person. I worry less. I used to worry so much that I couldn’t eat and had to use sleeping tablets every night just to fall asleep. I don’t need them now and I eat well. I’m healthier than I’ve been in a long time. I used to wake up with a terrible fear in my chest every morning for no apparent reason. Even though that still happens occasionally, it’s also happening less and less. My doctor had me on anti-depressants and enough other medication to make me rattle when I walked. I don’t take anything anymore.

    I’m setting goals and making plans and carrying them out and people comment on how strong I am – something I’ve never considered myself to be. I feel positive and hopeful about my life and look forward to achieving my goals and enjoying myself and when something is happening that scares me or worries me badly, I just think of Bill saying “let whatever happens be ok” and it inevitably is.

    I could possibly attribute all that’s happening to me to something else, but I believe it is Holosync and Bill’s Life Principles courses. I went through some very dark times before I found Holosync and halfheartedly even tried suicide. I’m very glad I didn’t succeed. I would encourage anyone having a hard time of it to persevere with Holosync. It gets better and better and is definately worth it. No matter how hard it is, I agree with Bill – it’s ultimately much harder to live with your “stuff” than it is to go through it. And there is a rainbow and a pot of gold at the end of it.

  93. Natasha says :


    i have also been depressed with suicidal thoughts,
    have been listening to holosync for four years now
    and the strangest thing has started to happen:
    i have started taking responsibility for my depression,
    realising that i am doing it. amazingly enough,
    all this time i never really owned up to this
    and never really felt responsible (not that i am to blame
    but that i am doing it).
    so to make the long story short, i kept watching and watching
    for months on, without any result really, but i had faith in bill
    so i kept going, ’til i started actually seeing how i do depression
    and now -though not “cured”- i actually do some things with awareness
    throughout the day which causes the depressive thoughts to dissolve
    and my mind instantly jumps to thinking what i want. those moments
    actually give me strength to carry on.

    two points: taking responsibility has been very difficult for me
    because i used to feel like a total idiot when i did it in the past
    (taking responsibility) and that prevented me from doing that.
    now i feel relieved and in touch with myself whenever i do it.
    and: every day -for the past 8 months i sit for ten minutes
    noting down my thoughts as they flow, noticing the depressive thoughts,
    and how they make me feel, with curiosity. then for another ten minutes i note down what i would like to focus on instead, and notice how i feel.
    this has helped me “do” the depressive thinking with awareness which
    causes it to drop.
    but then again, had it not been for holosync, i don’t know whether
    i would have been able to do depression with awareness…

    well, so much for making the long story short! : )
    hope this helps,
    keep posting on this blog,

    FROM BILL: Good for you, Natasha. This is the kind of awareness that will bring you to the point where you have choice about your life, instead of automatically feeling bad. Keep going.

  94. Erik says :

    Bill, I have a question about learning, that I hope you can answer(I hope it’s not too off topic).

    A few days ago I saw something really interesting in Youtube that made me want to start learning science again. I’ve had problems with motivation ever since I stopped going to school(in fact that was one of the reasons I dropped out) and to feel so motivated again seems like a miracle to me.

    What I saw, was a documentary about “cold fusion” (or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). It used to be called pathological science, but it seems to be making a comeback. Whether it turns out to be true or not, I really want to understand the math and science behind it. And for that I have to study a LOT…

    So I would really like to know if you have any advice on how I could increase my ability to learn, memorize information, improve my concentration or anything like that at all? I know Holosync does all of these things, but is there perhaps some specific way or time to listen to it?(before or after studying?) Is there something else entirely, like NLP or Hypnosis? I know you have been immersed in stuff like this for years, so you are really the best(and only) person I can ask this from.

    I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.
    And thank you for everything.


    FROM BILL: Check out Isaac Asimov’s books on science, and read them while listening to Quietude, which puts you in an alpha brain wave pattern, perfect for focus and concentration.

  95. Peter says :

    First of all, thank you Bill for your wide reply. It’s really helpful and I appreciate it very much. Right now I feel so bad that it’s hard for me to use your advices fully. But I’m trying to use some part of it at least. Especially I try not to resist – it’s something I’ve been learning from the beginning of this program. I hope that I will get better soon and will be able to work more on myself. Right now I’m trying to survive. I’ve never felt that way before and it’s really difficult for me.

    Secondly, thanks to all of you for sharing your insights and experiences and for warm words. It means a lot to me.

    To catherine H: yes, I’m that exact Peter you are talking about :) I understand that lots of people here have gone through similar difficulties and that I’m not alone. The problem is that all of you are far away. This is why I decided to go to the psychiatric unit. One of the things I will get there is group therapy and this is something I need in my opinion, because there I have no one to talk to right now. My problems are just to difficult for my relatives and most of all they think that I’m not trying hard enough to improve my life.

    To Visvas: I live in Poland (Europe) and calling Ceneterpointe’s support would be expensive for me. Moreover, I don’t feel confident enough in my spoken English to talk about my problems over the phone.

    Warm regards,

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say to TRY not to resist. I said to watch your self resist. Whatever you do, do it with awareness. Awareness creates choice. Once you have a choice, you won’t use it to resist. Resisting will drop all by itself. Trying to do something doesn’t work. Watching does.

  96. Ed Clark says :

    When i try to watch my thoughts they seem to either stop coming when i become very aware or next thing i know i am wrapped up in them. My question is how do i observe my thinking patterns when it seems i am aware of my mind and waiting for the thinking to happen so i can observe nothing seems to happen? Is it actually possible to observe your thoughts as they are occuring? I guess this is a two part question. Thanks-Ed

    FROM BILL: Of course it’s possible. How do you know you’re thinking if you aren’t watching?

    This takes practice. You sound like someone who starts to learn to play the piano. At the second lesson he says to the teacher, “When I try to play this song I get all confused and I can’t play it. Is it really possible to play songs like this on the piano?’

    When you watch anything with awareness, whatever doesn’t serve you becomes difficult to keep doing. If you watch a feeling that doesn’t serve you, it falls away. If you watch thoughts that don’t serve you (if they create negative feelings or outcomes, or a just useless BS) they stop happening–just as you noticed.

  97. catherine H says :

    Yes Peter, I understand. Perhaps group therapy will be helpful at the moment. I just hope that you carry on with the holosync too that’s all. Not because I presume to know what is best for you, but because it works.

    Watching with awareness is the key. When you watch your thoughts and the feelings they generate, you see that your problems are like fiction, imagined. They are only ‘real’ because you believe your thoughts and are letting them run your life for you.

    There is no effort involved in stopping this. If you calmly watch yourself something ‘clicks’ eventually and you get it. You actually see and understand what the hell Bill’s been on about all this time! It’s so simple and yet one can use thousands of words trying to explain it. When you experience it though, you have it and you begin to see things as they really are and those dreaded ‘problems’ lose their power over you.

    It’s so simple and yet seems so complicated to explain I could weep.

  98. Donna says :

    It seems to me that true acceptance of the transience of life is a BYPRODUCT of first knowing who you are not and ultimately having the experiential knowledge of who you really are.
    Bill, your courses, especially the first two (because frankly after course two, I didn’t care so much about three-HA!) along with Holosync changed my life. Your lessons in particular about past, present and future started me on a path that has resulted in a natural acceptance of what is and a more consistent ease with trusting my inner knowledge of right action. “Meego”, as I call my curent self, is alive and well, and I still scream like a crazy girl when confronted with any sort of spider. But then I laugh. I laugh alot these days.


  99. Mike says :

    Personally, I feel frustrated by this idea of ‘watching with awareness’. I have long understood it intellectually, but I find that when I spot something I’m doing I don’t like (drinking too much, not staying healthy, not keeping a regular sleep schedule) I try to change it. It seems to hard and painful to just watch myself continue to do these things. Yet I don’t ever quite change. I just keep doing what I’m doing.

    I also feel similar to Ed Clark, mainly because when I watch I find that I stop thinking, or I just start thinking about watching. I just don’t understand how to watch without being self-conscious that I’m watching. Yes, I intellectually understand, but I still don’t ‘get’ it.

    Ahhh, at AL4 I thought I would be further along….

    FROM BILL: Take my Life Principles courses. I can only do so much on a blog.

    First, why is it a problem if you are “self conscious” while watching? Forget about it. Watch. Get curious about what you’ll see. Quit wondering if you’re doing it right, or if what you’re watching goes away. Didn’t you read what I said in response to the question about that? You can only do what doesn’t serve you if you do it without watching. If you watch your thoughts and they stop, they were probably just a bunch of unnecessary babble, as most thoughts are. Since they don’t serve you, they stop.

    This also works with all the other things you do to cause yourself to feel bad, do stupid stuff, end up in situations you don’t want to be in with people you don’t want to be in them with, and all the other things you keep trying to get rid of in your life. Watch to see how you create it and it will disappear just like your thoughts–unless for some reason it serves you.

    When you become aware enough that you regularly see your thoughts as they happen, you don’t think as much. You only think when there’s some reason to think, rather than just having a largely meaningless stream of consciousness think-a-thon about random crap.

    Watching in this way takes practice. So, practice. Spend five or ten minutes three times a day practicing. Don’t judge what happens; just watch. If you were watching the ocean you wouldn’t say, “It isn’t supposed to do THAT is it?” You’d just watch and enjoy it, be curious about it. Why muck up something simple by constantly evaluating whether you’re doing it “right”?

    If someone was teaching you how to shoot a basketball, and while demonstrating the right way told you to watch their elbow, would you sit there wondering whether or not you were watching properly? No. You’d just assume that you were watching properly and watch.

    This isn’t rocket science. It’s just putting your attention on what your mind does so you can see what consequences are created by what it does. Keep doing it and at some point something amazing will happen and you’ll suddenly see how you’ve been creating your life.

  100. Rachel S. Hartung says :

    Hi Bill! I just wanted to say that this exact fear completely amplified and blew up my brain last month! Full on kundalini freight train straight to the brain. That is why I ordered your awakening prologue to try to put myself back together. It has only been about 3 weeks that I have been working with the dive and imersion and I at least feel like I can think again even though I’m still struggling with this massive energy and it is scaring me. I don’t know how to not be afraid when I have to care for my small children and pets and myself. It also doesn’t help that Dr.s don’t even aknowledge that this occurs spontaneously in some people. So I would be very interested to know what you think and know about this subject because I’ve heard you tell people on your retreat discs that “trust me they don’t want it” and I agree but now that I am having it do you have any advice for me? Please respond in an e-mail if you have time as I’m sure this won’t get posted I really could use some good advice. Thankyou for your kindness and sevice to humanity!

    FROM BILL: The best thing to do in any situation is to watch with awareness. Watch your body and how it feels. Watch your thought. Watch your internal pictures. Say, “Hmmm” a lot. Be curious. You’re experience your own resistance to what is happening. If you have to, get a babysitter for a while. You’ll be okay.

  101. Peter says :

    Catherine, thanks for your interest. I didn’t quit Holosyncing, I still have those CDs at my home. I was just wandering if using it is safe for me and how can I make it easier for myself. I’m glad I wrote about my doubts, because the feedback I got is really helpful. I’m still afraid of using Holosync because usually I feel more anxious after my meditation. And anxiety is something I’m so tired of. It makes my life a horror sometimes. I am practicing watching but I have also other things to do in my life and I’m afraid that after doing Holosync I’ll be so overwhelmed that I won’t be able to do them. I’m sure that you and lot’s of other people here understand what I’m talking about. I know that anxiety probably won’t go away if I stop using Holosync but somehow it seems to be stronger when I meditate. Yes, I know, it’s my resistance!

  102. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen says :

    Hi Bill,

    Of course I appreciate what you are saying. Everyone is different and perhaps mine and Peter’s case are extremes, that is why I mentioned a little about my history, in an attempt to put things into context.

    I have done your life principles course, and that was very beneficial to me, still is. It has moved on my philosophy about life and made me look at things, even if it has been very uncomfortable at times.

    I now know that looking at things which are uncomfortable are an opportunity for growth and while perhaps not welcoming this, I am getting more neutral.

    Since my last post under this particular subject, I have had a wonderful experience, and since I am certain, that Holosync plays a part in it I should like to share it here:

    I started a heart meditation as directed by Deepak Chopra having felt rather weary after the last Holosync deeper level. (2 of Purification level 2) for the initial three weeks after starting it.

    In a very short time, after starting the meditation practice, (I think it was the second or third time) I noticed my energy level being elevated to much higher levels. I reached, for the want of a better word, a place of serene peace and emptiness. I could feel my heart expanding. I have had that feeling of the heart expanding many times before in using a meditation directed by Diane Musho Hamilton, but not like this.

    The emptiness was immense bliss and immensely profound, or should I say real. I managed to take my mind on a walk from good to very bad, from past, present to future in total clarity, and nothing happened, no emotion, just nothing but this divine emptiness, it felt so amazingly good. I managed to hold this space for quite some time and “play in the energies” so to speak.

    What is more I have been able to repeat it since, not every day, but 50% of the time I get there to varying degrees of intensity. Of course, it is to be expected that this state is going to feel more normal as one grows into this new awareness and becomes more at one with it.

    Having been able to go to this place of emptiness and above all being able to repeat it is already showing itself to be a major plus in my life. I know, that at least in my reality, being able to hold this space in my daily life is going to be the turning point for everything. And I am on the way of achieving this gradually bit by bit.

    It rather strikes me that for those of us who try to cognitively move our evolution, as this is what Holosync ultimately does, is a bit of a two edged sort, since there is a very personal aspect but also an impersonal aspect to this process. Integrating the two is the trick and doing the trick so to speak, takes time.

    Okay, I am still weary of going to the next deeper level. Another 3 weeks yet, or maybe I will wait a while, alas, as I said before, I feel like this every time, even though I say: “ this is it, no more”, I carry on as I notice changes. This last change has been the most profound for me, I guess. Rather interesting that it occurred within a few days of posting my post about the issues I have had over the years with Holosync, isn’t it?

    I just wanted to share this to make the picture I am painting of my Holosync experience more complete.

    Bill, I do not always agree with everything you say, but I honour and respect what you do very much, your commitment and your honesty and sincerity. You have played and are plying an important role in my development.

    It was my ignorance to think that life could be easy and duality would just disappear is if by “magic” with some personal growth work.

    If nothing else I have learned to take responsibility for myself. This was my commitment to myself for 2011: I will take 100% responsibility for my actions, thoughts and feelings, while at the same time being totally honest about everything that comes up and voicing it in an appropriate fashion.

    FROM BILL: You should stay with your current level until you are easily handling it. There is no rush about going on. Remember that Holosync isn’t creating these feelings. You are. The secret is to watch with awareness until you can see how you’re creating them. Awareness makes them a choice.

  103. catherine H says :

    Do what Bill suggests Peter and reduce your holosynsc sessions if the feelings are too intense for you to manage. The difficult thing with anxiety is that you desperately want it to go away, which can make watching calmly, without agenda a challenge.
    Accepting that you have anxiety is half the battle. I fought the anxiety for years (no wonder it’s so tiring!) but once I stopped fighting it I found I could watch it without getting caught up in it. It no longer CONSUMED me.

    It was one of the first things I learnt to do when starting holosync, from reading Bill’s material and watching the DVD’s. I think it really helped me as I’ve had very little upheaval over 7 plus years of holosync and I’m now in the flowering levels. I do have SOME resistance which is usually in the form of fear or anxiety, but I don’t take it seriously at all and it soon disappears. I feel very strong and stable at my core.

    So try not to wish that anxiety away! Let it be there and watch it. You can do this!

  104. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill, I do have to admitt that I enjoy impermanence. Nothing stays the same. It is great. In sad situations I always bring my courage and do my best.
    I even love my aging face.

    Definitely I needed my time to become like that.

  105. Heikki says :

    Bill, tell me two things, please.

    1.What you see when you look in the mirror?

    2.Who is your main human being in your life now?

    FROM BILL: 1) My reflection. 2) Me.

  106. Brian says :

    Bill, is that moment when you exceed your stress threshold really easy to tell? Things were going all good for me, and then, after worrying a lot about a stupid thought, all of my confidence and peace has gone out the window. All of a sudden social anxiety has come storming back, and I just feel like I have no control over myself right now.

    Holosync has been awesome for me, I used to be over my threshold 24/7, whereas after about 15 months of holosync I feel much better and have made huge strides socially. This is a pretty bad setback though, I just don’t understand how this can come out of nowhere when it had seemed like things were going so well. Any advice?

    FROM BILL: Going over your threshold is something you DO. It becomes a choice once you see HOW you do it, as you do it. Your threshold is really the place where you begin to resist whatever is happening. When you’re below your threshold, you aren’t resisting, so everything is relatively okay. Once you begin to resist what’s happening, whatever that happens to be, you begin to experience stress, overwhelm, etc.

    So how do you “do” resisting? By making internal representations of what you don’t want. Something triggers you by reminding you of your fears socially, that you don’t want to be rejected (or whatever it is you don’t want). So the way out of this is to learn to observe how you resist, and watch yourself do it, as you do it. You really should take my Life Principles online courses, or, if you’re already in the courses, go back to course one are really master what’s in there.

    Keep in mind that your threshold is naturally lower when you don’t feel well physically, when you haven’t had enough sleep, etc.

  107. Heikki says :

    Thanks Bill!

    We have a same direction

  108. Peter says :

    Catherine, thanks for encouragement! I know that this watching process really works, because I’m doing it quite often and it helps me to feel my emotions without fighting them as much as I used to. In fact sometimes there is a big acceptance in me. I have even returned to my Holosync practice, but now I’m meditating less often. The group therapy also works and I’m currently taking antidepressants. I believe that a better time is coming.

  109. C says :


    Nothing’s going to save me, is it? A relationship…. a good job…. a fun trip…. a crusade against something…. a nice delusion about how much people think about me….. holosync maybe?

    I don’t know what “it” is but I’m grasping for something to hold onto. And my things just keep falling away. My ideas about them fall away. They change when the ideas change. They aren’t really “there.”

    It hurts when they change. I don’t want them to go.

    Let it go… let it go… let it go…. until what?

    I feel so alone sometimes.


    FROM BILL: It hurts when you RESIST the change. Why resist what cannot be changed? Everything is impermanent. Flow with it. You’re experiencing your own resistance to the way things are. That resistance is a choice–IF you are able to watch yourself do it, with awareness. Resisting means “making internal representations of what you don’t want.” Watch yourself do it and it will fall away.

  110. Heikki says :

    Peter, a little hint.

    Better time is coming, really. Me too;-).

    But paradoxically, however, I live in the here and now, the best time of my life.

    All change is for the better. There is no such thing as change for the worse.

    When you see the BIG PICTURE;-)

  111. Jason says :

    Dear Bill i need to no what is a Saint …? i mean why though out history have people called others a saint…?

    If you have done more practice in meditation then say a saint like padro pio then you would be far more aware… due to the deeper states of holosync …

    then are you a saint?

    love j

    FROM BILL: Oh, absolutely. And a sinner.

  112. Eric says :

    Dear Bill,

    First I must thank you for your work. I am about halfway through the Holosync program, and it has been an amazing experience. I would say that it was a year an a half ago that I began to experience a real sense of being OK, a beginning of coming to terms with impermanence. I’m pretty sure I would still freak if someone put a gun to my head, or become overwhelmed with emotion if I discovered I would die soon. But I think that if I was given sufficient time to step back and process the shock, I could let it go – maybe even enjoy it. Five years ago, I could make no such claim. For now, I continue to experience increasing levels of Love and purification. And I’m gunna keep meditating and find out where all this is going.

    I have a few technical questions:

    1) Lately I have been getting a lot of kriyas. Mostly pranyama but some swaying and motion of the head too. Will having these kriyas while I am meditating with holosync interfere with the entrainment? Should I keep them separated (i.e do holosync first and then sit and have kriyas for a while after)?

    2) I’ve been circulating the microcosmic orbit while listening to holosync, and it seems to help me process the energies faster. I remember you mentioned once that you do a yogic technique while listening to holosync. May I ask what it is?

    Thats it. There isn’t enough room on the blog for me to thank you properly for giving me (and the world) holosync, so I’ll just say cheers.
    Take care,

    FROM BILL: 1) a) No. b) If you want to. 2) I don’t know what the microcosmic orbit is. I sometimes repeat a mantra. I used to do kriya yoga or the TM Siddhi program.

  113. Mike says :

    @ Mercedes: where did you get the instructions for the heart meditation you wrote about?


    About a week or so ago I finally had an experience in which I was watching my thoughts with clarity and they were, as you say, falling away if they were unresourceful. The thing is, since that day or so when that occurred it has once again been hard to ‘watch with awareness’.

    Is this somewhat standard? This back and forth ability to watch with awareness? Does being in overwhelm make it harder to watch? It sure seems to…


    FROM BILL: It takes three things to observe your mental processes: awareness, knowing what to observe, and enough awareness to do so. And, it takes practice.

  114. John says :

    Hey Peter,

    Have you ever been checked for heavy metal toxicity or candidiasis? i had some issues that needed to be handled. I became aware of them after I started using Holosync. It’s worth checking out. You might not be quite as ‘screwed up’ as you think you are. Google both of those and see if either of those ring true for you. I can tell you that when i started using Holosync I was in bad shape. I was that small percentage Bill talks about who experiences major upheaval. In fact, Bill’s description of what he went through early in the program was a textbook description of what I was experiencing. From the time I started addressing those two issues I mentioned, the severity of my upheaval decreased significantly. I couldn’t believe it.

    If this is something that you think may be affecting you, I’d be happy to share with you what I did. I don’t want to see you suffer. I was someone who was dealing with severe anxiety and depression, and was on all different kinds of medications. Holosync has been a lifesaver for me as well. But if there IS some type of serious physical toxicity within your system, you’ll never reap the full benefits of anything you try. Best of luck to you.

  115. Brian says :

    Bill, thanks for the answer, things are much better now. When I had that breakdown a couple days ago, it reminded me of how bad I used to feel before holosync. I was scared that I was back there and that I would stay there. However, after a short time things got better, and now I’m fine. Holosync has raised my threshold, and even when I cross it, it’s like I can easily sink below it after a short time. Pretty amazing

    On a side note, do you think there’s any chance that holosync could help someone like this?

    Basically, a girl developed some sort of medical condition around age 12, and lost the ability to speak. The fact that holosync and brainwave entrainment is not as well known as more traditional therapies like acupuncture or psychotherapy is kind of perplexing to me. I suppose it’s because these therapies have been around for much longer, so hopefully in the future brainwave entrainment will have a greater presence in the field of therapy.

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, most people/companies doing brain wave entrainment don’t really know what they’re doing. I don’t know what this young girl has, and I couldn’t guess as to whether Holosync would help her condition, but I know it would help her in many other ways.

  116. Miriam says :

    I personaly find the word “impermanance” rather rigid and even negative as a word, it tends to lack the feeling of flexibibility, of riding the wave of life that helps me deal with the wonderful as well as the not so wonderful experiences that arise each and every minute of the day.

    Negitvity tends to make me think ..oh my god Im enjoying this moment way too much.. Its going to end, what will I do then? My own approach is to see the reality that this is a fantastic moment, it will pass, so I better enjoy it while it lasts. When the moment is not a good one, there is always something else coming along, and who knows it might be better, if not theres always the next, and the next and the next.

    I am not religious and Im not sure if this is a religious quotation or not, but when I find myself, stuck in a moment (good or bad) unable to ride the wave of life, I think “This too will pass”. Somehow it gets me back on the “surfboard” and on to the next moment

    FROM BILL: The word “impermanent” just means “not permenant”. Why is that rigid? In fact, it’s the opposite of rigid. Permanent means rigid.

  117. Peter says :

    Hey John, thanks for your post. I’ve been checked for heavy metal toxicity and I don’t have this problem but I’m not sure if I don’t have some sort of candidiasis. I’ve thought about it recently and I’m even planing to do some medical examination to check it. If it’s not a problem for you, then please write something about what you did to solve this problem.


  118. Lynn says :

    I believe in much of what you do Bill……..
    however, i also believe, no one knows, really……..
    i’ve got the feeling this year that it is all ‘mind’.
    and as far as science, we still have a long way to go.
    and oh my, do i believe what you do about Hawkins!!!!!
    however, this past year, i no longer think on such things.

    some of you seem so very stuck.
    i was too, so i am going to share.
    this is from someone quite ill, nervous system shot…………so, if i can do it,..!!!!
    very helpful to me……..asking myself ………while i am doing something like walking, light chores, etc………’how i do’ quiet mind…… helps me get quieter….much less internal dialogue…..still thoughts though…….i do not go there from intellect…….

    i had to hear from someone else…that we are all lovable……….and i believed him on a dvd and reconnected with the place i had disowned……..but now it had also transformed into a much more allowing aspect…….lighter, gentler, much better boundaries……..witnessing……allowing anything within……………..really importantly, do not try to change or manipulate it.

    …….i cannot explain other than it is in a much more integrated state that i thought i had an idea of, but did not.
    i thought i knew ‘normal’ before……nothing like this……this is the most normal, ordinary………………beyond what i could have imagined and no words can really describe……it is way beyond and different than a circle within a circle……… is both at the same time and the distinctions are both clear and not clear at all. in the past………they were just clearly separate and while i could be with both at the same time they were not as one. now, this practice feels them much more integrated and does not focus on the separation…… just allowing the other one integrated…… one..

    i was very aware of what genpo roshi has on his sight now and actually had viewed it this way many years ago……..the transparent colored cubes..i was very visual. now i am much much less visual and much more focused on the feeling aspect. i had been resisting the feeling aspects.

    stop doing things that can be compulsive or cause compulsive behavior……..this only happened finally last year for me……..even though i knew the ‘how’ of it……..and the ‘why’ of it………it all needed to go deeper and get it differently also……….really, ……mind retraining…………..
    ……..stop distracting……
    ……….get off the computer.
    ……..stop reading, ….get off this blog………… may be preventing the very thing you want to happen……be brave …….and….practice instead………. for many,…….it is just not going to happen until you practice and stop seeking rescue outside of you. it is work, daily work………..for many, it is just not going to happen magically, though holosync seems to have done that to a degree in our lives………it absolutely is not enough for me…… .
    ……..stop sharing and trying to fix others…and therefor rescue myself(yourself), in some way..
    ………stop seeking rescue.
    ………be with me.
    ……….stop trying to be loving and love myself.

    practice, practice and practice……..practice things like Bill has mentioned in ‘Managing Evolutionary Growth”…..that was one of the turning points for me…………..

    drop what you think you should experience or be and do what feels best to you…………stop trying to be who you are not and cannot be right now…and may never be………but be the best you right now.

    and we cannot always do it or hold it all………we go through different things that needs to exclude other things.

    if you do not experience quiet mind while doing holosync……let that be okay……..but spend other time during the day in quieter mind. ……as much awareness will come through then……

    for many, it is a combo of things, not just one that needs doing.

    i can often shift where my attention is now, unless it is a really big trigger………..and even then, that is getting better……….awareness of where my attention is and shifting it, ….sometimes that works by itself…………….but ……..if i do it too soon…and tension builds up…… i haven’t allowed it first……… if i allow first so it isn’t shoving it into the basement. ……it is amazing how quickly the shift can happen when i practice this. resisting and trying to change it just doesn’t work.

    i have seen where old patterns worked for me…..and there have been times, i miss some of them………even though they ended in disaster-ace consequences . i have no desire to ‘go back’…………

    i will say that people have said i was most beautiful while being with and allowing the darkest of dark within me……..and it has helped me tremendously to forgive myself and others and let go.

    gentle, gentle, and brave……..

    best to everyone.

  119. C says :


    I’m taking your life principles online course 3.

    What would you do if you realized your inner child was cathected? And please don’t say “just be aware of it.” C’mon, give me something concrete. Am familiar with big mind. Can it be used to help?


    FROM BILL: Using Big Mind is one way of being aware of it. When you say “just” be aware of it you’re revealing that you don’t yet understand the tremendous transformative power of awareness–that awareness gives you CHOICE about what you’re aware of. If something is going on with your inner child, it’s either happening outside your awareness (you don’t see how you’re creating it), or it’s happening WITHIN your awareness (and, by the way, “knowing” that something is happening doesn’t necessarily mean you’re aware of how you’re doing it, and is largely useless). However you’re creating what you call your “inner child”, it’s either happening automatically, based the way your internal processes have been set up by your past experiences, or it’s happening by choice.

    I assume you don’t like whatever is happening, so obviously it’s not happening by choice. The only cure for that is to watch yourself create it with awareness. So you can tell me not to tell you to observe how you create it with awareness if you want to, but that would be asking me to tell you some other less effective way to deal with your problem, when the method you’ve already rejected (watching with awareness) is the only way I know of that really works.

  120. Jason says :

    I carnt handle this …. life and death stuff … every one i see will die ….they see me and i will die…

    im freaking out sweeting so much that i change clothes twice a day..

    i feel like dieing … my heart is breaking..



    FROM BILL: Yes, everything is impermanent. That is the human condition. Acknowledge it to yourself. You’re in the same boat as everyone else. Stop resisting what can’t be resisted. You’re freaking out because of your resistance, not because of WHAT you are resisting.

    YOU create your feelings. Right now you’re doing it outside your awareness, on autopilot. Learn to observe HOW you create these feelins and they become a choice. Take my Life Principles online courses if you need more specific help on how to do this.

  121. jason hall says :

    Thanks Bill i will take the online course … thankyou im glad to be friends..


  122. Nina says :

    Hi Bill,

    I realize this is slightly off topic and I hope I’m not ‘taking the piss’ by asking, but I wonder if you could adress the subject of an ‘abundant universe’ in a blog post. Or, could you point me to a resource that explains the concept (whether correct or not) to me.

    As much as I would love to believe in an ‘abundant universe’ I just don’t get it. As far as I can see the resources we have in the world are limited and its important to be careful with them. However I hear so many people (including respected names such asJack Canfield) refering to this abundant universe and how important it is to have this belief about the nature of the universe. Perhaps there is something I am missing or maybe this concept is just wishful thinking?

    Many thanks,

    FROM BILL: This is a good enough question that I will devote an entire post to it.

  123. gerry says :

    Bill…….you have such a deep grasp on reality….more importantly you have a strong desire to share it and equally important….a gift to share it with compassion and clarity…..thank you……not just for a bunch of roses….but for Life.

  124. Rick says :

    Hi bill, a couple of months ago, on your blog page, you posted an article about how to ask questions. I would love to see it posted again, if it’s not too much to ask. thanks in advance.

    FROM BILL: Nothing has be deleted from this blog.

  125. James says :

    Jason: Try dying. I don’t claim to be an expert, but it helps me to visualise death actually happening now, and realising that I need to be grateful for how things are now.

  126. Diane says :

    Bill, I want to thank you with all my heart for making Holosync available. It is worth every penny and more! I’m preparing to enter AL4, but I’m going to continue with AL3 until I get through my usual wintertime blues. It’s always worse in December and January, but it is lightening up now.

    I’m in my 40’s, and I’ve had this problem since I was a teenager. The supplement 5-HTP has been helpful, but it’s not a complete cure. For those who are interested, I recommend the book, 5-HTP by Michael Murray (warning: don’t take it if you are on drugs that increase serotonin). I’m currently reading The Vitamin D Solution by Michael Holick, and I’ve increased my daily dosage of vitamin D to 2,000 IU, which also helps. However, the single best thing I’ve ever done is Holosync!

    In December 2007, I told my husband to take away my handgun because I was contemplating suicide. When I realized how serious it was, I went searching on the internet for a solution, and I found Holosync. I have done it faithfully ever since, only missing 5 days so far (because of upheaval). But upheaval is just as impermanent as everything else in the universe, and it usually ends with a breakthrough into a new level of awareness, peace, and even bliss.

    I keep a dream journal because most of my realizations come in dream imagery. I use Gillian Holloway’s The Complete Dream Book as a reference text, although my most enlightening dreams cannot be found in there. I discovered the meaning of these dreams by reading Ken Wilber’s books and studying Buddhism (although I’m not a Buddhist. I’m a Christian). I’m currently reading Ken’s book, Up from Eden, which explains how the fear of death is the driving force behind nearly everything that people have done throughout history. It’s fascinating! I also recommend Ken’s book, Grace and Grit, for everyone who is dealing with the fear of death (that’s all of us). It’s a very touching story about his wife, Treya, who died of breast cancer at the same age that I am now, and how she came to grips with it. Incidentally, I had a breast tumor last year. I don’t think I could have coped without the help of Holosync.

    The best thing about Holosync is that it helps me to open my mind to seemingly conflicting ideas without clinging to any one viewpoint. This used to be a major problem for me because I was raised by religious fanatics. I spent most of my first year with Holosync getting over my sexual neuroses. The next year was spent getting over my fear of other religions and secular viewpoints. Now I love studying these things! I don’t resist the fact that everyone has a different map of reality. Even my own map has stopped bothering me since I had the experience of stepping outside of my map and seeing it as object, instead of confusing it with who I am.

    I recently finished Bill’s Life Principles courses, and I’m doing them all over again, this time with my husband and kids, who are also doing Holosync with me. It seems to have cured my son of most of his ADHD problems. He is going to college now and getting good grades after 3 years of being a computer game addict.

    Thanks again, Bill.
    Love, Diane

    FROM BILL: Diane, there are very wise realizations. The fear of death is, of course, the same things I’ve been talking about when I write about impermanence. Death is the biggy of all the things we don’t like about impermanence–our own impermanence. We suffer over the others, too (if we resist them), but death is obviously the biggest concern to people.

    If you look back to my series of articles about human development that began this blog (which I strongly encourage everyone to do), you’ll see that being bugged by others’ points of view is a very conventional developmental level–in-group, out-group, my dogma can beat up your dogma, etc. In the later developemental levels a person transcends in-group/out-group and becomes comfortable with all the different viewpoints people have and realize that all are methods of trying to understand and navigate life, and each one works until it doesn’t. Such people are also comfortable with something else that bothers those at more conventional (and pre-conventional developmental levels): the many unresolvable paradoxes of life (many of which are “explained” at previous developmental levels by using magical thinking of some kind), and the fact that as humans there are many things we don’t know and can’t understand (where it all came from, where it’s going, what it means–if anything, why it’s here, etc).

    You have expressed many of these characteristics in your post–another example of how Holosync helps people move through hese developmental stages more quickly and easily.

  127. Santiago says :


    Some months ago I had the experience of (for lack of a better name or description) … being born … of what a baby feels when it’s born, it was like coming back to that place of seeing the world without the mind filters. And it was fkn scary !! I understood what it was like for consciousness to come into existence as a human. We come to a place where all sensory experience comes into being and then passes away – sights, sounds, feeling, thought …. etc – moment by moment (the impermanece you talk about) and this is really really freaky.

    Because of this, the humand mind instinctively starts to develop ways to solidify the experience, specially by developing a “solid” sense of self and world. This habit starts with the solidification of feeling sensations (the most primitive) which then carries on to the thinking process. So without really noticing it we end up with a “me” and a “world” that are “solid” and “certain”.

    We have to do this as children because otherwise it would be impossible to deal with the world, and also because the people that raise us have this view of the world as solid and made up by “things”. This is so deep that we never question it. Paradoxically, it is this habit of resisting, what makes us suffer.

    Like trying to stay rigid and unmovable in the middle of an unstoppable storm (the flow of consciousness)

    Spiritual and personal development is about learning to “des – solidify” this self and world and in a way going back to seeing the world without the filters. Because we were afraid of this in the first place, those subconscious fears start to emerge, we go back to the place of not knowing, of uncertainty.

    Then our experience of life starts to shift, instead of fighting this moment by moment arising and passing we begin to learn to ride it, and in the highest levels of development we are so attuned to it that we let it take us wherever it wants, that’s why spiritual traditions are mostly about “letting go”.

    Also, (and I don’t know why this happens) when we learn to experience life in this way, for some reason there is less and less fear and more and more love. Fear comes from resisting impermanence and love comes from being one with this impermanence. Compassion comes from witnessing the habit of resisting (in us and everyone) and how it creates suffering.

    The mind then starts to work differently, more intuitively, less afraid, more free, less rigid, because it sees that the rigidity is the cause of suffering, and it moves more and more towards love, wisdom and compassion. The “me” then becomes more of an “instrument” a “tool” being driven by impermanence into greater levels of awakening and love for everything because it realizes that everything is itself.

    At least that’s the way I see it.

    Thanks for reading.


    FROM BILL: And, you realize that there’s nothing wrong with things and ideas and solidity. In fact, they’re necessary for survival. It just isn’t necessary to think that they are intrinsic to reality. We create things, ideas, meanings, etc in our mind and add them to reality, which is handy and necessary. Thinking they are intrinsically a part of reality, though, isn’t necessary.

  128. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill:

    A question for you.

    After the years you have lived, the work you’ve done and the things you’ve seen, If I’d ask you what do you expect out of life, of your days remaining here ? what would you say, what’s your view ?



    FROM BILL: I get up, I eat, I come to work, I do my best to help people, I go home, I spend time with my wife, I play the saxophone, I see my kids and grandkids, I read, I pay close attention to the financial markets and the world situation, I go to bed.

  129. Diane says :

    Bill, thanks for your reply. I’ve read all of your blog posts. I recorded them on cd and listened to them over and over, especially the series on cognitive development, when I was going through Great Doubt in mid 2009. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand the upheaval any longer, I woke up one day in the Third Rank of Tozan. I was in this blissful stage for about one year, thinking that all my problems were solved — that I was “above it all”. I went around quoting Eckhart Tolle to anyone who complained to me about their problems.

    Then in August 2010, I fell from grace. It was just like you described. At first, I kept trying to get back to the third rank (it’s so nice there!). But now, six months later, I’ve finally accepted where I am in the fourth rank, and I’ve stopped trying to escape. More importantly, I’ve developed compassion for my fellow human beings who are likewise suffering in the world of impermanance.

    Bill, you are right about it being hard for all of us to be here, no matter what level of development we are on. But I’d rather be here with increased awareness. So I ordered the Gamma Compassion cd with my new level of Holosync. I’ve also been doing Genpo Roshi’s workshops on dvd, which are very helpful. Thanks for recommending them. I just want to tell everyone to keep up the Holosync. It really works!


  130. Lynn says :

    .Holosync and neurotransmitters …….i will say that i have physical conditions that really affect the neurotransmitters………….my neurotransmitters were checked coincidentally before i began holosync, also, last spring, while still doing holosync, and this fall, being off holosync for months as i am so highly emf sensitive i needed a long break from the headset.

    this is what they showed…….either one neurotransmitter or another has always been too high, reflecting anxiety, being wired etc……even when i experienced peace……

    my serototin was very very low……….i took 5HTP and began Holosync at the same time.
    After several years, retested……… serotonin was actually way too high……..which can cause the same symptoms of it being too low……….my practitioner thought it was the supplements……i knew in my gut………it was also because of Holosync and that my supplements needed adjusting or stopping.

    off holosync, my serotonin plummeted again, even lower….. and my supplements needed readjusting again.

    FROM BILL: I strongly suspect that with Holosync alone your serotonin levels will normalize.

  131. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    your awakening happend because of holosync ?
    or you created holosync after awakening ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: What awakening? And what difference does it make?

  132. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    in the course 2 you say
    “when you touch the other reality,
    the SEPARATE SELF you thought you were DISAPPEAR”.
    PLEASE what does it means “the SEPARATE SELF DISAPPEAR” ?
    ROSARIO [Italy[

    FROM BILL: Rosario, what can I tell you here that isn’t already in the hundreds of thousands of words I’ve already written?

  133. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    Very zenny – chop wood, carry water, I don’t care much – answer. You speak a lot about dark times coming. Do you have any guesses on what will come out of that ? (I know it’s a lengthy topic).

    In my own view there is a clear tendency towards integration in the world, which comes with more and more people having experiences of unity (an evolutionary process). Like the world is realizing that is one body breathing and one mind thinking, one process evolving. From a hindu perspective we could be moving as humanity from a 3rd chakra (look for power) center to the 4rth one (non dual love).

    Of course this is (like most processes in nature) not smooth and easy, like the birth of a child, doesn’t come without tears and blood, so is not like we’re gonna start loving each other just like that, but it could be an intelligence emerging. Because otherwise individual inexhaustible egoistic appetites will clearly end with humanity as species.

    Any thoughts on this ?

    Thanks as usual for the blog and for sharing all this wisdom.

    FROM BILL: I don’t think we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius, or some period of collective love. In fact, just the opposite. And, I doubt that more people are having experiences of unity now than at any other period in history, other than because there are more people in the world than ever before in history. Those of us who have spent enough time meditating or doing other spiritual practices in order to have some sort of transcendent experience are a tiny fraction of the population of the world. Most such experiences are spontaneous and the person having the experience may or may not have any idea whether it is significant or not.

    Positive and negative social mood moves in waves governed by certain mathematical relationships built into the universe. If you look carefully at history, going back, say, 10,000 years, and look at the archeological evidence in pre-history times, and the much greater evidence as we get closer to modern times, you can see the times when social mood was negative. I do see us entering such a time–in fact, a BIG one. And though things are obviously much more contentious and negative now than they were ten years ago (or even five), I don’t think the REAL dark times are here yet.

    When such times come, human beings can do such savage things that it’s almost unbelievable. The 1930s and 1940s provide the most recent relatively big example. These two decades included the Nazis, a viscious Japanese attempt to subjugate much of East Asia, Stalin and his killing of millions of people (more than Hitler, by the way), Mao fighting the Kuomintang and the Japanese in China (and using the chaos to take over China, leading to up to 70,000,000 deaths by some accounts), millions of deaths from war, starvation, etc, destruction of entire cities, Nazi rallies in Madison Square Garden in the US, a world-wide depression, US communists coming out of the woodwork and gaining many key posts in the US government, vicious street fighting in Europe (even before WW2), and a lot more. There were riots, epidemics, economic meltdowns, and every radical nutjob came out of the woodwork.

    When chaos takes over, radicals of all stripes stand on their soapbox and shout to the crowds, “Don’t worry, I have the answer.” Their answer is usually deadly for the world, but things are so bad, and people are so confused that they are willing to follow someone who seems to have an answer. The same will happen this time, and it’s already starting.

    Looking at history, this sort of thing has happened over and over. We like to think that today we’re more civilized, and that “it can’t happen here,” but the Nazi era ended just 5 years before I was born, which isn’t that long ago. I don’t think in the last 65 years humans have matured that much. And, of course, mass killings have continued to happen since, even during times of positive social mood.

    Most historians estimate that the communists in China were responsible for between 40,000,000 and 70,000,000 deaths (some of this came during a less severe downturn in social mood, from the late 1960s to the late 1970s–during which time, by the way, just in the US, Robert Kennedy, Medger Evers, Martin Luthor King, Malcolm X and others were assassinated, riots happened at the Democratic convention in Chicago, several race riots broke out in US cities, black churches were firebombed, and the entire country almost fractured over the Vietnam war).

    When times of negative social mood come, civilization flies out the window, and it will this time, too. In times of positive social mood (and a major such time peaked about ten years ago) everybody loves everyone else, everything seems possible. In times of negative mood, everything turns upside down and the worst side of people comes out. Based on the size of the peak of positive mood, which happened about ten years ago, this downturn should be much bigger than in the 1930s, which was terrible enough.

    I suspect there will be economic devastation, total chaos, epidemics (the Black Death, around 1350, happened during a time of declining social mood, and killed between 30-60% of Europe’s population), and every other bad thing you can think of. Usually during such times there is a centralization of power (if you want power, “never let a good crisis go to waste”) and a dramatic reduction in freedom of expression, movement, etc.

    It is difficult to not get swept up in social mood even if you are aware that it’s happening. All you can do is become more aware of what is going on (despite the fact that paying attention during negative times is difficult and doesn’t improve your mood one bit–not to mention the fact that the media isn’t reporting what’s really happening) and do your best to stay out of the way of danger, nutjobs, etc. Think of the fall of the Roman Empire and what that must have been like on the basic level of the everyday person.

    What will come out of it? No one knows. However, usually there is a battle during such times between two forces, as there was in the 1930s. Sometimes the good guys win, and sometimes the bad guys win. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which, or there are no good guys. I don’t think there’s any guarantee that good will triumph. It depends on what people do. What would the world be like if Hitler had won? What if the US hadn’t been involved in the war in Europe in WW2 and the Soviet Union took over Europe after defeating Hitler? Many times in history the most viscious people have “won” and slaughtered millions. Look up Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, for instance.

    Though not exactly about this subject (for more about social mood, google socionomy), a book I highly recommend, as it goes though the entire history of humanity, based on the most recent archeological findings (and is written by a quite witty and highly readable author) is Why the West Rules–for Now. This book gives you a fascinating look at the scope of human history. Though the author isn’t hip to the influence of social mood, you can clearly see it at work in this book (Richard Martin, you will LOVE this book).

    I’m not saying that we’re all going to be in bomb shelters, or that life will necessarily or continuously be one of grim survival (though look at what WW2 was like for the people of Europe). What happens during such times for you is at least partly under your control. Inform yourself. Figure out what you can do to be more prepared and do it. Strengthen your social ties to those you love. Begin to realize that the best things in life are free and take advantage of those freebies.

    As always, the best thing anyone can do to better navigate life, whether in times of positive or negative social mood, is to BECOME MORE AWARE. Holosync makes you more aware, and does it more quickly, than anything I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around that block MANY times).

    I’ve been trying to get across on this blog that there are some key things about life that are a choice, IF you are aware enough to see how you create them. Other things, especially cause and effect and impermanence, can be affected a little bit, but in the grand scheme of things are ultimately beyond your control (see my many posts about this). Those things you have to acknowledge and make your peace with (or make yourself miserable fighting the unwinnable fight against them).

    I’m not trying to be negative in all this, just realistic.

    One last note: be careful of those who promise “Follow me to Utopia!”–which can take many forms. Progressives, communists, socialists, and fascists are all famous for making such promises (and people are much more likely to listen to them in times of declining social mood), clothing them in attractive garments. These things always end very badly.

  134. Hi Bill,

    Guess book I bought last week and have already started reading…

    The truly odd thing about the Nazis is that they came to power in what was probably the most sophisticated, advanced, and civilized country in the world at that time (though not the most free and democratic). Social mood has to be a chief cause of that, as with the rest of the turmoil in the early 20th century. Another good book about that whole period is Niall Ferguson’s The War of the World.


  135. Santiago says :

    Bill, you sound pretty convinced about what you’re saying, I wander, if this is so obvious, how come is not “out there” yet ? in the mainstream ? do you think its a conspiracy from the people in power ?

    To say that someone is “realistic” is difficult since we all buy our own theories – like the theory of social moods that makes so much sense to you – I see logic in your approach. However, to be so INCREDIBLY CERTAIN about what’s gonna happen is also very dangerous in my opinion.

    The problem with this social theories is that the variables are just so many to take into account, especially since the world is so incredibly different now, mostly because of the degree of connectivity. For example, you say that freedom of expression will be reduced dramatically, but that is harder and harder to do with new technology.

    Also, there are new waves of consciousness arising, people at integral levels that where not around before (I’m not saying that new super heroes are coming to the earth to save us, but this things have to be taken into account).

    There is CLEARLY a new tendency towards spirituality that is increasing, a new search around younger generations, so the percentage of people having spiritual experiences is for sure getting bigger and bigger (thanks to things like Holosync, Big Mind and other new spiritual technologies) remember that in the past, people in many places just didn’t have access to the tools that are now circulating freely on the web. Of course this has it’s own problems, but it’s undeniable that the spiritual questions are becoming more and more a part of the mainstream and that the tools for development are much, much better and available.

    So, I don’t know either what’s going to emerge, you have an approach which seems to come from FACTS, but the same facts can be organized in infinite ways to tell an infinite number of stories. But to say THIS IS FOR SURE WHAT WILL HAPPEN …. I don’t know.

    Of course, the advice of being more aware, of getting closer to those we love, is something we should all practice as much as we can. Maybe if more people in the world start to follow this advice you give, we won’t have to experience what you describe. Though I don’t deny that it can happen. What I know for sure is that things will change.

    I don’t believe in utopias, but I haven’t lost my faith in the human capacity and in evolution.

    FROM BILL: All you have to do is look at history and see what happens during times of negative social mood. The details this time will be different. The main, big picture, however, will be the same. I have been speaking about this, though not on this blog, for about 8 years. I predicted much of what is happening right now years ago. My friends thought I was going a bit overboard–until they saw it all start to unfold.

    And, there is NOT a greater trend toward spirituality. You just live in a bubble, surrounded by like-minded people and reading like-minded material from people who are into spirituality.

  136. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen says :

    MIKE: @ Mercedes: where did you get the instructions for the heart meditation you wrote about?

    I got this meditation, Tonglen, from a webinar with Diane Musho Hamilton. It may be on You tube, there is a lot with her on you tube. It is worht checking it out. I also use a heart meditation suggested by Deepak Chopra. This is in his book: Re-inventing the body, resurrecting the soul.

    Bill, I agree we are in some larger degree cycle which is negative. Alas the billion dollar question is which degree??

    It is misleading to say the cycle is pointing down. Which one? In any of the larger degree down cycles you get several smaller degree cycles that move up, even if the overall trend is down. A smaller degree cycle can last a very long time, thus fooling many.

    It is also worth pointing out that there are different cycles in different countries. This, fact is in part the reason for the demise of the Euro.

    Anyone can say we are moving down in the 60 year cycle, for example. A clock is right twice a day…

    (Just wanted to point this out, as this is an area where I have some expertise having traded for years.)

    FROM BILL: If you go and check out socionomics you can see what degree it is and find the answer to all your concerns. I have been studying this and evaluating it (from my usual skeptical perspective) for more than ten years. I don’t have the time here to address all your questions. Do your own homework on this. We are entering a down-wave in social mood that is a correction of an up-wave that started about 1800, so the down wave is going to be huge. All of these waves are subdivided into other up and down waves. We are, right now, at the top of an up-wave that is a bounce off the down-wave represented by the financial meltdown. That is why in many ways there is more confidence right now–temporarily.

  137. Erik says :

    These past couple of weeks I’ve seen a lot of videos, documentaries and all sorts of stuff that shake my view of the world pretty badly…

    I’m a little surprised that I haven’t freaked out as much as I would have thought…except for a small breakdown, which is nothing I can’t handle.(probably thanks to Holosync)

    I’ve seen everything from The Zeitgeist Movement and their stuff, 911 conspiracies to UFO cover-ups, US black projects that take 15 Billion $ a year and very likely have stuff that can fly circles around NASAs rockets… I’m not saying I believe all of this stuff(or even half of it)…But ‘some’ of this is so glaringly in-your-face you can’t just dismiss it…once you look past the stereotypes and prejudices there is some really weird and scary stuff going on…(one obvious example is the Building 7…which I’m 99% sure was a controlled demolition…and that’s only one of the many things wrong with it)

    I have a feeling that when the real chaos starts it’s going to be unlike anything seen before…

    I live in Estonia, right next to Russia. When WW3 starts we’re probably the first place they invade. I have absolutely no faith that US or anyone else will aid us. The fact that I’m writing this now is a miracle in itself since my grandmother(who’s still alive) was incredibly lucky to survive the bombing of Tallinn in WW2(out of the 10 apartment buildings that stood in line at the side of the street only one was left standing…with my grandmother in it…all the others were totally obliterated)

    I’ve heard my share of stories from her about what war was like, about the deportation, and worst of all, the sheer terror of living under soviet rule…The talk of how the soviets were the saviors of Estonia is complete and utter bullshit…Imagine being ruled by people who are criminally insane, paranoid and mentally retarded. Next to that the Nazis seemed like well-mannered civilized people(unless you were a Jew of course).

    I’m seeing nightmares at night about being bombed or some weird shapes, voices…almost like entities(shadow aspects?). The weirdest thing is when I feel like there’s a whirlpool inside me, like my entire being is shaking…it’s incredibly intense. Sometimes I see some dark shadows flashing in front of my eyes…and it almost feels like I’m being possessed or something. (some hardcore disowned stuff?)

    The weird thing is as I said before that I’m not nearly as freaked out as I would have thought(not even about the nightmares)…maybe it’s not sinking in or something. Or maybe it’s just Holosync and all the other stuff I’ve been doing…or maybe I’ve just lost it

    Looks like Eckhart Tolle’s New World isn’t coming yet….

    FROM BILL: Historically Europe is often the center of conflict (Europe and the Middle East). If I were in Estonia I would be tempted to do something to be somewhere else, though I don’t know what that would involve or how difficult it might be to do.

    In times of declining social mood every nutty theory and group come out of the closet. Most of the things you listed ARE quite nutty–or they are just plane dangerous people.

  138. Mercedes Oestermann van Essen says :

    P.S. re my previous post:

    I meant to say “a broken clock is right twice per day.”

    Also, I should like to add the following observation without getting too technical on cycles: Transition periods from one cycle to the next can last a very long time and not go anywhere fast, depending on where in a cycle they occur.
    Similarities to the developmental stages come to mind: I.E. one can be stuck at a level with one part of the self and another part has moved to the next stage.

    In terms of cycle analysis this is where we are at present as I see it, without going into the degree of the cycle, as this would be a discussion all by itself.

    FROM BILL: I am very familiar with the many different cycle therories. You are, however, talking about something different than what I am talking about.

  139. RV says :


    While on subject of collective mood swings, a book to recommend would be ‘Elliott Wave Theory’ by A.J. Frost and R. Prechter. This book gives mathematical/geometric basis for waves in social mood as well as documents collective psychology during certain phases of expansion and contraction historically. As Bill alluded, this basis lies in certain organizational principles and proportions of our observable universe.

    On a different note. I have somewhat withheld myself from posting any comments/suggestions fo rfuture posts on this forum, but as I have been using Holosync for almost 4 years now, there are few themes that have arisen and that I would love you to perhaps write about, one of them being sexual energy/force (not sure how to call it) and its role in personal development or its own possible progression as a separate developmental line?? Gurdieff addressed it as the strongest force we have access to, Osho spoke of being ‘free of sex’, Wilber speaks of sex with everything. Now probably these are references to different stages of development and these references need to be understood quite differently relative to these stages. Could you attempt to make sense of it? Would be great!



    FROM BILL: Yes, thanks for mentioning Elliot Wave. Socionomics is based on A.J. Frost’s work and that of R.N. Elliot (which is where the name Elliot Wave comes from). Prechter is the developer of Socionomics. I do recommend the book you mention, which I have read several times. Elliot first noticed that the stock market moves in certain predictable waves, with a certain form, based on Fibonoaci number relationships. Prechter realized at a certain point that the markets were a reflection of social mood (contrary to the common view that events create social mood, Socionomists have determined that social mood generates the events, including movements in the markets) and began seeing how social mood appears in the arts, politics, the economy, and everything else that happen. The swings in social mood are primary (they are a sophisticated form of the herding impulse, which is a self-protective impulse all living things share), and all the rest is derived from those swings in social mood.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments about this, and I realize it’s a volatile subject, but unless you do some research on this by googling Socionomics, reading the book RV suggests, and doing other research, you’re just talking off the top of your head without really know the evidence that underlies what I’m talking about.

    When these spiritual groups talk about sex they are essentially talking about life force energy, one of the most powerful manifestations of which is sexual energy. When people have kundalini awakenings as a result of spiritual practice it is often accompanied by strong sexual energy. Holosync certainly can awaken this energy and it often appears as a lot of additional sexual energy. The Hindus believe that this energy is transmutted into something spiritual. I think their view is a kind of zero-sum game view, though. I think there is enough energy to awaken the spiritual side of things and allow the sexual side to remain. This is one reason (one of many) why may religions have a lot of negative stuff about sex.

  140. Santiago says :

    The Socionomic theory is great and Bob Prechter’s predictions have a lot of ground. And of course, whenever we find a theory that makes sense for us we tend to cling to it as THE THING.

    We all live in bubbles and as usual we always see others bubbles before we see our own. This happens a lot in my experience with the people in the US, they are so focused in their own history that is very hard for them to see a more wordily perspective without comparing it with what has happened there. Although they tend to think they do.

    What you suggest is something that CAN happen, – it would be nice to see some numbers on the probability of it happening – And everybody should research about it, just like everybody should research about the new waves of consciousness that are arising and their impact on society (please don’t confuse this with new age magical thinking). This among many other things creates a new context for the world in which history CAN BUT NOT NECESARILY WILL happen again. To say “just look at history” can be pretty blind sighted.

    We haven’t yet developed a unified theory that can completely predict what will happen in the future.

    To say that we are moving towards an utopia is as deluded as to say that the end is near.

    There are people who say “follow me to utopia” this is very dangerous, there’s also people who say “the end is near” very dangerous as well. But probably the most dangerous are the ones that say “I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT and the rest of you are just plain stupid for not seeing it.”

    Like I said, everyone should do their own research and draw their own conclusions, but I think is unhealthy (and naive) to remove all doubt and not leave some space for the possibility of those conclusions being (at least partially) wrong.

    FROM BILL: I’ll be willing to bet you ANYTHING that some version of what I’m describing IS going to happen. It’s ALREADY happening. Multiple things happen every day, and have been happening for quite a few years, that are predicted by Socionomy, and which (based on what I know about social mood) I predicted would happen–to my wife, my employees, and my friends. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t say to me, “You said this (something that is in the news at the time, as the crisis in Egypt is now) would happen three (or whatever) years ago.”

    This is not a “thing” I’m clinging to. It’s a pattern people have noticed, and which has been studied extensively. It has great predictive ability. I’m watching it successfully describe what has been happening, and what is happening right now, as it unfolds, and using it to make intelligent predictions of what is likely to happen as time goes by. A theory is as good as its ability to successfully predict what will happen. This particular theory is incredibly prescient in its ability to do that. Santiago, forgive me for saying this–you are my friend, and I like you–but you don’t know enough about this to comment on it intelligently. Educate yourself and then come back and discuss it with me.

    No one can predict exactly what will happen, but certain things tend to happen in times of increasingly positive social mood, and other things tend to happen in times of increasingly negative social mood. Here are a number of things this theory predicted in 2003 as being likely to happen. So far, they all have happened (I could give another list of things that are yet to happen, too. I use this list as partial proof of the predictive power of Socionomy).

    The US stock market will lose 50% of its value (it did). Predictions are that it will ultimately lose 90%
    The economy will severely contract and the recovery will be weak. (yep.)
    Many bonds will will be downgraded. (yep.)
    The federal government will place tariffs on steel imports. (yes)
    Corporate leaders who were heroes and role models during good times will be vilified and scandals will bedevil the corporate world. (yes)
    Horrow movies will increase in number and popularity. Torture will routinely be depicted in movies and on television. (yes)
    Violent sports such as “ultimate fighting” will increase in popularity. (yes)
    Name calling and staunch partisanship will become stapes of political commentary. (yes)
    The US Treasury’s budge surplus will turn into a huge deficit. (yep)
    Jobs will move out of the US to China, India, and elsewhere. (uh huh)
    Religions will fight each other. Hostility will grow between Western countries and radical Muslims.
    The US Constitution will be demonized or marginalized by some and defended by others, creating a highly contentious situation. Both patriotism and anti-governement sentiment will grow into powerful emotional forces. (Progressives, Tea Party, etc)
    Real estate values will fall (yep–and they aren’t finished)
    Debt package of mortgage backed bonds, credit card debt, or auto loans will become viewed as unworthy investments. (yep)
    Many, if not most, pension plans will fall in value and be unable to provide the promised benefits. (It’s happening right now, with a lot more to come).
    Many banks will fail. (a lot did last year, many more will this year–largely unreported in the media)
    The dollar will increasingly be looked upon as being unworth for its role as the world’s reserve currency. (happening)
    The rich will be vilified nd their property will be increasingly taxed and seized. (definitely happening)
    Unemployment will become a serious problem. (yep)
    Countries will adopt numerous trade restrictions, import taxes and other protectionist measures. (already happening)
    Consumer confidence will fall to record low levels. (in process of happening)
    Affordable housing will become difficult to come by. Family members will increasingly move in with each other. (happening)
    A Democrat will be the next US president. (it happened)
    Politics will become far more polarized, splintered, and radical. (yes)
    Social Security in its present form will fail. (Imminent)
    The US will require internal travel papers. (in the works)
    The US will accelerate its tend toward socialism. Opposition to that trend will be vigorous. (Exactly what has happened/is happening.)
    The Drug War will become more violent and will spill over into the US. (it has)
    The US government will ration goods and services in which it is or becomes involved (such as gasoline, vaccines, medical care, electricity, water, food, etc.) (Either already happening or in the works–plans in place)
    The birth rate will fall in the US and other advanced Western countries. (yep)
    Religions will become increasingly popular. religious intolerance will increase. (yes)
    Belief in magic will increase. (unfortunately, it has)
    Science will be turned to manipulative or malevolent purposes. (it has been)
    Environmentalists will become militant and intentionally destructive. (yes)
    The US space program will shut down. (no more space shuttle)
    Conspiracy theories will become plentiful, and more people will believe them. (boy, oh boy, yes)
    People will rate the future as increasingly less promising (they do, in every poll)
    Race relations will become strained and violent (border problems?)
    The suicide rate will go up. (it has)
    Mass demonstrations expressing anger with certain social situations will occur (yep)
    Self help books will change from how to get rich and successful to how to deal with hard times (yes)
    Food scares will hit the US (already happening)
    Restaurants will decline in popularity. More people will eat at home. (yes)
    Disney will close its NY city theater productions (they haven’t, yet, but they did close their animation division)
    Gangsters, pirates, and other outlaws will become popular folk heroes (Pirates of the Caribbean?)
    Entertainment will feature fewer heroes and more anti-heroes.
    Organized labor will grow and become more active and militant (public employee unions)

    Believe me, I could go on. Some of you may not be familiar with many of these things. I closely follow all these areas, and have watched these things unfold. These kinds of things are typical of decreased social mood. In general, the following list shows the contrast between times of positive and negative social mood:

    constructiveness/ destructiveness
    desiring power over nature/over people
    embrace of effort/avoidance of effort
    interest in love/interest in sex
    practical thinking/magical thinking
    search for joy/search for pleasure
    helping others/harming others

    Quite frankly, you’d have to be blind, or intentionally averting your eyes and refusing to pay attention to what’s happening (which I understand, since paying attention to all this stuff IS depressing) to not see that all of this is, indeed unfolding.

    I’m not saying this to predict the end of the world or to be negative, or to make you feel bad. I’m not a negative person. I’m a realistic person. If you know what is happening you are better prepared to deal with it.

    Unfortunately, I think:

    The economy is going to get worse. Much worse.
    Most debts will never be repaid (which means the lender pays them). The confidence necessary to lend money will plummet, with dire consequences for the economy.
    Tensions between all kinds of groups are going to rise even further, particularly between Western countries and radical Muslims (who are poised to take over several Middle Eastern countries right now).
    War will eventually come in many places around the world.
    There will be severe energy problems.
    There will be increased violent terrorist attacks, including in the US.
    There will be problems with the food supply in many parts of the world. There are already food riots happening in several countries.
    There will be epidemics.
    There will be a further increase in autoritarianism and centralized, top-down control, and a huge loss of freedom of choice (regarding what you can buy, what you can say, what kind of food you can eat, what car you can drive, when you can use electricity, where you can freely go (across borders?), what you can see online, what kind of entertainment is legal, etc)–one that will particularly blindside Americans, who are not used to being regulated and controlled.
    Barbaric things will come to light that will rival (possibly exceed) the barbarism of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other crazies from the past. (It has already come to light that the US was shipping suspected terrorists to Egypt and other Middle East countries where their secret police have tortured these prisoners. Worse things will come to light over the next several years.)

    Many of these problems and the resulting chaos will be used by people selling utopian ideas to get people to follow them. Huge numbers of people who see no other choice, will easily be hoodwinked, and will follow these people. You might be one of them and not even know it until it’s too late. This is what happened in the 1930s and 1940s. This will not end well. It never has.

  141. Santiago says :

    BTW – Thanks for all the comments, I really love debating on this topic.

  142. Alan H says :

    Hi Bill,

    Great addition to this post with the comments on social moods. It reminded me of the online webcast that you posted a few months ago for us. Id like to see more of your thoughts written about it. I have also been telling people for quite a few years now that things have the potential to get VERY bad, but they look at me like im just a wacko doomsdayer. After all I dont think we are totally in the clear as far as jobs, housing, savings, etc in this country.

    I think most in the “spirituality” movement, including some of the authors of the youtube videos that Erik speaks of, are just dishing out positive thinking in an attempt to persuade a huge group of people to think alike. There seems to be a feeling of safety in those that think alike (i.e. religion). And most of these people that speak of this “awakening” that they claim is coming in the “age of Aquarius”, which oddly enough most astrologers can’t agree when it actually begins, is really just what you talk about as the universe in a constant flow of increased entropy. There isn’t any real “shift” that is coming, the whole process is the shift.

    But dont you think that there may also be another aspect to this whole debate? I mean, we have the means and technology to make sure every human has a roof over their head, food, clean water, and clothes, or the basic necesseties for life. But we dont! We really believe the elites of the world that there are limited resources ( that they own), and that seeing how they have most of the power/money anyway, we should just trust them and let them rule the world. Doesn’t/shouldn’t humanity have a fair chance? Will humanity really ever wake up?

    Granted we certainly need to grow up and mature before we are ready to take the reigns. But aren’t some of these “nutters” that want us to “follow them to the uptopia” doing the same thing that religion is doing?

    FROM BILL: Yes, times of declining social mood always include elites who say “We understand. You’re confused. You don’t really know what to do. Don’t worry. We know what’s best for you.” Then they grab even more power and control. On the other side of this debate is the idea that people, if left alone, will make intelligent decisions (and learn from the less intelligent ones) and do the right thing–which what I think. Those who think people are stupid have control over education, the media, and the government–which makes it pretty easy keep most people uninformed.

  143. Grant says :

    Dear Bill (Abby),

    I’m living in the middle east. It’s depressing and hostile here. But there were no jobs back home, so I took this to make some money.

    Should i continue working here when I’m completely miserable and disconnected from whatever “community” they have built here? Or should I let it be OK and just keep trying to own my own shadows and let the answers come?

    The way you talk about what’s going to happen has me worried. I feel like I need to slave away and pay off all my student loan debt asap.


    FROM BILL: That’s a tough one. The MIddle East is in the beginning of a very chaotic and violent time, I predict. And, overall, they do not like Westerners. I think the Islamists will take over most countries in the Middle East and institute something like what we have in Iran. Iran’s revolution was much like the French revolution–many innocent people were ruthlessly killed because they were judged to be part of the prior “problem”–or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time (or had wealth their neighbors wanted part of for fingering them as traitors. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of anything remotely like that.

    It certainly is a good idea to get out of debt, though. You don’t say where you are, so it’s harder to comment. Personally, I think it’s a risky place to be.

  144. C says :


    What level (approximately) of holosync were you on when you decided you’d make it into a business?


    FROM BILL: I don’t really remember, but probably in the Purification levels.

  145. Carlos says :

    Yes , it is a pretty depressing picture. It sounds like Cuba in the nineties when the economy was at its worst over there.
    and it is true everybody was fucking everybody else (literally speaking)

    Coming to the US I thought I would never have to go through that kind of shit again. (I mean the hardship part)


  146. Nina says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to say thanks and really looking forward to your blog post that adresses the subject of an ‘abundant universe’. I appreciate it.

    By the way, after reading what you have been writing about social moods and the future I am thinking perhaps a move from Sweden back to my home town of Melbourne would be a good move… I have 2 small children and am now feeling nervous for them. Plus I’d in Oz get to skip the long winters….just a matter of convicing my Swedish husband… LOL.


    FROM BILL: From what I hear, Australia is doing a bit better (so far) than other parts of the world. It also has the advantage of being relatively isolated geographically, which makes it more difficult to attack (the US shares this benefit, but is much more of a target).

  147. Matthew says :

    Anything to say about Genpo?

    I put it this way, myself:

    “Who’s to say it was a shadow? I think that’s an assumption. I know he’s in his 60’s+ and he’s probably a part of that ‘old school’ mind set of a ‘meat & potatoes’ approach to marriage and relationships. I wonder if the temptation was simply too great for him to handle and in reality there’s no “shadow material” what-so-ever.

    I also wonder if he’s even able to differentiate between the two. I guess that’s for him to find out in therapy. And for us to keep guessing.”

    It’s shameful behavior, no doubt, but as his friend, I assume you’ll be there for him.

    FROM BILL: Any immature behavior is from a shadow. If that part is mature, it won’t come out in a way that causes suffering for others. Genpo is not a “meat and potatoes” old school person in terms of relationships. He just has unresolved shit from his relationship with his mother–like most of us.

  148. Matthew says :

    I’d also say that Monks/Masters generally struggle with sexual, relational and money issues to begin with. I’d guess anyways. It’s an an easy guess to make.

  149. Matthew says :

    Well, naturally people hurt other people unintentionally all the time. So you can’t use that as a measuring stick. But I take your point about acting out in immature ways.

    I would distinguish between a natural human desire and “unresolved shit from his relationship with his mother”, in the sense that he might not know what to do with that natural desire – as well as the probability of confusing the two. But they’re both shadows in the sense that they’re both repressed or at least unconscious. I’ll take your word for it being the latter.

    I always find it amazing to see some of my elder friends/bosses/whatever still holding on to these types of things and still acting them out at such a late time in their life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to be a saint by the time I’m an old man, but I would think I’d of at least established a basic level of healing and integration. Oh well, I don’t know the guy personally, so I can’t say what his deal is, but it’s at least a call towards even greater honesty, considering his age and his place in the spiritual community. At the very least, it’s humanizing – certainly for him but also for people observing like myself.

    With that said, he deserves to be put in the dog house. Which he has been. And that’s that.

    FROM BILL: Natural human desires can be acted out in mature ways or immature ways. When an aspect of being human has been disowned (because it is seen as being bad, negative, or imappropriate) it will be expresed in an immature and covert way. See my several articles on this blog about shadows.

  150. Carlos says :


    I am curious about the discussion about Genpo Roshi since I like the guy and I find his stuff helpful.

    I agree with your previous post. I guess that if you spend 10 hours a day meditating you might become very wise and enlightened but you dont have time left to be good at much else. (money etc)

    The way I see is simple . if the teachings of somebody are helpful and he treats me with respect I dont care how many issues the teacher might have. His own issues are for him to resolve I just focus on working on my own issues.

    @Bill , just curious , what is the meat and potatous approach?? I know I also have unresolved issues with my mother. big ones. My dad died a year ago and I am still hurting. Since a little boy I had this big connection with my dad which turn to a love/hate relationship because of my mother manipulating me against him after they divorce. I never saw that until I start doing holocync (thank you) because of holocync I was able to love my dad again unconditionally and accept him and see the truth.

    He died in Cuba far away from me , I was never able to take him to a yankee game. Somehow I feel like my mum stole my dad from me while growing up. I know this is the victim speaking. I hate this fucking voice.

    I think that I should hold a big grudge against my mom. I think I should hurt her now. Strangely enough I dont hold anything against her. Although it hurts when I think of all the ways in which she fucked me up.


    FROM BILL: Genpo’s fall from grace (if you want to call it that) is disappointing. He is human, as we all are, and he screwed up. As we all do, he will pay the consequences for doing so. As I said before, he taught me something–actually, helped me EMBODY something, which is quite different than just learning ABOUT it–that has profoundly changed my life. He helped me take a lot of things I had partially embodied, and something things I only knew ABOUT and experience them in my bones, in a way that allowed me to LIVE them. From my perspective, he has a deep understanding, as well as being incredibly skillful in imparting it to others.

    For someone to deprive themselves of this teaching (assuming it is of interest to them) because of his other failings–which are no more than anyone else’s, and less than some–would be like shooting yourself in the foot. If he was a child molester or had some other similarly serious problem, or had overriding integrity problems in other areas of his life, that might be another story, but I know him very well, and it’s nothing like that. I’m not forgiving what he did, but I also don’t want anyone to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think this is essentially what you are saying, also.

    As for the term “meat and potatoes,” I was just commenting on what someone else had said. This term is a metaphor for “ordinary, conventional, mainstream” in the sense that an American who eats meat and potatoes is thought to not be involved in newer non-conventional dietary choices. In this case, the term was used as a way of saying that Genpo was probably quite conventional in the way he sees women, relationship dynamics, etc. Genpo is actually quite open to and aware of more modern views on such things. He just has some issues that come from how his mother treated him, and as most men do, he acts them out in his relationships. I would say that relationships are a blind spot for him, and I know he agrees, as we’ve recently discussed it.

    We all have issues with parents, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here. Much of what I’ve written about in this blog has its roots in what we learn from our parents about who we are, what life is, what the world is about, etc.

  151. Matthew says :

    Hence being repressed. But, as I said, I think it’s important to be able to distinguish between the two – which would determine the remedy.

  152. Jason says :

    I had a dream and i said i was on awakering level 4 and i said theres this sh-t coming out of me like black mud….and you said keep going its all bullsh-t..


  153. Paula says :

    Man, this is de-press-ing! I always read the comments, usually for the laughs but this? A reminder that the world is in crisis and no, not Genpo.

    I’m half way through level 9 – shouldn’t I be tip toe-ing through some tulips?
    Instead I want to take MDMA tabs and throw my hands in the air again like I did 20 years ago. Could even manage a joint and tap into that stoner creativity.
    It all seemed so simple then. Escaping reality was easy.
    All this crushing doubt about everything going on inside and outside just makes me want to party hard – you know, dancing free, without a care in the world for hours just to let it all out.
    I watched a great French film called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last night. Made me feel a little grateful yet sad that I’m not hungry for fun. Not sure I remember how to do fun – its all gotten a bit too grown up serious.
    Sometimes ‘what is’ is so bland. I feel i’m one big dark unresolved shadow waiting for some kind of spark. I’m getting tired of identifying my shit, it just goes on and on even though I have no past trauma (doing life principles and apparently all this ‘stuff’ is pre birth and revealing but still, always with the shadows!)

    I am 38 years old. Anyone else feel or felt very blah at this stage? I’m ready for fun, I think I can handle it. Spark, anyone?

    FROM BILL: To be answered in a full post.

  154. Lynn says :

    Re: Genpo Roshi, I am not clear on what actually did happen.
    However, on this topic of sexuality….and what leads to sexual behavior, acting out, etc………..very very very complex.

    Especially, with so very much at stake, the feelings must have been very strong, and I believe with that there is a seeking of rescue on many levels………..that usually goes way back.

    …..nothing puts you in the frame of mind of a new relationship…..even just a mental one and not acting on it……… really stimulates the brain, in ways nothing else does. . there is an aliveness.. …you see and feel the world in a whole new way……this is biochemical!! this too can be a part of the seeking rescue…..from ones own feelings…………from the mundane, from perhaps not feeling so alive, from feelings about aging, and all the unresolved stuff from way back when…….powerful stuff!!

    It seems he sought rescue by going to the dessert all those years ago……it was about relationship that drove him there………now, it has come back to it.

    I actually do not think monogamy is a ‘natural’ state for humans…..especially men……… is one of those ‘man made ideas’.
    I believe men are wired biochemically, not to be monogamous, so it is an uphill battle for many.
    Though I do not see any way around it….as our emotions, especially those of women, cannot deal with not being monogamous.

    I would think, for a man in particular, it seems it is more the acceptation for one in ‘power’ of any kind, and or anyone put on a pedestal, to not act.
    There is so much more opportunity. Too much temptation……
    …… it is not about the sexual act itself that is the biggest driving force.

    I could see it taking a huge amount of self awareness and being very grounded, and disciplined, constantly ……not to be side tracked………by impulses that can be the strongest ones one feels……….both biologically and emotionally…………especially with all the temptation, and the unresolved issues from way back.

    Betrayal of trust, and all the feelings it can bring with it, is one of the most difficult to get over….and it can be very dark……….bring up a lot of ugliness in oneself………………..practice in how to forgive and let go……………self and others…………..very very deepening……….and with that, it can bring one to an even more integrated state….and thus, ..more allowing of such in others…….more encompassing of all, and less judgmental.

    I feel terrible for all involved, and sorry too, that it will most likely prevent Big Mind, from reaching all it may have.

    ‘m sure it will transform it….perhaps for the best, in the end…….but it will be a while to get there if it does……… trust needs to be earned again, …that he knows what he is talking about!

  155. Pleus says :

    Bill I am totally on board with Nina and her comments/questions about the abundant universe idea. All types of “New Age” teachers (if you want to call them that) such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield make this abundant universe belief seem like a very important factor in order to thrive in life. However, the Earth is only so big and it only has so many resources, and once certain resources get used up (oil), we have no way of recycling those resources for re-use (I guess you could argue the point “Well not YET we dont,” but the fat still remains). There seems to be a major incongruency between being realistic and believing what these teachers say. Especially since some of the more respected, non-bullshitter teachers carry this abundant universe idea, I agree with Nina on this confusion and a separate post just about this topic would be GREAT.

    As always, lovin the shit you do. Keep doin it.


  156. Jane says :

    Re; Paula’s post,
    Yes I can identify with you, It does all sound a bit doom ‘n’ gloom, although being at the stage we are at it’s a bit like oh well! So!
    Which leads on to the where is the fun bit? Yes it does feels a bit samey.
    Being in this state has become the norm and maybe we have forgotten what the down side bit is like as well as the up side. So gratitude for that.
    What would happen if you did take some MDMA now or is that a complete no no? If so why? I am the same it’s a bit like been there done that and somehow the idea of it now doesn’t seem right. Maybe we should just go what the hell and find a rave!
    Funny old thing life ;)

  157. Erik says :

    Hey Bill,

    I spoke to my parents about this and they agree that there are some signs of danger(even though the news seems to be talking about everything except for what matters), but they’re skeptical and think I’m overreacting a bit. I didn’t even go into just HOW bad things might get…

    My parents have survived some pretty bad economic conditions right before my birth, just before Estonia achieved independence from the Soviet Union about 19 years ago so they aren’t very concerned about that.

    We have some land on one of Estonia’s islands(a plot with a small log cabin in a tourism village and some hectares of forest), nothing very expensive, but valuable enough to give a small amount of security should the value of money drop(I know very little about economy and stuff like that, but having real estate is good in a situation like this right? Especially if we got it very cheaply and it’s something like forest which value doesn’t drop very much).

    The problem is, this stuff only matters if the worst thing we have to deal with is hyperinflation or something like that… When the system breaks at a more fundamental level, having investments, whether it’s gold, silver, some property somewhere – the type of stuff that doesn’t help you survive in the present moment, could become totally worthless…
    Then you need to figure out where to get food when money becomes worthless or shops close. When power plants shut down and electricity is no longer available you need to figure out where to get clean water and a warm place to be and so forth…

    Right now me and my parents live next to a manor in the countryside about 35km from the nearest city(15km from a small town) and about a 150km from the Russian border. We pay rent so we don’t actually own the house. Even though we aren’t in the city(probably the worst place to be, when things get really bad) I still think it’s not a very good place to be…

    We do have another property which used to be my grandparents’ summer home. This place is in the middle of rather large forests with only a couple of houses in a 10km radius. It’s about 6 hectares of land surrounded by a tall fence(that has barbed wire at the top so animals like moose wouldn’t try to jump over).
    About half of that land is under a forest, so we have more than enough firewood and we also have a couple of plots of land where we grow potatoes(by far the best thing to grow if you want to survive off the land). We also have apple trees, a well where we get water and there are a lot of animals in the woods that we could hunt(my father used to be a hunter and has a rifle).
    Also, in the summer, there is a whole load of other things we can grow or pick from the forest. We could also buy a goat that we could milk and perhaps even some chicken to lay eggs…
    Like that we could possibly survive even a complete collapse of the system… Of the things you listed we would only have to worry about epidemics(not much since we’re largely separate from other people), people/criminals trying to rob/kill us(same as last) or most of all – war(we aren’t on the best terms with Russia).

    The downside(and I don’t know exactly how big of a downside) is the fact that this place is only about 30 km from the Russian border…
    Even though we could live there with no outside help and no electricity, especially if we knew beforehand when we would have to move there, so that we could prepare(buy a huge load of salt, sugar, matches, noodles, flour, spices ect), if things get even worse than that…then the only option I can see is to move to another country.

    There are several problems with that though…I’m totally sure that my parents wont even consider it unless there is an obvious imminent threat. Also we would need a lot of money for that(which we don’t really have)… and where could we go anyway? To the mountains in Norway? There’s also the fact that all my relatives live in Estonia, including my two sisters…The good part about that is that most of them are probably in safer places than us…

    In WW2 a lot of Estonians went to the US including my granduncle…that’s probably not a good idea anymore since you guys seem to be worse off than we are…In fact, to me it seems like there is nowhere to go…If this is really as big as you say, that WW2 was only at the bottom of a smaller cycle and that this drop is part of a bigger one…we’re all pretty much screwed aren’t we?

    About the Venus project and Zeitgeist movement…do you mean that the Zeitgeist people are dangerous? How about the Venus project in general?

    The Venus project is definitely a Utopian idea(beyond Utopian even). I don’t know much about the Zeitgeist though, except that they weren’t always associated with the Venus project…

    As for 9/11 and UFOs…There ARE a lot of nutcases who deal with this stuff(especially in case of ufos…you know the guys who wear foil hats and stuff like that). These things never really interested me, at least not enough to research them. I kind of stumbled onto the videos I mentioned, when I was searching for some cool new scientific inventions. I was quite surprised(really surprised in case of 911) to see that there are intelligent skeptical people genuinely trying to figure out what’s going on(Stanton T. Friedman for example, a nuclear physicist who studies ufos). I know this is off topic so I’m gonna make it short…
    The most important thing is that the official story and investigation of 9/11 was either done by people who were criminally incompetent or it was a flat out lie…….or I’ve just gotten totally wrong information from many different sources, that’s possible too…though really unlikely). There are just SO many obvious things wrong with it, I don’t get why more people aren’t questioning it. As for ufos check out “Flying Saucers Are Real – Full Feature with Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman” on youtube. At the very least it will be interesting…

    Back on topic, how soon do you think things might get dangerous? Do we have a year? When does the cycle get to the lowest point and when will it be up again?(I’m not sure if I can find them here, but a book with actual graphs in it would be great) Where do you think will be the safest place? And do you think something like the Venus project is actually possible?

    FROM BILL: I would forget about the Venus Project. This is the kind of utopia BS I was talking about. This stuff always involves a supposedly enlightened elite who knows best how things should be. This always turns out to involve a huge loss of freedom. I also wouldn’t waste time on the UFO stuff, unless you find it personally entertaining.

    I can’t comment on your personal situation. I’m not a expert in it, and don’t have the time to research it. Now that you are thinking about this and looking around, you’ll probably find more information that will be helpful. Do check out Socionomics.

    Gold has held its value throughout history and is a good thing to have some of in times of trouble.

  158. Alan H says :


    I know these questions will be off subject, but they are perplexing me so bad I have to ask. In many “New-Age” and/or spiritual writing, even some religions, they talk of raising your frequency/vibration. Why do they all say this when you say quite the opposite is what happens with Holosync? As we progress into deeper levels of Holosync, I feel the changes and they are definately positive, but we seem to be lowering the frequency/vibration not raising it? They speak of “lower frequencies” like its a bad thing. I know that with the Gamma Compassion cd that it is higher than beta waves, and that the effect is also life changing and positive. So please clear up which one we should go by? Should we in the higher levels be using both to “even” us out? I haven’t been using Gamma lately because of time constraints, but the more I listen to authors and the like talk about higher frequencies, the more I get confused. Thanks again!

    FROM BILL: The people who talk about “raising your vibration” don’t have a scientific bone in their bodies. Nothing they talk about is based on science and they use words such as “energy” and “vibration” in a non-scientific way (though they might not think so). They way they use it is more of a metaphor. At any rate, what they are talking about has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. They are largely magical thinkers. Exposure to the lower carrier frequencies has certain benefits. The Gamma Compassion soundtrack helps you create gamma waves, which are more high-frequency waves, but this has nothing to do with carrier frequency. Gamma waves could be creates with low or high carrier frequencies, just as with alpha waves, or any other brain wave. For a review of the difference between carrier frequency and beat frequency (which is what creates the various brain wave patterns) read my Special Report, “How Holosync Works,” which is (I believe) in the Articles section of the About section at

  159. Paula says :

    Not sure what would happen Jane.
    It’s like all my points of reference are lost. Blank canvas-ish. Result right?

    But its a bit like (and another film reference) in Madagascar when the zoo penguins go off on a quest for the wild, commandeer a ship to arrive at Antarctica only to look around baron land and say….’well this sucks’. Which is a similar response I’m having now. All that daily practice, ripping myself apart putting it all under a microscope to arrive here wondering what it is I’ve achieved exactly.

    I suppose what I want is abundance. Not of the tangible variety that casualties of the mighty Secret seek. More love, peace, joy, spiritual oneness etc. Yet its difficult when the media bombard with one tragic event after the next. All that effort and expense to arrive in a world that looks set to implode. Its like someone has rained on my parade – and that someone is usually me.

    Immersion felt like it was on for hours yesterday – I literally wanted to tear the flesh off my face. I turned it off in the end and blasted an Arcade Fire song called Wake Up though headphones instead and cried all the way through – not in a boo hoo poor me style but in the style of someone at the front of the stage at a big outdoor festival, wtf?

    Beam me up.

  160. Mike says :

    Is there any evidence that the brain can entrain to infrasound? IE: Sounds below 20hz. Another way to ask this would be is there any EEG evidence of the brain entraining to flowering level 4? The lowest carrier in the program.

    Actually, the only significant information I would be interested in would be an EEG chart showing that brain entraining to flowering level 4, since it’s below the threshold of hearing. IE: infrasound.

    I would be very interested if you could back up your claims with some data.

    Thank you!

    FROM BILL: All you have to do is experience the last several levels and you know something is definitely happening (and that it’s the same “something” that happened at the other carrier frequencies). When people get to those levels they’ve been using Holosync for years. They KNOW what Holosync feels like. If these levels didn’t do anything, we’d hear about it, believe me, and people wouldn’t continue with the program. They do, though.

    Though entrainment certainly does happen (with any carrier frequency), entrainment, per se, isn’t the goal here. The changes in the nervous system–which create the mental, emotional, and spiritual (ie, awareness) changes–are the goal. If I found out that Holosync didn’t entrain brain waves (which it does), I wouldn’t care. If we discovered that the amazing changes people experience weren’t the result of entrainment, they’re still happening. And, entrainment is only part of the equasion anyway. It isn’t that entrainment, per se, creates the changes. But that’s another topic I don’t have time to get into here.

  161. Gloria says :

    Paula, check out Adyashanti. He speaks more eloquently than anyone I have come across about what you are going through. It’s a hard place to be but if you can just weather the storm it will be so worth it.

  162. Craig says :


    Try “Advanced Yoga Practices” ( It teaches you how to generate natural Ecstasy in your nervous sytem.

    All the lessons are completely free (and it complements Holosync perfectly).


  163. catherine H says :

    Haven’t had an opportunity to read the blog for a little while. Blimey, my eyes were on stalks by the time I got to the bottom. I cheered myself up with a McDonald’s happy meal (I’m meant to be a vegan) which was actually surprisingly tasty. I would consider MDMA but for the fact that I had to google it to find out what it is. I think I’ll give it a miss though. I had a joint once and couldn’t restrain a compulsion to keep running round the room like a loony. Think I must have a sensitive nervous system.

    However you dress it up, having an affair in Genpo’s position is just stupid. Is his blind-spot more of a lobotomy, for it would have to be for him not to have seen the possible ramifications of his actions? That sounds unkind but I am genuinely puzzled.I take on board that he is human and makes mistakes etc, but this is such a basic error of judgement it defies logic. I know I probably have unrealistic expectations about what it is to embody awareness as a human being, but this…………..?

    Strengthening ties with family and friends at this point is really key I think. I’ve listened to a handful of people who have correctly predicted many events that are now unfolding.( I hope you continue to open up on the blog. Why have you waited until now to give so much detail?)

    There’s no where to run really surely? We are pooling resources with our wider family (ie taking in all the elderly relatives) in a fairly rural location where we can be relatively self sufficient. Family and friends are very keen to join us. It’s the best we can do, so there it is.

  164. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have been checking out Socionomics and it is fascinating. There’s one thing I want to know your thoughts about though.

    According to Socionomics, the curse of history is dictated by social mood, which comes from a primitive herding impulse, which comes in fractal wave patterns, they say that this mood has nothing to do with external circumstances, it is the mood which creates the circumstances.

    So would you also say that external circumstances do not affect the social mood at all ? Isn’t there feedback system between the outer and the inner word ?

    What I think Socionomics says is that this wave patterns come no matter what. Am I getting it wrong ?

    FROM BILL: Yes, you’re getting it right. I don’t think he’s saying that there isn’t some sort of feedback loop–that’s what the herd impulse is: one of the sheep becomes afraid and runs; the others think ‘what does he know that we don’t? Maybe we better run, too, just in case…” and so on. The social mood changes, though, happen irrespective of circumstances. In fact, the exact same circumstances happen in times of positive and negative social mood. They are, however, interpreted in a different way. For instance, in times of positive social mood the rich were envied and everyone wanted to copy them, look like them, aspire to be one of them. In times of negative social mood they are demonized. Heroes in good times fall from their pedestals in bad times.

  165. Mike says :

    I understand, but you have to understand you’re asking me to rely on the subjective experience of what people are “feeling”. That’s not very scientific – the placebo effect can be quite strong; PARTICULARLY with someone who is paying good money for a product and EVEN MORE particularly if they’ve taken the course that far and shown that level of commitment. They’re less likely to second guess their experience at that stage.

    Your points may be valid, but you’re asking me to take them on good faith alone. I’m actually a little surprised you don’t have any EEG graphs to show what is happening in the brain for the deeper levels. And your response may simply be “ask the hundreds of people who have been there if it works” and though that’s appealing, i’d still like the hard facts that show the brain is actually responding to the input.

    If entrainment isn’t necessarily the cause of the changes, that’s another topic. I know binaurals work, for example, but I don’t know if they work with infrasounds. I assume all the purification and awakening levels work because the sounds ARE audible. I ask because of the simple logic that infrasounds cannot be detected by the human ear. Which doesn’t necessarily mean the brain will not entrain or respond to the input, but it would seem like it “shouldn’t”, since the sound is not audible.

    Well I can already see the point of contention being your argument: “people say it works and that’s good enough for me” and “I agree, up to the flowering levels or somewhere around there where infrasounds are used. Show me an EEG.”

    …..If you feel you can add anything more to what you already said, please do. You might not have anything available on-line but has anyone at all used an EEG with the later levels?

    FROM BILL: Only someone who hasn’t used Holosync would ask such a question. Have you used it? I don’t have EEGs of people in the deeper levels while they are using it. I do have testimony of many who have used it up through those levels. What I’m trying to say is that we’re not after entrainment, we’re after mental, emotional, and spiritual results, and those who use Holosync get those results, in spades. There is non-binaural beat evidence that ultra low frequencies have an EFFECT on humans, though. Look it up. I don’t think there’s any question that they do.

  166. Paula says :

    Thanks for the feedback and the laugh Catherine H.
    I’ve maxed out on guru chat though, cant stomach another word even though it may be quality.
    The Adyashanti triggered a ‘not another one’ eye roll response and the yoga stuff lost me at the ‘the guru is in you’. Gives me the heebies. I feel like I’m backing away from all the things I was previously running towards.

    Its all gone tits up for now but I’m sticking solely with Bill, Life Principles, Holosync and shadows. Holosync is a real pain in the backside at times, yet the only thing I commit to.

  167. Mike says :

    I use holosync and I know it works (both scientific and personal experience and strictly speaking about the earlier levels.). I know infrasounds have an effect on the body – mostly negative from the research, actually – but those are at very high doses. That’s no guarantee that carrier frequencies will have the same effect, though or even generate binaural beats with the deeper levels.

    Ok, science aside (since I agree we can’t be 10000% sure as to why binaurals work), what do people report from the Flowering levels? I know you mention that people report something along the lines of: “I feel ok. The world is ok. People are ok” summarizing the purification levels. What do people say during the Flowering levels? Summarizing…

    FROM BILL: We’re preparing a new section of our website that allows you to sign up for a series of conversations I recorded with people in the Flowering levels (about 20 people). It’s free, you sign up and once a week you can download (or listen online) an audio file of another conversation, plus a printed transcript. And, by the way, several of these people told me that Flowing levels hit them pretty hard (which surprised me, since my impression is that most people have dealt with the sources of upleaval by then, but I guess some haven’t). I doubt this would happen if it wasn’t working.

  168. catherine H says :

    I’m in the flowering levels Mike and funnily enough I’ve also had EEG’s done. I did an intensive brain training course (Brain State Technologies) towards the end of purification I think. I was intrigued by the technology they were using and wanted to see what would happen. It was excellent by the way.

    I can’t give you a detailed account of the EEG’s as I wasn’t particularly interested in the detail at the time. However I do remember that they were incredibly impressed with the state of my brainwaves (a lot of alpha with eyes open) and said I was balanced at my core (eyes closed drifting off). I had a thorough brain mapping with electrodes placed on various different areas of my head while doing different tasks. They were curious to know what it was I wanted to gain from the training at the end of the mapping, that’s how good it was looking.

    I also had something called voice bio which looks at general health and it revealed that there was no degeneration in any of my organs. I think that translates as healthy. I do still get a hormonal related migraine (have had this for 20 years) but that is gradually changing and improving too.

    I don’t have before and after EEG’s to offer up but maybe you will find what I have said helpful.

  169. catherine H says :

    Sorry, you wanted flowering level EEG evidence.
    That’s what happens when you speed read.

  170. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    So social mood is measured using the patterns in the stock market in the US right ? Would you say the this patterns replicate in the rest of the world, is it possible that in some countries the mood is going up and in others is going down ?

    Any recommendations on where I can find more about this ? (I’ve been all over in

    I know you have some videos commenting about this, are they still up ?

    FROM BILL: All parts of the world have stock markets. The only reason he uses stock markets is because they are an almost immediate reflection of social mood, and because they are so minutely measured, and have been for quite a long time.

    You can always subscribe to his Socionomics newsletter. Or see what else you can find online. Buy his books.

  171. Catherine H says :

    Keep neglecting to mention that magnesium is vital for serotonin production. Most people are deficient according to research, and some horribly so. A good magnesium based lotion or spray absorbed directly into the skin works wonders. Apply generously under the armpits so it gets into the lymph glands (is also a very effective deodorant).

  172. Erik says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve had a whole bunch of ideas since I last wrote here about how to survive whatever is coming(I even got a “Crisis Preparedness Handbook, A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival”. I haven’t read it yet, but it had some good reviews).

    I might have given off a kind of depressing vibe when I talked about this survival stuff…though in reality I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I’m not anxious in the least. I think I had information overload back then and I mostly talked about my personal situation just to organize my own thoughts and perhaps give other people some ideas as well.

    In one of my comments I said that I had a breakdown after I stumbled onto all kinds of scary information about stuff that might happen, what’s actually going on and how unsafe we really are…
    After the shake up I walked around for a couple of days in a grim state of mind thinking, making plans, wondering what and how to tell my family…

    I had all these images in my head how I was going to get bombed or killed somehow… And at some point I think I had some kind of shift…I’m not sure when it happened(or IF it actually happened) but at some point I noticed that I’m not afraid or depressed at all… I got all of these great ideas about what to do with the property I was talking about(to make it self sustaining, secure, comfortable ect,)…I also gained a clarity about my views that I don’t think I’ve ever had(my head was in total chaos most of the time). And most of all, I have this great sense of wellbeing…

    I’ve become a much better skeptic than I used to be(at least that’s what I like to think), I’ve gotten rid of many of my magical ideas and beliefs(though I never believed in them very strongly in the first place) and I’ve developed a much greater interest in science. I’ve mostly stopped theorizing and thinking about all the spiritual stuff(it’s much easier to just sit and let it come to you).

    Right now I’m doing some strange zazen-like meditation where I sit in a full lotus(which is much easier to do than I thought and makes meditating a lot more comfortable), concentrate on the feeling of my body and breath, and breathe in a continuous pattern.
    One great thing that REALLY helps me with meditation, is to gently focus on the feeling of the body(or “inner” body…got this from Eckhart Tolle) to lead your awareness away from thoughts…

    I saw someone mention Adyashanti… theres also this guy Mooji that I listen to sometimes…They’re both pretty good, even though they have really weird-ass names… I can’t speak for the other gurus in you tube though(some of them are REALLY hairy…and I mean that literally). There’s also a lot of flowery-new-agey BS…every time I hear some of it I get this image in my head of a purple unicorn who pukes rainbows(kind of metaphoric)…can’t remember where I saw it…

    Just to be clear about the ufo stuff though…I don’t take it all too seriously…It’s a bit entertaining and interesting, but I have no intention of becoming a hardcore ufo nut any time soon…There are a whole load of other things that interest me a lot more than that…things that are actually practical and helpful.

    As for Holosync…I talked to my therapist and she advised me to wait(it makes me cringe when I think about how much time I have wasted…good thing I started so early though). She said that there is some sort of study being made about Holosync in some university(I think) in Estonia and she wants me to wait until they finish it. (I actually tried to buy my next level during the last discount but messed up the ordering process somehow…something to do with paypal I think)

    I’m wondering has anyone ever done this kind of study with Holosync before? It would be a great opportunity to get it into some scientific journal and get it more attention…
    You know, when you think about how good Holosync is to a person…how much it raises the quality of people’s lives, you’d think that everyone, from a school to a prison should be listening to this… The government could be buying everyone CDs and therapists could help people with overwhelm…
    I bet almost all the problems we have today would vanish…

    Oh, and about the mass awakening…Do you think that could ever actually happen? If yes, then when?


    FROM BILL: There is no study on Holosync in Estonia, and there certainly is no reason to wait to use Holosync. Your therapist is uninformed.

  173. George says :

    Just curious, since there is discussion on the economy, etc., have you studied Austrian economics at all? For example, Tom Woods’ laymen book Meltdown, Guido Hulsmann’s intermediate book The Ethics of Money Production, or Ludwig von Mises’ advanced book Theory of Money and Credit? (F.A. Hayek, and particularly in his book Prices and Production, did a lot of work on this subject and it won him the Nobel Prize.) This school of thought has given me what appears to be the best analysis of economic fluctuations. Speaking of being aware, I don’t think a person can be aware of social and institutional conditions without putting some time in studying their works. Social mood, to be sure, can affect things. But the question is, e.g., what allows a housing frenzy to explode without any kind of seeming limit (viz., the scarcity of actual savings to sustain the coordination of production, which yields fruits in the future, over time)?

    Anyways, the trouble I have with using Holosync, and it is a trouble that has affected my sleeping in a negative way, is that it is difficult for me to “let go.” I.e, it is as if I fight Holosync in its attempts to put me into a more meditative state. It is likewise when I attempt to go to sleep. It is as if I have to reprogram my subconscious because my attempts to “intellectually” persuade myself to “let go” have not been that successful. I know I have some irrational fears about “letting go.” But it is difficult to know how to lose them.

    FROM BILL: I am very familiar with the Austrian economics school and have ready many of the works of Austrian school economists.

    As for your resistance to Holosync, everyone resists Holosync. That, in a way, is the whole point. People resist life, and Holosync pushes through that. Resistance, first of all, is something you DO. You do it because Holosync makes you more aware (or all the things you have repressed or disowned because you were taught that they are bad, dangerous, or inappropriate). Though you have pushed these things out of your awareness, they affect you (in a negative way) anyway. You can’t really get rid of them, and the more you repress them the more they come out in dysfunctional ways.

    When these things come into your awareness, it creates resistance. However, resistance does not serve you, and when you resist with awareness, you stop doing it. This is how Holosync changes you–as you become more aware, you stop resisting life. As that happens, EVERYTHING becomes easier. So let it be okay that this is happening. It’s part of the process. Observe yourself doing it. Stand back, notice it, and say “Hmmmm” a lot.

  174. Terry Lyle says :

    Wow! I thought the last blog was a roller coaster ride! This one beats them all.

    I had a thought…wouldn’t it be fun if each of us could read our own posts through another person’s mind (map of reality)? Can you imagine the results?

    Despite the dire predictions, confusion, and pleas and in addition to the caring support from many holosunce users in the above content the GOOD NEWS is that the blog podcasts are back on iTunes!

    Thanks Bill!

  175. John says :

    Hey Peter,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I use several products that have, for me, been nothing short of terrific. The first one is ThreeLac, which is a probiotic that consumes candida in your system. This is preferential to drugs or natural supplements which target candida, because candida will morph and become resistant to ‘poisons’ before you can eliminate it, especially if you have a more advanced case. It doesn’t become resistant to something that consumes it, however (which is what makes ThreeLac so effective). I also use Oxygen Elements Max, along with Body Biotics, and MSM. I won’t go on and on right now, but do yourself the favor and look up each of these items and educate yourself on them. Highly recommended.

    There are tons of websites out there, but one site I found particularly helpful was Best of luck.


  176. Sam says :

    I wonder how the principle of conscious change works with what we’re discussing here, in that certain parts of our consciousness aren’t working anymore and need to be dropped; one could say that these parts need to go through a dieing process of sorts so that they may be integrated and “reboarn” into a new and higher integration. If there is any evidence of rebirth or carma to me it seems that this relates to old and outdated ideas and systems of living, and that nature fascilitates these things–rebirth and carmic action–when a higher integration is called fore and nature decided that certain parts need to go for the birth of a new system of living to become possible.

    FROM BILL: As usually, what you say is totally incomprehensible to me.

  177. Santiago says :


    According to what I think your model says, our feeling state comes from what we do inside (internal dialogue, mental pics, etc) and if we are aware enough we can control how we feel by changing this internal phenomena.

    I think socionomics says that the changes in our state – from positive to negative, back and forth – cannot be consciously controlled, they arise from a deeper part of the brain that we don’t have access to and respond to fractal patterns.

    Are this two views in conflict with each other ? Can we or can’t we control how we feel at any given moment ?

    FROM BILL: To the degree that you are aware, you are less likely to unconsciously engage in herding behavior. Still, herding behavior works to protect the species, so it is resourceful in many cases. When you are aware, what isn’t resourceful falls away, but what is remains. Some herding behavior is resourceful, some isn’t.

    I have not said that with your mind you can totally control everything. Some emotions happen from sources in the brain that precede your internal representations. Those feelings are, however, sustained by the internal representations you make. Internal representations, and the other cognitive processes that are composed of internal representations (beliefs, values, strategies, etc) are the choice point in human emotion and behavior, but only if you are aware of how you create (or sustain) them. The obvious proof of this is to DO it. Every person I’ve taught to be aware of these processes who actually pays the price to learn to watch them reports the same thing: dramatic increases in choice regarding four things: 1) how they feel, 2) how they behave, 3) which people and situations they attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings they assign to what is happening.

  178. Mirey says :

    Hi.. I discover now your blog and I need some help. I have some question for you. I got shame to public my question and i prefer to be privacy. Thanks for read this comment and i hope you answer me on my e-mail.

    FROM BILL: The purpose of this forum is for you to ask questions about my blog posts.

  179. Sam says :

    You describe conscious change as the ability that an organism has to stop engaging in things which aren’t usually helpful, such as distructive behaviors and thought patterns. At a certain level of development we recognize that some things we do don’t work anymore, and a higher level of cognition is sometimes fascilitated which recognizes newer and more resourceful ways of being which don’t repeat the old patterns. For instance I might act in ways to try to please people out of a need I have to fit in or be liked, however at a higher level of cognition I recognize how to use this “pleaser” part consciously as I choose to be pleasant to people and make them happy; when unconscious this comes out of a need, when made conscious it becomes something possible to do as a way of interacting with people (everyone needs a little bit of the pleaser or else they become a real bummer for everyone).

    Sometimes these things happen by choice, as in voice dialogue work or participation in the big mind process, and sometimes these things are fascilitated by nature due to changing demands of the situation of interacting with the world. If you don’t make an effort to grow up yourself, as you’ve stated, the world comes along and bites you in the ass to wake you up: your carma catches up with you. Either a character in the story needs to go through some form of integration, such as in a Heroes Journey, or it goes through some other form of cathartic process, however at some point a character on the path of personal growth has to go through a change process wherein one version of the character dies and another is born. A wize man once told me “you have to kill your darlings” and I believe him; you have to kill those parts of yourself that are resisting change, either by doing it outright (remember Manjushri’s sword) or go through the catharsis that a developing character in an active story line must go through. In any event you have to integrate those darlings, those parts of the self that you’re most attached to, in order that they grow up into parts that serve (those darlings can become quite a burdin no matter how darling they seem to be).

    FROPM BILL: I didn’t describe anything of the sort. Where in God’s name do you get all this stuff?

  180. Peter says :

    After using Holosync for nearly 3 years I often feel more disfunctional than I was before I started it. Is it what should be happening? Has anyone felt that way too? Will it improve if I keep going? I need to add that I’ve been feeling so bad lately that it’s hard for me to function everyday. I’ve written about it here a couple of weeks before but I’m still searching for some answers. I know that it’s my resistance that causes my suffering but much of this resistance is happenig somwhere very deep in my mind. I feel in in many parts of my body and sometimes it’s very intense. Feeling that way the only possible thing I seem to be able to do is lay in my bad and watch what is going on. And I feel that way pretty often. I live with my parents currently and I don’t work but I can’t be that way forever. I’m 28, I should earn my living but I’m deeply afraid of going to work because I am not sure if I will cope well.

    People, help me please. Anyone is or was in my situation and found some solution?

    FROM BILL: Call support. That’s why we have a support department. Re-read the support letters you’ve received. Do what they say. You are experiencing YOURSELF. What you are now experiencing you’ve been repressing up to now. Holosync has made you aware of it. Now you need to observe it with curiosity, which is the opposite of resisting it. This is happening because you are now more aware of the aspects of life and yourself that you were taught are bad or wrong. You need to acknowledge this stuff instead of trying to get rid of it.

  181. Sam says :

    Can you please then describe conscious change? Not what conscious change isn’t, but what is the principle–from your nine principles–of conscious change all about? Perhaps I’m unclear.

    Although you might not know what “calling in the light” is you can probably appreciate that I’ve used your nine principles to gain quite a bit of clarity around how I interact with that situation, and it’s probably understandable that you don’t need to know anything about “calling in the light” to ascertain successful utilization of your nine principles.

    FROM BILL: Sam, you’ve been to retreats. You been to my events with Genpo. You’ve read my blog posts. You’ve taken my LPIP courses. You’ve read my books. Yet you continue to ask questions as if you’ve never encountered any of this information. What can I say that I haven’t said to you eight-thousand times already?

    Calling in the light? Give me a break.

  182. C says :


    I think I know who you are, Sam! Were you at the Big Mind event in Houston? Sitting way on the right side, up front?

    My suggestion is skip forward 2 levels of holosync, and use it for about a week. You’ll be in so much overwhelm that you won’t have energy for questioning. Should clear up a few things too.

    Peter, right there with you brother. Give it all up. Give up on everything, including thinking you’ll ever feel better about anything. Ironically, you’ll probably feel better after that. You can’t fight the ‘sync! Let it all go…. lol


  183. Gloria says :

    Peter, I can tell you from my experience that Bill is right on in what he is telling you. I have been doing Holosynch for 8 years now (half way through PL1) plus anything else I thought would help. I am still having a hard time – mostly physical – and yet there is a big part of me that doesn’t care about that at all. I had an extremely difficult childhood, but I managed to be quite successful in adulthood, until I had a series of crises which knocked the wind out of my sails almost completely.

    That’s when I started Holosynch and I can honestly say that if I had seen ahead to what I was yet to go through, I would have taken a handful of pentabarbitol washed down with a glass of whiskey (like my father did). All of the repressed childhood stuff came back to haunt me. All I can say is I am so glad I didn’t suicide!

    I must add in the interests of full disclosure that the lid had been trying to blow off for years before Holosynch but I managed with, skilled practice, to keep a tight grip on it. I look at my sisters – 2 of them especially are so filled with hate and bitterness that their minds are warped – and can only be thankful at the path I have taken.

    My life is not as I would like it to be healthwise but even so – I am handling it just fine. One of the things I have learned is that when you are in a lot of pain it’s hard to see all of the support that you are actually already getting. It feels like you are doing it all alone but when you come through it you can look back and be thankful for what helped get you through.

    Somehow our lives always have compensatory factors but it’s hard to see it when things are really awful.

    FROM BILL: I want to also add that most people do not have this amount of upheaval. And, by the way, I DID have this kind of upheaval myself, so I know what it’s like, and I know the HUGE benefit of sticking with it and going through it. My life would NEVER have been anything like it is now had I not gone through all the stuff that came up as a result of Holosyn, even though it was dificult for me.

    As I said, though, this is not the profile of the great majority of people who use Holosync. It is the profile of someone who has suffered abuse/trauma from childhood. Such a person is suffering from the effects of the trauma anyway. The choice is to either push the trauma into the basement of our awareness (which is what we have to do to survive it), in which case it expresses itself in all kinds of ways–emotional problems, physical problems, relationship problems, addiction problems, etc, etc, etc.; or, with Holosync, go through a relatively short period of facing this stuff with awareness, which can be temporarily difficult, but which transforms the trauma.

    As with Gloria, I’m so glad I was willing to go through this (I kind of felt I didn’t have a choice–I had to do something), because now the traumatized person I was before seems like another lifetime and another person–a distant memory. And, if people really follow the suggestions in the support material, much of the resistance can be avoided.

    When a person is traumatized, they have one (and often several) things about themselves, life, other people, the world, etc, that they decide are really bad. These things they have to push out of their awareness because they are just too intense. They become shadows, which express themselves in covert and dysfunctional ways. Disowning and repressing them really doesn’t work.

    At any rate, just remember that this only applies to people who have had a lot of trauma. Most people don’t have that much upheaval, just a little from time to time (ie, they are less traumatized).

  184. Francis says :

    @PETER: If you have social anxiety and/or depression, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is your best bet. It has been clinically proven to be effective in a high percentage of cases. It’s also a short term treatment with long term results.

    I’ve personally come out of a similar situation you are in and it’s down to CBT. I didn’t expect it to work but it did.

  185. Jem says :

    Hi Peter,

    You could try kundalini yoga as well. I have experienced a lot of overwealm going through the the awakening levels to the point of not being able to leave the house at times. Thank God I stuck with it though as I am on awakening level 4, just coming up to CD 4 and it is only really since CD 3 of this level that I have started feeling some inner peace.

    What has really helped me through this is the holosync page on facebook where people are really freindly & helpfull, & doing kundalini yoga. I highly recomend trying Maya Fiennes or ana bret and ravi singh DVD’s. The DVD’s are great as you don’t have to leave the house. I found doing the DVDs just helped get rid of excess energy & helped me move through the overwealm more quickly, also kundalini yoga creates greater awareness as well, so combined with holosync its really good. I wish you well, I know how painfull it can be, keep going buddy. You can find both DVDs on or .com

    FROM BILL: Actually, everything you need to know about how to manage your time with Holosync is in the support letters and my book Managing Evolutionary Growth. I’m not against people looking into kundalini yoga and other approaches to managing what happens when you meditate deeply, but I really have put everything you need in the materials people receive with Holosync. It’s just that most people don’t read them, and if they do they read them before they have the experience that they apply to and when they have the experience they don’t remember that I discussed how to deal with it. Most people don’t avail themselves of our telephone support, either. If you do what I suggest, you will have the easiest experience.

  186. John says :

    Hey Peter,

    If I had to take a guess, I’d bet money that you’ve moved on too quickly in the program. It seems to me that a lot of people follow Bill’s general guidelines too closely on how long each level normally takes to complete, instead of really paying attention to what’s going on internally, and paying attention to whether they’re still experiencing growth/upheaval at the level they’re currently in. No matter how long it takes, you have to stay wherever you are, until your mind makes all the necessary changes at that particular level. Even though Bill emphasizes this over and over, I just get the feeling that a lot of us on here aren’t doing nearly enough introspection and aren’t tailoring the program to their specific needs and situation. I had every expectation when I started the program that I’d be right on schedule with the rough timeline provided, but quickly learned based on the nature of my upheaval that it’d probably take longer than most. You won’t do yourself any favors by moving on to the next level if you haven’t integrated the level you’re at. It’s like thinking you can bake a muffin in half the time by doubling the recommended oven temperature. All you’ll end up doing is burning the outside while the inside is still raw.

    If you’re laying around in bed unable to function, try going back to AL3 ( i think you said you’re on AL4 now) and see how that works for you. I’ve been using the program since May 2007, and I’m on AL2 disc 3 right now. And despite where I am (which may seem slow to some) I’ve actually been pushing the envelope the entire time for what I can handle without completely going crazy. Everyone’s nervous system is different. Best of luck, hang in there.

    FROM BILL: As I said in my comment about the post above, most people who have trouble aren’t actually following the instructions, reading the support material (and doing what it says to do), and availing themselves of out telephone support.

    The instructions for when to move to the next levels are as follows:

    If all four of the following have been met, you are ready to move to the next level:

    1) You have completed at least four months of use of Awakening Prologue,
    2) any physical, mental, or emotional upheaval you may have experienced as a result of using the program have smoothed out,
    3) you are able to remain fully conscious during the great majority of your listening sessions when listening sitting up,
    4) you have a feeling that the soundtracks are not as powerful or do not have the same impact they once had.
    Remember, all four of the above should be met before going on to the next level, but when to move on is entirely up to you.

    Most people are in such a hurry that they just adhere to the time condition (though many don’t even do that). Notice that is says that you shouldn’t move on if you’re still having upheaval.

    I agree with the suggestion of going back to a previous level if other methods of managing what is coming up don’t work (though I find, as I’ve said, that most people aren’t actually using them, or asking for help about how to use them). This is, in fact, one of the things the support people would tell someone in this situation.

    All we can do is tell people, from over twenty years of experience with over one million users, what to do. We have no control over whether or not people actually do it. If those using Holosync knew a) how much Holosync will change their lives, and b) how much we actually do know about how to deal with what happens when you use it, perhaps they would be more willing to stick with it and to take our advice.

  187. Michelle Jaffe says :

    Bill, thanks for the post.I have been simultaneously chasing and grieving my own impermanence for some time as I recover from a major illness.I keep trying to regain a youthful appearance by following a strict regime of diet,exercise,supplements,etc.I also spend a lot of money on fashion and beauty products. As I do this, I see the impermanence of the actions and the products. I am tired (and bored!) with all my efforts,but I am sad and afraid to let go. Seeing my grief for what it is helps me have to more compassion for myself and more space to acknowledge the loss.

  188. Peter says :

    Dear friends, thanks to all of you who were willing to give me some advice and share your experiences! I appreciate it.

    @Bill: I read support materials a couple of times since I’m in the program but you are right that it’s worth of reading again and again when something difficult is happening. I started to read it lately (after your recommendation) and it really is helpful because it explains a lot. I know that my resistance is causing the discomfort but 1) a lot of this resistance is happening outside of my awareness (for example it shows as a constant headache which I seem not to be able to do anything about) and 2) I didn’t know that this resistance could be so huge (especially after being in this program for a couple of years and using it regularly).

    @Chris: You are right – giving up helps. Sometimes I realize that my expectations about Holosync and about life in general make me suffer more.

    @Gloria: I see that you are going slowly in this program so you must have had a lot of disowned stuff. I admire you for being so persistent. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope that you will get to a point where you will be free of all that shit that happened to you. Big hug to you!

    @Francis: Thanks for an advice. I thing that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be a really good think for me. I will do some research. Right now I’m attending group therapy in the psychiatric unit. It’s also good for me cause it forces me to face me biggest fears – being among other people and talking about my emotions. Do you use Holosync too? If so, what are your experiences?

    @Jem: Thank you for your advices and for encouragement. I’ll do some research about yoga. Speaking about facebook, did you mean this page:!/MeditationProgram ?

    @John: Your guess was right! I’ve definitely moved too quickly but I realized it just a couple of weeks ago. I think that I was going to deeper levels too fast since the beginning. It’s not that I was rushing like crazy because I listened to every level at least as long as the instructions say and for most levels I listened even more. I must admit though that I didn’t followed the instructions for when to move to the next levels precisely and so I skipped to the deeper levels even when I was still getting overwhelmed by the current level. I moved to the AL4 in December but after a huge breakdown and feeling really awful I decided to take a long break (over a month) and then to go back to AL3. So now I’m listening to CD4 of AL3 and I’m planning to do it as long as I need to integrate it. I don’t want to treat my growth as a race anymore. I see that you are going slowly and that’s probably the more intelligent approach. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Good luck to you!

    By the way, are you the same John who wrote the comment about fighting the candida (/blog/2011/01/05/the-great-matter-of-life-and-death/#comment-9183)? If so then thanks for it. I noticed this comment today.

    Best wishes to everyone!

  189. John says :

    Hey Peter,

    Yep, same John! I’m just glad you’re starting to make a little more sense of things. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll start seeing better results in your life. Take care man

  190. Chris says :

    Hi Bill – are you familiar with the ideas of Ray Kurzweil Aubrey de grey and the singularity institute who speculate that at some time in the not too distant future we are going to reach a technological shift create stronger than human AI which will ultimately allow us to transcend our biological limitations and apparantly allow us to choose how long we live for. These are just ideas but Kurzweil is a genius and has a good track record of making accurate predictions. Perhaps you are not familiar with this so I just thought I would mention it – if you have anything to say feel free.

    FROM BILL: I am aware of Kurzweil and find his idea very interesting. He is, of course, making educated guess (and, he’s quite educated in what he’s guessing about). I suspect he will turn out to be right in all but the details.

  191. Jem says :

    Said. you have deletd some of my posts for some reason, why… I culden’t even try to comprrehend why you think this is ok why, im confused? Its All Tom follery

    FROM BILL: I’m under no obligation to post anything. I decide on a case by case basis what to post.

  192. James Dai says :

    Hi, I’m back, rereading your post.

    I think at the moment what I do is try to ‘live in the moment’ or ‘accept death’ but I am actually trying to lose myself in daily activities, and actually becoming even more disappointed when I see that there is still this feeling of meaninglessness.

    FROM BILL: Well, everything IS meaningless. Meaning comes from YOU, not from the world. Humans add meaning. Do you think the world MEANS SOMETHING to a cat or a dog? Why does it need to intrinsically mean something?

    The human condition carries with it certain “problems”: impermanence and your lack of control over cause and effect being the biggies. Acknowledge those and then have a good time with everything else.

  193. Steve Edwards says :

    The answer is very simply. As the Zen saying goes – ‘In be winter be cold. in summer be hot’.

    Cheers and love to you Guru Bill

    FROM BILL: Yes, and when it’s hot, be prepared to cool off, and when it’s cold be prepared to stay warm. Zen is not about being unprepared.

  194. Ralph Abraria says :

    U hit the nail on the head Bill. A spiritually evolved human would not be able to stand by and watch another person be pummeled and not act.