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May you have a great 2010

by / Thursday, 31 December 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

Just a short note to thank you for reading this blog and for being a part of Centerpointe.

I so appreciate the opportunity to play some small role in your life, and to hear your feedback.  I hope that what I’ve shared this year (along with your use of Holosync) has made you more aware, helped you think about life and yourself in a new way, and has in some way make your life better.

The world, as you’ve probably noticed, is in a mess, and social mood is moving toward a more negative place–something that happens in periodic cycles over the years and centuries. When negative social mood increases, people feel more isolated and at odds with each other (rather than feeling more accommodating toward each other, as happens in times of positive social mood). This is one reason why you see more conflict in the world lately, socially, politically, economically, and in many other ways.

It’s easy to get swept up in negative social mood–which is expressed in every sphere of life–even if you are aware that it’s happening and have decided not to participate. My forecast is that this negative social mood is going to get a lot worse, and that it will last many years (with intervening times where mood improves temporarily before heading down again). I hope I’m wrong about this, but as an avid student of history and of cycles of human social mood, I don’t think I am.

My wish for you, then, is that you move toward your dreams regardless of the prevailing social mood; that you look for ways to be helpful and compassionate to others; that you learn to love yourself, as you are, with all your human failings and quirks; and that you extend that compassion to others (who also have human failings, just as you do).

I’ll have more (hopefully interesting) articles for you in 2010. In fact, I have another one in my head right now that I just need to sit down and write, which I hope to do soon.

Please know that even though we may never meet in person (though I hope we do), knowing that you are out there (and hearing from you) means a lot to me. Thanks for reading (or listening).

Always remember, you are worthwhile.

141 Responses to “May you have a great 2010”

  1. Michael says :

    Hi Bill, I always read your posts with interest as they have made very good sense in the past and articulated with insight and clarity. However, I have noticed that lately every time you post, you seem to be bemoaning how bad times are and how difficult it must be for everyone. As a leader in spirituality and personal empowerment and given how much you seem to know and understand, I find this to be quite contradictory to what you should be saying. Personally, I am not experiencing bad times at all, my life is better than it ever has been, and I do not need to have you bringing me down! We are what we say and do. Please go back to saying and doing the most positive thoughts and actions. Please stop leading us into a depression, you should and do know better! Thank you :-)

    FROM BILL: Are your good times so fragile that someone talking about bad times ruins them? Maybe they aren’t as good as you think they are. I’m just reporting what I see, which is more conflict in the world (not to mention economic meltdown, increased unemployment, etc)…AND telling you to acknowledge what is but to not let it affect you–that how you feel comes from YOU, if you are aware enough.

    You might want to google “socionomics” and find out more about the cycles of social mood.

    Another thing that may play a role here. I don’t know how old you are, but when I was younger–in my twenties and thirties–several big economic recessions happened that cause a lot of pain for a lot of people. I didn’t even notice them, mainly because I wasn’t really a part of the mainstream yet, wasn’t raising a family, wasn’t subject to unemployment, and so on. When I now read about what happened I see how insulated I was. This often happens for younger people.

    I’m glad to hear that your life is better. Keep making it better. You may not have control over many things, but you do have control over your response to what happens.

    As for me, I have to call them as I see them. The way I look at it, seeing things as they really are allows you to better deal with whatever happens. You are confusing the tirgger–the outside event (in this case, me saying something about the negativity in the world today) with your response to it, which is self-created. If what I say brings you down it is because of something YOU DO inside in response to what I say. Here’s how most people think it works:

    Trigger (outside event, something you see, hear, etc) –> feeling (in this case, that it “leads you into depression”)

    Here’s how it really works:

    Trigger –> you make certain internal representations (internal dialog, internal pictures, etc) –> you have a feeling.

    It’s that middle step, which you have control over IF you are aware enough to see yourself doing it, that creates the feeling. It isn’t what I or anyone else says that creates your depression. It’s something YOU DO inside that creates it. How you respond is a choice if you are aware. Otherwise your response is automatic.

  2. Happy New Decade, Bill!

    I just wanted to say Thank You for creating Holosync. To say its changed my life after 40 months of daily use (since August 15, 2006) would be an understatement. As someone who was beyond miserable with many dysfunctional behaviors when starting the program, words can’t do justice to the experience I now have of myself, my life, the world I live in and the people in it. I was one of those people that wondered “am I EVER going to get out of this hell that I’m in?”

    Kudos to you, your support staff and your coaches. Given I’m currently using Purification 1, Immersion 0.3 … and life is already this good, I can’t even imagine how much better it will be as I move through the rest of Purification and Flowering!!

    I can’t recommend your product enough. Friends that have known me for years can’t believe how differently I occur to them now. All the time and effort to establish a daily practice (and to deal with any resistance that comes up) is nothing compared to the rewards that come back every day.

    Mad props to you and your peeps at Centerpointe! Woot woot!


    Curtis Kastner

  3. Gosia says :

    Thank you Bill,

    I’m always looking forward to read your mind-opening articles as well as hoping to meet you some day in person on The Big Mind.

    All best for you.

  4. Dan DeAno says :

    Hi Bill,

    I agree with your response to the first comment.

    One of the greatest things that I have learned from you is that being “spiritual” does not mean that everything will always be ok (at least not in the “relative” sense). The relative world does exist (as you like to say…all you need to do is bump your head to know that this is true) and there are bad things in it, bad people in it, bad situations in it, and problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. To be “spiritual” is not to turn your head from these realities and pretend that all is ok. As if acknowledging them somehow means that you’re not “spiritual” enough or “positive” enough. This is the type of crap that so many new-age teachings seem to instruct. And it is, in my opinion, not only wrong ,but also naive and dangerous.

    What I have learned from you is that I don’t have to suffer over these things (unless I choose to) as most poeple in the world will do. Nor do I have to turn my head, acting as if they don’t exist. Acting from a place of awareness not only gives me the choice to suffer or not (what a liberating concept that is), it also puts me in a position to more effectively deal with and address the situation at hand. This is, as I come to learn from you and my experience with Holosync, the essence of somebody who is truely spiritual and awake.

    I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me Bill. In just 13 months that I have been involved with Centerpointe, I have learned more and grown more then I had perhaps in the entire 35 years of my life to that point. As somebody who is usually pretty good with words and at articulating a thought, I feel at a loss to properly describe the change that I have experienced. With that said…all I will say is that it has been amazing!!!!And that I am looking forward to the adventure (which is my life) that lies ahead. Something that I have perhaps never felt before.

    Thank you again.

    Happy New Year!



  5. Sharon Carruth says :

    Happy New Year Bill and Staff! I hope to one day meet you in person to tell you how much reading your book “Thresholds of the Mind” and using Holosync (I am new at this) have already begun helping me in ways that I didn’t really expect, but was hoping for. Thank you for the time, effort and insight that you give in your blogs. It has really changed my life and I am extremely grateful! I look forward to the insight you will bring in 2010.

  6. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    I wish a Happy and prosperous new year to you and your family. I appreciate all the help I have received from your teachings and your products. My life (specially my emotional life) is much better now and I dont feel afraid for the future even though I understand that it could be difficult.

    I would love if you could do a post about social moods (I also love history and sociology) it could help me understand better the history of my own country(Cuba) which is very controversial for people who know about it and of which visitors get so radically different perspectives.

    I wish you the best


  7. Ribbon says :

    Hi Bill…
    all that you wish for me I wish for you too :)

    I very much appreciate all that you share and have learned alot from you and others that I have discovered because of you.

    thank you for being you
    best wishes and love to you

    PS… i read more than i comment, but I do appreciate that you take the time to blog

  8. Ribbon says :

    another PS…
    … i like what you have said here about social mood
    i live in Australia where we have not been as affected by the current social changes as much as other areas of the world and would say that in general the social mood is one of being open to possibilites.

    i have a blog and in doing so it has enabled me to enter into a global conversation. i blog to share and i share to learn and in doing so it does help to shift the social mood towards a positive one.

    thank you

  9. Michael says :

    Continuing from my previous comment (and thank you for your response):
    From my quick research it seems socionomics describes how the financial market effects the social mood which in turn effects social actions/events. The alternative would be that social actions/events effect social mood. It seems to me that both theories are true but there is a vital element that is missing – the communication machine. By the communication machine, I mean all the communication that occurs between human beings. Major components of this are the Internet, TV, newspapers, books, telephones, face to face chat, etc. – all the ways that we communicate. The communication machine obviously comes into play at every level, be it whether social mood effects social actions or vice versa.
    As you have said, we are able to regulate our response to the communication machine. We naturally vary in our ability and success at doing this. This is what you teach and train with this blog and Holosync. You are doing a grand job and are a clear leader in this field.
    We regulate our response because we are affected. No matter how much we improve at controlling our response, we are still affected to some extent and most of us to a great extent. Therefore, the communication machine effects social mood and social action/events. With this blog, you are a part of this machine; you are effecting social mood/action/events. The greater your readership, the greater your effect. The third and fourth paragraph of your blog post are majorly negatively biased. I am not sure if you have noticed but the news networks are also majorly negatively biased. You may be “reporting what [you] see” but are you aware of what you are creating?
    We are what we say and do :-)

    FROM BILL: Socionomics posits that social mood drives everything else, and that social mood moves in cycles expressed in Fibonacci relationships.

    From Wikipedia (see the whole article under socionomics):

    In 1979, [Robert] Prechter postulated that social mood drives financial, macroeconomic and political behavior, in contrast to the conventional notion that such events drive social mood.[19] His description of social mood as the driver of cultural trends reached a national audience in a 1985 cover article in Barron’s.[20] Prechter coined the term “socionomics” and in 1999 published an exposition of socionomic theory, The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior.[3]

    Since then, the counter-intuitive premise of the socionomic hypothesis—that in contexts of uncertainty, endogenous processes (not exogenous causes) create patterns of social behavior—has gained attention in academic journals,[21][22][23] books,[24][25] the popular press,[26][27] at academic conferences[28] and in research funded by the National Science Foundation.[29]

  10. Steve B. says :

    Hey Bill, thanks much for creating Holosync and for all the other work that you do to help us improve ourselves.

    I am also a follower of socionomics (mainly Robert Prechter and Martin Armstrong) and I agree with your forecast for the social mood trend. I wonder though, if we humans could increase our aggregate level of consciousness enough to transcend or void the fractals. To me it seems like it should be possible.

    I’m currently listening to P2 disc 3 and I want to tell you what a difference Holosync has made for me.
    When I started listening back in 2006 I was profoundly unhappy with my life and couldn’t begin to fathom what I had done to deserve to have to suffer through an entire lifetime on this crappy planet. At times the only thing that kept me here was the knowledge that if I left early I would just have to come back and suffer through it all over again.
    Now, I’m just plain old stoked about life. I’m way happier, I make way more money, and I am coming to truly love and respect myself. I’m starting to see how I create my reality and what kind of life I can create for myself and how that will affect the people and the world around me. I see and feel the perfection in the imperfection. I feel that I’m wiping the canvas of my life clean so that I can create the masterpiece of my choosing.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to 2010, for me a year of more Holosync and even greater abundance and freedom. I wish you and everyone who follows this blog an excellent year!

    Steve B.

    FROM BILL: I appreciate your comments, and that in some small way what I have done has been helpful.

  11. Doug Temple says :

    Hi Bill

    I looking forward to each and every post. If you are taking request for 2010. I have one.

    I came across and old Blog of yours that you talked about the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. I followed the link and listened to the presentation by Allan Wallace on samadhi and Samadhi.

    Would you consider writing an article using Holysync to achieve samadhi? Do you believe that the gamma waves, developing the frontal lobe of the brain, would help develop this tightly focused attention?

    How about developing a program that would develop samadhi. I would volunteer as a test rat (brain).

    Thank you for your consideration.


    FROM BILL: Exactly what constitutes samadhi is not exactly definable. Different people say different things. There may be a brainwave correspondence, and also something that appears on a brain scan such as a PET scan or a SPECT scan when someone is in samadhi. However, it’s a measurement of a subjective state, and the only one who can tell you about their subjective state is the person experiencing it. How do we know that their subjective state is the same as some other person’s? For general purposes, if you tell me you have a headache, we know what we’re talking about, and it works for general conversation, but is your headache like mine? How could we tell?

    Scientists are just beginning to look at subjective states such as meditation, samadhi, satori, kundalini, compassion, and so forth, and what I said above does pose a problem in saying anything definitive about these states (or whatever you want to call them–somehow “states” doesn’t quite capture it).

    I would describe samadhi as a state where one experiences oneself as pure awareness–awareness without content. Awareness, but not OF anything. It is also called “nirvakalpa samadhi”. Nir means not, and a vikalpa is a conceptualization. It is, then, a lack of conceptualizations, which is another way of saying what I just said: awareness, but with no object of awareness. In this state there is no distinction between self and other, or between subject (the observer) and object (the observed).

    I’ve had this experience many times, including while listening to Holosync, so at least on a subjective level (my own) it does seem that Holosync can put one in that state. I have had other quite experienced meditators tell me they have had this experience while listening to Holosync, and other who are less experienced, and may not even know that such a state exists, have also described experiences that sound like they are pure awareness state.

    I think the best we could do would be to measure a person’s brain waves and scan their brain and correlate the results with their subjective report. In that way we might be able to say, “When these brain waves happen, and these parts of the brain light up, the person reports a state of pure awareness.”

    As for the role of gamma waves and their effect on the frontal lobes of the brain, I don’t know enough about it to comment. As I suspect you know, this information is coming from what scientists are seeing in a small group of Tibetan monks they are studying. This is very preliminary information, and it from a very small sample of people. And, though we hear a lot about them, brain imagaging is actually still very primitive, and the information from it very sketchy. Very intriguing, though.

    Finally, though states like this are, in a spiritual sense, seen as important, most Zen masters and other highly advanced spiritual teachers de-emphasize the seeking of state experiences. As you practice over time, they happen, if you are lucky. For some, they never do. What that is, no one knows for certain. And, thoughrepeated experieces of the transcendent are life-changing, it’s the return to the marketplace, so to speak, the descent from the mountain top and the integration of transcendent awareness with normal life, that marks the awakened person.

  12. Catherine says :

    I think Dan said it all really.
    Lovely to read.

    Catherine xx

  13. Patti says :

    Happy New Year Bill!

    Although I am new to Centerpointe and am anxiously awaiting my demo CD, I am not new to The Law of Attraction (although I did not know it by name when I practiced it and received benefits). When I am in the flow and the right space I have been able to manifest great things in my life for many years. Now, I am taking it up a few notches and really putting my belief that anything is possible to the test. It is helpful to me that your recent blog is on the current social mood.

    I have long been wondering how does one find the balance and maintain happiness amidst the grim reality of politics?

    To give you some background: I am an American who loves her country and who feels it’s important to be informed of political and current events. I used to be rather apolitical and significantly ignorant of what was really going on in the world and how it affected me. 9-11 was my wake-up call! Since that day I have been very well-informed and delve into current events more deeply than most. During last year’s election and for some time after I found myself becoming pretty obsessed with where I felt our country was headed. The news was on nearly all the time. You can imagine the mental state I was in! I am happy to say now that I am trying to focus on more positive and uplifting things in my life and creating the life I want and manifesting it. I have SIGNIFICANTLY cut back on politics — enough to stay informed but not enough to drive me crazy!

    Without getting political here because I do not want nor intend to be divisive, I am wondering how can one balance faith, hope and optimism and all things positive and truly walk the talk and manifest goodness and abundance while believing in her gut that we as a country and as a world are truly headed for some incredibly tough times ahead? It’s not that I’m a negative person, it’s just that I can see where the current path is taking us. As you say, “Seeing things as they really are helps you to better deal with whatever happens.” I couldn’t agree more and I don’t intend to bury my head in the sand and become a drone. Yet, how can that core belief (tough times ahead) align with manifesting abundance through the LOA?

    FROM BILL: What I would say about this depends on which “Law of Attraction” you’re talking about. I am not a fan of The Secret even though I appeared in it. The Secret is really saying that there is some sort of magical way that just by intending something you make it happen. I don’t think this is the case. By intending something you put yourself in motion to make it happen–by taking purposeful action–but it isn’t magic. It’s the action you take that “attracts” a certain outcome. I’ve written extensively about this on this blog, and if you go back into the archives of posts I’ve written you’ll find a more complete description of what I think about this than I have time to write about here.

    Also, I’ve lately written a number of posts that are about certain key things about life that you have little or no control over and from which there is no escape. One of those is cause and effect. There are six billion or so people on the planet, and many, if not most, of them have an agenda that conflicts with yourself, and they are taking actions to further that agenda that conflict with whatever it is that you want.

    What I recently said about the wave-like or cyclic nature of social mood, gives a little more information about how cause and effect works. Because most people operate unconsciously, outside their own awareness, there is a certain herd instinct in humans. In fact, even the most aware people are still to some extent subject to these group dynamics.

    So when social mood is trending downward, as it appears to be now, it does effect us. The more aware we are, the more we can step back from it and not allow it to affect our own mood. However, the actions people take in times of declining social mood still affect us, no matter how much we might be able to insulate ourselves emotionally from the prevailing mood. When there is more conflict in society, there is more danger, people are less likely to group together for common purposes and are more likely to feel at odds with each other. What I have called shadow elements on this blog come to the fore: anger, fear, narcissism, selfishness, aggression, suspicion, revenge, and so forth.

    This doesn’t mean everyone is in this mode all the time, but it does mean that there is a lot more of this. The same thing happened in the 1970s when there were protests, many of the violent, the war in Vietnam, many assassinations, the resignation of an unpopular President, and a lot more symptoms of negative social mood. In the 1930s we had an even larger-degree example, resulting in Stalin and Hitler and Mao killing millions of people, huge political, economic, and social strife in the US and most other countries, the virtual destruction of Europe and parts of Asia, and so forth. These are the things that happen in times of negative social mood.

    Though at least one person has accused me of being negative (and making him depressed), I’m just trying to see things the way they are. This doesn’t mean that a persom must be emotionally damaged by what they see. Knowing what is happening gives one a greater chance of having a certain emotional distance from it, and the opportunity to think through how to be more prepared when certain things happen. I wish more Jews had been prepared for what Hitler had planned for them.

    As far as being a success in such times goes, I think that success, at least in an economic or business sense, is about finding out what people need and figuring out a way to help them get it, or to find out what problems people have and figuring out to way to help them solve those problems. Those who do these things in difficult times will still succeed.

    My wife and I have been listening to an audio book (a book I have read before) called The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. She and her sister hid Jews in their house in Haarlem (near Amsterdam) in World War II, and eventually were put in a concentration camp. They were not only devout Christians, they were saintly in the way they dealt with what happened to them and how they helped the other prisoners (and, for that matter, the way they helped the Jews prior to being caught). I am struck by how their faith allowed them to deal with very grim circumstances, and to compassionately do whatever they could (even at their own expense) to relieve the suffering of others. (I highly recommend this book.)

    I hope this answers your question.

  14. Chuck says :

    As I set here in the below zero weather today reading you post, the comments and the responses, I can’t help but agree with you in many ways.
    I am going to retire this year and after 50 years of working and chasing the preverbal rainbow. I am more settled and centered than I have ever been in my 66 years.
    The outlook for the coming years really does look good. Yes, there are many negitive feelings out there and as Michael says, it is being driven by the media and yes, you have a lot of influence also. But this is a good thing, because, at least you offer a solution to it all.
    Before I started using Holosync I had read a library full of self help books, all of which said that “I could do it.” Some even gave you a list and suggested you write you own in addition to theirs. But what they did not do, is tell you “How it really is.” That is what I have gotten from you and Holosync.
    I will not be retiring in a luxury home or be traveling the world like you or others, but knowing that I have control over my response to what happens, makes what I have all that I really need.
    No, I will not be setting at home from now on, I figure I have at least another 50 years, so I am looking to start another career. I do not know for sure now what it will be, but with what I have learned from you, through using Holosync, and being open to other information available, that we are capable of so much more. I would like it to be something that involves teaching and helping others like you do.

    By just stopping long enough to use our minds the way they were designed to be used we can control not only our mental health, but also our physical health.

    It is our attitude that controls everything. ‘That is the bottom line.’

    Thanks for all that you do and all that you offer us.

  15. Doug Temple says :


    Thank you for your response. I guess I should have been more specific. You obviously are much more informed on these things than I am. So if I am wrong, I apologize.

    Allan Wallace describes two samadhi in his presentation. One with a small “s” and the other with a capital “S”. The small “s” samadhi is the one I’m interested in learning more about. I think your description matches the capital S. The samadhi Wallace described is the ability to develop tightly focused attention. He describes it like the ability athletes have and snipers use. In the book and movie Beggar Vance, if my memory is correct, it’s a depth of field? It’s where you block out everything else except what you are focused on. That is what I was hoping you would elaborate on, or discuss.

    Thanks again.

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure exactly what Alan means by samadhi with a small “s”. I would just say that the way to develop “tightly focused attention” (as with anything) is to practice. The usual way to do this in spiritual practices is to begin by watching your breath while counting “1” on the in-breath, “2” on the out-breath, “3” on the next in-breath, and so on, up to 10. Then, start over with 1, doing this for the duration of your meditation. If you realize you’ve lost count or allowed your focus to go to something else (which will happen–no need to beat yourself up over it), just start over as soon as you notice.

    Once that is easy, change your count so that an in-breath and an out-breath is “1”, and the next in and out-breath is “2”, and so on, again up to ten and then starting over with “1”.

    Once that is easy, watch the breath without counting. Once that is easy, sit and watch whatever happens, with awareness, but without getting involved mentally. In other words, notice sounds, sights (if eyes are open, as they are in some kinds of meditation, such as zazen), physical sensations, smells, tastes, and thoughts. Just notice without naming and without thinking about them. Sometimes people say to treat thoughts like clouds in the sky, just watching them go by, but without getting involved in them (ie, allowing them to lead to a string of related thoughts).

    It can take some time to go through all of these steps–years, in many cases (it depends how much a person meditates). You will get better at this faster if you use Holosync, as many people have discovered. Whenever you practice ANYTHING, your brain turns over more neurons to it (which is called brain plasticity). If you practice typing, for instance, or driving a car, or focusing your attention, or anything, more of your brain real estate is turned over to that activity and you get better at it.

  16. Glenys says :

    Dear Bill,

    Happy New Decade! I want you to know that I am listening and reading. It IS hard to express the depth of gratitude. Your voice is now soothing to my emotions and I look forward to hearing you and reading your Blog and the LPIP lessons. Although, I admit (I am aware) that I have been avoiding you, too,… which is just another way of saying I have been avoiding myself as it is you that is helping me to know myself better.

    I loved reading everyone’s response to your New Year’s Blog post, even the ‘negative’ one. I really look forward to reading more about “socionomics”. I wish at this point I could say some fantastic positive statements about my results so far. I am very grateful to you for you time and wisdom and I’m sure there must be others out there, like me, who are struggling along in very early days and trying to understand and be more Aware about their Beliefs and Values and their Resistance and self sabotage.

    What I do know is that I am finally in the right hands as your teachings are very clear and powerful. Thank you so much for deciding to make a difference in this world.

    When I read your words, “always remember, you are worthwhile” it makes me cry (which is probably a clear indication of where I’m at) as I’m sure it does with many others who are trying to find their way too.

    With much gratitude and blessings to you, your family and your staff.


  17. Michaela says :

    May 2010 bring you all you are hoping for. Since beginning Holosync 17 mths ago, the one thing I have received is Hope, through the growing awareness that Holosync has given me. My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster the past 17 mths, but boy does it feel way better than stagnating. Thank you Bill for firstly- creating Holosync and secondly- being honest enough to let us know that it’s not going to be a walk in the park but a challenging adventure where you provide us with support the whole way through. You sure live up to every word you say.
    I was one of those who went into this with a lot of skepticism but since beginning Holosync I have realised how easy it is to be skeptical – trusting someone and going with it is the difficult choice ( but also the most rewarding ). I know you mentioned in one of your posts that some people don’t avail of your support staff and I have to admit I’m one of those, but only because all the other support material you provide is so invaluable. I have had quite a bit of resistance along the way but between your support letters, blog posts and your book I am able to find an answer to help me through it. The world sure is a better place with you in it and I, too, look forward to meeting you in person some day. I like the person I am becoming and with continual use of Holosync I know that I am going to continue growing and blossoming.
    From a heart that is beginning to open, Thank you.

  18. Jessica says :

    Thank you for the well wishes Bill! We have met in person, in Westminster CO at Big Mind, one of the highlights of my year. I did get to cross off “Meet Bill in person” from my to-do list! I had anticipated that for 4 years. May your 2010 be blessed with the warmth of family and friends, and may you have abundance on all planes.

  19. Patti says :

    Hi Bill,

    It does answer my question or at least very deeply resonates with my way of thinking. Like Dan mentioned, I too, don’t care for all the New Age-y type of thoughts out there that would basically have you stop watching the news because it’s too depressing. It truly is dangerous when you have an uninformed public making decisions for the whole country or world — seems like what got us here in the first place (sorry!).

    Anyway, you’ve convinced me that I AM on the right path as far as just trying to find the balance and learning how to become emotionally detached from it all, yet staying very aware so I can make prudent decisions that protect my family and will allow us to thrive during whatever turmoil could lie ahead. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t believe that the future is all ‘sunshine and lollipops’ — most especially for the vast legions of uninformed millions. But because I am informed and have a keen intuition of what I think is ahead I can prepare for it and hopefully be one of the few that prosper. For instance, I’d like to study how people made their millions during the Great Depression. (Anyone know a good resource?)

    As far as the LOA goes, I practiced a type of Buddhism (Nichiren/SGI) that stressed taking action. It was the key element to attaining your heart’s desire. I would chant (meditate) many hours for the thing I wanted to manifest and always have that desire in my focus, meanwhile always taking action to put me further toward that goal. It works but it won’t happen without any positive action.

    The book you speak of sounds intriguing and I will definitely check it out. I’m sure it’s a great lesson on how to maintain during the most trying of times. Thank you.

    I received my demo CD yesterday and am probably going to order the Awakening Prologue very soon. Can’t wait to get started! Many thanks again, Bill.

  20. Mark Wilmore says :

    Hi Bill

    Firstly happy new year to you and all your staff.

    I would just like to say that at the moment my financial life situation could not be worse. I am currently on short time at work and I have accumalated credit card debt trying to keep afloat and maintain the roof over my families head.

    Then why have I just ordered my next level of Holosync? Awakening level four.

    I have done this because of my commitment to your programme. Although I am surrounded by severe financial pressures at the moment, I see that my personnal growth far outweighs my current financial position.

    I could complain about the negativity in the world, the depressed state of everything, but as you rightly said earlier, it is how we perceive things and events, how we self create what is said to us.

    I see my current financial situation as a learning curve something that will pass, either good or bad. But no matter what happens, no matter what the outcome, having Holosync in my life has been the best route in achieving personnal awareness.

    I could not be any lower in my financial life situation than where I am right now, yet I am at the highest in my spiritual and personnal growth, all thanks to you Bill Harris and the programme you have dedicated so much of your life and time to for the benefit of others.

    You sure named awakening well, as I am awakening more and more and now truly understand the difference between unconscious living and being consciously aware.

    I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  21. Hi Bill–
    Sending you JOY from NY! and looking forward to breaking though to my next threshold…so I will stop falling asleep during my meditation!

    Infinitely Grateful for all your research and energy you put into Holosync!


  22. Andy says :

    Hi Bill,
    I ran across a Charlie Brown quote that I thought summed up nicely one of the points you’re always pounding on. It goes like this: In the book of life, the answers are not in the back.

    Hope that brings a smile, as it need for me. Thank you for all you do for us. Here’s to many blessings in the coming year. Cheers!

  23. Natasha says :

    Thank you Bill,

    …take genpo and come to greece!

  24. Con says :

    Bill: Just a quick THANK YOU to you your family and staff, your service and product are more than I expected also have a super year and God bless you all.

  25. Catherine says :


    I could actually feel your loveliness in your words.
    You’re going to be just fine.
    Trust the process.

    Catherine. xx

  26. Gee Veale says :

    Dear Mr. Harris,

    Your current blog, which is very succinct and well constructed, is spot-on in its insightful message. While I can appreciate how some people such as Michael, may see your remarks in a less than positive light, I am in full agreement with your representation of the current world situation and the continued movement towards a more negative social mood.

    Any rational person realizes that this is a cyclic occurrence which is fueled by “mob mentality” dynamics. A significant number of people really are similar to lemmings and the resulting mood swings are quite simply a reflection of those who do not realize they are the owners and drivers of their own lives and destinies. I feel sad for them.

    Thank you for your fine construction of the Holysync Program and the increased effectiveness of the affirmations with the incorporation of the autophonics technology, books, and insights and reading recommendations on a continuing basis.

    I particularly enjoyed your recent endorsement of “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. It was a most interesting read and a welcome addition to my library.

    I wish you, your family and your staff a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. May 2010 be a year in which we all become better individuals.

    Warm regards,

  27. Marcus says :

    Thank you Bill for Holosync, this blog and your book. All are having an impact on my life.

    If you have any thoughts on prayer, whatever they may be, I’d be interested to hear them.

    FROM BILL: I suppose this will offend someone, but IMO if prayer is to communicate with some supposed entity outside of you, I think it’s deluded. However, prayer is a way of making internal representations of what you want, which engages your mind to figure out a way to make it happen (hence the phrase, “Pray and move your feet”). Prayer as a form of magical thinking–that some other power is going to give you something because you asked–is delusion, howeve.

  28. Sam says :

    First off I’d like to wish everyone a great 2010 and indeed a fantastic new decade. I feel great things are coming for us as a whole; certainly things are shifting. I hope that people like Bill Harris and others will continue to help us ride the wave(s).

    I will say that holosync does wonders for developing samadhi once one applies oneself to the practice. Bill is correct in that whatever one applies one’s awareness to, whatever one focuses on, tends to happen in reality. I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my train of thought lately, and have been noticing a lot of negative internal dialogue and the like. However since I’ve started developing samadhi myself with a disciplined practice, I’ve noticed that more and more naturally I’m able to go into a one-pointed meditative focus where the negative emotions just disappear. Of course I need to then come back and take action in the world to get rid of the route cause of the negativity, however it seems that I act a lot more functional because there seems to be my one-pointed awareness and then the negative emotions along side. I’m by no means perfect at any of this, however I’ve found that cultivating samadhi with breathing exercizes etc does wonders for me when I’m in the moment and really need to get to a place of awareness. Also the side benefits of samadhi are quite enjoyable as well; nobody minds the feeling of blissful rapture or pure happiness when they come along. The concentration is a wonderful thing, and the good feelings created help me to get into vibration (parden the jarggen) that attracts positive people and makes the negative people a bit more enjoyable to be around. Also–and this is only a personal oppinion–I think that samadhi kind of works like a bank account. We all know that anything that you practice you’ll get better at, however my practice with samadhi seems to also have compounded interest. I’m sure that Bill will post something soon in this same general notion.

    I can see things the way they really are, and also when I am focusing samadhi it seems that things really do seem better. There are developing stages of samadhi, wherein the state gets more refeined; there is (at least how I was taught) first initial focus on the breath, then there is a rapturis blissful state, then there simply is pure happiness, and then everything dropps off and there is the one-pointed meditation. All of these things actually happen at once, however if we were looking at the internal map of reality then it would be sequencial. I say this because after some time initial application on the breathing is no longer needed because focus has been attained wherein that’s automatic, and then after some time the blissful rapture dropps away (or is integrated) and the same for happiness (if you’re happy you don’t notice really until something changes), and then finally we’re able to focus clearly on what we want without any distractions. Buddhists call these stages janas and they go in sequence with different aspects of the samadhi dropping off until there’s the one-pointed focus. I believe that Bill has described this in delta as being a point of awareness floating in nothingness; one could maintain a sense of one’s body at this point, however this often becomes a distraction.

    Sorry if this went too long; I thought that the extra explanation might be useful. I’m really excited about what’s to come, however in the spirit of the new year I’ll try not to be too extraneous here.

  29. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    Happy New Year to you too and thanks for the writings. Yesterday a question popped in my mind regarding this new fun topic of suffering and the struggle about being human and seeing things the way they “really” are…. and holosync.

    It seems to me that your perspective of life has changed a lot since you started holosync. I would dare to say (tongue in cheek) that when you started experimenting with wave lengths and sonic pulses etc. You had the idea that perhaps there was a way out of suffering, what we call “enlightenment”, and that propelled you into this search around meditation, eastern philosophy, etc.

    Of course I can be completely wrong about this, if so, I’m sorry. I just assume this because that’s the way it has happened to me and anybody else I know that starts in this kind of path. We all want a final answer that will lead us to end suffering.

    For a few people, I guess, there comes a time when we just realize that there is no such thing as “enlightenment”. That it was just another “fixed idea” created by the mind that would save us from suffering. And we just drop the search for a final fixed answer. Because we see that there is nothing fixed, that it is all a continuous never ending flow.

    We can also realize that there is a perspective in which we experience ourselves as this flow, we can see that everything is interconnected and that there is no real division among “things”, that each “thing” is complete unto it’s self and that the only “thing” that exists is the universe itself, the flow of emptiness, which is what we are.

    However, that perspective doesn’t save us from suffering, because cause and effect still operates. (Even though there seems to be certain individuals that are able to remain in this state and don’t care at all about their bodies and minds, they just let themselves waste away, not caring about cause and effect, i.e. Ramana Maharshi, monks that set themselves on fire and many Hindu saints).

    So here we are again back at square one, dealing with suffering, after staying in emptiness and believing we were free from it.

    Now, going back to the beginning of the post. When I got my first letter form centerpointe, it promessed that Holosync would lead you to live a life feeling happy, peaceful and successful …. ALL THE TIME.

    I think you did believe that when you wrote those letters, but after studying with Genpo Roshi and having more experiences, I think your perspective is now different. And bigger.

    We just can’t be happy, peaceful and successful …. ALL THE TIME. We can greatly improve our lives using Holosync because it is an amazing tool for discovering ourselves (I know I did) but the statement can be misleading don’t you think ?

    Also, when we record affirmations for the higher levels of the program, we record things like “I have perfect health”, “my needs are always satisfied” etc. We store that as a new belief in our subconscious mind, but in reality those affirmations don’t come true, we can’t maintain always a perfect health or always satisfy our needs.

    Some of the upheaval of the program comes from the shadows that are being uncovered. But maybe there is an additional upheaval created by the confusion of our new beliefs not matching the reality of our life ?

    Of course the key point here is that it all comes from something WE do as you always say.

    When I had my fall I told Genpo Roshi that I felt betrayed by the path, I had a lot of anger and disappointment, because emptiness was supposed to free me from suffering, but it eventually came back (karma catched up). I felt betrayed by the dharma, the ancestors and the Buddha.

    He said, you should ask “WHO” betrayed you, there is no one outside you, so all the frustration comes for YOU. Whatever that “YOU” is. This greatly expanded my understanding, the closest thing I can describe as freedom is realizing that all confusion is self created. This is really taking responsibility for our life.

    It’s a beautiful thing to see that we are all just fools “pretending” to be confused. Great stupid ass Buddhas.

    I guess you have already thought about this and how to rephrase the sales letters, I hope this small comments can help in creating an even better product that the one you already have.

    As always, thanks for all your help and guidance, you are an amazing teacher. (I admire people who learn not to take themselves too seriously)

    Looking forward to see you soon.

    Much love to you and Denise.


    FROM BILL: I guess it depends on how you define being happy and peaceful. Even at this point, my take on it is that while getting what you don’t want some of the time (in fact, quite often) is inevitable, and impermanence cannot be escaped, suffering and unhappiness is caused not by those things but by resistance to them. And, getting what you don’t want can be minimized substantially by becoming more aware. Not all of it can be eliminated, but a significant amount can be. When something happens such as a loved one dying, for instance, we have a much more difficult time letting go of our resistance. As humans we are pre-programmed, I think, to desire some things and not want others. The key is learning how to let go of our resistance. So the goal isn’t total happiness or inner peace, but as much of it as is possible. Most of that comes not from our circumstances, but from our response to those circumstances.

  30. Dan DeAno says :

    In response to Santiago:

    I enjoyed your post. I found it interesting, thought provoking, and even funny at times. Here are a few thoughts I had after reading it, for whatever they are worth.

    I don’t ever recall receiving a letter from Centerpointe that claimed to create happiness, peace, etc, ALL THE TIME. Even if such a letter does exist, I am not sure if being happy ALL THE TIME should be one’s goal. Allow me to explain…

    I suppose it is “possible” to be at peace ALL THE TIME, if you can completely let go of all and any resistance (as you pointed out, some people prove this by extreme measures such as disregarding all cause and effect and even engaging in behaviour such as starting themselves on fire). But what I have taken from Bill’s and Roshi’s teachings is that while being happy ALL THE TIME may be possible, it would be BORING, DULL, and maybe even POINTLESS. If one takes this approach to life…it begs the question (at least in my mind) WHY EVEN BE HERE?

    In other words, suffering is the result of attachement as we know. And the way out of suffering therefor is to let go of these attachments. And while this remains one’s choice to exercise if they are aware enough, the question becomes why even be here? Where’s the fun? What’s the point?

    What I have leanred from Bill and Genpo is that “enlightened” people don’t escape suffering…they have just reached a level of awareness which allows them “play the game” consciously. In other words, where most people are running on auto-pilot creating attachments and blaiming their suffering on forces outside of them, the awakened person is doing is with awareness and intention. It does not mean they don’t suffer…they just have choice over the matter unlike most people.

    This point became clear to me after watching the Big Heart Big Mind video taped in New York. I vividly remember Genpo saying that “he purposely and intentionally chose” to suffer over the loss of his beloved dog. This was a huge breakthrough for me as it showed that even “Zen Masters” can and do suffer, for it simply a part of being human.

    As I said before, while it may be possible to be happy all this time, what is the point of being here if it means having to give up the attachments that make us human…and make our lives’ worth living? It seems kind of pointless to me.

    Having realized this set me free in a sense to embrace my “humaness”, by giving me permission to not only form attachments, but also feel sad, angry, fearful, etc, at times, if I choose to, when these attachments change or go away, as they will inevitabley do.

    Just my thoughts….



  31. Marcus says :

    Thanks for your candid answer about prayer. If each of us really is “it”, a singular expression that the whole Going-on-of-Everything is experiencing its universe through, (I’ve got that now intellectually, not experientially), then there is no one “else” to pray to.

    So would it matter if 1 or 1 million prayed? Maybe if 1 million prayed and acted on a common belief, then something might change in the world. But that would be because 1 million acted with a common vision. Maybe the same is true if 1 million meditated on the same topic?

  32. Colton says :

    Interesting to hear your take on the declining social mood. Just a couple quick questions if you have the time about how this relates to the “chaos and reorganization” theory.

    It’s evident that chaos, separation, identification with the mind, and resistance to the present moment are at an all-time high across the planet. It seems to me like a “bifurcation point” could be nearing for humanity. I don’t know a whole lot about the subject, but it seems to be how the process will unfold. The media seems to think people should be afraid of our declining economy, but to me it seems like the collapse of our current structures is inevitable and ultimately necessary. The increase of suffering in the world is necessary to push people to their thresholds and force them to change their ways. I’m just wondering if I could get your thoughts on this, as I am by no means an expert in the domains of science or spirituality.

    I’m also wondering if perhaps these changes could be coming sooner than we expect. When one becomes enlightened, they are no longer creating chaos, or “throwing fuel into the fire”. Only a chaotic mind creates a chaotic universe, and every chaotic thought and action has an effect on the lives of others. So I’m wondering, as more and more people find themselves in a state of “oneness”, if it could have an exponential effect and rapidly transform humanity.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my observations, if you find the time. I am very young, and I’ve only recently learned to tap into my spiritual side, or parts of me that are closer to my true nature, so it’s almost certain that my observations are a little naive. For some reason I was intuitively drawn to Holosync and this theory of “chaos and reorganization.” It just really makes sense to me. For this reason, I just thought it would be interesting to hear your take on this subject, if you can ever get around to it.

    Thank you for creating Holosync. I am only on Awakening Level 1, but I’ve already observed positive changes in my life. I am very excited about the journey ahead of me. Peace!

    FROM BILL: It is a New Age myth that we are headed for an Age of Aquarius where all this oneness will wash over the planet. You might want to go back to the beginning of this blog and read the series I began with about human developmental levels. Individuals and societies develop through some very well-defined stages. Each stage is both a perspective, a way of looking at life, and a strategy for navigating through life. Each stage includes a level of cognitive development, a way of deciding what is true or not true, a way of determining what is right or wrong, a certain scale of perception (me, us, all of us; now, recent past, present, near future; huge spans of time, etc), expanding perspectives on what the self is, and a lot more. (For a much more in depth disussion of this, go read the posts I wrote about it.)

    Everyone starts from the first stage, all stages must be traversed in order (they build on each other), and most people (and societies) don’t make it through that many stages before they stop developing. For this reason, there will always be people and societies that are totally “me” oriented, people and societies that are “our group, not yours” oriented, those that are more “us” oriented, and a few that have the beginning an “all of us” perspective.

    Those at what some call the Pluralist stage say that we’re heading for some sort of universal oneness (and, in fact, many of them want to somehow force people into it, whether they want to or not), but they fail to take into account several things. One is the cyclic nature of social mood. In fact, the whole idea that we’re all going to love each other is an idea that emerges during times of highly positive social mood. Those times have peaked (about 10 years ago, after an astounding 200+ years of rising social mood interrupted by periodic corrective downturns, but an overall steady rise from the late 1700s), and social mood is now heading down (interrupted by periodic upward corrections during an overall downward trend).

    As this unfolds, people are going to feel more and more as if it’s “every man for himself” (to use an non-PC cliche) as opposed to wanting to cuddle up and cooperate with others.

    Second, the Pluralists don’t take into account the fact that, as I said above, there are several developmental stages prior to the Pluralist stage where things are seen very strongly as “it’s us versus them” (this is the point of view of many of the Islamist terrorists, for instance) or even as “it’s all about me”. To come to the Pluralist perspective, these societies are going to have to move through a few intermediate stages, which can take decades, or more likely centuries.

    And, it appears to me that the Pluralists have some grave defects, including their idea that they can and must force people to live the way they think is right, which leads to a fascistic control point of view (political correctness is a mild symptom of this sort of thinking, and there are more ominous manifestations of it appearing in Western society).

    And though the overall developmental center of gravity will continue to rise, there will always be people who are moving through the earlier developmental stages. For that reason, there will never be a world where everything is at the highest stage (and, for that matter, Pluralist isn’t by any means the highest stage, though they do think their perspective is better than everyone else’s).

    The Prigoginian idea of chaos and reorganization is an intriguing idea that does explain in a quite elegant way how change happens in the universe, from the scale of how atoms become molecules, how cells divide, etc., all the way up to how galaxies are created. Chaos and reorganization is a way that the universe–at least in part–becomes more ordered, in opposition to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which says that the overall amount of chaos in the universe is, mathematically speaking, always increasing (which it is).

    The change from one way of ordering society to another does have an intermediate period of chaos, something that has happened over and over in human history. The way the world was prior to World War II, for instance, was quite different in almost every way than it was after the chaos of that war. We are entering into another such period, though I think this one is going to be more intense, more chaotic, and more frightening. What will come out of it can’t be predicted, because it is a non-linear system defined by probablilities rather than linear, Newtonian cause and effect relationships.

    My main point in bringing up this decline in social mood is, first of all, to alert you that it is happenining because awareness creates choice. If you’re aware of something you’re less likely to be unconsciously caught up in it. Awareness allows you to step back and have a more detached perspective. Those who are unconsciously caught up in something react and respond automatically. Those who are aware have choice. If you have choice in this situation, you might choose to not be sucked into the negative social mood AS MUCH (I’m not sure it’s possible to avoid it entirely). You might also be more likely to take reasonable steps to protect yourself and keep yourself and your loved ones safer during bad times.

    Again, I am NOT trying to be negative. I am trying to be realistic, to see things the way they really are, so you (and I) can act from an informed perspective. Not wanting to know if a bus is bearing down on you in the name of “being positive” is crazy. Knowing the bus is coming so you can get out of the way is the kind of positive thinking I’m in favor of.

  33. Bruce says :

    Sorry to rain on the love fest here but I used Awakening Prologue for 10 months with zero results. All those people who have had great results – I envy you! You are lucky people. But this program does not work for everyone. Support said let whatever happens be ok. Well…nothing happened.

  34. Jeannine says :

    Happy New Decade Bill and Everyone! I too have noticed that I don’t resonate with your latest BLOG posts as much. But it is no big deal really to me, unless I choose that. I am not offended or disappointedd or anything. Holosync is part of your life and journey and I appreciate that very much.

    Like everything in this world we do have a choice on what we include in our awareness or focus and our reaction to it.

    My take on it is to accept everyone as they are / who they are (challenging but worthwhile intention). And since I also believe that what we “focus on expands”, I choose to stay happy and in bliss (as much as I am able to stay focused in the NOW and be aware of my thoughts) and to not push against those unwanted things. (resist)

    As I focus on the part that feels good and that I want, I tend to get more of that. And sure there are quite a few things that aren’t what I want them to be right now. But what I found was when I focused on those things I don’t have or think are “wrong” then I got more of that and I was less happy or even miserable and angry.

    This is a case of choosing how to react – it is NOT the exterior or outside world doing anything to me.

    I may not be “facing reality” of the situation or facts, but at least I am happy and it harms no one, so I am happy!

    Holosync totally changed my world. Because of this brain expansion I am able to stay conscious in my NOWS more and more and the better I get at it the better I get at choosing how I want to think and react and hence I make better decisions and feel more in control of my life.

    There is a lot that is out of my control, however, I do control how I react and what I focus on. So in my experience Life is Good.

    I also believe that we do contribute with our energy and thought focus to the overall social fabric. Perception of lack (bank has no money) contributes to the energy of lack and ripples in the pond of our societies. (Bank has no money perception/energy, taps in to people’s lack beliefs – the bank has no money/I have no money and some react with fear and “run the bank” and now the bank has no money.)

    At any given moment there are bad or less desirable things happening to people. I choose not to look (long), not dwell on them. That is my choice

    I believe that everything exists in the NOW all the NOWS of our lives. It is simply a matter of focusing on what you want and moving toward it by taking actions. (Actions are the experience part of life. sitting on the couch doing “nothing” is an action, an action of sitting on the couch.)

    Choosing to focus on the “reality” of a bad economy, starvation or whatever is a choice. Choosing how we react to these things is also a choice. (Thinking you are a lazy no-good because you choose to sit on the coach is also a choice.)

    Perhaps your predictions of how bad things are becoming economically in the world will come to pass. But I can’t help but think that the belief that it will happen contributes to the manifesting of it. If for no other reason (like quantum physics) than so many are focused on it being bad so that’s how they train their focus to how bad it is, so that’s what they find in their experience.

    Anyway it’s fun dancing with the brain with all of this thanks for that Bill and have a Happy New Year!

    And blessings to all that choose that!

    FROM BILL: But I haven’t suggested that you should focus on bad things. I am suggesting that you acknowledge what is, however. My life is about helping people awaken, and doing what I can to relieve suffering. If I close my eyes to suffering, how can I relieve it? That would be like pretending that the bus isn’t bearing down on you. Yes, notice the bus creates some fear (which makes you move out of the way). But sometimes fear is a good thing if it alerts you to danger. You don’t have to focus on the negative to do what I am suggesting. You do, however, have to focus on what is. If you see that suffering is happening, or is about to happen, you can do something about it, whether it is yours or someone else’s. I agree with 99% of what you have said. I do think is mischaracterizes what I am saying, however.

  35. Colton says :

    Thanks for the reply, Bill.

    Unfortunately that was not the answer I was hoping to hear. I was surprised to find out that your perspective is very different than that of Eckhart Tolle, another prominent spiritual figure who I’ve been learning from. His point of view seems to be that this current era of humans creating chaos is ultimately necessary for humans to learn to create while connected to The Source. That people will suffer more and more as they become more identified with their mind, until they eventually reach the point where they “escape into a new order”, and learn to create in a way that is one with “God”, or one with the universe. If this theory is a myth, then is there really any hope for humanity? We are destroying our planet, which has the potential to be a paradise, more and more every day. If this is simply the perpetual nature of humanity, then surely, our time here is limited. I realize this is a very portentous topic, but I’m a person who is very sensitive to the way humanity is polluting the planet, and I think having awareness about the nature of this problem would keep me from becoming emotionally compromised by it. Thanks, Bill.

    FROM BILL: I don’t disagree with Ekhart’s point of view. I do think one of the silver linings of the downturn in social mood is that people are more likely to look inside. However, there is a stage after the one attained by Tolle. Once you’ve reached the mountain top, so to speak, you need to descend the mountain once again and go back into the relative, ordinary world. This is what I have been getting at in posts about there being “no escape” from cause and effect and impermanence.

    This point of view is a key part of Zen, where they say, “Ordinary mind is the Way.” You could say discovering the transcendent, and then fully embodying it, gives you to courage and the awareness to see things the way they really are–which includes the fact that we are all subject to cause and effect and impermanence. The acknowledgement of the human condition, as it is, is difficult for people, which is why they spend so much time hoping for pie in the sky. Knowing who you really are in an ultimate spiritual sense allows you to accept the suffering of the world, and your own suffering, instead of trying to hope it away. This is the true attainment, and when you see someone who is at this place you see not only a peacefulness and other evidence of that relationship with the transcendence, you also see a total comfort as a human being. Such people appear to be totally comfortable in their own skin, and at the same time seem totally ordinary.

  36. Alessandro says :

    Hi Bill. I do not know where to start and why I am leaving this comment. I felt an urge to have my say and to thank you for your job and will to share your compassion. Sometimes deep inside me I think that you are a very good seller and I am the naive buyer of this fairy tale, but somehow I am learning to follow my instincts and to be grateful to be alive and to believe in what I believe. It does not matter if my faith is all in my mind and is just a fantasy that anybody could laugh at. I used to think that faith is supported by truth and evidence. I am starting to think that faith is just connected with our beliefs despite of being aware that it is, or it might be not true. And this is walking upon the great: to surrender to ourselves and to follow our deep nature, being aware that we could just be living an illusion fabricated by our mind. I hope I am going soewhere, and if I am not I hope I will be living my fairy tale until the end. Alessandro

    FROM BILL: My message to to believe based on some sort of evidence, rather than on the opinion of someone else. Anything I say I am suggesting that you verify personally, through your own experience. The ideas of others whom you trust or respect are a good starting place for investigation, but the real value comes not from adopting the ideas of others (which is really mere dogmatism), but rather finding out for yourself, experientially, and then embodying what you have discovered.

  37. NN says :

    If the social mood is going to get that bad and for many years, then I guess the responsible thing would be not to start a family even if one wants to. If you are aware that your children would suffer that greatly (yes everyone will suffer anyway, but not to that degree), why put them here. Not talking to you directly Bill, just thinking out loud here. Pondering the question of having kids or not..

    FROM BILL: That, of course, is a personal decision. Consider, however, that the last generation that went through a severe downturn in social mood (the 1930s) is the most revered generation in American history. Something about dealing with adversity causes human being to rise to the occasion and become great.

  38. Rae says :

    Hi Bill and a Happy 2010 to you and all the good people at Holosync
    I am in my 8th month of Holosync and still busy reading the blog and the literature and doing my meditations every day. I also love the little clips on the site!
    What I wanted to ask about is the future of Holosync and what new things you and your people are working on for the future? Any changes , new studies or changes? I love it now but am curious and interested in what may be on the horizon. For now I will enjoy the ride!

    FROM BILL: Right now we are looking at a number of health related uses for Holosync. One of the division heads at the Centers for Disease Control, who is also a Holosync user, is helping set up a clinic trial with people who have Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We think Holosync will be helpful for such people. A similar clinical trial is also being set up to study the effect of Holosync on autistm, since we have had many parents of autistic children tell us that Holosync made a significant difference. We’re also looking to do the same thing with ADD, Chronic Fatique Syndrome (we have one published study showing Holosync to be effective for CFS), sleep problems. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Holosync is now being tried at Veterans Administration Hospitals through a PhD therapist who is a Holosync user), and addiction recovery (Holosync is now being used in some treatment facilities, and is especially championed by John Dupuy of Integral Recovery). There are other areas like this that we haven’t done anything formally in yet: anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and others.

  39. Santiago says :

    In response to Dan,

    Thanks for your thoughts on my post. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Yes, when we are in a constant state of peace and bliss, life becomes pretty boring.

    Having challenges and struggles is a crucial part of being human, so is suffering. I also think that the key point here is awareness of those things. If we are here in this play field we can choose to play the game with awareness, realizing that ultimately we will need to let it all go. And in being aware of that we realize that we are already free, because no matter what we do, have or achieve, it will pass.

    That to with which we are attached the most is of course OURSELVES, but that apparent SELF changes moment by moment so there is no use in trying to hang on to it. And we don’t have real control over those changes either.

    In my opinion it reduces to the choosing of being a victim of those changes … or in learning how to join the dance.

    I like to say that “you can fight the world, or you can dance with it”

    Also, there is something amazing that happens when we embrace our suffering… we open our hearts and we connect, we realize the suffering of all beings and our lives become extremely deep.

    Just like you said, it’s not about being happy and peaceful all the time. To me, it’s about having the deepest human experience possible. Embracing Happiness AND suffering, moving freely, not alienated from life, but being one with it, finding our way at every moment.

    Thanks again Dan.



    FROM BILL: Well said.

  40. Kasia Hamann says :

    Hi Bill,
    It all starts coming together for me now. What your are saying seems consistent with Australian Aboriginies beliefs:
    Dreamtime and Dreaming are not the same thing. Dreaming is the environment the Aboriginal people lived in and it still exists today “all around us”. None of the hundreds of Aboriginal languages contains a word for “time”.
    “Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live or breathe”


  41. Gloria says :

    Santiago, I have to second Bil’s endorsement of your post, especially this: “Just like you said, it’s not about being happy and peaceful all the time. To me, it’s about having the deepest human experience possible. Embracing Happiness AND suffering, moving freely, not alienated from life, but being one with it, finding our way at every moment.

  42. Fred says :

    Hello Mr. Harris,

    A colleague at work, who was far from me somehow became a close fiend mainly thru sharing his raw food living experiences, which lead us to David Wolfe, which lead my wife to you … Without knowing much, reading David’s material and sarting Holosync, already was attracting unconcsiouly good things for me and my wife. I was in the worst shape in my life (@35yo) and still sufferring a lot, but after 4 months of Holosync, I already started to be more concious. I have stopped cold turkey my psychotropic meds and substances abuse … and I really think that with your experience and help, I will taste real peace and hapiness once again for me and my family.

    Bonne et heureure année 2010!

  43. Mary says :

    Hi Bill,
    I wish you & your family & the team of Centerpointe Wonderful a New Year with many blessings, all i can say Bill is i am so greatful you come acoss my Path you a truly a gift to the world… i hope our paths cross again…


  44. Michael says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have just watched the ‘History’s Hidden Engine’ documentary on The measure of social mood proposed is actually the measure of the stock market and hence a downturn of the stock market is interpreted as a downturn of social mood. There is no actual direct measure of social mood, assumedly because unless you go and ask everyone how they are feeling, you cannot directly measure the group mood. You can of course observe the group actions or events and then attribute this to the measure of the stock market/social mood. However, in doing so you may pick and choose your events to meet the expectations of your model. With over 6 billion people on the planet, there are a lot of actions and events to choose from!
    It is interesting to note the correlation of the stock market to the 5:3 ratio and with this in mind you could make certain predictions of the future market based on the past market. However, these could only be general high level predictions of an increase or decrease in the market. There is no way to actually predict specific events.
    As such, if you happen to see a bus bearing down on me, I will always appreciate your letting me know as this would be a specific event that I can react to accordingly. However, if you only tell me that bad times are ahead but are unable to say what is going to happen, how can I possibly react to this? Actually, there is a way – I can be better prepared and I can increase my ability to react in a positive manner by using Holosync or another such training method.
    I agree with Jeannine’s post above. In your response you say that you are “suggesting that [we] acknowledge what is” but actually I think you are suggesting that we acknowledge your negative prediction of the future. I too believe that “the belief that it will happen contributes to the manifesting of it”. As a leader, you should be communicating a more positive general prediction of the future. However, if you do have specific information about future events then that would be invaluable. After all, buses do hurt!
    Thank you for the interesting conversation and the introduction to socionomics.
    PS I never said you were making me depressed ;-)

    FROM BILL: If my negative (or positive, for that matter) prediction could influence all the actions of the other 6+ billion people…wow! I would be IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD! Unfortunately, my focus influences what happens for me to a great extent, but isn’t quite strong enough to influence eveyone else.

    Again, I am suggesting that you be aware of what is, so you can deal with what is. To use the same analogy I used before, if a bus is bearing down on you, you need to get out of the way, not just think happy thoughts.

    Prechter is saying that social mood (which can me measured) drives all the rest, and that social mood moves in waves. Yes, this is contrary to the way you current see things, and to the way most people see things. I’ve been reading his stuff (which is highly regarded by a lot of very smart people) for well over ten years, and he has published an incredible amount of information and data that certainly makes what he is saying look credible to me. I don’t think you have enough information yet to cause you to abandon your current view.

    To characterize my view as a “negative” prediction of the future isn’t really fair, or accurate. Look around you. Do you not see more conflict, more discord between social groups, more negativity? I do. Since I see it, I figure I need to take what I observe into account as I navigate my way through life. Ignoring it won’t change things, but it will decrease my ability to resourcefully respond to what is.

    Fianlly, I am (for the nth time) NOT suggesting that anyone be negative. I am, in fact, bringing this up because unless you are aware of what is going on you are likely to become unconsciously sucked up in it. Only if you are aware can you CHOOSE to respond in the way you want to. Otherwise, the herd instinct takes over.

  45. Pabs says :

    Thank you Bill.
    Off topic but feeling the negative climate all the same and happen to enjoy it. But need advice please if you would spare wisdom.

    After completing 8 levels of Holosync I wondered if its ‘normal’ to have alienated most people from your life – becoming almost reclusive. Not that this is a problem, thanks to the program, but it certainly is a problem for others. Id rather sit drinking red wine at an open fire after a walk in the woods than do that whole party/celebration routine.
    Seems the course has stripped layers off me to reveal, well, a bit of a monster really and I am interested to know if yourself or others have had this experience in your/their development.

    I basically had the please disease, did what you wanted, went where you wanted to go, told you you looked nice in that disgusting get-up you just bought etc. All that ‘fitting’in’ stuff. Now, I physically recoil at the slightest whiff of drama, feeling the need to call you up on your bullshit. For example, I have a sister whos been calling for years to describe the treatment she gets off her husband, until I asked what she was gaining from it since she tells anyone who will listen, sympathy maybe. Dont hear much about the subject now. That goes for a lot of other people too.

    So, this approach offends. People enjoy their dramas but dont enjoy my viewpoint. Seems for many no drama – nothing to talk about. How do you behave in these situations – say nothing? I lack tact and diplomacy (so ive been told). Now, rather than brutal honesty I keep quite – suppose people prefer the please disease.

    All that happy clappy lets all be super positive and feel the love in the room crap gives me the heebie jeebies. We have a negative side – yet expressing it isnt socially acceptable. Suppressing it is gonna make it surface in people at some point. My mother sits chatting to people quite the thing then as soon as they are gone….many ears burning.

    Dont get me wrong, I’m not a complete moody bitch, a certain chord in music or the way the light falls in the woods, or a babies laughter and such can bring intense feelings of joy and happiness, which is probably why I’m not too hung up about my receding contact list! But secretly I think I may be a little concerned.

    FROM BILL: I think this is a phase in your development. You’ve moved away from a false presentation of yourself where you were trying to be a certain way, please others, and so on, but it was not sincere. Not the shadow stuff has come into awareness, and you are consciously expressing it. You probably also feel a lot different from the other people you know because they are still expressing their facade, and they are not aware of some of the things you are now aware of.

    The next step, though, is to allow others to be who they are in all their humanness, which sometimes includes putting forth a facade, being unaware, and a lot more. Hopefully your distaste for these human characteristics (which do represent shadows in you that you still haven’t owned, which is why they trigger you) will evolve into compassion for others. If you weren’t around this blog when I wrote about shadows, go look in the archives and read up on it.

  46. Dale says :

    Hi Bill, like so many others I want to thank you for holosync. I have just recently started level 1 of Flowering. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if my friend Coleen had not said to me “here, try this!” back some years ago. I started using it because of a life time of bad relationships with the “same” men. It has been far more beneficial and affected my life in so many ways. Having been raised in a way to zealous religion with a way to strict and tightly wound mother, being molested as a child, along with a life of bad relationships and most recently fibromyalgia…I can only say it has been the balm that has eased my life, my heart and my mind. I truly believe that the only reason I am able to continue full time employment in the pain I deal with is holosync. It does not take the pain away but helps me deal. I had someone in my office look at me in shock and ask me if I was in pain at the moment. When I told him yes, he asked where and was amazed that I could be sitting calmly, pleasantly, smiling at him and be in pain throughout my entire body. I cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you put into developing holosync and then getting it out to the public…for those who have a problem with paying for this phenomenal creation…it is worth all the gold in the world and all I can say is work on your shadows. If you are using it and not seeing anything happen, re-examine what you are doing…there is something going on even if you don’t recognize it right now. Thanks again Bill, all my love and gratitude… Ms Dale

  47. Dan DeAno says :


    I agree with Bill and Gloria, very well said!

    There is one thing I wanted to clarify about my statement however…

    I did not mean to suggest that being happy, peaceful, etc, ALL THE TIME would be boring or dull. I meant to say that if attaining such a state were possible, it would require that we completely give up any and all attachments. And this, in my mind anyway, would be very boring, dull, and even pointless.

    For me, it is the attachment to my wife, my family, my friends, my dog, etc, that give my life meaning and make life worth living. If I had to give these things up in order to attain a state of perpetual happiness or peace, I would be left asking the question, WHY EVEN BE HERE? Such a life, to me, would be BORING and DULL.

    The HUGE difference for me now after being involved with Centerpointe and being exposed to things like Holosync and Big Heart Big Mind is that I now have an awareness about my attachments that I did not before. I now CHOOSE these things you might say say as opposed to them simply happening unconsciously. And, at some point (due to impermanance), when these things that I am attached to go away, change, pass on, etc, I will choose to suffer.

    This is what (I think) Bill and Genpo meant about choosing to be human. And, as you so elegantly pointed out, it is in this embracing of both the happiness and suffering that our hearts are opened…and we fully realize what it means to be human.

    Thanks again Santiago.


    FROM BILL: A few comments. First of all, if we were happy and peaceful all the time we would not notice it. To notice it, we need the contrast of the times when we were not happy and peaceful. Without up, you can’t have down. If everything was “up” we wouldn’t perceive “upness” because to be aware of anything we need the other side of the duality.

    When a person has a powerful experience of pure awareness (also called oneness, kensho, satori, and by many other names) there is awareness, but no objects of awareness. This experience can only exist in relation to not having it prior to its onset. And, while it is happening, there is an organism sitting there, and that organism is subject to cause and effect, regardless of the bliss and lack of suffering being experienced at that moment (in fact, the self has disappeared–there is no self who feels bliss, there is just bliss). Ultimately that organism is going to have to deal with cause and effect, which is one reason why such experiences don’t last forever.

    You might want to read my previous posts on the stages of waking up: The Five Stages of Waking Up, and There You Are, Enlightened. Embodying pure awareness is a huge event, but there are stages after where one returns to the real world. This is expressed in Zen through the phrase, “Ordinary mind is the Way.”

  48. carlos says :


    As my threshold gets higher and my shadows reowned through daily used of holocync I noticed that I am basically inmune to many things that used to bother me in the past.
    However I am getting concerned about something. Am I going to be prone to put up with bad behaviour from others Just because something does not bother me ?

    I think I am doing that.

    I know it does bother me to some extend otherwise I would not be asking in the first place . I know I can make the decision to change that. but if something does not really bother me I might not have the drive to do it.


    FROM BILL: Too happy, huh?

  49. Gloria says :

    It’s time to add my happy new year and thanks to this blog. I actually posted before any one else and somehow it didn’t register. I rebelled initially at doing it again but have so enjoyed the intelligent conversation in here that I want to make a contribution.

    I am a realist at heart – it sometimes overflows into being cynical – and I appreciate the heads up. Having said that, I spent most of my 60 years of life trying to be a Pollyanna and that got me into more trouble than I care to admit to. Like Pabs, I too had the please disease big time. Still struggle with it, but the struggle is now actually quite challenging and fun.

    BTW Pabs, your post had me in stitches. I could so relate to it. Thankfully I am moving into the stage that Bill describes in his reply to you, where I feel compassion for those who are still caught up in their false personas. The most difficult challenges (and consequently the best teachers) are my sisters, for the obvious reason that they still exhibit the very characteristics, due to our upbringing, that I have tried to disown. Of course, all those who press the buttons are somehow reminiscent of family or other influential ghosts of the past. (FYI I am on the last CD of the Purification level).

    So, a happy new year to everyone and a big thank you to Bill and staff for your dedication, vision and commitment. I am so glad that I started Holosynch and am very happy to be at the stage I am at with it and look forward to completing the programme. It hasn’t been an easy ride and I have done a lot of work alongside it (dreamwork, A Course in Miracles, a study of Jungian psychology and also for the past 18 mths, formal zen meditation) but I am reaping the dividends daily. Even when I go into a funk, it doesn’t last long and there is somehow an undercurrent (or background) hum of optimism that stays in my awareness.

    Blessings to all.

  50. Santiago says :

    Thanks Gloria, Dan and Bill.

    Here is something I wrote regarding the apparent paradox of experiencing ourselves as pure awareness free from suffering and attachments (what I would call the perspective of unity, the transcendent, the absolute, etc) and experiencing ourselves as a separate entity subject to attachments and the changes of a world “outside” (the relative perspective):

    A human being lives between two worlds. The cool breeze of the transcendent and the fire of the relative.

    If he stays just with the cool breeze, he looses the warmth that the fire of humanity can give him. But if he gets too close to the fire, without realizing it he just gets burn.


  51. Gloria says :

    Bill, what is it that causes you to come out of the pure awareness state? is it a thought, a memory, a feeling or what? How come you don’t stay in that state? Is it some cognition that you like being Bill Harris and want to continue occupying playing that role ? If there is no object/subject awareness what causes that awareness to return?

    I think I have a fair bit of fear about entering that state even though it also intrigues me.

    FROM BILL: Who knows. Things happen, and then they change. Then something else happens. Then that changes, too. Transcendental experiences, as Ken Wilber once quipped, are an accident. Meditation makes you more accident prone. Such states show you that all the duality we live in is created by the mind–it is not intrinsic to reality. The mind perceives the universe in a way that makes it seem to consist of polarities, but all of them are really conceptualizations about reality.

    On the other hand, that’s what human life is about–navigating the world through the mind. What other choice do you have? So a transcendent experience shows you what the universe is like without the filter of the mind (there’s one thing/event, and you’re it), while at the same time you have to live in a universe governed by impermanence and cause and effect. Knowing the transcendent makes it possible to do that–to live in a world with lots of suffering and frustration–and remain content and aware. Those who don’t have the background experience of the transcendent avert their eyes from reality through all kinds of idea, escapes, stories about heavens and afterlives, ideas about magicpowers that will save them, struggles to attain worldly treasures as a way of beating the game, and so on.

  52. carlos says :


    Yes I am definetely way more happy , peaceful and centered. However it seems to me is coming at a price. I dont think I am feeling the high peeks of exciment I used to feel (nor the low peak of despair). and I am not feeling the drive to stand up for things I think I should be standing up for .
    Is that the way is supposed to be ? or I am missing something?


    FROM BILL: Isn’t whether or not you stand up for things you think A CHOICE? You know, I assume, from your long association with me, that what you do inside your Internal Map of Reality creates your feelings, and that this is a choice, too, once you become aware of how you create those feelings. Carlos, don’t just sit there and passively and automatically create your life. Take the reins of your life. Choose.

  53. First of all, Happy New Year everyone!!

    Another nice post. Really love reading your articles. It gives us hope and courage to face new obstacles and still think positively. Another new year, another new journey in life.

    BTW, Keep up the good work. Very nice articles here.

    Take care everyone!

  54. Edward says :


    Thank you for your comments! I have been through your blogs at least twice now. Your words continue to provide thought provoking insight into the human condition. My therapist introduced me to Holosync. And I have listened religiously since 11/17/2008. Several bad habits have fallen away. Continue to be real with your posts. And again Holosync has changed my life! Thank you!

  55. Sam says :

    carlos: This has happened to me with respect to holosync, however it’s not the holosync that’s doing it. Our internal map works for a while until the environment changes wherein that map cannot function anymore, and the choice is to either change the environment–I haven’t quite got this yet–or change the internal map that you have that relates that environment to you. I think that you’re finding that it’s more rewarding to change the internal map than trying to change the environment (or you would just avoid those people altogether) however this process of going off of auto pilot and separating from this old map–or primary self system–can often bring up a lot of stuff that we don’t like. I think that you’re on the verge of something big in general, and this is a sign that one should keep noticing and taking appropriate action; at least this is the course I’m following. Perhaps we’re making decisions about how we want to be treated that hadn’t been possible for us until we noticed that things in life weren’t quite the way we wanted them to be? We can’t make the situation better until we recognize that it aint good.

    I’ve recently learned three questions that help me understand my own position better, and that help me notice when I’m reacting to influence from the outside rather than my prefered map of reality. The questions are: what am I currently taking from (blank); what am I giving to (blank); what negativity am I causing to (bblank). The blank I usually fill with my meditation mantra, however you can put here whatever you want; you could say “what am I taking from the one I am; what am I giving to the one I am; what negativity am I causing to the one I am. I often use the mantra “I am infinite being” to keep myself focused durring holosync or other times so I often place the question like “what am I taking from infinite being” etc. This works when you replace the blank with someone else because we are all part of the same one, and it’s helping me at least to understand when I’m doing things because someone else puts something on me rather than my wanting to take action on my own. For instance in not standing up for myself, I’m probably taking a lot of others disowned shadow that tells me that I’m being treated poorly, I’m probably giving (through my actions) that I’m a person that certain other people can treat poorly (and thus benefit from their limited stroke economy: see Bill), and on a higher level it could be said that I myself am causing harm to the one through carma; this usually translates to “I’m not taking positive actions to be treated how I want to be treated” which results from negative carma or another could be “I’m not following the golden rule”.

    PS: Bill, I’m still curious… When are you going to get a “round to-it”?? My Grandpa told me that I would get stuff done once I found one, but I haven’t yet.

  56. David says :

    Hi Bill:

    Great, thought-provoking post. In terms of Prechter and socio-economics, we have to be careful here with relying on so-called “experts” to guide our thinking. For example, Prechter self-proclaims himself to be an expert in socio-economics, makes predictions, and charges for them. His track record is terrible from a macro-based perspective; not bad from an immediate or short-term perspective, thus his value to the marketplace. But from a general macro-based perspective, I’ve been following his socio-economic predictions based on Elliot Waves for decades, and he is MOSTLY wrong. I do get a little bit of fun from the fact that when the recession hit in 2008/9, Prechter claimed he “got it right” – although he had been calling for it for decades based on socio-economics. And it seems that most of the socio-economic work is ivory-tower based anyway and most of all somewhat unactionable in that it’s so general.

    So, I say all that because one of the things I’ve noticed in the late 90s and early 2000s was that these years were some of my worst years economically, etc. – and perhaps some of your best years for you, Bill. Some of that I think had to do with me was not the value I was providing but my reading 3 newspapers a day – NY Times, USA Today, and the local paper, and my peer reference group. (I guess that’s projection….) But, man, things were bad back then if you listened to the press and my reference group, neighbors, etc. And now, wholy, moly… Pick up a paper or turn on the news today.

    But, in contrast, as we know now, those years probably were “boom” times with real estate, etc. So, I too struggle Bill with you making predictions and with my day-to-day need to be “informed” but also losing perspective that this may be – really – “a rare and unprecedented opportunity”.

    I think at the end of the day it comes back to the fact that my actions or inactions are in a dance – not with my intentions, not my New Year’s promise, not with what I’m committed to, but with the way things, people occur to me. “A rare and unprecedented opportunity” – it could be or it could not be. I chose the former…

    FROM BILL: Interesting…I’ve followed Prechter for decades, too, and always thought that the bigger the picture the “righter” he was, and the small the time scale, the more he was off (at least in timing). I never could make any money investing on any of his short-term forecasts (including his expensive timing services). He was certain way early on the top of this Grand SuperCycle wave 3 (wrong on timing for a long time), but I think that’s just because it was such a huge wave that he didn’t realize how long the topping process would take. I think his overall thesis that we are entering a 4th wave down is spot-on. We’ll see.

  57. Julius Ko says :

    Thanks Bill!!

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2010!

    – Julius

  58. Richard says :

    I do agree that we are in a deflationary period. However, the problem I have with Prechter’s predictions is that he always has an explanation when they don’t come true, or are off by a few decades. ;-) Just look at his gold outlook. He keeps rvising it and always comes up with an explanation. He was out of the stock market all through the 90s and missed the biggest bull market in history. So much for prescience. As he says, Elliott Waves are always right on magnitude, but timing is always a problem. Well, even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

    The basic idea that social mood is a factor in history (and the stock market) is not necessarily new, but I really question its validity. Take the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany for instance. A superficial reading of events would lead to the conclusion that there was some endogenous switch in social mood during the late 20s and early 30s, which led to a 12 year period of temporary insanity in Germany. However, when you actually read the histories of the period (Evans’s Coming of the Third Reich, and his The Third Reich in Power) you see that it was real people making real decisions and propelling real events, not some ethereal and unexplainable social contagion.

    Social contagion can be factor, for instance in closed systems such as the stock market and herding/group panic behavior during a building fire, but to think that the same phenomenon can explain broad historical trends is ludicrous and no closer to useful than astrology. Also, notice that all of the “peer reviewed” papers on socionomics are written by Prechter and his accolytes.

    Where I believe Prechter is right is with his assessment of the deflationary period we are in. However, you don’t need Elliott Waves and socionomics to explain that, as it is simple mathematics. When people borrow money over long periods of time, eventually, they can’t borrow anymore and have to start paying the piper. When they can’t do that any more, the whole house of cards comes crashing down.


    FROM BILL: I agree with you about the timing ability of Elliot Waves, and I would never use them in any micro sense for investing. However, I do think he has demonstrated–to my satisfaction–that social mood precedes social action. For that, I direct you to his newsletters and other writings, which I find convincing in that sense. And, whether the chicken came first or the egg, we are definitely entering a time of declining social mood, and I expect there to be more conflict, socially, economically, politically, racially, artistically, and in other ways. All you have to do is look around to see that this is true. Whether Prechter is a great investment advisor is a totally different question.

    In terms of this blog, I’m just acknowledging the downturn in social mood and trying to get people to see it with awareness, because awareness always creates choice–in this case, choice as to whether or not to participate by unconsciously following the mood of the herd.

  59. Sam says :

    I don’t quite get how social mood (and their cycles) are somehow correlated with the social patterns witnessed in economic systems. For this type of big-picture prediction of where things are going–in our current economic model that Bill is using to explain the negativity–usually a topography of social mood is almost always wrong. If we’re looking at one wide-spread culture and the underlying trends of social mood this might be accurate (say in the current culture of those who use holosync) however on a world-wide scale wherein there is much diversity of both cultural influences and oppinions this type of predictive method doesn’t seem to do much good. It’s like watching a tsunami on the ocean, and saying that “the ocean is angry with us” when our city is washed away by the force of the water. It’s not the whole ocean that we’re observing when we watch the tsunami come in, although for people who aren’t focused on what could have been done beforehand to make sure that the city is safe this type of thinking seems to make sense; they will focus on the wave and say that “this is how it is” rather than looking at the ocean and saying “this is what could have been”. I’m just going on my own limited perspective, so perhaps someone could enlighten me a bit?

    FROM BILL: I suppose you need to educate yourself about these things, then, in order to understand them more. None of what you have said has much to do with what I said about this subject, Sam. You’re putting up straw men and then knocking them down.

  60. Helen says :


    I download your podcasts and listen to them over and over. Not only do you offer exceptionally relevant and useful infomation, I experience a peace and love as if I were studying at a master’s feet. I am so grateful that you have maximized technology to point us back to our inner selves. My life is so much better because of your work and, because I meditate with Holosync, I experience life in a new way. I used to think I wasn’t doing it ‘right’, now I realize it’s all-right.

    Warm regards,

    Your student

  61. bio cybernaut says :

    Thanks Bill,

    eventually I have discovered my life’s purpose, I’m working with a coach of yours for clarification, she’s great!

    We are were we are because it’s been done by design: chemtrails, the coming total financial meltdown, the coming wars, and all the rest of it. It’s all designed to keep people in beta and high beta, and it’s not the humans that are in charge of our governments!

    On the other hand I can feel the god force coming through me, and again I don’t give a damn about religion and dogma, cause it’s wrong and misleading beliefs that got us here in the first place.

    I know that there is great change and destruction coming our way, and many will not make it, but I know I will and I know that we will rebuild this planet to the liking of the creator!

    The New World Order thinks they’ve won it, but they have made the addition without the host, the universal force will come down on this earth and restore order, and again I am part of this order, as well as many others who are healing themselves from insanity!

    People tell me that I am in another world, and I tell them: “indeed I am”, I have seen the sleeping zombies, I was one myself, and now that I’ve woken up the zombies tell me that I am insane, but guess what: I don’t give a damn about people’s opinions! I may at times have an external check, but my decisions come from my own frame of reference!

    It will be one hell of a ride as we will move though the coming period, but I am confident, no, I absolutely know that this will take us into the new age with more power and most of all self determination (a thing we did not have over millennia, as a collective that is).

    Take Care, Bio)

  62. Sam says :

    I don’t get how I’m putting up a straw man argument here. From my understanding that is when I might miss-represent what you’re saying so as to argue my distorted view as your real view; Bill seems to be saying “a” that I can refute by saying “b” and to those who accept “a” as what Bill really said “b” as a refutation seems to fit. I can understand if you’re replying to my representing your predictions of social mood with economics, as they seem to have nothing to do with each other, however this is the assertion that I put forth in the first place. It seems to me that there are too many variables in a social system to predict what will happen; it does seem that things are heading downward in many respects, however this doesn’t take into account all of the other variables that could be implimented to aulter the current prediction. Economics can be tracked by the same type of predictive method (from my narrow viewpoint) however it seems that the waves of the economy move on more predictable tracks than social mood. For instance Ken Wilber has predicted that if 10% of the population meditated, that this would result in a chritical mass that would move the whole of humanity (or that culture) higher on the developmental scale as a stage development. If 10% of the population worked on accumulating wealth rather than accumulating results with personal meditative practice, this wouldn’t cause a stage development wherein everyone evolves. I’m not sure where Ken came up with these results, or whether or not I’m understanding correctly, however it seems that with a bit more integral tracking we could see a much more positive outlook for our future.

    The waves of the economy seem to me to move over a different track than social mood in that the waves are courser and more defined with edges. It appears to me that social mood ripples quite a bit more, and at the point where the waves chrest they’re much more round and maliable from a higher perspective. It’s as if if we introduce a new variable into the system that social mood will be more flexable in moving around this veriable (and making use of it) than an economic system. Who knows; this is a blind person’s visual representation of what may or may not be happening. We can work much more readily with our current social mood than we can with money; have a positive mental attitude and other factors (IE Nepolian Hill’s twelve great ritches) and go the extra mile and you’ll accumulate wealth, however there are many people with money who seem not to get these basics and who will not understand them no matter how much money they accumulate.

    FROM BILL: Your putting up a straw man because you’re arguing against something I never said.

  63. Sam says :

    PS: bio cybernaut is right on in many respects, however please be careful with this type of thinking; I currently feel the undertones of insanity myself, and it’s only through understanding that we’ll make this whole underlying problem go away. If we think for instance that beta levels (or “omg” high beta) is a bad thing, then we won’t be able to use this level for what it’s supposed to be used for; chritically monetoring our thoughts to be sure that my thoughts come from me, and your thoughts come from you, and when we share consciousness together that we’re doing so consciously rather than some coincidence that we then attribute all sorts of things to. There is also a new order coming, however I believe that this new matrix vibrates higher in vibration and still retains most old patterns. This “new order” is created almost identical to the old matrix, and those who use this new matrix for training will further integrate the old order until we are one and there is perceptually no difference between old and new. My father might opperate on the old program, and I might use new high-tech things like holosync and the like, but I can still show my father respect and love and perhaps give him a burst of theta waves to help him along; perhaps him and his old ways could tell me more about helping myself along rather than trying to “give theta” to others, but perhaps my new high-tech method has forgotten to listen to the wisdom of old.

    No matter what human intelligence will prevail, and if AI is running the new program then there’s nothing to worry about. Computers are only as smart as their programmers (or creater as you prefer) and I would look for corrupt human beings who put fear into the mind and write corrupt programs than some sort of milicious artificial intelligence coming from thisguy (or the sky) to try and enslave us. This will all sort itself out in time, if we remain unafraid of who we really are underneath, and if we’re honest about “seeing things the way they really are” and someday get a “round to-it” as my deceased grampa advises. Use the force, and don’t be snarkey about it.

  64. bio cybernaut says :


    I am not saying that we will enter a golden age and that’s it!

    And yes I am aware of the boldness of certain claims I have made, and may be I should have reread my text a couple of times to refine it.

    But what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that I can feel more and more the god force working through me, really having the feeling that I am part of the whole, a tool if you will through which the higher will operates.

    The things I have been telling are NOT about beliefs, they are about KNOWING, of course you believe what you know, but knowing is coming from source itself, not from my individual mind! And again I think that Bill would say my mind is part of the whole…so may be I’m looking at it from the wrong side…still learning here.

    But I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is a sinister agenda going on to enslave us all, and I can also tell you that ti will fail, but the losses in life and sanity of mind will be huge, I have no proof of this, but I can feel it.

    And so all I can do is to continue to work on myself and find a way to become the agent of transformation that I have come here to be in this lifetime!

    And so to get back to your “please be careful with this kind of thinking” I can tell you that I know what is true, but I have just not yet found the right package to deliver my message.

    Talking of package: 9/11 was sold as terrorism, and so people will not accept the 3000 dead people, and therefore accept the resulting tyranny that government brings in out of this! But they will accept 1 million dead in Iraq because it has been sold to them as being war!

    The problem we have with the world is that people don’t want to face reality, it’s easier to watch the fucking tube and soak up a lie rather than to face your own fears related to change.

    I hope you can feel me on this one…I will leave it at that at this time.

    Regards Bio (dave)

  65. Matt says :


    I so enjoy the two way dialogue this blog has made possible. I’m excited to share this article about mental illness with you from the New York Times a few weeks ago. I think as a company with global customers coming from an American mindset this has real implications for your work at Centerpointe, perhaps you might even consider blogging a response to the articles conclusions about cross-cultural psychology, I know you will find it fascinating:

  66. greg says :

    Bill – ‘the world is in a mess’ is it ? remember “the map is not the territory” ‘the world is in a mess’ is just a thought in your mind, I thought your threshold would be so sky high – that your mind would be flooded with positive thoughts ? and you wouldn’t be spending a second thinking ‘the world is in a mess’ ?

    FROM BILL: There really IS a world out there, however. Yes, I have a map of it, as does everyone. But it’s pretty clear that millions of people are out of work, and so forth (I won’t list all the real-world suffering that exists, but it does exist). I don’t think anyone can really say that it isn’t there, or that it’s just something that exists in my mind.

    You have, I suspect, misunderstood the phrase, “The map is not the territory,” which means that your idea of something is not the same as the actual something. So, yes, my IDEA of the situation in the world isn’t the same as the actual situation. That doesn’t mean, though, that there isn’t suffering and strife in the world, and that it isn’t increasing as social mood becomes darker. For anyone who looks, it is obvious that it is.

    As for my threshold, you may be misunderstanding that, too. Having a high threshold doesn’t mean that you don’t see things as they are, or that you don’t see suffering and feel compassion about it (and, take action to do something about it, if you can). I am not over my threshold about this in the sense that I am being automatically triggered by it. I am CHOOSING to see the world in its present state (to not see things the way they are is delusion), to feel compassion about it, to say something about it on this blog, and to take action based on what I see. That’s just prudent (and, in the case of helping others) compassionate living. Being under your threshold doesn’t mean that you ignore what is going on around you. The idea here is to have enough awareness that you are able to exercise choice.

  67. Roscoe says :

    Hi Bill,

    First, I want to personally thank you for your contribution you give to all of humanity! It takes someone with a huge heart and broad shoulders to be able to say what you say given some of the (what I call negative)responses. And you do so until your intentions or point of view are hopefully made clear to all.

    I am relatively new to your work. So far I like what I see. And I would like to put my 2 bits in.

    I do agree with you in the fact that this world is a mess right now. And isn’t
    showing many signs of improvement yet. And personally, it may get worse before it gets better. ( I don’t wish this to be)

    We do need to see things as they are. We should be very aware of whats going on in this world. And the trick is not to get pulled into the negativity of it. That bus might be bearing down on us, but for some of us its already hit! Myself included. I’m just one of the many unemployed (over a year now). Its OK though, I landed on my feet on a set of train tracks and there’s a freight train coming! (about to lose my house). But enough about me, that’s not my point, that’s just how it is!

    What I think needs to be said is that bus is headed toward someone. It may or may not be you. Be aware! Then what? What I think is missing is whats next? We can all just stand there and let the world stay on its current course of a downward negative spiral! You may personally have noticed the bus and stepped out of the way, But it’s hitting people every day! Your family, friends and neighbors!

    What I’m saying is that it’s up to all of us! Ask yourself, Is this how you want to see this world? As it is? How or what can you, I or we do now to change this negativity in the world? I would challenge all to think bigger than normal! (Your same routine isn’t bigger) The more of us that take action on this, the Quicker the world changes for the better!

    Thank you again Bill! As I heard somewhere, We are all ordinary people, some are just up to extra ordinary results!


    FROM BILL: Well stated. In my opinion, each of has a responsibility to help those who are suffering in whatever way we can. For some this involves time, for other finances, for others giving psychological help–and I’m sure there are many other ways to help others. Something about helping others makes life worth living.

    A few further comments about “seeng things the way they really are” in terms of the state of the world and the economy. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to go to get accurate information about what’s really happening, politically or financially, or how to evaluate the information they do get. A small number of people saw the current situation coming (I was one of them) and took steps well in advance to protect themselves (at any rate. as much as is possible). Those who got their information from the government (bad idea), the mainstream news media (ditto), and what the prevailing sentiment of the crowd was, were blindsided. There are, however, more private sources of information distributed by very smart people, most of which have a vested interest in being as accurate as possible (as opposed to having a vested interest to deceive, obfuscate, passify, or swindle).

    It’s human nature that in boom times people think things will always be good, and in fact will keep getting better. To go against this normal human tendency, you have to “see things the way they really are.” History shows (as I have said a few times lately) that such things (good times, bad times) move in cycles, up and down. Ironically, the more positive people become the closer we are to a downturn–when everyone is as positive as they can get there’s no where else to go but down (and this is well supported by what has happened, over and over, throughout history).

    So there are spiritual reasons for seeing things the way they really are, as I have described in a few recent posts, and there are practical reasons. This is partly a “grasshopper and the ant” sort of thing: for instance, those who saved money during good times, instead of spending it all, now have savings to live on, for instance. I know people who have made huge amounts of money over the last ten years who bought huge and expensive homes they now can’t pay for and will probably lose just because they assumed that things would always be good.

    I know this isn’t much help now for those who are unemployed and struggling. And at this point in not be that obvious what a valuable lesson it is to have learned this for the future, or so your kids can learn from it. Always remember that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit–but you must LOOK FOR IT and nurture it. Ask yourself, “What’s GOOD about this? What are the benefits?” There are some, if you look for them.

    If you are in debt, do your best to cut back (I know it’s not easy) and get out of debt. Dave Ramsey has a good method for doing this (google him). He’s a fundamentalist Christian and doesn’t think like a lot of people who read this blog, but he does know how to get out of debt and has helped a lot of people.

    Another thing you can do is think about what people in this sort of climate might need, what problems they face, etc. For instance, more people are having cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and other machines and appliances repaired instead of just buying a new one. Businesses that repair such things are going to do well in the next several years. In general, look around and see if you can identify unmet needs, either in a business owner who might hire you, or in society in general, which could lead to a possible business.

    One good thing about hard times is that people tend to value the spiritual side of life much more, as well as friends, relationships, and other “best things in life are free” aspects of life. And, they move away from a reliance on things as a way of (supposedly) making them happy.

    I am very interested in the comments of anyone reading this blog as to what you think Centerpointe might be able to do to help you, or what problems you have that we might solve. If you have some ideas, let me know.

  68. Sam says :

    Bill, I am pointing out the direction of the discussion lately, which seems to have moved from plotting social mood (on a graph) to plotting economics instead. I was a little excited to think that perhaps my samadhi idea took hold; sorry for getting me ego in the way and causing a fuss rather than cashing in some of my savings in raising social mood.

    bio cybernaut: I believe in what you’re saying whole heartedly, however perhaps I’m speaking more for myself than to anyone else. I’m involved with a course that is called “remote influencing” that used brain technology and other things to create conditions for what one wants in the world. I believe that this course can create quite a large difference in one’s life, however there is a possible way in which harm can be caused; they say that using tools for creation like powers and the like can have consiquences while the person is in delta, but I’m not sure… At any rate this program states that on a higher level there can be no bad intentions as we are all one, and that the one wouldn’t want to cause harm to itself, however I’m quite suspicious of this sort of thing. Therefore I believe that at this time what is crucial is learning and exploration, and our finding out for ourselves what is true. Your words have the ring of truth to them and they sound a lot like my own thinking in the program, however we must always cultivate the witness posture. I’m finding that more and more it’s becoming important for me to create my own witness, or version, of manifestation from source; I’m recognizing that the more unique I make my own conversation with source, the more that my own personal witness opens up automatically, and the more I naturally reject harmful or emotionally toxic thoughts from others. However this takes practice, and I appreciate that we all keep that in mind. You’re right on though, and I look forward to more inner exploration. Until we reach outer space, the inner space seems fine to me; there’s almost too much there for me to wrap my head around, and I’m eagley awaiting that time when it won’t. Perhaps we’ll meet at the temple on the mountain, and to the sky beyond. Until that time please be well, and keep up the good work.

  69. Catherine says :

    What a great blog.
    I tend to drop in once a year or so. Usually when I’m a bit stuck or confused/bemused/befuddled.
    Pabs is too funny! It MUST be a stage (ie you are NOT a monster) as like Gloria I have been there too. Still am a bit to be honest but aware of it now, so it really is more difficult to keep up and compassion seems more natural.
    If you want reclusive see me. I’m living on a mountain top (literally) in Spain surrounded by goats and the odd passing donkey! Fortunately I have my nearest and dearest with me. Haven’t managed to alienate everyone but had a good try for a while. You can’t ram this stuff down people’s throats. The best thing you can do is to lead by example. People will notice if there is integrity and compassion in your actions.
    Goodness, what to say with regard to bio cybernaut. I think this is the thing I’m most confused about at the moment. You don’t have to dig around much to find a whole host of info regarding the new world order and the elite agenda. Are you referring to a reptilian agenda ? We have David Icke in the UK who writes about all of these issues in great detail. I touched on this in last month’s blog with ‘mass manipulation of humans. ‘ This is definitely happening.
    Bill said that the more aware you are the less likely you can be manipulated. Couldn’t agree more. Here’s the thing though- there seems to be an assault on the human brain from all directions in a bid to prevent people from going through the very stages of development Bill discusses. I think that for this reason those who are more awake/aware feel an urgency to give people a kick up the backside because this is NOT a ‘natural cycle’ in terms of social behavior. I find this a real sticking point because how can people and societies develop when they are not even aware that they are being manipulated in such a way. I am aware of it yet I still need a tool (ie holosync or whatever) to help me move forward. You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to see what’s happening around you. On the other hand maybe I’ve got it very wrong. Told you I was befuddled.
    A small side issue. Is anyone seeing auras or such like?
    I’ve noticed this in the last 6 months or so (I’m on Flowering 1). Also if I look in the mirror and gaze at my forehead for a few seconds my face sort of morphs into other faces. I get an energy rush up my neck when it happens and the room seems to disappear. I am perfectly sane I promise you. It’s the face morphing that I was wondering about. What the hell is that all about?

    Catherine xx

  70. biocybernaut says :

    thank you all for your contributions and kind words, know that I value all of you guys being a part of my life!

    sam, I would caution you to think that the one does not harm itself, in my opinion that is a bit woo woo thinking, cause look at all the stuff that’s going on in the world, this universe is ruled by law, and if you fail to apply the law you will get burnt (and again I am not referring to the law of men). all I can say is follow your heart and gut (and make sure that the voices you are hearing are coming from there).

    I will leave it at that, otherwise I’ll veer off into 1000 other things.

    may you all be well and blessed! dave)

  71. biocybernaut says :

    Dear Catherine,

    I hope I am not pissing off bill here, lol, I get the impression we are turning his blog into a forum! But then again, many people are concerned with these issues, so they should be discussed (not sure if this is the right place though).

    I have had and still have experiences with seeing auras and spirits and add a few more to that, that happens when you connect to your spiritual eye, be that intentionally or not, so don’t worry about it, enjoy it as being an experience, I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with you!

    After my first months of Holosync I’ve had what you could call a peak experience: I was in a shopping mall and noticed that I had very few thoughts going on, as I came up to the cashier I noticed my mind coming back in telling me: she’s this or that, as soon as I intentionally dropped that, I was astound to see that she started glowing, just for a brief moment my perception of that person went beyond, I would call it the glow of god.

    I have seen the bloke that you are referring to, all I would add at this point, without going into further details is this: for me it rings true, period. There are things you just know are true and you don’t even need to question them.

    And I would like to add a quote here:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self evident.”

    -Arthur Schopehauer, German philosopher, 1788-1860

    Take Care, Dave)

  72. Sam says :

    I have noticed things similar to what Catherine has noticed which prompted me to go further into courses like remote influencing and the like; there is a lot of stuff in there, and a lot of potential for growth (which might lead through some weirdness). I’m glad to hear that others are pushing into these experiences as it tells me that I’m not alone, however these experiences aren’t necessarily what I believe we’re looking for. Bill truly is right on as far as awareness goes, as the more we are aware–and open to possible experiences or further unfolding of the map into areas that hadn’t been opened to us before–the more that our internal guidence system will click in. We’re told what to do, what to watch on television, what to think almost: we haven’t had to use our inner resources up to now, to be changed perminantly soon. All of these things like oras and the like are normal for our progression of change, and our experiencing them I believe has to do with our necessity for such things as our map is taking us to places where previously the roads on the map did not go. For instance if I want to see my environment I might have to see an ora because I don’t have the use of my eyes, however if I’m focused on seeing oras because this is the only way that I will gain access to the information than I might miss the internal choir singing a beautiful song of creation that enfolds everything I could have ever wanted to see on the outside: simply magical, and all from within. I think that all to often I would cut myself off from these experiences, because they seemed so far out there and non-escential for what I’m trying to do. More and more I’m learning that every single thing is escential and can teach me something, and it’s with the help of us all on this blog that I (and perhaps we) are able to push into these higher awarenesses. And the more like us that do that, the more that the internal map will shift so as to make future exploration more likely (and profitable). There is a big boom of opportunity waiting for us, and I feel that perhaps this is the year that we will reap our harvest.

    And yes, I’ll keep monetoring those voices. Many of them are indeed not my own, but more than a few have become friends. Thanks for keeping in mind!

  73. michelle says :

    Happy New Year to all! I always read the blog, very rarely write. I learn much from the interaction as well as the initial article. Although some of the economic is beyond me (not that I couldn’t understand-but the interest is lacking) I appreciate all taking the time for posting their knowledge and experience. Sometimes questions I have are answered by reading your response Bill to someone else.
    Holosync has made a huge change in my life already (two years and a bit in) and I recommend it to everyone who wants to transform, or even just get along better in their daily life. Some behaviours and ways of being I took for granted now seem like they belong to someone else.
    I am very thankful I finally started-because I remember seeing the ads 15 years ago- and disbelieving the claim “Meditate deeper than a zen monk”
    Obviously since I’ve started I can see for myself-and that’s enough-may everyone see for themselves what they are looking for too.

    Thank you so very much,

  74. Richard says :


    You asked for ideas on how Centerpointe can help in these times. How about a workshop/seminar/course on thriving in difficult economic times using some of the principles you teach in your Life Principles series of online courses. It would be an extract, focused exclusively on:
    a) seeing things the way they are (deflation is here for a while, etc.)
    b) finding your strengths
    c) building on your strengths using some of the principles.
    d) How to stay positive
    e) How to build for the future



    FROM BILL: Thank you, Rich. Actually, I was just talking to people around here yesterday about creating a free webinar about that exact subject. I’m not sure how long it will take to get it together, but hopefully it won’t take long. Stay tuned.

  75. catherine says :

    Thanks Dave and Sam.
    I’m hopeful that Bill has nothing against a very open and heartfelt discussion of this nature! I’ve spent the last year discovering that the whole system we live by is corrupt at the very core by design. EVERYTHING I see confirms this.
    I feel stuck though because I’m wondering if this is yet another limited perspective of mine which will change as my awareness increases.
    I guess I’m doubting myself and my ability to know ANYTHING for sure.
    Even that explanation seems half baked and incomplete, but I can’t seem to express it any beter.
    Seeing auras and face morphing etc has become normal having seemed so extraordinary to begin with. My ‘third eye’ seems to be constantly pulsating in my forehead. I’m trying to just let it all unfold however it needs to. Having said that, funny Sam should mention remote influencing
    as I’m just about to start on that. Have been in two minds about doing it but think I will go ahead.

    Catherine. xx

    FROM BILL: Okay, I’ll say something both about corruption, and about auras, remote viewing, etc.

    I DO think that pretty much the entire polical system (worldwide) is corrupt. Always remember the famous statement of Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And, the larger institutions become, whether governmental or corporate or something else, the more corrupt they become (in other words, the more powerful, the more corrupt). Most people can see that we have a system in the U.S. today, where corporations have been allowed to become HUGE, and have allied themselves with big governement, to the detriment of all of us.

    What I find interesting is that when social mood is positive, people don’t look closely at, and don’t seem to be very aware of, the corruption. This makes it seem as if there is less of it when times are good. When social mood goes negative, it looks like corruption is seeping out of every crack and cranny. People are more inclined to not focus on corruption in good times, but they sure become pissed about it in bad times. I suspect that the amount of it is pretty much the same all the time (though it sure does look like it’s increasing now, doesn’t it?).

    As for things like remote viewing and seeing auras, I find that people who seek such things do so because they feel a certain sense of powerlessness in their lives, and they think if they only had certain powers they wouldn’t be so powerless. This goes back to what I’ve written about lately about acknowledging that there is no escape from impermanence and cause and effect. Seeking powers is one way people hope will defeat these things.

    I do think that some people can see what people call auras. However, what they are actually seeing is not really determinable. It’s like people seeing lights in the sky and saying that what they see is a space ship from another planet. Yes, what they see is unidentifiable (as in Unidentifiable Flying Object), but that doesn’t mean that it comes from another planet. That is an assumption, and certainl less likely than many other possible explanations.

    In the same way, just because you see what people refer to as an “aura”, that all the various things attributed to an aura are true. As with the UFO, it’s a possibility, but there is ZERO evidence accepted by any reputable scientist (please don’t post something saying, “Oh yes there is,” because I have looked into this extensively) that what people call auras have anything to do with your personal qualities, your spiritual development, and so forth. That’s something people would LIKE to believe.

    Regarding psychic phenomena, including remote viewing: The US Army did an extensive study several years ago (I heard this from Michio Kaku, one of the top physicists in the world, who holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics and a joint appointment at City College of New York and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where he has lectured for more than 30 years–and one of THE smartest and most in-th-know people in the world) where they looked at EVERY study ever done on psychic phenomena of any kind (including remote viewing), concluding that there was NO credible evidence of ANY extrasensory phenomena in any of the studies. They also found that several of the celebrated studies that you may have read about involved deception by those involved.

    I know this is going to piss off those of you who believe in such things. Of course you are free to believe anything you like. I like to believe things that are supported by evidence and to otherwise have a skeptical but open mind.

    Catherine, I believe that you see something (by the way, there is something very likable about you). I just don’t think that there is any evidence for all the characteristics New Agey people attach to auras. As for remote viewing, it is BS. And, as I said, every person I’ve gotten to know who sought such things (including other things like mind control over others, extraordinary physical powers, etc.) suffered from feelings of powerlessness about life. This is an aspect of magical thinking, which I have written extensively about on this blog in the earlier posts.

    I certainly don’t mean this as an insult to anyone (though I imagine someone will take it that way anyway). I understand the desire to want to believe certain things. I just see my role here as to call it as I see it. Sometimes, I’m sure, I’m not right. I’ve been wrong more times in my life than I care to admit. And, anyone is certainly free to believe whatever they want. Finally, I’d really prefer that this blog not become a forum for arguing about psychic phenomena. If that starts to happen I may not post everything that people write on that subject. Let’s keep this about ways to improve our lives and the lives of others.

  76. Matthew says :

    Hi Bill
    Thanks for the blog. You have been talking about good and bad a lot lately. I thought I would leave a Quote: Hamlet: ……. for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.

    FROM BILL: However, it is a prison from which humans cannot escape. The human mind is set up to descriminate between this and that, to divide the world into appropriate and inappropriate–to play what I have referred to in several posts (a name I got from the great Alan Watts) The Game of Black and White, where White must win. You might want to find and read those posts.

    The less you play, the less you suffer, which is what you are referring to. However, it is an illusion to think that you can completely stop playing. And, you wouldn’t want to. Life without distinctions would be incredibly boring. Nothing would happen. There would be no juice, no dynamic tension.

    I, for instance, am attached to my children, my wife, my cat, to Centerpointe, to my friends, and so forth. Without those attachments life would be blah. On the other hand, those attachments also set me up to suffer if (when) something happens to those people or things. This is a double bind we’re all caught in.

    The secret to dealing with this is AWARENESS. If you play the Game of Black and White unconsciously and automatically, you suffer a lot and you have not choice about it. If you play with awareness, you don’t play such a hard and serious version of the game, first of all, and (this is the most important thing) you have choice about your suffering. I CHOOSE to be attached to my wife, knowing that this attachment will create suffering (as all attachments do). The person who is aware and awake CHOOSES to be human, which includes choosing which attachments to have (since having them is unavoidable as long as you are alive).

    So, Matthew, you’ve hit on the core of what I am teaching. Yes, your mind does make this or that bad or good–bad and good are ideas about reality, but there is no intrinsic goodness or badness in anything. Everything, ultimately, just IS, and we make things good or bad with our mind. You can’t, though, decide not to do this, and if you could you wouldn’t want to. You can, thought, by being more aware, CHOOSE how you do it, instead of just doing it automatically.

  77. Gloria says :

    I went through a period of several years where I experienced so called psychic phenomena. It had me really thinking seriously about my sanity. Thank God it’s over. It was just a phase.

    One way I think of things like seeing auras, face morphing etc. is to remember that the eyes are recording devices, like a video camera. It’s the brain/mind that interprets the data. If this kind of thing happened in a dream, we wouldn’t think twice about it, so why is it any different just because I’m (supposedly) awake? Human imagination is a wonderful and wondrous thing but it has to be grounded in reality, otherwise what good is it?

  78. carlos says :

    Thanks for your response Bill,

    You are right I was not choosing my responses to people, I was totally on autopilot. After reading your answer I made the decision to handle this situation . Just by making the decision I felt my own power coming back to me. Growing up I was emasculated in a hundred different ways by mother and father . I grew up in a society and a time when you pay for being a coward big time . I thought I had handled it , at least to and extend . I was wrong it seems. I think it was Aristoteles who said that “by doing you become” . By doing acting xxxnice and acomodating to avoid conflict I became a coward . I am starting to assert myself . My whole demeanor and internal attitude have changed. I am reexperiencing the states when I have been in touch with my internal iron.The same people are keeping a distance. I guess they are seeing something in my eyes. Dont worry I wont kill anybody :-).


    FROM BILL: Whatever happen back when, let it go. All it is is a memory, nothing more. Watch it, watch what feelings it creates, and you’ll see that the feelings come from you, not from whatever happened in the past. See how you create feeling powerless and you’ll drop it.

  79. biocybernaut says :

    Dear Bill,

    I agree with 99.999% of what you teach, and again, I highly respect you for that. Though I do not agree, at all, with certain views you have, but I guess that is human nature, and so that’s okay.

    Ultimately though I have to say that I agree with you, that we need to find ways, to deal with the practical down to earth problems we are confronted with, and so in that sense I’d say that any further input from your part is highly appreciated.

    Thanks again, Take Care, Dave)

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, the world is mostly about choosing which view to believe or not believe. I’m trying to get you to drop believing altogether. Instead, be aware. Adopting some other person’s explanations is useless. It’s called dogmatism. Find out for yourself. I’m not expressing what I think to get you to believe it. I’m doing it as a nudge (and a hint) to help you become more aware so you can see for yourself.

  80. Catherine says :

    Hi Bill
    Not in the least bit offended. Just trying to make sense of what’s happening so happy to consider anything! Only sorry that it seems you have been slightly provoked into speaking out when you may have preferred not to comment.
    I fully take on board the magical thinking aspect and can see how easy it could be to be seduced by it. Maybe also this kind of conversation seems self indulgent if you are struggling with other issues.
    Perhaps both you and Gloria are right, who really knows. My own thoughts were that it could be down to noticing energy fields that are always there but you simply failed to pay attention to. No super powers involved. Isn’t everything energy after all so surely that is grounded in reality. Perhaps by pooh poohing the experience (whether in a dream or not Gloria) we are missing a chance for learning? After all, the scientific viewpoint is constantly changing and expanding. Enough said though, I agree.

    Catherine. xx

    FROM BILL: You may see something, but the interpretation that it is an “energy field” is a guess on your part, just as the person who sees a UFO guesses that it comes from another planet, though there are many other more mundane explanations. It’s not seeing something that you call an aura that is magical thinking, it’s attributing it to some metaphysical source for which there is no evidence. The aura, I suspect, is happening in the auditory centers of your brain.

  81. Matthew says :

    Thanks for the excellent response about my quote from Hamlet. I did not have time to explain at the time but my experience is this. Many times what we think we don’t want to happen turns out to the best thing that could have happen once it is in full context of our lives. It is best to procrastinate (which is easy for us humans) on the decision on whether something is good or bad. As you said we have to play the game but I don’t think we have to be in a hurry to decide. As in the song Freewill “if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”. You are still playing the game only there are less ups and downs.

  82. Sam says :

    I only talk about oras and the like when I have personally experienced them and, as for myself, they do not come out of a feeling of powerlessness. If someone is wanting to experience something like this to impress someone else or gain status I can understand the upset, however I’m simply describing what’s there. There are corrupt ways of looking at the world and accompanying oras and that type of thing, wherein people simply go with what mass consciousness says about such things, and then there are those who are interested in the truth. It seems to me that perhaps you’re putting up straw men based upon your interpretation of what I’ve said about oras, as I know it was easy for me to get lost in the confusion of conflicting ideas with respect to your writings.

    Remote influencing is sort of like big mind, wherein rather than being the many selves we become the one mind wherein all possible situations are contained and wherein we get to choose. This isn’t like going behind the sceenes of the matrix and making some aulterations so that now we have power, rather it’s about stepping outside of yourself and recognizing what’s possible. If you’re interested you can check out for further explanation. What this course has done more than anything else is give me tools and techniques to take what I already knew deeper, as well as illucidate for me how I’ve been trapped in limited thinking by mass consciousness and how painful that can be for a person.

    PS: I didn’t know liking someone had anything to do with whether or not their perceptions are correct. I’m jealous of you, Catherine,

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say that auras come from a feeling of powerlessness. WANTING to see them does, however, in my experience with hundreds of thousands of students over more than 30 years.

  83. catherine says :

    Hey presto, the penny has finally dropped!
    I can stop frowning now which was starting to hurt.
    See you in another year or so!
    Thanks never seems enough.

    Catherine xx

  84. Chuck says :

    Good Morning Bill,

    About fifteen years ago I was having some problems keeping a positive attitude. This was before I found Center Pointe and Holosync. The Holosync has helped me mellow my feelings also, but even before that I resorted to opening up the news paper to the comic’s page before even looking at the head lines.
    I have found that starting my day with a little humor puts a smile on my face, even before I have my first cup of coffee.
    Oh yes, I read only the strips that have a positive or up-beat outlook on life and stay away from the politically motivated strips or strips that put people down.
    This is just a little trick I have used to keep my world a little brighter. (You can find the comics on line too, if you don’t get a news paper.)

    Thank You for all that you do for us all.

    FROM BILL: Certainly focusing on what is wrong can make a person feel bad. However, positive thinking isn’t really the answer to life. Awareness is. This would include being aware of all the suffering in the world. However, the ability to hold all the suffering in awareness is a pretty advanced place. This is what I’ve been getting at in writing about “Seeing things the way they really are” because that involves not trying to get rid of all the “bad stuff.” Why you try to avoid or suppress or disown the bad stuff (including your own) it comes out anyway, and it does so in a dysfunctional way that causes more suffering. In many ways the process of spiritual opening is one of acknowledging not just the good stuff, but also what we think is the bad stuff. Not focusing on it, not wallowing in it, not dispairing about it, but seeing it for what it is. See my posts about shadow material.

  85. Michael says :

    Hi Bill,
    You mentioned previously that the government and mainstream news media were not good sources of information and that there are more private sources distributed by very smart people. I presume one of these is Robert Prechter. Would you mind sharing the others that you use?
    Thank you

    From BILL: I started reading private financial newsletters back in the late 1970s. What I like about this source of information is that these writers sell their expertise and have a vested interest in accurately predicting what is going to happen (and, often, why it is happening). If they aren’t accurate to some degree people stop subscribing. What they talk about often involves much more than just financial matters, as social and political goings-on are connected to the markets.

    Though they aren’t always right (and there is much disagreement about what is going on and why between different people who do this for a living) they are right way more than the mainstream media (who are almost always wrong–you can almost tell what is going to happen because it’s the opposite of what the public thinks, and they get their information from the media) and the government (who have a vested interest in manipulating people in order to protect their own interests and that of the private interest groups who support them).

    Over the 30+ years I’ve been reading about these things, I’ve managed to find many of the most respected people in the business. Currently I subscribe to Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters (He is 85 and writes a daily website that is amazing–it’s like sitting at the feet of a master/grandfather. Heads of state, heads of huge corporations, and everyone else in the business reads him.), Bert Dohmen (another really smart guy who has been around for many decades–he writes the Wellington Letter plus a number of other services), the Aden Sisters (who are experts especially in gold), The Harry Schultz letter (in the Guiness Book of World’s Records as “The World’s Most Highly Paid Investment Advisor” and another icon who has been around forever–I think he is also in his 80s), James Dines (The Dines Letter–another guy who’s been around for a LONG time and is highly respected), Robert Precter’s Elliot Wave Theorist. Eliiot Wave Financial Forcast, and The Socionomist, Safe Money written by Martin Weiss, Decision Point (a giant daily only compilation of charts and info about many, many differet markets), and several others.

    There are several things I read that are free (the above are $250 or more per year). Martin Weiss has a lot of free (and very good) information by email, including Money and Markets (I get about 5 emails a day from them about different financial subjects–go to Bill Bonner from Agora Publishing–who is a very smart guy–has a free email newsletter called The Daily Reckoning (and Agora has a number of financial newsletters they sell, too, some of which are very good). About a million people read John Mauldin’s free newsletter, which is quite interesting. Most of the people in this business see him as being super-smart. Bill Gross at PIMCO is another very smart guy, and if you poke around online you’ll find all kinds of free things he writes, along with videos, etc. Gary Shilling is another highly respected expert with a newsletter.

    There are more. Doug Casey is highly respected. So are Nouriel Roubini, the Lowery’s service, John Hussman, and many more I’m just not recalling as I read this. When you start following some of these guys they mention others and you eventually learn about the entire galaxy of guys who are respected in this area. Over the years I’ve probably subscribed to 25 different financial letters, many for decades.

    Some people are fascinated by this stuff, and others find it boring, or incomprehensible. To understand what these guys are talking about there certainly is a learning curve, and most people start out knowing little or nothing about how money and finances work, which is one reason why the government can so successfully swindle people–they are uneducated about money, debt, and so forth. I follow this stuff because, first of all, I want to know how everything works just out of curiosity, and I also have money I don’t want to lose through ignorance (though I was subscribing to these newsletter long before I had any money with which I could take advantage of anything they said).

    I hasten to add that most people should stay OUT of the stock market, even in good times. 90% of people LOSE MONEY in the stock market. When you go into the investment markets you are competing with some of THE smartest people in the world, and it’s a zero-sum game–what one person gains, someone else loses. For instance, at a stock market top, the public piles in and the smart people sell their stocks to them. They profit, and the public is left holding the stocks as they decline.

  86. Sam says :

    Perhaps the ora idea is only our emotional field being manifest somehow, and the people seeking the ora experience are seeking their undigested emotional states (their disowned shadow parts) that they experience by “seeing the light” of another. For instance if I disown my special voice–Hal and Sidra stone talk about this and perhaps Genpo can help us understand this shadow–I might be attracted to people (the Dalai Lama for instance) who have this special ora about them; the Dalai Lama is carrying your specialness, and therefore you see it in him, that is unless you’ve dealt with this meaning that this whole special ora is bullshit. Hal and Sidra speak of there being a special voice that creates problems when not owned, and our disowning our specialness and projecting it onto others causes us to interpret that reflection as an ora. It’s possible that we’re all special, however when our true specialness is disowned we tend to focus more on the needing side of the coin; many Bill students know what I mean.

    I also think that emotional debt plays into this, although I can’t explain it. In the remote influencing course it talks a lot about debt in covert ways, and how you can create things from seeming debt. For instance your courses teach principles of going the extra mile etc that can create money for a person in tough times, and similarly this course talks about going the extra mile for others by taking care of their emotional debt. For instance if people have unfulfilled desires this could be a strong emotion for them that they are unable to fulfill, and this continual unfulfilling of desire eventually takes its tole and their is a deficiency; this is why we go to the movies. If I create something that fulfills their desires–a custom made ora or story for instance–I can persuade them to buy the program from me by way of marketing. This technology can be missused to control or manipulate people, however I’m not interested in that aspect; I’m interested in giving people what they want, and eventually showing how you can create what you desire for yourself.

    I bring up this whole debt with remote influencing thing because you’re quite a bit smarter than I am about how that system works, and I figured that I would plant the seed. The people who crave the ora experience are in debt, their debt being their ignorance, and they are unwilling to pay the price to find out how things really work and are unwilling to see things the way they really are. I’m aware of my debt in this respect and am willing to pay the price to gain wisdom rather than power, and power to create what I want comes to me when the seed matures into a healthy investment. I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I hope something is ripe for discovery and discourse. I like that passion that you have; it seems to have lit your internal fire once again.

  87. Sam says :

    I just want to say one more thing about this debt thing for clarrification. I can’t become “mu” for instance, or the oak tree in the garden, and pass the koan by the way of this remote influencing program. The oak tree in the garden is strong and stirdy, and I believe that the RI program and holosync program help me to become more sturdy, however these things don’t negate one’s personal practice. Many can become big mind, but fiew really integrate this realm of experience into practical daily application. Big mind can’t yet help us with financial matters–perhaps Bill your experience is different–however the wisdom is there waiting to be applied with the method.

    FROM BILL: Big Mind is to help you with practical matters, including financial matters. If you have disowned the voice of the marketplace, for instance, or the voice of being prosperous, or any of dozens of other voices, you will have trouble making money. Zen is about this life, here, now, not about being zoned out in the transcendent.

  88. Charles says :

    Hi Bill,

    and thanks for a necessary input into the art of meditation and the state of living in this world.
    Like the Zen Buddhists say: let thoughts and images just pass like clouds in the sky. It is the method I use as I go on minding my own business in this life.
    Humans still have a long way to go before we can evolve to the state of mind and being that we can truly acheive!

    Thanks Bill, for being so percistent!

  89. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    I think I read some where that you are NLP certified. I’ve been checking it out. This kind of western approach to study the mind and reality (like psychoanalysis, etc) has cool things to offer, more perspectives. Can you comment about it or give some advice ? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  90. Gloria says :

    I have just come across an interview done by Tami Simon of Sounds True and Ervin Laszlo, a systems philosopher, which is pertinent to the topic of this blog, as well as the whole topic of evolutionary change which Bill talks about frequently.

    Laszlo, who has been studying all kinds of systems in a holistic way for decades proposes that humanity is at a tipping point, in which the chaos that we are in currently is close to ‘breaking down or breaking through.’ His independent calculations of different systems, not just social and economic, but ecological, biological and astronomical systems, etc. have led him to postulate that there could well be something in the 21/12/2012 date that there is so much speculation about.

    What I found most compelling and inspiring about the interview is that he feels that the answer is for individuals to raise their own consciousness, something which Bill says in different words (awareness, awareness, awareness). I don’t know about others in here but for myself, sometimes it feels like I’m not making much headway in this journey of personal awakening and even at times feel quite selfish to be spending so much time on myself. It is very encouraging to know that I am helping the whole.

    Here is an excerpt from the end of the interview, the transcript of which is also available on the comments page.

    Tami Simon: And just one final question: you’ve been working on these questions of evolution and what happens at a point of chaos, for so many years, and I’m curious about both what motivates you and what sustains you?

    Dr. Ervin Laszlo: I don’t know … it is something that is motivating me, something that is driving me. I feel that living in the midst of it we are living in a dynamic system with movement toward the critical point. It’s a very exciting process. If you’re pessimistic, then of course you say, “Well, what’s the use? ” But if you are pessimistic, you’re not really a good system thinker, because you look only at one side, you look at it as if it was a mechanistic system that’s bound to collapse. You’re dealing with a quasi-living system, a society and ecology, the whole planet. And this is a very exciting process. All of us, we have this tremendous power—to decide our destiny. It’s been said that our generation is the first that can decide whether we will be the last. But I could also say that our generation is the first that can decide whether we will be the first generation of a new civilization. This is now in our hands. We’re living in this chaotic system and it won’t stay like this forever—we either break down or we break through. And the difference is literally in our hands. It’s exciting and it’s wonderful and it’s sustainable and it drives me, and I’m sure that it drives others who realize that this is the case.

    FROM BILL: I’m highly suspicious of anyone who is into the 2012 business. I don’t get my predictions from bloodthirsty canibals who had not yet invented the wheel. IMO, the Mayan Calendar thing is a joke. Magical thinking.

  91. Gloria says :

    Looks like the link doesn’t work , maybe you think that’s a good thing, Bill – LOL. Laszlo is actually a serious scientist who doesn’t talk about the Mayan calendar himself and I am with you on the magical thinking angle, but this is a very good interview with lots of good information on chos and reorganisation.

    For those who are still game – Ervin Laszlo 17th March, 2009.

    FROM BILL: He may have many good points to make. I’m just saying that in my opinion all this 2012 stuff is ridiculous. Whatever is going to happen, and when it will happen, isn’t predictable, other than in the most general sense. All predictions are educated guesses, some more educated than others. The only reason 2012 is a popular year (do any of you remember the “Harmonic Convergence”?) is because of the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012–hardly a great reason for thinking that something big and ominous is going to happen then. Something big and ominous may very well happen, given the situation the world is in, but it won’t be something that is preordained or connected particularly with that year (which, after all, is just a number, one of many number systems that track human time).

  92. Matt P says :

    Dear B Harris,

    Whenever I read your posts on seeing things the way they really are, or certain other books such as the Power Of Now, I have a state shift in the way I see things. It’s never a stage shift, it’s just temporary, but it does happen almost every time and sticks around for a good 10 minutes or so after i’m done reading. These shifts make everything seem “brighter” almost, and as if everything is moving in some way as if it is alive; like its dancing even though they’re stationary objects. And these shifts make me feel like its the first time i’ve ever taken a breathe of air, or the first time i’ve ever opened my eyes. Is there any advice you would have on cultivating these shifts in awareness or maybe a way to permanently embody them? I feel as if they’re just “accidents” and I’m making myself more accident prone… but I figured I’d ask anyways :/



    FROM BILL: This is a great question. First, let me briefly explain the difference between stages and states, for those who aren’t familiar with these terms. A state experience is, just as Matt has said, a temporary glimpse of another perspective, generally a larger, more expanded or more inclusive one. A stage experience would be the embodiment of that perspective, so that it is no longer temporary. When you were first learning to be self-sufficient, perhaps when you first left home, you had glimpses of feeling like “Yeah, I can take care of my life. I can rely on myself.” Twenty years later, you’ve (hopefully) embodied this perspective, where you really are able to be self-sufficient without breaking a sweat.

    In this case, of course, we’re talking about a transcendent experience, where you experience your connectedness to everything else and, in addition, are thrown into the now moment.

    So what causes a state experience–a glimpse–to become your main center of gravity? Part of it is repetition of that experience. The more often you experience it, the more it will feel “normal,” and the more likely you will be to embody it. However, there’s more to it than that. Some people have many experiences of the transcendent, but for some reason never embody it (what some call enlightenment, though there are stages after this one). To embody the transcendent, you have to go through a process referred to as Great Doubt in Zen (it’s probably referred to in other, but similar, ways in other traditions).

    Great Doubt sounds negative, but it’s really a type of “seeing things the way they really are”. It involves doubting everything that you thought was going to save you or keep you from the main problems of the human condition, most of which involve impermanence (particularly your own, but also that of those people you love and those other things you are attached to) and cause and effect (what might be called “the illusion of control”). You doubt your view of things. You doubt your ideas, your beliefs, you concepts. You doubt God, enlightenment, spiritual teachers, and other such things. You doubt your skills, mental abilities, your accomplishments, the various badges you’ve earned, your wealth. And so on. You doubt that anything is going to help you.

    If you know the story of Ekhart Tolle, you will remember that his awakening came when he was in total dispair. This is an example of someone who totally doubts everything that seemed to be meaningful or helpful or significant. This is a realization that ultimately “there is nothing I can hang onto.” Byron Katie had an awakening in very similar circumstances.

    Alan Watts once said that from the moment we come into this world (or, really, out of it, since we really come OUT of the world, like an apple comes out of an apple tree) we’re in free fall, from which there is no escape. Hanging onto the other things that are falling around us, as if they will somehow save us, is delusion.

    Once you’re in the transcendent as a STAGE experience (you don’t just visit, but rather are in touch with that reality all the time), you think you’re done, but you aren’t. The transcendent isn’t an escape from impermanence and cause and effect, either, though at first it seems to be. In fact, in can seem to be for many years. Eventually, though, you realize that the relative world, the world of cause and effect and impermance, is still there, and you are still subject to it. This is a shock after floating along in the impersonal transcendence for some length of time. Genpo Roshi calls it “the fall from grace.” Then, one must intergrate the transcendent and the relative.

    I’ve written about this in much more detail in two previous posts, which you might want to read, as the above is just a thumbnail sketch. They are The Five Stages of Enlightenment, and There You Are, Enlightened (a 2-part series).

  93. Chris says :


    Re: Psychic phenomena

    Paramahansa Yogananda, in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, describes several instances of what could loosely be labeled as psychic phenomena. The few that come to mind are: he received a message from his master, when his master was in another town. He then confirmed it when he saw his master in person. He had a conversation with a woman whom he had just met, even though they didn’t know each others’ language. He described a woman who didn’t eat food anymore because she was using a yogic recharging technique that supplied her body with energy. There are others.

    Have you read this book, and what is your take on this?

    You mentioned once that Genpo Roshi had many “Siddhis.” Some secondary siddhis are defined as “hearing things far away” and “seeing things far away.” What did you mean exactly?

    FROM BILL: I am very familiar with Yogananda and his spiritual lineage, and have read Autobiography of a Yogi more than once. Long ago I took the Self Realization Fellowship lessons based on his work, and I know two of his main disciples, Roy Eugene Davis and Kriyananda (Donald Walters).

    This sort of magical thinking with an emphasis on miracles of various kinds is very common in Hinduism (and by magical thinking/miracles I mean things that happen, supposedly, outside the realm of the laws of physics through some sort of suspension of those laws, magic, etc.). It is a pre-rational explanation common to a certain developmental level which is deeply entrenched in the background of Indian culture, Hinduism, and spiritual paths related to Hinduism. (Please see my series of posts at the beginning of this blog, where I go through all the developmental levels currently seen in human beings, including those which embrace magical thinking.)

    Many people who read this or similar books are quite taken with Yogananda (or some other guru or saint depicted). I would include myself in this group. Autobiography of a Yogi is a beautiful and remarkable book, and Yogananda was an amazing person (and was also quite important in the introduction of Eastern philosophy to the West). However, in indentifying Yogananda (or some other person like him) as awakened or enlightened, many people assume that every opinion he (or she) had was correct, divinely inspired, etc., including beliefs in things that science has now shown to either be impossible, or that have explanations that are within the realm of the scientifically discovered laws of nature.

    One thing I find interesting about the Dalai Lama is that though Tibetan Buddhism has many things like it in its belief systems, the DL has said that when science finds out that something is so (or isn’t so), Buddhism must change to adopt what science has proven. He has, as a result, changed the docrine on several things in this regard (though there is still plenty of what I would call magical thinking in the doctrine).

    Believing in miracles or magic powers because you read about them in a book about someone you admire isn’t a very good reason for believing in them, especially when they contradict science, and the only evidence for them is testimonial evidence from people brought up to believe such things.

    Siddhis means powers in Sanskrit. It usually means “magical powers” or “spiritual magical powers” but a broader definition would include having incredible intuition, discrimination, compassion, and other qualities that flow, ultimately, from having greatly expanded awareness.

  94. Sam says :

    I’d like to explore this tempory state experience a bit further. I’ve been using a mantra to help me meditate, something similar to I believe your TM meditation practice way back, and I’ve noticed that state experiences are triggered more and more frequently as my meditation progresses. I say “I am infinite being” and there is often a shift in consciousness, although the more I use this meditative technique the more these experiences seemingly become one big picture that keeps getting clearer and clearer. The book I got the meditation from talked about spiral dynamics–see the archives of Bill’s for this–and also muscle testing which I’m still either unclear or very suspicious of (a mix of both to be sure) and it is my contention that by way of this meditative technique that one can gain access to the hidden codes of enlightenment… I have to slow down a bit here; please keep an open mind.

    Don Beck talks about meemetic codes that are contained within cultures, which signify the way in which these cultures interact with the world based on their value systems: it’s almost like you can spot these codes within the culture if you’re trained to witness them, and you’ll notice people expressing these codes covertly in their speech and body language. I have for instance noticed codes within some individuals that seem to easily access states of a transcendent nature and when, through using modeling (Bill’s first course and others), I have been able in some cases to replicate these codes within myself and create a similar state shift. This is all personal experimentation, however something big is happening. I used to only get glimpses of this stuff however, as meditation is refined, I believe we experience the bigger picture more and more clearly (just as Bill said) as a stage of integrated development.

    I believe as someone previously said that there is going to be a chritical mass shift when people jump from what they call first teer consciousness to second teer consciousness. There is also much that we can do to paive the way for this shift, for instance preparing for 2012 in the way that will best serve us. I didn’t much prepare for the whole Y2K thing, and perhaps that learning experience taught me something, but everyone will have to figure out their own way of preparing for the unknown that’s about to befall humanitty. There have always been cycles of existence however it’s not so much that the cycles are about to happen or exist at all, but what we do about these rounds of existence when they occur; some like Greg Braden discuss these cycles and also by the way talk a lot about common sense and how to keep your head in these times, and I don’t think that we should reject Greg because we reject some of his stage process. Like the law of attraction people who talk about vibration shouldn’t be rejected, but perhaps we should give some of the ancient wisdom that articulates vibration much more lucidly than any law of attraction model it’s rightful respect for keeping these things alive and pure in their propper form. I believe that Bill has talked about kriya yoga and, if one applies oneself to that study, it’s possible for anyone to develope a high vibration without knowing law of attraction, and once the practice evolves the marketing aspect will be taken care of by the culture.

    I may be going a bit long here however I’d like to get back to these codes. It’s possible to hear these codes in the way that individuals speak; you can often tell when someone is using NLP by this same process. I’ve noticed certain musical sequences, or chords, or harmonics in masters who seem to hold this kriya yoga power as well as others. I think that holosync (when attuned) allows one to readily identify these things and get into vibration so to speak with these meems within culture to help one attain one’s life purpose.

    I hope this is useful, Bill, because there’s a lot of disowned aspects of holosync that I believe are about ready to come online. I’ve only experienced this exhilleration of time and space a few times before and it was just before a major shift, only this time I believe that it’s not only for myself. Many have used this marketing strategy of “we live in the most amazing times of our history” and the like however I don’t mean anything of the sort, however this level of reality seems untelligable at this time. We need more people exploring or explaining it so that we’ll have the cognitive resources to move this forward; perhaps a blog post would help, as you’re better at explaining this.

  95. Steve B. says :

    I just received one of those yellow reminder cards for the Centerpointe fall special via priority mail from Zurich-Mulligen Switzerland. Seems it took a scenic tour of the planet on its way to me. ;)

    FROM BILL: I suspect it might still be honored if you are convincing on the phone. ;)

  96. Chris says :


    Synchronicity. An acausal phenomenon indicative of a larger, interconnected pattern within the universe? Or magical thinking that can be more rationally explained?

    FROM BILL: There is nothing in this universe that is not a result of all its relationships with everything else. It’s all one organic thing, and nothing changes without a cause. Magical thinking is a belief that the laws of nature can be suspended if you just know the right way to do it or have developed a certain “power.”

  97. Eileen says :

    I was wondering why I can not listen to your current blog. I really love to listen instead of reading it.

    FROM BILL: Because it takes about a minute to read.

  98. Mikee Z says :

    Hi Bill,

    How are you going through Great Doubt/Great Death without a teacher/submission? How to get out from 3rd rank as fast as possible – fully integrating it as well?How to stay at 5th rank? When I was quite young (16 years old) I’ve gone through all five ranks. I didnt know what hit me. I didn’t know how to integrate/digest it . I somehow decided to go back to my avarege gravity point. Wilber would probably said my cognitive line was too weak to hold it. I’ve gone through all of them but they collapsed (not totally, something stayed). Now, I know I’m going for another round. What is your advice?

    thank you and greetings

    FROM BILL: Read my two posts on this: The Five Stages of Waking Up, and There You Are, Enlightened.

  99. Gloria says :

    Bill, I really appreciate your persistence in explaining the magical thinking process and the way it operates. Perhaps it was unfortunate that I mentioned the 2012 aspect of Laszlo’s interview. Maybe he is just doing what you and other teachers of The Secret did in using a convenient vehicle to reach people who might not otherwise listen to the serious stuff.

    All that aside though, two questions keep bugging me. One is that if magical thinking is a stage that individuals and collectives need to go through, is it possible that indulging in magical thinking is a way of moving through uncompleted stages of growth. As a personal e.g. my family circumstances required me to grow up very fast and assume responsibilities way beyound my years and I feel that my own brief foray into magical type thinking may have been simply a need to experience things that I hadn’t worked through in the age appropriate phase.

    Secondly, and most importantly for this blog. Couldn’t Holosynch be seen as a kind of magical thinking? For myself, I started using it because I was in utter desperation and it was really a leap of faith and still is. I went on my gut feeling about your integrity as a person and chose to believe what you were saying. No doubt my choice was in large part wishful thinking – just hoping that it would do what you claimed. I had to overcome a huge resistance to your marketing strategies. Even though I am light years away from where I was headed (premature death probably) I am in no way convinced that it is my use of Holosynch that got me here and there is no objective, scientific way of discerning how much my progress is due to Holosynch, how much to other practices modalities, or the combination of both.

    I have had so many negative comments about my use of this technology that I rarely tell anyone these days what I am doing. A lot of people take the approach that it works on the placebo effect. The negative comments especially come from the spiritual community and I truly understand where they are coming from as I have had to deal with the kinds of doubts they express. I keep going because at some point along the way, maybe about 3 years into the program, I made a commitment to see it through to the end. There was no logical, rational, scientifically based evidential reason for this decision, it was purely a personal decision.

    I think that if you are going to keep beating the drum of everything needing to be based on hard scientific evidence, sooner or later you are going to be required to come up with some very specific and convincing scientific (not just anecdotal) results based evidence for Holosynch. You may be convinced based on your experience and research and be very convincing to others who are looking for a solution to their problems but it would never stand up in scientific circles.

    FROM BILL: Magical thinking is thinking that you can control something magically. If you thought you could control the clouds with your mind, that would be magical thinking. Or, if you thought that a lock of a courageous person’s hair would make you more courageous. In The Secret, they suggested that you can just “put something out to the universe” (but not take any action to make it happen) and it will happen. This is magical thinking.

    Holosync has a scientific basis, and there are several studies that have been done on it, plus many more done on the generic technology of which it is a variety. You can read a summary of it on our website ( — it’s the fifth article when you scroll down).

    It sounds to me as if the opinions of people you know, who know zero about Holosync, is more important to you than any of the evidence from people who do know. Anyone can have an opinion. Only a few people have informed opinions.

  100. Chris says :

    Bill — ok, still trying to figure out this magical vs non magical stuff. Guess that means I’m on the cusp of change. C’mon Bill, don’t you buy anything? Angels? Tarot cards? Prayer? Throw us a bone here! :)

    Anyways, I don’t know anything more magical than holosync — for me, anyway! Good lord I was a complete mess 2 years ago when I started. Now I’m only a halfway mess. And my whole physical body is changing! I’ve had scoliosis and tight muscles for years down my back, and everything is just loosening and opening up now! This happened in Awakening Prologue too and I thought it was done, but there’s so many more deeper layers now in Awakening 2. Thanks for your “magic” CDs.


    FROM BILL: You mean “magical” in the metaphorical sense of creating extraordinary results–something that is so good is SEEMS to be magic. The magical thinking I’m talking about is believing that something can happen just because you wish for it, think about it, mentally command it to happen, or in some other way that does not follw the cause and effect relationships that have been shown to be the way the laws of the universe works (I can get some other person’s strength by carrying a lock of their hair, for instance).

  101. michelle says :

    Just to weigh in on the ‘magical’ debate that seems to have transpired. Holosync is not magic- you are meditating for 1 hour a day, or more every day, if you follow the instructions. Because of the technology change may happen more quickly than through traditional meditation.

    As far as psychic phenomena- from what I’ve seen (and I have training as a hypnotherapist, psychic classes, etc -which I’ve all dropped now) people want to believe something (magical thinking)

    Most psychics are very good at reading people, and they may be able to tap into the ‘conscious mind’ of what people want (are focusing on) and give it back to them as hope or direction (the good ones anyways).

    As far as spiritual people not believing Holosync-I would say it’s because it challenges their own beliefs. So because eveyone wants to feel safe- they want to believe in something, church,fairies, etc.

    For me, one of the best things about Holosync is the ease of it, I don’t have time to meditate 8 hours a day but I sure love the benefits of increased awareness.

    If it helps you, who cares what someone else thinks anyways- just don’t tell them:)

  102. Sam says :

    I wonder what’s with all these posts regarding magical thinking; seems almost like magic, eh?

  103. jacek says :

    I am a holosync user. I also own but have yet not listened to Paul Sheele’s paraliminal/genius code as well as Silva Method. I watched Secret and do not agree with it completely but IF we cannot create our own reality with power of our mind, how do you explain what Jesus have done? Are his miracles explainable on other than magical level?

    FROM BILL: Show me some proof of Jesus’s miracles, and then we can talk about it.

    As I’ve said (see one of my earliest posts, “My thoughts on religion, or ‘Hey, Bill, what do you think about Jesus?'”), how you see anything, including Jesus, depends on the developmental level you’re coming from. If you are living at the magical level of development, you will believe in magical thinking, and what will most intrigue you about Jesus is the “miracles.” At the next developmental level you might be more attracted to his universal love, or that he died for your sins. At the level after that you would have a much more rationalist view. And so on.

    If you want to be at a magical level of development, that’s okay with me. It has quite a few drawbacks, though, because it includes not being quite sure how cause and effect works, which makes it difficult to accomplish things in the world, make money, achieve success, and so forth.

  104. David says :


    in my experience there have been things happening that you would classify as magical, like the disappearing and reappearing in another time-space (in another room at another date) of physical objects after my interaction with them.

    I have no idea of what happened there, but I know it did happen! I could tell you much more weird stuff that has happened to me in my life, to which I have no explanation whatsoever.

    So my conclusion is that there is more to life than what you teach here, though I don’t want to go off on a tangent, cause I am here to learn to deal with the everyday practical challenges that we are confronted with.

    Kind Regards David

    FROM BILL: Why, then, are there zero, none, nada, zip scientists or credible people that believe in such things? Don’t you think there could be other explanations for what you experienced than that something “disappearing and reappearing in another time-space”? How do you know that it was another “space-time” or even if such things exist? Scientists theoretically postulate such things but haven’t found anything tangible to tell them that they are right about it. Do you have any actual evidence, other than your “experience”? I’ve had dreams that I am flying, but that doesn’t mean I really was flying–it just means that my mind created a convincing internal representation of doing so.

    I’m suggesting that you give up believing things because you have no other explanation, because someone told you, because you read about it, or because you like the idea of it, and instead believe something when actual evidence exists. Or, just keep doing what you’re doing it it’s workin’ for you.

    There are things in this universe that haven’t been explained yet, but scientists pretty much know when something is absolutely not possible, because it violates the basic laws of physics. When those thing gradually ARE explained, it won’t be the result of any suspention of the laws of nature, which is what magical thinking is. Just because you can’t explain something doesn’t mean it is “magic.”

  105. carlos says :

    This is a very interesting debate about “magical thinking” . I would like to include a quote by thomas jefferson about Jesus Christ .

    “And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. But may we hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this most venerated reformer of human errors. –” Thomas Jefferson

    Its clear that Jefferson was not a magical thinker


  106. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill!! I want to thank you so much for your respones on my questions, and I want to thank you and Centerpointe for Holosync. I really have benefit a lot from Awakening Prologue and the Master Your Life course. I really needen this in my life. I am 21 years and I dont have a job and I dont know if I want to educate me or what want to do in my life. But one thing I am completly 100% certain of: I want to continue with Holosync and I have already orded the next level. Thank you so much :)

  107. Chris says :


    I suppose watching a TV and the idea of sending TV Channels through the air would have seemed like “Magic” about 150 years ago.

    So maybe psychic phenomena aren’t “magic” after all but merely an advanced way of using the laws of physics….. the laws that we, as a civilization, have yet to understand completely, right?

    And I would probably call Paramahansa Yogananda more credible than an army scientist…. just my opinion.


    FROM BILL: Then you, sir, are a magical thinker. Enjoy.

    One problem, though, when you don’t quite see how cause and effect works, you often run into trouble in the world. You don’t make much money, you don’t attain much success, you have problems trying to create the outcomes you want. But, magical thinking IS fun, isn’t it?

  108. David says :


    I am NOT suggesting that your approach is wrong, all I am saying is that if an object that that was in point A disappears and then three days later reappears in point B without anyone having moved it physically to point B, there is definitely something going on, I don’t know what it is though. And again I am of the opinion that mastering what you teach is a very good idea, so I am not advocating magical thinking here, I am though saying that time and again, things have happened to me, that you would put into the category “suspending the laws of physics”.

    Ciao Dave

    FROM BILL: Somebody moved it. Or you moved it and don’t remember doing it. Don’t you think it’s more likely than the idea that an object moved itself? C’mon.

  109. Jem says :

    Hi Bill,

    Just like many other people here, I just want to say thanks for holosync & your great blogs. My life has improved ten fold since finding holosync.

    You asked what people would like to see this coming year concerning centerpointe being more helpful. I would really love to see some sort of forum here where anyone could talk about there experiences with holosync & various other subjects. As in the comments above where the guy on level 8 was isolating & other people said they had been through similar phases through there use of holosync….there is a store of wisdom from all the people using holosync & I feel it would be a great benefit to have a forum where all could share & help each other when things get a little tough, which it can do. I know there are holosync chat rooms out there but as this is the central site, I believe it would really work.

    Also doesn’t quantum physics open up a whole new ball game for magic thinking??? The one thing about science is that it has taught us that any theory is just that, a working theory in progress, that best explains a certain idea/hypothesis with the knowledge availabe. As science has progressed over the years one theroy (which worked well at the time), has been replaced & replaced & replaced for different ones as more information becomes available. There isn’t really anything in science where one can say with concrete certainty this is it, this is the final word on the matter. Physics opened pandoras box with the wave particle theory (and we are only scratching the surface), if scientist/humans affect the outcome of an experiment/life by there very own theories/thoughts (as you teach), then the possibilities become very exciting & if God/the universe holds all possibilities of what has or could of been & what is & could be the only thing to me seems how creative our minds will become. Anyway that could be hours of fun contemplating that on a forum :-).

    Many thanks Bill for everything you do.

    FROM BILL: I know this is a popular topic, but what you hear from personal growth teachers about quantum physics is pure hogwash. Trust me on this–those who cite quantum mechanics to support certain New Age ideas do not know anything about quantum mechanics.

  110. Sam says :

    If I could fly in the dream it would seem like magic to me… how I am able to apply your earliest course to this I haven’t the fogguest; perhaps you might enlighten me on this point?

    I would probably call Paramahansa Yogananda more credible than an army scientist as well, however it’s due to the army rather than anything with these powers.

    And it’s much more than just US, the, that’s going to need to drop the frameworks.

    I’m just having fun, however I do have a serious question. I’ve been participating in this course on theravada buddhism that talks a lot about carma and rebirth and all of that, and I have experienced that by the way as I participate in the course that I am able to communicate with the professor via internal dialogue. I know it’s not the professor and that it’s all an internal representation, and that it’s through my own actions and my own progression that’s making this fiction happen, however the discoveries that I tend to have with this internal representations are beyond anything of this world; my map, that is. The carma and rebirth things are a bit far out perhaps, however I’ve found that these principles (when applied) work the same as the voice dialogue process and akin to big mind. I can for instance have chats with what I interpret as Hal Stone, and converse with the guestault that represents that version of him to explore disowned shadow material. I know that these things aren’t magic, however how would you explain them? Just for fun?

    I think that perhaps I’m devoting more brain relistate to this function of reality, and it would be great if I could get to marketing this new land to the masses who need it. There seems to be a huge desire system disowned here. I’d rather take action than believe in magical attractor powers, however it’s useful to gain feedback on optimum actions; I also firmly believe that the flexable nature of the brain due to holosync is pushing this development quite strongly, perhaps also illuminating the recent trend (this could be the rise in social mood we’re seeking);too long I know, but I do it for love. .

  111. Thank you for your dedication to Holosync and your ongoing support messages. They are making a significant impact on my life experiences.

  112. Chris says :


    What are your thoughts on past lives? Is there any evidence for these in a scientific sense?

    In your first online course, you advise, in the timeline process, to go back to a traumatic event in the past… even if it’s in a past life. Does that mean you actually believe in such?


    FROM BILL: I don’t see any evidence for past lives. Maybe there are, but I don’t think there’s any way for anyone to really know. I say what I say in the Time Line exercise because if I didn’t give past lives as a choice of where the trauma we’re dealing with might have occurred, those who think that’s what happened wouldn’t have a way of doing the rest of the process and dropping the emotional charge they’re trying to get rid of.

    And please, people, I don’t want to engage in a debate about past lives. If you think there are past lives, you are certainly free to believe in them, or in anything else. I would just rather not debate these things, since it falls in the same category as people who hold closely held religious beliefs that they are not open to investigating. Why bother?

  113. John Ramsten says :

    I Just want to say that i am so grateful that i have you and everybody else by the way accompany me on this journey called life. Sometimes to guide me in a challenging way. A lot of times upset me with ” The American ” in your face marketing of your products” i know its the way you run a business in America. But sometimes i think the following. You sit and have great monologs about reducing stress and so on. At the same time you tell me as a participant of the Holosync program to get my next level for as cheap as possible and three month’s
    Later you say the same thing. Now please Bill Chill, The program it self says it all its great and challenging and really works like you said it would. I know that your company needs cash flow like any other business, But the money panic side of life create an undertone in your letters and offers i really could do without. Because it ads to the stress that we all could do with out created by the monetary world we live in. I have been recommending the program to a lot of people here in Sweden because i believe it can really help them on the way of understanding them selfs better why they do what they do and so on the list is endless. Why i write this now is a letter i got yesterday about Photo-reading, quick,effective, great result and so on. Why do we need more speed and quick fix all the time this is a big part of the problem. To be successful and all that talk. People get more and more confused as it is, why keep on adding ” this is great try it and all your big issues are solved and you will make a million dollars get a big house and wear a Gold watch and own 4 cars. Please please don’t add garbage we dont need to add to the illusion of what happiness is. I know its all very complex , And who am i saying this or that? Im nobody. i just listening to something in my chest and it says it needs to come out. You mean a lot to me Bill and i am so grateful that i found Holosync, So please go slow with us. If we need it we will ask for it, dont add. And how could i miss out on anything, Im alive thats more then enough right. Thanks Bill Love John

    FROM BILL: Would you rather I DIDN’T tell you how you can get your next level for less money? We could exempt you from knowing about the times when we do that, if you like. And, I don’t believe I ever said that you should get “a million dollars get a big house and wear a Gold watch and own 4 cars.” I just tell you about products I have found to work as advertised. You have to decide whether or not you want what the product offers, or whether it is worth the cost.

    If we send you something that doesn’t fit a need you have, delete it. If it does fill a need you have, at a price you’re willing to pay, shouldn’t you be glad you found out about it? I would be. Since you have absolute and sole decision-making control over what you read or what you buy, why not just exercise that control instead of making me wrong? You say Holosync is helping you, and you tell others about it (thank you–and those you tell will probably thank you, too). How did you find out about Holosync? I’ll bet it was some sort of advertising that alerted you to the existence of Holosync and convinced you to buy it, which has allowed you to benefit.

    As a human being you receive all kinds of information about products. Your job is to either ignore it if it doesn’t fit what you want or need, or, if it does, evaluate it regarding whether it seems like it will really work as advertised, and if the cost is something you’re willing to pay to have the offered benefits. The only possible gripe you could have is if someone forced you to pay attention to advertising you didn’t want to see or hear, or if the advertising was untruthful.

    Why do you feel stress when you read an advertisement? Stress, like all other human responses, is a CHOICE if you are aware enough. You’re trying to say that I am responsible for your choice (or lack of choice). There are many other possible responses you could make. As I teach in my Life Principles courses, most people think life works this way:

    Outside trigger (in this case, the advertisement) —> Your response (that feeling in your chest)

    Here’s how it really works:

    Outside trigger—>You do something inside (essentially, make a choice about how to respond)—>You respond

    If the second step (what you do inside) is unconscious–if it happens outside your awareness, as it is in your case–then it will happen automatically, and you won’t see that it is something YOU DID. When this happens, it seems as if what you feel “just happens.” However, if you become aware of how you make these internal responses (which is a lot of what the LPIP courses are about), then they become CHOICES. Once that happens, you don’t have to choose to feel bad, because you are aware enough to see what you’re doing to yourself.

    What you do inside to make yourself feel bad is beyond my control, and I can’t take responsibility for you. You, however, should.

  114. Sam says :

    I personally feel that perhaps a forum where we could discuss holosync, or magical thinking, or things of this nature would be great. I know that unfortunately often I’ve tended to use this blog for a sort of forum of my own, and I don’t think that this is particularly appropriate use of this resource. Is this something that I should set up and let you know about, and then you can direct people there, or is this something that centerpointe might set up? That is unless you appreciate all of the comments in this format, in which case let’s let it flow.

    I’m interested also in the sort of magical aspect of the TM movement. There are supposed powers that one can develop such as being able to fly and go through walls etc, and there seems to be something that happens that’s just “unexplainable” and sort of mysterious/precious about the meditation. I don’t know how to describe it but I do feel a sort of magical or mysterious quality to the whole thing and, while I don’t call it magic, I do understand how many can interpret the experience as extrordanary and magical; I might call it magic for fun, or to attract people to meditation so that they can perhaps find it useful and go deeper, but we know the truth about cause and effect etc. There does seem to be something happening when I use my own mantra, which may or may not be related to the TM practice of repeating mantras, and I’m curious about how this might have been noticed in others. Everything is interdependent, and I’m sure there are more than a few questions regarding magic and meditation… Practice.

    FROM BILL: Yes, the TM movement (which I have been a part of–I’ve been through the courses you describe) is filled with magical thinking, as are most Hindu-oriented spiritual paths.

    Just because your mantra does something (which it does) doesn’t mean magic is involved. Knowing knowing why something happens often causes people to conclude that “it’s magic.” Magical thinking is the last resort of people who don’t really understand how cause and effect works. People have to have explanations (or at least they think they do), and if they don’t understand science, they often use magical thinking as a fall-back. This is the thinking style of young children, or tribal-level societies. If it works for you, it’s okay with me.

  115. Elizabeth says :

    For those interested in a forum for holosync. We have a pretty active group at It is a good group of folks and many times.

    We also have a private group, where we offer support and discussion for those doing the LPIP program. Come the forum listed above and if interested we can direct you further from there.

  116. Sam says :

    It seems to me that a lot of the magical thinking stuff has to do with values, and specifically in the “why is this important” question. For instance I’ve noticed that while reciting “I am infinite being” that the voice tone is slowly becoming more resonant and seemingly powerful, and I also notice that when I use the mantra in the voice of a Tibetan Buddhist practicioner that I know (Lama Zopa Rinpoche) that the mantra progresses much faster; it’s almost like I was a Tibetan Buddhist in a previous life, or that I’m using his previous merrit and carma to help me in my mantra. If I focused on the carmic aspect of this as being important I would very likely loose any value aquired, because in order that I use carma in this way I must move away from what I don’t want. For instance my ignorance in seeing things the way they really are causes me to use carma as a sort of crutch to avoid looking at the situation realistically soas to determine what real world actions to take to help my practice. However if I am aware and moving toward what I want–clearly articulating our ignorance soas to take real world action towards enlightenment–all of that merrit and carma can come in handy. It’s not magic, but rather thousands upon thousands of hours of dedicated practice, and it’s almost insulting to say that something like this could be akin to magic; it does a disservice to those who have really made their practice their life. However in the west we appreciate magic and merricle stories, so unfortunately that’s the carma yoga that tends to go on. There is a magical feeling to all of this, however it comes more from the awe I feel for all of that practice given me to help me rather than “oh aint it magical that I have a previous life of ritch practice and carma”. I take this precious human rebirth very ceriously, which is why I’m pushing having fun by way of seeing things the way they really are and magic rather than trying to argue this or that point.

    It almost seemed like our president at first was a magical figure of sourts, however it’s going to take more than hope and change to bring jobs to the people who needs it and to get our economy flowing again. Pride in oneself might be a crucial factor, and perhaps this is where our president enspired us at the beginning, however this often takes personal action to reap the results that gives something to be proud of. Just planting seeds aint enough; you still have to take care of the garden and make sure that plant grows.

    FROM BILL: Okay, you win. You are an official magical thinker.

  117. Sam says :

    I’m very much interested in your chriteria for what constitutes a magical thinker as a category of people. It seems that you’ve done your research…

    FROM BILL: I’ve written several articles about it, and I’ve defined it quite a few times in my answers to your own recent posts and those of others. Go back and look and you’ll see.

  118. Mike says :


    A while back you wrote this:

    FROM BILL: You may see something, but the interpretation that it is an “energy field” is a guess on your part, just as the person who sees a UFO guesses that it comes from another planet, though there are many other more mundane explanations. It’s not seeing something that you call an aura that is magical thinking, it’s attributing it to some metaphysical source for which there is no evidence. The aura, I suspect, is happening in the auditory centers of your brain.

    The ‘interpretation’ is no more a guess than the interpretation that an object is a human, a plant, or a rock. Contextualizing something through naming allows us to compare our subjective experiences and gain knowledge. For example, where one to see a blockage in another’s energy field at the level of, say, the third eye, said person would then be able to cross-reference what others have said about this issue and perhaps help the person with the perceived blockage. This isn’t drawing any metaphysical explanations as to why the energy field exists, just accepting that is does and documenting how it affects the individual when certain things are seen in it.

    Just my two cents…

    FROM BILL: I noticed in reading the quote from me that I should have said, “ the visual center of your brain.”

    So you are saying that if we both look at a rock, for instance, and I say, “That is a rock,” and you say, “That is a manifestation of Bob’s energy field,” that both are equally valid? Yikes!

  119. Sam says :

    This is a great place to start in pointing out ignorance, however you never eluminate the way out of this ignorance. It’s like the finger pointing at the moon, but never doing anything useful with it; at least tell a story about what it might be like to go there, rather than continuing to point out that our individual selves will never make it to the moon. It has been demonstrated that people can be prompted to speak from a voice–for instance the voice of the Buddha–and come up with insites seemingly like magic. How do you respond to these demonstrations of the power of mind?

    FROM BILL: Sam, I wish I knew what you were talking about in most of your posts, but I have to admit, I don’t. Give a break to an ignorant old man.

    And, why not answer your own questions?

  120. Santiago says :

    I love all the arguments we get into in this blog, and is especially funny to see how everybody goes all the way in trying to justify it’s point of view.

    I see it this way.

    EVERYTHING in this “reality” we collectively experience is merely an “agreement”. If I say the word “tree” I have a picture (or collection of pictures) of what a tree is, what it does, etc. I might picture a pine in my head. … but it’s a concept.

    Somebody else will picture something different (a palm for instance) but we kind of agree about it.

    Yet there is no such thing as a “tree” out there, if we get really specific we can’t completely and objectively define a tree, it’s just too complicated, the mind can’t get around it.

    Actually all of us live in different and unique worlds, we create this worlds we live in when we assign meaning to what is going on, we filter what our senses perceive, and these filters depend on how we have been conditioned. We can say that there are as many worlds as there are people. There isn’t such a thing as “the world”.

    I could say that reality is a constant flux (I can’t say “what” it is that is fluxing, it’s just a flux) and what we think of as “me” is just a part of this flux. In fact the real “me” IS this flux, it can’t be separated from it.

    But in order to make some sense of this flux, we need to first freeze it, and then chop it up into “things”, other wise it would just be impossible to navigate. However this “things” are not “real” in a sense that there is not an intrinsic substance into any of them. A cloud turns into rain, and yet they seem like different things, but we can’t have rain without clouds, they are inseparable and none of them has a specific substance.

    If they did, the clouds would always be clouds and the rain would always be rain, but what happened to the cloud when it became rain ? The cloud IS the rain and the rain IS the rivers and the rivers ARE the ocean and I could go on until saying that the cloud IS the universe.

    Well, in exactly the same way that the cloud IS the universe …YOU are the universe and I am the universe … I can even say that Bill is also the universe (but I have my doubts ;)

    So, in order for the universe to experience it self, it needs a reference point, something to stand on, other wise it would be impossible. And this reference point is the famous (or infamous) self, so we are each and everyone a reference point, a kind of aperture through which the universe can perceive itself.

    Anyway, ultimately we can say many things “about” reality, but we can’t say what reality IS, because it keeps changing, we can only make maps about it. A map is still, frozen, but reality is not.

    Some maps include “magical thinking” as a way to explain what can’t be explained. That is delusion.

    Some don’t include magical thinking and rely on the laws of nature, society, etc. I can’t say that one map is “better” than the other, but I could say that the second is more resourceful than the first.

    However, the problem with the second one is that the laws of nature don’t come even remotely close to explaining what is going on. We can make some predictions with them but there is no guarantee, only probabilities.

    So we can say that both ways of seeing the world, either using magical thinking or not using it are deluded. So in short…. we are ALL deluded.

    Well…. after seeing this we come to a special place. If we can’t really understand this world and what is going on on the ultimate level, then how do we live ?

    There is no answer to this question, it’s up to each one of us to realize that there is no ultimate security. I believe that as we integrate the awareness of this in our daily lives, we are more able to let go and reduce our suffering and move forward in our paths, exploring our deepest potential as time goes by.

    I once asked Genpo Roshi (who is now pretty famous in this blog) about this. I asked “what do you do when all the carrots are gone ?”. Which meas, what do you do when you see that there is no ultimate security ?. He said “when all carrots are gone … that’s when practice really begins”.

    He also gave me a Koan “how do you go straight on a path with 99 curves ?”. I told him that I already knew the answer, then he said “Ok …. now live it”

    The way I see it, we go back to what this blog has been about …. awareness.

    And for me is the awareness of the now moment, the awareness of the constant flux of reality. If we see that there is no security in the future we can fully live in the present and learn to open ourselves to it more and more, becoming more at ease with our lives, and change our perception from experiencing our lives as a prison to experiencing our lives as our home.

    Then we can better act, giving ourselves completely to what we are doing without being too attached to the outcomes, we are just walking our paths.

    Love to all,


  121. Terry says :

    Add me to the list of those who are deeply (and I mean to the core) grateful to Bill Harris for Holosync and his teachings. The reasons are the same as the others have mentioned.

    Bill, if I could ask for one thing for the new year, it would be that you go back to providing a pod cast of your newest blog on iTunes. While I can download the MP3 link on the post easily enough t, it’s more convenient to have it happen automatically on iTunes.

    FROM BILL: I had to fire someone in my IT department many months ago, and I suspect he was updating it to iTunes. I’m looking into getting someone over there now to figure out how to do it. I know zip about such things, so bear with me.

  122. natasha says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have this deep need to thank someone (or something for that matter),
    for all the good things that I have in my life.
    This deep need for gratitude.
    But I don’t have who to thank.
    Since all of this is me, who do I thank?
    Thank myself? That doesn’t work for me because I need to thank
    something outside myself. Surrender to something outside myself.

    I know my question might be a bit silly, but this is very important to me
    and I really wish you could help because I have this clash inside of me.

    thank you,

    FROM BILL: But what if, in reality, there is nothing outside of yourself? All divisions are just creations of your mind. In reality, everything is just one flowing, interconnected thing.

    Can’t you just feel grateful, without needing to have something outside of you to direct it to? Why create a subject/object relationship that isn’t really there?

  123. Mike says :

    BILL: So you are saying that if we both look at a rock, for instance, and I say, “That is a rock,” and you say, “That is a manifestation of Bob’s energy field,” that both are equally valid? Yikes!

    ME: No, that wasn’t what I was saying. I was saying that if we both see an object and agree to call that object a human then we can then proceed to classify and draw conclusions about the future behavior of said object.

    The same goes for what some here are referring to as energy fields. I personally am not claiming to have seen such a thing, but I have most definitely felt my own. I sometimes will have ‘energetic’ sensations in an area for a period of time (let’s say the 6th chakra or third eye) and will have corresponding changes in my structure of self (more discrimination, visualization, etc.). For me, this personally is proof that the energetic body that is spoken of in esoteric literature has a definite basis in our subjective experience. I understand that you are speaking out against the addition of ‘magical’ explanations of this energetic body, namely explanations that claim something that can’t possibly be known. However, we have to be careful not to marginalize the experience just because it isn’t completely understood as of yet. We can draw conclusions on this subtle body by comparing experiences to figure out commonalities, thereby enlarging the map of said body.

    FROM BILL: Okay, so you have felt sensations in certain parts of your body. I’ve felt those sensations, too. Many people, over many centuries, have reported certain sensations that in mystical schools are said to be manifestations of chakras opening, and so forth. These are explanations, though, created by pre-scientific cultures who knew very little about human physiology, and nothing about science, biochemistry, and so on. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation for any sensation a person can have. Whether such an explanation has been sought for these sorts of sensations or not I’m not sure. Calling it “an energy field,” though, is just putting a label on the sensation, and attributing it to the opening of a chakra is an explanation not based on anything empirical. I am well aware of these explanations and have taught them. They are, unfortunately, not based on any real evidence. They’re just a convenient way to explain something, but that explanation came from a pre-scientific society.

    In Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrant model, the two right quadrants are about object observation (the upper right being the individual and the lower right the collective). That would be what we can observe if we look at what we can see in an empirical way–scientific investigation. The left side is the subjective side (again, the upper is the individual and the lower is the collective).

    So something you feel (what you are calling an energy field) is a subjective experience you’re having: “how it feels”. Corresponding to that is the objective side of things, which is what an observer would see (or hear, touch, etc) when he sees you having this experience (which might include what your brain is doing, what your endocrine system is doing, what your nerves are doing, and many other observable aspects of how in the world you create that particular subject experience).

    These two things always happen together: the subjective experience and the objective, observable whatever-it-is that happens in order for you to feel that experience. In mystical language, they often say that you have a physical body (there are other names for this depending on whether you are a Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever) and a subtle body. The physical body is the upper right (the objective quadrant) and the subtle body is the upper left. So on one hand you have what can be observed, and on the other what it feels like (which is all the subtle body is–what you FEEL LIKE in any moment is what the mystics call your subtle body). Giving it this spooky sounding name makes it sound otherworldly, but it’s just HOW YOU FEEL.

    So, you feel something (and certain spiritual practices do indeed create, somehow, the experiences you are describing), and you call it “an energy field.” The definition of “energy field” in science, however, doesn’t involve feelings. Energy field in the sense you are using it is just a name non-scientific people have given to certain sensations, all of which have rational, biochemical, neurochemical explanations if anyone cared enough to investigate what they are.

    To top it off, there is all kinds of additional baggage added about what an “energy field” is, what it does, why it happens, and so on, which has no empirical evidence to support it. A couple of thousand years ago pre-scientific people who were investigating these things gave these feelings an explanation, and because they were smart people the explanation is reasonably elegant, and accounts for a lot of what happens. It just isn’t really an explanation that holds water given what we now know about how things work. Using the term “energy field” might allow us to talk about it, since I know what you mean when you use that term, but it is intellectually lazy in many ways, given that it evokes an explanation that is antiquated. And, there is plenty of magical thinking built into pretty much all the explanations of most things from pre-scientific cultures. At their level of understanding of how things work, that’s what they had to fall back on when they reached the limits of what they could explain. Today we would say that if something is happening, though we might not know why, there is a cause-and-effect reason that follows the laws of physics, and if we investigate we will eventually find it.

  124. Terry says :

    I have a suggestion. Bill is right there’s nt need to “thank someone or something”. I struggled with this also.
    Here’s what learnedI do. Feel the gratitude flowing through your whole body. Don’t aim it at any “thing” or anybody. Lift your eyes and your hands to the sky (or ceiling if you are indoors) and let that gratitude rush out to the universe. It’s hard to describe but at the same time you are releasing that feeling into space, you can feel it flowing back into you. There’s your answer as to who you should thank.
    Give it a try. Nothing “magical” about it. It just feels good!

  125. John Ramsten says :

    Thanks Bill for answering my questions. And helping me understand my self and why i react the way i did concerning all the great offers out there. And you are so right of course i want you to inform me of good things out there. What i do with it is of course up to me. So thanks again for charing. I fell that what i wanted to say actually was that i am frustrated with spiritual growth. And i projected some of it towards you, because i really really trust you in this jungle of guides and gurus out there. Thanks bill Love John

    FROM BILL: You are certainly right that a great deal of what is out there is BS. The current economic problems will no doubt clean up the personal growth industry, with many companies with inferior offerings going out of business.

  126. Paul says :

    Terry and Natasha,
    Terry what you recommended to Natasha was half of what I was taught in Chi Gung practice. And your right it just feels good and therefore it must be good at… least in my book.
    After reading some of the posts earlier in January about the quest for Samadhi etc it reminded me of the time I took up Tai Chi (only 3 years ago) and although I was a complete rookie (at age 56!!) when I was instructed through at least an hour of yoga and Chi Gung and then meditated in a traditional way with others, my ability to quiet the mind and get into the meditation was much higher than practicing on my own at home. However, I found that when I was more able to be at peace with myself after an hour of Tai Chi and Chi Gung on my own at home I was able to experience what I think Bill and others have described as that wonderous space where everything is absolutely OK. It is a lovely feeling and one doesn’t want to come out of it but as Bill says you gotta get back to work and the dualistic Universe, otherwise not a lot gets done, so all this is about how to handle the two brain states (and a lot more of course!).
    I think it is valid to confirm ,however, that once one is capable of finding that void or space that is so appealing then its a question of practice to be good at shifting into that awareness as Bill keeps pointing out. I am now thinking of Big Mind and how easy it is for Genpo to get someone there simply by asking permission. Its not that difficult.
    Finally thanks to Bill for giving me a real down to earth explanation of the ‘Art of Feeling Good’ and how to get there. I was an avid seeker after The Secret. Holosync started working for me only a few weeks into Awakening Prologue when I seemed to stop worrying about what now seems trivia. That kept me in with this program. I am in stormy waters sometimes but at least now I understand the playing field and can chart a course to my Treasure Island.
    Like all you others out there my World is a better place for me now but I had to be a seeker to get here. Bill it’s great you are here to be our guide and I think you are very modest in your reply to those who are getting major benefits because you deserve a BIG THANKS. I wish you and all at Centerpointe a great 2010.

  127. Terry says :

    Thanks so much for the validation. Yet, I can’t claim such a wide spread experience as you and all I can say is that Holosync, and a little exposure to other teachers (some promoting magical thinking…don’t tell Bill!) have lead me to this moment. I’m a couple years older than you and I think I know the great release that you feel knowing what you now know.
    The Secret was also the catalyst that sent me forth into the seeking (thanks to my wife). I tend to agree with Bill that it (the Secret), in itself, it’s basically “fluff”. But the greatest thing was that it lead me to a number of potential teachers. How funny that it was Bill that my wife and I decided on after investigating all the others (from the book also and not just the film). We also landed on Mike Dooley, who is the anithesis of Bill’s teachings (but not really if you listen deeply).
    I. for one, really enjoy “magical thinking”. After all it’s been a part of me forever (as an artist I need to pretend). Yet, having taken Bill’s teachings to heart, I also accept that facing reality plays a huge part in being at peace. (This has changed me more than I can say). The one thing I can say is that I NOW KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between the two. I can play at magical and be grounded in reality.
    What more could a man ask for?

    FROM BILL: A lot of you seem to confuse the metaphor of something being “magical”–that it is amazing, or that the result was fantastic and unexpected–with what I’m talking about when I use the term magical thinking. Again, magical thinking as I am using the term mean believing that something is going to happen outside the laws of physics, outside the observable laws of cause and effect. The main reason this kind of thinking is a problem for those who believe in it, is that if you don’t see how outcomes are actually created, based on how cause and effect really works, you will have a difficult time navigating your life and creating the outcomes you want.

    My biggest problem with The Secret is that many people who are struggling to figure out how to make their life work hear that all that have to do is want something and “put it out to the universe by saying or thinking the “right” thing, and they will get what they want. Then they write to me and wonder why they’re still not getting what they want in life. To me, to mislead people in this way is cruel. Instead, such people need to learn how the world really works so they can create what they want.

    Again, I am not against “that magical feeling” and other metaphorical uses of the word magic.

  128. Natasha says :

    thank you, all of you, it had never occurred to me to simply feel the feeling of gratitude without directing it to someone.
    I am really happy I learned something!

  129. Paul says :

    Bill, I completely understand where your coming from about Magical. One reason I was attracted to your blog was your down to earth no nonsense approach to the world of psychological development interfaced with Buddhist and other religeious teachings. The Secret got a lot of flack for doing what you say it did. When I heard Rhonda’s back up CDs in her attempt to fill in the gaps left from the movie it all made a lot more sense. Obviously there just wasn’t enough time to expand on this stuff, which takes some getting the head around for Self development rookies like me. But having thought alot about the points made in the movie and researched through others I would give the movie the thumbs up as it sure as hell woke alot of folks up.
    Since then I have been exposed to some training in another world, the world of Energy Psychology where there is talk of healing through Intuitive interaction, surrogate healing, distance healing etc. Now this is tough stuff to swallow for a new recruit and when you talk about Magical Thinking it makes me wonder about the transfer of energy, quantum mechanics and all that which is so difficult to understand let alone explain. How can people can be healed at a distance, it does happen, is this not ‘magical’ in itself because we can’t explain what the mechanism is? Are we waiting for Physics to hand us a mechanism that is plausible so that the laws of cause and effect can be interpreted as you suggest? There is much we don’t yet understand.

    FROM BILL: In my opinion “Energy Psychology” is baloney. And, about 99% (at least) of what you hear from New Agers about quantum physics is pure crap.

  130. Brian says :

    Hi Bill, if you feel like responding to this, I was wondering what your thoughts were on shaktipat, the spiritual energy that some gurus are said to transmit. I was reading a little about Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and it seemed fascinating. Is there a scientific basis to it? I would love to hear a scientific take on it if there is one.

    Also, I have used holosync for about 4 months now and have completely changed. You probably don’t remember, but I posted here 4 months ago desperately seeking help for anxiety. I don’t even feel like the same “being” as I did then. I did not understand anyone on this blog before I used holosync and honestly thought everyone on here was crazy. But now I guess I am one of the crazy ones!

    My life has changed in many positive ways, but I still go through periods of intense fear over the changes this is bringing. Usually a scary “what if” thought pops in my head, and I just run wild with it. I think I am getting better at dealing with it though.

    Holosync definitely brings about serious change, and, for me at least, it was not at all what I expected. This can be really scary sometimes, but the fear will even out over time, and you will begin to see the serious positive changes happening.

    FROM BILL: I’m really pleased to hear that your anxiety is already better. You should carefully read the support letters as they arrive (by email), as Holosync is pretty powerful in the way it pushes against your threshold for what you can handle (which, with your anxiety problem is likely to be quite low in the beginning). Holosync pushes against that threshold, pushing it higher, which you are already experiencing–it probably already take more to push you into feeling anxious. However, as Holosync continues to push, your response may very well be periodic anxiety that will make it seem as if you’ve reverted to your previous level. This isn’t what is happening, though.

    When a runner does a workout, he pushes against his physical threshold. As a result he feels fatigued and possibly experiences sore muscles. Months later, he will be in much better condition, but if he runs enough he can still feel fatigued and have sore muscles. This doesn’t mean, obviously, that he isn’t in better shape than when he started, even though the symptoms he experiences (of being pushed past his physical threshold) are similar, or even the same, as those he experienced in the beginning when his level of conditioning was much less. Do utilyze our support coaches.

    As for shaktipat, I have experienced it myself. The common explanation is that the guru is transmitting shakti (spiritual/life-force energy) to the student through his touch, his look, etc. Something is indeed happening, as I have experienced it myself, but whether or not the common explanation is what is really happening is debatable. People also swoon and go into altered states at Pentacostal revivals, and I suspect that the swooner is doing something internally that brings this about, based on their faith in what is going on around them.

    The transfer-of-shaktipat explanation is at least a couple of millenia old, predating science by a long time. If something is happening, I’m sure there is an explanation that does not violate the laws of physics. I think something is happening, and I would bet that it would show up in a brain scan and/or an EEG tracing. That the guru is doing something “magical” to bring it about, however, doesn’t seem credible to me.

    The nature of magical thinking often runs something like this: something happens that is remarkable or unusual and seems to have no explanation; magical thinkers jump to the conclusion that some sort of magic (suspension of the laws of physics) is involved, picking an explanation out of several possibilities that confirms their beliefs. This happens when people see lights in the sky and conclude that it is something from another planet, when there could be many other explanations. Magical explanations are, in my opinion, intellectually lazy at best.

  131. Elaine says :

    So let’s see…..

    In pentacostally-induced-experiences, something is happening due to, you suggest, the person “doing something internally”?
    In transfer-of-shatipat, something is happening; would this also be due to the recipient “doing something internally”?

    It looks to me like these are more or less parallel experiences; would you agree? In both cases, something happens (that’s all we know for sure).

    The transfer-of-shatipat seems to have a more profound/lasting effect. Is that due to the more-effective trappings of the experience? That is to say, the Transferee expects a lasting effect, and gets it, while the Revivalee expects to fall back into his old ways, and does.

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around just what you mean by the term “magical thinking.”

    I’m guessing that Magical Thinking is a response to our intolerance of our own ignorance. We want an explanation; if our grasp of the physical laws is insufficient to provide an explanation, we make up an explanation. Have I got that right?

    is there a cure for magical thinking? And if so, what is it?

    FROM BILL: Yes, I think they are parallel experiences, but I want to reiterate that I have experienced shaktipat, and something IS happening (though what causes it isn’t clear to me, unless you just accept the traditional explanation without any empirical evidence of the mechanism by which it works). Magical thinkers, when faced with something that they can’t explain, resort to magical explanations.

    And, again, magical thinking is a belief that the laws of physics can be suspended, that some outcome or event can happen not through the mechanisms science has discovered for how cause and effect works, but through a suspension of those mechanisms because of extranormal “powers”.

    Magical thinking is a way of understanding life and existence used by pre-rational societies, the most common example being tribal societies. To really understand it, go back and read the other posts I’ve written about it. Magical thinking is one of a series of developmental levels all people, and all societies go through, so the “cure” is to move on to the next developmental level. Go back and read my other posts about this–I think you will find them to be VERY instructive. Some of THE top experts in the study of human development have given me high compliments about the series of posts about human development.

  132. Sam says :

    I just want to say to Brian how glad I am that the anxiety seems to be working itself out. I’ve noticed this process happening for me as well, and I think that it’s great when more than one gains some insite on any particular issue. Keep up the good work!

    I also believe that I’ve experienced energy of verious kinds, perhaps shaktipat, and it’s quite fascinating to get into. I’ve learned to ask myself questions at these interesting times so that I can learn more about what’s happening, and also so that I don’t have to rely on some state to inform me of what’s happening; if I were to wait for shaktipat to happen for me and only recognize shaktipat due to the lable, I might miss many other examples of energies flowing in my life because I’m limited to my understanding of shaktipat and what it means. When I make it a practice to ask questions like “what am I taking” “what am I giving” and “what harm am I currently causing” I notice that the shaktipat (if it’s genuine) starts to help me to answer the questions so that I learn more about what actions I am taking (or have taken) to bring about this experience. Then there is no need for any guru other than the internal one, and you’ll gain great awareness of exactly what this “internal guru” is and how it manifests for you. I’ve also fouund that as I deal with my anxiety, more and more energy is freed up for me to experience life, and I also find that due to my higher threshold I am more ready for when shaktipat (or whatever) happens and am available to let the process integrate without trying to stop it out of fear. When I go into the feeling of overwelm I often gain great awarenesses, awarenesses that I know I had limited in the past due to my miss-labeling excitement as anxiety. I’ve always been excited about energy and stuff, however due to my interpreting possible expantion of energy (and the rush it can bring) as anxiety I found myself seriously limiting my possibilities in life. I’m looking forward to what life can bring me, and also for what wonderful awarenesses are about to open up for those of us who are on a path of exploration and self-discovery.

    I’m really excited for you, Brian. Just remember to always stay in the voice of the student and you’ll receive shaktipat, or anything else that you need, on your learning journey.

  133. Claudia says :


    This is off the point but I’m thinking it must take you hours to respond to all these posts.

    Funny when I first started using holosnync I became terribly forgetful and was dropping a lot of things so that my partner even said to me that meditating was having the opposite effect on me. (We have a great relationship and can always tease each other lovingly) That day after he said it a support letter came which mentioned that this might happen. I’ve since got my memory and agility back and am more focused than ever before.

    As for all this magical thinking stuff, karma etc I think I’m too practical to believe any of it as much as I would have liked to. As a kid I already knew there was no easter bunny or father christmas but I wished it were so. Now I’m totally glad that there isn’t anything like that because that means it’s all up to me. I can make life nice or I can make it shitty. All I know is that it’s all really cause and effect.

    I don’t break my brain wondering about stuff any more. But I’ll tell you secretly I’m still scared they’ll put my in a drawer in the mortuary when I’m dead. I think I might get claustrophobia….

  134. Paul says :

    I had to come back after you labelled Energy Psychology “baloney”. I used the term in my post as a generic under which lay the energy therapies like EFT of which I am a practitioner. I assume that your rather curt judgement came from all the esoteric woo woo that surrounds the Energy Therapies as to a possible mechanism as to how they might effect change in the emotional state. Maybe your label came from your adherance only to proven explanations backed by empirical testing although in the discussion around Shatipat you acknowledge “something is going on” and that there are “parallel experiences” that cannot be explained empirically.
    I am with you on that Bill but is seems to me that if we are to make some headway in the treatment of the psychosomatic ailments (auto-immune disease etc) that are plagueing this planet now we need to find effective ways to turn around Psychlogical Reversal (explained in Kinesiology as an energy reversal) in people.
    EFT uses both meridian tapping as well as NLP in its delivery. It also used the knowledge brought by Gendling in focusing on the specific issue. So it uses energy as well as psychological technique to first zone in on the issue which can be enough to get resolution. And it works. Many long term PTSD war vets have found resolution in days with this technique. Also most psychotherapists I know now use this as a major tool in their practice.
    So I can’t agree that Energy Psychology is baloney, however, exploitation of the technique through ‘magical’ explanations as to the mechanism is baloney which is I hope where you were coming from.
    Energy in the form of life force the unified field etc is considered baloney by many because we don’t have empiracle testing yet so everything is anectodal. There is not proof that Meridians or Nadis exist at all other than by those that can actually see these energy lines themselves….but nobody would believe them would they, that’s all baloney!!

  135. Debbie Nenninger says :

    Hi Bill, I just wanted to share with you something that happened to me the other day..I was talking to a friend and he was asking me questions about my illness and the wholistic medicine that I am currently taking….All his questions made me defensive which made him angry. He exploded to me why was I getting defensive because he only cared about my health and me…( I think he has issues too) I listened to him be angry with me… I stepped back and observed his feelings…I realized his concern for me was on a more love level than just caring….and then it hit me….if he was angry with me but at the same time cared and loved me then that could mean all the times my mother yelled at me she didnt hate me… she cared and loved me…. I thought this was a profound realization on my part. And it all came about by just stepping back and observing. Holosync is working great and I look forward to going to the first level soon.
    I do have a question Bill… I am confused .. I know this is all based on Buddist religion but this is not going to take me from my Catholic faith will it?

    FROM BILL: All parents have a certain idea of who and what each child needs to be in order to be “okay,” and then they pressure their children to live up to it. Obviously there are varying degrees of this, and many different methods used, ranging from violence to anger to guilt to gentle prodding (and everything in between). What a parent considers to be “okay” has a lot to do with their “stuff” and what their parents taught them was “okay.”

    I would guess that when your mother yelled at you, you weren’t living up to her version of “okay,” which bothered her enough that she became angry. She cared enough to want you to be okay as she defined it.

    Buddhism actually ISN’T a religion in the sense that most people think of religion. Most religions in the world today are built around a dogma, a collection of beliefs about what is true in the opinion of that religion. Those in charge of the religion tell you what that truth is and you’re supposed to believe them and adopt their ideas. Obviously there are scores of religions and all of them describe what they think is truth in a different way. This makes it seem as if your job is to somehow evaluate all the choices and pick the best one (though most people just end up with what they grew up with).

    So how do you choose? Most logical? Most practical? Greatest number of adherents? Greatest amount peer group pressure to join? Strongest feelings created during worship? Most charismatic leader? Whatever your parents believe?

    Buddhism is a bit different in that it’s not a collection of beliefs, but rather a methodology consisting mostly of a dialog with a teacher (plus a lot of meditation) for the purpose of expanding conscious awareness. That awareness helps you see things about yourself and life of which you were previously unaware. The goal, if you frame it in that way, is to find out what is true for yourself, so that you don’t have to take someone else’s word for it.

    There are plenty of Buddhists, of course, who do look at Buddhism as a dogma to be believed in, but they are missing the point. People have a strong desire to know, to have some certainty about life, and it’s easy to listen to those who profess to know, and who seem quite certain about it. Few people do the spiritual work to actually investigate for themselves (few even know that this is a possibility).

    In what I teach I’m just describing what I’m discovering as I’m (hopefully) ecoming more aware. I do this as a way of motivating people to become more aware themselves, and, hopefully, to provide a little bit of help and direction to those involved in their own discovery. If you’ve been reading what I write for very long, you may have heard me suggest that you believe what I say, but instead to personally investigate so as to find out for yourself. Believing something just because a lot of other people believe it isn’t (in my opinion) a very resourceful method for figuring out what is what.

    I see Jesus as someone who had a profound spiritual opening and saw (ie, became aware of) the same things that Zen masters and other awakened people became aware of. This awareness is described in slightly different ways in different cultures, but if you look for it you can see that all these people are describing the same thing through the lens of their particular culture. For some reason, though, the Catholic Church, and later, the rest of Christianity (with a very few exceptions) had an interesting response to Jesus’s revelation about reality and life. They decided that Jesus was the great exception, rather than the great example. They said, in effect, that you can’t have the same awareness he had.

    One great Christian, however (one who is revered by the Catholic Church), disagreed–St. Paul, who said, (Philippeans 2:5-8): “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

    This is very similar to the way Hindus and Buddhists, and the mytical branches of many other religions, see humankind: as God, taking a human form, being asleep to who they really are, and eventually waking up.

    I want to be very clear that I’m not trying to get you or anyone to become a Buddhist. Becoming more aware isn’t at odds with any religion or any faith. I am, however, trying to get you to to find out for yourself what life is all about, rather than just accepting a certain dogma, whatever it is–which is what I mean when I suggest seeing things the way they really are. This is a lot different from taking someone else’s word for it.

    So, I do two things. I provide you with Holosync, which definitely expands awareness–your ability to see things clearly. There is no particular content to this awareness. You see whatever you see. Then, to shorten the process, I give some idea about where to direct that awareness, which in my cases is to have you look at what you do, inside you head, to create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what things out there “mean”.

    Then, however, you have to find out for yourself what life is about, and what you do to create your experience of life. Most remarkable humans, those who have had the kind of spiritual experience Jesus had, report something very similar. Believing the report of one of these people, usually interpreted by those who didn’t have the experience themselves (the basis of a dogmatic religion), however, isn’t the same as having the experience, any more than hearing my report about what it’s like in Peru is the same as actually going there. I’m trying to get you to actually go there.

    Who knows what you’ll find when you actually “go there.” You may find yourself saying, “Oh, my goodness, that’s what Jesus was talking about,” and having a huge spiritual ah-ha. You may also find that certain things the church teaches don’t correspond to what you discover. You’ll have to go there to find out–that is, if you feel moved to do so.

    Being human involves, among other things, the adoption of a way of understanding and navigating your life. A religion is one of those ways. As you’ll see if you read my posts about human development at the beginning of this blog, these ways of understanding what it means to be human develop. As people have more experience in life, sometimes the new information they gain doesn’t agree with their current explanation, which throws them into doubt until they create a new explanation that takes into account the new information. Then, that explanation works until more new information throws it into doubt. For some people, this doesn’t happen very many times and they settle into a way of understanding life that works for them. Other people keep expanding their awareness and their explanation and way of navigating life keeps changing, refining, expanding. You might say that their perspective keeps growing as what they are aware of expands.

    To become more aware, and to really search for the truth takes a lot of courage because you’re stepping into the unknown. Those who do, though, become remarkable human beings, and part of that remarkableness usually involves great love and compassion for others–something of which I’m sure Jesus would approve.

  136. Bette Niderost says :

    Dear Bill
    I have been using holosync. I started January 21, 2009. During the first six months I put myself through all kinds of upheaval. Kept thinking it was all holosync fault, then I found out it was all me. So if you are using holsync keep going it works.
    My life now is so wonderful I am 67 years old and having the best time. I am always happy and joyful it comes from inside of me and I love it.
    My abundance has arrived quarter of million from my brother did not know he had any money.
    I came to Holosync a very depress person with not really a lot of money for food. Now look at me. Love to you Bill Harris

    FROM BILL: When people use Holosync they become more aware. They want to become more aware of the positive, the Oneness, and so forth. But we also become more aware of the aspects of being human we have disowned, the normal human qualitites that family and society taught us are bad, wrong, unacceptable. When we become aware of this stuff (which is causing suffering for us anyway–in fact, more suffering–because it has been pushed out of awareness) we resist it at first. After all, it is BAD stuff. Once we realize that the upheaval is actually our own resistance, that awareness causes it to fall away.

  137. Jane Beale says :

    Just sending kind thoughts (with awareness). Thanks for your blog.
    P.S. Historically, at times of low social mood has it followed that the stock market will take years to receover also? I guess so. Perhaps a good time to not play the game of black and white and sit on a rock to contemplate.

    Jane x

  138. Isa Test says :

    Do you have to be a certain age to use this?

    FROM BILL: Nope.

  139. Loyda Irizarry says :

    Hi. I’ve been a customer now for approximately one year and although your program has been very helpful, I was disapointed with the customer service representative who answered when I called and made an order for your next 3 levels. I felt that she was stressed and rushed and as a result I felt stressed myself. I’m under the impression that this has become just a “money making business” and all personal and bedside manners with customers has been lost. I was totally disapointed and angered and find it so ironic and so controversial a fact that you sell products for relieving stress, yet your customer service reps are in such a rush to make a sale. I’ve had better interactions when paying my utility and hospital bills. They’ve seemed more personal and concerned. And Yes, I did make the purchase I wanted. However, it left me thinking about your company’s real motives; sales.

    FROM BILL: Well, of course we’re concerned about making sales. The business exists to make sales. It makes sales, however, by providing something that benefits you and that you want. If we didn’t want to make sales, there would be no company, no jobs, and no product for you to benefit from.

    Now, if the person you spoke with didn’t treat you well, I apologize for that. I don’t know who it was, or what happened, so it’s hard to comment. If you called outside our normal office hours, you would have spoken to someone at the after-hours service we use, and I’d be the first to admit that they aren’t very good. These people at these call centers are not well-paid, and this attracts people that aren’t great employees (they aren’t Centerpointe employees, however). Unfortunately, all of these call centers are equally bad–we’ve used quite a few over the years, and changing to another in the hopes of seeing an improvement has turned out to be disappointing.

    If you did call during our business hours and it was one of our customer service people you spoke to, I would be, quite frankly, surprised if they didn’t treat you well because I know these people, and all of them have been here quite a while and none of them are the kind of person who wouldn’t be friendly. It’s possible that you called at a time when we were super-busy, and the phone people were feeling overwhelmed with a temporary backlog of people on hold and the person felt stressed because she was thinking about the people who were being kept waiting.

    At any rate, the person you spoke to has nothing in particular to gain by “just wanting to make a sale.” She might have had a motive to get on to the next person, though, because people were waiting, and it’s also possible that she was stressed by something else going on in her life that neither you nor I know about.

    These same people do coaching calls all day, and some of those calls are up to 30 minutes long, so our people are certainly willing to take the time to talk to people, and do so every day. I hear many comments from customers about how wonderfully they were treated by our coaches. If, though, the call is about taking an order, they probably want to get right to the execution of it and get on to the next person, especially if there are other people waiting. It’s likely that this was the case, as we are particularly busy this month.

    I wouldn’t take it personally. Hopefully, you can have compassion for the person on the other end of the phone, who is doing her best to do her job (though I’d be the first to admit that I don’t always feel this compassion when dealing with customer service people on the phone!). And, I assure you that we DO care about you as a person, and the only sale I want to make is one that benefits you. Again, I am sorry if you had a bad experience, and I will say something to the customer service group so that your feedback is registered.

  140. Gary Wong says :

    Now that’s an important point I’ve never heard made quite like that before. Well done! Perhaps a little more detail for noobies?

    FROM BILL: About what?

  141. James Smith says :

    Bill, since when are you in the business of predicting the future? Which IR are you making to have such somber point of view? I do not see any bus coming, it is just everyday stuff to be aware. The Dow on 12/31/2009 was 10428 today is 12043 a 15.15% increase. Fearmongers abound in this planet.

    FROM BILL: You, sir, are woefully uninformed. If you don’t want to be prepared for the debt meltdown that is underway, and all the consequences it will create, then you should go about your business. Keep your head in the sand. I also predicted (though not on this blog or the Centerpointe people) what happened in 2007. In fact, because I was prepared, my net worth increased while everyone else was losing money. Do as you like.

    Or, look at some of the sources I have shared here, educate yourself a bit, and perhaps you will change your stance. I am not trying to “fearmonger.”

    There is, however, a bus coming down the road, though I believe you when you say you don’t see it. Get some stronger glasses.