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Holosync Case Study #1: Valerie Wilkinson – From Panic Attacks to Inner Peace

by / Monday, 25 August 2014 / Published in Happiness, Health, Inner Peace, Meditation, Personal Growth

Holosync Case Study #1: Valerie Wilkinson

From Panic Attacks to Inner Peace

This is the first in a series of 18 interviews with people who’ve gone deeply into the Holosync program.

I’m posting these amazing interviews, one every two weeks, because so many people have asked me, “What happens when you use Holosync for a LONG time? What’s it like to finish the program? What changes do you experience? Is the investment of time and money worth it?”

In this first interview, Valerie describes her journey from “a negative Catholic upbringing”, an abusive father, and an over-protective mother, and panic attacks so “normal” she didn’t know they were panic attacks, to a place of inner peace and compassion.

This is a spontaneous, honest, and vulnerable story about how Valerie got to a place you’d probably like to experience, too. I know you’ll enjoy her story.

(click the player above to listen to this interview)

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27 Responses to “Holosync Case Study #1: Valerie Wilkinson – From Panic Attacks to Inner Peace”

  1. This interview started a little slow but I ended up listening to every word. I found myself admiring Valerie and feeling deeply touched by her story. In my experience most people who’ve been challenged in life the way Valerie has don’t do what she has done. Her willingness to continue searching for help, her determination to use every resource made available to her multiple times, both rare. Valerie worked at least has hard as Holosync did – Kudos Valerie – and in case you’re wondering if you were credible or encouraging – yes you were – I’ll think of you the next time I’m wondering if Holosync is really “doing anything”

    • Renee T. Arthur says :

      I listened to Valerie’s interview w/Bill and i just have to say it moved me. I am only in Awakening level 2 and i already have had significant improvement i feel w/ dealing with past issues that i have had for most of my life. I went to counselors, taken meds, and by far this has done much more for me already than yrs. of the meds and counselors! And i am only beginning. I am so grateful for this program and the letters Bill sends explaining the levels and what to expect, along with all the information books and now these interviews! I have a long ways to go yet but i will follow through on the holosync program and have very high hopes of it helping me overcome a lot of these issues i otherwise haven’t really dealt with…just stuck them away and tried to forget about them. Not to mention other things in my uncounscious mind that has come up…the upheavels i go through are all worth it. Just being in the level i am i have noticed a difference in me and my stress, depression and just the way i handle every day life. It will be my honor to follow through to the end and i am amazed at the others that have listened and the changes that they have encountered in their own lives. It is very inspiring. Thanks to all that you do Bill to keep us informed… i wish everyone would get this help that need it and when i get the chance i tell them about holosync. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. jennifer oliver says :

    i have finished the series this year, after ten years or more, thank you! jenny

  3. Aline says :

    Hello dear Bill,
    thank you so much for the opportunity to listen first hand to people who have taken the Holosync program. May I leave a suggestion? Please make the interviews downloadable. I am not willing to sit in front of my computer for one hour. I like to be in natur or in the woods and listen to spritual or uplifting things on my MP3-player.
    Thanks for your attention.

    • Alexandra says :

      Yes! Great idea to offer it downloadable…. I have a slow internet connection and it would be much more enjoyable to listen to it without interruptions and in a different place than in front of my computer…

      I am also at Flowering I, like some other persons here, and I fully agree that the money for Holosync was one of the best investments I ever made. I had had lots of upheavals until the end of Purification. Now it is getting easier, with clearly more inside peace and stability. But nevertheless, I feel still like “morphing”, still like in a process of deep change. At the moment it is my body which changes most visibly. As if it were now my body’s turn to throw out upheavals.

      Bill asked Valerie whether he is overselling the program: Regarding the facts and the possible effects, the power of the program to induce positive change – absolutely no overselling for my taste. The way to present it and to suggest how successful one might be after the program (to catch the customer with his or her vanity), is sometimes too “marketing style” for my German taste. This was one reason I initially hesitated to trust Holosync.

      I would like to know, whether Bill is still using Holosync everyday and what he recommends to do after finishing the whole program. After the flowers come the fruits… how about a “Harvest” Level ;-)

      FROM BILL: Yes, I do use Holosync everyday. It’s SO good for your brain!

  4. Connie Brown says :

    The interview with Valerie was so touching and authentic – thank you both for sharing how Holocync affected your personal transformations. It motivated me to get back into the CDs and continue to explore.

  5. Glen Runowski says :

    Terrific interview. Lots of great information. I heard things that were also happening to me, so I know I am on the right track. I also heard things that haven’t happened to me yet, and I can look forward to them. Great support, and I appreciate all the support I can get. I also don’t have a lot of money, but this is the one program that I am willing to invest in. Thanks Bill.


  6. cal geiling says :

    WE ARE ALL GOD SUBJECTIVLY EXPERIENCING ITSELF ! I create you and you create me we are all watchers some where in your world somebody is literaly looking at you! like they say the tree don’t fall until somebody hears it or sees it!! HOW TRUE and the real you is experiencing it all at one time!! utterly amazing and to know your never going to die! there are some other things that have been revealed to me! if you get time I would like to talk to you one on one! things that I know are utterly astonishing and need to be told!!! god bless BILL

  7. Julie Chill says :

    Thank you. this was really good to hear. I feel kindred to this lady because I have chronic pain. I have my own issues as everybody does. To hear how much it is help her with her MS is absolutely amazing. I’ve seen people with MS and I’m so happy for her she is able to “get ahold on it”.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  8. I agree with Valerie Wilkinson – This is the best spent money for me too! I am on the Flowering I Level and I am so greateful I continued. Listening to this interview reminded me of somehting I discovered a few years back. I found when I encountered something stressful – If I would take the time to, in the moment, listen to the CD I was on my whole being ness and ability to destress and handle the situation calmly was there for me. Much better than having to rely on taking Meds!! So thank you for bringing that back to mind. I whole heartly recommend Bill Harris’s porgrams to everyone!

  9. Tony says :

    Hi Bill,

    Love to you!

    She has been through a lot of hardship but she is a lovely person… Would love to cross her path too.



  10. Hello! what is the essence of Holosynic. Guilt and fear is one of the most common emotion and feelings. What is the Truth that sets us free?

  11. Bob B says :

    I am at flowering level 1:
    I think the original question about what is it like to complete the whole program is weird. isn’t the question just will meditation really help me and does holosync really make meditation better? everyone benefits differently but most share similar benefits. I have meditated since 21 years old and it always helped take the edge off of life. it wasn’t until about age 50 that I started using Holosync and wished I found it sooner. The rest and stress relief is much better and faster very quickly and the benefits are compounded continually like interest in a high yield bank account. after two years I no longer needed anti depressants which I took for 20 years. at 60 I am fighting the age thing so I am glad there are more levels to keep me getting the healing deep rest meditation provides for you.

  12. Alan Morris says :

    I am. currently using Flowering 1/1, can’t say I have experienced in major changes in my life since Holosync and my sleep has definitely not improved, still only 2-3 hours broken sleep per night. I enjoy sitting for the 1-1 1/2 hrs per night listening/meditating. Flowering feels like it is much lighter/easier than the previous levels

  13. Joyce says :

    I echo the comment made earlier about making the interviews downloadable or a transcript because an hour is too long to sit I front of the PC. To
    Make matters worse, I accidentally shut it off and I couldn’t go back to where I had listened n so I gave up listening to the end.

  14. Emily says :

    This came at just the right time. I am experiencing so much physical upheaval that I had to put my headphones down three days ago, because I have the flu for the first time in my life, with fever up to 105 and piercing ear ache, etc. I am totally committed to continuing, but I have gone from being an unusually healthy woman to having one health jab after another. Like Valerie, am rereading all the support materials and I’m sure I’ll get through this, but I’m surprised that I apparently lack the courage to face some things lurking in my Unconscious. This interview has renewed my resolve to continue listening to the CDs. Thank you so much!

  15. Lee Dalton says :

    Hi Bill,
    I enjoyed listening to this interview of Valerie with you. I am also very grateful for the timing of this series of interviews you are offering as I will be starting Flowering Level 1 at the end of October. I look forward to listening to each and every interview and thankyou for the continued information and support.

  16. anna anderson says :

    Yes. please!!! for a downloadable version. I started listening, and would like to finish and probably even listen again, but sitting at the computer for that long is just not realistic for me. I’m just starting Awakening 4, and although the biggest changes happened with the first CD, Holosync continues to work better for me than anything else ever has. No question that I’ll work through the entire series, and it’s helpful to hear from those with similar issues who have gone further.
    Thank you, Bill and Valerie!

  17. Shahadot Hossain says :

    I am now at the level of flowering level 4 / CD3. Some of the thing come up in the interview which is very helpful. At the end if it concluded was it overselling or underselling or right thing, i would say at my level after listening 9 years of holosync that it is underselling. It prevent or helps to manage chronic health issue. it is best to spend money here in life. Awaiting to listen more interview.Respect and love to Bill.

  18. Anna says :

    Very good interview.
    Holosync get us out of hell.
    But…we have to be ready
    to get through hell
    to get out of it. :D

  19. Linda Romero says :

    I’m currently work on Flowering Level 2. It has been a good 9 years since I started on this journey. I personally want to thank Bill for all his hard work and wish him much more success!

    The online workshops have been a wonderful additions to this journey. If you have not done these workshops I highly recommend them — specially the Principles and Map of Reality series. I have not attended one of Bill’s many live classes. However, I do listen to all the cd’s and read and reread the written materials that come with the purchase of each level.

    I have seen many positive changes in my life — too many to go into details here. My plans are to continue to the very end wherever Holosync will take me…I’m in it for the ride!!!

    All I can say to all those people that are currently (and even those that have stopped) using Holosync is …”DO’NT GIVE UP ON HOLOSYNC AND KEEP GOING”

  20. John says :

    I much enjoy reading the blog and find Bills perspective and wisdom. I’ve been reading it for years. I still haven’t taken the plunge yet and I was wondering if there are any perspectives on participating in the program while using a low dose of an ssri? I suffer panic attacks and depression at times. Just a little concerned how safe it would be (would it induce seratonin syndrome etc.?)Kind regards

    • Nicole says :

      I am not sure if you got an answer to your question or if you will get this info either…..when I revisited Holosync, after a near 8 year hiatus, it was Because I was experiencing what we call panic and anxiety. My doctor prescribed the lowest dose of Prozac available, as I was not very willing to be chemically treated/medicated but was barely living outside of my bed at the time. I was extremely fearful and hesitant to use any Holosync then, but found comfort temporarily when I would listen (in the background) to the super learning cd I had from Awakening Prologue. I knew there was something to this, so I called and explained to the phone rep at Centerpointe what was going on and what I was taking. They were very reassuring and so I purchased the entire program. And although I was still terrified to put on the headphones and would some days cast them off, or take frazzled breaks from using Holosync faithfully, I persisted…anything that would release me from my prison of fear, I was willing to do. In my own case, with Holosync, and some other tools I found and applied, I have changed everything and I am still progressing, beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself. I have been faithfully using Holosync since November of 2013 without any health incidences thus far….don’t really expect any in the future either. I took the meds for 7 months, whilst using Holosync, daily. I think I was likely one of the most fearful of Holosync users and yet I am still here so…….all the best to you in your decisions. Also, it may have been Bill who introduced me to a guy named Barry McDonagh, who has a program called Panic Away…do check it out as well…..very amazing and useful stuff.


  21. Dave S Perkins says :

    Nice Interview and I am just stopping by-to Wish you and your team and associates and long-time users whom interacted with myself a very Merry Christmas and New Year whatever and wherever your own Seasonal belief system finds you. Thank you for putting up with my inexperienced harassment for so-long and I did recently find myself having a strange Deja-Vu like year so clearly I have further progressions to make. ;-)

  22. Lindsey Mason says :

    AM looking forward to the second case study … any idea when it will be available?

  23. Anthony says :

    Where’s the next one!

  24. Anna says :

    From 36′ very very important stuff.