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Learned helplessness (Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer)

by / Wednesday, 27 August 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

First of all, I want to apologize for the long time between posts. I’ve been incredibly busy with various deadlines, traveling in and out of town speaking and presenting in various places, and so forth. Finally I’ve come up for air, so here are my latest thoughts.

Before I get to one of the most fascinating topics I’ve written about so far–how (and why) resources automatically flow to those who already have them, and away from those who do not, and how you can get on the receiving side of this equation–I want to make a few brief introductory remarks about Holosync.

I find it interesting when I consider the different reasons why people use Holosync. Some are drawn to Holosync because it creates a remarkable acceleration in meditation and spiritual growth. Holosync meditators, I’ve noticed, seem to progress somewhere from four to ten times faster than traditional meditators in terms of experiencing improvements in well-being, inner peace, a surrendering to what is, a lessening of self-created suffering, an ability to experience life from the transcendent, and an ability to become incredibly aware (more about this below).

One huge change I see in long-time Holosync users is a growing desire and ability to drop what I call the Game of Black and White. This is the game we unwittingly teach all new humans because we learned it when we were small, and it’s all that we know. In this game we artificially and arbitrarily divide the world into separate things and events (a dividing that happens in the mind, but not in reality, though we forget that and live as if these divisions were real rather than mental). We then place these supposedly separate things and events into two piles, the Appropriate Pile and the Inappropriate Pile. The main rule of the game is that White Must Win. In other words, we try to make whatever we’ve placed in the appropriate pile “win” over whatever we’ve assigned to the inappropriate pile. Good must win over bad. Life must win over death. Having must win over not having. I must win over the environment. And so forth.

The problem with this game is that good and bad, life and death, having and not having, and all the other pairs of opposites, go together. Each side of the polarity is defined in terms of the other, and in fact only makes sense in relation to the other. We know good only because there is bad. We know life only because there is death. We know having only because there is not having. And, because all these supposedly separate things are actually one thing, and go together, one side can’t really win over the other.

This makes the Game of Black and White an unwinnable game, yet nearly all people spend their entire life playing it as hard as they can.

The unwinnability of this game makes it the main source of human suffering, and dropping it leads to freedom, inner peace, and happiness. Dropping the Game of Black and White also makes it easier to experience who you really are–the entire going on of it all. One of the most amazing things about Holosync is that it seems to relax our need to play this ridiculous game, or at least to allow us to play a lighter version (you have to play at least a little bit to be here).

Other people use Holosync because they’ve been traumatized and are suffering from various emotional dysfunctions. They’ve heard that Holosync dramatically shifts one’s relationship to fear, anger, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other types of emotional suffering. Many people on medication for anxiety or depression, for instance, are able to stop the medication after 10-12 months of Holosync use (never do this, of course, without consulting your doctor).

Such emotional problems are, of course, symptoms of the Game of Black and White, and since Holosync allows you to see the futility of this game and helps you to stop playing such a hard version of it, the related symptoms calm down and, for the most part, disappear. My friend John Dupuy, in conjunction with Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, has pioneered an approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery called Integral Recovery. He has used Holosync with tremendous success in addiction recovery, in getting people to stop using addictive behavior to try to hold off the intensely negative feelings created by a super-hard version of the Game of Black and White (if you’re interested in knowing more, you can read a paper John has written about Integral Recovery at

Other Holosync users are mind and consciousness explorers. They find that Holosync expands their mental capacity and their ability to be aware, since Holosync increases connections between the left and right brain hemispheres, leading to what scientists call whole-brain functioning), and increases the level of awareness-enhancing brain chemicals.

Holosync also seems to accelerate the development of an increasingly larger and more expanded perspective–what we use to navigate through life and make sense of what it means to be human (part of what I mean when I use the word awareness). This ongoing expansion of perspective-making is in large part what I was describing in my series about human development earlier on this blog (check the archives if you haven’t read these posts).

Ken Wilber, one of the world’s top experts on human development, has said that Holosync seems to accelerate our ability to move through these different developmental stages more quickly and easily–in other words, to adopt increasingly expanded perspectives about what it means to be a human being. I agree, as I clearly see this happening with anyone who has used Holosync for any reasonable length of time.

There are also tremendous health benefits to Holosync use. Considerable research has been done on the health benefits of traditional meditation. Significant positive effects on cardivascular health, brain health and functioning, immune function, hormone regulation, and many other positive health benefits, have been demonstrated. In addition, Holosync has huge stress-relief benefits, and since many mental, emotional, and physical health problems are either created by stress or made worse by it, Holosync use can dramatically improve quality of life.

And though this is anecdotal (no studies have been done–yet), for years we’ve heard from parents of children with ADD or ADHD about the huge positive effect Holosync has had on that condition. Many parents with autistic children (and a few people who work with autistic children) have told us that Holosync has a positive effect on their ability to more easily make contact with these kids.

In general, those who use Holosync are looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives, and Holosync seems to do that in quite dramatic ways–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In this post I want to examine one nuance of this yearning for a better quality of life, something that has fascinated me for a number of years. You could call this, “Why the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer,” or “Learned Helplessness.” Let me explain what I mean.

A significant amount of research has come to light lately about what most people would see as a grim fact of life (all life, not just human life): the fact that resources flow more easily to those who are already successful, and away from those who are unsuccessful. “To he who hath it shall be given; from he who hath not even what he hath shall be taken away.”

This law applies to bacterial colonies, human beings, and everything in between. Though this law of nature seems cruel in terms of the individual, it is a powerful and positive survival mechanism when looked at from the point of view of the whole. So let’s look at this more closely, as it has a significant bearing on your ability to create a happy, fulfilling life. And, if you happen to be stuck on the wrong side of this law of nature, understanding it just might help you to reverse that trend (yes, there is a way to reverse it).

One of the simplest examples of this law is the workings of a bacterial colony. Amazingly, bacteria have sophisticated ways of communicating. One of these is through chemical attraction and repulsion cues, which are very useful to the colony.

As long as bacteria are in an area rich in food, they chow down and multiply like, well, like bacteria. Once the available food is gone, however, the colony sends out bands of scouts to look for new sources of groceries. Not all of them succeed, however. Some bands end up in the bacterial equivalent of a desert, while others may find a new bacterial food court. Those who end up stranded in the desert send out chemical messages that say, in effect, “avoid me.” In this way, resources aren’t wasted on expeditions to the same desert area.

If a band ends up in food heaven, however, it sends out chemical messages equivalent to those ten-foot signs on the roofs of diners saying “EAT!” As a result, the other bacteria come running (or oozing, or whatever bacteria do to get around.)

In other words, resources are withdrawn from the failures, and made available to the successful.

This same mechanism happens in all living systems. Those who are successful attract resources, and those who fail actually repel them. The obvious message is that you want to be in the successful group. If you are, more of whatever you want and need comes to you. A great deal of what I teach at Centerpointe is my attempt to show you how to be in this group. For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, I also believe–quite strongly–that Holosync use increases your ability to be in this resource-attracting group. Let’s look at a few more examples so you can more clearly see how this principle works.

All living systems have a built-in self-destruct mechanism that, as I said above, withdraws resources from the unsuccessful and diverts them to the successful. Robert Sapoloski discovered how wild baboons at the lower end of the baboon pecking order actually create large amounts of hormonal poisons that kill brain cells, causing their hair to fall out, wiping out their immune function, and leading to chronic illness. This, of course, further decreases their power and status with their baboon peers.

On the other hand, those at the top of the pecking order make more of the hormones and brain chemicals that cause well-being, self-confidence, and better health. And, in addition to better chemistry, these winners also end up with better food, the best living areas, and the most desirable sexual partners.

Researcher Marvin Zuckerman found that depressed hospital patients–those who actually needed the most care–were least likely to attract the compassionate attention of their caregivers. Their complaints, anger, body language, facial expressions, and other negative behaviors actually drive away those who might give them the care and nurturing they need.

On the other hand, those patients who are cheerful in the face of terrible illness or even impending death attract better care, more nurturing, and many friends. The nurses and doctors flock to them with sympathy.

It has long been known that individual cells have a self-destruct mechanism called apoptosis that rids the organism of unneeded, unwanted, or otherwise malfunctioning cells. Unsuccessful organisms (including human beings) have similar self-destruct programming that kicks in when that organism is no longer useful to the larger community.

A similar mechanism, in fact, appears on every level of life. The human body, for instance, contains millions of different types of antibodies. Just as in the examples above, resources flow to those antibodies that successfully find and deal with invaders, and away from those who either cannot find invaders that match their particular weapons, or aren’t able to defeat the invaders they encounter. Those that are successful attract resources and increase their numbers at an incredible speed, while those that fail are robbed of food and the ability to multiply.

There is, then, competition for resources at all levels in all living systems, including human and animal communities. Built into each system, fairly or unfairly, is a mechanism by which the group automatically withholds or withdraws resources from individuals who “fail.” What is more, unsuccessful individuals–through internal, built-in, automatic self-destruct mechanisms–withhold resources (positive, life-giving neurochemicals and hormones, for instance, that would cause them to feel and function better) from themselves!

The resulting condition is sometimes referred to as “learned helplessness.” When humans (or animals) are able to solve a problem they not only overcome the problem, they also thrive in other ways (some internal and some external) as a result of having encountered and successfully dealt with that problem. On the other hand, those who cannot solve a problem activate their own internal self-destruct mechanisms, which can be mental, attitudinal, emotional, hormonal, or neurochemical. These then create external social cues that cause their social group to further withhold resources.

In one study, rats were wired to receive painful electric shocks. Some of the rats had access to a button that, when pushed, would stop the shock, not only for the button-pusher, but also for other rats subjected to the same shock. Once the control buttons were discovered by certain of the rats, these luckier rodents would instantly lunge for the button whenever the experimenters turned on the juice, ending their own pain and that of their fellow rats.

The rats who never discovered the “off” button had no means of controlling their situation, and eventually gave up and passively resigned themselves to the painful shocks that came out of nowhere. These rats, even though they received the same number of shocks, and for the same duration, as the button-pushing rats, became physical wrecks. Their hair fell out. They developed ulcers. They lost weight.

The rat button-pushers, on the other hand, remained reasonably plump and fit. The rats without control buttons were sabotaged by their own built-in self-destruct mechanisms. They were poisoned by their own stress hormones. Their immune systems failed. Their reflexes atrophied. If given a way to escape, they were too confused to notice it or too infirm to take advantage of it. (This reminds me of some people who attend very expertly-taught self-help seminars, but somehow are unable to take advantage of what has been tremendously helpful to most other people.)

Similar experiments have been repeated in many different animal populations, including humans. In each case, individuals who fail tend to develop this same sort of learned helplessness which causes external resources to stop flowing to them and also causes their own body to shut down internal resources. As a result, they give up.

On the other hand, those who succeed–and particularly those who find a way to exert a certain amount of control over the situations in which they find themselves–end up with greater dominance within their group, more and better food, better lodgings or living situations, and more sexual privileges. Their internal chemical factories churn out what they need in order to be healthy, clear-minded, and vital. Truly, the rich do get richer while the poor get poorer.

Is this a no-win situation? Once you’re on the downward spiral, are you screwed? This would be the case–if you had no power to consciously and intentionally do things in a different way. The new and growing field of neuroplasticity indicates that you can change your internal processes and learn new ways of living and dealing with the world.

When you practice doing anything, including thinking about yourself in a new way, your brain devotes more brain real estate to that function, and you get better at it. The existence of brain plasticity means that it is not inevitable that if you are moving in an unsuccessful direction you have to continue moving in the same groove until you circle the drain. You do have the power to step out of a negative, self-destructive spiral.

Once resources begin flowing either to you or away from you they tend to keep flowing in that same direction. Usually, in fact, the flow increases as time goes on. Your job, then, is to get on the right side of this flow of resources. It’s true that if resources tend to flow away from you, there will be a momentum to overcome if you’re going to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and move to the resource-attracting side of the equation.

It can, however, be done. I’ve done it. Up until the mid-1980s, I was depressed, anxious, difficult to get along with, had few friends, and was scraping by on a very small income. I was definitely on the wrong side of the flow of resources, internally and externally.

Two things, I believe, shifted me from the self-destruct mode to the success mode, and I’ve found that these two methods work for anyone who uses them (though I will admit that the deeper you are in the self-destructive, learned-helplessness mode, the tougher it is, at least in the beginning).

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the first method is Holosync. Holosync increases awareness, which is one of the keys to this process. Why? Because increased awareness allows you to see HOW you’ve been unconsciously sabotaging yourself. Even more important, Holosync stimulates the production of the very same neurochemicals and hormones made in abundance by those who are successful. These feel-good neurochemicals and hormones are a large part of what makes life easy for the successful top-of-the-pecking-order types. Holosync’s ability to stimulate the production of these “success neurochemicals” makes it easier to overcome the negative, self-destructive, learned helplessness momentum.

The second method is to use the resulting awareness to look inside your own mind and observe the internal processes that directly generate how you feel in each moment, how you behave, what and whom you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you place on the events of your life.

Winners–those to whom resources flow–feel different than losers. Their unconscious internal processes more often generate pleasurable and resourceful emotions, along with their characteristic neurochemicals. Because behavior is generated to a great extent by your internal state (which, in addition to feelings also includes such things as courage, persistence, confidence, enthusiasm, and so forth), winners also behave in a different way.

Again, the internal processes of winners motivate them to act in more resourceful ways. And, the resulting successful outcomes generated by these internal states and external behaviors tend to build on each other because they generate more feel-good brain chemistry, more self-confidence, and more positive beliefs, more possibility thinking, more resourceful meanings, and so on, making each success easier than the last.

Such people also begin to attract resources and the help of other people–as, for instance, with the hospital patients described above who received more care and nurturing. These winners also find themselves almost magnetically attracted to better, more resourceful situations, and to kinder, more loving, more helpful people–whereas those on the other side of the equation (including me, twenty years ago) tend to attract or be attracted to people who actually help them fail in various ways and help them feel worse about themselves. And, finally, the winners’ interpretations of what is happening around them–in other words, what the events of their life seem to mean (including what failure and setbacks “mean”)–is different.

Understanding how this mechanism of learned helplessness (or learned success) works led me to formulate what, if I do say so myself, is one of the most profound statement you’ll ever hear about how to get what you want from life:

For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You just have to find that way of thinking and acting, and then be willing to adopt it.

When I say “a certain way of thinking” I’m referring in large part to those internal processes. If you adopt the particular internal processes that will generate a certain outcome (which you can discover from those who have already done what you want to achieve), certain actions will follow, and from those actions the desired result will follow. If random events beyond your control interfere (which they will), these same internal processes will help you discover the opportunity in what has happened, and though success might be delayed, it will eventually come. In fact, as I noted above, encountering a challenge and overcoming it actually increases your ability to be successful–another example of the rich becoming richer.

All of this means that in addition to jump-starting your internal “success chemicals” you must: 1) find out how your internal processes generate different feelings, meanings, and behaviors, and how they cause you to attract certain people and situations into your life (while avoiding, overlooking, or repelling others), and 2) find out how to intentionally operate those internal processes so as to create the outcomes you want.

The key to all of this is awareness. What you are unaware of controls you. What you are aware of, you gain control of and have choice over. As long as your internal processes are unconscious, they will continue to create the same outcomes, and the downward spiral (if that is what is happening) will continue. The two keys, then, to stepping out of learned helplessness are 1) making more of the body’s success chemicals (a process beautifully jump-started by Holosync), and 2) learning to operate your internal processes consciously, rather than allowing them to operate automatically.

Interestingly, even the internal processes of most successful people are running on automatic. It’s just that their automatic functioning is set up in a more resourceful way. They very likely grew up with supportive parents, good mentoring, perhaps even good genetics, which gave them an advantage (though sometimes a negative childhood causes such people to vow that come hell or high water they WILL succeed, and this motivation turns them toward the positive side of things). But whether your internal processes are driving you toward success or failure, if you can learn to operate them consciously and intentionally, your ability to be a successful, resource-attractor increases exponentially–even beyond that of the “automatically” successful person.

In an ironic way, starting in the self-destruct mode, if it motivates you to learn to operate your internal processes consciously and intentionally, ultimately makes you more powerful, more successful, and more able to create what you want in life. Without the inspirational dissatisfaction that leads you to do something about your sorry state you might never delve into and master the internal processes that create your life.

I believe this is what happened for me. The situation in my childhood led me toward the self-destructive mode, and a lack of success. I dealt with my unhappiness by taking drugs (not recommended). As I approached the age of forty I thought, “What the hell happened? Is this my life?”

But through a series of events I won’t go into here I ended up experimenting with what became Holosync, and over a few years my emotional problems miraculously began to clear up. Later I became interested in cognitive psychology and the investigation of the internal processes that were generating my experience of life. Throw in some wisdom from Eastern philosophy, and my life began to shift to the more successful side of the equation.

Holosync use, I’m convinced, is a powerful tool in making this sort of change. Why? Successful resource-attractors make lots of feel-good chemicals. This is a built-in biological system that rewards us when we succeed by pumping out serotonin, endorphins, and other positive neurochemicals. In many ways this is what keeps winners going through good and bad times.

Since Holosync helps you make more of these same hormones and neurochemicals without your necessarily having to actually do something successful, and because it begins to change the brain so that it “learns” to make more of these positive brain chemicals, more easily, you can use Holosync to jump-start yourself into the success camp.

Then, because Holosync also greatly increases your ability to be aware, you can then begin the second step, where you begin to notice your internal processes and learn to operate them more consciously and intentionally. I explain these internal processes and how they work to some degree in the support material, and go very deeply into them in the first of my Life Principles Integration Process online courses (

Though it’s certainly possible to master your internal processes without Holosync, the increased awareness created by Holosync makes it MUCH easier. This is because you cannot continue to do something that does not serve you (i.e., do those things that continue the self-destructive spiral) if you do them with awareness. If you do something that is not resourceful with full awareness, you just can’t keep doing it, and it falls away of its own accord.

When I say watch with awareness I do not mean that you merely know you’re doing something. Most people already know that they’re experiencing the same undesirable outcomes over and over (becoming involved with the wrong romantic partner, investing in losing business propositions, becoming excited about something and then quitting before finishing it, procrastinating, addictive behaviors, etc.). Yet they continue to create the same negative outcomes, over and over, often for an entire lifetime. I certainly did this, well into my 40s. Knowing on a cognitive level is the booby prize in this process, and isn’t the same as actually watching your internal processes generate the different outcomes in your life.

To watch these processes (and therefore gain a degree of control over them) you need 1) awareness, which is created by Holosync (there are other ways, but none I have found that are as easy, fast, or reliable), 2) motivation, created by the feel-good brain chemicals Holosync stimulates, 3) an understanding of your internal processes and how they work, and 4) practice in watching them.

Awareness and intentional control of your internal processes is the modern version of “yogic powers” or the attentional abilities Tibetan monks have demonstrated to modern researchers in recent years. This isn’t magic, but rather the result of a level of awareness few attain. Getting there takes work, and persistence. But because you are discovering exactly how YOU are creating your experience of life, playing with your internal processes can be fascinating. And, the result–getting on the success side of life–is worth the time you spend playing with it.

Once you see–experientially–the plasticity of reality, that you really are creating the reality you live in, you begin to realize that what you always assumed was “reality” isn’t THE reality. What is reality, you begin to wonder? This wondering, and the investigation that follows, is the beginning of true spiritual awakening. It leads to the discovery that you are IT, the entire going on of it all, “the Which of which there is no Whicher,” as I have described in previous posts.

The dirty little secret is that you are already creating (in relationship with everything else) your reality. It isn’t so much that you learn to create your reality as it is that you learn to intentionally create it. Many people say they aren’t good at “manifesting.” This just isn’t true, though. You’re already expertly manifesting everything. You’re just doing it unconsciously. You can, however, learn to do it intentionally. To do so, however, you have to see exactly how the creative process works, which involves awareness, and then learn to exercise control over the aspects of the process over which you actually do have some choice.

So, here’s what we know. There is a built-in mechanism in humans that causes resources–the goodies of life–to flow to those who already have them, and to be withdrawn from those who already have less.  It’s really true that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The way I see it, my job is to show you how to change the direction of that flow, or how to enhance it if it’s already flowing in the desired direction.

Resources–including your own internal resources–can flow away from you only if you live without awareness.

What, then, is awareness? It’s the ability to observe what you previously were caught in, and therefore could not see. It’s the enlarging of your perspective in order to see what you previously were immersed in and therefore could not see. Once you see how you’ve been unconsciously creating a certain outcome–unpleasant relationships, low motivation, bad decisions, or whatever–that awareness allows you to intentionally do something different, something more resourceful.

What’s so amazing about awareness–about the ability to observe in this way, about what we sometimes call witnessing–is that when you watch in this way you don’t even need to know what is or isn’t resourceful. All you need to do is be aware and what is or isn’t resourceful sorts itself out, all by itself. There is some intuitive part of us that knows what is resourceful, and sorting that out doesn’t involve thinking about it or analyzing it. When you watch with awareness, what is resourceful floats to the top every time. This makes everything easier. Life flows when you are aware.

I hasten to add, however, that awareness doesn’t mean that everything will always be the way you want it to be. The world is full of random events, including other people who have an agenda different from yours, so sometimes things don’t turn out the way you hoped. Two things happen when you are aware that help you deal with this problem, however. The first is that aware people learn how to deal with each new and unexpected bend in the road by remaining aware, which allows them to work with whatever happens and turn it to their advantage, whether it is what they wanted or what they didn’t want.

Second, aware people, instead of fighting what they cannot control, surrender to it. They do what they can, and then they let go of needing the outcome to be a certain way. And, just as you don’t have to figure out what is resourceful and what isn’t, the aware person doesn’t have to decide to surrender. If you are aware, surrender happens. Why? Because not surrendering–in other words, resisting what is–isn’t resourceful, and awareness allows you to automatically act in a resourceful manner.

Holosync can play a powerful role in helping people make this shift–this shift to greater awareness, a wider and more inclusive perspective. I suspect that this is partly because Holosync changes one’s brain chemistry and hormonal make-up to one more like that of a winner, and partly because Holosync, for some wonderful reason, allows one’s perspective to grow, to expand, to include more. It allows you to see what you previously had been immersed in, unconscious of, blind to. (Then, of course, you become immersed in something new, about which you eventually also become aware, followed by something else, and then something else. The journey of increasing awareness never ends.)

Once the momentum change happens, once you begin to move in the direction of increased awareness (and begin creating the winner’s brain chemistry) the chances of continuing in this new and more resourceful direction are very high. If you use the awareness Holosync creates to find out who you really are and how you are creating your reality, you become unstoppable. Even more important, you attain a freedom that allows you to truly be a human being, by choice.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey down the winner path.

Be well.


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158 Responses to “Learned helplessness (Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer)”

  1. Richard Martin says :

    This explains why I keep at the Holosync meditation (coming up on 4 years now) day in and day out. I must be getting all of those good chemicals.


  2. Steve says :

    Great post, Bill. Holosync has improved my emotional health and I do notice having more awareness. I’ll catch myself going towards anger or depression and redirect my energies to go towards calmness, love, or whatever I need at the moment. I have further to go, though, as there are times where I’ll get caught up and the emotion and have difficulty getting out. I’ve got old issues coming up and I am noticing that I am playing the game of Black and White – it’s time to stop playing.

  3. Melissa says :

    Absolutely amazing! You put this all so eloquently that it is hard to dispute the fact that we can think ourselves into success or think ourselves into failure. I grew up hearing the lament that “money goes to money”, but luckily I read enough and listened enough to understand why that was true and how I could take advantage of it. After reading this post I am reminded why I was attracted to Holosync originally I am I recommitted to having it as an important part of my day. I recently shared my experiences so far with Holosync on my blog:

    Thank you making this technology and your support available to the world!!! May you always be blessed.

  4. luis felipe says :

    Hi Bill,

    My God what an enlightening post, a marvelous blend of science and self-transcendence / spiritual development.

    One thing I constantly notice after almost 9 years of holosyncing pretty much every day is that no matter how “bad”, uncomfortable or screwed up my life can look at times, awareness or the “just watching” that you mentioned almost always points out for me how I am creating it.

    Ultimately the feeling of separation of everything that is is created by a certain resistance or lack of “watching” of that core mystery of life.

    Once that separation feeling is looked and thus integrated but not negated everything becomes possible, it becomes so obvious that a way of being (thinking+acting+a lot more) creates every outcome, so life is no longer a challenge but a constant flow of resources to materialize our hearts desires.

    Thanks all of the wonderful and insightful sharings,

    much love,

    blessings and success to all.

    Luis Felipe

  5. Bill says :

    You have to be kidding me. The tie in with holosync is complete garbage

  6. Hydon Kaluba says :

    I am unable to read more of this article regard the law of nature.

  7. Rod Mudgway says :

    I love reading that sort of stuff. Very interesting and helpful.

  8. Jacob says :

    Great reading and content to think about. I actually used a lot of information provided by the articles to present a speech at uni, addressing the statement “All of your life is pre-determined and you have no real freedom of will or choice”. It was part of the subject ‘ideas and thoughts’ where we are looking at philosophy, and you can read what I wrote and my perception on the matter by clicking on my name. Hope you enjoy it, and continue with the great work as I am enjoying Holosync and thankyou for this great program.

  9. Gina Ryan says :

    Aloha Bill!
    What a fabulous post. I will be adding a link to it on my blog tonight( ). Working with eating disordered clients I am sure Holosync could be a huge help. Black and white thinking is prevalent in this population.
    Big Mahalo for having the lights go off in my own mind….I’ve not to this point shared the Holosync with my clients….what was I thinking???? Well now I have a beautiful new tool to bring awareness to the people I work with.

  10. Draco says :

    Woohoo, the hiatus is over and here comes a new post!

    Once again, very insightful and wise words.

    The power of neuroplasticity in its ability to change a person’s life direction (whether currently positive or negative) is truly amazing, because we choose to relinquish our current paradigms if they are not resourceful.

    Something that I think is critical, however, is that it is not enough to merely be a winner in life, although certainly that is what I’m sure all of us want! I believe it is even more important to go beyond our personal victories and contribute in some way to society at large. With the awareness that we develop (whether with Holosync – the fastest way, traditional meditation, or whatever), we’re in a more powerful position to positively influence others to harbor more awareness, and thus the rippling effect continues perpetually.

    This is some very breakthrough stuff, Bill! Keep it up.


    UCLA Office of Residential Life

    FROM BILL: You are absolutely right. And, what you are describing is developmental. Until one’s own needs are net, a person is less likely to devote a lot of time or other resources to helping others. Once our own needs are met, however (and IF we have developed to a more world-centric level), we will begin to see helping others as a higher priority. At this point in my life I have attracted so many resources that I can’t possibly use them all. Some I have set aside for my children and for my wife (should I die first). Some I do spend on my own life, of course.

    I also give a huge amount to various charities, mostly those helping children. I also serve on boards of charitable organizations, and help many other people in the spiritual and personal growth community (Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Diane Hamilton, Jack Canfield, and many others) with their businesses. One of the great things about attracting a lot of resources is that it allows you to do these sorts of things, which I find very fulfilling. It also allows me to even more selflessly help Centerpointe people, without particular thought to what’s in it for me (yes, I know that the cynical among you can’t imagine that anyone really operates this way).

  11. […] “Learned helplessness” (”Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”) […]

  12. David says :

    Awesome post Bill! :O) Fantastic as always… I have been using holosync pretty much every day for the last five years, and am at the end of Awakening Level 2, I know I could have moved faster but hey, I have a budget to think about! haha I still feel great when listening to the current level and will move on as soon as I can clearly afford it. I worked out that 5 years of holosync every day is equal to seven thousand hours of traditional meditation! Wow! Now I know why there have been so many massive positive changes throughout my life. Thanks so much for the contribution you have made to my quality of life and in helping me become more of a winner :O)
    You are the man,
    David :O)

  13. Chris Zourides says :

    Bill, thank you for writing such a helpful, interesting and informative article! I highly enjoyed reading it as it has clarified my perspective on attraction and repulsion as it relates to human behavior. The study that shows how the “high-spirited” patients receive better care and support from others is incredibly motivating; positive attitude and increased awareness are so incredibly important in mitigating suffering and increasing peace.

  14. Miranda says :

    This would have been a really interesting and helpful posting, if it had not just been an extended advert for Holosync. If Holosync is that good and that successful you do not need to mention it in every other sentence. There has been some truly wonderful blogs you have posted. This one was so disappointing and hard to read because it was mainly about how great your process is. We have had that. You don’t need to do that.

    FROM BILL: I have been asked to write about Holosync. I am doing that. People want to know how Holosync works, why it works, and what it does. What I’m curious about is how you got this shadow about promoting something. Why play the Game of Black and White around the fact that I promote Holosync? What did you think I was here for? I promote Holosync in order to get people to use it. When that happens, they are helped (tremendously). Everyone ends up happier. If I was lying about Holosync you might have a point, but that isn’t what is happening, is it?

  15. John says :

    It’s always a pleasure to read your work. It seems that the further along I come in Holosync (Awakening Level 1) the more I’m aware of how fortunate I am to be a part of your program. It’s changing my life and my possibilities for the future.

    Question: For the traumatized person who is becoming more aware through Holosync…. Is he/she starting to experience life the way a ‘healthy’ person has always experienced life, or, is his/her improving awareness, in some way, even different from a ‘very healthy person’ who has never meditated or used Holosync?

  16. Kathleen O'Neill says :

    Thank you, I’ve read similar thoughts before but adding the example with the baboons clearly illustrated this for me. I intend to share this blog with a lot of people. Thank you again, your writing on these subjects is always right on. I read this one after my Holosync session. The writer who is offended by your suggesting using Holosync is missing it.

    I have found Holosync to be an incredible tool, I’ve been using it for 2 years and my thinking is clearer and I am more aware, especially in my personal relationships where I can improve or where I need to just sit back and observe. I am becoming the witness more and more (and I understand what that means). Thank you again, Kathleen

  17. Mac says :

    Please ! Please! release an Audio download Bill , I love jamming your blogs on my ipod – I enter a new space at the click of a button… Thanks Mac

  18. carlos says :

    Another great post Bill,
    I have a question about holocync. Even though you didnot mention it here in the support materials you say that holocync brings to the surface a lot of shadow material to be release.
    In your course about the power of now you said that the pain body was the same as the shadow and that holocync actually help a lot with your shadow issues.
    On the other hand Ken Wilber said ( and you agree with him) that meditation does NOT touch the shadow, that is why he ( and you too) recommend other methods like 123 etc.
    So I would like to be clear about your perspective on how holocync helps with the shadow if it does .


  19. Thanks Bill, it was a great post.

    I’m aware of this and need to extradite myself presently, from a not so resourceful situation, and once again reinvent myself. However, the what, where, when, and how hasn’t quite manifested itself yet; although the desire to do so is very strong.

    Patiently watching with awareness.

    I would like very much to join you in the journey down the winners path.

    All the Best,


  20. James says :

    Thanks Bill,

    This is one of the few posts I can understand and relate to.

  21. John says :

    Brilliant post Bill, as always, but spoiled (for my British taste) by repetitive plugging of Holosync (and I’m a dedicated user).

    The subject is absolutely fascinating though. If you should ever write a version without the commercial elements (or at least with a more balanced inclusion) I’d forward it to everyone I know.


  22. Gerry says :


    I found your post very interesting. Particularly, since it refers to many of topics, subjects and indeed research that I have been involved with over the past year or so. I’ve read Martin Seligman’s book Learned Optimism in which he goes into great detail the about learned helplessness, pessimism and depression. His approach is more like CBT in that he asks us to become aware of out thoughts and then refute them using an ABCD model. He says that pessimists generally see negative outcomes/events as permanent, pervasive and personal whilst optimists see the opposite- neg events as temporary, specific and universal (non personal). He also goes into the benefits of how optimists are generally much happier, more resilient, healthier and live much longer (the famous nun study). Like you, he shows the reader how to become more optimistic and hence create more of what we want- health, happiness,etc

    I’ve just begun the LPIP course, lesson 2. (And have being H/Sing for 1 year). I’m interested in how witnessing differs from taking a more cognitive refutation approach to changing our thoughts. Can you enlighten me on the difference, and indeed are they complementary? Also, any chance that you might get involved with one of the Happiness and It’s causes symposiums?

    By the way I love LPIP course so far. And H/s has really deepened my meditation practice.

    Thanks and warmest regards


    FROM BILL: The “cognitive refutation approach” involves witnessing, doesn’t it? To do it, you have to become aware of what you are doing. The Tibetan Buddhists have practices very much like what you describe. It’s all about becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of (and were therefore caught in).

  23. Paul says :

    Given you purport to be part of a “research institute”, what peer-reviewed research is there to support your assertions in this article for holosync? (Not research about meditation generally, but specific research on holosync.)

  24. Tim Walker says :

    Thanks Bill,

    What I particularly like about your explanations is the scientific explanations of why these things occur. They then have a rationale in nature. I must also say that your Life Principles Integration Process course has helped me to become more conscious of how I have been creating my own reality.


  25. Emilia says :

    Dear friends, Bill,

    Bill mentions in this most comprehensive blog post, his Life Principles Integration Process – on line courses.
    As a 2-yrs old Holosyncer and LPIP presently-student, the only thing I can advise you all readers to do, is :

    TAKE LPIP on-line courses !! It is the most efficient investment you will make for yourselves – at least it is for me !!
    If you really care for yourselves and for your improve knowledge of cognitive psychology, then you have to do these courses.
    Believe me, you WILL experiences there so many AHA-sss !!!
    You will just be amased !
    Best to you, Bill, and thanks,

  26. Tammie says :

    Hi Bill,

    Amazing! You have an incredible art of simply explaining what I already know deep inside but cannot articulate. I love Holosync because it is doing for me exactly what you say it will and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. Heikki says :

    Well, Bill, you just told me something what I have expirienced in my life the last 2-3 years. In summer 2006 I got my awakening prologue. At the same time I had very painfully divorce and I lost all my property then too. I also was sure that Im going to loose my children, job and everything else too.

    Nowadays, I got 500000 euros (900000 dollars?) worth real-estate, steady good job and my lovely children lives with me also, every second week.

    And now Im going with awakwening level 4, disc 2, firs week;-)….

  28. Tommy Burns says :

    Well, I will not say this ,ugh, ‘method’ doesn’t work but…For seven thousand years we’ve been building th illusion [s] that somebody ‘knows’ the answer. Horse puckey!
    The key is and has always been ‘locked’ up in the attic of every person’s own mind since the dawn of time.
    That’s the G-d’s own truth in a nutshell.
    If anyone, psyco or psyco-ologists… has a need to help someone…unlock the door to their mind! Tis veewy, veewy simple, ya’ll.
    Now please send me five trillion dollars for the correct answer, sir.
    “If you seek me…lift up a stone and there the heck I am.”

  29. Susan says :

    “A significant amount of research has come to light lately about what most people would see as a grim fact of life…”

    This is very interesting. Would it be possible for links or references to the “research” to be given for those who would like to read more about it? Thanks.

  30. Gay Hendricks says :

    Really terrific post, Bill. You have a genius for explaining very complicated things in a way that’s clear and simple. I’ve told you this before, but let me say again: I want to be able to write like you when I grow up!

  31. I love your posts Bill, you explain things with such clarity and focus, it all unfolds and makes sense easily and beautifully. Thanks so much for your continuing support and contribution.

  32. dmcg says :

    great post Bill,

    I’ve been using holosync for about 6 years now and I must say that it keeps getting better and better. When I look back now at how I used to be, I can see that I am now a completely different person(and that’s a good thing!) Lately I’ve been having kind of a wierd experience after meditating with holosync, I can only describe it as being immersed into some kind of “cartoon land” inside my head. After the meditation is completed I see all these brilliant landscapes and shapes. I know I’m not dreaming because I’m completely aware and watching the display. It is very beautiful and creates a feeling of extacy within. Anyone else have this experience?
    Dave McG

  33. I have been using Holosync for about 10 months and it has noticeably improved my ability to rein in overeating and drinking too much. My weight has begun to drop as a result. This must be due to the brain chemicals being produced which increase my overall sense of well-being and therefore decrease my need to compensate with food and drink.

    On another note, I was struck by how the evolutionary model that Bill speaks of, where those who do not prosper unconsciously undermine themselves and further weaken their position, points up the seeming advantages of the so-called “free market economy”. That is precisely what the Adam Smith model of economy is designed to do. This of course creates gross inequities which seem unfair to those on the losing end, so they may try to forcibly correct the inequities by various methods, both reasonable (limited redistribution through taxation) and unreasonable (confiscation and nationalization). But this is exactly the wrong way to go about correcting the problem, and it is little wonder that socialist and communist economies end up with even worse inequities and with a general impoverishment of society. The poor need to be helped by discovering their true potential and changing their habitual thinking. Of course, this is not an argument for a totally unrestricted free market; some redistribution is needed just to give those on the losing end of the equation some hope. It is interesting, however, that Bill’s paradigm of evolutionary development, when applied to economics, appears to validate the very economic model that is otherwise derided by liberal-minded, altruistic people who are the ones who would be most likely to take up Holosync.

  34. Nathan says :

    Amazing post, this is somethign I really needed to read. HM. Thank you.

  35. Linda Lander says :

    I have been using Holosync for about 7 months now. I have been very pleased with the results including a sense of witnessing in almost all of my life situations. I have actually found that even when I lose this awareness I am able to see myself losing it and say mmmm what’s up with that. It has been a very fun exploration into my own consciousness and process in life. I am very aware that I am on the cusp of discovering why I have planted myself in certain situations that have been less than beneficial to my well being…ie. financial health etc.. I feel ready to be aware of the source of this behavior and ready to make the necessary changes OR not…which ever may be the case. But, however long this may take, I am enjoying the life I am in, from moment to moment, all of the time now. I have been exploring my awareness or lack there of most of my life since about 17 (about to turn 60) in various ways and am amazed that “all of a sudden” I seem to be “getting it”. I attribute a good portion of this to your Holosync program and will be with you most likely for as long as I am on the planet. Blessings to you and Thank You Bill.

    Linda Lander

  36. eliza says :

    Absolutely pure!!!!clear as a deep blue sky.
    Thanks Bill
    What am I doing ?I’M HOLOSYNCING Every single day.

  37. Cindy says :

    Beautifully said. It makes so much sense. Thank you for your continuing insights and support.

  38. Randy Clere, Lic. Ac. CH. says :

    I just want to thank you for the work you are doing and for the Holosync program. I am a long time practitioner of Zen, and Holosync has really charged up my practice. Also, as a hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, the value of Holosync is going to be amazing!!!

    Are you aware of HeartMath? I have been using their product as well, and it has some wonderful benefits as well.
    Randy Clere

  39. Adrienne says :

    Whose defintion of winner and loser are we using here? This should be questioned and seen within the context of our social conditiong. Personally, I’ve seen people doing great things who may not fit the socio-economic model of “success”, but who have much inner wealth and wisdom. Lets not equate happiness and contentment mainly with having external resources and social status. There is a connection no doubt-we all need a certain quality of life, good healthy food, clothing and shelter and self respect but how much is enough and who is defining that for us? If all our respect is gained through our standing in society, good luck in ever being truly happy. Being mentally strong, having compassion and respect for others and learning how to endure the ups and downs is a lot more important than where you are in the “pecking order”. If you’re really poor and you want more money go for it. If you’re really unhappy though, look at all the issues. You may end up rich but still unhappy. All of us want more-this is a major cause of suffering. This lack we all feel is a universal complaint. Sometimes it really is just material, but I think most of it is all in our heads. Personally, I’m not ready to buy into the dominant culture’s view of what “success” is. Every day I catch myself wanting more stuff but I remind myself that it isn’t the ultimate goal.

    FROM BILL: I don’t see that I am equating success with extrenal resources and social status, though both of these ARE part of what the rest of the humans on this planet think of as success. Are you saying that you want less status and fewer resources? I doubt it.

    I’m also talking about internal resources, such as your immune system working properly, or your internal reward system working to make you feel good.

    You’re confusing the word “success” with “okayness,” I’m not saying that a person who is failing to attract the resources we all want isn’t okay, or that they are a bad person. That’s YOUR projection. I’m saying that people want to feel better, they want to have friends and positive strokes, and they want to have enough to eat, a comfortable place to live, and so forth. Some people, though, do things to actually drive these things away, and then they suffer. To such people I am offering a solution.

    First, I’m explaining the mechanism at work, so they can see why things have been going the way they’ve been going. Second, I’m showing them what needs to happen to change that situation, and how to do it. Any judgement about such people is coming from your mind, not from me. I care about such people, which is why my life is all about helping them. I have not said anything negative about such people. That is your imagination. Nor have I said that anyone should define success in any particular way–though I doubt you will find anyone who doesn’t want the things I listed in the paragraph above. All I have said is that people who drive away resoureces, both internal and external, don’t like being that way (which is what they tell me), and that there is a way out.

  40. Julius Ko says :

    Good post Bill,

    As usual. I’ll see you on Saturday, heading over to Portland.


    – Julius from Toronto.

  41. Patrick Arreola says :

    Thank you Bill for making this amazing technology available to everyone. I’ve been using Holosync for about a year now and have noticed an increased ability to not let little things (for the most part) bother me anymore. I am definately happy most of the time and it’s only been a year! I can’t wait to see what comes next. I am trying to get my wife to give Holosync a try and she has promised to do so. I think this is exactly what she needs right now.
    Thanks again Bill.

  42. Jasmine says :

    I am so blessed to be part of an amazing group of people. Holosync really has saved my life and has confirmed that there is so much more that I need to learn. I am so glad that I started at only 29 yrs of age, I can’t wait to see how I change the world!

    Thank you Bill– I can’t wait to meet you in vegas next month.

  43. Lewi says :

    Very interesting post Bill.

    A close friend of mine, Dr. George Tsipralis, is the director of the Bio-Chemistry dept. at the University of Arizona here in Tucson.

    He and his team were part of the space shuttle experiment last year where they were studying the effects of zero gravity on bacteria.

    So they trained and fitted a bunch of bacteria in little space suits and launched them into space. (That part I made up :o)

    To make a long study short: they learned that the “literal” metaphase frequencies (the vibratory bifurcation point of a spliting cell), of these bacteria actually changes to adapt to it’s new zero gravity environment while in space.

    Read that again: that the genetic frequency born into these bacteria on earth literally shifts and changes to a new frequency to adapt to it’s new environment when in outer space–so that it can go into metaphase–so that the bacteria can grow onward or upward or whatever is up or down in space.

    What that means to me is that all this stuff we’re talking about in terms of attraction is relative to our environment, and even relative to gravity.

    So the idea that bacteria and all resonating objects (everything in the causal universe) emits and receives signals that can determine the life path of that entity, and how we gravitate to certain people, places, events, based on our own resonating frequencies we’re emitting as we think our thoughts walking down the street, go to a new job interview, approach a pretty girl, etc. isn’t far fetched at all.

    Even a woman’s ovaries emits an electro-magnetic/bio-chemical signal which is partly why all we males go “huh, what?” when they walk by.

    As a matter of fact, it is more the “norm” than most people would care to admit or even ponder. We are hard-wired into this place for now, and our thoughts relative to our bio-chemical processes determine the resonance at which we interact with the causal world around us.

    So we all better get with the idea of resonant frequencies and how Bill and others like myself are learning to literally “tap into” what these frequencies are.

    What I’ve noticed about Holosync relative to other forms of neurotechnology I’ve researched and used, is the actual frequencies used.

    In my opinion, the idea of lower carrier frequencies is significant in that, a lot of engineers are creating binaural beat frequencies that are too high in frequency to offer that extra “umph” that Holosync does to stimulate the brain and to get it “resonating” with the lower bio-chemical processes of my brain/body/mind, and my individual resonating frequencies.

    The key is more closely tapping into those resonant frequencies and the effects specific frequencies and brain wave signatures have on the human brain/body.

    When reading this article I must admit that the idea of being part of the loser’s camp, or the winner’s camp in and of itself can trigger a hard version of the game of black and white. It soon becomes clear that all one need to do is shift their thoughts to ones that resonate with the desired outcome, and simply let gravity and the other natural laws of our causal world take their natural course.

    We really don’t have control over the causal world, only what we consciously or unconsciously choose to do in it.

    How can one change that course to one that is more conducive to a desired outcome?

    By becoming aware of the new direction, giving conscious attention to the details of how to get there, taking inspired action to get there, and allowing whatever comes your way to do what it’s going to do because it’s on it’s own orbit relative to yours. Then, use whatever resources you need to accomplish your goal, and let the rest flow on into the recesses of space…

    “Cosmic dude!”

    Your friend,

    Excerpt from Stephen Mitchell’s ‘Tao Te Ching’ Chapter 20:

    “Stop thinking, and end your problems.
    What difference between yes and no?
    What difference between success and failure?
    Must you have what others value, avoid what others avoid?
    How ridiculous!” – Lao Tsu

  44. Benham Ignacio says :

    Hi Bill,

    You’re blog establishes early on that it’s better to be a winner, rich and attract resources than it is to be a loser, poor and repel resources. You use a convenient but terribly naive, flatland example of two hospital patients receiving opposing care as an example of resource-flow. If I may be forgiven to use a slightly less myopic account: if the cheerful patient happens to be debt-ridden and considering bankruptcy, yet the depressed one had his chauffeur drive him to the hospital in his Rolls Royce, who then is the winner?

    You also say that Holosync and other (weaker) practices increase positive brain neuro-chemistry, levels of awareness and an ever-widening perspective. At a certain level of mastery, you suggest that someone’s advanced awareness stops analyzing what constitutes desirable resources from undesirable ones, and that the appropriate resources “float to the top” spontaneously; where first you suggest that it is possible to conciously create a desired outcome via controlled intentionality, you later accurately suggest that by surrendering any outcome (at a sufficiently advanced level of awareness,) controlled intentionality naturally becomes moot…

    You also suggest that a loser can reverse their journey down the descending spiral through the concious development of their level of awareness. The inference here is that “winners” are therefore more aware and perspectively developed than “losers,” that the ever-richer are rich because they are more aware than the ever-poorer; speaking strictly from an economic perspective now: all the poor need to do to reverse their downward spiral is to become more aware, perhaps via the purchase of Holosync, which they can’t afford.

    This blog offers from a marketing perspective that the “getting” of rich (winner) is better that the “getting” of poor (loser,) then confuses the issue (in wonderful Alan Watts fashion) by pointing out that the Game of Black and White can’t be won, and finally (perhaps belatedly) concludes that the “getting” of awareness trumps any other getting.

    I do not feel that the marketing of Holosync as a solution to someone’s unwanted or undesirable psycho-socio-economic circumstances is appropriate. I do feel that offering your product as a means to increase a person’s level of awareness and developmental perspective, as well as it’s proven psychological and physiological benefits should permanently replace offering it as a directed solution to the “getting” (attracting) of better-perceived resources.

    Peace and equanimity, Benham

    FROM BILL: Perhaps next time you could read more carefully, as nothing you attrbute to me is even close to what I actually said.

    First, if a financially well-off person is in the hospital and drives away his care-givers, repelling the resources he needs in that situation, IN THAT SITUATION he is a acting as a loser, and making his medical situation worse. Perhaps in his business affairs he acts as a winner. I don’t see how this example fails to be a good example of what I am talking about just because there could be another area of life where he is more successful. I don’t believe I said that if you are unsuccessful in one area you necessarily have to be unsuccessful in every area. A great example of nit-picking, though.

    You also seem to have missed the point regarding what I said about analyzing. Analyzing is a linear-mind process that has some uses. However, since the universe isn’t a linear, one-thing-at-a-time phenomenon, but rather one where an infinite number of things happen all at once (in other words, a multi-dimensional universe), linear thinking is a weak and ineffective way to navigate (or describe) life. As a person becomes more aware they are able to access another part of the mind that can take into account a huge number of variables all at once, in each moment, and determine what the most resourceful response might be. And, whether you agree or not, as people gain this level of awareness, any ways they have been thinking and acting that are not resourceful do fall away.

    You have also misinterpreted what I said about surrendering. There are random events in the universe. You don’t always get what you want. Sometimes you get what you don’t want. And even when you get what you want, it exists in time and ultimately passes away. If, as a result of these laws of nature, you cannot solve a problem or meet a challenge, you have a choice. You can resist it, which just creates suffering, or you can surrender to it. The greater a person’s awareness, the more likely they are to surrender in those situations. The aware person realizes that there is some suffering inherent in being a human being, even though the aware person may avoid a great deal of it that the unaware person inadvertently creates. When such suffering happens, the aware, awakened person surrenders to it.

    Am I saying that attracting resources is “better” than not attracting them? Are you saying that you don’t prefer attracting the resources you want, or that the people you know want less resources? I doubt it. Of course people want their needs to be met. And, yes, being attached to things be a certain way (playing the Game of Black and White) causes suffering. Still, humans prefer to be on the winner’s side in terms of attracting resources. What I am suggesting is that if you play the Game of Black and White unconsciously, you create tons of unnecessary suffering. Since you have to play to be here, the way to play is to consciously CHOOSE how and when you play. I am more attached to my house, or my daughter, or my bank account, than someone else’s. That is a choice, though, and I accept the consequences.

    Without being attached, life is dry and without passion, and there is no reason to be here. Being unconsciously attached, however, creates all kinds of pain. The solution is to CHOOSE when to be attached–in other words, once again, to live with awareness–and to accept the consequences. You’re trying to say that being in favor of wanting resources to flow to you and at the same time pointing out that playing the Game of Black and White causes suffering are contradictory. Well, life is contradictory. To be human is to be attached, to play the Game of Black and White. If you don’t play, you are in denial of the entire relative world. You can, though, play with awareness, which few people do.

    I did not say that winners are more aware. In fact, I said (if you’ll go back and carefully read what I’ve written) that almost all winners are operating unconsciously, too, but that their unconscious processes were set up in a more resourceful way. If, however, a winner, a resource-attractor, learns to be aware, his or her ability to be effective, even though it is already good, becomes much better.

    You think Holosync is expensive? You can use Awakening Prologue for six months for less than a dollar a day. Cut out one coffee drink a week and you can afford it. Along with Awakening Prologue you get all kinds of support, lots of additional stuff, and several free services such as this blog, and a lot of value (a life-changing lot of value) for your $1 a day.

    Don’t forget, too, that it costs us money to provide Holosync. I have to pay for the materials, the office space, the utilities, the telephone, wages, medical, retirement, social security, medicare, computers, internet access, and MANY other things too numerous to list. The fact that something costs money is a fact of life. If we didn’t charge money, we couldn’t provide Holosync. What’s more, Awakening Prologue has gone up just $30 in 18 years. Adjusted for inflation and the rising cost of everything else, Awakening Prologue should cost more than $250. As Centerpointe has grown, however, I have kept the price as low as possible, counting on higher volume to make it possible to keep the price low.

    You don’t think marketing Holosync as a solution to people’s socio-economic problems is appropriate? I guess that would be true if I was lying about the fact that Hololsync does what I described in this post. What I said, however, is true, and I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

    You sound pretty bitter, Benham. I’m sorry about that.

  45. Maureen says :

    Dear Bill

    I have read through your article from start to finish. All I can say is that is one of the most evolutionary pieces of work I have ever come across . You are brilliant.

    What you have written will help people who are ready to give themselves that push which will move them into believing they really can do things differently. Just because things haven’t been so great in the past or in the present does not mean it will always be that way. Believing you can change things gives you that initial spark. I know it is possible to manifest things for yourself. I cannot do it myself but a very good friend of mine is an expert on manifesting exactly what she wants in small ways. It’s sheer genius. I personally can manifest a happy and life with the way I think or I can easily create lots of sadness, anxiety etc. but it is important for me to know that I alone am responsible for everything I think, everything I say and everything I do.

    One of the most important lessons I have learned is that how I perceive what goes on all around me can make the difference to me being happy and successful or depressed and feeling like a loser. Often I can turn my sad thoughts around although it still takes time but I can do it and even whilst I am sifting through the rubbish I know I am moving myself on.

    Where I need the most help I think is in finishing off the projects I have begun and have then left unfinished. Writing a book, thinking it is great and then changing it over and over and then I think it is rubbish and leave it for another day that doesn’t seem to come. I need motivation in that way and I am going to look further into Holosync and perhaps I will become one of your students.

    Thank you for sending me your CD for free, about 18 months ago I think, along with all the information that went with it. I didn’t expect all that for nothing and I must admit that when I first received it I only listened to it a few times. Now I am coming to realise the importance of meditation alone, brainwave entrainment, balancing the right and left sides of the brain and working with the energies and Holosync is coming pretty much to the top of my list.

    Thank you so much for sending this information and being so committed to this work.

    Love Maureen

  46. April says :

    I am thoroughly enjoying your posts! I started backward in the archive, and am only about to Jan 08, but I did take the time to read this post and am glad that I did. Talking about life systems and such, it also explains why our immune systems get stronger after an illness. I can totally see how becoming successful may start with small consistent successes, or even acknowleding successes that have been denied! I am a Holosync user now for a week and you can bet that I will continue to return here to read your posts!

  47. Eileen says :

    Bill, thank you for another “ah-hah” inspiring post.

    Would it be possible for you to comment on self-esteem and worthiness issues as related to motivation toward accomplishment? I’ve personally found it mind-bogglingly easy to ‘manifest’ anything I put my mind to, and quickly, but finally noticed that some things that I’m struggling with have to do with self-esteem issues that I haven’t gotten to the bottom of. Thinking on that, it appears to be a huge factor in generating motivation…which is fuel to making dreams come true. Surely you are intimately familiar with this part of equation; or it would seem so based on the things you have told about your past. How did you really get that deep convincing feeling that you were worthy, and that people wanted to be in your company, initially?

    Thank you so much – my world is so much better because of your efforts and brilliance!

  48. Gina says :

    My father, who was born in 1914, thought the best job a person could have was a job that lasted from the beginning to the end of the person’s working life. My brother has had more success in life than my father did but he took those words to heart. He has only changed jobs once in the last 20 years.
    His oldest son 17 will (hopefully) be starting junior collage next year. He has quite a good voice and sings with a local band but wants to be a writer.
    He told me not long ago that his father wants him to apply for work at Safeway because, “It’s a job for life.”
    I was driving him somewhere at the time and I remember as he said this our heads turned slightly towards each other and his gaze briefly met mine before we looked back at the road before us.
    I get along very well with my brother as a rule but at that moment I honestly could have taken after him with a stick. The expression I had seen in my nephew’s eyes said, “Is that all my father thinks I am capeable of doing with my life?”
    I told him that it would certainly be something to learn, and perhaps fall back on in hard times, tho I didn’t think his father had considered the advent of those insidious automatic checking machines. I recomended he learn to be a waiter as a fallback career because he could make over a hundred a night in a good place. He brightened a little, perhaps because of the $ and perhaps more so because I seemed to regard both Safeway and the food sevice industy as fallbacks.
    I wonder how many generations this sort of learned helplessness has been passed on in my family?
    Hopefully my nephew will not accept this script. It helps that he has taken the personality test and found he is an Idealist Counselor which makes writing a perfect career choice for him.
    I am also an Idealist Counselor and finding that out has had a huge impact on my life.
    I mention this because I learned of the personality test here and taking it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Friends and family who have taken the test at my urging are also delighted to find answers to many questions they have had about themselves. One woman said it’s worth years of therepy and sends her thanks to you, Bill, for letting us know about it.
    Thank you for your wonderful posts that help us break the chains that bind us. (Or at least hand us a file so we can get to work on those @$#* chains.)

  49. Martin (from Montreal, Canada) says :

    No download capability this time?

    FROM BILL: Coming soon. My audio guy is on vacation this week!

  50. Sam says :

    I’d like to thank you for this wonderful post, as it seems to come at the perfect time for me (funny how this seems to happen) regarding the changes which have been happening lately. I’ve been noticing lots of changes for the better–law of attraction etc–which I attribute to what I call “cosmic habbit force” beginning to work for me in my life. I’ve been studying success principles and law of attraction for about a year now, and have at times been frustrated with my seemingly slow progress on the path, however now it seems as if things are starting to speed up a bit. I’m taking more action on ideas I have, such as noticing when my feelings get jumbled up so that I “can’t” understand them with a compassionate witnessing perspective rather than a judgemental “have to figure this out or else…” perspective, and I’m noticing the cumulative effect of this manifest in my life. There are also seeming coincidences which happen more and more often, such as people who can help me showing up in the right place or time etc, and it also seems that I can much more easily find the internal resources I need and that “figuring” out how to find such resources is readily accessable to me now. I still have quite a ways to go to get to where I want to be, however now I see this as a result of my expanded vision of where I’m heading rather than an obsticle to be overcome or somehow gotten out of the way.

    I would also like to comment that this is my favorite post so far. I’ve liked the others for a number of reasons, especially the ones where we go into the levels of our development with the audio descriptions of how this process might unfold, but this one really resonated with me for some reason. It feels like there’s a lot of things in common with what I’m going through here, because things are starting to turn for the better for me and I’m now experiencing things which before I wouldn’t even have considered possible, and you’re openness regarding our experience and what we go through really helps me to see how far I’ve come. You really help to reflect the great example of what we all can attain in this world by the compassionate way you describe the human experience… I could go on here, but I’ve rambled long enough for sure?

  51. Hi Bill,

    This post is one of your best ever and I’ve read just about everything you’ve written, including your book, course, newsletters and blog.

    Your desire to help others is very clear. Holosync flat out works, folks. If you think you don’t have time, think again. One hour of Holosync is worth two hours sleep – probably more. In fact an hour of Holosync makes the other 23 hours just work better. If you are pushed for time, listen at bedtime and listen again if you wake up in the middle of the night.

    This really bears repeating:

    “There are also tremendous health benefits to Holosync use. Considerable research has been done on the health benefits of traditional meditation. Significant positive effects on cardivascular health, brain health and functioning, immune function, hormone regulation, and many other positive health benefits, have been demonstrated. In addition, Holosync has huge stress-relief benefits, and since many mental, emotional, and physical health problems are either created by stress or made worse by it, Holosync use can dramatically improve quality of life.”

    “In general, those who use Holosync are looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives, and Holosync seems to do that in quite dramatic ways – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

    I am witness to a dramatic change in moving from habitual failure to attracting more and more happiness and success into my life. Very much enjoying the Flowering level :)
    Thanks Bill, for leading the way and inventing Holosync!

    Cheers, Merrill

  52. paul says :

    Another great post Bill:

    Holosync has been a great addition to my life and has helped me make some monumental changes.

    However I have also learned a great deal from you about working in the world of commerce with the intent of purpose and spirit.

    It would be interesting to get your thoughts on aligning a spiritual practise with a global business vision (which appears to be working for you)!

    Continued success and thank you.

  53. K. Winstead says :

    I don’t need to be convinced that “learned helplessness” exists because I have experienced it myself many, many times, more so in my youth than now. While many people seem to believe that they have no control over specific situations and/or that they deserve what they are experiencing, once I realized that I had developed traits of learned helplessness, however mild, in response to a specific experience involving a situation, an individual or what have you, I changed the situation.

    Whether I ended a relationship, sold a property, moved, quit a job, went back to school, began challenging myself to save a specific amount of money per week/month (even if it was no more than $10), etc., the only way to alter the feeling that I might become a victim was to force myself to make sudden, sometimes extreme and not always positive or healthy, changes. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and while I believed, adamantly, that each change I made was for the better, healthy, positive and would benefit me and bring me much more than I already had, this wasn’t always the case.

    So while I have the utmost belief that one can manifest whatever one chooses and/or desires, and I am successful in manifesting what I want for myself most of the time, when what I desire is connected to certain people, most specifically people who seem unhappy with themselves, who use words that others perceive as critical and/or negative, whose actions and behavior could be described as selfish and inconsiderate, the result doesn’t always possess the qualities on which I concentrate: Lightness, love, encouragement, care, consideration, sharing, security, safety, abundance, goodness, positiveness, optimism.

    If only everyone were a Holosync user … imagine what a wonderful, peaceful, healthy planet we would enjoy!

    Thank you.

  54. Sam says :

    Sorry for the other comment, but I’m wondering if you might do an audio version of this? It helps me out a lot to get information that way, and I imagine that others will be positively impacted as well; I think it tends to ring truer for people when spoken for some reason, but perhaps this is just me. Thanks, and be well.

  55. Gary says :

    I am so damn depressed right now. I want to watch but I’m afraid to because I might do something that is wrong, even though I know that there is no wrong. When I read your posts I get happy at some points and then I get unhappy at other points because I connect them to things in my life trying to decide what to do. I really am confused right now, I’ve been doing Holosync for 7 months now and I thought I would be cool with most things but the same things are bothering me, I hate it. I will continue with Holosync though, it seems like it is my escape from my crappy life, so thanks for that Bill, I truly love ya – Gary

  56. Suzy says :

    What a great post – on a day that I need that kick in the seat! I haven’t been faithfully listening to my CDs – it’s been about a year since I did my daily listening.
    Today I was let go from my job of 17 years because I was letting my frustrations with my job interfere with my relationships with my co-workers (aka I was grumpy & some co-workers had been complaining). While I was conscious of what I was doing, I couldn’t break out of it due to depression from the job. I tried to let go of negative feelings I’d have from the stress, the little annoying things I’d see, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I coped much better when I listened to the CDs.

    I’m feeling relieved that I’m finally out of this job (although I would have preferred to tell them I was leaving rather than have them tell me I was leaving). But it’s time to get back to daily use of Holosync – attract my next job with positive vibrations, not negative.

  57. Sam says :

    Hey Bill and other readers

    Interesting read… keep them coming!

    I have a question regarding Holosync used for meditation purposes.
    In one of his latest books Integral Spirituality, Wilber writes about “state-stage experiences” as unfolding in a set way in most meditative traditions
    such as Zen:

    “gross phenomena (“I see rocks”) to subtle phenomena (“I see light and bliss, I feel expansive love”), to Causal phenomena (“There
    is only vast emptiness)…Non Dual phenomena” etc (p 76)

    So, my thoughts after reading this was, does Holosync meditation act as a meditation tradition in this way.. or does progression through these state-stages
    require certain practices (and many more years) offered in more traditional forms of meditation (mantras, breath counting).

    Also, Wilber seems to think that these experiences help to lubricate growth. THis makes sense if you look at the Non-dual state –
    called Big Mind by Genpo Roshi… which Genpo uses voice dialogue to get people to experience -and he has said to hopefully live a better life after
    experiencing the nondual state. (unfortunately I have never been to a Bigmind course that you two run as I am living in Australia and am a poor student :( )

    Also, does anyone know what the deal is with these new Digital Drugs (supposed to immulate altered states like “drunk” and “really happy” by means of binaural beats)? Sounds dodgy to me… and they claim that if they dont work the listener is immune to the binaural beats… something i have never heard of!

    Keep up the great work :)

    FROM BILL: The “digital drug” thing is pure BS. If anything, they are noticing that binaural beats causes you to make more of certain neurochemicals that cause you to feel high. It isn’t the same at all as being drunk. These are people who have found a way to use binaurla beats to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Disregard.

    As for the Ken Wilber stuff, yes, Holosync does act as a “meditation tradition.” First, just like traditional meditation (but a lot faster) it does increase your ability to access the “state-stages” Ken talks about (waking, or gross body; dreaming, or subtle body; sleeping,or causal body; turya, or non-dual). The first three are readily available to everyone, though accessing them with awareness, as in meditation, is different than just having a dream or being in deep sleep. Usually these state stages are spoken of as being trainable, because there are certain injunction (instructions for accessing them) that if followed lead you to the ability to access them intentionally. I find that without question Holosync accelerates your ability to experience these states.

    Ken and I have also noticed that Holosync accelerates a person’s ability to develop through what he calls the “structure stages,” which are what I was writing about in my series (see earlier blog posts) about human development. At any particular time, a person is experiencing one of the state stages, interpreted or view from the perspective of one of the structure stages. I should probably write something about this, as this model is an important breakthrough in understanding enlightenment (and, really, all human experience.)

    Regarding Big Mind and Genpo Roshi, though it is better to do this in person with us, you can also do it along with the DVDs. Go to and get the Big MInd Big Heart Revealed DVD set as a start.

  58. Cathy says :

    Truly a great post.. the length of that post tells me that you didn’t have to think about this, it just flowed. Clearly you “received” this information for a reason and felt compelled to share it for the same reason.

    And now I finally understand that initially I have to PUSH myself to use the resources available to me. (I was one of those rats that didn’t push the button, even when the resource was available!) Then after the initial effort on my part to use resources (everyone can try for a short while..even me!) the Holosync, book, cd, meditation, etc. will begin to “kick in” and it will address and clear the subconcious blocks and it will become a natural, almost effortless process to help myself, without all the subconcious resistance. Kind of like someone teaching you to ride a bike. You’re sure you can’t do it, you’re afraid of falling. Then the person teaching you to ride gives you that initial “hidden push” from behind the bike and you get the impression YOU are succeeding, (while they are yelling “yes yes yes..go go go!” and before you know it, you’re on your own and riding away! What a revelation! Thank you thank you! All day today I was asking myself what was stopping me in life. I have excellent books, meditation cds, neuro programs, etc. But no matter how much I download or purchase, it just doesn’t work– when I don’t use it (go figure). Your blog came at the PERFECT moment. I’d say” what a coincidence!”, but we all know that everything that happens is the result of intent :)


  59. Kevin says :

    Right on Bill!

    On Flowering level 2 cd1, and everything you say is dead on. It’s been around 10 years with a lot of introspection, but everything in life is just fine. You’re 100% right about Holosync creating this massive awareness. And your teachings let you play with this awareness in the most creative ways.

    I can’t thank you enough. I’m only 25 and have a whole life ahead of me.

    Thanks Bill,


  60. steve says :

    Sounds to me like some sort of attempt to give a cosmic patina to social darwinism. In this country, the gap between rich and poor has never been wider–but that’s OK, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. The destruction of the middle class is cosmically mandated. Heck if we do it right, we can be like Mexico. We wouldn’t want to be like any of those dreaded socialist countries where they actually help the downtrodden like Norway or Denmark. If you don’t feel like helping the poor, don’t worry–they don’t want to be helped–they’re all undoing themselves by their unexamined assumptions.

    This runs counter to the teachings of the sages of all the great religions, but what do they know?

    I love your product, but your philosophy is corrupt.

    FROM BILL: No, your interpretation of my philosophy is corrupt. You are attributing to me something I have not said and then complaining about it. I am not using this data to suggest that the suffering of the world is “as it should be.” The fact that resources are naturally withdrawn from those who “fail” and directed toward those who “succeed” is, however, the way it is. If you had read a little more carefully, and weren’t so wrapped up in your bitter outlook, you would have noticed that my entire career is about showing people how to move to the success side of the street. Not only is this not “as it should be,” it’s also not they way things need to be, either. You, however, may have to actually DO something to change your situation.

  61. Elizabeth Mapplebeck says :

    Your topic of why the richer get richer and utilizing the bacteria example was a great way to present this to us, beyond saying that like attracts like. Showing these real examples from nature, cemented these ideas to my brain.

  62. mike z says :

    Hi Bill!

    Do you plan to write any article regarding shadow, therapy and how witness perspective fits into it all?? I think a lot of us would be delighted to read it .

    Kind Regards


  63. Terry HS says :

    Hi Bill,

    remember me? :)

    On my first read of the post, I was slightly disappointed because I was hoping for some new insights and it felt like the same information repackaged. However on a second read, I did see something ‘new’. The notion that once you fully embody the witness perspective, you begin to address situations and challenges, often without the need for linear thought; and you instinctively know just the right thing to say or do. On reflection, I realise that you’ve mentioned this before but I never really registered it till now; fascinating. Some examples from your own life would be great.

    Incidentally, I don’t mind your repeated plugs of holosync. In fact they make me feel quite smug about using it, so keep them coming. :)

    I look forward to reading some blogs where you cover subject matter which isn’t in the support materials such as the affect of Holosync on the subtle/causal bodies, ways of making the most of it and so on.

    Finally, I’d like to say good on you for posting the messages from writers who disagree with you. It shows confidence and belief in your product. Confidence that is well placed as it clearly works as I know after 16 months use.

    Until the next time,


  64. Stephen says :

    Great work Bill. Holosync works, thats for sure. Anyone that pooh hooes it hasn’t tried it. Your response to Benham’s reply was very educational and thanks. See, even negative reply have their benefits.
    Keep trucking and I will see you at the Top

  65. Bonnie Campbell says :

    I am trying to understand if there is a difference between those who are winners and attracting wealth and those who are or become greedy. I do tend to think of greed as “bad” and don’t want to become greedy, but I think that I’m struggling to understand for myself where prosperity morphs into greed. What do you think?

  66. Joni says :

    Good article Bill,

    I am new to Holosync and have been using it for the last four weeks. I am also using this along with a meditation class I have been taking the last four months. I completely agree with what you are explaining in your article. When I was younger I did not look at things so black and white, even though that is how the majority of people look at things. I always had a deeper understanding and compassion for differentiating between the “black and white” society tries to put on us. Unfortunately, as I got older and worked in many negative, overpowering companies and around those type of people, I started to get the balck and white mentality and allowed their negativity to change how I looked at life. Clearly we can draw the good and bad to us. This is not to say that bad things cannot affect positive, good people, but it is the way we handle it if it does happen. I have also experienced firsthandedly the powerful affects of exerting your positive energy and negative energy and how it can change a situation. The key is to not let the control freaks and negative people draw you in. So now at 53, and thanks to Holosync and my current meditation, I am finally working on restoring my positive energy and seeing how great life can be instead of dreading many of lifes challenging circumstances. I have to commend your program for accelerating this discovery. I have suffered from acid reflux for a couple of years which required medication daily. I have now been wheening myself off of it and have almost completely stopped because I am not experiencing it like I used too. My clarity, recall, witnessing and just experiencing everything around me is just amazing and I know it is happening primarily from your program.

    Thank you!

  67. Faisal says :

    I want to thank u bill for this post & all previous posts, they touch the core of my being…

    I want to thank you also for sending the awakening prologue so fast, I was really surprised to get it in 3 days especially that I live in Lebanon (Middle East). I have started working with Dive immediately & it has been almost a week now, so much is taking place during this half an hour & the mind is really most of the time so irritated But I manage remain the watcher most of the time.

    I would like also to share in intense experience that I have went thru that is changing my whole perspective to myself & life as well .

    I hope the following words that were born out of this state can point out my experience:

    The Camera & the Camera man

    Recently I’m having an increase of an astonishing, liberating, heart filling experience &for the sheer joy of sharing I would like to point to this love in words as much as I can, solidifying the love into becoming a permanent state of being in each moment.

    Do you know how it feels when you have a camera between ur hands & you are recording a video or taking shots of a new spot you love & that is ur first time to visit!! u r full of joyous wonder of what u r witnessing that u become so alive. U know for sure that you r not your camera nor the lens nor any part of it & u know that the camera is only a wonderful tool that give u access to capturing what is in the moment & u never get lost not even for a second questioning: Am I the camera ?? Otherwise you would be insane!! This is exactly what I’m experiencing in the now thru my body-mind except that I’m the being watching thru this body- mind. I hope the following analogy conveys to you in some way the essence of the experience.

    I’m the Camera man (Divine being) capturing what is, thru the camera (Body – Mind), observing life moment to moment with intense joyous aliveness. I watch attentively all what’s happening in the now with immense joy & wonder, looking at life from a new total perspective that is so rich so abundant so alive so full so whole & holy. In every moment admiring this precious gift that is called the camera (body-mind) , as without these magnificent divine instruments i would have never been able to experience the creation of the movie of my life, honoring every single detail of it.

    What a blissful gift to be able to witness the aliveness of the divine in the now taking all kinds of shapes, colors, shades, densities, energies intermixing each moment creating this reality that we call Earth.

    I’m honoring each conscious moment in life as only in these moments I’m really alive and breathing, breaking all mechanical, automatic & robotic programing, awakening to the spontaneous innocent wisdom that is forever present .

    I’m the camera man directing my camera lens to capture the pure isness of the NO-MIND. I dream this reality & I choose each detail of this dream & I surrender to the dream of life within the truth of existence.

    I the Camera man (divine being) have been forgotten by my camera (body-mind) thru ages & ages but I was never lost I was there waiting in joyous witnessing for my camera to awaken to my presence. I have watched my camera expanding outward & getting so weary & tired as it’s battery can no longer sustain its function as it was on battery mode unplugged form its source power; & when finally my camera dropped all outward & external endless seeking for an authentic power source to fuel its fading battery it realized ME (the source power) within, a big ironic laugh exploded thru the camera at the silliness of the whole outward seeking when I was always here present within it.

    Now my camera & I are becoming friends although it is still in the infant stage of knowing me & it frequently get lost in it’s habitual seeking, but I instantly become fully present in these moments & the big ironic laugh is heard again so many times on a daily basis, but I have to say that some habitual thoughts are so strong that my camera looses itself totally in their grip & the whole capturing of the lens to the divine reality become so distorted that it only remembers ME after the intense habitual thought had passed, surrendering to ME like a new born baby in it’s mother’s loving embracing lap.

    I’m the Camera man (Divine Being), the camera (body-mind) and the movie co-created in this dance that we call physical life.

    Blessings to all

  68. Patricia Raga says :

    Hi Bill,
    I live in spain and ordered your Holosyn program about a month ago.
    I have to say that, since I have used it for a short period of time, I can´t really give you a well constructed opinion, but I have, indeed, noticed certain changes in perception and emotional states. I am very curious as to where I can get with your program. I am a curious and spiritual person and like working on myself, I feel it’s my responsibility here on this dimension, to know myself better, grow as a person and become a better being.
    I’ll keep you posted on my personal/spiritual developments.
    Thank you for sharing your program and knowledge with the rest of the world. Keep sharing your thoughts with us.

  69. Nancy says :

    After reading your blog Bill, I was inspired. I believe that everyone can have abundance with appropriate teaching and access to equipment (ie Holosync). However, after reading Ken Neufeld’s response of Aug 28, I have to respond. Bill, you point out that there is a fallacy of black-white thinking or view of the world, and then you launch into a blog about winners-losers…. I understand that this was to point out that there is a more successful way to arm yourself for life, vs a less useful way to approach your life, but you set us up for Neufeld’s financial analysis and false conclusion that “liberals” want to redistribute wealth, and, the false assumption that conservatives don’t.

    Here is the problem of black-white again. Barack Obama defines middle class as anyone earning less than $250,000 and will give tax rebates to them. So, for the sake of argument, lets use his definition of “loser.” — I hope this makes sense to those non-Americans reading this….

    I believe that the “losers” are contributing more to our tax base right now, than the “winners” are. I want to point out that during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s (a general from WWII and a Republican conservative) time, 90% of the taxes were paid by corporations. Now, 90% are paid by individuals…. The winners (conservatives) are actually taking money (redistributing??) money from the losers to pay for:
    1) Their road, bridge and tunnel maintainance
    2) Their Fire Departments
    3) Their Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines
    4) Their National Guard
    5) Their Bombs and anti-bombs
    6) Their local schools
    7) Their State colleges and universities
    8) Their local police force and FBI which monitor terrorism locally
    9) Tax rebates to their large corporations (as opposed to small corps which don’t get the rebates since they are the “loser” corps)
    10) Their social security which I notice isn’t given back even though the winners don’t need it.
    11) John McCain’s 100% disability payments as a Vet with a disability –PTSD, even though he clearly doesn’t need it.
    12) Medicaid for elders which I also notice isn’t given back even though, as winners, they don’t need it.

    And, even though most of the civilized world thinks that it is humane, and civic minded to share health costs across all segments of society so that everyone has access to health care, and some people are not dying for lack of money, or being bankrupted because their child needs an operation, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity think this is “communistic”.

    — More black and white thinking that makes no sense!!! One “Israeli” colleague of mine said that in Israel most apartment buildings have many water towers on their roofs, because individual apartments have their own water systems. — He thought it is too “communistic” to have a shared water system. I thought this interesting and asked if they all have their own elevators and their own doorman?

    Perhaps, Ken Neufeld would have his own Fire Department and elevator??? This would avoid any “sharing” or “liberal” tendencies that might weaken the proletariat….

    Sorry to let my anger show. I’ve only been doing Holosync since January 2008! While I have improved, I am clearly still angered by ridiculous black-white thinking. Ho’oponopono helps also. If you are still sometimes angered see

    Thanks, Bill, for reminding me to use holosync for neurotransmitter enhancement.

    FROM BILL: Currently the top 5% of income earners pay 40% of the taxes. Slightly less than half pay NO taxes. The tax burden is decidedly on the backs of the richest Americans. All the talk about the rich not paying their “fair share” just isn’t true. You’d faint if I told you how much I pay in taxes.

  70. Chris says :

    Thanks Bill for this post! I enjoy reading every one of them and look forward to more!

    BTW, you mentioned something about posting a blog about experiences of the transcendent and what it means for different people at different developmental levels. I’ve had a couple of similar experiences within the last few months to that…. so DO IT! :)

    FROM BILL: Go read my series, in this blog, about development–over a dozen articles.

  71. Joe says :

    To the people complaining about Bill mentioning Holosync: If you are not using it shut up because you don’t know
    what you are talking about, and if you are using it you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Instead of complaining about it or the price, you should be giving thanks day and night that it is available at all and promoting it for free
    to anyone in trouble, that is, if you care at all about seeing people suffering unnecessarily because they can’t see a way out of the hell they find themselves in.

    And if you know of anything better,
    kindly share it with us.

    Further, there is nothing wrong with
    Bill mentioning it as many times as he considers necessary. It is Holosync that we are talking about here.

    Anyone that knows about this technology ( or any other as effective as this one ) from direct experience has the responsibility to inform others about it, without a second thought that Bill will benefit financially.

    This is not about money at all, and anyway, the man deserves all the riches of the world and more for the work he has done. In fact, no matter how much you pay for Holosync, you cannot repay what you are getting with any amount of money.

  72. Lou-ann says :

    Thank you Bill for the precious time you invest in us by sharing your knowledge, insights and learnings. Breaking down the massive bombardment of new research that is constantly being made available into understandable and chewable bite size pieces is very appreciated. I have been using Holosync now for 5 months on a daily basis (along with some of the subliminal cd’s) and it has already changed my life in quite profound ways. I’ve just ordered the next three level package and am very excited about what is to come on this enlightening journey. I don’t understand the criticism from some contributors about you supposedly plugging Holosync too much, wasn’t that the topic of discussion. Anyway, each to their own reality! I loved the blog, keep up your good work, Blessings to you, Love, Lou-ann

  73. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,

    Today, I would like to respond to your blog, and ask a question which relates to being with the flow. One teacher recently told a story about going from swimming against the current to being in the flow of abundance. He said that for a while he was having a daily struggle to find the change in his pants and drawers and coats to buy his morning coffee. Then, when things turned around, he would walk in to buy his coffee and the cashier would wave him along, without taking his money.

    I have been having experiences like that, with little things like a coffee. Then yesterday, I was out having lunch with my partner, and no one wanted to take our money, although they were taking money from everyone else…. This was a lovely $30 lunch, and a small restaurant, so I felt badly to leave without paying. I went out and did my grocery shopping and then went back and waited, and waited, and finally was able to give the money to them.

    Should I have accepted this as a gift of the universe and with gratitude gone home, or, as I did, should I have made the effort to pay them because as Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles say, give every man his fair share? ( for more on the masters of LOA,

    – Nancy

    FROM BILL: People give you something either because they like you or because you have something they want to trade for (money for electricity, or money for groceries, for instance). There is no magic involved. As far as this “flow” you mention, there really is no way to be outside or against this flow. As the Tao te Ching says, “You can’t grab hold of it, and you can’t get rid of it.” Everything IS this flow, including a person’s mental resistance to it. You can be unaware of it, but you’re still it. Thinking that you can be other than it is delusion. And, that delusion is also part of the flow. The magical-thinking idea that if you are “in” or “with” the flow that certain things will come to you is part of the flow, too–and, incorrect.

  74. Janet says :

    Bill, have you or could you address Ethics in relation to your statement:

    For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You just have to find that way of thinking and acting, and then be willing to adopt it.

    I love this and find it very succinct and more thorough than “we create our own reality.” However, sharing this recently I was challenged that this statement encourages “the ends justify the means” thinking. I argued that the statement is an observation. It applies to becoming a very effective terrorist or to becoming a very effective philanthropist.

    Do you believe Holosynch assists people in growing in empathy and compassion and thereby becoming more ethical or able to establish better boundaries?

    FROM BILL: The statement is about cause and effect. If you want a certain outcome, there is a certain way you must think (ie, believe, focus your mind, etc.) and a certain way you must act (certain actions you must take). Obviously whatever outcome you create also has consequences. Cause and effect is always operating. If your actions are hurtful to others, there are consequences. The more aware you become, the more you see those consequences, and the more your perspective expands to include that of others. You begin to see that the idea that there is “you” and “others” is an illusion, a way of thinking, not a description of reality. Everything is actually one thing, one flow, one system. Knowing this, you automatically become more loving, more compassionate. It becomes obvious that it is crazy to treat some other aspect of the One as if it was separate. Doing so would be like stomping on your own foot. Since Holosync makes you more aware, it does increase love, compassion, and increases compassionate action.

  75. Zack says :

    Bill for President!

    Geez Bill, when you write, you really write (I’m just poking fun). But thanks for doing so, it’s always helpful. And those who put your philosophy down are simply not ready to hear it – or as I say – not ready for greatness.

    See you at the top.

  76. Julius Ko says :

    Hi Bill..

    Hahahs.. you’re hilarious.. you’re DEFINITELY the embodiment of “Yang Compassion” at times, reading your response to some of the posts on your blog; you cut right through everything; head first; sparing no feelings =).

    I find it intriguing, perhaps it’s a shadow aspect of me? =) Yeah, I might have owned up to that stuff yet; being too much of a ‘new age wimp type of guy’. Anyways, it was great to meet you, Katie and the rest of the Centerpointe staff over the past weekend in Portland. You guys did a great job, as usual and I think it helped me and other individuals with the ‘surrender’ aspect.

    Just having the opportunity to meet you, katie and the staff; I think helps facilitate that aspect of trust; that corresponding over e-mail would make it harder to establish. I mean, holosync creates greater awareness; and IMoR course (Course 1); gives us a means to examine our maps, improves our focus and control of our results.. but at the end of the day; if we’re unwilling to surrender; our growth will not be as quick as it could be; as you said yourself.. “Getting it takes no time; it’s NOT getting it that takes awhile”…

    Anyways, I’m going to see if I can find a way to see you and Genpo in Las Vegas in a few weeks… it’ll cost me around a little less than $2000 (hotel, flight, spending cash and the actual event); and that’s how much I make in a month =) and I’m on a month to month contract; which at the moment ends on Sept. 30th =) so.. we’ll see what I can come up with. Meeh; either way; I’ll come to a Big Mind seminar or buy a CD/DVD set.

    I also wanted to point out; if there was one thing I would change/add to your program.. it’ll be the incorporation of a more available ‘sangha’. I found that the environment of the 2 day LPIP seminar greatly valuable; and some of my fellow Canadians and I are seeing if we can start a LPIP group or something of that sorts.

    The “Buddha” -> (You and the centerpointe staff); the “Dharma” -> (Your teachings and access to blogs, LPIP, Holosync, support, are amazing).. just with Sangha; it’s a challenge; with centerpointe being virtual; etc… just a suggestion; this blog is a good pseudo-sangha.. perhaps like a message board; with a place where members can post ‘meet-ups’ for Holosync/LPIP arranged by cities or something… then we won’t feel all isolated (although; that in itself is just .. focusing on what we don’t want; etc.. and probably a symptom of the green meme?; nariccistic feeling of being all alone in the universe =) )


    – Julius

    FROM BILL: We haven’t announced it yet, but we’re working on a huge portal that will contain all my articles, videos, audio, and so forth, plus stuff from scores of other teachers (Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, Byron Katie, Arjuna Ardagh, Diane Hamilton, Jack Canfield, and many, many more), plus music, comedy, self-tests, and a lot more. There will be content about spiritual growth, money and prosperity, emotional healing, health and fitness, science and technology, relationships, meditation research, and more. There will be interviews with teachers, authors, scientists, etc. There will be articles about all kinds of things gleaned from various magazines and newspapers. The teaching schedules of scores of teachers will be available.

    And, we’re also going to create some sort of Facebook sort of thing where people can agree to swap info and meet each other.

    Stay tuned for details to come.

  77. Clark Ramos says :

    Hi Bill,

    In your posting above you stated:

    “What, then, is awareness? It’s the ability to observe what you previously were caught in, and therefore could not see. It’s the enlarging of your perspective in order to see what you previously were immersed in and therefore could not see.”

    “Once the momentum change happens, once you begin to move in the direction of increased awareness (and begin creating the winner’s brain chemistry) the chances of continuing in this new and more resourceful direction are very high. If you use the awareness Holosync creates to find out who you really are and how you are creating your reality, you become unstoppable. Even more important, you attain a freedom that allows you to truly be a human being, by choice.”

    I guess awareness is just a holo – sync! LOL

    Some would prase the above as follows:

    Awareness is our natural state of being, but we become miss-identified and entangled in thought so deeply that we cannot see any difference between who we are, our thoughts, and the feelings aroused by them.

    Once we begin to realize that thoughts and feelings are tools, we may glimpse that we are selves are not contained or defined by thought and emotion. Within that awareness, we may experience the realization of true freedom, and greater expansion than ever thought possible.

    Along these lines many may also enjoy and profit from reading the works of Vernon Howard and Guy Finley.


  78. Tim Johnson says :

    Thanks again Bill. Great article, although it pushed some of my buttons, though now I’m aware of them so I can do something about it! Btw, what is the Personality Test that Gina referred to, the one she heard about through this site?

    FROM BILL: I think she is referring to Susanne Cook-Greuter’s test to determine a person’s developmental level (it isn’t a personality test). See my blog posts about human development for more information about this topic (there are quite a few about this, beginning right at the beginning of the blog). The test can be found at It isn’t cheap.

  79. Jay Donohue says :


    All I can say is: I want to be like you when I grow up.

    Thanks much,


    FROM BILL: I’m considering growing up, too.

  80. Tom says :

    Awesome Bill. Since you no longer are using Holosync, to what do you attribute your own personal self awareness growth?


    FROM BILL: From the incredible momentum created by years of traditional meditation and years of Holosync meditation, from a constant desire to watch my own internal processes to see how I’m creating what happens in each moment, and from Big Mind and my association with people like Genpo Roshi, Diane Hamilton, Ken Wilber and other highly conscious people.

  81. David says :

    The comment section is as awesome as the blog itself! Congratulations everyone! :O)

  82. Zoe says :

    Fascinating article offering a detailed explanation of the anthropological, biological and psychological reasons for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

    I read a book a few years ago entitled ‘The rich get richer and the poor get prison’ by Jeffrey Reiman, which is a really interesting exploration of the sociological explanations behind this phenomenon. I would highly recommend it for people interested in this topic!

  83. Visvas says :


    Thanks again for all the great articles and information that you provide. This certainly will help me through what I am going through at this point in my life and as I continue with the Holosync program. I have a question about consequences and responsibility. If at the time your actions caused you to have outcomes and that the consequences of those outcomes cause you suffering how do you take responsibility and move past the regret, anger and reminiscing and the should haves, and the unfairness and the blame game etc.?

    FROM BILL: Taking responsibility is a matter of realizing that much of what happens (not everything–there are random events), and certainly your response to, and experience of, what happens, comes from YOU, even if you can’t see how. As for moving past regret, etc., I would just drop it. The only purpose it serves is to cause you to decide to do things differently next time. Once you’ve decided that, regret serves no further purpose. The more specific answer is to find out how you DO regret, anger, and so forth. By this I mean: What do you actually do inside (internal dialog, internal pictures, and other internal representations, beliefs, etc.) that creates the feelings you describe? You DO these things–they don’t just happen. Once you see how you do them–how your own internal processes create your feelings, behaviors, etc.–they fall away if they don’t serve you. This is the whole idea behind the first of my online courses, The Internal Map of Reality Expander. You can listen to a free preview lesson at

  84. I have been using meditation for some time now, as well as performing devotional service. Those two practices increased my awarenes to very high levels. I just purchased your program and I cannot wait to start using it!
    I agree with you when you say that most winners do function in “automatic pilot” However, my father shared certain teachings that made me grow up “aware” of being a winner. Example: when somebody asked him how was he doing, he would reply: “Fantastic! Only stupid people have bad days.” Also, he would tell me “If you surround yourself by winners, you will be a winner; if you surround yourself by losers, you will be a loser”.
    This may seem like he was a wanker, albeit, he was the coolest father when I was growing up. And like you mentioned above (I might consider growing up some day too) He was like a child. He would play with me and my friends, take us all out camping, etc. And as you mention, he would not worry about making money or getting something out of something else…(Son, work like you did not need the paycheck) yet we were financially sound.

    All this ducktale just to agree with you, Bill.
    I truly understand you can never please everyone. Pay no attention to those who try to smear your image.
    There has been many individuals trying to debunk you.
    If you were not real, it would have taken only one to do so.
    Thank you for the “Bribe”.


    FROM BILL: Actually, what you describe is not what I meant by being aware. When I say “being aware” I am talking about a person being aware of the internal processes that are generally out-of-awareness–unconscious–and being able to observe how these internal processes directly create how you feel in each moment, how you behave, what and whom you attract or become attracted to, and what things and experiences seem to “mean.” What you are describing is a father who gave you great mentoring and helped you have high self-esteem. The self-esteem, however–and many other things you do inside that lead to success and happiness–are happening unconsciously. Find out what they are, and observe them as they happen, and you will attain a huge increase, even beyond what you already have, in your ability to consciously and intentionally create the outcomes you want.

  85. Michael says :

    Bill knows where he stands and he does not need YOU to tell him where YOU ARE NOT!

    If YOU would be in a position to BE THERE there would be no comment at all.

    He knows what is RESOURCEFUL and he knows how to interpret an EMPTY BLOG.

    That would be the biggest SUCCESS OF ALL.

    Just imagine an “empty” blog – this time in parenthesis – Where HE and YOU know that we are all ONE.

    Get rid of that mind chatter and create your life.


    P.S.: Stop that chatter and start to create. And by the way. It is free to do so. But it is not priceless.

  86. mike z says :

    Bill respond please!
    I think this is very important question:
    carlos Says:
    August 27th, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    I have a question about holocync. Even though you didnot mention it here in the support materials you say that holocync brings to the surface a lot of shadow material to be release.
    In your course about the power of now you said that the pain body was the same as the shadow and that holocync actually help a lot with your shadow issues.
    On the other hand Ken Wilber said ( and you agree with him) that meditation does NOT touch the shadow, that is why he ( and you too) recommend other methods like 123 etc.
    So I would like to be clear about your perspective on how holocync helps with the shadow if it does .

  87. carlos says :


    I would like to know how holocync influences the shadow if it does. The reason I ask you this is because I think that working with the shadow is very important for our inner peace and outer success. I specifically would like to know if holocync in fact does help to integrate the shadow. I recently took your online course about the power of now where you interview Genpo Roshi , Ken Wilber etc and it seemed to me that you and ken Wilber have different opinions about the effect that holocync has on our shadows (or at least I interpreted that way) Ken was saying that meditation does NOT touch the shadow so both of you recommended Big Mind , 3 2 1 process etc.
    On the other hand you say in the support material that “holocync brings shadow material to the surface to be released ”
    So I am a little confused about the effect holocync have on the shadow and it would be great if you help me to be clear about it.



    FROM BILL: Holosync makes you aware enough to see shadow material. Then you need to do something to embrace it, to reown it. I have found that almost anything a person is doing–going to school, undergoing therapy, learning a new skill, or whatever–happens faster and more easily if the person is using Holosync. Countless therapists who use Holosync and recommend iot to their clients tell me that people work through their stuff MUCH faster if they are using Holosync. I would also say that there seems to be something about Holosync that isn’t exactly the same as traditional meditation. I agree with Ken Wilber that you can meditate until doomsday and you won’t see certain things in yourself. Yet I’ve seen thousands of people who use Holosync (including myself) re-integrate and embrace disowned shadow parts–something I don’t see with people doing traditional meditation alone. So I’m faced with agreeing with Ken in theory, but clearly seeing that people DO deal with shadow stuff through using Holosync. This leads me to believe that either Ken is wrong (which I doubt) or that Holosync is doing something that traditional meditation doesn’t/

  88. carlos says :

    Thanks for your answer Bill,

    Yes, I know I have reowned big parts of my shadow by using holocync. I used to have a BIG problem with authority figures and after using holocync for a little over two years that shadow issue (and others I have)has been reduced drastically.

    Most people that use holocync very soon notice that the things that used to bother them dont bother them so much.
    Maybe the reason why is not only because they get a higher threshold but also because they reowned parts of their shadow.

    For example in my own experience I think that having a higher threshold causes me NOT to be OVERWHELM by an issue .Whereas having reowned part of my shadow causes me not to be BOTHER by the issue in the first place.


  89. mike z says :


    This topic is so fascinating. Do you have any clues why holosync is helping people to embrace their shadow?? This problem was racking my brain for quite a long time and it still does. According to my experience even traditional meditation can help integrate shadow material. At first we need to agree what we understand under the term “traditional meditation”. Do we mean meditation with mantra, breath +let’s say tibetan buddhism map of reality, or do we mean “just” meditation with mantra, breath etc. In here i’am going to use a second meaning. I’am sure (I know, I did it – sort of peak experience which lasted 1 month:) that you can integrate your shadow through any meditation method, whether it is holosync or traditional meditation (anyway Holosync is still the fastest and easiest tool:). I think that part of the answer may lie in intensity of your meditation method. If it comes to traditional meditation, I found that I can deal with my shadow material when I meditate very intensely + trying to be aware of the NOW moment through the day + just watching, just accepting. Briefly speaking: I’am convinced that meditation can integrate shadow, even few times faster than any therapy. This is one thing about which Ken may be wrong.

    Greetings from UK


    P.S Sorry for being chaotic, but your conversation with carlos triggered my inner supposition about meditation and shadow material. Now I know that it is possible and real. I have small storm in my mind:)

  90. Michael Mauss says :


    I enjoy reading your articles (when I enjoy reading [so many infinite variations of words on the planet that it often gets wearily boring in it’s own busy-ness]).

    I am amazed at how a justification for having “more” can find itself into your writing, though I do realize you are concerned more about how than why. You may, however, consider “why” sometimes, since the question does exist for a purpose. I realize that a personal “why” may be manipulted.

    I know you have been in the economic system for some time, and benefit from it, and probably congratulation yourself on having such a grand figure, even though you may only be a composite of a multitude of events which became “you”.

    Hmmm … looks like a personal attack, reads like a personal attack, but my writing is only a long delayed response to your article.

    Why would you want people accept the fact that they have so little, and promote the apathy, instead of trying to mobilize people to correct the systemic problems (external actualities in the govenmental-economic system) which actually create the problem in a top-down manner?
    It relates to the reason chuches are tax-free institutions. The govenment is happy to have the “good” people off of the streets and thinking about “life after death”, instead of spending their time involved in actively pursuing the “heaven on earth” potential in a democracy.
    So, the people who want money and power are the only ones left with the time and energy to do anything in the world.

    An equal redistribution of all resources for all people is the only “One” that exists in the material universe for human beings. It is not that difficult. All of the semantic contructs supporting the existence of rich and poor are only semantic constructs of supporting the existence of rich and poor. They are not real.

    The stratifications and variations of “enlightenment”, joy/unity/neutrality/etc. are similar to the stratifications of richness and poorness. One man puts all of his effort into his spiritual progress and the other man puts all of his efforts into material progress. So, the less than one percent of humanity gets the most. Or, do they? Are they human? I don’t think so. They have their bodies, but both have to negate the things that make us human, and some negating the fact that they exist, while existing. The rich man negates humanity by working the poor for a few pennies or dollars per day, the “enlightened” one negates humanity by transcending it for another “state” of being. The bodhisattva may be a different case, or he may be one who has had a glimpse of eternity but didn’t want to stay there, enjoying being human enough to endure the sufferings to get the pleasures. The truely enlightened don’t have bodies anymore. Being “enlightened” while having a body is not fully enlightened, because it has to play itself out before being naturally released.

    In any case, I only rant and rave because hypocracy have become even more sophisticated than it was in my youth, and because nobody seems to take the time to detail the hows and whys of the underlying moral fabric of the universe, while reams have been written trying to negate it or how to use it for their personal benefit.

    Somebody, throw this comment away, I couldn’t!


    FROM BILL: This post gives me the opportunity to say some things that have needed saying for a while. They aren’t directed at Michael in particular, but at people who read this blog in general.

    Though riches certainly does include “stuff”–material riches–what I’m really talking about includes much more, including health, feelings of well-being, and feelings of fulfillment, but it also could include group status, and, yes, actul “riches.” “Success” doesn’t have to mean having tons of money. It does include having your needs met, however. A person could be successful because they are doing exactly what they love doing, are healthy, have their material needs met, and feel fulfilled.

    I’m describing the mechanism by which those who have these things tend to generate more of them, how this flow is built into human biology, and how you can get on the right side of this flow if you happen to be on the wrong side. This law is not going to change or go away. It is always going to be this way, regardless of whatever political or economic system prevails. It’s built-in to our biology, which is one of the main points of my post.

    And, yes, some people start at a disadvantage, either because they have poor genetics, are born into a poor country, or in a poor part of a more prosperous country. Perhaps they are part of a social group with less status and against whom the laws or social customs are stacked. People with these disadvantages can and do make it to the “resource-attracting” side of things–and more often than you think. You might not have much control over external conditions, but you do have control over what goes on inside your own head. And though doing something to change external conditions is one option, and there is often something quite honorable about leading people to create such changes (a la Martin Luther King, for instance), often the fastest way to exercise the maximum amount of control over your life is to deal with your own internal world, which then changes the external world.

    As someone who was on the wrong side of things, and somehow figured out how to get onto the right side, I’m showing you how this can be done.

    And, by the way, if you look at the sort of life people lived in pre-capitalist days, versus today, there is no contest. Things are better now. Much better. The countries in which this is not true have dictatorial economic system and unfree political systems. Even they have better conditions than such people did in the past. In every system, though, free or unfree, some people reach the top and do their best to skew things to their favor. That is human nature, and it will always happen.

    My advice is to get your own house in order, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Until you do that (and I’m speaking to everyone, not Michael personally), you have no idea to what degree your outrage or indignation over the state of the world is just your own shadow stuff coming out. As long as you are strongly emotionally triggered by people or events, it’s very likely that it’s YOU that’s the problem, or at least that you are contributing to the problem. Once you are clear emotionally and spiritually, you’ll know just what to do to relieve any suffering you see, but you’ll do it without righteous indignation, anger, and hatred for the other–which I see a lot of in pluralistic progressives.

    Buddhists vow to save all sentient beings from suffering. At the same time they realize that this will never be accomplished. Yet, knowing that, they undertake to do it anyway–another of the paradoxes of life. Buddha was right: life will ALWAYS involve suffering. You cannot get rid of it. You can, however, become aware enough that, for yourself, as an individual, you can CHOOSE the areas of life in which you will create suffering for yourself, rather than having your suffering happen because of your own unconscious delusions; and as for helping others with their suffering, once you get your own mental/emotional/spiritual shit together you’ll be clear-minded enough to actually be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem as you go about trying to reform the world.

    Saying that everyone is equally valuable, and that all voices should be heard and respected–except for certain people such as religious conservatives, or rich people, for instance–is being part of the problem. For most of you the conventional types represent your own disowned shadow material, as do those who have power or riches (in fact, if you owned your power, you wouldn’t feel so powerless). If these people are creating suffering for others (which they are in some cases–but so are those you admire) you’ll never do anything successful about it as long as you are acting from your own shadow. So clear up your own self first. Also be willing to admit that those things that trigger you over and over represent your own shadow. These are parts of you that ARE there, and though you don’t see them, everyone else does. If you are going to be clear, happy, and effective in doing anything about the problems you see in the world, these disowned parts need to be acknowledged and reowned.

  91. Michael Mauss says :


    please delete my comment, or edit it heavily to put a less negative spin on it all (feel free in your editing so I can read it without cringing).
    upon re-reading it, i see I was responding to only the title of the article.
    the article’s contents are actually quite helpful!


  92. Nancy says :

    Hi All,
    For those who aren’t students of Ken Wilber, can you please explain “shadow self or shadow material?”

    And, if we are all one, don’t I share responsibility for your shadow?

    For example, when I meditate on peace, this is my peace and I trust that like the butterfly flapping her wings in California, that it will be felt beyond my immediate physical body. Therefore, if we all meditate on peace while using Holosync, won’t that energy affect the collective unconscious and help others, like Carlos with his (former) authority figure difficulty?

    BTW, I also used to have bigger problem with authority figures, and now it is much smaller….


    FROM BILL: The shadow are the aspects of yourself you have disowned, the parts of yourself you had to push down in the psychic basement in order to make it through your life. A clue to the existence of shadow material is when something triggers you over and over. You have made that aspect of yourself (and the rest of the world) bad, wrong, unacceptable–and then projected it out onto others. When a shadow part is owned, embraced, you still can see that others exhibit or embody whatever it was, but it doesn’t trigger you in the same way. If you have disowned fear, fearful people will bother you, and you will notice a lot of them. If you have disowned anger, angry people will trigger you and you will notice a lot of them. If you have disowned conventional thinking you will be triggered by those who thinking this way (George Bush, for instance). These people will still be there if you reown your shadow, and you might even see that some of what they do creates negative consequences, but it won’t trigger you in the same way. Yes, your shadow is connected to the whole. The thing to do, though, is to reown it.

    Finally, you need to get that all this spiritual work isn’t about getting rid of all the “bad” stuff. You’re never going to do that. You wouldn’t appreciate, or even be aware of, the good stuff if it wasn’t for the bad stuff. Having a reaction to the bad stuff is another shadow.

  93. Tim Johnson says :

    Bravo Bill!!! “Having a reaction to the bad stuff is another shadow.” That last sentence really rocked my world, figuratively speaking!

  94. Faisal says :

    Hello Bill & all …..

    I’ve recently purchased the awakening prologue & today i will include immersion as two weeks has passed since i started with dive…

    My experience with Dive is really great, in the beginning i felt so uncomfortable & agitated but after a few days I would really go so so deep in my meditation that i’m in a very deep relaxed state yet i’m aware & amazing insights come thru….

    I’m really so grateful to have invested in the awakening prologue & I have to admit U R GREAT BILL as I have been getting these mail gifts from you & just the act of you sending them is really opening my heart & to be honest I include you so frequently in my nightly gratitude journal….

    Bliss You
    Faisal – Lebanon – Beirut –

  95. Nancy says :

    Ditto!! Thank you Bill and Tim for speaking my mind!

    And, oh, oh. More awareness and more acceptance …. Much work ahead.

  96. carlos says :

    I would like to talk about something that I think it is the root of many of our problems ( I Know it is the root of most of mine)and that is taking responsability.

    I think that much of our magical thinking, shadow issues and projections , blaming of goverments , particular presidents, socioeconomic systems , political parties, the economy , gas prices etc , etc etc is a way of avoiding taking responsability.

    I am originally from Cuba and I spent my whole life blaming Castro for my problems .as soon as I took responsability for my life my life improve and I stop blaming Castro or the system (I still considered him a dictator but I started even to see his good points).
    When I moved to the US and the change hit me . I started blaming the American society( which I had previously idealized) for my problems.
    After using holocync and taking Bill’s courses I realize what I was doing and now I am working on getting on the right side of the flow.
    I might succeed or I might not but I know that whatever the outcome it is my responsability to do it . so it will be my success or my failure regardless of the economy , president or party in charge.

    I think magical thinking is also a way of avoiding responsability .( I least it was for me) I thought ” I will think positively , visualize, be nice and good things will come to me” Thinking that way I avoided the responsability of working hard , pushing myself ,facing my fears, contronting others when necessary etc.

    “Trying to change the world” can be another way to avoid taking responsability for our lifes if we do it from a victims place. I live in the SF bay area and I know many people that would protest against anything , war , world hunger etc (over which they have almost zero power to change). and at the same time their relationship with their family is horrible ( over which they can have a lot of power to change)

    I think that trying to improve the world is great but to be able to do that you need A LOT of personal power, character , persistence etc etc and the only way to get to that place is working on yourself first. no victim or wimpy or whinner has ever accomplished anything. The Ghandis and Martin Luther Kings of the world did what they did because they were able to work on themselves first by getting good educations and /or shaping their charater by the decisions they made and the actions they took.

    In my opinion if you want to change the world change yourself first , just by becoming a better person you are bringing a lot of good to the world . As Ghandi himself said
    “We must be the change that we want to see in the world”


    FROM BILL: There is a connection between magical thinking and failing to take responsibility. Magical thinking, though, happens because the magical thinker is living at a stage where that is how people make sense of what it means to be human. Usually magical thinking happens during childhood, and happens because the child does not yet understand cause and effect. Not understanding out “this” leads to “that” the magical thinker attributes outcomes to magic (their own magic–at the next stage, called mythic, there is still magic, but it is attributed to some powerful other, often God, but also gurus, parents, or some other powerful person).

    Magical thinking works as a way of understanding life for…as long as it works. When it doesn’t work any longer (when life no longer makes sense and it becomes difficult to navigate life with that method), the person is pushed to develop into the next stage. Children can use magical thinking because someone is taking care of them (they also use it because their mind and brain haven’t developed enough for them to see how cause and effect works). They are insulated to a degree from cause and effect. Some adults are insulated in the same way. Someone, in some way, takes care of them so they don’t have to work. They are on public assistance, or a relative is supporting them, or in some other way they are insulated from the real world of cause and effect (not that all people in this situation are magical thinkers, but if they are, being dependent makes it easier to stay there).

    You make many excellent points in your post.

  97. eliza says :

    I have read Eckhart Tolle’s book Awakening to your Life’s purpose twice.
    I highly recommend Holosync users this fantastic book.
    It follows Bill’s exact teachings .

    FROM BILL: See my free online course, Understanding the Power of Now, where I and several other awakened teachers discuss awakening, what Tolle calls “presence,” and other related topics. Just go to Several hundred thousand people have taken this free course.

  98. It sure seemed easy and simple landing on planet earth, seemed like utopia to me. Then education happened. Then re-programming or re-education for the blessed ones with heart of reality sync…happy hands, happy feet, happy heart, … Simple and easy, just get naked and dance around and around and around the heart of reality while listening to each and every individual unique miraculous genius cell singing its song of blissful ecstasy!

  99. Steve Wallingford says :

    Dear Bill,

    This is just an outstanding blog entry. While reading through it the awareness that my self defeating unconscious beliefs, ideas, desires and etc. have been behind many of my failures (I.E., opportunities for growth). After many years of traditional meditation it seemed that getting past these ‘hangups’ would take many many more years of hard work. Holosync has truly sped this process up dramatically and my optimism and confidence are soaring. This in turn is attracting more and more success into my life. For an example the real estate development that I am managing is succeeding in this market among many others that are not. The right people, situations, opportunities, ideas, strategies arise as does the confidence and clarity to act on them. All this and only on L3!
    If you are still sitting on the fence in regard to using Holosync please do yourself, your family, your workplace and your world a huge favor. Start today.

  100. Rick says :

    Hi, I just want to drop a quick note of appreciation for the audio podcasts of these blog posts. I’m a relatively new dad and as such I don’t have a lot of time to sit in deep reading, and when I do get a chance, most often there’s enough disruption going on that I can’t absorb what I’m reading. I’ve been with you through all these very excellent and informative posts via audio, and it’s great because I can put on my fm wireless headphones and just chase the kid around or whatever needs to be done, and after a few listens I’ve got the material. It’s all been terrific and helpful. One day I’d like to read the comments but it’s just not in the cards right now.

    Anyway I know it takes a great deal of time to speak through one of these things, but I just wanted you to know how much it’s meant to me that you’ve made that effort.

  101. James Dunn says :

    This post is very exciting to me. Scientific descriptions of the Law of Attraction provide food for thought to combat a healthy skepticism.

    It is my intention to increase my awareness to combat my black and white thinking by purchasing and implementing the Holothink process.

    Thank you ever so much for your efforts to bring others to a greater understanding of the human spirit.

  102. Pam Midgley says :

    Yes, Bill, I get it, as far as I get it. And that is enough. It is always enough! There is All, right here, right now, so why would I ever ‘want’ more? Loving it, just as it is, is my perfect freedom. When I ‘forget’ this and start thinking there is something ‘out there’ that I need, then I’ve become lost. The answer is always Love. My awareness lets me ‘see’ this. Experiencing it is the most awesome thing. When I first ordered the freebie Holosync tape, way back when, I experienced it – the space which is All. I knew then that Holosync is one way to Be where I am, all the time.
    Love and gratitude,

  103. Andrew says :

    Interesting that you would divide people into “winners” and “losers” [kind of like balck and white] instead of seeing it as a whole: those who lose win and those who win lose. It’s all just a cycle leading towards an ever evolving enlightenment.

    FROM BILL: It’s you who are making one side of this polarity wrong, not me. I’m just describing a law of nature–that resources flow to some and away from others. Then I’m telling you how to get resources to flow to you, in case they aren’t already. If you don’t care whether your immune system works well, whether you’re making an optimum amount of certain hormones and neurochemicals, whether you have enough friends and emotional strokes, or whether your material needs are met, then you’re already set! For those who do care, hopefully what I’ve shared is helpful.

    You don’t have to be playing a hard version of the Game of Black and White to want to have these things. I know quite a few awakened people, and I know they prefer to have them. Being awakened doesn’t mean not caring about anything. It means being aware enough to consciously choose how you live and how you make sense of being a human being.

  104. John Stringer says :

    Bill. I really enjoyed this post. You explained the “certain” recipe for positive, fulfilling change like only someone who has experienced it can! I loved the research you shared along with the powerful insights of how we can see these patterns in our own lives.

    I’ve used Holosync now daily for going on two years and combined with other practices, it has been an integral part of my growth. I recommend it often!

    Thank you for your continued guidance!

  105. Robert says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve been a Holosync practitioner for almost a year now and this morning was the first time I listened to CD 2 of Awakening level 1. The previous two weeks were ones of much anger and rage. (I had the same experiences when I first started listening to Awakening Prologue) I didn’t end up having the major “feeling” breakthrough I have read so much about before changing CDs. However, listening to CD 2 for the first time was relaxing whereas just yesterday listening to CD 1 had me wanting to punch holes in the wall. Does me being calm this morning while listening to CD 2 actually mean that I DID have a major breakthrough and I’m unaware or not noticing/acknowledging it?

    Ever since using Holosync I’ve wanted to commence your online courses but listening to the feedback from other participants holds me back. In THIS post and especially the one you wrote “Stuck about Money and Success? Here’s my advice…” has me thinking that they really haven’t learned much if they are still talking of being on a budget and you suggesting to the guy Charles(?) to take them all again? Are these courses designed to be taken numerous times or are these people just not getting it. Or perhaps I’m not not being empathetic/sympathetic enough?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    FROM BILL: I can’t say for sure why you were angry when you listened and then the next time you weren’t. Everything finds its most resourceful level with awareness, so watching the anger, when it happens, is very valuable. You might try doing some voice dialog, ala Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind process, where you ask (yourself) to speak to the voice of anger. Then you say, “I am the voice of anger in Robert,” and say whatever you, as that voice, have to say. When you do this, it’s important to “stay in voice,” which means that you are not Robert, but rather this one aspect of Robert–his anger. As that voice you might speak about Robert, but when you say “me” you are referring to the voice of anger. Speaking from this voice, and seeing what it has to say, is another way of gaining awareness, especially of that aspect.

    Everyone has anger. It’s a natural human emotion. When it is repressed, however (usually because it wasn’t safe to express it when you were growing up), it comes out in covert ways. It becomes a shadow. You project it onto other people and events that are “out there.” Speaking from that voice helps you to reown it, and reowning it eliminates the covert and dysfunctional expression. When you feel angry after a Holosync session (something that used to happen to me a lot, too) it is because something about Holosync makes it more difficult to disown the anger and it comes out.

    The online courses are designed to be taken multiple times. There are layers upon layers of awareness you can get from them. I’m still going over this material in these courses and seeing new things. The problem with these courses, for most people, is that they involve watching aspects of yourself that are not easy to watch, at first. Because of that, many people in taking the courses learn ABOUT the material, which is a first step, but not enough to create the kind of change that we’re looking for. Most people don’t really do the necessary observing of their own internal processes because it’s not easy at first, and some people just quit. Learning to watch these previously unconscious processes is kind of like learning to play the piano. It takes practice, and you get better at it a little at a time. And, there are always deeper levels of awareness to achieve, just as you could always get better at playing the piano. (One of the things I so love about Genpo Roshi is that though he is definitely enlightenened, he’s still working on deeper levels of awareness–a great role model for me.)

    Most people are used to taking seminars and courses that are, unfortunately, mostly fluff. You feel good at the end, and you learn something ABOUT the subject. I’m looking for deep transformation, and that comes from awareness. To gain that awareness, you have to practice being aware, in this case of the internal processes that create your life. What you are aware of, you have choice about. What you are unaware of controls you, operates automatically. Because these courses go right to the nub of how you create your life, there is no fluff, and they can be a little bit challenging, at first. Once you get how to observe these processes, though, it is a fascinating journey. MANY people who have taken these courses will tell you that they have had giant changes as a result–but they are the ones who really apply themselves to learning to observe their mind and how it creates their life.

  106. Anthony says :

    I use Holosync daily and very much appreciate its benefits, and there is much in Bill’s post that merits consideration, but I can do without the conservative politics masquerading as spiritual and biological laws. Bill needs to come up with explanations that are politically neutral.

    Dividing humanity into “winners” and “losers” is an age-old pastime, but it’s terribly subjective and rarely good at determining what’s truly valuable in life; as for myself, I’ll take Mahatma Gandhi over Donald Trump any day, nevermind Sarah Palin’s poor view of community organizers. And it’s just plain silly to say human biology decrees financial inequities; there are scientific studies that say that the human brain is just as hardwired for altruism as for competition — whenever someone trots out spiritual and scientific justifications for social darwinism, they’re just trying to stave off feelings of guilt over their successful manipulation of the current socioeconomic order when others can’t — or won’t — play the game.

    Ken Wilber himself says over and over again that liberals and conservatives alike only see half the picture and we need a new politics that integrates the two sides into an expanded whole if we want to get really serious about solving problems like poverty. Sociopolitical problems cannot be reduced to EITHER individual irresponsibility OR systemic inequities; BOTH are part of the equation and both must be addressed in order for progress to occur. Saying things like “I only have control over myself therefore I need only work on myself” does not make sense when you become aware that you are actively participating in and support larger systems that affect both your lives and other lives; such a statement becomes absolutely nonsensical when you become aware of the simple but profound mystical truth that “we are all one.” Indeed, once one is fully aware of this truth, one cannot allow oneself to use personal responsibility/”self-interest” as an excuse to shirk one’s responsibilities to the communities in which one lives. Much better to be aware not only of how your actions get you/don’t get you what you want, but also how they affect your family, your neighbors, your city, your nation, other nations and the world itself. A good place to start is how your actions affect the environment.

    I don’t mind Bill promoting Holosync at all; it’s precisely what he should be doing. But he needs to take a look at his deep attachment to capitalism and its shadow, which has resulted in his lashing out at the more progressive posters on this list.

    This is clearly no time for capitalists to be crowing about the glories of free markets: the government has just announced it’s taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; Lehman Brothers is on the verge of tanking; and rising superpower China controls a huge portion of US debt. It’s clear that capitalism is just another part of human evolution that will pass away once a better system to distribute wealth is devised — and no, the current system is not good enough: how many CEOs on the “right side of the flow” got rich off the subprime mortgage mess that is now foreclosing people’s homes, driving down home prices, and causing banks to fail? Do we really want more people thinking and acting like them? Or do we want more people acting and thinking like they care about communities, systems, even the whole world?

    And don’t dare call me “bitter,” Bill — next you’ll be saying I’m too busy clinging to guns and religion to use Holosync. :-)


    FROM BILL: Sadly, you totally missed what my post was about. You have overlaid your own views about the world onto what I said, putting all kinds of opinions and words into my mouth, and then argued against what you’ve imagined I have said. I don’t need to call you bitter. I’ll let the other people who read your post make up their own mind.

  107. Bill C says :

    Thanks Bill. I appreciate holosync and am much more aware about myself and some of my self limiting behaviors. I have come recently to the awareness that I am always selling myself short and risk taking action and making decisions afraid of the outcomes and potential negative consequences and not being able to use as information and learning. I don’t know what I want and don’t trust my intuition / feelings yet but in looking back on the strides I have made and am making and being aware much more of the choices I do have is liberating. I haven’t yet made that huge breakthrough though but am making many many smaller ones all the time. Why I can’t act though and accept and be all that I can be puzzles me and why I recently settled and risk taking action at a crossroads settling for the safe and secure over an adventure and unknown as I don’t know whether its the universe offering these opportunities to me and to follow it when it feels right and offers excitement or whether its my wild imaginings which would lead me yearning for the safe and secure down the road. Thanks for holosync and your support materials and I do enjoy reading / listening. Thanks. Bill

    FROM BILL: When a person can’t trust his or her mind or feelings, it is often called a “mindless script.” This sort of script happens because primary caregivers, often in a well-intentioned way, don’t allow us to think or feel or act and then experience the consequences. They say things such as, “No, you don’t want to do it that way. Do it this way.” Or, “No, your stomach doesn’t hurt. You’re fine.” Or, “You’ll never be able to do that for yourself. I’ll do it for you.” Without the experience of trying things and seeing what works or what doesn’t work–without feedback that allows us to learn to trust ourselves–we feel paralyzed and unable to develop the internal criteria that give us confidence that we can navigate the world successfully.

    If a person had such a childhood, and doesn’t trust his or her own ideas, motivations, impulses, and feelings, the only thing they can do is to gain that experience now, which means to take action and learn from it. The problem is that the actions we take when we are small have, in most cases, minor consequences, so we can learn and gain confidence when the risks are low. As an adult, the consequences can be more serious, as when we decide what to invest in, or what to do for a living. When you take these small risks you develop criteria about life–what works, what doesn’t, and a variety of general principles. So I would suggest working with a counselor who understands this issue, first of all, and I would also work on developing criteria (knowledge about what works and what doesn’t) in the areas of life that aren’t working so well. You can get a lot of this from books and seminars, and from being mentored by someone who already has good criteria.

  108. sunny badalera says :

    I am a regular subscriber to your blog and constantly amazed at your depth of understanding and clarity in how you explain the complex ideas. Not sure why i start off thinking how is this going to be any different Bill will plug his Holosync, but the value i have gotten so far has been amazing. I have a copy of Holosync which i listen to on and off i was regular in the beginning about 5 months ago, but its gotten better and i am able to observe my reactions starting when the buttons get pushed. It has helped me to aware and hence i have more control of the outcome i can choose not to escalate or react to make a situation worse. Thanks for your great article and mind expanding knowledge that you so freely share.
    This article summed up something i have been wrestling for a long time on why the sucessful get more of it while the losers get nothing now it all makes sense.

  109. Carli says :

    Thanks, Bill, for posting on an interesting and eye-opening topic once again. Your blog, the LPIP Course (and its recent live event in Portland), and Holosync have helped me & dear ones to grow immensely over the last year, since I began with Prologue. I am immeasurably more aware, content, and especially ABLE to quite gracefully (and sometimes enjoyably) handle lots of situations that before were a hassle and avoided.

    I have included a link to this blog to my new blog, and it very likely will be permanent, as I want my friends & readers to learn from your work as much as from mine. Now that I think of it, were it not for the services I’ve used from Centerpointe, my blog would not be launching this week and would have waited for who-knows-how-long.

    Many blessings to you, Centerpointe, and our ever-expanding, awakening community. We are the ones that are building the next generation of Earth.

  110. Barbara says :

    Thank you, Bill! The longer I use Holosync and the more ways you find to express how all of this life-stuff works together as an experiential reality beyond words, the more I am so deeply grateful! Thank you for continuing to explain again and again fresh descriptions–each one hits my mind differently and alters my perception from a new angle. Thank you for the Tolle series, truly wonderful, and for all the resources you have created for us. What an exciting adventure this really is! Thank you so much for alerting me to the shadow/pain body stuff over and over again–in the LPIP course and the Awakening letters and here–because I am able to see this happening right now in my life and now understand how to deal with it. It is impossible to say thank you enough! I have often found that your material seems to speak to my experience of the moment exactly, as if you knew what I’ve been going through. The expanding sense of gratitude and relief result, always fresh, always a freedom from the hidden tensions I’ve been carrying around in my sense of self. Thank you!

  111. sheryll says :

    I haven’t started my program yet, just ordered it. I read through some of the posts and the issue that I struggle with is attachment. Bill, it really made me feel validated that attachment is a necessary thing in order to enjoy life. I have practiced alot of detachment out of necessity lately, but then I get to this place of what’s the point. I don’t know.. maybe the key here is the belief system of holding on really really tight versus a lesser degree of attachment. Anybody have any ideas about this whole issue of holding on, letting go, or somewhere inbetween? Maybe this isn’t a black or white issue, and maybe I could change my belief about this so it isn’t so either/or.

  112. Bob says :

    hi, another good post, enjoyable reading. The online courses are well worth the money, money thats my problem at the moment, everything else in my universe is absolutley sweet great wife cracking kids and lots of love, one thing about money that has been raised for me in the online courses is “money causes arguments” alas money arguments are drawn to me like flies round you know what (and there not even about not having enough)
    Now this is concious to me i need to turn it round. Any affirmations you could suggest that might help me in this would be appreciated, i havent got email support because im in the cheap seats!! lol so yes im trying to cheat a lil. I dont want to say to myself that money creates happiness as i know that happiness comes from inside, and really, i am already happy hmmm i just want to pay my bills on time and have a cushier lifestyle. Again the online courses are work but well worth the agro! And ive still a mountain to climb.

    good luck for the future all
    and take care Bill
    lots of love

  113. Julius Ko says :


    Nice, good to see/read a post from Carli, my good friend from the LPIP weekend. Bill; we DEFINITELY need an online interactive group. I have Carli on facebook; but it’s not the same. Speaking of though, what do you think of creating a “Centerpointe/Holosync/LPIP Group” on facebook?

    Or is that out of the question? I’ve seen and am part of the Big Mind and Wilber groups there; but I’m not even sure if they’re officially endorsed or just ‘groupies’ =).

    There’s so much I could write about; but I’ll try my best to keep it short, I’ve been wanting to reply to your comment awhile back; but just haven’t gotten around to it. It’s interesting, because the moment you responded to me about the online community; I had this feeling of release; and realized that I didn’t ‘need’ one.. and paradoxically, a few days later, I get an e-mail from integral life; and yeah, I signed up. Hopefully the centerpointe community will be somehow compatable/partnered with integral life?

    I love wilber, but, if it wasn’t for you and centerpointe, I wouldn’t have even heard of him =).

    Anyways.. I should probably get back to work.

    Cheers and best of luck.

    – Julius

  114. Richard SCHNEIDER says :

    I realize that going Holosync until Purification level 1 helped me a great deal in overcoming those thoughts that produce the negative chemicals – and now, since the purification level 2 still has not arrived and I – waiting for it – stopped listening the CD’s I am slipping back in the old ways more than I realized until now. Thank you very much. QUESTION: when is my purification level 2 coming?

    FROM BILL: I’m the wrong one to ask. Call or email support.

  115. Mel Johns says :

    Hello Bill,
    I noticed you have been talking a lot about intention and choice in this post and the responses to the post. I have read that there are studies that show that there is a burst of unconscious or subconscious brain activity before there is a conscious brain activity response of choice, thereby showing that we are always acting from our programing, or at least something outside of the conscious mind. There’s a short bit about it in the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. They suggested that you can either come from your programing or from a clear space, but either way, its not really you. Its your programs or the divine acting through you. I am curious about your take on this idea, since the Holosync product directly affects brainwave activity.
    Thanks so much for Holosync,
    Much love,

    FROM BILL: In an ultimate sense, there is no you. “You” is an idea. And, yes, a fair amount of what happens to “you” is unconsciously driven. Do you grow your hair, intentionally? Or beat your heart, or divide your cells? No. Much of “you” is an automatic process. And, what is taken to be individual decision making is determined by a whole constellation of things from your environment, not to mention by the unconscious process I just mentioned. All of this makes it seem as if there is a you that is an independent agent. This is, however, an illusion. The universe is the doer, not you. A thought to do something is not generated independely of the rest of the environment, but is the activity of that enviroment, centered on you.

    This is a very deep pholosophical question. Is there free will? Is everything determined already? I have touched in this many times in this blog, but it is a difficult one to discuss because language, by its nature, presupposes separate things and events, which is really just a way of thinking, not a reality. Buddhists look at this in a unique way. They say that there is neither free will or separate agency. What’s more, it isn’t neither, nor is it both. What do you make of that? This seeminingly illogical statement I agree with, but to “get” it, you have to do a lot of sitting (meditation) and other spiritual practices. (This statement, by the way, comes from a 2nd-Century Zen master, Nagarjuna, whose philosophy is the core of both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.

  116. Julius Ko says :


    Ever hear about Isha? Her teachings are similar to Tolle’s; she’s located in Uruguay; so in South America.. , I believe she’s coming to Portland:

    Portland, OR

    • Conference with Isha: Why Walk When You Can Fly?

    November 17th, 2008 7pm
    Venue: New Renaissance Bookshop – (Portland)
    Phone: 646-688-5232

    It’s interesting.. she’s going to Vancouver, LA as well. But; there seems like there’s no big stars heading to Toronto, no Bill, no Wilber, no Genpo, no Andrew Cohen, no Tolle, no Isha =).

    Only Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker =).


    – Julius

  117. Blake Shin says :


    I’ve ordered your demo version of holosync last week and I’m quite qurious as to how this CD will enhance my meditation practice. In your aritcles you’ve extensively talked about how Holosync can benifit and enhance your proctice of meditation but don’t really explain what “it” really is and how it works and the mechanism behind it.

    when I go through all these mind development, self-help related sites or organizations claiming that they have something that works and should be purcheas, the rule of thumb I use to differenciate the ones who are truly devoted to helping people, verses some ones who are trying to monitize in this market, is by seeing how transparent they are bing about what who they are, the products they are selling, and about how it works. You may already have explained this some where and may have just I missed it. In that case if you can let me know where I can get that information it would be greatly appreciated.

    If not, I would appreciate if you can explain to me the mechanism behind how Holosync and how it works.



    FROM BILL: The Centerpointe website explains Holosync in great depth.

  118. Maribeth Shanley says :

    I am new to Holosync and just want to say thank you for not just creating it but for generously making it affordably available to everyone. Also, thanks for your incredible generosity with all the free gifts! I began listening to the CDs from the retreat and was going to get on the site to buy your book when it just showed up in the mail today.

    I am about to go listen to Dive for my fifth night. I know I’ve already had some breakthroughs after target shooting with my husband this past Sunday. Usually I try so hard that my hits are all over the target. Intuitively I’m a very good shooter, but all my “stuff” gets in the way. This Sunday however, I seemed to unknowingly but in a very naturally feeling way left all my “stuff” out of the session and WOW I kept all my shots in the black, had several bulls eye shots and several shots within shots. The only difference in my life is Holosync.

    I’m one of those persons who as a result of severe trauma in my childhood is looking to get rid of all the remaining excess baggage I’m still carrying around. I’ve always walked toward the sunlight vs. the dark and have grown by leaps and bounds during my adult life by forcing myself to do things that made me feel uncomfortable. This year, however, I realized that I still have behavior that is very stifling and I’m in a place in my life where I am ready and eager to once and for all get rid of the rest of my baggage.

    I drive a lot in my work and have been listening to your CDs from the retreat and so much is making sense of everything from my resistance to my leg feeling creepy the last ten minutes of my meditation last night. I just keep saying, Wow…wow…wow, as I’m driving. I’ve even encouraged my sister to order the demo CD.

    I just feel so fortunate that (1) I’m such an open minded and adventurous risk taker, and (2) that you had the wisdom and generosity to create Holosync and offer it to the world. I just know that I am on my way to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to become. My gut always told me I was destined for more than the ordinary; and, I always felt I was destined for an incredible spiritual experience. I know in my heart, mind and soul I’m finally on my way to that experience. Who knows what I will be doing in a year or more. I know I will be a much different person than I am today as I am a much different person today than the day I moved away from my parents’ house. I’ve always loved the core of who I am; now, however, I not only will continue loving who I am, but I will begin to like who I am more and more because I will finally throw off the chains that have bound me to my fears.

    Thank you, Bill for being so special!

    PS I am following your instructions to a T. Now understand that’s very different for me. First, and ask my husband of 38 years, I hate reading directions; and, second I’ve always believed that rules were made to be broken. This…my life…is so important to me that I will do exactly as you suggest. I want to get everything possible out of Holosyn with as little suffering as possible. I’ve suffered enough.

    FROM BILL: I would call them “pointing out instructions”==the best way to get the benefits–rather than “rules.”

  119. Sheryll James says :

    Okay, everyone resists change and growth for one reason or another. Since this is my one and only life I have dedicated myself to becoming whatever it is I am supposed to be doing here. I am totally open to this except for one HUGE FEAR. I agree with Bill that we all can develop and were meant to develop on various levels. However, this takes commitment and perserverance and practice . I think most people just wantt life to be solved with a magic something and are not willing to put in the time. So here is my fear.. that if I do grow, which I am sure I will, then I may and probably will (and probably already have) outgrow my mate. I am not trying to be arrogant here or judgemental, because he is who he is and chooses his life. OK good, except I can see the handwriting on the wall. My question I have for anyone out there is, is this a major block for anyone else? It’s huge for me.

    FROM BILL: This is something I hear from people all the time. If you are growing and changing, and your mate doesn’t, one of three things will happen. You will grow apart because whatever you had in common won’t be the same any more. Or, your mate will be pulled along by your influence, and will also grow, to one extent or another.

    The third possibility is that you will grow so much that you won’t care where he is. When people first begin to become more aware–when their perspective on the self, other, and the world expands–at first they feel alienated from others with whom they now have less in common (or so it feels). At a certain point, however, your perspective becomes large enough that you see the whole thing from a greater height. You see that everyone is where they need to be at any particular moment, and you don’t need them to agree with your point of view in order to feel connected to them.

    Pluralists (Greens, left-wingers) see conventionalists (Republicans, etc.) with distaste, for instance, even hatred. Mention them in a group of New Agers, and these supposedly loving and caring people who claim to believe that everyone’s voice is equally valid are suddenly hissing and name-calling. The anger–even hatred–is obvious. Yet to get to the Pluralist developmental level, you MUST go through a conventional level. The conventional types, not to be outdone, condemn and demonize the level before theirs, what in Spiral Dynamics is called Red, represented in our society by the more lawless, law of the jungle, “I’ll take what I need and damn the rest of you,” types (criminals, prison populations, bikers–as well as terrorist types). Law and order is all about doing something about the Red level.

    At a certain point a person evolves to the point where they see the contributions of each level, and though such a person might be critical of the darker side of each level (which does exist) they also see the contributions of each level. Once you get to that place you don’t need others to agree with you or necessarily have the same values. Everyone is making sense of being human in the best way they can, and as long as their way works, they stick with it. Once it stops working, they are prodded to develop to the next level, which is a new and broader way of making sense of things.

    To bring this down to earth again, I think you’re just going to have to influence your partner by being yourself, while doing your best to respect his (?) particular way of navigating his way through life. If you continue to be nourished by being together, stay together. If not, you might end up parting.

  120. Terry HS says :

    Wow. What a great answer to Sheryll’s poignant question. Thanks to Sheryll for asking. Thanks to Bill for answering.

  121. Gina says :

    Hooray for you (Sherryl) for seeing exactly what is happening.

    I did experience this prior to having Holosync and all the help from Bill. My story is that we did divorce after 26 years of marriage. This felt difficult and it was huge huge change for me AND it rocked my world …the shifts and adjustments that were happening gave me an opportunity to see what would happen if I went with the experience and di not fight it…so I pushed even further by doing more bold and new things I may have never tried with my ex husband. He on the other had stayed in the same area living the same life and is happy now because i am not there pushing and shoving things to grow and change with in his face…he gets to live his life and I get to grow mine.

    I am a totally different person, I moved over 5,000 miles away to where I knew no one. Volunteered and traveled the islands prior to selecting a place to settle (for the time being). I atribute my ability to do this from all the stress and confusion I had to live through. It forced me to either become more or to stay in the pain and confusion of resistance.

    I am happy I went through it and now I can go through more with Holosync and other life experiences. I look at all my experiences especially the really painful ones as my chance to grow and become more of who I am here to become. And the more I become the less I am concerned about it all.

  122. Lynn Fabry says :

    Hi Bill, I wanted to say, that i really enjoy reading your comments to people, very helpful, sometimes even more so than the post itself. Keep it up!!
    In reference to partners changing…….i have been involved in this journey consciously for years now. It was a huge part of my life. My husband had no interest in it on any level. However, my marriage and he started changing as i did.
    And then he became interested in Holosync. We began last year and with great, great challenges in certain aspects of our lives, we are doing remarkably well considering, and, it has been the best year of our marriage. We would not be doing nearly as well if we had not been doing Holosync.
    Going onto level two soon, i have as yet to put affirmations on it.
    My husband and I in many ways are oh so different and I thought that he would not be comfortable with the ones I chose. To my great surprise, he really liked them.. He said they made him feel good. this from a man who years ago would fall asleep with any kind of spiritual talk.
    Other than Holosync, you help to ground me and have helped me to get my head on straighter about certain of my beliefs. I have grown up so much since i began Holosync and the influence of some of these blogs. . And my husband………he likes you and listens to you… are not too ‘out there’ for him, which most are.
    From one who had been more in the seeking mode, ‘running for rescue’, for so long and having just begun to ‘witness’, in a different way, more as it is meant to be………..for me, forget about ‘wanting these other states’, the act of witnessing, really allowing what is, not even trying to bring love to it, as i had been taught and had to retrain myself of..(which doesn’t work because you are trying to change it), …… is the most incredible to me of all, and is really the most loving of all states……..of pure acceptance of what is, not being too distant or still a part of, that fine line.
    The more present i become, the more shift comes instantly at times, without the full practice for instance of felt sense……..’finding, being with the feeling, shift can just come. Sometimes i just need to ask the right question and without any answer shift comes.i ‘watch’ pain move. i have even been able to help headaches go away withput drugs. in the past, i’d have to take drugs to just prevent it from going to migraine, not making it go away.
    Being in less resistance (I’ve gone kicking and screaming), is far far better and more loving than any ‘expanded loving highs” i’ve ever experienced, many of which have really been states of seeking rescue from what is. Thank you and best, Lynn

    FROM BILL: You seem to have noticed the huge benefit of several of the things I teach. You are a great example of the fact that those who actually do their best to incorporate these things into life find them to be just as amazing as I’ve said they would be. And then there are those who just want to argue and mismatch–an example of how those for whom life is working well do figure out a way continue in that negative direction. Please, people. Try on what I’m sharing with you. Apply it to your life. See what happens.

  123. Colin says :

    Dear Bill

    Please refrain from posting such interesting and thought provoking articles, it has taken me hours to read everything, and as a result I have got nothing done. The good thing is I’ve learned lots and enjoyed it.

    Have been using Awakening Prologue for the last 5 weeks and have already noticed profound improvements. I feel joyous, relaxed and happy and look forward to a fullfilling and exciting future. For this I thank you.

    best Wishes to all.


  124. JKE says :

    It appears that a few folks could gain a lot of understanding by reading “14 Lessons” & the “Advanced Course” by Atkinson (aka Yogi Ramacharaka)–free online. If you’re looking for insight in Toronto, find Melody. She’s the one who used the dog on the stairs analogy in Portland. I was going to leave early until she said that.

  125. Sheryll says :

    Thank you all so much for your comments. It feels so nice to have an unbiased connection. My turth at the moment is that I’m 53, my kids are gone and my husband and I are separated. I will spare you the soap opera. I have been working on the past year facing my aloneness and not knowing what I am living for. (All my meaning and identity were tied up with my mate). Over the years I have read GOBS of psychology, know all the theories, been to counselors, sought out religion, and have become confused with all the options. (Not to mention avoiding my shadow with all this reading and thinking!) I am to the point where I trust no one’s philosophy, because it is human. So now I am going to trust myself (Gulp). Okay, I’m going to do just as you say Bill. Let Go and let Holosync. Just knowing that I can read and post here or that there is a support line to call is the lifeline I need as i march forward into wherever? And I will be working on Ken Wilber’s shadow work… espcially that evasive fear… it hides itself in every crack!

    All religions are clubs, but for now I still need some kind of group. Being without a country or a cause may be in the Now, but when I experience that kind of detachment, which I have, it’s just a little too much just yet.. So with that THANK YOU ALL so much for being here until flying solo isn’t so unfamiliar and well, just plain weird.

    FROM BILL: First, I want to say that there isn’t a solution to every problem. As the Buddha said, all life involves suffering. However, if I was to offer a “solution” it would be AWARENESS. Awareness, once developed, allows you to see and evaluate all the variables, all the infinite aspects of a situation, and then to know what is most resourceful in that situation. This is the value of meditation, and especially Holosync meditation–it dramatically increases awareness. Once you are aware enough, you can choose your suffering, in the sense that you stop unconsciously stepping in shit all the time–unconsciously putting yourself in situations that involve suffering you did not choose.

    All human living involves suffering. Why? Because everything is transient–everything is “in time” and eventually passes away (such as your relationship, or your youth). When we choose a certain situation, or choose to become attached (to a person, a situation, a possession, or whatever) we do so knowing that there is suffering inherent in that attachment. When we do choose to become attached, we do it (if we are aware) because the benefits of that attachment (the fun, the aliveness, the connection, etc) are worth it. Most people suffer because they unconsciously become attached (or are in aversion) to something.

    So the awakened person CHOOSES to be a human being, knowing the consequences, and awakened means “aware.”

  126. Sheryll says :

    Bill, Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. Your comment helped me become AWARE of my very old habit of either/or; all or nothing thinking (i.e.attachment vs total detachment) and that becoming aware doesn’t necessarily mean detachment is where one needs to be all the time (To me, Tolle seems to profess this). Anyway this isn’t very helpful for us OCD types. Upon reading your post I felt a tremendous amount of peace just knowing that there is no “right” place to spiritually be. I also think that authentic suffering is well worth the risk. It’s just all that neurotic suffering that I am working to let go of. It is unnecessary and just plain silly. Thanks again Bill.

  127. carlos says :

    Everything has a price. All actions have consequences. Habits has pleasures and pains. Very often we have to choose because it is not possible to have it all. To say Yes to certain things we have to say NO to other things. Sometimes we have to let parts of us die in order to allow other parts to live and grow.

    I think in every situation we need to be aware of both sides and then making a conscious decision knowing that we probably gain something and also loose something.

    When I get into serious relationships I gain stability , comfort,support , love , etc . and I lose other things like freedom , part of my independence , the right to have sex with other women etc.

    We always gain and lose something when we get into or out of relationships and I think we should be aware of both sides and make a conscious decision base on what we really want. Awareness is crucial because it allow us to know what we really want and also it help us to be honest with ourselves and with our partners.


  128. Sheryll says :

    I just listened to Diane Hamilton. This whole series of talks has been so incredible. I feel like I finally found a place that validates all of my personal truths I have been finding on the long and winding road.

    One of the things I appreciate most is the talking about the shadow work. It wasn’t until I began to honestly own my “negative” parts that the hard work really began. But what I found out was that I truly couldn’t bear the guilt and the shame until I had something greater than myself to hold me through the face to face honesty with my not so pretty shadow human side. I am finding that the power of forgivenss without my “Big Self” would have been impossible. And that there is nothing more beautiful than the experience of authentic humility. Diane stated this so well.

    Waking up sounds like a fun thing to do, but I think it takes great courage and dedication. It is not always pleasant, but the rewards are enormous… like getting to really live. And I think Bill and the other teachers have some of the greatest tool boxes I have ever encountered.

    Thank you again Bill for Holosync, the presentations of these great teachers, and the gifts I keep getting in the mail!

    FROM BILL: Your shadow isn’t something to be ashamed about–it’s being ashamed of it that made it a shadow. Your shadow is something that you made wrong, but actually is a normal part of being human.

  129. Charles Keel says :

    Hello Bill

    Since joining Holosync since last October, I have experienced a new me(put simply). It has raised my level of awareness certainly and do not get attached as much as I used to.

    I am really hoping I will recieve your Special Discount Offer towards the end of November:-) I WILL purchase Choicef 3: I ReAllY expect to go right to Awakening Level 4 before I make any decison as to whether to proceed further.

    I am pleased I found Holosync exactly at the right time. No time like the present.

    Best regards

    Charles Keel

  130. Blake Shin says :

    Hi Bill

    I tried the demo version and I immidiately felt significant changes and have ordered for your full program.

    I have a question which to ask you about other similar programs such as “Life Flow”, where they claim that they have a suprior technology because they not only incorporate “binural” beat but “monaural” and “isochronic” tones. By incorporating such additional tones, they say that users have option to use or not use stereo headphones.

    My question is, does this additional tone make the entrainment experience greater? Having the option to listen with headphone or no headphone make a difference in the quality of entrainment experience? Or are is it just marketing gimmick?

    Understandablely so, even with such great products such as these, people still have to do marketing and compete against other competitors…

    I would greatly appreicate it if you can have some answers about this.

    Thank you


    FROM BILL: I’ve answered this question before in response to a post, but don’t remember which of my posts it is attached to. Isochronic tones are BS. They are a gimmick. The pioneers in this area abandoned them long ago because they are so limited in what they can do. These messages are put out by people who are searching for some way to compete with Centerpointe–which is very difficult, since I’ve built 23 years of experience with 700,000+ people, huge experience in spiritual awakening, and the best support and education, into the program. You might scan the comments on other posts for the other time I answered this question, which included more specifics. I would work back from the previous post, going backward in time.

  131. Enid says :

    Dear Bill,
    I am about to begin awakening prologue1.5. I feel great, much more peaceful than I’ve ever felt. I teach elementary school children who because of life’s ups and down are extremely challenging. I find myself sympathizing more and treating situations differently. Removing my personal stress from the situation and treating the troubled child with compassion and love makes an amazing difference. At times nothing helps but I no longer blame myself or take things as personally when a child just doesnt respond. Teaching music and drama makes most kids smile and have fun and that is my goal . To make them feel safe and happy when they are in my class.
    Another isssue that I”d like to address is the book I just finished by Brian Weiss: Many Lives, Many Masters. The stories coincide, we are all one energy, one needs to rest the mind to renew (meditation) and so much more., I loved the book and ordered more. My therapist has begun to listen to Holosync and also read the book. She too sees the paralells. I can go on forever. I love meditation , I love holosync and will continue to make it a part of my life forever. Thank you Bill

  132. I do not know where to start this posting, but maybe I should start where I am, and work backward.

    For the last five hours, I have been reading and reflecting on this blog post and the responses to it. Throughout this period of time I have had “Quietude” playing in my headphones. I now have “Oasis” playing.

    Also throughout this time, I have had tears flowing down my face. I cannot say I have been sad all of this time, as the grief I have been releasing has made room for the almost unbounded joy which has been repressed with it over the last 50+ years.

    Similarly, I had this experience when singing praise in church, yesterday morning. I definitely see, and experience, how joy and grief can be considered as two sides of the same coin.

    I also appreciate your statement that Holosync contributes to releasing and accepting my shadow. My early life was strife with grief and anger which was not “safe” to express; and the relief and release of these emotions and my acceptance of them, is an experience for which I will always be in your debt.

    I first began using Holosync eight or nine weeks ago, and recently discovered this blog. I have read and appreciated all of the support materials you have sent, frequently quoting from and referencing your book “Thresholds of the Mind” in my Nursing Masters’ program which is nearing completion. (More on blog later)

    Whether it was having three near-death experiences in the first three years of this life, or some other contributing factors, I have been one of those persons (labled under-achievers in my youth) who are now labled ADD or ADHD…one of those who have coped with having at least a 12-track mind is a world of teachers, parents, and contemporaries who only had a one or two track mind. What it looks like is that I was stuck in my right brain while they were stuck in their left brain cognitively. (?)

    The “shifts” many have described and attributed to Holosync, which you described as developmental crises in earlier blogs, have been a frequent occurance for me for the last 2+ years, while earning my masters degree in nursing with the University of Phoenix…at least one shift in awareness with each course, sometimes three or four, mostly horizontal at a “Strategist” level, and several more recently on a “Magician” level, especially since I began daily meditation with Holosync…

    Your blog series, describing Piaget’s developmental levels and beyond, has added greatly to my understanding of the difficulties I have had in sharing my insights with classmates and coworkers, as well as the difficulties I had with contemporaries in earlier years, dealing with others who were passing through or stuck in “lower” levels of development.

    One of my major projects right now, taking precedence over all others, is a concept analysis of, and designing a teaching/learning method for accelerating development of, Nursing Presence, something which currently takes years if achieved at all. With your help I am discovering that what I have been attempting to learn and teach is more of a developmental growth process.

    I am discovering that what I have been struggling to develop is a method for bringing nurses and nursing students from lower levels of cognition and awareness up to Strategist and Magician levels, where most of our Post Modern Era nursing theories can be understood and implemented. I have been trying to discover ways to bring others stuck in the scientific method and left-brained critical thinking into whole-brain, post-formal operations required for learning and appreciating the holistic nursing arts.

    What started as a Practicum project (thesis) requiring at least 60 hours of work, has taken over a year and hundreds of hours of work, only to discover that even with Holosync meditation to help, what I have trying to find a way to “teach” may take years to facilitate, and then only if the instructor has personally achieved a high Unitive developmental level.

    I find myself at the end of my masters program without achieving my (impossible?) goal. I do have a 5.5MB word.doc of over 150,000 words, composed of my writings over the last two years, documenting the evolution of one student and his understandings as they have evolved through the developmental process.

    FROM BILL: As long as a person’s developmental perspective works in terms of helping them make sense of their life, they will stay there–which is perfect. Perhaps you should target those who are not satisfied where they are and see if you can become an expert on how to help them see the next perspective.

  133. Chris Felix says :


    What a wonderful, insightful and inspiring post. I have read the post twice now and have printed 7 copies that I plan on passing out to friends and family. Your ability to explain a deep subject is both appreciated and admired.

    As a Holosync participant for three years now I can personally attest to the fact that Holosync has definitely changed my life, of course with my approval. The benefits you mention from Holosync are 1,000% on track for me and I am appreciative for my discovery of I waffled back and forth three years ago and finally pulled the plug and ordered Awakening Prologue, am I glad I did? Absolutely

    It is amazing that in order to change our outcome we simply need to change our thoughts and what we focus on. I was a very successful businessman that ran into several problems and eventually went bankrupt; my wife and mother passed away within three weeks of one another in late 2004 yet my Present (now) and Future are rosier than ever; that is because you have taught me to focus on what I want and manifest it accordingly; thank you.

    On a final note thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write your blog and keep all of us that enjoy your material in the know. I wish you a great week and extend safe travels to all that partake in your blog.

    Chris Felix

  134. Michael says :


    This is all new information to me. I am fascinated and eager to soak it all in. I have to comment not only am I greatly impressed by the content but in scanning through the copious number of posts, some of which are quite lengthy, I see that you take the time not only to read them but to personally respond. That alone speaks volumes. Thanks!!


  135. WOW
    This has been one of the best explanations for the reasons behind failure and sickness I have read!
    The examples of bacteria and animals repelling or attracting success is a big eye opener. Certainly something to keep in mind. I have not tried Holosync yet so I can’t comment on how effective it is, but I can see the science behind it makes sense!
    Thank you for that.

  136. BRUCE says :

    Just curious…why would a supreme being create such a dysfunctional world? And dysfunctional human beings? I understand the concept of opposites, but still don’t you think there is a better way? Why wouldn’t life want everyone to succeed? The more the merrier? Look around you – world poverty, wars, extremism, criminal acts, politicians, etc. etc.
    If i was a supreme being wouldn’t it be more fun if everybody was happy?

    FROM BILL: And what makes you think a supreme being created any of this?

  137. JKE says :

    According to Paramahansa Yogananda (Man’s Eternal Quest), we’re responsible for this mess ourselves. including the natural disasters.

    FROM BILL: We ARE the natural disasters. The distinction between you and your environment is only in your mind. There is not separate you and a separate outside world. It’s all one system.

  138. Leslie Paradis says :

    I am a 3 year holosync particapant. I’m dissapointed to hear you get a point across with a story about what stupid unenlighened people do to innocent creatures performing animal cruely to rats. Can’t you find a more intelligent way to get your point across without supporting this kind of cruelty. I’m sorry but that is a sure lack of compassion and intelligence on your part and you can run away from it all you want and say your not going to play the game of black and white somehow using that to make yourself feel better about supporting animal cruelty with your stupid story but how about if we send electric volts through your body to see if you can figure out where the pain is coming from and find out if thats still a good way to do science.
    Leslie Paradis

    FROM BILL: Leslie, Leslie, Leslie. I am just reporting some information that will help you figure out your life and how to better navigate it. I didn’t shock the rats, nor did I advocate doing it. If we learned something from World War II and I reported it to you, would you think I was in favor of war?

  139. Sheryll James says :

    Hi Bill,
    Three weeks now using holosync. I feel like the proverbial catepillar changing into the butterfly. I can see why change too fast could be a problem. It takes a while getting used to the new me and sometimes I feel like two defferent people. In fact my daughter called me bipolar the other day. I’m thinking that I’ve always been crititcized for being too moody, and that this time I will let my extremes be okay like you suggest. I’m also finding that I can contol the intensity of my moods by just observing them without judgement and that really helps. Thank you so much Bill for reminding me over and over to observe with interest and not judge. It is a huge key. Hopefully practice will turn into habit. I am becoming a different “me”. It’s about time to start manifestation work. For me the hard part is clarity before I dive into this. Values, visions, priorities. That is what I am asking for now, so I guess I have started. The old me doesn’t like this too much, but that’s because of my old belief system about the word “work” (Remember Maynard on Dobie Gillis

  140. Navnit says :

    Hi, Bill,
    Very nicely explained. I was always curious about why this happens and your blog clears a lot of facts. Although not 100% of your post makes sense to me but I am certainly understanding it better than before.

    I was reading your blogs for some time , but this one really struck a chord. Looking forward to something similarly interesting in next post.

    Thank You

  141. Jenna says :

    I just wanted to say, as someone who is just beginning with holosync (though I’ve been on and off the path of recovery since I was 19) that I am excited to start this program. I can see, to some degree, how my negative self-talk has sabotaged me, and also, how at times my “stubborness” has actually saved my life and propelled me in the right direction (leading me here) I am looking for more release of old, negative thoughts and behaviors so at the very least, I can enjoy more of my moments with my toddler and soon to be newborn. I have found too many interrupted or lost moments due to my own obsessions/fears/anger etc. And when the frustration and anger leak out onto my husband or son, I feel even worse about myself. Inside I wanted to know how to be at peace, how to let go of the old anger, how to move on so I could continue to enjoy the blessings instead of falling into the downward “everyone would be better off without me” spiral. over the past several months I was led to accupuncture… EFT and eventually to this technology. So I am starting to see the laws of attraction working in my life. PS it is also interesting how some of the negative comments (or rather, how I allowed the negative comments) to bring my excitement down. I guess it’s all about practice and forward progress, not perfection :)

  142. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Hi Bill,

    In a Byron Katie interview I watched a little while back, she said something I found fascinating.

    That since the moment she experienced her awakening in the mid 80s, she hadn’t had a single bad day. And she never does.

    I think that statement bears repetition.

    Byron Katie says that in the past 23 years she has not had a single bad day.

    She explained that whilst she experienced a range of challenges including cancer, blindness and some illnesses that were extremely painful, she never felt ‘bad’ or unhappy about any of them.

    She accepted them as learning experiences, and is continuously and always in a state of peace, totally irrespective of whatever is going on.

    So two questions Bill.

    1. Do you think that she is in the transcendent stage of development where she is just so completely immersed in oneness that there is a bit of a detachment from the world of cause and affect?

    2. Do YOU ever have bad days?

    FROM BILL: I do think she is immersed in the transcendent and detached from the world of cause and effect. She is a classic case of someone who is in the Third Rank of Tozan, as described in the two-part series I did on the 5 Ranks of Tozan a few posts ago. I know Katie, but of course any assessment I make of such things is an educated guess. She does, however, say MANY things that are classic statements of a person at that stage. It’s a nice stage to be at–though there is more.

    As for me, sure, I have bad day, in the sense that things “go wrong” from time to time. I’m not immune to having my car break, or my wife get pissed off at me, or hurting myself, or any number of other things that are part of being human. However, I have surrendered to the fact that this is part of being human, and so I don’t have an idealistic goal of everything being “good” all the time. When you are more aware you do avoid a lot of things that someone who is less aware attracts or steps into. But no matter who you are your body ages, sometimes you come across assholes who do annoying things, stuff breaks, you goof and mess something up, and so on. I just don’t get too concerned about all of this anymore, and if I do, I recover pretty quickly.

  143. carlos says :


    I came back to read again about the five ranks of enlightment and previous post and it seemed to me that before going to a “higher stage “people kind of fall down . Like the third rank of tozan looks to me is a better place to be than the fourth rank (in terms of inner happiness )(although I am turn off by those people) and so it seems with previous stages of development.

    I noticed also how I have a shadow issue with people that are either at this 3rd rank or pretending to be.

    I have been into psychology and personal growth for a while I do it with the goal of improving my life and being more happy and effective, however new agers sometimes piss me off a little bit, specially when they use to many words like compassion,kindness, oneness, enlightment etc. I have being doing holocync for over 2 years and I dont have anything against “esoteric practices” ,however I look at this practices from a practical perspective “do they work or not?”

    It seems to me that the ideal of new agers is to be like people at this 3rd rank , so they pretend to be there by using all those words to sound cool and sophisticated. Now I know that some people are actually at that stage like katie(She is not pretending) but for some reason I am still turn off by people like her.

    However when I hear people like you or Ken Wilber discuss this same issues you sound really down to earth to me even when you are discussing enlightment.

    I have discovered that I have a shadow issue with people that I considered to be fakes or superficial. that means that either
    1 – I am fake and superficial or
    2 – I have disowned being superficial and fake

    I have two questions
    1 – How can I know which one is my case?
    2 – does it matter to know which is?


    FROM BILL: They are probably both true. Everyone has a fake and superficial self, and if it is disowned it will come out in covert, immature, and dysfunctional ways. If you allow yourself to speak from the voice in you of superficiality and fake-ness, and let that part say whatever it needs to say, you will go from unconsciously expressing it to having choice about it. And, that voice will mature, which means that it will morph into something better, as when the voice of the narcissist (which, again, all of us have) matures into the voice of self-love.

  144. Connie Smith says :

    Bill, Your subject about how to rid oneself of their inner conflicts in life was very enjoyable to read. I have been with holosync for 8 months and I know how aware I am. I was a little more than most aware before starting holosync and now I am even more and getting better at it. I found that I had to cut off almost all conversation with very negative thinking people in order for me to get on the right path of total awareness with my entity. Last month I became very ill with a bacterial infection and I thought that it was my bodies way of getting rid of toxic waste that had built up in my insides you don’t see these things but they are there. I was stressed out by a recent break up of a relationship that I knew was inevitable. What was so amazing was that everything around me collapsed as well. When I started to feel better it all changed my gloomy life had changed as well it was like getting into another level of consciousness. This is how life is you have moments like these and it depends on how you solve these problems. If you dwell upon them they get worse but if you ignore them its gets better and you become richer which is a metaphor.

  145. Gail says :

    I believe that one of the most powerful technologies in our world
    to bring about real physical and chemical changes in the mind
    is the technology of sonic frequencies. I am a big believer in
    your Holosync Progam. I also understand the principle of goods
    flowing away from the poor and towards the wealthy, because
    the wealthyhave better skills and resources for acguiring wealth.

    But I would not attach intrinsic value to human beings
    who are wealthy -or not wealthy for that matter- because
    of this. Some of the greatest thinkers, artists, and visionaries
    in history have lived lives of poverty and suffering. Some
    of these geniuses were not appreciated until after they
    had died. Some social revolutionaries lived impoverished
    lives, endured unhappiness, poor health and lack of
    resources, and yet brought about huge and profound
    changes generations after they were gone.

    I bet there are many countless beautiful, profound, brilliant
    and wise souls out there who will be known by very few. I
    believe there is a great untapped resource and power in
    most (all ?) of us that may never be brought into full fruition.

    That’s the value in all these wholistic health courses that
    are flowering, including yours, Bill.

    There are many who are materialistically wealthy who
    have not earned it. There are many who are wealthy
    and powerful who did not achieve this state because
    they are enlightened, personally powerful, compassionate
    or spiritual. There are many who are wealthy who posess
    all those attributes, but not because they earned their
    wealth but perhaps because they were able to benefit
    from the access to comforts and security that arise from
    their wealthy circumstances. There is more to the flow
    of wealth than science and Darwinian principles.

    It wold be a better world if more individuals had the
    personal/mental skills to bring material wealth to
    themselves. It would be a healthier world, a place
    of greater balance and wholsomeness if more could
    access and share the resources; if more understood
    how. It would also be a more balanced and peaceful
    place if people could learn to be happy and peaceful
    in a way not connected to the acquisition of wealth.
    But it would be best if people could have all of the

    Thanks for trying to balance this equation.

    FROM BILL: All resources are not monetary.

  146. Jay Rana says :

    Hi Bill

    as you mentioned in your post that Holosync helps the brain create more of the good chemicals like serotonin, GABA, etc., doesn’t this mean that a holosync user will have to eat more of the food that aid this process? I also have felt after using holosync for 2 weeks, that I feel more hungry and have to eat every few hours, which is good, but do you attribute this behavior to the brain creating more chemicals?


    FROM BILL: No.

  147. Belinda says :

    Wow, after seeing the secret over 2 years ago then moving onto listening to your audios with people from the secret, reading your full blog, learning about how to create my own reality through reading online recourses and learning about spirituality including reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth, this post has finally made me realise how the Law of Attraction works and why gratitude is so important. Just goes to show that different explanations resonate with different people. Thankyou so much for this post! It has helped heaps!

  148. Rich Ezzo says :

    Hi Bill,

    Terrific post. Explaining “why” the rich get richer is of great value. I think it takes that negative charge off of it for most people. In my e-book, “When Money Talks, Listen!” (, one of the 5 lessons taught is to notice the “gift” money behind when it leaves you, i.e, you spend it. It never leaves without giving you something in return. This seems to agree with your only the strong survive, as money will be attracted to those who notice and appreciate it (just like we are).
    Thanks, Rich

  149. Rich Ezzo says :

    sorry, typo for my site in last post, should be…

    Thanks again, Rich

  150. Blake Shin says :

    Oh my God Bill,

    I cannot even discribe with words how thankful I’m about finding Holosync and how much I appreciate your dedication to it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you..!

    It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve started on the program and I already feel like I’ve transform so much that I’m telling everyone about this program.

    I do have a question regarding using Holosync for kids with ADHD problems. In my family there are a few kids (10 and 13) with that problem and I was wondering using Holosync on them would be ok.

    Measuring my own changes and how I became more ware of everything, focused, and stress resilient.

    If meditation is ok for kidsand healthy to practice it, I don’t see why it would be bad for kids to be on Holosync, which is an amazing aid to meditation. But I do remember you saying kids below 13 should be cautious about using Holosync.

    I would appreciate your feed back.

    Thank you


    FROM BILL: We have a significant amount of feedback from parents demonstrating that kids with ADD or ADHD who use Holosync show significant improvement. I used to be more cautious about kids using Holosync, but after 20 years of parents telling me success stories and virtually no one telling me of any negatives, I have withdrawn my caution about kids using Holosync. Kids of the world, plug in!

  151. Kevin OBrien says :

    Dear Bill,
    I just ordered the wonderful package you have offered many. I cant tell you how excited i am to begin to implement this wonderful way of life, into my daily practice. I just opened up a cafe in Connecticut, and im already feeling its success, and i mean FEELING. I will write back in a month. I expect my beautiful change of success, in health, mind, body, soul, and prosperity. I look forward to meeting you, and speeking in front of many to give back what is NOW in change..LOVE TO ALL and all the best..Kevin

  152. axcho says :

    Interesting. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Howard Bloom’s book Global Brain, as much of your description of bacteria and baboons I recognized from that book. If you haven’t read it, I’d highly recommend it – this book really helped me realize that the same naturalistic processes underlying human intelligence are much the same as those behind evolution and the entire process of creation.

    I also admire the skillful way in which you continually reinforce need for your product throughout your many blog posts. Are you able to live pretty well off of it? I will be sure to refer to your website when I someday do the same. ;)

  153. Vandana says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have been following your lessons from the secret teachers on

    Just wanted to thank you :)

    Thanks a tonne

    God Bless

  154. Paul Hoffman says :

    Great information Bill, I always find value in what you have to say.

  155. sandrar says :

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  156. I am impressed by the way you mastered this topic. It is not often I come across a website with enthralling articles like yours. I will note your feed to stay up to date with your forthcoming updates. I like it and do keep up the solid work.

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  158. Samuel Lundgren Mähler says :

    If I become more of a “winner”, Does that mean that someone else will become more of a “loser”?