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Now THAT’S a good question…

by / Wednesday, 03 March 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

I tremendously enjoy teaching and interacting with people to help them become more aware, and improve their sense of well being and the quality of their lives. I interact with people as a teacher in three main ways: at public events I do from time to time, on this blog, both by posting these articles and by responding to selelcted posts, and also through the questions students ask me by email as they take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses.

In this post I’d like to share a REALLY good question I received from someone taking my online courses, along with my answer, and a second great question I received on this blog, along with my answer.

I suspect that you’ll find these two questions extremely helpful to you.

Sent : Tuesday, February 9th 2010
By : Nicolas D.

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the course. And for Holosync (I just started Awakening Level 2).

I am an outwardly very successful young man (29).  I graduated from an Ivy League law school and landed a high-paying job in a prestigious law firm in Manhattan a year ago.  I am fit and good-looking (I am told) and I have a gorgeous and very supportive girlfriend.  I credit these achievements in part to Holosync and the work I have done with the Sedona Method over the past 3 years. With these two things I have experienced sometimes extended glimpses into the Oneness, the perfection that exists every moment.

Yet I still spend a lot of time being miserable (that’s why I am in the course).  I function much more easily now than I did a year ago, but I am still miserable overall.  I have tried to make internal representations of being happy or having a more meaningful job, and it works some, but it also triggers brutal surges of anger and sadness.  Writing out my beliefs, I noticed that at some level I like my misery (that was an interesting realization but guess what it did to the anger). I am furious that everything seems to be going so well, I have so many people who love me, and yet I am miserable. My girlfriend does not understand it; my parents don’t understand it; I don’t understand it. I don’t know what internal representations would make me happy or what I need to create because I hate even the word “happy.” I feel like my whole castle is built on clay.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



You’re asking a very intelligent and interesting question. Believe me, you aren’t the only one who feels this way.

First, if you aren’t a reader of my blog, there are many articles there that address some of your questions in more detail than I can go into here (as do future lessons in these online courses, for that matter). In particular, read the posts, The Five Stages of Enlightenment and So, There You Are, Enlightened. Also,  What If There’s Nothing You Can Do to Change, and News Flash: There’s No Escape.

What I say in this course is absolutely true: what YOU DO in your Internal Map of Reality creates your experience of life. The basic vocabulary of that Map consists of the internal representations you make (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc.), moment by moment. All the other things we’ll cover in this course (beliefs, values, strategies, etc.) are made up of internal representations. In a simplified sense, when the internal representations you make are of what you want or what you think is possible, you feel generally good, and when they are of what you don’t want, what you’re afraid of, what you’re worried about, or what you want to avoid, you generally feel some sort of unpleasant feeling (as you describe feeling about your life).

Each person has his or her own method, you might say, of automatically and unconsciously deciding what internal representations to make in response to various sensory triggers (what you see, hear, feel, touch, etc). Though learning how to do this continues throughout life, most of how we do this is learned during childhood, and traumatic experiences–which don’t have to be huge earth-shattering events, and which we all have many of–teach us that certain things in life pose a danger, or a potential danger. When something happens that reminds us of that danger, we automatically and unconsciously make internal representations of what we don’t want, and then we feel bad in some way (and, if we do this often enough, we give the mind what we don’t want as a goal, which causes us to attract or create more of it).

All bad feelings are created by making internal representations of what we don’t want.

Trying not to make internal representations of what you don’t want (the will power approach) is only marginally successful. First of all, we’re unaware of nearly all our internal representations, and they go by very quickly. And, more important, as long as the underlying belief that this or that danger exists, trying to change the internal representations you make is really just treating the symptom.

Let’s say that there’s something you see as a danger–say, social situations, just to make up an example. Because they’re difficult for you, when you’re in a social situation you’ve decided that you’re going to make internal representations of everyone liking you, you being charming and interesting, and so forth. But here’s what happens: when you make these internal representations of what you want, they actually remind you of the danger you want to avoid. Focusing on what you want just reminds you of what you don’t want, which instantly shifts your focus to avoiding it (which involves making internal representations of the danger)–as long as your belief in the underlying danger continues to exist.

So the way out of this isn’t to use will power to change your internal representations. I suppose that if you did this long enough you might create a new habit, but personally, in helping nearly a million people with this sort of thing over 30 years, I haven’t seen that approach be successful to any great extent.

Here’s what does work, though: doing whatever you’re already doing, making whatever internal representations you’re already making, but doing it with awareness.

If you’re going into a social situation and focusing on what you’re afraid of, watch yourself do it. Observe what triggers you, observe what internal representations you make in response to the trigger, and observe the feelings and behaviors that directly result from those internal representations.

When you do this you clearly see that 1) the internal representations (not the situation) create the feelings and behaviors, which means that 2) the feelings and behaviors come from YOU, from something you DO, not from the situation, and 3) you see that IF YOU ARE AWARE ENOUGH TO WATCH IN THIS WAY you have a choice as to what internal representations you make. This ultimately involves a realization that what you thought was a danger isn’t really a danger (it doesn’t cause the problem you’re having–it triggers you to unconsciously create the FEELING of danger in your mind).

Most people think it works this way:

trigger–>resulting feeling, behavior, or other result.
It actually works this way:

trigger–>internal representations–>result.
The choice point is in that second step–which happens, for 99.99% of people, outside their awareness. Anything you do outside your awareness happens WITHOUT CHOICE.

Watching yourself do something that doesn’t serve you (and by watching I mean seeing HOW what you do creates it–in this case, your making certain internal representations of what you don’t want, are worried about, are afraid of, or otherwise want to avoid) makes it very difficult to keep doing it. Your enthusiasm for doing it, if you watch yourself do it with awareness, just fades away. As a result, you stop.

Another way to go at this, from another angle, is to look at the underlying belief that social situations are a potential danger (I’m just making up this example–I’m not saying that you have this particular problem). If you knew that you believed that social situations were a danger to you, and you were going to use enhanced awareness to drop that non-resourceful belief, you’d go into a social situation saying to yourself, “I know exactly what’s going to happen here. Because I believe that I’m going to look like an idiot and cause people not to like me, I’ll do certain things that will help me prove that this belief is true.”

Then you would watch, with great curiosity, to see HOW you do this. You’d watch the internal representations you make. You’d watch which people you interact with and how you choose them. You’d watch what you’re saying, what gestures you make, what facial expressions you make, and so on. You’d watch how you respond (internal and externally, especially watching the internal pictures you make and your internal dialog) to what other people do or say. You’d watch what interpretations you place on what people do or say. Knowing that you are going to prove that you are right about your belief, you’d watch to see how you do it.

As in the other example, if you watch with enough awareness and curiosity to really see how you “prove” that you’re right about your belief, you’ll see that YOU are creating that proof, and that there are other choices. You will, then, automatically stop choosing to sabotage yourself and choose something more resourceful. You won’t have to will yourself to do it–the basic belief will fall away all by itself and you will choose something that does work. In lesson 2 or 3 I tell the story of how I did this with a very negative belief I had about women and relationships.

Being aware of how you create your feelings, behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life mean is NOT the same as “knowing” that you do these things. Most people know what things are going sideways in their life. I’m talking about actually watching the internal processes you use to create these things, as you do them. This is the meaning of awareness.

So what you need to do is to become an expert in observing each part of your Internal Map of Reality as we cover them in this course [for a preview lesson of these courses, go to]. Of course, there isn’t really enough time in just the 2 weeks between lesons to do this (though you can go slower if you wish). If I left enough time between lessons to master each lesson, there would be one lesson every six months, or one every year. This is rather something that you can become better and better at over years, and never completely master. I had to strike a balance between leaving enough time to get in some experience with observing each aspect of your Internal Map, and having the new lessons come soon enough to keep people engaged. Many people retake the lessons because they find the second time they get MUCH more from them and can go a lot deeper than they did the first time.

So in your case, one of the things you would pay attention to is HOW you create this feeling of misery–because, believe me, you are creating it by what you do inside. It’s just that you’re doing it outside your awareness, which makes it seem as if it’s “just happening”. When we do that (do it outside our awareness), whatever we’re doing we can just keep doing it for an entire lifetime–and most people do. It’s when we’re able to step back and observe HOW we do it, with awareness and curiosity, that whatever doesn’t work just falls away.

So all you have to do is watch with awareness, and everything adjusts itself, all by itself. No will power is required. (And, I’ll bet you’ve never heard anyone teach this before, but believe me, it works.) Perhaps I shouldn’t glibly say, “so, all you have to do is…” because it takes practice to learn how to watch in this way, and it take expanding your awareness, which is why Holosync is so valuable.

My suggestion is to practice watching your internal representations (mostly your internal pictures and internal dialog) for 5 minutes or so three times a day: when you first wake up, when you turn out the light to go to sleep, and perhaps one other time during the day. Just pick something that happened during the day and think about it. Notice what internal pictures you make, and notice what you say to yourself about it. And, notice how your internal state (which includes your feelings) changes as a result of the internal representations.

You can also think of something you really want, notice the internal representations you make (and the internal state that is created), then think of something you strongly want to avoid, notice the internal representations you make (which will be of something you don’t want), and notice how your state changes (it will probably change to a negative state). Seeing how you create your internal states begins the process of having choice over them. In doing this you’ll probably also notice (as I said above) that when you’re thinking about an area of life you associate with danger that trying to think about what you want will actually trigger you to think about what you don’t want–an example of why will power doesn’t work.

Let it be okay that this watching isn’t easy at first. Just play with it a little bit every day and you’ll start noticing what you’re doing inside and how it affects how you feel, how you behave, and so on. You’ll see ways that you’re sabotaging yourself by focusing on what you don’t want. As I said, as long as you do this outside your awareness, you can keep doing it, and keep creating bad feelings and negative outcomes, forever. Do it with awareness, though, and what doesn’t work falls away. When you become aware in the way I’m suggesting, many human problems are automatically solved. In fact, if you are aware enough, every human problem that can be solved IS solved.

However, there are certain aspects of being human that have no solution. The two main categories involved are:

1) The fact that everything is, ultimately, impermanent, which means that everything eventually ends, falls apart, goes away, etc. This causes pain for human beings, and there’s no escape from impermanence. You can “escape” from creating a lot of self-sabotaging internal representations about what you don’t want regarding impermanence, but the fact that everything ultimately ends has no solution (other than acknowledging it and surrendering to it).

2) The second thing we can’t escape from is the fact that we’re caught in a huge web of cause and effect, including cosmic and geological forces over which we have no control (the sun, earthquakes, weather, gravity, and so on), and the fact that there are 6.7 billion other people (and a hell of a lot of other living things) that have agendas that often conflict with ours. For that reason, we quite often get what we don’t want or fail to get what we do want. Again, by being more aware you can avoid some of that, but you can’t avoid all of it, and this, too, is a source of pain for humans.

So, to me, the goal is to become as aware as possible, so as to exercise as much choice as possible over the things we can do something about (which includes a lot: 1) how we feel, 2) how we behave, 3) which people and situations we attract or become attracted to, and 4) what we think the events of life “mean”). Awareness creates choice, while a lack of awareness allows things to happen on autopilot, making them seem to “just happen.”

Then, we work on acknowledging and accepting those things we can’t do anything about so as not to resist them (which we do by making internal representations of what we don’t want when we encounter them) because this resistance just causes unnecessary suffering, both for us and for others.

Hope this helps. As you go through these lessons [in the Life Principles Integration Process online courses], work on actually watching (rather than just intellectually “knowing about”) each aspect of your Internal Map, as I cover each of them.

Again, great question.

Be well.



Hi Bill,
I had written you a few months back about night terrors I was having, and how I felt holosync had contributed to it and how I felt I didn’t know if I could keep living with them. I did call the support line as you recommended, and found that the night terrors were the dark side of ME! I thought they were coming from outside of myself, such as mean people I had been around etc. But they were coming from the mean thoughts that I was having about the mean people. Imagine that. I haven’t had one since. YEAH, what a relief, to actually own that dark side (voice) and to truly realize and get through to my brain that everything is truly created from inside of me, not outside of me is huge.

Just started Awakening 2 about 5 weeks ago, and all the warm fuzzy feelings I had gotten to when I finished up Awakening 1 are gone, I know that I will come out on the otherside and be warmer and fuzzier, I can’t help wanting it to be now, rather than later.

Thanks for all you do

FROM BILL: From time to time someone contacts us because they are having uncomfortable experiences while using Holosync. We tell them that those experiences are not “caused” by Holosync, but instead are coming from them. Often they are unwilling to acknowledge this, and accuse us of not wanting to take responsibility for what they see as Holosync harming them. I congratulate you on your willingness to look into this more deeply and to acknowledge that what you were experiencing was, indeed, coming from you.

What people often don’t get is that it’s GREAT that it’s coming from you. That means you can do something about it.

This also illustrates two things I’ve been saying non-stop for over 30 years: when you are doing something unconsciously, outside your awareness, it seems as if it is “just happening.” Once you’re able to watch yourself do it, with awareness, and see HOW you’re doing it, it falls away, just as it has with you. As you continue you may discover more things in your life that are like this, but each time you do it is an opportunity to let it dissolve.

This is also a great example of shadow material, and how we’re convinced that it’s coming from others, not from ourselves. You had disowned “meanness” and so you attracted mean people and even manifested them in your dreams. Owning that it was coming from you caused it to disappear. If you haven’t read the posts I’ve done about shadows, you might find them very interesting at this point. I’m sure they will give you further clarity about shadows and how they work in our lives.


Before you go, please check out these two recommendations:

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This is turning out to be so popular that we are having professors from Harvard, Yale, and several other universities calling and asking if they can attend. Also, a number of professors want to require entire classes of theirs to attend, but I’ve held them off, for now, to give Centerpointe people the first chance at these seats.

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On April 10 I’ll be participating in a very special, one-time-only event at Smith College in Western Massachusetts, and I’d like to invite you to be there. Wait till you see who is involved.

Several months ago I discovered that famed Buddhist scholar Jamie Hubbard (the Yehan Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies at Smith College in Massachusetts) is an avid Holosync user. We met and spent some time together, and he suggested that we put on a workshop together and invite some of the other “consciousness luminaries” he knows (many of the scientists that have been studying the Tibetan monks around the Dalai Lama, for instance, are his friends, as are other well-known figures in Buddhism and transformational work, such as Dan Goleman of emotional intelligence fame).

So, on April 10th we’re holding a day-long seminar at Smith College in beautiful western Massachusetts, tentatively called “Technologies of Awareness: Buddhism and the New Mind Sciences”.

We’re particularly interested in looking at the newer and more innovative methods of changing consciousness (including Holosync) and discussing how valid (and effective) they actually are compared to the ancient and time-tested traditional approaches.

Smith College is in beautiful Northhampton, Massachusetts, a short hop from New York, Boston, and other parts of the eastern U.S. The area is home to innumerable universities, spiritual centers, and Buddhist groups, where the intelligentsia, scientists, and practitioners of the spirituality of consciousness have congregated, making it a hotbed of ideas.

Jamie will speak, and also moderate the day (you will not want to miss his talk–he is NOT a dry and boring academic), I will speak, Zen master Genpo Roshi (creator of the innovative Big Mind-Big Heart process that Ken Wilber has described as “the biggest breakthrough in Buddhism in the last 200 years”) will speak, and the final speaker will be Andrew Olendzki, PhD., a Pali scholar (the language of the original teachings of the Buddha) trained in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in England, as well as at Harvard and the University of Sri Lanka. He’s the former executive director of IMS (Insight Meditation Society), the executive director of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) in Barre, Massachusetts, and editor of the famous Insight Journal.

But, as they say when selling the ShamWow, “But that’s not all you get.”

And, this, to me, is the most exciting part of the whole thing…

To continue reading, go to


One more recommendation:

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever done is to attend Dr. James Hardt’s Biocybernaut Institute Alpha Brainwave Training. Dr. Hardt, who has become a good friend, is probably the world’s greatest expert on brainwaves and how they relate to various spiritual states (which I find extremely interesting). His trainings, among other things, teach you, using biofeedback, how to make the brainwaves of these states–something that can take decades of meditation to achieve–in just a week-long training.

For more information, go to his website, This is NOT cheap, I’ll warn you, but if you can afford to do it, it will change your life. Either way, the website is fascinating, and well worth exploring. Many Centerpointe people have done his Alpha I training (and many have done some of his more advanced trainings) and every one of them I’ve spoken to has been absolutely blown away by what happened. This truly is life-changing.

And, by the way, Dr. Hardt has been blown away by the brain waves he sees in Holosync users. I was with him a few weeks ago when a skeptic asked him “So, does Holosync create meditation?” Dr. Hardt said, “Holosync is better than meditation.”

Finally, I want to make it clear that I’m recommending Dr. Hardt because I think you will benefit–I receive no money or other compensation for recommending this (or, for that matter anything else I recommend).


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100 Responses to “Now THAT’S a good question…”

  1. NN says :

    I love you Bill, you are the BEST! I have no questions.

  2. Stan Halse says :


    Your reply to the latest ‘Great Question’ was comprehensively and patiently explained, as is characteristic of you.

    However another interpretation might be that Nicolas D has already been through this process and has intuitively realised that he has reached the limit of processing a wide variety of different experiences of that type of awareness, on the level of pure enjoyment, and needs to switch from from quantitative growth of joy to evolve to the next level of qualitative enjoyment, in which deeper more meaningful processes are understood in terms of (possibly feedback loops of) sequences of common types of joy, so connecting the Diversity of his experiences within an overall Unifying context of value and knowledge.

    Such an interpretation would be consistent with [1] Einstein’s rule of solving a problem at a higher level [2] An intellectual rather than subconscious/ meditative approach to your description elsewhere of Ilya Pryrogine’s’ ‘make or break’ method for re-organisation of chaos [3] perhaps with your description of evolution of each human’s psychological capabilities that referenced Piaget’s ideas [4] the idea that each body chakra is both the summation of, and rates of change, of types of behaviour at the chakra next below (Ref Handbook to Higher Consciousness, The Reflexive Universe (A Young), The Knowledge Evolution (Verna Allee) and the parallels between [3] and each chakra’s specific function.)

    For me, this understanding of evolving experiences of joy, into more deeply meaningful connected stories of how joy arrives, allows, via further reflection and creative intervention in serving Life, the deepest more purposeful happiness to be assured (see M Seligman’s book ‘Authentic Happiness’) in a more consciously aware and so steerable and predictably successful manner than by meditation alone. However this approach requires the capacity for conceptual thought, possibly developed through silent reading and study.

    Whatever the answer, it was a great question – how can we ‘have too much of a good thing’?

    Best Regards,


  3. Gloria says :

    The problem I found with the method of watching how you create your internal representations is that the majority (estimates are as much as 90%) of it is happening unconsciously. The only benefit as far as I can see with the watching process as that it cultivates the witness, i.e. trains the mind in mindfullness. What I found most beneficial in getting into the unconscious material was going deeply into my dreams. As Freud said – the royal road into the unconscious.

    After 5 1/2 years of doing Holosynch, I also started doing sitting meditation with an advanced zen teacher and this really accelerated my ability to not only see what was happening but let it go. Letting whatever happens be O.K. is a great motto, if you can do it but what I have found is that without a deeper understanding of how the unconscious mind works it is just like doing any affirmations – it invites a struggle between the unconscious and conscious minds and as anyone who has any nous in this arena knows, the unconscious wins hands down every time.

    FROM BILL: Yes, your internal processes are largely happening outside your awareness. That’s the point. What is outside your awareness happens automatically, what you are aware of you have choice about. That’s why you need to PRACTICE watching. If you do, you get better at it, and as that happens you begin to have choice about the things YOU ARE DOING inside your head that create your experience of life. If you are not seeing the benefit, you haven’t practiced enough to get good at it. You’re like a person who says, “I took piano lessons, but this music stuff is overrated. It’s too hard.” Yes, it is, until you practice enough to make it easy. Once it’s easy, YOU are the master of your life.

  4. michelle says :

    Both very good questions- and excellent answers-as per usual. I would add that having finished the LPIP courses- I am going back the second time-and it is sinking in more every time. Continuing with Holosync is helping build the awareness of the internal representations that I make, and taking the witness perspective is becoming easier.
    For what it’s worth for the questioners- keep going-any wave that goes up must come down, and vice versa. Also, it can be helpful when feeling miserable- to use your time and considerable skills in doing something for someone else. When you are not so worried or spending as much time about why you feel happy or unhappy and are just doing- it comes on it’s own. I would love to hear what others have to say, and as always, Bill thanks for your insight-and to everyone who responds- thank you too.

  5. Tim says :

    Hey Bill,

    I click the link to subscribe to the podcast through itunes, It takes me to subscribe to a series called thresholds of the mind (to which I already am subscribed). The latest post there is May last year “Does Holosync resolve shadow material?”

    I prefer to listen to your blog. Could you please arrange to have the podcast series updated, or remove the confusing link from /blog



    FROM BILL: I have relayed your post to my IT department. Isn’t there is player right in the post?

  6. Claudia says :

    Hi Bill,

    As always you answer the questions with clarity. I also thought about calling the support line today because I find that during meditation my thoughts seem to want to explode my head. Where is the peaceful feeling we’re supposed to have during meditation? I’m on Awakening Level 1. I try counting my breaths from 1 to 10 but sure as death is inevitable some mind chatter happens. And not even like wow deep and philosphical stuff, just mundane stuff – like what am I going to make for lunch? I mean honestly I’ve never cared about what I’m making for lunch – I just make it round about lunch time. Or other silly things that are so meaningless and utterly annoying to my meditation. What’s up with this do you think?

    FROM BILL: When you become more aware–which is what happens when you use Holosync–you become aware of all the things your mind is doing. That’s what is happening. Anything you do with awareness that doesn’t serve you, falls away. That’s why, when people meditate, their mind becomes more still–all those thoughts don’t really serve you, so they gradually decrease. It takes time, though. The more stresses in your nervous system, the longer it takes. The more you resist it (as you are doing, by wanting it to be different than it is, instead of just watching it) the longer it takes. Just watch and let it be okay. The mind’s job is to create thoughts, and though with awareness those thoughts will calm down, it will always creat thoughts.

    If you watch carefully enough, for long enough, you will discover that you are not those thoughts. Instead of identifying with them, they will just be something that happens. Then, whatever they are, they won’t bother you any more.

  7. ROSARIO says :

    Dear Bill,
    would be great if you will give to all people that have done the online course LPIP at centerpointe the final lesson about the strategy behind this courses.
    For example course 1 is about a task to expand our AWARENESS or is a task to help the “I” learning “HOW” to use/direct the MIND/VOICE to CREATE everything we want to be, have and do ?
    etc. etc.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  8. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,

    I love that idea of just watching/observing and have been using it happily since you first mentioned it.

    Byron Katie added some help to this idea with her questions and of course, the Sedona Method gives me permission to drop the old map item. Once this is done, there is always another to deal with but it is at a deeper level. This process parallels the holosync for me.

    When you talk about the things we can’t avoid such as impermanence it reminds me of your suggestion to look at something that seems negative and to make a list of all the good in it. Impermanance is probably a good thing. One comedian I remember said that “I should have known that it would be all downhill from the time I was potty trained.” He used different language, but the gist was that he lost his mother’s care and started to take care of himself. Perhaps some of your students have that in their map and still carry the sense of loss or resentment…. Others might see it as the beginning of their freedom.

    The web of cause and effect is also often a good thing. I won’t trouble you with examples from my life because in your literature you described to lawsuit over Centerpointe with your former partner as having a good effect. You just needed to take the time to look at it from that perspective.

    As you say, “all pain comes from resistance.”


    PS: For more on Byron Katie, your readers are invited to look at:

  9. Elaine says :

    This was awesome, Bill, and very thought-provoking. My favourite “bit” is where you described in detail for Nickolas “How-To Practice Watching With Awareness.”

    I’ve bumbled around with the directive, “Watch with Awareness” and tried doing it at various times of the day, but I always thought you meant, “Watch what your mind is doing Right Now.”

    Am I correct that one can go back and Look With Awareness at something that went on yesterday, or 10 minutes ago, or whenever? Can I profitably reflect upon a past incident, to see how I created the feelings I had then—for example, yesterday when my young adult asked me to loan her money? I thought I had to be Aware in the Instant.

    Thanks for this post. I’ve got a bunch of other comments, but this one is most urgent.

    FROM BILL: Regarding awareness, I do two things. I provide a tool, Holosync, that dramatically increases awareness. Then, I show you where to direct that awareness. Remembering that awareness creates choice (a lack of awareness in any area causes it to happen–or seem to happen–automatically), what you want is choice about those things that create your experience of life. Your internal cogitive processes do just that. They create your feelings, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life seem to mean. If you can have choice about these things, you have choice about the aspects of life that it’s possible to have choice about (there are many things you don’t have choice about).

    So, yes, you can recall something that happened and in many cases remember the sequence of internal representations (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc) that you made that led to the feeling, behavior, etc. This takes 1) awareness, and 2) practice. The idea, of course, is to get so that you see this stuff as you do it (rather than later) but later is a good way to start. Most people do things the same way over and over, so finding out what you did yesterday helps you notice yourself doing largely the same thing again today.

    My strong suggestion for anyone reading this is that you take my Life Principles Integration Process (LPIP) online courses, where the first course teaches this in detail, the second is about more metaphysical, spiritual matters, and the third is about combining to two so you can go out in the world and create whatever you want. You can hear a free preview at

  10. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Yes I can certainly identify with the guy feeling bad. I use to be the happiest funniest person. and even though seccess has come to me i also am in the down in the dumps. I do the time line thing I go back to a point just before i started feeling bad and take the trigger out of it or i listen to music, but there seams to be a part of me that is won’t settle down or give in to the joy. I do what i call a 30 second pity party and then I say ok times up. There also called bacement moments. for thoes who live there lives in the house symbols. bacement, first floor,second floor, third floor, attic. (mother thresia) me i am a second floor kind of person with longer and longer visits to the third with 30 second bacement moments. I have no asperations to live in the attic of my life even, thought having had several attic days through out my life, maybe during my golden year but as i become more enlightened i won’t fight it if it happens to turn out that way. Bill Harris has changed me forever he can say I changed myself because i did the work, but he took my hand and put it where i needed to have it and he pushed me past my procastination, and he was my friend and mentor even when i didn’t beleive in myself. There is an old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. I say just leading the horse to the water opens all kinds of opportunities for him (me) to turn that drink into anything i want it to be. loveya Bill Harris

    FROM BILL: You’re still looking at this as if all this is HAPPENING to you. The truth is that you are DOING IT, and you do it through your own internal cognitive processes. It’s just that you aren’t aware of them and how they generate these feelings. If you can observe HOW you create all this, with awareness, you’ll stop doing it. When you say that a part of you “won’t settle down” you are acknowledging that that “part” of you is operating on autopilot, outside your control–that you have no choice about it. No choice means no awareness of how you’re doing it. The solution is to watch so you can see what internal representations you are making and see exactly how they generate what you are feeling.

  11. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill I just want to share a quick little story that you could make you laugh and i love to laugh. I was at the grocery store yesterday and there as person in front of me he quickly put the dividing stick between our items. I thanked him. He paid for his things and left, the cashier picked up the divider stick and promply scan it. when it did not register she called for a price check. When she finally caught what she had done we all had a good laugh. When i got to my car and went to drive off i cut the car off and just sat there for a few minutes with the feelings. Now when i can’t seam to get to that good feeling I access that memory and even if i don’t come completly around at least i smile. “Thats Positive”) Thanks

  12. Sam says :

    There are a lot of people talking about how their mind cannot calm down, or how they’re having a hard time getting to what they want in meditation, and I have a question that relates to some of the material in your courses. I’ve found that my meditation acts like an unfolding process, wherein I get to the “state of meditation” and then a lot of stuff comes up to disrupt where I’m at and I can’t get “around to-it” so to speak, and it takes my mind a little while to settle down and then stuff comes up again; for those who haven’t gotten to the “meditation” state (as I didn’t previously) it can be even more frustrating as all we experience is random stuff coming up with no attachment to anything. I think that I’ve gotten a bit more used to this process than I was at the beginning, and I think that perhaps I had a low threshold in general for this type of meditation stuff coming up; I also used to have a low threshold for my own anger, in that whenever anger came up in my experience OI couldn’t even admit that I was angry, however now that my threshold is higher I can now experience what my anger feels like (and how I am when with others in that state).. What I’m saying is that this meditation stuff coming up was foreign to my map (as with anger previously) however as I’ve gotten more accustomed to it coming up for me I’ve recognized how I habbitually used to shut down that stuff just because it was foreign to me. Simply because there was no place for anger, or the “meditative state”, or a third-eye vision of grandure, I felt that somehow I couldn’t handle the load coming in. Now that I’m getting more at practice with witnessing how I use the map I now can detect when I’m shutting down due to foreign chaotic situations, and can recognize how I can open up in these times to include whatever potential learnings the chaos holds for me.

    I hope that perhaps I can be an example for those who have troubles with these types of things, because I’m now in the business of finding social situations (or others) that can bring on foreign and chaotic experiences to help me learn how to get through these things. My question is regarding specific meditation situations, such as in your own life. Do you (or did you) notice that at first it seemed like foreign things–those not of your map–could through you into chaos, however as time progressed on the path you were able to integrate these learnings? Can you speak to the benefit of encountering situations that are foreign to our routine way of doing things, and perhaps to some obsticles that come up? For instance I know that fear keeps me stuck in many social situations, however this intelectual realization seems not to help me; I can’t very well “speak to the voice of fear” when I’m talking to a chick at the gym because I’d look like a fool.

    I really appreciate the post as it seems to help on my travels upon the path, and I’m interested to chunk this down to my situation. I think that our encouraging each other with respect to encountering foreign situations is a good thing to help the internal map of reality, and I know that taking action in this way helps me not to feel miserable when miserable comes.

  13. Yvette Johnson says :

    Hi, Bill. Your answer to Nicholas was sound, but maybe rather daunting in the amount if wirk it requires. I’ve found a much simpler method to be effective for me personally:

    1. When the anxiety/sadness arises, don’t try to put it out of your mind. Fix your attention on it and probe it to find its most painful spot, rather as you might do if you had a tiny invisible thorn in your finger and wanted to locate it exactly so you could remove it.

    2. Probe the circumstances in which it initially arose – what was going on around you and what you were thinking or feeling. I usually find it quite easy to locate the trigger. Once you can see the trigger, it’s usually easy to see what the negative feeling is – fear of rejection/abandonment, self doubt, material insecurity, fear of pain or death for yourself or your lovede ones, etc.

    3. Focusing on the particular fear, imagine your worst-case scenario (your most profound humiliation, loss of what you value the most) in all its horror. Then looking directly at your pain, remind yourself that it is nothing but a creation of your own mind: it’s just thoughts, imagination, and has no real existence. You fear it because you erroneously believe that it threatens the core of who you are. Remind yourself that thoughts come and go like smoke or wind, but the essential you, the one who is having these thoughts, remains undiminished. The pain and fear evaporate instantly and rarely return, and if they do, usually a brief recollection of this process will quickly dissolve them.

  14. Terry says :

    To ND:
    I found your description of your experience profound. In that so many of us face the same challenges. I also can describe myself in many of your words, although my life expanse is about 3 times yours. Successful (realtively), good looking…so I’m told even now. Yet, miserable. Until I started Holosync three years ago. I wish I had all the words in me that Bill and the others have, but to me it’s not so complicated. I could see right away when you said “I try” that things can’t change for you. I’ve been there. Once I gave up “trying” to make things happen, and let things that happen “be okay”(as Bill continually reminds us) my life changed. It seems a struggle at first. But give up the idea that you have to achieve something. Then feel free to choose what you wish. I get the impression that, so far, you are achieving other people’s desires. Why not let that be okay for now? I spent 20 years hating my job, only to find out now (at 27 years) that I really love my job. My job didn’t change. I did. My advice. Stop trying. Let what is be okay. Reval in the changes that this brings. Never stop using Holosync.
    To Buzz :
    Here’s something I can really relate to. I too have had many terrifying and disturbing dreams. Since beginning Holosync I’ve had some good improvements over the last couple of years. Still some tough times in dream state but none so terrifying. I, too, took to heart Bill’s comments that I create my map. After moving on to AL3, I’ve had some interesting dream experiences.
    I used to often dream of situations where everthing and everybody around me is out of control and I was at the mercy of all this chaos. Not long ago I found myself watching this kind of dream, realizing that it was a dream, and suddenly speaking up and saying “this is my dream and it’s going to go the way I want!”. Now I think that could be an ego thing, but all I can say is that the rest of the night was calm. One other reoccuring dream I have is of these “things” that cling to me. It’s tough to describe in real terms but they stick to me and I desperately try to remove them at great physical pain to me. They cling to my flesh with hooks…well you get the picture. One night I appeared to be aware of this happening and I said to myself “Terry, stop resisting these things. You made them. Let this be okay. Just watch these things.” Well at that decision the ” things” simply let go and began dropping off me with no effort on my part. I have seldom felt such peace.
    I recall that dream often in awakened hours. Letting things go while awake is just as easy…if, as Bill says, you are aware. Of course, i’m not always a great success at this but it sure has opened my eyes to the possibilities.
    To the others:
    I have to confess that some of you I can’t understand at all. There are so many words trying to explain or justify your thinking. Yet , somehow I learn from you as well. Thanks.

  15. Terry says :

    To Sam:
    I hope this speaks to your questions. Since begining Holosync I have, within the first two weeks of eav level experience a great upheaval. This involves an uncontrolable session of sobbing turning into hysterical laughter. Strange but true. I was terrified the first time and sought help from the support line. It was there that I learned that altough I was trying to be the watcher in order to prevent this, the watcher just watches…there’s no attempt to intervene. Okay.
    The next level same thing. But I was able to observe at least part way. Hmmm, that’s interesting how I brought myself to this. Then unconciousness as I got overwhelmed.
    Next level. I see what triggers me into these states. I watch as I feel the emotions and give in to them. I literally watch myself as i’m hysterical and sobbing. ( these sessions are very brief by the way as I now realize)
    next level…. Okay I see the triggers. I feel the overwhelm coming on. That’s okay. A little emoting, but, hey, let’s move on.
    All I’m saying is that Bill is really on to something with this “everything is okay” concept.
    I used to be obessesd by “why” now it doesn’t matter. Better yet, “how” do I create this? Once I know, I can change the “how”. Who cares why?

  16. Terry says :

    To Bill:
    Well I seem to be on a roll so will one more time offer my accolades to Bill and Holosync. I never in my life believed I could attain such a state of peace as I have at this time. Certainly there have been other teachers in the last few years that have aided in my success. Yet I credit Holosync as the single most significant factor that’s lead me to this day when I can say for once in my life ” I am grateful to be alive!
    Bill, you can edit this out if you wish. I know some become annoyed with constant praise for your contributions. But I truly want you to know how your efforts have improved every aspect of my life. I love where I am at today.

  17. Sam says :

    Stan: You’re right on because you’re exploring, and your not afraid to be in that state of exploration.

    ROSARIO: Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from Stan, or some others on this blog. Don’t wait for Bill to tell you about the “voice behind everything” because he doesn’t know; it’s like asking Bill how to get the wizard in Oz to give you whatever you want rather than just asking the wizard himself…

    Until we wake up and recognize that we’re not in Oz but rather a map of our own creation, we’ll keep looking for the wizard externally and be eturnaly frustrated with life. Maybe if I meditate long enough and cultivate the witness the wizard will reveal himself to me! I AM THE WIZARD!

  18. Rosalind says :

    The practice of Observation is perhaps the most important tool for gaining control of your life, and also allowing you to determine your destiny – quite simply without training yourself in this ability you remain a ship without a rudder! It forms the basis of all my counselling, and much of my writing, and has done for around 30 years – and Guess what? I still catch myself in a state of un-awareness even after all these years – that is a part of our humanity and only continual observation (awareness) gives us the gift of the Present, and the opportunity to choose to be happy, right here, right now: Living happily ever after means being happy moment to moment!

    FROM BILL: No matter how aware you are, there is always something else you are unaware of. Becoming more aware never ends.

  19. Richard says :

    Dear Bill, thanks for the above post answering the two questions. I’ve been using Holosync for almost 2 years now and I’m about to start Awakening level 4. I function a lot better now then what I used to however I still know there is a bit more of a way to go.

    I’ve been practising the witness fairly intensively lately and I know it has improved at least 2-fold mostly more with quieting my thoughts and noticing my surroundings. Also I’ve been able to let go of things a lot more easily while in the programme.

    I think at some stage of my life I may have disowned compassion for myself or a love of myself. I think I may be battling some feelings of rejection that I obviously felt at some stage. Even now at certain points in time when people try to connect I close up rather quickly. This sometimes leaves my feeling isolated.

    Will continue to try to be the witness and also my use of Holosync and looking forward to the next levels.

    Warm regards, Richard.

  20. Elaine says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for confirming that “practicing awareness after the event” is a good way to get started with the practice of awareness.

    Here’s another question: Concerning the causes of suffering, and “the web of cause & effect” you say that there is a huge mob of those whose “agendas often conflict with ours. For that reason, we quite often get what we don’t want or fail to get what we do want.” Quite Often??? I’d say it is more like “Occassionally.”

    In my life, while sometimes things do go askew, by and large I get lots of what I want, and not much of what I don’t want. This leads me to believe that most folk have agendas that are harmonious with mine. This was Not True, previous to holosync. Sure, there are some whose agenda’s conflict with mine, but by and large, most seem to be in agreement with my agenda (My agenda could be summed up as, “I like being happy & peaceful.”)

    NOTE: The part of my agenda that says, “….and successful in the world” is less-manifest, but I can’t believe that is because of other people’s conflicting agendas. I think it is just because I’m still doing stuff without awareness, stuff that results in un-success. Workin’ on it….practicing.

  21. Daniel says :

    Hi Bill,
    I really enjoyed this post. My experience has been close to Nicolas’s. I thought that I would be inspired to write great poetry about my transcendent experiences of Oneness, like Ken Wilber or Rumi. However I feel like I have just grown the hell up. In the past I was playing three major games; ‘show and tell’, ‘I’m better and therefore separate’, and ‘my misery is worse than your misery’. They weren’t bad games, they are just immature. Holosync definitely has enabled me to become aware of these and to stop acting them out. The game of ‘my misery is worse than yours’ became really evident when I compared immature suffering vs. mature suffering, using the Big Mind technology. I became aware of how the perspective of my own misery, of course, was worse than anyone else’s, and was all about ME. I realized the immaturity of my own suffering, and started think about others suffering. Strangely, thinking about others suffering really made my own misery dramatically reduce. The awareness created by Holosync has enabled me to watch my own immature suffering float in and out of my experience, without acting on it. My problem now is that I intensely feel others pain, which can be debilitating at times, even though I’m really happy about it. Do you have any suggestions on how I can further integrate a balance, of feeling others suffering without getting completely stuck in it, and without losing the motivation that this has brought in my life?

    FROM BILL: One of the things that happens when someone does intensive spiritual practice is that they come to the place you describe, where they increasingly feel the pain of the world. The compensation for this is that the expansion of awareness that causes this to happen ( you become more aware of WHAT IS, which includes all the suffering in the world) also causes you to become more aware of the transcendent, the Oneness, or whatever you want to call it.

    In my view right now, you want to acknowledge and surrender to the fact that being human has suffering built into it, because of cause and effect and because of the impermanence of all things. A huge amount of suffering (including what you are feeling as a result of being more tuned into the suffering of the world) is caused by our resistance to that. Acknowledging that this is part of being human and surrendering to it removed that added layer of suffering caused not by the human condition, but by our resistance to it. Then, additionally, the more aware you become the more you avoid some of the results of cause and effect by getting out of the way–for instance, not being unconsciously attracted to people or situations that lead to suffering for you.

  22. Peggie Woods says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have not read the Blog for awhile and just “found” it again this morning. I loved catching up on the series about Seeing Things the Way they really are. wow. Every time I read something like that, I can feel a change or expansion in my awareness.
    I tried Roshi’s Big Mind program when it first came out and was profoundly disappointed with it, or more accurately, with my lack of reaction/response after using it. It “didn’t work” ; ) I’m wondering if you have any input/tips on benefitting from that program more ? I hope I don’t sound too ignorant here, but how does getting in touch with all of these “me’s” help us to understand that they don’t exist in reality and that we are all One. I’m even getting lost in my question about it. Maybe you have some insights on this ?

    FROM BILL: Speaking from these voices of the self gives you distance from them. Distance from them helps you experience the fact that they are not who you are.

  23. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill,
    when I stop seeking I become the consciousness of the universe.
    When I seek it I never find it.
    So I know what I’m doing wrong, I think,
    should I now watch myself seek?

    thank you

  24. Natasha says :

    Hi Bill,

    That was an excellent short answer to Nicholas in terms of what to do and how to do it.
    However, Nicholas and other readers might find a very long but highly illuminating answer to what’s really going on here and why there is nothing you can do to change and why there is no escape at
    Having ploughed my way through all the chapters I can only say the background information in The Wave series has been invaluable and has only strenghtened my commitment to keep meditating with Holosync and my resolve to “witnessing” and being very, very aware of my inner states 24/7.



  25. Nancy Schneider says :

    Dear Bill,
    I live in Seattle and I wanted very much to be at the Big Mind event over the weekend. I was not there because of the price, or so I thought. The great thing, though, is that I watched the part of me that gets triggered when it feels “left out”. (Feeling left out is no small issue with me, because of a long standing hearing loss). Thank you for reminding me of the power of witnessing with curiosity. The voice of the excluded one is not me.

  26. Hassan says :

    hi Bill,

    just wondering why your podcast is no longer updating in iTunes.

    FROM BILL: I understand that it is something about iTunes–we wave a flag, they come get the podcast. We’re waving and don’t know why they aren’t coming, and finding out is low on the priority list right now given all the other things our geeks are working on. That’s my understanding of the problem. Eventually it will be solved.

  27. Tony says :

    To Nicholas D.

    My heart goes out to you because of your current situation. Bill made a very fine and detailed reply on working with the Internal Map of Reality to address your predicament. Following up on what Terry said on March 5th, it seems that you have a good life, but perhaps it is not the life you really want. If you have lived up to others’ expectations of yourself, you may have neglected your own wishes. If so, anger would be a natural response (you might want to check up the Enneagram Styles to see the connection between self-neglect and anger, for example in Enneagram Style 9). Possible ways to find a more satisfying life might include exploring a new career or finding new meaning in and satisfying aspects of your current career. Regarding the latter, one study showed that if people had just one aspect of their job that they liked and could devote just a small portion of their workday to that aspect, they found their job as a whole more satisfying. Another possibility would be to not expect any career to provide all the meaning and satisfaction needed in your life, and to instead achieve balance through an outside activity or hobby. I wish you all the best.

    To Bill:
    Many thanks for Centerpointe, HoloSync and this Blog. It has created and continues to create tremendous value for many people.

  28. Carol Corsi says :

    Sometimes with all of these eloquent descriptions of what or what is theorized…it still misses the mark on the “how-to’s” of happiness. I’m in that same place. Everything that I ‘thought’ would bring happiness in life, somehow, once materialized, just didn’t bring the happiness I once thought that it would deliver…the ‘things’, the toys, the baubles, the status, the house the car, the career, the mate….none of it brings any real or lasting happiness. So, the question is, what does bring real happiness? Something is missing that is not there…it doesn’t really matter much anymore now that I am at the end of Flowering…not much matters at all anymore…but there’s this dull, boring existence. Nothing pushes me over the edge anymore, but nothing gets me moving either. Is that just a by-product of the end of the program? I feel like I need something more fulfilling to do that might add meaning …I don’t know.

    FROM BILL: No, it isn’t a by-product of the end of the program. You just aren’t passionate about anything. What do you love doing? Find it, and your life will blossom.

  29. Jared says :

    “Your enthusiasm for doing it, if you watch yourself do it with awareness, just fades away. As a result, you stop.”

    “In fact, if you are aware enough, every human problem that can be solved IS solved.”

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve been using Holosync for about 10 months or so, and I’ve actually had some wierd experiences that seem to support these accertions. I wanted to say it/post it on the blog.

    A few times now this has happened: Someone spoke to me in a way that I didn’t really like as they often would have (it wasn’t really a terrible irritation for me, but I still found it slightly annoying with the tone of there voice) Anyways, I just didn’t respond. I mean, it was like I COULDN’T speak, even if I tried to. It felt as if there was nothing to say. I HAD nothing TO say. The words just DIDN’T come out. It was one of the wierdest things EVER. And then I thought it had to be because of my awarness and Holosync use. To me it was evidence that I was/am indeed changing somehow and dropping some stuff. I can’t really see where exactly I’m going with this, but it seems to be pointing to the fact that Holosync is doing what you said it would.

    Please keep this company up and running for a long time.



  30. Bill Harmon says :

    Hello Bill and all other blog participants,

    First let me say I am relatively new to Centerpointe having listened to the first CD for the past 6 months or so and having just ordered the next level. Seocndly, having been working on myself psychologically and spiritually in a concentrated way for the past 28 years (I’m 63), I recognize that Bill Harris has more successfully than anyone I”ve read or listened to so far, integrated the useful parts of all the major schools of personal development I’ve encountered that had any scientific basis in results, from eastern philosophy, through 12 step stuff and the distinctions and perceptions of the NLP developers and practitioners. Bill, your answer, particularly to the first question was again on point, taking me back to the basic practice of becoming the observer and so being able to distinguish how each of us as an individual uses very specific and definite, yet very individual ways of constructing our inner experience(or personal reality if you will). As a compulsive learner, I usually have the tendency to keep seeking and obtaining new information, while not engaging in the practice of basic skills long enough to be proficient with them or for them to become integrated in as habitual parts of me. The late George Leonard’s most frequently stressed contribution to “the human potential movement”, a phrase he is credited with coining, was that the road to mastery was in learning to love practicing the basics daily, even though the process of development often meant spending more time on what seemed like the plateau than in making apparent progress. This is a lesson I frequently forget and that your answer reminded me of, and so I am re-commited to practicing being that observer. For the young man who wrote the letter, I want to thank you for reminding me that material success and accomplishment are not in themselves the source of happiness, fulfillment , joy or serenity. As an old hippie who made a big midlife change in values and goals and so in a way got started late in life, I often put myself under a lot of pressure to achieve more than I am right now, to meet financial needs and have the freedom to pay for things like holosync along with the bills. I finally completed a bachelor’s degree at 55 and received my certification as a substance abuse therapist at 57, so I’m in an occupation that helps people and allows me to use the knowledge I’ve gained in the personal development field, but doesn’t pay much. This results in my triggers usually being fear of financial disaster, problems with debt, etc. Your question served to remind me that those circustances don’t have to stress me out or cause me pain. I do that to myself, most probably through an internal model I created as a child listening to parents for whom the great depression had been a very traumatic experience. You, at a young age have climbed to a position where the material stuff of getting by is not a major concern, and yet instead of being soooo greatful, you are succeeding in making yourself seem more miserable than I am ever able to achieve.

    FROM BILL: However, I’m not so young. I just turned 60.

  31. Bill Harmon says :


    The you at a young age I was adressing was the young man who asked the first question you answered. The young lawyer who after achieving so much by his early 20’s lamented he is steeping in misery. I know you’re one of my contemporaries and also having read your book know it took you a little while to get the ball rolling, which is also inspiring.


  32. Rishi says :

    Bill: Thankyou so much for helping me to pull layer upon layer of stockings from the camera lens of my life. At 23, I’ve been doing Holosync for five years and am on Level 2. Words really cannot express the improvement in my experience of reality. There’s more to go, and it’s been damn tough at times, but obviously totally worth it. Just have to keep thinking really spiritual thoughts and concentrate on being enlightened. (Joke.) Thanks again Bill, I am definitely your biggest fan.

    Carol: Your question alarmed me somewhat! With the awareness I assume you have, I imagine just being alive would be a source of joy. I don’t get it.

  33. Jorge says :

    Hi Bill,

    From all I’ve eared from you the conclusion is: if my mind achieves to be aware to what is happening it becames more and more free (from old and unconscious habits). This is the center point of the budist way to achieve freedom of mind.

    However, to achieve to be aware is not so easy: it requires performing the process of watching something (whatching what is hapening inside… whatching the mind playing his game … and this procss of observing, in my case is not so easy … this is my problem!


  34. donna says :

    Hi Bill

    I found this really interesting as I have had similar experiences but I do know that it all comes from me and to just hang in there. The only thing I make life worse for the people around me as I am going through overwhelm I try and do the witness thing but I do find it difficult, I have done your online courses only once I do know I need to go through it again to really benefit and to have things sink in. What I want to know is how to stop overthinking I have problems with a particular person in my life who is really interferring and tries to control my life and as a result I have pushed that person away but I cant remove that person from my life because she is a relation of my husbands. I just want to deal with her better and not react so badly when she does say and do things that are none of her business. I find myself obsessively thinking about little situations and what I will say. On the upside I am doing a lot better with holosync. How should I tackle this?

    Thanks Bill

    FROM BILL: When you are able to observe HOW you create something–a feeling, a behavior, and attraction to certain people or situations, a way of assigning a meaning to what is happening–you have choice about it. When these things are created by unconsciously, automatic processes, you have no choice. They “just happen.” That’s why learning to observe the parts of your mind that create these things is SO life-changing. As you see exactly what you do to create feelings, behaviors, attractions to certain people and situations, and what things seem to mean, you instantly see ways you’re sabotaging yourself, as you do them.

    So, when you’re reacting to something, there’s something you DO, inside, that creates the reaction. You need to watch to see how you “do” the reaction. If it doesn’t serve you, you’ll stop doing it. This involves learning to watch the internal representations you make (the internal pictures, internal dialog, etc.) and all the other mental processes that are constructed from internal representations (beliefs, values, etc.). These things create your life, including your reactions to the world, and to gain choice over them you must become aware of them, which means to watch them, as they happen, and see how they directly create 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you become attracted to, and 4) the things seem to mean.

    For those who want to learn how to do this, go listen to a free preview lesson of my Life Principles Integration Process online courses at

  35. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have found that trying to change my internal representations did not work at all…that is frustrating.

    What I don’t get, is this: you talk about fiddling abound with your submodalities, isn’t that the same as above? I have found both to be useless, cause it’s like I am trying as you say to force some change in cause I hate the status quo, so I guess what I am doing is focusing on what I don’t want and try to push it away.

    How about trying to move away on ALL of my values list…depressing.

    I am really a big picture kind of guy, and I have found that I have some major issues with chunking down, I hate fiddling around in the details, I understand all of your material fine, but when it comes down to applying it: duh.

    I have tried your timeline stuff several times, even with a facilitator, and I managed to screw it up each and every time, that is so frustrating, to the point that I just gave up trying.

    I have found that when I’m in a peaceful state of mind witnessing comes automatically, I’ve had times where I just get into my thoughts with no intention of doing so whatsoever, and very clearly see all that I am doing up there.

    The time line process? I have found that I can’t do it, not even with a facilitator…I have spoken to your friend James about this, and he tells me that he can’t make the time line process work for himself either. I have to be honest: this pisses me off even more, cause I want the benefits of what you promise here and I don’t get them. I have tried like focusing on getting the benefits…but duh…it’s like there is another layer of focus that hinders me to do it. I couldn’t do the time line thing edgewise, not even with a facilitator.

    Now get me right, I am not even saying that your stuff doesn’t work, all that I’m saying is that from where I’m at I am really creating a hard time for myself. There is just some bloody emotional pull that causes me to focus so much on what I don’t want, and I just want to get rid of it (ironically this is more wanting to move away from).

    I know what I wanna do with my life but the steps to motivate you to do something are not easily implemented even though on some level you know what you need to do to make it happen, but there is this part of you that keeps pulling your very strongly into a place of feeling very bad about the whole business.

    The more I try to force myself to change the more I stay the same, duh.

    Just shifted gears to the next disc, it took me 5 months to integrate disc1 of A3…can’t wait to get deeper into the program…I would rush though it if I knew that would help, but since I know it doesn’t I will take it in as long as I need to match your criteria of usage.

    Your thoughts are always appreciated, thanks, regards Dave

    FROM BILL: Why not, then, stop trying to force yourself to change? I’ve never advocated forcing yourself to change. In fact, will power does not work in creating change. What works is awareness. When you watch HOW you create your feelings, your behaviors, your attraction to certain people and situations, and the meanings you attach to what is happening in your life, what doesn’t work falls away, without will power. Resisting whatever is happening, as you say, just makes it stronger.

    If what you’re watching is all about what you don’t want, this does look as if you’re focusing on what you don’t want. It is, however, what causes you to drop doing it. If you watch your internal representations, and they are of what you don’t want, and you clearly see that these internal representations always create bad feelings–that these IRs directly lead to the bad feelings–you’ll stop making them. Not from will power, or from resisting them, but just because you’ll lose enthusiasm for making them when you see what you’re doing to yourself. Just KNOWING what you’re doing to yourself isn’t enough, though. You have to WATCH yourself do it, which means watching what you do to cause it, as you do it.

    Saying that you can’t watch is kind of like saying, “I sat down at the piano, but I couldn’t play it. This piano playing stuff doesn’t work.” You can’t just decide to watch this stuff and instantly be good at it. It is difficult to do, at first, in the same way that playing the piano is difficult–at first. If, however, you spend a little bit of time each day practicing, and allow yourself to be miserably bad at it, at first, but just keep going, you will get better. ANYTHING you practice doing repeatedly you will eventually get good at. Mastering your mind takes time and effort, but it is the road to mastering your feelings, your behaviors, and everything about your life that CAN be mastered (there are things you can’t do anything about).

    Just keep going. Things begin to fall into place when you least expect it.

  36. Johnny says :

    Hi Bill,

    Just a message for you and all your users.

    I’m at the end of Awakening Level 1 and I just want to let you know that I’ve read every single edition of Mind Chatter (which I wish still existed), and I’ve read all of your support materials many times. By taking the time to do this, I don’t have many questions for you Bill, most of them have been already answered for me. i just want people to know that there’s a huge reward in taking the time to go through the materials. Each time you go through them, you get something different, and notice something new that you hadn’t before.

    It’s pretty simple: by continually conditioning your mind into a more effective version of itself, you will get to the point where you’ll start creating more of what you want. If you’re still not getting what you want, you just need to keep on plugging away. Keep using holosync, and keep on reading the support materials. And just be patient.

    I’m impressed with how patient you are. I can imagine how frustrating it must be at times, when many of the questions you get are already answered pretty clearly and eloquently in your support materials.

    Thanks for doing what you do

  37. shawnesey says :

    thought i’d get all of my uppercase letters out of the way, there :)
    i’ve been a holosnc participant for over three years now (purification 2). how do i know it’s doing anything? from the simple fact that people i’ve just met flatly contradict me… when i describe myself the way i used to be. i am (was?) painfully, debilitatingly shy. do not function well around people i am not intimately close to. however, TWICE in the previous couple of months, when i tell people how shy i am, they jump in with “but you’re not shy,” in a very sort of matter-of-fact voice. disconcerting… but that’s who i AM! how dare they say these things… am i changing that much?
    i’ll be eternally grateful to CRI for an IMMEDIATE “real world” result of the program… in my first WEEK of listening to holosyc, my lifelong insomnia just sort of dissolved. if the program had NO other results, it would have been worth the price of admission for that alone. if you’re not in, get in.

    inner circle and in for the long haul,
    shawnesey o’hern

  38. Visvas says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the blog and what you do. As far as talking about how one creates, or say, their experience of life by the process of what they do inside. My question is what role does the “stuff” that beings to get rattled by Holosync be it feelings, emotions, the past, decisions, your reactions etc, that begins to surface and how do you handle the suffering based on what is surfacing may reveal, and the feeling of wishing you could have done it differently, to your present situation?

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure I understand your exact question, but when people experience “upheaval” when using Holosync is is the result of becoming aware of the aspects of themselves, other people, and life, that they have repressed, denied, or disowned–what they think is wrong, bad, evil, inapproporiate, etc. The problem with disowning this stuff is two-fold. First, you can’t really successfully get rid of it. Second, when you disown it, it comes out anyway, but in an immature, dysfunctional way that creates suffering for you and for others.

    When people first become aware of this stuff, they naturally resist it because, in their way of thinking, it is BAD STUFF, and should be resisted. This would be fine if resisting it worked, but it doesn’t. As I said above, it just creates suffering. When the person becoming aware of this stuff eventually (sooner rather than later, hopefully, because they have followed the suggestions we provide in our support) acknowledges it and stops resisting it, it matures into something beneficial, and all the ways it was appearing in the person’s life (as suffering) stop happening.

  39. carmela di palma says :

    Dear bill,
    I am new to you and to your blog and teaching.
    I am studing bob proctor and jack canfield and they said that to get what you want you have to FOCUS and take ACTIONS. So it’s all about WILL POWER.
    Now I am reading your blog and you said that WILL POWER DOESN’T WORK, and what works is AWARENESS.
    I am confused.
    I know you are a friend of bob proctor and jack canfield, and I saw you in THE SECRET, and the secret it’s all about WILL POWER, so I am really confused.
    PLEASE what is the solution to get what I want ?
    Thank you.
    carmela di palma

    FROM BILL: A very good question. I was saying that you cannot use will power to change your thoughts and what you focus on, other than for a very short time. Since everything begins with what you focus on, will power has very limited use. Here’s why:

    When you set out to accomplish something–everything from the simplest of goals, such as changing the TV channel or making dinner to creating a successful company or some other huge life goal–it begins with focusing your mind on the outcome you want. In a best-case scenario, this leads to a feeling of motivation which leads to taking action, which (depending on the utility of the action) leads to the accomplishment of the goal.

    Many people, however, have trouble focusing on what they want. They instead focus on what they want to avoid, what they’re afraid of, what they’re worried about, what they don’t want.

    Why do many people do this? Because past experiences, especially during childhood, have caused them to believe that there is some sort of danger in the world that they need to avoid. This could be failure, looking stupid, getting hurt in some way (physically or emotionally), hard work (especially without any positive result), or any number of other things. In fact, these perceived dangers are way too many to list here. Whatever the perceived danger, in an attempt to avoid it you naturally focus your attention on it.

    This, unfortunately, gives the brain an instruction to create or attract more of it, despite the fact that this isn’t what you want at all. Anything you focus on repeatedly is taken by the brain as something to attract or create, and the brain is amazingly good at doing this.

    Focusing on potential danger also causes you to feel bad–and, lose any feeling of motivation. You may have noticed that if you focus on NOT FAILING (because it is perceived to be a potential danger), you lose your motivation as well as experiencing other bad feelings, which might include fear, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, and several others.

    If you use will power to change your focus to what you want, you can only sustain these positive thoughts for a short time. Again, you may have already noticed this. Why does this happen? Because the underlying belief in danger is still there, and it’s much stronger than your will power. The thoughts you have of what you want remind you of this danger (thinking of making a lot of money causes you to remember that you are worried about being poor, for instance), which causes you to instantly think about what you don’t want–the danger you want to avoid.

    Action is, indeed, crucial to success, as Bob and Jack have correctly told you. Taking action, however, requires motivation and a focus on what you want, and fear and worry based on avoiding danger cause motivation to dissolve. Again, you may have noticed this. This is why using will power to act doesn’t work very well. You might sustain it for a short while, but as long as the belief in danger is still there, anything that reminds you of it will cause your focus will return to what you don’t want–and when that happens, you will find it very difficult to take the required action.

    The way out of this is, as I said, awareness. As long as the internal representations (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc) of what you don’t want happen automatically–in other words, OUTSIDE of your awareness–you will keep making them. Your mind will automatically create them. Most people keep doing this for their entire life, which is why only 2 to 3% of people actually succeed in any sort of major way.

    The way out of this is to become aware enough that you can see, as you do it, HOW you create this focus on avoiding danger. You have to see yourself actually making the internal representations, in your mind, of what you don’t want ( “focus on something” means to make internal representations of it), as you do it. You also have to see the DIRECT CONNECTION between these internal representations and their consequences: bad feelings, lack of motivation, inability or difficulting in taking action, being attracted to certain people and situations that help create failure, and so on.

    As you see what you’re doing (NOT “know about it,” but actually see yourself do it, inside your head), it becomes very difficult to keep doing it–if what you’re doing doesn’t serve you. You SEE that you are sabotaging yourself and, even more important, you see HOW you’re doing it. Your motivation to keep making these self-sabotaging nternal representations of what you don’t want dissolves. It seems clearly ridiculous to keep doing it–even though without awareness, without seeing how you are doing it, you can do it for your entire life.

    You could say that when you make your internal representations unconsciously, outside your awareness, they happen uautomatically, based on what you believe are the dangers to be avoided. When you become aware of how you create these things and watch yourself do it, they become a CHOICE (rather than something that automatically happens). Once your awareness creates this choice, YOU WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE WHAT IS RESOURCEFUL FOR YOU.

    If there really IS a danger, right now, in the present, you’ll avoid it. But in most cases there is no danger in the present. There’s just a memory of a past danger that your mind thinks might happen. Something happening now unconsciously reminds you of danger, and you automatically begin to focus on avoiding it–despite the fact that this doesn’t work and, in fact, just causes you to feel bad and attract more of it.

    Perhaps you were made fun of for failing at something when you were small, and the danger of being made fun of now, in the present, causes you to focus on NOT being made fun of. You can’t focus on NOT something (try focusing on “I don’t want to be poor”–have have to focus on being poor), so you have to focus on being made fun of, and this gives your mind an instruction to unconsciously figure out how to fail and be made fun of. You lose motivation, you hesitate to act, and you ultimately do not succeed.

    Will power will not overcome this. Awareness, however, will.

    I agree with Bob and Jack that you must focus on what you want and take action. If, however, you have traumatic experiences in your past, you will automatically focus on avoiding danger, which will sabotage you.

    Focus plus action is NOT will power. Those who are easily able to focus on what they want find it easy to take action. These are people, however, who have less trauma in their background, so they aren’t spending a lot of time focusing on avoiding danger. This leaves them free to focus on what they want, which allows them to take action, which allows them to suceed. This isn’t from will power, however. When you don’t have a strong belief in potential danger, you naturally and automatically focus on what you want. When you DO believe in potential danger, no amount of will power, however, will help you keep your focus on what you want.

    So, if you’re having trouble doing what Bob and Jack suggest (and they are right about what they suggest), the way out is to find out HOW you are creating the inability to act, or the ability to take effective action.

    To do that, you need awareness. This means, first of all, you have to do something to increase your awareness, because it takes more awareness than most people have in order to see the internal processes you need to watch. This is one reason why people meditate (or use Holosync, which I prefer because it’s easier and much faster). Second, you have to direct that expanded awareness to the things you do inside that directly create your experience of life. When you do this, you gain CHOICE over those things, and in doing so gain choice over how you create your life.

    There are several internal processes you need to watch, including your beliefs, values, internal strategies, how you decide what to notice and when, and several others that would take too much explanation here.

    All of these are made up of internal representations (internal pictures, sounds, kinesthetic sensations, smells, tastes, and internal dialog). Beliefs, for instance, are just collections of internal representations about what you think is “true” about a certain subject. Internal representations are the alphabet, you might say, that your mind uses for all its internal processes (beliefs, strategies, values, etc).

    These internal processes are very powerful. They create 1) your feelings (including your motivation), 2) your behaviors and your ability to act, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you attach to what is happening around you. Because awareness creates choice, learning to direct your awareness to these internal processes gives you choice about the four things I’ve just listed. These four things, if you stop to think about it, create your entire experience of life.

    So this is why I say that will power doesn’t work. You cannot change your thoughts or your actions via will power, other than for a few moments. Awareness, however, creates immediate, natural, easy, and permanent change. A very renowned therapist, Fritz Perls, the developer of gestalt therapy, is famous for saying, “Awareness, in and of itself, is transformative.” He was right.

  40. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    I am continually studing/observing your online corses LPIP 1, 2, 3.
    Course 2 it’s the truth about everything.
    Please why you start course 3 negating the truth of the course 2 and doing what all self-development teachers do ?
    If you can’t answer me on this blog, please answer me to my e-mail, but please answer me.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: But I don’t negate course 2 in course 3.

  41. ROSARIO says :

    FROM BILL: But I don’t negate course 2 in course 3.

    Dear BILL,
    I have gratitude for you and it not my intention to judge but to understand in what direction I have to go.
    in course 2 you said:
    (1) WITNESSING is not something you do, but rather what is left when you stop buying into the world created by the mind and just sit back and watch.
    (2) I’ve been very sneaky with you, by telling you all these thing to do …. when really THERE IS NO ONE who can do anything, and also no one who cannot do anyhing.

    in course 3 you start with NAPOLEON HILL’s teaching about what to DO to get WHAT I WANT.
    if (1) THERE IS NO ONE and (2) WITNESSING is what is left when I stop playing with my mind, I will never stop if I follow napoleon hill because he convince me that (A) there is an “I” (B) that can “DO” everithing I desire to be, have and do and that contradict (1) and (2).


    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: As I have said many times, there IS doing, just no INDIVIDUAL doer. Your doing always happens as part of the flow of everything else. If part of that flow is that you read about Napoleon Hill and as a result the actions you take help you achieve something, then that’s what happens. You, as a supposedly separate entity, are not achieving something–the whole is acting, and achieving something, because of the influence of certain ideas and principles. This is no different than a wave thinking that it has decided to crest, when really the wave is part of the action of the entire ocean.

  42. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill,

    when I attach to an external object, be that a person or a book or a piece of music etc. then I feel deeply and it feels like my self is being born.
    A sense of self is being created within me.
    After a while when the attachment is over I loose that sense of self
    and I return to feeling like a ghost. Like I don’t exist.
    Then the pain is great and I suffer.
    So I end up being afraid to attach because of the pain I will feel
    afterwards. I watch my internal representations (which are mostly images
    of me being in pain afterwards)
    but this danger is real it is not some figment of my imagination,
    so I still do not take the step to attach.
    And if there was a way to make sure that it wouldn’t hurt afterwards
    then I would do it.
    I’ve been struggling to overcome this for years. Please help!
    How must I use your teachings on internal representations
    to overcome this?

    thank you,

    FROM BILL: Take my Life Principles online courses. What I say here about internal representations is not enough information to help you. You have symptoms of having suffered some emotional trauma. You need some professional help. I hope you are using Holosync, too, as it will help a lot.

  43. John N says :

    I relate to a lot of Nicholas D’s experience. Without the traumatic elements. I’m one of those people for whom “nothing works” – except Holosync! I’m at Purification Level2-CD4 and devoted to daily practice.

    I have done the 3 Life Principles Integration Process Courses and worked through #1 & #2 a 2nd time. But little has changed in my life. I’m pretty good at LWHBOK but focusing on IRs, watching without judgement, being willing to adopt a new way of thinking and acting – all seem beyond me. I did find the Timeline process helpful in relation to guilt, sadness and anger which I guess is progress. But the goal of enlightenment seems no closer than it was 5 years ago. And inability to organize my time and activities productively is just as difficult.

    I know what I have to do to change things but just cannot generate the motivation to get on with it – or make the time for it. Identifying beliefs and values was a nightmare for me, and going through the process of changing or re-ordering them was a futile effort.

    I have recently been assessed as an Adult-Asperger’s-Syndrome person. Relevant characteristics include impaired short-term memory and poor executive function. The work I have done with a psychologist who specializes in the field has been helpful, although I have difficulty correlating it with what I know of ow the mind works.

    Once significant discovery in this process has been the poor quality of sleep I have experienced for many years (I’m 79 now). Never sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours at a time, I just don’t get down to the deep refreshing levels of sleep that most people enjoy. Consequently I have little daytime energy and fairly low mood levels. Often drowsy and have frequent afternoon naps. Then I beat up on myself for wasting time. A course of melatonin seems to be having a good effect on that. Still short bursts but of better quality. More energy during the day and happier outlook.

    I feel envious of the people who report huge shifts in their attitudes during the LPIP courses and frustrated that I can’t make it happen for myself. not sure where to go from here, but I am a real trier – been at it since the 1960s. Maybe the penny will drop one of these days.

    FROM BILL: Though I do think that with practice you can learn to do some of these things better, Asperger’s is one of those many examples of what I have been saying about cause and effect. There are certain things we can do something about, and others that are beyond our control. In Zen the idea is to become aware enough to do what can be done about those things we can influence, and to accept (although it’s not described in this way) what we can’t do anything about.

    Who I am, who you are, is to some degree a product of our parents genetics, and also developmental environmental influences (such as children that are exposed in the womb to toxins, or where the mother is malnurished, and so forth). There might be some way to mitigate these and other cause-and-effect related things–your use of Holosyc, your working with the psychologist–but some of this you can’t do much about. In the same way, there’s not much we can do about weather, cosmic rays, geolical events, and the actions of the billions of other people on Earth. We can, if we are more aware, not put outselves in certain situations where we’re more suceptible to these things, but ultimately there’s only so much we can do.

    Much, perhaps most, of human suffering comes from resisting what cannot be resisted. Though I would suggest continuing to work on watching your internal representations and the other things you’ve had trouble with from the Life Principles online courses, you also have to surrender to what is–which removed a lot of the self-caused suffering related to resistance.

    If you call our support line it might help to have one of our coaches facilitate your through watching your internal representations, which might make is easier. Explain why it is difficult for you and ask for help.

  44. tatianna says :

    Dear Bill
    I’m not sure if this is on-topic question but the answer would realy
    help me a lot and I would appreaciate it..
    You say that we are creating our reality and only we are responsible
    for what is happening to us…
    My mother died when I was seven years old and my happy life was
    changed into nightmare when I was rased by my stepmother…
    Does it mean I created that reality for myself as seven years old child?
    And what possibility of changing this reality I had as a seven years old?

    Thank you, Tatiana

    FROM BILL: You misunderstand. I am NOT saying that you are creating your reality. That’s what a lot of the other airy-fairy New Agey teachers are saying. I’m saying that a lot of reality is beyond your control: you can do nothing about the fact that everything in life is impermanent (except perhaps forestall it a little bit, in some cases), and you can’t escape from cause and effect–the fact that cosmic and geological processes, weather, gravity, and the actions of the other 6.7 billion people are beyond your control. Because of cause and effect and impermanence, it is inevitable that sometimes you will get what you don’t want, or not get what you do want. Even if you do get what you want, it will be impermanent. This is the cause of SOME of the suffering all humans experience, and there is not escape from this.

    You do, however–if you are aware enough–have control over your response to what happens. Once you are aware enough to have that control, you can stop, for the most part, resisting those things you can’t escape. This resistance to what is is a cause of a huge amount of human suffering.

    You also have the ability–again, if you are aware enough–to stop unconsciously putting yourself in certain situations, and with certain people, where you end up getting what you don’t want, or unconsciously acting in ways where you get what you don’t want. This is often referred to as “self-sabotage.” Doing these things is another cause of considerable human suffering.

    So there are some things you can’t do anything about–that your mother died, for instance, or that as a powerless child you were then raised by someone else. Also, as a child, there was no way you could have been aware enough to exercise choice about your response to these things. Now, however, with enough awareness about how you create your responses, you could exercise choice about your response to what happens to you, as well as to what has happened to you in the past. In other words, you don’t need to continue to suffer over your past. This, however, does require that you become aware of what you do inside to create your feelings, behaviors, which people and situations you attract, and what meanings you place on the events of your life.

    The most typical way of gaining this awareness is meditation. I prefer Holosync meditation because it is stronger, faster, and easier. Those who use it, over time, develop tremedous awareness, which allows them to see how they create their response to life, and how they put themselves in situations, and with certain people, that cause them suffering. Once you have this awareness, you naturally choose to not do do what does not serve you.

    I am NOT, however, buying the New Age BS that you have control over, and are responsible for, everything that happens. That is the magical thinking of people unable to see how the world works–unable to see how cause and effect works and that there is no escape from impermanence.

  45. Sam says :

    Is there a place online where we can listen to audio testimonials/feedbacks of people who have taken your online course? I thought that at one time there was a page of them.


  46. tatianna says :

    Dear Bill
    Thank you for your response, I appreciate it a lot. But there are still some
    things I would like to ask you…
    I do Holosync meditation regulary for over five years now. I also worked with
    a psychologist but nothing seems to be getting better for me…
    I’m married to an abusive husband who is reminding me of my stepmothers
    abuse every day…I do understand that I uncounciosly created this situation
    and attracted this person to me to repeat the patern from my childhood…
    But more I try to do something about it worst it is getting…
    I do Holosync, I practice awareness, I work on forgivness and self-love
    with Luise Hay books, I go to psychologist…but I do get the same hate,
    abuse and threatening every day….
    I would leave him long-long time ago but I have a little daughter and this
    makes everything very complicated..And again, how do I know that I would
    not end up in a same situation again…
    Some days are so bad for me that I just want to end everything…But than
    I see my little daughter and I know that I have to keep going…I just don’t
    know what else I can do…I just don’t want my daughter going through the
    same nightmares I’m going through..How can I change this for her?
    Seeing her being hurt the same way I was is killing me inside…
    Please help
    Thank you, Tatianna

    FROM BILL: Your awareness of what you do inside to create how you feel will change your feelings. Exercising this awareness, however, takes practice. Few people could just do it because I said to. It is a skill that takes practice.

    This awareness can also change your behavior. It probably will not, however, change your current situation, or change your husband into a better person. If you change it might have an effect on your husband, but my guess is that is won’t. If he is to change it will be the result of something HE does, and while you might somehow influence him to change, you have limited power to do that.

    The way the awareness I’m talking about will change your situation is for you to leave it, to stop settling for being with someone you consider to be abusive, to stop unconsciously attracting abusers, and to create a new life. In terms of your beliefs, you are with your husband because it helps you to be “right” about something you believe about yourself, about the world, and about men and people in general. Especially if we are living with little awareness of the kind I’m describing, we attract or become attracted to people because they help us to prove that what we believe is true.

    By being with your husband you are proving that something you believe is true, and your husband is proving that something he believes is true. Unfortunately, these beliefs aren’t resourceful. They create suffering for both of you. If you’re able to figure out what these beliefs are, then watch to see HOW you use your husband to prove that they’re true, you’ll find it difficult to keep believing them. It will be obvious to you that these beliefs do not serve you and you’ll drop them. You’ll also find it difficult to stay with him–or, possibly, convince him to seek help with you to improve the relationship.

    I suspect these beliefs include that men will hurt you, that you deserve this kind of relationship and nothing better, that relationships are painful, that you’ll never be happy, that you’re stuck with no options, and several other similar things. Of course you’re the only one who really knows what you believe–I’m just making educated guesses based on the little bit you’ve told me.

    To get rid of these beliefs, you have to watch to see how you “prove” that they are true. I can’t reach you how to do this in a blog, however. That’s why I have my Life Principles online courses. I would suggest, however, that you find a good counselor or therapist and discuss your situation with him or her. I think you need someone to help you, one on one.

  47. Anna says :

    Hi Bill. Very helpful post.
    I had suffered bulimia for over 24 years. Till 2003. Since then I have been working on my emotional dirt that caused the eating disorder.
    2008 I got stuck in my pain . Luckily through “The Secret” I came to Holosync. I started to forge ahead again because, as you advice in your support letters, I started to watch my core beliefs.
    Only you can have the idea how helpful it was and still is.
    The terror and miserable feeling inside my head were getting more visible every day. This is what Nicolas, Buzz and Tatiana feel like, too.
    What I suddenly noticed one day was that the monster inside me was not mine. It was the pain, anger and fear of my mother and grandmother. My terror was their traumatic experience from the World War II.
    We are Polish. My grandfather had been murdered in the concentration camp in Mathausen. The more visible it was the more shocked I felt.

    And then I realized the most unbelievable thing that I have done totally outside my awareness 25 years ago: I have moved to….Germany(West). I have moved to the country where the terror came from. And I was very very bulimic and skinny that time…Now I understand why I did that. I wanted to meet the enemy and discover why they did what they did. Believe me… I got my answers and learned to forgive. The feeling of freedom is magic…Pure relief. Amazing what our subconsious mind is able to do. Amazing how helpful The Holosync was.

    The funny and beautiful thing is that my mother ,without even realizing to herself , suddenly got much better. (She ,as my whole family, lives in Poland.) I am sure this is what her brutally killed father wanted for all of us: learning to forgive and freedom.
    He was a music professor, teacher, got arrested together with his friends and colleagues. Among them also many Jewish friends. All fantastic and talented teachers. I am sure they still are teachers. Not victims. They do not want to be victims.

    Victims often become torturers and butchers. This is what I have learned here in Germany.

    In the german city where I live there is a commemorating plate saying: THE MOST DIVINE FORM OF VICTORY IS FORGIVENESS.
    How true.

    Thank you, Bill. Very much.

  48. carmela di palma says :

    Dear bill,
    my focus/beliefs really creates my results or
    my focus/beliefs creates only how I experience my results ?
    why I get what I want even when I focus on what I don’t want because I believe I can’t get it ?
    thank you.
    carmela di palma

    FROM BILL: I guess you need to pay attention so you can answer your own question. I would suggest that you take my Life Principles courses, since I can’t really teach you all of this in an response to a blog post.

  49. Sam says :

    I’m wondering if rather than changing our internal representations it might simply be a bit easier to change focus. For instance I notice that quite often I have anxiety while heading to the gym for some reason, however when I frame it as excitement I then find that I’m much more able to function; previously with the anxiety I would have fumbled around at the front desk trying to think of something clever to say and then screw it all up by saying something dumb, however–with the same feeling going on–when I frame my feeling of anxiety as excitement I can then come up with stuff with no problem (I don’t think about thinking about stuff) and there’s no trepidation about what’s going to happen etc because I’m in control. I usually still feel the feeling no matter how I frame it, however it seems that when I call it excitement that I can be much more in control of what I create. I’m so jazzed up about interacting with people that I’m not even paying attention to the feeling of excitement, and when I’m in anxiety I’m so busy with the feeling (and what the feeling creates) that I’m not in the moment. There’s a lot of energy in the feelings, and I think that focus helps us to fuel whatever we’re trying to do with the feelings. Asking what we’re using the fuel for may be more important than changing from cheep fuel to high octane high-quality stuff. If I put high quality fuel into my car and then drive it off a cliff, then there’s no point in talking about what fuel (or internal representations) I put into the car. For that matter it doesn’t matter what car I drive, or how good it looks, if there’s no direction.

    FROM BILL: But Sam, how do you focus? “To focus” means “to make internal representations” so changing your focus means changing the internal representations you’re making. That’s how you focus on something–you make internal representations of it.

  50. Sam says :

    The modalities in which we make the internal representations are what I might call focus. For instance it’s often been difficult for me to use the kinisthetic modality of focus in social situations because I can’t function in that way very well, however somehow now more and more I am able to use the kinesthetic modality as well as any other as I practice using the material in your first course (as well as the others). When I started to use auditory digital in social situations to look at how things make sense to me, it turns out that a lot of energy is wasted in worrying or trying to control the situation to fit my map, and after this evaluation I now use kinisthetic once again with much less difficulty. The idea that the kinesthetic modality isn’t resourceful for me, or perhaps the internal representations I often create while using it, would be to place focus outside of myself for the results I create; the map of reality dictates that using kinisthetic in social situations isn’t resourceful therefore I should change my focus by using a different modality. What I mean is that due to my change of focus I function differently, because the kinisthetic representations are still there however they seemingly are now different in meaning to me; they still feel exactly the same, however I know that they don’t mean what I previously thought they did, so now I can choose to have the feelings yet not respond to them.

    I’ve also noticed that while repeating my meditation mantra that the qualities of the sound are starting to change over time, what students of the course know of as sub-modalities of the auditory modality of focus. As my meditation practice progresses it seems that the mantra is evolving to fit my new practice (sort of like stretching itself around the new experiences in meditation I have) and I attribute this to my changing focus. My practice is evolving and therefore it seems that the mantra is represented different to me because my focus has to be more flexable in order that I process the unfolding stages of meditation; the mantra has to sound more resonant because my bandwith has to go up in order so I can carry a higher level of information and have a higher threshold or something like that. I know that my focus doesn’t originate these progressive changes, so this is a sticking point for me so far as our discussion goes, however I still maintain that it’s focus rather than internal representation of something that creates results. I don’t choose to deepen my meditation, however perhaps a higher level of some focus does; perhaps this is awareness…

  51. Ganesh says :

    Hi Bill,

    Just a simple question. Are there reports of anybody who are /not/ satisfied with the results after completing the entire Holosync program?

    FROM BILL: No.

  52. Sam says :

    I did also recently find a great way to change internal representations, which seems to open up possible ways of focusing. I understand that it works with changing brainwaves somehow, particularly in our accessing more gamma frequencies, and this might be interesting exploration (I’ve done this with holosync with some pretty cool results). I hear that this breathing exercize also helps one to stretch the brain by continuing to deepen with each tyme one uses it, allowing us to practice changing our focus to what we want–and helps to make the change stick. It’s by a woman named JODI FLESBERG LILLY and is called “the love breathe” if anyone’s interested; I can also post how it’s done here, however perhaps it might be better to learn from her.

    FROM BILL: You change internal representations by deciding to change them, or by being stimulated by something in the environment. It happens moment by moment to everyone all day. There’s nothing more to it that that. If you are aware of how you make internal representations, they (and what they create–feelings, behaviors, etc) are a choice. If not, they happen automatically, depending on how you were programmed by your past experiences.

  53. Mike says :

    Hey Bill,

    I read your response to Carol above concerning finding something you’re passionate about. All my life I have moved from one passion to another, never really settling on anything. Since starting Holosync (I’m on AL 2 CD 4) I have seemed to become a little more settled but now feel more confused than ever about what I should devote my life to.

    Is there any process you would suggest for figuring out what it is that makes someone passionate? I want to find something that motivates me to get up everyday. At this point I just feel like I’m floating through life with no direction (other than listening to Holosync, which is amazing).


    FROM BILL: I’m saying this without having much information about you, but if you don’t know what makes you passionate, I would suspect that someone taught you when you were young that it wasn’t okay to BE passionate. We all learn certain injunctions from parents that we have to follow in order to be okay in their eyes. I suspect that you have have deal with that first.

  54. Michael says :

    Hi Bill.
    Is’nt it more the case with the first young man’s question that hes on the brink of a trans-personal experience rather than just the usual mundane personal stuff. He’s running out of consolations, he can no longer ‘tranqualize himself with the trivial’. Its the begininng of the death of the small self and the emergence of the authentic self no longer exculsively identified with egoic material.
    I know you did refer him in the begining to the articles on stages of enlightenment which I think would help more and be more interesting to him, but then the rest of the article goes deeper into the personal. Its just that I think I know how he feels ie so much personal stuff (development etc) sounds so boring and meaningless after a certain point. Just a thought

  55. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    I was reading your response to mike and that is exactly my case. My parents taught me ( indirectly) that it was not safe to be too excited /pasionate about things(I remember being very pasionate about the smallest things when I was a kid)

    I learned from your online courses that this is a joyless script and the way to work joyless scripts is basically working with the breath and bodywork (massage etc) Do you have any other suggestion about how to become more passionate in life?? ( holocync is helping too)


    FROM BILL: Use Holosync.

  56. Sam says :

    Can you say something to getting the positive learnings from whatever we’re doing that’s not working? For instance you have spoken about how when one observes something that’s not working with awareness that that disfunction drops off, and I’m wondering if that isn’t true for our emotions as well. We can speak from fear, anger, jealousy or any other emotion, and even big mind, however what about gaining some perminant awareness? I don’t want to do big mind and find out a lot about myself, only to “go back” to the everyday world and remain with problems until I sit down and meditate or big mind again, but I want to speak from voices–or do timeline or whatever–and then resolve these issues in my life for good. I think that we experience emotions (in their disfunctional forms) when we’re unaware that these emotions–or voices–are trying to tell us something for our greatest good and they continue to intrude more and more forcefully until they go over our threshold and it’s difficult to focus or express rational emotions. Unless someone has done something about the threshold thing through some program like centerpointe, it’s often difficult for us to recognize the benefit that suffering with emotions can bring us if we listen.

    People are saying that perhaps Nicolus is ready to move on to a higher stage of development and I might agree, in that these emotions can hold some transcendent space for our higher stages to grow into, however the whole higher stage thing can’t be fully integrated and experienced (only sometimes rarely imagined by fiewer than one would think) unless there’s a good foundation first. You can’t build a house on a poor foundation, and I get the sense that people are then still talking about building a mantion. I know that some people are saying in effect “where is the chase, and how do I cut to it” but we must remember to be mindful along the way and learn from experience.

    I like the new site with the audio, by the way; I went there by mistake before I came here for some reason and noticed that it’s been (or being) updated.

  57. samuel says :

    Bill, how are you?
    I was wondering if any published (or unpublished) empirical studies of holosync or related entrainment technology exist and, if they do, where to find them.

    I am a psychology student who is very interested in state-changing technologies and their benefits.

    (I also have used holosync!)


    FROM BILL: Yes, some do exist, both for Holosync in particular and for the general type of technology Holosync is based on, though I am not enough tuned into the system for searching for this sort of thing to tell you exactly how to search for them. Find someone at a university who knows how to search for published papers in certain areas and search for Holosync, binaural beats, meditation, and other such things. If you start searching, and are persistent, you’ll find stuff.

  58. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    I have 2 questions for you.
    when you say that “all you have to do is WATCHING with AWARENESS and everything adjust itself”
    is because the ego-I-voice doesn’t exist, it’s only a voice,
    so he has no power to control, choose and direct my actions and results, because they happen spontaneously by itself and not because of the “I” ?

    exactly what is happening ?
    is the ego-I-voice becoming aware of itself to be an illusion with no power, so he is letting go gradually and awareness is expanding continually more ?
    is awareness becoming aware of the ego-I-voice so he don’t believe the ego anymore ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: I am continually WATCHING and studing LPIP material.

    FROM BILL: If you watch with awareness and see how you are creating your feelings, your behaviors, which people you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you are attaching to what happens around you, you will clearly see when you are doing things that cause you (and other people) suffering. If you see that you are creating your bad feelings, for instance–by making internal representations of what you don’t want–you will naturally stop doing it. There’s nothing metaphysical about this, and it has nothing to do with egos or the fact that the separate self is nothing more than an idea. What you do outside your awareness seems to just happen, even if it doesn’t serve you, but when you see HOW you create those parts of experience of life that do come from you, it becomes difficult to do what doesn’t serve you.

  59. Samuel says :

    Hi again Bill! An area witch says GREAT DANGER to me is something like: “Whats its all about”, “what is reality” and “who am I”. These things can really freak me out as might have seen when I have wrote to you about this subject before.
    I dont really understand why this is. When I was younger I liked to wonder on “what it is all about”. Now im avoiding everything that relates to that subject, or at least im trying to avoid it.
    I was raised a christian, and I did believe in God. But in my later teens I started to doubt my belief. And ever sense I have been afraid about this subject. Do you have a clue why this is? Has some kind of trauma caused this? My self I cant remember any particular incedent that caused this.
    As I startded to use Holosync about six months, much things has improved for me in my life, but actually I feels that not much has improved with this problem for me. Thanks a lot/ Samuel

    FROM BILL: Was your Christianity a fundamentalist type, where there was a lot of fear around hell and such things? If so, that might be what you’re afraid of. Many Christians have been so frightened by the church that they are afraid to drop Christian views even if they no longer make sense.

  60. Sam says :

    Carlos: I’ve found that the breathing exercize that I’ve recently discovered helps me quite a bit when I’m unable to call up the emotions that I want–passion, excitement, desire etc–and that using this exercize while using holosync makes the holosync work much better because I’m more aware of what it’s doing. If you’re interested please write in and I’ll post some instructions as to how it’s done, and you can see how it works for you. I’ll only post the instructions if you’re really interested, because while the technique works the awareness gained can only be achieved with focus and dedication to oneself. I’ve found for instance that while doing the technique I gain a great burst of energy, that awareness allows me to be excited or passionate about anything I focus on; I don’t have to call up passion because it’s just there naturally, as is awareness with holosync users. I use the technique in situations where I need a burst of energy and, in some situations, I find that it’s useful to sort of stretch my brain around whatever’s happening (people are bugging me and I don’t want to project out onto them, so I do the technique and swallow my pride and know that I have bigger fish to fry) however this isn’t like a timeline thing where you do it and everything changes. If you’re really interested in changing your life perminantly, this at least is a gateway to show you that possabilitty. If you want to go through that gateless gate, let me know.

  61. Samuel says :

    No it wasnt, its never anything like that. No proganda or anything scary at all. But I still have this problem were I freak out sometimes. I dont know where it comes from and I dont know what to do about it. Do have any suggestions, or should I just practice “watching” what is going in my mind when I freak out, and feels uneasy like you suggested to Nicolas? thank you Bill

    FROM BILL: It doesn’t really matter where it comes from. What matters is how you DO IT, now. Freaking out is something you DO, and you do it by making certain internal representations of something you do not want. You’re doing it outside your awareness, though, which means you aren’t seeing yourself do it, and you aren’t seeing how what you do changes your state. To drop it you need to be able to watch what you do, inside your head, as you do it, and see how what you do directly creates how you feel. That’s what the first course of my Life Principles online courses is about.

  62. Chris says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m at the end of AL2, and will be starting AL3 soon. My question relates to energy levels. I’ve had tremendous shifts over the past year, and some very deep changes in my outlook on things.
    I’m trying to get my body in shape, and exercise and eat well. But my energy levels just seem to really be in the pits lately. It seems like I get geared up and going well with my exercise and food for a couple of weeks, and then usually another shift occurs, my energy and motivation go way down, and I fall off the wagon, so to speak.

    I’m not complaining about the shifts. But it’s almost like my body is letting go of some really heavy stuff, and I lose the “umph” to get up and go while I’m trying to “let go” at the same time. I’m finding it hard to do both.

    Is this a level specific thing, and will it get better?

    Does this make sense and do you have any advice?


    FROM BILL: I suppose it might be that you are “letting go of some heavy stuff.” When you use Holosync you become more aware, and one of the things you become aware of is all the stuff you’ve disowned and repressed because you think (you were taught) that it is wrong. bad, inappropriate, etc. Holosync somehow allows you to process this stuff and let go of being in resistance to it. Being in resistance to anything is a huge energy drain.

    However, your level of motivation and your energy level are under your control (all other things being equal)–IF you are aware. Your state is determined by some things you do inside your head. Most people do these things unconsciously and automatically, which means they (and the results they create, including your level of energy and motivation) are not a choice. Become aware of what you are doing inside that creates your level of motivation and energy (and, for that matter, all other internal states), and SEE how YOU are creating the results you’re experiencing, and these things become a choice.

    Have you ever had a bad day, where you feel blah, with no energy and no enthusiasm, and then you get some great news–you just made some unexpected money. or that girl you’re attracted to wants to go out with you, or something else happened that you really wanted to happen–and suddenly you feel great, full of energy, on top of the world? What happened INSIDE that changed your state? You began to make all kinds of internal representations of things you like, things you want, things you think are good, desirable. This is an example of a state change caused by your automatic response to something external, which triggered you to make these positive internal representations, which then caused the positive state change.

    What if you were aware enough that you could see how all your internal representations (and other internal processes) create your state (they also create your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events around you mean, but let’s leave those out for now for simplicity’s sake), as you do it. In that case, you would naturally choose to direct your internal processes in such a way as to feel the best you can feel. Awareness of what drives your state creates choice regarding your state and how you create it. This is a skill–an awareness skill, and it can be learned. This is what my online courses are about )

    The short answer to your question is yes, this is temporary, AND it is self-created, though not on purpose and not consciously. A part of you is making internal representations of certain formerly repressed stuff, which is happening outside your awareness, but which you could learn to do WITH awareness. I suggest that you take the online courses, and certainly keep using Holosync. Most of this stuff, for most people, is gone after the first 4 or 5 levels of the program.

  63. Johnny says :

    Hi Bill,

    This is splitting hairs a bit, but when you say most of the ‘stuff’ for most people is usually gone after the first 4 or 5 levels of the program, are you counting Awakening Prologue as one of those levels? Thanks

    FROM BILL: Yes, you are splitting hairs. I meant to say 16 hairs south of the first 4 or 5 levels.

  64. Sam says :

    I really liked the last post to Chris (63) as it helped to motivate me. I could really see how my state changes in these situations, and it makes sense to me that I am in control of my state. Perhaps the resistence brought this out of you? Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us in using our resistence in resourceful ways?

  65. Chris says :


    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I will keep working on watching my thoughts and internal representations, and see how I’m creating this stuff. I am beginning to “get it.”


  66. Hello Bill,

    I wish to thank you very much for organizing the Technologies of Awareness seminar with professor Jamie Hubbard last Saturday at Smith College. I found it very interesting and engaging. Your presentation was very thought provoking and allowed me to deepen my own awareness. As usual, Genpo Roshi was brilliant (and very patient).

    It was also very amusing (although somewhat annoying) to observe the academics try to “figure out” the Big Mind process, rather than just let themselves experience it. That in itself was worth the price of admission. How many times have I tried to do exactly the same thing, instead of just being with it. It gives meaning to the New Testament saying, “to be as a child”.

    However, the more I progress with Holosync and Big Mind practice, the less interested I am in the Grand Theories.

    Once again thanks, and best wishes,

    Richard Martin

    FROM BILL: Yes, the academics were amusing in that respect weren’t they? Discussing things they had read about but never experienced…

  67. Money Play says :

    Bill what happens when you have these profound experiences in the transcendent? I understand that we are all different and therefore have different experiences but I have had an experience in my life that stands alone from all the rest to date. I don’t know if I should go into detail about it on here or not but I wish there were some way I and others who have had these experiences could interpret them to get a better understanding of it. I completely lost all touch with normal reality and I still am unsure why or what it meant. It has only happened once… is there a significance to these things or do they just happen randomly, for no reason, to anyone?


    FROM BILL: If the illusion of the separate self dissolves, as it sometimes does spontaneously and sometimes does as a result of spiritual practice, “normal reality” dissolves with it. It doesn’t “mean” anything, other than the “reality’ created by your mind isn’t all there is. It is, however, something that typically changes a person’s life because you now know that there’s more to this universe than the typical relative world.

  68. Tim says :

    Hello Bill,

    I’m using Holosync (AL3) and I’m a student of your on-line courses. I think that I understand theoretically how I’m creating my life through my Internal Map of Reality and I know that I need to watch myself (thoughts, feelings, behavior etc.) if I want the unresourceful things to fall away. The problem is that there is so much resistance in me. Every time I see my negative beliefs I feel very resistant and it’s hard for me to accept that I sabotage myself this way and it’s so difficult to watch it. There is a strong pull in me to do something about it and change my beliefs and behavior. I just can’t stand hearing my internal voice saying that I’m a helpless idiot and such things. I suppose that being a witness will become easier in the next levels of Holosync, but now it sometimes seems impossible. Do you have any suggestions, especially how to deal with this resistance?


    FROM BILL: You need to see that YOU create the resistance, and to see HOW you do it, AS you do it. Resistance, and the bad feelings that follow, aren’t just happening. You are DOING them. The only way to stop doing them is to stop doing them outside your awareness. All you’re telling me is that you still don’t have choice about this because you’re still doing it outside your awareness. Watch until you are able to see how you do it. That’s the solution. Forget about trying to stop doing it; forget about trying to get rid of it. Instead, become aware of how you do it. Once you do that, everything will find its place.

  69. Money Play says :

    But what is beyond the typical relative world?

    FROM BILL: That which transcends it. Emptiness. The Transcendent. The Void. Shunyata. The Ground of Being. Satchitananda. God. Whatever you want to call it.

  70. Tim says :

    Thanks very much for your response Bill, I appreciate it. I’ve been reading a lot about watching my internal processes lately (in your books, in the support letters and in this blog, especially in this article and comments regarding it, along with your replies). What I’m beginning to see now is how unaware I’ve always been. There is so much going on in my mind and I don’t notice most of this things and what is worse most of my behaviors are unconscious and automatic. It sometimes seems to me that I’m not in charge of my life and that things just happen to me and I have no choice about my reaction to them. I think that now I’m beginning to understand what you mean when in “Thresholds of the Mind” you talk about living from the reactor perspective and I’m sure that your description also refers to me. It’s paradoxical, because I’ve thought that I’m quite aware and that I see many of my feelings and thoughts. It also seemed to me that knowing so much about all this stuff regarding personal and spiritual growth makes me a conscious person. Now I see that knowing is helpful, but it is seeing what makes the difference. I just can’t wait till I become better in watching myself. Thanks for everything you do!

    FROM BILL: Realizing that there is more to be aware of (there always is) is a big ah-ha. I wouldn’t feel bad about it, though. Everyone is aware of some things, and unaware of others. As your perspective expands (in other words, as you become aware of something of which you were previously unaware) you have more choice, because awareness creates choice. Right now you have choice over how you move because you are aware of how you do that, while an infant isn’t. An Olympic gymnast is more aware that you are about how he or she moves, and for that reason can do things you and I can’t do. No matter what you are aware of, there’s always more.

    What I’m trying to do is get people to be aware of the internal cognitive events that create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you place on the events of your life. To the degree that you have put in the practice that allows you to see how you do all of this (and that’s all it is–a matter of putting in the practice time, especially if you are using Holosync to become more aware in general) you have choice about these things. As I’ve said in many of these blog posts, there are some things you don’t have control over in life. The rest you can have choice over, if you are aware enough.

    The big step in becoming more aware is when you get to the point where you see how you create the illusion of being a separate self (this awareness is sometimes called enlightenment, or awakening). Watching your internal processes prepares you to do that.

  71. Sam says :

    Tim: I try to have a dialogue with the voice, in that I try to get it to talk and ask it questions about how it’s supposed to help me. This is a bit weird at first, however the one voice that we have–the integrated self–only splits into two (or many) when there’s some sort of internal conflict to be worked out, and it will integrate back into it’s original semetry with the whole of your consciousness once the conflict has been resolved. It’s as if we were a company with many employees, or voices, and these employees only speak up if there’s a problem; some of these employees get pissed at management and like to complain a lot about how stupid the management of the company is and other such things, and sometimes they have really creative ideas that can help the company–you–to function better. My advice would be to interview these employees of your mind (the internal company that you keep) and treat them according to their capacity. If the issue your having is that this employee calls you stupid and other things, try to interegate until you determine what (if any) real issue there is and if nothing is forthcoming then just let that employee go; he can work for another company where they have a use for such employees, and trust me there are many of them, and he’ll not be out of a job any time soon. For instance the “inner chritic” within us sometimes says things like “your stupid, your not good enough etc” to cover over a higher purpose, and if we continue to listen perhaps it will mature into some useful awareness of what needs changing, however if it doesn’t get creative soon then can that damned internal chritic for good. I can tell that the company that you keep doesn’t like to associate with such low-level thought processes, and that certain unruly employees need seak employment elsewhere.

    You probably remember an exercize that Bill had us do in the first course where we had two different parts of ourself come out and speak to us about their individual highest intentions for us. This whole company idea, and interviewing the employees one by one, is a similar type of exercize. In escense what we’re doing is trying to find out what each employee’s highest function in the company is and, if they mature, they’re integrated into the whole. There are sometimes when employees need to be eliminated from the company, however usually no matter what there is a higher purpose for whatever any of the employees say; don’t just get rid of chriticism but look for how it might be constructive, and gain descriminating awareness of what is useful chriticism and what isn’t, and once one has the awareness let the non-productive chriticism fall off naturally when it’s time. We often times don’t have the resources or skills to listen and properly manage our company on an individual level, however it takes practice and a willingness to go through what can come up durring the process of creating a great company that anybody would be honored and proud to be a part of (if that’s what you want).

  72. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Dear BILL,
    to HAVE what I WANT to BE, HAVE and DO,

    1. FOCUS ON
    -CREATE BELIEFS that I have the ability to do it
    -ASK HOW CAN I …. ?
    2. OBSERVE to become AWARE of

    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you find out for yourself?

  73. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Question: to GET what I WANT to BE, HAVE and DO,

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you find out for yourself?

    Dear Bill,
    I am doing continually, continually, but I don’t know yet.
    I am writing to you to know that.
    Bob adamson told me that I waste my time to focus + beliefs because actions happens spontaneously by itself, not because there is an I that choose to focus + beliefs.
    Jack Canfield told me that I have to focus + I have to create beliefs + I have to take actions = to create what I want.
    PLEASE can you tell me what to do to GET what I WANT to BE, HAVE and DO ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: I would stop doing what other people are telling you and find out for YOURSELF.

  74. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Dear Bill,
    I am discovering my truth, but I just want to know your truth about this 2 question.
    I know the truth of every teacher (nondual and selfdevelopment) about this 2 questions,
    and I just want to know your TRUTH about them.
    1. Can I really get what I want to be, have and do ?
    l yes or no l
    2. if yes, How can I get what I want to be, have and do ?
    l focus vs watching l
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: I did your lpip online course.

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure what else to tell you that isn’t in the scores of articles I’ve already written.

  75. carlos says :


    One quick question.
    Are you still doing Big Mind workshops with Genpo?

    If so , Do you guys plan to come to the SF bay area in the near future?


    FROM BILL: Probably, and probably.

  76. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure what else to tell you that isn’t in the scores of articles I’ve already written.

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE can you tell me where are the articles that answer clearly and definitely to this 2 questons ?
    I did your online course, I red your book, articles, etc. but I really didn’t understand “CLEARLY” your DIRECTION to this 2 questions.
    Course 1/3 and your articles answer “yes” and “focus”.
    Course 2 and your articles answer “no”.
    I don’t need explanations because I know it. I studied it.
    I need only 2 WORDS to have a DEFINITE CLEAR DIRECTION.
    l yes or not l
    l focus or watching l
    PLEASE to conclude your teaching as my teacher, because you are my teacher, can you tell me “CLEARLY”:
    1. Can I really get what I want to be, have and do ?
    l yes or no l
    2. if yes, How can I get what I want to be, have and do ?
    l focus vs watching l
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: PLEASE answer me privately if you want.

  77. Rosario,

    Why are you so frantic about this? And your postings are getting more frantic every time.

    You know the answers to these questions; you’re just trying to get an outside authority (Bill) to tell you what they are. Try thinking for your self for a change.


  78. Sam says :

    I think that it’s awareness rather than our trying to force change that works. For instance if I’m aware I notice how cause and effect works in creating internal representations to a much greater degree, and I can also recognize how impermanence works and take advantage of those times when my internal representations change by the laws of nature. For instance the internal representations I experience when I am being chritical of myself or my performance aren’t really comfortable for me, however when I speak from these voices like chriticism and the like I notice that the internal representations change. Now I notice when I’m being chritical of myself much earlier, because the irs that I create don’t have to be really intense for me to pay attention, and once I recognize that I’m in that type of awareness it’s easy to watch consciously and allow nature to run it’s course with the chriticism; you recognize real quickly how much of what we do doesn’t serve us, and you eventually start learning a whole bunch about yourself and other people rather than just dealing with chriticism and the asurance that you’re not good enough. When you work with the type of awareness known as the inner chritic, or awareness of coming from any other type for that matter, you stop asking questions like “can I have what I want” because you know it’s possible, and you really get what this whole awareness business is truly about.

    You have to speak from these voices and gain understanding of what awarenesses they bring, and then recognize when your in this or that “type” of awareness (called by Hal and Sidra Stone sub-personalities) so that you can do something about it. Awareness lets us know that we’re not just one, but many; many types of awareness, many states going on, multiple levels of abstraction etc. When we can watch the dance of our many selves while being flexable enough to maintain the dance between them, we come up with our one aware ego that maintains structure durring our entire existence and the one that can stand in the midsts of all the chaos in the ocean and still ride the waves. If we’re unaware of this dance then we’re surely overwelmed, however once awareness is gained one can start having fun with this. Once enough of us start having fun then there will surely be a common level of awareness that will make our journeys progressively easier as we’ll all be working together, however it takes individual action and responceability; Bill, wanna field that one?

  79. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Richard Martin Says:

    April 20th, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Why are you so frantic about this? And your postings are getting more frantic every time.

    You know the answers to these questions; you’re just trying to get an outside authority (Bill) to tell you what they are. Try thinking for your self for a change.



    Dear RICH,
    THANK YOU for thinking about me.
    I appreciated a lot.
    You did the online course ?
    You know the answers ?
    PLEASE answer to this 2 questions.
    PLEASE, everyone that did the online course
    that have really understand the answers
    to this 2 questions, answer me.

    1. Can WE really get what WE want to be, have and do ?
    l yes or no l

    2. if yes, How can WE get what WE want to be, have and do ?
    l focus vs watching l

    THANK YOU to everyone.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: The goal of this blog is to express our doubts, even if seems to be silly doubts, not to show to be intelligent and agree with everything BILL says.

    FROM BILL: I have answered these questions over and over in dozens of articles. There is nothing else I can say that I haven’t already said. And, as I’ve also tried to tell you, nothing I can about about this will really answer your question. You must sit with it and find out for yourself. Your question is like asking me what it’s like in Mexico when to really know you have to go there.

  80. Catherine says :

    Hi Rosario
    You do sound a bit frantic but I understand how it feels to get stuck like this.
    You want a straight answer to a straight question, but all of a sudden it seems as though everyone is talking in riddles!

    Do you remember Bill saying that simply focusing on what you want is more about will power? Easy to fall off the wagon (riddles again!)

    By increasing AWARENESS you get to see how you create or attract the situations you don’t want.

    This tendency to self sabotage then NATURALLY falls away. No will power required.

    So focus and awareness are connected if you like, but awareness is the key.

    Catherine x

    By the way, I’ve been reading about the fact (?) that in the vast majority of humans the atlas bone is luxated (dislocated). This means that the spinal cord and nervous system of just about all of us is compromised in some way. Huge implications if true. Anyone knows of this? Am researching avidly.

  81. Rosario,

    You want an anwer to your questions? Fine, here goes. No, you can’t have everything you want. Some things are impossible. You can however get some of the things you want. Is the secret focusing or watching. Neither, it is doing. If you decide to become a marathon runner at 50 years old, you can do things to achieve that goal. Can you become the number one marathoner in the world? I suppose it’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

    I frankly don’t know what you’re looking for, other than someone else’s permission or validation. Who cares what others think? I think you’re just procrastinating or like being miserable. Stop thinking about this stuff. Pick a goal and start working to achieve. Bill has all kinds of techniques in his LPIP course 3.

    By the way, I did the 3 courses. You’re just stuck. You need to get unstuck.


  82. Lynn Trudeau says :

    Upheaval occurred for me over the last year right after I started Awareness Level 1, disc 4…. and it wasn’t emotional upheaval, it was physical upheaval….I started with heart palpitations. It progressed to right flank pain (persistent and about a 5 on scale 1-10) and lower back pain. My energy has been low since last fall (09). I began working closely with an acupuncturist who suggested that I stop using Awareness Level 2, disc 1 and return to the one previous to that. She also questionned using Holosync without the bodily presence of the teacher. She explained that we get energy transference from a teacher to help us navigate the upheaval that comes with deeper levels of meditation. Therefore, I have remained with Awareness Level 1 Disc 4 since last May 2009. This is the only drawback of Holosync that I have encountered. It has helped me rid myself of depressive symptoms that have plagued me since childhood.

    While I have been very appreciative of Holosync’s assistance with getting my mind into the various brainwave patterns, I have been to hell and back this year with physical symptoms. I have had CT scans, bloodwork (many times), ultrasounds, almost weekly acupuncture, and no energy to do more than work each day. I feel that my body is purging itself of toxins. The acupuncturist states that the stagnation is in the liver/gallbladder channels. I have been quite willing to look at my diet and I think Holosync has allowed me focus with awareness on what I have been eating for many years that has been toxic to my body….soda, chocolate (a lot) :), and processed foods. I don’t often read posts from people who feel that they have gone through physical catharsis on the blog. I am here to tell you that it is real.

    FROM BILL: I went through plenty of physical upheaval using Holosync. It is the result of resistance. Certainly you may have physical toxins, but getting rid of those isn’t something that takes a long time.

    When you become more aware, which is what happens when you use Holosync, you become aware of all the stuff you’ve disowned and repressed. You did this because someone taught you that it was wrong, bad, inappropriate. When it begins to surface, because you think this, you fight it. You are experiencing the symptoms of your own resistance to what you think is bad.

    Not only do I tell you exactly how to deal with this in the extensive support material (letters, videos, audios, blog posts, books, etc.) I also provide an entire staff of people to help you by phone. And, ultimately, you can have access to me if you take my online courses and choose the level where you can interact with me.

    I went through something much like what you describe because my main way of dealing with the world and with life was resistance. I couldn’t see it while it was happening, but I sure do see it now. This is why you need to direct your awareness to how you are resisting. This resistance can be very hard on the body, as it is very stressful. Much research shows that stress creates a lot of the physical ailments people suffer from.

    Trigger (Holosync)–>your repressed stuff comes up–>you resist it (making internal representations of what you don’t want–>you experience physical problems.

    The place of choice is the third step. This is where you create your response to the stimulus. There are many possible responses. You need to become aware enough that you see the choice you have. Once you see it, you’ll choose to relax rather than resist.

    Once I learned to see HOW I was resisting, and instead began to step back and watch with awareness instead of resisting, all my physical stuff stopped. I know from my own experience that the fruits of this resistance are difficult to endure, but it is within your control, with some practice, to step back, watch, and stop doing it. In the beginning, you have to let it be okay that you are doing it, and watch.

    You should also take advantage of our support line.

  83. Gloria says :

    I don’t know if this will help or add more confusion but it seems to me that the point that gets missed continually is that it is impossible to watch with awareness what is out of awareness, i.e. UNCONSCIOUS.

    How then does one get to be conscious/aware? The primary motivator for anything at all is desire and unfortunately herein lies the paradox for us poor suffering mortals. For as much as we desire to be aware, there is frequently an equally strong desire to remain ignorant that is constantly sabotaging our best efforts. This is usually rooted in fears from the past and there is nothing to be done but keep plugging away – ‘Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.’

    Rosario, your frustration is the key to helping you find the answers you’re looking for. For most of us, suffering is the very thing that motivates us to go beyond the fear. If you aren’t getting what you’re looking for from external teachers, maybe try orienting the search inwards instead of outwards. I know this is practically a cliche, but it really is the only place to look. There are a myriad of techniques for helping in the process. One that I have found particularly helpful is to study my dreams. I have had insights and guidance quite beyond anything that anyone else could have given me.

    The trick is to KNOW what you really want. This is the purpose of clarifying your values that Bill talks about on the LPIP course and elsewhere. When you know what you really want above all else you will get all the help and guidance you need.

    There is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: ‘Once a decision is made, the universe conspires to make it happen.’

    FROM BILL: If you direct your attention to something you were unaware of, you begin to become aware of it. If you have never noticed your thoughts, but you sit each day and watch them, you will become more aware of them. Over your life you have become aware of many things of which you were previously unaware. For instance, you weren’t aware as an infant of your own movements. As you became aware of them you began to be be able to direct those movements. Awareness is DEVELOPMENTAL–people become more aware of certain things as they grow, and they do it in a certain order. Once awareness prepares you for the next, and you can’t skip steps, any more than the universe could have created molecules before atoms, or proteins before there were molecules. In the beginning of this blog are an entire series of articles about human development that addresses this question in detail. Go read them.

    The second tool used to become more aware is meditation. Meditation creates additional awareness, or you could say, expands awareness. Holosync meditation works even better, and is much faster.

    A lot of Rosario’s problem is that he is trying to intellectually understand something that he needs to experientially understand. That is why I keep telling him to find out for himself. “Understanding,” especially in spiritual matters, is the boobie prize.

    The solution to every problem in life that has a solution is to become more aware.

  84. Gloria says :

    Is Rosario a male??? I had assumed she was female and wondered if her problem was that she is looking to males for answers. I know it’s not PC to say so, but there is a difference between yin and yang approaches (unless one is fully enlightened being of course.)

  85. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Richard Martin Says:

    You want an anwer to your questions?
    Fine, here goes.
    No, you can’t have everything you want.
    Some things are impossible.
    You can however get some of the things you want. etc. etc.

    Dear RICH,
    there is no “YOU” that can get or not get something.
    The “YOU” that thinks that he is choosing-doing something to get or not get something is only a sound’s voice in our mind.
    It’s an ILLUSION.
    There is no DOER.
    Everything is happening by itsel,
    and no one can control this process,
    because there is no one.

    Now what I am telling you is the truth because I studied with a lot of teachers.
    Unfortunally it is only my intellectual truth, and I am not experienced yet.

    I wish you all the best.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  86. Rosario,

    You’re too deep for me. Good luck in your quest.

    Richard Martin

  87. Sam says :

    ROSARIO: Have you tried consciously to speak from voices within yourself? You already speak of “the main voice” which tells me that you’ve done this sort of thing before, however perhaps not with conscious awareness. For instance I started to work with the “inner patriarche” which supposedly holds all of the cultural rules for how women should act and what’s expected of them, which sort of goes back to what Gloria was saying about our sometimes trying to follow a male-oriented external authority. I didn’t think that anything would come from this voice as we seem to be in a progressive society where at least to me there doesn’t seem to be much oppression of women, however I gained a lot of awareness of just how wrong I was. I even recognized how I tend to unconsciously look at women in certain ways, which tells me why I sometimes have trouble with relationships with women; in fact the inner patriarche is a bit intimidated by women and doesn’t trust them, and until I spoke from this voice I had no idea that this was causing me problems in getting what I want. Now that I’ve spoken to the voice I’m starting to look at my ways in dealing with women a lot differently, and I’m able to relax a lot more around them because I’m aware of all of the unresourseful beliefs that the inner patriarche holds about women, and now that I’m aware that these things are only related to a certain type of awareness rather than who ?I am I can maintain much greater awareness without a problem.

    It’s funny because all women have an inner patriarche operating somewhere, mostly unconscious however more conscious for some, and when a male like me speaks to their own inner patriarche the one within the woman starts to calm down and allow her to be herself and shine her beauty very brightly; a woman’s beauty could blot out the sun if allowed to shine. At any rate I find that I’m much more successful when I do this inner work, and it really shows on the outside.

    I’m not sure if this helps, however I thought that perhaps by witnessing an example of how it’s done that you might be able to apply what Bill is saying to your life. The question of “who” is important because it tells you who is driving your car metaphorically, and Bill’s point is to not get too hung up on “I’m type A or B and this is what’s required for me and who I am to be happy” because you would limit your possible choices. At any rate let me know if this helps, and even if it doesn’t; we need to work together, and part of this is gaining feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

  88. David says :

    @Gloria: given that he’s Italian, yes Rosario is a male (I am in southern Switzerland and we do speak Italian here)

    @Bill: I guess I will do some more Holosync, no point in wanting to understand things from the head, LOL

  89. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Dear friends,
    thanks to everyone for thinking about my questions.
    I have gratitude and love for all of you.
    I am a male, but I can’t say to you who I am.
    I know the answers to my apparently stupid questions
    1. Can WE really get what WE want to be, have and do ?
    l yes or no l
    2. if yes, How can WE get what WE want to be, have and do ?
    l focus vs watching l
    I didn’t understand “BILL’s strategy of course 3”,
    because seems that there is an “I” that can get everything the “I” want.
    It’s all about that, nothing more.
    It’s not my intention to judge BILL, but to understand his teaching as I did with other teachers.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  90. Al says :

    I’m just starting with this – I’ve been doing Awakening prologue for about 4 months now. Although I tend to love to really delve into the whys and hows of how the mind works, are we making this all more complicated than it needs to be? Couldn’t we just reprogram our subconscious minds with what we want and that would take care of it? Our subconscious would then be in line with our conscious desires, and both minds would be working together to create what we want? Wouldn’t that be simpler, faster and easier than spending years bisecting every aspect of our minds? What am I missing here?

    FROM BILL: First of all, what you’re suggesting is easier said than done. Who do you know who has successfully “reprogrammed” his or her unconscious mind. Since it’s unconconscious, how would you know? People go to therapy for decades trying to do this, and in the best cases get only partial results.

    The big problem in this is that people–all people–have experiences that cause them to believe that certain aspects of life are potentially dangerous, whether it’s an emotional danger or a physical danger. After all, there really IS danger in the world. You can be hurt emotionally, and you can be hurt physically. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been hurt in both ways.

    Once this happens, and depending on the degree of seriousness of the danger (which is subjective, and which seems to be greater if the danger happens when one is small and powerless, during childhood), anything that reminds us of the danger re-creates the feeling of danger, even if there isn’t any real danger at that particular time. A person who was abused by an authority figure feels fear when around authority figures. A person who was made to feel stupid in social situations feels fearful in social situation.

    The urge to protect oneself from danger is very powerful, and is part of what some call the unconscious mind. (I use the term to mean the internal processes you have that you aren’t aware of.) So let’s say that you decided to reprogram your unconscious mind so that you didn’t feel that feeling of danger/fear in a social situation (for instance). You decide to say affirmations: “I feel happy and secure in social situations.” What happens, though, is that when you say that it reminds you of the danger of social situations and pretty soon you aren’t focused on feeling happy and secure, you’re automatically thinking about the danger. Pick something that represents a danger for you and try it.

    There are many ways people use to “reprogram” the unconscious mind. Some are cognitive, such as affirmations or visualizations. Others are body-centered. Others are emotive. All of them have some effect. None of them fully does the job. And, a big part of the reason is that the human urge to “get better” is much less of a motivation that the urge to stay safe from perceived danger. This is the hurdle you have to get over, and it’s a tall one.

    People, in fact, unconsciously choose entire life scripts based on the degree of, and type of, danger they believe exists. Those who work with people to “de-script” them (which essentially means to try to help them live intentionally instead of based on unconscious programming) find that most people, even those who seek out such treatment, really don’t want to get better. A huge portion of them come to therapy as a way to prove that their script is “right”!

    The only thing I have found that works–and there is a price to pay for it to work–is to become aware enough that what was unconscious becomes conscious. In other words, you begin to see the formerly unconscious internal processes that create your experience of life. As you see them, you see how these internal processes (which are something you “do”, albeit unintentionally) create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life “mean.” These are, by the way, major components of a life script.

    In doing this, you begin to see HOW you are creating the result you get in these areas. As you become aware of this it become difficult to keep doing what is not resourceful. It is difficult to keep doing something that doesn’t serve you once you see exactly HOW you do it–not THAT you do it, but HOW. As long as the doing happens unconsciously, you can keep doing something that causes you to suffer. Do it with awareness, and it becomes difficult to keep doing.

    This is the value of Holosync, because it dramatically expands your ability to be aware. As Gestault Therapy creator Fritz Perls famously said, “Awareness, in and of itself, is transformative.” All successful therapies involve causing the client to become aware of what they have been doing unconsciously–but again, not THAT they do it, but HOW.

    So, I’m not really trying to get people to gain some sort of intellectual understanding of how the mind works, though that might be interesting. I’m trying to get them to have an awareness–which is completely different than an intellectual understanding–of how they, with their own internal cognitive processes, create their experience of life. Once you can do that–which, as I said, involves paying a price, a price of practicing watching your mind and a price of doing something (I prefer Holosync) to become aware enough to do that watching–and to the DEGREE that you can do that, you gain CHOICE over what was happening unconsciously and automatically.

    In a sense you could say that the mind reprograms itself IF YOU ARE AWARE. It stops doing what isn’t resourceful. The things that were a danger when you were small and powerless, but now aren’t really a danger now that you’re grown up and have more personal power, stop triggering you to create fearful responses.

  91. Catherine says :

    Rosario. There is no ‘I’ but I would imagine that most of us responding to the blog here are still under the illusion that there is.

    You are consciousness having an experience as Rosario if you like.
    In the mind of Rosario they are separate things but that is the illusion isn’t it?

    You already are everything there is so what is there to get or be?
    Bill has said this and much more over and over…………………

    Not many people become aware enough to drop the illusion but improving the ‘experience’ is very helpful nevertheless.

    Catherine. x

    FROM BILL: I would say that there IS an “I”, but it is an idea. What I’m actually saying is that there is no SEPARATE I who can act independently from the rest of the universe, any more than a water molecule in the ocean can act separately and independently from the influences of the entire ocean.

  92. Sam says :

    OK, Rosario, I’ll enlighten you, but you have to pay attention and not try to argue with me… Why would you continue to ask us what the answers to questions are, when you already know the answer? I know that personally I’ve done this with Bill a time or two, and it only pisses him off because it’s only my ego trying to prove that I know something and I’m looking for some sort of comformation of my understanding. If you’re looking to deepen your experience of the course through constructive arguments with others such that our shared learnings can be worked through together then that’s grate, however don’t get caught in the “I’m going to argue because I know what I know but I don’t know that I know” because it only causes problems. I’m not trying to be mean here, and I’m certainly not saying that it’s easy. I still fall into this trap, although apparently I have the awareness that informs me of how stupid it is, and although I have awareness it doesn’t stop me from falling into it. You’ll have to take an honest look at yourself and question where your focus is, what you’re trying to understand etc; basically everything that Bill teaches in the first course. I do like your spirit of enthusiasm, though, and I promice you that it will pay off sooner rather than later if you’re persistant with yourself; if there’s nobody there, cultivate your awareness until someone is there that you love and appreciate so that you don’t feel so empty (I’m still working on that).

    I’ve found that the voice dialogue process, more commonly recognized as big mind, helps me to tap into awarenesses that I didn’t know I had. For instance I try to speak from the voice of the boaster, or the one who’s super confident and in charge of his life. I notice that sometimes I get a burst of energy, like I’m on top of the world and can do anything I set my mind too, however sometimes I run into difficulties coming up with anything; be the boaster, what the hell am I supposed to say? I’ve found honestly that when it’s difficult to speak from a voice like the boaster that it’s a clue that the voice is disowned, and I then do “energy work” or some other thing to help myself own that aspect that I find difficult to speak from. In Bill’s terms I try to step right into my body when I’m feeling confident and am “in voice” as the boaster, and see what I see as well as hear what I would hear and feel what I would feel; it’s like making up a scene in a dream, where anything is possible and you’re the creator, and when you fully associate into this experience then you wake up to that potential and you can act from the boaster voice. Any voice that we speak from can be more embodied by associating into it, and you can use visuals of looking really confident (in the dream self) and then trying to get into that level of experience. You’ll find that it gets easier and easier over time, until the neural net has been formed within your nervous system–sounds kind of sleek and scientific huh–that allows one to aquire the skill perminantly.

    Please give feedback on how these processes are working for you.

  93. Michelle says :


    I’ve just been reading through the various comments about “happiness” and notice that so many people are striving for it. I’m on Level 4 of Holosync and love it – although it has been very painful at times. At one stage I underwent a course of Pure Analytical Hypnotherapy which is the most effective way of releasing emotional repressions that I have come across. I have tried Jungian therapy and Sedona and the Time Line Process which work to a certain level but this therapy is incredibly effective as it works whilst you are hypnotised (alpha level). I would recommend this whole heartedly to Holosync users as I am sure our minds are more used to being at this frequency. It is at this level that the repressed emotions can be reached and released.

    However, from what I have experienced with Holosync, happiness isn’t about “you” getting anything, it isn’t about “you” achieving the life of your dreams, attracting the partner of your dreams (although these are obviously wonderful to have) – happiness or joy or a deep contentment for me happened inside when I let go of my own personal beliefs about what I needed to make me happy.

    Outside experiences come and go and shit happens along with the fantastic things – but personally Holosync has helped me reach a place within that doesn’t get effected by these things. It is simply a state of being, of resting with life as it is – good and bad (however you choose to perceive/label it).

    We seem to just want to experience “happiness” but as the man who asked the original question demonstrated “happiness” isn’t about our external reality. You can have a great looking life on the outside but it’s inside where you find happiness.

    I also wanted to add that for me happiness is connected with opening your heart – with love. Not just romantic love for that one special person but for life. Meditating with Holosync has opened me to a feeling of love which is present all the time – a kind of connection to life – which can be forgotten but the longer I meditate the more I remember it. It seems to be lyng under our own map of reality. Maybe Bill, you could explain this feeling of love. I rarely read about it in your writings.

    Maybe it is this feeling that everybody is striving for.

  94. Peter says :


    What you have written in your last comment sounds so pleasing to me. I’m currently on AL3 of Holosync and I think that sometimes I’m beginning to feel what you’ve described. And It’s so amazing that the deeper I go into this program the more I understand that what I really need is already inside me. All I have to do is notice it. So the conclusion is that I don’t really need anything at all, because I’ve already got everything. The only thing that makes my life hard for me is this inner resistance to things being the way they are, especially to me being the way I am. It’s exactly what Bill is saying – resistance is the cause of my suffering, not the circumstances. Thought, it’s still difficult for me to let go this resistance, I guess that it’s important step to realize that this is the main reason I feel so bad.

    Now, reading what you’ve written Michelle I see not for the first time that this journey is worth participating. Thanks for your comment!

    FROM BILL: Nothing is let go of by will power. You let go of something if/because: 1) you become aware enough of it to observe it as you do it, and 2) it doesn’t serve you.

  95. Peter says :

    Bill, thank you for your reply. In your first on-line course you say that to change a belief I should think about a new belief as often as I can. Whenever I catch myself thinking about an old belief I should change my focus to this new belief. Isn’t that a will power approach to changing my map of reality?

    FROM BILL: What I’m saying is that whatever you place your attention on you will come to believe. If you read a lot of books, for instance, about success, you will begin to believe that you can be successful. If you read a lot of books about any particular point of view, you will begin to believe it, all other things being equal. You are correct that TRYING to change your beliefs doesn’t really work. Why? Because if you want to believe you can be a success, but right now you believe you are a failure, every time to think about being a success it will remind you of thinking that you are a failure, and then you’re once again focusing on being a failure.

    What works is being aware of what you are believing AND clearly seeing how you attract or create the evidence that you are “right”. There are three ways we do this, which I cover in my LPIP online courses (–which, by the way, are temporarily half price (shameless plug).

  96. Michelle says :

    Hi Peter

    From my experience what Bill says is true. Sometimes I have wanted to change my beliefs in order not to feel the negative feelings attached to the ones I have – but then it seems to be absolutely impossible to change them. So I just gave up trying and decided to surrender to the negative feelings and allow them to be OK. The longer I use the CDs the more I realise that there is no point in fighting life – it is just life – and it amazes me the effort I must have put in before to control it. But I have also noticed that when I focus on an area of my life changes do happen – but only if i’m NOT trying desperately to make them happen. But I seem to have become more lazy and relaxed about making changes – not sure if that’s a good thing!

    From the pure analytical hypnotherapy I underwent I know that some feelings are so repressed that our conscious mind doesn’t know they exist – but they are always manifesting in our lives as it is our subconscious beliefs (our internal map of reality I guess) that creates our lives. So Bills course is one method of becoming aware of those blocks/repressions etc and changing them. I found I needed help with this as I went through a stressful time and it helped to have the analysts support – but that’s the way I am.

    Also one thing I discovered. I’ve always struggled with low self esteem – I think many of us do. But external successes never seem to have changed that for me. I figured that some people are very sensitive to the feeling of our seperation from the whole/oneness but they don;t understand this and feel there is something deeply wrong with them. I have always felt a sense of seperateness and longing since being a child and wondered why nobody else seemed to feel it. I have spent most of my life trying desperately not to feel it. We live in a society that is completely disconnected from it’s source and so I think if you are a sensitive person you will feel the dissatisfaction of the material world that we live in and it is easy to think there is something wrong with you. Just a thought.


    FROM BILL: If early influences cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you or that you aren’t good enough, that belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: you will either make it come true, or you will at least make it seem as if it is true. You do this in three ways: 1) You attract or become attracted to people and situations that help you to be right (you obviously do this outside your awareness). 2) You interpret what happens as evidence that you are right, even if there are other interpretations. 3) You act in ways that make what you believe come true or seem to be true.

    So, if a person has low self-esteem, they will use a combination of these three to be “right.” When external successes are interpreted an not being evidence of worth, you are obviously using the secon method–picking an interpretation that helps you be right that you are not worthwhile.

    Watching yourself prove that what you believe is right is the way to get a belief that doesn’t serve you to fall away.

  97. Michelle says :

    Thank you Bill

    Are you saying that although I can be capable in the outside world and have had many small successes, the reason I don’t take this on board is because I CHOOSE to always interpret that I’m not worthwhile?

    Do you think that is why I don’t finish writing the book I’ve got a publisher waiting to print, or why I don’t carry through with business ideas. Or why I will always find excuses not to have a committed relationship.

    But what is this longing feeling I have in my heart? – I’ve had it all my life. Why does nothing make it go away (well, only temporarily – then I sabotage the experience and go back to “searching for something”, longing) – is this a result of my childhood?

    I had 3 years of Jungian therapy trying to “find myself”, it worked to a certain extent. I started using Holosync a couple of years ago, then I did some analytical hypnotherapy as my daughter got ill and I got stressed. And here I am – STILL with this longing feeling in my heart. Through using Holosync I feel so much more contented – except for this feeling which seems to have become stronger.

    I stumbled across a Sufism website which described this feeling and explained it as the primordial connection to God/oneness/life) which is uncovered at the end of therapy and often mistaken as motherhood abandonment. So I assumed it was this.

    I know I shouldn’t analyse – but this has bugged me ALL my life – so if there was an explanation to this feeling I would be VERY grateful. Your reply to above has made me wonder if I always push life away because I feel my life isn’t worthwhile and as a result I end up with this feeling which was the feeling I had all my childhood – a huge part of my internal map.

    Why on earth did humans evolve to be so complicated?

    Thank you

    FROM BILL: No, I’m not saying that you are choosing to interpret that you aren’t worthwhile. Choosing happens when you are aware of how you create something. If you learn to watch how your internal cognitive processes create that feeling, that belief, etc., and see yourself doing it, THEN it will become a choice. As long as you are not able to “do” feeling unworthy with this sort of awareness, it will be an automatic process happening outside your awareness. This is the essence of what I’m teaching: what you do with awareness is a choice, and you will always choose what serves you; what you do outside your awareness operates automatically, in whatever way it was set up to operate by your early life experiences.

    I don’t know what your feeling of longing is, but the thing to do is to watch and see HOW you create that feeling. If you do that, and it serves you, you’ll keep doing it. If it doesn’t, it will fall away. It certainly could be a spiritual longing as the Sufi’s described it on their website. Whatever it is, though, the highest way to experience it is with awareness. Whatever human problems have a solution (and some don’t) are solved by awareness.

  98. Michelle says :

    Dear Bill

    If there were such things as modern day saints I think you ought to be nominated. Imagine the amazing wonderful changes you have brought and are bringing to people and the world through your existence. Not only do you create a tremendously effective and life changing product but then you genuinely care about your customers and spend your time replying to them. Thank you.

    Today I received in the post a book from the Sufi website. The combination of your post above and the first few pages of this book transformed the longing in my heart to the most beautiful feeling of warmth and love and happiness. Nothing has changed outside of me but this feeling has brought the outside world to life. Suddenly the material world has meaning.

    A quote from the book:

    “For some the need for love is buried beneath other needs, beneath psychological problems or other patterns. Their feelings may be caught in a tangle of fears or insecurities, hidden or inaccessible. Some people are frightened by their need for love, or by its intangible nature, and seek instead material security; they cover a deeper hunger with a greed for money or possessions. Some people run from love, seeking pain or rejection as a way to avoid love’s vulnerability. And some people are drawn to love, drawn deeper and deeper within themselves to the core of their being. They are drawn to the essence of love, to the root of the root of loving which is the souls love for God and God’s love for the creation……They are not satisfied with the surface patterns of love, with the emotional tangle and insecurities of human loving. They seek a pure wine, a more potent passion.”

    “And under the surface is this longing, this pain of seperation, because the heart has been awakened to the knowledge that somewhere, before the the beginning of time, you were one with the Beloved. This is the poison that Sufis refer to, the poison of love-longing. You can try to push it aside, but the heart carries the power of love, the potency of our own connection to God”

    The oneness that they talk about is clearly the oneness that Holosync can take us to. I guess then that not everybody experiences this as a longing for love – a pain of seperation. Did you not feel this longing before you came across binural beat technology and transformed yourself? Do other customers ever suffer with this? Apparently the unacknowledged feeling can manifest as depression.

    Anyway thanks again for everything. Holosync has pushed me to face this feeling and for the first time in my life I have stopped running from it – I couldn’t because I believe Holosync does bring EVERYTHING to the surface – like it or not! I will continue with Holosync as far as you’ve developed the levels that’s for sure – and now I have found a spiritual path that uses meditation and encourages the development of awareness in connection with a loving feeling of the heart.

    I’m blissfully happy (for now). Isn’t it funny how when we’re happy we tend to be less aware than when we’re suffering. Maybe that’s why we invented suffering!

    Thank you and take care

    (maybe this underlying longing could explain why some people are still miserable even after they have achieved everything on a material level – like Nicholas D – the instigator of this blog post)

  99. Mary says :

    Hi Dear Bill,

    My question ,what did you get out of doing Dr Hardt program Alpha 1 and are the results long term , i am thinking of doing the program , i am also scared that i might not get the results i want… can you share some light on this for me … Thank you for your great Blog’s ..

    Best wishes

    FROM BILL: I can’t evaluate for you whether or not it’s worth it to you in terms of the money because I don’t know how much money you have, or how much you want the benefits the training provides. Everyone I know who has done it has experienced dramatic changes, as did I.

  100. Samuel says :

    Dear Bill, When I have a “bad” feeling, am I suppose to practice watching my internal representations or practice to witness the bad feeling itself? In the support letters you talk a lot about witnessing, and that you can overcome bad feelings just by being curious about them, bet here in this post you suggest to mainly to watch your IR. I feel a little bit confused /Samuel

    FROM BILL: Your feelings flow directly from your internal representations. If you have a bad feeling, it happened because–in response to some trigger in your environement (something you saw, heard, touched, smelled, tasted, etc)–you made internal representations of something you didn’t want. Then you had the feeling. So if you are aware enough to see what you did to create the feeling, it becomes a choice. I’m not against paying attention to the feeling (a sensation in your body) as well. But isn’t it more resourceful to be aware of what caused the feeling?