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Seeing things the way they really are, Part 1: The whole universe depends on you

by / Thursday, 10 September 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

I do my best to stretch you in these posts. I’m trying to describe life and the human condition in a way that might be new and different for you, hopefully expanding your perspective. Unfortunately, people use much of what they read or hear to reinforce what they already believe, cherry-picking the parts that confirm what they already think and ignoring or misunderstanding the parts that don’t fit their current view.

Some of what I share isn’t easy to express, or get, using the written word. I try to write in a way that might in some small way help you have an experience of what I’m talking about, or lead you to do something on your own that helps you have the experience. This isn’t always possible, though.

What I write about almost always comes from my personal experience. A full understanding requires a similar experience, in the same way that a full understanding of Mexico comes from having been there. Just hearing about it might be informative, but incomplete. Since I’m talking about some rather rare and esoteric experiences, with no foolproof recipe for making sure you have the experience (much less fully embody it) writing in a way that gives you the experience is difficult. In that case, the value comes in at least having some context for understanding the experience if you ever do have it.

Sometimes merely knowing about something is almost useless. If I tell you about my experience of emptiness you end up wondering what the hell I’m talking about because no written or verbal description can adequately describe it, any more than you could adequately describing to a child what it’s like to have sex (not that you should do that), or describing to a child what it’s like to be an adult.

Whether the experience is profound or mundane, you have to experience it for yourself in order to really know about it. Understanding this, for most people, is an entirely new way to look at life. Almost all people decide what is true and real based on what someone else tells them or on something they read. Though you’re reading something I’ve written, I don’t want you to use it as a source of information that you just swallow whole, but rather as an impetus to find out for yourself by sitting with it, and by trying on the perspective I suggest.

Though ultimately inadequate, an intellectual understanding does have some value. It can help you avoid confusion, it can help you to know what something is NOT, and it can help you better understand your own experience of what I’m sharing, if and when you do have one.

If you do come to experience a perspective I describe, the preview I’ve given you might help you recognize what is happening and save you some confusion. If you’ve already experienced some of these insights, this discussion will hopefully create additional clarity. Genpo Roshi has certainly helped me clarify a whole constellation of experiences and insights I’d had before I met him, helping me to understand and embody them much more deeply because of his help.

Each person has a view of the universe and how they (and other people) fit into it. I began this blog with a series of posts describing how these perspectives, these ways of understanding what it means to be a human being and how to deal with the human condition, develop–in other words, change as needed. Human development is, in fact, the evolution of increasingly sophisticated and more inclusive perspectives about what it means to be a human being, why we’re here, how to navigate through life, what it all means, why we suffer and die, and so forth.

I strongly suggest that you read (or review) these early posts, as they contain some very powerful information that will help you better understand your life. The main point, though, is that your perspective regarding who you are and what it means to be human develops. For some it doesn’t develop very far; for others this development continues throughout life.

Why doesn’t development continue for everyone? Because we stick with our current view or perspective as long as it provides a workable explanation for the concerns and questions I listed above. Only when the old perspective no longer helps us successfully navigate our life are we pushed to develop a new and broader perspective.

The perspective I’ve been describing in recent posts is my attempt to describe the point of view of someone who is awake and aware, what some people call enlightened. I’m doing this in my words, based on my understanding (and limited by the fact that some of this is, really, impossible to fully impart in words).

I’m not saying that what I’m describing is an ultimate perspective, or that it’s better than some other perspective, including yours. Just in the last two and a half years since I’ve known Genpo Roshi I’ve had at least five or six major shifts in awareness. Each time I experience such a shift, I realize that my previous perspective was incredibly limited. Based on that, I’d be willing to bet that my current perspective is also limited and that, in fact, it always will be no matter how much more it expands.

Human beings tend to assume that their current perspective is accurate, that it’s THE perspective. I’ve come to see that every perspective I’ve ever had, and very likely all those I will have, are true in some sense, but also partial. Genpo Roshi is fond of saying that whatever your current perspective, that’s where you’re stuck.

Though some human beings do experience an incredibly expanded perspective, part of being human is to be limited, and part of seeing things the way they really are is to acknowledge that this is true.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of what I share includes ideas common to Buddhism. I’m not, however, trying to show you yet another dogma, another set of ideas, that you might choose from amongst other dogmas. And, I’m certainly not trying to get you to be a Buddhist. I’m describing my own experiential understanding, limited though it may be, and I’m using terms from Buddhism because I’ve found that the great Buddhist patriarchs brilliantly described the experience I’ve had and the perspective I’ve arrived at (so far) as accurately as such things can be described.

So, with that already-too-lengthy introduction, I’d like to begin a review of several key insights about the human condition, several of which I’ve talked about in other posts but bear repeating.

First, then, let’s look at the idea of what Buddhists call the mutual interdependence of all things. One aspect of this is what a lot of people call “oneness.” This is the observation, the feeling–or, you might say, the perspective (since not everyone sees the world this way as they look around)–that everything is connected to everything else, and everything depends upon everything else.

From this perspective everything is clearly seen as one big multi-dimensional happening. Separate things and events are seen as useful ideas about reality, but with a clarity that these ideas are not reality itself. Reality, from this perspective, is one infinitely huge thing-event. Though it’s often useful to conceptually slice reality into mental “things” and mental “events,” all supposedly separate things, exist in relation to all other things, and all supposedly separate events flow out of previous events and into future events. Nothing really has any separate or individual essence. What look like separate things and events are really just ever-changing waves that make up the ocean we call the universe.

This means that no “thing” has any independent nature. It also means that you can’t describe any part of the universe without also describing its environment. In Buddhism this view is sometimes called the doctrine (or theory) of emptiness. It is also sometimes referred to as the law of cause and effect. Here’s what the Dalai Lama said about this subject in his book, The Universe in a Single Atom:

One of the most important philosophical insights in Buddhism comes from what is known as the theory of emptiness. At its heart is the deep recognition that there is a fundamental disparity between the way we perceive the world, including our own experience in it, and the way things actually are.

In our day-to-day experience, we tend to relate to the world and to ourselves as if these entities possessed self-enclosed, definable, discrete and enduring reality. For instance, if we examine our own conception of selfhood, we will find that we tend to believe in the presence of an essential core to our being, which characterizes our individuality and identity as a discrete ego, independent of the physical and mental elements that constitute our existence.

The philosophy of emptiness reveals that this is not only a fundamental error but also the basis for attachment, clinging and the development of our numerous prejudices. According to the theory of emptiness, any belief in an objective reality grounded in the assumption of intrinsic, independent existence is simply untenable. All things and events, whether ‘material’, mental or even abstract concepts like time, are devoid of objective, independent existence. To intrinsically possess such independent existence would imply that all things and events are somehow complete unto themselves and are therefore entirely self-contained. This would mean that nothing has the capacity to interact with or exert influence on any other phenomena.

But we know that there is cause and effect–turn a key in a car, the starter motor turns the engine over, spark plugs ignite and fuel begins to burn… Yet in a universe of self-contained, inherently existing things, these events could never occur!

So, effectively, the notion of intrinsic existence is incompatible with causation; this is because causation implies contingency and dependence, while anything that inherently existed would be immutable and self-enclosed. In the theory of emptiness, everything is argued as merely being composed of dependently related events; of continuously interacting phenomena with no fixed, immutable essence, which are themselves in dynamic and constantly changing relations. Thus, things and events are ’empty’ in that they can never possess any immutable essence, intrinsic reality or absolute ‘being’ that affords independence.

Before we dive into this a little more, I want to remind you once again that I’m not suggesting this as another theory for you to adopt because it sounds good, or because someone you see as an authority has said it. Look around and confirm for yourself that everything does indeed exist in relation to everything else, that anything that happens to any part of the whole happens as a result of this relationship, and that the whole is, in fact, totally dependent on everything that is part of it.

Don’t just believe me about this–look around and confirm it for yourself. Though you might see in a flash that what I’m saying is true, you might need to investigate for months, or even years, before you see it fully. In fact, your ability to fully see how everything is related to everything else will continue to expand and probably never be complete.

This idea that nothing has an independent nature, and must exist in relation to everything else, is a very profound insight. When you really get into it, you see some very interesting implications.

First, if nothing has any independent nature, can there be a separate “you” who acts independently of the rest of the universe (other that, as with other “things”, as an idea)? It seems to most people that they are separate from the rest of the universe, and that they make decisions about what to think or do from some independent part of themselves–that they decide and act from within, independent of what goes on outside of themselves. It seems to such people that what they think or do is an independent choice.

This doctrine of emptiness, or the mutual interdependence of all things, however, implies that any decision, any action, any thought, is a response to the environment, rather than an independent choice.

Look at it this way. Living things are in many ways response mechanisms. Even the lowest viruses have ways of perceiving their environment and responding to it. They perceive food and move toward it, or perceive a lack a food and set out to find it. Higher forms of life develop more sophisticated ways of perceiving the environment, including ways to learn. Nerve ganglia remember certain stimuli and the consequences of those stimuli, and develop the ability to remember an effective response. The more sophisticated the learning mechanism and its ability to store what is learned, the wider the repertoire of responses.

In human beings, for instance, the repertoire of responses becomes huge and the ways of evaluating which response might be best become quite complex. All of these responses, however, are still just that–responses to the environment, whether spontaneously built into the organism or remembered. Because there are so many possible responses, it can seem as if we are independently choosing, but these choices are still reponses to the environment (while, at the same time, it is responding to us), just as with the simple virus.

Any way you slice it, every part of the whole is inextricably connected to, dependent upon, and responding to the rest of the whole. None of the supposedly agentic decisions are made independent from, or outside of, this connection to the whole.

I can’t resist telling you about one of Alan Watts’ quite witty descriptions of what a human being is and what it’s all about. Human beings, Watts once said, are really just tubes. Food goes in one end of the tube, and waste comes out the other end. So the tube develops different ways of finding food and getting it into the top end of the tube, which allows the tube to have enough energy to look for more food so it can continue to put it in the top end and allow waste to come out the other end. Eventually the tubes develop these nerve ganglia that help it become even better at finding food and putting it into the top end so the waste can come out the bottom end.

As the tube becomes more efficient at finding food to put in one end so waste can come out the other end (and so it has the energy to find more food to put in the top end to keep the process going), it ends up with a certan amount of free time, so it creates various ways to keep from being bored–hence literature, music, the Beverly Hillbillies, American Idol, Monster Truck shows, and other profound and significant human endeavors.

All this food going through the tube, unfortunately, wears it out after a while, so the tubes also develop a way of making other tubes, so that when the tube wears out there are other tubes who can keep up this business of putting food in one end and letting waste come out the other.

When I heard this I had to admit that he had a point, and that he had boiled down human existence to a very basic (and actually pretty funny) truth.

But back to our regularly scheduled program. What this discussion–of emptiness (of any independent nature or essence) and mutual interdependence of all things–really means is that whether or not it feels this way to you, you, as a separate entity, don’t exist. Yes, there is an organism (which is not exactly the same as what people think of as “me”, and isn’t any more separate from the whole than anything else). And, that organism chooses many of its behaviors, but all of this choosing, and which choices are available, flow directly from the immediate interactions the organism has with the rest of the whole, plus (in some cases) what it has learned from past interactions. None of its actions or choices happen in isolation.

In fact, you could turn this idea that you depend on the entire universe on its head and say that the entire universe also depends on YOU. Even before you were born, the universe depended on the fact that you would someday be here, and after you’re gone it will depend on the fact that you were here. In my own case, this is a universe that does something called Bill Harris, in the same way an apple tree produces apples, and the existence of Bill Harris (or you) can’t be separated from the whole going on of it all.

I’ve been talking off and on over many posts about the experience of emptiness, or what some call the transcendent, and a few people have posted lately saying that they’ve had such experiences, while using Holosync, while doing Big Mind with Genpo Roshi, or in some other way. In this experience, you FEEL, or experience, how everything goes together. It is obvious that everything goes together and is dependent upon everything else. So let’s look more closely at this sort of experience, and why is might happen (or not happen).

First, if everything goes together in the way I’ve described, why do most people tend to see the universe as a collection of separate things and events? In fact, seeing the world as a collection of separate things and events is so common that those who talk about emptiness, the transcendent, oneness, or whatever you want to call it, are seen as a bit nutty.

The common explanation for the experience of separateness is that the mind, by its nature, divides everything into separate things and events. This is in line with what I said earlier: these divisions are conceptual. They are mentally generated and are not intrinsic to the world. As Alan Watts used to say, a thing is a “think,” a unit of thought, as much of reality as you decide to get your mind around in any particular moment.

When we’re very small we learn the names of things and events, which gives us the impression that things and events are something concrete instead of merely conceptual (in addition to learning that a thing and it’s name are synonymous–that the “map” is the same as what it represents). This leaves us with an underlying premise that a separation exists between one thing (or event) and another in reality, not just in the mind.

Once we learn to see the world in terms of separate things and events, we learn to divide them into two categories: those that are desirable and those that are undesirable. Then the fight (what I’ve referred to as The Game of Black and White) begins. Most people spend their entire life trying to get what they (with the help of parents and society) think is desirable, and to avoid what they think is undesirable.

This fight, which happens both internally and externally, can’t happen unless we mistakenly believe in the reality of separate things and events, and unless we believe that these supposedly separate items really are in opposition. There is a deep secret (shhh!) about all things that seem to be in opposition: they are really one indivisible and interdependent unit. The two warring sides actually go together. Neither side of the conflict can exist without the other. And, ultimately, the division itself happens only in your head.

I’ve often written about the problems created by focusing on (in other words, making internal representations of) what you don’t want. To the degree that you do this, you feel bad and you unconsciously arrange to attract or create more of it. The whole process of focusing on what you don’t want–trying to avoid one side of a supposed polarity– is rooted in the underlying premise that separate things and events are real rather than merely conceptual. Focusing on what you don’t want (along with clinging to what you do want) causes most human suffering.

The mutual interdependence of all things is also another way to refer to the process of cause and effect, or karma, but that’s a topic we’ll tackle in another post.

As I said in the beginning of this post, learning about how everything is dependent upon everything else has limited value. The real ah-ha comes not from intellectual understanding, but from really seeing and experiencing it for yourself.

This is, then, something for you to sit with in meditation and be mindful of as you go through your day. Look around and notice how you are connected to everything–in fact, that every living thing, every object, and every event is connected to and flows out of (and into) its environment. Keep noticing this and reminding yourself of this basic premise and eventually it will become obvious. Your goal is to embody this truth, so that it is with you all the time.

Next time we’ll look at another aspect of “seeing things the way they really are”.

Before I let you go, though, I want to remind you of a few upcoming events:

1) September 19-20, New York: Genpo Roshi and I will be leading another of our 2-day workshops. These events really are life-changing. I can’t emphasize enough the benefit of spending two days with us. For more information, see

2) September 30-October 3, Calgary, Canada: I will be speaking with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, billionaire Richard Branson, Nobel Peace Prize-winner F.W. deKlerk, and several other world thought-leaders, business experts, and charitable activists. Many are calling this the Event of the Decade. For more information to to

3) October 24-25, Houston, Texas: Genpo Roshi and I will be leading another 2-day workshop. Again, a rare opportunity to spend time with a true Zen master, and me. For details, and to register, go to

I would love to see you at one–or all three–of these events.

Be well.



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166 Responses to “Seeing things the way they really are, Part 1: The whole universe depends on you”

  1. Johnny says :

    Your posts are great. I own a lot of the materials of teachers like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, James Ray, T. Harv and others….. and I have to say that what I’ve learned from you has been some of the most important information of my life. On top of your Mind Chatter articles and now your blogs, daily Holosync is making the other materials more powerful. It’s almost miraculous actually.

    The more i use Holosync, the more I watch and I realize how far I’ve come since I’ve started over two years ago. I also see how I’m becoming a bit removed in my thoughts from the patterns of the family I grew up with. I’m the only person in my family who uses Holosync and though i know (for me) this is the absolute way to go as I continue to develop, I’m beginning to realize that my family may never embark on this journey. It’s disappointing, but it’s ok at the same time.

    Bill, you have always been looking for answers to your challenges in life, even very early on. You’re now very conscious, but you weren’t when you started your journey. Was your path determined before you became fully conscious of it? Could the being called “Bill Harris” be anything other than who he’s become up to this point?

    In the end none of these questions are important, but I’d like to know your thoughts. Do we back-rationalize and say we made a choice to take the path towards enlightenment…. while it was something that existed within us all along?

    FROM BILL: If you’ve been reading what I write for several years (or if you’ve taken my online courses) you’ve read what I’ve said about how complex systems–including human beings–change, by periodically going into chaos when they cannot handle their environment and then reorganizing at a higher level that CAN handle the environment.

    This process–and how the reorganization ends up–is governed by probablilities, unlike simple things like where a bullet will end up when fired with a certain force in a certain direction, or where an object will land when thrown with a certain force. This means that outside effects push change to happen, but in complex situations we can’t know for certain how the change will end up. Cause and effect isn’t always linear–it’s often very complex.

    So, though everything flows from everything else, where that flow will go is NOT predetermined. Certain things are more probable than others (there is a bell curve of possibilities) but no one knows for sure which possibility will actually happen. I’ll write more about this within the next few months.

  2. Terry HS says :

    New post! New post! Yaaayyyyy!

  3. David says :

    I have just began this walk with Holosync. I am aware of the things that you say, i know that the things you speek of for the most part can only be understood, and not learned from you writing it down. I also think that someone whom is not searching could have understanding of what you are speeking of, i have ben a deep thinker sence childhood, the chicken or the egg thing, it drove me mad at times, i was a drop out in the 7th grade because my mind would not stay on the things being tought to me at the time. I ended up drinking allot and doing drugs, relationships were very hard for me, the theory of me being just like my father seemed true, he was an abusive drunk..and so was i, by abuse i mean vebal, i dont know why i just tryed to make that sound better, cause it really dont matter, i am at the point to where i can see that learned behavior is something to consider being a part of who i am, but i can no longer believe i am my Fathers son, making that a reason to become just like him, i dont want to end up like him, i need to understand that i can be someone whom i want to be, i am having a hard time explaining this in writing it down, i hope you can understand where i am.

  4. David says :

    I have had two Deaths back to back with little remorce, i cared a great deal for one of these, and was fond of the other.I hope that studying this blog the way i have has not made me not feel my feelings, in a way its not so bad..i also have ben listening to the trial cd for abought a week now.I most defenatly feel a diferance in my life allready, i cant wait to get the next cd, but i have read some prety scary stuf about this meditation on this blog, i hope i will not develop any problems.

    FROM BILL: Scary stuff? I’ve read everything on this blog and I don’t remember any scary stuff.

    The only thing about meditation that might be construed as scary is that meditation makes you more aware. As this happens, you become aware of two different categories of things. One is how everything goes together–what most people call Oneness and what the Buddhists call emptiness. The experience of this is variously called unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, enlightenment, transcendent awareness, and many other names. Most people see this as a positive.

    The other thing you become aware of are all the aspects of yourself and the world that you have disowned–the things in life and yourself you were taught are bad, wrong, evil, negative, or inappropriate.

    To survive your childhood, every human has to disown certain things because parents and society demand it. Disowning them doesn’t get rid of them, however. In fact, they cannot be gotten rid of, any more than you could get rid of “up” and keep “down,” or have buying without selling. All you do is push them out of your awareness.

    As you meditate and become more aware these “shadows” come into awareness. Because you think they are bad, you resist them. This resistance feels bad. (It’s important to realize that it isn’t what is being resisted that feels bad, but rather the resistance itself.) Becoming aware of these supposedly bad things (anger, fear, selfishness, the need to control, and so on) transforms them into something positive. It’s actually disowning them that causes them to manifest in your life as something negative.

    This process of transforming what you thought was “bad” (what some people would call your inner demons) is seen by many as a negative, and it does scare some people. To me, having all these qualities manifest unconsciously is much worse than going through the process of transforming them into something that serves you and those around you. The truth is, these things aren’t bad, nor are they good. They just ARE. They manifest as suffering, though, as long as they are disowned.

    So have courage, and realize that what you face when you meditate has no substance anyway. It just seems like it does.

  5. Brad says :

    Bill, I can’t understand most of what you talk about. Hopfully Holosync will do enough for me that I can understand.

    Terrry must have just wanted to see her posting and I don’t know about David. Brad

    FROM BILL: What I am saying is probably so different that your current map of reality that it doesn’t make sense to you. You have to let go of your current understanding in order to try on another one.

    Ultimately, though, understanding is the booby prize. Awareness is what matters, and Holosync creates awareness. I’m just trying to point your awareness to certain things in a way that might accelerate your ability to see how you create your experience of life.

  6. Gloria says :

    Bill, thank you for your constant reiteration of these ideas. It was from you (about 8 years ago) that I first learned about how and why we perceive ourselves as separate entities and how and why we constantly reinforce the mythological ‘me.’ Even so, it has taken a lot of time and effort for it to really begin to sink in – it has been necessary for me to keep going over and over yours and related materials.

    I am really beginning to see just how tenacious the idea of a separate individual me is – the clinging and attachment to ‘the devil you know’ is totally based on fear, and the fear is of not existing, i.e. ‘I’ do not exist as a separate individual.

    About 30 years ago, when I was 29, I went to a psychologist (Transactional Analysis) because the panic attacks I had been experiencing for 18 years had begun escalating to the point where it was either get help or say goodbye cruel world. As homework he got me to make a list of reasons – at least 10 – of the advantages in having the panic attacks. What a bizarre idea, thought I. I don’t recall any of the reasons now except one – ‘They make me feel special and unique.’ What a price to pay for being somebody!

    The panic attacks eventually subsided due to partial resolution of childhood trauma but because there was absolutely no spiritual dimension to the therapy (I was very anti-religous), other symptoms, especially the migraine headaches which I’d had for a very long time, took over. It was the severity of these, plus a series of life crises that eventually got me onto Holosynch and onto the spiritual path. What I see now is that the TA therapy, and other therapies that I underwent, all just made a ‘better’ ego – a more functional and acceptable ‘me.’

    Thank God the the real work of letting go of the idea of me has begun and is actually becoming quite interesting.

    Another thing I really appreciate about you Bill, is your openness and sharing of your own journey, especially your willingness to learn from others and demonstrate that student and teacher are not discrete, separate entities either.

    FROM BILL: I am actually a big fan of transactional analysis and its creator, Eric Bern, who I think was a genius. If you read his original works, there is a spiritual basis for what he is saying. The last three lessons of my three Life Principles Integration Process online courses are based on Bern’s work on how we create our map of reality–what he calls a life script. (For more info, go to‘life’preview–these courses are REALLY powerful.)

    You actually need a strong “me” in order to function. Remember that we’re not trying to get rid of the “me,” we’re trying to see it for what it is–our idea of who we are. Just as your idea of a cup isn’t a cup, your idea of “me” isn’t the real me. Those who confuse these two think they ARE a “me” while those that see with more awareness move from being a “me” to HAVING one.

    It’s handy to have a map of who you are, just as it’s handy to have a road map when you travel. Confusing the map with the territory, though, creates certain problems and suffering, both for the one who is confused, and for others.

  7. Eugenia Young says :

    Dear Bill,
    I am having trouble with perspective maybe and hope you can provide some direction. Recently my Husband of 28 years passed away of a heart attack out of no where. He was a very spiritual man and taught and mentored many. He was the Native American Spiritual Advisor for the State of Indiana. He taught how no one ever is responsible for your happiness only you.
    and so much more.

    I am though having trouble moving through the grief. Abraham says we really are not missing the person but how they made us feel. I can understand that.
    We both have used holosync and I continue to actually in hopes that I can get relief. I do get some by focusing on the positive what is going right in my world but I cant maintain it sometimes it is like a wave that hits me out of nowhere and is overwhelming in feeling and feel paralized that I can not take watcher perspective.

    I was hoping that you may have some steps that would be appropriate for me to move through this time. I have listened again to the lessons we purchased from you including reality expander.

    I do focus on trying not to feel sorry for myself and to keep moving in the direction of growth and expansion. But like I said I am challenged by these I call them waves of sadness and I see no trigger to them either.

    Hope you have some insight that will allow me a better feeling path concerning my perspective and idea of loss and grief
    Thank you very much

    FROM BILL: Grief in such a situation is nornal. Life is impermanent, and this is difficult for every human being, whether it’s regarding our own impermanence or the impermanence of those we love. So first I would let it be okay that you are feeling this normal human feeling.

    Still, it is a painful feeling, and no one likes to feel pain. So the second thing I suggest you do is realize that all feelings are create by your own internal processes. When you feel bad it is because you are making internal representations (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc.) of what you don’t want, what you want to avoid, what you fear, or what you are worried about.

    These internal representations of what you don’t want directly lead to bad feelings. Though it might seem that trying to “focus on the positive” would be the solution, it really doesn’t work that well, as you have discovered. This is because most of what you do inside to create your feelings is happening unconsciously, and no matter how much you consciously focus on positive thoughts, there is much more going on unconsciously.

    This means that the solution is to make what was going on unconsciously and automatically CONSCIOUS. In other words, you have to direct your awreness to these unconscious processes–the internal pictures you make, your internal dialog, your beliefs, and so forth. You have to watch to see how these things create how you feel.

    Most people think that the outside event–in this case, your husband’s death–create the feelings. This isn’t really accurate, however. The outside event acts as a trigger, but it is your response that creates the feelings. And, that response consists of those internal pictures and internal dialog (and a few other things we don’t have time to go into here). The external trigger is often not a choice, but the internal response IS a choice–if you are aware.

    If you unconsciously focus on (make internal representations of) what you don’t want, you will just do it automatically, which is what makes it seem as if the outside event creates your feelings. If you watch the internal representations, however, as they happen, and also notice how they directly lead to the feelings you’re having, several things will happen.

    First, you’ll see how something you are doing–although unintentionally and up to that point unconsciously–has been creating the feelings. Second, you will suddenly get that what internal response you have IS A CHOICE. Being aware of it takes it off autopilot, allowing you to choose what to do instead of being a slave to what was automatic.

    Once you see the process as it happens, anything that doesn’t serve you falls away. It become difficult to keep doing something that causes you (or others) suffering. This is different than exercising willpower to stop doing something (such as focusing on what you don’t want, in this case). Willpower, as you may have discovered, only works to a point, and usually not at all. Awareness, though, causes whatever doesn’t serve you to fall away all by itself.

    Even better, you don’t even have to figure out if what you’re doing is or isn’t resourceful. A part of you already knows. All you have to do is be aware in the way I’ve described and everything falls into place.

    The problem is that most people aren’t very aware, and these internal processes are difficult to observe if you aren’t very aware. This is why Holosync is so powerful–it makes you increasingly aware, and the more aware you become the more you see the ways you have been creating various feelings, behaviors, compainions, and situations that don’t serve you (or, quite often, others).

    So let yourself grieve, but begin to observe HOW you do it by watching your internal dialog and your internal pictures, and considering what beliefs you have about the situation. Some beliefs serve you and others don’t. Watching them with awareness, and seeing how you prove to yourself that they are “true” causes those that don’t serve you to fall away.

    True freedom is knowing the Self, and part of knowing the Self is seeing how your internal processes create your experience of life.


  8. richard mccaul says :

    i think this post means the story we tell of every day reality is completley false.

  9. Terry HS says :

    Thought I’d share something that I think is pretty funny…..about a week ago, I was thinking about the literature and posts that I have read and listened to over the past couple of years and I realised that very often, teachers would be illustrating a point and they’d start with the phrase “As they say in Zen……”

    I’ve heard that from you, Genpo, Eckhart and others but because your points were so clear, I fully understood what you were saying and forgot that I didn’t even know what Zen was.

    Anyway, curiosity got the better of me a few days back and I thought I’d go ahead and look up the definition of Zen. To my surprise I found out that I am a Zen Buddhist. I have been for sometime now and never knew it. How about that. Lol!

    Just goes to show, it’s not about the labels – it’s about your way of life.


  10. Sam says :

    I just wanted to thank you for the tube thing because it’s driving me crazy in a fun way. There’s lots of other things and insite to be gained from this post, and I know I’ll have to listen to it a few times before I can come up with adequate questions that don’t just take what fits and provide feedback to that, but this tube idea is a really fun one to play with. I appreciate it because after listening to your post I started to describe what it was like so as I’d remember, and it seemed like the process took on a life of it’s own. Like when I started playing with the Walt Disney imagination idea this process exploded into a frenzy of activitty and, rather than thinking and analyzing it to death, I had an enourmous amount of fun just watching the process unfold sort of like a sim game. It seemed like the process was self-organizing because while describing the tubes all of a sudden the process took over and the tubes just “told” me what they needed and I could visualize how each one functioned and what different results of different tubes were. I can also view this as the voice of big mind and watch the many voices (like the controler or the self etc) as being akin to tubes that work differently in different combinations etc. It’s a never ending process of unfolding, as with the universe, and I for some reason have never been so clear about it before. Allen Wats is surely a genious and you certainly are as well for taking advantage of this, and keeping his vision alive in such a vibrent way. You shouldn’t quote him the next time you tell the story; just go forward with it, let everyone have fun with your own illustrations and special touches etc, and then at the end give them an “oh by the way” and watch to see how many people are interested in the name reference virsus how many people are having fun on your artful exposition of this fun new meditation toy. I guarantee that they’ll love you for it, and it’s now your embodiment with no need for Wats or anybody else! Totally awesome! It makes the study of emptiness a lot more fun and alive.

  11. Gloria says :

    Bill, thanks for your reply. I didn’t mean to imply that TA was inadequate – far from it. It’s principles have stood me in good stead. I also have a lot of respect for Eric Berne but as is often the case, the disciples aren’t the master. I had teachers (therapists) who themselves confused the map with the territory. They were fresh from training and I was among their first clients. They were like young parents with their first children – full of enthusiasm and theories which had yet to be tested in the crucible of experience. it was the blind leading the blind.

    I have taken the LPIP course and was quite impressed with your understanding of TA. The term ‘pig parent’ was new to me though (not the concept behind it) and I must say, I’m glad it wasn’t in the vocabulary I learnt.

    FROM BILL: Thank you for saying something I meant to say in my answer to your last post, but forgot to add–that most of the TA therapists I’ve come across have picked bits and pieces of Bern’s approach, but most seem to not really understand it fully (my apologies to any TA therapists reading this–you may be the exception).

  12. Becky York says :

    Dear Bill,

    Thanks for your blog,

    Something intuitive inside me said it was time to visit your website (the iTunes podcast has been broken for the last two posts btw) and here is your new blog entry.

    I’d just like to comment, about how I have dealt with grief and other similar bad feelings in the past. I have only one word for it, surrender.

    When I was new to holosync back in March (about two weeks in) it brought up a lot of unconscious “stuff” that I’d previously put behind this imaginary wall to keep myself ‘safe’ from it. But, like holding a burning hot coal without realising it – it’s quite painful but you dull your senses to it but it’s still there in the background causing your suffering in your life.

    So this stuff came up, and the script/ego/separate self (whatever people call it) grabbed hold of it all and as you know labeled it bad – because that’s what the ego does and so, if this happens I’d say thank-you to the ego for bringing it up (remembering, that I am the consciousness not the ego) and then sitting/laying there physically totally safe and then emotionally just letting go, being completely consumed by the feelings – and what I found was that when I really let go and let the emotions burn through me as if I was a rag-doll when I really let go, the feeling was joined by it’s opposite polarity fear/love, despair/hysteria, loss/fulfilment. It didn’t make the other feeling any less, it was just as totally overwhelming, like experiencing two sides of a coin spinning perpetually within you and then it was gone and each time I’ve gone through this the same overwhelming “non-duality” experience.

    To memory I’ve surrendered to;
    Living my life as a lie (hiding behind a mask)
    Rage (not mine, this was passed to me subconsciously)
    The loss of loved ones
    My own mortality
    Other people’s mortality

    If you ask a question; why do this? The answer is simple – if you don’t what ends up happening is people end up with a block in their mind and behind it, is him or herself holding this burning hot coal. These blocks end up, eventually, being emotional & physical manifestations (stress/anger/high blood pressure/cancer and so forth).

    I remember once telling my script “Okay, you want to die, you go for it!” and I just lay there letting it drag me to the depths of not-okayness only to spring up out of it.

    After I’d gone through this about 3 times, I came across a youtube video of Adyashanti talking about the loss of his “buddha dog” and he had the same experience, overwhelming sorrow joined by overwhelming joy.

    Eugenia, I wish you all the love in the world and hope that this post helps you. I’ve always found in the past that watching Adyashanti if I am feeling low shifts my consciousness back into a better space.

    Remember, everything is impermanent and it’s okay to give up attachment to them once whatever it is is gone. It doesn’t mean you give up love, appreciation or gratitude for it, just the attachment. If you hang on to the attachment all you’ll get is suffering.

    FROM BILL: Who is it who is surrendering? Hmmm?

  13. Becky York says :

    I’d also like to thank you Bill, for mentioning about “having” a ME.
    This was one thing that has been a bit confusing to me just in the last few days.

    Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal said that the ego has to die (his actual words were total annihilation of the ego) to be enlightened.

    If what he’s saying is “stop identifying as the ego” then it makes more sense because that is the easy part (once you have the experience & practice of it)

    Also, something I forgot to write – In going through the process of complete surrender, letting go of the pain/suffering/attachments/etc, it actually has the affect of shifting consciousness in a positive way naturally. The first time I did it, way back in 2003 my consciousness shifted up really high, but unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge needed to maintain it, and it fell back down again after the fore-mentioned rage experience – my consciousness gradually decreased, falling into depression even though my life was actually going the way I wanted it to (in most areas).

    My friends who are also on holosync are asking why I’m having such amazing experiences of holosync – the reason is simple – I am taking a holistic approach to enlightenment – that is, doing meditation (with and without holosync), practicing energy work (chi/ki/prama), living in love, appreciation & gratitude, surrendering to all the unconscious stuff that comes up – removing negative and creating positive intent (re:The Secret), living in the now, Listening to other ‘enlightened masters’ (including yourself and Gempo) attending satsang.

    I’ve found, the more different things I do along these lines the faster my awareness builds.

    FROM BILL: Your Hindu teacher may very well think that the thing to do is to “kill” the ego. That is a common Hindu point of view. He may not agree with what I said. I don’t think you want to kill the ego, and in fact, who would do it? What would they kill, since the ego is you IDEA of who you are. There is no problem having an idea about something. The problem is in thinking that the idea is the thing it represents–that the map is the territory.

    I strongly suggest that you read the other posts on this blog.

  14. Chakrahasa says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m going to download this latest blog and listen to it on the car stereo but have not read it all before writing. I’m glad there’s a new one here as I’d come back to leave a comment after the last one which I read with much appreciation.

    Basically what I want to offer up is some feedback on my current holosync experience. I’m glad there are a lot of comments on this post already giving you feedback on your work, which is wonderful.

    I’ve had the first holosync CD for well over a year now. I’ve shared it around a bit, letting others try it out, but invariably they quit after a couple of weeks although they noticed how much it calmed their minds or relaxed them during their crisis periods at the time. They decided it wasn’t working any more or perhaps they didn’t need it. Since they didn’t order the CD themselves I guess they weren’t as invested in finding out enough about it to be convinced to persist. My evangelizing days are probably over.

    I used it for at least 4 months before putting it aside – not because I lost faith in it, but I guess because I made a bit of an assumption that after a certain period of time it wouldn’t work so much (because that’s what you seem to say in the material, hence the desirability of moving through the levels). I took that assumption further to mean that it would probably be a bit useless listening to the first CD after several months if I didn’t keep moving up the levels. I didn’t have the cash on the credit card although I had the cash and would have bought the next level a month ago if the car hadn’t also needed repairs *note: paypal would have been a good option for me at that time*.

    So then, after using Holosync pretty well daily for several months, I stopped. Then several more months went by. I followed one of your emails to visit a Bob Proctor site, I think. Hearing him reiterate the importance of actually having a goal if you were planning to get somewhere, and that repetition of a particular idea was important if it’s to be integrated into one’s life, I realised I’d been wasting a lot of energy on thoughts and story-telling. By this I mean putting various scenes from the past together in different ways and making a reality out of them to create a variety of feelings and what-not to make sense of what to expect from others in the future, yada yada…

    I got out your set of CDs that came in the mail many months ago about the 9 principles, and started listening to them in the car. I also started listening to holosync at around 4am every morning, which is the time I was waking up with a head full of thoughts, unable to sleep. And they were the exact solution I needed to both the sleeplessness and the unresourceful thinking. It’s really working so very well, I wanted to point out to anyone else who’s not moved beyond the first holosync CD that it *is* worth it to just keep going with the 1st one if you don’t have the cash to progress to deeper levels yet.

    I also wanted to let you know, Bill, that, after having listened to and read all the material that you sent, at least one person was under the misconception that there’s generally a saturation point sometime after 4 months where listening to the CDs won’t do much for you, so you might as well give up on them and wait until you can get the next level.

    Might be just me, in which case just take this as a heads up that, although there are no doubt millions of people who’d have no idea or interest in what you’re talking about, there are mucho many who are grateful for your accessibility.

    Thanks Bill. All the best.

    FROM BILL: The brain changes in response to Holosync, just as your muscles change in response to exercise. Once the changes have been made, Holosync will not push you anymore. That when we ask people to move on to the next level, where we make the technology stronger–the equivalent of running farther or lifting more weight. However, if you’ve been running a mile every day and it becomes fairly easy because your body has become conditioned to running that far, isn’t it still true that running that mile every day is good for you? Of course, and the same could be said for continuing to listen to Holosync.

    The deeper levels of Holosync cost between $1.22 and $.61 per day to use. Almost anyone can afford to use it. There is little excuse to not go on, assuming of course that you like the results and want more.

    And, nowhere do I say that Awakening Prologue doesn’t benefit you after 4 months. In fact, if you look at the instructions, I give 4 signs that you are ready to go on to the next level, one of which is that you’ve done AT LEAST 4 months. All four signs should be met if you go on to the next level.

    Finally, everyone has his or her priorities in life, and for many people becoming more aware isn’t one of them. Such is the world we live in. You can lead a horse to water, but the last thing I would do is try to force the horse to drink.

  15. Susanne Cook says :

    So far so good. it get’s dicey when a whole bunch of people suddenly decide to take the following as the ultimate truth you mention more as a useful thought and experience experiment:

    “In fact, you could turn this idea that you depend on the entire universe on its head and say that the entire universe also depends on YOU”

    The “evolutionaries” seem to focus on this side of the polarity/possibility only and privilege evolution over involution, ignoring the value-neutral cataclysmic cosmic goings on. They value individual and collective growth of consciousness over the whole pattern of creation and destruction, form and formles visible in the cosmos from a Big Mind perspective. Not to worry, I too am not sure about any of this, just feeling an urge to ask the questions and perhaps to point out some of the dangers I see with some people having climbed on the “evolutionary” band wagon in the form of “the entire universe depends on you.”

    I look forward to how you will keep the balance between this evolutionary grand view of humanity and each of our individual contribution to foster deeper consciousness and our simultaneous insignificance and the funny side of making ourselves again the most important part of the universe. Could it be that there is nothing fundamentally new here, I ask, just a nobler version of self-aggrandizement and anthropocentrism this time clad in a more collective form????? At least the temptation to take it thusly?

    Looking forward to having you continue to explore these ideas with all of us!
    From someone who cares and doesn’t care.

    FROM BILL: My saying that “the entire universe depends upon you” is kind of like saying that you are a unique individual–just like everyone else. The universe depends upon you, yes, but it also depends upon every ant, flea, blade of grass, virus, worm and, in fact, every sub-atomic particle. Anyone who takes that statement as a way to feel egoically powerful has completely misunderstood (as I know you know). Wonderful to hear from you, Susanne!

  16. Sheila says :

    Thank you for blogging about how everything is connected. Whenever I am lonely or feel like things are mundane I will remind myself that this is ego and my limited perception and really I am an important part of the whole,the universe and that being said, I am the universe because there is no division only oneness.I always found it fascinating how a total stranger can affect my life in a major way. For example, if someone is mean to me in the grocery store it shifts something in me and changes every event like a domino chain reaction and this in turn changes the universe reaching people and places I have never been. total trip and exciting!

  17. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi bill: Thanks so much for the new blog information. I understant so much better. What I am having some issues with are people taking thing presonal when I choose to just let what ever happens be ok. or seeing someone that cuts me off as just an energy field, or just in general seeing and feeling my self as the whole. Am I still attracting It. I call it the other stuff, in relation to beleiving that things are seperate. Its like being in a relationship and you see that you are evloving and you feel responsible too but not responsible for anothers awakening. Allowing seams to still be an issue of my not understanding I suppose.

  18. Tony says :

    Thanks Bill!

    Beautifully expressed! You are a true light in our world. Thanks for letting “what is” express through you as you!



  19. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I love your new blog post. I often refere to the funny story about the DUCK WITH THE HUMAN MIND. OR THIS TO SHALL PASS. I love also how you ask us not to accept just because its from a person of notority. I often fall back to the old self, but I am also spending more time in acceptance of myself as part of the whole. Sence I was a little girl I loved to pretend. I now see what I have thought as reality is really just a play and boy do I love to play my part even when I am mad or judgmental I am able to see sometimes I love being the anger,the fear,the joy,the bad parts as well as the good parts and that part of being human in this exsistance is to play my part without it dystroying or hurtng the whole. (I love and see the good in almost everything everythought,everywhere and everywhen. I even see how I enjoy the anger,sad,ego,the seperateness, because I see it as just a play. I do not know what effect it has on this earth,universe,or my role as part of the whole clearly enough to judge it even if I should feel bad,about feeling good, about this role. or even if you understand what I have just said. ha ha. I love you Bill Harris.

  20. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,
    I am always so glad to see a new post from you! Thank you.

    I was just talking about the cultural identity of regional America. Since that put me in the “we’re very separate and unique” mindframe, your post was a welcome reminder that we are also united and connected.

    I love the ocean with individual looking waves analogy! This was particularly poignant and helpful.

    You said, “Most people tend to see the universe as a collection of separate things and events?”

    I believe this is only true in Western culture. I was just reading a study on Friday that showed how Eastern cultures see the whole and not the individual. Thus, your post is more important for me as a Westerner.

    I wonder if you have included the science of Bruce Lipton in your thinking. He points out that we are a community of 50 trillion cells who have come together as a harmonious and self regulating organism. And, then he points out that our information, our identity is in the antenna that exists on the surface of each cell. If so, where does that ego information reside?

    Thank you, again.


  21. Ellen Rich says :


    Awesome post…and just perfect…if perfect was a independent thing…which it isn’t.

    Been into Holosync for 1.5 years and LOVE it and the Universe.


  22. Peggy says :

    I am a member of SGI. We practice the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. There are many Buddhist concepts that we study to help us do our “human revolution” and attain enlightenment in this lifetime. The web site is

  23. Louise says :

    As you suggested, I read this….you asked for a reply…my reply is…read ”The Transparency of Things” by Rupert Spira….or you could check out Francis Lucille, Charlie Hayes, Sailor Bob, Nathan Gill, Chuck Hillig….:)
    Thanks for sharing…:)

  24. Thank you for the latest post. I enjoy the way you write. It appeals to the intellect and from there one can proceed.

    Once I was meditating in my home in Fairfield, Connecticut. As I stared at the candle, I was somehow transported into vast space. The candle disappeared and there was only the vast space. I was scared. I tried desperately to come back to where I was, my living room. I was not sufficiently prepared to experience it.

    That was a key moment since from then on I embarked on the journey not to alleviate pain but to experience reality, to be able to explain things that did not seem logical, at all.That was in 1995.

    One point of view is that there is no path, just the here and now. However this can only be experienced in terms of an anchor. We have to anchor ourselves to what we think we know. It is not possible to undo all of it. It would drive one to madness.

    One can go to the other realms of consciousness, some can go there at will, but as long as we are alive, as humans, we will always experience everything relative to the ego.

    We cannot dismiss the phenomenal world. To do so would be to miss the vividness of colors and textures, as well as the beauty of experiencing the deepest human emotions.

    One observation is that we do influence our own reality and that during moments of absolute clarity, and we only have moments of them, this seeming separation dissolves, and there is only love.

    And perhaps this is the reason knowing love is the loftiest of goals.

    Many thanks for all of your work in disseminating all of this, provoking further questions.

    Melinda M. Sorensson

  25. STEVE HILLMAN says :


  26. Kevin says :


    You started the blog by saying that we have limited experiences and you just hope that you might be able to highlight some of your own personal experiences though most of us will never fully understand. You know better than just about anyone out there that people tend to slice or filter information into bits and pieces of what they know and hold to be true. This provides safety and stability to the individual and in the larger sense the group and the overall society by keeping us safe and secure. The safer each one of us is the safer it keeps us all. At least with our limited perspectives of reality this is without a question the truth. This is the truth that the majority wants and many will do anything to maintain. Though a limited truth it is the only truth for most.

    This slicing of information occurs again and again, its cyclical and in constant motion and has been with us before the dawning of our current space/time. Why do we limit our experiences? We all limit our experiences as you so beautifully put it. Our limited perspective of reality is our current physical reality. The only way we can engage the spiritual is if we can engage the physical and so far man is not doing a overly great job in this category either. All information that can be and will be manifested in the physical must be and continued to be discussed in our limited ways and then be allowed to find the person when they are searching for information that they need. No sooner or no later but rather just in time.

    Bill, you continue to do a great job of getting the information out there but let it be known that not everyone is ready nor do they want to be ready. All you can do is continue to do is maintain engaging others in your limited attempts to expand one’s being with your outstanding and informative posts.

    You then go on to say most people decide what is true based on what someone else tells them or something they have read. I would have to agree with that one, its been going on for thousands of years and will probably go on for a thousands more. The people you reach out to want to be awaken or as you have discovered through your multiple shifts (wow, a shift once every four months) how limited we all are. This is something that goes beyond what is being human, this oneness will consume you and me and everything else and that’s OK. It OK just as like in nature and the universe for that matter is in constant motion and everything is suppose to change. Change is normal and it is how we were meant to grow through adapting to change. That’s part of the course. It is when we fight the changes that the real problems begin. This is our current state of reality (take a look around you) and the majority are fighting this change at all cost.

    It is necessary for people like you to keep reinforcing your experiences so that others might understand their experiences, as limiting as it might be. But this process is a individual process and the unfolding with oneness is being held in check with the current policies of the status quo. Which is OK as long as the emptiness continues to allow everyone to experience everything in a paced learning environment with each person being allowed to learn the experiences in this timely manner. What if the change quickens as some say is now happening. Will the masses respond with their limited being in time?

    As you say, “observe and be OK with what is”. I hate to say it or I guess that it’s OK but the majority is OK with just eating, pooping and reproducing and continuing to be one with a limited perspective of reality. As long as change (or the void) is gradual all us tubes will be just fine. Let us hope that this oneness or emptiness or Tao continue with our current gentle waves of change on our beautiful shore of planet earth and not a crashing wave of impending chaos.

    Until then, I eat, poop and reproduce
    I eat, poop and reproduce as that is all there is
    I eat, poop and reproduce therefore I am

  27. Michael says :

    The idea of “me” wishes to communicate the idea of “thanks” to the idea of “you” as the dance of interconnectedness swirls around and through the ideas of “us” and “oneness” and “emptiness.”

  28. Joyce says :


    I’m blown away by the clarity and insightfulness of your comments on this blog and your previous blog. I saw your picture somewhere and judged you as an unenlightened person. That was my “internal representation” of you, and something which I believed to true. I can see that internal representation was greatly lacking in depth and dimension. By reading your blogs, my awareness has been expanded about how my internal representations which I think are true to reality are just maps, and these may or may not correspond to actual “reality”. Also what we call reality is in turn an illusion. Your comments have offer me the opportunity to be open to more possibilities, less attached to judgments, and to take things more lightly, to “try softly” rather than “try hard”. Thanks much.

  29. Aisjah says :

    Hi Bill,

    Enjoyed the blog, especially the tone of it. Way back as a teen I went
    to Art school where most of the teachers were into Zen. They taught
    art with the view of seeing reality as it really was. This was such a strange way of thinking for me just growing up in an ordinary family.

    The teachers suggested doing exercises of being awake every moment of the day and being one with everything. Colours, sounds, movements, talking, laughter, everything going on in the street, inside rooms, inside ourselves, our thoughts, how we saw things and felt things, in fact experiencing life in a very intense way. Then it was suggested that all these experiences be put into our art, bring this to drawing and painting and making sculpture and music and architecture.

    Then at the end of the day go over everything. Learn from it. Turn it
    around in our minds get a different perspective on everything.

    It was a great time. In a way living life and knowing we are an
    intrinsic part of everything else is not much different than this creative
    way of living. Its a training in awareness, and its a lot of fun, especially if thoughts don’t get into judging and conceptualizing what we are experiencing. Holosync heightens awareness in many interesting ways.
    What I focus on is what I get that day in one way or another. Now that
    I see this, its becoming funny as to what appears in my world.

    I like the way of being that is distanced from the so called self. There
    is a great space around that particular way of experiencing life. I’m
    not able to be there all the time, as particular points of view in my thinking come up and show me where I’m stuck. I can’t always see where I’m stuck either. I’ve just read Ken Wilburs 3-2-1 process and
    that is very interesting to me, along with Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Big
    Heart way of dealing with Shadow material. Thank you. I really enjoy
    your Blogs and your creative way of writing them.

  30. Vic says :

    Hi Bill,
    I am deeply grateful for your efforts in assisting people to waking up to the the truth of who they are. I have been a holosync participant for the last 4 yrs & will continue to follow through until the end of the the program because I believe in what you are claiming.

    Putting this aside Bill I want to express my disappointment with your frame of reference in this blog. You have made one comparison to the reality of not knowing until we personally experience something ourselves to that I having sex with a ten year old. What were you thinking Bill. I am aware of the message behind this statement that you are attempting to get across, however, I think this is a poor example to make use of. All the best Bill!
    regards Vic

    FROM BILL: Vic, read carefully. I didn’t say HAVING sex with a ten year old.

  31. Ana M. says :

    I read most of your comments but there’s too much blah blah… Why do people need to read so much to understand something basic???? Life doesn’t need to be so complicated, and to deprogram how we were brought up thinking or even trying to think different to be a totally different individual can be very frightening as well as isolating. If people do this kind of deprogramming and being totally different, then they won’t be able to relate to the rest of the people around them. Why change so much. Why not accept and love ourselves and be the best we can be. Why judge ourselves so much. There are a lot of people in this world who need kindness and our understanding. Let’s be human and smile at one another.

  32. heidi says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your posts.

    I have a few questions.
    First, in a previous post, you gave a wonderful metaphor for the non-dualistic perception of ‘self’. In the way that the lightening is not a separate ‘thing’ that then ‘has’ a flash in the sky; but rather is the very flash itself, in the same way, we are not an ‘I’, a thing that has a self, but rather we are the very actions and being we embody.

    This really helped me get a deeper understanding of the emptiness principle, as it applies to my felt experience.

    Could you clarify the difference between that, and what you said here about having a ‘me’? Are you referring to the role that our persona, or conception of ‘self’ takes on in this world, as different from the inseparate, non-dualistic being that we “really” are? And if so, how would these interact?

    Secondly, you discussed our actions in the world as responses to a huge number of factors, many of which we are probably not aware of. But I was wondering whether under this understanding you still differentiate between an automatic reaction, and a conscious, directed response (action taken by self as agent)?
    And if so, do the particulars of these ways of responding change as we develop our perspective?

    Thank you again for your dedication and clarity.


    FROM BILL: The self is an idea. Can an idea take action? Maybe you should ask the question as you go through your day: “Who is doing this?” Find that whatever it is that is doing something.

  33. Raymond says :

    Congratulations to all the work that you have done Bill. I agree that holosync made advancement to help people get connected to the inner and outer picture of us and life, but permit me to enlighten things a bit about traditional meditation. When we pertain to the word ‘tradition’ i guess it really depends on who’s looking and who’s on the receiving end. All is about how sincere and receptive we are to the challenges and changes required to reach a momentum specially in this day and age. God was readily available all the time when Adam and Eve had the connections opened through the crown chakras, till the day that this ‘paradise’ of connection was shut closed. There is proof that what the Bible states on John 10, John 4:23, Galatians 6:17, Galatians 2:20, Mark7:32-34, Mark 8:12, Matthew 6:6, Matthew 21:16 to name a few has to reveal about ‘THE NEED’ to ‘RE-OPEN’ in order to enjoy the privilege our forefathers once enjoyed. To the eyes and ears of the uninitiated the biblical revelations might mean something seemingly more moral rather than ‘TECHNICAL’ in nature. There is a ‘SECRET CODE NAME’ that we can access to open us up to the real source. This is practically the main reason Jesus himself ‘SIGHS DELIBERATELY’ in his meditations. We as humans most certainly ‘sigh’ involuntarily but I am talking about voluntary practices that makes the striking difference. I am pretty sure that the clergy authorities have failed to notice this hidden practices. And i got the surprise of my life when i found out that there is such a thing as an ‘INSTANT CONNECTION’ to the source when i found out about the secret code name. Since then i was gaining more guidance from my meditations. Master Jesus did mentioned the hebrew word EPHATHA on Mark 8:34 which means ‘TO OPEN’ when two people approach him ti get healed, but Jesus opened them instead! And it was mentioned thereafter that what he did to them was not to be revealed, yet he was fully aware as well that the slip of the tongue was likely to happen. Well, I am just touching on this facts that it might trigger much curiosity from you Bill. I knew what you meant when you use the word ‘traditional’ but you have to be more careful on judging your conclusions as there are many initiates out there who wouldn’t totally agree in making comparisons to holosync and traditional meditation holds true. I myself enjoyed the tremendous advancement of what energy and consciousness through personalized technology brings but i got another story of what is real out there. How we are opening, discovering, connecting and relating to get more choices to what works for us and therefore being in control is what spirituality is all about. KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPEN! WHERE to knock and who’s got the keys is the question. The angels who God has ordered to guard the doors to this lost paradise is only waiting for the privilege few. I am among the few who is inviting you my dear brother. I hope we meet again. BY CHOICE.

  34. Ken says :

    I think I understand what you are saying, and I totally agree. I have been practicing “A Course in Miracles (ACIM)” for the past year, and the essence of that practice is the oneness of all creation. By the way I have found that ACIM is a perfect complement to Holosync. Here is one way ACIM makes the point:

    “Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness, and knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing is outside of this oneness, and nothing else is within.”

    There are now available training programs for attaining this awareness in far shorter time than a lifetime of meditation and practice. Dr. Stanislav Grof runs sessions in what he calls “holotropic breathwork” for exploring “nonordinary states of consciousness”. Many who have participated in these sessions have reported out of body experiences where they saw themselves as for instance, birds or other animals.

    I think we are in an age of a flowering of this awareness of our oneness, and you may well be an important teacher in bringing to fruition a higher conbsciouness in mankind. Stick with it because you are making a difference.

  35. Tim Jones says :

    Hi Bill- I just wanted to say that the other day I had a powerful unity experience along the lines you talk about, while using Holosync. The everyday world just kind of dissolved, this is hard to describe, but the closest I can come is to say I felt like a wave in an ocean of timeless energy- and I knew with absolute clarity that what I normally call ‘myself’ is just a bunch of ideas- utterly illusory- and that I am normally just completely ‘sucked in’ by this conceptual world my mind makes up. My true self is beyond any of it. The problem is- this experience quickly passed, and now I am back in my normal seperate state of mind with all the familiar bullshit I associate with being ‘me’..

  36. ROSARIO says :

    what you are have done & doing as “bill harris” with centerpointe is spontaneous expression of the universe or is “you” that have the power to focus and take action to create cenetrpointe ?

  37. Jason says :

    Hey Bill,
    I was excited to see that you had posted some new material. I really get a lot from this blog and I appreciate you and what it is you are doing. I really enjoyed getting these blogs as a podcast in iTunes but I’ve noticed that the last 2 or so aren’t available ? I just like to be able to listen to your material on the go and this makes it a lot easier for me. Hopefully you guys will look into it in the near future.
    Thanks a million bill, you have change my life! (and I am forever grateful)
    – Jason

    P.S. I laughed my ass off at the Alan Watts analogy, VERY funny ad true haha

  38. Danielle Underwood says :

    Hi Bill:

    Let me start off by saying thank you for your thoughtfulness in keeping the posts informative but short. A half hour of listening is much easier to weave through my daily responsibilities. Describing the experience of living from the transcendent is tricky because as you mentioned, it cannot be fully understood from an intellectual point of view but rather has to be experienced. What is truly helpful to me about your description in this post and others is that the knowledge you share with us helps me recognize when I’m feeling and helps me integrate it. For a lot of us, the personal work and effort involved in becoming awake can be daunting and filled with fear. I know because I kicked and screamed through most of the process because I was so fearful of letting go of my perception of life. I eventually realized that it was safe “to let everything be okay”. The cool thing about being awakened is that I experience not only the quality of the now but that I’ve also integrated my previous ways of being (e.g. feeling fear) which translates into feeling great compassion for others who are say, fearful. The reason why I’m mentioning this is that some of us are afraid of experiencing the transcendent because we have this perception that by being awakened we will be disconnected from others but it doesn’t have to be so. I have reinvented myself several times over the years but people still recognize me for who I am. The difference now is that people often comment that I look happy, and for those who remember how feisty I used to be, they also comment how peaceful I’ve become. I experience living life from what you describe in this post Bill and the fun of living from this perspective is that I can pick and choose which role I’m going to play at any given moment. What has been instrumental in allowing me to experience life this way has been using Holosync on a daily basis for nearly 3 years now. I suppose any other meditation could have worked but for me, it was reassuring to know that Holosync did “its thing” regardless of the state I was in while listening. I think I spent the entire first year (ok maybe part of the second too) rehashing my daily traumas and being angry while listening. I then learned a different way of being. So thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us.

  39. Nancy says :

    I appreciate what you are saying but I feel you say it with too many words. I am a reader but also a teacher and I have found that it is better to use as few words as possible to get across a point. Think about the great inspirational words that are repeated. They are usually contained within one sentence. It can be a long sentence but it doesn’t multiply and become two sentences.

    Good luck with your blog.

    FROM BILL: Just read the first two sentences.

  40. Joely Black says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for another fascinating post. I recently discovered Alan Watts and then Big Mind from a free DVD you sent with my last order of Holosync (I’m now on Awakening Level 4). I’ve been amazed by the insights possible with Big Mind.

    What I’ve discovered over the last few months, as my life appears to be broken down and rebuilt is just how separate the “rules” we live by are from life “as it is”. Perhaps my only real struggle (aside from the process of letting go of the rules) has been focusing on what I want rather than what I don’t.

    I have to say I remain stunned by what Holosync and meditations like these can achieve in one person’s life. And, in turn, what that impact has on everything and everyone around them!

    J xx

  41. christine cloutier says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy everyone of them.
    I also appreciate the comments of your readers.

    I have been using Holosync for over 2 years now. It has not always been easy but I intend to go all the way, it is worth the effort.

    To expend on Alan Watts’s tube, my now husband told me one day that we, as humans, are food for bugs. Not quite pleasant to hear but interesting outlook. In the end, the body is indeed food for maggots.
    Some of us have a dark sense of humor!!!

    I remain very grateful for your input.

    Much Love,
    Christine xxx

  42. Cathy says :

    Thanks, Bill, for another great blog. I really connected to the idea that “all things are connected” and wanted to share how I met my husband of 19 yrs.
    I worked as a nurse for a podiatrist and took care of a satellite office (just the doctor and me) along with his large office in town with many employees. It could get very hectic in this small office working the front desk and the back with patients. Many days I wished for help.
    My now husband, Jon, was at home on a Sunday washing the outside windows on the mobile home he lived in and fell off a ladder hurting his ankle and leg. Monday he goes to his Family Doctor and the doctor sends him to our office that afternoon. We see him and although nothing was broke he did have a severely sprained ankle that needed a cast for a few weeks.
    Being the only one in the office besides the doctor I interacted with him and he was quite friendly and chatty. A couple of appointments later we were very busy in this office and the doctor had to put a new cast on Jon by himself and check him out at the desk so I didn’t have a chance to talk with Jon. The next day Jon’s new cast was rubbing a blister on his foot and he had to come to our main office to get it changed. This time I got to talk with him and put a new cast on. During this process he asked me out to dinner.
    If I hadn’t been busy that day in the other office then Jon would not have had a chance to ask the doctor if I was seeing anyone. Then he would not have asked me out when he did. If I didn’t work the small office alone I would not have met Jon as a patient. If the doctor I worked for didn’t know the Family doctor so well we would not have had a referral from him. There are many other connected things to this story involving our first date and our almost canceled 2nd date due to a storm, a move, his son and my Mom telling me to write down what I wanted in a husband before all this began!
    I am constantly amazed how events lead to other events and how they all unfold and refold upon themselves. I love watching life!

  43. Mark Lurtsema says :

    There are no words to describe the experience you are trying to explain. It is like trying to describe blue to a person who has never seen the color blue. If I may use a poor simile to attempt a description of my everyday experience:

    Infinite being and pure light and what I experience as everyday existence (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the shadow) is a projection on that infinite being and pure light — apparently separate, but fully and completely one.

    Is that view at all relevant to what you are trying to say?

  44. Dwyght says :

    Cheers for the post Bill,
    It couldn’t have come at a better time.
    It has occured to me recently that a lot of people do act as independant entity’s and do express autonomous ideas, and it’s sometimes hard to maintain and/or adopt the idea of an open interconnected universe when some people seem to act to the contrary and I’m caught up in the recession rat race. Although outside of work I have noticed that the interdependance idea. or phenomenon, or whatever, does appear to be evident in friendships and relationships; and that is refreshing. From reading your post I’ve been able to take a step back to catch my breath, lol. Peace.

    FROM BILL: Any idea you or anyone else has is DEPENDENT upon and an expression of all your internactions with the rest of the world. Nothing anyone or anything does is, or could be “independent” of it’s realtionships with the whole.

  45. Dwyght says :

    Thanks Bill,
    you just hit the nail on the head. I was just wondering how all this relates to human interaction and the creation of ideas. Aha, like steam rising from the compost of all information, inherent, gathered, and expressed. I must say, it seems ironic the way you put it too.

  46. Becky York says :

    Hi Bill, thanks for your replies – I have read (or rather listened to) all your blogs here and with you completely on the map/territory thing.
    I have a snow analogy that I use myself to describe it.

    With regards to surrendering – you’re absolutely right it’s the ego that surrenders, since it’s that which creates attachment and suffering and I’ve found that surrender is just one trick I use for taking it offline so to speak and found it’s the fastest way to emotional healing because if someone is really surrendering to something they can’t be resisting it and as you know Bill, resistance is the main thing that gets in the way of healing.

    I also use doubt a lot as well in my meditation, since every idea is fundamentally incorrect (as far as map/territory goes) it makes sense to me to dismiss everything I think I know and reevaluate from a deeper experience.

  47. Carol Corsi says :

    Well…haven’t we said a mouthful…but, exactly!!! If one were to look up at where the sun should be on a overcast day, you’d see the rays of energy beaming out of the clouds. :) If one were to walk across a thick piled rug and reach out to turn on the television, you’d get a pretty good shock of electricity as you touched the tv set to turn it on. Well, why is that one might suppose? Its because underlying all of material existence there is an energetic fabric that is unified. Why do radio waves and ex-rays and gamma rays and cell phone signals …why do they all work as they do? Because there is an underlying energetic etheric double to everything that has a material manifested counterpart. In short, everything is energy first and matter second. Quantum Physicists at Cern, the research facility on the border of Switzerland and France are in the process of finding out what is in the empty spaces between the atoms. Its called the Hadron Collider. Its a machine built 3 miles below the surface of the earth to conduct research about energy. (Do a “Google” search of those terms for more thorough explanations of what Cern is up to.) They are currently about to launch off research with all of the top physicists from around the world about what the counterpart to matter is. They don’t quite say it in those terms but they are playing with it right now, looking to recreate the conditions after the Big Bang in outer space seconds after it happened, so that they can analyze the origin of that, seconds after energy and the creation of matter. What they are looking for is Anti Matter as they term it. But what they are really playing with is what some of the Physicists call “the God Particle”…they are looking to duplicate and quantify the energetic grid of which we are all composed of…all things…are one fabric of energy first and matter second. Well said Bill. I’m on the same page. Have been for years but they tell me I’m weird. :) I’m actually at the very end of the holosynch journey…on my very last module of “Flowering” and I can say the journey was well worth the time and resources allocated toward this effort. (I wish there were levels more Bill.) All TRULY are one…one cohesive living energetic fabric that has no separation with no beginning and no end. There’s more to that concept also. We are that energy…there is NO separation…its all one. There is no separation from source. We are source…experiencing for the purpose of pushing the evolutionary envelope. The material aspect is secondary; the etheric energetic part is primary. The material gives the illusion of separation…the energetic is one living creating (hopefully) joyful fabric. Thank You for the opportunity to expand and grow Bill.

  48. C says :

    Dear Bill,

    Please don’t post this on your blog. If at all possible, would you mind just emailing me back at the above address?

    FROM BILL: Call our support line, or see a therapist.

  49. Hi Bill – I like to read your blogs and would like to suggest 2 things:
    1) to shorten them, they are getting too long lately.
    Also: I attended a workshop last September with Genpo Roshi in Las Vegas and the workshop is good, but I wouldn’t like to read ALL THE TIME about Buddhistic thinking. It’s good but it’s not my way.

    2) It would be very helpful, if u could give the possibility to print out only your blog without the responses. Me personally I need to read the blog on paper, it’s too heard on the eyes to read it on the computer, but I don’t want to print out all the responses, which came to 17 pages in your last blog.
    Thanking in advance for your consideration

  50. james says :

    Every moment is a miracle as is each breath This thought came to me as I watched the lifeflighte helicopter take off its intended passenger laying lifeless on the stretcher like an empty vessel .Watching the self in the human condition sometimes can become over obsessive like a puppy chasing its tale unless one can learn how to put food on the table while doing it

  51. Melissa says :

    Hello Bill,
    Thanks so much for the thought-provoking post, I enjoyed reading it. I am still cherishing my daily Holosync meditations…they have brought and continue to bring peace and growth into my life. Sometimes I feel like a plant that continues to bloom, lol. I pondered the ideas of everything being connected…and whether there is a separate ego or not. As I sat meditating I kept thinking about why we get so caught up in these concepts…and then it occurred to me…does it really matter so much…and if so why is this? Somehow it just suddenly just seemed like yet another map. After that I experienced a blissful sensation of stillness, just before I dozed off. I will keep an eye open to wait for chances to observe the connections out there and see what they convey to me. Please keep those posts coming!
    Follow your Bliss :)

  52. Pat Parisi says :

    Hi Bill –

    Love your blog. I have to admit to a 100% turnaround in my perspective of Holosync. Genpo Roshi is my root teacher, through whom I had a huge opening with Big Mind that changed the course of my life. That, and spending a month in Utah with him, were literally life changing.

    My current teachers are Saniel and Linda Bonder (Waking Down in Mutuality), through whom I have experienced a major awakening (please be sure to have a chat with them at the next Integral Spirituality conference).

    But now, close friends of mine are using Holosync and are just now writing up their affirmations to be placed within the sound technology of the next level up. After they read their affirmations to me, I can quite clearly see that what they (& Holosync) are doing is removing the identification from the ego to the Self. Beautiful!

    I may, or may not, wind up using Holosync in the future. I’m still in the middle of the unfolding of my awakening process and there’s a lot going on already. But I do have a new appreciation for what you do w/ the technology. And I really love how and what you write in your blog and I intend to follow it.

    Many thanks,

  53. steve says :

    Thankyou Bill,
    your thoughts are, thought provoking. As each illisions is exposed during the journey of self growth, is that in itself not just an illision.
    I can only laugh at myself for i have exposed myself to the illision of,
    being a contestant in another life game and how the game is played.
    Simply amazing. Please keep up the good work Bill, i am most greatfull to the information you have shared and understand the enormous effort you have put in to your own growth. Thankyou to your staff, i know they are an extention of you.

  54. I noticed that when considering interconnectedness and emptiness a good starting perspective is that humans(or tubies) only experience the world reliably through ~5 senses. The most developed of these senses sight can experience trillions of kilometres away but only reliably sees the world through a narrow visual band and within a limited space around the person. One conclusion is that even though everything is connected people only reliably experience limited glimpses of this interconnection.
    Of interest in considering the interconnection of everything is the forces or imbalances that are involved and hence often limit and control what can be perceived. Forces and the imbalances that produce them can be much more difficult to perceive than individuals and their interconnection e.g. Newton and the apple. Insightful dreams and experiences often involve a visual or tactile representation of the forces involved.

    An example of a force within the community is the simple story of buddhism about someone that tries different things searching for a middle way of harmony. This produces a role model focus and typically produces a much more peaceful trend in the community than for example the christian religion stories which so often champion “community antagonistic” martyrs and were first developed in times of worlwide endless aggressive conflicts(e.g. even today many christian countries require national army service and many buddhist countries require some monking). Perhaps the religions or spiritual leaders of today have to deal with more subtle and also more powerful forces in the community(which is a typical aspect of evolution evolving to care for and manage both bigger or more powerful and also finer or smaller). An example of how such earlier religions have perhaps not adapted to the more powerful forces seen today is that the Dalai Lama as a leader of such a peaceful religion had his own feudal country the size of half of usa or more taken from him and hasnt managed to reintegrate with the people in tibet and china yet and has said perhaps forget about doing any more dalais. Acting as a limited religious leader is all that would be expected in a modern more developed community.

  55. Sam says :

    I’m listening today to your third course, in which–durring a couple lessons–you talk about transactional analasys and how everything interacts by way of transactions as far as humans go in that everything is interdependently related by way of the strokes we give each other and those that we receive in return; this reminds me of a token economy, usually used with special education students, when they’re given tokens when they’re well behaved and then can later trade in those tokens for some sort of prise. You also spoke about how we can collect what are called “trading stamps” that are basically strokes that are sort of stored up in a bank account that can be cashed in later. I know this is a bit off topic but I’m wondering how this relates to your tube analogy because in your course you describe how these strokes are sort of like food, in that the strokes we receive from our environment are sort of like those tubes receiving neurishment and the strokes we give off (unconsciously of course) are sort of like the waste coming from those tubes. We can see how all unconscious selves interact with one another when we view the big picture, and can even witness ourselves as one of those tubes and watch as the tube known as me starts to emurge from this matrix of tubes such that I can watch this process; you can witness what got you to where you are when you view the tubes, meaning that you can go back and find out things about your own behavior (or carma or whatever) and even witness how the timeline process effects the whole series of tubes as we make more conscious choices about our interactions. We can quite literally go back and change the past in our imagination, and when enough re-framing or whatever happens we can actually impliment this strategy in real-time wherein all of the carma and everything–not understandable by any human intelligence so far–actually works to create the causal conditions for what we want. It’s pretty amazing, and it’s due to my investigating for myself what this whole tube analogy means and how this relates to an inherrently neutral and empty universe wherein these things that give and receive strokes (or deposit and withdraw money from the bank account) are all illusions created for the one mind to play with. It’s sort of like we’re in the matrix–you’ve probably seen the movie at some point–and we have this training tool to work with and learn from, and it’s to the extent that we’re able to vibrate with happiness and use our creative imagination that we will be able to “manifest” whatever we want for ourselves in the world individually as well as a collective society containing cultures.

    What I’m wondering is where is all of this coming from? Apparently it’s all emptiness and all part of the whole which is interdependent with everything else and there’s supposedly no agentic impulse for free will other than that that’s pre-determined by the matrix that holds all of these relationships, however when I direct my mind consciously to the tube analogy you use here (or any other object of meditation that stimulates my creativity) I witness that something does seem to happen. It’s almost as if there’s another intelligence that really appreciates it when I stretch myself and reach for something that’s outside of my comfort zone, because every time I do so (with respect to meditation at least) some other force seems to take over that carries me into whatever I’m doing; it sort of makes me sync in with other things that make me fascinated with the world, and it guides my actions when I get stuck with meditation as if to say “someone has been here already, so just relax and listen”. It also is getting better at reassuring me that someone else has indeed been in this terretory before and can help me, because this illusion is especially crucial at this time when my interactions with the great web of life are still limited in my understanding.

    Sorry to go the long away around here, but I’m wondering how this relates to the awareness brought by holosync. I can’t imagine that most other people are having as much fun as I am (if so please speak up so I can hear you) and I also imagine that while holosync may play a large role in this that it’s not simply listening to holosync and having some awareness “downloaded” into the brain that makes this happen. Where does this come from?

  56. Sam says :

    I hole heartedly appreciate the post from Integral Meditation previous to mine. I agree about the whole Dalai lama situation, as it would seem one hasn’t embodied the practice (or religion or whatever) to such a degree that the path dictates must be embodied to enable him to accomplish what’s needed? I don’t think that generating compassion or “loving kindness” is enough but it keeps us tubes going, and if we were more integral (as you say) we could channel this into some real creativity. For instance I thought that our president would be a good guy to run this whole thing (because I’m only focused on my country as my whole world for this discussion) as he sounded really good and he seemed to have some pretty good ideas. I don’t know much about polotics or anything and so I just went on what he said and how he seemed to bring the true spirit of hope and change; he generated within me a true feeling of pride in my country, and helped me to more fully understand that in order that we get ourselves out of this economic situation we must individually go out and create some value. I needless to say saw a lot of value in what he had (and has) to say in that respect and he brings a lot of value with the spirit that he brings to our nation. However just the spirit is not enough to get things done in the world, and I know from first person experience that it takes a much larger cognition than I have –or any individual(s) cognition–to run this whole thing and just hope and change isn’t going to get it done. Just as with most people trying to manifest what they want in the world, this process is very complicated and there’s a lot of ins and out and what-have-yous and unfortunately that whole thing with respect to manifestation doesn’t seem to work so well. From an integral perspective (taking multiple perspectives and viewing them from one consolidated vantage point) it is possible to manifest what we want in the world, however at our current level this strategy seems nearly impossible to impliment. After all it’s just a series of tubes doing what tubes do, and sometimes the wind blows and effects the tubes and sometimes it doesn’t, and some tubes vibrate in certain ways and get better food and so it goes up to the Dalai Lama himself; who knows where the wind blew him from, or how he got blown to where he is or how I can use nlp to model that wind (pure speech) to get that food for my tube, but I’ve gone way too far. I mean too long. No mind (that’s the way to get it done).

  57. Sam says :

    I have another question for “integral meditation” while re-reading the post: you say “The most developed of these senses sight can experience trillions of kilometres away but only reliably sees the world through a narrow visual band and within a limited space around the person” and I’m wondering what that could mean. I imagine that you’re talking about our site that we use machines or other technology for (like telescopes or maybe those space probes that they sent up a while back) which is something that the Dalai Lama might think pretty cool to play with. If the mind is very narow focused on what one wants, the machine used can quite readily accomplish whatever is needed without need for a wide focus around the person (or any object of meditation, really, being studied). Plus the farther out you go, the more narrow the focus. And there’s also the whole factor of time and how we also distort time as we go beyond what’s perceived already so far, but we don’t really have time to go into that here quite yet. Maybe if we get more evolved kinisthetic modeling with nlp for people like me to get a better grip on integral; Ken sometimes puts me in an aultered state while listening to his voice, and I’ve always been curious about how (and why) he does that. And information (tactile and/or visual) comes through for me in the dreams that go along with it, and that’s quite interesting especially when taken with the whole of Bill’s “life principles integration process” online course and the other things he’s done.

  58. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill, my question might be a bit silly, but here goes…

    I have found that when I’m the “now” as Tolle says, it’s like I’m in Big Mind.
    But there are other times when I’m in a state that very much resembles what genpo calls Big Heart. In both cases all things are me, but in one case it’s all perfect as it is and I’m a bit apathetic and I just want to sit and watch, whereas in the second case, I care, I feel and I love and I want to do something about suffering.
    I haven’t found a way to control which state I’m going in when it happens.

    So I guess my question is, is the transcendent that genpo and you talk about big mind? is it both? And how do you control where to land? (given that I am at a very initial stage, awakening level 3)

    What I mean to say is, I don’t want to go there…I prefer big heart : )

    Thank you, and sorry that this is off topic.

    FROM BILL: That’s a very good observation. The transcendent, the Now, Big Mind, are all the same. And yes, the transcendent is entirely neutral, without feeling. It’s when you transcend AND INCLUDE both the transcendent and the relative world that you enter Big Heart, which not only includes feeling, but includes incredible love and compassion. Genpo Roshi uses a triangle to describe this, where the lower left corner is the relative world (the dualistic mind, the separate self, the world of cause and effect, desire), the lower right corner is the transcenent (emptiness, the enternal Now, Big Mind, no desire), and the apex of the triangle transcends and includes both (Big Heart, the one who consciously chooses to be a human being–in other worlds, even with all the suffering in the world, you CHOOSE to be human anyway).

    Many spiritual approaches see the transcendent as the ultimate. Zen sees the apex, Big Heart, as the ultimate.

  59. ROSARIO says :

    what you are,
    what you have done and
    what you are doing as “bill harris”
    creating the success of centerpointe
    is spontaneous expression of the universe
    are “you” that have the power to focus, take action, etc. that create the success of centerpointe ?

    FROM BILL: Who is asking? Why not find out who you are instead of asking me who I am?

  60. NN says :

    Bill, do you know of any cases where Holosync has cured aspergers syndrome?

    FROM BILL: We do not promote Holosync as a “cure” for any physical or mental health problem–though over the years hundreds of thousands of people have told us that they have had startling relief from many different mental health problems and an increase in general health and well-being. This includes many people telling us that Holosync has worked better than anything else they’ve done (other than some medications) for conditions in the autism spectrum, including asbergers. We are contemplating a clinical study to follow up on all these reports. If you (or someone you know) with asbergers uses Holosync, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding what happens.

  61. richard mccaul says :

    it is nice havn these experieces but u always go back to ur stuff.

  62. ROSARIO says :

    our results (success/failure) in jobs, money, relationships, etc., are spontaneous expression of the universe
    or “we” create it through focus, actions, etc. ?
    thank you.

    FROM BILL: You can see it both ways.

  63. Musicdave says :

    I thought of a yin-yang symbol as a vibrating one thing.
    more and more I am noticing that the choices I originally thought I made independently are linked to countless other factors reaching infinatly backwards through existance. like when the tree was just a seed in an earlier apple it was still here now as a tree…just not.

    I see how selfish is selfless and selfless is selfish and it is all about how I (or others) choose to view it.

    By my use of Holosync and contact with you through these blog posts and support letters my life is finding a balance that I never considered…I am seeing the equality of merit in the tree the apple and the seed, the air the rain and earth that support it, on and on. I am seeing the illusion I call me as equal with the illusion I call everything else!

    So my existance has become pointless, and the seemingly pointless things about my existance take on great purpose…this realization has caused me tremendouse comfort and an erie sense of peace that actually inspires me to celebrate more and more often.

    I take your advice and let it be ok, and watch myself often.

    If I had to describe what effect this is all having on my life now in one word it would be “safe”

    Thank you for introducing me to a friendly, safe and exciting universe of self.

  64. tatiana says :

    Having sex with ten years old? Why would you ever think or write
    something like that? I think you are very sick and crazy person…
    Reading your staff is waste of time and I regret ordering your
    usless cds….
    I hope you will poste this…

    FROM BILL: I said TELLING a 10 year old about sex, not having sex–in other words, telling a child something they have no experience of and therefore could not understand. Maybe you have some shadow stuff about sex?

  65. Sam says :

    How might the law of attraction relate to this post? I’m particularly curious about how their idea of “vibration” fits into a universe wherein everything is inherrently empty of any nature (high/low vibration or anything else) and in which everything is related to everything else; person A’s vibration depends on person B, say for instance relating to what person B desires or in other words what the second person holds important. I’m also curious about the tube analogy in that sometimes tubes got worn out because they reached a state of equilibriom (like Mr. Wats) and at that point nature fascilitated making new tubes (for instance those who read Mr. Wats and have new ideas and insites) and how perhaps the law of attraction people are saying that some tubes more readily create vibration that allows them to connect to other tubes (through some sort of agentic impulse) and create new structures; these people are always processing what to buy or evaluating who to trust based on vibrations, however some tubes are good at playing this game and making money and some tubes (like myself) just don’t get it; the poor me reaction is probably some sort of vibration that somehow attracts me to other tubes, but once again this is too long (I should have put a period in there by now so it’d look good).

    FROM BILL: Huh?

  66. carlos says :

    It is funny how people interpret what they read or hear based on their own issues. They read SEX and Ten years OLD and they fill up the blank and came up with their own stories.

    I dont see why even giving the example of having sex with a ten year old would be such a big deal ( as long as you dont actually do it)

    Reading those comments though triggered a shadow that I have. I REALLY dislike self rightous people. I dislike people who judge others to much and who want others to conform with their own way of thinking, extreme conservatives, religion fanatics or just people who criticize others to feel themselves superior.

    I am working on this shadow of mine , it is not easy though :-)


  67. Carol Kraft says :

    Hi Bill
    This is the first time I entered your site and read your offer with the Holosync program and Awakening Prologue.
    It potentially looks like a commitment to a complete personal transformative spiritual path that stands on its own (time commitement etc)
    I am involved in a spiritual practice at this point with a 2-3 hr/day commitement in Kriya Yoga with a whole lifestyle involvement( that I still want to do. Your info however intrigues me.
    Can your program be supplemented to what I do or do I need to make choices here? Only so many hours in a day. (my past practice was Buddhist so I feel very at home with your writing)
    Carol from Kitchener , Ontario, Canada

    FROM BILL: I did kriya yoga for many years, some of them with Holosync. It’s very powerful to do it while listening to Holosync.

  68. Terry HS says :

    You read my mind Bill. I was going to suggest editing the sentence. I know that you weren’t advocating anything wrong, but it did throw me when I first saw it, purely because of the way it was phrased. After re-reading it though, your meaning became clear.


  69. Sam says :

    I wondered if you all could do me a huge favor because I’m doing some work on mantras for my own well-being and peace of mind, and this experiment could be a lot of fun to participate in. Could you please listen to Walt Disney’s opening day speech that he made durring the time that Disney Land was opened; the short statement about what Disney Land stood for and what his vision for the future might be. I felt quite inspired by this short talk because, although it was less than a minute long, it really inspired me and made me have a new surge of confidence that I haven’t felt in quite a while. If this spark can be lit so readily within me, I’m sure that it would only take a few more sparks in a few more firtile minds to create a fire. This perhaps sounds a bit crazy, however this type of experimentation has been going on within Buddhism and other select religions for thousands of years and there’s tried and tested proof that experimentation with the mind works. Thanks in advance for your participation and cooperation.

    By the way I typed into google “Walt Disney speaking speech” although there are certainly other ways to find it. Good luck and have a wonderful mind suffari.

    PS: of course feedback is welcome and much appreciated; I almost forgot.

  70. Marlina Rinzen says :

    Dear Bill,

    As a long-time user of Holosync and having taken your excellent – very helpful – LPIP course, – also attending the workshop in Portland, (and probably writing the most letters to you during the first part of that course! – during which you replied quickly, clearly, and generously), and reading/studying your blogs, I send thanks for all your work.

    I hope you stay the kind and compassionate person I’ve come to appreciate. You often recommend others’ teachings, and I have thought that your LPIP course was more experentially useful.

    I followed your advice and went to the San Francisco Big Mind event since you have been pretty excited about Genpo Roshi. On the second day of the workshop, it became clear that Genpo was far more interested in getting a great video made than helping the people who came for the teaching. Also, Genpo Roshi seems unable to teach without using foul language – and went ahead in this style even after an attendee protested. Then a great deal of time was spent Sunday in having advertising testimonies by people who could spend $25/10,000 for five days one-to-one with Roshi (you included). I did have expectations that Sunday would send us out inspired… but instead, we were told to identify with perverts (this, I guess, to help us embrace all our fellow human beings.)

    Many teachers who had so much to give, really fell down in the extremes – drink and sex, power and greed. Little by little it begins with some language, some not-caring, sexual references, until it gets full-blown.

    Asking you to trust yourself, to just take what is good and helpful around other teachers, to stay on your own track.


    FROM BILL: Wow. I’ve never seen such a complete misunderstanding of what happens in one of Genpo’s workshops. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have time to go over each thing you said, point by point. I’ll just say to anyone else reading this that Marlina’s comment reflect her own shadows and issues, and doesn’t represent what other students at this workshop experienced. Genpo Roshi is one of the most compassionate people I know, and greatly cares about the students he teaches, and everyone I spoke to in San Francisco thought the workshop was astounding.

    Marlina, there may be some shadows here for you. If you’ll remember, a shadow is something about yourself, life, other people that you have disowned because you think it is wrong or bad, which causes you to be triggered when you see it in others. You will exhibit the very quality you detest, and see it in others, but not in yourself. Time for some self-inquiry?

  71. Vesna Mirkovic says :

    Dear Bill
    I am doing Holosync and i am also in buddhism more than 20 years and somehow i do agree with what you said that we do create our reality and it is possible to rearange certain things. And also as we are all creating all the time the result is chaos with moments of serenity and peace that we create during meditation time or being in a nature of mind time. However what about karma, what about people that are around us as a karmic baggage.I don’t understand how law of karma coresponds with The Secret where anything is possible? Could you explain that?

    FROM BILL: I would forget about The Secret. The Secret is mostly magical thinking, but with a kernal of truth: that your thoughts have consequences (ie, they create karma).

    Karma is cause and effect. What you do, and what others do, creates consequences. Those consequences are your karma. If you are aware enough you can avoid some of these consequences because you see their potential and choose not to involve yourself with certain people or certain situations. Some karma, however, is unavoidable, because you don’t have control over everything. This is where The Secret falls apart. They assume that you can control the universe with your mind. You can exert a small amount of choice and control if you are aware enough, but there’s no way you can control the universe. There is no Wish Fairy.

  72. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    One question,

    how can we tell the difference between coming from our shadows or being right in our perceptions?

    I read Marlina comments about Genpo Roshi and although Genpo looks caring and authentic to me , I have met other teachers that I consider to be not good for different reasons.

    How can I tell that I am right about my perceptions and not coming from my shadows in this case??


    FROM BILL: Good question. If something is a shadow–something you’ve disowned because you believe it is wrong, bad, or inappropriate–you will be emotionally triggered by it. (You’ll also attract a lot of it into your life, and you’ll exhibit the quality yourself, though you won’t see that you’re doing it/)

    If something is fully owned you will still see it in others, and you might see that it is causing suffering, but it will not trigger you emotionally. You may even feel compassion for those you see exhibiting it. If, for instance, you have fully owned anger, you will see angry people, and you will see how they sometimes cause suffering for themselves and for others, but it won’t trigger you emotionally. You will likely feel compassion for them that they are caught in their anger.

    Fully owned anger (again, just as one example) turns into what is sometimes called Yang Compassion, the willingness to stand up for those who are suffering and do what needs to be done to help them, even if it means exercising what some call tough love. And, it happens without feeling triggered emotionally.

    When Genpo asks people to speak to the voice of the sexual pervert, he isn’t advocating sexual perversion. It’s disowned sexual energy that creates perversion. When sexual energy is owned, it stops being perverse and becomes incredibly potent life-force energy–loving energy. Those who are really triggered by sexual perverts are triggered because they have disowned energy of the same kind. Speaking from that voice causes you to own that you, like all humans, have at least that potential.

    When owned, the energy becomes benefitcial to you and to others, rather than causing suffering. And, owning this voice doesn’t mean that you don’t take action to protect potential victims of sexual perversion. It just means you don’t do it from a triggered and reactive place.

    So the main difference is that shadows trigger you and appear in perverse and immature ways, whereas the same voice when owned does not trigger you and appears in mature and beneficial ways.

    If you go back and look at my post about shadows (I believe there have been two of them), you’ll see that I’ve explained this before.

  73. carlos says :

    I am still confuse about something.

    For example Marlina could be RIGHT about her perceptions about Roshi ( Iam not saying that she is or isnt) and be trigger by it.

    or she could be WRONG about her perceptions and be triggered by it.

    in other words your shadows could be trigger and you could either be right about what you perceive or you could be wrong about what you perceive. Is there a way to tell which is which??


    FROM BILL: Ifyou have a lot of shadows, you have no way of objectively evaluating anything related to them. You become increasingly able to make resourceful decisions as you own your shadows. Until then, you’re just in reaction to the world. The fact that you have a REACTION to something does not provide any kind of valuable evidence or criteria for evaluating something. It just shows you that you have some stuff to deal with. The more free you are of shadows the more you can see things the way they really are, without your projections getting in the way. Then, you can make a reasonable and resourceful decision.

    What you’re really saying is, “I’m not not clear enough to make a decision about what is resourceful or not because I’m caught in my shadows. Therefore what I think is a problem could be real or it could just be my shadow speaking.”

    In that case wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of the shadows by owning them, so you can make a more resourceful decision? So yes, she could be right and have the shadow, and she could be wrong and have the shadow. The only way to tell would be to get rid of the shadow.

  74. Jared says :

    Bill, I liked this post for two main reasons:

    1) It allowed me to stop and reflect upon how believable it would be for me to become the transcendent. It is clear that some things are connected, and therefore, one thing. With this in mind, I think it would be reasonable to assume that many other things are connected as well. And If reality is truly all just one thing, then yes, one would not expect to see separate egos walking around, experiencing themselves as separate – it would instead, be experienced as a wholeness. Although these posts do tend to make sense to my intellect, have not yet become the whole experience. Seeing more of the connectedness in things would make it more believable. I also think that maybe by choosing to believe in the oneness of all things, one might be able to allow the evidence to become more, well, evident. Anything is possible right? The mind can filter though it ‘all’ to produce it’s own evidence right? What if the mind filter choose to become entirely open to the experience?

    I do see some evidence of things/energies that are clearly connected and the same:

    Here is my simple (and possibly overused) example:

    It is obvious that when looking closely at a rainbow – with all of it’s supposedly separate colors in the visible wavelengths of light, blending so nicely, and so subtlety, into one-another – that one cannot actually define a clear and divisible line between any of each hue. Up close, everything in the field of vision looks to be all of the same color. And this is true for any, and every, place on the rainbow. So I guess you could say that the whole thing really is just one color. You could call it the color… rainbow! This new color, rainbow, has some special characteristics though; it tends to change in appearance, depending upon on what part of it you’re looking at, and at what distance.

    Maybe the perspectives of many limited consciousnesses could be mirrored by this example. We all seem to disagree on what things ‘look like’ and what they ‘mean’ depending on what part of the whole we are focusing on. After all, I just effectively placed a new mental label on a rainbow as ‘being’ it’s own color…

    2) I found the story about the tube(s) to be comical as well. I laughed and nodded my head in agreement with it’s redundant and meaningless description of human life.


    FROM BILL: It’s really not about believing that everything is connected, but rather SEEING that it is all connected. Beliefs, though useful, keep you from seeing things the way they really are. Also remember, though, that we’re not trying to get rid of thinking, the ego, beliefs, or dividing things into this and that. Instead, we looking to be aware when we do it, and to know that all of that happens in the mind, but not in the real world. There are no divisions in the real world–we make them in our head. And, it’s very handy to do so.

  75. Lynn says :

    Hi Bill, these last 2 blogs in particular have been very very helpful. ….Im all of a sudden ‘getting things’ i never thought I would. , i’m going in and out of my version of a state of ‘getting it’, some of what you are saying, and a sense of presence and relaxing expansiveness in a way i’ve never experienced. the most ‘ordinary’ and wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt. ….thank you!!!
    very best, Lynn

  76. Nelson says :

    Thanks once again Bill. I love reading the Blog that eats my mind chatter and it does accomplish that task every single time (especially the entry above “The whole Universe Depends on You”). The blog is the tube that I am fed through while the Akasiastic universe is the waste receptacle at the end of the chaos and the accompanying thresholds of ascension (I by no means intend to imply that waste is bad).

    Very glad that you ran into Genpo Roshi, he has shined his light for all of us that see our own light through both of your glowing perspectives. For me your book “Thresholds of the Mind” opened the door to an affinities and communication line/s that I never thought would exist in my lifetime.

    Centerpointe meditation cds have been a remarkable tool in my life and I applaud you for your perseverance with your own spirit and happy to say that I have reaped the benefit of your search exponentially.

    The pain of evolution is a good thing.

  77. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE, our mind (focus, thoughts) creates our reality/manifestations/results or creates our perception of reality (psicological pleasure/pain) because we are being lived ?

  78. ROSARIO says :

    HUMAN BEINGS have the ability to create what they wants (eliminate – and having +) through focus, beliefs, expectations, actions, etc. or HUMAN BEINGS are being lived and are only tubes as alan watts says ?

    FROM BILL: Yes.

  79. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    IT seems like I have a shadow about money. Consciously I would like to have a lot of money. I dont dislike people who are rich or even people who are “filthy rich”. but as a salesperson I dont feel comfortable charging people even if I think it is a good deal for them. I dont have a problem with other people charging, I dont have a problem paying for what I think is worthy (ex holocync) but I feel uncomfortable asking to other people to pay even for something I would buy myself. Consciously I know this is stupid , but I cant help feeling that way.

    This is probably because I grew up in a socialist/communist country where I was taught that money was not good etc and even though I consciously opposed that ideology maybe it got to me unconsciously.

    Maybe it also has to do with fearing rejection although I dont fear being rejected in other areas/contexts.

    So what voices would you recommend that I speak from in order to deal/own this issue??


    FROM BILL: Marketplace mind

  80. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    the “I” that I THINK I AM,
    (1) EXIST ?
    (2) if EXIST “I” have the power to create my reality with focus, visualization, action, etc, ?
    “I” DOESN’T EXIST because is an ILLUSION
    so SIT BACK and WATCH the show unfolding spontaneously by itself ?

    FROM BILL: This is a question that has been answered and discussed over and over in these blog posts. The “I” is your idea of who you are. Just as your idea of a banana is not a banana, but is just a mental representations of a banana, your idea of who you are is not who you are, but rather a representation of who you are. Any mental representation of anything–you, or a banana, or anything else–can never include everything.

    Your idea of who you are exists as an idea, but it isn’t who you are, and it can never include all that you are. It doesn’t include all the cells dividing every moment in your body, all the neurochemicals at work, all the neurons firing, all the circulation of your blood, the growing of your hair, and all the relationships you have with everything else.

  81. Elam Ramos says :

    Mr. Harris I want to start thanking you for taking the time to put together these blog, and sharing the knowledge. I was first introduced to the concept of the self separate from the universe in the book Spectrum of Consciousness by Ken Wilber. This process beginning from the time we are born, and reinforced throughout our lives. Our conscious mind makes sense of the universe around us through our senses, only capable of processing a limited amount of information at the time. (Around 7, plus or minus 3, pieces of information every second) Using this as a mechanism to use what we need and mask what we “don’t need”. Otherwise the experience of reality would be overwhelming. As a result of this learning process we in later life in confuse the map with the territory, and vise versa. Through meditation we stretch our interpretation of the universe, expanding the perception of reality. And that takes a lot of practice.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I look forward to participating in of Big Mind seminars in the near future.

    As you always say, Till then, be well.

  82. Eric says :

    Hey Bill, I haven’t time to read all the post by followers so don’t know if maybe someone has approached this with you yet, but it has become very obvious lately that you have grown or changed or developed recently – maybe from all your work with Genpo Roshi, or whatever else you are working on. It’s nice the new you, but it leaves me wondering where you will go with all of this. How will Centerpointe change as you change? Will you tire of helping the people at the bottom who are just starting to look up?

    FROM BILL: We’re all at the bottom looking up.

  83. richard mccaul says :

    when u do drop ur internal reps its amazin how many things arent goin to have a bigmind weekend with dvs =] + lots of coffee.

  84. Duncan McClintock says :

    Thank you, once again, for this and your previous posts. The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter, really is that. Emptiness abounds, and confounds, that which can not see it, or be seen in it.

    This is the third time that I have read this post, and the replies to it, and once again, I am amazed by the clarity that it invokes.

    Blessings from and to all,

    Till then, be well.

  85. Sam says :

    I’m wondering if you can speak a bit about the center of being, that which relates to the “essential core to our being” that which the Dalai Lama spoke about in your post; I believe it was from his book. I believe that I have a center of being, and some might argue that we all share a common center of being akin to the center of everything that was before the big bang, however I can’t really find it. I certainly feel a particular state when I observe things from my center of being however I can’t really describe this state to anyone, although curiously I’ve spoken with friends while they were in this state and heard them speak very similarly to myself when I am there. While this center of being may not exist in time and space our experience of such a center seems to exist, and what’s more this experience often tends to be a shared experience of something in our manifest universe. Within the emptiness between my friend and myself we come up with chatter about our center of being and all, however this chatter is also seemingly empty and void of anything really substancial. It’s quite interesting but doesn’t often seem to go anywhere.

    It seems that if one is doing this for fun that everything is ok, however once one starts to take it all seriously one tends to lock this in place within form that really limits the one’s ability to have fun. Maybe I’m just rambling again, but today I’ve been listening to Ram Dass and am wondering how we might encourage some sort of spark here.

    FROM BILL: I’m pretty sure, if I understand which bit of writing you’re talking about, that the Dalai Lama was saying that there is NO center of being, no separate essence–to anything, including you. That’s what emptiness is all about–all things are interdependent and, as such, nothing has any SEPARATE essence apart from the whole, even though your mind creates the illusion of one. That’s why you can’t find it.

    In fact, in many ways Buddhist and Hindu training are all about getting people to look for that essence (the Self) in a disciplined way. Only when you look for it in an organized and disciplined way, where you look everywhere, and still DON’T find it, do you really get, experientially, that there is no separate self.

    This is, by the way, what I was getting at in other writings, and in my online courses, when I give the example of how do you prove that the Earth is round to a person who thinks it is flat–you have him look for the edge, but in a very disciplined way, until he sees, by coming back to the place he started, that his premise is false.

  86. Aires says :

    Hi Bill,

    Powerful, powerful post again.

    I am so happy and grateful to have come across your works during one of the toughest times of my life. I am in awakening level 3 and on the Accelerating Change Maximizer online Course. I have to confess that have since then my life has had tremendous positive shift, almost beyond words.
    My question is definitely off topic, sincere apologies for that, but here it goes.

    Personnel who go all the way to end of program, what do they do then will holosync? Set it aside because it is the end?


    FROM BILL: They live their life.

  87. Nameless says :

    In a moment of stillness, I had a revelation.

    Although we have never met, I love you like a child loves a father.

    Bless you.


    FROM BILL: I never really liked my father that much.

  88. carlos says :

    I am starting disc 4 of purif 1 . The periods of upheaval are less frequent now and milder. The last 3+ years when I started using holocync have been tough, really tough and yet so worth it. I get momentum in my life mostly thanks to holocync and then I hit a period of upheaval and I sabotage myself and my progress, and then the cycle repeats itself again and again. However when I look back I can see a huge progress , mostly emotional progress . When I look back I cant believe how inmature and tight and vulnerable I was. When I look back at my previous self I see a very diffent person , I person I can barely relate to anymore.


  89. Brian says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have a question about anxiety, which is my problem and why I bought holosync. I have only been using holosync for 2 weeks but have a question about awareness. It seems that as an anxiety sufferer I am TOO aware of how I feel. I obsess about it all day, always with the attention on myself and not able to interact with my environment in the right way. In fact I just came back from playing basketball, and I could barely pay attention to the game. The whole time I was thinking “what am I doing wrong?” “How do I accept how I feel?” etc. I was wondering then if it is possible to become too aware of how you feel.

    I have visited a couple of anxiety websites which say to try and do normal things, get involved in the outside world because that puts the attention off of you and onto your environment. I was just wondering if you are talking about a different kind of awareness when you say to “watch how you feel” because it seems that that is all I do! It seems like that is my problem and I should be trying to do the opposite of that and integrate back into the world.

    Also the best anxiety websites I have come across say that anxiety sufferers’ problem is that they are fighting how they feel all day instead of accepting it. I feel like this is what I need to do but have been unsuccessful in doing it despite trying for over a year!

    So far the holosync has made me more subdued and calm, yet I continue to obsess about how I feel, even though I know this is the wrong thing to do. So I guess my question is that is it possible to be too aware of yourself or am I talking about a completely different kind of awareness than you are? Also if you could just give me any advice regarding anxiety, obsessing about how you feel, and complete loss of confidence, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Bill!


    FROM BILL: When I say to be aware of, for instance, how you feel, I don’t mean to think about it. I mean to sit down and pay close attention to the sensations in your body. Anxiety is a bodily sensation. Sit and NOTICE IT. Don’t try to stop it, just be curious about it. If it’s such a big part of your life, doesn’t it make sense to be curious about it? Where do you feel it? Does it change? Does it move around? Instead of trying to get rid of it, be interested in it and watch.

    The next level would be to notice how you DO anxiety. Anxiety is something you DO, not something that happens to you. You create it by making certain internal representations, usually internal pictures and internal dialog. “What am I doing wrong?” is such an internal representation. Because it is about what you don’t want (doing it wrong), it creates a bad feeling, in this case, anxiety. All bad feelings are created by you making internal representations of what you don’t want, are worried about, are afraid of, or want to avoid.

    You do this because in your past, probably during childhood, you received negative feedback in certain situations. I would assume that you were told (or given some sort of feedback–it could be a look, being ignored, being laughed at, or many other things) that you were doing something wrong. Now, whenever you are in a situation that reminds you of those past situations, you respond by unconsciously and automatically making internal representations of what you don’t want. Then, you feel anxiety.

    So the next thing to get curious about is what internal representations you are making that generate the anxiety. Watch, and you will see the internal representations, and you will see how they directly lead to the bad feeling. You can only do this if you do it unconsciously and automatically. Become curious enough to watch yourself do it, and you will move from doing it automatically to do it intentionally, with choice. Since no one chooses to feel bad, you will stop doing it. Awareness (by which I mean watching HOW you do something), creates choice.

    This is not the same as knowing that you do something, and it certainly isn’t thinking about it or analyzing it. It’s just being curious and watching so you can see how you’re doing it. When you are doing it unconsciously and automatically, it SEEMS like it’s just happening, because you don’t seen what you’re doing to create it. Watch, and you see how you do it, which gives you the choice to not do it. You don’t watch, though, to get rid of it. You watch because you are curious to see how you do it.

    I strongly suggest that you take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses.

  90. Sam says :

    I’m sure that nothing can exist separate from anything else in this universe, because everything apparently has been “created” from the same energy. However because we have human minds that like to chop things up into separate bits we have the illusion of separation from the whole of life, therefore it’s useful to play the game of “white must win” or other games that seem to bring progress, and I believe that in his heart this is what the Dalai Lama was speaking about. He was showing us in escence that you cannot have a true independent action, nor can you have free will in the sense that I can use my free will/vibration to get what I want regardless of real-world circumstances, however if you truly understand the idea of interdependence deeply you’ll understand what an impovrished world view this is and create a new world view of your own which includes independence; whatever that means for you.

    I think that our shared experience is very important in our internal map of reality because it tells us what’s real and, if these ideas are reinforced strong enough by culture and environment etc, we can make reality things which in this universe don’t exist; perhaps that don’t exist yet. If we all agree that we can experience some sort of center of being, no matter where that center of being is in personal experience, something starts to happen. For instance when people observe the empty nature of the universe they start to become one with that void and then something happens; what exactly happens depends on your intention, and usually people aren’t that good with intending things to happen (from what I’ve witnessed by our common usage of intention in the culture). It’s not that the universe is inherrently empty and there’s no independence or purpose etc–the universe is far from empty– rather it’s the dicodemy between being empty and full with nothing to be full of and nothing to “contain” emptiness. When you experience this it’s as if this void is a thinking void, and you can get your intention behind what this void wants us to do (so to speak) and manifest whatever you want. For instance a lot of things are happening while I listen to Ram Das recordings because I have some issues around spiritualitty and experiences which I feel that this is helping with; it’s as if we have a connection with one another and can carry on a dialogue, however this dialogue doesn’t exist other than our mutual agreement about carma and values etc. If anybody from psychology or associated fields heard that I was having a conversation with someone called Ram Das in my head and truly believing that it’s real they’d make some sort of diagnosis, however due to the powerful effect that Ram Das has had on the consciousness it doesn’t seem too far fetched; maybe for Harvard or other institutions of higher learning, but I don’t really fit in there anyway.

    Perhaps the universe is empty of anything other than our (meaning us humans) creations within our human mind, however I believe that it is our exploration in creating our creations that is the thing that makes the universe feel full. A movie is only an empty projection however–at least if it’s a good one–this movie seems full of life and abundantly enjoyable while I’m in the theater. Often times after watching a movie I don’t really remember much about what it was about, only bits and pieces here and there, hence my experience of the movie is empty; becoming more so all the time. I think that sometimes we miss the point in emptyness and other associated teachings in that it takes our action to make something happen, even while watching a movie, and it’s only by way of seeing/experiencing emptyness that any of this becomes clear. Clarrity of course is another human construct, but this is already too long.

  91. John N says :

    NN says:September 22, 2009 at 8:41 am
    Bill, do you know of any cases where Holosync has cured aspergers syndrome?

    FROM BILL: . . . . . . We are contemplating a clinical study to follow up on all these reports. If you (or someone you know) with asbergers uses Holosync, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding what happens.

    I am going through a process with a clinical psychologist learning to deal with Asperger’s Syndrome in my personal life and marriage. I am willing to contribute to your research program in any way that I can.

    It may be difficult to differentiate between benefits derived from Holosync and those from conventional treatment. But I will report anything which seems relevant. How is this best done?

    FROM BILL: I’m sure we are months away from such a study. I’ll just note your email.

  92. Dessita says :

    thanks for this again.
    I’ve just given a report to my readers on Holosync on my blog:

    best wishes to all! x

  93. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill Harris: Well I had my socks knocked off this past two weeks. I got your email I need your help. sence I don’t think I paid for that particular capability this feedback request is comming through your blog. This is in reference to your on line courese success process lsson 3,2, I hope it reaches you because this is a story about taking my life off auto pilot. Sunday the 10 of october about three am I got a call from my 16 year old gradson Jason he had been sick for some time with (valley fever) somthing most people get If living here in Arizona as long as I have. he had finished about 6 months of anitboitcs and we thought he was well now 8 months of the meds he is now sick again and much worse than before. I rushed home from work and took him to the emergency room because he was spitting up blook. on the 16 of october we thought we were turning a coner on this. at 3am in the morning of october 16 he coded. I automatically went into the observer mode, I also went up above my time line to just a few minutes before he coded. and was able to go back down with a calm and peacful feeling. If this would have been three years ago when I first discovered the secret and Holsync I would have been crazy,screaming,nashing my teeth and ringing my hands. I was the observer and as I watched the doctor shove a niddle into his chest the nurse air baging him to get oxyge to the brain. With my limited understanding of the law of attraction my Internal map of reality. the time line, my trust issues, especially with myself there is no way I would have been able to control my actions and thoughts and the outcome that I wanted. I knew that I beleived in thoes split seconds of utter chous. That this was what he attracted into his (even thought there is no seperate things or people or incidents everything is connected) truly understand that. I was able to withhold judgment,accpet what was happening let what ever happends be ok. I was truly off auto pilot. I fixed my mind on what I wanted the out come to be and accepted that my grandson’s may not be the same as mine (because of where his letting what ever happens be ok be different than mine but the power of my self beleif and that I wanted with passion. I would not be denied I trusted in my self and things come there was a shift and I felt saw it tasted it heard it trusted it and It came through. So this is the 17 of october and I know I still have lots to accept about the law of attraction in action. but I am one step closer and thats a good thing. Alemenia Mclean

  94. Brian says :

    Bill, thank you very much for your reply. I will work at what you said. I also plan on eventually taking the Life Principles Integration Process, but I am really busy right now and would like to get my feet a little more wet with just the holosync for now.


  95. Cassandra says :

    Hi Bill,

    I share your excitment with the work you’re doing with Genpo. I just participated in a teleconference with Genpo on MasterWorks Healing where we dialoged with the thinking and non-thinking mind. All I can say is “powerful.” Not true, I can also say peaceful.

    I can just imagine how powerful this work is at a conference — very important work you and Genpo are doing. Transformational, indeed.

    My best to you…..


  96. Sam says :

    Is there any utility in the example of the tubes from this post? In other words can we use this as a teaching tool for discovery, or is it only a funny and sort of ironic story about how us humans are nothing more than eating/shitting/reproducing machines with little or no creative will to be something more? I’m not the smartest guy but I think that perhaps Mr. Wats was on to something more than just trying to be amusing, and I’m wondering if Bill (or anybody else) picked up this spark.

    FROM BILL: Duh.

  97. Sam says :

    Well let us continue our discovery; duh. :-)

    Think of us humans as akin to computers, and imagine us all connected in a virtual world wide web that connects us all similar to the internet, and it’s not too hard to see how far we might go with this; so far.

    Also think of how many selves often join together (due to being similar or alike etc) and form one higgher self that is often called a holon and how evolution could happen by way of looking at the holon as a tube rather than a self, and exploring how individual holons might join together to create an even more complex holon. Sometimes a bunch of individual selves join together to form one higher self or holon, as seen in big mind, and this creates a structure that is very expansive horizontally (allowing it to process a huge amount of information) but is very shallow virtically (meaning that there probably won’t be much done with that processed information). Other times smaller groupings of selves, or in rare cases individual selves, create an independently functioning holon that is much more grown up virtically but isn’t very wide in it’s scope; this means that the higher holon on the virticle scale can “control” the lower holons, however the higher holon needs the lower holon’s cooperation to be able to function (due to the higher holon not being very developed horizontally we often have problems getting this to happen unless more exploration is done at this level).

    I look eagerly to what’s next. I hope to have a wonderful mind suffari.

  98. cloudia says :

    I’m clapping with one hand!

    Aloha, Friend!

    FROM BILL: Don’t hurt yourself.

  99. Michelle says :


    Hi Bill,

    I sincerely want you to know this.

    I am 39 years old and I have been struggling with “myself” for as long as I can remember, and then a few years ago somebody gave me a copy of the secret and I found you.

    I was given a set of tapes by John Kehoe when I was 13 years old and found it very fascinating that I could create and manifest anything I wanted in the world but it never really gave me the understanding that I so desperately needed to move on and to free myself from suffering and pain.

    When I did your online courses I began to see a whole new opening that showed me that there was a whole heap of stuff that I was unaware of and how things went together more clearly.

    I did not understand the reasons for meditation, the yogic paths or what the bigger picture was really at all and after listening to the lessons in your courses over and over for about 2 years, (I even listened to them when I went to bed and often fell asleep with them still on) I started to see more clearly how things went together.

    I know at first it was just a conceptual view but it made it more easy to shift out of where I was, (which was not helping me) and take a different view on things and also brought me to the place where I understood the value of witnessing, knowing that I am not my mind, and going to the trouble of being present as often as possible, because I couldn’t really see the point of the matter before.

    I have been using Holosync now for almost 3 years and am going over your courses now for the 3rd time. I am also currently about to start Purification level 1.

    I’m not going to lie to you, at the moment I feel scared. I’m scared about my relationship, money, and health, but its different now. Before when I used to feel scared about something I would go into all sorts of panic, terrifying panic. I would become unreasonable, angry, manipulative, controlling and demand this and that from the people that I felt dependant on, (because I have a long standing issue with abandonment), basically I would become unbearable.

    Now I still feel all those same things but I don’t act on them. I watch as much of it as I possibly can, I inquire about as much of it as I can, I watch my body, my thoughts, what pictures I make and so on, as much as I can and even though it’s still scary for me I think I can manage this now. I also feel as though I have a much better chance of getting myself to the place I want to be in rather than completely flipping out and fearing the worst, (for me it’s being alone with no one and nothing).

    I don’t really think this is going to happen to me now because I don’t think I will allow it. Now I understand that I have some control over this, where as before I wouldn’t have known where to start to prevent this from happening to me. It would have just felt like being at the bottom of a very deep mud slide and not knowing if I was going to escape it by some lucky strike of fate, or be swallowed whole by the whole thing, and I would have just been sweating on and praying that I would be spared.

    Also after listening to your course and meditating with Holosync I am also able to understand the teachings of people like Eckhart Tolle, Genpo Roshi and Byron Katie. I would not have been able to learn from them if you hadn’t been such a wonderful buffer in the middle ground to fill the gap that I so desperately needed to be filled for me to learn more and understand, my view was so limited.

    Now I am able to take a bigger perspective, to stand back periodically and watch what I am doing. I sincerely don’t believe I would have been able to do this if it were not for you and what you have passed on in your teaching. No doubt it’s because you have been there yourself and you found a resourceful way of passing on the steps that you went through to follow.

    By the way the money I spent on your courses and on Holosync were a fraction of the cost that they are worth, but I’m glad that they were sold to me at the price that they were as my finances at the time were such that I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have considered buying them hadn’t they been the price that they were, which of course gave me the opportunity to take that leap of faith and buy them.

    Perfect! What you have done is just perfect. And just for the record……….
    I have now bought myself a course of training in share trading that I am willing to learn which I previously would have thought was way out of my league to even bother myself to try and learn, but I actually think I’m going to be able to do this.

    I think if I ever met you I would just burst out into tears because even though you don’t know me you have changed my life now for the better forever, because I’ll never forget what I have learnt from you and I can only learn more not less.

    I’m going through a bit of upheaval at the moment as another one of those things that Holosync has pushed through me to process and change, as you call it chaos and reorganisation, I don’t like it and I’m not real clear about my situation at the moment, but I’ll bet you when I do reorganise it will be way better than it is for me now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of what I’m frightened of that has been plaguing me for most of my life falls away some or maybe completely. Who knows? I’ll wait to see what’s on the other side of this.

    This is really just my moment to say to you, Bill Harris thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to meet you one day and I hopefully won’t be wearing any eye makeup so as to not mess up the shoulder part of your shirt from my tears of gratitude and appreciation. I’m crying now just thinking about it.

    You truly are precious.

    Thanks again

    Michelle Beaton.

    FROM BILL: Michelle, I’m happy that Holosync and what I teach has been helpful to you.

    What you are afraid of happened long ago, when you were growing up. Now, whenever something reminds you of it, you do things inside–you make certain internal representations of what you don’t want–and this creates feelings of fear. So far, you have not learned to watch yourself do this, which would mean seeing the internal representations as you make them, also seeing the results, the bad feelings. If you can learn to see yourelf create fear when nothing is happening NOW that is fearful, you will stop doing it.

    As long as you create this fear (by automatically creating certain internal representations of what you don’t want) when different things you see or hear in your environment tirgger you, you will keep feeling afraid. The fact that it is a little bit better than it used to be is because Holosync has made you more aware, and to some degree you now have some distance from all of this. The whole point of the first online course is to learn how to observe each part of your Internal Map of Reality, as you use it, so you can see how YOU are creating how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the things that happen in your life mean.

    And by the way, you can’t create and manifest anything you want. That is New Age magical thinking. If you focus on what you want and take action to get it you can get quite a bit, but there are billions of people in the world who have agendas that differ from yours, and an unlimited number of physical realities that you have no control over (gravity, the weather, the sun, the laws of nature, etc, etc, etc.). The best you can do is to become aware enough to not unconsciously create unnecessary suffering for yourself (as you do when you automatically focus on what you don’t want, or become attracted to people who will hurt you), and to focus on what you want and take action to get it.

  100. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill! I dont understand this idea that there is no seperate doer. Dont you have choice over your behavior, your IR and what people and situations you attract into your, once you become aware? All people seem to have some seperate identity, you as well. So there is no seperate “me” who is writing this? The idea actually creates some uneasiness for “me” or for my “ego”. How should I deal with this idea until I realize all this for myself? Thanks

    FROM BILL: The “me” that wrote your post isn’t a separate me. It wrote what it wrote based on all the zillions of influences and interactions it has, and has had, with the rest of the universe. Certainly you made a decision to write something, but it couldn’t be decided except in relation to your entire experience of life–SOME of which is stored in memory form in your brain (though not very accurately, they say).

  101. james says :

    I bought a pair of Sony Extra Bass Headphones, the frequency response goes all the way down to 3Hz and they have really big cushons to surround your ears.
    Bill you need to have a look and maybe think about a deeper level of Holosync.

    FROM BILL: Due to limitations built into the laws of physics, you can’t go any deeper than we go. Period. Trust me on this.

  102. Dee says :

    Bill, Thank you for Being.

  103. Samuel says :

    Thank you Bill!
    I realize this now :)

  104. Lisa says :


    I cannot remember if I did write to one of the blogs that I first received or not, but I have to say, I love these CDs. I bought my first Awakening CDs over 2 years ago. I listen to the daily. I received for free with my first set of CDs the Quietude and Oasis to use when reading.

    Unfortunately, I recently cracked this CD taking it with me. I need another CD! I am taking online classes and I have a ton of reading for this accellerated World English Literature class I am taking now. It actually starts tomorrow and I just realized the CD was broken 2 days ago. I used this CD for a Sports Nutrition class and it came in handy when the man I live with was watching TV at the same time I am reading a boring book!

    Please, I don’t care how much it will cost me, I need this CD! I am a valued costomer I swear by these CDs.

    I have to tell you again; I work a full time job as an Administrative Assistant in a hospital setting, I work a part-time job as an Individual Living Skill Trainer (ILST) for peope with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and I am a part-time online student. I am also a living with a brain injury myself. I was working as an ILST before I incurred my TBI.

    I swear by these CDs and I know because everything they have to offer helps all of the diversities I could be dealing with worse. I have been back to my full time job over a year and my part-time job for 6 months or more and school before I went back to work.

    I also took to different meditation course after I discovered Holosync online looking up yoga, which I had bought yogo CDs just before my accident and I read when I first got home from the hospital the “The 5 Tibetan Monks”. I believe everything happens for a reason and discovering these CDs was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

    My email you have and I read every Bill Harris email, and book I have ever received. Please let me know who I can get this CD replaced.

    Thank you for everything, you saved my life,

    Lisa Kozma

    FROM BILL: Why not call the company you bought it from?

  105. Kush Mainali says :

    I’m trying to subscribe to this audio blog(The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter) in iTunes but clicking on the iTunes link on the blog page takes me to your old audio Blog (Thresholds of the Mind) blog. Can you please have someone fix the link or maybe consolidate the two audio blogs so that people like me can download all the blogs and listen to them multiple times? Thanks and wish you even more success in your mission; if I may call it that! You are definitely one of the most eloquent people around.

  106. Sam says :

    If there is no inherrent separate self, why is this post entitled “seeing things the way they really are, part one: the universe depends on you”. First off regarding this way that things “really are” I’m wondering according to whose perspective are we speaking when we talk about the right view referenced here? Secondly, and much more importantly, who is this “you” that this universe depends on? And lastly why is it that this seems to be only the first in a seeming series of posts; is there another forseen post coming in the future based on a structure that you’re laying out? It seems that you might have a plan in mind.

  107. Money Play says :

    This is off topic but I think it would be a good idea to maybe do a post about redefining “God”. Since it is taught that we really are God, and since most people have serious shadows and deeply seated beliefs and ideas about what and, especially, who, God is, it would make easier for us to realize what it means to “be God”. It’s hard to accept that what looks like a person can actually be what is traditionally thought of as God.

    FROM BILL: God is an idea.

  108. Sam says :

    Yesterday’s post from me may have been a bit confusing and I would like to give some clarrification, at risk of being annoying. I believe that with these posts Bill is trying to turn our minds towards the dharma or, in other words, get our minds focused on the ultimate learning that will help us individually and collectively to focus more on what we want in this life. After one has successfuly touched the dharma (by oneself or via a teacher) one then discovers that there is a path to follow, or a sort of trajectory that tells us where we’re going and makes the focusing process much easier; one could for instance talk about one’s “optimum Big Mind trajectory” and understand much more the utility of such a process in one’s own life. After this stage we then move to removing the obsticles to our accomplishing the path; dealing with our shadows, untieing the gnots, breaking down the berriers and so forth.

    It seems to me that the tube analogy may have been useful for me in getting me to touch the dharma more, in that it made me think a lot about how us humans interact with one another (with and/or without autopilot), however unfortunately it seemed that I wasn’t really ready for the next step because I’m still stuck on this shadow thing. This tube analogy very lucidly illucidates for us the direct path that we’re to follow to get what we want, even if that path is for one to attain the holiness of the Dalai Lama such that it’s owned and embodied (to use Roshi’s language) and can readily be shared with others. The only way for us to see things the way they really are is to take that first step on the path; to actually see how I go through life as a tube and how my tube interacts with other tubes, as well as doing big mind and other practices that help me figure out (from a tube’s perspective) why big mind seems to be so useful and how I can eventually drop what seems external to me such that I have my own internal big mind. I’m also studying a tantra course right now that can get quite confusing, however when I look at the Mahayana vehicle from the perspective of the tubes things become much clearer and more accessable to me. It is only after we’ve traveled on the path for a little while that we should focus on shadow work, and until then we should be having more fun. We’ve still got a long way to go hence there’s no hurry, but we don’t have all the time in the world so we should get going as quickly as we can.

    There are also some more factors that should be taken into acount. There are four stages that need to be accomplished in this life so that we can get to where we want, wherein there is no more learning and we feel a sense of completion. First there is the stage of accumulation wherein we read all of the spiritual books and know the names of everyone who’s done anything around this, such that we accumulate a lot of knowledge about our stuff and could write a masters thesis. Where we should go next though is the preparation stage where we actually interact with the information that we have rather than name dropping, and where we get to the point wherein we’ve obtained all of the positive learnings from this stuff such that the names of all the people we’ve learned from and the need to use these names in conversation (rather than what we’ve learned) drop away due to our non-attachment to such things. When this has been accomplished we may then enter the path of seeing, wherein everything becomes very clear and profound and things are seen for what they are with no illusion or filter inbetween; see Bill’s online LPIP courses. Only after all of this does one enter the path of meditation wherein the adventure really begins, because now we’re ready to reflect and come up with our own interpretations that help us to embody what we’ve learned in this life. Finally we reach the stage of no more learning when one is completely realized and has attained enlightenment, and if one is lucky the process continues once again until it’s complete (whatever that means). Genpo would say that this process is explained in the continual raising of the Bodhi mind, which is a process that continues indefinitely until the great awakening; unfortunately we don’t know much about this because it’s never happened before, however these are educated guesses.

    I went a bit off the deep end here and I hope that this is useful for someone other than just me, because I don’t want to be selfish by writing in here all the time about my ideas. However I feel that perhaps there’s a larger game being played here, and if one has this information that one becomes more of a player in the game and becomes reorganized at a level that most haven’t experienced unfortunately. For instance there is a lot possible by utilizing the delta waves fascilitated by holosync, however unfortunately many have not extensively explored this subject to the extent that would be needed to do what’s possible; if we could get more of the many out there reading this to focus on breathing vibratory light while in the delta portion of holosync I know that one would experience a much higher level of functionalitty. Don’t worry about the light or about how it’s vibratory, just try it and see what happens; this is a short cut to the path of seeing that we’re really not supposed to be doing yet, but what else is there to do. I really hope that this accomplished something, and I appologize for any inconvenience or resistence this may have coused. Please feel free to post this, or any other feedback to our process, because this is very useful in refining one’s dharma.

  109. Mike says :

    Hey Bill,

    I had some questions that are self-admittedly off topic regarding the Gamma Soundtracks. I am considering using the Gamma for Awakening Level 2, which i recently started, but I wanted to see if you could give me some additional info first.

    First off, considering that these soundtracks bring you into a higher wave state versus a lower wave state, is there any cancelling out effect over the long term of the Holosync? It seems to me that there would be. Have the brainwaves of people using both Holosync and the Gamma soundtracks been compared to people just using Holosync?

    Secondly, since the carrier frequency is dropped with each level with the Gamma soundtracks as with the Holosync, will they produce any additional resistance or overwhelm? In other words, will they push the brain to reorganize at a higher level?

    If you could answer these questions for me I would greatly appreciate it. Any additional information you could give would be a blessing as well.


    FROM BILL: Ask your questions of the support department, though I think I have said everything you need to know in the material that accompanies the Gamma Compassion soundtracks.

  110. Brian says :

    Hi Bill, I have a question again about my anxiety. When I read or listen to something of yours, usually all that happens is I become more confused and feel even more anxious. However, I’m so desperate to get help that I keep coming back, hoping that maybe I will find something that will make me feel better. I pretty much feel bad all day and feel like I have no traces of my real personality in my interactions with others. For over a year now I have had great difficulty breathing, that is probably my most bothersome and frustrating symptom. I have been using holosync for about 4 weeks now, and although I feel a little different, on the whole my anxiety is still completely here if not worse at times. I also still have incredible trouble breathing (which actually increases during my holosync sessions).

    I guess I’m just wondering if holosync and what you teach are for me, or if maybe I should find something more simple and basic for my problems, like an anxiety support website or something. I just want to be rid of this so badly and don’t know what to do, so I thought I would ask your advice. Thank you


    FROM BILL: Anxiety–and, in fact, all “bad” feelings, are self-created. If you are new to Holosync, part of what you received was a new online course that comes with Awakening Prologue. If you haven’t registered and taken that course, you really should, because the first lesson is about what you DO to create how you feel. And, for others reading this, this course will be available to other Holosync users as soon as we evaluate the human-power resources we need to do the coaching that comes with it.

    Holosync is very powerful in helping anxiety, but it isn’t a 30-day miracle. Holosync makes you more aware which allow you to begin to see how you are creating your own anxiety, which is what causes it to go away eventually, as it did for me. Anxiety, and all other feelings, good or bad, are created by what you do inside in response to what happens around you. People with chronic anxiety had a childhood where no matter what they did it was wrong in some way, or where there was some kind of ongoing feedback that made them think there was danger or potential danger always looming. Certain things (being with people, anticipating something you have to do, etc) trigger this feeling of danger, which is generated through the internal representations you make of what you don’t want.

    Go take the online course that came with your Awakening Prologue. And, use the support line.

  111. Sam says :

    Is there really a blog for the old Thresholds of the Mind newsletter in audio format? If so, how can I find it, and is there a list of such resources on the site somewhere that I haven’t found yet like a list of links that takes one to each audio portion of the company (what you provide). Also God as well as emptiness are only ideas unless one experiences one of these ideas first hand. Perhaps this is what Bill is trying to do through this blog. Also I want to say to Brian that I feel your pain, and there’s probably a hidden opportunity in your anxiety. I know that for me when I get to the bottom of what seems to be a bottomless void of anxiety there always turns out to be something that I really needed, usually some sort of growth experience. For instance perhaps you could look into breathing exercizes to mitegate your anxiety and in that process find that you’re left with a lot more useful energy than you’ve experienced previously. I know that the breath holds a lot of hidden potential that we’ve only bearly scratched the surface of, and it’s only through our inner exploration that we’ll find, cultivate, and utilize these resources. Had I not wanted to get out of anxiety and other unwanted feelings so much, I would have never been pushed to explore the things that I’m exploring now that are helping me more than I could have imagined even before the anxiety when things seemed fine; we don’t know how good it can get until we choose to focus on the good in life and contrast that with how bad we’ve felt before, and usually those who have not been through some bad stuff don’t appreciate the good so much as to make it worth cultivating and living.

  112. Nameless says :

    I am trying to take ownership of my outcomes and am having a little difficulty on one. I don’t want to slip into the trap of holding myself accountable for things I have no control over, which would be another less silly but equally unhelpful form of magic thinking.

    In a previous job, I went through a rough ride, experiencing bullying and other forms of injustice. I left that job with a view to getting a better one – I was a bit traumatised by the experience and hopeful things would be better in the next place (yes I know it’s moving away from). I had a particular kind of job title in mind. I succeeded in attracting that job.

    My new boss is extremely rude, obnoxious and unreasonable towards me. However she has a reputation for being that way and severa colleagues had complained about her.

    Am I responsible for this? In other words, have I attracted this job because of unresourceful patterns or have I just been unfortunate in attracting another lunatic boss (I’m three for three now in weird/loony bosses)?

    FROM BILL: Did you know the boss before you took the job, and did you have enough contact to somehow unconsciously know what she was like? When we believe something we figure out a way to be “right” about it, including attracting or being attracted to people who will help us to prove that we’re right.

    By the way, moving away, as I mean it, is making internal representations of what you don’t want. If you changed jobs and were making internal representations of what you want (which means you need to be aware enough to have noticed what internal representations you are making), then you aren’t moving away. It’s all about the internal representations you make, not your intention.

  113. Nameless says :

    Well although I did not know her before I got the job, I did notice a couple of flags – one was her current assistant telling me that she had had several assistants previously, none of whom had lasted very long. I chose not to worry about this as although i would be working with her, it would not be as an assistant and so I thought perhaps things would be different with me.

    Second, in the interview her response to one of my answers gave me the impression that she could be a bit of a control freak – but I threw it off thinking well perhaps it’s just a little character quirk and nothing to worry too much about.

    So there were a couple of little causes for concern but nothing really glaring.

    With respect to ‘moving away from’, I would have to say I was doing a bit of both – as you know after experiencing a traumatic experience, focusing on what you don’t want is often the response people have.

    I was however also focusing on what I wanted, hence the fact that I attracted a better paid, higher grade more interesting job – unfortunately it just happens to be in a very disorganised and silly environment with an obnoxious bully for a department head. I recently found out that several people either have been or are on long-term sick leave for stress related illness.

    So do you think I am responsible for attracting this job?

  114. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Thank you for the 17.35 minute video. It was like a brother pulling me to the side and saying look sis lighten up. Your just a human bean add water,etc… and you’ll get some good and some bad according to tso he amount of action or inaction you give it most of the time you have to spend a lot of time fixing it If you look away for to long so grab that wheel and drive. I’ll love you no matter what you decide to do. I love you bill harris (you are that big brother I have prayed for far so long) keep nudging me and we’ll do this together. Thank you so much for your commentiment, to me and my personal growth. Its working!!!!!!!

  115. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I just finished the 17 minute video and I had lots of aha’s I want to thank you for being my big brother in my journey. I am getting it and its wonderful know you. I love you Bill Harris

  116. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I buying love your buying the new cadilac story. I just had a simular situation with the 2007 Jeep Liberty. I walke in seeing what I wanted test drove it. filled out the application. Went home did some figuring and say that a 13,000 vehicle would be about 39.000 by the time I payed it off, I told the man the intrest rate was way to high. I was putting 4.000 down and trade in my 7 year old car another 2.500. even though I was putting down so much the package looked and smelled fishie to me turns out at 18.9% intrest and 605 a monthe for 60 months. I was getting it but it was more like a screw job without the kisses and courting first. before I started holosync and this online course EMR. etc. I would have just accepted that I was a sucker and couldn’t get a better dealMaking all kinds of excuses like he need to feed his family and pay bills. and I could accept that or make him, strike a better bargin with me or I would find someone else that would. Just to know I am teachable has given me such drive and determination to continue and try to live every moment as much off auto pilot as possible and its great. I love you Bill Harris Alemenia McLean

  117. richard mccaul says :

    i was wondering if theres any spirtual pratice u can do with holosync.iv also made youtube channel dedicated to to holosync :)

  118. Sam says :

    Is our disowning something the same as moving away from something, or unconsciously focusing on what we don’t want?

    FROM BILL: Of course.

  119. Jacek says :

    I have been holosyncing for 6 months now and have noticed change of perspective as my mind relaxes. Recently a friend of mine went to see both: a tarrot reader and a psychic, to find out about his future. He was given a detailed description of what is going to happen in his personal live during the next year. How can anybody tell us the future (“you will get married in 2011 to a blond chick with big boobs, etc.”), isn’t created by us now&here?

  120. Anna says :

    Dear Nameless and Dear Bill. In the Support Follow-up Letter 4 from Awakening Prologue you write about our core belief and how it makes us create our life.It was very helpful for me. Suddenly I started to listen to my own opinion about myself. It was devastating and totally self-destructive. I figured where it came from. And from WHOM. Now I am in AL2, CD3. The whole work till now has been turning myself away from the self-destructive way and learning to build myself up. It is easy to say that but learning to create the new self-constructive ME was and is very tough work. But I do enjoy it…So what I wanted to say is if the boss is rude towards you, Nameless it means that you are rude towards yourself. Just watch carefully. She is only your mirror. Changing the core belief changes everything. What do you think, Bill? Anna.

    FROM BILL: I would suggest that instead of “turning away” from your old way of seeing yourself that you be aware of it, and aware of the results it creates. See it as it happens. This awareness automatically causes you to drop what doesn’t serve you–while turning away is a form of focusing on what you don’t want (the old way of being). Will power in changing yourself isn’t really necessary, and you don’t have to turn away from anything. Just clearly see what you are doing and how what you are doing doesn’t serve you. Awareness creates change, not resistance to the old way.

  121. Sam says :

    Can you do a post about magic, and how we shouldn’t believe in it? Also what if we were to believe in magic but rather than focus on what we don’t want–I sure hope this works–we focus on what we do want–this will work because I’ve payed (and am still paying) the price to make this work–and have a lot of fun with it?

    FROM BILL: I’ve already written several posts about magical thinking.

    The problem with magical thinking is that it doesn’t take into account cause and effect and the laws of nature. It assumes that those laws can be circumvented. So if you believe in magic, and focus on what you want, you’re still leaving out a huge ingredient: taking action (action that has something, in a cause-and-effect sense, that will lead to the outcome you want).

  122. NN says :

    Bill, love your insights.

    I was wondering, if a person who uses cocaine (recreational or regular use) decides to stop using, is it a good idea or not to use Holosync during the detox/withdrawal period? Seeing that the brain is plastic and capable of creating new neural pathways and grow more dopamine and oxytocin and whatnot receptors – with the right help, i.e. holosync and consistent (daily) affection. Or do you think it’s too much for the brain to cope with holosync during withdrawal?

    And the whole thing about “we only feel bad if we focus on what we don’t want” – that doesn’t apply to the process of detoxing from hard drugs, does it? I mean, the pain must be the result of a combination of focusing on what you don’t want/want to avoid (“I don’t want to be in pain”) AND actual neuro chemical induced pain (low dopamine etc)?

    Don’t worry about me in particular, I don’t even drink. But I met a guy and no I will not enter a relationship with him because it’s not a good idea, but IF he wants help and genuinely wants to change, I want to know how I can help (help him, not save him). Maybe recommend Holosync and daily bonding behaviors/affection + NA meetings + counselling + healthy diet + Qigong + exercise (and obviously change of friends, stop clubbing). I wouldn’t actually recommend all that, but that is what the ideal process of lifestyle change would look like from my perspective.

    FROM BILL: First of all, I am saying that emotional pain involved focusing on what you don’t want. Physical pain can be made worst by focusing on what you don’t want, but there is no escape from that fact that humans are susceptible to physical pain.

    Holosync has been shown to be very effective in addiction recovery, and listening to Holosync while deoxing would probably be a very good idea. I would, though, use it as the direction indicate–not for hours and hours, as someone with an addictive personality might be drawn to do.

  123. Anna says :

    Thanks Bill. This is a very helpful advice.Anna.

  124. richard mccaul says :

    just been reading comments iv had huge pain relief in 12 months of holosync from 80 per cent of the time down to about 4 per cent.fairly amazing to me thx

  125. Sam says :

    I didn’t say anything about magical thinking, but rather I’m talking about magic in general. It’s said that the magician is the one who has learned to master illusions–I’d be willing to bet that in your earlier posts regarding human development that you’ve addressed this–and I am primarily speaking of the illusion that is reality, the illusion that your first online course is illustrating so clearly is a representation that our mind creates. There is evidence that by changing our internal representations we can change our experience of life quite dramatically, as several people on this blog have attested to, and there is also evidence of how our changing our physiology or state through breath control that we can also aulter our reality (or at least the map of it) as well as change these components of the map reflected in others (or at least steer these things towards more resourceful outcomes for the person). With the new field of integral inquirry I’m quite curious to see how far this goes, because I am quite certain that this “internal map” thing is much more far reaching that one might assume at first glance: the internal representations we make–sights sounds and feelings we have after input has passed through the interface known as our “internal map of reality”–are most readily interpreted in the upper left quadrant of the integral mapping system; the physiological component of your system can be correlated to the upper right quadrant; our system of responces can be witnessed to change when looking at the lower right quadrant; and finally, and perhaps most crucial in some cases, the actual cause and effects of such inquirry can be noticed within our interactions with others in the lower left quadrant. Also by way of using this new topography of the internal map of reality it’s quite possible to see how re-integration of shadow material effects each of these quadrants in different ways, and how by not projecting our stuff onto others we can actually reclaim a lot of the energy that we normally put out into the environment and do quite amazing things. For instance I can take an internal representation of Hal Stone (in charge of the voice dialogue process which is the foundation for the Western version of Big Mind) and have an internal dialogue with him in my head wherein I can learn much more from myself about myself than I ever could have imagined. By looking at this interaction from the different quadrants I can determine where this information is coming from, and am getting better at recognizing when I’m in fantasy land virsus when I’m doing some real psychological work. For instance I know that Hal Stone isn’t really there talking to me but rather that it’s my mind interacting with the universe and choosing an interface like Hal Stone to talk to, and I also am recognizing that this representation of Hal is a convenient way for me to represent with internal dialogue (or auditory digital) what the different quadrants are trying to tell me about my own mind. I’ve used this quite easily when doing the timeline process, in that this role model seems to be able to pinpoint where I had made certain decisions and what positive learnings (or disowned shadow elements) I might gain from previously tramatic situations so that I can let go of the negative charge; those of you familiar with Bill’s courses will recognize this, and those who are not should look into it. At any rate to some people this might either seem like primitive magical thinking or some sort of insanitty, but the evidence towards positive change is overwelming and I feel that at this time we should be exploring this type of imaginative practice to see how far we can reach with it. I mean isn’t this sort of thing what your course was designed for? If I’m off the mark please let me know, because then perhaps I can get some feedback–and with a targeted post others may as well–so that I can take some real proactive action on this. I’m going to be spending next week in Salt Lake for some group big mind practice, and I’d love to have your input regarding what action I could take! Something big is happening, because I can feel it, but I’d rather find where the rubber meets the road rather than just feel some sort of pre-retreat vibration or other such sillyness. I don’t want to just get a “semenar high” from the experience however if those internal representations are created (as when we were at the “enlightenment for the western mind” workshop) I’d like to use them; I’m sorry but I can’t just “not think” about these things because this implies a lack of action and I’d like to move forward.

  126. Michaela says :

    Hi Bill,

    Just wanted to enquire about the online course you mentioned to Brian that now comes with Awakening Prologue but is also available to other Holosync Users.
    Brian, just to let you know, as someone whop has experieced chronic anxiety and panic attacks, please stick with using Holosync. I have been using it for more than a year now and can testify that it will help if you have the courage to continue – there are periods where it can seem like it is getting worse before better – but the insight and clarity gained along the way more than outweigh that continuous feeling of fear. I still have moments of fear and a long way to go on this journey but “I Know” I am Now moving in the right direction. Thanks Bill and my thoughts are with you Brian because I know you can do this as can I.

    FROM BILL: The online course I mentioned is not currently available to all Holosync users–just new Holosync users. Once we determine the work-load for our staff will will make it available to others.

  127. Buzz says :

    Hi Bill,
    I started Holosync a year ago, and immediately started having Night Terrors, of a shadowy figure approaching me while I sleep. It is terrifying, about 6 months ago I decided the night terror and holosync might be connected and stopped listening. I was on Awakening, cd 3. The night terrors didn’t stop. and recently I started making a connection that when I do something that isn’t particularly loving, or if someone around me is passive aggressive, I will undoubtedly have the terror. So I’m going to assume the terror is my dark side. So in as much as I thought I’d do anything to avoid the terror, I realized, it hadn’t killed me yet, maybe i just need to plow through and resume listening to the cd/s which I did last week.
    However now I’m feeling horrible. I keep thinking of all the things I’ve done that I’m ashamed of or that was stupid, and feel blame, and am blaming myself for everything under the sun.
    Now I’m not completely stupid, I understand the witnessing, I understand my thoughts are a concept and not reality. I understand that I’m resisting something, and it must be something big, but I can’t figure out what it is or how to get unstuck…. But I am truly stuck. I feel a bit desperate to not feel this way, and yet I can’t help myself, it’s like I want to feel this way. I’ve even told my self, something great must be around the corner, because I must be at the point of kaos, but I’m not sure I can deal with it a whole lot longer, it’s not a good place. Suggestions?

    FROM BILL: When you use Holosync, it makes you more aware. Some of what you become aware of is “positive”–the transcendend, oneness, etc. But some of it is the parts of life and yourself you have disowned or repressed because you were taught that they are wrong or bad. This is what you are becoming aware of, and resisting.

    These supposedly bad aspects of yourself cannot, however, be successfully repressed. When repressed they leak out anyway, and do so in a dysfunctional and immature way that creates suffering for you and for others. See my post, What’s Hiding in Your Shadows?

    As you become aware of what you have disowned, it matures into something beneficial.

    If you don’t deal with this stuff, it will keep coming out in your life in some way.

    Have you contacted our support coaches? If not, do so. I had lots of this stuff, too, and dealing with it (which really just means watching it, being aware of it) will definitely change your life. I understand that some of this is scary, but it will be worth it to go through it. Watch with awareness, and call the support line

  128. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill. Why should people with “severe emtional problems” work with a therapist while or before they use the program? Will the program not work for them?

    FROM BILL: Holosync is potent. It makes you more aware. Part of what you become aware of are all the aspects of life and of yourself you have disowned or repressed–all the things you think are “bad” or wrong with you. Those who have been traumatized have a lot of more of this stuff, and it can be very difficult to deal with by yourself (which is why we have lots of support at Centerpointe). Holosync is not meant to be used by those with severe emotional problems because it is something you do mostly at home, by yourself. Holosync will help such people, but they need much more support than we offer.

  129. Samuel says :

    Thank you, I love when you say that its possible for anyone to live a happy, peacfull and successful life. I really want to help peple around me and espacially those who have had traumatic childhoods

  130. Gloria says :

    In response to Money Play: Carl Jung always insisted on using God-image rather than the term God. There is an excellent and quite readable book by Edward Edinger on Jung’s concept of the way in which the God image has evolved historically and the way in which the historical development is reflected in an individual. I found it very enlightening. The book is called “The New God-Image: A study of Jung’s Key Letters Concerning the Evolution of the Western God-Image.”

    I love this quote from Bill to Anna’s Nov 2 post: “Awareness creates change, not resistance to the old way.” I have found this to be so true and yet as many of the posts here testify, the getting of awareness itself can feel very threatening and confronting. It takes courage and commitment to stick with it until the mud clears. The journey is worth it.

  131. Evan says :

    I purchased awakining prolouge; listened for 6 months – regulary & intensly – 90 minutes every day, enjoying deep relaxing sessions. Then I went through a nervous breakdown. I think the Holosync use was part of what triggered it – as I was becoming aware of really stupid mistakes I have made in the psat and uncouncious patterns of self- sabatoging behavior. Went through a six month period where I was frightened and felt totally helpless – staying in bed most of the Day, not working, just beating my self up about he past, really desperate and depressed.
    Then I went for a few therapy sessions, was given some mind anti – depressant medication. Now, over the past few months I have been coming back really stong. Back to work, business is good, exersizing, eating right, feeling calm, confident and clear minded. And with greater awareness I have gotten a handle on a lot of the self defeating behaviors.
    Regarding Holosync, I have not purchased any more levels, I still listen to Quietude and Oasis fairly regularly, which I find relaxing and enjoyable. With things going so well now, any reason for me to rush to the next level of holosync ( other than increasing holosync sales)
    Thanks again for everything!

    FROM BILL: When you use Holosync you become more aware. You become aware of a positive side of reality, that everything is interdependent, that there’s really just one big interconnected thing/process–and that you’re it. This is often referred to as oneness.

    The other side of what you become aware of is all the things about yourself and life that you have disowned or repressed because you were taught that they are wrong, bad, inappropriate, evil. Holosync doesn’t create this stuff. It just allows you to be aware of it. As you do that, what you thought was so bad matures into something positive, as when selfishness (for instance) matures into self love, and then love of others. What seems to be bad is just immature, and like a child locked in the basement it acts out in desperate ways.

    I can’t really tell you when or if to go on with Holosync. If you want to fully become aware, and fully embrace all that dark side stuff, turning it into something beneficial for you and for others, Holosync will do that. Perhaps you have more dark side stuff and you’ll have another dark night of the soul. Perhaps you’ve dealt with most of it and the rest is clean-up. My decision, when I was in the same position, was to keep going. Why, I don’t know. I just felt a commitment to fully wake up, and to find out the truth about myself. Something compelled me to keep going.

    If you do, it doesn’t mean you have to go balls to the wall, though. The smart way to do it is to back off if you begin to feel too overwhelmed. What you feel in such a case is your own resistance to what you think is so bad about what’s surfacing. This is why I ask people to learn to step aside and watch with curiosity. It’s only when you resist what happens that it creates distress.

    I’m glad to hear that you are more stable now. I suspect you’ll know when to go back to Holosync, and you’ll better know how to manage what happens.

  132. Brian says :

    Hi Bill, thanks for your advice earlier, and thanks Michaela for your encouragement. I must say I am still unsure about holosync although I have continued to use it. The main problem I have is that it seems to conflict with earlier advice I have received about anxiety that I believe in, and Bill I was curious to see what your take is on this. Basically advice I have received in the past is to stop trying to “cure” anxiety and instead stop caring about how you feel. This advice comes from someone who has recovered from anxiety and I really respect, and he says that you must stop looking for that “miracle cure” and instead live with the anxiety. I feel like when I listen to holosync or when I do the exercises you recommend Bill I am really doing the opposite, I am trying to “fix” how I feel.

    To be honest all that happens when I try and “witness” or watch myself is that I become more anxious. I kind of feel like I need to just forget all this stuff and live my day as normally as possible. Since starting holosync, I feel like I think more deeply and obsessively about I feel, and that this is just bad for my anxiety. Also, I have starting avoiding more social situations, as I don’t feel like myself and don’t want anyone else to see that. Really all I want is to feel “normal”, and all this talk about the unconscious mind and being the witness makes me feel stranger and more anxious than ever. I was just wondering Bill if you relate to any of this and what your take is on any of this. Thanks.

    FROM BILL: Here’s what I’m saying. Your anxiety comes from something YOU DO. If you watch yourself do it (not think about it, but stand back and watch to see what you do inside and how it creates your anxiety), you will not be able to keep creating it except in situations where it is a necessary signal to you that something really is wrong. I am NOT saying to try to get rid of your anxiety. I am saying that you should be aware of how YOU create. If you do that, everything will take care of itself.

    Again, I am not saying that you should think about or obsess about your anxiety. When it happens, though, notice what you did inside that generated it.

    I agree with your friend in many rospects. You will never get rid of anxiety. And, yes, thinking about getting rid of it creates more of it. Anxiety is a normal human emotion. However, you can stop being anxious so much, or being anxious when there’s nothing to be anxious about. I’m just asking you to be aware of EVERYTHING. Instead of being an automatic response mechanism, where you automatically create anxiety (or anything else) where there’s nothing going on to be anxious about, create anxiety with awareness. See how you do it. When you do this, anything that doesn’t serve you falls away.

    You’re assuming that I’m saying you should do something that I haven’t said, and then telling me that what you think I said isn’t working.

    I agree with “just living your life”–I totally agree with it. But you can’t really do that when so much of what creates your life is going on automatically, under the surface of your awareness. The only real way to live your life is to become more aware. When you’re aware, YOU HAVE CHOICE. Only when you have choice can you really “just live your life.” If you’re unaware of how you create your life, you just experience your life, but automatically, but you have little choice about how it unfolds–especially your internal life.

    So all I’m suggesting is that you should become more aware, which will allow you to see what you’re doing, as you do it. I am not saying that you should get rid of anything. Trying to get rid of some aspect of yourself is a sure way to create more of it. When you’re aware, you don’t have to get rid of anything, or even decide if something ought to be gotten rid of. Whatever doesn’t work just falls away on its own.

    As for Holosync, it’s just a tool to make you more aware. If you don’t want to be more aware, if you’re okay with creating your feelings and behaviors on autopilot, you shouldn’t use it. I doubt, though, that this is what you want.

  133. Samuel says :

    Hi bill!
    When I was 19-20 years old (Im 21 now) I was in a deep depression. I was almost constanly anxious and sad for about six months in a row. Then I picked up and started reading a copy of Eckhart Tolles “Practicing the power of now”. Just by reading the first page (espacially the words “you are not the thinker”) on the first chapter something happend in me. My mind became quite and I was just observing the room that I was in, with no mental noise. And the the sad thoughts that was creating my depression was gone. It was miracle and my depression has never come back. Have you heard stories like this when someone recovers from a depression (Eckhart himself of course) almost instantly?

    FROM BILL: In fact, there is no thinker, at least an some sort of independent, agentic entity. What we consider to be the thinker is just another one of the thoughts. Thoughts happen, but a supposedly separate agent that thinks them is not really there. The thinker is an illusion of the mind.

  134. Lynn says :

    This is a response to Brian,
    My reaction to holosync was extreme anxiety at first. .my nervous system is extremely extremely sensitive. I also have a lot of ‘bad girl’ stuff, etc. and came from a very unsafe, somewhat emotionally abusive background. i doubt many people would have continued if they had experienced what i had. however, i was also feeling that it was helping, on some level….. At first, it was affecting my sleep. being as unwell as i am, over time, this was too dear a toll. I stopped for 5 days.

    I did unconsciously, what i have done before in extreme anxiety and stress, , i zoomed way out, too far…i disowned, however, it was much much more comfortable, and i was able to continue. At the same time, i almost had my first panic attack, but didn’t. After this time, i went into deep deep rest with it. I’ve had varying experiences since.
    A lot just automatically ‘dropped off’. i stopped some compulsive behaviors over time. I dealt much better with my husband being unemployed for over a year, once again. As a matter of fact, we are both doing Holosync, and our marriage, with this stressor, including my chronic illness, not easy on either of us, has been at its best. Bill, Holosync has so helped this marriage and our lives as a result, thank you!!

    meanwhile, i was doing other things to try to help me heal on all levels. and got really triggered, and stuck in what i call the dark night as a result. i had to do yet other things to help me out of this………the result is incredible at times………..i have learned and grown tremendously from this. i too, even with a lot of brain fog from my illness, can witness more often now………it can take a while to learn this….but is extraordinary.

    one of the things that helped me learn, was that i was so resisting something else i was doing to try to heal……. I knew what i was doing…which didn’t change it…….what did change it was to do it differently.
    i had to drop the attachment that this was going to change anything or heal me, fix me…………..and that was huge for me…… i also, did what Bill had suggested in his course………i ‘zoomed out’, this was also huge….and these things helped me in daily life and with holosync.
    at first, i once again zoomed out too much as i had had an extreme stress response, but over time, i am much more fully present with it, more in balance, and do not zoom out as i had.
    being able to witness is the most incredible thing……one feels one can live through anything if one can do this.
    and sometimes, one just need see what one is doing while witnessng, and shift happens.
    However, getting to a place of witness is another thing.
    one thing i suggest if you can, is to try the zooming out………getting more distance w/o disowning.
    also, to watch, witness yourself watching and judging, if you can……
    what ultimately helped me too, was to connect with the more non dual aspects of myself, that i had disowned……….and going to the ‘apex’ so to speak as genpo Roshi speaks of. This for me was done more experientially, through my being, having known this place before, but now it was more mature, and balanced…..this took a while……..doing ‘energy work’ helped me reconnect………it wasn’t only the ‘energy work’, but the ‘place i go to when i do energy work that was most significant……..again, with, no attachment.
    Big mind can help me connect more now with everything.

    if you are watching or trying to witness from the same place, that is the stuff you are witnessing…….it can make it all worse.
    I am doing”’yup, yup, yup and….yup……during genpo roshi’s workshops with no resistance, unlike 2 years ago……….as long as i am ‘present’.
    I also pretty quickly go to apex when i am ‘present’.
    however, i don’t stay there.
    everything I am doing i feel is contributing to this. i finally feel i have the ‘right mix’…….
    Big mind may also help you feel that you are not so ‘bad’, as you will see that most people, at least for me, have had very similar feelings…..
    however, really important while doing this to also have the distance and know the ‘voice’ is not the self’, and own it.
    in the beginning i couldn’t get the difference and this too could create anxiety.
    i will tell you, however, owning it is the very best and freeing, liberating, maturing, balancing, and most likely nothing you think it may be, as it is for me, and really when you do this, you wonder why you feared and resisted it so much…….as the fear and resistance just goes away.

    sometimes, just naming it……’this is anxiety’ can help get the distance and shift.
    it can take a while to get out of the automatic of looking at the ‘why’ of things, which for the most part, just doesn’t work. and also out of wanting to try to get rid of things, fix things………just noticing that, when you do it, in the moment, can be very helpful…
    .sometimes i notice ‘where i go’ within and then am able to shift out of it, knowing it isn’t beneficial, and it happens automatically…….however, i will often, after this, also then go to the disowned voice, which is easier now as i no longer feel I am it’, it helps give distance………

    another thing that Bill has said and i just got more deeply and it has made a difference is to be aware of the consequences……that is huge.

    recently, i’ve been able to see some triggers, not necessarily be able to label them, but i am able to go to the place within that is disowned, and pretty immediately, the triggers drop……….mind you, i still have lots of challenges, esp. with deep ones.
    key here, to me, has been getting the right amount and right kind of distance……………without intent to bring love to,,,,,,no attachment even to that, if it comes as a result, this is something very different ,,,,,,,,,,..and can be of kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness if need be…………..

    before doing holosync or even during, if you are very uncomfortable, you may want to try speaking from the voice of ‘fear, disowned’…….this may help ground you and take the edge off and make you more comfortable…….

    i am better and better able to find the comfort when i am in discomfort., ‘simply’, by coming out of resistance. ….sometimes gently breathing into it, and ‘just’ allowing it………but this has taken me time to come to. i am on the 3rd level, nearing the beginning of the third year into holosync, and too, i’m doing other things, that are helping with all of this. .

    helpful too…….owning or re owning as i had to do, but this time, in more mature form, the ‘positive’ aspects of self , connecting with those also is real important, also helps with ‘i am not just all this yucky ‘bad’ stuff’……if you move through this, you may come to a place of deeper humanity having experienced this, all the ‘yucky stuff’, once coming to acceptance, which is part of the witnessing aspect……….more compassion for self and others, with a lightness of being,

    alot of this happens not through the intellect, but from an aspect of ‘being’ or a combo of both…….

    have my core issues been resolved, not at all, they are actually here, big, right in my face…….not comfortable……but so much of everything else has fallen away, and i am better able to ‘witness’ core issues, though this still can be extremely challenging. so, things feel both better and sometimes worse since doing holosync. i will say, in my experience, it hasn;t brought up anything that was not already there, but can magnify it tremendously………..all, such an opportunity, if we can learn how to witness and the ‘how’ we ‘do’ things, …. it has been well worth it for me, with all that has already dropped off…..

    .. i do also believe, some people ‘break’ too much from things, and that one modality isn’t for everyone.
    Let it be okay, really, if you decide not to continue……as Bill said, listen to yourself….this is huge, huge and huge and has been a huge one for me………listening to others and not myself, has only harmed me……
    ..very best to you, and to you too, Bill,

    FROM BILL: Thank you, Lynn, for weighing in and sharing your experience.

    There’s no doubt about it. Holosync is challenging for people who have had a lot of trauma. I know this because I am one of them. I went through some very difficult times using Holosync but, like Lynn, something told me it was helping (and I was miserable, so what was happening wasn’t really much different than my ‘normal’ life anyway) so I kept going. Then, periodically, I had moment of great clarity, where I knew something had really changed, which helped me know that even if I went back into some deep shit, things were improving.

    One thing that kept me going was that I just couldn’t bear to live my whole life the way I had been, where I was so angry and depressed and anxious, and where no one liked me. I felt like I had no choice but to go forward. At this point, I am so glad I did, because my former grimly dark life is a dim memory at this point.

    For someone with a history of trauma, Holosync is a challenge, but it’s so much better than staying stuck. The good thing about Holosync is that it WORKS–if you stick with it.

    And, I want to emphasize again that when you have upheaval, you are experiencing your own resistance to the parts of you that you hate. This stuff isn’t caused by Holosync, it’s revealed, so you can look at it and stop hating yourself (or, something else, which is a projection of the part of yourself you hate).

    One other thing. I’m not sure why, but many people who have an experience like Brian fail to use our support services. Why, I don’t know (and, I don’t know if Brian did or didn’t). One possible reason is that people, once they believe something, will do anything (though unconsciously) to prove that they are right, even to the point of complete collapse and even death. Not seeking help can be a way of proving that nothing will work, that you are hopeless, etc. So, for that matter, can quitting.

  135. richard mccaul says :

    i think bill undersells this product i think holosync does alot more than just awareness

    FROM BILL: What! Awareness is to human life and well being what gold is to financial life! All the benefits created by Holosync (other than the improvements in physical health Holosync creates, of which there are many)–whether emotional, mental, or spiritual–flow from the increased awareness it creates.

    You are right, though, when you say that I under-sell Holosync. If I tried to tell people the full extent of what it does, no one would believe me. Plenty of people already don’t believe what I tell them, which is why we have a year-long guarantee and offer a free demo CD.

  136. richard mccaul says :

    ahhaha thank ya bill love from ireland

  137. Samuel says :

    How do you know what your purpose is in life ? Im 21 years old and I dont know what I want do with my life, “ordinary jobs” dont feels apealing to me

    FROM BILL: Your purpose is something you CHOOSE, in my opinion–at least, your worldly purpose (which is what most people mean when they talk about “my purpose”). My advice is to get really clear about what you really love, and then ask yourself how you can find a way to support yourself where you get to do what you love.

    Few people at your age have figured this out. Your twenties are a time of exerimenting, of finding out what it’s like to be an adult. This is often a shock to young people–in many ways your twenties are your most difficult decade because you haven’t figured things out yet, but you’re less protected and less taken care of as you were as a teenager, and suddenly the enormity of taking care of yourself and making your way in the world becomes real.

    And, at your age you generally don’t have many skills or experience yet, so you have to take “ordinary jobs.” You aren’t qualified, yet, for the more challenging and interesting jobs. So in your twenties you should do a lot of things, get experience, think about what you love to do, figure out how to increase your skills and experience, especially in that area, and, above all, realize that life does get easier as you get older.

  138. Samuel says :

    Hi, a shadow is a disowned part of you and you hate that part. When you see it in other you hate it to. What about people that hate other because of their skin color? What part of themselves could they have disowned? Thank you

    FROM BILL: Being different.

  139. Sam says :

    I really appreciate the post from Lynn and Bill’s responce. It’s a great reflection of what the big mind process can do as well as a reminder to me who was here in big mind last week. I’m glad to see that we’ve found a great doorway to that place within that I call my center of being, that is that that Bill’s speaks about in his courses that just knows what to do and how to do it. It’s difficult to talk about without a mirror of sourts, and I feel that big mind is a good way for me to reflect this; the post reflected how well this seems to be working. I feel that this has great potential if we act within it and participate fully with the process, as it’s only by going to your center of being and participating that you’ll reap the benefits that this–a retreat like big mind–can bring to one’s life; I like that holosync helps us to share this experience, as it’s difficult when going at it solo without a way to monetor how you’re doing. I know that for me the group at the retreat really helped me tremendously both for their supportive function and their abilities to help carry what I may have been unable to at that time due to disowning. I’m encouraged to see that others–like Bill and Lynn–seem to be participating and benefiting from the experience; the witness is watching, and as long as we’re curiously open for what’s to come we won’t have to go through anything too much for us to handle. We’re only beginning on the journey, and the path gets easier from here.

    I’ve heard you Bill talk of how a group in a retreat setting helps to fascilitate increased meditation in that the learning is shared collectively, and perhaps this is what’s happening with our group here. Both by way of those who read this post, those who watch the tv of big mind through the computer, and all of those currently using holosync and those at the retreat there’s a strong pull that says that everyone at one’s center of being is contributing something. This is a great opportunity as you’rewell aware. Perhaps we can get more feedback from other participants in this process?

  140. james says :

    I can hear the frog on immersion now.
    You can buy these Sony MDR-V900Hd headphones for only $US30 if you search for them on Google.

  141. Brian says :

    Hi Bill and Lynn, thank yall for responding to me! Lynn thanks for sharing everything you did, your support means a lot! Bill also thanks for your continued help, it so nice how readily available you are.

    Well I dont know if this is real or not, but very recently I have had some sort of a realization. I think anxiety really just boils down to your thoughts. When I am really anxious (which has been pretty much all the time), I feel like I am controlled by my thoughts. I fear them, hate them, try and figure them out, then try and figure out why I am trying to figure them out (and it just goes on and on). I think people who are anxious look at anxiety as a riddle that they have to solve. They always think they are on the cusp of solving their anxiety like a math problem almost, only they never do. They just get taken deeper and deeper into their thoughts, totally obsessed with them and controlled by them.

    Maybe I have realized that you can’t really “get” anxiety or spirituality for that matter like you can a math problem. It is more something you start to just get intuitively, and it is pretty much impossible to fully describe. Anything you communicate to others (or yourself) by language, whether it be speech, writing, or thinking to yourself, never truly answers how to get rid of anxiety or how to achieve enlightenment.

    I guess now I am taking my thoughts a lot less seriously. Maybe I’m becoming more aware! Anyways thanks for the help everyone, this is a great place.


    FROM BILL: Anxiety IS caused by your thoughts, or, more accurately, by your internal representations. One kind of internal representation is your internal dialog, what most people think of as “thoughts”. IRs also include the internal pictures you make, which are more unconscious than thoughts for most people. And, IRs also include internal versions of the other senses other than seeing.

    The kind of thoughts (IRs) that create anxiety are thoughts of what you don’t want, are worried about, are afraid of, or want to avoid. The reason someone would think about those things is because something has happened to them in the past that has caused them to believe that there is danger in the world that they have to avoid, so they make IRs of it in order to better avoid it.

    Unfortunately, when you do this, you feel bad in some way (in this case, you feel anxious) and you also give your mind an instruction to create or attract more of what you are focusing on–which often happens, as your mind is a powerful goal-seeking mechanism.

    There are cases, of course, where there IS danger, and that there is a part of you that alerts you to it and seeks to protect you, is a good thing–IF there really is danger. The problem is that once we learn that something is potentially dangerous, whenever we encounter something that reminds us of it, we go into danger-avoidance mode. In many cases, there is no danger, though.

    As long as this process runs on autopilot, outside your awareness, you have no choice about it, and your mind sounds the alarm in many situations where there is no need for an alarm.

    The way out is to take the process off autopilot, which is done by observing it, as it happens (which means observing the internal representations, as they happen, and the consequences they create). Just observing that you become anxious isn’t enough.

    Here’s how it works: Trigger (what reminds you of the danger)–>IRs of what you don’t want–>negative feelings, potential negative outcomes.

    The second step (the IRs) is where you have a choice, IF you are aware. If not, the whole thing runs automatically.

    This is why Holosync is so powerful. It makes you much more aware, so you can watch the IRs you make, and see the consequenses they create. When you do that, whatever doesn’t serve you falls away, because this watching creates CHOICE, and if you have a choice you won’t sound the alarm unless there is real danger. It has to be something more than just something that reminds you of danger, like a social situation, or an authority figure, or whatever.

    I strongly suggest, Brian, that you look into taking my Life Principles Integral Process online courses. You can listen to a free preview lesson at

  142. Joni says :

    Dear Bill,

    I wrote an email to your support staff back in August and asked that they be sure and pass my sentiment along to you. I did get a reply but I want to be sure you know this and now others as well.
    I started using Holosync last year and I noticed changes almost immediately. But, I also want to have these changes and they are very welcome. I have suffered from depression,anxiety,panic attacks,extreme feelings of guilt and a host of many other things. I got to the point I would not go out of the house for weeks. Rarely got dressed and just not taking good care of myself. One of the first things that started happening was I was getting up and starting to take better care of myself. Then I started getting out and doing a few things. Then this summer I started feeling ill. I soon discovered I needed open heart surgery. I had to have two valves repaired. I won’t get into all the details at this point. I really just want to thank you for this program because I believe had I not been doing this I would have never been able to get out and take care of myself and go through this surgery. I would have not have even taken the initiative to see the Dr. So, I thank God and you for helping me get through this. Joni

  143. Robin says :

    My Ego has been Shadow boxing all morning. I seem stuck in the middle, while my Higher Self sits back with Detached Amusement, who sounds like the kind of guy I’d like to get to know better.

    Thanks for the posts Bill, I always look forward to them, and your online courses really are the best out there in my humble opinion.

  144. Anna says :

    Hi Bill, since I have been at AL2(now CD3) I take 10 weeks for each CD. I just feel that it is the best way for me. The last 2 weeks I listen 1,5 hour (Dive+2xImmersion) and right after the Gamma CD. A couple of hours later I take another 30 minutes to listen to another CD. When I started the program on June 17th, 2008 I was in a deep depression. In the fall 2003 I freed myself of eating disorder after 24 years of having it. Than I realised that I had to get rid of emotional disorder that caused the other one.So… I faced the depression, saw “The Secret” and…ordered The Awakening P.The progress WAS amazing and still is. With the time of using Holosync I just developed my own rythm. In the beginning I was not even able to read your letters. I was really confused and didn`t understand what was going on inside myself. It is totally different now. Life is beautiful now. What do you think? Do I take too long for one level? Very best to you and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna.

    FROM BILL: Go at your own pace. I just don’t want people to try to go too fast.

  145. Brian says :

    Bill, thanks so much for your replies and help. I am starting to notice more and more changes with holosync although I still have a ways to go. I am now really starting to get back my real personality, the personality that I lost once I developed anxiety. This is so awesome. I think I am about 7 weeks into Awakening Prologue, and about a week ago it felt like it was getting much weaker, like it wasn’t nearly having the same level of effect on me. Shortly after that is when I began to notice huge strides with my anxiety and social interaction. Now I know that the holosync feels weaker because my brain is making changes or adapting to it, and these changes are making me more aware and thus lowering my anxiety! I can’t believe it actually works. There was so much resistance along the way, these first 6 or 7 weeks have been really hard. But, like I think you said, my misery and desperation to get better kept me using holosync, even when I had terrible thoughts about it. I couldn’t decide whether it was good for me or not, went back and forth so many times, and just constantly had this internal conflict. I am so glad I made it to this point and can’t wait to keep going!

    I also had one other little question for you, although I understand if you can’t get around to it, as you’ve already given me so much attention and help! My question is about your explanation of anxiety, how you say that it is caused by some sort of traumatic childhood experience, which causes you to make negative IR’s. For me, I am not so sure this is what caused my anxiety, because my childhood was actually really good. I had a great, supportive family and grew up in a great community, and my childhood was actually really incredible. I didn’t develop anxiety until around age 15 when I got to high school, and I really think that it was inevitable for me, like it was just a consequence of my nature. As a kid and still now, I have always been very sensitive, intense, and perfection seeking. I think the stress and pressure I put on myself drove me to anxiety, but I think this would have happened regardless of my childhood experiences.

    In the one psychology class I took in high school, we always talked about one central debate in psychology, nature vs nurture. Your explanation of anxiety basically says that it is caused by nurture, or the experiences and environment around us, right? Well is it possible that anxiety can also be caused by simply our nature, meaning that for some people it would happen regardless of our environment and experiences as a child? I was just wondering your thoughts on this. It really doesn’t matter as either way holosync works, but it is just something I have been thinking about lately and was wondering what your take is.

    Thanks a lot Bill, Brian

    FROM BILL: Regardless of your subjective impression of your childhood, I suspect that something led you to put so much pressure on yourself when you started high school. Your parents’ expectations could have put pressure on you, even though they were kind and supportive. You could have had some minor failures that caused you to conclude something about yourself. It doesn’t need to be some sort of grim beatings or being locked in the basement. What traumatizes someone is often invisible to eveyone else. It could have been that your parents protected you in many ways an that when you got to high school you were less prepared for the expectations you had to meet. I don’t know you, so all of this is guessing, of course.

    Certainly it is possible that for some reason you have a more sensitive nature. What part of this somes from early experiences (which you may not even remember, because you were an infant, perhaps, or which seemed benign but nevertheless had an impact on you) and what part is genetic is unknown. I do know, however, that the part you can do something about is the part generated by your internal processes, and the way to have choice about that is through becoming more aware, and then going inside and finding out how you “do”, in this case, anxiety.

    If I haven’t said so before, I strongly urge you to take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, which teach you how to do this (among many other valuable things).

  146. NN says :

    Bill, thanks for your response. I have another question. I’ve never felt close to another human being – not really – will awareness help me in that regard? I’ve been suffering PMDD for two weeks straight now and I’ve been watching as best I can. When I feel this dispair of attachment hunger I do my best to dive into the core of the sensation. I watch myself thinking/feeling that I so long to feel close to another human being. I also watch myself feeling/thinking that we are all alone so better face it. No one can rescue me from my pain. So then I get this dead sort of peace from the last conclusion. Because I give up. But it’s not true peace. I’ve only felt that in moment where I thought genuine connection was perhaps in the making (only to have that feeling destroyed later). Thanks for your time and care.

    FROM BILL: This attachment problem is likely the result of some sort of trauma you had while growing up, probably when you were very young. If you haven’t done so, it might be a good idea to find someone who specializes in treating people with attachment disorders and work with them.

    From my point of view, the past can only influence what you do now–which would include the feelings you have about intimacy and attachment, your behavior in that area, and which people you find yourself attracted to–if the internal cognitive processes that generate these things operate outside your awareness. If, for instance, when you are feeling lonely, you are able to see “how you do feeling lonely,” you gain choice over whether or not you generate that feeling. There is something you do inside (certain internal respresentations–pictures you make and internal dialog you have, for instance) that directly lead to the feeling of loneliness.

    If you see yourself 1) being triggered by something in your environment (something that makes you think about this problem, such as, for instance, seeing a happy couple in a restaurant), 2) make certain internal representations of what you don’t want (beling lonely, etc), 3) and then you observe the feelings that are generated by these internal representations, you begin to have choice about whether or not you generate these feelings.

    When this process happens outside your awareness, you have no choice about it; when you learn to observe it as it happens, you do have choice, and you will tend to choose what serves you rather than what makes you feel bad.

    If someone doesn’t bond normally with their mother, for instance, there is an underlying feeling of danger which tends to generalize itself to all human relationships. This usually happens because of some emotional problems the mother has, where for some reason she cannot bond with the child. This is very difficult for the child, who then feels an underlying sense of danger, as I said, in most human relationships. When you feel danger, you tend to focus on avoiding it, which is what creates the internal representations I was talking about above. These internal representations lead to bad feelings, unresourceful behaviors, and an attraction to people who help you “be right” about not being able to connect with people.

    Though I’m sure there are other treatment modalities that those who specialize in such things use, I think that the root cause is as I stated above, and that one way out of this is to see how you generate the negative feels, behaviors, and attractions. The danger reaction is programmed into a person who has been traumatized, whether in this or some other way. That programmed response just runs automatically UNLESS you can become aware enough to watch yourself do it. When you do this, the part in the process where you generate the result (where you make the internal representations that create the result) become a choice, and people tend to choose, when they have a choice, what serves them.

    If you believe that you cannot connect with people, you will, in addition to making internal representations of what you don’t want regarding intimacy, you’ll also act in certain ways that make your belief come true, or at least seem to be true. This includes being attracted to people who are difficult to connect with for anyone, interpreting what happens in relationships as evidence that you can’t connect with people, and even acting in ways that sabotage your ability to connect. Taking the process off autopilot is the only thing I know that really works, and you do that by learning to watch it with awareness.

    I strongly suggest that you take my Life Principles Intergration Process online courses, where I go into this in great detail: (for a free preview lesson).

  147. Sam says :

    Can you speak of our focus when we’re in fear and are still able to focus on what we want? For instance I’ve spoken from the voice of fear in a big mind retreat and have had some interesting insites into what fear is like, however I didn’t feel the fearful sensations that fear normally brings up. Is this because we were focused on what we wanted–owning and embodying the fear–and does this mean that becoming aware of fear isn’t necessarily as our having to feel it at it’s fullest to grasp the lesson? I also want to ask about our awareness regarding fear and whether or not we need to feel it in order that we may become aware of it, but perhaps my meaning is clear from what I’ve wrote already; perhaps big mind helps us with what you mean regarding awareness somehow. I’m still a bit unclear on this obviously.

    FROM BILL: If you were really in the voice of fear, you’d be afraid, and you WOULD be focusing on (making internal representations of) what you are afraid of. The more you speak from that voice, however, the more distance you get from it. As that happens you HAVE fear, but you no longer ARE fear. Fear happens, but you aren’t identified with it. Big Mind starts with identifying with a voice, but as you speak from it you create distance from it, which is the processes of moving from being it, which involves being on unconscious autopilot, to having it, which means realizing that fear, and all the other voices of the self, are mental events rather than who you are.

  148. Danielle says :

    After listening to and reading this blog, it reminds me of a wonderful book I believe all who are involved with Centerpointe should purchase and read. I believe a very good friend of yours, Mr. Bill Vitale recommends this book as well on his website. The book is: The Book of EST, by Luke Rhinehart. I first experienced this book in the early nineties, and it was life changing and I have recently purchased another copy to reread. What do you think of this book and the thought processes within it’s pages?

  149. Alemenia McLean says :

    Hi Bill. I just hav one question. Can I do the time line exercise If I wake suddenly in the night full of worrie and doubt, sometimes I feel like I am dreaming the worrie,fear,doubt but sometimes I continue to re awake through out the night. Especially after I have done my holosync. This has caused me to be sleepy,and tired throughout the day.

    FROM BILL: This isn’t the forum for such questions. Please ask your question through the LPIP website.

  150. Money Play says :

    God must have an awesome map of reality

  151. Samuel says :

    Hi!. I have a problem. I love the course “Master Your Life” and I do feel very excited about the changes it promises. I do think that I have a belief that gives me trouble when Im gonna do the homework for each lesson. The beliefs are “Nothing ever works for me” and something like “I cant finish projects and works”. Every time I go to the homework page I feel anxious. I often get distracted and in some way fails to complete the homework or do the homework properly. What should I do? Thanks

    FROM BILL: You should call the Centerpointe support coaches. That’s why access to them is part of the course.

  152. Sam says :

    I think that perhaps gaining distance from something is like watching myself in a movie, sort of like the movie that you tell us to create in your first course. We can for instance look at Bill or Sam from a distant perspective and watch the selves being in fear, and we can observe how we are when in fear, however we must at some [point integrate this feeling. It’s as if we’re floating above our timeline watching our current situation and our timeline stretching back along our life (how it’s been so far up to now with the fear in the past) and the timeline stretching out into the future (with events happening if we continue on with this current trajectory of fear) however somehow not being able to make contact. There are a lot of useful positive learnings contained within our timelines, for instance many situations from our past looking differently when we can separate from the self that holds the fear, and probable futures become much clearer and more readily accessed when we use the timeline to put ourself in the future after gaining these learnings; this requires us going down into the timeline at several points to gather these learnings, and it seems that simply distencing ourselves from the timeline–or our experience of life–doesn’t do us much good. At least we aren’t changing our trajectory very much, and seemingly we’re only rearanging the furnature in our prison cell. We’ve even made the inside of our sell very nice to be in, and perhaps this is the goal of many, however I’m the one who wants to use the sell for the things it’s good for–talking about fear and the things of the world that produce this–and also the one who has the ability to trancend and hence escape from the cell–acting inspite of fear–as well as help those who choose to do the same.

    PS: you should do a post called “Seeing Things the way They Really Are Part two: the whole universe depends on me”.

  153. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill! How do you truly forgive someone? If you feel really angry about someone who has done something to you or your loved ones, how do really forgive them?

    FROM BILL: Clearly see how not forgiving them causes pain for you. Speak from the voice of anger, or revenge.

  154. Cathy says :


    What a lot of words! As the daughter of a Professor of English Linguistics and a Senior (UK – Secondary) School teacher of English I find language seductive. Sometimes however I wander too far into the realm of the intellect and become bogged down in over-analysis, forgetting my emotional connection to here and now. My mind loves to play games!!

    I’ve found greater clarity through being open to the teachings of Zen Bhuddism and the controversial ‘Osho’ although I do not follow in anyones ‘footsteps’; mimicking what they appear to do, or attempt to describe. Somehow I have been fortunate enough to find a path to suit me; although I have experienced loneliness, fear and uncertainty about this apparently solitary journey I find comfort in the certain knowledge that everything is one (‘one for all and all for one’ – the FOUR Musketeers!)

    When I spent time in Australia I studied the Aboriginal Dreamtime and ‘re’discovered the knowledge that each rock on the earth is working exactly where it needs to be and how it needs to, for this to be true for everything else. This ‘truth’ can also be found in Zen among other places hence my use of ‘re’.

    Everything is simpler than my mind thinks it is.

    Although I didn’t make it to the recent events you mention I intend to purchased the Awakening Prologue and perhaps join you on ‘the high road to a new freedom’.

    Best Regards

  155. Sam says :

    Can you maybe do a post on the escense of Thanksgiving, and how important it is for us to go the extra mile for our loved ones? With the holiday coming up I thought that it might be a nice opportunity. Also there seems to be a lot out there on gratitude lately–the law of attraction mentiones this, of course, but I find it interesting that Genpo Roshi mentions this “vibrational state” as well–and perhaps many people will resonate with this. Also with the stress going on with the economy and limited resources available, I imagine that some people might be a bit stressed; my family has a lot of this going on right now (not enough resources to go around, like learnings on how to focus on what we want etc) and I imagine that if I put out the vibration of gratitude for my family and what we do have that things will losen up a bit. You speak in your Success Solution quite a bit about going the extra mile and having a positive mental attitude and, although I don’t really feel that it’s going out of my way to do these things in the presence of my family, doing a bit extra in this regard rather than complaining never hurts anyone. Also my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving and it would be a nice way for me to start this next year. A post on the benefits of gratitude and good will will really help me on the morning of the 27th upon which I’m sure my family will be unconscious.

    I feel that being greatful for what we have and having a positive mental attitude and the like are sort of common sense, however it also seems that very few people actually practice this common sense way of living. I believe that you are an inspiration in this Respect Bill, because of all you do to focus us on what we want and help us maintain when it seems that we are often unconscious and can’t think for ourselves. I’ve also found that, although this is a bit of a drag at first, talking about these things while actually feeling this vibration is a great way of expanding our vision of what’s possible this holiday. For instance I might talk about being gracious to my mother with very little results, however when I truly feel greatful for the food she’s made and talk to her about how we might be more greatful she’s much more receptive and I also feel good because something’s actually happening; I’m not just preaching something I heard somewhere about how all of us should be in a vibration of gratitude (not just me his holiness) and Mom’s in a better mood because I’m speaking from the heart.

    At any rate, just a thought.

  156. Money Play says :

    Bill I have this issue that I’m not really sure how to explain. Sometimes when I am alone a certain presence seems to enter my space and it feels as if it “wants” to enter me. The presence itself seems very peaceful but it feels very dangerous to allow it to enter me as it is foreign. I am wondering if this is some sort of repressed version of of “my self” that is wanting to come to the conscious level and what your advice is on handling it? Advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


    FROM BILL: In other words, you have a certain feeling that you are interpreting as “a presence.” So, how do you create this feeling? What internal representations do you make?

    There are no “presences” out there to possibly “enter” you. You are creating whatever internal states you experience. As long as they are being created outside your awareness, it will seem as if they are “just happening,” as is the case with this feeling. See how you “do” this feeling, and it becomes a choice.

  157. Debra says :

    Dear Bill, My name is Debra, I am an artist in South Fla. I wish to be able to get to know more about all of this. Since Jack canfield is involved,
    and he is involved too with the ‘Secret’
    I have been into the ‘Secret’ for two years…and on to the Trynity system
    And trying to understand the important part meditation plays…
    I am very good at attracting things…and hope to get to meet any of the people who were apart of the ‘Secret’.
    I have some things to offer as well. I have been ( on my own ) Studying human behavior…
    and the effects of learned behavior through out generations.
    I understand I must join, but can not join until I buy the product…
    I want to buy the product as soon as I can…but I have a list of things I have to pay before I can do this.
    Not mention I just sank $3000.00 into my very first store.
    I am a single mother, who has been working for two years to create my business…
    I have managed to get where I am with the help of the ‘law of attraction’
    I am alone, and need of a mentor.
    I have much to bring to the table.
    My goal is to become the next Female Disney of this Era…
    I have a lot of questions..
    Could you find it in your heart and find some kind of time to have some one contact me?
    You have my contact information.
    I am sorry for myself, and to you I do not this moment have the money to buy the CD’s this moment only, but it is my intention.
    I really think you will be amazed at what I wish to explain…also.
    Hoping to hear from you or who ever you can…
    Much respect…
    Debra McGuire

    FROM BILL: I’m sorry, Debra, but I just don’t have the time to contact every person who wants my time. I hope you understand.

  158. NN says :

    Thank you for your response Bill. I am already in therapy since over a year (not someone who specializes in attachment disorders though, as far as I know) – but have not seen much change within myself as far as relationships (all kinds) go. I am thinking of finding someone specilized. But I can’t see how that would help. Because I have read books on attachment theory and attachment disorders and I know why I am the way I am, what traumatized me – from big things to small things that I can remember from childhood up untill the present. And I have been taking your advice to heart that I heard you mention years ago to watch with curiosity how I create being attracted to the wrong people. It’s quite easy (comparatively) to watch my own behavior and my own thoughts and feelings and reactions, and to watch how I interpret things, how I act in ways that might for example scare people off. But how do I watch BEING ATTRACTED TO and attracting to me the wrong people? I have tried: everytime I felt a strong attraction to someone I watched and thought to myself “let’s see how I am attracted to the wrong person again”. But I don’t get it. Okay, I meet someone and I know from the get go, this is probably the wrong person, because it pretty much always is. I don’t at that point know why yet – if he is unavailable, won’t reciprocate my feelings/interest, is destructive/dysfunctional relationship wise, gay, or whatnot. But I DO know that this has been the pattern so far – and so it probably will be the case once again. Okay, so I am standing there in front of this person and I am aware of that as I feel the attraction to the person. Then time goes on, I meet them again, feelings grow, still aware of the pattern but it has not proven itself yet with this specific person – all seems well at this point. Then at some point it turns out – yup – the pattern is in place – and I get disappointed – and I watch myself feeling disappointed and being in dispair because of my attachment disorder (making me react much stronger than most people to rejection). Okay, I feel depressed and watch that. Interesting feeling.

    Half a year or a year later: next person comes along and the cycle starts over.

    Question is: how do I watch how I draw the people to me who are not good for me, who it won’t work out with?

    I do understand the other parts: watching how I interpret them as not being the right person even if they are – and watching how I behave in ways that turns them off – making my belief about relationships come true or seem to be true.

    Since the attraction to a person is unconscious I guess you would say make it conscious and it will sort itself out. But I can’t CHOOSE who to become attracted to can I? Love and attraction is spontaneous as you once also said. If we could decide who to fall in love with, life would be much easier.

    Hope you get my question because I have been struggling with it for years without understanding it.

    I want to break the pattern. How? Yes I watch my internal representations, I watch how I fear meeting the wrong person again (what I tell myself, the mental movie I make). I watch my bad feelings knowing I must have focused on what I do not want and change focus to what I DO want (the latter part being harder for me than the watching part). I also watch how I get carried away, how I start to attach myself too soon, how I pin my hopes on a person and start expecting things to work out (even though they never do – dunno where that confidence comes from, makes no sense).

    And btw I am taking your online courses and Holosyncing although I have been off both for a long time now, time to get back to it.

    Thanks again a million. I will get into specialized therapy since you think it would help someone like me. But yeah, I can’t see how it would help break the unconscious pattern. Also I can’t see how I could let someone in, or be open with someone new, if I already know that I will get hurt. Can it not become a self-fullfilling prophecy?

    FROM BILL: I describe exactly how to break such a pattern (and how I did it with the exact same pattern) in lesson 2 or 3 of my first online course, The Internal Map of Reality Expander.

    You do have a choice about who you become attracted to, but only if what you do to create being attracted happens with awareness. As long as it happens outside your awareness it will just keep operating in the same way, allowing you to prove that what you believe about yourself and about relationships is true. Watch yourself prove that you are “right” about it and you will lose enthusiasm for the whole thing and won’t be able to do it anymore. What you do with awareness (seeing how you do it, inside, and also seeing the direct connect between what you do and the results you create, as you do it) falls away if it doesn’t serve you–another way of saying that you have choice about what you are aware of, while what you do outside your awareness operates automatically.

    Get back to the online courses, start from the beginning again, and this time, concentrate on watching each aspect of your Internal Map of Reality so you can see HOW you create your life.

  159. Joe Egan says :

    Hi Bill.
    A very interesting blog, thank you. A question arises for me from your post. If I extend this theory further it appears to reach a point where ‘free will’ is not real. While we appear to have free will, if cause and effect and interdependence are reality then free will is no more than a notion from a limited perspective. In other words, simply because we cannot see the whole picture we are not aware of why we make the choices we do, therefore they are not in fact choices but decisions based on the options available to us, eg we might make different choices if we were aware different options are available to us, hence we see our decisions as apparent choices which reinforces the notion of free will.

    FROM BILL: Yep. The more aware you are, the more choice you have.

  160. Bill, I have been into Holosync for awhile now and I enjoy it, the deep meditation, peace, etc. However, it seems that all you discuss are Buddhists and Hindus. There are a few of us Christians out there who know that they know that they know, that Christ is real, Christ came to earth to teach us much more than just what you teach in Buddhism and Hinduism and I have felt the “rain of complete love, peace, a blanket of complete safety” when I prayed for the Holy Spirit and spoke in another language after praising him for his goodness, peace and love. The reason I chose Holosync is really a tool to involve my mind, soul, and body to line up with the truth that we are given much more than we know and sometimes it takes new technology (I do appreciate Holosync and autofonix!) to make everything in our lives come together. I have had a few bad spells from things that have arisen from my dreams, my past, etc. and I have released them and moved on. Please know, if you don’t, that there are Christians that need this technology because we are all connected and meant to be the best we can be. Thank you. I am enjoying the peaceful Awakening I so much I recommended it to my twin. Annette

    FROM BILL: I’m not trying to get you or anyone else to be a Buddhist. And, actually, I don’t think that anything I’m saying is contrary to Christianity (maybe to fundamentalist Christianity, which is into getting you to believe in a certain dogma, rather than finding out who you really are, for yourself, through your own spiritual practice).

    I cite things from Eastern philosophy because I find their description of the human condition and their remedy to be very effective, compelling, and easy to understand. And, they are offering it as a way to get you to have an awakening experience for yourself, so that it is something you ARE, rather than some information passed on to you from another.

    Jesus, in my opinion, was a person who had a profound spiritual awakening. He is actually describing the same experience I am talking about and that Zen masters and the like talk about. The one failing of Christianity, in my opinion, is that they have made Jesus “the great exception” to the human condition, rather than the great example.

    St. Paul said it (Philippeans 2:5) better than I can: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

    This is what I am advocating: let that same mind be in YOU. Jesus was not an exception. He was an example. Wake up to your true nature, your identiy with God, your oneness with all and everything. Instead of believing what some spiritual leader says, do the spiritual work that will allow you to “let this mind be in you.” Then you will know, not from some expert or priest of pastor or Pope, but from your own experience, who you really are. That is, ultimately, what Holosync is for–waking up–even though it has many other positive benefits.

    For a more complete description of this approach to Christianity, check out Integral Institute and their presentation, The Future of Christianity. Also check out Father Thomas Keating.

  161. luoluo123 says :

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    Along with every thing that appears to be developing inside this specific subject matter, all your opinions are actually very stimulating. Even so, I beg your pardon, because I do not subscribe to your whole plan, all be it refreshing none the less. It looks to everybody that your commentary are not entirely rationalized and in fact you are your self not wholly certain of the assertion. In any event I did enjoy examining it.

    FROM BILL: My only plan is to make you think and be more aware. I’m very certain about it, too.

  163. Hai Hessong says :

    Super that this sort of data is freely available, I’m very happy.

  164. Tai Ravert says :

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  165. Jane says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have recently been feeling a bit sort of lost like i’m not sure about who or what i am. I’ve been through variations of this throughout my life. This feels a bit different though. It’s as though i am lost and floating somewhere between who or what i thought i was and somewhere else. Day to day things and people in my environment seem like nothing. I have been trying to focus on exactly what it is i am feeling it is emptiness like there is nothing of me there, whatever i thought about myself being there isn’t.
    It makes me feel very sad. I see the whole passing of time like a thin wisp of air. It’s feeling quite painful.I can relate to your post about perspectives. It seems like this is a new emerging perspective for me and maybe the painful thing is trying to cling to the old one, because this perspective at the moment doesn’t make sense (whatever that is)
    I understand what you’re saying about everything being interconnected, but feel completely alone and drifting apart from everything.
    I randomly picked the above post to hopefully find something you had written that i could relate what i am feeling too.
    Many thanks

    FROM BILL: Do you see how what you are feeling is happening in the context of everything else around you? You have some sort of expectation of what “being connected” feels like. Right now it feels like what you’re feeling. Other times, it feels like something else.

    The search for “me” is an interesting one. What you think of as “me” is your IDEA of yourself, which can never capture everything about you. You probably have an idea of what California is, but that idea is a crude sketch and can’t possible contain everything in California. The sam goes for your idea of you. In fact, you’ll never find yourself by trying to refine what you think of yourself. You have to get your mind out of the way to find yourself. (Hint: What you’ll find is nothing. There is no separate self. There is only your organism completely intertwined with everything else–no separation at all. How could there be any?)

    I would tell more people what you are feeling–friends, relatives, etc. You’re missing a feeling of being bonded to others. Talk to people. Find someone to help. Find a child who has trouble learning and mentor them, or something like that.

  166. Jane says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I have just returned to this almost a month later. It’s funny how short anything lasts. I was feeling that way, wrote it down because it seemed profound and i felt a bit lost, then it must have changed to something else then i totally forgot i felt like that. Wow brilliant! Everything is silly hahaha (that’s how it seems now)

    And yes you are spot on with everything you said. I think there must have been a shift and a falling away of something. ( err nothing hahaha) I am much quicker at watching, & focusing which is making a massive difference in my life. My partner is also doing holosync, he’s about a year behind me, but he finally knows what i’m on about.
    I agree helping somebody is a great thing to do. In fact i do help a lady every Thursday. I run a cleaning company and employ staff to do all the jobs except for this one. A couple of years ago i wouldn’t have been able to help her at all because of all my own baggage that would have hindered me and certainly not helped her. But now i feel free to be able to go in and cut through all the crap, physical and mental. It’s a fantastic feeling seeing and hearing the difference just two hours a week of my time, working with her in a practical way (cleaning, listening and de-cluttering) is making on her life, and on her two children.
    Thank you again for the amazingness of your product, and your ceaseless contributions to our development.
    It’s hard to imagine from where i am now how much more aware i can be and what that will mean. xx