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Something that will dramatically change your life, and an invitation…

by / Monday, 26 November 2007 / Published in Uncategorized

This is going to be very brief, but it could be very important to you…

I’ve mentioned Genpo Roshi several times in the last few months. Genpo is the highest ranking Zen master in the world outside of Japan, and has become one of my closest friends over the past year.

Genpo is world-famous for his amazing Big Mind/Big Heart process (and for his incredible enlightened awareness). Big Mind/Big Heart allows you to experience states of transcendental awareness–and the insights that come with that awareness. The ability to experience these states and insights usually takes decades to achieve, but with Big Mind you experience it in 3 hours or less! When I first experienced this I found it to be mind-blowing.

Genpo and I feel such a synergy in what we teach that we’ve decided to begin presenting workshops together, and the first one is in Los Angeles, February 9-10. I’d like to invite you to attend, if you’re interested.

If you want to know more, please go to

Be well.

73 Responses to “Something that will dramatically change your life, and an invitation…”

  1. Cecilia Rademacher says :

    this wsh. sounds just fantastic. I live in Singpaore and by Feb 2008 will be moving back to my home country -Chile-. My husband and I are planing to start a holistic center in the South. What would take to have you there Bill?

  2. Mark Lurtsema says :

    Is this statement from your blog hyperbole:

    “Big Mind/Big Heart allows you to experience states of transcendental awareness–and the insights that come with that awareness. The ability to experience these states and insights usually takes decades to achieve, but with Big Mind you experience it in 3 hours or less!”

    My first glimpse into transcendental awareness (that was not chemically induced), took ten years of intense practice.

  3. uwe says :

    This is wonderful news! Still, on a more critical note: I would suggest a little more caution when making claims. I know Big Mind and its effectiveness. Great, and no problem. But there simply is no such thing as “the highest ranking Zen master in the world outside of Japan.” To serious Zen-students, this is gibberish, and it leaves you with little credibility.

  4. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    Sounds GREAT! Unfortunately I live in Australia and won’t be able to make it this time.

    All the best,


  5. Laurent Huguet says :

    Bill, …

    “Genpo is world-famous”…”highest ranking Zen master in the world outside of Japan”… “amazing Big Mind/Big Heart process” “these states and insights usually takes decades to achieve, but with Big Mind you experience it in 3 hours or less!”

    …do you really mean what you write ? or is it just emotional overtstatment ? or US advertising style ?

    Is that is, for you, plain and pure information ?

    Both being ok for me. Just to check in what world you live :-)

    P.S: I went through Bg Mind.. (and few others stuff as well)

  6. Karen says :

    Will you record these sessions for later viewing? Also, could you please include the link to the exact page to order the Big Mind/Big Heart DVD (or CD – however the course material is presented for offline training)? Thank you!

  7. Emilia Calota says :

    dear Bill, since people outside US cannot attend your workshops – please, PLEASE make sure , somehow, you put them on ‘paper’ so that we can enjoy them too. Genpo Roshi is known – and you are even more famous !! – many thanks,

  8. Pamela says :

    I just started a new job and will not be able to come to Los Angeles in February. Will you bring this workshop to New York? Thanks

  9. Vickie says :

    This sounds like a wonderful event. I live in St Louis, MO. Why are there no retreats in the midwest?

  10. Ryan S says :

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

    maybe someday you can bring such classes to Australia, there are so many people here ready for the next step in spiritual evolution, including me.

    thanks Bill you’re a champion.

  11. Kristin says :

    You mention this is the first. Can you tell us when and where the others will be? Any plans to come to Asia? (I currently live in Bangladesh.)

  12. Cheri says :


    You are doing such amazing things with your desire to have people become aware of places and things that they may do to further their enlightenment. Your retreats look amazing, as are so many of the other things that you offer. Keep up the good work. From someone else who is trying to make a difference in this lifetime. Cheri

  13. Bobbie Stasey says :

    Bill, you describe Genpo as “a regular guy.” That’s how I hear myself describing you. Thank you for being my profound teacher, Regular Guy.
    Bobbie in Albuquerque (Regular Gal)

  14. Ger Sharkey says :

    Hi Bill,

    I live in Ireland and feel deprived of all the great events taking place abroad. Any chance you will be coming to Europe? Can we join in via internet?

    Thanks, Ger

  15. Ethan says :

    How do you rank Zen Masters?

  16. Bill, I would love to attend your workshop where you team with Genpo, however it’s not possible. I purchased Genpo DVD series and read his book, Big Mind/Big Heart. It seem the practice and process would cut therapy in half with the insights gleaned from the process. I intend to make it when you present the workshop in or near Chicago some time in the near future.
    Peace and success to you in all your comings and goings.

  17. Leigh says :

    Hopefully this will be such a successful workshop that you will hold it in other parts of the country…NY, East Coast. I will come. Thanks.

  18. Sharon Pearce says :

    Thanks for organising this Bill. Look forward to the workshop and meeting you in LA!
    Auckland, NZ

  19. joseph says :


  20. Joseph says :


    “Completing formal Koan study in 1979 he became Maezumi Roshi’s second Dharma Successor in 1980, the first being Bernie Tetsugen Glassman. He received Inka (final seal of approval as Zen Master) from Roshi Glassman in 1996, thereby becoming one of a small group of Westerners recognized as lineage holders in both the Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions.”


    “[Genpo Roshi] is also the President of the White Plum Asanga, the worldwide community comprising all the Dharma heirs of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, their successors, and the many groups they lead.”

    Though Genpo does not refer to himself in any way as “ranked” in his bio, since he’s perhaps oldest living Dharma heir of Maezumi Roshi and the President of the organization that houses all the Dharma heirs, I suppose one could say that he is, indeed, “highest ranking” in the west in terms of Maezumi Roshi’s Dharma heirs. However, in general, it’s my understanding that Zen masters are not “ranked” — at least not in a way that we would understand that to mean in the west. But he is the “Master” and those under him are “Teachers”, so, in our way of western thinking, I guess it amounts to the same thing. I would agree, though, that it seems a bit misleading to use the “highest ranking” descriptor by itself — let folks draw that conclusion themselves if they like.

    Either way, I recently experienced Big Mind through a workshop not with Genpo but with a student of his. Still, the experience was indeed quite powerful, and I definitely felt like I achieved a deeper level of meditation and “transcendental experience” that I ever had previously in many years of meditation alone or in other workshops/classes. Moreover, the process is REPLICABLE — I was able to do it on my own and feel the same transcendance many times since. I would, however, love to experience this with Genpo himself — if only I was able to afford to do so!

    Needless to say, I went in with a good deal of skepticism, and left quite impressed with the process. I would urge people to have an open mind and experience it for themselves before passing judgement on whether or not it is, in fact, a “shortcut” to transcendent experiences.

  21. Mark Lurtsema says :

    Consider putting on a workshop in Anchorage, Alaska. I would be willing to help put it together.

  22. Ken says :

    I look forward to reading posts from attendees. I experienced the
    Big Mind/Big Heart process via DVD and was moved by Genpo’s compassion and clarity…and his ability to facilitate states of clarity in the participants through the process (Incidentally, a friend attended one of Genpo’s workshops recently in Houston – the same weekend I watched the video – and concurred).
    I can imagine that combining these two ‘systems’ will be extraordinary for anyone involved, particularly any of those who appreciate the same characteristics in Bill. Thank you, Bill, for your embodiment and enactment of bhodichitta. May all sentient beings grow in their sentience…and remember how big their Heart/Mind actually is.

  23. Sue Slater says :

    Hi Bill, I am totally absorbed with your teachings and find the information amazing and liberating.
    One issue I have is when you start to ‘sell’ yourself, others and your workshops using extravagant language – you then become a little less believable.
    Sorry to be negative, I have been so excited to find such wisdom, even though I live in Australia and can’t attend a retreat.

  24. Robert Duncan says :

    Hey Bill-
    I live about 5 hours from LA and am quite initimidated at the thought of vistiting the great metropolis, for I have not as of yet. Money is tight, but I can’t think of anything that I would prefer to spend it on. I know the experience on the ninth & tenth would set my life off. So many things are pulling me to LA including the 10th of February being my birthday, yet I am still comtemplating. Can you give me a push?

  25. As Emilia Colata correctly said… such meetings can be enjoyed, attended by those who are living in US and nearby places and not outside US and I do not find any logic in sending it to all participants of Centerpointe. Anyway, I will be grateful if you could kindly publish it as an Article in the Blog and it would be beneficial to all those members, all-over the world. The Great gentleman, teacher… Mr.Bill can consider this.

  26. Cindy Prosor says :

    Sharon Pierce, from Auckland New Zealand. I am a spiritual coach from California, living in Gisborne. Please contact me if you would like to talk about possibilities here in N.Z.
    P.S. It looks like you could possibly put a networking community together here Bill??

  27. Aida says :


    I doubt you will be coming to Sydney Australia with Genpo any time soon. I would love to receive a copy your workshop on CD.



  28. Susan Beaver says :

    OK…I know this is way off this particular topic…

    But……….one of the funniest and pleasant things that has arisen since I started Holosync is………..

    I wake up every morning with a song in my head. I find I’m singing to myself as I go for that first cup of coffee.

    New song every day…some obscure show tune one day, a religious song another day, then all of a sudden I’m belting out MUSTANG SALLY another day, or the Beach Boys or even something I don’t recognize……..

    This started when I started meditating, and it hasn’t stopped. Very funny because I didn’t think I knew the words to any of these songs, or even the melody to have it in my head…. I haven’t been one to listen to alot of music in my life.

    Anyway just thought I’d share, and ask if anyone else experiences this, or is this just one of my particular benefits?

  29. andrea says :

    I am “only” a newbie, but why are people ” ranked ” at all ?
    Are we not ALL one ? Who is to say that “one regular guy” is better then the other ” regular guy” ?
    There we go again , telling people what “parents” have drummed in our young minds ( you are not better or higher ranking then ” this regular guy “.

  30. susanne mcallister says :

    The seminar sounds very interesting. If you make it to Ireland be sure to send me an email. Break a leg, Susanne.

  31. Pierre Gobeil says :

    I am interested, but can you tell me if you are going to have an event closer to my home, I live in Sherbrooke , Quebec , Canada, about 100 miles from Montreal.

    Thank you
    Pierre Gobeil

  32. Lawrence Olivier says :

    The ranking of Zen Masters is akin to the BSC rankings for college football. Qualifiers must meet specific criteria and grade out in terms of difficulty of self awareness and/or ability to transcend the inherent suffering of life to total acceptance of whatever transpires, or something like that; this often in the face of aiding a dying child or affecting life in some sort of proactive manner that may be consistent with any real or imagined concept of love.

    Ultimately, the two highest rated Zen Masters meet in the MEDITATION BOWL wherein the supreme Master is determined in a four quarter, transcendental universe experience game for the championship. I believe it is going to be carried by CBN.

    I can’t find out anything about the championship monies involved, however, someone is making some change (in the name of transcendance). The whole affair is, well, transcendant, though for some book makers there will be suffering. Those damn attachments to life you know.

  33. Thomas says :

    Hey Bill you know what. I’ve come to the conclusion that the makers of the secret are nothing more than gypsies peddling elixirs. The entire premise of this movie was extremely misleading and for that the makers should publicly apologise. I mean no offence by this comment either I’m just expressing how I feel.

  34. Grand Master Kung Pau says :

    Masters and mastery, always an interesting consideration. Frankly, there is merely process and practice. People like to ascribe levels to those who have practiced longer, however, the levels and/or categorizations are quite meaningless. I have known children with more knowledge and wisdom than the most revered master from any tradition. Yet, we love to create the “master” in our need to qualify, and in many cases quantify, our position(s). Frankly, I find the whole thing a bit laughable but it’s your time and money. If’n the “BIG MIND” is what floats your boat, then have at it…

  35. Karen says :

    Tin Man, Oz: “If I only had a heart…”

    Bill Harris, USA: “If I only had several dozen clones…”

    To know how many clones to order, how about a link where we can click on a map and indicate:


    … “would likely to attend” … “definitely would attend” … “would attend a workshop presented by Genpo student and other Centerpointe personnel” … [good post, Joseph!]

    Just trying to help with what looks like your next 50 years, Bill. :-)

  36. David V says :

    Rank with meditation masters is similar to rank as a TaiJi master, there simply is no such thing, other than the title of master/teacher. There is no accrediting body to give rank; rather, the title of Master is assigned by one’s senior teacher/master/grandmaster, etc. Are we impressed with titles? I, for one, am not. I am impressed with results. Genpo is an accomplished person, with a BigHeart/BigMind. Based on the results of his students, I’d say he is masterful at teaching what his life has been immersed in…awakening to enlightenment.

  37. RONALD says :

    Bill Hopefully this workshop will someday come to N.Y. I would attend. Thanks Bill

  38. Carna says :

    I would love to attend so many of your workshops. I am a NewZealander live in the remote Hakataramea Valley and it is just too far at this stage. I have just begun the journey with Awakenings along with my husband. This is just such an amazing time and I look forward to the chances to catch up as I graduate. Thanks so much Bill for your gifts to all. I am amazed at the critics but guess they must add fuel to your ever burning fire. Thank you for caring about the ongoing wellness to your devotees I am sure one of them I am enjoying this remarkable journey toward wholeness which has been a goal for such a long time and having lost my way I am enjoying getting back on track. Carna

  39. James says :

    Sounds great Bill. Can your Holosync sound tracks do the same thing?

  40. Cindy Jansen says :

    I agree about the Midwest – from Ohio – why does the coast get all the good stuff? Please come closer so we could drive – it is hard to afford airfare too.

  41. Debbie says :

    I find it pretty amazing that you found this technology and self develpment courses and that you are sharing it with anybody who is willing to grow or be open minded. Your comment above the great zen master is believable to me and you sound like a little kid in candy shop who has discovered this new great thing and wants everyone to experience who you have experienced. What I do think is sad is that there are alot of people out there who criticize your work and findings without first experiencing it first hand like you have. Although in the past I do remember criticizing those who made such comments of some sort of nature. Now I know its because I wasn’t ready and I was fearful. Not that, that was wrong either but I know now that I wasn’t ready am I am more ready now than I have ever been. What I would like to suggest to anyone who reads Bill’s page is to have an open mind. Anything is possible, it just takes the sincerest of the journyist who want to take the trip to discover lands in our minds who have yet to break open.

    I am not able to make it in February but I am looking forward to further dates you have to offer.

    Anyways, peace to you all, and forever shall we grow and move forward in our lives.

    Thank You Bill!

  42. Luis Galano says :

    I am really interested Bill. Hopefully you will have a workshop in the future closer to where I live, the Florida Panhandle. Success with the workshop.

  43. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the information. I am more aware of what Zen Masters do now anyway. My interest is wide awake now.
    To Susan Beaver:
    I have also loved singing on my own, but since holosyncing I too do what you do, regardless of who is present and where I am, but did not notice it till you wrote. Is’nt it waaanderful, is’nt it beauuuutiful.
    Kaye Thalmann/Abtwil/Switzerland

  44. P.S: Bill,

    It would be wanderful to have you and Genpo Roshi anywhere in Switzerland as well. Myself and all my Adults daughters would be glad to attend.
    Thanking you.
    Kaye Vögeli Thalmann/Abtwil

  45. Christine Herson says :

    Just wanted to say I live in Australia too. Would love it if you were to appear down under.


  46. Christine Sommer says :


    In fact, based on the amazing results of what you have promised and delivered to me in the past, I TRUST AND HAVE UPTMOST CONFIDENCE IN ALL YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. You have an amazing ability to identify powerful products, technology and people, along with an ability to package and explain things in the most simplest terms. You reach out to people with your heart. You are a blessing!!! Additionally, I love the language you use to express your enthusiasm. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is all about sharing the joy of something you know makes a powerful powerful difference in people’s lives. Thanks for communicating the value of what you have to offer so well. Had you ever done a poor job of communicating the value of anything you offered, a lot of us would be missing out right now.

    With regards to the negative messages above, I would like to remind everyone, that if something doesn’t make sense to you, perhaps, you are looking at things from the wrong angle….or perhaps the message just isn’t meant for you (at this time or ever). If this is the case, why take the time to express your negativities and criticisms, when you could be focused on other areas of your life that are more positivite? Just something to think about….

    Wishing the best to all!!!

  47. Susan says :

    How about doing something with Ken Wilber, too? Maybe he can do an interview with you for his Holons web site? Or have a big discussion between you, Wilber, and Genpo on the interconnections between Genpo’s Big Mind, Wilber’s Integral Philosophy, and Holosync, and how all of these things can further human evolution? And how about integrating Holosync into Wilber’s ILP Kit?

    Just throwing some ideas out there. Thanks again for everything you’re doing!


    P.S. And put me down as another vote for a Midwestern U.S. location for future events. Maybe Chicago might be a good central location.

  48. linda says :

    Surely all this wonderful material must be made available to all those people who are living in real poverty and desperation? Why is this information only made available to those who already have much?

  49. Elizabeth says :

    Bill, what are your thoughts on combining Holosync and Big Mind/Big Heart meditations-that is, doing them at the same time? I have been doing Holosync everyday since last May. In the last few months I have been introduced to ILP. I love it all, but there are only so many hours in the day! Thanks for your blogful insights.

  50. Thomas says :

    Hey Bill

    I just finished reading Genpos book. I would whole heartedly agree with something he said regarding limited perspectives. Anyone who claims to be an expert is speaking from a very limited perspective. I ran into this dilema in the present day school system with my son. He and I are both Indigo, and yet old school shrinks see this as a flaw. Maybe thats why I dont always agree with psychologists and their theories. The key word is theory. To claim their theories are right and I’m wrong is just ego mind.

    To even mention that there are concrete developmental levels is ego mind speaking. Its that analitical mind that has to set rules and make up garbage that may or may not apply to each of us on our path. We are each here to speak from our own perspective.

    What was sad about my experience with the school system is that these teachers will defend their garbage and in the process cause harm to a childs sense of self- esteem.

  51. robert says :

    The workshop sounds great, I hope you can put this info on dvd or cd.

  52. Lynn Thorman says :

    Bill, a question about Holosync vis-a-vis TM, which I practiced for many years before finding Holosync. As we use Holosync, are we creating/participating in a “Maharishi Effect” that impacts the people and society around us, as does TM? Thanks!

  53. Daniel S says :

    Hi Bill,

    This might not be a top priority, but it might be nice to have a resource–maybe just a website–of descriptions of different meditations that can be done while listening to Holosync. My understanding is that the folks at Integral Life discuss many creative types of meditation, and chances are some of them would combine very well with Holosync.

    Just an idea.

    Thanks for everything, you’ve saved my life.


  54. Spike says :

    Genpo is indeed a fabulous speaker. “The Integral Life Starter Kit” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) has two full lenght DVD’s of a session with his students; and of course, one can purchase his books and DVDs. No, you will NOT become totally enlightened or a Zen Master in a few hours, but he has some keen insights as to transcending up the ladder. It is the imformation that he conveys that is to be used in meditation to aid one along in the search for “truth” (or whatever you choose to call it!).

    And yes, Bill, you DO need to tone down your descriptions, IMHO:) And, time for one of your “Specials of the Month” for the “Integral Life Starter Kit”…. Spike

  55. Hugh Cole says :

    It sounds like a great opportunity and I would love to attend. Your timing is a little off though. There are several other announced events on that week end for the LA hypnosis community and they have been on the books for a while. the IACT is running something and Brian David Phillips has an event scheduled also. This is not a negative comment. I just think you would draw better if you rethought the timing. I myself am booked throught the entire month of February. As I said I would love to Attend but I am committed.

  56. Tally says :

    You know, the thing I really hate is bad spelling and bad grammar, but I’m not even going to begin to point out the errors in the comments of the self-styled critics above because that would be soooooooo nit-picking as to be positively annoying, maybe even a bit negative, wouldn’t it? And what we’re trying to achieve, surely, is open-mindedness, love and encouragement – which Bill achieves with every word that leaves his blessed computer. Maybe some have yet to realise this and their journeys have yet to traverse many more deserts? May their sandy paths be filled with love and blessings.

    I live in Cambridge … nooooooooo, not the many false-gnashers one made famous by the Bee Gees but the older UK one … and we’d love to have you here for anything, Bill. In fact I’d invite you for tea and cakes if I thought there was the least chance you’d come. Oh, what the heck, you’re invited anyway :-).

    Love Tally

    ps Debbie, you’re a star!

  57. Cecile says :

    Just want to comment…the comments. I find it great to read so many mature posts around what is announced, people who don’t “buy it” right away, and make constructive remarks. . And I find it great the managers of the site are transparents enough to allow it, too.

    Thank you all/ :-) (and sorry for the English which is not my language)

  58. Lawrence Rudisill, III says :

    Is it possible to learn this meditation and achieve the “…ability to experience these states and insights [which] usually takes decades to achieve” in “3 hours or less” from purchasing his DVDs if one cannot attend the workshop?


  59. Rosemary says :

    Ok – What about Dubai? This place is a sandy desert with big buildings (which are very nice) but we need some spiritual support over here. Get a world tour organised Bill and Genpo!! (I am also Australian but living here at the moment and was nearly going to fly to the States for the 9-10 conference until financial … you know the story) C’mon Middle East, where’s our support!

  60. Tom Wallace says :

    for Lawrence Rudisill,

    Is it possible? Sure. You can get enlightened looking at a grain of sand. Is it likely? probably not – based on a single viewing on a the DVD I can share that it is helpful – fresh viewpoints always are.. You can see snippets of seminars on You Tube – look up Genpo Roshi – the DVD is basically an expanded version of the You Tube video. I’d encourage you to get the DVD, but if you think you be be a zen master by dinner … well maybe!

  61. Steve Wallingford says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just returned from Genpo Roshi’s week long Rohatsu Big Mind Sesshin in Salt Lake City. Genpo Roshi may not be the “Highest Ranking” Zen Master in the country, as someone argued above, but he is a truly amazing and wonderful teacher and man. During the retreat, (which was an amazing combination of traditional Zen and the Big Mind process), Genpo Roshi lead a two hour Big Mind session every day. It was truely amazing, inspiring, life affirming and life changing. None of these words do it justice.

    Given the depth of wisdom and clarity of teaching that comes from you in combination with Genpo’s absolute mastery, your retreat ought to be unforgettable.

    With highest regards and respect,

    Steve Wallingford

  62. Viraj Perera says :


    “Genpo is world-famous for his amazing Big Mind/Big Heart process (and for his incredible enlightened awareness). Big Mind/Big Heart allows you to experience states of transcendental awareness–and the insights that come with that awareness. The ability to experience these states and insights usually takes decades to achieve, but with Big Mind you experience it in 3 hours or less!”

    I am not sure what sort of ‘enlightened awareness’ we would achieve through the Big Mind process. As far as I know (from what I have studied intensely) once enlightenment is attained, there is no going back. There is no such thing called ‘temporary’ enlightenment that you experience through a process (such as Big Mind) and you lose it the following week. I am confused!!!!


  63. Petetr Omotosho says :

    I just could not agree more with this cool author above (Laurent Huguet )who said :

    “Bill, …

    “Genpo is world-famous”…”highest ranking Zen master in the world outside of Japan”… “amazing Big Mind/Big Heart process” “these states and insights usually takes decades to achieve, but with Big Mind you experience it in 3 hours or less!”

    …do you really mean what you write ? or is it just emotional overtstatment ? or US advertising style ?

    Is that is, for you, plain and pure information ?

    Both being ok for me. Just to check in what world you live ”

    Maaaaan… it is all good but bang on the button Laurent… Bill… can you PLEASE tone it down… or at least just HEAR YOURSELF as he has pointed out….. It might do you a ton of good upon your already very good. It definitely DOES evoke exactly…. “…do you really mean what you write ? or is it just emotional overtstatment ? or US advertising style ?”… in a huge populace, but we too polite to say? To shadow encrusted moi it removes credibility… puts people off… is sooo cry wolf…. and it errodes trust. Again to lil old me – your observed commonly adopted modality is almost worded for disapointment (or are all US folk immune to this kind of seeming broderline sincerity speak….)

    You also da bomb of course, in so many ways. LOVE ya…. APART form that. Master marketer appears counter current to the more TRUTHFULY palatable practice of understatenent.

    Peter Omotosho
    SE Asia

  64. Dear Bill
    On a negative note I cannot help but agree with some of the comments re. oversell/emotionalism/hype that over the last few years, coming not so much directly from yourself, is appearing in the junk mail/promotional we get on a regular basis.When I first entered the program a few years ago I was led to believe that all these other methodologies were nowhere near as effective as Holosync & now am increasingly finding that these same techniques are now touted as amazing/life changing & FOR A PRICE I should do them. STOP NOW. The more these are promoted the more credibility you lose.
    On a positive note aside from the interesting, but of no practical use, phenomena of people, even from a great distance, turning to look at me & people reading my mind or is it that my thoughts are more powerfull, I am pleased to report SOMETHING WONDERFULL has happened.
    Since starting Disc 2 Level 4 of Purification ideas for inventions ( currently 14) have been “coming”to me. Another thing is that my tight fisted/skeptical but financially savvy/able sister is providing the $$$ to get it started;
    In summary 1:” Don’t yield”to the dark side of the force” Obi-Wan to Skywalker i.e. no more hype/advertising/promotion PLEASE. Thank you for taking the risk/s & inventing Holosync .
    GOD (continue to) BLESS & BE WELL.

  65. Lawrence Rudisill says :

    For Tom Wallace or anyone really who knows:
    Tom, you said, “I’d encourage you to get the DVD, but if you think you be be a zen master by dinner … well maybe!”

    I went to Genpo’s site…Which DVD are you referring to that will teach the BigMind process that Bill is referring to. I understand that I will not be a master in 3 hours and according to Bill’s most recent post which clears up a lot of concerns that people had in this post, the 3 hour time frame gives one a glimse of trancendant mind but it takes much practice to hold that state obviously.

    I am not able to attend the workshop but I would like to purchase whichever DVD that Genpo sells that teaches this process.

    Thank you

  66. Napupom Ta says :

    Another — financial — synergy !!!

    I doubt rela Zen masters woould be in competition or trying to figure which one is the greatest in their “country”.

    Eastern masters when discovering the masses of money thar circulate in the West can become quite greedy.

    Let’s see what Bill has to say.


  67. marcia says :

    Would you be willing to do some of these events on the east coast.

  68. Ohknan says :

    The Zen mastsers words. I have heard of this for so long. Now I have the chance to go see him in person. But fate has played it’s hand on me. So I will not to be able to attend in person If you know of any one who will be taping the show. I would love a copy of the Program/Show, then I will always have something to refer to this will bring me closer to you. Like my own little personal mind portal directly to the true Zen Master.
    His words have taught me the steps are small, one at a time see this spot it tell me what the steps are see I need to follow. His words keep ringing in my head. one step at a time. See He has provided this spot for me to ask for a recording of his show. thank you for this on my way to the find another way to the masters list. Quote (never give up until you get where your going) all will be revealed to those who waite.

  69. Chris Wilkinson says :

    I cannot attend any live seminars….have two children in college and one in private school! It sounds great if not a little too good to be true but I’m interested after going through one level of the Holosync program. I hope that you will put this program out on DVD/CD for us mere mortals on limited incomes. Thanks!

  70. Julia says :

    Hi Bill,
    I live in Australia and would love to see/hear what the 2 of you have to offer. Maybe a DVD as Chris Wilkinson suggested. Cheers.

  71. Vicki Kippen says :

    Great comments by all. Lots of duality here. Your work is so amazing. Do you see such a time when it will be more affordable to the general public. I have much peace and clarity of mind using the CDs that I would love it to be more accessable to everyone. I can only imagian what a different place the world would be if more people could use the CDs and go on retreats. There are a LOT of people out there who would do this, only they feel that a lack of money is in the way. What an beautiful contribution to the world it would be to give this gift you have created to more of humanity. I do understand that money is needed to continue work of such great importance. Still, it would be wonderful to see more people have a chance to use such a valuable tool. In appresiation to what you do. Thank you. Vicki. QLD. Australia

  72. Hanan says :

    Hi, i would like to buy the Centerpointe Holosync system in Dubia, UAE, can you please advse where from?
    thanks, Hanan

    FROM BILL: Go to

  73. aidsxidcr says :

    Hello here is a good forum
    I spent 9 hours searching in the network, until find your forum! I think, I shall stay here for a long time!