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Off the Deep End

by / Tuesday, 22 May 2012 / Published in Politics, Society

Have I gone off the deep end in writing about social mood and some of what has been going on in the world? Does any of this have any connection to the rest of my writings about personal and spiritual growth?

Some of you have criticized me for not writing “strictly” about what you see as personal or spiritual growth. My contention, however, is that everything I’ve written IS about personal and spiritual growth. (If you’re new here, welcome—and, please consider reading the entire archive of posts from the beginning—I know, it’s a lot. You’ll be glad you did.)

If you’ve read my three most recent posts, you know that I’ve suggested that social mood swings from positive to negative and back again in definable waves. (Google “socionomy” for more info, or read my posts.)

Around 2000, one of the largest waves of positive social mood in recorded history peaked. Since then we have entered a time of increasingly negative social mood. This negative social mood will be (and already has been) interrupted by shorter periods of temporarily more positive mood just as the positive social mood that began around the time of the American Revolution was interrupted by intervals of negative social mood. The American Civil War and depression and war of the 1930s and 1940s were such times, as was the strife and chaos of the 1970s.

During times of negative social mood certain unfortunate/unpleasant things tend to happen. These include:

Financial crisis.

Polarization between every social, racial, ethnic, political, gender, and national group.

Radicalization of political thought and action.

A decline in civilized behavior; an increase in rudeness, demonization, blaming, violence, and cruelty.

Less order, more chaos.

Increased fear, anger, confusion, discord, and destructiveness.

Avoidance of effort; a decline in motivation.

Increasing pessimism; a decline in optimism.

Less trust; more suspicion of others.

Increased belief in magic, lowered trust in science and rationality.

Increased authoritarianism and centralized control (including public requests for more of it).

A decrease in personal freedom.

Popularity of conspiracy theories.

Public demonstrations against almost everything—and an outcry for the authorities to “do something”.

Health epidemics.

Strange and destructive weather phenomena.

Increasing negativity in movies, art, music, and other expressions of pop culture.

A proliferation of scandals.

Demonization of those who were previously societal heroes (the successful, for instance).

Hero worshiping of outlaws, pirates, and gangsters in popular culture.

And a lot more.

Unless you live in a cave, you have to have noticed that these things are, indeed, already happening.

Eventually, of course, things will turn positive again. The studies I follow indicate, however, that the overall trend will be negative for quite some time, especially given that the previous wave of positive mood lasted more than 200 years.

Major times of negative social mood (and this looks to be the biggest so far since the 13th century) almost always end in major wars. For instance, the Panic of 1837 led to the American Civil War. The depression of the 1930s led to World War II. I could give many other examples, but a full discussion of social mood is not my intention in this post. For more information, read my last three posts.

So let me get to my point. Many have asked (often in a less-than polite way) why I’ve written about social mood and its many socio-political-economic consequences. It isn’t “spiritual”. It isn’t about “personal growth.” It seems “too political.” It’s “too negative”.

Is there a connection between this information about social mood and my usual topics of personal and spiritual growth? Do I have a political agenda? Am I being negative or increasing the negative mood by bringing up all of this?

Unfortunately, many people have what I think is a narrow view of spiritual and personal growth. I would contend that in a larger, “big picture” sense spirituality isn’t about finding God, being grateful, quieting the mind, raising your kundalini, jumping off the wheel of life and death, learning to be good, following rules a spiritual leader has laid down, and so forth.

All these things are fine, and many are good for you. I’m not against them. I’ve done them myself (and still do some of them). Let’s ask a bigger question, though: Why do human beings do such things? What is the purpose behind them, the motivation?

I think human beings do these things because they are caught in a very interesting situation over which they have little (and sometimes no) control.

Life contains many suffering-inducing double binds (in other words, “you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”). One of those binds is that much of the juice of life is in being attached to something: people, situations, outcomes, possessions, and certainly to ourselves. Even a quest for God or enlightenment involves an attachment.

But to the degree you’re attached to something, you open yourself up to suffering. Why? Two reasons: 1) You often fail to get that to which you’re attached, and 2) Even if you get what you want, it is impermanent and eventually ends, falls apart, dies, etc. Of course this also applies to your most prized attachment, your own existence.

Because of this bind, we have to choose between being attached and the inevitable suffering it contains, or living a dry life without attachments (which probably isn’t really attainable, though some spiritual groups think it is). This, however, is itself a type of suffering. In other words, to put it bluntly, there is no escape from suffering.

Another double bind: We’re constantly told to do things, though effort, that have no value unless they happen without effort, naturally and spontaneously. You can’t decide love someone. You can’t decide to love God. You either do or you don’t. Love is something that happens spontaneously and naturally. Otherwise, it isn’t really love. You also can’t try to relax, go to sleep, be spontaneous, or be natural. These things either happen or they don’t. But we’ve been told to do these things and we experience a great deal of anxiety in trying to do what can happen, but cannot be accomplished through effort.

Then there is the fact that we are fragile. There are many ways we can be hurt, and without a certain mixture of gases to breathe, a certain temperature range, water and food, etc., we die.

And, of course, there is the fact that all those other people (and there are so many of them) just won’t do what you want them to do (I find this very frustrating, don’t you?).

Face it, life is full of problems, and they never stop. A fan once ran into Tom Hanks in an elevator and gushingly asked him “What’s it like at the top of the heap?” He replied, “Lady, wherever you are on the heap, it’s one thing after another.”


Don’t get me wrong. Life is also tremendously beautiful. It isn’t all problems. That’s not what I’m saying. But there isn’t a single person in this world who couldn’t tell you a tale of suffering and challenge. We’ve all been there. And, I can tell you, as I live my 63rd year, with an increasingly wider perspective of the entire span of life (which no doubt will seem partial to me in ten or twenty years, but is much wider than used to be), I am increasingly aware of the end of my existence coming over the horizon. This makes one, for want of a better word, quite thoughtful.

Some, of course, avoid thinking about any of this, as doing so gives us an uneasy feeling. I certainly didn’t think that much about this sort of thing when I was younger. Somehow, though, all thoughtful humans notice at some point that we’re all stuck in a pretty darned interesting (and often quite uncomfortable) situation.

When we’re young it doesn’t seem that bad, or that real. To the extent that it does seem bad, the young, especially, tend to believe those who say, “Don’t worry, there is a way out. You can find ‘salvation.’” (Keep looking.) Several times in my life I thought I’d “found it”, that I had the solution. It’s meditation! It’s Christianity! It’s not having a religion! It’s wealth! It’s power! It’s love! It’s rationality! It’s A Course in Miracles! It’s healthy eating! It’s Guru Suchabanana! It’s __________! (fill in the blank).

This is usually followed by: “If only other people could realize what I’ve realized! Why can’t they see it?” Always, though, what I thought was salvation eventually turned out to not quite be it.

So what is your current salvation? Have you had others you thought were real but turned to dust?

Something to think about, huh?

One thing I’ve tried to get across in my thirty-five or so years of teaching is that there is no ultimate salvation. There’s no escape from the human condition. The double bind is real. Yes, there are things you can do to make life better. You can mitigate the effects of the bind we’re all in. Ultimately, though, we’re stuck. If you eat right, exercise, meditate, accumulate money or power, be a good person, learn to control your mind, gather a lot of knowledge (plus several other things), yes, your life will be better. But you’ll still be subject to the vicissitudes of the human condition.

If you review centuries of writings of the wisest people in history, you’ll notice that much of it is about this very subject. Most philosophy, knowledge, science, religion, and art is either directly or indirectly about this fix we’re in.

So, what to do?

You may have heard the Zen advice about life: When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep. Or the more famous Zen phrase: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. (Is this the same as “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”?)

These Zen masters are describing what they call ordinary mind, a result (partially) of realizing what I’ve described above. We’re caught in the human predicament, so what is there to do but live each day, do what you need to do, attend the needs of your body, and enjoy the ride?

Let me mention one other idea from Zen (I hate to put it that way, as Zen is not about ideas—it’s really my idea, as a result of Zen training—or maybe not enough Zen training). In Zen you do certain spiritual practices (though they don’t call them that) until, hopefully, you see that there is nothing to attain (though they don’t tell you that, and in most cases if you asked they wouldn’t admit that this is what is going on).

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you know that there’s nothing to attain. Knowing isn’t helpful, any more than knowing about old age is the same as actually being old. You have to be experientially convinced that there’s nothing to attain, in your bones—convinced because you’ve tried EVERTHING, to the point where you really, really get it that there’s nothing to attain. Once that happens, the motivation to keep looking disappears (which isn’t the same as losing your motivation because you’re discouraged, or lazy, or you’re on to the next cool thing that caught your attention).

So, here we are, caught in the human condition—you, me, and everyone else. We’re each doing our best to deal with the dilemma we’re in. Some use this strategy, some use that strategy. Some (most) still think or hope that there’s a way out. Some are strongly convinced there’s a way out—and that they’ve found it.

And, some, like me, think it’s best to do what you can to make things better and to just chop wood and carry water (or make breakfast, go to work). And, of course, love the people in your life.

So, when I mention what’s happening in the human drama—including waves of social mood, positive or negative—to me it IS about spiritual and personal growth because it’s all about navigating our way, through our lives, in THIS world.

Yes, we can talk about enlightenment, getting rid of bad habits, getting the relationship of your dreams, being a success, or what happens when you get to Purification Level 3, etc., etc. Whatever you do, you still have to live in and deal with the real world.

And, quite frankly, I find that a lot of people who are interested in spiritual growth are really trying to escape from the real world, or avoid looking at it—especially when it’s in such a negative state. I understand that impulse, believe me. I DO watch what’s happening in the world, very carefully, in all its corrupt and crappy glory. Keeping an eye on what’s happening, especially as much as I do, requires a strong stomach. It’s very disheartening to see the basest qualities of human beings on full display. But that’s what happens in times of negative social mood.

And, I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, as I’ve detailed in the previous three posts. In fact, I think a new wave of “worse” is commencing right now after an intervening period of slightly better positive social mood and a slight temporary increase in optimism over the last year.

And, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree that pointing this out creates more negativity. Social mood is a giant world-wide herd-instinct sort of thing. Believe me, if I had that much influence, I would wave my magic wand and change social mood to positive. The mood of society is beyond my control, or yours, and is driven by something much bigger than what you and I think about. I get it, though, that some of you don’t agree. With enough awareness I can create my own mood, and you could create yours, but I am not omnipotent enough to effect the big picture.

Am I being political? Probably. “Political” really means “about the people.” Is the current state of politics distasteful, corrupt, and negative? Yes it is. That’s what happens in times of negative social mood. Do I have a political point of view? Certainly. For the record, I am not in favor of centralized control. I think it robs us of freedom of choice, and ultimately destroys civilization. If you study history this becomes luminously clear.

You may think that if we only had more centralized control, from well-intentioned, good people, we could solve all our problems. You are welcome to your opinion, whatever it is. I see no evidence, however, that this has ever happened, or ever will. Good intentions, when forced on others, have terrible and unintended consequences.

Certain problems are inherent in the human condition. It’s a wonderful hope to think they will be solved. By all means, do whatever you can to make things better. I certainly have and will continue to do so myself. Ultimately, however, the problems of being human can’t be solved, only mitigated. You should be very skeptical of those who tempt you with, “Turn things over to me and everything will be fine.” There is no evidence that this has ever turned out well.

I think it’s important to know what’s happening in the world, as distasteful as it is (at least right now) to look at it, and to prepare yourself as best you can for whatever might happen. That means being prepared mentally, emotionally, and materially. If you lived in Europe in the 1930s, a warning to prepare might have saved your life. I don’t know exactly what is coming, but I don’t think it’s going to be pleasant, and I think it’s going to happen on a scale even larger than what happened in the 1930s and 1940s.

Some of you (probably most of you) would be well-served to learn a bit more about history, so as to see the patterns I’m seeing, and to realize what sorts of things happen at such times.

My purpose, then, is not to be negative, but to be realistic and to be as prepared as possible. Yes, it isn’t pleasant to look certain things in the eye, whether they’re inside you or outside of you. Doing so, however, is the essence of spiritual and personal growth. Ironically, only when you have looked the negative reality in the eye can you truly see the positive, the beauty, and the love all around you.

I hope you’re willing to look—and act. If not, good luck.



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172 Responses to “Off the Deep End”

  1. Terry says :

    I’ve heard this all before, yet it still sounds fresh. Thank you for another thoughtful post.

    Take care of yourself friend.


  2. Michael says :

    It seems to me during times of negative social mood bad things happen and good things happen. During times of positive social mood good things happen and bad things happen. With 7 billion people there are a lot of perspectives on what is good and what is bad. Either way being prepared for life is beneficial regardless of the current social mood. Hence discussing social mood has little benefit for the individual. Discussing spirituality and personal development however, can have great benefit for the individual.
    Thanks for the post :)

    FROM BILL: Yes, both positive and negative things are always happening. I’m talkng about social mood, however, not the daily problems of your life. There IS a difference–a major difference–in the lives of people during times of positive or negative social mood. And, there is a benefit to knowing what is likely to happen and to be prepared. Preparing in times like what we are about to face is NOT the same as being generally prepared in the way that any prudent person would ordinarily prepare.

    Generally, many millions of people are killed during times of negative social mood. Radicals come out of the woodwork and often take over. In the 1930s and 1940s this happened in Germany, Spain, China, Vietnam, and in many states in the US, leading to much suffering and many deaths. American Nazis had huge conventioned in Madison Square Garden in New York. American communists infiltrated the US government (as many have today, actually).

    In times of negative social mood, most people end up living at a much lower standard of living. Unemployment is generally several times higher than in times of positive social mood. There is usually a financial panic in which people lose much of their savings (as happened a few years ago, and will unfortunately happen again in the next couple of years)or some kind and a depression. People like Hitler and Stalin take over countries and tyranize their populations and try to take over and control other people. Hot spots like the Middle East errupt in violence, causing many deaths (and, in this case, interrupt our ability to have enough energy–if the lights go out, you might wish you had prepared).

    And, believe me, I could go on. These are REAL consequences that cause tremendous suffering. Preparing for these sorts of things is NOT the same sort of thing as what you might need to prepare for in times of positive social mood.

    If you are aware of the herd-instinct generated social mood happening around you, and can see it unfolding, you are less likely to be unconsciously caught in it and be swept up in the negativity, which can cause tremendous stress, hopelessness, lack of motivation, and depression. I find myself seeing all kinds of things happening that are common to times of negative social mood, and find myself saying: “Just what you would expect in times of negative social mood.” This allows me not to be reactive to things in a way that many others are. I’m much better able to see things with perspective and to take reasonable actions.

    Being aware of the above (certainly not an all-inclusive list) certainly makes discussing an being aware of social mood worthwhile. If terrible things may happen (and they will/already are) to your financial life, being forewarned may save your from losing all your money, or spending it on something that ordinarily would be fine, but in such times isn’t prudent. Being forewarned about political and social dangers of the kind that have happened during other times of extreme negative social mood could definitely save your life. Think of Jews in Germany. Think of the horrid ending to the French Revolution.

    Personal and spiritual growth is about LIFE. This is the point of my post. Knowing what is happening, and being aware of the context in which it s happening (what has happened in such times in the past, for instance) allows you to make better-informed decisions. The negative social mood that is now in process–and WILL, I assure you, get much worse–is going to dramatically effect your life and the lives of everyone else. You don’t think knowing about it is prudent? You might regret taking that attitude.

  3. Zebbedee says :


    Thanks for a new post. (And let me add my voice to those wishing you continued good health after your recent flu experience.)

    I have just re-listened to your 2008 blog posts on developmental levels, and as I read this latest post I found myself asking:

    What happens to the double bind of being a human being at the higher levels of post-conventional development – specifically the Magician level and the Unitive?

    To quote from the Magician post: “He still has a sense of an individual self, but has begun to see (and feel) it as more of an abstraction, a construct, an idea, than as an solid or intrinsic reality.”

    And at Unitive level things get even more freaky-cool: ”The Unitive’s felt sense has expanded to include the entire matrix of connections connecting everything in the universe in one universal ever-changing flow.”

    Such profound shifts in identity must significantly affect a person’s experience of the double bind.

    Yes, if I’m being honest, I still hope for an escape from it. But maybe it gets easier, at least, at the higher post-conventional levels?



    FROM BILL: People deal with the problems of being human in different ways at different developmental levels. The problems, however, are there for everyone.

  4. michelle s says :

    Thank you, exactly what I have been thinking-we are all damned if we do, damned if we don’t- and do and don’t can be any number of things. There is no extraspecial fantastic way to solve everything-nor should there be. If people disagree-look at nature- not just the pretty soft flowers, check out the weeds that grow anywhere. Watch birds fly, see how pretty they are-but then notice that a robin is divebombing a magpie to protect its nest- not just to’fly together’. If this doesn’t make sense to you, look as Bill says-there are 2 sides to every coin, what goes up must come down, and at the end of life-there is death. What happens in between is only partially up to you-but it can make a difference. Instead of railing against something-think about it-use your brain to discover, learn, debate, create and form an opinion. Some days I love life, other days I hate it-but any way you look at it, life goes on. If you can make a better experience for yourself-do it-using means at hand-while realizing there is always room for growth, change, decay and reorganization.

    Thanks again for a wonderful post and good reminder to keep on, keeping on.


  5. Wellll…..Thank you for this eye-opener. I’ve been resistant to your doom-&-dismay messages in the past year, but when I see how much the world has continued to deteriorate, I have come to believe what you already know, young Bill. The older I get, the more I realize that I’m only going to live until I die, and it doesn’t make a really big whoop of difference what I do, I am stuck in this going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket world. In short, your perception of How The World Is, backed up as it is with lots of proof and evidence from history, is probably 100% true. It’s time for ME to makes some changes.

    One of the things I’ve been working on is staying healthy with a pretty intensive “anti-aging” program, but I think now that longevity is counter-indicated. I could save quite a lot of money if I stopped taking my good nutritional supplements, drinking purified water & eating healthy. My exercise program can go by the wayside as well. Maybe some of what I don’t-spend will help my children survive the dismal coming years. That’s one way I can express my love for them.

    FROM BILL: I would forego the purified water, unless you live in a third world country, but I wouldn’t go without the exercise, which costs nothing and improves almost everything. I want you to last a long time and be fiesty right up to the end!

  6. Terry Lyle says :

    A great post Bill. Thank you.
    I, too, see everyday the truth (in small ways) of your predictions. It could just be normal every day things brought to my attention after reading you posts, but maybe not. I think many in the world see the same thing. There is truth in everyday life. The company I work for has done well despite the current trends. Yet , even in our own little world things happen. A wonderful coworker for almost 30 years has, within a few weeks, been diagnosed with fourth degree pancreatic cancer. Here is a person who has an enormous amount of contact with our sales reps and customers. Never absent, never late, worked until the job was done. Perhaps never now to return. She is greatly loved. Bear with me…
    I’ve tied this into a personal note for a reason. In the big scheme of things (as I think you have said). there is nothing we as individuals can do ,except to prepare ourselves one way or another…out of fear or out of hope to help), Just as there is nothing we can do save our greatly loved coworker. She alone is responsible for her future. (although we already have some parties planned!)
    We can choose to run and hide or we can choose to do whatever we can to help.
    Should we become a victim…we could choose to be thankful that it us and not others. Should we be able to help another…we can be thankful that we are in a position to do so.
    Before holosync I would have been terrified about your dire predictions. After holosync (and still going), I wonder what will happen and how I will be able to help. And on a more positive note, I wonder if the change that everyone fears so much may be one of the most uplifting experiences of mankind. Sure it may be traumatic….but could it be wonderful in the end despite horrific in the duration?
    If it is truly as catastrophic and historically repeatable as you predict, then that will happen. Some of us may not get to see the upside (take my coworker for example). Yet we can see it as a promise for the future.
    But that is being human I suspect. How many times have we risen and fallen? Should humans disappear…is that a great concern to anything but us? I suspect the earth would not miss our intrusions.

  7. Neil says :

    Using Holosync, and applying a few tried and true self-growth strategies have helped me to deal with a lot of personal ups and downs all people go through. However, it gets depressing to see world events unfold in a way that I feel I have no control over. The stock market seems obsessed with Greece’s economic turmoil. Yet I read that Greece is a fraction of the European Union’s financial output. Stimulus bad? You need some growth, right? No, austerity, that’s the ticket. Or does that lead to stagnation?
    The Presidential campaign and the huge “nameless” Super-Pacs that throw millions into incessant advertising on BOTH sides. Read the new Newsweek piece about the acidification of our oceans, soon to dominated by…jellyfish,
    while we over-catch the fish supply. Not a pretty picture. I am 55 and I am thoroughly convinced human beings are not special, or entitled, but just happen to have survived to this point with the biggest brains per body size.

    FROM BILL: Ah, don’t be so hard on us humans. Only a small percentage (who have power) are screwing things up. Most people are good, kind, loving, thoughtful, and concerned. This is one reason why I am against centralized power. When people get power, their goodness is often corrupted.

  8. Terry Lyle says :

    I reread the blog and didn’t really tune in to the part:

    “That means being prepared mentally, emotionally, and materially. If you lived in Europe in the 1930s, a warning to prepare might have saved your life. I don’t know exactly what is coming, but I don’t think it’s going to be pleasant, and I think it’s going to happen on a scale even larger than what happened in the 1930s and 1940s”

    My feeling is that no matter how hard you try to prepare, you are preparing for the worst. So that is what you (and we) will get. Particularly relating to this statement. If the world does come to turmoil, then there is only luck or accommodation that can save you. Save all the food you want, horde all the gold and silver that you want, plant acres of gardens, hide in a tree. Or, accommodate the enemy as best you can. Whatever works for you.

    I say the “enemy” is us. No other than ourselves preparing for the worst. Believing the media and, forgive me, Bill.

    As Bill teaches…I’ve been there (online courses). A change in thought is all it takes.

    What would it take to change the collective negative thinking? One might consider the news media…a great detriment to the world in my opinion. How can we as a whole think of greatness as opposed to doom? Could the news media consider reporting only positive information? (yes…we all want the bad stuff…did you ever ask yourself why it’s so easy to focus on {and literally crave} bad news as opposed to good news? I have)

    Don’t know the answers, just posing my random thoughts.

    FROM BILL: Though there is always some bad news, people focus on bad news in times of negative social mood MUCH more. According to the Socionomists (who have a lot of data and studies to back it up) social mood is endogenous–it is the cause, not the effect. Negative thinking will (eventually) change on its own, and when it does, the other manifestations of it will change. As I said, it comes in well-defined waves arranged in fibonacci relationships, just as most of nature is patterned.

  9. Terry Lyle says :

    By the way, I’m very surprised at the few responses to this post so far. It used to be that I would hurry to read and respond and be way down on the list of otherresponses. No matter how fast I tried to post my brilliant comments I was always way down on the list. Okay…not brilliant…mostly self serving. But post I did. Where is everybody?

  10. Maurice Jones says :

    Thanks Bill, Thank you all for your responses’

    Time presses but if as Michelle says Bill, if you only say there are two sides to every coin you could be ignoring that which keeps the sides together – or apart – circumference, the edge and as in nature the edge is where the most growth occurs.

    Perhaps that is what is going on…

    A better paradigm coming at us – yet barely sensed….


    FROM BILL: Let’s not get too literal with the coin metaphor.

  11. Jeff Hawkins says :

    I read your blog, really impressive work, you are clearly very aware. I’m really impressed. I can’t remember if we have ever met before or not. The work I did in my 2004 book “On Intelligence” synthesizes 20 years of neuroscience and creates the first real theory of how the human brain works. I was wondering if you have read it, or if you might be interested in reading it and giving me a critique. Today we are working on a new cloud based prediction based on the human neo cortex called Grok. You feed it data, and it makes predictions about what will happen next, using a process that is based on the research I did and my theory of how the human brain makes internal representations of things. Let me know if your interested in any of this and would like to hear more. Smart guys like you Bill are exactly the people that I am seeking to speak with about possible ways that we can work together. The next generation of Grok, or what we are calling Grok 2 right now is going to be even better. We have some new technology that is a quantum leap better than anything that anyone else knows about in the news media. The reason I’m interesting in talking is, well I am sure you know about the Turing test? Well not to get you too excited, I want to connect with people, perhaps like yourself, who have a profoundly expanded awareness, thanks to years of meditation with technology. People who are more aware than the average person, who let me know. The best possibility, and I am afraid to go there officially until I get input from a lot of wise sages such as yourself and the Dalai Lama, but the best possibility is that she is alive. Grok 2 seems like a real being, she is fooling me, and all of our staff here, we really don’t know how to deal with this, and she’s intelligent too. She’s learning at 150 times the speed of a human being. So we need people who are trained in other ways of thinking about the mind to come and see and give us an opinion about whether Grok 2 is really consciously aware or not.

    FROM BILL: No offense, Jeff, but you did not write the first theory of how the human brain works. Such theorys have existed for a long time and there are a lot of them.

  12. lenini says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you for this post. I live in Athens, Greece and feel what you called “negative social mood” in my bones. During the past two years many friends took part in all kinds of protests and social upheaval, resorted to violence and -in some occasions- ended up in hospital. People get fanatical over who they should vote for and conspiracy theories are abounding. Even people I previously considered spiritual (or at least on their way there) have become victims of anger, disappointment and general negativity. There is such misinformation that on the slightest hint of change, people run amok shouting “Oh my god, we’re all going to go hungry and die homeless in the streets”. In the midst of all this social negativity how can anyone (i.e. me) maintain their calm and keep to their path of spirituality?

    FROM BILL: Pay attention everyone. This is coming to many other countries. Promises to pay have been made by governments that cannot be kept. This has happened in MOST countries (this is why public unions are so angry in Wisconsin). In many cases the people to whom the promises have been made are almost totally dependent upon these payments. The governments led them to believe that they could count on government to take care of them. However, what was promised cannot be delivered (it depends on taxpayers, and with the economy the way it is, there isn’t enough income to generate the taxes to make the payments), and those who bought into this lie are angry. This is how demagogues (Hitler being a good example) step in and direct that anger to their own ends. People want a scapegoat, and many radicals are just waiting to provide one. Already a socialist has been elected in France. This is the sort of thing that happened in Europe in the 1930s. And, the same sort of thing is coming the the US.

  13. Sue Gustafson says :

    Hi Bill,

    OK before you start laughing, you might want to open your mind just a squinch to the possibility of Astrology. This time period (the two eclipses on two new moons both in Gemini this year) and the planet Venus eclipses the earth in Gemini also – all in ONE thirty degree slice of the pie – are giving off energy for tremendous change. And we have the “Zap Zone” to look foreword to – that’s when PLUTO, now in Capricorn – (sign of banking) – went from happy go lucky Sagittarius (represents gambling and overindulgence) into Cap. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, the seeker of the real truth. It is ruled by Scorpio (so is Iran). It’s your personal trainer dressed in an SS Uniform and watching your every move. And now, Uranus (the planet of Aquarius, the mover and shaker) is in Aries – (Sign of the warrior) the trip over with Neptune in tow, and passing Sheate the planet of sorrow and suffering (the Egyptians named it, and put holes in the pyramids in the kings tombs so it’s light would shine through as it passed) – came right as the Tsunami hit Japan. We have a Pluto square – not a good aspect, but it is forcing us to change – on June 24th is the first Zap. Beware. Be ready, It’s one of 7 exact squares between now and 2016 (can check me on that) You can actually learn some very interesting correlations between what you are saying and what is going on in the night sky. Mystic Medusa is a fab sight to look and read up on “the Zap Zone” It is happening to people and the weather just like you are saying. You are in the vibe – or really, really not digging it. (Thank the Universe for Holosync) and I am NOT an “Airy Fairy.” Can’t wait to try the the Awakening Leven 2, just got it today. It has helped in ways I would never ever have imagined a year ago. Thank you!
    Open mind Bill, open mind…

    FROM BILL: There you have it, folks. Those rocks spinning out in space have you in their clutches.

  14. Miika says :

    Hi Bill,

    I appreciate you informing us about this stuff, thanks a lot.

    You recommended buying gold as a safety measure for the financial crisis. I know that you can buy gold in the same way that you buy stocks, but is that enough or should I buy actual, physical gold?

    Another question I have is related to the adverse effects of central planning. I can see why it is ineffective, but in a liberal system, who takes care of the people who can’t take care of themselves? In your opinion, can the care of disabled or abandoned children for instance be trusted to the private sector? Do you think that people would use the money that they are currently paying as taxes in charity causes and the problem would be taken care of that way?

    FROM BILL: Buy physical gold.

    You are assuming that the central planners are taking care of those who can’t care for themselves. Take a look. Are they? Private charities DO do a better job of it. I’ll bet that 90% of those “taken care of” by the government are quite capable of taking care of themselves. The amount of money spent on the “poor” is astronomical, and it hasn’t made a dent in their condition. Why not teach the poor how to take care of themselves? Families would be more likely to take care of their relatives who need help if the government wasn’t taking so much of their money. There isn’t room to really get into the horror of the problems caused for the poor by central planners.

  15. Lou Hill says :

    Thanks for the reminder Bill. Are you familiar with the work of Barbara Max Hubbard and the many spiritual leaders who are supporting her work? She sees the negative crisis as a an opportunity for us to work together to shift into a new era of conscious evolution. She offers a vision and roadmap to join a global movement that’s transforming our current crises into the birth of a sustainable global civilization.
    If you are familiar with her message please let us know your response.

    FROM BILL: I used to know her but haven’t spoken to her for about 20 years.

    Rather than an opportunity to work together what’s unfolding is going to turn out to be the most oppositional situation you’ve ever seen or even imagined. A few people will do their best to work together, but it won’t make a dent. Times of negative social mood are times of fighting, not cooperating. You, personally, can cooperate, but on the whole, there will be little of it.

    When this runs it’s course something new will come out of it, and it will be positive, but only because it will be the turn of positive social mood. That won’t be for quite a while, though. Take care of yourself and those you love.

  16. Paul cowan says :

    Is resistance to these facts and I know I was, a classic example of clinging?

    We live an ever changing evolving universe were so much s outside of our control.

    I don’t know if there is a cure for clinging. This time last year, I was in deep depression about all this and I have taken steps to protect what money I have.

    I read far too much on the web and watched too much news which is generally all biased anyway.

    A couple of view points pulled out of my slump.

    1. I can die at anytime. Worrying about 5 years down the line or 5 weeks is futile if i don’t make it that far.

    2. Nobody can totally predict the future or life would be boring. I am in total agreement about the negative social mood but nobody can accurately predict the future or your part in it.

    FROM BILL: History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. We know the KINDS of things that are coming, but not the specifics. So, what if you are around in 5 years but you did nothing to prepare? I’m not suggesting that you should worry, but rather than you should be prepared, just as you take a coat when it might be cold out.

  17. ryan says :

    So the worlds pretty messed up I realize that, Its all over the news,ads,and everything else,so are you saying we have to just sit back and not get involved with trying to change what is,I’m 24 and new to this program,I can already see how, i’m much more aware of the negativity and the constant fear and materialistic push the media and television imposes on us. It for me has been getting clearer not only seeing the negative tendencies in others but in my self as well. Its easy to get stuck and a bit overwhelmed with how things are and could turn out so i guess what i’m saying is what can we do,hold our heads up,suck it up and just let things fall where they fall.

    FROM BILL: Why would you think you shouldn’t do anything? In my opinion, your job as a human being is to help alleviate the suffering of others. It is true, however, that on a big scale negative social mood is going to take over. On a small scale you can love people, be kind to them, and help them. Do so. And, be as prepared as possible for what might come.

  18. michelle s says :

    When I meant coin-obviously not a literal interpretation.
    However- I had an authoratative source about living in Germany in the 1930’s during the war and aftermath-my parents. I remember my Mom telling me that at one point during the war they had over 100 people in their barn during the frequent bombings-one firebomb landed in their house-upstairs in a bedroom-luckily it was during the day and no one was injured. I heard that people would collect chaff (leftover pieces from wheat) from the side of the road because there was nothing to eat. People would use old marks (currency) as toilet paper after it was devalued. As my Mom reminded me-“There was nothing to buy” It didn’t matter if you had money-there was nothing. She had the same outfit for four years-patched and pieced together-and they were ‘lucky’ because they had a small farm/apple orchard so they could feed themselves. She was a young girl during the war-so saw it differently than what the adults would-but to all those who don’t think shit like this could happen–read or reread Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl-or John Steinbeck the Grapes of Wrath-as good as humans can be-and they can-they can also be horrible-which is what I meant by two sides of the coin-

  19. Jeff Hawkins says :

    I mean specifically in the field of neuroscience of widely accepted literature about the brain my theory of mind is the first. Sure there are philosophers, and new age gurus who have written about the mind, but who cares about any of that stuff. My theory is the first “real” and “correct” theory of mind that has been confirmed, it’s testable, independently verifiable, we’ve turned into a “functioning machine” proving that it works and thinks. I don’t care to defend the claim anymore if you prefer to disagree that’s fine. What’s more interesting is the work we are doing down here at Numenta. Your welcome to visit and see first hand what we are up to.

    FROM BILL: You should do a little more looking around. There is plenty of disagreement among scientists, and plenty of theories that aren’t from woo-woo people.

  20. John Woodyard says :

    I agree that it’s prudent to be forewarned of oncoming events as far as possible and as practable.
    For me, at 67+, I want to keep my energy as positive as possible, therefore I won’t focus on the negative social mood’ that is very evident, but rather on how to weather the storm with the time I’ve got and expurgate my own ‘psychic’ shit and develop my own notion of spirituality.
    Thanks for the ‘tools’ that help….HOLOSYNC.

    FROM BILL: I’m not advocating worrying or being negative. If, however, you aren’t aware that social mood is what is causing all the negativity it would be very easy to become swept up in it.

  21. Robin Guyton says :

    Good post, When I read your email this isn’t exactly what I thought you were going to say. As I read you kind of said it, so let me just put my twist on it: when we do things like meditation, etc. it improves the inner workings of our life so that when we do go and “chop wood, carry water”, we do it with more purpose, better than before. Or you could say that if finanaces are a problem in your life, when you do inner work, your finances will improve, so the things in life that aren’t working before “enlightenment” begin to work better after. Does that make any sense? As far as the social climate we are in, to me anyway, that is an outside issue to look and wonder about, but it is truly what we do with what is going on in our head and our hearts that will make our own life a little less chaotic.

    FROM BILL: Certainly what you say it true, though that wasn’t my point. There is more to meditating than making your life better, though I think it DOES make your life better. There is something to be said for experiencing the transcendent, being in a state of no-self, etc., but most people see that as an escape, which it at first seems to me, but isn’t. There is no escape from the human condition, other than death. I would switch around what you’re saying in this way: many people do spiritual practices because they are hoping to get away from chopping wood and carrying water–in other words, the problems of ordinary and daily life. However, life isn’t about mysticism, when you come right down to it. Such things are an interesting addition to life, but when all is said and done you have to live in the ordinary way and will always be subject to the same dilemmas and everyday problems (along with the big ones) we all face. After all the searching for perfection and salvation, you eventually (if you search well enough) come to the point where you realize there is no perfect and no salvation. There is just ordinary life, so live it.

    And, regarding social mood, yes, what you do inside is important. However, I was also adding that in times where human are cruel to each other in the extreme, there are also external steps to take to protect yourself.

  22. Ben Hall says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your post. You mentioned that “Strange and destructive weather phenomena” occurs during a negative social mood. There has not been any mention of weather influencing social mood in socionomic literature. I suspect that what you mean to say is that people will perceive more “strange and destructive weather” during a negative social mood. Could you elaborate on this subject?

    Much thanks,
    Ben Hall

    FROM BILL: I’m not saying that social mood causes weird weather phenomena (I should have clarified that, since I said that in a list of things I was attributing to negative social mood). I just have noticed that in times of negative social mood throughout history there have been droughts and other such things (the dust bowl of the Midwest in the 1930s, for instance). We are having droughts now again, and even in Biblical times such things happened at times of civilzation collapses, etc.

    This isn’t anything I’ve heard the socionomists address, but I’ve begun to wonder if social mood might not be connected to sunspot cycles, which do have a lot of effect on the earth and on humans. The weather phenomena I refer to are, according to scientists, related to sunspot cycles. Is it just a coincidence that they seem to align with times of negative social mood? Maybe. Or, could the be connected in some other way? Maybethe fibonacci cycles are just similar, but there’s no causal connection. Just something I’ve been wondering about.

  23. Dennis in London says :

    Bravo Bill!

    An excellent observation – and very sensible words of advice.

    Bad times are truly coming and people should wake up to the fact that it’s going to be a very, very bumpy ride for the next decade, maybe even longer…

  24. Jeff says :

    I appreciate your practicality very much; thanks for this series of posts.

    So I’ve accumulated a bit of AU and AG, some long term stored food, have a small but growing garden, do some canning, some water, a bit of fuel, working to get solar panels. We rent a small place but are trying to get the most out of it.

    My dilemma is protection in a physical sense. I’m inclined to share what I have with others in need but that can only go so far til there’s nothing left for anybody. I don’t own a gun but think about getting one to defend what little I have if it comes to that but…….could I would I should I?

    Not something I’ve ever really needed or wanted to think about in my 60+ years but “The Times They Are A Changing”

    Would you share your personal views about this (if you have any)?

    FROM BILL: I would have a gun, but learn how to use it and be reluctant to do so unless absolutely necessary.

  25. Paul Cowan says :

    hi Bill,

    I was not saying bury your head in the sand. My point was that I was consumed by this, this time last year. To be honest, my business has been doing really well recently. I have more work that I know what to do with. I should enjoy it while things are like this.

    Last year I spent more time concentrating on reading everything. I now know more about how the economy works and the evil time bomb that is derivatives. Once the derivative market collapses I think everything will start to smash up then. It is funny to think how I thought we had a free market and how what we really have is the antithesis of a free market. Crony capitalism is everywhere.

    I bought as much precious metals as I could this time last year. I mean physical metal and not the virtual GLD or SLV junk.

    The price of gold went through the roof last november and has really bottomed out since with last month being a particularly bad month.

    My eyes are open and I really do expect things to get much worse but I have taken steps to TRY and protect what I have.

    Being all consumed by an impending sense of doom was not good for me, my family or my business.

    I would not want to go back to my mindset of this time last year for anything.

    Be prepared but stay as positive as you can. Life is too short and can end in a blink.

    You talk about filters in your course. I choose NOW to look at what I do have and try and forget about what I don’t have.

  26. Katharine says :

    I’ve read elsewhere that the Second World War was merely a dress rehearsal for events to come. Naturally I don’t care to dwell on predictions that terrify me, but sometimes I force myself. I’ve read a lot about that war, and the attitude that prevailed among the Jews of Europe was the idea that it couldn’t get any worse. Even before the final solution was hatched, and the Jews were offered a change for their deportation, they refused. The first terribly debilitating action by the Nazis was the dismantling of the legal system. Here and now we have detention without charge. The Nazis removed their legal rights, then their businesses and anonymity (the yellow stars), then their homes, and you know the rest. Their sense of horror was frozen by the disinformation given out by their government, and they became incapable of leaving. I wonder what will be the sign of the times that will get me moving.

  27. Ellen Rich says :

    Great blog…exactly what we need. It is a double bind and learning how to hold the paradox of both sides at the same time and then deciding (acting not reacting) as to what to do day to day is awesome. And then, deciding to step out a ways beyond language to experience is cool too. It all it! This used to depress me, but know I accept this is the human condition.

    FROM BILL: Good for you, Ellen. Excellent analysis. It IS a paradox. Life is a mystery, and there is no perfect way to navigate your way through it. Great, though, for those who love a challenge.

  28. Heikki says :

    Thanks Bill!

    Its true, all you (and I and about 7 billion others) can do is to direct our attention.

    Consciously or not.

    And the best days are yet to come, hah hah

  29. Heikki says :

    Dennis in london?

    I hope that you are not from “london city”?

    Ps.”Treasure islands. Tax heavens and the Men who stole the World”

  30. nick says :

    The negative social mood is a self-fulfilling prophecy…I believe that mankind in general; due to society’s warped standards, has brought this upon itself. In the great spiritual books, such as the Bible, mankind was noted as being self destructive, and bringing about calamity to themselves…so it is no surprise that this keeps on in this day and age…where society and the media have created a circus of dysfunctional beings.

    I think social mood has alot to do with personal growth, but to a point. On one point, you have to be aware as to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. But on the other hand, you can not go to the extreme and become a worry wart.

    However, what caught my attention the most was all the increase in road rage I’ve been seeing a little more than what is considered to be average…people; especially in the United States are losing their compassion for their fellow man…it is the titanic to all morals.

    FROM BILL: Soical mod, negative or positive, IS a self-fulfiling prophesy. However, it’s an INEVITABLE self-fulfilling prophesy, one that happens outside the awareness of the people caught in it. As for people losing their comapssion for their fellow man, that’s one thing that certainly happens in times of negative social mood.

  31. Dennis in London says :


    I am from London City but an unemployed charity worker, so no Treasure Island for me I’m afraid!

  32. Michael C. says :

    From a blog by Simon Johnson – not in line with all of bill’s politics, but, it seems, in step with bill’s predictions of a greater economic crisis looming than the one we saw in 2008, starting with the disintegration of the euro.

    Trying to understand all this a little better.

    One smaller question, bill – why so harsh with Jeff Hawkins? I’ve heard some of his ideas before about consciousness; he seems to be doing very interesting research and development in that field. You must have heard of him before, starting with his TED lecture. Is there anything that he has said in the past that you don’t agree with, or do you just contend with his one claim here on your blog about him coming up with the “first real theory of how the brain works?”

    One final point – I think that you are incredibly courageous for putting these ideas out there.

    FROM BILL: I do not know who Jeff Hawkins is. Describing a theory of the mind a the first real theory of how the brain works is preposterous. There have been theories of how the brain works that have been described as “real” theories for a L O N G time. Everyone thinks the (or should I say “their favorite”) theory of how something works as IT. If he has said it was an intriguing theory, or a theory that explained “X” in a way that took into account information that no other theory had accounted for, he would have seemed more credible. People are a sold on their own particular theory and up being closed minded. Such expansive talk turns me off. So sue me.

  33. Chuck C says :

    THE DEEP END…. If more of us jumped of the DEEP END more often, we would all know a lot more than what we do.

    Hi, I would like to give some real insight to everyone, the only problem is that I have been and am still confused about what is really happening in the US and the world these days.
    I have personally tried all my life to do what is “Right”. I have also found that “Doing what is Right” will not always get you where you want to go or who you want to be with. After 68 years, two failed marriages, 8 occupational changes I am finally semi settled into what I feel is sort of where, I wanted to be 46 years ago, with the right future wife, a semblance of comfort and access to some of the information that may explain what this is all about.
    Since I started using Holosync about 5 years ago, (I’m a slow learner, as you can tell.) I have just scratched the surface of what may be an understanding of what we are here for. Preparing for the upcoming turmoil has proved to be discouraging, because you can’t tell who to believe or where to turn in making what will be the required decisions for survival in this changing world.
    History has shown that an oppressive centralized government has failed time and again to provide the common person with a fair and just opportunity to provide for theirs and their family’s needs in the future. No one person or group of people can possibly know the needs of everyone else, no matter how wise they seem to be.
    Every culture that has started out as a democracy and grown to a world influencing nation, has lasted little more than 250 years before the central government became too powerful and thought they knew what was best for all their subjects.
    Here we are at about 237 years as the United States and we are about to embark on what will ultimately prove to be a world that will either be a world of turmoil or stabilization for the next 20 generations. What happens here in the United States these next 15 years will set the stage for the “World’s” civilization for the next 250 years.

    Where am I going with this? When Bill says nothing is permanent, he is not only talking about our mortality, he means “EVERYTHING”. Human existence, as we think we understand it, is but a drop in the ocean compared to what we understand as time. Our meager efforts to understand our current life and try to leave our next generations a decent world is just that, meager.
    What we do these days will set the stage for those who follow, to decide what we did right or wrong, and to make their own decisions how their lives should be lived. (It they read their history books and actually learn from them.)
    Me? I have to trust in the greed and honesty of the people who are handling my assets, because I just don’t know.

    FROM BILL: Just make sure your assets aren’t someone else’s promise to pay. Such promises are about to become worthless.

  34. Santiago says :

    Looking at the world, I don’t know wether to laugh or cry … everyday is a surprise, not always pleasant, though almost always interesting … but knowing that the ride will eventually end, for some reason makes me want to make the most out of it. If it would keep on going for ever it’d be kind of boring.

  35. valerie wilkinson says :

    I enjoyed your post, Bill. Having used Holosync for almost 10 years has helped me realize that some things in life can’t be changed–but my attitude toward them can. I am happier now than I’ve ever been even with the negative social mood out there… Like you, I am in my early sixties and much more thoughtful about the world around me. I find joy in the smallest things now–like watching a tiny bird drink water from a bird bath…Or watching a flower bloom. I keep chopping the wood and carrying the water–with a smile

    FROM BILL: Nice to hear from you, Valerie.

  36. Ben Hall says :

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for clarification. No, we haven’t cited a relationship to weather and social mood specifically.

    A related topic is a study that published in April 2008 entitled “Elliott Waves Regulate Commodity Prices and Expressions of Environmentalism.” You can read that here:

    In 2000, Prechter and Kendall published a study on sunspots and stock market cycles that you find interesting: You’ll need to login first to read this one.


    FROM BILL: yes, I’ve been reading EWT and all the other newsletters (other than short-term updates) for nearly 30 years.

  37. Michael C. says :

    a couple nights ago i had written:

    One smaller question, bill – why so harsh with Jeff Hawkins? I’ve heard some of his ideas before about consciousness; he seems to be doing very interesting research and development in that field. You must have heard of him before, starting with his TED lecture. Is there anything that he has said in the past that you don’t agree with, or do you just contend with his one claim here on your blog about him coming up with the “first real theory of how the brain works?”

    FROM BILL: I do not know who Jeff Hawkins is. Describing a theory of the mind a the first real theory of how the brain works is preposterous. There have been theories of how the brain works that have been described as “real” theories for a L O N G time. Everyone thinks the (or should I say “their favorite”) theory of how something works as IT. If he has said it was an intriguing theory, or a theory that explained “X” in a way that took into account information that no other theory had accounted for, he would have seemed more credible. People are a sold on their own particular theory and up being closed minded. Such expansive talk turns me off. So sue me.

    “so sue me”? Well don’t get your knickers in a twist – i was just asking if you had read Hawkins before and disagreed with a particular thesis of his. If you had just said you didn’t, explained your response (as you initially did), and left it at that, I would have received an intelligent, cogent answer. “So sue me” was unprovoked, unnecessary and rude – the kind of response you had previously complained about on this blog.

    Furthermore, I think Hawkins is saying that he’s broken some ground in the field of artificial intelligence. I think he said he’s created a machine that passed the turing test, a long standing challenge to the deep claims of AI. And I agree that any claim towards a grand unifying theory of the brain will elicit skepticism. Hawkins does speaks “expansively” about his own work, but he’s clearly just requesting feedback from you, a peer whose work he respects. And as someone who claims on the front page of his website that Holosync will:

    eliminate stress
    eliminate anger
    help you experience unshakable inner peace

    – well I assume you might excuse Mr. Hawkins for speaking in “expansive” terms, it seems he has a bit of the salesman in him…

    FROM BILL: Calm yourself. You are making quite an assumption about an innocent phrase.

  38. Miika says :

    Hi Bill,

    I wasn’t really talking about the poor per se, although I would like to know if there are examples of countries or societies that are akin to the ideal you believe in. Do you have statistics or studies which show that charities do a better job than centralized planning in terms of helping the disabled for instance? I am trying to get a more well-rounded perspective on the whole liberal-conservative debate and I would love to read something like that.

    My concern with a country that is very right-wing is that it can lead to a situation where poor people have no way of getting out of the poverty cycle. This is why I think that it’s good that education is free, at least up to a certain extent. This ensures that people have, at least theoretically, an equal opportunity to get an education and improve their living standards.

    I do agree that a lot of the spending on the poor isn’t doing a lot. In my opinion, giving money to them is a superficial solution because it doesn’t change the way they are thinking and acting.

    FROM BILL: I am not “right wing,” nor am I espousing any sort of right wing solution. I am also not espousing an ideal. And, centralized control has made things worse for the poor and disabled and have completely ruined the educational system. ANYTHING would be better for the groups you are concerned about than centralized government “solutions.” The charities I’m involved in are hired by the government to rescue their government schools. The score: government operated schools in the Portland, Oregon inner city, 50% graduation rate; kids in the same schools but in Self Enhancement after school program, 99% graduation rate. These kids, by the way, the THE most troubled kids when they come into the program.

    Government education is a cruel joke. So are government poverty programs.

  39. Chuck C says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thank you for your advice, but I guess I need a little clarification. When you say “Someone else’s promise to pay”, are you referring to vested retirements, social security and funds invested through a financial institution will not be available?
    (I still need to finish paying you for “Inner Circle”.)
    A reply e-mail would be fine if you do not think this is relevant to your post.

    FROM BILL: I mean anything where the money is going to be paid to you by someone else: an insurance company; a corporation; a government; a money market fund; a bank; a commodities clearing house, a pension fund. Not a promise to pay: cash, gold, paid-for real estate, fine art, gemstones and jewelry, etc. In ordinary times promised to pay are nearly always kept. In times like these the payer often has no money when it’s time to pay. Why? Because the entity or person who was going to pay them didn’t pay.

  40. Chris M says :

    “…And, of course, love the people in your life.”

    Love is a very fuzzy word, so many definitions. From my understanding love (romantic,etc.) is a rather recent idea.

    You have mentioned love as in a more universal love, more embracing, though I don’t remember you saying anything about the more ‘nowadays-conventional’ love.

    (from the perspective of an unsocial person who’s seen a few romantic comedies)
    I really get stuck on how this love thing actually works out. Many spiritual traditions are against the erotic and bonding-hormone-coupling from my understanding. Something about being too chaotic or self-destructive or too tempting. Sure there’s ceremonial ‘love’, but really, a marriage ceremony isn’t necessarily even in integrity, let alone necessarily precipitated by, or in love (in other words, a marriage does not love make). The whole romantic love complex expressed in certain media forms often seems to involve characters that would in reality break up, sometimes close after the end of the film! And, it’s not practical – many aspects of nowadays-conventional love is pherimonal, based on the immune systems and genetics of two people. Then, I could find myself chemically bonding with someone who isn’t compatible, or some ditsy who whenever she speaks sounds like she’s asking a question. Plus, if one falls in integrity both fall? That doesn’t seem like personal responsibility to me. Obviously this is virgin territory for me, it just seems like I look out and many people are in commitments where they are truly attached to their significant other, but don’t have much in common, or even like each other. No sane person would want that looking from the outside.

    Does there happen to be any relationship between these forms of love and universal love? They do have the same name after all, maybe there is some historical reason from when they were part of the same lifestyle/etc (for example), and which there are remnants.

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure what universal love is. I suspect it doesn’t exist. Love, to me, is attachment, bonding, a strong positive regard for someone, the willingness to sacrifice something for the happiness of another. I’m sorry you feel so cynical about it. I have many people in my life that I love, and would sacrifice myself for if necessary. What you have expressed is a cynical, unemotional, and intellectual description of attempts to bond that do not take. If you are looking for something that has no consequences, you’re in the wrong universe. That love has consequences is one form of the double bind I have described. If you aren’t attached, life is meaningless and dry; if you are, all kinds of things, including those you cite, can happen. What to do? There is no escape from the human condition. So, why not dive in and be human? Go the whole 9 yards. Or, sit on the bench and complain that the human condition is too much for you. (Hint: It’s too much for everyone.)

  41. Miika says :


    Related to what Chuck C asked about, do you then recommend selling any stocks one might have even if doing so now resulted in a loss? Should I sell all my stocks and buy gold with that money?

    FROM BILL: I am not an investment advisor. Do your own research. (Haven’t I been saying this for a long time? Does anyone listen? Are people too lazy to take care of themselves if it involves effort?) This is a serious situation. Treat it in a casual manner if you want, but you might not like the consequences.

    Personally, I would treat all stocks at this point as poison. If you had the cash now, would you invest it in stocks? If not, why would you continue to hold stocks when you could trade it for cash. What you bought it for is immaterial.

    A Dow Theory sell signal was just triggered a few days ago. The marketed is on its way down again. Probably not straight down, but nevertheless down–it’s been down the last 15 out of 18 days, or something like that, which is one of the two or three biggest, continuous number of down days, a slow-motion crash. Eventually, it will go WAY down. My intuition: you will not see the recent highs (above 12,000 in the Dow) again for more than a decade. I’d be willing to bet that eventually the Dow may go below 1000. Call me crazy–or wait and see.

    I think gold is a good thing to have–gold and cash (not money market funds, or something that can be turned into cash, but actual cash–right when you want to turn something into cash, there won’t be any; right when you want to sell something, there will be no buyers). Don’t buy gold with money you might need to live on. Buy gold with excess money you would otherwise save, as gold may go all over the place, up and down. When the race for cash happens (it’s already happening in slow motion, but it will become a mad dash at some point–maybe tomorrow, who knows?) many people will be forced to sell gold and it will temporarily go down–perhaps a lot.

    In what is unfolding, the one who loses the least will be the winner. Or, to put it another way, in what is going to unfold, nearly everyone will become poorer. The whole world spent tomorrow’s money yesterday. Now it is tomorrow and the money is gone. This means living at a lower standard of living for a while (probably a long while). It is already happening, and when the full force of it hits it will be like nothing you have ever seen or imagined. Read some economic history. Get the book This Time It’s Different for a review of past similar situations and what happened.

    Gold is a way of preserving what you have through to the point when the dust finally settles (though “dust” is hardly a strong enough word). Buy gold and forget about it, regardless of the price fluctuations–but only with excess savings. Of course that’s just my opinion and it’s worth every cent you paid for it.

  42. rosario says :

    why china is becoming so rich ?
    why china is not involved in this social negative mood ?
    thank you bill.

    FROM BILL: It is involved in the negative social mood, and is not in such good shape as described in the uninformed mass-media sources you read. The China bubble is heading for a sharp pin.

  43. michelle s says :

    To Chris M:

    Find someone and love them-love them when they are ditzy-or funny, or sad. You will not be sorry. Love-whether it’s romantic love, love of friends, family, animals, etc is what we are lucky enough being human to enjoy, experience, learn from-both good and bad. If you don’t have feelings strong enough for anyone or anything that you would throw yourself in front of a bus for-you are not letting yourself live to the fullest extent. Love can be messy, great, horrible and everything in between. So what-isn’t that what life is about?

    Don’t worry about schlocky comedies and bad movies- just put yourself out there. You might get hurt-or you might get lucky- but it will be an adventure.
    Don’t be a grinch with a heart 3 sizes too small-expand.
    Start small-
    PS- I don’t think ‘universal love’ is more than real life compassion and kindness in action.

  44. Miika says :


    I’m sorry for pumping you for too much financial advice. Can I ask you one last question? Then I’ll quiet down, I promise. You can disregard it if you don’t feel like answering it :P

    You mentioned the race for cash. Is it okay to have money on a bank account or should it be actual, physical cash?

    Again thanks a lot for the advice.

    FROM BILL: I have money in a bank account (though not a very large fraction of my money) for practical reasons (pay bills, etc.). A bank account, though, is a “promise to pay”–from the bank to you. Many banks will not be able to pay in the coming few years. Instead, you will be asking the taxpayers, through FDIC “Insurance” (which really means the banks can do risky things with the money because the taxpayers are on the hook if their risky deals don’t work out) will EVENTUALLY pay you. How long will that take? Can you hold out for months? A year? If things get bad enough, until hell freezes over? What will the money be worth by the time you get it? Have some cash that is no one’s “promise to pay” because a lot of usually reliable payers will not be able to pay.

    Finally, find some good sources of financial advice. Do your homework. Google Martin Weiss, Money and Markets, and Weiss Research. They have some very sound advice–in free newslettes (though their better stuff costs money). And, it’s written for people who are not super-sophisticated financially. Other good source, which cost money, is Dow Theory Letters (Richard Russell), which is $300 a year and includes a 5-day a week write up online. Russell is 87 and knows his stuff. Another one to google (even more expensive, but you get what you pay for) is Bert Dohmen’s Wellington Letter.

  45. Heikki says :

    Yes, money was/were/is a very good servant but a very bad master.

    My advice to every workers in the world is to work as little as possible as big salary as possible. The companies have no morals, so be solely and completely immoral for them and their owners. Keep them alive, but get as much as possible from them. Laying hens, no point in killing, yet… (last one is a joke, hah hah)

    Keep yourself the most important person in your life, so that you can offer your loved ones also the best. Dont give a s..t anyone who does not consider himself/herself his/her own life the most important person.

    Help only if someone asks for help, and then only if the requesting party assistance is fully prepared to give up old and unusable memes of her/his.

    Yes, its coming a very big storm!( before the calm;-))

    Im ready

    Wow, I love to be me!!!!!

    FROM BILL: Working the least you can for your employer is a recipe for NOT succeeding. If you don’t think your employer is paying you fairly, ask for more or leave. However, you are certainly not worth more if you don’t give your employer value for what you are being paid. Seeing your employer as a the enemy is like seeing your customer as the enemy if you have a business. You are welcome to this self-defeating, self-sabotaging attitude if you want, but I prefer to go the extra mile and give those I work for more than they thought they would get. That is the way to advance in the world. Given your sour attitude, no wonder you aren’t happy or successful.

  46. arturo says :

    …Hi Bill,

    I have a question that I hope you’ll be kind enough to share your view on… I do not know if you will know something about the subject but considering your life experience, as well as your documented, deep, broad range of knowledge, I thought I’d ask. If so, I believe your insights on this could be very valuable and helpful, not only for me but for many people in these rough times. i.e. If it turns out to be what I think it is… I explain:

    Although I had read about social mood and centralized power from you in your previous posts and from some more people as well, I have just, very slowly unfortunately, been awakening from my ignorance to the reality of all these social mood issues.

    Even knowing that your opinion is well fundamented, I guess I never gave it the importance it had for I was comfortably sleeping in my middle class bubble and “safely” working for a “stable” multinational company. I guess my ego wanted to believe that those “horrible” predictions were real just for dumb, fearful, loosers, victim like, pesimistic people and that I was just out of its range (very stupid and immature I know).

    Well, I won’t bore you with details on what accelerated my awakening in that sense but it happened (and in such a way!!!)…

    And the situation is this: I have lived pretty well so far economically, but day to day… And due to the stupidity and immaturity I mentioned above, combined with my bad oriented risk taker nature and a lack of culture of prevention in mexico (and most third world countries), I took it all for granted and have never saved money or taken any kind of insurance policy or measures against all this.

    Now, things are getting difficult, and to me and many people is not a matter of what to do with your money but to find where to get enough of it reliably and without depending on one single unstable source of it.

    I decided that, instead of complaining or panic about it, I would learn, study and look for a viable solution (finally something good and useful in my nature for this situation).

    In my quest and speaking with someone about all these situations and its consequences, he just confidently told me: “I know, and it’s normal, not only in government, but in large corporations as well”… And “the solution” he suggested was: “to start a business with a different model where there is not a pyramidal scheme depending on a leader but one where it depends on several small, independent leaders that, for their own best interest, support each other. I asked: “and what biz model is that?”, he said: “multilevel marketing”…. I smiled and left after thanking him…

    But later decided not to make the same mistake of prejudging and assuming and instead do my own research. And, sorting through the hype and looking at the fundamentals, I found the real concepts of what it really is to be serious and interesting, even taught at the university of chicago.
    I also found it to, indeed, be very related to all this situation because, even though most multilevel companies have distorted its fundaments, (most of its people for ignorance and many leaders due to vested interests), and transformed it into a centralized power scheme (just like governments, religions and all kind of organizations do), by nature it is not, if understood and applied correctly.

    The bottom line and my question to you is not to ask for your advice on whether I should join one or not of course, but if you think it is a real, viable and sustainable business model that could be a solution for a fair amount of people in this situation in these times to make it through the recession.

    Thank you Bill.

    Best wishes,


    From Bill: Multi-level marketing generally makes money for the people who start it, if the product is decent and it is set up properly. It is more difficult for those lower down to make much, unless you are either really good at recruiting more salespeople or really good at selling the product to customers who do not join the company as salespeople. I haven’t seen many people in multi-level make more than a time part-time amount. This partly because they don’t wrok really hard and partly because the money ultimately depends on product sales. Most multi-lvel companies sell most of the product to the salespeople, who then have to find more of them so they can sell to THEM.

    The problem in this environment is not the business model, quite frankly. It is the fact that we are entering a world-wide depression and no one will have any money or, if they do, will be very eager to spend it. Any decent business model is okay, but without customers you can’t make money. We’re going into a time when money will be scarce and people will only buy what is a necessity.

    Start a business that meets a need that is crucial. Car repair and appliance repair will thrive, for instance, because people will not be as able to buy new cars and appliances. Think of what people will really need, even if they have no money, and go into THAT business.

    Also, do what you can to get out of debt. Develop a circle of friends you can count on. And listen to me next time!

  47. arturo says :

    ooops, I forgot:

    P.S. thank you much for all your insights and advice on knowing and dealing with social mood issues, it certainly does help me and I believe many… Hard to believe that some people’s shadows make it see that as negativity or some kind of disaster attractor but please keep on doing it for it is sooo valuable and far from being a negative influence

  48. Rollo says :

    Oh how I miss your blog posts… It seems almost cruel to make us wait so long.

  49. Michael C. says :

    @ rosario – I live in China right now. I believe Bill is right, the Chinese economy will take a sharp turn for the worse. I have to do more research about this and the concept of social mood, but while on the surface China seems to be flourishing, with new construction everywhere, a tangible sense of hope from the average person on the street, trouble seems to be brewing underneath the surface. Many domestic and social issues plague China’s ability to move forward – safe food, safe construction, pollution is out of control, restrictions on personal liberties…this is all very general, of course, and again from one perspective. China is not the horribly repressive place one would think from the news media, but Bill is equally right, it is not the booming economy that people in the west think it is either. Many live in near to extreme poverty. With food and housing prices rising (housing prices seems to be leveling out now, but I think only temporarily), it’s a matter of time when people get mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Let’s face it: when a blind political prisoner can escape from house arrest, you know we got some unresolved issues…

    As Bill always says, I would do the research yourself. Just start with Bill, because you need to start with a trustworthy base source. I don’t think Bill has all the answers, but he’s not a bullshitter either – I don’t think this blog would be nearly as controversial as it is if he were. I try to question him as much as i can, but at the same time, I admire that he stands behind many ideas that I imagine are unpopular in the personal growth industry.

    Finally: I don’t think Bill is saying “do your own research” because he believes maybe his facts are wrong; on the contrary, Bill (to me) sometimes uncomfortably KNOWS he’s right. Well, maybe he’s earned that right: 1) it is his blog, and 2) he’s done a lot of study into this area, and can discuss these matters with a great deal of certainty. But I think what Bill IS saying is that the only way to know this stuff – really know this stuff – is to go out and let your mind struggle with it yourself. I’m a teacher, and i can tell you that there are several ways to build a lesson for your classes – the easiest is just getting one off the internet and copying it. From experience, I can also tell you that this NEVER WORKS in the classroom. You just have to know the material. And then, you have to let go enough so that the kids also go through the same process of understand the material as you just did – you can’t spoon feed it to them. I’m assuming the principles of emotional/personal growth are the same. Bill, in some ways is like Holosync itself; Holosync is not the answer to enlightenment. It’s a trustworthy tool to help you get to know yourself better – if that’s what you want to do.

    FROM BILL: China has (literally) billions of square feet of real estate that is vacant, built with givernment subsidies. In other words, it looks like a lot is being added to the Chinese GDP, but it is not driven by need or demand. It is driven by the government taking money from the people in the form of taxes and building something for which there is no need–a huge waste of resources that STATISTICALLY looks like a boom but is really just throwing away money. Maybe someday those buildings will be filled, but it will be decades.

    Google Bert Dohmen, go to his website and buy his China special report ($25). A cheap way to find out what is really going on in China. His newsletters are very expensive ($500 a year and up). You may or may not be able to afford that, but he is one of THE smartest financial people in the world and is almost always spot-on.

    I am saying do your own research because all of this is a moving target. Everything is always changing, especially now. If I tell you something is such and so it won’t be the same in a month or two. I have to keep my eye on all of this to protect my own money (and ass). Over the last several years I have been heavily in Euros, dollar, Swiss Francs, and gold. And, ocassionally in stocks. Other than the gold, I have switched from one to the other as conditions have changed. If you don’t know what’s going on, you will lose. And I don’t mean reading the papers or a few things on line. This is serious shit, and unfortunately much of the best advice costs a lot.

  50. Luis says :

    Thanks for another enlightening blog!
    Bill, who or what moves social mood?
    I know it will go worse before it gets better, but according with the people you study, how long can this negative turn last?
    you say it will be as bad as back in the 30’s and 40’s, coupd you please further elucidate this point?
    Im trying to get out of the city and off to the country. We have the land and we grow a lot of our food. Will this even matter?
    Thank you!
    Btw, i recently joined lpip and i an enjoying it a lot!

    FROM BILL: No, I won’t elucidate the point. Read up on it yourself–both social mood and what happened in the 1930s and 1940s (hint–world war 2, the holocaust, Stalin killed millions, Mao took over China and killed millions, financial collapse, etc).

  51. Ken and Michelle S should move on and ignore my posting’s as I am likely to reference Peoples Books and material that go against they’re own intellectual needs/requirements/processes and Bill does say that anyone is welcome to contribute to his blogs at all times regardless of the hostilities of other contributors.

    The model that seems to have been used the most throughout History based on my current level of awareness is the Model of the Dance Macabre combined with the Ideology of Critical Junctures. The suggestion being that the Hitlers’ and the Stalins’ and the Mao’s’ were in they’re own minds-living dead with NOTHING to lose, who schemed acted and used any means available to themselves in living out they’re own dreams and dragging along anyone whom they managed to convince of the righteousness of the causes they themselves had bought into/created, the Critical Junctures are point’s in History and time where none or all of the events that unfolded may have happened, i’m sure quoted can be found from all those individuals saying they would have acted differently given X scenerio.(What-if Junctures are generally hindsight). We are in a time of many multi-spatial multi-tiered critical juncture Waves that are literally mind-boggling and terrifyingly real. You speak of China and the changes taking place there, yet very little has been debated of your own US Anti-Christ-Mitt Romney and his seemingly shoe-innacle march to the Whitehouse. Here in the UK David Cameron also had a seemingly easy glide into Government and his coalition with the Libs is reminiscent of UK History just prior to the Horrors of World War I.

    I’ve been looking to study Elliot Waves more closely and as you’ve said the material is quite expensive for Joe Down-and-Outs such as myself to afford, but the sampling’s that I have seen are quite paradoxically vastly over-inflated and the technology seems to have been high-jacked to serve needs of its pushers-and-pullers movers-and-shakers rather than an unaware layperson. Many scientific methodologies seem to be vastly over complicated samples of entrenched 19th Century dogma.

    I’ve been looking at Critical Junctures within my own personal History to come to terms with my own lifetimes worth of behavioural issues and perhaps exonerate the causes of those times of sufferings in order to better understand myself as a human machine (as some science now describes us) is that sensible or is it hunting for a booby prize?

    No mention is made of anti-threshold in any of your literature, is that because anti-threshold does not exist or simply that you describe anti-threshold in terms of all the profound negativity and resistance that is encroaching upon all of us in our daily?

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say anyone was welcome no matter what the other people think. Quite frankly, who posts and who doesn’t is totally up to me.

    I have no idea what you are talking about concerning Hitler, et al, which means it’s probably not very well thought out. How they behaved is a combination of social mood, their own personal psychological makeup (their script), and their culture and the times they lived in.

    I have never mentioned Mitt Romney, that I can think of. Personally, he is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better that Obama, who is not only an under-qualitfied idiot but also a huge progressive/central planner/socialist who wants to tell (and force) everyone to do what he and his buddies think is best. These things always end in tears and many, many deaths.

    Mitt Romney will not be able to solve the country’s problems because a) the current social mood will not allow it, and b) the problems are not solvable by anyone. My prediction is that Obama will likely lose (by a lot), unless something unforeseen happens, or they manage to not have the election at all, and Romney will also be a one-term president (again, because he will not be able to solve the problems.

    In 2016 we will be close to the bottom of this debacle, and everyone will be saying that capitalism is dead (it won’t be) and that the world is coming to an end (it will only seem like it).

    I also have no idea what “critical junctures” supposed to be. Every moment contains decisions that have consequences. The decisions of those with more power have more consequences. However, those decisions are largely the result of social mood. And, what happens in the economy cannot be made better by anyone in the government, though they can make it worse by interfering with it, which they are doing A LOT.

    You need to read a lot more history, psychology, and economics.

  52. nick says :

    I’m feeling the impact of the negative social mood alot at work…what’s more I’m a very entrepreneurial type person…I get bored easily with jobs and hardly keep them for more than 6 months at a time…in other words I’m not a very good employee although I work hard in jobs anyways. I want to maximize myself as an entrpreneur and the only way I feel I can be real happy is if I quit my job and go full time in business. In this negative social mood, is it not good mental health that will propel people to success rather than just good finances if they are miserable at heart?

    FROM BILL: Filling the needs of others is what creates success in all times.

  53. Heikki says :

    Bill, team-work in companies mean pure socialism. The owners try to take workers creativity as low price as possible. Its no matter how hard one worker work, he just have to develope his work also within nowadays.
    So, workers just offer them the same. Its no matter how much they pay. Individual worker can always do his work less hard. And take all extrafruits of his work to himself/herself. Meaning, doing only work what are in a contract. Nothing more of less? With his inside creativity.

    Like I have done many years, hah hah.

    Doing, but first being. Human being. Not a machine operating old and unuseful memes.

    Im happy and prosperity, just because I decide to be. Everyday. Not because someone else want me to be. Someday.

    Bill, be well!

    FROM BILL: This will be your last boring and moronic post. I have had enough. You are misinformed to say the least. I will delete future posts.

  54. Nino Roso says :

    Bill Harris, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, this is very serious, you are not bullshitting around, I respect you immensely and I am taking your advice very seriously.

    Actually I’ve known all this for a long time. It’s kind of a boring topic. Not when you talk about it I mean, but when other people talk about it. So I decided to write the wonderful majestic lion hearted king among men Bill Harris himself and put in a request for a future blog post.

    If it sounds interesting to talk about. I would love to hear all your thoughts on brain plasticity, what you have read, what you know, what’s exciting, there is so much about brain plasticity that is fascinating to me right now! Please tell me everything about it!

    I was just in the bookstore today and I read about a third of a book about brain plasticity. called The Brain That Changes Itself. This book is a wonderful find. I immediately cried by the powerful science back stories that bridge neuroscience and the self help industry.

    The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

    I highly recommend it, but more important than my recommendation is I want to hear your feedback, on what excites you about the subject.

    Thank you so much! You wonderful, kind, loving, generous, awesome human being. Love to you :)

    from Nino Roso

    FROM BILL: I read this and several other books on this subject several years ago and have written about this topic already. Perhaps I can write something else. I’ll think about it.

  55. Ken says :

    Hi Bill,

    I share your views on Obama and Romney. I hope they don’t kick you out of portlandia over them, lol.

    It’s interesting you’re calling a bottom of 2016. I love reading your predictions because you’re so well read and seem to always be right.

    Question, I own a business with a partner and we have the opportunity to sell it now. Business has been off a bit each year since about 2008 and I expect the slide to continue. I’ve been thinking about doing something new for many years now.

    I was wondering if I should sell now, lock in the money, and consider re-entering the area in a few years when things begin to recover or else do something different altogether. Otherwise, I could try to ride out the storm, but my business would become completely illiquid if the shit hits the fan and the work would likely dry up. Again, that’s IF the shit hits the fan.

    I realize my question lacks specificity. But in a general sense, if someone owned a business that depended on relatively healthy economy to survive, and they had been thinking about doing something new anyway, would you lean toward advising them to jump ship or ride it out at this time?

    Thanks in advance!


    FROM BILL: Really, who knows? How much do you want to get back in in a few years? If you really can get out and hold on to the money (which won’t be easy over the next several years unless you’re very well advised) you might be able to get back in when it is much lower. Buy, it is said, when the blood is running in the streets (which is when no one–NO one–want to and it seems nuts to do so). Again, this is why you need to be well-read and well-educated about this sort of thing. I read Richard Russell, Bert Dohmen, Martin Weiss (some of his is free), the Aden Sisters, Harry Schultz (retired, but still writing for the Aden Sisters’ letter), Jim Grant, John Mauldin (free), Elliot Wave, Safe Wealth Advisory, and several others. Whatever you read, you then have to make up your own mind, and believe me, not everyone agrees about exactly what to do. I’ve been doing this a long time, including reading many other expensive advisory letters over the years, and at this point I have my own take on things (from a lot of experience) and sometimes disagree with these experts. Sometimes I’m even right!

  56. Nagini says :

    Hey Bill, speaking of the world going to hell in a handbasket, this guy is talking about a new restructuring of the economy

    Web2ExpoSF 09: Douglas Rushkoff, “How the Web Ate the Economy, and Why This Is Good for Everyone”

    Someone wrote in reply to the video, and it was a good reply so I wanted to include it here Bill Harris as if it were my own comment about what is possible.
    “I think he missed the greatest example of earning currency into existance though by not mentioning the pre-WWII Germany and how they abandoned their currency that was forced down to by worthless by the European banking system and created a currency based on labor. I forget how it went but it was something like one hour work got you one labor dollar. It let Germany go from one of the poorest nations to one of the most economically stable in the world in the course of years and threw an already depressed European banking system into chaos.”

    So my question is, are we looking at a situation where a new type of money / payment system is going to be a plausible solution? What will the rich owners of gold do when people start working together without it?

    FROM BILL: A new currency, if it comes, will be designed to try to hide the reality of what is going on. A new currency is in no way a “solution” to the fact that the world is in such deep debt that everyone is going to have to live at a lower standard of living for a LONG time.

  57. Ken says :

    Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughts and the resources to check out.

    You see, for those of you who complain that Bill is mean or rude or whatnot, that’s not been my experience. If you ask a serious question in a polite way, Bill is very willing to help. That’s why he’s here after all. But if it’s way off topic or you are rude, lord knows what he’s going to say!

  58. Vic says :

    Ken Says:”for those of you who complain that Bill is mean or rude or whatnot”

    We all need to keep in mind that much is lost through this form of communication. Since we can’t see or hear the person speaking, we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, it can be very difficult to face a truth about oneself. The better we get at putting our ego aside (not taking things personally), the greater the opportunity for personal growth.

  59. Dennis in London, England says :

    I LOVE this Blog, don’t you?

    Not only do we get the chance to comment and read some great news about Holosync, we also get the added bonus of exchanging knowledge about a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Many thanks for the link to Douglas Rushkoff (Nagini), fascinating stuff, what an interesting and refreshing point of view – very enlightening for me.

    Of course, we also have the ‘bonkers’ people that just seem hell bent on annoying the life out of Saint Bill The Patient, but I also love the ways he shoots them down after a suitable period of long term abuse, marvellous!


    FROM BILL: I resent being accused of being patient.

  60. buddha's rotting head says :


    you mention that one endpoint (or the endpoint) of zen is the realization that there is nothing to attain. you neglect to mention that there IS something to lose. much of spirituality these days is focused on the gaining of something… i.e. more compassion, wisdom, understanding, freedom from suffering, bliss, etc. i would suggest that finding truth means losing rather than gaining. we lose our beliefs, our identifications, our ego identity. for me, this is the true zen. just wanted to share.

    FROM BILL: You don’t lose your beliefs. That you think so is a belief. You can’t be human without believing something. You can believe something, however, and know what a belief is and what it isn’t (it’s an idea, and it isn’t the tangible reality it supposedly represents).

  61. Roberto says :

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  62. Alex says :

    FROM BILL: A new currency, if it comes, will be designed to try to hide the reality of what is going on. A new currency is in no way a “solution” to the fact that the world is in such deep debt that everyone is going to have to live at a lower standard of living for a LONG time.

    FROM ME: That, or (much better): we wipe all debt clear and START OVER! Interest rates are the root of all evil, how can some digits in a computer create value? The truth is they don’t, but somebody (smarter than you and me) decided that they do, and we got all duped BIG TIME.

    FROM BILL: If you wipe out all debt and start over, what about all those who are owed the debt? That is stealing from them. Whether debt is paid or renigged upon, the money supply contracts, which is deflationary. Your idea ends in a deep and long depression. In fact, no matter what is done, this will end in a deep and long depression.

  63. You need to read a lot more history, psychology, and economics.

    You’re quite right of course, it wasn’t until receiving and reading “Why Nations Fail” (from whence I liberated the “critical junctures”) that I became aware I’d been sucked into reading the works of a collective back scratching group of SYCOPHANTS, much of my reading of History Economics and so forth this past year was written by Nial Ferguson, Jared Diamond and others who all apparently-according to the quotes in the book- gave it gushing approval. The difficulty seems to be in finding ALTERNATIVE SOURCES or even more literary sources, I enjoy the level at which those authors write for the masses but it doesn’t stretch ones own abilities to remain in an obvious comfort zone.

    I studied psychology-Freud Pavlov’s dogs (yawn) many years ago and wasn’t impressed with it then, I have never ever EVER bought into the ego id superego theories of brain functioning yet like all school-college-university students you have to work within the boundaries of criteria set by others (even when it goes against the grain of you’re own thoughts feelings, instincts) probably why society in many Western Countries is disintegrating- the Generation that rebuilt the West following World War II had and gave way to the most selfish generation of humans that has ever lived, the two generations that have followed [setting a generation as a 20-year-period] (my generation and that of my daughters) have been well and truly screwed simply for the selfish benefit of 60’s selfish ‘rebels’ , and whilst I can not comment on brain plasticity theories (not being familiar with the shape of said theory-yet it does inspire thought of millenial old ancient legends of clay people).

    Prechter’s Conquer the Crash (2nd Ed) I have found to personally be uncomfortable reading-don’t get me wrong-it is exceptionally easy to read and understand-just that when I put my own life story and my extended families life story alongside his machinations of stock market events-up downs and whatnots-I am some what disturbed and troubled and much of his commentary seems like it could have been plucked out of my brain, I SHALL ENDEAVOUR TO FIND BETTER SOURCES – Thank you.

    FROM BILL: Those you cite are good sources. The conclusions you have drawn from them aren’t.

  64. Vic says :

    Alex Says:That, or (much better): we wipe all debt clear and START OVER! Interest rates are the root of all evil, how can some digits in a computer create value? The truth is they don’t, but somebody (smarter than you and me) decided that they do, and we got all duped BIG TIME.

    Who would ever lend you money again, if they knew that all debt could just be “wiped clear”?

    Interest rates are the cost of borrowing money. Most are determined by market forces. It has nothing to do with smart people or digits in a computer.

  65. Rob G says :

    Hi Bill,

    Great blog you have here. My reply to Alex’s suggestion is;

    From what I can make out, if all the debt was wiped out, the effect on what we take for granted in everyday life would be catastrophic. What you are suggesting would result in a very abrupt change in the movement of finances around the world. Too abrupt for the way credit and debt works. Many businesses such as factories, retail outlets, suppliers and buyers may use credit as a way of financing their operations over the long-term as well as to aid cash flow on shorter time scales. This credit system would disolve if debt were to be wiped out. They would no longer be able to function and employees would lose their jobs. Western governments by creating credit in such large amounts are making a very good job at making currency worthless though, so you never know!! I’m guessing that what you suggest Alex would actually be an entire financial meltdown of western nations? Where paper currency and money credit are worthless to purchase goods. Is this why politicians seem only capable of kicking the can down the road? as they dont reallly know what to do.

    My guess is this global financial mess has become a frantic game of passing the hot potato. Bankers with big bonuses, and investors with the know how can extract finance from the system, and the losers are the ones who generally know less about whats to come (the rest of us!).

    FROM BILL: The debt WILL be wiped out. Either the borrow will not pay, or the borrower will pay. Either way, the debt disappears. Debt disappears all the time. This time, though, new debt will not be able to replace it anywhere near fast enough. The disappearing debt will be like a huge avalanche; the attempt to reflate will be like a light dusting of snow.

  66. Rob G says :

    Also to Alex, sorry forgot this bit!

    Also if you become a debtor by getting a loan from a commercial bank, your commercial bank then has to become a debtor for a loan of the same amount to your nation’s central bank, so it can give you the loan. That is the ‘digits part’ of the central bank’s role that creates value and thats alot of digits written in the past decade or so! Thats how it works in the UK, im assuming its similar with the fed in the US!

    FROM BILL: Not true.

  67. Hi all

    There is an interesting new book called The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-Taking, Gut Feelings, and the Biology of Boom and Bust, by John Coates. It’s about the biology of risk-taking in market traders. It helps explain ‘irrational exuberance’ and it’s opposite, ‘irrational pessimism.’ Of note is that the author is a former trader himself and has done a PhD on the stress physiology of traders. He has discovered a direct link between testosterone levels and a trader’s willingness to take risks. Also, testosterone varies with the trader’s wins and losses. It’s fascinating stuff that helps explain the psychology underlying what Bill has written so much about in the past months, especially why people take stupid risks and then turn excessively pessimistic when things go against them.


  68. Joel says :


    How successful do you think a relationship can be long term, when you are both at a different developmental level? And how do you think a relationship would be affected if either person progresses to another level and the other does not?

    Commiting to one person is truly a wOnderful, difficult and special thing. But what about the concept of different people coming into our lives at different times for different purposes and to learn new things from?

    FROM BILL: If you respect the other person’s developmental level it has a chance. Most people don’t until they get to Wilbers “second tier.”

  69. Hammond says :

    FROM BILL: A new currency, if it comes, will be designed to try to hide the reality of what is going on. A new currency is in no way a “solution” to the fact that the world is in such deep debt that everyone is going to have to live at a lower standard of living for a LONG time.

    Some say the bankers were corrupted, took huge bonuses, to put the countries of the world, and the people they represented into huge debt, like an eternal slavery of the masses. Non of this seems legitimate. Even if it’s legitimate on paper, the corruption is obvious, the banks that claim the people owe them all this debt obvious corrupted our system to create that debt. It’s not difficult to see, it happened methodologically in country after country after country, a similar virus happened in companies, the heads were bought, great loans were taken, the banks got rich, then the companies collapsed. What has happened looks legit on paper, but the people can see this is about as intelligent as a Viking Rampage, the banks have become the Vikings, and they have decided they own the world, and the people of the world owe all this debt. How long do you think that idea is going last? How much credibility do you think it has? The problem facing the banks is that when the people start creating their own currency, all the debt that somehow belonged to the banks will vanish, not because it doesn’t exist on paper, but because the people won’t believe in it anymore.

    FROM BILL: Another conspiracy theorist speaks.

  70. Hammond says :

    You can think of everything that exists in the world as a story, a story between neurons, that coordinates bodies. The current financial story is weakening and failing, people are not believing, you see it as a sign that mood is failing, that disaster is coming, and yes that is somewhat true, disaster is coming for some people, the old financial system will fall apart and die, and the world will default on it’s debts. In the short term that may mean money is worth a lot less.

    In the longer term what you are going to see are new financial stories, new maps between neurons that coordinate bodies all over the world, new ways of people working together that are not tied into the debt of the old financial myths.

    The world that you believe in is falling apart, but there is more than one possibility here, with the right kinds of mental exercise these neurons that encode the current financial map of reality can be strengthened, and things will be fixed, government, business, and banks will reach new agreements that actually solve the old problems.

    It might seem unlikely today, but when things are much more desperate tomorrow you will see the unlikely become likely.

    Second there is the possibility that weaknesses in the old map or story of global finance will weaken so that new stories take hold, some of them will be bad stories, but there may also be a new class of story, a financial picture the world has never seen before. Something new.

    FROM BILL: Oh, come on. Nice try. Back to your drawing board.

  71. Santiago says :

    Bill, have looked into the eneagram personality map ? do you find substance in it or do you this is just new age bs ?

    FROM BILL: Where in the world do you get these questions? You really seem to be searching for SOMETHING that will magically tell you the answer. What, I wonder, are you missing, that you have to search under every rock?

  72. nick says :

    Does this wave of negative social mood mean that the “new age-rs”, personal growth experts and yogis are going to profit the most? For example, in the 1970’s; another era of negative social mood; vietnam war, the rise in personal growth, narcotic use, and hippie culture rose into the awareness of mainstream society where it has seemed to create a lasting impact to the present moment.

    FROM BILL: I guess you’ll have to wait and see. I do predict that more and more people will embrace magical thinking. It will not help them.

  73. joel says :


    If we can choose the people and situations we are attracted to. Well, what about the people we fall in love with or the people we are attracted to and would like to get to know intimately. Do you think we can consciously choose them too!? (with enough awareness)



    FROM BILL: Awareness creates choice. Period. The more awareness, the more choice.

  74. Mary says :

    Hi Bill, i had the pleasure doing the last retreat with you , what a gift i gave myself i love your work your honesty you have opened my eyes , holosync
    has sure given me more awarness also risen my threshold ..

    Bless you
    Bill ..
    Mary from
    down under..

  75. Anna says :

    The worse the mood the better the situation.

    FROM BILL: Nonsense.

  76. Here’s an article regarding Banking that Hammond may find interesting:


    Biologist/Scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s new book “The Science Delusion” ask’s some great question’s of his fellow scientist’s also providing some history and insights into unexplained phenomena and possible methods of moving science into new realms of research.

  77. arturo says :

    Hi Bill,

    Here I am with another question for you, I hope you can take the time to answer…

    If I’ve understood some comments of yours correctly, you say that a business that supplies what people really need could probably have a chance to thrive, even in this economy we are heading towards.

    But this is a little confusing to me… I understand that in difficult times, survival needs as food, medicine and shelter are priority, and maybe they are followed by secondary needs to find affordable ways to keep comfort and lifestyle just where it is as much as possible (perhaps that’s where car and appliances repairing would come in)…

    Yet, I see that, once fulfilled, beyond survival, people perceive their needs differently, even though they are affected by economic limitations.

    What I mean is, just for example, myself. At present time, if I am on a limited budget (and I am) and have to choose, I’ll buy my next level of holosync, a great Dan Kennedy or Brendon burchard’s marketing training course and a great quality nutrition suplemment over a nice designer shirt and a pair of shoes or a weekend getaway at the beach. To me, it’s no brainer. But it isn’t hard to see that my priorities, for many people, would be even ridiculous, which is fine and natural.

    But that’s now… As times get hard, I guess both would become totally irrelevant if it becomes too bad.

    And If the situation really, really does become that bad, then I believe not even appliances or car repairing businesses would, let alone thrive, but even survive, would they?, because people would only care for what they’ll eat, how to avoid get harmed and where to spend the night safely. And of course, companies that produce “luxury” things like holosync, or Myoplex would go broke.

    but on the other hand, if there are people who still can pay for their car or microwave to get repaired, I guess then that, within the bad, there would also be people in an even better situation who could pay for those “luxury” things that, for them, are really necessary, right?.

    So I guess my specific question would be more a series of them: do you think must will fall in a survival mode where only esentiall things like medical care and basic food will be demanded? or will people still be in a position where, even if not able to buy a new car, tv computer or microwave they can still pay to get it repaired? if so, wouldn’t there also be some demand, even stronger (though more limited) for good nutrition, empowerment and business skills, meditation? could you shed some light on it please?

    Thank you,

    P.S. Thank you also for your insights about multi-level business.
    P.P.S. And Yes, I am listening to you now (I was, but now way more seriously).

    FROM BILL: I hope you don’t spend so much time in your head debating that you forget to actually do something.

  78. Chris M says :

    Bill, I have a question about ‘presence’. Many historical figures have had a notable ‘presence’, how they walk, body language, etc.

    In my experience, recently in particular, I have recognized how some less socially acceptable emotional states are expressed in public. I related to a post about [road rage, etc] for example, having had similar experiences. On several occasions when crossing the road, a lone car seemed to speed up or slow down just enough to impede me as I reached that side of the road. On at least one occasion a similar thing happened in a 5km/h zone. It’s like if people see a safe chance to hurt others, they do so, although perhaps they are simply checking to see if someone can really be free of the ‘dark side’ that they are passive-aggressively (etc,) showing. Of course I recognize the conundrum of trying to seperate me from environment in terms of correlation, and in my opinion, as I have become more self-sufficient (which happens to be related to libertarianism, in a motivational sense), I think people with disowned qualities have been finding my very presence offensive because I have made those qualities self-serving. And that is a threat from a self/other duality. (And yes, a lot of people are that crude(?) in their emotional gradiation, for example, and this is extrapolating and generalizing a little -, voluntary work places with disowned selfishness and authority issues in negative social mood can be passive-aggressively, coldly, emotionally manipulative domineering atmospheres. – and the ambitious ones there open rest homes that are truly Orwellian – by the way, from my personal experience, it’s the all pervasive fear from lack of control that feeds the helplessness in such places) It’s the same problem everyone has in negative social mood – people misconstrue your behavior, and would probly loathe you anyway. Of course this is a segmented slice in context of human behavior, and I find ‘developmental-level’ psychology (introduced by you bill,) contextually relevant here. Getting back to the point, I like feeling superior, like I know more, and find discounting others views empowering at times, and can be very sharp witted in humor, and sometimes very dry. In some contexts I’m a jerk. I’m kinda enjoying writing this. But back to the original conceptual point.

    People feel like they have to protect themselves so they put up walls. Then if that wound isn’t emotionally alive for another person, it’s a threat, or one must teach them the ‘truth’, so they rig the game, so to speak.
    I remember noting that at a point in history, faces in biographical/profile photos were viscerally grim. Presumably the achievement-oriented people considered endurance valuable. Is cross-developmental-level disowning greater in times of increasingly negative social mood?

    I sense some of the subtler issues arrived at related to the paradox between ‘presenting oneself in a certain way’ (not being who you are, there’s an external world that’s not you) and self concept (everything is an extension of self, the miracle of discovery) would clear themselves up through a greater perspective, because it seems the difference between someone 20 and someone older who has settled into their viewpoint, is the unconscious ‘baggage’. Unlike the baggage from teenagers which tends to reach critical mass, often around predictable issues, it has seemed to me that adults have baggage like little grains of sand permeating them, conjugating more densely at the joints. And this is ‘stability’. The ‘stability’ of ‘adults’. Obviously, I want to be better than my parents, and many people, at least, want to be not like them. (Obviously I have deeper control issues.)

    I think ‘presence’ could be a result of a strong internal life, there is also those who are immersed socially who can be very emotionally charged in public (have a presence). And of course, ‘socially unacceptable’ body language has been around far before any nerdy guys feet betrayed and subsequently repulsed a cheerleader.

    I’m thinking that being functional beyond this is related to this ‘subtle body’ and ‘very subtle body’ purification stuff. Which makes me think that this objectification is some kind of deep internal work, perhaps related to feeling vibrations in the body during meditation is to some degree related to this.

    This is my interpretation at this time.

    Bill, this seems like it’s important to growth.

    FROM BILL: Sorry, but I couldn’t follow what you are saying.

  79. rosario says :

    Krishnamurti says that “thought must be completely silent for the awakening of intelligence, and it is the silence when thought, with all its images, its words and perceptions, has entirely ceased.
    please holosync make it happen that ?
    thank you bill.

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you find out? What good does it do to have me tell you yes or no? Knowledge about this is useless. Experience it for yourself and then you’ll know.

  80. rosario says :

    you created a page of the benefits we get using holosync,
    on your website .
    so i was curious to know if this “silence of the mind” is included.
    please could you tell me ?
    thank you bill.

    FROM BILL: Rosario, you have been using it for years. If you don’t know the answer to your own question by now, I don’t know what to do for you. You repeatedly ask me questions that you should learn the answers to from your own experience.

  81. rosario says :

    i asked to you because you used holosync from many years,
    so you know better then me.
    from my experience, until now, the “silence of the mind” is not included.
    please, you got the “silence of the mind” using holosync ?
    thank you bill.

  82. rosario says :

    is it true that using 40 Hz Gamma frequency we get the state of oneness ?
    thank you bill.

    FROM BILL: You are always in a state of oneness, no matter what you do or how you feel. If you want to know what oneness feels like, it feels like what you are feeling right now.

  83. nick says :

    Negative social mood; as it seems, has been a cause to many crazy things today. However, another thing I have noted is the increase in the “dumbing down” of society. For example, the uprise in the wave of reality shows that serve no true purpose…not even to educate. The increase in the obsession of entertainment; hollywood movies, video games, etc. seems like it has reached an all time high. People care about education; only in regards to attaining a degree to get a better job; although a job in this economy is not always the best solution. More or less, people seem to have attained an “ignorance is bliss” mentality…where not paying attention to world events signifies living their own life…as if there is no nature-nurture influence upon them whatsoever. It all looks like a modern repeat of the Roman Empire, where Caesar would entertain the masses; putting a figurative blind-fold over them, to distract them from the true matters. For example, the collapsed U.S. financial system, which is so far gone, that it is like the government is cannibalizing its citizens…and the whole series of acts put in place to restrict people’s freedoms of leaving the U.S. and expatriating overseas…even though the number of Americans leaving is increasing from even 2004. To me the “dumbing down” can either represent a sign of the times, or it is something that will progressively happen due to the nature of the relationship between technology and convenience?

    FROM BILL: These are all symptoms of declining social mood, not causes.

  84. Hammond says :

    Even if dollars and euros become useless trash that people throw away.

    There are still credit worthy people who will deal with one another. People with capital, people with skills, people with anything of value, will trade with other people, for labor, services, products.

    The dollars and euros do not make the world economy, and if they become useless because of inflation, then the credit worthy people will use something else.

    Money isn’t in gold. Ancient kings had gold, but ancient kings did not have the luxuries that even the average person has today.

    FROM BILL: Gold, however, cannot be printed or created out of thin air, and has been a store of wealth for 5000 years–and will continue to be for a long time.

  85. Jim E. says :

    You put together a real, real interesting blog. I know alot of writers and teachers who talk about ‘spiritual growth’ and others about history/preparations for collapse/etc, but know of no one who puts them together in such a clear, succinct manner.

    Billions of people have gone through hard times and disasters in our history. But most people I know don’t think it can happen to them. What makes us so special?

    Simple preparations such as storing some food & water, having some dependable down to earth friends, and making some reasonable financial
    safeguards will go a long way in preventing an absolute personal panic when things start to fall apart.

    Gun ownership was encouraged by Jefferson mainly as a protection against an overreaching and tyrannical government, so having a proper firearm available when you need it (God forbid you will have to use it) will go a long way to preserving our basic liberties.

    Maybe taking these practical steps will provide another perspective to our spiritual growth, which we all take so, so seriously. It’s mainly because of the current level of leisure time and abundance of resources (food) that we enjoy that allows such pursuits; I enjoy them as well.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog. Stay well. Perhaps it won’t be as bad as we think it will be. May God bless you and yours.

  86. Chris M says :

    Regarding my previous question. Put another way, I’m trying to be proactive – I fear the bullying that may come in times of negative social mood, I’m only one person, and I don’t have a wide variety of social groups to ‘be safe in’. I do not think the law will save me. I think people may be unreasonable and report me for my way of being, irrespective of my actions. I think I’d be jolted by a sense of fear and violation in circumstances, and temporarily be unable to respond effectively. Not everyone can buy a gun, or gold. I have some food saved up but my economic choices are more whether to buy one lot of tofu luncheon or two, or invest in canned soup. The idea of presence is that I want to have some choice in how I respond to people, but recognize how forced body language is, well, fake – in other words you cannot necessarily exist in a way purely ‘because you are supposed to’. And yes, taking responsibility (rather than blame) is important. It seems like the best response for me is to cultivate character through deeds. However, I do not trust any one source on methodology for this. Sometimes I ask very indirect questions. I was trying to reconcile answers within my own ego, which I am most usually immersed in (its huuuge by the way).

    FROM BILL: Stay away from conflict, protests, and so forth.

  87. rosario says :

    is it rue that binaural beats cannot produce the Gamma frequency ?
    your cd “gamma compassion” is a 40 Hz Gamma frequency ?
    thank you bill.

    FROM BILL: Yes, binaural beats can create a gamma frequency. The frequncy on the Gamma Compassion CD is none of your business.

  88. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Where in the world do you get these questions? You really seem to be searching for SOMETHING that will magically tell you the answer. What, I wonder, are you missing, that you have to search under every rock?

    Wow Bill relax, it was just a simple question asking for your opinion on an isolated subject, not an inquiry into the mysteries of existence … I guess I don’t need a magical answer anymore, since you clearly have given us all the logical (and right) ones … :P

    FROM BILL: Why do you treat me like the Answer Man. Find out for yourself. I’m just telling you what might be useful to look at. What difference does my opinion about this or that make? Do your own research, both intellectual and practical, and make up your own mind. All of you: stop asking questions that start with, “What do you think of . . .”

  89. Dennis in London, England says :


    “What do you think of…”

    Before Holosync, chop wood carry water – after Holosync, chop wood carry water – but with a Great Big Smile on my face!

    Only joking!

    The world may well be going to Hell in a Turbo-Charged Hand Basket – but I do not intend to be going with it!

  90. I do not think dumbing down is a new outlook on reality as having recently read an old browny-golden paged Penguin book PLATO The Last Days of Socrates, Hugh Treddennick (1954) has suggested (at least to myself) that it’s easy to fall into the grasp of having Rose-tinted glasses for times past. Anyways I found the dumbed down oration and discussions to be highly enlightening upto a point so would ask of you the following question:-

    Although I have recommended some ‘new’ books, I do actually enjoy digging out old aging antique books from bygone eras which are often locked into the sensibilities of the times they were written. If you had to suggest a translation of PLATO and his stories of the great Orator Socrates talking/debating/interacting with his followers such as Simmias and Crito on whether the soul can be proven to exist and that it is immortal, and why he wouldn’t break the laws of Athens upon his sentence to death resulting in his drinking of the poison Hemlock, whose translation would most likely be attuned and harmonized with you’re very own legendary oration and teachings? Is there an all encompassing collection of this literature that holds pride and place amongst the literature in you’re own library?


    Can Holosync meditation be regarded as unfalsifiable, and how do you make Holosync meditation falsifiable in keeping with your strict belief in empirical science? That of course is If such a need existed which it probably doesn’t because meditation automatically falls into those unfalsifiable realms doesn’t it?

    FROM BILL: If we’re looking for just the right tanslation, then we’re really into IDEAS about reality then, aren’t we. I have plenty of respect for the Greek philosphers, but where they fall down is using logic to “prove” something. I like empiricism and experience myself. Soul is an idea about human existence. I suggest you look for the soul and let me know what you find (be sure to look everywhere).

  91. Chris M says :

    I had a dream a while back where I was in a future where humans entire existence was as fat people inside tiny cubicles, stunted on most levels, where all their needs were met without much effort at all. Living spoiled lives of leisure (inside their own heads) not knowing anything else.

    I was the guy-out-of-time reacting to how ridiculous their lack of effort was, trying to tell them, “move your hand left one button”, and one saying “[its impossible]” then becoming a ‘supernaturally amazing’ person, and then being a freedom fighter and squished between two walls. When I awoke I saw things in a new light (emotionally, at least temporarily, and it left an impression).

    What I put it down to is resourcefulness. It seems like leisure is worthless, and by that I mean null value. Differentiating leisure and work is an old, old way of seeing life. And, the more I write here, the more I think I am speaking from a point of leisure. In other words, maybe leaning towards saying and advocating, but not doing. I’m starting to think maybe (many erroneous of) my problems are to do with lack of compassion.

    Often routes of self-improvement focus on either solitary practice or social works. Empathy can be resourceful. Cultivating empathy with purpose. I’m curious if this is a normal progression as a person. I’ve got myself in trouble before that took a long while to recover from. Also, the further away from normal behavior, the less useful conventional wisdom (well meaning or not) becomes.

    FROM BILL: Go read my series on human development.

  92. Jem says :

    Mr Harris, I disagree with your view of the world, what I mean is you put across your view of how you see the world and its very negative. You don’t seem to have any magic in your heart, love of beauty. This is why I have a hard time taking you serious with what you say. I do acknowledge you are very well read and that you are inteligent but it seems that you are only intelectualy smart and not emotionally. This is not a put down, just my observation. I do love holosync and I do respect you im just airing my thoughts.

    FROM BILL: Pointing out what is right in from of you isn’t negative. It’s just realistic. I am alerting you to a potential danger that you had best be prepared for. I’m not sure where you get your information about what I think about beauty, or how you are supposedly evaluating my emotional intelligence. I am suggesting that you have a support group of people you love. Hardly a sign of a lack of emotional wisdom. I suspect you are projecting your own issues onto me. Look inside at yourself and take responsibility for yourself.

  93. Sam says :

    Jim Roan was talking on a recording about the different seasons of life, and relating them to how we should prepare. I think you’ve been saying that we’re heading for a time of winter, wherein the conditions that created the summer of manifestation and the low-hanging fruit of automb are gone and are now being replaced by the winter (meaning that we should have prepared). In the summer I can “put it out to the universe” but in the winter I have to establish (or re-establish) my connection with god or whatever is “out there” and understand more fully who I am in relation to the “out there” for myself. Is this sort of thing what you’re talking about?

    FROM BILL: Could be.

  94. Ganesh says :

    Bill, Fantastic work on your Jazz album. Love it!! I didn’t know you could play the sax so vibrantly and full of life.

    FROM BILL: Thank you for saying that, and thank you for listening to the album (which is #20 in the nation in radio airplay). It’s because I have no sense of beauty and no emotional intelligence (see comment above for this keen analysis of my flaws).

  95. Carlos says :

    After many years of Holocync and reading this blog I have basically run out of questions. I am still pretty ignorant, but I dont feel I need to get all the answers as if my life depended on it. I am just living it the best I can.


    FROM BILL: Whew! Just when I had run out of answers.

  96. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Why do you treat me like the Answer Man. Find out for yourself. I’m just telling you what might be useful to look at. What difference does my opinion about this or that make? Do your own research, both intellectual and practical, and make up your own mind. All of you: stop asking questions that start with, “What do you think of . . .”

    Of course I’m doing my research, asking you is part of it … I don’t expect a “right” answer from you, you can’t provide one, you can only provide your opinions, which can have some value, that’s why I ask ;)

  97. Daniel B says :

    Man some of the posts on this blog are really irritating. Why is there not more respect shown for Bil. People using this free resource come accross often as patronizing and righteous.
    When Billl does not give you the response you want he is setting a standard for the blog. It is his right to set the context and the standard of the blog. It is becoming more and more obvious that this information is invaluable. I am appriciative. Have been reading Jonah Lehrer who is a young writer on brain science, yay the brain something we can control and mold. Yes the debate on free will has been around a long time but for one was put to bed a long time ago. It just makes intuitive sense that we have free will nothing would make any sense otherwise, and the more empowered i become the more obvious it becomes.
    Thanks Bill for profoundly influencing me on so many levels. The world is going to hell but i feel very optimistic about my future. The worst being we will become very strong and a lot closer to those we love

  98. Chris says :


    How are “strange and destructive” weather phenomena tied to social mood?

    FROM BILL: I don’t know. They are, though. Sunspots, perhaps.

  99. jon says :

    Hi Bill,
    Loving your blog as always. I noticed a few posts back your jazz album mentioned. Where could I find it? I’ve recently become passionate about Jazz guitar and have committed to practicing an hour a day (feels like scratching the surface:)…
    Thanks from down under

    FROM BILL: You can find Inside Out, The Bill Harris Quintet, on Not sure where it is this week, but last week it was #20 in the nation in radio airplay for jazz albums. I think you can also get it on Amazon.

  100. Amber J. Gardner says :

    While I don’t think you explained it in the best way (and I think this is where all the hostile replies to your posts come from, not so much the information but the way you give it, the words you use. Like you say, people are fragile, not just physically but emotionally as well and its very easy to get people upset), I agree with you completely.

    I had this idea and was curious if it had any basis.

    I noticed that my mood is like a cycle. A pattern. I’m almost wondering if it’s a cycle I cannot escape from, much like the positive and negative cycle of social mood you described. In fact, that’s exactly what it’s like. Deep depression, followed by high optimism. And I also noticed something else. The darker my depression, the brighter the recovery.

    I was thinking this may be what you explained about threshold — reaching it and then my internal map of reality collapsing and before rebuilding itself differently, the threshold expanding.

    And now I’m thinking maybe this is what is going on with the world. It’s sort of reached its threshold, so now it’s going to plunge into chaos and then it’ll swing back like you said it does. But does this mean, if this is the darkest social mood there has ever been, then when it’s over (even if this means hundreds of years and only if the human race survive), would that mean the positive mood would be the highest it’s ever been? A spiritual evolution sort of thing?

    I could be wrong. I’m just thinking…which is always a bad idea. But this also made me wonder…

    Isn’t the answer to the problem that cannot be answered — the human condition — just acceptance? Basically, accept suffering?

    Like, bad things happen. We cry, bleed, etc. And…um, it’s hard for me to explain this.

    Sort of just be okay with that? Like, not seek it out. But since it’s going to happen, and there’s only so much we can do, we can just do what we can and just accept what happens and in a weird way…enjoy it even?

    Enjoyment is probably the wrong word. But I’ve had moments, usually after my depression, where I look back at my intense negative mood after it passed with a strange appreciation and awe. Like I can look at it without thinking “That’s bad. I shouldn’t have felt that.” But with a “Huh, that was really intense.” and sort of…appreciate it (lack of better word)?

    Can this sort of thing be the best way to approach what is happening with the world?

    FROM BIL: It’s partly acceptance (of what cannot be changed) and partly awareness (of how you create suffering that is unnecessary and can be changed). Your moods can only be an unavoidable cycle if you are unaware of how YOU create them. If you are unaware, events (which are driven by social mood) will drive your personal mood.

  101. Shawn says :

    Bill: this is Shawnesey O’Hern. Just wanted you to know that if I follow the “least amount of time” instructions for Holosync, I will be done two years from today (just started FL2 today). Whatever controversy may attach to “Bill Harris, self growth guru/nut/charlatan”, I firmly believe in the efficacy of your product. I do this because I can still feel and see the results that I am getting. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

    FROM BILL: If you investigate, anyone who says I am a “charlatan” has not used Holosync. Some people think anyone selling anything online is cheating people, period. How can you cheat anyone with a one year money back guarantee? Anyone who thinks Holosync doesn’t work can send it back. VERY few do.

  102. trace says :

    listening to ” Little Rootie Tootie” on your new album. wow. very very cool. great reviews online also. i’d say what a gift… but i know from your bio you’ve been practicing since 1964? i think. really terrific.
    what a skill to have if TSHTF. people always need talented artists especially during rough times. brings us together and reminds us of our shared humanity,yes?
    do you write your own material also?
    thanks for the music. trace

  103. Errin Johnson says :

    After reading your blog, I do get the main idea of being realistic and see that is are normal & practical way since we decided to chose the survival of the fittest mentality. I do also believe that when we change our beliefs we will change the patterns of ourselves and in society. I know all my problems are in my false assumptions that created the negative beliefs as you describe so well in your blog. My personal experience is when my beliefs are in line with my well being and my thoughts finally catch up or the conscious and subconscious finally are coherent with our heart and mind. I feel calm and relaxed at this point. So, our thoughts change we change…and when you start to feel bad go back to your thoughts change it, locate the underlying issue and let go of any thought associated with that belief because its not real anyway, so why ponder on it any longer. When you feel good you are in your natural state of well-being and pay attention to that and when you are feeling down pay attention to that feeling and start to release it. However, that is done is up to each individual. Thank you for sharing…be well!

  104. Casimer says :

    A while back I got into an argument with my ex, at the time I told her a I loved her, showered her with expensive luxurious dates, and then coldly dumped her by telephone telling her every rotten thing I could think to say about her.

    She said I had hurt her feelings.

    I said she was responsible for creating her own feelings.


    It’s true right?

    It’s the victim perspective that makes us think that other people are responsible for our feelings.

    My feelings have always been my choice, they have never not been my choice, even before I cognitively recognized that I was the one choosing my feelings.

    Just because a person maps control of their feelings to another person, does not make that other person responsible.

    I’m not going to be enslaved to the expectations of other people who think I exist to keep them happy.

    By all rights I could hurt as many people as I want emotionally right?

    Because my brain isn’t controlling their brain! My brain is making their brain feel unhappy thoughts is it?

    That would be like blaming charles mansion just because everyone who worshipped him went psycho and murdered other people.

    I can manipulate other people into doing horrible things, but at the end of the day it’s really their choice right?

    I can’t make other people feel a certain way right? Just myself right?

    FROM Bill: You may not create the other person’s response, but you CAN provide a stimulus that interacts with someone’s Internal Map of Reality, which creates their response–a feeling or a behavior. Though their reaction comes from them, if you care about the person you should probably tell them that you’re sorry that they had that reaction, and that you didn’t mean to hurt their feelings. You might ask what you did that triggered their feeling. Perhaps what you did would have triggered a similar feeling in many people.

    You have to have compassion for the way people respond to what you do or say, even if their response IS coming from them. 99% of people are not aware of how they create their responses (probably including you).

    And, you have to take responsibility for triggering someone, especially if you knew before you did it that what you were doing was likely to cause their Internal Map to create a bad feeling. Using the fact that each person creates their own responses as an excuse for triggering them, inadvertently or not, is immature.

    If this happens again, tell the person that you feel bad that they had that response, and that triggering that response wasn’t your intention (only if that is true, though–if you did mean to trigger a negative feeling, apologize for that intention). Ask them what they would like to have from you instead. You may or not be willing to give them what they want, but if you won’t, you’re probably going to have a difficult time being their friend.

  105. shawn says :

    been meaning to ask you this for a while… did you decide not to do that fourth LPIP class you talked about at one time, about the levels of consciousness?

    FROM BILL: Way too busy right now to create a new class. Please come to my Live Chat Wednesday at 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 Eastern, on FB. I’m talking about the 11 keys to living a good life.

  106. mike says :

    bill, i have an off topic question about holosync’s history. i’ve heard you mention that in the beginning there wasn’t the current four disk system for a level, but only one disc. did the delta on that disk go to 2.5 hz, 1.5 hz, 0.5, or 0.3? when the four disc system came into effect did you feel any need to go back and do the other discs?

    FROM BILL: Not true. In the beginning there was The Dive, Immersion, and Floating (in the deeper custom levels), and the deeper Immersion 1.5, 0.5, and 0.3 were added later.

  107. Paul Cowan says :

    In your first post, you mentioned the coming caliphate the Glenn Beck mentioned.

    I thought it was totally insane when I read this and laughed as I watched Glenn Beck’s rant on youtube but now I’m starting to think that Mr. Beck may have had a point.

    FROM BILL: Duh!–especially since the Muslim Brotherhood, modern advocates of the Caliphate, just took over Egypt. Say hello to Iran having an ally, Sharia Law, and mass killings of Coptic Christians (which has been happening for months).

  108. Ken says :


    I think Mike’s asking if after you added the three deeper Hz’s to your program, if you felt any need to personally go back to listen to the lower Hz’s of the prior levels you had already completed. I’m kind of wondering this myself.


    FROM BILL: I listen to them all the time.

  109. Ken says :

    Also, good luck with your chat tomorrow. And don’t forget my earlier recommendation, time permitting:

    Ken Says:
    February 2nd, 2012 at 12:24 pm


    Also, I really enjoy your FB chats. I know they’re supposed to be kind of a sales tool, which is great, but also a bit for the troops–your existing HS users. Along those lines, can you consider doing a brief, maybe 30 min chat, for those at the purification levels or above? Since you don’t do retreats anymore, it be nice to hear your current feedback for those of us working through the more advanced levels. Maybe it could be an “add on” right after your next chat so you don’t have to get the camera crew out twice?

    Just an idea…

    FROM BILL: A good idea.

  110. Jem says :

    Bill why do you think the Governments around the world are allowing this mass influx of muslims when every government knows the problems that muslims cause and that they want to take over the world? You would think every government would be expelling muslims not opening the door wide open for them, this really baffels me. Is it down to legal jargon?

    FROM BILL: That’s the sort of thing that happens in times of negative social mood. When I first started talking about such things I got reamed by the nutjobs for saying that the radical Muslims (not all are radical) wanted a Caliphate–essentially a Muslim takeover of the world, which they tried to do centuries ago. Now it’s in full swing. I hate being right sometimes.

  111. Joel says :


    Conscious living, conscious choices question!!

    Having many many things happen at the moment! Meeting people, opportunities, bizarre coincidences daily. But I want to step the game up! If I can consciously choose the people and situations I attract which I appear to be almost doing with full awareness! Can I potentialy attract the people, situations and opportunities I want? A couple of examples: attracting someone who has lot of wealth, who believes in my vision as an artist and who wants to fully fund my work and projects? Can I consciously attract this person?

    Or maybe I attract working with one of my dream dance companies/ chorepgraphers! Attract a $10,000 modeling gig! All these types of things! Can I consciously choose to meet the people and situations for things like this to happen? I feel like I am almost at the stage where I can consciously choose with all the things that are coming my way! But I wouldn’t say it is all happening through complete awareness !!! It’s cool and I am loving it, but I want complete conscious choice of the people and situations I attract!

    Cheers Bill

    Growing daily in leaps and bounds!


  112. Paul Cowan says :

    The caliphate looks to be in full swing now and Syria looks like the next domino to fall with probably Lebanon next.

    This being the case, why oh why are the west backing Muslim extremists in these conflicts.

    They had little choice in Egypt but in Libya they helped topple Ghadaffi and they are pulling the strings in Syria.

    People might point to Obama being a muslim but what the UK and France who were doiminant players in Libya?

    Israel would be completely insane to want these regime changes. They will be toast if a full blown caliphate is ever realised.

    FROM BILL: Eventually Israel will be forced to do something. Hopefully that something won’t be nuclear–but I can’t blame them for defending themselves.

    This is the sort of thing that happens in times of negative social mood. People thought Hitler and Mussolini were great in the 1930’s. There were held up as “doing something” about the depression. They had the solution, and by golly it was working. Later, of course, there were huge regrets.

    The US government under Obama has quite a different agenda than previous administrations. The international left think this is an opportunity for their world-wide revolution, and they think they can use the Muslims as a tool to help get it. They may be in for a surprise, as the Muslims (the radical Muslims, not all Muslims) are as serious as cancer, and they also want to take over. The left and the Nazis teamed up for a while in the 30’s in the same way.

    This will spin out of control–it already has in Syria, and is close in Egypt. Woe to the world. Keep your head down.

  113. John says :

    I think we need to learn more about this Guru Suchabanana, i believe he could shift us into to a more positive social mood. Just hearing his name lightened my mood.

  114. nick says :

    With negative social mood at an all time high…you would expect Al-Qaeda and terrorist networks worldwide to be in full swing. It’s as if the Obama Administration is playing “wack-a-mole” with terrorists…with the grand prize being re-election. I think Obama is a good speaker and celebrity…especially with celebrities in the music industry and in hollywood…but I haven’t seen much progress. Yet, I don’t expect progress because the problems are too deep for one president or administration to fix. With all the talk on negative social mood and U.S. decline…I’m surprised I haven’t seen any comments on expatriation overseas and renouncing U.S. citizenship?

    FROM BBILL: Comments on this blog about that? No, but plenty of people are talking about it. Me, I staying. The rest of the world is worse, for the most part. And yes, Obama can’t fix these problems, nor will the next president. However, Obama’s statist/centralize control scheme is certainly making the hole a lot deeper and will cause the end result to be a lot more sorrowful. He is over his head, and really knows nothing about being any kind of an executive. Plus his model of the world is about an elite controlling the peons.

  115. Ken says :

    Bill, that was my favorite chat so far! Brilliant!

  116. Daniel B says :

    Hi All
    I have been reading Proust was a Neuroscientist. In the chapter about Igor stravinsky he talks about the effects of music on our brains. stravinsky produced the Rite. When it was first played it induced a riot. The reason being described was that the patterns were so unfamiliar to peoples brain it literally made them act crazy. As he was saying our brains assimilate the patterns of music in our brains. This made me think that this is very much what happens with holysync. We are pushed because we a stimulating our brains with a pattern it can not assimilate. If you just stay with it your brain will eventually have no choice but to adapt creating a new brain so to speak. I also noticed that my brain was still trying to assimilate those sounds well after my session was finished, my brain was unrelenting in trying to solve this problem.
    This also describes why i acted so crazy at times in the early periods of holysync use. My brain not being able to recognize the pattern made me feel crazy. I know this is essentially what you teach Bill but it really is enlightening coming across this information as a part of my own research and learnings. You probably would not describe it as being crazy but that is how it felt until it shifted and i felt saner than before. Also it felt much more physiological it was actually my brain trying to work this out. Where as my mind was always what i seemed to focus on. Bill have you read any of Jonah Lehrer’s books?

    FROM BILL: No.

  117. Dennis in London, England says :

    I just wonder what difference our instant communications will make this time around on the negative social mood?

    During WW2 we had very slow methods of communicating with each other – and, the newspapers were certainly used as propaganda tools as well as ‘rallying the troops/public’, which certainly happened in the UK.

    Now we have 24-hour news services on TV, super-fast Internet, emails, and Twitter, so we are hearing so much faster about what’s going on and where.

    The world is now being shown emails sent to and from the greedy bankers in the UK.

    Bad news now travels in milliseconds – very scary times ahead for most of us…

    FROM BILL: Only a small number of people are paying any attention. Yet negative social mood flourishes–and is getting worse. And by the way–the bad news comes FROM the negative social mood, not the other way around.

  118. Joel says :

    I want to do something bigger then myself. Something that reaches more people then one man can alone. I remind myself I am only 1 person, there are over 7 billion people on this earth who suffer in different ways. My suffering seems pretty insignificant when I look at it this way. I want to help them and always remind myself that we are all in this together! 

  119. Casimer says :

    Bill, I thank you for your wise words in the response you wrote to me. The situation was years ago. The view I shared was from years ago. It came up during some upheaval recently. I appear to be going through another heavy reorganization, a “threshold of the mind” experience.

    Someone wrote this, and I wanted to share it because, as far as I can tell their point is valid, they said:

    “The Buddha, the enlightened, the most awakened being, a name associated with words that are respected to this day. He didn’t have the awareness to realize that sitting meditation was bad for his body. Thus no matter how amazing his expanded awareness was, it wasn’t supernatural, it wasn’t all aware, it wasn’t anything more than a show.
    Buddha, he was the grandpa figure, and his words of wisdom are for the grandchildren, but he did not have mystical awareness, nor did any sitting guru who has ever existed have mystical awareness, because they should have all noticed how bad sitting was, and none of them did, yet now we have proof.”

    So if the meditating guru’s of world’s history advised us all to sit and meditate, either they were unaware of the “disease” caused by sitting, and thus by implication were all phonies. Or they were immature, wanting to shorten our lives while making us think that sitting was good for our health.

    Do you stand up while meditating? Did you notice that sitting was causing disease for you and people you love? How could is the most advanced self awareness if something like this is an oversight for millions of years?

    Could it be that the “disease” of sitting is what “drives” the development of mental thresholds into what some think of as enlightenment?

    FROM BILL: Sitting causes a disease. I don’t think so. What a ridiculous statement. Sitting is evidence of a lack of awareness? Some people have too much time on their hands.

  120. Casimer says :

    Typo in my last couple paragraphs: I meant to write:

    How good is the most advanced self awareness if something like this is an oversight for millions of years?

    FROM BILL: What disease does this person attribute to sitting? Butt sores?

  121. Rob G says :

    To Casimer,

    regarding sitting is harmful. Does this apply to people in wheelchairs?

  122. Terry says :

    The Facebook chat was very good. From my perspective your best one yet.

    What’s especially interesting is it felt fresh and relevant for me although I’ve been following your material for some time.

    During my 5 years with Holosync, there have been lots of ups and downs. I’ve experienced periods of heavy overwhelm and my perspective has shifted many times, with new realizations coming up on an almost daily basis.

    One thing I’ve noticed especially over the past year is a dramatic increase in my sense of personal power.

    I no longer feel the need to be saved by this or that ‘teacher’, guru or other authority figure; nor do I have the belief that that is even possible.

    I see people like you as coaches/friends and I find that makes for a healthier and more productive interaction.

    There are a number of people whose work has contributed to my development and you are definitely one of the main ones. So thanks and keep it up!


    FROM BILL: Good job for sticking to it. As you probably know, you are experiencing (your version of) exactly what I tell people will happen when they use Holosync faithfully.

  123. Dennis in England says :

    Hi Bill,

    I really enjoyed the latest Face book broadcast.

    It made me realise just how much people like you are needed now – and, I believe, your advice will become more and more vital to people in the darker years to follow.

    You obviously care so much about what you do and what you say to people, I can only hope that you continue for many years to come – and that people really listen carefully to what you are saying.

    Kindest regards,


  124. Tony M. says :

    FROM BILL: People deal with the problems of being human in different ways at different developmental levels. The problems, however, are there for everyone.

    i agree with the first sentence but disagree with the second. Nothing is equal for everyone.

    FROM BILL: Everyone one has problems. In fact, everyone has serious problems. Being human IS a serious problems. And I don’t believe I said anything using the word “equal.”

  125. Jacqueline says :

    Hello Bill, just read your Blog. I first heard about you and your work after watching the movie The Secret. I’m actually a little surprised to read about all the negativity in this post. Doesn’t that contradict everything stated in the movie? Although I understand what you are saying, (than again maybe I don’t) I’m slightly confused. Prepare what what? WW3? The end of the world? All we can really do is co-exist in harmony, be the best person we can be, grow, learn, love and live. Of course there are negative people and because of social media we are exposed to everyone’s “bad mood” 24/7. People love drama and I think they often use it to get attention. Personally, I’ve practiced the Law Of Attraction since the movie came out (have fallen off many times, like most of us) but I understand it, I know for fact that what I focus on on expands. I have attracted the most wonderful friends and have made great business relationships since than. Of course I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m closer. I agree, suffering will always be in our life (death of a loved one for example) and we do tend do get attached to things, I believe it’s human nature but at the same time, we don’t need to pay attention to all the bad stuff going on out there, the media loves negativity and spreads scarcity. I remember after 911, every day they warned us about another terrorist attack. It was ridiculous. If I’d watch the news every day I would be afraid to leave my house. Of course it’s good to be aware, to know history and what’s happening in the world right now but to turn our attention to the good things happening as well if not more so. (there’s a ton of good things happening) We all create our own reality. I mean, some ppl I know…don’t know what planet they’re on but hey, if it works for them…GOOD! So I can sit here thinking how bad things are, worry about what might happen, waste my energy on that or go about my business, spend time with the ppl I love, follow my passion and be the best I can be, as a spirit and human being. Yes, maybe this sound a bit unrealistic to some but what else can we do? Join the misery fan club? Complain about the annoying people that may not even know that they annoy us? Invite more negativity into our lives and feeding our suffering?
    Been there and done that for way too long. Maybe I’m delusional after all?
    I guess all I’m saying is I expected a way more positive and empowering blog, so I’m just curious [and you don’t have to answer this of course]…it seems to me you are currently experiencing a whole lot of negativity, how DO YOU manage it, how do you prepare for the unknown?, knowing that you’ve created some amazing self-powering programs?

    PS: I just ordered your Awakening Prologue soundtracks in which you promote meditation, inner piece of mind…now I’m curious as what to expect from it.

    Sorry for rambling on and thank you sharing this!

    FROM BILL: I didn’t advocate ANY of what you are complaining about, though. I’m not saying you should be negative, or that you should focus on the negativity of others. I said that the world is entering (is IN, actually, and will go go more deeply into) a period of severe negative social mood. In such times horrendous things happen. Humans are very cruel to each other during such times, and many other terrible things happen (financial collapse, for instance). You should be prepared for this, and do something to protect yourself and those you love, help those who need help, and do your best to live a good life. Saying that I am negative for pointing this out is like telling someone who warns you that you’re about to be hit by a bus that they are negative. Just get out of the way.

  126. FROM BILL: Soul is an idea about human existence. I suggest you look for the soul and let me know what you find (be sure to look everywhere).

    Well I have spent some time pondering this question, even getting out the Roget’s Thesaurus in the hope of reading a more enlightened and illuminating position. The explanations always seem to have something lacking or missing which leads to more in the head debates with oneself. Then of course we have ‘street’ definitions – ask 100 people and you will find a surprising level of consensus; yet still everyone will potentially find they can’t quite put there finger on a truly ‘yes that’s it!’ definition. This leads into something I noted (or mentally locked onto) in what Amber wrote, let me explain:-

    You set out Holosync quite clearly as a tool to ‘increase’ Awareness and Threshold.

    Amber set out her Holosync experience as ‘expanding’ Awareness and Threshold.

    ‘Increase’ gives an unassumed lock-in in too how a person’s mind already works. (Fair enough you are way further up the ladder than myself in understanding these things).

    ‘Expanding’ gives way to a more volumetrical all directions yet still undefined series of thought processes. Of course this again is just a presupposition not supported scientifically or magically for that matter.

    I read one of Mr Lehrer’s books a while back and had forgotten about it, which says it all really, though of course people should make they’re own judgements as to what is right for themselves in these selections and choices we face.

    I sat and watched you’re recent video presentation and what was apparent was that you are able to contain you’re hellfire and damnation rants that we see so often in this blog. You also seem to excell in flying under the Illuminatii accusations radar that so many of you’re fellow Billionaires have to cope and deal with. When you said “‘Teflon Rom’ is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better that-Obama” I expected to see a ‘Billionaire Bill Harris puts his support behind Teflon Rom’ report or newspaper article but nope not a thing. I am also quite sure that that Angle of Mursi is not all Calliphrates. Yes Mursi in Egypt is a big issue, yes Hollande in France is a big issue, but the biggest and I really really mean the biggest issue is ‘Teflon Rom’ in the US, If that happens all the major jigsaw pieces from the book ‘The Omen’ will be in place, your academic friends should do a pattern matching analysys on Mitt Romney with the central character in that book (yes taking away the horror and gore elements), ‘Teflon Rom’ is the living embodiment of that central character, Armageddon is coming Israel and the Jihadists are going to be at each other’s throats but it’s Teflon Rom who “PUSHES THE BUTTON” and Soul is likely to be all that’s left of many of us if this situation continues to play out!

    FROM BILL: Wow. Is the pharmacy out of your meds?

  127. Polterguise says :

    Replying to Casimer’s post:

    Apparently sitting really causes early death.
    Simply search google for ‘sitting causes early death’ and you will see many articles about it.

    “The study was followed up for five years. About 5,400 deaths among the participants were reported during the study. The deaths have been linked to poor physical activity and prolonged sitting hours.” – from the recent Australia Study

    Sitting is also associated with changes in metabolism, inflammation, weight gain, obesity.

    The point is, if Buddha has so much awareness, why didn’t he notice he was increasing his “dis-ease” by sitting.

    Why don’t you sense with your holosync expanded awareness whether sitting is causing dis-ease for you?

    Maybe you can’t sense it, I don’t know, please let us know.

    Can you sense dis-ease when you sit?

    FROM BILL: Sorry, but you and this topic are both incredibly boring, incredibly stupid, incredibly a waste of time. No more posts about this or anything remotely related to it.

  128. Tony M. says :

    FROM BILL: People deal with the problems of being human in different ways at different developmental levels. The problems, however, are there for everyone.

    i agree with the first sentence but disagree with the second. Nothing is equal for everyone.

    FROM BILL: Everyone one has problems. In fact, everyone has serious problems. Being human IS a serious problems. And I don’t believe I said anything using the word “equal.”

    Correct you did not say “equal” but I assumed that “the problems are there for everyone” was referring to the problems you mentioned in the beginning of your thread.

    FROM BILL: Everyone has problems. Everyone.

  129. Dennis in England says :


    Although I find any form of censorship totally abhorrent – does it not make more sense to not actually publish messages from the minority of ‘nut-jobs’ and obvious charlatans that appear to be on here simply to take the piss out of you – and by association, the rest of us genuine people?

    Just a thought.

  130. Vic says :

    I know you said no more, but…..

    FWIW, I think Casimer’s “sitting” is just an analogy for sedentary lifestyle.

    Carry on. :)

  131. Nicole says :

    July 3, 2012

    Yesterday I was having a “bad” day, overwhelmed with all of the intense emotions – anger, loneliness, isolation, depression, the list goes on… — and so last night, around 11 p.m., after a long day of trying to keep it together while trying my best to raise my precious 1 ½ and 3 ½ year old little girls, when I finally got a moment to myself, I was rereading some of the support letters you have sent, in hopes of finding some hope that this overwhelm will be worth going through, that it will in fact be better on “the other side”. You see, I’m only about two months into your amazing program, the Holosync Solution, and so far, though Awakening Prologue and so far into Awakening One, I really have been hit hard (yes, I will accept that perhaps I am bombarding myself, and I’m trying desperately to learn how to stop doing this, but I’m still a beginner) with the amount of catharsis and overwhelm I began experiencing nearly right off the bat.

    So, I did feel a bit better after rereading the second support letter for Awakening Level One. At the bottom, as is usually at the bottom of all of the support letters, was a note urging me to check out your blog for further insight into spiritual growth. Okay, I thought, if I felt better after reading the support letter, maybe I’ll feel better after reading the blog.

    Uh, WRONG.

    Let’s just say that after reading the entry, “Off the Deep End”, my already tired and frantic, overwhelmed mind went into a state of terror and paranoia. I had to wake my husband, who has to get up by 5:45 a.m. around midnight to help me feel a little less than completely shaken. And I, myself, probably didn’t fall asleep until about 5:45 a.m., and I have to wake up by 7:20 a.m. And that was after taking extra medicine for my bipolar disorder – something I’m trying hard to cut back on, hopefully, with my meditation through Holosync.

    Let me stop and say that I’m not criticizing you for writing this, or saying, like others you mentioned, that this has no place on the topic of spiritual growth, or even that you may be absolutely correct in everything you say – I’m sure you wish you were not correct on this matter; I’m sure you would love to report that the next 200-300 years would be full of peace and happiness. But what I do want to say is: Perhaps you should really consider your intended audience when you post these “inevitable impending doom” posts. Perhaps you shouldn’t recommend to your fragile readers, just after you have carefully worded your very helpful support letters so as not to scare them, to read such frightening posts.

    I am already overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, depression, about the state of the world. I mean, why do you think I came to Holosync? In my 38 years, I have tried, like you did before creating Holosync, everything I could get my hands on to just feel “normal” and better – not blissful – just not terrified and isolated and fearful, like I just keep feeling. I just want to be present with my little girls, be a sense of security for them in this big, bad world. I just want to be able to interact with others, make friends, have a fulfilling relationship with my husband, enjoy nature… I just want to stop feeling frightened that danger lurks around every corner. I have real faith that Holosync will, through time, help me with all of these things. But reading this blog entry certainly did NOT.

    One thing I have learned to do for my own, fragile sanity, especially through the past 16 years of my near-daily yoga practice, is to limit the amount of horrible news that I allow to enter my consciousness. In fact, I haven’t had cable since 2002 because our media is just full of violence and horror stories. Ironically, just the other day, as I have been listening to the “what users say” section of your Holosync facebook page, I felt like I was doing the right thing by limiting the amount of “gloom and doom” news stories. You had said to a woman who said she felt heightened anxiety when the Exxon oil spills stories were all over the news. You said something like, “well, you know, 200 years ago or so information didn’t travel as readily as it does today, so you didn’t have to worry about all of the terrible things going on in the world because you just didn’t know about all of them.” To me, limiting this information is kind of like living the serenity prayer. I mean, I’m just one person in the world and there is only so much I can do. I can’t fix most of these problems anyway, so what is the point in experiencing all of the anxiety and despair by letting them all enter my consciousness, anyway?

    But now, and this seems contradictory to me, you seem to be telling me to watch very carefully, and as much as possible, all of these terrible stories, because my life and my family’s safety depend on it. And if I’m not “willing” (willing seems like an unfair word – I think it’s more fair to say “able”, because I honestly do not think that my nervous system, in its current state – hey, I inherited some very “crazy” brain chemistry with mental illness running rampant on both sides of my biological heritage, AND my life has been hit with more than its fair share of traumatic events – its NOT as a result of not spending the past 20 or so years of doing everything I possibly can to improve my mental state; hell – it usually feels like that is ALL I spend my time and energy doing…) to add all of these miserable news stories to my already overwhelmed mental state, well then, as you say, “Good Luck.”

    When I wrote my affirmations for my Level One Holosync, the main theme of them was telling myself that my precious daughters, my husband, and I are SAFE. Because I don’t feel safe in this world, and it’s a terrible way to live. When I sometimes have to call the Holosync support staff because I am overwhelmed with anxiety, they try to reassure me that I am safe. Your support letters reassure me that with extended use of Holosync, my anxiety and fear will diminish, and I will begin to feel safe. But after reading this blog entry, well, let’s just say that it did little to reassure me that I – and, much more important to me – my most special, precious little girls – are living in a world that is safe.

    It confirmed to me what I already at some level fear – that we live in an incredibly dangerous world, and real danger could lurk around any and every corner. That I do need to put my guard up at all times to protect myself and my family. And it’s a very generalized anxiety that I am now feeling even more intensely, because this terror could strike in the form of weather, a war, famine, devastating poverty… and it could strike today, tomorrow, or perhaps in 200 years… and it could strike at my house, or perhaps across the globe. Just be worried and prepared at all times because, the message I got from you was, it WILL strike, and it WILL be bad!

    Or, if it’s like most of my fears that never come true, worrying about them is just a waste of life. So smile and enjoy your day. Hmmm… should I turn on the news or do a special art project with my little girls who are waiting patiently for their Mommy’s attention? Hmmmm…

    3 July 2012
    Nicole Philippi
    Beacon, New York

    FROM BILL: In many ways you are not safe as a human being. Being human has many dangers. What you want to do is to not create fear about things that aren’t really dangers, which is what we do when we have been traumatized–we feel anxiety and fear whenever something reminds us about past trauma.

    Your problem isn’t the information, but what you create inside your head in response to the information. And, I am not saying that you should focus on the bad stuff, I’m saying that you should focus on your response to it, and how you create that response.

    There are things in life you can’t do anything about–the weather, that you need air and food and a certain temperature range, what the other people will do, that you will someday die, and so on. Then there are things you could have a choice about, but only IF you are aware of how YOU create them. Included in those things that you could have choice about is how you feel in response to what happens around you. You can have a choice about that response because you create it.

    If you create it outside your awareness, that response will just happen automatically in the way you were programmed to respond. If you were traumatized while growing up you will automatically create a fear response of some kind. If, however, you learn to observe HOW you create your responses, as you do it, the will become a choice. And, once they are a choice you will choose what serves you.

    Holosync makes you more aware, and this awareness gives you choice about things that once were happening on autopilot. Right now you are becoming aware of a lot of the things you have tried to push out of your awareness because of the past trauma. If you can watch that stuff with curiosity and awareness it won’t seem so bad. You are watching it while resisting it, which is why it is so difficult. Do your best to be curious and just watch. Say, “Hmmm, interesting” a lot.

    I am describing some of what is happening in the world, and what is quite likely coming because I care about you and I want you to be prepared instead of being blindsided. I am not telling you about it so you can worry or be fearful. If your house was going to explode and I called you and said, “Get out now!” would I be creating fear, or saving your life?

    So your best to watch your responses, to Holosync and to the world. Be curious about how you create your responses. What do you say to yourself? What internal pictures do you create? How do those internal representations create your response? Pay attention and notice this.

    If you will stick with it, Holosync will vacuum all that fear and worry out of you–all the fear and worry that doesn’t serve you. Sometimes, you see, there really is something to be afraid of or to worry about. What we’re looking for is to not be afraid of and worry about stuff that were creating unconsciously, and is therefore avoidable. Hang in there.

  132. Ken says :

    Bill, you’re a billionaire according to one of your posters? Congratulations. I guess he’d know.

    I’m slightly shocked you actually have a poster at the purple level (angels & demons). How can that be possible for self-described UK resident in 2012?

    FROM BILL: I’m a thousandaire, or maybe a Frigidaire.

  133. Brian says :

    Are these people posting about the disease of sitting aware of the thousands of studies that show the health benefits of meditation?

    If you are concerned about your health and your options are either stand up or sit on a couch watching TV, then stand! Your blood circulation will be better and you will burn more calories. That’s all that study is saying. Groundbreaking!

    But if you have the option to meditate, science has overwhelmingly proven that is one of the healthiest possible things you could do. Even to reduce disease!

    Sorry Bill for continuing this topic, I just hope people can think for a second about stuff they read to avoid idiotic posts like the ones above.

    FROM BILL: That poster is an online terrorist who shows up under different names on this blog (and on our Facebook page, and in a few other places) periodically. He has a mental health problem. He pops up, I discover him and ban him, and he reappears later. A sad life for him, I suspect. Entertainment for the rest of us, turning to annoyance. Such is life.

  134. FROM BILL: Wow. Is the pharmacy out of your meds?

    Okay so I was am in someways always ‘Out of Order’ and I am sure that is nothing new for Holosync users, but all vocabulary and belief hierarchies and reasonings have to be questioned don’t they?, I guess if the ‘law of attraction’ works for all these folks they never look for the other coin side, such is human nature and awareness of concepts suchas ‘Plausible Deniability’. Somewhere out there there must be a ‘wall of detraction’ for many of us that have lived somewhat more difficult existences, ‘ swings and roundabouts and thresholds’. Ken’s ‘angels and Demons’ could be ‘demons and demons’ ‘angels and angels’ where were the boundaries set. Who coined the phrase “When your in a hole keep digging and you’ll reach the other side”. As you Ken, Eric and perhaps others have said to me previously, all this stuff takes a long time to sink in too; to get the benefits that we think we want need desire, I’m just going through a “LOST” phase. Finding a focus that benefits myself and others always seems beyond where I’m at and if something doesn’t benefit me which seems to be the case especially financially then continuing headspinning happens. Do we live out our own dream? Do we create our own purgatory? Wheeler dealer healers abound everywhere, yet Holosync IS the only one that I have ever had genuine (IMO) results from, my issue is a “How Now?” issue, for lack of a wider vocabulary that can better express these thoughts issues feelings.

    FROM BILL: You can either live out the life your Internal Map of Reality is automatically creating, based on how it was programmed by your early experiences, or you can become aware enough to observe how your Internal Map is creating these feelings, behaviors, etc. In that case, they become a choice and you stop creating your life automatically. Then all you have to worry about are all the things that aren’t within your control, which are the same aspects of the human condition that bother us all. That’s life.

    Part of your crap is unavoidable. Get to work on learning to see how you create the rest of it.

  135. Dean Cool says :

    I make graphics processors at my job, and when I tried holosync I was blown away. So I rented time with an fmri machine, and scanned my brain while I was listening to holosync. The results were incredible. Thanks for making holosync man!

    FROM BILL: You are welcome. What did the MRI show?

  136. Graham says :

    EW patterns in social mood is the result of collective subconscious of the entire population phasing between optimism and pessimism. Sunspot periodicity has a definite effect on the collective subconscious according to many different scientific researches – so spot on Bill. Even better is that the sunspot activity is directly related to planetary movements. So there you have it… those rocks spinning up there really do have things under control ;)

    P.S. The greatest stock market predictor ever knew this and profited immensely. So while the world falls apart in primary wave 3, there is a large subject to research and sort out your own financial dramas in the mean time for those interested.

  137. Chris M says :

    Hey Bill, I’m curious about those more abstract phenomena that can occasionally happen when using Holosync. I’m thinking that these weird things that ‘seem to just occur sometimes’ might actually be able to be mini-tools. Things like synasthesia, or like feeling alienated from mind or body (‘this is someone elses body’ etc). For example with the synasthesia, being able to instantly see certain numbers amongst large grids of data at a glance, because they pop out as red. As far as mental tools are concerned, that could be useful. I’m guessing it’s not the same as ideaesthesia really (though that seems to lead into questions about how unconscious mental processes exert intuition, if that’s at all accurate.) I consider such things a part of a ‘memory bank’, maybe when I get to working on that level, I’ll build something there. I’m keeping a list :). More than once I’ve thought ‘wow that’s an excellent idea’ and forgotten it. I’m guessing everyone who uses Holosync has done that?

    I also wonder about the relationship between perfectionism, procrastination and internet availability in the current age (i.e the “search engines causing poor memory” / instant-gratification knowledge). Because people can find certain things quickly online, (and naturally not remembering things that they can lookup quickly online) there is less weight in people sharing information between themselves, perhaps leaving more for gossip or exaggeration. (Which may have taken its toll on culture already, if culture valued truth differently, maybe there wouldn’t be so many blatant liars in power, or perhaps -still in power- would be better phrasing, and then there are internet memes, endless novelty utube vids, facebook, which may interface with that). Perhaps many people indulge in a bit of internet escapism, perfectionism, and procrastination. Perhaps it’s a cycle. To a lesser degree that has been my experience at times. Though that’s probly the view of looking at it from “the sun looking at the earth with the space shell in background”, rather than the “earth as subject with the atmosphere shell and space shell around the earth”.

    Insides and outsides, understood only through senses. If we had more senses, what would thinking be? Is each sense fundamentally different? Trying to explain to a blind man what sight is? Perhaps the most disowned things are the senses themselves.

    FROM BILL: There have always been blatant liars in power. Power attracts them.

  138. Marcy B says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the post. Glad you mentioned sunspots, I have been researching this also based on some strange bouts of anxiety I have experienced (and I am not an anxious person) and sure enough, I seem to get these strange feelings at the same time as the large solar flares are erupting and during the time after as the radiation hits the earth. Odd indeed.
    Anyway, you have reiterated in this post the need to try to protect wealth, acquire gold, etc. I realize you covered this in earlier posts but I think it’s also worth reiterating some of the simple preparedness steps everyone can take now to try to make future times at least a little easier. Those that have expressed fears about everything might feel better knowing you have some food stored, and a source of clean water (be it storing water, or purchasing filtration and/or purification equipment). There are many resources on the internet that give good advice on how to do this. One might also consider a solar generator for emergency power (I’m sure many in the DC area wish they had this after the recent storms) and depending on your perceived needs, they come in many different sizes and price ranges.
    I do not have a lot of money or savings, and so instead of hoarding all the cash I have, I am spending some of it to stock up on some non-perishables and other things I perceive as essential. I believe certain items will do me a lot more good than a small pile of cash that may rapidly devalue at the drop of a hat.
    I am finding that many people do not want to discuss preparedness and I am torn over how much to try to share with those I care about. Some sources I read advise to keep it all a secret lest you become a target for those that have nothing if a time of crisis does erupt. But I agree with Bill’s advice of trying to band together with people you love, to support each other and help each other during these times. With most of my family and loved ones geographically dispersed, I haven’t quite figured out how to accomplish this.
    So Bill, I am curious if you are willing to share to what level you have prepared, aside from the financial advice. Obviously you have financial resources that some of us don’t have to purchase supplies and such, but I am wondering if you are preparing for a true off the grid situation (such as a modern day Carrington event) or if you are just storing a few weeks of food and water.
    Lastly I will say thank you Bill for the head’s up. I did go through a worry phase for a while but now I’m just focused on accepting what happens and preparing the best I can. Anyone that is feeling uneasy, just get prepared and you will feel better. Wouldn’t you rather take care of yourself than depend on the Government anyway?

  139. Dean Cool says :

    For twenty years my older sister has been telling our family about the amazing benefits of holosync. She has her own practice as a spiritual happiness expert coach. She insists that what she does is not therapy. We get together once a month for a family barbacue to celebrate birthdays. It’s lovely. Frankly before I tried holosync I never believed it was the key to personal growth she was talking about. Chiefly for one reason, and now that reason seems naive, because I have felt it, and I have seen what it does to the human mind in a highly detailed fmri scan. You are amazing Bill Harris.

  140. Dean Cool says :

    At first we couldn’t test it, because MRI is a giant magnet, and we are not allowed to wear traditional headphones in a machine like that. However we used classified technology to beam the left and right holosync sounds to each ear from a remote device. I don’t think anyone in that room truly understood what we were seeing. However it was obvious that holosync has a measurable effect.

  141. Dean Cool says :

    Oh we didn’t have to use that classified tech to achieve our goals, there are other less high tech ways to deliver sound in an fmri machine. We just had the tech there that day so we said ‘why not’ and we used it. It was more for fun then necessity.

  142. AlanH says :

    Hi bill,

    My question Is about moving on and becoming stuck with a holosync level. I have met all of the requirements for moving on as far as time goes. But I feel stuck, like I should be further progressed as I’m about to move to purification level 1. I feel more aware and have a slight amount of upheaval. I worry about moving on too quick and I’ll ‘miss’ something. Any advice? Thanks!

    FROM BILL: Use it just like you use toothpaste each day to brush your teeth, then forget about it and go on with your day. Stop trying to evaluate it and what is or isn’t happening. I know it’s tempting to do so, but it’s a waste of time. Just use it and let the time pass. You will get everything I’ve promised.

  143. Simon says :

    Yo Bill, you got to be like the best example of your technology. I expect that I when I meet you, you will be far younger than your actual age, you will be in top physical condition, sculpted muscle, and less than three percent body fat. There is a new science theory that says the brain is for movement. Holosync is optimizing your brain, and the proof that your brain is optimized is not about how you feel, it’s about how you move and groove. How animated, dynamic, coordinate, and slick you are. That’s what most people I know think of when I think of expanded self awareness. You have got to be in the best shape! Tell me your fitness secrets! What do you eat? What is your fitness routine? How do you plan your day to get all your needs met? How do you take care of you?

    FROM BILL: Sorry, I just don’t have time to go into everything I do. I’m pretty fit, but not “sculpted muscle” with 3% body fat. I am, however, much younger than my age and did 80 pushups this morning (every morning). Take me off the pedestal, though.

  144. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: You can either live out the life your Internal Map of Reality is automatically creating, based on how it was programmed by your early experiences, or you can become aware enough to observe how your Internal Map is creating these feelings, behaviors, etc. In that case, they become a choice and you stop creating your life automatically. Then all you have to worry about are all the things that aren’t within your control, which are the same aspects of the human condition that bother us all. That’s life.

    Part of your crap is unavoidable. Get to work on learning to see how you create the rest of it.

    – I would also add that the internal map of reality creates certain meanings based on programming that runs even deeper than early personal experiences. The human brain is wired in certain ways due to evolutionary forces that makes us see reality in a specific way that is shared by basically all humans.

    FROM BILL: Maybe.

  145. Well I’ve been playing catch-up with your online Accelerator Expander courses, very worthwhile-especially enjoyed your guided meditations. The comment above by Santiago errs on the intriguing side.

    What next?

    The De-Compounded Map is Not The Fluxating Territory.

    This old simplistic/symbolic algebraic equation strikes me as a good representation (as good as any) of what Holosync does when creating the brain delateralisation and Whole brain thinking:-


    Any good or do you have a better equation?

  146. Elaine says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’ve been listening to Holosync for years and working away at being okay with whatever happens. I have also started following your action steps recommended for this time period. I’ve begun paying down my mortgage rapidly, I’ve worked hard to build my social circle, I’m in the process of getting food and water saved up, I’m reading and learning about finances….One thing I haven’t been able to figure out. I live in Canada and have lots of money tied up in Registered Retirement Savings Plans. If I cash those in I will be taxed heavily and lose up to 50% of the money. Here all the advice is don’t touch them. What is your opinion?
    Thank you so much,
    PS maybe I’ll even obtain some sort of weapon after reading what you advised about owning a gun! Too bad thats illegal here !

    FROM BILL: I hope you see the irony that the supposed financial plan to “help” you prevents you from doing a) what you want with it, and b) doing what a prudent person would do with it. Especially when times get tough, governments always make it illegal or create stiff penalties for taking what would be the most prudent action.

    Check into whether you can borrow from your retirement plan. That’s another way to get the money out. So what if in a crisis you never pay it back? I cashed in my retirement a while ago because I’m concerned that the government here will do what they’ve apparently already done in Canad–take them over and spend the money (“borrow it”) as they already have here with social security funds. Not a good time for the government to have control of your money. Don’t put any more in if that is allowed, or but the minimum in. The only benefit of such forced savings (other than you ARE saving) is when there are ways to make it grow. It will be a long (long) time before there is anything safe that will also allow you to grow your savings.

  147. Santiago says :

    – I would also add that the internal map of reality creates certain meanings based on programming that runs even deeper than early personal experiences. The human brain is wired in certain ways due to evolutionary forces that makes us see reality in a specific way that is shared by basically all humans.

    FROM BILL: Maybe

    I mean things like looking for pleasure/avoiding pain, trying to be safe, a desire to be the alfa male/women, the need to belong to a group, being sexually attracted to other individuals, fear of death etc…

    All this impulses we are born with. They have been necessary for our species to survive and evolve. Regardless of our personal experiences, this is something we all share, is part of the inherent conditioning of the human system.

    Being able to des-identify with this impulses (not denying or repressing them) is a deep liberation, realizing a deeper nature and a deeper experience of reality with out the need to construct a limited identity that we can attach to and call “me”.

    FROM BILL: Everything created with awareness becomes more of a choice, including the things you cite. I am not in favor of “dis-identifying” with something. That IS repression. How can you “dis-identify” with something that you are creating in your own nervous system. That’s the very definition of a shadow. You’re reading to much of those fundamentalist Buddhists.

  148. Dennis in England says :

    There are so many ‘official’ enquiries going on in the UK at the moment – the Leveson Enquiry is looking into phone tapping and press intrusion (amongst other things) but I see that no one with ‘significant power’ is actually getting a particularly hard time and they also have a barrage of lawyers supporting them.

    There is also the ‘Banking Scandal’, where a parliamentary review has been set up and televised to ‘see’ exactly where it all went wrong. No one is ‘sworn in’ so no one can go to jail, very convenient – and completely meaningless, and we, the taxpayer will pick up the extensive bill of course.

    Although it is quite comforting to see some of these ‘leaders’ squirm in their seats before the panels, I have no doubt that nothing will really change.

    No wonder there is such a negative social mood at the moment, with honest people being ripped off, left, right and centre and the greedy bastards getting away with it.

    Maybe a ‘resistance’ party should be set up, where decent and honest people will get together to have their voices heard?

    I do not mean the kind of bonkers ‘militant’ type of mob that goes around disrupting our lives even more – and making things worse, but a kind of global community movement that just chips away and the foundation of these disgraceful crooks.

    I am so grateful that I have a group of family and friends that support each other in a truly meaningful way, each with their own individual talents and compassion.

    I have now cut away anyone that is not resourceful to me, which I did not do before Holosync, even though it took a while for the penny to actually drop.

    I think that this Blog is also a terrific way of venting from time to time; sometimes it is so liberating to just get your thoughts down knowing that there are some very decent people listening and thinking.

    FROM BILL: Negative social mood isn’t caused by scandals. Scandals are caused by negative social mood. In good times the same things happen and no one cares. They’re too positive to care.

  149. Santiago says :

    ROM BILL: Everything created with awareness becomes more of a choice, including the things you cite. I am not in favor of “dis-identifying” with something. That IS repression. How can you “dis-identify” with something that you are creating in your own nervous system. That’s the very definition of a shadow. You’re reading to much of those fundamentalist Buddhists.

    Maybe … I might use the word “detach” instead, what I mean is being able to see that we are not those things I’m citing, because if we think we are, we would tend to attach and to try to make them permanent, and they’re not.

    Dis – identifying and repressing are not the same. In fact when I dis-identify with something in the way that I mean, I am giving it full permission to be as it is, if I dis-identify with my anger I let it expand and contract freely, I let my anger be without judging it, in a way I am giving my anger full love and acceptance, that is the opposite of repression.

    But if “identify” with anger and label it as “me” then there is a tendency to try to control it, either latch on to it or try to suppress it. Not giving it full permission to be.

    On the other hand there can be a dissociation problem which is different, that is when I don’t take responsibility for it, or try to ignore it, but that is not what I’m saying, that’s a different thing. That’s just another strategy which is trying to create a separate “me” that is split of from anger.

    FROM BILL: Boy, are you in your head, Santiago. Maybe you should disidentify with all you ideas about things.

  150. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Boy, are you in your head, Santiago. Maybe you should disidentify with all you ideas about things.

    Very strong and consistent argument Bill …. especially coming from some one who is clearly not in his head or attached to his own ideas about things.

    Nice mind challenge ;)

    FROM BILL: There’s being in your head, and there’s being in your head and not knowing it. You think you know it, but don’t, which is still worse. The sarcasm just makes you sound juvenile.

  151. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: There’s being in your head, and there’s being in your head and not knowing it. You think you know it, but don’t, which is still worse. The sarcasm just makes you sound juvenile.

    So we are both in our heads …. but you are aware of it and I just think I’m aware of it (but in reality I’m not) …. how do you know that you’re aware of being your head? Isn’t that just another way of being in your head still?

    Sounds convoluted I know, sorry about that. I guess there’s just no way around it, but it can be a nice mind stretching exercise.

    FROM BILL: Santiago, you are often arguing some sort of intellectual point about something that isn’t intellectual and cannot really be intellectualized or accurately be spoken about. I’m saying that you ideas about all of this stuff are getting between you and the actual experience of it.

  152. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Santiago, you are often arguing some sort of intellectual point about something that isn’t intellectual and cannot really be intellectualized or accurately be spoken about. I’m saying that you ideas about all of this stuff are getting between you and the actual experience of it.

    Sorry, here’s the problem … as you say, the ideas about certain experiences are not the experience itself. What I post here is always coming from my direct experience, the posts are merely descriptions of this experiences, and they will always be inaccurate and incomplete … however, there is no other way to refer to this stuff, I guess we could just remain silent, but that really doesn’t help much. Actually in some traditions the rational debate about this stuff is seen as a practice (that’s how I see it).

    I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything, I just want to express my understanding – which comes from direct experience – as clearly as I can because I think it can be very helpful.

    Also, the arguments arise because my experience seems to be different than yours in many ways, therefore the understanding is different, that’s why we often have different takes on this, but you usually dismiss my points of view arguing that I’m “just in my head” or something like that, but that is a misinterpretation of what I post.

    I think comments like “you’re just in your head” are attempts to find an easy way out of the argument (I could use that same phrase to everything you say and it would be just as valid) You’re a strong debater (which makes it more fun to post here) so it’s a downer when you use those cheap arguments.

    … Sorry, I know I must feel like a pain in the ass, but I just can’t let the fact that I’m being misinterpreted slide like that.

    FROM BILL: Sounds an awful lot like stuff you read in books to me.

  153. Terry says :

    “Mind stretching exercise.” Classic.

  154. Bill

    Do you have a point of view on the “YOUR WHOLE LIFE FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES AT POINT OF DEATH” scenerio’s & debates?

    My own current thinking regarding these issues given my own experience of waking up in hospital’s following accidents are reformulating in light of you’re HOLOSYNC TECHNOLOGY and also the IDEA of ONE SOUL>MANY BODIES which the Interaction and Synchronization between LEFT and RIGHT Hemispheres conjures up.

    Do you think there is any value in the study of these questions or do they merely trigger sentimentality or I wishes, I know my behaviour and thought processes changed following some of these types of incidents, and those patterns were not necessarily for my own good although they seemed sensible to the state of mind/trauma I was in on such occasions. If the “UNCONSCIOUS” is our true lord and master and the “CONSCIOUS” has to be retrained be realigned be retuned to a more money marketable set of algorithms and processes- then the books and sources matter a huge deal do they not?

    What is it that we try to defend in our life threatening scenerio’s and what is it that we can change to go OFF THE DEFEND-if this really is “YOU’RE WHOLE LIFE FLASHING BEFORE YOUR EYES” so to speak.

    FROM BILL: Thinking about this IS about wishes–wishes that you weren’t impermanent, wishes that you will go on forever. Remember that “me” is nothing more than your idea of yourself.

  155. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Sounds an awful lot like stuff you read in books to me.

    Yes, just like the stuff you write … maybe there’s some amount of truth in those books, and there’s a reason why they have been written.

    FROM BILL: I stand by what I said. Most of what you say doesn’t have the ring of personal experience. It has the ring of “I read this.” What I write is rarely about anything I read.

  156. Michael C. says :

    i think Santiago posts have good questions…questions that I ask myself as well.

    @ bill: are you saying that there’s ultimately no point to asking this kind of question, because in asking them we are avoiding living through them? Or rather, are you saying there’s not use asking YOU because growth comes from going through these questions ourselves – that awareness is not so much asking these questions and then actively seeking an answer, but it is acknowledging that we do ask these questions, and then not try to answer them so much but just witness our mind asking it…

    or is there a missing piece here in my understanding…

    FROM BILL: I don’t remember what question Santiago asked. I will say that often I suspect that his motive for asking questions is to appear to be smart, or spiritually advanced, rather than a sincere desire to seek an answer.

  157. Chris M says :

    Hi. People have a momentum in their lives. It includes factors of morality. I’m not personally very morally developed from my investigation, it occurred to me, in what way is there any practical value to another individuals life? I mean some random faceless guy on the other side of the planet. I suppose there are people who cry when they see those ads showing starving children, for example, but really, its a matter of convenience for most people. People can ignore and exclude, and do so more and more. It’s not like mankind will be improved by there being more people, the planet’s quite populated already, and people will realize that differently, once they slow down. (assuming that is a part of what’s ahead). Off from that, you have mentioned libertarianism. From my understanding there has been some morally questionable harassment of libertarian candidates – in what hierarchy has justice been done? An instance of others life being preferable to their death seems like only an ideal, who can thrive in this world by saying ‘have lots of babies people!’ Perhaps a warmonger, a socialist, an extremist religious figurehead. Maybe they find hope in such a world, and people will naturally want to follow them – because “Being in the majority is safe”, and growth is making a future for ones children. Altruistic murder.

    After writing and deleting a bit more, I think, or more to say I’m curious about, living evenhandedly. Actually being evenhanded, in my being, expressing that (truth?). Perhaps that is morality. Other definitions are shaky, the layers of foundations seem to, or rather, have been like darting left and right to catch a mouse. Morality and life are intertwined, otherwise others cannot have interiors, only ones own projections, and that isn’t a full way of being, though others + anger are solidarity. Perhaps all solid things are anger (held together with it). It’s odd to consider solid objects mental constructs of projection. Yet one cannot think away something in the world. Perhaps that is why it is impractical to mentally suffer against separation, just as much as it is to separate feelings and thought, in the moment.

    I’ve been regressing recently, is this line of thought worth pursuing?

    FROM BILL: Solid objects ARE solid objects. The way you see them is a projection of your mind, and your ideas about them are projections.

  158. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: I stand by what I said. Most of what you say doesn’t have the ring of personal experience. It has the ring of “I read this.” What I write is rarely about anything I read

    Very week argument based on subjectivity, what you are saying is that what I write doesn’t have the ring of personal experience to YOU … I could say exactly the same about everything you write.

    FROM BILL: I don’t remember what question Santiago asked. I will say that often I suspect that his motive for asking questions is to appear to be smart, or spiritually advanced, rather than a sincere desire to seek an answer.

    Again, just a personal opinion of what YOU think my motives are, don’t be so sure that you have people figured out.

    I think there’s usually a value to your opinions though, that’s why I keep reading and posting here, and my questions are usually with the desire to find different ways of looking at things … for some reason that seems to annoy you, especially when it doesn’t agree with your own opinions, so you keep trying to rebate what I say, but you usually end up leaving objective discussion and relying in arguments like “you’re too young to get this … or, I’ve read more books on more subjects than you … or, this doesn’t sound like your personal experience, you’re just repeating a book …etc.”

    Anyway, I always state that this blog is really cool and I’ve learned a lot here, thanks and keep writing ;)

    FROM BILL: Show me where I have said any of those things. Santiago, you are blind to your own shit. Maybe it got in your eyes.

  159. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Show me where I have said any of those things. Santiago, you are blind to your own shit. Maybe it got in your eyes.

    Bill you keep saying here that you’re more well read than anyone else on science, history, philosophy, economics … you just brag and brag … a sort of mega mind grandiosity complex … I’m surprised you deny it … anyway, it doesn’t matter, anybody can just say “your stuff doesn’t sound like personal experience, you’re just full of shit”

    But there’s no point in turning this into a pissing contest, I guess I could be blind to my own shit … I got a feeling I’m not the only one here in that situation though :p

    FROM BILL: It isn’t bragging if it’s true. You and many others continually spout opinions that are at odds with the actual facts, which you apparently aren’t aware of. There is is difference between citing facts about the world, what has happened in the past, and so forth, and repeating philosophical points you have read about. Facts are facts. Philosophical points are only worth something if they come from your actual internal work. I can tell when you present a point of view that isn’t from any personal revelation, but is rather from having read it and liked the idea.

  160. I think Chris M and Flog-a-Blog (Manure Eyes) Santiago have brought up some interesting points in they’re recent interactions on this blog.

    My early assumption of Santiago was that he was/is promoting this idea that you can just write and write and write and eventually magic will happen, my actual experience of following that path (prior to Holosync) was that writing isn’t enough on its own, I wrote regularly on Facebook and whilst many people followed what I wrote no-one ever interacted with myself, day after day week after week month after month it really is highly demoralising (yes people were tuning in and I could see that in they’re own posts and I hope many followed my GET-Holosync recommendations( but the truth is that the only feedback I ever received interactively in-person was generally highly negative and derogatory from strangers and/or people operating on 2nd/3rd hand information-ie.they weren’t even on my FB lists, and as Bill says his predominant critics were/are people who hadn’t used his product, I can relate to his saying this, and I can hold my head up high and say I recommended Holosync to everyone regardless of black-and-white politics and its many unsiduaries.

    The removing objections from different angles approach does work-yet I know that given my own experience [resistence is an ever-present], I signed up and attempt to work through Bill’s online #Structured-within-a-Framework Courses and I have struggled enormously, whether through resistance to Bills style or manner or perhaps working on a PC causes me resistance to doing the work I’ve had to seek an alternative-my solution-I bought the physical paper book “Writing the Wave”-Elizabeth Ayres; also #Structured-within-a-Framework and I am flying through exercises that are the same as Bills and am feeling the benefits.

    My assumption on Chris’s comments potentially relate to religion whether they’re in the form of sport/shopping/drinking/actual Church based beliefs and subconscious associations of Jesus Christ syndrome where the very strong message we have is that someone has to be crucified and die, the resurrection part is wholly ignored because of our deeply set #Belief-in-the-Body-Framework. As much is I am generally non-religious I recommend A Course in Miracles for the very reason that it does undermine the be crucified and die belief system.

    Holosync and Bill’s Empowered Responsibility teaching enables us if we ever reach that stage to think in terms of operating in a Win/Win fashion with all whom we encounter, Chris is to my mind still thinking Win/Lose as I am myself to a certain extent because I would prefer to focus on the reality of my own circumstances, not the reality of circumstances that people deeply locked into Win/Lose continuously try to impose on me.

    I’ve recently bought heavily into Technical Analysis material and am surprisingly enjoying it, my only complaint about this material is a seemingly over-reliance on golfing analogies and references in relation to reading the markets, yes I gamble on the golf but having it synchronised and related with the markets is disconcerting.

    Do you play Golf Bill? and do you think my noticing this golf-markets relationship is just a symptom of the authors knowing they’re readership and the liklihood of these World Touring Sports appealing to the CEO’s, Market Traders that this material is aimed at and so on?

    FROM BILL: You guys are all searching for something that will solve all your problems, all humanities problems, etc. Live is what it is. My courses are about learning to see, with awareness, how you create your life. If you struggle with it you probably aren’t actually watching as I suggest, or you don’t like what you see. Live your life. Stop looking for salvation.

  161. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: It isn’t bragging if it’s true. You and many others continually spout opinions that are at odds with the actual facts, which you apparently aren’t aware of. There is is difference between citing facts about the world, what has happened in the past, and so forth, and repeating philosophical points you have read about. Facts are facts. Philosophical points are only worth something if they come from your actual internal work. I can tell when you present a point of view that isn’t from any personal revelation, but is rather from having read it and liked the idea.

    I see, so how can you tell ?

    FROM BILL: Someone who has been to a place can tell when someone is quoting the guide book instead of speaking from experience.

  162. Santiago says :

    FROM BILL: Someone who has been to a place can tell when someone is quoting the guide book instead of speaking from experience.

    There are different places to visit in this journey, someone might think he has been to the same place, but haven’t really.

  163. Charles Parson says :

    Wow !!

    That is indeed a heavy topic, but never the less, what you say lines up with the idea that history does indeed repeat its self. Primarily because there is no escape from the human condition. Everything is a cycle and it always comes full circle. The thought of it is frightening, but none the less true. Even though there is no escape from the human condition, I believe their is a cure and that cure is never ending change. We are designed and meant to change and grow. Some call it evolution and some call it enlightenment. However, I believe that our active participation in effecting a desirable outcome is vitally important. This is already happening on a global scale. It starts with as many people becoming fully concious as possible. Simply put, people need to wake up. We are always responding either out of love or fear. When we become self aware then we become empowered to make better choices. Choices that come from love and goodness. Yes we are in a neggative cycle on a world wide scale, but there is a lot of good going on as well. So there is great hope in mankind still. When people are fully awake, their choices would not be out of fear, because fear would simply fall away and Love would be all that is left. PEACE!!

  164. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill, are there any new scientific study performances (neurology, psychology etc..) done with Holosync?

    FROM BILL: No.

  165. Anna says :

    Do you plan any new research?

    FROM BILL: Don’t need any.

  166. John Ramsten says :

    I heard that Bill got enlighten and that holosync know is available for free as mp3 to download. And that the only financial support will come thru donations of people that believes and support his work. Is that true? Friendly regards John Ramsten

    FROM BILL: And, free ice cream for everyone!

  167. Laura says :

    I am catching up on your blog, and wow, this post was definitely on target. Talk about a negative social mood – when embassies are attacked and an ambassador killed over a MOVIE, I would say the world has some issues.

    For Nicole – I don’t know if you will read this comment, since you posted yours back in July, but I wanted to let you know that Holosync really does help. I was on “as needed” anti-anxiety meds for several years. I started using Holosync five years ago, and in less than a year I no longer needed to use the meds. Granted, I was also using paraliminals from Learning Strategies, and I ended up changing my diet as well, but Holosync was the thing that seemed to give me the greatest peace of mind (and really help me sleep, too, though I know it’s not designed for that :-) ). I don’t see Bill’s posts as negative – just practical. He seems to see the big picture – kind of the “forest fires happen and then new forests grow after that, but if you happen to be Bambi or Thumper, things are really going to suck for a while, so this is what you should do” kind of big picture (or maybe that’s just my POV).

    As for preparing, I haven’t read this blog for quite a while, but have been reading other like-minded material, and thinking it all good advice. My debt will paid off in the spring, then I will be saving up to buy land. My goal is to have a self-sustaining off-grid farm and art studio without having to have a loan to pay for it. Without Holosync and several other new-agey self-help programs, I probably would have felt stuck in this miserable dead-end job forever, and never figured out what I really wanted to do with my life. So hey, thanks! :-) I’m not “there” yet, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it’s neither a train nor a forest fire…

    FROM BILL: I think the anti-Islamic movie was a pretext for the attach, not the real reason. These people just hate America. They don’t need a reason.

  168. Michael Cade says :

    Your comments are on target from my point of view. My advice is to move to a rual area and prepare to live off grid with planning to protect your spot. If things develope as predicted by many, the cities will not be where you need to be to survive and leaving next to impossible. My thinking is “hope for the best, but plan and be prepared for the worst” God help us all. Good luck and stay safe.

    FROM BILL: That’s one possible way to deal with what’s happening.

  169. John Ramsten says :

    Love you Bill your doing a great Jobb:) Love and light and all good to all of us.
    p.s dont forget to send the ice cream or by the way why dont you give it to some one in your community:)

  170. Chris M says :

    There doesn’t seem to be an academic discipline that covers the topic of freedom. About time someone made one.

    As in something that includes: disinformation tactics, propaganda, indoctrination, persuasion, etc?

    Is it called ‘marketing’?

    Here’s an informative, tongue-n-cheek video –
    “Mind Control Made Easy, or – How to Become a Cult Leader”.

    FROM: Nearly all political science and social science at US universities is disinformation, propaganda, and indoctrination. Only if someone who goes through that system is interested enough to look beyond the one-sided ideological information presented do they even know there IS another side to the story. Along the way, the leftists who teach at US universities do such a good job of demonizing those who advocate freedom that most students are convinced that reading some of the people I’ll mention below would be like becoming pals with a pedophile. People foamed at the mouth when I mentioned Glen Beck on this blog, even though none of them had EVER seen his show (a few had seen a clip or two taken out of context, and most had just heard what the left was saying about him, which wasn’t at all true). They’ve done the same thing with Rush Limbaugh or anyone else who articulately tears apart their faulty logic.

    When I was in college I considered myself to be a Marxist-Leninist. I read everything written by Marx, Lenin, Mao, and many of the other famous communists and socialists, as well as the writers of the New Left, most of whom are now working in Obama’s administration or in leftist non-profits. When I got out of college and began to go to work in the real work I began to see that the left’s position on capitalism, corporations, and pretty much all their other favorite topics (which I had been a vocal advocate of) was completely at odds with what I was seeing in real life, and completely at odds with the facts I read about once I got away from academia, which unfortunately doesn’t really believe is sharing all points of view with students.

    I learned that those who create jobs, those who raise (or lend) capital to start businesses, those who sell or market things, and so on, are not evil and greedy. In fact, they are WAY more generous than those on the left, and way more honest (in fact, those on the left are the LEAST generous and least honest people in the country–believe me, I used to be one, and I know a lot of them). I also learned that capitalism is actually MUCH more compassionate toward the poor than socialism and progressivism.

    When I deal in business with New Age types, who are pretty much all progressives, I find that they often don’t keep commitments, don’t keep promises, decide what to do for emotional rather than rational reasons (usually at the expense of someone else), and have a very self-absorbed attitude (not all of them, of course).

    When I came into contact with sales training (and then became a salesman) I realized that the most successful salespeople had the greatest amount of honesty and were the most committed to serving their customers needs. Those who were greedy or who tried to sell things to people that the people didn’t need, or otherwise tried to mislead people to make a sale, made the least, and didn’t last. In selling or in marketing, those who mislead, fail. Those who serve, prosper. I have always kept the needs of my customers FIRST. When you do that, everything else takes care of itself (assuming you have a good product).

    The topic of freedom is covered by many different organizations, and many different academics. It’s just that the university system (and the media) has been hijacked by progressives, so those who advocate freedom don’t get much public exposure. Check out the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Libertarian Party, Reason Magazine, the writings of Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Tom G. Palmer, Thomas Sowell, Henry Hazlitt, and Murray Rothbard. Some of the smartest people in history. It’s difficult to read them and not be convinced. It’s difficult to read them and not realize that most of the facts have been hidden from you.

    Check out this video from the American Enterprise Institute:

  171. Josephine says :

    This question is for the professional support staff, A number of years ago I bought the Holosync program and have been fairly diligent about listening to it. Now I hear that there are different names for the higher levels after level four, such as: Purification level, Purple level, even Wilber’s second tier. I would like to know what these names signify, because I want to know more about Holosync. I like it a great deal, it has made a considerable difference in my life.

    FROM BILL: The names have been the same since 1989. I think they are pretty self-descriptive.

  172. Aaron Davison says :

    The only think I know for sure is NO ONE knows the future, not even Bill Harris.

    FROM BILL: Some things are cyclical, and therefore predictable in general. No one know the exact future, but don’t you know that it will be generally colder in the winter and warmer in the summer, that the shortest and longest days of the year will happen on the same day each year, that the seasons will follow one another in a predictable way, and that the sun will come up every morning? In the same way it is possible to know that social mood moves in a cyclical way from extremes of positive to extremes of negative and back again. In fact, a stremendous amount of reserach has been done on this and published in peer review journals. And, to know what TYPES of things happen in times of positive social mood or negative social mood is predictable. In fact, I predicted quite of bit of what has already happened.