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Self-fulfilling prophecies and you…

by / Saturday, 17 January 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

In all the posts I’ve made here, I’ve emphasized that awareness is the key to improving your life, whether that improvement is spiritual, emotional, or practical. To the degree that you are unaware, you respond automatically, based on certain beliefs, premises, habits, and so forth, most of which you developed as a child.

This “automatic response” way of living often creates outcome you don’t want and didn’t intend. It limits, or even eliminates, choice. The more aware you are, however, the more choice you have—and the less likely you are to unconsciously create or attract people and situations you don’t want into your life.

Unless you’ve been with me for a while, the idea that increased awareness provides the solution to life’s problems might be a new and foreign idea to you. Using Holosync and the other courses and resources we’ve created here at Centerpointe, we’ve helped nearly a million people in 173 countries all over the world expand their awareness. As awareness increases, emotional problems fall away, mental abilities improve, stress diminishes, well being increases, and unwanted people and situations stop showing up in your life.

Meditation is the most powerful way I know of to increase awareness, and Holosync meditation increases awareness even more quickly than traditional meditation. If you then use that additional awareness to observe the part of your mind that generates your feelings and behaviors and causes you to attract or become attracted to certain people or situations in your life, you gain a tremendous amount of choice over your life. The more aware you become, the more difficult is it to do something that doesn’t serve you.

Post before last, we looked at the internal representations you make, primarily your internal dialog and the internal pictures you make. I suggested that you practice observing these internal representations because they (along with a few other internal mental processes) directly create your feelings and other internal states. These internal states then generate your behaviors and the people and situations you attract into your life.

Watching these internal processes is challenging at first, as you may have discovered if you tried to do it. You won’t master the ability to do it in just a few weeks, so keep working on it. As you get better at it, you’ll see some incredible positive changes in your life. (My Life Principles Integration Process online courses will take you, step-by-step, through this learning process. You can hear a free preview lesson at

In my last post, I asked you to become aware of your shadows, aspects of yourself you’ve disowned or pushed down into the basement of your awareness because someone taught you that they were wrong or bad. Many, if not most, problems in life are actually an unconscious expression of these disowned parts, and becoming aware of them and re-owning them allows you to end the most stubborn life-long problems.

In this post, I want to look at another aspect of how your internal processes create most of what happens to you in your life, and all of your experience of and reaction to what happens—beliefs. A belief is a collection of internal representations about something you think is true in a certain area of life—a generalization you’ve made about life, about people in general, or about yourself.

Psychologists have pointed out something about beliefs that I find quite fascinating: beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. This means that when you believe something you’ll figure out a way to make it come true in reality, or at least seem to be true. For some reason, when you believe something, you’ll do whatever it takes to be right about it—even if being right creates outcomes and experiences you don’t want.

Most people, in fact, spend their entire lives unconsciously arranging for what they believe to come true in reality (psychotherapist Dr. Eric Berne wrote an entire book about how people do this, Games People Play).

If you believe no one likes you, you’ll find a way to make sure the people you encounter don’t like you. Or, you’ll interpret the actions of others as evidence that they don’t like you —which in terms of your experience of life amounts to the same thing. If you believe you’ll never succeed, you’ll find a way to make that come true. If you believe you can’t make a lot of money, or that you can only make a certain amount of money, but no more, you’ll find a way to be right about that.

In fact, I’ll make a rather bold statement. Many—perhaps all—of the problems in your life—with relationships, finances, success or lack of success, or any other area, are the result of your unconscious attempts to prove that you’re right about what you believe. Your deeply held beliefs create your world.

As I’ve said so many times, because lack of awareness is the problem, awareness is the solution. Figure out what unexamined beliefs you’ve been unconsciously proving are true, and watch yourself prove them, with awareness, and you will eliminate the self-created difficulties in your life.

Life has plenty of intrinsic difficulties (including the fact that all things are impermanent and eventually fall apart), which I’ve discussed at length in other posts. Most of your problems and difficulties are not intrinsic to your life, however. You create them by acting unconsciously. By becoming more aware, you can stop creating them. Otherwise, you can—and will—keep creating the same problems, over and over, for your entire life. Most people do.

This is a fascinating subject because it’s about you and how you create your life. In recent posts I’ve emphasized a few aspects of life where we tend to operate unconsciously and automatically, without awareness. When we do this, we often create internal feelings and external outcomes that we didn’t intend and don’t want.

When you operate with awareness, however, you take your life off autopilot. With awareness you have choice, and the feelings you experience and the outcomes you create always end up being more resourceful.

Two posts ago we looked at the internal representations you make. Internal representations, though completely unconscious in most people, are an important part of how you make sense of and navigate through life. They are part of an internal map you’ve created, a map that generates how you feel in each moment, how you behave, and what people and situations you attract or become attracted to.

If you’re like most people, all of this happens outside your awareness. Become aware of your internal representations, though, and begin to observe how they shape your life, and that awareness dramatically changes everything. You begin to see that much of what you’ve been doing—unintentionally and automatically—doesn’t serve you. As you see this, you begin to exercise more choice.

In my last post, I asked you to look at another unconscious aspect of life: what many people call shadows—those parts or aspects you’ve disowned because you think they’re bad or wrong. Though you’ve pushed them out of your awareness, they leak out into your life anyway. You express them in covert and dysfunctional ways, creating substantial trouble in your life.

In fact, most if not all of what bothers you in life is a manifestation of disowned shadow material, and re-owning these shadows creates tremendous positive change. Again, awareness creates choice. Dysfunctional and immature reactions (which, since they’re unconscious, seem to just happen) become conscious and resourceful choices.

This time, I’d like to look at your beliefs and the huge affect they have on what happens in your life. Amazingly, most people never examine what they believe, or how a belief is transformed into what happens in their life.

Why do you believe something? Obviously it’s because you assume that it’s true, and you assume that it’s true because you have “evidence.” But beliefs, being self-fulfilling prophecies, generate their own evidence. Whatever you believe to be true, you’ll find a way to prove that you’re right (I’ll explain the three ways you do this in just a moment).

Because beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, all beliefs are true! Or, you could just as easily say that no beliefs are really true. But this is a much more metaphysical question that I’ll address in another post. For now, let’s just assume that whatever you believe, as time goes by you’ll accumulate more and more evidence to prove that you’re right. The more evidence you generate, the stronger the belief—and the stronger the belief, the more additional evidence you’ll accumulate.

Anything you believe will turn out to be true, or at least seem to be true, because you’ll generate whatever evidence you need. What you believe feeds on itself until it seems obviously true—even though someone else believes the opposite, and is busy accumulating evidence that they are right (what’s wrong with these people, who can’t see that you’re right?). In this way, your unexamined premises about what’s true and what isn’t dramatically affect what happens in your life.

We develop closely-held beliefs, about who we are, what is possible, what people are like, and what the world is like, while we’re growing up. In other words, we make these important and influential decisions about who we are, about what is possible, about other people, and about the world, at a time when we have limited information, limited experience, and limited thinking ability. Then we defend these beliefs, in many cases, for the rest of our lives, creating and accumulating more and more evidence that they’re true. If the belief is resourceful, great, but if it isn’t—if, for instance, it limits what is possible—you’ll create a life where you get to be right, but at a terrible cost.

If you got the impression when you were a child that you weren’t very smart, this could be the beginning of a life-long belief that strongly affects your life. Perhaps you were confused by the alphabet in kindergarten and gave a wrong answer. The other kids laughed and you began to believe that you weren’t very smart.

With this seed of a belief, you’ll begin to attract additional “evidence” that you’re right, and the belief becomes stronger. Not wanting to make another mistake, you feel anxious when the teacher calls on you (this, by the way, is caused by making internal representations of not making a mistake or not being laughed at—in other words, of what you don’t want), which causes you to make more mistakes. Since you don’t think you’re smart enough anyway, you don’t try as hard, or you give up entirely. Even the normal mistakes that all the kids make seem like proof that you aren’t smart enough.

Soon there’s no doubt in your mind that you were indeed passed over when the brains were distributed.

Often people don’t even remember the root cause events that became the seeds of their key beliefs, because these events happened so long ago. What’s more, when we’re small and inexperienced at life, we’re more likely to globalize isolated but strongly-charged emotional experiences, assuming that a one-time experience represents the way things always are and always will be.

It’s as if you saw one bad movie and concluded that all movies are a waste of time, or had one bad experience with a dog and concluded that all dogs are dangerous.

Also consider that most of our beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world come from our interactions with our parents. We assume that what they teach us about life is True (with a capital “T”). We don’t realize that our parents are in almost every case merely teaching us what their parents taught them, regardless of the potential negative consequences. And, since all beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, if our parents’ views are inaccurate or not resourceful, ours will be, too.

So there you are, quite small, quite inexperienced at life, with the narrowest of perspectives, and with little or no education or knowledge, trusting the views of your parents about who you are and what is possible, about people in general, and about life. Since what you believe in great part creates your life, does this seem like the best way to decide what to believe? And, since once the seed of a belief is formed, you’ll spend your entire life accumulating “evidence” that it’s true, whether a belief is true or not is beside the point. Since beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, the important consideration is whether or not they are resourceful.

I said that there are three ways you prove that what you believe is true. Let’s take a look at them. The first way is by unconsciously attracting or becoming attracted to situations and people that help you to be right about what you believe. In other words, you unconsciously recruit people to help you prove that you’re right.

If you believe no one likes you, you’ll attract or become attracted to people who find it difficult to like anyone, or who at least don’t like people like you. Whatever you believe, you’ll develop a kind of internal radar that draws people into your life who will help you prove that you’re right. In a crowded room, you’ll unconsciously find each other. Other people won’t be as interesting to you or you to them. Unconsciously, you’ll look for people who will help you prove that you’re right about what you believe, and only certain people will qualify.

The people who will help you be right about what you believe are also trying to be right about something, which is why they’re attracted to you. In Games People Play, Dr. Eric Berne describes a number of common interactive patterns people use to prove that they’re right about their core beliefs (“nothing ever turns out right for me,” “people are out to get me,” etc.). The purpose of a “game” is to be right about something, and you are a genius at spotting and recruiting potential players.

“No one likes me,” then, could be seen as one of these games. If you want to prove that your belief is true, you’ll find people who won’t like you, and you’ll get to be right. The other player will also get to be right about what he or she believes, perhaps that the world is full of unlikable people.

At the end of the game, you’ll both have added more evidence that what you believe is true. In playing this game, you fail to notice all the other people out there that would like you, though, because they won’t be helpful to you in proving that you’re right. You don’t find them interesting and you aren’t attracted to them. The people who are predisposed not to like you, though, will attract you the most.

When you live unconsciously, without awareness, most of your life will be about attracting people and situations that allow you to prove that you’re right about what you believe. However, when you realize what doesn’t work in your life is the result of unconscious attempts to be right about something you believe, and you begin to watch yourself prove that you’re right, as it happens, something changes. Any belief that isn’t resourceful will fall away. Believe something with awareness and you won’t be able to keep doing it if it doesn’t serve you.

Let me give you an example from my own life. Throughout my teenage years my mother continually pointed out that, in her opinion, I was “just like my father,” and that no woman would ever be able to put up with me. Not only was I annoying just because I was a teenager, I also looked just like my father and shared many of his mannerisms. My parents had divorced when I was three, and my mother wasn’t too fond of my father, so the fact that I was a lot like my father triggered quite a negative reaction in her.

She must have told me at least a thousand times during my teenage years that no woman would ever be able to put up with me. I then spent the next twenty years attracting or being attracted to one woman after another who helped me prove that I was right. They, of course, were also busy proving something, and in a crowded room we would always find each other. Somehow, without any prior information, I could pick out of a crowd a woman who was attracted to me, and who was ready to play a game with me in which we’d both get to be right about what we believed about the opposite sex and relationships.

This isn’t the only way we prove that what we believe is right, though. We also prove we’re right by interpreting whatever is happening in such a way that we confirm that our belief is true.

If you believe that no one likes you, you’ll interpret the behavior of others as evidence that they don’t like you, even if that isn’t what their behavior really means. Of all the possible interpretations, you’ll pick the one that confirms that you’re right. The other person might be having a bad day. Their behavior might have nothing to do with you. If you believe that no one likes you, though, you’ll pick the interpretation that proves that you’re right and filter out all the others.

If you believe you’ll never be able to make very much money, you’ll interpret whatever happens as evidence that you’re right, even if there are other explanations. You make what seems like a promising investment, but lose your money. “I knew it,” you say to yourself. “I’ll never make any money.” The fact that many wealthy people failed over and over before they finally made their money doesn’t occur to you. Of all possible interpretations, you pick the one that confirms that what you believe is true and you filter out any other interpretations.

Because I believed that no woman would ever put up with me, I would interpret a woman’s behavior as evidence that I was right, even if that wasn’t the reason for her behavior. One time a woman I was dating didn’t show up for a date we’d made, which I, of course, assumed was evidence that she didn’t care about me, and which sent me into an emotional tailspin.

What actually happened, though, had nothing to do with me. She’d been skiing in the mountains about 60 miles from the city where I live, and her car had broken down. In this pre-cell phone era she had no way to contact me until she finally got home late that night, long after our meeting time. Believing what I did, I interpreted her failure to show up as evidence that my belief about women was true, even though there was another interpretation.

Finally, the third way we prove the truth of what we believe is by acting in a way that makes it come true. If you believe you won’t be loved, you’ll act in such a way that eventually the other person will stop loving you.

If you believe you’ll never make money, you’ll unconsciously take actions that will ensure that you’re right. You’ll fail to do what those who do make money do. You’ll fail to fully evaluate a potential investment, or you’ll talk yourself out of doing something that’s essential or talk yourself into doing something that will sabotage your efforts. If you believe you aren’t smart, you’ll unconsciously do what you need to do to prove that you’re right—you won’t study, you won’t do your homework, or you’ll make yourself anxious or confused whenever you’re in a learning situation (which, you might remember from a previous post, you do by focusing on what you don’t want).

In my own case, I attracted women who were predisposed to not be able to tolerate me, and I often misinterpreted their actions as evidence that they didn’t love me. I also acted in a way that caused them eventually to say, “Okay, you’re right. I can’t tolerate you.” Then, once again, I’d get to be right.

I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s a cruel fact of human nature that we’d rather be right about what we believe than be happy. Of course in order to do this to yourself you have to do it unconsciously, since you can only do what isn’t resourceful if you do it without awareness.

I’ve said that most of life is a process of arranging to be right about what you believe. If this seems far-fetched to you, remember that we do this automatically and unconsciously, without seeing that we do it. Live with awareness, and this problem disappears. Unfortunately, few people are aware. In order to become more aware, my suggestion is to meditate daily, preferably with Holosync, and to begin a process of observing your own internal processes.

So, as I’ve said, you can only do something that does not serve you if you do it without awareness. If you believe something without examining it, assuming that it must be true because of all the evidence you’ve accumulated, you’ll just unconsciously continue to create even more evidence.

But if you begin to observe the internal processes that create your experience of life, and you see how your beliefs (which are just a collection of internal representations about a certain subject) directly create certainly feelings, certain interpretations of what is happening, and certain actions, and that beliefs also causes you to attract or be attracted to certain people and situations, that awareness will cause any belief that does not serve you to fall away. A resourceful belief—one that serves you—will remain. Those that don’t serve you, as you see how they create negative outcomes, will fall away.

When I was operating unconsciously in relationships, the world seemed to be full of women who, once they got to know me, couldn’t tolerate being around me. I assumed that all women would see me this way. Women who might have appreciated me were invisible to me, or unappealing, and they didn’t notice me or find me attractive, either. In my mid-thirties, though, I saw how my belief about women was creating what was happening in my life. The next time I started dating someone, I wanted to see exactly how I was proving that no woman would ever be able to put up with me.

There’s a key principle at work here that I want to make sure you get, because it applies to your life, too. Your feelings, behaviors, and what and whom you attract into your life are generated by something you do inside that three and a half-pound universe between your ears. What happens in your life doesn’t just happen. Yes, the circumstances you were born into play a role in your life, as do your genetics. But the role they play is minor compared to what happens in your mind. Become aware of how your mind creates your life and you can overcome your genetics and your circumstances. Many people have.

In my own case, I believed that no woman would ever be able to put up with me. This involved a set of internal representations—most of which were about what I did not want. In making these internal representations I was unintentionally giving my mind an instruction to prove that my belief was true. My own largely unconscious thought-processes were generating the negative outcomes I was experiencing with women. Who I attracted, how I behaved, and what I felt, were all coming from something I was doing.

I wasn’t doing this on purpose. I didn’t even know I was doing it. Though it was all happening unconsciously, on autopilot, it was still coming from me, from something I was doing. I was just doing it unconsciously. This is why awareness is so important. If what you’re doing to create your life is happening unconsciously, you’ll keep doing it without even knowing that you’re doing it. Do it with awareness, however, and you gain the power to do something about it. You gain choice.

This is the real meaning of taking responsibility. When you realize that most of what happens to you, and all of your response to what happens, comes from certain things you do inside, you can then begin to figure out how you’re doing it. As you do that, you create choice about what previously seemed to “just happen.”

As I watched how I was proving that I was right about relationships, I began to see what I was doing inside my head and how it directly created how I felt and how I acted. I also saw the red flags I’d rationalized away in other relationships. I clearly saw how, with the help of the woman I was with, I was indeed proving, once again, that no woman would ever put up with me. She, on her side, was also busy proving what she believed about herself, about men, and about relationships. We were both proving, through our relationship, that we were right about what we believed.

As I watched, I became fascinated. Within a short time—a few weeks—I just couldn’t keep doing what I’d done in all the other relationships. I was experiencing the truth of something I shared with you earlier, that you can’t do something that doesn’t serve you and do it with awareness. As I watched how I was proving that I was right, my enthusiasm for the relationship diminished, whereas in other relationships I’d just tried harder when things started to go sideways. Once I clearly saw what I was doing I just couldn’t keep doing it so, as gracefully as possible, I ended the relationship.

Then, to my complete surprise, I began to attract and become attracted to a completely different kind of woman. I also began to act differently in relationships. To my amazement, I began attracting women who were predisposed to like me. Instead of spending all my time trying to convince a woman that I cared about her and that my intentions were good, I was attracting women who just assumed that this was the case. I had changed my entire relationship dynamic by becoming aware of what I believed and observing myself as I believed it.

The recurring problems in your life happen because you’re unconsciously proving that you’re right about something. As long as you keep doing this, you’ll keep getting the same results. But if you figure out what belief is generating these recurring negative outcomes and watch yourself to see how you’re doing it, the negative outcomes will fall away and be replaced by something more resourceful.

So, as before, we’re back to awareness. Awareness, it turns out, is the answer to all the problems of life. When you become aware of something you’re doing that doesn’t serve you, it falls away.

All you have to do to create positive change is carefully watch what you’re doing in that creative part of your mind. And you don’t need will power to stop doing what doesn’t serve you because if you’re really aware what doesn’t serve you will fall away all by itself. Just as you don’t need will power to eat when you’re hungry, you don’t need will power to stop doing what doesn’t serve you. You just need awareness.

Let me say once again, though, that awareness is not the same as knowing something. Knowing may help you determine what to pay attention to, but knowing, by itself, won’t create positive change. You might know that you lose your temper, overeat, lose money whenever you invest, or attract partners you have trouble getting along with. Knowing, however, doesn’t cause you to stop doing these things, as you’ve probably already discovered.

To create change you need to see how you do these things. You need to know how your mind creates your feelings and behaviors, and how it causes you to attract or be attracted to certain people and situations—and then watch yourself do it, with awareness. You need to see what you’re doing, and also see the results created by what you’re doing.

There are a couple of reasons why most people have trouble creating these kinds of changes. First, they don’t know where to look. Quite likely no one has pointed out to you that your internal cognitive processes create your feelings, your behaviors, and what and whom you attract. Second, these internal processes zoom by very quickly and for most people are entirely unconscious. It takes work, persistence, and awareness to watch your mind in the way I’m suggesting.

This is why meditation, especially Holosync meditation, is crucial to the process. As you use Holosync, and especially as you progress to the more powerful deeper levels of the program, your awareness continues to increase. As this happens, watching how you create your life becomes increasingly easy.

As you become more aware it becomes increasingly more difficult to create anything in your life, internally or externally, without an aware, witnessing part of you seeing what you’re doing. If you begin to create what doesn’t serve you, that observer—the real you—sees it coming. Once you see what you’re doing, you just can’t keep doing it if it isn’t resourceful.

So here’s the big question: what do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about people, about the world, and about life in general? What are you busy proving that you’re right about, even though you don’t like the results?

It might not seem possible that you could make whatever you believe come true, or at least seem to be true. It might not seem possible to you that what you believe, rather than blind luck, external circumstances, or genetics, could be sabotaging your life. You don’t need to believe me, though. Find out for yourself by looking inside yourself.

So your homework is to make a list of the aspects of your life that aren’t working, and then to figure out what closely held beliefs cause you to generate these unwanted outcomes. Then, watch yourself believe something, as it unfolds. Find out how you create or attract the proof that you’re right about what you believe.

Here is a key principle I’ve discovered:

For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You have to find that way of thinking and acting, and be willing to adopt it.

Whatever is happening in your life right now is the result of your current way of thinking and acting. As long as you continue to think and act in the same way, you’ll continue to get the same results. To get different results, you’re going to have to adopt a different way of thinking and acting. It’s as simple as that.

Part of your current way of thinking is the internal representations you make in each moment. A second part involves the various aspects of yourself you’ve disowned and pushed into the basement of your consciousness. Still another is what you believe about yourself, about people, and about the world. There are others, which I discuss in detail in my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, but these are the basics, plus one more which we’ll look at in my next post.

It might seem that figuring out the most resourceful way to think and act is incredibly complex and difficult. Awareness, however, makes this process easy. You don’t need to analyze your current way of thinking and acting to death in order to figure out what is most resourceful. All you have to do is watch with awareness, which becomes progressively easier as you use Holosync. As you become more aware, apply that awareness to the part of your mind that creates your life. As you watch, what doesn’t work falls away and is replaced by what does work.

Before I let you go, two opportunities for you:

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So until next time, be well.


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65 Responses to “Self-fulfilling prophecies and you…”

  1. Peter says :

    Hello Bill once more you have done an excellent job with this post.Let me ask you something though: isn’t the fact that everything we believe is based in our internal representations a belief as well? If such is the case how can one “achieve” enlightenment if such thing is possible intellectually speaking? If this self-analysis reaches a point where one owns all voices and exterminates all the shadows but is still unaware of the fact that his beliefs,even if they belong to the unitive stage of development and this person thinks that even his ideas are just ideas, are beliefs it seems that there will always be something outside one’s awareness.Even if someone “touches” the transcendent and he/she says that it is everything and everyone etc. even this is a belief.Maybe this person knows then that this explanation is limited but he/she ought to have a belief of what the transcendent is. If so is there any escape from our beliefs or is it just a game where everyone settles in a certain level of awareness even if it includes everything?
    Thanks again and i hope you will answer this bugging thought i’ve had since i started reading your posts.

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say that what you believe is based on your internal representations. I said that a believe is a collection of internal representations–in other words, you REPRESENT what you believe to yourself. In fact, that’s all a belief is: an idea. In the real world, there are no beliefs. You can’t point to one, you can’t wrap up a package with one, you can’t put one in a wheelbarrow. Just ideas.

  2. Ryan says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just received the Holosync program in the mail and listened to it for the first time today with great results. I am very excited to start this every day for the next few months.

    You talk about our internal map and how much of our actions are automatic and unconscious. This is a powerful realization that I’ve been finding to be absolutely true in my life. The key becomes sort of sculpting your subconscious mind so that it aligns with your spirit allowing for the most joy in life.

    This is why I was so excited to find your program; it seems to focus on changing you on a deep internal level which will leave lasting results rather than a surface, technique-based level.

    As I start to realize how our beliefs and “internal map” literally creates our experience, all these arguments that I see on the news or with friends and family seem almost comical; everyone is right because everyone is creator of their own experience!

    Its also cool to see that you can not only explain these types of concepts in an easy to understand format but also provide the tools to put them into practice.



  3. wow.

    Bill, I believe this is the clearest description of awareness that you have written yet.

    This series of posts has been most profound and they keep getting better and better. Your brilliant ability to explain this facilitated my process by light years. Your words are like tuning forks exactly calibrated to my brain.

    I experienced this before when a manager made a comment about my work. The energy he used felt like a tuning fork vibrating and I had an amazing “aha” moment of learning and integration. I went on to excel at a task that I didn’t do well before. And I have learned that this vibration, which I believe, has an equivalent musical note (as a musician I hear it in my head) can alter how I feel emotionally. I have since used this technique to change my mood by playing songs that contain these vibratory notes. I find that I can attract certain reactions from people by getting in the “right mood” which for me means creating the vibration in my environment so I resonate to that energy.

    Anyway, lately on a couple of occasions I have been discovering myself witnessing my self. A sudden awareness “oh there I go witnessing my behavior again and hmmm isn’t this interesting that I am witnessing myself witnessing myself” and then I pop back to me and the witness. And then I laugh inside to myself – it feels like a mental tickle in the spine.

    And if I allow my mind to reflect on this experience before going to bed, I get so excited I can’t sleep.

    The possibilities! The freedom! The absence of pain, struggle and strife. If I CHOOSE that – maybe I will choose something else. Sure there will be challenges, and I won’t always get my choice, because there are many things out of my control. But now I KNOW KNOW that I am creating the outcomes, the results and my attachments and thus my degree of happiness or unhappiness with my life.

    The more I witness and allow the Shadow parts a voice, the more easily I can witness the next time, the more easily I can allow Shadow parts a voice, the more easily I can witness – lather rinse repeat.

    Now it is simply a process of choosing to be aware and moment by moment choose what I want to believe, what I want to bring into my life and how I will play the game of “black & white”, which I think of as kind of a framework to give structure to our existence on planet Earth.

    After practicing your suggestion to focus on allowing the Shadow parts a voice, embrace the process of peeling the onion layers of Shadow parts, that the simpler I made it, the easier it was to do.

    The non-functional became functional like cotton candy dissolves on your tongue. What a treat!

    Needless to say I am much happier, and a lot nicer to be around. I found that I am attracting the people and things and circumstances into my life effortlessly and once I became aware of the difference items, I simply wrote out a description of what I wanted to have. The process of doing so also seems to have accelerated my “peeling” activities. It reminds me of the reverse of my former depressed, victim days of feeling like I was always in a downward spiral. Now I am on an upward spiral.

    I agree with Genpo that there will always be Shadow parts as our minds are always in motion. I’m okay with that, now that I have some tools to assist me through it. Somehow I feel relieved by this awareness. I can relax and just BE and, I am enough.

    I am posting links to your fantastic blog on my website and linking back on Facebook because I think there are a lot of people out there who would appreciate reading it and could benefit.

    Thank you so much Bill. Practicing these newly found life skills of creating my life is a lot of fun. You’re the best!

  4. Mike says :


    Wonderful explanation of how people can rid themselves of self fulfilling prophecies! I have been able to define several of these beliefs in myself just while reading your post. I know for a fact that these beliefs came directly from the worldviews of my family when I was growing up. Getting rid of the beliefs however has been a little more daunting.

    How can I change for example the belief I have about how much money I can make? One of the stumbling blocks in my life has always been around my finances and no matter how hard I try it seems like I never make enough money to make a great living and the money I do try to save runs through my fingers like a handful of sand! I appreciate you and all you do.


    FROM BILL: Instead of trying to get rid of the belief (which just creates a disowned shadow), just watch yourself proving that the belief is true. Awareness is what keeps us from unconsciously doing what doesn’t serve us, not “getting rid of” something.

    Also remember that making money, or creating any other result, isn’t just about thinking and focusing. That just the first step. If you want to make money, you have to take action, and you need SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE in order to know what actions to take.

  5. Sam says :

    I’m getting clear on how our current beliefs shape what happens to us by way of telling us what the world–and what happens in it–means to us, however what about areas of life in which we don’t currently have beliefs? For instance I have been blind pretty much since birth, however due to my practice with holosync and other modalities I have become quite convinced that I am receiving visual impressions somehow, and it seems that belief is independently formed from this; in other words the belief regarding what happens forms after the impression is registered such that I can make sense of what is perceived. Personally I don’t really care about whether or not I can see (at one point in my life this mattered to me quite a bit, however now I think of it as something cool or perhaps expanded sensory awareness) so I’m not convinced that by believing something strong enough–although this will happen for others in some situations–that it will necessarily manifest in the “real” world. However if I was the type of person unwilling to adopt differing beliefs than those I currently have (which I was for longer than most people can imagine over several lifetimes and such) I might be unable to appreciate the extraordinary transformation that’s taking place. It seems to me that a major part of this development is a “remote viewing” course that I recently purchased which teaches the person to increase their power of visualization to such a degree as to tap into what some call the universal mind (I believe Bill often calls this infinite intelligence) and access realms of perception most often left to the yogis of the East or other powers or abilities so far not manifest in the experience of most people; sorry for the weird writing, but I get a little far from who I am and…. At any rate I believe that it is my ability to adopt different beliefs that is the crucial elliment in my manifesting these things, because someone else who is blind and who hears about this course or visualization might write it off as a failure (in their anger) and not even consider what potentials are out there. Even though I was skeptical at first I gave it a try and have found that my visualization ability is increasing, which while unbelieveable to me is too amazing to let go of. Not only is a blind person visualizing, but I am also beginning to tap into visualization in another sense, that of which most new-age people use when their trying to get more stuff in their lives or whatever; this is a side benifit to me, however perhaps it will excite some of the readers. And while I’m on the subject I would like to add that no matter how much someone wants to visualize a new car and manifest it in their life, you will never manifest anything new until you clearly understand the gift that you already have.

    I know that this particular issue might not be important to or resonate with etc (fill in the blank) the others reading/listening to this blog, however I’ve found that investigation into these things is important because what I had previously thought of as bad is slowly but surely turning out to be material for exactly what I wanted. I’ve recently signed up for a course which teaches the person to write from the super conscious mind which we could also call infinit intelligence, however I might even dare to say that one can possibly write directly from the experience of big mind. This not only is helping me better formulate and articulate my inner experience by way of stories, but it also helps me better understand the situations in which I find myself. When you understand how your life is unfolding in the context of a story it is much easier to understand the hardships that one often goes through, and it also becomes a great adventure–rather than something which must be remedied by buying another course or going to another workshop–when these things come up to see how the main character of the story will overcome the obsticles. Another added benifit of using this course is that the mind chatter which used to float around in my head and distract me horribly is being turned into material for my stories, such that whenever a thought pops into my head I automatically relate it to what’s going on or put it into the “story box” for later such that it no longer bothers me. I bring all of this up because when I was stuck in limiting beliefs I could have never understood how any of this could come to be, and I certainly didn’t want to listen to Bill or anyone else telling me that it could be so. I mean, consciously create my life in the moment with full valitional abilities to create whatever I want, including success with law of attraction and related “coincidental” occasions for my benifit and seeming merricles on an on-going and purposeful basis? But somehow it is happening in my experience, and it is all due to my willingness to drop old beliefs which were previously limiting me and my full potential. Also seemingly, and perhaps most important, is my willingness to experience life wherein I don’t necessarily have beliefs for what’s happening; exploring the terretory where there is no map, or wherein I have to create a map of my own design. As silly as it sounds I couldn’t start on this journey when I was constantly looking outside of myself to Bill or Genpo or Ken (you know who) to validate what I wanted to do, because I was escentially asking them for a map of terretory which (until this point) had not been explored yet. It was only when I decided what I wanted to do, and held the belief in my heart that anything is possible, that I started to manifest the dream in the real world. Once again I probably rambled on too long, however I’m not going to appologize for my style anymore. May you and yours be well, and feel great joy in the grandiosity of all that is.

  6. Connie says :

    Great points! I’ve been listening to Awakening Prologue for 4 months and have been preparing my affirmations for awakening level one with much enthusiasm. Holosync is working for me, just as you advertised. I could feel it working with the demo disk. A 40-year habit/addiction has just fallen away…just like that. I stopped believing that I couldn’t stop, never looked back, and my health has improved considerably because of it. The need is gone because I was able to see my motivations and justifications very clearly. I wanted to let it go and gave myself the power to do it. It’s amazing, and yet it seemed without effort while listening to Holosync every day. If I felt any waivering, I put on the headphones! It’s been a life changing step, and I now feel prepared to improve other aspects of myself. Holosync arrived as the financial world began to crash, my investments shrank, and bad news kept coming. Normally, I would be in a lot of stress over these things, but I feel calm and collected. If I start to feel stressed, I meditate ASAP! I’m confident about the business I’m building and know I will have WHAT I need WHEN I need it. Holosync is making a tremendous difference in how I face challenges. Thank you for a wonderful program and a truly amazing product. Gee, I wonder what fantastic change is in store for me at the Awakening Level 1!

  7. Chris says :

    OK Bill. So I’ve made a list (though still in progress). I’m looking for some ideas here. How have you personally gone about doing this? Do you watch a few different things you want to tackle? Or will that be too much? Maybe one thing at a time?

    FROM BILL: What keeps happening that you don’t like? What part of your life isn’t working? What are you proving is true in that area of life?

  8. Santiago Jimenez says :

    Bill I want you to know that having access to your wisdom has been crucial into all this great insights, my appreciation for your will to share this knowledge has no limits.

    Just as I related your last post about shadows with Tozan’s ranks I think I can do the same with this one about beliefs (and awareness as always) from my own experience.

    When in your last response you told me that the transcendent and the relative ARE integrated already, I realized something.

    The truly absolute INCLUDES the relative, that means that the separate self IS ALSO that one thing, denying the separate self actually creates more separation (this may sound like gibberish to most people, I’m sorry, I try to express it as best as I can)

    However, we have to go through that phase of disowning the mind (because we just have been totally identified with it for so long) in order to realize this. First we realize we are not our mind, but then we realize that we are our mind too.

    Ramana Maharishi explains that there are 3 realizations:

    1. The world is illusion.

    2. Only Brahman is real

    3. Brahman is the world

    I think in the 3rd rank we start to believe that there are no consequences, or that they don’t matter, that the only important thing is the now moment. That we can go through life just whistling and humming, just watching and free from suffering.

    Of course this belief creates a shadow that comes back and bites us in the ass (as you elegantly said :) what happened to me was that all of a sudden I found myself in a TON of problems which I just couldn’t deny. I was deluding myself, in other words I wasn’t AWARE of cause and effect. Of polarity.

    The way I see it now, it’s true that the only reality is the now, but that now INCLUDES the past and the future, it INCLUDES my goals and attachments, my ego, my ideas, my map of reality…. it includes mind. That is to really be ONE WITH everything.

    This created a HUGE shift in my awareness, (I would say that a realization is a shift in awareness to a greater paradigm, as Wilber says “transcend and include”)

    Now I am more aware of how EVERYTHING I do (or don’t do) think or feel affects EVERYTHING else, this is a totally different way to live, and on the other hand (and it was hard to acknowledge this) is the most ordinary and mundane thing. It’s just everyday life. But it is seen in a very different way.

    By the way your post on shadows was very helpful. I started to talk to the voice of cause and effect and things began to clear up.

    This is helping me in being a better person (of course is a paradox, if there is nothing to get then there is no sense in trying to get better….. but there is, I just can’t explain it) and in being of service to the world.

    I was reading Big Mind Big Heart and there is a part in it where it says that if we deny or ignore the law of causation the universe will give us feedback, and that wisdom is to pay attention and learn the lessons as quickly as we can, so the universe doesn’t have to give us more and greater feedback.

    Thank you so much for exposing this to the world Bill, I believe you and Genpo saved me from A LOT of trouble, I don’t think I’ll ever again believe I am above suffering, that creates too much suffering.

    I know there will always be something I won’t be aware of, and that increasing awareness is something I will keep practicing from now on, because I see how crucial it is in having a happy, peaceful and successful life. I also believe that it is very important to always keep learning, so I would love to hear you feedback on this, here’s to you.

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: As usual, your insights are spot-on. A lot has happened for you since we met at the Big Mind workshop Genpo Roshi and I gave in New York!

  9. Jorge says :

    Hi Bill,

    Yes I agree, our beliefs, ideas, concepts doesn’nt allow us to see ourselves as we realy are. I believe that we become aware of our real nature when we achieve a state of not holding beliefs or ideas or concepts in our mind. And I also believe when/if I let go away these belifs that I mentioned – and many others that I hold – I become free and One with my Real Nature/the Universe.
    Definitely, becoming aware – paying attention to this moment with total open mind – is the way to be free!
    In my case, I must work hard in this Way (hoping that Holsinc will help me)

    Thank you for your wonderfull post and work,


  10. Sheryll James says :

    I analyze and talk alot. I want to listen more. Since I was young I have been labeled as an annoying person needy for attention. I have been told this is my “personality”. It takes all of my willpower to keep my mouth closed and not put my 2 cents in. Even when I am fully aware and have empathy and compassion for another, I have to struggle to keep my “helpful” mouth out of it.

    So here’s the question Bill, am I “annoying” because it is a false belief that I’ve been told all my life, or is this a personality thing that I should just accept. I want to change because I REALLY DO annoy people, but it feels very unnatural to try to be a canoe when I am actually a speed boat.

    Hope you can answer, I guess my real question is… how much can a person change… is it possible that people may have limitations on their actions, not because of their belief systems, but because of biology? And wouldn’t it be a denial of self to go against one’s biology?

    See what I mean… pretty annoying huh?
    (But I should tell you since using Holosync, I am actually changing! But I still am not happy about this deep desire I have to analyze and talk.)

    FROM BiLL: Of course this is your way of proving that you are right about your belief that you are annoying. I’m not asking you, though, to resist anything or even try to change anything. I’m just asking you to WATCH to see HOW you do it. That’s all you need to do. You KNOW that you do it, but you don’t see HOW. Seeing that YOU are doing it, and how you do it, causes it to naturally fall away if it doesn’t serve you.

    Believing that you are annoying is the best way to actually be annoying.

  11. Tori says :

    Hi Bill,

    You are such an inspiration to me.

    I ordered the free Holosync demo months ago, and I am determined to order Awakening Prologue asap! (In spite of where my past choices and thoughts have left my finances, I am putting away a few dollars each month toward this purchase as an investment in myself.) Of course, I don’t intend to stop at Awakening Prologue … As my financial situation continues to improve, I intend to go through the entire Holosync process as well as take your online course and attend retreats as well. Reading your blogs and articles, listening to your interviews, etc., has already helped me to become more “aware.”

    You have given me hope that I can change from the inside out. You have helped me to see that my childhood does NOT have to dictate my adulthood — and certainly not my retirement, since I am only 36 and am already changing my circumstances. Since was first introduced to you (via “The Secret”), I have gotten two new jobs (both are part-time, but one is heading toward full-time and the other is letting me work more and more from home) and am working my way toward financial freedom. In the past, I had not had very much experience with “meditation” other than prayer — certainly nothing that altered my consciousness.

    ONE QUESTION — is it common to fall asleep during sessions? With the demo, I seem to fall asleep even when sitting up at my desk. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just relaxing me so much that my marriage-children-2-job life catches up with me and I fall asleep? It seems like I should be trying to be more aware/alert/awake while listening. I want to make sure I’m doing it right so that I can be in good shape when the real Awakening Prologues finally comes my way.

    Incidentally, my husband has seen differences in me just from listening to the demo (which I am still doing, although I am not seeing the “changes” that I did during the first two or three months), and he wants to try Holosync as well. =)

    Thank you, Bill. I look forward to learning more from you for many years to come!!

    Tori B.

    FROM BILL: It is common for people to nod out sometimes, at first.

  12. carlos says :

    Having taken your online courses I knew (at least intellectually) most of the information in this post. However you have a way of present basically the same information in a way that is very helpful , creates a lot of insights , and motivate people to keep on learning and observing.

    I have a question about shadow .

    I can see how when a person disowned for example agressiveness , it come out in covert ways like passive agressiveness etc. Also a person who is “supernice” and has
    disowned agressiveness can one day explode and kill a bunch of people.

    However if a person is openly aggressive does it mean that he disowned aggression too?

    I know people who disowned arrogance for instance and it may come out sometimes but most often it does not show.

    some other people are blatantly arrogant .

    In that case did both guys disowned arrogance or just the one that pretends he is not.?


    FROM BILL: If something is disowned it will come out in an immature way, often covert, almost always dysfunctional. An openly arrogant person likely has disowned self-confidence, or something like that, which causes it to come out as arrogance, which is a less-mature form of confidence.

  13. ribbon says :

    Holosync is brilliant! Thank you so very much for all that you share.

  14. Sheryll James says :

    Thanks Bill, your advice was very helpful (Remember, I am the “annoying” one). I find it is really difficult to watch my own behavior, unless I videoed myself. But what I have been doing that has been very helpful is watching the projections I put on people I find “annoying”. Now instead of being annoyed by them, I am really beginning to SEE myself in others and reown my stuff, both desirable and undesirable. If I observe both myself and others with that detached watcher, I sure learn alot! By gosh, I think I’m catching on.

  15. Boy at Heart says :

    Thank you for an excellent post again. Your last few posts have arrived literally at the same time I have finished a particular song for my Weekly Songcast that has many parallels in the subject matter.

    I see many more of these so-called coincidences after embarking on my Holosync journey over a year ago. In fact I would say that Holosync and this blog are possibly all you need to raise you awareness to the levels required for a more deliberate and purposeful life as you choose it.

    Actually I would love to see a post about how the ego fights change (I know it has many, many strategies), esecially with regard to stuff being held and release din the body. I am experiencing a great deal of physical issues right now, which I think can pretty much be attributed to a resistance to changes that I am purpoasefully intending in my life right now.

    Thanks to the awareness, thanks in part to Holosync I can see how there is possibly something else behind what we normally see as just ailments and conditions.

    Thank yo once again.

    FROM BILL: The ego doesn’t fight change. The ego can’t do anything, because the ego is just an idea, a mental concept. It can’t do something any more than other ideas can do something, such as the equator, or the number three. Your ego is just a collections of internal representations of who you are, and just as your internal representations of what happened yesterday are a scrawny sketch of what happened and aren’t even close to describing the incredible multidimensional series of millions of things that happened every second, your idea of who you are can’t even come close to actually representing who you are (which actually includes your relationships to everything). So you have something that is INCREDIBLY incomplete, and which can’t do anything because it’s just an idea. When you realize that the idea “I” is just another idea, and that it can’t do anything, the whole house of cards collapses (the house of cards where someone (who?) thinks that he or she (again, who?) is separate.

  16. Curtis says :

    I always find your blogs very interesting, and on occasion choose to write in the comments. I have always considered myself a half way intelligent human being in life. Growing up gay in a small rural town in Missouri is not what I would call ideal by any means. Learned behavior of trying to hide who I truely was became second nature, to say the least. So I do understand the learned behavior aspect of your blog.

    Unfortunately, I may somewhat disagree with some of it. For example, I can remember telling a story I over heard once in a meeting that I thought was funny. It made me laugh, and others laughed at it as well. It was about an aggresive driver who passed me and flipped me off where as I continued to tell the story as a means to create humor out of it. Now for most people the story would bring laughter. For others who would take it to seriously, would read into it to teach a lesson about proper driving etiquette. Now the people who choose to take it to seriously is not my responsibility is it? Afterall it is just a story. However, the story could attract negative people into your life because of it. Should these people prevent me from telling a story to cause laughter? People who choose to try to break other peoples “bad” habits is completely subjective.

    For example, if I am at a street corner waiting for a green light to cross, and an attractive person comes and stands next to me. My immature nature may cause me to look the person up from top to bottom, or turn my head to the side. Intepretation of the event initially may very well be immature. However, maybe part of the immature nature was the conversation earlier in the week with another person regarding the very attraction. Maybe the attraction at the moment was the “coming” together of a situation. I think we have all had those situations in life, right. Or would the proper thing to do is to acknowledge the attraction, and let it be. I am sure that would have been the proper thing to do. How we react to any given situation is up to us, not everyone will consider someone else up to their ilk based on their reaction.

    I will agree beliefs are an amazing thing. They have saved my ass on more than one occasion, and hurt me on others. What I do know beliefs make the world go round. Believe is a powerful word. I know first-hand the strength in it. Choosing to quit doing what does not serve me is something I learned when I chose to quite drinking and doing drugs. It is a choice, just like everything else in life.

    Anyway, I think I have rambled enough today. Thanks for the blog, it was quite interesting to me. They always are interesting to me.

    FROM BILL: How you react to a situation is, indeed, up to you. However, if your reaction is happening automatically because whatever in your internal cognitive process that generates your reaction is unconscious, you won’t have any choice about it. I would change “up to you” to “comes from you.” It comes from something you DO, but unless you do it with awareness, you have no choice about it. You only quit drinking and doing drugs when you truly became aware of the consequences and saw how YOU were creating them.

  17. Jim Laliberte says :


    I tried your Holosync and find it quite convenient that you post nothing here about those it doesn’t work for.

    I personally gave it a couple of months and it changed nothing, except take up a lot of my time. And it takes up even more time as one goes on with it. When I stopped, I believe I was doing it for 90 minutes a day.

    I did not feel relaxed by it, it was aggravating and just reminded me that I was wasting my time. I am well aware that we create our own reality by the thoughts we concentrate on. I’ve read enough self help books to come to that conclusion.

    I would like to see others that had the same type of experience I had post to your thread…..but I’m sure you’ll edit them out as may happen to this one. Keep your Holosync, it doesn’t work.

    FROM BILL: As I’ve been saying, Holosync, or any kind of meditation, creates more awareness (Holosync just creates it much faster than traditional meditation). When you become more aware, all the aspects of yourself you’ve disowned and repressed come into awareness. Then, you resist them because you think they are bad, negative, inappropriate, painful–something you learned from your parents in most cases. What you describe as “aggravation” is your own resistance to what was coming up for you.

    When you experience upheaval when meditating (which everyone does if they meditate enough) it’s because you are now aware of what you have been repressing and you think it’s not okay. What you are experiencing when you use Holosync, Jim, is YOURSELF, your own resistance to what you think is not okay about life and about yourself. Your aggravation is not caused by Holosync, it is caused by the way your map of reality is constructed, which happened in your childhood.

    Every person has a different response to Holosync, because everyone has a different map of reality. My response was actually more like yours, but for some reason I intuitively knew it was going to help me, so I stuck with it even though I experienced a lot of negative feelings. I was pissed off quite a lot in the beginning, and it was clear to me that is was triggered by Holosync. Not caused, but triggered (though I didn’t figure this out for a while).

    What you’re doing is, I’m afraid, symptomatic of people who have trouble with Holosync. You fail to see that your response to Holosync (and, for that matter, to EVERYTHING in your life) comes from you, not from whatever has triggered it. This is the real meaning of taking responsibility for your life–life happens, but your response to it is self-generated.

    The problem is that few people see HOW they generate it, because how they do it is happening unconsciously, so they assume the trigger caused their reaction. If this was the way things worked, everyone would have the same response to the same stimuli. The reason we all respond in our own unique way is that the response is not caused by the stimulus, it is caused by what you do with the stimulus inside your head. Your saying the Holosync didn’t “work” is similar to not liking a movie everyone else loved and blaming it on the movie. (And, by the way, a couple of months isn’t a fair trial. If you just kept going, Holosync would change your life, I promise. You would, though, have to meet all your personal shit in the process. Some people are ready to do that, and others aren’t.)

  18. len hrica says :

    this is a very powerful essay/article….it should be read and re-read……we help to create our realities…be it negative/positive/childhood/self esteem/belief systems….we can do it…we can undo it……len hrica

  19. molly says :

    gosh – i really don’t know where to begin.. i’ve been using holosync for several months now with excellent results – thank you for the program. the one concept i struggle with most is ‘I am a BAD person’. growing up my dad was a southern baptist minister and being ‘flawed’ was somewhat a given. be GOOD or go to hell basically or at least that was my interpretation. but being a ‘good little christian girl’ was difficult to maintain for long. i became a rebellious teenager and sought after (albeit unconsciously) all the things that went along with being ‘bad’. it was a sort of ‘if ya can’t beat um, join um’. It worked for a while until alcoholism and greed caught up with me. i’ve been sober 18 months now and although have made a LOT of progress (with the help of AA steps, sponsor, holosync, byron katie’s ‘work’, etc.), i still struggle with the underlying belief that i am BAD and i can find all the proof in the world to back that up.

    in my heart i know there really isn’t ‘good’ people or ‘bad’ people – just human beings doing their lousy best. it’s hard to undo habits of a lifetime – worry, fear, shame, depression. something has shifted and i am more hopeful than ever. just when i think i’ve got it, i seem to loose IT and the shadow returns. hey – at least i don’t really believe i’m going to hell anymore. i’ve come to believe that hell is something created right here on earth – in our minds or at least it seems that way.

    thanks for holosync and for the blog. hope the above made some sort of sense! it hit some sort of nerve for sure. thanks bill.

    FROM BILL: You are demonstrating several of the points I’ve been making. First, “bad” is a shadow for you. Every person has some “bad” in them. We’re all rascals in many ways. When we disown that aspect of ourselves, it comes out–as all shadows do–in covert, dysfunctional, and immature ways. In your case it was alcoholism and greed. Though I’m sure you’ve made progress, it sounds as if this is still a shadow.

    To look at the same thing from the point of view of beliefs, you’ve been proving that you’re belief in your badness is true. You did (and from time to time still do) various things to help you accumulate evidence that you are “right” about being bad.

    The way out of this is to watch yourself, with awareness, believing this–to know in advance what you are doing, and to watch how you do it. This means watching your behavior and other external things you do, but even more important to watch the internal dialog you have, the internal pictures you make, and how these generate feelings that lead to decisions–that lead to evidence that you are right.

    In terms of looking at this as a shadow, it means letting the voice of badness speak. Let it out of the basement, which will allow it to mature. Destructive badness , when it matures, turns into something positive, such as the ability to do what needs to do be done, but for the benefit of all, as well as compassion for the “badness” of others (instead of being triggered by it. Speaking from a voice inside of you gives you awareness of it and this awareness gives you choice over how it manifests. When it is unconscious, disowned, there is no choice. It just comes out in a crappy way.

    The same can be said of looking at this from the perspective of it being a belief. Watching yourself “do” the belief, with awareness, gives you choice over it, whereas while it is running automatically, without awareness, it will just do whatever will prove that it’s true.

  20. I very much enjoy reading your posts. Reason? :

    I am a student of ACIM * [are you?]and your thought-processes are dead-centre on ACIM. *

    Your reference to ‘would you rather be right or happy’ is in fact a direct quote from this source.

    I particularly like this extract from your blog:

    “Psychologists have pointed out something about beliefs that I find quite fascinating: beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. This means that when you believe something you’ll figure out a way to make it come true in reality, or at least seem to be true. For some reason, when you believe something, you’ll do whatever it takes to be right about it—even if being right creates outcomes and experiences you don’t want.”

    ACIM states unequivocally that our entire life is merely a dream in which we are determined to find Love on our own and Create on our own and we refuse to believe this impossibility, as evidenced by the impermanence of everything in the dream.

    I want two things, and I hope they are not incompatible :

    1. to find peace, joy, and happiness.

    2. to enjoy a modicum of the good things of this dream.

    * ACIM : A Course In Miracles

  21. molly says :

    just wanted to say thanks to bill for the response. it meant a lot to me.

  22. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Hi Bill,

    I began using Holosync in April 07, and am now on Awakening Level 4. No doubt you’ll remember this (with me being your favorite student and all).

    I have experienced some interesting changes which I thought would be fun to share.

    I have noticed an impulse within me to disidentify with my identity – with my ethnicity and certain values, to question my culture and beliefs. And I have also observed a fear of ‘losing myself’.

    Fear of the unknown, about about who I will be and if that guy will make decisions that keep me okay – that keep me ‘safe’ – that make me happy. There is an element in me that’s not sure I can trust that guy whoever he is.

    I have seen myself becoming more accepting of people with alternative lifestyle choices, some of which I would have responded to with anger or judgment in the past.

    I have found myself questioning my thoughts far more often, at times even being able to temporarily disidentify with them.

    And although profound inner peace is not yet my predominant experience, my moments of tranquility have grown in length and frequency and it is much easier for me to quiet my mind at will. Speaking as someone who used to be spend the majority of their time either anxious or angry, this is a very big deal.

    There is still much healing to be done and I feel like this year will be a big one. I feel that Awakening Level 4 is going to peel away the unconscious garbage that prevents me from being myself. I expect it to be challenging but I look forward to coming out the other side, with even greater clarity and alignment with who I really am.

    Additional Centerpointe CDs

    After not listening to it for several months, I decided to use the complimentary Making Change Easy CD to aid in some additional meditation.

    As it played, I felt a strange sense of nostalgia. Like I was listening to a favored recording from decades past. I suppose this is because my experience of life is so different to what it was when I first began your program, I feel like a completely different person. My expansion in awareness has been so dramatic that it feels like it’s been several years since I began this journey when in reality it’s only been two.

    I was however taken aback by how much ‘stress’ I felt whilst listening to Making Change Easy. This is because I’ve gotten used to the Virtual audio 3D of the more advanced Holosync tracks.

    So I thought you might want to consider having those additional CDs (Making Change Easy, Attract Success etc.) converted to that format too. I would certainly purchase them (again if necessary) if they were. And it would make for a much more pleasant listening experience.

    Finally, I’d like to thank you for your programs, support and blog. You have added tremendous value to my life in a number of ways. And because of you, I now understand what I need to do to create a life that is happy and peaceful and I continue to make strides in that direction as time goes on.

    Your life principles course is great and I will be moving on to the second course in a few weeks time. I highly recommend both Holosync and the Life principles course to anyone who really wants to get this material and apply it to their daily life.

    Until the next time,


  23. John Wilson says :

    Please excuse my interjecting a practical question about using Holosync.

    If I download the level I’m using to my MP3 player, am I missing out on the full frequency range for that level?

    John Wilson

    FROM BILL: Call or write our support staff.

  24. Cassandra says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’d like to share with you an interesting dynamic that occurred with my partner that conveys what you have discussed. My partner is very jealous of other men. I have always been a one-man woman, so the thought of even looking at another man was not in my reality. But lo and behold, I found myself doing just that. Here’s a good example of what could have been a self-fulfilling prophecy for him, and I was introduced to a shadow part of myself that could cheat! I was very aware of what was going on and observed this scenario like a curious scientist, as you would say.

    Now for my false belief: Every time I don’t get a response right away from an email I have sent a friend, I go into this “she really doesn’t like me, I’m not important enough, etc.” And every time, I’m proven wrong. Why hasn’t this become a self-fulfilling prophecy?? Thank god it hasn’t, but if I don’t get my act together, will it? Regardless, I am working on this because it causes such unnecessary pain and grief.

    On another note, the work I am doing with you as given me the eyes to see that I have not fully incarnated into life. I am 59 years old and this is sad. But it’s never to late for a new beginning.

    Thank you.


  25. NN says :

    This blog is so valuable. Thanks Bill for offering it to us.

    Is it important that I identify or label a shadow voice, or is it sufficient to realize that something I did was dysfunctional or self-sabotaging and own that? What I mean is, must it be analyzed and made crystal clear or is it enough to just see that “okay, I did this and this, and it got these consequences and brought me pain”. Must I be aware of the motive behind the action of the voice? Must I speak from the voice? In order to do that I have to label it and many times I have no idea what to label a voice. It was some compassion behind it, some anger, some judgement, etc – so what is that voice really? For example, the other week I reacted to some cruelty and I judged the people who I thought had performed the cruelty when in reality they hadn’t, but I didn’t know this. I told them off on a message board and they got angry. Would you say that is disowned anger or just a natural compassionate response? Sometimes I get panic attacks around other people, some form of social anxiety. But I feel too ashamed or afraid to tell them about it. I know I should speak from the voice of shame, but should I also speak from “the one who is freaked out about potentially freaking people out”/”the freaky freak”? Or the voice of self-sabotage?

    If I don’t have much of a social life, how do I then speak from the voice of popularity (which in my case is disowned)? “I am the voice of popularity. But I am not in the least popular. I would like to be popular but I am not.”… doesn’t seem to work… Or how do I do it? Do I pretend that I am popular?

    You said in a previous blog entry that love is spontaneous and I agree. But you’ve also said that a person can change who they are attracted to by changing their internal map of reality. Isn’t that a paradox? I know life is full of them, but could you please explain the connection between the two statements?

    FROM BILL: First of all, I hope you are using Holosync. If not, start.

    I would suggest speaking from the voice of cruelty. If cruelty (imagined or not) triggers you, then you’ve disowned your own cruelty. You may not think that it’s possible that cruelty could be a part of YOU, but one of the basic priniciples here is that ALL people have ALL voices in them. Cruelty that is disowned will come out in immature ways–being emotionally triggered by it, and also by being cruel yourself, but probably not seeing it when you do it. Is it possible that your reaction to the people you thought were cruel was itself cruel? Ownng your own cruelty doesn’t mean you’ll be cruel, in fact, it makes it less likely that you’ll be cruel. All humans have a capacity to be cruel. Only those who have disowned it, though, express it. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t care anymore about the cruelty you may encounter. It means that you won’t be triggered by it. You’ll still see it, and you’ll be able to do something about it, if that’s appropriate. It’s just that you’ll be able to figure out what to do from a much clearer place that won’t involve you being cruel in return.

    Your own disowned voices are often NOT obvious–to you. That’s why they call them disowned. The best clue is to look for what triggers you in others. Because cruelty triggers you, it’s pretty obvious that it has been disowned. If you speak from that voice (which will probably start out as a “fake it until you make it” sort of thing, where you have to pretend a little, since it is such a disowned voice), it will mature into something beneficial to you, something that would not be described as cruelty.

    A couple of examples of this: the narcissist–the “me first, and who gives a shit about you” voice–matures into self-love that then can love others. The “asshole” (another interesting voice) matures into the one who can make the tough decisions and do what needs to be done, for the good of all, despite what others think. The sexual pervert–unbridaled power over others, expressed sexually–matures into potent life-force energy that, again, can be used to benefit others (sexual perverts actually have disowned their power, so they express power in a covert and dysfunctional way, and because have been traumatized sexually themselves, it comes out sexually). These socially negative voices only come out in dysfunctional ways because they have been disowned. Once they are owned, they mature into something else. The mature narcissist, for instance, isn’t really a narcissist anymore in the conventional sense of the word, but it was before it was owned.

    I agree that it would be a good idea to speak from the voice of shame. In general, I would make a list of what really triggers and start there. Don’t over-think this–which your questions reveal to me that you do a lot. It would be very helpful to you to come to one of the workshops I do with Genpo Roshi ( mind) where we can work with you in person.

    Or, you might consider working with my wife, Denise Harris. She does telephone consultations where she facilitates speaking from disowned voices for people, and she is VERY skilled. Her clients rave about the huge positive changes they experience. Call 949-375-3043 and you can discuss it with her, if you’re interested. It is often easier to find and speak from these voices with a facilitator, and I’m sure Denise will help you identify several other shadows that have been screwing up your life..

  26. Rakesh Sawant says :

    Hi Bill,
    Really great topic covered in short length! What you believe is one of the aspects to create your life consciously. The belief systems make you what outside world perceives you for!! But finally you get / attract only those things the way you are, not what you desire or want!!! By changing your belief systems for better future is great principle, but how many live and strive hard to imbibe those beliefs and become part of them will decide their final success. One may accept certain belief systems which might create heavy resistance inside and that may lead to more emotions than happiness, but if he / she stick onto it and continue to live by those beliefs then no one can stop them from fetching juicy fruit of it. Bhagvad Gita goes beyond this approach to say that you keep doing your KARMA in accordance with the belief system you carry, but never think of or attached to the final fruit during the whole process. One way this helps to avoid resistance within and also makes you a spiritual warrier on the path to higher ascension.
    Finally, beware that many of the beliefs you carry might be conflicting to each and other and if these beliefs are fine tuned to bring more and more harmony within, then nothing like that as a first step!!!

    My best wishes and luck to all those who will make their first attempt to follow this principle to change their lives!! Bill Harris has proved one more time that he has plenty to give away than to just receive!!!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rakesh Sawant

  27. Julius Ko says :

    Great Stuff as usual.

    I’m on Course 3; Lesson 10; Life Scripts; so this post comes at good timing.. very related material.

    – Julius

  28. Ed Pisko says :

    Hi Bill, Thank you so much for this post, I have already benefited from implementing your teaching. I did have a question in part precipitated by Santiago Jiminez’s post. Is it possible to reach a high developmental level while still having shadow and belief issues?

    FROM BILL: It’s IMpossible to reach any level of anything without having shadow and belief issues. Zen master Genpo Roshi would be the first to admit that he has such issues (and, he would say, he enjoys them–most people aren’t enjoying theirs because being unconsicous, they aren’t a choice). No matter what, every human always has additional ways to wake up further.

  29. Jorge says :

    Hi Bill, once again

    Basically I agree with you: it is by becoming aware of the way my mind represents the reality, by paying attention and discovering the authomatic process my mind uses to act, that my mind becomes free from old habits of acting. Ok! I will pay attention to those authomatic way of acting in order to understand those mechanisms, or I will try!
    I must tell you that I am in the fourth day of meditation with Holosync, and have a problem which I don’t know if it is a real problem: the last 15 minutes of meditation I fall asslep! So I can’t be concentrated in my breathing during the entire 30 minutes! And during the time I don’t sleep my mind much of the time is like a monkey travelling from thought to thought. I presume I will become more and more focused in my breathing and more aware to my thoughts as I continue with meditation. Nevertheless would you make a comment to this situation, if possible? Is that a common situation in the begining?

    From Lisbon/Portugal thank you

    FROM BILL: You need to read the direction again, which tell you WHATEVER HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE LISTENING IS OKAY. That would include a busy mind, falling asleep, feeling antsy, or ANYTHING else. Just let whatever happens be okay. And though I said that you can do a meditation technique when listening, you don’t have to. Just sit and watch your mind do it’s thing. If you nod out, which is very common in the beginning, so be it.

    I strongly suggest that you develop a relationship with our support coaches. Call or email support and discuss these sorts of things with them, rather than using this blog, which is really not for that purpose.

  30. Becky says :

    Bill, thank you so much for these articles. I went digging through my multitudinous lesson materials from various teachers after reading this and the three previous articles. It stirred me to FIND my Holysync cds and other materials that came with it. In the process, I not only found all of that, but also found a book called, “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief,” by Gregg Braden. Reading it in conjunction with being AWARE – is incredibly mind boggling and “Heart” opening. Last night, I had an “experience” of something I have been desiring to have happen for a long time. I was THERE. I FELT it. I felt the JOY of it! It brought tears to my eyes. Even though, this event has not manifested physically – YET, it FEELS like it has. And I feel so much peace and joy and gratitude. Thank you again.

  31. Stu says :


    I’ve been using Holosync for awhile now and my awareness has increased… pretty dramatically; and I know there’s plenty more change to come. As a result of my expanded awareness, I’m more able to see how I create my life. This has led to pretty dramatic shifts in behavior for me. As you say Bill, “we can’t continue to do things that do not serve us if we do them with full awareness”.

    One thing that comes up for me as this happens is the realization, the head-smack of reality as I perceive it, that the other side of the coin is always the ‘cost’ principle: as in – there’s a cost for everything and we need to be willing to pay the price if we truly want change. For example, I will focus on an area of my life that needs improvement but what becomes immediately evident to me is HOW I’m creating it and WHAT I need to DO (the action/the price to pay) in order to change. An easy example is when I look in the mirror and say to myself – I’d love to lose (xx fill in the number here) pounds. My awareness at that moment tells me that I’m focusing on what I want to avoid (being flabby); that my beliefs are coming true about my self (that I struggle with my body image, etc.), and in doing this it makes me feel lousy. I immediately shift my thoughts toward what it is that I want (to be fit and trim) and reframe my belief around body image (to include the reality of my middle-agedness, that I’m in the normal weight range, that I’m a pretty darned good looking fellow, etc.), and I consciously focus on my other competing and more desirable beliefs (that I can do whatever I set my mind to, that I’m worth it, etc.), which makes me feel better about myself instantly. But then the realization hits: If I truly can achieve what I want –is this what I really want? What price is there to pay to get what I want? (Answer is a no brainer: eat fewer calories and exercise more). Geez, that price seems a bit high; maybe I don’t really want it!!! I could be happy just being fat and lazy the way I am! (Cue the Homer Simpson “Dough!!!” sound effect).

    To me this sounds again like I’m focusing on the ‘avoid’ or ‘black’ pile. I’m resisting the price that needs to be paid. Or am I being pragmatic about it? I mean, I really just see much of it as competing interests – I value my rest and relaxation more than I value looking like a greek god! The dialectic in all of this is apparent – that the desire for change is at the opposite end of the continuum with resistance to change. Desire and Resistance arise together. Added together they equal zero (or emptiness).

    Now this was an illustrative example – but I’m really looking for the answer (or at least a clue) to the chunked up question of what to do when it seems like a desired change is met with the harsh reality of the costs associated with achieving that change. Any tips or suggestions, or is it just this simple: We need to want it (Desire a la Napoleon Hill) more than we want to avoid suffering (Resistance a la Buddah)? Or is this still playing the game of Black and White? Considering the notion that Change is the Universal Constant (in Form at least) it’s looking more and more like the Cost of things are a Universal Constant too. They too arise together. There’s a cost to Change AND there’s a cost to Resist change (suffering). Perhaps the real secret is to equally desire the Costs and the Suffering on the way to guaranteed success and happiness? Bill – your thoughts?
    Thanks in advance – I hope you’re well,


    FROM BILL: I guess you’ll need to LIKE paying the price. This is where passion and enthusiasm come in. My good friend Stewart Emery (best man at my wedding) in his bestseller Success Built to Last interviewed tons of super-successful people, including billionaires, famous leaders, etc. All were passionate about what they do, so it never felt like a “price”. Instead, it was fun. If the price isn’t fun, thinking about it is what you don’t want. So, make it what you do want.

    PS: I think it’s spelled “Doh!”

  32. Banke Omo says :

    Hi, This is to corroborate what Jim Laliberte wrote up. I think its also important to mention those that Holosync doesnt work for. I did holosync for about one and half years and had to stop at Awakening Level 2 CD 3 when what I might interprete to mean a giant overwhelm came up. I had never been suicidal or with murdering tendencies. I only wanted to be even happier. my life was pretty okay but I wanted to achieve better happiness so I tried holosync after I saw what Awakening Prologue did. But since I got to AL2 CD2, I became a different person and not one I like or proud of.

    I became very agressive – getting abusive and later very depressed and with always thoughts of murdering someone. I stopped using holosync now for about two years and am a lot better but the tendencies to murder never left my mind. I had never known this of myself and I find it difficult to take responsibility for this. I still have part of AL2 and the whole of AL 3 which i never used.

    Even though, most likely for the majority, Holosync works well, I believe holosync is not for everyone. For some, it would simply worsen your situation. I think you should show some humility and accept this.


    FROM BILL: As I said to Jim, Holosync creates awareness, and sometimes people become aware of aspects of themselves that have been disowned and which they do not like (which is why it was disowned in the first place–a parent or someone made it SO bad that you had to disown it).

    It isn’t that Holosync didn’t work for you, it’s that it made you aware of (and unable to repress any longer) something that you had been living with under the surface of your awareness. Whatever it is, trust me, it will come out in one way or another, and was coming out in some way, long befpre you ever heard of Holosync. When it came up, you were SO resistant to it that this resistance to this huge shadow created the experience you had. What you were experiencing was your own resistance.

    If I dug up something that big, I would head straight to a good therapist and work on owning it and resolving it. Something that big requires professional help. To blame it on Holosync is like blaming your glasses for something negative that you see through them.

    Whatever you experience when you use Holosync, it is something in you. Holosync shows you who you are beneath the surface, and seeing it with awareness is what allows it to resolve itself, and you to heal–unless you resist it so much that you can’t be aware, in which case you need a therapist. But whatever it is, it comes from you, not from Holosync. Having something like this come up is a huge gift IF you get with someone who can help you process it, such as Dr. Beverlee Taub, who works with lots of Holosync users (and has for nearly 20 years).

    Most people, of course, don’t have something like this to process. Experiences like yours are rare. Still, if you had found someone to help you with it instead of quitting–someone who understands this sort of work–it could have been the biggest breakthrough of your life. Unfortunately, it sounds as if you’re still dealing with it. As I said, if something like this is in you, it will come out in one way or another. I would urge you to contact Dr. Bev (503 640-9342). Tell her assistant I specifically said you should work with her, not with one of the other coaches.

  33. carlos says :

    I think that weight and looks is the perfect example of how the divisions we create in our minds (black and white piles) are totally arbitrary.

    There are universal traits in our looks that tells when we are healthy but most things are totally arbitrary and changes from culture to culture and with the passing of time.

    Here in the US ,today, looking good means having a low fat percentage and being trim . In the 50s it was OK being more voluptious ,in the 80s people especially women kill themselves doing aerobics and they were very skinny .
    ( all of this is in relationship to other things of course .EX women in the 80s were skinny in relationship with women in the 50s)

    In other cultures (ex in the caribean ) Men are generally attracted to more voluptious women .

    During the Renaissance chubby women were in style.

    My point is that looks and fashions are totally arbitrary and We totally by into the game that what is in style right now is what is intrincically good looking . Then when we look back at a 10 year old picture of ourselves we cant believe we dressed or look that way back then.

    I think that people who really want to look good and trim should find the value behind the value . ( EX what is important about looking good and trim)

    Is it heath ?( fit does not necesarilly means healthy)

    Is it to feel better , having more enery , higher spirits?

    Is it to attract a partner?

    Is it to fit in ? To get approval from others?

    and also I think it would be good to find the value behind the thing that prevents you from exercising and having nutritious meals.EX ( What is important to me about eating 10 pounds of sweets everyday and what is important to me about being a couch potato .)( I have a friend who does not exercise just because in the back of his head he thinks is not “cool” exercising.


  34. Visvas says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the article. My question is that with Holosync facilitating awareness and how certain generalizations one has made about life begin to surface, how does one recognize and release these generalizations that do not work or say are least resourceful?

    Next once recognizing these beliefs or generalizations what can one do to see how these have manifested in their life and begin to implement resourceful beliefs in order to get what they want in life.

    I know there are parts of me that still are resistant and holding onto certain beliefs about life, people, intimacy, relationships etc. I suppose these were acquired through early life and childhood experiences and trauma.

    FROM BILL: Whatever amount you think you are operating unconsciously, it’s probably at least ten times more. By definition, you can’t see what is unconscious. You’re seeing the tip of the iceberg, and it’s a BIG one.

    You don’t need to do anything to sort out what beliefs are good and which don’t serve you, or to “release” something, or to implement somethng. If you are aware of how you’re creating how you feel, what you believe, how you behave, what people and situations you attract, etc., and observe yourself doing it (I mean observe what you do inside that creates it, as it happens), everything sorts itself out without you needing to do anything. Whatever needs to be done, you’ll just do it. No method is needed. A part of you will just let go of what doesn’t serve you.

  35. Ryan Biddulph says :

    Hi Bill,

    Excellent post. I’ve found myself on autopilot on times, acting out on negative beliefs. It’s been through focusing more on what I want and less on what I don’t want that I’ve broken these habits. Thanks so much for sharing your insight. And thanks for the Holosync CD, I just ordered and am excited to receive it.

    Wishing you prosperity,


  36. Terry Heart Solomon says :


    I think it would be good if you could put a selection of comments from participants who have completed the program (all levels) in which they document their experiences, at which stages they felt particular shifts, when their resistance stopped and so on.

    It would be enlightening to see if there are any patterns (e.g. most stopped resisting at AWL4, or many disidentified with the mind at PUR L3).

    I think everyone would find that information really interesting.

    Oh and the letter’s written and will be fired off next week. I’ll let you know if anything happens, or maybe I won’t have to if it goes really well.



    FROM BILL: There are posts here and there all over this blog from people who have been in the program a long time. But Terry, you’re assuming that Holosync is a magic pill that will make you stop resisting. What makes you stop resisting is acknowledging that resistance is something YOU DO, not somethng that just happens to you. Once you see yourself doing it (not see the effects, but see HOW you do it, which is by making internal representations of what you don’t want), it falls away. The longer a person fails to acknowledge that they do this, the longer the resistance continues. And, of course, the more a person believes (because of past trauma) that the world is a dangerous place, the more they will be scanning their world for danger (ie, focusing on what they don’t want). As always, awareness is the key. You cannot resist with awareness. You can only resist unconsciously.

  37. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    I know that comments from long time users are scattered around the blog. I was suggesting placing them in one place where people who are interested in their experiences can review them – that way it would be easier to find them for people who are interested (which I think will be most).

    I don’t think Holosync is a magic pill, and am aware that resistance is both something I do, AND something that happens to me.

    You have said that whilst some of our resistance is conscious (and can be released by non-judgmental observation), a lot of it takes place unconsciously and by definition outside our awareness. You’ve also pointed out that Holosync pushes through this unconscious resistance and clears it up, often resulting in learnings which take place without the need of intellectual understanding, or conscious intervention.

    I therefore stand (defiantly :) ) by my suggestion that there should be a particular space which outlines case studies, or details experiences of long time Holosync users and how and where (in the program) their developmental shifts took place. They would need to be together (so we could compare) and enough in number for us to see if there are any patterns.


    FROM BILL: Those that are interested in finding those posts will have to go through the posts and find them. Of all the many things I’m working on, this is certainly something I don’t have the time to do. Sorry.

    The whole idea here, Terry, is that you go inside and make what is/was unconscious conscious, which is the only real way it resolves itself. You can just say, if you want to, “well, it’s unconscious, there’s nothing I can do,” but that isn’t going to help you. Put on your awareness hat and WATCH YOUR MIND and see HOW you DO resistance. If you look, and keep looking, you will see it.

  38. Joni Ellis Pierce says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to see some testimonial from those who have gone through all levels. It would be refreshing to know where they started and where they are now.
    Is that possible for you to do?

    Best Wishes,

    FROM BILL: I don’t write the testimonials. There are such testimonials around in different places, though. I don’t have time to hunt for them, however.

    The main characteristic of those who finish the program are that they are AWARE. They have an ability to observe what is out-of-awareness for other people. For that reason, they have choice about it. As I described in great detail in the opening ten or so posts on this blog, human life is developmental, and development is a series of openings of awareness, where we become aware of what we were previously unaware. As this happens, we develop choice over what previously happened automatically.

    At first, a baby is unaware of the fact that it is a separate entity. The distinction of me and not-me hasn’t been made. Once the baby is aware of what is me and what isn’t me, new choices emerge, primitive though they may be. The next awareness is about sensory awareness and movement. Until the baby is aware of its senses and its ability to move, it has no choice about how to move or where to direct its attention. Once the baby realizes it can decide where to look, what to listen to, what to touch, and learns that it can move on purpose (reach for something, roll over, etc.) it gains choice over those things.

    Next, the child gains awareness of the fact that it has feelings. Then, that it has thoughts, and so on, though many more awarenesses. Go read the posts on human development on this blog. They are fascinating. Holosync use represents the higher stages of the development of awareness, and the changes people experience flow from that increased awareness. As a person becomes more aware of what was previously unconscious (for instance, the ways you create your feelings, your behaviors, the meanings you assign to your experiences, what and whom you attract or become attracted to) you gain choice over those things. They no longer seem to just happen. You have choice where little or no choice existed before.

    At a certain point, if development continues for long enough, you begin to become aware of the fact that you use the mind to construct the separate self that you thought was “you.” This awareness moves your center from being that of a separate ego in a bag of skin to consisting of the interconnections you have with everything else in the universe. This is what people call “oneness” or enlightenment, or trancendent consciousness (or many other names). As long as you are unaware that YOU are constructing a separate self, you’ll think you are a separate self, which leads to many types of suffering caused by feelings of separation–anger, fear, anxiety, and so forth.

    Once you see that you aren’t just a separate organism, but instead begin to see that everything, including what you thought was “me”, is one, connected thing (in the same way that waves in the ocean ARE the ocean, not separate things), you relax. You also see the potential consequences of whatever you are doing, and for that reason you create suffering for yourself MUCH less often.

    When you run across a testimonial from someone who has finished the program, or is close to finishing, they may or may not intellectually understand what I have just described, but they will say things that reflect that point of view. They will be calmer, more centered, more aware of what they are doing and how they are creating their life, and how their life interacts with the lives of others (and even with non-living things). In one sense, they are extraordinary, but in another they are very ordinary. Because they realize that they don’t have to strive for something in order to be complete, what they do is more for the fun of it, or because they want to do it.

    Another reason why you might not see posts from a lot of people who are extremely deep into the program is that at a certain point you don’t feel the same urgency to change that people feel in the beginning. Your “inspirational dissatisfaction” is either gone or extremely low. For that reason, you’re less likely to hang around web sites about how to change. Instead, you’re off doing something else.

  39. Tim Johnson says :

    Just my 2 cents in response to what Banke Omo and Jim Laliberte had to say: I started Holosync in the Fall of 1997 when it was called The End and still came on cassette tapes. A month ago I started Purification Level 2. Why am I not finished with the program yet? After 2 1/2 months listening to Awakening Prologue I had what I would call a “nervous breakdown”. I didn’t understand it then but I was creating massive resistance, so strong that I stopped holosyncing for 7 years! At the time I totally blamed it for my depression and anxiety. I had even paid for the next level but never go around to creating my affirmation tape.

    Then in the fall of 2004 I got a letter from Centerpointe telling me that I still had my next level paid for and that if I didn’t claim it soon they would just keep my money and that would be the end of that! I was pretty steamed about it but I went ahead and ordered the next level and started Awakening Level 1 in May of 2005. I am so glad I did. While the first few years were rough I am at a point where my life is so much better than it’s ever been. I definitely plan on following through to the end (which I guess will be sometime in 2015). I really hope you guys stick with it. Read the support materials, talk with someone on the support line, read all the blog posts here. It’s been really worth it!

  40. D says :

    I get this truth that what you beleive you make true because (especially now that my awareness is growing greatly) I’ve noticed that this was and is happening to me alot. There was even a time when a couple friends and I were convinced that a certain three digit number was following us and it was true cause we’d look at the clock right at that time, and we’d look at the car in front of us and the number plate would happen to have those numbers and so on. I then realized it was like we would sense when those numbers were around and look right then …. so we always say it. What I’m wonderng is what is the science behind this? have someone already written a book on why such things happens? cause if so I’d love to read it.

  41. Julius Ko says :

    Interesting.. tons of questions concerning holosync.. I wouldn’t mind like a forum; to which ‘veteran’ users can help ‘newbie’ users.. I’d love to help you (Bill) answer questions about Holosync; etc =).

    Kudos and Happy 2009. Hope the mentorship program is going well; if everything goes well for me financially this year; I may be able to join the program in 2010; if it’s offered.

    – Julius

  42. John Neilson says :


    Thank you for this post. It reinforces the learnings from your Life Principles Integration Process courses. I recently came across a couple of resources which other readers may find useful:
    (1) “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murray, ISB 13:978-1-4165-1156-4. Although largely couched in terms of the Christian religion, the biblical references are interpreted in terms of the actions of the subconscious mind, and the descriptions of the workings of the mind closely follow your own teachings. And it was written in 1963!
    (2) “Your Beautiful Mind” is a free eBook, available from an Australian training group called Mind Power Coaching. It can be downloaded from
    It powerfully reinforces many of your teachings as well as explaining in detail the physiological processes of thought, belief and mind change and control.

  43. Sheryll James says :

    Just a little comment on tuning in on observing my resistance. I think our body is the feedback mechanism. If I feel tense, or if my heartaches for example, I assume that my thought has caused this discomfort, and most discomfort is unnecessary. I then watch myself and ask, what is it that I am thinking about causing this bodily discomfort? (It usually ends up being frear of some sort.) For example, when I feel a deep unfullfilled longing in my heart, I don’t search for the reason, I say “I am full” several times with relaxed breathing. And my body speaks,”Yes this feels much better.” I think instead of releasing my irrational thoughts, I am retraining my conscious mind to be in charge. What do you think?

    FROM BILL: Two things seem to make life better: watching (awareness of what you are doing, especially internally), and focusing on what you want. You are doing both in your description.

  44. Peter says :

    Hello Bill,

    I was reading again your post concerning the unitive and i would like to ask what exactly do you mean by ”non-being”? I have thought about it a bit and i know the answer may not be simple but i would like to know your explanation. Thanks!

    FROM BILL: Give me more info. What did I say about it?

  45. Peter says :

    You just mention it as the opposite of being but what i ask is what meaning you place on it. How can a person be in a state of non-being? What would it be like? If we presume that ”we are” as long as we are conscious of our own existence, would unawareness of this fact for whatever reason be actually non-being? Or is our life the proof of being? Then again what would non-being mean? I hope you got my point.

    FROM BILL: It’s just like it was before you were born. Remember what that was like?

  46. Peter says :

    You mean there was life before birth but it was outside our awareness? Or are we all ”possibilities” of existence which upon birth take form? Is this pure form then existence in the transcendent? I ‘m sorry if i am pressing you with my questions but i would like to talk about it a bit.

    FROM BILL: What was there before you were born? Look back, and find out. Nothing. Not even nothing the way we usually think of it, as blackness, in fact. It’s the same as looking at your own head (without a mirror). You don’t see blackness–you see absolutely nothing. Blackness is something. I’m talking about nothing. The not-being before you were born (and after you die) is just like that. Nothing at all.

  47. carlos says :


    After watching one of the big mind events presented by you and genpo I learned a lot about shadows and also I am starting to practice speaking from my disowned voices with good results.

    I think that working with the shadow might be the shortest way to emotional health, inner happiness and personal power.

    I am still confuse with a couple of things about the shadow.

    I asked you a similar question before but I still dont get it . I am looking for a general answer ( a chunck up answer)

    Lets say a person disowned envy. ( In his value system being envious is not good) He is usually not envious but as he disowned it it comes up from time to time in covert ways.

    so he is triggered by overtly envious people . my question is : Have those people he is triggered by disowned their own envy too?

    does openly , overtly envious people have disowned their envy too?

    does openly , overtly aggresive people have disowned their aggresiveness too.?

    People who are very angry ( for example yourself before holocync ) is because they disowned their angry.?

    When you disowned anger for instance it can come out covertly in some people and openly in some others??

    Every disfuntional feeling like anger , envy etc is the result of disowning that feeling ?


    FROM BILL: If you are triggered by envious people, they could, I suppose be “maturely” envious, or the immature version. I think it’s more likely that someone who disowns envy (or anything) would be triggered by the immature variety. Envy, if owned, matures into something beneficial, probably into wanting things but being willing to pay the price to get them. Immature envy (envy that appears because it has been disowned) is a selfish wanting of something not because you earned it, but because someone else has it and you don’t. If you disown anything it will come out in immature and dysfunctional ways. If it is owned, it matures and comes out in a way that involves 1) choice (when you are aware of something you have choice about it), 2) wisdom, and 3) something beneficial for you and for others.

  48. carlos says :


    so people who are envious is because they have disowned envy??

    EX two people can be angry in a very different way

    person 1 is obviously angry , upset all the time grumpy, aggresive etc.

    person 2 is apparently very passive but is angry in covert ways

    in this case . did both persons disowned anger?? even person #1 ? if that is so how come person 1 expresses his anger openly instead of in covert ways?


    PD I think you could create a course about the shadow like your other 3 online courses . I would be the first one to register for it.

    FROM BILL: Anger is a normal–and useful–part of being human. If you disown it, however, it will appear in negative ways. If it is owned, anger in others won’t trigger you, and your own anger will appear in healthy and beneficial ways.

  49. John says :


    Were we designed in our DNA to meditate, or is it purely something humans stumbled upon by chance long ago and found useful? With the vast benefits meditation offers, it just doesn’t seem to me like this all happened accidently.

    FROM BILL: Define accidentally.

  50. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Whilst Holosync has been very helpful to me, I would agree with Banke Omo that it’s not for everyone.

    If and when issues of overwhelm come up, (especially extreme ones like those Banke had), it’s important to have some sort of a support system or coping mechanism to help you through it.

    Not everyone can easily employ the remedies suggested in the support materials, or afford a therapist to help them work through it. As a result, there is the potential for a person experiencing profound overwhelm to damage themselves or others.

    I have experienced extremely intense overwhelm at times, and if I didn’t have a support system to help me through it, I almost certainly would have made some very bad choices.

    So although Holosync is a powerful and transformative tool – and one that I have repeatedly recommended (and continue to recommend), it is absolutely true that it is not for everyone.

    As the support materials say, there is a price to pay and you need to be willing to pay it.

    I would add that you need to have the ability to pay it too.


    FROM BILL: I have said that it is not for those with severe mental health problems. Such people need expert help. Other than such people, anyone can use Holosync. And, we have expert support coaches who can be contacted any workday, not to mention all the other support material.

    Any upheaval you experience when listening to Holosync comes from YOU, not from Holosync. Holosync shows you who you are under the surface, and if you don’t like what you see, you resist it. This resistance creates the upheaval.

    One more category of people who shouldn’t use Holosync: those who are not willing to take responsibility for what they are creating, with their own internal mental processes, and insist on blaming something outside of themselves. Such people have a very difficult time with Holosync. If you’re looking for your glasses, and they’re on your nose, you might never find them.

  51. Kevin says :

    Hi Bill,

    This is in regards to Peter’s two posts above. If I have understood you correctly, nearly everyone has a grossly incomplete and distorted understanding of reality due to our unconscious biases/filters/preconceptions/memories. What little we perceive, we perceive inaccurately.

    If this is the case, how much weight can we give to our perceived pre-birth nothingness? Personally, I have no sense of myself before birth, so I tend to agree with you on this topic. But how reliable is this perception of oblivion prior to birth and after death, if I also accept that I perceive very little correctly?

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure what possible benefit there is in understand of, or harm in failing to understand, whatever was or wasn’t there before birth. I have no memory of it, and IMO anyone who says they do is delusional. Our filters, memories, beliefs, etc., are ways to navigate and make sense of life. They obviously work pretty well. They aren’t, however, a complete view of reality, because everything is filtered through them (as well as being filtered through our senses–if it isn’t picked up by our senses, it isn’t there, unless we can pick it up with some sort of scientific instrument). I’m trying to get you to be AWARE of what you are doing to create how you feel, how you behave, and what and whom you attract or are attracted to. When you are able to actually watch your internal processes create the reality you are experiencing, the parts of it that draw suffering into your life fall away. Even then, you have to face the fact that everything is impermanent, which means that a certain amount of suffering is built into being human. If you are aware, you can CHOOSE which part of it you engage with. Otherwise, you keep stepping in shit over and over, unconsciously.

  52. Alemenia Mclean says :

    dear Bill. Do you have a program that helps the severly mentially Ill. My son has heard voices for over 10 years now. He spends two or three times a year in a mental facility because he has gone off his medication. I had severe bi polor disorder, when I found holosync. I play your holosync out loud in the house all the time and he is starting to use the laungage, from my on-line Internal map of reality expander course. I have not yet been able to get him to listen to the first awankening prolog cd with ear phones, somthing deep in my gut tells me this is the path to better mental health in this country. I can’t sleep thinking about all the posibilities of helping my son and so many others like him in this country. His Phycosis has become almost deadly for him he is starving his self to death. I feel an urgency to speak with you and your staff to discuss the posibilities for a treatment plan for him. I know deep in my heart that this is the answer and I look foward to communicating futher regarding this matter of urgency. I have been using holosync for about two years. Alemenia Mclean 520-326-1365 I am also at this number 520-722-3087 Tuesday thru Saturday 9am till 5:30pm or leave a message and number where I can contact you.

    FROM BILL: My sincerest sympathy for you and your son. Although Holosync might help your him, you should know that as a company we are not set up to help people with severe mental health problems (some people think our support department is qualified to treat such people–we are not). Used in conjunction with a therapist, Holosync might help. It is not a cure for psychosis, however. And, it must be used with headphones. Playing it on speakers around the house won’t work.

  53. _Jon says :

    Bill wrote: “Another reason why you might not see posts from a lot of people who are extremely deep into the program is that at a certain point you don’t feel the same urgency to change that people feel in the beginning. Your “inspirational dissatisfaction” is either gone or extremely low. For that reason, you’re less likely to hang around web sites about how to change. Instead, you’re off doing something else.”
    — And for that reason I want to extend my sincere thanks you, Bill for ‘hanging’ around here and helping us out.

  54. John says :

    Hi Bill,

    OK, take certain types of bears for example. It’s in their programming to hibernate.

    I just wonder if there are specific DNA sequences in humans that steer us towards meditation.

    If humans actually DO have a genetic predisposition, then meditation wouldn’t be an ‘accident’ in my eyes.

    If we have NO pre-wired programming at all for meditation, then I’d consider meditation a chance occurance, an ‘accident’ that humans stumbled upon.

    I know it’s an unusual question. Any hunches?

    FROM BILL: Whatever we do, some of it is genetic, some is learned, some is random. Become more consciously aware, and the question will disappear because you’ll know just what to do. Many people want to theorize about these things. I’d rather see you find out experientially, and the only way to do that is to become more aware, which is what Holosync is for.

  55. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Please define what you mean by ‘severe mental health problems’. I would have thought this would include homicidal and suicidal thoughts, but based on your response to Banke that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    FROM BILL: If you have any doubt, see a qualified psychotherapist.

  56. Peter says :

    Hello Bill,
    Recently i became aware of something that has bothered me for a long time. I realised that when i am in a place with a lot of people i know, for example the university, i tend to feel uneasy. I spoke from voices like fear and uneasiness and i discovered that the cause of this is the fact that i am not so social, although i have good friends, but i have a problem ”opening” to others. However, once i spoke from these voices nothing seem to happen. I still feel the same uneasiness, the only difference is that i know why. But that doesn’t seem to make me more social or open to others. Maybe it’s not supposed to happen, i don’t know.But since i realize now that this problem has bothered me for a long time, even from school, i’d like to be over with it once and for all. I just feel i am stuck in this uneasiness and there’s nothing i can do because that’s my character and i can’t change this in any way. Any suggestions?

    FROM BILL: More Holosync will help. Speak from the voice of openness, and the voice of the one who is closed. Speak from the one who knows when to be closed and when to be open. Speak from the one who has been traumatized. Speak from the one who is pristine and unharmed. Speak from the one who is open, vulnerable, and comfortable with people.

  57. Colin says :

    Hi Bill

    Enjoyed the post as usual.

    You mentioned earlier that before birth thre was nothingness and after death nothingness.

    In individual terms I agree with this. But, what about oneness with the Universe. I like to feel that I am everything and nothing, that we are all one and so forth.

    How can something come from nothing, surely there is something happening here outside of our limited comprehension.

    Any more thoughts on this?


    FROM BILL: I have two comments. First, nothing is the other side of the “something” coin. Just as solids need space, darkness needs light, up needs down, and life needs death (none of these make any sense or can exist without the other side of the coin), something needs nothing. Something DOES come from nothing, and returns to it. “Nothing,” though, isn’t what people think it is. Nothing is pregnant with something.

    Second, I think you may be assuming the you, Col, are everything–you, the separate self. When mystics say that you are everything they really mean that there is only one thing–that splitting the universe into separate things and events is an illusion, a mental construct. Separate things and events are ideas, and no such thing exists intrinsically. It’s handy to mentally chop things up into separate things, but in reality, none exist. So you, Col, are not everything. Everything is everyting. What you think of as Col is a wave in the ocean, but a wave isn’t a separate entity. Really, all there is (in this metaphor) is the ocean. To mentally slice off part of it and call it a “wave” is an idea. So there’s one thing, and you’re it, by the you that’s “it” isn’t Col. Everything, all together, is it. The separate you is just an idea, so the idea of Col can’t be everything, and the organism you call Col can’t be everything, either.

  58. hameena says :

    Very good blog, as usual. Keep it up Bill!

  59. Isabelle-Norway says :

    I’m new and i look forward to get starting. I’ve ordered the program and while waiting for the delivering of the program i started reading in your blog. Very interesting.

    Just a question: Do you have centerpoint-institutes in order countries? Couldn’t this be interesting ?

    Best regards form Norway,

  60. mick kay says :

    Thankyou for this information, I find it really helpful. One question I don’t undersatnd tho’ is that i believe i’m going to win the lottery jackpot one day, so how can i fulfil this belief or prove that I’m right, if I don’t win.

    FROM BILL: Sounds like a delusional belief to me. The chances are greater that you will be hit by lightening three times. You’re probably proving that nothing will ever really work out for you, or something like that. If you don’t win the lottery (or should I say WHEN), what will you say to yourself? “I knew it, ________.” That’s the belief. Instead of waiting for a something-for-nothing possibility, why not find some way to serve others? When you do that, money comes to you.

  61. Ed Howes says :

    Hello again Mr. Harris,

    It takes me a lot of time reading these threads in their entirety and reflecting both upon the questions raised and your responses. These are my observations: Your patience is worthy of great respect and admiration. Patience is clearly a problem for some who seem to have wearied searching for some desired result which has not yet occurred. However, your responses overlook this impatience without comment and you still offer up a carefully considered, tactful and gentle response I find endearing.

    Being a student of alternative medicine and nutritional healing, I wish to point out an unhealthy body will often manifest first in an unhealthy mind. I used to think we could build health from either end – start with mind and a healing mind will learn to heal the body. Based upon your responses to seek professional help, I now think correction should begin with the body. The better known practitioners of alternative medicine who write publicly on this subject say the two most common causes of disease, mental or physical are toxemia and/or nutritional deficiency.

    Many ill people do not have the desire for health required for self healing and must have an advocate to act on their behalf. As a beginning advocate for another, I would first borrow or buy a book of alternative or natural healing which has at least one chapter dealing with the specific health issue I was researching. If there is not sufficient information to begin a course of home therapy, there may be referrals to literature that treats the problem in greater depth and gives more comprehensive advice. There is an explosion of such information being published and one should only need to do a few hours of reading to find a starting point. Observation of results or no results and additional study will often bring very satisfactory resolutions in less than a year’s time and often in days or weeks.

    I was recently advocating for my recently widowed 87 year old mother. Bordering on senility which I was successfully treating nutritionally, she grew impatient after 6 weeks and fired me. In home nursing care staffers had noted dramatic improvement for the 4 or 5 weeks they were monitoring. But mom decided she was making no progress at all and fired me. “I am an old woman and I’m going to eat whatever I want and take whatever dietary supplements I want – now leave me alone.” Since she had been depressed prior to my firing as advocate and discussing suicide, I cannot be sure if this is an intentional suicide because she cannot handle the change in her life.

    Holosync is now my hope there is time to create new neural pathways in a very toxic mind and body. Even if such pathways are quickly established, there is no guarantee she will consent to any additional therapy, such as physical detox. However, if she only felt better from the Holosync experience for the months she has remaining, I will have accomplished some good for her. Whether I can convince her to wear earphones while reading her large print romance novels is another question that remains to be answered. I will know in a week or so.

  62. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill Harris. I just finished lesson 12. I use to beleive that I was not teahable because every called me the dumb blonde. I must admit that one time a guy told me when you get your tires rotated you ask them to take the old air out of the tires and put in fresh air. I did ask and the attendent looked at me and shook his head. I was 12 years old and my first car. I was taunted all my life after that. This on line course has taught me I am teachabl an I can learn and through repeating and repeating you eventually learn it all and really good. Some of the things just take longer (which means that as a child I beleived and acted as if I were). Visualizing was another slow,but I worked so hard that this morning I woke and every detail was crystal clear Down to the size and color and time for completation. I just can’t tell you how excited I am I just want to run down the street screaming I got it!!!!!! Thanks Bill Harris I love you. Amemenia

    FROM BILL: She’s talking about my three Life Principles Integration Process online courses. You can find out more at or listen to a free preview lesson at

  63. […] But this possibility of choosing how your life is day to day is great because if you don’t currently like what you’re doing now you can change it. Interestingly right now as I type this an email announcing the latest blog post from Bill Harris of Centerpointe Institute of Research (and creator of The Holosync Solution) and it seems pretty fitting to include a link to it, so here goes: Self Fulfilling Prophecies and You. […]

  64. Dario Lubke says :

    I love your website!! Great, great posts! Thanks for making time to do this

  65. Jules Lamas says :

    military Veterans Fantastic morning i found your net site at this time and that i have read some excellent articles right here