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It’s all about awareness…

by / Monday, 24 November 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

What would it be like to have significantly more choice about how you feel in each moment? What if you had more control over your behavior, or more choice about the people and situations you seem to attract into your life, or become attracted to? Wouldn’t more choice and control in these areas significantly change your experience of life?

I’ve been helping people with their personal and spiritual growth for over 30 years now, and I’ve noticed that these three areas—how you feel, how you behave, what people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you assign to the people, things, and events in your life–make up most of our experience of life.

Most people assume that their feelings “just happen,” that feelings come and go without much if any choice on our part. For that reason, most people assume that there’s little that can be done about their moment by moment feelings. Have you ever lost your temper, despite the negative consequences, or found yourself feeling sad or depressed without being able to get yourself out of it?

As I’ll explain in a moment, you actually can exercise a great deal of choice over how you feel. There’s no reason why you need to feel bad for more than a few moments, but exercising this choice involves becoming more aware of exactly how you’re creating the way you feel in each moment. Meditation have proven to be one of the most effective ways of increasing awareness and Holosync meditation increases awareness at least four times faster than traditional mediation. Either way, it’s through increasing your awareness that you can take charge of your internal experience of life–and your external results.

I also frequently hear from people who say that they know what they need to do in order to get the results they want, but they often can’t get themselves to actually take the actions they know they need to take. They attend a seminar on how to make money, where they learn a step by step formula. They go home motivated and excited, but despite their best intentions fail to put it into practice. Or, they learn about relationship communication skills, but when the chips are down and they really need to use those skills, for some reason they don’t use them.

Why does this happen? Why are we sometimes unable to be in charge of how we behave? I want to explore this question, too. And, as you’ll see, once again the key to success is increasing your conscious awareness.

Let me ask you something else. Are there areas of life where you seem to get the same negative result over and over, no matter how hard you try? I used to get involved with the same woman, but each time in a different body, over and over. Then I’d experience the same relationship issues and have the same fights and the same bad feelings that I’d had with the previous partner.

Somehow, out of all the available women in the world, I managed to choose—and be chosen by—women with the same issues, which meant that each new relationship had the same problems as the old one (of course, I had my own issues). This doesn’t just happen in relationships, though. Some people make one bad investment after another, or get involved in one bad job after another, or makes the same bad decision over and over.

If you have a recurring problem in any area of life—making money, attracting friends, getting people to respect you, creating fulfilling relationships, finding work you enjoy, staying healthy, or if anything else you don’t like seems to happen over and over—there’s a reason why this happens. Most people, without knowing how and why, repeatedly attract certain situations and people, which causes them to experience similar results, again and again. As with feelings and behaviors, awareness is, once again, the key to discovering why this happens and being able to exercising the choices that create new and better outcomes.

As you know if you’re using it, meditating with Holosync creates a number of positive changes. The first thing most people notice is that it feels good when you use it, and you feel pleasantly high when you’re finished. This is because when you are in deep, meditative states your brain produces a number of pleasurable neurochemicals that make you feel good. Many people also notice over the first several months that people and situations that bothered them before, that created anger or anxiety or some other emotional reaction, don’t seem to trigger them in the same way. You could say that the threshold at which they become triggered by people and situations increases.

At the same time, general feelings of well-being increase, and anger, depression, anxiety, and other dysfunctional feelings begin to diminish. Emotional health, what some psychologists call E.Q., increases. What’s more, mental clarity, creativity, problem solving ability, and other mental abilities increase because Holosync use causes the creation of new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, leading to more effective whole brain thinking (a component of awareness, by the way)

I want to add, however, that sometimes using Holosync might not feel good. Holosync pushes you to grow, and sometimes your unconscious mind may push back. In other words, you might resist on an unconscious level and, in doing so, create some uncomfortable feelings. So if your experience isn’t all “positive,” don’t worry. When it feels uncomfortable, something big is being worked through, and the benefits of doing that are huge. If you feel uncomfortable, call our support line and have a chat with one of the support coaches.

What drives the accelerated change process Holosync users experience is the increase in awareness created by Holosync. So what do I mean by “awareness”? Interestingly, this isn’t something that’s woo-woo or metaphysical, though some people like to see it that way. Let me give a few examples.

In many ways life can be seen as a step-by-step process of becoming more aware. Some people continue to become more aware throughout their entire life, while others gain a certain amount of awareness and then do something to stop the process. Those who continue to become more aware throughout life can in some cases become so aware that they’re capable of quite startling mental abilities, they gain incredible inner peace, and their perspective on life is significantly broader than that of other people. This process culminates in what some people would call spiritual enlightenment, which isn’t the sort of woo-woo thing you might think it is, and doesn’t involve any particular belief system.

This process of becoming more aware actually begins when you’re a baby, and we’ve all experienced it. Developmental psychologists tell us that a baby is having what is often described as an experience of oceanic oneness. What this really means is that the baby can’t tell the difference between me and not-me. To the baby it’s all one thing. The baby isn’t yet aware enough to notice that there is something called “me,” and then there is everything else. But at some point the baby bites its toes and it hurts, and then he bites his blanket and notices that it doesn’t hurt. In this way, the baby makes the distinction between me and not-me.

At this point the baby is a bundle of sensory experiences and motor activities, but without any awareness that it can direct these things or have control over them. But at a certain point the baby gains enough awareness of its motor responses and sensory experiences that it can intentionally look at a certain thing, or listen to a certain sound. It also learns that instead of moving randomly it can move intentionally. It can roll over, or reach out for a toy, or kick its legs, and do these things intentionally.

This demonstrates one of the key points I want you to understand, which is that awareness creates more choice and more control. You have no choice or control over that which you are unaware of. Once you become aware of something, however, you have choice over it. You can exercise some amount of control. Once the baby realizes that it can move intentionally, or intentionally direct its senses, it begins to have control over these things.

At this point the child becomes a bundle of feelings, of internal sensations. At some point, though, the child gains awareness of these feelings, and begins to name them. “I’m happy.” “I’m sad,” and so forth. This again, gives a measure of control. The same thing happens with thoughts a bit later in development. As the ability to think develops, the child is at first unaware of its thoughts. They happen, but there isn’t enough awareness for the child to say, “I’m having certain thoughts.” Once this awareness happens, however, the child is able to think intentionally, to decide to think about a certain subject. Often this happens about the time the child is ready to go to school.

We could continue to go through the various developmental signposts all the way into adulthood, but I think I’ve made my point, which is that we progressively become aware of aspects of ourselves, and of the outside world, as we grow up. As this happens, and to the degree it happens, we gain more choice and control over what we’ve become aware of. I’ve written extensively about this subject on this blog, and if you’d like to go into it more deeply, go the beginning of the blog and read my series on human development.

I started by asking you how your life would change if you had more choice about how you feel, how you behave, and the kinds of people and situations you attract or become attracted to. Now, I’ve added the key point that we have choice and control over those things we are aware of. I’ve also made the second point that Holosync increases your ability to become aware.

Before I describe in more detail exactly what I mean by awareness, there’s one other thing you need to know about this process. Sometimes when a person is making a developmental shift in which they’re becoming aware of something of which they were previously unaware, something goes wrong. Author Ken Wilber has called these junctures developmental fulcrums. We don’t have time to delve into this deeply right now, but if something goes wrong during these developmental shifts, if they aren’t made cleanly and fully, certain mental and emotional problems can happen, including neurosis, personality disorders, and even psychosis. We have trouble making these developmental shifts when some sort of trauma happens during the shift.

Perhaps we’ll explore this in a future post, but here’s the key point I want to make right now: Wherever you are in this developmental process—and I didn’t by any means describe the entire sequence of stages (again, see the series of posts on this blog about human development for the full story)—you are unaware of something. And, being unaware of it, you don’t have choice about it or control over it. If you do become aware of it, whatever it is, you begin to be able to exercise choice over it. Those aspects of your life that you don’t seem to be able to exercise choice over represent some part of yourself that you are unaware of.

As you become aware of how your feelings are created, then, you gain control and choice over those feelings. As you become aware of how your behaviors are generated, you gain choice and control over your behaviors. As you become aware of how you attract or become attracted to certain people and situations, you gain choice and control over that process.

Let me give an example to help you better understand what I mean. You may from time to time experience feelings you don’t like—sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, confusion, overwhelm, and so forth. These feelings seem to be caused by external events–or they sometimes seem to just happen, out of the blue. The truth is that while outside events often provide the trigger for the emotions we experience, what actually happens is more complicated. When a certain event happens (when we have an experience), we respond by doing certain things inside, in our mind, and it’s these internal cognitive processes that actually create our emotional responses.

If you’re like 99% of people, these processes happen almost entirely outside of your awareness. As you become aware of these processes, and begin to see how they create your moment by moment feelings, you will achieve an increased amount of choice over how you feel.

These internal cognitive events include the internal pictures we make, most of which happen outside our awareness. They also include our internal dialog, what most people would call “thinking,” much of which also takes place outside our awareness. These processes also include what we believe, what we’ve decided is important, as well as ways we have of deciding what to pay attention to and what to delete from our awareness.

The pictures you make in your head and what you say to yourself are part of a category of internal processes called internal representations. As we experience life, in order to understand and make sense of it, we represent what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell to ourselves, inside our mind. What’s more, these internal representations directly create how you feel, so I hope you can see that if you become more aware of them, you’ll have more choice about them, which leads to more choice about how you feel.

This provides a clue to what I mean when I use the word awareness. Awareness, in this case, is your ability to observe your internal representations as they happen and to see how they directly lead to how you feel in each moment. As you use Holosync, in addition to all the other benefits of increased mental clarity and a greater sense of well-being, you’ll also gain more awareness of your internal representations.

Internal representations can be divided into two main categories: those of what you want and those of what you don’t want. In other words, when you think about (i.e., create internal representations of) some area of life, you could either picture what you want in that area, or what you want to avoid. If you’re thinking about money, you could picture having a lot of it, or how to become rich. Or, you could picture not having any, or how to avoid being poor.

This is where it begins to get interesting. When you make internal representations of what you want, several things happen. First, you generally feel good. What’s more, you tend to get ideas about how to get what you want. You also tend to notice resources that might enable you to get what you want. You’re also more likely to feel motivated to take action to get what you want. And, you’re more likely to develop the personal qualities you might need to get what you want—such things as persistence, creativity, enthusiasm, imagination, courage, and so forth.

On the other hand, when you make internal representations of what you don’t want (i.e., what you want to avoid, what you’re worried about, or what you’re afraid might happen) you feel bad. In fact, any time you have a bad feeling of any kind, you can be sure that you are making internal representations of something you don’t want. And, even though you don’t want it, your mind takes the internal representation as something to attract or create more of, and just as with internal representations of what you want, it figures out a way to make it happen.

So, here’s the way it works. You see something, hear something, touch something, and so forth. You have an experience. This experience triggers you to make certain internal representations. In fact, you make internal representations continuously, all day long. It’s your way of making sense of what happens around you. Then, as a direct result of the internal representations you make, you experience a certain internal state—you feel something. This includes emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, and so forth, and it also includes states such as motivation, courage, enthusiasm, and so on, that aren’t exactly emotions.

The way most people think it works:
External event –> Your experience of life

The way it actually works:
External event –> your internal pictures and internal dialog –> Your experience of life

So though it seems as if the external events in your life create how you feel, the truth is that there’s a hidden step between the external event and your experience of it—and this step is the internal representations you make in response to the external event. As long as you’re unaware of this step—the internal representations you make—you won’t be able to exercise choice over them and you won’t have any choice over the feelings and other internal states they generate. But once you become aware of this intervening step, and you directly see how the internal representations you make create your feelings, you will have choice, and you will gain increased control over your internal state.

You can demonstrate to yourself how making internal representations of what you want creates good feelings, and how making internal representations of what you don’t want creates bad feelings. Right now, stop and think of a situation when you were extremely happy or when something went extremely well for you. Perhaps it was a time when you got something you really wanted, or a time when you successfully did something you really wanted to do. Once you’ve thought of such a situation, go back to that time, in your memory, and step right into your body, in your imagination, and see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. Really get into it (you’ll have to stop reading for a moment in order to do this, so read the rest of the instructions first).

As you reexperience that situation, notice what you are feeling. That feeling is created by the internal representations (pictures and internal dialog) you’re making. Because they are of something you want, something you consider to be positive, it’s very likely that the feeling will be a good feeling. (Go ahead and do this little internal experiment now.)

Now, let’s do this same exercise with a negative event. Think of a situation where something did not go well, an unpleasant or negative event. As before, go back to that time in your memory and, in your imagination, see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. Again, notice what you are feeling, and notice that that feeling is connected to the internal representations you made of what you don’t want.

Now, rather than leaving you in that negative state, let’s do something to get you out of it. Ask yourself, “If this this is what I did not want, then what did I want?” Picture what you wanted in that situation. This will cause you to make internal representations of what you want, and this will quite likely create a better feeling. (Go ahead and do this little thought experiement now.)

If you really did this little mental exercise you should be able to see that when you focus on what you want, you create positive feelings, and when you focus on what you don’t want, you create negative feelings. It’s not what happens “out there” that creates how you feel so much as it’s what you do inside in response to what happens out there. The problem is that nearly all people focus (in other words, create internal representations) in response to what happens unconsciously.

I often summarize what we do at Centerpointe in a very simple way. We have a tool that increases awareness—Holosync. Then, we show those who use Holosync how to apply this additional awareness to that part of themselves that generates their experience of life (their internal processes). This creates a dramatic shift in your ability to create what your want in life–and how you experience what you get.

I hope you can see by now that if the way you generate your internal representations runs on autopilot, which it does for nearly all people, it will seem as if a lot of your life just happens to you. The solution to this is to become aware of and take charge of those internal processes, which gives you choice and control.

But why do some people seem to make a lot of internal representations of what they don’t want? In other words, why do some people focus a lot on what they are afraid of, what they are worried about, what they want to avoid? Such people, unfortunately, feel bad a lot and tend to attract or create more of what they are focusing on—what they don’t want. In fact, I’ll make a blanket statement here: if there is an area of your life that isn’t working very well, you can be sure that in that area of life you are, more often than not, focusing on—in other words, making internal representations of—what you don’t want.

If you have trouble making money, you’ll find that you are making a lot of internal representations of what you don’t want regarding money. If you have trouble making friends, you’ll find that in that area of life you’re focusing on what you don’t want–not having friends, being alone, etc. Any area of life that’s chronically problematic for you, if you look inside, you’ll find that when you think about that area of life you’re focusing on what you don’t want. Those who focus on what they want in a given area of life tend to be successful in that area of life, all other things being equal. Those who focus on what they don’t want in a certain area of life have trouble.

Again, the big problem is that almost all people focus unconsciously, outside their awareness.

So why would someone chronically focus on what he or she doesn’t want? If, during your childhood, you are traumatized in some way, you will develop an underlying belief that the world is a dangerous place, or at least a potentially dangerous place. To avoid that danger, then, it makes sense that you would want to watch out for it. But to watch out for danger (whatever the anticipated danger is, whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical) you have to focus on it. In other words, you have to make internal representations of what you don’t want. This causes two outcomes. It creates bad feelings, and it also tells your mind to figure out a way to create or attract MORE of it.

Let me introduce another basic principle. You can create negative feelings and negative outcomes ONLY if you do so unconsciously. If you focus on what you don’t want with awareness, however, and clearly see exactly how you’re creating bad feelings and negative outcomes, you won’t be able to keep doing it.

To create negative outcomes, then, whether internal or external, the internal representations that create them have to happen outside your awareness. In other words, you have to fail to notice that additional internal second step. Once you become aware of what you’re doing–once you actually see the internal representations you’ve been (unconsciously) making, and see the direct connection between these internal representations and what happens in your life–you’ll stop making them. As I said earlier, awareness gives you choice, and no one with a choice would choose to create bad feelings or negative outcomes (there is one exception to this, which I will address in a future post).

For many years I’ve written about the fact that each person has an emotional threshold for what they can handle. When you’re under your threshold you feel pretty good. It feels as if your life is under control. But if events push you over your threshold, you begin to feel bad, overwhelmed, anxious. It starts to feel as if life is out of control.

Here is a key point for you to consider. Your experiences, and certainly your response to your experiences, don’t “just happen” to you. Your experiences—how you feel in each moment, how you behave, and the people and situations you attract or become attracted to—are something you DO. Right now that “doing,” if you’re like 99% of people, happens unconsciously. What you do inside, in that second step—generates your internal and your external response to everything that happens.

So, knowing this, if I feel overwhelmed, if I feel like I’m over my threshold, I start thinking, “Okay, how am I DOING feeling overwhelmed?” The feeling of overwhelm doesn’t “just happen”—there’s something I DO that creates it. I DO feeling overwhelmed by focusing, in some way, on what I don’t want. Once I see how I’m doing it, I just can’t keep doing it to myself, and the internal representations of what I don’t want fall away and are replaced with internal representations of what I want.

So when you are under your threshold, you’re feeling pretty good, because you’re focusing on what you want for the most part. When you reach your threshold for what you can handle, you begin to focus on what you don’t want, what you’re worried about, what you’re afraid of, what you want to avoid. So your threshold is the point where you begin to focus on what you don’t want.

You may have noticed that some people have high thresholds, while others have lower thresholds. If you have a low threshold, the events of life are much more likely to push you over it, and you’ll feel bad more often. You’ll be more reactive to life. You’ll more easily lose your equanimity, your emotional balance. You also can’t think effectively and clearly when over your threshold, so you’re more likely to make bad decisions or have trouble dealing with challenging situations. On the other hand, if your threshold is high, it will take more to push you over it. You’ll remain content and centered in situations where others with lower thresholds may become upset. And your ability to think clearly and deal with challenging situations will be better.

So why would a person have a low threshold? If a person is traumatized, usually during childhood, his or her threshold will not mature properly. Such a person is often left with a lower threshold, and is much more likely to be triggered into bad feelings by the events of everyday life. They might more easily become sad, angry, anxious, confused, overwhelmed, or depressed, for instance. The greater the trauma, the lower the threshold.

If your threshold is low, however, all is not lost. Holosync use pushes your threshold higher. In other words, it increases how much you can deal with before you start focusing on what you don’t want. And, Holosync raises your threshold by creating more conscious awareness. On a neurophysiological level, it does this by creating new neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which increases your perspective and your ability to see more, and also by opening the spigots of several key neurochemicals that also increase your awareness. My threshold was quite low when I started using Holosync. I was extremely reactive emotionally. Now, my threshold is very high. And, I’ve seen the same change happen to every person who has used Holosync on an ongoing basis.

This increase in threshold when you use Holosync is very similar to what happens when you exercise, which pushes your physical threshold higher. Notice that whether the threshold we’re pushing against is emotional, as with Holosync, or physical, as with exercise, this pushing is stressful. It’s a positive stress, one that makes you emotionally or physically stronger, but still it’s a stress.

You’ll notice also that when Holosync pushes against your threshold in the process of pushing it higher, it can feel uncomfortable–though it doesn’t have to. When Holosync pushes you to your threshold, your tendency will be to focus on what you don’t want, because that’s what people tend to do when they’re at or over their threshold. This is the real reason why it can feel uncomfortable—focusing on what you don’t want always creates some sort of uncomfortable state, some sort of bad feeling.

However, if you’re watching, and you notice that you’re feeling bad in some way, that you’re experiencing some sort of discomfort, you can choose to switch your focus to what you want. Or, you can just stand aside and observe, with no agenda for what does or does not happen. This latter response we call witnessing, and it means to watch with no agenda, as if you were just curiously observing someone else. “Hmm. There I am, feeling a bit distressed. Interesting.”

So let’s review. I introduced the idea that how you feel, how you behave, and what people and situations you attract or become attracted to are actually generated by something you do inside, the internal representations you make. I also told you that when you’re aware of something (as opposed to doing it unconsciously), you have a choice about it, you have control over it. When you’re unaware, when what you’re doing happens outside your awareness, you don’t have choice or control. So in terms of creating what you want in life, the name of the game is awareness. If you can become aware of the internal processes that generate your experience of life, you’ll have choice.

Holosync creates this awareness–in fact, quite dramatically–and most of what I write about (and my three online courses in particular) is designed to teach you how to focus that increased awareness on what you’re doing to create your experience of life.

The next distinction I made is that in the broadest sense the internal representations you make are either of what you want or what you don’t want. Bad feelings are created by internal pictures and internal dialog of what you don’t want, what you’re worried about, what you’re afraid of, or what you want to avoid. When you feel good, it’s because you’re focusing on what you want (in other words, making internal pictures of and internal dialog about what you want).

One key, then, to mastering your life is to become aware of your internal representations, and particularly whether they are of what you want or what you don’t want. That awareness creates choice, and that choice will allow you to feel good most, or even all, the time.

I want to make one more key distinction before we close. There is a big difference between merely knowing something and being aware of it. Most people who’ve been involved in personal growth for any time know quite a bit about their issues, their “stuff.” Knowing about it, however, though a good first step, won’t make your issues go away.

Let’s say that you often feel uneasy in social situations. You’ve known this for years, in fact. You may have discovered that certain events from your childhood affected your self esteem and that this lack of self esteem is connected to your uneasy feelings in social situations. Despite all that knowledge, though, you still feel uncomfortable in social situations.

If, however, you’re able to look inside and notice that in social situations you make internal representations of what you don’t want—not looking foolish, not being rejected, not feeling left out, or whatever—and you also see how these internal representations directly create your feeling of uneasiness, it will become very difficult to keep making those internal representations. You just can’t do something that isn’t resourceful and do it with awareness.

This also brings up one more key point. It isn’t what happened in the past that matters, as long as you’re aware. What matters is what you do now—in this case, what internal representations you make in the present. If you’re unaware, if your internal representations are happening automatically, your past will matter. Why? Because you’ll automatically make internal representations of avoiding more of the dangers you experienced in childhood—in this example, rejection. But if you are aware, and you see what you’re doing that creates your experience—not knowing what you’re doing, but actually seeing it happen—you won’t be able to keep doing it, because it isn’t resourceful.

There’s a lot of talk in personal growth circles about being in the now moment. As with everything else, being in the now moment is something you DO, not something that just happens. And the way you do being in the now moment is by being aware. And a big part of that is being aware of the internal representations you’re making and what they create. This ability, which, with practice, can be developed, is the modern equivalent to the yogic powers masters of the Far East are said to demonstrate. What has been referred to as “mind control” is really “mind awareness.”

Up to now I’ve focused mostly on how you create your feelings and haven’t talked a lot about how you create your behavior, or how you create the people and situations you attract or become attracted to. We’ll get into this in another post. I’ll just say here that your internal state, in a kind of chain reaction, generates these other aspects of your life. But one step at a time.

So here’s what I would like you to do. First, continue to use Holosync, as per the instructions, each day, so you can work on expanding your awareness. If you aren’t yet using Holosync, I would strongly suggest that you begin. It’s certainly possible to become more aware by observing your mind and noticing how it creates your experience of life. But when you do this while using Holosync, it become dramatically easier.

And, if you really want to go into the process of becoming aware of how you create your experience of life, I suggest that you look into my Life Principles Integration Process online courses. You can listen to a free preview lesson at

Before I let you go I want you to know that Zen master Genpo Roshi and I will be doing another workshop in Los Angeles, March 7-8. And, because of the tough economic times, we’ve dramatically lowered the cost (see below).

What happens for people at these workshops is astonishing. If you want to have huge insights into who you really are and why your life is the way it is…if you want to drop some significant unconscious stuff that has been making certain areas of your life not work well…if you’d like to have a stunning experience of transcendent Oneness usually reserved for those who meditate for decades…or if you’d just like to take advantage of the opportunity work directly with me and with a real enlightened Zen master…this is for you.

Those who’ve been to the other workshops we’ve done have raved about what happened for them. Many people tell us that it was the most amazing experience if their entire life. Here are a few comments from people who’ve been to one of these events:

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Would we attend another conference? Absolutely. Why? Because it’s a great thing to participate in: the group dynamic, Genpo Roshi, Bill Harris. Did anyone mention that Bill and Genpo are funny together? They can almost go on the road with a standup routine.” –Sandy

“I knew very little about Zen or Genpo Roshi; signed up intuitively. I’ve been meditating, attending growth seminars, workshops, studying, seeking, for 40+ years and most recently Holosync-ing, which I Love! AND I was completely amazed to be “in” Big Mind, experiencing the Transcendent State, feeling Bliss and One With Everything, completely out of ego state within the first 5 or 10 minutes of Genpo’s Process.

Exhilerating! Such an elegant, simple process, masterfully facilitated by Genpo Roshi and also Bill…at the end of the 1st day I realized a lifetime of shame and accompanying shallow breathing had been released–my body still feels very light and fully “breathed,” effortlessly, with an added measure of Happiness, Joy; Far less grasping at what I thought was ‘Reality.’ –Jani

I want to get a note from YOU like this, so please come. I can’t over-emphasize the incredible opening you can have at these workshops. Personally, I know that working with Genpo Roshi has dramatically accelerated my own growth, which is one reason why I want to share him and his Big Mind process with you. I think you’ll find what I’ll share during my part of the workshop pretty astonishing, too. So I hope you’ll be there. It will be well worth it, I promise.

Concerned about the money? I understand. We’ve dropped the tuition for this event by 40% because of the economy and to make it easier for you to afford to be there. The tuition has been $997–and well worth it. We’ve lowered it, though, by $200, and then we’ll also give you another $200 off for early registration if you sign up now. Finally, to make it even more affordable–and even better than 40% off–you can bring another person for half of the regular price (in other words, for $398.50). If two of you split the cost, this means you can both come for just $497.75–half of what other people have paid to be there.

I strongly urge you to give yourself this amazing experience. Just go to

Until next time, be well.


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55 Responses to “It’s all about awareness…”

  1. Jim says :

    this post could almost be titled, “how to succeed in a nutshell.”

    Very clear, simple description of how you create your life.

  2. Sheryll James says :

    Hi Bill, Can’t begin to thank you enough. I’ve been using Holosync 3 months. It is all you say. I read the above post. I had a hard time at first focusing on what I want, for whatever reason, it was just difficult. When I found myself focusing on the negative (what I don’t want), I found that for me practicing focusing on what I HAVE with gratitude instead of what I want, has worked wonders. Now I find that because of my higher threshold, gratitude feels totally different than a kind “thank you”. Now gratitude is a deep experience…I feel like a river… and I can’t thank YOU ENOUGH!

  3. WOW. This is an excellent primer on awareness. Bill you rock my world with this simple, concise and most elegant explanation yet!

    I will read and listen again and again, to get all the gems out of this densely packed Awareness 101 Course.

    If you haven’t started with Holosync yet, RUN to your computer and ORDER right NOW! Holosync REALLY works and your life really can be more amazing than you ever thought possible.

    Well done Bill and thank you!


  4. Baldur says :

    Thank you, Bill and Centerpointe team!

    For me, your service is a professional example how to care about the Customer and keep them Focused on what they really dream about.

    Both the discipline achieved with daily meditation and showig that we forget and need explaining over and over again, have worked wonders in my own business, relationships an societal transformations.

    With Holosync technology you can practically feel, how the levels of stress hormones reduces, a calm smiles comes to your face and you are able to help those not so fortunate of having the knowledge, methods and technology.

    I’m a Weatherhead MBA who loves Appreciative Inquiry – helping people and organizations understand what they are capable of and then supporting them to achieve that. Every day of my work as a CEO I need both the fundamentals, focus and control over myself, to listen, discover, understand, explain and just be there for those close to me.

    Holosync technology and the Big Mind process have helped me get a glimpse of what I’m capable of and keep my eyes on the ball every day.
    My team wonders a lot what drives that “Energizer bunny” :-)
    So, now that I know, it’s “just” the fun of implementing. Keeping the direction and working on achieving the goal.

    Hope you guys always remember what you are able to do and stay focused on helping yourself and us all :-)


  5. Sandy says :

    Hi Bill,

    Once again another illuminating post!! I expressly hope, wish and intend that your message will extend to all those in the world who are so hurt from the slavery of their own emotions who are ready to recieve it. You are so on point when you say that it is not the experience we have but the way we react to it that matters (I oversimplify terribly). This one concept and the expansion of it in my own life has been the most fortunate thing I could’ve ever imagined happening. It is hard to describe the struggle, pain and frustration any number of us have felt until AWARENESS began. Hard to imagine how long it would’ve taken for any of us without your help!{sorry for the blatant emotion :-) } Holosync is such an incredible catalyst to the whole process, I have had so many people who know me express such surprise at my ability to withstand enormously stressful family circumstances and yet remain focused on my full time schoolwork toward my ideal career as a Nurse in Neuroscience, capably caring for my family despite having a profoundly disabled husband, and being a productive part-time employee, oh yeah, and persuing my hobby of semi-professional singing. Before holosync I do not think peaceful would have been a descriptor anyone would have used for me :-)
    I firmly believe I would not be “on my way” w/o your help, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, thank you Bill, from the bottom of my heart, you helped me change my life and helped me begin to share my gifts with the world, woulda taken a hell of a lot longer w/o holosync!

    Peace, power & love to you all!!

    Sandy B.

    Oh and P.S. I tried a few other programs out there that claim to help the brain with similar technologies as yours, uh, suffic it to say don’t bother folks, waste of money. Holosync is far more effective, can’t wait for my next levels!!

  6. Jeremy says :

    I recently had an experience similar to that described in the blog. On Saturday I was on a long drive and started to feel depressed and anxious, while negative thoughts started coming into my mind. But soon I realized that I had not eaten in hours and my blood sugar was low. Realizing that my state was actually a physical, chemical state rather than an emotional one completely changed the experience. My thoughts changed and I felt fine. I was still tired, but that is very different from being depressed and anxious. Had I not had the awareness of what was occurring in my body and my mind, the experience could have been much less pleasant.

  7. Julius Ko says :

    I’ve always wanted to come to one and meet Genpo in person and of course see both you and him ‘perform’ =).

    March.. maybe I can.

    – Julius

  8. Sharon A. Lezotte says :

    For last two years I was stuck at Level II, because of the depressive state that I was going in and out of. Thinking it was a darn more resistance than I would have thought my life justified, as well as it seemed counter to my usual fairly positive optomistic nature. But, I stayed with Holosync. It turns out that I had a fairly rare disease, hyperparathyroidism. It creates a severe Calcium imbalance in the body…which creates states of severe fatigue and depression. Once the corrective surgery occurred last month, I’ve felt like a regenerated/reincarnated person. So, maybe the CD’s helped me not to be as depressed as others in this predicament. But, I am recommending a small caution, to obtain a good physical, because there are other organic reasons for a depressive state too…not trying to create a space for ones to run and hide into, because I did stick with the Holosync daily, and other practices. I will be able to start Level III very soon, and looking forward to an expected ease into futher progress.

  9. marnie ryan says :

    I am fascinated with this work…Marnie ryan

  10. Clark says :

    Great post Bill, thank you.

    This is the most direct expression of how awareness works for the individual that I have read in any of your posts.

    I grasp that as we watch experiences and thoughts without immediately getting caught up in resistance to them, we are enabled to respond differently in favor of life enjoyment.

    Mind control in my understanding is usually when one tries to influence the behavior of another, in order to have them do what the controlling master wants!

    When applied to ones self, mind control if I am seeing it as intended, means simply to be aware enough to allow habitual defenses to fall away.

    In receptive awareness that does not resist whatever is occurring internally, insightful understanding grows.

    I look forward to your instruction on applying ones increasingly liberated awareness to the creative expression of; harmony, understanding, compassion, encouragement, productiveness and prosperity.

  11. ray angelos says :

    hey bill i have been doing this same thing over and over for more then 2 years. trying to master daytrading i put money in the acc. then for a short peroid make money ,then pow go insane and blow it all . for the last 2 weeks i have been walking around saying Why Why Why and slowly sinking into the pit of despear. After a nap this evening felt led to look at the blog . thanks for anserwing the WHY’S whishing you and yours love peace and joy Ray

    FROM BILL: You should be saying “How, how how?” For every outcome there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You have to find it. You’ve found the way of thinking and acting that loses money. You need to find the one that makes money. Find ultra-successful traders and find out what they do (both in terms of strategy and also in terms of what they believe, what is important to them, how they make decisions, what they focus on, etc.).

  12. Great posting Bill.

    In my upcoming Traffic Ticket Defense Book ‘Knowledge Is The Ticket’ (shameless plug), I go into the subject of awareness in the second chapter and how being aware of your negative emotions at the time you get a ticket and learning to change your feelings towards the situation can help to bring about a successful outcome.

    Before retiring I spent the last 10+ years of my police career doing traffic enforcement. I can confidently say getting a ticket is one of the most emotional situations a person experiences. It’s silly but it’s true. I have arrested hundreds of people for crimes, many who know they will be going to jail as a result, yet the high majority take it in stride. Yet tickets drive many people over the edge whether they are hardened criminals or law abiding citizens.

    In a matter of a few minutes most people go through the following intense emotions, embarrassment for breaking the law, anger at being caught and at yourself for not paying attention, overwhelm after seeing the fine and worrying about how you are going to pay it and subsequent insurance increases and finally vengeance for the complete injustice caused to you by the police, the State, Country, Universe and whoever else applies.

    I explain that if you realize ahead of time that getting a ticket sucks and is going to bring on these emotions then you can be more aware of them when they are happening and control yourself so that you can pay attention to important things that are going on around you that could be vital to your defense.

    If you let the negative feelings take over you will attract a negative outcome (conviction and fine), if you remain positive and keep in perspective that even if you do get the ticket (as opposed to a break) then at the time all you are getting is a piece of paper alleging you have done something. If you realize you are not automatically convicted and do not have to pay the fine until you are determined to actually be guilty either by admission or by the courts.

    The changing of your awareness and adopting a positive attitude will in many cases result in a warning or your successful defense because you were able to notice certain things and make note of them and use them at your trial. When you allow yourself to be upset you miss these kinds of things.

    I am a regular Holosync user and promote it to everyone and will be advertising it in my private members site. Perhaps Bill you would be interested in discussing this in a future webinar to the members :-)

    “Helping Drivers Find Justice – One Ticket At A Time”

  13. carlos says :


    Have you considered doing a big mind event here in the SF bay area??


    FROM BILL: Yes, I have.

  14. Ron Golbeck says :

    Bill, I am ready now for Level 5 of Holosync. Your program has made your introductory comments a thing of the past. Your wisdom and the use of Holosync have literally changed my life. All you say is so true. Thank you so much to you and all your staff at Center Pointe for all that you do. I continue to tell others about you and Holosync and give many people your website URL. There is no need to suffer… just call Center Pointe… the answer is with Holosync and Bill Harris.

  15. David says :

    Great stuff :O)

  16. Ilari Pekkala says :

    I don’t seem to be able to get the loving relationship I want though I seem to be getting lots of help that I have trouble putting to practical use. Is this because I’m focusing somehow on finding help and then thinking I can’t make any good use of it?

    I mean I seem to feel so miserable at times and the only positive thing I find is some person who tries to be nice and help me. So I mean I still find something positive but often it doesn’t last long before I feel miserable again and I can’t seem to put any of this kinds of info into practical use.

    And how can I really know if this is the kind of help that I need? Sometimes I think your blog posts make sense for example, but then other days I can’t seem to make sense of anything. Though I think what makes me think this can help me is simply because you seem to be so convinced that what you’re telling really is absolutely right in some way.

    I mean if this is what I need to know in order to move in the direction in my life that I want then that would mean that somehow even though I’m mostly focusing on what I do not want I somehow managed to find the exact right info I needed?

    FROM BILL: For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You have found a way of thinking and acting that is getting you your current experience. What you need to do is to find out HOW you are creating what you’re currently getting. You do that by watching your internal representations so you can see how they directly create how you feel, how you behave, and what and whom you attract or become attracted to. This doesn’t mean just generalizing that you are focusing on something you don’t want. It means observing it NOW as it happens. I suggest that you take my Life Principles Integration online courses. Go to for a free introductory lesson.

  17. Jem says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just want to say ive been using holosync now for 3 months & im blown away at how fantastic it is in increasing ones awareness & smashing through old blocks. Ive suffered for many, many years now with pressure on my head, causing great discomfort, anxiety & depression. I am starting to see as stated in your blog that I am consistently focusing on what I don’t want, expecting the worst from every situation, in a sence im not allowing any feeling of saftey & comfort into my awareness. Will start focusing on what I want.

    Just want to say how greatfull I am to you for coming up with holosync. I can actually see a life of peace for myself now, which I had literally given up on attaining in this lifetime.

    Much love & gratitude,



  18. jerry says :

    as usual your post comes in the nick of time for me, as i have been thinking is this stuff working (holosync) after reading you post i know that it is. I can look back and remember the negative feelings of a year or two ago. Yet i can’t seem to share this with others. i sometimes wonder what a shame and, realise the time investment is not something others are willing to do. I recall that is was having a stroke at an early age that inspired me to try holosync. Fortunately something others don’t have to experience.
    I look forward to the next level2. and I am looking forward to the changes I will see in my self again thank you

  19. Bayard says :

    I had a hard time getting through this blog, because right at the beginning was a line that just about knocked me out of my chair. The “the first thing people notice is that it feels good when you use it, and you feel pleasantly high when you’re finished.” Huh? Wha? My experience with spending an hour listening is ALWAYS unpleasant, and ALWAYS leaves me feeling irritated, angry, frustrated and hopeless. The only way I could ever feel “pleasantly high” would be to spend the hour simultaneously listening to holosync and drinking martinis!

    FROM BILL: So, how do you do that? The whole premise of everything I teach is that YOU are creating your experience of life–which includes your experience of Holosync. In response to Holosync, there is something you do inside that creates being irritated, angry, frustrated, and hopeless. As I said in the post, these things DON’T just happen to you. You DO them. It’s just that you do them unconsciously, outside your awareness, which makes it seem as if these things are just happening. Between the trigger (Holosync) and the response (these negative feelings) there is an intervening step: your internal representations. You have control over this step, but you have to become aware in order to exercise that control.

    You need to become incredibly curious to find out HOW you’re doing these feelings, which hopefully will motivate you to watch your mind like a hawk until you see the internal representations you’re making and see the direct connection between what you do in your head and how you feel.

    The most important shift you need to make is to acknowledge that even though you may not yet see how you create all this stuff that seems to just happen, you are creating it. Then, you need to get really curious to find out how.

    By the way, I would say that at least 50% of my Holosync experiences, especially in the first couple of levels, were a lot like yours. Stick with it. Learn to observe your response instead of being so caught up in it. Stand aside and watch.

    Have you established a relationship with our support coaches? If not, I suggest that you do.

  20. I used to be a chronic learn-and-get-excited-but-don’t-get-around-to-actually-acting-on-it kinda gal. I have undergone profound change this past year. I act. And I don’t have to force it.

    I think that’s the difference awareness has made for me — when I’m aware, it’s not that I have some superhuman strength to force myself to do the right thing — it’s that I don’t have to struggle. For example, I lost almost 30 pounds so far since the end of the summer — not because I’m depriving myself, but simply because I am aware of what I am doing, how I am feeling, and what I really need — and excess food isn’t it. I feel free — of chronic worry and stress, the “need” to eat too much or spend too much, the total lack of awareness over what I am doing to myself, etc.

    Life is good.

  21. Gloria says :

    Coincidently, just a couple of days before reading this post, I had begun relistening to the set of CDs that I got early on in the Holosynch program, where Bill goes into a great deal more detail about what he is talking about here. They are from the spring 2003 retreat and even though I listened to them over and over in the early days they meant so much more to me now.

    For the benefit of those who are having a hard time, I would encourage you to stick with it no matter what. I have been using Holosynch religiously for the past 6 years and am now on the last CD of Purification Level 3 and it does get easier as you go along. The actual listening has not been a problem for me for a couple of years at least, but I still experience a lot of fatigue and headaches in general. 6 mths ago I decided to start an hour a day of sitting meditation to speed things along a bit and the headaches and fatigue got worse! It was then I realised the truth of what Bill says about resistance, I just didn’t know what the resistance was about or how I was ‘doing’ it.

    When I read this article, the penny finally dropped – if Holosynch/meditation creates more awareness, then I must be resisting awareness! It made complete sense to me. In the early days of using Holosynch I was experiencing frequent nightmares (dreams are unconscious material surfacing) and in working through them in dreamwork gradually got through them. My last serious nightmare was a year ago and the dreams nowadays are a pleasure to work through – fun, interesting and a source of wisdom and guidance.

    In the CDs Bill talks about how childhood trauma results in having a low threshold for dealing with stress and how we develop different coping mechanisms to deal with emotional overload. I had a lot of trauma in my childhood and during one particularly stressful period when I was 12-13 I was living in a situation where there was daily sexual abuse. I can distinctly recall telling myself as a way of dealing with the stress of the situation that I wouldn’t remember ‘this’ next week. I also developed the ability to go to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow so that either a) I would be left alone, or b) I wouldn’t know what happened. No wonder I’ve been afraid of becoming aware!

    But, awareness will have it’s way! I watched my husband get terminal cancer and die at the age of 48 because he wouldn’t/couldn’t deal with his emotional problems and I witness the generational dysfunction that just keeps getting carried on by family members who won’t/cant heal the wounds of the past.

    I would recommend getting hold of any of the retreat CD sets or relistening at intervals for the long term practitioners. Even though I certainly understood them the first time around, having had a whole lot more experience, makes the information much more meaningful. At one point Bill says that somewhere around Purification Level 3, usually in the first 1 or 2 CDs people stop caring about what is, or isn’t, happening and are just happy to continue with the program. Well that’s exactly where I am, so I would really encourage anybody who is having difficulties to keep going.

  22. Julius Ko says :


    It’s amazing how things work sometimes eh? I commented on this past Tuesday that I’d love to see you and Genpo ‘perform’ at one of these Big Mind events….. and then, just last night, unexpectantly, I received my shipment of AL3, along with the 4-DVD Set of your “Big Mind/Big Heart @ NYC” from this past June… as things had it; last night and early this morning; I went through DVDs 2, 3, and 4; and it was remarkable.. the beauty of it being on DVD is that I can go through the process more than once..

    It’s very profound, and is why I’ve lent the DVD set to my HR director for the weekend! (I’ve also lent her Holosync on previous occasions; and have exposed her to your work; along with Genpo’s and Wilber’s).

    Anyways, I wanted to ask for your advice/suggestion for quite a big decision… given my experience with Holosync, LPIP (on Course 3 now), your recommendations (esp of Wilber and Roshi), my experience at the LPIP Live event (this past August/September); I’m currently STRONGLY considering to apply for one of your Ultra Inner Circle positions (Gold to be exact)… just so I can further develop, not just for myself, but for humanity as a whole…….. but I also know there’s a few ‘attachments’ that I’ll have to overcome….

    1. Financial Debt (I’ll have to borrow to get the money)
    2. Family Values (they won’t oppose nor approve it; I don’t think.. )
    3. Attachment to being.. ‘normal’; I might decide to quit my fulltime job and change friends… =)

    Yeah.. I don’t know.. I’ve already sent your support staff a quick email.. is there an application deadline?

    – Julius

    FROM BILL: I really don’t want you to do into debt to do this. Only you can evaluate the cost (including the cost of going into debt) versus the value, but I think this is a bad time to go into debt. In a deflationary environment, debt is a bad idea. My advice to everyone is to do whatever you can right now to get OUT of debt, even if it means putting extra money toward your debts. I’d love to have you in the group, but don’t let your enthusiasm keep you from making a reasoned choice.

    As far as a deadline is concerned, there is none. It’s first come, first served, as long as something in the application doesn’t make me think the person isn’t right for the group.

  23. Rafael says :

    Dear Bill,

    I really hope, that yourself gonna read my Comment, because, I didn’t find another way to contact you.

    I just ordered your CD’s but honestly, I already regret it.
    Today, I recieved your invitation for the ultra-innercyrcle, this is almost the weiredest thing I read lately.
    I wondered, already at the beginning, what exactly will be the goal of that invitation if not making money like scientology?

    Such mails really make me sad, especially in such though times, when people should learn to moderate again.
    I think, the time for gurus is over and men like you should act as an example, but in my opinion, you do not.
    Help for people is still a upperclass and an “ultra-inner-cyrcle” thing.
    I tell you what: Development is our birthright and not a privilege for only few people.

    Selfresponsability is the most important in the world today. But this is not what I feel in your invitation, really: it’s all about money, again.
    I really think that there always has to be a balance.
    But this is not establishing a balance but only making money.

    Dear Bill, I think you totally lost relations.
    I know, the chance, to hear from you is almost null, but anyway,… I would really appreciate your opinion on that if you might like to take the time for this.

    All the best, wishes you


    FROM BILL: Rafael, the real question is: what will using Holosync do for you to make you happier, more peaceful inside, and more aware of how you create your experience of life? If you think it will help (it will) then you should use it. Your criteria should be about your needs, not something about me.

    Many people have been asking for me to create a way for them to have a closer realtionship with me which includes more direct and individualized mentoring. Obviously not everyone can afford to do it, but I strongly suspect that many people will decide that the value of doing it is worth it.

    In one sense you are correct. Or course it’s partly about the money. Centerpointe is a business. We offer products to help people, and my time and attention is one of the products. For anyone to trade their money for what we have, they have to believe that what they will get will be worth at least as much as the cost, if not more. You haven’t been with us long enough to see what the value proposition is yet, but I’ll tell you that many people who have been with us for a while think my help is worth a lot to them. If I can work closely with someone and their entire life changes, that is well worth it for many people. A teacher can provide a mirror that allows a person to see things about how they create their life that they have trouble seeing on their own.

    Of course, if the teacher does not have the interests of the student in mind, and is just out for him or herself, then the relationship could be exploitative, as you have suggested that some people say about Scientology (I have no personal experience with them, so I can’t say to what degree what I’ve heard is true). I believe that one of the reasons why Centerpointe has been so successful over these last 19 years, and has grown to be so big and so popular, is that I have always gone the extra mile to make sure that those who come to us get all the benefits we promise them, and more. We give you many extras for free (as you will see), one of which is this blog.

    When I focus on you and your needs, I find that my own needs are automatically taken care of. Those who focus on their own needs, at the expense of others, don’t usually succeed. So I just keep thinking about you and how I can serve you, and I’ve learned that when I do that everything turns out great for everyone.

    Another thing to keep in mind: we are in tough economic times. Our costs have gone up a lot. I’ve kept the price of Awakening Prologue the same for quite a long time. If we had raised the price to keep up with inflation since we launched Awakening Prologue in 1989, the price would now be around $250. However, I want as many people as possible to have access to it, so I haven’t raised the price for a long time, and it’s still very close to where it was 19 years ago. I’ve actually lowered the cost of the deeper Holosync levels, and also created lower-cost ways to take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses.

    One thing that will allow me to continue to keep prices low for you, even in these tough economic times, is by making more income from those who have more money, and want more one-on-one attention. So those who join the Ultra Inner Circle not only get a great value (and only they can decide how valuable it is), it also allows me to keep the costs you pay lower.

    And believe me, my commitment to making sure that you get all the possible benefit is very high.

  24. Gina says :

    This post helped a good deal when you said there is something one does that creates the feelings of being overwhelmed. In the LPIP course I know it says, see how you are doing depression, etc, and I studied myself doing actual depression rather than seeing what I was doing to trigger depression. People who say you talk too much don’t really understand, I think, how info needs to be presented a hundred different ways because even a slight difference in wording can finally catch the attention of one who did not grasp the implications of the previous 99 explantions.

    I have talked a good deal about Holosync to people I know and have gotten one person to do it. The rest, well, they have various reasons for not trying it. They say not enough time or money or that they don’t think it will help them, but in the end it seems to be fear of change. If we change too much, even tho for the better, what will it do to our current relationships, our lives?
    The only thing we feel we truly own is who we are so, good and/or ill, we tend to hang on doggedly to the beliefs we feel make us who we are. It’s not until life becomes unbearably painful, as mine was, that we think, “I’ll do anything to stop the pain, even change who I am.”

    Gaining awareness means one thing I have discovered about negitive feelings is that they have lent me a cetain seductive power. I would think, “had I been in charge, this situation would never have happened”, and, while mourning the situation itself, was also able to blame the person who insisted on being in charge of creating the disaster.

    I now understand that the lovely self-righteousness feeling I got while dwelling on negitive feelings encouraged me to go back to them time and again as they were giving me as much pleasure as they were causing me pain.
    Thank you Bill, I’ve never had a mentor before. Now, in addition to you and thanks to you, I’ve got Genpo and Chunyi Lin as well.

  25. Dennis Dilday says :

    I’ll be ordering the third level of Purification CDs next week and after just about four years of the daily Holosync diet I can say I love it and it has changed my life in almost every way. Thank you.


  26. carlos says :

    It is curious how there are many degrees of resistance and everything else. I thought I resisted a lot but there is always somebody who resists more than you. I thought I had a pretty traumatic childhood (emotionally) but you always find somebody who had it worst than you.

    My experience of holocync (during the time I am sitting meditating) is almost always a pleasant one. I feel sometimes a little antsy or bored but I can handle that easyly . I rarely have nightmares or anything like that. I ocasionally have a slight headache but not often.

    My resistance happens during the days ( I have a few days feeling great for no particualr reason and then a couple of days feeling lousy for no particular reason) I tell myself that it will be over soon and that I am getting rid of emotional garbage and getting a higher threshold but other than consoling myself like that it is really hard for me to control the bad feelings ( or to stop creating the bad feelings)

    The most common bad feelings I have are , apathy , a mild depression, confussion , frustration ,anger and sometimes but not often fear. the fear is easier for me to deal with because I know is totally irrational and out of place and I can watch it . the harderst ones for me to deal with are anger and frustration because they feel very real , outside of my control , and more powerful than me . When I try to observe my anger I get way more angry.

    When I am not resisting holocync I understand all the concepts I understand that resistance is coming from me , I understand the concept of taking responsability and I wonder how come I dont put that into practice. In the periods when I am not resisting , I say to myself “next time holocync push me I will watch my resistance” but then holocync push me again and I resist again and I feel angry again and just the thought of taking responsability for my anger makes me more angry.

    I started using holocync two and a half years ago. Emotionally I have had HUGE improvements . My threshold is way higher (things dont bother me as they used too I am still amazed at this), I am more relaxed and center, I am far more aware of things and people( I used to be very unaware) . I am not passive agressive anymore (big one for me).

    My life inside has change a lot for the better.

    I am still having trouble taking responsability and making changes in my outside life although I blame people and circumstances less than I used too.


  27. Matt Welsh says :

    It is so refreshing to know that I can choose where to place my awareness when I am having a temporary negative reaction to an external event.

  28. Julius Ko says :

    Thank you for your response bill..

    I’ll have to keep what you said in mind.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

    – Julius

  29. Maria says :

    I love your blog Bill, very interesting stuff. Been reading all the posts in the last few days and have gathered some questions for you. (Not sure if it matters if I post them all under this one post.)

    I’m very alone (isolated) and I used to feel really bad about it (still do to some extent), but in the last few weeks I have begun to see it as an advantage in some ways, in that I have more time to meditate with Holosync and do your online courses. I read about your retreats and I understand it won’t be easy (and maybe you don’t recommend it), but I’ve decided to meditate with Holosync 3 hours a day at home (I started tonight, I was doing the usual 1 hour prior to today). Hopefully I’ll be as committed to keep it up as I feel I am. My question is, if I’m listening 3 hours a day at home, should I listen to Dive + Immersion for 3 hours, or a half hour of Dive + 2,5 hours of Immersion?

    You mentioned that Holosync stimulates the production of endorphins and other feel good neurochemicals. I would be very interested in knowing if one of the main ones is oxytocin? (This would be wonderful news for long time singles and those who suffer social anxiety disorder, which is believed to be associated with deficient levels of oxytocin in the brain.)

    What would you say is the most resourceful way to raise a child? You said somewhere in this blog “just love them”. But that’s what a lot of parents do and they still end up traumatizing their children due to a lack of awareness. I was just wondering if you have some general guidelines except for loving one’s children that would enable their Map of Reality to serve them better in their adult lives? Can you recommend a book (I think you did somewhere in your blog but I can’t find it now, and maybe it didn’t deal with this)? I’m thinking that a too liberal approach isn’t ideal but also not one where there are many rules around how you should be. You also mentioned your son being stuck at a particular developmental level and that you were getting him help to move on to the next level, so I’m thinking you are the right person to ask this.

    Do you have a tip on how to tell the difference between when your intuition is telling you not to do something, and when it’s your fears telling you not to do something? And how to go from needing someone (or something) to simply wanting someone a lot? In other words, how to transform an attachment into a preference.

    You said: “As I said earlier, awareness gives you choice, and no one with a choice would choose to create bad feelings or negative outcomes (there is one exception to this, which I will address in a future post).” I am interested in finding out what the exception is, so I’m on the edge of my seat.

    Some other tips for future posts are that you explain need fulfilment levels. And to tell us what it was like for you to be in the Fourth Rank, how long you were stuck there, and what helped you to move to the Fifth Rank or the story around that (I’m guessing Genpo Roshi had entered your life by then). Also would be interesting to hear more about relationships. Your wife and Genpo Roshi’s wife, are they also at high ranks or does not the life partner’s rank matter much to someone who is at The Fifth rank? Could you for example share your life with someone who is at pre-stage one and find that fulfilling because of who they are?

    I’m so grateful for your services and commitment and looking forward to learning (and unlearning) more.

    Thank you for your time,


    FROM BILL: You should ask Holosync questions of our support staff. Realize that if you listen to Holosync more than the directions indicate that you are opening up Pandora’s box. Be ready for some core-level intensity.

    I do not know if Holosync stimulates oxytocin production.

    If you are aware, it is obvious whether something is “intuition” or fear. Work on becoming more aware. All problems are solved through awareness–including the problem of thinking that problems exist.

    Your other questions are good questions, but much too wide in scope for me to answer here.

  30. carlos says :


    What are the things in our regular lifes(aside doing holocync or learning and practicing this mind processes)
    that cause people to raise or to lower their threshold??
    (I mean people who are adults already , their internal maps are set up and are totally unaware of the knowledge presented in this blog)

    or you threshold stays basically the same once you are an adult if you dont practice the information presented here.


    FROM BILL: Awareness. Watching. Paying attention to what you haven’t noticed before.

  31. Kurt says :

    Dear Bill,

    After a great start, Level II didn’t seem to do much for me. However, I kept using Holosync and since a few months now, I’ve noticed more minor effects from your program. Funny enough, it’s often your blog that actually brings to my awareness the experiences and feelings I’m having.

    So keep writing as these are a great addition to your Holosync program for people in Europe (like myself) who don’t have the opportunity to experience you in person. With or without another trainer.



  32. Gina says :

    Another great post Bill….Mahalo! It really simply is about the awareness and no matter how aware we get there seem to be another layer to be aware of. I find the Holosync to be a fabulous tool in this process.
    I actually find I have more new things to be aware of faster and faster like a snowball rolling down hill. The more I am aware of the more I find staring at me waiting for the attention. Of course things seem a bit more sublte but still profound.
    So gald you are here Bill …Hope to get more and more clients interested in your programs.
    Aloha~ gina

  33. Silvia Mathioudaki says :

    Dear Sir: I have just submitted a request for your free trial cd to help me with some deeper issues that require some serious emotional healing. I clicked on the depression category but perhaps I need something that is more in tune with healing. I just think I may have chosen the wrong one because I feel I need to integrate my brain into something whole which at this point seems so emotionally wounded and actually feels literally physically wounded as well such that I am hoping that this cd may bring about that healing. I also have another question related to emotional trauma. I have noticed that in the work environment today seeing as people in this community and particular setting are of no real choice from yourself bring into the community of interaction all of there thoughts which contribute I believe a mixture of brain waves that we all pick up and interpret or feel. What if these have now been toxic in the highly toxic or negative environments that people create. How can you spend time rubbing up against people in these environments without absorbing the negative brain waves which I feel I have become so vulnerable to and hence feel my brain has literally been affected to the point of leaving me in a perpetual pain.? I’m not sure if this is as clear as it needs to be but I’m just trying to say that I feel I am getting damaged myself by others negative thoughts which I am subconsciously picking up and then not knowing how to not let them actually harm me on many internal levels. Is there a way to become more immune and stronger?

    Thank-you in advance

    Your work is so valuable I hope that it can heal me and bring me into greater integration, wholeness and joy.



    FROM BILL: What is clear to me is that you think outside influences cause your feelings. They don’t. YOU cause your feelings, based on what you do inside in response to outside influences. No matter what happens around you, you have a choice–IF you are aware. The name of the game is to become aware. That happens through using Holosync, and also through WATCHING. If you observe your internal processes and see how what you experience comes from YOU, not from what happens around you, you will be in charge of your life. Thinking that other people’s opinion, actions, etc have any power over you just makes you a victim. Luckily, all the power resides in you–but you have to become aware of it. Watch.

  34. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,
    A friend used to say to me that no one could make you angry but yourself. I used to answer back that was ridiculous. If someone hits you, it will make you angry no matter what is going on in your head.

    Since using Holosync, I understand what she was saying. I seem to have gotten better at emotional kung fu defense. There are still some things that get in under my radar, and I find I am having a feeling before I can push it off to the side, but I don’t engage in or dramatise the negative emotions any more. As you have recommended, I notice and pretty quickly move on.

    I am finding that events in my life do seem to be conspiring to bring me success and happiness. On a personal level, I am witnessing that we create our own lives.

    However, I don’t have an understanding of group events. There are so many areas of this country that have been hard hit by the economic events, and other parts of the world have been suffering for a long time, such as Darfur.

    Dr. Hew Len emptied (cured the inmates in) a hospital for the criminally insane by taking 100% responsibility and doing Ho’oponopono. He speaks of curing the illness in him to cure the illness in those who are in his life. I understand that, as you and Genpo Roshi teach, we are all ONE.

    Now, I can work this in my life, but when I think about situations outside my life, such as Detroit, or Darfur, it gets a little muddled.

    Any thoughts/feelings/directions/maps/tips?

    Thank you, as always, for Holosync.

    – Nancy

  35. Kylie Greenan says :

    Hey Bill, the Centrepoint team and all the contributers of the blog.

    It has been a year and a half nearly since I discovered Holosync, today I read your blog Bill and smiled, it is always great to be reminded of these simple things that create so much change and empower us. Awareness! Who would ever have thought?.

    It has also been a great day in that I can reflect to the HUGE changes that I have experienced in my life since doing this program, it is something you cannot really explain to people that haven’t experienced it, but it is such a valuable experience for me and has changed my life. It is interesting reading the posts of people that have just joined the program and the questions they ask and comment they make, I remember being at the stuck and desperate stage, it feels now like it was another lifetime ago.

    To all those just starting out… have faith, this program is brilliant, and if you are able to get out of your own way and just “let whatever is be ok”… it will guide you to a great place. You have all the answers within you, you just need to observe and be aware and follow the program, the rest will happen.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Bill, thanks again. Pls send my warm regards to Nancy from the support team also.


  36. Haris says :

    Hello Bill;

    I am so grateful that Holosyc came into my life 2 years ago completely by accident (there is no such thing), I was going through a personal and business crisis and a good aquantance just volunteered that I showd try Holosync. At the time I was in the middle of loosing close a Million dollar in assets and my second wife, the love of my life was given 3 months to live at a very young age of 34. I could have gone insane, turned to drugs, Alcohol and other stuff. I started listeneing to Holosync and the program has been by best freind/compsnion through a very tough period of time. My wife passed away 10 months ago. I lost all my assets and move to an apartment. Holosync has made me aware to let things be O.K as they are and that awareness has taken away the anxiety and depression. In the last six months I have lost 40 lbs, working out, Yoga and gone to organic foods. My outlook for life has never been so positive as I am looking forward to re-building once again. I ahave recently met the woman of ny dreams again. All that in the very short period of time. Holosyc has been the difference as what;s in the past is the past. I accept the present moment just as it is and very child like enthusiasm for my great future!!!. I am on Awakening level 2 and just moving forward. If you are reading htis, listen to Holosync and enjoythe journey of life.
    With Gratitude;

  37. Bill Davies says :

    I just signed on for holosync. I am still skeptical that a man made machine will help me meditate but…

  38. Paul Cowburn says :

    I am two weeks into Holosync and love the support materials and this blog. It is a very logical explanation underlying the mystics of oneness.
    Being pragmatic I naturally try to distill difficult subjects like awareness into everyday matters where possible supplying myself with good old fashioned no nonsense conclusions, you know the stuff, ‘What goes around comes around’ ‘Thats Common Sense! But sense is not all that common’ (Voltaire) . We can all pick out the gems and make applications like this but what I really wanted to say was that your paper Bill is a beautiful underlay or should I say sequal, to what I understood from The Secret movie. We all came away understanding that Feeling Good was the ticket to manifesting but here you are supplying the tools for all of us to say to ourselves..’Well if I am not feeling good I had better put my Sherlock Holmes cap on and jolly well dig around in there to find out why or at least come up with some hunches that could lead us down a side path to the ‘centre of our onion’. Rhonda tried this in her 4 CD follow ups but your rendition hits home. I love the spirit in your wisdom and your philosophy that wisdom is ours to have if we want to look for it.. Paul (UK)

  39. Anonymous says :

    Hi Bill. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did to create Holosync and the LPIP courses. I’m about half way through the courses and only in the first level (after awakening prologue) of the Holosync. A few weeks ago I read again all the promises that you list in the back of Thresholds of the Mind and I am thrilled to report that your program delivers exactly what you promise plus more. It’s been really tough. It would be and understatement to say that I resist quite often and have really struggled through the program. BUT, at the same time, I look back at where I started and where I am now and I can see that even though I have far to go, I am totally different than where I first started. Now even during my down times, which are less frequent and less intense, I can’t help but be excited that only great things are beginning to happen for me. Every day I have experiences which show how much I have changed in the last year and a half and I am grateful every day for having the opportunity to find your program at the right time for me.

    I often chuckle to myself when I read comments complaining about the costs or your marketing. If they only knew how different life can be!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  40. Santiago Jimenez says :

    Wonderful Bill,

    I really admire your ability to explain in simple terms the must complex issues. It’s very clear what you said, however the question arises “if all we need to do to change our state is changing our focus to what we want, why is it sometimes so hard to do it?” “why does our mind keep pulling us to what we don’t want?

    I have a theory about it (which is just another way to look at the principle of the threshold you so beautifully explain)

    If we are having a hard time focusing our mind towards something we want, it is usually because we are attached to it.

    And since we are attached to this “thing” that we want, we believe that if we don’t have it we won’t be happy, so then fear arises, the fear of not getting what we want. But if we are aware of our attachment, then we will realize that this “thing” we want is really not a requisite to our happiness.

    So next time we find ourselves unable to focus on what we want, we can ask “Is my attachment to this “thing” so strong that I am defining my self around it?”. I believe that is a good path to knowing who we are, and to freedom.

    Please let me know what you think Bill.

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: You are right, Santiago. What people are ultimately attached to, however, is ending impermanence (which, in addition to making everything we get fall apart eventually, also leads to death). I usually explain this without referring to impermanence by saying that when a person is traumatized in some way, they develop the belief that the world is a dangerous place, or at least a potentially dangerous place. This is really another way of describing impermanence. Once we believe that the world is a dangerous place, we focus on avoiding that danger, which is, of course, focusing on what we don’t want. The stronger the trauma, the more likely we are to focus on what we don’t want.

  41. Karen Davis says :

    Can you please tell me how many levels there are in the program and how long each one takes to complete?

    FROM BILL: Call Centerpointe during office hours and speak to one of our support coaches. 800 045 2741

  42. Robert Woodring says :

    Bill I do like the way you present things, however; I do have certain questions that this post brings to mind.
    First, is the question of awareness and oneness that most spiritual teachers push. It seems from what you say they are mutually exclusive…at least to a certain point.
    Second it would seem that a person that is described as a physchopath can become aware and feel good about mass murder.
    Third is about the right and left brain being connected or so called “whole brain thinking” as becoming aware. As you well know Women naturally have a thicker connection which serves well in certain areas and not so well in others. For instance women are more easily influenced by words whereas men look to acts. Both can have their drawbacks.
    My points are you have said a lot…and nothing when it’s all broken down and taken to the extreme. But that can be said about most things. Which of course again proves nothing.
    This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your thoughtful and reasoned blogs its just that I look at things a little differently and I question everything… well almost everything.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know where you got the idea that I am saying that oneness and awareness are somehow mutually exclusive. What people describe as oneness is the awareness that everything is connected, that nothing exists in isolation. It’s all one interconnected thing, flowing along like water. When you are aware this is obvious.

    A psychopath who became aware would be more likely to see the negative consequences of psychopathological behavior, and how it is not resourceful (ie, it does not serve the psychopath, much less anyone else).

  43. Matej Luptak says :

    I don’t understand how it constantly starts making sense after I read your explanation ON ANYTHING. Here’s another example, I am so happy I finally understand this clearly.

    I think if you wanna use anything to your advantage you have to understand how it works first.

    Thank you so much.

  44. karyn Sivyer says :

    I just wanted to say thank you …I will soon be ordering awakening level 5 and just have loved the ride and cant wait to reach the summit its amazing!!!!

  45. Hi Bill,

    I am an empathic sensitive. The positive side of being a sensitive is that I have experienced the beauty and awe of the spiritual realm, but the negative side is that it makes it very difficult for me to be in the world. I experience sensory overload quite easily and become uncomfortably over-stimulated. I’ve learned to handle this by making sure I give myself a lot of alone and quiet time. I am finding, however, that my sensitivity to noise is getting worse. It is so acute and extremely painful. Refocusing and changing modalities just doesn’t cut it. Do you know of anyone like me who was helped by meditating with Holosyc? Will raising my threshold help this, knowing this is my physiology? So you’ll know the full picture, I’m very sensitive to medications, fabrics, smells, light, etc, but not to the extent of noise. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am most grateful for you help and support.


    FROM BILL: EVERYONE who is like you is helped by Holosync. You have what we call a low threshold. What you’re describing is being pushed over that threshold by what goes on around you. When you are over your threshold, you unconsciously and automatically begin to make internal representations of what you don’t want–so this IS about your focus, because focusing on something means “making internal representations” of it. It’s just that your focus is, right now, not a choice for you because you aren’t aware enough.

    Your threshold is the point at which you begin making internal representations (internal picture and internal dialog) of what you don’t want. Whenever you do that, you begin to feel bad, overwhelmed, etc. Right now you are doing this automatically, without choice, when the input from your environment gets beyond a certain amount. A low threshold just means that it doesn’t take much before you begin making internal representations of what you don’t want (and then you feel bad). Holosync raises that threshold so that it takes more and more to put you over your threshold.

    Another way to say the same thing would be to say that Holosync makes you more aware, so that you find it more and more difficult to do things to yourself that aren’t resourceful (like focus on what you don’t want and then feel bad).

  46. helen says :

    This is an ‘Ah Ha moment’ article.
    It answers so many questions and opens up new pathways and opportunities, and makes the next steps so exciting.

  47. mukesh says :

    Hi Bill,
    i have visited this blog of yours and found it very intresting.

    i have a question, whenever i do meditation that is i put my mind to my nostrials i become aware but after some time i get sleep again after some time i become aware again i get slee, this process goes on
    my question is : in mediation what i am experiencing is correct or not ?

    what should be the procedure to go deepen.

    pls send me the solution or the process

    FROM BILL: When you meditate in a traditional way you can, sometimes, get sleepy, or have lots of thoughts, or experience other distractions. As long as you go back to your point of focus as soon as you realize you have wandered off, you are meditating just fine.

    Of course, the easy and super-fast way to progress in meditation is to use Holosync audio technology. Get a free demo CD and try it for yourself at

  48. Mercedes says :

    I have used Holosync for three years now and am also doing your online courses which are excellent. All this has increased my mental awareness greatly and yet I am still experiencing depression on a regular basis every week which is mixed with procrastination and fear of moving forward. They are all one and the same thing of course.

    Unfortunately I still am getting many negative thoughts probably as a result of a lot of trauma which I have worked on over the years. I am yearning to live my life as a happy person free from worry, but as yet this holy grail is still elusive most of the time.
    Probably due to using Holosync my intuition is increasing and I am getting more ” Psychic messages” for the want of a better word, as my receptivity builds. I always had this ability and found it difficult to cope with, but when I get these “messages” things seems to happen all be it not always in exactly the way as I receive it in the “messages”.

    I am dearly hoping to come to one of your workshop, when you go to NY with Genpo Roshi and hopefully have found a way to make all the money by then. Right now money is a big issue for me and I am also at a point in my life where I am thinking of discarding everything I worked on in the last few years and go back to the thing I love, trading. Trading is a great teacher and started my journey of self discovery many years ago when I manged to lose a fortune. I had to stop and wrote self help books and while they are good, and have helped quite a few people who have used the techniques I have been unable to make a living from this while also working harder then I ever worked in my entire life during this time.

    Lack of confidence is still a problem; if you were to meet me you would not believe it. Yet this self doubt is stopping me from trusting that I find the solutions to create the life I want and allows self pitty over my situation get the better of me at times.

    ANd finally I have to say I very much appreciate what you are doing. Your lessons, Holosync, painful as it often has been, at least for me, are excellent and have given me a lot. To me you, Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber are the best out there today.

    Thank you for the great work you are doing.


    FROM BILL: You aren’t “getting” negative thoughts. They are being generated by you. You’re just doing it automatically and unconsciously. You just aren’t aware, yet, of the part of you that generates them. Become aware of how you “do” depression, or negative thoughts, and watch yourself do it (I don’t mean watch the result, but what you actually do inside that generates the result), and it will fall away.

  49. Adam says :

    Wow, this is a very powerful article. Thank you. I will be ordering the demo CD.

  50. Helen Kaye says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have been trying to follow your advice about witnessing my behavior, mind, emotions, beliefs, especially in times of stress or turmoil. I find that interactions with certain people, and certain relationships are a challenge for me. How do you witness at the same time that you are actually communicating and reacting? it seems that I don’t have enough attention to both handle the communication, and witness at the same time. Then I just end up going back and analyzing the event, which I know is not the same thing (in fact it’s the same self-blame, self-loathing, etc that I have always done so nothing really new). Any advice about this? I hope I’ve made myself clear. Thanks for all your advice and help – am 3 months into the program and feel that it is helping.

    Helen K

    FROM BILL: The main thing you want to witness is the internal pictures you make and your internal dialog. You want to see (or hear) these things, AND notice what feelings they create. Those feelings lead to behaviors, cause you to give off certain cues that cause certain people to be attracted to you (some of whom you don’t want to be attracted to you, like abusers and others who want to take advantage of you), and what people and situations you become attracted to. But it all starts with watching your own internal representations, the most important of which are usually your internal pictures and internal dialog.

    The most important thing to look for is whether those internal representations are of what you want (which will help you create more resourceful outcomes) or of what you don’t want (which will create less-than-resourceful outcomes).

    You’re right, it is more difficult to observe these things in the heat of battle, so to speak. For that reason you need to practice watching, until it’s easier, when you aren’t in the middle of something emotional–just as you might practice the piano a lot so that when you’e up in front of a big audience, and you’re nervous, that you can still play well.

    You have to understand, though, that the reason these situations are emotional for you–the entire reason–is that you are making internal representations in those times, unconsciously and automatically, that create those strong emotions. The people and situations you’re in trigger the internal representations, but the fact that you make the internal representations you currently make is because of your past. Certain automatic ways of responding to certain triggers (things you see, hear, touch, smell, taste) were set up in your mind when you were growing up, and now they happen automatically.

    The way out of this is to watch yourself do these things–see yourself encounter the trigger, see the internal representations you make, and see the result (the feeling, behavior, etc.). You can’t do these non-resourceful internal representations (ie, those of what you don’t want, what you’re afraid of, what you’re worried about, what you want to avoid) AND do them with awareness. When you do something that isn’t good for you WITH AWARENESS (you see the whole thing happening, seeing that something in YOU creates it), it falls away.

    So, as I said, you have to practice this, and you should begin by doing it at a low-stress time. You could, for instance, practice for 5-10 minues when you get in bed at night. Think of something you don’t like or don’t want. “Thinking of it” means making some sort of internal representation of it–a picture, or internal dialog most likely. As you do this, notice the internal representation, and notice the feeling that happens as a result. The point is for you to see the direct connection between the internal representations you make and the feelings created. The outside trigger is NOT the cause of the feeling. Your response (the internal representations you make) is the cause, and you have a choice about your internal representations IF YOU ARE AWARE OF THEM.

    You can review something that happened during the day, notice the internal representations you make in order to review it, and notice the feeling states that are created. Practice this every night before you go to bed, and also for a few minutes when you first wake up. Then, if you can, take a moment during the day and close your eyes and practice for a few minutes.

    If you do this, you’ll begin to notice these things more as they happen during the rest of the day. Let it be okay that at first you aren’t good at it. Forget about being good at it, and just put in the practice time. ANYTHING you practice regularly will get better. Anything. The only difference between me and you is that I have spent a lot of time practicing this. It was just as hard for me in the beginning as it is for you now. I just kept at it, and little by little it got easier. At some point something will shift and you’ll see that you CAN do this, and that when you do this something remarkable happens.

    And, after the fact, instead of analyzing, watch. If you want to go over what happened, go over what you said to yourself, what you felt in your body, what pictures you made–and what results followed (feelings, behaviors, etc).

    If you aren’t taking my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, you should be. They will teach you about all of this in much more detail. There are three levels of involvement–with unlimited email access to me, with unlimited email access to Kate Michels, who I have personally trained, and with no email access. All choices have access to ALL the questions and answers (well over 10,000) over the last 6+ years.

  51. Harold says :

    With all these comments, what is the chance that Bill, or anyone at centerpointe, will read this, let alone another listener of this audio? In any case I hope someone gets this, because it is so valuable. I must have told this to everyone on the planet by now, but in case I missed anyone, here goes again.
    It’s easy to say that you should love your neighbor or not be judgmental, but to do it seems impossible sometimes. I stumbled on a technique that, along with other spiritual practices, is so powerful. Well, here it is. I used ‘not being judgmental’ as my entry into all that you all are talking about, and dare I say more? Trying to not be judgmental didn’t work at all, until I found that judgmental words and phrases were sabotaging my efforts. For example, I would say that someone yelled at me, when it would have been more accurate to say that they raised their voice. I hadn’t realized that yelling is a judgment word, because how many decibels is yelling as opposed to raising ones voice? That’s just one example, but when I switched to ‘no hyperbole’ or exaggeration to use accurate descriptive words, it wasn’t about me anymore or them yelling at me, but about them and their raising their voice, their frustration or pain. Well that may sound all innocuous and to you guys, but to a lot of us ordinary folks out here, that can make all the difference in the world.
    And what other powers can we get by dropping other words. Just think if we dropped negative words, for instance. For some of us, that would get rid of half our vocabulary and all negative images, forcing a whole new mindset. A positive decisive action, instead of talk. The beauty of it all is that it is sustainable and easily doable. I noticed an immediate change and a progression to higher and higher levels and greater and greater insights.
    With all the successes I’ve been having with this technique for three years now, I hope someone else will try it.
    It could use some developing also. I think you can see the implications of using non biased words, for instance. It gives you a really objective scientific view. I know it’s not commonly thought, but I find the subconscious to be supremely objective. It basically just compares images impartially for mismatches. Dropping judgmental words and phrases seems to connect up with a map of reality that is far and away past our immediate subconscious and all our programming. Some programming takes a little more effort, so I am so thankful for you explanation of the shadow self. I finally got it and had immediate success from Bill’s explanation of Tolle’s pain body. It is powerful.
    As to using only accurate descriptive words and dropping judgmental one, there is more to it, which you see as you go along. After all, if you don’t judge people, it is easier to have compassion on them, seeing they don’t know the way out since they usually have personal emotional/mental/perception problems, and compassion is love.
    If it doesn’t seem reasonable to you that this should work, just think that scientists find that the subconscious is literally a million times faster and has a million the capacity of the conscious mind, 50 million cycles per second as opposed to our 50 cycles per second, for instance. It really is a tiger within us and we really are a monkey on its back, as stated in the NY Times science article of a few years ago, “Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t.”

  52. Dale says :

    Hi Bill…loved the devil/angel video. I have just “finished” up a little chapter of my own between myself and daughter-in-law and thank goodness for you and holosync or it would have never happened. I was raised by a “control freak” mother and my son has married a “control freak” wife but I didn’t see myself in the equation because I have worked hard to NOT be a control freak. I married 4 years ago without my daugher-in-laws permission and she has punished me ever since by withdrawing her company and then the opportunity to be a part of my new grandbaby’s life. I have pondered for all this time on why and how to get her (and my grandchild) back in my life. Others have told me to DEMAND, of course, that wouldn’t work. Between holosync and your words of wisdom I realized that my son married me AND my mother so that meant that I must have control issues myself (as hard as that was for me to stomach). Then I realized that my daugher-in-law, bless her, was the only person in the world that could push the right button that went deep enough to bring up that shadow and once I realized it and how grateful I was to her everything fell right into place and I have seen immediate results with invitations to visit. Without you and holosync I don’t believe I would have ever figured it all out and I’m sure things would have only gotten worse to the point that I would have lost my only child from my life. Thank you Bill!

  53. Sam says :

    I have to say that this post seemed to have a profound effect on me while listening, as if your voice somehow put me into an aultered state. I wonder how I might go inside to find out how this happened?

  54. Joy says :

    […] It’s All About Awareness […]

  55. Anonymous says :

    I’d like to comment that this post is a fantastic elaboration on Bill Harris’ 3-part video series on meditation.

    My eyes were really opened by the exercise where we consciously see how internal representations lead to good and bad feelings.

    I really appreciate the fact that I was able to turn a bad, haunting experience when I was young to something quite different. I sometimes view people as untrustworthy because of this experience but by imagining human beings as honest, open and cordial, I INSTANTLY generated good positive feelings.