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My thoughts on dealing with tough times

by / Thursday, 30 October 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Is all the financial turmoil — not to mention the already-existing political/election and terrorist/war stress — getting to you? We’re all connected to the financial system, and though many people have become complacent again after the bailouts, and because no huge institutions have failed in the last couple of weeks, many experts say the worst is yet to come. So what can you do? Are we facing a depression like the 1930s? How bad will it get? The real question, though, is how can you prepare yourself, financially and emotionally, for what might happen. I’d like to offer my advice, for whatever it’s worth.

First, though I think things could get very bad, the world isn’t going to come to an end. As things get worse, some people WILL say that it’s coming to an end, but when and if you begin to hear that, it will be a signal that things are about to get better. Such comments invariably come when things have gotten as bad as they’re going to get.Second, though it’s tempting to do so, I would avoid finger-pointing and trying to figure out who to blame. Though there are some people who ARE to blame, in other ways this debacle is a universal cultural event, not something caused by mean and greedy people in some smoke-filled back room.

For the entire lifetimes of most people reading this, buying whatever you want, but before you have the money, has been the accepted thing to do. Everyone else seemed to be doing it, and the idea that it might not be the smart thing to do (spend money before you actually have it) just hasn’t occurred to a lot of people.This has resulted in many people ending up in debt, which means you spent tomorrow’s money yesterday. When tomorrow comes, you either have to live on less money, or add MORE debt, which just forestalls the inevitable payback.

To keep the game going, credit markets become more and more leveraged. The bankers did just what they always do, and what the public wanted them to do — they figured out better and better ways to allow people, corporations, and other institutions to buy things before they actually had the money to pay for them. The criteria for who actually had the ability to repay became less and less realistic.

Anyone in the financial industry who didn’t provide this sort of easy credit to people was at a disadvantage, so the game continued until people who had no money were buying houses they couldn’t afford to pay for. No one, though, can live on credit forever, and the chickens are now coming home to roost.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think we’re facing a massive and fundamental change in the way money works in this society, and it’s going to involve a period of tough times. So, what can you do?

First, I would suggest focusing on what you can do to improve your own situation, rather than finding someone to blame, as tempting as it might be. People who feel helpless blame others. Don’t be helpless. If you focus on what you can do, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and aggravation. If you like to feel angry and frustrated, then by all means blame everyone in sight.

Next, realize that as things become more uncertain — financially, politically, and in other ways — people will begin to feel helpless. They will feel more isolated and separate. When this happens it’s easier to become more self-involved. Instead of thinking only of yourself, become more aware of other people and their needs. Yes, look for your own opportunities, and then help other people see their opportunities — the positives in their own lives. Become a source of inspiration to others.

Crises feed on fear. Help others to look for the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit that exists even in the worst situations. If you do this, others will look to you for leadership, and your own fortunes will improve in ways you can’t even imagine.

In terms of your finances, search for solutions for your customers or your employer. See the other person’s point of view and figure out a way to solve the problems they face. If you do this, your business will thrive while others are failing. If you are an employee, you’ll have a job when others are being laid off.

My next suggestion is to let go of your attachments to things. Instead, emphasize the value of your relationships. Material things are nice, but life is really about love and friendship. If you have these things, and cultivate them, your life will be more meaningful, no matter what the economic conditions.

From a business perspective, focusing on your relationships will strengthen your ability to survive no matter how bad things get. Sincerely think of the other person and his or her needs. In good times it’s easy to succeed and even the worst-run business can at least make some money. In tough times, those who really care about their customers or their employer, and do their best to discover and meet their needs, succeed while others are failing.

If you’ve lost money, or customers, or a job, instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, focus on potential opportunities and what you can do now. Leave the past in the past, whatever it was, and look to what’s next. And, be willing to be flexible enough to change, to do something different.

Who knows? Perhaps your losses are the doorway to some amazing new endeavor or adventure that will change your life for the better — and which might never have happened if those losses you’ve experienced hadn’t happened. Forget about who you were and begin to dream about who you can be.

I’d also encourage you to get rid of “what if?” thinking. Focus on what you want, and what you can do to get it. There’s no value or benefit in worrying about the future. Yes, think of the potential challenges, but only to help you generate plans and solutions that you can take action on now. If there’s something you can’t do anything about, surrender to it, and then move on.

When something dreadful happens — and it might — move immediately to, “Okay, that has happened. What are my options? What can I do now?” Focusing on what has gone wrong has no value. Focusing on what to do next has great value.

You say you don’t have the tools, resources, or help you need to move ahead? Resolve to do the best with whatever is available. Take action anyway. This will give you confidence, and this additional confidence will allow you to find and utilize additional resources — even when it initially seemed like there are none.

Spend time every day — before falling asleep and when you first wake up is an excellent time — thinking about what you have to be grateful for. Gratitude can make you happy, and happy people seem to attract what they need.

Look for ways to help others, especially those who don’t seem to be able to help themselves. Do it without expecting anything in return. Do it just because we’re all in this together. Go the extra mile for your friends, your customers, your employer, and even for total strangers. People so want someone to really care about them. If you do this, you’ll never be alone — and your life will be fulfilling no matter what is happening.

Finally, use your Holosync every day. If you’ve stopped, start again. If you haven’t started yet, get the initial level and get started. With a one-year money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Holosync is one of the most powerful antidotes for stress I’ve ever seen. My years of Holosync use seem to have made me almost completely immune to stress, and it can do the same for you. Those who can more easily handle stressful times move through them more easily, and end up finding the hidden opportunities in them and germinating them into successes.

I also invite you, if you’re a Centerpointe customer, to take advantage of our amazing support staff by calling 503-672-7117 or emailing I want to know how I — and my staff — can help.

And thanks for being a part of Centerpointe. I appreciate it more than I could ever say. And though we may have never met face to face, I do care about you and what happens to you.

One more thing — a short recommendation. My good friend Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, one of the largest churches of it’s kind in the world, has a new book, Spirtual Liberation — Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential. Reverend Michael was one of the stars of The Secret, and is recognized world-wide as one of the true leaders of the new spirituality movement. I urge you to get a copy of his new book. Here is a short blurb from

“Michael Beckwith teaches that inner spiritual work, not religiosity or dogma, liberates us. He draws on a wide spectrum of ancient wisdom teachers such as Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha; contemporary spiritual luminaries Thich Nhat Hanh, Sri Aurobindo, and the Dalai Lama; and Western contributors to the New Thought tradition of spirituality such as Emanuel Swedenborg, Walter Russell, and Dr. Howard Thurman to create a profound new belief synthesis.”

Just go to and search for “Spiritual Liberation”.

Be well.



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101 Responses to “My thoughts on dealing with tough times”

  1. Chris says :

    This one wasn’t what I was expecting next, but it was just right! Thanks bill…

  2. Peter Osudar says :

    I read your blog and you instantly put the energy back into me. I recently began trying to solidify my faith in God. This post reminds me a lot of what Jesus says in the bible. Some great words of wisdom!

  3. Your timing and message are excellent Bill! Thank you!

    I also believe this is a time of great opportunity and quantum leaps of being. Time to soar and enjoy life!

    “Life becomes a wonderful experience and the potential for excellence in all areas becomes real.”

  4. Larry Lynch says :

    Thanks, Bill…I was at the Unity retreat and hung around an extra day to attend services in the Unity Chapel. What an experience…I was welcomed like the prodigal, touched on the chest by a woman elder who said, “Welcome to the Mother Ship”, and sat through a service that filled me with sunshine for my trip back home. It made me completely forget about the 70% loss in my retirement IRA and got me focused on just what your talking about above…what can I do to be of service to others. What a relief, and what wonderous new optimism!

  5. Mary Smith says :

    Bill, I agree completely with what you say, especially about fear and attachment. Today I seem to hear “It’s scary” or “He’s scary” on everyone’s lips, a sign that many people see themselves as helpless. We are never helpless if we simply face what’s “scary” head-on, for that’s when it disolves into opportunity.
    As for attachment, when one relaxes one’s grip on the acquisition of things and/or for people or events to be a certain way, life ratchets up to incredile heights of peace, love and joy.
    All it takes is conscious living. If we all spent as much time being the watchdogs of our thoughts and emotions as we do watching and reacting to what’s going on outside of us, we’d be so much more productive and happy.
    Your column was great, Bill.

  6. Julius Ko says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m glad we did have the opportunity to meet face to face.. the influence that you and Katie has had on my life, and continue to have.. I will not forget…

    As for finger pointing; I think it’s ALL your fault =) All jokes aside, best of luck and cheers =)

    Happy Halloween.

    – Julius

  7. Melissa says :

    Bill, I think this post was very timely. I suspect that many people are feeling paralyzed by fear at this time and they have forgotten that they have control over that feeling. I especially appreciate your comments about using this time to help others and to be grateful. Both are ways that you will significantly alter your own mental and emotional state. In the case of helping others you get two for the price of one! :-)

    I strongly urge anyone who had given up on their Holosync to re-engage in the process. In my recent post about where I’m at after 5 months with the program, I address my own stops and starts and why I’m sticking with it!

    Thank you for the amazing Holosync program and thank you for taking the time to write this very honest post. I believe your words will help many people struggling with fear.

  8. Lynn Fabry says :

    Hi Bill, I may be going on a bit here, but hang on….just wanted to share how things on the outside can seem so falling apart and how Holosync has helped.

    My husband is once again has been seeking employment for the past 10 months. There is no income coming in as he was doing the only work he could find, contract work. This due to all the jobs moving overseas.
    I’ve needed special living conditions for health reasons for over 20 years. We were hoping to build a house as that was the only way those needs could be met. That dream went away 5 years ago. We finally had enough money to buy our first home (we are in our early 50’s). We were hoping to find something we could retrofit a bit to help meet some of my needs.

    We have done everything ‘right’, not in debt, making no large purchases, car to over 300,000 miles, etc..
    I was aghast when this recent ‘crises’ happened with the economy.
    However, we never got angry or in the blame game. I know the country needs to change and hope this will do it.
    My husband and i, do have our individual times, which are a bit more frequent as time goes by, However, we are doing still, remarkably well, considering. i asked my husband if it was do to Holosync, he said, ‘yes’.
    For the most part, I am not too much ‘in the story’, consciously at least.
    Unconsciously, it is however there, in recent weeks, as I feel my nervous system fried at times.
    i know this incredible fear that comes up does not have its roots in money, though it has triggered it. It has its roots in not feeling safe on a very deep level. Love to really work that one out! working on witnessing it when i can get some distance…..It comes and goes….an opportunity.
    i am so very grateful we have the savings we do that would have gone toward buying a house, to live off of.
    On a couple of occasions, i felt hopeless, depressed. At first ‘old ways’ kicked in, trying to cope……which never work…… but I eventually was able to witness and shift happened immediately and those ended up being great days, better than usual. Mind you, it took days to finally be able to witness and i still have challenges, but what a remarkable thing it is!!!
    I will also say, that last spring, i was coming into a wonderfully relaxed place, , due to Holosync. Environmental challenges ended that. I got angry at first, and eventually surrendered. If I hadn’t, the stress, the non acceptance of what was, would have worsened my condition even more. i even injured my foot this summer and did not blink at the injury, ever. This, absolutey due to Holosync.
    Thank You and Very Best, Lynn

  9. Kathleen says :

    Thank you, I have been using Holosync for over 2 yrs now. It is amazing how the stress just recedes and I can think clearly again after one session. I also recommend it.

    I live in Greece and I keep getting approached about my opinion of the election and the economy. You may not realize it but Europe watches the US for signs of their own future.

    I used to live in Orlando, Fl. When I moved there in 1975, there was a big billboard on the main street. It said, ‘The entire country is in a recession, we refuse to participate’. I have always loved that and have taken it as my motto.

    I refuse to listen to the news or read the newspaper. To tell the truth I hear more about it from my spiritually aware newsletters than from any other source. I teach English, private, not big bucks, but last night I looked in my handbag and had a wad of money. I just counted it, it was 539 euros. I don’t know how I accumulated so much, better get to the bank. I guess I just refuse to be a part of the recession. And, by the way, my phone is still ringing asking me for lessons. I just don’t have the time.

    Bill, you are a blessing and probably the best ‘explainer’ I’ve ever heard. I thank the Universe the day I found you and Holosync. (Not a paid advert)


  10. Dr. James K. Hanlon D.C. says :

    Very timely and helpful advice…thanks Bill!!! It’s amazing to me, how, after a half hour, or an hour w/ holosync CDs…the “knotted up” feelings of fear and anxiety are gone…or at least, much more in perspective. I always seem to effortlessly take the action needed regarding whatever the stressor! Your technology and your TEACHING have changed my life for the better…thank you again.

  11. Bill,

    I very much enjoyed your post. If there is one thing I would want to highlight for everyone reading it, Don’t panic and Don’t allow yourself to live in fear!

    The fear will blind you from all the opportunity around you and it will also blind you from the people around you that need your help. For as bad as you may think you have it, someone has it worse.

    Stop listening to the constant bombardment of the news stories that are reporting that the sky is falling, turn it off, clear your head. (Holosync is a great way to help that.) Remember, the money hasn’t really gone anywhere, people will however out of fear start to hoard it. These same people though will always require goods and services. However now they will be looking to spend it on things of more value. Look for ways to bring value and you will bring that money towards you.

    In many ways, this tough time will strengthen many people and cause the reduction of waste in many areas, high fuel prices = having to cut back on consumption which was causing harmful emissions and forces us to explore new cleaner energy strategies. Less extra money = looking at what we are spending it on, now maybe we will stop buying so much frivolous junk, most of which was disposable and is polluting our environment. Our quest for cheap goods in many cases causes unsavory business people to lower quality standards on items and food, causing sickness and deaths.

    Things are changing rapidly in the way we are doing business, finding employment and living our lives in general. Find ways to swim with the tide instead of against it. Help others to look at things in the same light. The more people who start to shed their fear, the more people that look to adding value to others and to helping others, the faster we will get through all this. Don’t bury your head in the sand and most importantly never ever give up.

    “In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the Learned, find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” -Eric Hoffer.

    Remember, even in times of recession and depression, many get wealthy. Study those who did and you will see that they looked to the opportunities around them, looked to the future, learned what they needed to do and most importantly…..Took The Action they needed to do it and didn’t listen to the nay sayers.

    “Those who dare…..Win.”

    Larry aka The Traffic Ticket Guru

  12. S K Jain says :

    Thanks a lot! it would support many souls to see light.

  13. Jane says :

    Fear and attachment do I agree create a stupifying paralysis of the will and we can become victims. As I see it our circumstances and the situation we are in cannot make us victims, we do that all by ourselves with our thinking. Our feelingstoo lead us astray as our conditioning has often taught us not only to think a certain way but to feel a certain way too.
    If our peace and security depends on anything external to us then we have given ourselves away and made ourselves slaves to outside forces, which is no help to us or anyone else. Our attachment to things whaterver they may be, perhaps money, relationships, other peoples opinions and thinking, the list is endless and is a source of sorrow.

    There are always opportunities in any situation even the worst you can imagine, and how do we know that this might not be just what we need in order to wake up and grow beyond where our individual and collective mindset has us imprisoned.
    It would seem our dreams are turning into nightmares, at least for some people they are, but one of the greats in history always wished us the best by sayinbg `Have a good nightmare` because he trulyknow the value of nightmares.

    LOVE Jane

  14. Pamela Smith-Noel says :

    I started Holosync a year ago. I am glad I meditated for years on and off because it kept a spark for the concept. Holosync has ignited that spark and I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Thank you for that.
    I have been awaiting this blog as you mentioned you would be communicating.
    I agree on all points. Especially, gratitude and going forward not to the past.
    As a psychtherapist I see blame of self and/or others to be the barb people can get caught on and what a low frequency emotion to be stuck to.
    These are exciting times.

  15. dragana says :

    Hey Bill,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your last blog and from my own experience can say that you are absolutly right about keeping the positive attitude and going an extra mile for our customers.
    I have my own business and when all this talk of scarry times coming started, I compleatly stopped listening to the news. I don’t buy newspapers and I never talk about economical or political situation with anyone. I can honestly say that I don’t know much about what is happening.I keep listening to Holosync every day and I started listening to Sonic Access for “success” which is also with Holosync, from Learning Strategies Corporation. As a result my business is doing great and my season hasn’t even started yet. I make jewelry for living, which is not exactly neccecery item-more of a luxury and I still do very well.
    Many times, when I would do the art and craft shows, I would be the only one out of 50 or so artists to do well. I keep giving small gifts to my customers and it seems to be working.
    So, thank you for Hosync, my life has truly changed in the last 3 years since I started using it and thank you for the great recomendations.There are some amazing people out there that are doing amazing things and because I have so much faith in your program, I take those recomendations seriously. I’ve tried few of them with a lot of success. All the best. Dragana

  16. Jonna says :

    Bill, What a inspiring post, I believe we all need a uplifting reminder now and then just to keep us on track. change can be scary but there is still an infinite amount of good and beauty in the world around us, we have to take a moment to see it or to extend a hand to help someone else see it. these posts and holosync are a real blessing. thanks for going the extra mile

  17. Jimmy D. Johnson says :

    Mr. Harris,
    You never cease to amaze me! Your insight, understanding, logic and just plain old fashioned kindness are a bright light on a moonless night. I have to share with you that holosync has been a saving grace to me.

    I work in a very busy kitchen where both temparature and tension run high many times. People are really taken by the calmness I display. I am many times busier than others, getting more work done and thinking one step ahead of everyone else, (Which relieves a lot of their stress also!) and perrforming smoothly. I not only multi-task but glide to each task gracefully. Customers and bosses alike brighten when they see me! I dance with the ladies when I go into work and recieve more than my share of warm hugs.

    Your article assured me that I was on the right track.

  18. Marion Wall says :

    You don’t really say anything in this blog which you have not told us before but it is inspiring to have it all put together and reiterared in such a succinct and timely fashion.

    Thank you. Your email reminder to read the blog has made my day.

  19. Vickey says :

    An exceptional summary of the events of our times. Your insights on ways in which we can shift our thinking by adjusting our points of view are words which offer empowerment, freedom, and stability. Thank you.

  20. Ed Caldwell says :

    Bill, this post was very timely. My colleague and myself have been preparing a telecourse on “Take Charge of Your Thinking and Emotions: Move from Chaos to Clarity” which we have been creating to help people learn how to take strategic action in these tough times. We just started sending out the notice. Your thoughts are very consistent with our approach and your message reaffirms what we are trying to create. I hope, pray, and believe that if people actually wrap their head around this new way of thinking that they can can actually begin to reconstruct the Kingdom on earth.

  21. Jim says :

    Thanks for this blog. I have been working on a project for a little over a year which is on the verge of fruition and have been following the mindset you speak of in this blog. It is quite gratifying to have this mindset validated from another as an effective way of living. By the way, though I am a behind in my level advancement, as I have been using the Purification Level 1 for about two years, I still feel that I am getting a lot out of this level. This may be because of my insistence on going a little faster than the schedule previously, but I consider Holosync to be a key factor in my ability to live a fulfilling life regardless of external events. Thank you very much, Jim

  22. Verena says :

    Thank You so much. Your post reinforces my own belief, that we are better off when we can look what those around us need, too. It’s bound to give you a good reason to be grateful for what you have, material or otherwise.
    I’ve been trying to help a friend out with financial troubles and the emotional slap of divorce. Being in it with her, so to speak, makes me see my own situation much better, even though I thought it’s worse than it ever was. Both of us gain and will come out better on the other end of this.
    The only sad thing is that I can’t convince her to get inyo holosynch.I think It helps me tremendously. Verena

  23. Jim says :

    You hit it out of the park with your comments Bill! Thank you!

  24. Peter Morrell says :

    Hi Bill,
    Wonderful blog. Iwas just recently directed to Holosync from a friend. I had just recently quit my job which was originally brought to me to eradicate my personal debt, which I have succeeded in doing. GREAT FREEDOM. Now I look forward to what the Ancient One, Stillness, God is revealing to me as I journey on facing my “fears” of where provision really comes from and what prosperity truly is and what I can do to bring about change in myself and assist others who have yet to realize just how great they truly are, being made in the “likeness” of I AM. I have asked and i am receiving.
    What an awesome journey through this time-space continuum.
    Blessings and much love to all,

  25. Michael says :

    Oops, I have to make some corrections and hope the moderator will correct my bad English…..

    Hi Bill,

    Reading your blog I think you already know what’s coming.
    This is it and it is now!
    The majority of politicians and financial people strongly BELIEVE in the current financial system and RESIST against what is happening.
    There you go…around the globe every mistake you taught me the past few years about attachment, resistance and believe is made.
    The financial system is either going to stop or evolve into a totally new system and I think we will experience the latter.
    Here’s my challenge:
    I think tough times are coming for all of us. If I want to survive I have to let go of what was, focus on what I want and try to let go of my attachments to all my current material possessions.
    The life principle integration process course will help me get through to this.


  26. Nick Arden says :

    Hey Bill!
    That was a great post as always, Bill – thank you!

    I wanted to add a small point from my own experience of bad times, You said:

    “When something dreadful happens — and it might — move immediately to, “Okay, that has happened. What are my options? What can I do now?” Focusing on what has gone wrong has no value. Focusing on what to do next has great value.”

    I would suggest that there is always some value in focusing on what has happened – but only if it is to try to understand why it happened and to establish what can be learned from the experience.

    Live a wonderful day,

  27. chantal says :

    Great post Bill,


    We do need a crisis once in a while to clear up the air and come back to earth, and that’s when we become more resourcefull.
    Just like you say, look around there’s always some one you can help.
    Thanks for holosync.


  28. Bill Harris, you are truly a messenger of Hope and Optimism. Your sense of timing is uncanny. I find lately when faced with uncertainty I look for ways that I can be in service to Spirit. I am a visual artist and am blessed to have work that not only connects me with the Creative Source within , but also is a conduit to share that Light of Joy with others. Thank You for your timely post.
    It was also a gentle but long overdue reminder for me to move to the next level of my Holosync practice. Bless You.

  29. BoB O says :

    Thanks for this thought provoking post Bill,

    Many probably don’t know this, but you are the original “guru” of internet marketing, one who figured out early on how to move from the ranks of direct mail right onto the world wide web.

    I’ve followed you and your ground breaking work for many years as it was my pleasure to work with the late Dr. Robert Monroe attempting to perfect his original hemi-sync technology. You definitely exploded the concept of using audio frequencies to meld the mind into a drivable machine. Kudos for all you’ve done.

    This latest post has really hit home with me as i’ve been one to embrace the unfortunate aspects of spending in anticipation of earning and am now suffering the consequences.

    And your suggestion to get back to basics with Holosync has me already writing an email to your staff in an effort to replace my original disc which unfortunately was stolen along with my luggage more than a year ago while travelling.

    May the blessings of the universe carry you to greater heights,

    As always, be yourself …


  30. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It is important to continue to reinforce what we CAN do something about. Remembering to be grateful is one of the most powerful and fulfilling tools, as well as remembering to get outside ourselves and help others. Thank you for the reminders. And thank you again for the creation of Holosynch. I look forward to using it every day. It is truly a blessing in my life.


  31. John Groberg says :


    Thank you once again. I always look forward to reading your blogs. I’ve been a Holosync customer for over a year now. I think the mindset you describe of “OK, that’s happened, now what are my options” is the best way to make the most of life and it’s ups and downs. And of course gratitude and service are the time-tested cures for all things stressful.

    A while back, I started using a quick eight word mantra or prayer that helps me keep my attention focused on being grateful for whatever is infront of me in the present moment. I just take a deep breath and say:

    “Thank You Father, that I Am Here Now.”

    There’s a lot of meaning to me in those eight words and I think it goes along well with what you’ve written about in this post which is really just a practical application of all your writings and teachings. Inspired by you and others like you, I recently decided to start writing my own blog ( to help others within my realm of influence scrape away the mind webs that keep us from being less than we truly are.

    Thanks for all you have already done and continue to do to make the world better by teaching people to make themselves better.

  32. Heikki says :

    Althought it (financial situation) not seems so bad from here finland (we had our own total financial collaps 15 years ago), I fully agree with Bill. I have had several own experiences what means “you have to loose everything that you can have everything”. Paradox, but so true in life of human being. And I mean “human being”, not “Heikki”. Yes, “Heikki” is my name, but its not who I am.

    Holosync is in my daily life, and it will going to be until to the “great, magnificent end”.

    Money (also) is a very good tool, but very bad master.

  33. Mark says :


    I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with fear about the up-coming election and what the economic uncertainty has and will mean for my wife and children.

    What you said is, perhaps, the best advice I’ve heard from any “pundit” or “talking head.”

    Your words are obviously the product of what you have been able to achieve through Holosync, and more than anything else to date, this has encouraged me to stick with my daily meditation and trust the process.


    Mark F

  34. carlos says :

    I think that Bill is right and the american society and culture need to change and will change in many ways . I think that all will have to start with a change in that “instant gratification, instant comfort , whine until I get what I want ” mentality that so many people have( and have had for the last couple of generations) in this country.

    The mentality of buying a lot of stuff we dont need in order to feel better , in order to fit in , in order to impress our friends and neigbors . I am in Real Estate and I have seen how people no matter their income always buy a house a little bigger than they can really afford a car a little better than they can afford etc.
    Also many people buy and have a LOT of stuff they dont really use or used once and then end up in the garage or the storage.
    I think that big companies are responsible also because they bombard people with commercials specially on tv using a lot of psicological techniques in order to make people feel inadequate if they dont buy their products or services.They use sex , women etc in order to manipulate people to buy their stuff , ( buy this particular car , cologne , shaving cream etc etc and you can be sexy and attract this women )

    I also believe that although the economy is really bad people are making to big of a deal about it. I think it might get worst , but right now from my perspective this is not such a big deal , people that like me has come from 3rd world countries could tell what Bad really is. Many people have lost their houses and jobs , but most people in the US at least can get a worst job and rent a worst place and eat everyday. ( I dont mean that people should feel guilty or not try to do their best to improve their personal situation the best they can.)

    Finally I believe that people are making to big of a deal about this “terrorist thing” How many people have died after sept 11 ?? or even in sept 11 ? compare that to the millions yes millions of civilians not terrorist but civilians killed in Iraq and afgnistan and then think who should be really afraid ??


  35. Terry Lyle says :

    As usual your words resonate truth and insight.

    I started using Holosync in August of 2007. Up until that time I lived from paycheck to paycheck (and they weren’t all that small) and constantly feared losing my job, my house, my wife…everything. I stlll live paycheck to paycheck although I’m moving closer to being free of that sitiuation. But, I have let go of all pain that comes with the fear of losing it. In fact, everyday I feel more and more grateful for things as they are and have NEVER been happier or more at peace in my life.

    To be honest, when I hear friends and associates talking about the “economic disaster” we are all facing, my immediate thought is “What the heck are you talking about? Things have never been better!”. In the old days I would want to get on my soap box and pontificate on how to overcome these difficult times and “see the light” of how I do things.

    Now, I’m here for those who might notice that I approach things differently than I ever have and ask me how that came about. I’ve also instigated a few other subtle ways of placing some stepping stones on the pathway. Some people may step upon them and others my skip over them. I have hopes that I can help whenever possible.

    All of this is a long-winded way of strongly reinforcing the use of Holosync as a “powerful antidote to stress”. It has created what I call a “miracle” in my life. Anyone who uses Holosync in addition to following your other advice will also be able to say “Economic collapse? What the heck are you talking about? Things have NEVER been better!”

  36. Barbara says :

    I am amazed to find that I seem to be actually welcoming this ‘breakdown’ or ‘chaos’ or whatever label you care to give it. It’s been a long time coming and perhaps now we can move forward to a new order – also manmade, but hopefully with more awareness….the next evolutionary step…Thanks for being a beacon of light and leadership in these times of change. As always your words are a great help…you are inspirational and encouraging Bill!!!

  37. randy says :


    First I want to say, as 6 month devoted user of Holosync, as a result of your program, I now have a completely different attitude about the future that is deeply positive. I no longer live in such a deep fear state. Thank you for this change in my life and all of your followup materials which really indicates you do care!

    Many of my close freinds are asking each other “what do we do now” and I am begining to see connection to my inner self and the ultimate wisdom that resides within for that answer. I am focusing on intuition and peace to guide me through these “interesting” times.

  38. Robin says :


    I feel, not hear, you loud and clear. My family and I have been on a perilous journey over the last 5 years. One Hardship after another in rapid succession. Loss has taught me what fortune could never impart. When I think of the misfortune that has come my way, I am convinced that it is proportionate to what is coming in our future.

    Don’t get me wrong, it took a long, long time to get to this frame of heart and mind, but again my current attitude is one of the fruits of loss. It is what allows me to be at peace and even the voice of reason when everyone around me is running around like headless chickens.

    Thank you Bill for the confirmation. You can never have to many of those.

    Warm Regards,

  39. Steve says :

    A massive and fundamental change in the way money works in our society is exactly what we need. British author Michael Rowbotham – – explains the real underlying reasons why our financial system doesn’t work in his book “The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics”. In my view, an understanding of this material will naturally lead one to the conclusion that the current crisis really isn’t anyone’s fault, but that as a society we need to get together and create a new system that will truly serve our needs. I hope that in the fullness of time this financial crisis will prove to be a catalyst for positive and productive changes. Best wishes to all!


    P.S. I have been using Holosync for two years and highly recommend it.

  40. Steve W. says :


    Very sage advice as always. With so much fear and confusion running rampant we are fortunate to have clear minds such as yours voicing wisdom. Surely anyone following your guidelines for dealing with these uncertain times will come through them not only unscathed, but even better off than before. Thank you.

    This is kind of an aside really, but in regard to the economics of the situation I have a couple of comments. There is no doubt that the misuse of credit was a prime cause of the financial meltdown. However, in regard borrowing and loans in general, like anything it has two sides. Credit and borrowing are not the problems, overuse and misuse are. Kind of like food is not the cause of obesity, overeating and unhealthy eating are.

    An example of the very helpful side of credit is the work of organizations like FINCA and other microfinance groups. They are using very small loans to help hundreds of thousands of the world’s poorest people establish and/or expand small businesses and thereby work their way out of poverty. Countless lives have been and still are being improved by these programs. Of course there are countless examples of using credit for business success at all levels. There is nothing wrong with the wise use of credit and it will remain a fixture of our business and personal worlds. No doubt you are aware of this, but I felt a need to expound a bit.

    And no, I’m not a banker ;-)

    Steve W.

    FROM BILL: The original use of credit is to create capital (this is the original and real meaning of “capitalism”). You have an asset–some property, your labor, an idea, an income stream. You borrow money using it as collateral–you “capitalize” the asset. Then you use that money to purchase something that creates additional wealth–a business or something that creates enough wealth to pay for the loan and make an additional amount of money. Paying for consumer goods–goods that depreciate and do not create wealth or income–is the root cause of this financial crisis.

  41. Mary says :

    Hi Bill,

    I am truly blessed to have met you face to face.
    and the influence you have had in my life, and i know you
    will continue to have i left the retreat so much lighter
    and better understanding of myself and others i will be
    forever grateful you and your staff who were
    amazing .. holosync has saved my life..


  42. Nzeribe says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your advise and suggestions towords this difficult time.
    In a situation like this where fear, stress, identification or attatchment with things are the order of the day, I find myself weak, hopeless and lost.
    After reading your blog, I was able to pick up myself. However, such is life, ups and down. I remembered every situation will come to pass and another will come.
    Thank you again for alerting us where we have falling.
    From Nzeribe

  43. Edward Pisko, M.D. says :

    Thanks Bill, this was very helpful. We are all interconnected as humans and what we do affects each other, our environment and ultimately the cosmos. But we are only a small part of that interconnectedness and often the collective actions of many individuals leads to unpleasant outcomes such as we are experiencing now. Our inability to control things such as markets and the business cycle or even natural disasters can lead to a certain learned helplessness that can result in depression. Fortunately there are many aspects of our lives we can control. We can continue to invest with patience and diligence and this usually leads to success over a period of time. Similar investment in our relationships leads to riches that transcend anything financial. We can take small actions that bring us joy. We can bake a pie, look at the moon and stars or gaze on a flower without thinking. The beauty of such a moment trumps any worry that somehow these painful times will persist.

  44. James says :

    Hi Bill,

    If everyone thoght a second great depression would come soon then it would. It’s an example of how our mind creates reality. If everyone thought the worst was over and good times would come soon, they would put their money into investment, creating better economic times.
    How much of it do you think is actually caused by fear and negative thinking.

  45. Gina says :

    Aloha Bill!
    Mahalo for the focus. I agree totally! I trust in the cycles of life and was thrilled to hear your words of wisdom. We can all be here for each other at some point in time and the web has provided us with an even bigger community tp be involved with.
    I am reminded of rock climbing as we reach out to each other…some of us pulling a fellow up and some of us being pulled up only to return the favor when reaching secure footing once again.
    This is where we make a difference.
    Be well Bill and again Mahalo for all your love!

  46. Sasha says :

    Bill, where’s the podcast for this? I’m not great at reading, but I love listening to your posts on iTunes. I look forward to each new one. Please do a podcast for this!

  47. Jan says :

    Your words express the thoughts that have been going through my mind. I have been trying to share these viewpoints with others, but people don’t get it, or choose not get it. They want to blame it on someone else, or want someone else to fix it. I would like to share this blog with others and let them read it for themselves. How encouraging! The Holosync and courses I have been doing over the last year have really strengthened me through all these hardships, and I KNOW they have been helpful, as my thoughts and actions have directly coinsided with your words.
    I’ve been grateful for someone else taking the time to share Centerpointe with me.

  48. Nives says :

    Thank you for your message; it came at just the right time. It brought me back to focusing on what I should be doing. This is the best program anyone could ask for. I enjoy reading (sometimes) listening to your blogs and never bothered to respond. Thank you for your messages, all of them!

  49. M says :

    Finally a “readably” short post! Whew…

  50. Helen Bean says :


    Thanks for your post. Have you ever thought of organizing Holosync users groups, where people living in the same area using Holosync and participating in your programs can meet each other? This might create a framework where people can network and support in other in their endeavors.

    Thanks so much.


  51. Bill, that was very helpful, thank you! I have been doing remarkably well mentally and emotionally throughout this economic slowdown; I’ve been relatively stress free and very optimistic etc. Today, for the first time in a long time, I was feeling a bit down. My “down” nowadays is FAR better then it used to be a few years ago, but it still is a state of mind I do not prefer. I read your posting and immediately felt uplifted. Then about 15 minutes later I spoke with my business partner and received some very good news regarding our business. It was quite remarkable the way it unfolded and I am more optimistic than ever. I also realize how truly miraculous Holysync is and what a profound effect it has had on my mental well being. I’ve been meditating for 8 years now, the first 6 and a half without Holysync. The benefits I received from Meditating without Holysync were great. However, as advertised, Holysync has absolutely accelerated an increase in my awareness far quicker then meditating without it. I still meditate without Holysync. But I now equate Holysync with lifting weights at the gym. If one does push-ups and sit-ups without weights, consistently, they will see great improvements in strength and stamina. But adding weights to the routine accelerates the results dramatically. Good stuff Bill….thanks again!

  52. Mark Wilmore says :

    Hi Bill

    Thank you for your helpful comments. Here in the UK we are experiencing much the same as fear grips the majority of people with the current economic uncertanties.

    Job insecurity is the hot topic as firms are now shedding jobs all over the country.

    Using Holosync however has helped me focus more on what you write about and I find myself helping more and more people, and although I dont expect anything in return, people are grateful and give back thanks and sincerity to me and much more.

    Thank you for your life changing programme I do not know how you coped with your chaos in the early days of Holosync, learning as you went on. It is hard enough dealing with chaos when there is help from centerpointe.

    However you were on your own and I admire your courage in seeing everything through to the end and producing this fantastic programme.

    It would be great to see you in the UK some time.

    Many Thanks

    Mark Wilmore

  53. Funny how things are… today in church, Pastor Jack Hayford was supposed to talk but was substituted for. The message was hope instead of helplessness.

    key points: Those who spend most of their time talkng about the past are not moving forward. Stay present (gratefulness), focus on the future and what you want.

    Just because a door is closed, don’t assume that its not capable of being opened. Persevere.

  54. Clark Ramos says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for the post.

    I agree that when we give with a true desire to help solve people’s problems, rewards are instantly in motion, both seen and unseen.

    In every hardship we have the opportunity to recognize in ourself a power of giving beyond what we normally identify with as we work only to pay the next round of bills.

    I have a book recommendation too.

    Recently I began reading a wonderfully inspiring book;

    You, Inc. ‘The Art of Selling Yourself’ By Harry Beckwith

    I have no idea if he is related in any way to, Michael Beckwith.

    The book could be described as;
    ‘How we give or sell ourselves with everything we do and say.’

  55. Your message is very timely Bill. Simple and yet essential for everyone out there to realise to move on and make a positive impact in the world that is full of negativity and fear at this moment.

    You touched on Gratitude, which I believe that we need more of this in our lives. In recent times, I have realised that Contentment and Gratitude brings about the Happiness we seek.

    Thank you Bill and continue your wonderful work.

  56. Dee Ayala says :


    Thank you for your constant encouragment and kind words. Know that they are very useful and help in many ways. I’ve read many of the books you recommend I’m different because of those recommendations and more importantly have shared. Look forward to much more. Be well,

  57. JKE310 says :

    I just returned from John & Jan Price’s Mystery School in Boerne TX. Two suggestions from it are to focus on the creative energy that generates the physical form rather than the lower energy physical form of your desire itself, & the more you love, the fewer limitations you’ll have.

  58. Marty McEvoy says :


    Great article. I will add some of yours to my list. Here is my list.

    a. Strenuous exercise – You will find that this will make you feel better and transform your life. Consider joining a class.
    b. Meditate (with Holosync), pray or contemplate.
    c. Read good spiritual books that you like.
    d. Take a walk in nature or go camping.
    e. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.
    f. Volunteer and get involved in your community.
    g. Help a friend for no reason at all.
    h. Turn off the TV.
    i. Adopt a healthier diet.
    j. Forgive someone.

    Thank you for everything


  59. nudgeme says :

    Thank you Bill for this really thoughtful and sensible post. It’s one of the best I’ve read in terms of helping people to quickly see ways to handle the doom and gloom. I also think another positive at this time is that people are really being encouraged to stand back and reassess what is really important to them – and what’s not, and that can only lead to good things for them. I’d also add that it helps to realise it’s not who or what we know, but how we think that will make the difference to people, and in this way, people might not be able to control what’s going on around them, but they have total control over how they react to it.

    All the best


  60. Hello, Bill

    I read your blog on surviving tough times with great interest and felt very moved and inspired by your words. As a therapist, I have been also looking for inspiring messages to empower people, here in my country, Greece.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the empowerment, too.


  61. Mary Kersey says :

    Thanks Bill, I really needed that today. it has re energised me and given me some new impetus.

  62. Nurse Timothy says :

    Thank you, Bill, for this timely post.

    Holosync has helped me greatly the last few weeks. I fell at work and tore the ligament between my shoulder and collarbone, and had to give up the best Travel Nurse contract I ever had. It has been rough living on one third of what I had been making, but at least I do have Worker’s Comp.

    But I am taking it all in stride, and have been able to apply myself full time to my Masters’ program. As I am not resisting the pain involved, my injury has been less debilitating than it could have been.

    Receiving unexpected funds in the mail this weekend, I ordered Awakening Level One before I was tempted to spend it on other necessities. With my work on Integral Nursing, I needed the ‘elevation’ to ‘see’ the territory I am exploring, as I begin practicing and teaching nursing from the teal/yellow and turquoise (SD) levels in which Florence Nightingale intended.

    In our enthrallment with the scientific, orange and green levels, we seem to have lost our way, as a profession. Nursing had been about “creating a sacred space” within which our patients could heal themselves, but with our “Perfect Storm” of decreasing supply of nursing students and teachers, increasing acuity and numbers of patients, ballooning amounts of ‘green’ science we seem to have to teach/learn/apply, and decreasing levels of funding, we have less time to teach/learn/apply our arts, our turquoise level skills.

    Like our need for transformation in financial systems, we need to transcend the expensive ‘green’ level of providing healthcare, and focus more on addressing and using the subtle and causal bodies through the medical and nursing arts, and refocus on healing people rather than just handling the symptoms of our physical bodies.

    Until later, be well.
    Nurse Timothy

  63. Tina says :


    Thank you for the loving blog post. It is always nice to know that even though you are in the business of helping people, that we are more to you than just customers.

    The Holosync must be working as I’m actually not worried, scared, stressed out or anything else negative. Life is just as good and promising as it was 6 months ago, in fact it just gets better every day.

    I’m actually finding it a bit ironic that I’m getting quite a few emails from my “masters” about how to “cope” during this crisis. Since I’ve changed my life through following the teachings of these masters (and Holosync), my world is just different and better and permanately as such and the external world does not have the effect it used to.

    So I guess in the end this is another endorsement for Holosync and living the good life. It’s grand!

    I’m off to have the 435th good day in a row!

    Thanks Bill! Bless you!

  64. jay P says :

    This blog is a great reminder that enlarging one’s generosity, kindness and self in hard times serves EVERYONE better. Thanks for a very thoughtful piece.

  65. Carlos Bauzá says :

    Thanks for your insights, Bill. Your posts always lift the spirit, and boy do we need that now!
    Incidentally, the most recent post on my blog deals with my own take on this same topic. I’d love to get people’s thoughts on it.

    Thank you for your sound advice and great courses and products. We’re all truly growing up during this age.


  66. Lisa Macqueen says :

    Hi Bill, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading “Bill’s heartfelt advice about surviving tough times…”

    I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to act on it (as I intend too…) and becomes more ‘tuned in’ to the people around them – focusing more on being positive, and trying to help other people, and not letting all the doom and gloom take over their lives. Here’s hoping!!

  67. Paul Davies says :


    I must admit that for the first time in a long while your BLOG has inspired me. For once you are not trying to sell something or someone else’s product particular in times of emotional vulunability, but rather focusing on genuine unplifting and positive advice that is so badly needed in these times. Focusing on the positive in terms of what we can contribute as an individual to the greater good and inded ourself at the same time is the way to go. I am an inner circle member of some 5 years and could not have got through the last few months with my sanity in tact without the support of Holosync.

    FROM BILL: NEver forget that I am running a business. It is a business that exists to help people with their growth, but it is, nonetheless, a business, and businesses do sell things. In this (free) blog, however, I would say that less than 1% of the space is devolted to talking about any kind of product. And, if I knew of something I thought might benefit you and I didn’t tell you about it, what would you think of me then?

  68. Clark Ramos says :

    Brilliant Post Bill.
    I just re-read it in the email you sent out.

    In the toughest of times, great possibilities for unity and interdependance with others tend to surface. However, is it not true that many laws have been passed to prevent individuals from expressing their creative efforts to survive economically?

    Many may now need to help others in ways that increase the flow of appreciation which we have restricted to reward in cash.

    Most have probably forgotten or never learned to exchange value for value in ways that sustain life. love, friendship, and family without resorting to a greenback.

    I think it may become important to re-evaluate exactly what is being rewarded in this industrial economy.

    Like we have heard; change is needed.

    But will the change applied express a deep heart felt and soul filled inspiration from each individual to serve by expressing their highest vision of love and appreciation?

    Or will we remain stuck in the mold of being taught to fit into the positions currently presented by industrial giants?

    Don’t we need the harmony of human heart felt expression, along with personal insight that reaches beyond habitual, and mechanical thinking, into which we have all been trained and mesmerized?

    I think the molds into which many have been cast, fit about as comfortably as the small shoes Chinese women of old were forced to wear in order to cripple any attempt on their part to run from the conditions into which they were forced to serve.

    The world itself and its people and creatures, including nature, needs a change!

    I am hopefully anticipating seeing the gates of inspiration and creativity burst open with an outpouring of generosity beyond anything ever experienced on this planet during its known history thus far.

    This experience is very much like the all for one and one for all call to service of the musketeers, but the service is to the heart of life flowing within each and every being now alive on this planet.

    That life, like air itself is never divided against itself, no matter what, air is air, and life is life. Each individual is a part of life and no one lives in a space filled with death. Unless you claim to be one of the living dead, LOL!

  69. Theresa says :

    Good afternoon Bill,

    I do not know if you will ever read this or if it just goes to some auto responder email….. But If you are reading this then THANK YOU….

    All the letters all the support and all the information that you provide is of great benefit, even if those reading it do not use it right away.. I am immensely grateful for all that you send it keeps me centered and focused and no we have never met face to face, ( I would like that someday)

    You have a gift and you share it that is a rare thing in this life ( that is unfortunate but true) I am a centerpoint(holosync) user and I believe in what you have to offer and the great good it can do for anyone willing to take the time to use it.

    I really just wanted to thank you for the uplifting information It is a great help to me and to my family. It always seems to be just what I need to hear, to just keep moving forward, and not stagnating in the uncertainty of it all. It make me want to take more action and to want to do a little better even if I feel desperately helpless it seems to take that way and make me focus on what there is that can be done, and that is what I do. It keeps me moving.

    SO Thank You and best of luck in these uncertain times. PLEASE keep sending your comments and your blog updated with information, I know it is a lot of work for you with your schedule and travel and your other commitments but I am not sure you realize what it is doing for the rest of us who have not yet reached our goals and dreams, and who truly want to. It really does a world of good for all of us.

    Have a great week and I Iook forward to your next post.

    Theresa Stuart

  70. Kurt says :

    Dear Bill,

    in my opinion this is all excellent advice but you are MISSING SOMETHING IMPORTANT… in this part of your statement…

    “Though there are some people who ARE to blame,
in other ways this debacle is a universal cultural event, 
not something caused by mean and greedy people 
in some smoke-filled back room.”

    i think this dissuades people from digging into how this situation was caused… you make it sound like a conspiracy theory… we are living in an amazing time in history where the facts about the machinations of a powerful few that influence the many can be seen and understood by the average person for a change.

    as a leader you are missing the chance to enlighten people (isn’t that what holosync is about… making people more aware) on the mechanism used to create these economic problems and how it can be used to solve them… control of the money supply is a tool for economic control… like any tool it is not inherently good or bad. it depends on how it’s used.

    maybe not focusing on blaming the people at the pinnacle of this chaos is good in that it stops people from falling into victim consciousness and focuses people on what they can do… but ignoring the small groups who have been working hard for a long time to create this environment for their exclusive benefit and the ways they have actually accomplished this will halt us from getting at the root cause and turning it around.

    there is plenty on places on the internet that give the detail of what i am talking about… this is one documentary … it’s long but thorough and simply stated.

    i can provide others if you are interested.

    thanks for all these great blog post… i’ve read every one and gotten a lot from them.


    FROM BILL: I am well aware of why this crisis is happening. I have been reading very high-level information about all of this since 1977, and I spend over an hour each day following the financial markets. I am as aware as someone can be of all of this without doing it for a living.

    This, however, is not a political or financial blog. Whatever this or that person may have done to contribute to the crisis, and whatever the Federal Reserve has done (in my opinion they are an illegal and unconstitutional organization that has been messing things up since 1913), the broad truth is that there has been a culture of “buy now pay later” since WW2.

    You can only buy things before you have the money to pay for them for so long before it catches up with you. Quite frankly, I’m amazed that the government and the bankers have kept it going this long. But everyone has participated in what has happened. It has been an overriding cultural event. Many who participated did not know the long range consequences (including the bankers), but everyone certainly liked the short-term consequences.

    People wanted more “stuff,” and banks figured out increasingly more highly leveraged ways to allow them to pay for it on credit until the amount of credit just could not be sustained or repaid. All debts are eventually paid, either by the borrower or the lender. If paid by the lender (through the default of the borrower), the money supply contracts and we end up with a crisis and a depression. Eventually, the piper must be paid. This situation was co-created by the banks who gave the credit, the givernement who allowed it in contravention of the constitution, and the public who greedily sopped it up so they could buy more and more.

    I have seen the video you mention, and agree with what it says.

    The purpose of my blog post, however, was to focus you on what you can do now to deal with what is happening. Making money always means finding a way to benefit others (including sometimes giving them a benefit they only think they want, such as more credit). I think that those who look around, think of other, and focus on how to serve today’s needs, now, will survive these times and prosper. And, focusing on others always creates more good will and more happiness.

  71. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Well one thing ‘you’ did was make the obvious and resourceful choice on Tuesday. Thank you America. This was a not only a great day for your country, but a wonderful day for the world.

  72. Randy Prine says :

    Great comments, Bill. I think Americans have been a slave to their mortgage interest. We were able to get a mortgage that allows us to pay more on our principle each month. It is a structured mortgage similar to those used in Australia where they pay their mortgages off in 10 years. Since the government is funding many of the mortgages now why not offer a more fair payment structure. Why should we be slaves to mortgage interest????

  73. Nancy says :

    As always, Bill,
    your comments are such a gift! As is your Holosync. I was just checking on the next levels, and see that you are offering a great deal until the end of the month. Thank you for that at a great time.

    You also mentioned Byron Katie, a great teacher who I have recently discovered: Calm, poised and cuts through the clutter with a scalpel. A video on money by Byron can be found at She adds to what you have said, the idea that in the present we don’t “need” anything.

    Thanks for everything. Right after I pay for my car repairs (so the old car will take me another 150,000 miles), I’m ordering the next levels of Holosync!

    – Nancy

  74. Kay Pentecost says :

    Hi, Bill,

    It’s amazing how much clearer and more understandable your blog posts are now that I’ve been doing holosync for four years!!

    I don’t think you need to post this comment, but I would really like to read your comments on the “numinous” and “Mysterium Tremendum.”


  75. john a.j. says :

    I am interested to know more about it. I need the CD for demo.

    FROM BILL: You can get a Holosync demo CD and a free special report at

  76. Terry says :

    Thank you, I am reminded by your words that I am responsible for my outcomes, whether I can directly make the connection or not.
    One perception I am holding is that the more I practice effective modes of managing my life, the better I am able to manage my life.
    As I move through the levels of Holosync, years have passed AND so have my perceptions of what I am experiencing have also. Your online courses: Life Principles Integration Process have and continue to facilitate my personal change as I go through again and again witnessing how I do the dance. Each time possibly seeing something more clearly for the first time.

    Like you have said numerous times, if you can do it…I know I can too. I have joy in seeing you live your purpose, as I am open to receiving the gifts that you share with those around you! Yes, I can do that too!
    Many Blessings!

  77. Ken Boyd says :

    Thank you! We could not continue the way we were. Althoiugh we have experienced upsets like 1929, 1987, etc. each has had a profound effect on th eway we managed as will 2008. Strangley thro’ every one of the financial upsets we have come trhough stronger, more knowledgeable and better able to cope.

    Yesw e have a tough time ahead but the toughest will be the shattering of our fantasies that we could have it all and not have any downside. I am looking forward to more self growth and understanding and more strength.

    FROM BILL: As I’ve tried to get across to all of you many times in this blog, you can’t have up without down, or black without white. Resisting one side of these polarities, being attached to “White Must Win” is a recipe for suffering. Life has both sides of the coin built into it, and the most conscious and awakened people are those who have surrendered to that fact. “Surrender,” though, doesn’t mean you don’t take steps to make things come out as well as possible, but it does mean that emotionally you are not attached to WhIte Always Winning.

  78. carlos says :


    One question about holocync. Unfortunately for me I am great at resisting. I have being my whole life. I am currently doing awakening level 4 disc 4 and thanks to holocync I am resisting the “black” in my life WAY less than I used to. However during the times that holocync is “pushing my threshold” I resist A LOT. It is really hard for me to let things be OK or be the witness during those times.

    In answer to somebody’s question you said that the difference between Awakening 4 and purif 1 was that most people start to let things be OK in purif 1 .

    Does that mean that in purif 1 most people stop resisting or reduce their resistance?

    You said that you used to resist a lot yourself . There was a level at which you reduce your resistance or did you resist all the way through the whole program??


    FROM BILL: Resistance is something you DO, not something that happens. Resistance is, quite simply, focus on what you don’t want (in other words, making internal representations (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc) of what you don’t want). Your threshold is just the point at what you begin to do that. The solution to this is awareness–observing your internal representations and seeing how they directly lead to how you feel, how you behave, and what and whom you attract into your life. Instead of looking for Holosync to magically end your resistance, why not actively take a role in this? You are, after all, DOING your resistance. Watch your internal representations and see how. The reason people stop most of their resisting by Purification Level 1 is that they gain the awareness that allows them to see how they’re doing it, which make it hard to keep doing it. If you actively participate in watching how you do it, the whole thing happens a lot faster.

  79. The doom and gloom panic in the media is definitely making hard for average people to deal with stocks and worrying about their jobs. The stock market moves on perception and as long as people keep up the panic, the more we will have shaky days ahead. But there is also much opportunity out there…Also Michael Beckwith is an amaing teacher and speaker. I hope he sells 1 milion plus copies of his book.

  80. Mukesh says :

    Hello Guys,

    Thanks for sharing Interesting article..

    I read somewhere teachers get paid six figures to teach. The article is at
    Do you think education will improve if teachers are paid more? I think so. This is much interesting and informative…

    Well keep on Posting..
    Visit you again.


  81. carlos says :


    I think education will improve if teachers are paid more. But also if the system demand more from teachers . And also if they allow teachers more freedom dealing with students and holding them more accountable for their results . I think also the evaluation system here in the US has to change. I think that multiple choice thing is total BS . Think about it . Here you can pass any test with a very superficial knowledge about the subject if you just follow your instints in the test.
    In my country and many other countries you have to come up with the right answer NOT JUST CHOOSE the right answer and then you have to writte a paragragh or two explaining why YOU think so.


  82. Richard says :

    Another thoughtful and eloquent article, thanks to you Bill.

    best wishes,


  83. David Woods says :


    Lately I have been aware that I am “resisting” but I do not know what or how to stop or what will happen if I do.

    I have heard you say several times that you resisted for years.

    1. What did you resist?
    2. What did you do to stop resisting?
    3. What happened when you stopped resisting?

    I do not know if this is a large enough subject for a blog entry but perhaps you will say something about it.

    Thank you,
    Dave Woods

    FROM BILL: Resisting is something you DO. You do it by focusing on what you don’t want; that is, by making internal representations (mostly internal pictures and internal dialog) of what you don’t want, what you are worried about, what you are afraid of, what you want to avoid. There is one cure: awareness. If you learn to observe your internal representations–notice when they’re of what you don’t want, and also notice the DIRECT connection between your making these internal representations and the unpleasant feelings and bad outcomes that are created–then it becomes difficult to keep making them. Only if you continue to “resist” unconsciously can you keep doing it, over and over. Observing yourself do it, with awareness, makes it extremely difficult to keep doing it because that puts you in the position of purposely creating bad feelings and bad outcomes.

  84. Nancy says :

    Hi All,
    How about giving up TV? Why not take the position of observer of our own lives, our own feelings, and not observer of what the media chooses for us?

    I don’t know whether I can post this video, but it’s very interesting and I think we should consider it …

    – Hope I don’t offend, Bill….

    FROM BILL: Personally, I think people should do whatever they enjoy doing with their time, as long as it isn’t hurting someone else. There’s lots of great stuff on TV, and watching TV is not what keeps a person from observing his or her own life. And, the media doesn’t choose what I watch. I do.

  85. Farida says :

    Hello Bill!

    Thats really good advice you gave there! Thank you!

    I just ordered the awekening prologue last week and i cant wait to start off! It took me quite some time…..but finally i did attract it! And now I am eagerly waiting for the FedEx Team to come knock on ym door!

    And I must say I am addicted to the masters of the secret series. I listen to your conversation with the various stars of the secret every single day!

    All the best!

  86. molly says :

    I love all of it. I am so happy to have found you and your podcasts. You have taught me so much in only a couple of months that I have been listening to you. The masters of the secret, the Tolle series, those were also very helpful. I also would like to attend the Big Mind retreat in Los Angeles in March 09, along with a friend. Do you have a payment plan in place? I am not able to come up with the $1000 up front.

  87. Richard Martin says :

    Hi Bill,

    Congratulations on your business success. You deserve all of it. I am now on Purification Level 2 and enjoying it. I did the LPIP and it was instrumental in me launching my consulting business.

    You’ve written about this topic in your old newsletter a few years ago as well. Are you familiar with Robert Prechter’s work?


    FROM BILL: I have been reading Robert Prechter for at least 20 years.

  88. Deborah Ley says :

    I love this program! Thank you so much. I get something new out of it everyday. Deb Ley

  89. Cherie J Hepburn says :

    Hello Bill,

    I’m new to the CenterPointe family and pleased to be. Thanks to the internet, I was able to take the time to read a good deal of the different opinions about Holosync and CenterPointe and what negative I read could be summed up to a few folks who need to do a bit more work. Of all the aggressive marketing that hits my email box daily, I look forward to yours.

    Now I liked this particular blog because it addresses an issue that is foremost in all our minds. I have been an avid meditator since I was a teenager and though I accomplished much via meditation I didn’t understand enough about the mind and ego to effectively use meditation to better the world I live in.

    For a good ten years I lived like a homeless person with a roof over my head, in constant fear I would lose my house and all that I owned. I worked like a dog… then went home to meditate so I could go to sleep. To make a long and painful story short, I watched, “The Secret,” which I honestly didn’t care that much for but I learned of all these other authors and teachers so I began reading and learning new methods. Then I read, “New Earth,” by Eckhart Tolle and it just turned everything around for me and now I’m here to take it even further.

    Oddly enough, soon as I redirected my focus, I did lose my home, most of what I owned and my job and ended up sleeping on the living room floor of a friend’s house, for four months. Now I’m nearly 60 and a few years ago this would have terrified me and I probably would have had a breakdown. However, after learning what I have, I was glad it was over and I could start over.

    I found a job that I enjoy, an apartment that I just love and in a part of town where I’ve always wanted to live. I have everything I need and more and don’t miss the hoards of junk I had clung too so desperately. I have no idea where my life is going and due to choices I made I have no retirement and in need of medical and dental assistance but for the first time in my life, I’m not worried. It will all come together, peacefully and in time. Over the next few months I will be interviewing and testing for a much better paying City job, but I’m not going for it in fear or desperation. If it happens it just happens and if not then I’ll try again another time.

    My point in all of this is that hard times can happen even in the best of times and if my life can get better in the midst of hard times then maybe it’s all in our minds. Our fear of hard times is greater than the actuality. What we are seeing is a world based on greed collapsing around us and for that we should be celebrating. If a company’s intention is not meant to improve the quality of everyone’s life, then it will no longer survive. That goes for governments as well. Governments have survived knowing that all they needed to do was take a bit more from the people who support them and I think we’re getting ready to say, “No,” and put our government on a well needed diet.

    I decided to start with Holosync and the online courses to improve my life by making sure my choices have a positive impact on the world around me. I want to show people how the spirit in each of us can embrace the ego and work together creating, whatever we want, pain free and full of joy.

    Merry Christmas,


  90. Yung Drew says :

    You hit the nail on the head Bill… Great points in this article, and one that a lot of people needed to read. Too many people are panicking and really shouldn’t be. Like you said, we’re in this together – and though there may be tough times – it’s best to focus on relationships w/ people and being grateful for what we already have!

    Love the blog,


  91. Sam says :

    I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for this post. It really came as a wake-up call to me, as it dealt with some very practical issues in the world and down to earth advice as to how to deal with what’s going on, and it seemed as if we were having a heart to heart talk about what to do when the chips are down and it seems that there are no options. You pointed out to me that there is always something to do, which means to me that no matter what we can take action to improve our situation;whether or not we are entering a new erra of change, by our individual nature we are given the power to influence our world for the better, and if we so choose we can make this world a better place for all of us to live. I feel that we are entering some sort of upward momentom of change, and it is people like you who are a major part in helping to catolize this change and spark the fire within all of us who otherwise wouldn’t have the initiative.

  92. Joan says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have been a member for a long time. As a person who believes that we can exchange goods, skills, land, tools, materials and space without money based on our innate ability to move these in a fair, natural and harmonious way, I am asking if you would consider contributing some of your cds this way. My website explains my concepts and I feel your cds (I have done Awakening Prologue) would been invaluable tool for a huge number of people. Sometimes it just takes baby steps towards a new way but if it is something that resonates with you on any level let me know. Thank-you for your amazing work,

    FROM BILL: Thank you for thinking of others who are in need. I actually give hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to charities that help kids. At Centerpointe, however, it costs about ten MILLION dollars each year to keep the company going. I have to pay my employees, plus rent, telephone, internet, medical, social security, medicare, marketing costs, materials costs, research and development costs, travel costs, taxes, and a lot more. If I don’t charge for what we do, it wouldn’t be long before we wouldn’t be able to do it, and then no one would benefit. As I said, The only reason I can give huge amounts to several wonderful charities is because people like you pay for what we provide–which I appreciate.

  93. Connie says :

    As much as I would love to go to the next level I find my financial situation impossible at this time. I tired to borrow money from a close relative but she is having a hard time also and because of all the other things happening right now it’s just too much of a burden to spend the money. I am a single mother of two teenage sons who have needs. I give up my own to make sure that their needs are satisfied first. When I was growing up I know that my parents did not not give up their desires for their children and I did without a lot of things. Because of that I did suffer a lot not having what others had. I developed a very low self esteem from not having my needs met. When I was finally on my own and working did I finally discover the importance of a self esteem. I see that my children are not in the same boat as I was in they at least have something to look forward to in their lives. I will just have to wait until I can afford my next level. What else can I do.

    FROM BILL: Keep using the Holosync you have, and keep taking care of those kids.

  94. Mary Lou says :

    This article has reminded me of the very things I was taught as a little child. I am now in my 70’s. I NEEDED to be reminded. I am grateful that there are people, such as yourself and others such as those featured in “The Secret”, who are coming forward to share and teach these eternal spiritual principles without the restrictive and judgemental trappings of religiousosity. I now am beginning to feel that I can find other like-minded friends more than I ever have before in my life. As a child, teenager, and young adult I felt I was not able to share what I had been taught because when I tried to, I felt ridiculed and laughed at. I was wrong. It CAN be shared … when rightly shared as you are doing. Thank you.

  95. Today I ordered my CD’s. Two years ago I donated a kidney to my sister. I realized how tired I was. Because of this I found out about DHEA – my adrenal glands were affected as they sit on top of a kidney. I know my body. I would like to utilize my brain functions to help me get back to where I was. My meditation abilities are terrible. I look forward to watching my results.
    I am a runner – I have run a marathon. I like the runners high. I have put on over 10 pounds since the operation. I am still running. Now with the combination of these tapes – I hope to embark on a new journey.
    I have added some yoga classes. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I do not want medications to solve my issues. My body and mind are intelligent and we will get my hormones and my body in sinc.
    Will keep you posted.

  96. Alemenia Mclean says :

    My comment about dealing with hard times. Is get busy. start a small home garden volenteer at your local community food bank. In order for me to let what ever happens be ok sometimes I just have to get away from the thinking patten. I go to my local market and streighten the shelves. I get up and clean somthing. I call someone. The whole trick to this is to get out of your own mind. so the paradine can shift. Wake your spouse and make love with intent. Write it down as it happens. See how long you can sit just with yourself, no tv,radio,no talk on food on nothing just sit with yourself. See how long you can look at yourself in the mirrow without looking away. Give your self a manacure,pedicure. Take a long bubble bath just sit with your self. Get up earily watch the sun come up watch it go down. Take off all your clothes stand in front of a full lenght mirrow get to know you. these are just a few things that work for me. I have always wanted to be my own boss own a Ice cream truck or a laundry mat, but for some reason it just never worked out to the end. My grandson ask me how he could get $800 for a set of drums and I showed him how to do it. (sometimes you need help) Later that month he was at a birthday party and saw a Ice Cream truck for sale and the rest is history. Sometimes others can manifest for you better than you can for yourself. but If you don’t tell others what you want how will they know what your dreams and desires are. Not being happy with what is (was a hard one for me), until one day stuck in traffic complaining about the possibility of being late some twoor three minutes into the jam I was able to see what the hold up was a rollover a small child and mother ejected from the car child still in unrestrained car seat. I pulled over to and offered aid until the ambulance could get through the traffic. The child had a large gash on her face. The mother was being helped my a retired ambulance driver. When all was said and done I have not been the same. If I had been four minutes earilier. That could have possiblly been me. There may not have been a nurse or retired ambulance driver to save me. You may get tired of reading this,but I sure hope not.

  97. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I have a comment about financial instability. When I first heard about Holosync and what it had to offer me. I said my God how can I afford this I don’t want to be left out of the posibility of fixing myself and situation. I got me a part time job just to pay the first 180 dollors and then the 39 or 40 dollors each month. BIll Harris is willing to work with you he offers specials all the time. for the next level. and free stuff and downloads all the time. If you feel like your worth it, you can move mountains. or somtimes a little grain of sand it all it takes. Alemenia

  98. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I think the trick here is to get away from your self long enough to miss you. You may be asking yourself how can I do that I live with me? I work about 60 hours a week and even when I am off I am helping my family or others. Just ask me I tell you. I have 4 children and 14 grandchildren and everyone wants to spend time with the most fun and intresting person in there life, and all (and I have witnesses) I mean all of the think I am the most fun and intresting person they know and most of the time it’s true. I found out that most people don’t care what you think unless they think you care. Well I got home exasused as usual and I was getting ready for bed when I look up in the mirrow and saw myself. I actually that the thought “I have missed you, where you been?” oh I said, ” I’ve been busy do you need me for somthing? Yes could you spend just a little time with me, maybe tomorrow? “IT’S A DATE. about 5:30 I took a good shower curled my hair put on make up and a pretty blue dress (sky blue) I went to the flower shop just as it was closing and bought me a rose. I drove to the outback steak house and ordered a steak steamed brocolli. and a tall Jack Daniels and coke. I then walked to the steakhouse to a walkin movie (Harry Potter and the half blood prince) I was able to sit through the three hours. Then I drove me home and went to bed. I learned this from Bill Harris another person reached out to me when I wanted and needed it the most. You can’t not afford to take this trip with Bill.

  99. Alemenia Mclean says :

    The thing about all the comments,they are all distractions for the ego, it just needs somthing to do because it see’s its self as real, while it is only our imagination desiring somthing that will never be satisfied,but distraction is what works for the (I) In me.

    FROM BILL: There’s nothing wrong with having an ego, as long as you are aware and clear about what is the ego (your idea of yourself) and what isn’t–in other words, what is the map and what is the territory.

  100. Rica Osburn says :

    I was ripe for an understanding and the experience of the connectedness of all things,back in 1978. I was introduced to Jane Roberts-The Nature of Personal Reality. It was like meeting someone you felt you had known forever. Obviously I have a lot to learn because I am grieving right now because I’ve lost someone who wasn’t good for me anyway! AAAARGH! I’m feeling better though,and I hope to be a part of your Holosync experience very soon. Thank you.

  101. BG mail says :

    I was reading through some of your blog posts on this internet site and I think this web site is very instructive! Keep posting.