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Good Luck. We’ll All Be Rooting for You.

by / Wednesday, 27 October 2010 / Published in Law of Attraction, Spirituality, The Human Condition

I thought this question in response to my last post was significant enough that it deserved its own post. I think you’ll find it very thought-provoking.

Are the events of life random? Do we live in a stupid universe or is someone watching over us? Or, do we create our own reality? How responsible are we? What, then, is karma? Are we just paying for our sins in this life?

Good grief. Why do people ask me these things?!


You said we live in a giant matrix of cause and effect.  In a previous blog post you made a passing reference to “random” events.

My question is this, do you believe the popular, overused saying, “There are no accidents?” Or do you believe, as you have seemed to indicate a couple of times, that things can happen randomly?

I straddle both the eastern and western world views at times so I grapple with this question often.  I’ve personally witnessed that outward circumstances can change when you’ve healed elements in your own consciousness, so it would seem to point to the idea that it’s all just done with mirrors.

Do you agree w/what all the New Age gurus say–that you create your own reality?  Most of these teachings evolved from New Thought, and I’ve been involved in a New Thought practice for several decades.  Because of my training, I’ve endlessly taken responsibility for my lot and worked hard to change myself to overcome it.  I’ve struggled long and hard with this as I have a “reality” I’ve not wanted for a long time and I’ve worked endlessly on myself to effect a shift in my experience.  I’m still working and still stuck.

So the question of karma comes in.  Am I just doing penance for past mistakes in other lives?  Will no amount of work or awareness or witnessing my internal processes eradicate a debt that predates this life?

My situation is extreme, and to simplify something very complex, a great deal of it stems from a misrepresentation of me and a deliberate false accusation which set off a cascading chain of events which eventually spiraled out of control.

I have been working for literally three decades to resolve the situation, at times I made things worse simply because I could not effectively manage my own emotional triggers, nor handle violence and injustice with poise.

So then the western concept of the existence of evil comes in.  In the Faust legend, Mephistopheles is described as a “cold, scoffing, relentless fiend.”  My life has been indelibly touched by such energy–one where no matter what you do or say, you cannot redeem youself, and you cannot improve it.

So, do you think “accidents” like these are random?  Do you think they are karmic?  Do you think they are just outward manifestions of our internal map of reality?  I’d be interested to learn how much you think we actually create our day-to-day reality and how other people see and treat us.




If you read my other posts on this blog you’ll have a pretty good idea of my views on such things. If you take my Life Principles Intergration Process online courses (, you’ll get an even deeper and more practical (“here’s what to do”) view. But here’s a short answer:

Overall, as I’ve said, you have quite a bit of influence over your EXPERIENCE of life–if you’re aware enough. With enough awareness, you gain choice over 1) how you feel (feelings are something you DO inside in response to what happens outside), 2) how you behave (for the same reason), 3) which people and situation you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens (meanings are NOT inherent in things and events–you add them with your mind).

These four things become a choice if you are aware enough to see how you create them. If you create them outside your awareness (as nearly everyone does) they happen automatically, without choice.

So these are the things you COULD have choice about. You don’t, however, have any choice about the fact that everything is impermanent, and you have just a tiny amount of influence over the world of cause and effect, and that influence is only because you are one of the elements in that world of cause and effect. Given that you are one of an infinite number of other elements, your influence is small.

The closer you are to a situation, the more control you have over it. You have more influence with your own home than with your neighborhood, less with your town, less still with your state, nation, the guy living on the other side of the world, etc.

Then there are all the physical events going on around you. What influence can you have over the weather, for instance? Move to a different climate? Use an umbrella? Stay indoors? Then, what about gravity? Cosmic rays? Earthquakes? Magnetic fields?

You have a small amount of influence over your immediate environement and the people around you, since both of these act partially in response to what you say or do. If you’re persuasive or, I suppose, commanding enough, maybe the people around you will do what you want.

Who, however, can successfully control his or her spouse or children, much less the guy at the DMV? What happens outside of you is influenced by the entire matrix of cause and effect, of which you are a very small part. The whole is constantly moving and changing in response to itself, and you have but a slight effect on that.

If you are skillful enough and aware enough, even that little bit of influence can make a big difference, though, which is why it is worthwhile to become more aware and develop certain skills.

So are there “random” events? If you mean events beyond your control, or events for which you aren’t responsible, then yes. If you mean events that are truly random, in the sense that they happen outside the realm of cause and effect, no.

I don’t just mean Newtonian cause and effect, to which New Age people have given an undeservedly bad rap. Newton’s laws are obviously valid. In fact, their discover changed the world and our understanding of it. All of modern technology, not to mention all your day to day interactions with the world, are based upon it and an expression of it. Newton’s laws were the first significant step in human beings understanding cause and effect. Prior to the discover of those laws, most thinking was magical thinking. When people don’t understand how things work, they make up magic to explain it.

Newton’s discoveries, however, have been refined by the discoveries of chaos theory. Complex, open systems–which include living beings, social groups, and other complex systems–are not predictable in a linear way. The exact outcome of an interaction can’t be determined in advance, as it can with Newtonian cause-and-effect situations. Such systems are too complex. Possible outcomes are instead governed by probability theory. A bell curve of outcomes are possible, one of which will happen, and some of which are more probable, but none of which is certain.

While we’re talking about cause and effect, I’ll just add here parenthetically that the New Age love affair with quamtum physics is pure hocum. Every New Age teacher I’ve ever heard touting quantum physics a) has no idea what quantum physics is really about, and b) is using the mysterious nature of quantum events (that they don’t understand) as evidence that certain similar-sounding magical events can happen on the relative level.

Real scientists throw up in their mouths when they hear this stuff, or roll their eyes. If someone starts talking about the law of attraction and quantum physics, run.

But back to our story. NOTHING happens that isn’t the result of extremely complex interactions of the different aspects of the whole, and all of this follows certain immutable laws of nature. New Age magical thinkers have this fantasy that you can somehow bypass or override these laws with your mind. This is, however, not possible. This is the result of a lack of understanding of cause and effect. It is scientific ignorance. There is not one shred of credible evidence supporting such a view, and believe me, I have looked very closely at this, for a number of years.

Those who don’t understand what science knows about how the world works (which includes most people, unfortunately), and those who hope they can magically create the outcomes they don’t know how to create through a knowledge of cause and effect, are willing to believe that certain studies “prove” that you can alter the laws of nature with your mind.

People much smarter than I (including major studies by the military, who once wondered whether they could use such things to more effectively kill people and break things) have looked at all the studies about psychic abilities and have found NO evidence that any of it is valid. There’s plenty of belief by scientifically uneducated people, but no evidence to people who understand the real definition of “credible evidence”. More throwing up in the mouths of real scientists.

Bottom line, there are no random events, except in the sense that things do happen to every person that that person did not want or intend, and had no responsiblity in creating. If someone runs a stop sign and hits your car, and you are injured, I suppose you might have prevented the accident if you’d been more aware, but then again even the most aware person might not have been able to do anything.

There’s no evidence (again, there’s plenty of belief, but no evidence) that in some metaphysical way you “planned” to be there at that moment, or that you arranged to be there to pay off some sort of “karmic debt,” or some other blah, blah, blah. Though this car accident isn’t a “random” event. It’s the product of the interactions of that giant matrix of cause and effect I’ve described–one of the probable outcomes in the bell curve of possibilities I described above. While not random, it is something beyond your control and not caused by you (which is what most people mean by ‘random’).

So let’s talk about the much-misunderstood topic of karma. “Karma” comes from the Sanskrit root “kri” which mean “doing” or “happening.” Your karma is then, quite simply, what you do, or what happens to you. The idea that it’s punishment for past sins is a moralistic and fundamentalistic version of the idea–the Hindu version of the “you are a sinner” outlook of fundamentalist Christianity. It is another of those many beliefs that people are willing to look at because a) it seems to explain something people have trouble explaining, and b) lots of other people believe it, and they must know something.

To the extent that you have some input into the world of cause and effect, your karma (what happens to you) is partially the result, the effect, the consequence, of what you do. If you lie to people, for instance, it will affect you. People will eventually stop trusting you (of course, you lied to people because your parents were mean to you, and they were mean to you because their parents were mean to them, and their parents were mean to them because…).

If you leave food out of the refrigerator, it will spoil. If you fail to pay your water bill, they’ll eventually turn off your water. This is the most simple version of the so-called “Law of Attraction”–which is nothing more than cause and effect. The Law of Attraction becomes magical thinking when it assumes that you can control the world with your mind. Show me the person who is doing that successfully.

Karma, once you put the magical thinking aside, is nothing more than the idea that you have an effect on what happens to you. There’s nothing metaphysical about it, unless you believe in past lives and such, which just shows that you are willing to believe things without any evidence other than the fact that many others also believe it (which isn’t evidence–if it were, you’d have to believe the world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe, floods happen because the river goddess is pissed off, the government can solve your problems, and other silly things that used to be widely believed).

Other than the fact that there are consequences to your actions, there is no debt to pay. You are, however, caught in the human condition, which is governed by cause and effect and impermanence, and from that there is no escape (and, it includes consequences you didn’t create, and which are beyond your control). So stop trying to escape. Human beings create an enormous amount of addition suffering and angst by trying to solve an insoluable problem–how to escape from the human condition.

Of course your situation is very complex (as you say in your letter). Of course is involves pain and suffering. Of course certain other people have treated you unfairly, or in a way you don’t like. Believe me, though this might not be apparent, EVERY person has his or her own version of this same story. One of the main things I learned from the Centerpointe retreats I used to lead is that EVERY person has been to hell and back in his or her life. Most people just don’t tell others about it. They deal with it as best they can and move on. Or, they don’t deal with it and they stay stuck.

Become aware enough and you can exercise choice about the four things I listed at the beginning of this letter. Part of that awareness is an awareness of cause and effect and how it works. Part of this might be an understanding that if you had more skills or more knowledge, you might be better able to create what you want. Or that you need to stay away from certain situations and certain people. If you gain this awareness of how cause and effect works (and act on it) you gain a huge advantage. Despite the fact that your influence is small, with enough awareness your life can be much better and much happier.

There is, however, no escape from the human condition. Your situation is just one localized version of it. My heart goes out to you. It also goes out to everyone else, though, because we’re all in the same impermanent, cause-and-effect boat. Life is filled with problems, with loss, with pain, with unfairness (whatever that is to you), and with not getting what you want.

But it’s also filled with joy, love, music, interesting challenges, delightful surprises, tasty food, warm baths, deep kisses, soft beds, laughing children, and beautiful sunsets. My suggestion would be to become aware enough (Holosync is a great tool for doing this) so you can more clearly see what YOU are creating (as opposed to what is outside your control), so you can do something about it. Then, accept and make your peace with those things you can’t do anything about. This will free you to focus your attention on the joy, love, music, interesting challenges, and delightful surprises.

Good luck. We’ll all be rooting for you.

PS: If you’re a current Holosync user, please check out my new video about the current research on meditation and stress at This is must-see information.



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46 Responses to “Good Luck. We’ll All Be Rooting for You.”

  1. Andy says :

    Bill, I couldn’t find this video in the Participants area. Where is it?

    FROM BILL: Right at the top of the page, to the right.

  2. Kathleen says :

    Dear Bill,

    What a great posting and very timely for me. I am currently involved in a work dispute where I have felt responsible to students to try to get an equitable outcome. The people in higher authority have found my attempts too strong and too heavy-handed. I have struggled on and on feeling duty-bound and responisble to keep fighting the good fight. (believing I have more control that I actually do obviously).

    Today my role was down-graded on the same pay level as a way of silencing me. I am sad but I do see my contribution.


  3. Chris Z says :


    I enjoyed your article and agree with much of what you wrote. I would like to challenge you on two things however:

    1) I’ve heard many reputable quantum physicists (Michio Kaku, Fred Allen Wolf, etc.) speak of quantum physics as if it did in fact “prove” Ancient Wisdom teachings to be true. Deepak Chorpa (brilliant doctor, not a physicist) is one of those “New Age” teachers that provide compelling arguments/points as to the stark similarities between the two. How can you speak with such authority on the subject? Are you more qualified than Deepak? Or better yet, Michio Kaku? If you’re not, than who is? What physicists’ data are you relaying on (who?).

    2) The military has plenty of ex “physic spies” that swear by remote viewing. I myself have had dreams that accurately foretold future events (trippy stuff), and I’m just a dude who likes to meditate a bit! Furthermore, you/we have absolutely no idea what the military really knows and covers up.

    Bill, I appreciate your “no-nonsense” approach to existence. But hasn’t quantum physics proven we live in 10+ dimensional Universe? Hasn’t it proven that 95%+ of the Universe in Dark Matter/Energy that we can’t perceive with our limited 3D perception? Perhaps there’s much more to existence then we realize? Perhaps the Ancient Wisdom teachings were correct in some/many regards?

    Best Wishes,


    FROM BILL: I am not against quantum physics. I am saying that it is not a proof of magic. Events that happen on a quantum level don’t happen on the relative level. Michio Kaku, who I am a big fan of, does not believe in magic, believe me. He has written about nutjobs using quantum mechanics to “prove” certain spiritual propositions. There may be scientists who think that quantum mechanics parallels certain statements made by ancient mystics. I would say, first of all, that I doubt these guys have more than an intellectual understanding of ancient spiritual literature. Second, these scientists are not talking about the same thing as the New Age wingnuts.

    And you really think there are military psychics? Did you read that in the Enquirer, or learn about it in the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats”? Michio Kaku has written about all the psychic experiments the Army did. Check out what he said about it, since you seem to trust him.

  4. Andy says :

    Bill, I have tried with both Google Chrome and Firefox and there’s just the Online Course “sales letter”, plus the menu items. There’s something not working. The video is in Flash, right? Or QuickTime? (I’m on a Mac, but that shouldn’t be a problem.)

    FROM BILL: I am not qualified to answer your question. All I know is that every time I am on the participants section of our site, I see it, right at the top of the page, toward the right side. I believe it is flash.

  5. Donna Parker says :

    Does this negate everything ‘The Secret’ had to say? To me … that’s all about ‘the law of attraction’, which you seem to have thrown out the window. I’m confused. best regards, Donna PS. Love your Centerpointe programs.

    FROM BILL: It negates anything The Secret says about magic being involved in you getting what you want. The REAL law of attraction is cause and effect. There’s nothing magical about cause and effect.

  6. Helo Bill,

    Thank You so much for this wonderful explanation and the “excellent stright to the point” answers You gave.

    I am also d’accord that we are not the smallest but one of the smallest elements in a let’s call it “Whole dynamically expanding, specializing and evolving Matrix” and my own experience tells me taht trying to influence the outer “whole” is infinitesimal – we can only do this or that concentrating to not leave the straight way of actions from point A=ourselve(the inner) to target=point B(the outer) but in the same way inside us there is another world of knowledge, experience, interactions etc. which evolutes also into a Big Matrix similar to the before mentioned one, becoming in time also BIG. Inside we find much more peace of mind and find time to share with the loved ones and creation of own “boxes” which can be shared. This inside-out moves are much more like a “dance” similar to a wave of movements and travels, but the attraction to the inside is much more conquerable for us considering our limitations because otherwise the immens number of outside requests which we “think” we can handle will steal our time and health in a such big way so that we never get to point “B” although it seems to be reachable the easy way.

    I also wanted to say a big thank You again for those magnificant Holosync free CD’s I have from you since a few years. They are very empowring and someday I will try out the rest.
    Best regards from Munich,
    Marius Wlassak

    FROM BILL: Sorry, but you lost me.

  7. Joni says :

    I am confused. You trash the Law of Attraction in this blog, yet you appeared in The Secret, which touts both the LOA and Quantum Physics. Are you saying that, when we become more aware, and begin making better and more resourceful choices, we are living in a more positive place, which yields more positive results – mirroring the Law of Attraction?

    Honestly, the more I study this stuff, the more confused I get. Some things do seem to “resonate” while others “reason-ate” if you get my meaning. For now, I am continuing to search for what feels right on all levels, while trusting in Holosync to help me figure all this out…

    FROM BILL: Cause and effect IS the law of attraction. Magical thinking ISN’T. That’s what I’m saying. There’s no magic. If you want an effect, figure out what causes it. It ain’t wishing for it, and it ain’t “putting it out to the universe.” If you want dinner, do you wish, or get cooking?

  8. Elaine says :

    Why worry about making scientists throw up? If it upsets them for me to think the thoughts I think, that’s their problem.

    My opinion is that the Law of Attraction is simply the codification of natural phenomenum, like the Law of Gravity, the Laws of Flotation, the Laws of Aerodynamics.

    In learning to use the Laws of Aerodynamics, sure, a lot of dumb ideas were tried out…a lot of flying machines crashed…a lot of planes didn’t fly.
    The Law of Aerodynamic went on working.

    We are currently attempting to codify and understand what is going on when we keep finding really good parking places…or people who win things, keep on winning things. (and ditto the way bad stuff keeps happening to the same people.) Some folks deny that these relationships (good begats good, bad begats bad) exist. They remind me of my great- grandfather who said, “those damn automobiles will never replace the horse!” The model A did not, in fact, replace the horse. But something did.

    We are currently using the Law(s?) of Attraction to “hop across cornfields in our flying machines.” (some of us crashing & burning in the process). There are a lot of folks laughing, mocking, and throwing up. Oh well.

    FROM BILL: You’re finding good parking places because they happen to be there when you drive by. And scientists are throwing up in their mouths because people are scientifically ignorant enough to believe in magic over cause and effect. Those who believe in magic, though, get what they deserve: they are unable to create the outcomes they want because calling on the wish fairy doesn’t work.

  9. Angie says :

    Dear Bill,

    I enjoy very much reading your blogs and I now I have a question for you.
    Could you please share with us what is your personal view regarding enlightenment as a means of breaking the cycles of reincarnation? My understanding is that the process of becoming enlightnement is arduos (to say the least) and chances of success are, well, very slim for the ordinary person? WHY would anyone bother?…

    FROM BILL: The way to break the cycle of reincarnation is to stop believing in such silly things. When you realize that you believe in something only because other people believe in it…watch out. Who, I might ask…or what…reincarnates? Hmmm? And how do you know?

  10. Andy says :

    Hi Bill – love your blog as always: clear, concise and practical – insofar as that’s possible :-) However on this occasion I think you are a little harsh (surely not ?-) on the New Agers in respect of quantum physics. For is not Schrodinger’s Cat the kernel of Chaos Theory ? The ‘observer’ affects events at the quantum level and lo! the dependent arises. The question is therefore to what extent the observer/participant can will the quantum effect… Following one of your favoutrite dicta also – “Doubt everything” – there’s an idea for a blog – what is prayer and does it work ?
    Love Andy

    FROM BILL: Schrodinger’s Cat is not the “kernel of chaos theory” (which isn’t what we’re talking about–we’re talking about quantum theory, of which Scrodinger’s Cat represents a thought expariment, not a description of literal truth).

    This is exactly what I am talking about, though: this is a prime example of using something that happens on the quantum level–the viewer influencing what is viewed–to supposedly prove that such a thing also happens on the relative level, like a magic trick. Show me someone on the relative level changing the spin of a basketball, or the magnetic charge of an electromagnet, by observing either. This is the purest of bullshit.

    I was at a seminar where a panel of New Age people–all people I know–were talking about quantum physics and how it proved various magical thinking ideas they had (though they didn’t call it magical thinking, of course). Someone in the audience who DOES understand quantum physical (a very smart fellow, who I also know), handed out a “test your knowledge” quiz about quantum physics to the audience. He did it as a way of saying to everyone there, “You don’t know anything about quantum physics.”

    I looked at the quiz. Though for a lay person I know a reasonable amount about quantum physics I only knew enough to know what was being REFFERED TO (and only in the most general sense) in two of the 15 questions. I didn’t know the answers to ANY of the questions.

    Then then panel, who I’m sure would have been embarrassed had he asked them to answer the questions from the stage, started expounding their BS. It was a sublime moment that only two of us were able to appreciate.

    There is a whole story line, expressed in several books (The Tao of Physics, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters, to mention two popular examples), that has become popular in spiritual circles and has been embraced by so many non-scientists that lay people who like the idea of a marriage between science and spirituality assume that what these books say about quantum physics is accurate. It isn’t. There may be parallels between what some Easter scriptures say and what physicists say, but it isn’t contained in this popular story line. This is junk science used to try to prove some magical ideas these people want to believe, but for which there is no evidence.

    I know that many people who read this blog are in love with this sort of information. It seems to add scientific veracity to what a lot of people want to believe. I used to buy into it myself, until I educated myself a bit more about the underlying science. I hate to break anyone’s bubble, but you’ll probably thank me later.

  11. John Edwards says :

    Bills discovered the meaning of life. Ask a provocative question sit back and watch the proverbial hit the fan and observe with detachment. Great way to go.

    FROM BILL: And (long drum roll…), the meaning of life is (continuing long drum roll…)…there is no meaning to life. (Oops. And you so wanted there to be one.)

  12. Richard says :

    Very interesting article Bill. It chimed in with many of my own conclusions about Kama, cause-effect and attraction.

    It helped synthesise my own ideas about this and why I instinctively shy away from the magical thinking theories, yet simultaneously know that I create my reality to some degree.

    If I work on letting go (or allowing!) my feelings and thoughts, then I attract more of what I prefer and less of what I don’t prefer. And I seem to have a more peaceful life, until even the preferences become less important!

    If I follow my desires too strongly I am less peaceful.

    That’s simple cause and effect upon myself, not Kama or Magic. I think New Age or New Thought ideas do in fact lead to this conclusion, but just like most religions, the kernel of truth is often lost in dogmatic belief.

  13. Endo says :

    TO BILL: Hey man what a punching post. I feel like my daddy just smaked me on the bot bot and sent me to my room. And I more than a little bit liked it! (hopefully holosync will help resolve this).

    I have one juicy question and one succulent comment:

    Q: what sort of screening process do your affiliate marketed products go under for magical thinking/ law of attraction content? I seem to remember a few over the past month that were borderline. Maybe you could email market some physics textbooks or a how to play sax better than a zen monk ebook

    C: suggestion for future blog post: do you have any tracked stats of common experiences at each level of the holosync program? I seem to remember you saying in one of your retreat talks that at level 6 prety much everyone seems to report that things ‘are ok, no longer a problem’. I’m sure everyones gunk is unique but I’d be really interested if you have tracked or anecdotal data on level-ups.

    Thanks for all the advice and guidance.

  14. Heikki says :

    Bill, thanks again.

    Like somebody (you know who;-)) have said,

    “There is only one thing we can do. We can only CHOOSE where to direct our attention. But, luckily, it includes everything”

    Nowadays, I just do my daily holosync and the rest of the world follow.

    What a life, what a ride, what a wonderfull world!

    Juliet, JUST DO IT!

    Just, pay attention.

    Pur3 cd4 now

  15. Nigel Baldwin says :

    “I used to buy into it myself, until I educated myself a bit more about the underlying science. I hate to break anyone’s bubble, but you’ll probably thank me later.”

    Hi Bill, I have a recording of you talking about creating your own reality according to your beliefs, in other words you create to reinforce your model of reality. If you believe your relationships will always be disastrous then you will attract unsuitable partners for example. Does that recording fall into the “I used to buy into it myself” category? Having bought Holosync ten years or so back I have followed your thinking with interest, and it seems to have moved quite substantially. It seems to me however that the above still applies, if you believe you are unloveable you will create circumstances to demonstrate that belief. In the world of healing to which I am party I see this illustrated over and over again.
    Best wishes
    Nigel UK.

    FROM BILL: I have clearly said, zillions of times, that there are four areas over which you have choice, IF you are aware enough: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what things “mean.” There is plenty of room in that to create quite a bit of your own reality. That does not mean, however, that you will have control over cause and effect and impermanence.

  16. catherine says :

    Hmmmm, Thought you didn’t want to get into discussions about magical thinking and other non-rational topics. Have they cloned you from an earlier model, down in the Centerpointe basement, or what?
    However, nice post.

    This’ll probably make you puke though, so have a bucket handy.
    I have very little scientific knowledge and unfortunately too many other obligations presently to dig very deeply. Private time is limited when you have young children as you will appreciate. I am interested though and make efforts to look for scientific explanations if I don’t understand something. I have no interest in being a magical thinker, no interest in making up stories to feel better and no interest in having special powers. I’m pretty sure that’s all true.
    With that in mind I’m asking for your opinion because I can find no scientific explanation for 3 specific things that I experience.

    1.Seeing colours around people/objects including spinning wheels of coloured light.
    2.Seeing my face transform into different people when I look in the mirror. I seem to slip into some sort of altered state very easily as this happens.
    3.Very specific, (never mundane) detailed dreams that play out, usually the following day.

    What is causing these effects and why do some people experience them and not others?

    FROM BILL: There are very rational, cause and effect reasons for anything you experience. Magic never needs to be brought into it. People use magical explanations when they can’t otherwise explain something and they NEED an explanation. Humans don’t know why everything happens, where all of this is going, or where it came from, as I explained in a previous post. Some of this will NEVER be known. Many people, though, aren’t comfortable with not knowing, so they make up irrational explanations because it makes them feel better. Anyone who wants or needs to do this is welcome to do it. However, it gives you a handicap in life because you are trying to solve problems with a faulty view of how the world works.

  17. Mason says :

    Love the Blog and especially enjoy your humor. I am curious to hear more about your opinion(which I value) on reincarnation. From what I understand there is quite a bit of highly convincing evidence (most notably found through hypnosis and studies on children) that seems to be too coincidental to be, well, a coicidence. I’ve never experienced anything so convincing in my own life(just “feelings” like deja vu), but I still can’t dismiss the theory because:
    (a.) I’ve never flown all the way around the globe to prove to myself that its not flat either. We ALL accept things to be true that we can’t prove oursleves.
    (b).lack of concrete proof is not proof to the contrary.
    (c.) isn’t it possible we haven’t developed the science to unequivically prove the theory
    (d.) isn’t all science first based on hunches and anecdotal evidence?

    I’d really like to hear any evidence you may have found to disprove the theory. It seems, based on my knowledge thus far, that either side of the fence remains to be rooted in belief… So, please expand on this subject.

    Thank you for all that you do,

    FROM BILL: I am not going to get into this again. If you are a magical thinker, go somewhere else for your information. You will not find a home here. I am not interested in debating this question. Magical thinking is developmental, and trying to talk a magical thinker out of their belief is like trying to talk a fundamentalist Christian out of his ideas. If it makes you feel better to think that something survives the death of your body, by all means believe it. I have found that believing things just because someone else believes it is one of the most soft-headed things a human being can do.

  18. Chris Z says :

    I guess you don’t “believe” in Remote Viewing either. Bill, it’s sounds like you’re a bit rigid with your beliefs. How about my point re: this being a 10+ dimensional universe? (Michio Kaku…whom you’re a fan of….claims it). And what about my point on dark matter/enery comprising 95% of our Universe?….do you believe that? (Again, Michio saids it’s so).

    If you do believe that (as you should), then you’d have to admit that you/we/us don’t really know all that much about what’s possible and what’s not.


    FROM BILL: No, I don’t “believe” in remote viewing. The whole universe of believing in this or that theory, idea, dogma, etc. is something I outgrew long ago. Beliefs are fervent wishes. Though ideas about life are necessary, those who are busy arguing about THIS idea vs THAT idea are lost in a mental world. Ideas of the world are not the world. I am here in the real, physical world, where there is no question what is what.

    Please. No more remote viewing, reincarnation, or any other magical thinking stuff. I will delete such posts. This is not the forum for that. Go find another place to discuss such nonsense.

  19. Chris says :


    Who is going to be rooting for us?


    FROM BILL: The fairies and the elves and the spirit guides.

  20. Hello Bill

    Good grief. Why do people ask you these things?!


  21. Mike says :

    Hello Bill,

    In his book “A New Earth”, Eckhart Tolle writes that, because we are all connected with the Earth (and the entire universe for that matter), changes in the structure of human consciousness will be mirrored on a large scale with natural disasters and planetary upheaval. This brings to mind the alchemical expression of “As above, so below”.

    Do you consider sychronicities in one’s outer world that parallel inner changes, as Tolle is alluding to, magical thinking?


    FROM BILL: Every time this subject comes up I say the same thing: magical thinking is the belief that the laws of physics can be somehow bypassed or manipulated by the mind or by some other sort of magic. They cannot. Tolle is merely describing cause and effect (though I doubt that collective thinking will cause natural disasters–that IS magical thinking–the certainly have caused financial panics, political upheavals, wars, and many other dark happenings). I have spent a lot of time describing the actual mechanism by which what you do inside creates 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what things seem to mean. In this way, what you do inside affects the rest of the world (and it, in turn, affects what you do inside).

    “Synchronicities” are patterns that people notice that don’t appear to have a clear explanation. That just means that the cause and effect involved has not been sorted out, or is too complex (at least at this point) to be sorted out. A magical thinker, not understanding why a synchronous event has happened, attributes it to some sort of magic. This is the refuge of minds that don’t yet have a grasp of how cause and effect works.

  22. Chris Z says :

    10+ dimensions to our Universe and 95% dark energy/matter is not magical thinking or nonsense. It’s hard core Quantum Physics. I appreciate your practical advice on the “real world” and find it very helpful.

    Best Wishes,

    FROM BILL: Well, actually, both of those are speculations by scientists to describe evidence they have. They are educated assumptions supported by certain evidence but which remain to be proven. They are not (as you have said) magical thinking. Magical thinking is about the suspension of the laws of nature. These two hypotheses are based on our best understanding, at this point, of the laws of nature, even though these hypotheses are of yet unproven–and may never be proven (scientists aren’t quite sure how to prove the 10 dimension hypothesis, for instance).

  23. Fraser says :

    How is it that seemingly smart and even enlightened people spout so much nonsense?

    To name just 2 in the self help industry, Dr Wayne Dyer is always banging on about how magic can happen, past lives and all sorts. Steve Pavlina expounds on the psychic abilities of his ex-wife, as well as the LOA.

    What is going on?

    Have they deeply disowned skepticism and therefore lost all intellectual honesty? How can they really buy into all this tripe? They seem to be sincere. They get paid for being sincere about their bullshit.

  24. Ben says :

    Hi Bill,

    Forgive my prejudice here, but I honestly don’t expect you to publish this comment (on the convenient pretext that it is off-topic) because the content is probably not compatible with your belief system / world view.

    I’ve listened to every single one of your blog posts since discovering TBTAMC back in February 2009, and it is very good indeed. Although not as interesting as Janov’s Reflections on the Human Condition. As far as I’m aware, he is the only person in history to discover a way of systematically dismantling what Eckhart Tolle calls the ‘pain body’, which is the driving force behind the ego and the energetic origin of neurosis.

    You cannot simply dismiss birth trauma or newborn abandonment as an ‘idea’ of the mind, since the left hemisphere doesn’t become active until the age of 18-24 months. I wonder what solution you have to offer that permanently frees people of repressed psychogenic pain, and if it makes any sense in the context of evolutionary neurobiology – the brainstem and limbic system always pull rank on the ‘recently’ evolved pre-frontal cortex, after all. Hence the expression of ‘deep emotions’, referring to the triune structure of the brain. Say what you like about Janov, but his methods are firmly grounded in observational science, which make his findings difficult to disparage, however much people subconsciously want to look away from their own repressed pain. One of Louise L Hay’s affirmations is ‘the past is over, so it has no power over me now’. To paraphrase Jacob Bronowski; that is false, tragically false.

    I suppose the question I most want to ask you is – have you read any of Arthur Janov’s books (especially Primal Healing ~ 2007), and if so, what do you make of his approach to healing? Isn’t it blatantly obvious that expression is the solution to repression? You seem like a man who keeps an admirably open mind, and doesn’t get too attached his beliefs – the conversation you described with Genpo Roshi, when he asked you what you thought about transcendent awareness, then said ‘OK, now doubt that’ demonstrates a willingness to question your assumptions. And yet, you pejoratively dismiss Western psychology by suggesting that it has nothing to offer (quote ‘what, if anything…?’), whilst at the same time advocating the use of affirmations with Holosync, which are a cognitive therapy tool.

    The human mind’s enormous capacity for self-deception and denial of self-evident reality has never been more clearly apparent than with the collective Establishment of psychology professionals’ attitude towards the discovery of primal pain – pretend it doesn’t exist.

    I’ve been thinking about communicating with you for a year or more, and will be most pleasantly surprised to get a response. Even though I find your approach to dealing with the human condition unsatisfactory in respect of healing deep psychological trauma, I do subscribe to everything else you recommend and always find this blog well worth listening too.

    Thanks for all your help,


    FROM BILL: But I never said any of the things you’re saying I said, nor do I hold any of the opinions you assign to me (save for one, which I will discuss). It’s so easy to set up a series of straw men and knock them down. Perhaps you should be more careful concerning what you attribute to me before you decide to argue about it.

    I’ve never said anything negative about Western psychology, which I borrow from liberally. The only thing I said about Janov was that his method doesn’t work. It doesn’t free people from the pain you speak of. It causes them to feel better for about six months, as do most strongly emotive therapies, and then they revert back to the way they were. This is why though these kinds of therapies were quite popular 30-40 years ago, they aren’t used by many therapists today.

    From Wikipedia (whose article is quite objective–this comment is hidden at the very bottom of a long article): “Primal therapy has not achieved broad acceptance in mainstream psychology. It has been frequently criticized as lacking outcome studies to substantiate its effectiveness. It is regarded as one of the least creditable forms of psychotherapy and has been classified in a 2006 APA Delphi poll as discredited.”

    His analysis of how childhood trauma affects later mental/emotional problems is accurate in certain ways (childhood trauma does create wounding–something I talk about ALL THE TIME), but his treatment doesn’t do what he claims it does. He did not pioneer the theory that childhood wounding creates dysfunction anyway.

    The whole idea of birth trauma is not widely accepted in the mainstream therapeutic community. The earlier a trauma happens, the deeper and more primal the wound, and the more emotionally dysfunctional the person becomes. Those with really early trauma (shortly after birth, such as when the mother fails to bond with the child) experience horrendous psychological problems (the schizoid spectrum of problems). Such conditions are considered to be largely untreatable, or at least the most difficult to treat. Any progress is usually slight. On that basis that the earlier the trauma the worse the dysfunction, we should all be worse-than-schizoid, since we all experienced birth. Janov may speak of “birth trauma” as if it were a mainstream idea, but it isn’t, and neither is he.

  25. Richard Martin says :

    Synchronicity was a really good album by the Police, probably their best.

    Scientific hypotheses and theories are structured to be disproven or shown to be inadequate. That’s how science advances. Magical theories are structured to make the believer feel better.

    Dark Matter and Dark Energy are a way to save the current theory of gravity and the Big Bang, or whatever. Basically what the scientists who support the dark matter/energy hypothesis are saying is that they have to “invent” matter and energy that no one sees or can even detect, by any means, in order to make the current models of the universe work.

    Maybe in a few years there will be a scientist who will do an experiment that will prove definitively there’s no such thing, sort of like what Michelson and Morley did to prove there was no ether. A few years after that, Einstein came along and showed how the speed of light was just another constant no matter what your frame of reference.

    FROM BILL: Do you have to be so rational? What’s the matter with you? Do you really think Synchronicity was the Police’s best?

  26. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your answer. I remember some months ago I posted on this blog asking about your practice. You replied that your meditation days where far behind (it sounded like you didn’t need it anymore, like you didn’t need any kind of spiritual practice) do you still feel the same way ?



    FROM BILL: I go through periods where I meditate a lot, and others where I don’t.

  27. Richard Martin says :

    As Popper said, science advances through a series of conjectures and refutations. Someone observes a phenomenon and develops a causal hypothesis to explain it. Then someone else comes along and designs an experiment to prove that the causal hypothesis can’t possibly explain the phenomenon, with empirical data to back it up. Then someone else comes along and devises a more inclusive hypothesis or an alternative one, and the cycle starts all over again.

    That kind of clean cut refutation of bunk can’t happen in therapy, and much less in social science, although in the former, there is at least a chance that hokum theories will get marginalized. This is because you can apply statistical analysis, at least to some of the results.

    In the social sciences, however, even that level of refutability isn’t possible, because you can’t rerun history or set up control groups of countries or entire populations on which to run experiments or run comparative political systems (as one example). That’s how communists can still go around claiming that communism would work, if only it could be applied in its pure theoretical form. The Soviet Union was really a corruption of the pure ideal.

    FROM BILL: If only more people understood how the scientific method works. Unfortunately, most people’s scientific education consists of a biology class in high school.

  28. Richard Martin says :

    And I do think it was their best album.

  29. catherine says :

    ok so help us learn Bill and Rich. I for one am willing, but there is such sea of information out there, where to begin? I feel illiterate in your presence.

  30. Juliet says :


    Thank you for your detailed reply. You are generous with your time and words.

    I admit I am not a consistent reader of this blog. Actually my query came on the heels of rereading your blog post of August ’08 on learned helplessness. After gaining a greater awareness of some patterns in my life, I felt an intuitive urging to go back and read that post. It resonated more deeply with me the second time. As a result, I shared it with a couple of people and have begun using Holosync again.

    Actually my questions were largely prompted by wanting to hear a different take on the whole law of attraction question, and you gave me that, which I thank you for.

    I’ve signed up for a number of things so I receive a lot of e-mails and I’ve read a lot of books. I feel I’ve got my ear to the ground concerning much of what’s going on out there in the world of contemporary spirituality. I’ve felt I’ve had it drummed into me the message: “It’s All YOU” regarding my situation.

    Even though blame and responsibility are not the same thing, this has come across as a sophisticated version of “blame the victim.” I am to take 100% responsibility for my victimization, even though I’d done nothing outwardly to deserve it. Meanwhile, the offender gets off scot-free. This always seemed to me to be seriously fucked up. So I was posing my questions to see if you had any different ideas, or if you were like so many of the others.

    I have done deep soul-searching for decades –(and trust me, I’ve had plenty of time on my hands to ponder this) and what I’ve arrived at is this: If I had a childhood chock full of perpetrators, and you are a perpetrator “type,” and we meet, we may get locked into some kind of deadly dance. My brain/body/cellular memory may have encoded in it some kind of mysterious software running in the background which creates and energetic resonance with you. As such, without wanting to, I unwittingly provide a hospitable environment for your “talents.”

    As far as I can tell, this is the only responsibility I have in the situation. In my view, no matter how you slice it, I am not responsible for your insatiable need to rob and abuse me. But if you listen to so much of what’s out there today, you would not hear this.

    I agree with you about the interface of the law of attraction people and quantum physics. I once read a quote by Richard Feynman, who I believe was a Nobel Laureate in physics. He said something to the effect, “No matter what anyone says, no one really knows.” This was coming from a man who’d devoted his whole life to the study of physics. To me he was saying there are mysteries which are scientifically unexplainable. It makes me wonder about the curiosity of the movie “What The Bleep” which was a “woo-woo” film which featured several prominent physicists. I wonder why they agreed to appear in the project.

    I also agree with you that you cannot control the world with the human mind. Where we perhaps differ is I believe that there is an infinite intelligence which we all live in and reflect. It is THIS part of our minds that can change things.

    I know you don’t believe in spirit guides, but I do think some channelled material is authentic, such as A Course in Miracles. In it, it states, “all minds are joined.” I believe there is abundant evidence of this.

    The practice I follow has over a hundred years of documented healings of not only mind and body but also relationships. These healings come about through purifying one’s consciousness to be more in alignment with the divine. In healing of relationships, they come about by spiritualizing your view of the other person.

    And it’s not just in that practice. I have heard stories of of Buddhists practicing the Metta Lovingkindness Meditation who have turned bullies into friends. In one sect of chanting Buddhists, who teach the oneness of self and the environment, there are many success stories of people who were able to heal adversarial relationships by chanting for the other person’s happiness.

    I think these things happen not because of any action of the human mind, but because of divine law.

    Many years ago, I had taken an interest in Gandhi as I was inspired by his example, even though at the time I could not implement it in my own life. One day I was walking down the street in New York City and saw an old journal of Gandhiian thought, dating back to the 40’s, that someone had put out on the curb for recycling. This bit of serendipity was not lost on me as being some sort of fluke thing.

    I know I was meant to read an article in it entitled, “The Law of Boundless Love.” It told story of a Reverend who ran a Gandhi center in India where small children were taught. As soon as the center was set up, a troublesome and disruptive neighbor, a poor, elderly woman, began coming over and interrupting classes with complaints and accusations.

    The Reverend saw this as an opportunity to teach the children about Gandhi’s example, so each time she responded to this woman with patience and kindness and sent her home with a gift. Gradually the woman started to change until she eventually completely transformed. The story ended that one day she came bringing a gift of potatoes from her garden, “and now she is a model neighbor.” The article pointed out that the transformation came about only because she was able to not bear any ill will toward the woman, that the law of boundless love had healed the situation.

    That I’ve been unable to effect a similar change in my situation is perhaps due to lingering resentment; perhaps my love is still not pure enough. I guess I’m not ready to don any halo just yet.

    It was never my intention to suggest that I’ve cornered the market on suffering. Isn’t it the first of the Four Noble Truths that “Life is suffering?” Especially in these middle and later years of my spiritual journey, I’ve strived to be patient and tolerant and to practice that saying to “be especially kind because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” I’ve even strived for that with my enemy, as it is clear, at least to me, that she is fighting some kind of battle with herself, which I may not fully understand.

    Let’s all “Be Well.”


    FROM BILL: Let me take a shot at clearing up this question of what we’re responsible for and what we aren’t. I have stated many times that there are certain things we do have a choice about, if we are aware enough, and other things over which we don’t have a choice.

    These four things we do have a choice about (again, we have to be aware enough to see HOW we create these things in order to exercise that choice): 1) how we feel, 2) how we behave, 3) which people and situations we attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meaning we assign to what happens around us.

    If you aren’t aware enough to see how you create these things, they will not be a choice. Instead, they will be automatically generated by your mind, based on how it was programmed by your early experiences.

    On the other hand, there are many things you don’t have control or choice over. The impermanence of everything isn’t a choice. We can do things to forestall it, but ultimately it always wins. We also have limited choice about the matrix of cause and effect. Though we can influence others, there are too many people to influence them all, and our powers of influence are limited. Billions of other people have agendas different from ours, which causes us to often get what we don’t want or fail to get what we do want. And, there are lots of physical forces in the universe we can only mitigate to some degree (like wearing sunscreen or carrying an umbrella).

    This means, then, that you are responsible for your response to what happens, though you can only have choice about this if you are aware enough to see how you create that response. You are responsible for your actions, again to the degree that you can see how you generate your behavior.

    You are also responsible for which people and situations you attract, TO A DEGREE. Obviously you do attract or become attracted to certain people and situations, and that you can have a choice about which ones if you are aware enough to see how you generate that attraction or how you give out signals that attract other people, but given that there are so many other people in the world and so many physical forces that are beyond your control, you may end up in certain situations no matter how aware you are, or end up with certain people just because they crossed your path (though if you’re aware enough you can spot the fact that they are going to be bad news and do what you can to stay away from them).

    And, finally, you are responsible for what you think things mean–again, if you are aware enough to see how you generate meanings.

    When someone is abused or traumatized in some way, they develop a belief that there is danger in the world, and that they have to do something to avoid it. This causes a person to focus on not having that danger. Unfortunately, whatever you predominantly focus on you tend to create or attract more of. So once someone has been traumatized they tend to attract or be attractive to abusers, and they tend to be attracted to situations where abusers will be found, or where they can experience the danger they want to avoid.

    Of course no one does this intentionally. A belief in danger causes one to focus on it, which causes us to be drawn to situations and people who might make it come true. This is where awareness comes in. If you are aware enough to see how you do this, you will stop doing it.

    This doesn’t mean that the abuser isn’t responsible for his or her own behavior. The abuser and the abused are doing a dance together where both are trying to “prove” that something they believe about life, other people, or themselves is true. Of course they are doing this unconsciously, which allows them to keep doing it even if it causes suffering for them and for others.

    The bottom line is that awareness gives you choice (and therefore responsiblity) about certain things (those four things I listed). Awareness also allows you to dodge some of the random things that inevitably come your way in life, if you can see them coming or can see the likely outcome (you meet someone who you know is going to do a dysfunctional dance with you), you can get the hell away from them. The problem many abuse victims have is that anything that reminds them of the abuse causes puts them into fight or flight–they tend to globalize the danger to include people and situations that aren’t really dangerous. Again, if the person is aware enough they can tell the difference between a really dangerous situation and one that just reminds them of one.

  31. Catherine,

    Stop reading New Age drivel. Get out of the New Age section of the bookstore or library. Be very selective about the self help books you read. Read books about scientific psychology, such as an undergrad textbook on psychology or personality. Watch Nova every Tuesday at 8 pm on PBS. Read Richard Dawkins’s (particularly his latest The Greatest Show on Earth) or Stephen Jay Gould’s books on evolution. Read Richard Feynman’s books on physics from first principles. Get other books from the science section. Read up on logical fallacies and faulty reasoning. Google “logical fallacies” and there are tons of websites dedicated to that.

    Beware of anyone who promises “something for nothing.” If someone says you should put your wishes out to the universe or something else like that, avoid them. Contemplate the fact that when you are sick, you feel bad, but the viruses or bacteria are having a feast.

    FROM BILL: I was going to say “amen,” but then everyone will think I’m a fundamentalist Christian.

  32. Catherine says :

    Thanks for taking the time to write Rich. I hear what you’re saying and I will follow it up.
    Bill, never under estimate how helpful this blog is. Your last few posts although maybe tedious for you have been hugely worth it. Having never posted a question before in all the years I’ve been using holosync, I came on the blog 9 months or so ago full of confusion regarding magical thinking ie what it was and what it wasn’t. Certain things were happening that I couldn’t explain and the New Agers seemed to have credible information that could.
    I have asked some ridiculous questions and said some childish things, things that I would have been too embarrassed to ask face to face, but I’m glad I did and that you have provided the opportunity to do so.
    I see now that my main concern has indeed been trying to find some kind of definitive ‘truth’ which is impossible. It’s very easy to be seduced without realising it. These people are so sure they’ve got their shit together. I on the other hand am never sure of anything much.
    Anyway, I’m deciding to be fine with not knowing certain things and to not latch onto ideas based on hot air and hear say. It sounds so obvious when I write it down that my cheeks have gone hot.
    You are gifted at presenting complex information. Perhaps a post on the scientific method/cause and effect would benefit everyone and prevent some from falling into the same trap?

  33. catherine says :

    in fact I’m going to bang on about it until you do. Have just re-read Juliet’s question and your answer, and the info contained within is pure gold. Magical thinking is a complete honey trap, but it has taken me MONTHS to finally see how I personally was stuck (I’ve got such a furrowed brow I’m considering botox). I thought I was cleverer than that. I’m sure lots of others on the blog think they are too.

    An in depth post on 2 said topics would help………

  34. Dennis Hayden says :

    Hi there,
    I checked for the video at the top right of the participant’s page but there was nothing there. I checked each of the pages but could not find it. Will you please check it out and give the instructions again?

    Dennis Hayden

    FROM BILL: That’s where it is. I don’t know what else to tell you. It must be something about your browser. Have someone else try it on another computer. I can’t duplicate the problem.

  35. Catherine says :

    Juliet, your story is beautifully expressed and very touching.
    One thing I have learnt (and it is ongoing) is that if I stop seeking (which is easier than it sounds ) and concentrate on doing what Bill suggests, my life improves. It is complex and yet simple at the same time. I’ve really realised that it’s all as complicated as you want to make it.
    I bet an in depth post on cause and effect would help…….

  36. Joe says :

    Hey Dennis , If your a inner circle you won’t see the video. I can’t see it myself, but my girlfriend can we she logs in on the same computer and she is not a inner circle. go figure…

    FROM BILL: Hmmm. I will look into that, as I obviously want Inner Circle members to be able to see it.

  37. Dennis Hayden says :

    Hello Bill

    Thanks for trying to help with the video. I have now tried 2 pc’s and three browsers trying to locate the video in the participants section of your site. There is absolutely nothing at all in the right hand corner of each page in the site. So, as you are unable to duplicate the problem, I will have to let it go. It does seem to me that one time I did see some videos to do with you and your work but not now.

    Dennis Hayden

    FROM BILL: Though I have asked for this to be remedied, the video is not being shown when someone in the Inner Circle logs into the participant section of the website. Are you an inner circle member?

  38. Dennis Hayden says :

    Hello Bill,
    No I am not, unfortunately, a member of the inner circle. I am on awakening level 2 and have just purchased level 3. However, something must be blocking it because it is just not there on any browser or either of the 2 pc’s I have tried. If you can find out why, I would be interested in viewing the video. But if you can’t, you can’t. There is lots of other material for me to immerse myself in.
    Good luck with this!


  39. Erik says :

    I just finished reading and listening to your blog from the beginning(took me like 3 days).
    This post in particular is a real breath of fresh air. It showed me that I’m really going to have to start being more skeptical about the stuff I hear or read about(I thought I was already pretty skeptical).

    I’ve been pretty immersed in all sorts of spiritual(or some sort of personal development) stuff since I was 16. The thing that introduced me into this stuff was The Secret. I of course was totally suckered into believing all sorts of magical things and it was mostly this blog that gave me a reality check. In a way I’m really grateful that it happened since it led me to Holosync and Eckhart Tolle, both of which have affected me in really positive ways.

    I have realized that in order to not get suckered into stuff that don’t serve me and at the same time not miss great opportunities I have to find a balance between skepticism and trust. To better find that balance I need information(scientific facts) and even more important I have to become more aware.

    I get what you’re saying that everyone has been to hell and back. I know that there are a lot of people who have had much worse things happen to them than to me, apparent in the fact that some people commit suicide, something I have never seriously considered. Sometimes I do wish(when I’m in a particularly negative mood) that I would go to sleep and never wake up or get obliterated in a giant explosion. In a time like that, the possibility of a reincarnation seems like huge pain in the ass…

    The hell in my 8th and 9th grade resulted in me having an extremely poor self-esteem, zero confidence, I lost some of my best friends, my grades got a lot poorer(even though I was considered to have a lot of potential), I couldn’t look people in the eyes, my relationship with my relatives was really strained, I developed a huge fear of public speaking and social phobia, I started to skip school almost every week and my health was crap. Every day I had to go to school was a mini version of hell. I had huge anxiety, sleep disorders and was in a downward spiral until finally I just couldn’t go to school anymore and quit just before my final year.
    When I was finally sent to a psychiatrist she thought I had Asperger syndrome(which I don’t). I was totally tied up in knots mentally and emotionally.

    Jeez…I just wanted to say how cool your blog is and ended up whining about my life. Anyway, I’m doing a lot better now and I’m really excited about my own evolution. I’m really going to commit to Holosync(I haven’t done it in about a year) and finally start my LPIP courses. (I had some pretty intense resistance to the courses because they kind of reminded me of school work.)

    I still find it pretty hard to motivate myself to do something. I’ve had this feeling that all the ordinary day-to-day stuff that people usually give so much importance to is a bit of a waste of time(this is all Eckhart Tolle’s fault).

    Most of us already live like kings compared to people a few hundred years ago. Being happy to just be alive and fully in this moment makes much more sense to me(though for some reason I don’t always feel that way). Thats really why I’m into spirituality and interested in my own evolution(and the evolution of everything else as well).

    I wonder if you could recommend me some scientific books that you have read and liked, or any other book you think is a “must read”?

    Maybe I’ll see you someday in one of your retreats if I somehow manage to finally make some money(I pretty much live on the other side of the world from you).

    I’ll be seeing you,


    FROM BILL: As I said once before, to get a good grounding in the sciences I recommend Isaac Asimov’s non-fiction books about physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. Though they were written a while ago and there have been further discoveries since then, I think they are some of the best-written books for intelligent lay people about science and will give you a very good grounding in how cause and effect works, at least in the physical realm (you’d have to read other things to learn how it works in the psychological realm).

  40. Dennis Hayden says :

    Thanks for the video. It is now on the right side of my screen at the top.


  41. Yeah, but Bill’s using an old version of Powerpoint.


  42. By the way, that was a joke.

  43. Shane Greene says :

    Will you ever bring back your retreats. I always would imagine what it would be like to attend one.

    FROM BILL: Not until more people can afford to attend one.

  44. JohnN says :

    PS: If you’re a current Holosync user, please check out my new video about the current research on meditation and stress at This is must-see information

    I can’t find this video. Lots of articles in taht section, but no videos. Pleaseadvise where it is located.

    FROM BILL: Call support.

  45. Barry says :

    Bill,I’ve been wasting dozens of hours around Ken’s internet crowd–yergonna luv this.What does the universe “want” to do?1)continuity–it wants to keep doing what it’s been doing;2)harmony–it wants to maintain harmony w/ itself;3)evolution of itself…so,what do (most) people want to do?1.2&3:people want to keep doing what they’ve been doing,i.e.,maintain harmony w/ what he perceives as himself,the social/cultural/ethnic universe of tradition etc,etc;& as that evolves, he wants to evolve with it.I’m a cautious fan of your view that people are apparently nothing more than molecules,etc,in The Process of it all.HS level 4.”Get me the hell outta here,Mr. Wizard!”(PS,hate to snitch,but one of Ken’s guys said Ken publicly stated that “reincarnation is a given”–thus all his attention to this & that self,as if it had more than purely conceptual “reality”.*I DO NOT WANT TO REINCARNATE.)

    FROM BILL: Ken is welcome to his opinions. He’s sounding more and more fantastical all the time! A dozen impossible things before breakfast!

  46. Marcy Harbut says :

    Well, now I’m almost sorry I decided to start listening to Awakening Prologue after reading this blog post. Bill Harris sounds rather arrogant and puts too much faith in scientists (well, the scientists that he agrees with).

    Scientists simply do not have the last word about any of this. Some may have a better understanding of these laws of physics, but they are seekers of truth, just like the rest of us. Bashing people who ascribe to “New Age” beliefs does not make you superior or better informed. You just sound like a jerk. I am dismayed and thinking maybe I should ask for my money back.

    FROM BILL: I’m trying to help people be effective in life. Magic doesn’t help you be effective. It handicaps you. Cause and effect works a certain way. Magic is the idea that you can change cause and effect. You can’t.

    Showing people what works best is arrogant? Really. I hope you aren’t projecting any of your own stuff onto this situation.

    By the way, do you really choose what tools will help you based on whether you agree with the opinions of the people who created them? Wouldn’t that sabotage you in a lot of cases from using a tool that could really help you?