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Going to Hell in a handbasket, Part 1

by / Tuesday, 22 February 2011 / Published in Economics, Politics

“Going to Hell in a handbasket”: to be rapidly deteriorating; on course for disaster. This phrase may have originated from the use of handbaskets to catch the decapitated heads of guillotined criminals during the French Revolution. (

It all started from a simple question on my blog (from someone I know quite well)…

But what started as a simple question, buried in the comments after one of my recent posts, where many people would never see it, turned into a lengthy description of my take on what’s going on in the world, from an “as viewed from outer space” big-picture perspective.

Though a lot of this falls into the “not at all what you wanted to hear” category, I decided that I should share it with everyone—which I will do over the next several days in a series of posts.

It started this way:

A question for you.

After the years you have lived, the work you’ve done and the things you’ve seen, if I’d ask you what do you expect out of life, of your days remaining here, what would you say? What’s your view?



My answer: I get up, I eat, I come to work, I do my best to help people, I go home, I spend time with my wife, I play the saxophone, I see my kids and grandkids, I read, I pay close attention to the financial markets and the world situation, I go to bed.


Thanks Bill,

From Santiago: Very zenny – chop wood, carry water, I don’t care much – answer. You speak a lot about dark times coming. Do you have any guesses on what will come out of that ? (I know it’s a lengthy topic).

In my own view there is a clear tendency towards integration in the world, which comes with more and more people having experiences of unity (an evolutionary process). Like the world is realizing that is one body breathing and one mind thinking, one process evolving. From a hindu perspective we could be moving as humanity from a 3rd chakra (look for power) center to the 4rth one (non dual love).

Of course this is (like most processes in nature) not smooth and easy, like the birth of a child, doesn’t come without tears and blood, so is not like we’re gonna start loving each other just like that, but it could be an intelligence emerging. Because otherwise individual inexhaustible egoistic appetites will clearly end with humanity as species.

Any thoughts on this ?

Thanks as usual for the blog and for sharing all this wisdom.


My answer: I don’t think we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius, or some period of collective love. In fact, just the opposite. And, I doubt that more people are having experiences of unity now than at any other period in history, other than perhaps because there are more people in the world than ever before in history. Those of us who’ve spent enough time meditating or doing other spiritual practices in order to have some sort of transcendent experience are a tiny fraction of the population of the world. Most such experiences are spontaneous and the person having the experience may or may not have any idea whether it is significant or not. Most would just think, “Wow. That was a cool and weird experience.”

Positive and negative social mood moves in waves governed by certain mathematical relationships that are built into the universe. If you look carefully at history, going back, say, 10,000 years, and look at the archeological evidence in pre-history times, and the much greater evidence as we get closer to modern times, you can clearly see the times when social mood was negative. I do see us entering such a time of increasingly negative social mood–in fact, a BIG one. And though things are obviously much more contentious and negative now than they were ten years ago (or even five), I don’t think the REAL dark times are here yet.

When such times come, human beings can do such savage things that it’s almost unbelievable. The 1930s and 1940s provide the most recent relatively big example. These two decades included:

* The Nazis

* A vicious Japanese attempt to subjugate much of East Asia

* Stalin and his killing of millions of people (more than Hitler, by the way)

* Mao fighting the Kuomintang and the Japanese in China (and using the chaos to take over China, leading to up to 70,000,000 deaths by some accounts)

*Millions of deaths from war, starvation, etc, destruction of entire cities

* American Nazi rallies in Madison Square Garden in the US

* A world-wide depression

* US communists coming out of the woodwork and gaining many key posts in the US government

* Vicious street fighting in Europe (even before WW2)

* And a lot more.

There were riots, epidemics, economic meltdowns, and every radical nutjob came out of the woodwork (Huey Long [on the left], Father Coughlin [on the right], etc—google them).

When chaos takes over, radicals like these, of all stripes, stand on their soapboxes and shout to the crowds, “Don’t worry, I have the answer.” Their answer is usually deadly for the world, but things are so bad, and people are so confused that they are willing to follow someone who seems to have an answer. The same will happen this time, and it’s already starting.

Looking at history, this sort of thing has happened over and over. We like to think that today we’re more civilized, and that “it can’t happen here,” but the Nazi era ended just 5 years before I was born, which isn’t that long ago. I don’t think in the last 65 years humans have matured that much. And, of course, mass killings have continued to happen since, even during times of positive social mood.

Most historians estimate that the communists in China were responsible for between 40,000,000 and 70,000,000 deaths (some of this came during a less severe downturn in social mood, from the late 1960s to the late 1970s–during which time, by the way, just in the US, Robert Kennedy, Medger Evers, Martin Luthor King, Malcolm X and others were assassinated, there were riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago, several race riots broke out in US cities, black churches were firebombed, students were shot and killed by the National Guard at Kent State University, numerous anti-war rallies were held (some of them quite violent), and the entire country was fractured over the Vietnam war).

When times of negative social mood come, civilization flies out the window, and it will this time, too. In times of positive social mood (and a major such time peaked about ten years ago) everybody loves everyone else, everything seems possible. In times of negative mood, everything turns upside down and the worst side of people comes out. Based on the size of the peak of positive mood, which happened about ten years ago, this downturn should be much bigger than in the 1930s, which was terrible enough.

I suspect there will be economic devastation, total chaos, epidemics (the Black Death, around 1350, happened during a time of declining social mood, and killed between 30-60% of Europe’s population), and every other bad thing you can think of. Leaders often use such times to further centralize power (if you want power, “never let a good crisis go to waste”) and reduce freedom of expression, movement, choice, etc.

It’s difficult to not get swept up in social mood even if you’re aware that it’s happening. All you can do is become more aware of what is going on (despite the fact that paying attention during negative times is difficult and doesn’t improve your mood one bit—not to mention the fact that the media isn’t reporting what’s really happening, and a lot of the information comes from radical sources that have a decided agenda but may appear to be valid—requiring you to develop alternate sources of information) and do your best to stay out of the way of danger, nutjobs, etc. Think of the fall of the Roman Empire and what that must have been like on the basic level of the everyday person.

What will come out of it? No one knows. However, usually there is a battle during such times between two forces. Generally speaking, this battle is between those who want authoritarianism and those who want freedom. These two forces were represented in the 1930s and 1940s by the Nazi’s and the Soviets on one side and Western democracies on the other (even though the Soviets and Western democracies were allies against Hitler, the Soviet approach to life was more like Hitler’s).

Sometimes the good guys win, and sometimes the bad guys win. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which, or there are no good guys. I don’t think there’s any guarantee that good will triumph during these battles. It depends on what people do. What would the world be like if Hitler had won? What if the US hadn’t been involved in the war in Europe in WW2 and the Soviet Union took over Europe after defeating Hitler? Many times in history the most vicious people have “won” and slaughtered millions. Look up Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, for instance.

Though not directly about this subject (for more about social mood, google socionomy), a book I highly recommend, as it goes though the entire history of humanity, based on the most recent archeological findings (and is written by a quite witty and highly readable author, Ian Morris) is Why the West Rules–for Now. This book gives you a fascinating look at the scope of human history. Though the author isn’t hip to the influence of social mood, you can clearly see it at work in this book (Richard Martin, you will LOVE this book).

I’m not saying that we’re all going to be in bomb shelters, or that life will necessarily or continuously be one of grim survival (though look at what WW2 was like for the people of Europe). What happens during such times for you is at least partly under your control. Inform yourself. Figure out what you can do to be more prepared and do it. Strengthen your social ties to those you love. Begin to realize that the best things in life are free and take advantage of those freebies.

As always, the best thing anyone can do to better navigate life, whether in times of positive or negative social mood, is to BECOME MORE AWARE. Holosync makes you more aware, and does it more quickly, than anything I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around that block MANY times).

I’ve been trying to get across on this blog that there are some key things about life that are a choice, IF you are aware enough to see how you create them. Other things, especially cause and effect and impermanence, can be affected a little bit, but in the grand scheme of things, and in an ultimate sense, they are beyond your control (see my many posts about this topic). Those things you have to acknowledge and make your peace with (or, alternately, make yourself miserable fighting the unwinnable fight against them).

I’m not trying to be negative in all this, just realistic.

One last note: be careful of those who promise “Follow me to Utopia!”–which can take many forms. Progressives, communists, socialists, and fascists are all famous for making such promises (and people are much more likely to listen to them in times of declining social mood), clothing their plans in attractive garments. These things always end very badly.


But the discussion didn’t end with that. Unbelievably (!) Santiago didn’t agree with me! In my next post I’ll share Santiago’s answer, along with some shocking details I then shared with him to support my contention that we are entering a period of severely negative social mood.



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149 Responses to “Going to Hell in a handbasket, Part 1”

  1. Chris M says :

    Dear Bill,

    As a young person and innovator, I certainly find this fascinating/interesting, such crumbling and rebirth of society. Not attached to conventional commitments, or living a cookie-cutter life, somehow I like how people seem shocked when things change. To me it seems to make life ‘real’. For example, (I was in the recent NZ earthquake) the devastation(chaos) gave me something to do. I actually recognized how calm and detached I was compared to others, and how I got back to normal routine so quickly (ty holosync). Having been through many ‘negative’ things (depression, insanity, suicide) I feel like its all over for me and now it’s the more externally focused peoples time, in a way. Maybe I’m not /flowing/ from ‘highs’ to ‘lows’ or something but whatever.

    My point I guess is that a (relatively) increased prosperity on an emotional and practical level is coming to me (I believe it cause it’s a tool, seems to make sense). Do you have any advice for those trying to forge a future through the unwalked path, etc? I have started on a path (creating an ongoing tech product) that will span 20 years or more, help people and me, and will be a primary focus of my life. It helps I have no friends or ‘bling’ (for lack of better word), and have little desire for them. Also when surrounded by seemingly unconscious individuals (who assume/take-for-granted the news is objective, etc), it’s a bit harder to know where to look for less biased facts relevant to current-day events. Also where are the people talking about things like changes in the idea of what it means to be aware, alive etc – when machines become as smart as people in 20 years or so. People must have seen this coming – that humans may not (continue) to be the ‘best’ species in our lifetimes and have to get over that. So much to learn… If one is dedicated, where do they go?

    This post resonated with me in many ways, having read the mentioned blog comment yesterday. (I have started reading comments recently.)
    Coincidences keep appearing, I suppose one gets used to it.

    I suppose this is too long, and I have rambled a bit. I guess I hope you have some magic hat of info/sources.

    *Do you have any advice for those trying to forge a future through the unwalked path, etc?
    *it’s a bit harder to know where to look for less biased facts relevant to current-day events – what about the future?
    *So much to learn… If one is dedicated, where do they go? (context/big-picture / what are the general successes in the future and how do they effect these flows of social mood )
    *I guess I hope you have some magic hat of info/sources.

    (Novice) Chris
    (any response appreciated)

    FROM BILL: An unwalked path makes you a test pilot. You have to evaluate the results of each step, and then take another. I go into this in detail in the third of my Life Principles courses.

    I have spent (literally) decades looking for unbiased information. Sometimes I thought I’d found it, only to later find something that convinced me that the previous information was at least incorrect if not actualy biased. Sorting through all the information is a lengthy process. It helps to understand history and science. It helps to be well-read in philosophy. This sort of knowledge is a life-long project, and many people just aren’t that interested. They’d rather text their friends than read what the smartest people in history have come up with. That’s just the way it is.

    I read many financial newsletters by people who only get subscribers to the degree that they turn out to be right. Though ALL humans are biased in some way (or at least have a limited perspective), I find that these people are at least doing their best to find out what is really going on, rather than promoting a certain political or cultural point of view (though they often have one). Here are some of the things I read (some of which are not completely unbiased–some things I read because I want to see what information the mainstream is receiving–I read it knowing that it is biased):

    From Robert Prechter and the Elliott Wave people:
    The Elliott Wave Theorist
    The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast
    The Socionomist (newsletter about social mood)
    Ellliott Wave European Financial Forecast
    Elliot Wave Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast
    Elliott Wave Global Market Perspective
    Also check out Robert Prechter’s books, esp Conquering the Crash

    The Aden Forecast

    Decision Point

    Dow Theory Letters (my favorite)

    John Mauldin (google him–free newsletter read by over one million people)

    Safe Wealth Advisory

    Wellington Letter (Bert Dohmen–very good)

    The Dines Letter

    Anything by Martin Weiss (some of his stuff is free, very good)

    The Economist (best weekly news magazine in the world, though it has it’s biases)

    I watch a lot of TV news, though I am aware that what they show is selective. I find that Fox, contrary to what many people have been led to believe, is actually the least biased. I make my own interpretations of events, though, rather than adopting the interpretation of TV commentators.

    I also read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. USA Today is a good barometer of what the masses are being told. It is quite biased, both in what content to present and in how it is presented. I find that Time Magazine and Newsweek are garbage, barely better than People Magazine.

    The books of F.A. Hayek are great, as are books of Harry Browne (especially How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, which is one of the most important books I’ve ever read), and Ludwig von Mises (not easy reading, though).

    Thomas Sowell’s book are extremely good, especially those about economics. Easy to understand.

    Will and Ariel Durant wrote a multi-volume history of the world (The Story of History) which will take you twenty years to read, but is worth it if you want to understand history.

    The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Gibbon, is well worth reading.

    For a broad scientific education for a lay person I suggest the non-fiction books by Isaac Asimov, which are fascinating and easy to understand.

    The books of Barbara Tuchman (historian) are fantastic.

    I have also read extensively about twentieth century history, the history of Nazism and communism (I’ve actually read Das Capital), the labor movement, the works of Mao Tse-Tung (or however they spell it these days), Lenin, Marx, the Fabians, and other related topics. I’m also very well read about the history of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. I’ve read quite a lot about economics and financial history. I’m quite well-read in philosophy, psychology, systems theory, and human development. I’ve read most of Ken Wilber’s books. I read a lot of science books written by top scientists for the well-educated non-scientist. I subscribe to several science magazines. I am quite well-read in all the literature about Eastern philosophy (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, etc), and it’s western branches (New Thought, Theosophy, etc.)

    A book I’m just finishing now which is amazing is Why the West Rules–For Now, by Ian Morris. This book give the latest info from archeology, sociology, and history about the entire sweep of human history from the early evidence to today. Quite a work, and not difficult reading. He’s quite witty and engaging.

    I could go on and on, but this gives you a few ideas (in fact, a lifetime of ideas, and I’m sure I’m leaving out several categories).

  2. Josh says :

    Bill, isn’t it true that what we believe is what we’ll create and validate to be true for ourselves? So, why would we believe that we’re in store for a dark time?

    FROM BILL: If a bus was barreling down on you, would you want to know, or would you think happy thoughts on the theory that the bus is caused by your belief in it?

    Yes, beliefs are self-fulfilling prophesies. However, you can’t (and don’t) control the world with your mind, contrary to what all the New Age nitwits tell you. In my Life Principles online courses I explain that you have a choice about four categories of things–IF YOU ARE AWARE ENOUGH TO SEE, AS YOU DO IT, HOW YOU CREATE THEM: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what they events around you (seem to) mean.

    As I have said, at length, in many posts on this blog, you do NOT have control over the giant matrix of cause and effect you’re caught in (the actions of the other 7 billion people on earth and the many physical events in the universe–weather, the sun, earthquakes, cosmic rays, gravity, etc, etc), and you don’t have a choice about the fact that everything is impermanent. Social mood, and the events it precipitates, are an aspect of cause and effect. They are much too big for you to affect, other than in a very (very) limited way.

    How you focus your mind will affect (as I said above) how you will feel during whatever happens, how you will behave, whether or not you gravitate toward the more dangerous events (or prepare for them) or manage to some degree to stay away from them, and what meaning you assign to whatever is happening.

  3. Andy says :

    Sorry Bill but I must disagree with you as well, and disappointingly, inasmuch as the only ‘justification’ I can offer is that I am an optimist who simply finds it difficult to entertain negative ideas. There is a real danger that those over 50 see everything ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ which is why Grandpa Simpson is such an effective stereotype. There is no denying either that the dark side of human nature as evidenced by history is very black indeed, but my personal experience has always been that everything is a miracle. I am truly amazed every day that I wake up, that there is water in the tap, food in the shops and on the table, petrol and public transport available, to name but a few of our blessings – and not just for me, but for billions of other individuals on the planet. If disaster comes I hope I will be looking to see what I can do to help (as indeed I do every day, in my small way). That said, your point is well taken: if my nearest and dearest are threatened I guess there is a good chance I will look to my homicidal shadow for protection (either that or I will get my chance to be a saint :-)

    FROM BILL: I share your attitude. It won’t keep the forces of cause and effect and social mood from doing what they are going to do, however. Look to history and you will see that social mood goes up and down. Definitely keep that attitude, and also prepare for dark times. Those with an attitude like yours will be able to help those who are suffering.

  4. Trwiley says :

    For someone supposedly enlightened, you resort to the same model so often used (misused): the shit’s gonna hit the fan, so you better buy my product to prepare. Buy holosync. You can’t stop the end of the world as you know, so you better just meditate.

    Good grief.

    I am a supporter of something that actually aims to STOP the end of the world as we know it, The Zeitgeist Movement. It’s not Utopia and I don’t fear it. I instead fear the fear mongers such as yourself.

    FROM BILL: First of all, I don’t care whether or not you buy Holosync. Holosync powerfully increases your awareness, which I think is the most important asset a human being can have. If it fills a need for you, use it. If not, don’t. It doesn’t matter to me at all, and I am not sharing this information in order to sell Holosync (do you really think sharing comething this controvertial is a good method for selling something?).

    “Fear-mongering” implies that what is being discussed isn’t true. Believe me, what I’m describing will come to pass. You can either prepare for it, mentally, emotionally, and in a practical sense, or stick your head in the sand. Your choice. And, at any rate, I’m not trying to cause people to be afraid. I’m trying to get people to pay attention, to becme informed about what’s going on, and to not get their information from mainstream media and from biased political sources.

  5. Jerry Dechant says :

    Hi Bill,

    While everything you say may be factual, it isn’t the whole picture. I am sure you are aware that the more “awakened” people on the planet, the more likely we are to have a better outcome. One who is fully present in the moment acts with greater power than one who is not fully present in the moment. It is said that one such person has much greater ability to have greater effects on those in his/her environment in a positive way. I don’t recall the numbers right now, but I know of experiments where a group of people sat in meditation with the intention of radiating love and compassion. During the period where this occured, there were statistically noticable drops in crime and violence in that area.

    When 2 or more people join together with a positive life supporting intent, their power to effect the environment (people) is far greater than if they meditated alone. So, even though there are in numbers and percentages very few “awakened” beings present here on earth, their influence is sufficient to at the very least maintain balance. And I think you are aware, of the value of balance. The middle ground, the peace at the center of the storm, the Here Now Moment, Presence. When we dwell in a balanced state of being, we radiate this balance to our surroundings. When we gather while in this state of Presence and balance, the influence is expodentially magnified and the results are noticable.

    I kow you’ve talked about there is no winning between in a battle of good over bad, or black over white, that is the turning of the wheel, finding balance is moving towards the place where the wheel turns around you, and you observe the ebb and flow of the “good” and “bad” as part of the play of consciousness.

    In this moment the only thing we truly have is this moment. Being fully present within it is where we find peace, joy and fulfillment. As we experience this peace, joy and fulfillment we radiate that, and thereby we fulfill our small part in the continuation of the play of consciousness.

    Best regards,

    FROM BILL: Yes, I agree that those who are more aware have an effect on the world. Not as much as you think, though, and not enough to keep social mood from becoming darkly negative in the coming years. If you think the only preparation you need to make is to be “present” spiritually you are going to be in for a rude awakening. I’m all for what you’re talking about, but you might want to be prepared in other ways, too. The number of people who are as you describe is a fraction of one percent, and believe me, many of them will also be pulled into the negative social mood, too.

    I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. So far, everything I’m talking about is happening. Perhaps you aren’t aware of a lot of it, since little of the information about it is widely known, since the media doesn’t cover it.

  6. Trwiley says :

    And by the way. I am also a student of Integral Philosophy, as I know you are as well. Myself, and other integral practitioners, are finding the synergies and merits of The Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project. It is not a dangerous utopia, but our next evolution towards a world of no money, a world that works for everyone.

    But then of course you can’t imagine that, because you are stuck in the existing paradigm, and particularly the orange-meme of making your money off of a meditation product that could easily be distributed for free electronically to everyone everywhere.

    If you really cared about saving the world, you would consider that.

    FROM BILL: Give me a break. How do you know what paradigm I’m stuck in? You’re certainly free to go for your Utopia, though no utopia has ever worked out. No money? That’s going to work just great. Probably a little bit of study about the purpose of money would benefit you. Sigh. Is this the best argument you can come up with, that I’m stuck in “the existing paradigm”?

    Only a person who would has never had to do anything in the real world would advocate giving a product away for free. How long do you think my employees would come to work if I didn’t pay them? How would I offer the necessary support for Holosync users? How would I eat and pay my bills if I didn’t make some money? How would I pay the electric company, the people who provide the internet connection, etc, etc. It costs money, even if something is delivered digitally, to offer a product to people. Giving everything away for free is an incredibly naive idea.

  7. P. says :

    between levels of change there is chaos. something i came to understand fm you. huge change huge chaos. keep to the vision of what we want & not what we dont want & we can effect the change we want.

  8. Julia Hare says :

    Isn’t most of the world still filled with violence, hate, and fear at this time? Just because it is not on our doorstep at the moment doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been in existence. Don’t forget the kindness, peace and love that also exists simultaneously. What happened to focusing on what you want to happen instead of what you don’t want to happen?


    FROM BILL: I’m just noticing what IS happening, and the patterns of how it has happened throughout history. And, I don’t remember saying that there aren’t good people in the world, or that everything and everyone will be some sort of evil killer in coming years. The more aware a person is, the less likely that they will become swept up in social mood (positive or negative). Social mood will, however, continue to swing from positive to negative and back again, as it has for the million years humans have been on this planet.

  9. Denise OConnor says :

    Bill, I think it’s possible to look at what you are anticipating both in a rational way (past predicts future etc) and from the perspective of the spiritual traditions. The Hopi prophecies and the Bible alike show two paths – one that can lead us to a more utopian future (empathy, mutual aid, evolutionary consciousness etc.) or a dystopia where things slide back and get worse. I see lots of examples that support each possible future: anti-democratic power structures consolidating their power ( particularly capitalism which governs the distribution of resources) while I’m also seeing shifts towards flattened hierarchies and power-sharing. I think our future is a crapshoot -one may prevail or both may continue to survive side-by-side. A friend of mine says light always wins but you need that critical mass with insight and courage. I don’t see too much of it in North America right now or in too many places in the world. How we navigate the future as individuals is a matter of luck, our personal resilience and the support systems we have in place.
    – Denise

    FROM BILL: If you look at history you find that “the light” doesn’t always win. Wishing it were otherwise is a sweet attitude, but it doesn’t change the facts. The thing to do on a personal level is to do as much as you can to alleviate the suffering of other.

  10. Johnny says :

    HI Bill, this is the first time I’ve posted any type of response. I do so because your email asked if I would–after reading your post regarding Santiago’s question. I will be brief and hopefully relevant to both you and Santiago. I am more of the nature in my thinking/feeling towards Santiago’s optimism; this does not however attempt to invalidate or ignore all the points you are making; in fact I agree absolutely with everything you say. Does this mean I think about the issues you are concerned that people be more aware of? simply, not really. In my journey, I’ve come to realize that every decade, every century, every period of history will always have something that is cutting edge bad news; so, the logic in my mind is that if I want to feel safe by amassing unpleasant news to be ‘more aware’ it comes down to the degree of what I feel is important to listen to on the news, and almost endless sources of information dissemination. For I did pay attention to quite a bit of the Egyptian uprising, not because I was fearful, more so because of the courage and spiritual reality the protesters displayed. I will continue to be aware of the ‘bad news’ however, this information is not used within my mind to influence my ‘point of vibration’. I hope this provides some understanding of how I balance and live each day.

    FROM BILL: This isn’t about focusing on bad news (by the way, if you knew the back story of who organized the Egyptian protests and what their goals are, you might think differently about this situation). There is always bad new in the world, and good news. More things are SEEN as “bad” in times of declining social mood, however. In fact, things that were thought of as obviously good are seen as bad when social mood turns negative.

    No offense, but 98% of people don’t have access to enough accurate information to evaluate what’s happening. Getting your information from mainstream media leaves you woefully uninformed.

  11. Dave says :

    Nice one Bill, convincing everyone of impending doom. Especially when we’re on a crossroads here. I think we better focus on the good things and prepare to defend them. It’s the victim attitude that helps all things go to hell.

    FROM BILL: Better read it again. There’s nothing in what I said that has any sort of victim attitude. If you acknowlege that you have a disease, are you being a victim? Or are you just preparing to take action to do something about it? I am all on favor of defending the good things. If you don’t know that they are under assault, you might not start doing so in time, though.

  12. Clark says :

    Sadly I would agree that the movement forward appears to include wide devastation via war, pollution, and corruption by individuals and groups moving to obtain massive power and control over the human race and Earth itself.
    Individually, there may be more people awakening than ever before, but then again that may only be relative to the much vaster numbers of human beings on the planet now! Sadly this too may be more of a problem than a benefit, because there is a ‘metaphysical’ view that says “Everything I need will manifest itself when necessary.” The problem is who and what is in control of the ‘necessary?”
    Recently I read “Love is the only Truth – Everything else is illusion” by David Icke. Now I am reading a much more comprehensive book he wrote called ‘Human race get off your knees.’ It speaks of people down through history that continue to move towards greater power and control over Humanity and the Earth.
    I do not know how things will turn out. But no matter how grim I am optimistic, why? Because I feel one with he source of life. While that may sound ridiculous to many it feels natural to me. It however does not change current events experienced on this planet nor even within this flesh. It does do one very good thing. It enables me to be an expression of love in this life.
    That may make me sound perfect in some way, but that assumption is false. This flesh is constantly changing and will in the not too distant future transform into dust, metaphorically speaking. Conscious aware love as a form of energy in expression will persist, although that which I currently perceive to be some expression of me may not. Even so, there are many possibilities we may lack the full capacity to envision. Energy, such as the energy of love may transform and exist on multiple levels of expression we have no ability to perceive.
    Do I care, yes and no. The best one can do now is fully love ones self forgivingly and share that love with all. Such love never demands another respond in kind. Love does not insist that the loved one be loving in return if that is not how they feel and are being motivated to express them self.
    This ultimately for me boils down to being true to ones self as best one can. I know from living that I make mistakes. Sometimes I even persist in mistakes entered into, so long as they seem to do no harm. Even then, I experience self punishing emotions and some denial of being absolutely true to inner guidance, when I choose to not step away from any condition in which I feel I am not being completely true to expressing love.
    To sum it up, I find confidence in being as true to what I know as I can possibly be, all the while realizing my failings and weaknesses that so far have prevented me from expressing myself more lovingly in every relationship.
    The next question that arises for me is: When is there ever a real necessity for defense from forces that would destroy ones self and ones loved ones? Even that is too simple a question, because motives are so important, as well as maintaining personal integrity while becoming an expression of self preservation in a destructive way.
    Sadly many and possibly most involved in resistance to destructive forces do not fully realize the intent and designs such forces are wielding, and how they choose to ultimately succeed in their efforts to manipulate, enslave, and enforce control over life on this planet. It may be foolish too not give such notions real consideration.
    However, Ones primary focus at best is always one of loving inner integrity, born of compassion, and sustained in realizing how life itself even if just as an energy form is something all we know life is empowered by. This is where it seems easier to say things like; “All or one and one for all”
    Be well.

    FROM BILL: I am not saying, “Be pessimistic.” By all means, be optimistic. If that means that you disregard danger, however, you will probably regret having done so. Be optimistic, do what you can to increase your awareness, hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and do everything you can to alleviate the suffering of others.

  13. Aaron says :

    Wow, what a bummer.
    Let’s all give up.

    Let’s forget all the research that has been done on the efficacy of prayer and meditation as a healing modality and what it implies.

    Let’s forget the relatively recent research about the effects of consciousness on random number generators and matter.

    Sure, bad things have happened…and bad things will probably happen in the future…but remember it took a minority of the colonial population to create the United States, Gandhi caused the British to leave India, Martin Luther King inspired the civil rights movement.

    My point is…we have examples of small minorities creating positive change.

    I know you mean well, but this message is a hope killer.
    Admittedly, I may have misinterpreted your message.

    FROM BILL: I guess you have. What I said may cause you to feel like giving up, but that’s not at all what I am advocating. I’m saying, from an objective a point of view, that times of positive and negative social mood alternate. This isn’t a wild theory. It’s the result of observation of the patterns of human behavior by some very smart people. Many researchers are becoming quite interested in this way of looking at things this way. Every study I have seen confirms it.

    When social mood becomes negative, humans do terrible things to each other. It’s best to be prepared. As I have said above several times, DON’T get sucked into negative social mood. Others will be, though. You can already see it all around you. Be optimistic. But prepare, and be ready to do what you can to alleviate the suffering of others.

  14. Ed Pisko says :

    There are all kinds of cycles but the easiest to measure are the economic ones and there is fairly good evidence that there are 17 year cycles of dark and light economic cycles. Dating such cycles is difficult during them, but easier in retrospect. Economically, the U.S. peaked in 2000 in terms of the stock market and employment. The tremendous housing bubble, fueled by mortgage backed securities, made a large part of the population feel rich during the last decade and our downturn was not so obvious. But during this time we saw a surge in those doing yoga, practicing meditation, going to Buddhist centers and various different spiritual conferences. This was hailed as the dawning of a new age and we were to welcome the coming of the Divine Mother which would change the world from the old patriarchal past with wars etc. In retrospect, all of this searching for inner wisdom may just be a reflection of the dark period we had entered in 2000. The good news is that our dark period could end about 2017 or somewhat later. The bad news is that we are entering the worst of the dark period and a major war is a real possibility. As to the question of mankind’s evolution it is unfortunately true that we haven’t advanced at all. Through meditation there are many who have reached a degree of inner awareness and that is wonderful, but the numbers are so small compared to the world population that the impact is small. So we are left with all the conflict in the world as we identify with our country, religion etc. The hope for release from the cycles of dark and light comes from individual transformation. If only everyone would do Holosync.

  15. Noreen Dodgson says :

    Hi Bill,
    Amazing Blog. I live in Israel – and for those of your followers who want to rant about us and what they think about us, I would respectfully ask them to refrain. I’ve heard it all – I’m tired of it all as well.
    As for what you’ve written – I couldn’t agree more. I live in the center of the storm. We (Israel is a country of 7 million residents – mixed Jewish, Arab, Christian, and Muslim) are surrounded by 700 million Muslim Arabs who want to kill us. It isn’t going away and it won’t be going away for some time.
    I think you’re right about a lot of what you’ve written. Unfortunately, in the US and other Western countries, the realities of what the rest of the world lives and deals with are filtered through CNN, MSNBC and other media who give a very slanted view of what’s really going on – as you implied in your blog.
    It’s an uphill climb and it isn’t an easy one. It requires guts, fortitude, commitment, integrity and a lot of confidence in what you believe in order to make it. This is where the great separation between those who really do believe in what they’re doing and those who are playing the game and hoping they don’t get caught when the s%^t hits the fan happens.
    We’ll see, at the end of the day, who is still standing.
    Thanks for the honesty and integrity it took to write what you wrote.

    FROM BILL: You’re welcome. There’s more to come, though.

  16. Nancy says :

    As much as I want to believe in Santiago’s (and many other people’s) theory of an evolutionary leap toward togetherness, as the dollar gets closer to the breaking point (i.e. past the point where smoke and mirrors work), the life we considered “normal” and didn’t appreciate is coming to a painful end. Thinking is an imperative, not a luxury. Not thinking is what got us here. A US Federal budget (not Debt, Annual Budget) that cannot be paid for even if every US earner were taxed at 100%. Repair will require time and repairs will be violently interrupted by the masses of the unthinking – or as Bill says, the unaware. We may indeed be One, but we don’t know it yet. I choose to laugh and hug my grandchildren and wish you well.

  17. Eric Johnson says :

    Thanks for sharing this post as it was one of the most balanced, articulate and intelligent things that I’ve had the pleasure to read lately (and I read a lot!). While its a nice idea and certainly one to which any individual should aspire, anyone who thinks that most of the world is moving toward any semblance of higher level spiritual awareness and attention is drinking the proverbial ‘kool aid.’ On the contrary, as world populations continue to expand, technology increases and there are greater pushes for control of global populations, means of production and economic resources, the conflicts we see will escalate. In fact, the technological aspect means, as far as I can tell, that it’s now easier than ever before for conflict to erupt and spread and inflict more damage than ever before. Moreover, more people than ever before in the history of the world are systems dependent (food, oil & gas processing etc) and it’s easier than ever to disrupt those systems. The admonishment to study and prepare is more relevant than ever.
    At the end of the day, it’s called dealing with reality as it is. The greatest pain in life is wanting things to be other than the way they are.
    Eric Johnson

  18. michelle s says :

    I’ll bite to comment. Yes, and yes- I do believe that this will come to pass. I think it will be worse for the West because people have been so blinded by consumerism and ‘everything’ will be fine- the shock will be there and may take people longer to recover. There will also be more violence and I also think that racism and prejudice will become worse again.

    What am I going to do about it? As much as I can- live my life-a combination of Viktor Frankl and Ayn Rand and my own map of reality.

    I cannot control the actions of others, but I can control my actions and reactions to what others do. I can work towards having the resources to look after my family. I can stand up for what is ‘right’ and not be sucked into blindly following. I can hope. Everything is temporary-even my life.

    I just hope I have enough time to finish all the levels of Holosync:)

  19. Marcos G. says :

    The fact is that we are a bunch of us. And most probably it’s going to get nasty before we go into a period of population starting to shrink, using only clean energy, rebuilding ecosystems, etc…

    Merida in the Yucatan was declared on of the most peaceful places on earth,
    wouldn’t it be cool if all Holosync users gathered there for the next years.
    – Best food
    – Lovely people
    – Nice weather
    – Mayan ruins
    – Beautiful jungle
    – And it’s very safe, the state only has four main highways that are highly supervised

    In the meantime.. I invite everybody to do a two minute meditation every day towards world peace @ 15:00 GST

    Light to all,


  20. Darcy Smith says :

    Hi Bill. I’ve been a Holosync user for over a year and as a therapist, I require every one of my clients to use it as well, as I believe it enhances the change process significantly.

    As far as this post is concerned, I must admit to feeling puzzled by it. You are a leader, someone trustworthy and who others turn to in times of confusion. I’m unclear about the purpose or usefulness in predicting Doom & Gloom. We are in the 4th year of an economic recession that seems to have no end ~ I spend my days blowing hope into the consciousness of my clients as I imagine you do on a larger scale. Why then the End Of Days prediction? What are you hoping we will extrapolate from this type of dialogue? Isn’t the essence of unhappiness either the avoidance of that which we believe will make us unhappy or the focus on all that is wrong in our lives?

    FROM BILL: Did I say “the end of days” or “doom and gloom”? You added those meanings to what I said. I’m just saying that it is an observable fact that social mood moves back and forth from positive to negative, in a certain pattern, and that when mood is negative certain kinds of things happen (and have happened, repeatedly, throughout history). Wouldn’t you rather be alerted to potential problems rather than being blindsided by them?

    What you or anyone feels in response to learning this information comes from you. Your response is something YOU DO, inside yourself. I don’t choose to feel negative or depressed about it. I look at it as a blessing that I am aware of what is going on and can do something to prepare, and that in knowing about it I can stand aside emotionally and watch rather than being caught up in it. Only if people know what is happening can they resist the efforts of bad people to do bad things. Most people did not take he Nazis seriously, for instance, until it was much too late. Then a huge and costly war needed to be fought where approximately 100 million people lost their lives. I’d rather that you and others know what is coming so you can contribute to heading it off.

    Take responsbility for your emotional response, though. Attributing it to me is hardly fair–or accurate.

  21. Torfinn says :

    Dear Bill,

    I am glad that you eventually have taken your gloves off and started to tell us the hard facts about history and human nature. Thank you very much. Finally someone who dares to tell the truth! I have studied this grim subject for almost twenty years myself though I am not much over forty years old. This is the dark shadow aspect of reality that most people are able to suppress during good times. But I am not one of them. I have been intimately aware of this hellish aspect of the human condition since early childhood. After almost five years meditating with Holosync I just see this repressed aspect of reality more and more, also in ordinary everyday life.

    For those (few) interested in this subject I can highly recommend the Pulitzer prize award winning book from 1974 “The Denial of Death” by Ernst Becker. But a word of caution. This book may change your view of reality forever, and I might add not to the positive side. There is also a Ernst Becker Foundation on the Internet that explores his ideas further and do some research on the subject called “Terror management theory”.
    I also recommend the award winning documentary film ”Flight from Death the Quest for Immortality” produced by Patrick Sheen and Greg Bennick. This film integrates the horrors of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York 2001. Thanks again Bill, I look forward to your next blog post.

    Love, Torfinn

    FROM BILL: Those who see the truth in what I am sharing are always those who have taken the time to do some studying. Those who don’t like what I am saying are usually assuming that they information they hear from the mainstream media is accurate and unbiased. What a person hears over and over is generally taken as true. Only a small percentage of people do the research to find out for themselves what is going on and what is and isn’t true.

    In another answer to a post I listed many of the sources of information I use. Please check them out, people. Broaden your perspective.

  22. Marcos G. says :

    As the Dalai Lama said:

    “I don’t know what world you’re talking about” this is not the case in my world…

    FROM BILL: Please look at the evidence before expressing your opinion, rather than just dismissing it because you don’t like it.

    Trust me, though, the Dalai Lama (whom I have met) is well aware of the world situation. His entire society had to flee from Tibet because of Chinese communists. He is saying the same things I’m saying: Be optimistic. Be aware. Alleviate the suffering of others. But don’t be blind to the realities.

  23. Barry Murphy says :


    Pretty dire outlook on the future but everything is cyclical in nature so it might just happen. Nice thing that I’m thinking about is the fact that I create my own reality. With your work and so much other work I have read I have no doubt that this is a fact. So as long as I focus there I’m going to be just fine. Also remember that fortunes were created during the Great Depression. I read somewhere that Joe Kennedy, President Jack Kennedy’s father, was short the market when the crash occured and that’s how he created a ton of wealth. Now he wasn’t such a great guy but that’s irrelevant to the above point. Fact is he did it. I hope everyone who studies your material and uses HoloSync will ONLY focus on themselves and not worry about anything outside of their control “out there”. You control what’s inside of you not outside. Thanks for all your work.

    FROM BILL: I don’t entirely agree that you create your own reality. You create (have choice about) four things–IF you are aware enough to see how you create them, as you do it: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens.

    The rest is not under your control, though some of it you can influence a little bit. You have little or no influence on the other 7 billon people on earth, who often have a different agenda than you do, and you have little or no control over the many physical forces of the universe (weather, the sun, gravity, cosmic rays, earthquakes, your need for food and oxygen, etc). And, there’s nothing you can do about the fact that everything is impermanent. You can only adjust yourself to these realities.

    What I am teaching people is to become aware of how they create the things they do (or, rather, can) have a choice about. If you exercise that choice, it is usually enough to create a good life. Awareness creates choice.

  24. Chris says :


    How long will the downturn in social mood last… ballpark?

    FROM BILL: Social mood moves in fractal waves (each wave is subdivided into similarly shaped smaller waves, which are also subdivided, etc; and each wave is also themselves subdivisions of larger waves). If you called the largest wave (though no matter how large, any wave is still a part of a still larger wave, but let’s pretend that there is a “largest” wave, just for this example) A, the subwaves could be B, the sub-sub waves C, and so on.

    At any given time we could be in a down-wave on the A level and an up wave on the B level, and so on. I haven’t gone into the details of how these waves work, since it’s a big complicated and requires visual aids. And, it would probably be boring to a lot of people. Google socionomy or Elliott Waves and you can see these details described by the experts.

    Right now, on a “really big wave” level, starting a wave down that was preceded by an up-wave that started in the late 1700s. The down-wave that preceded that one lasted a couple of hundred years. The up-wave before that was the Renaissance. The down-wave before that was the Dark Ages, beginning with the fall of Rome.

    On a smaller wave level, we had a down-wave beginning in about 2000, an up-wave after that, followed by the down-wave of the financial meltdown of a few years ago, and have recently been in an up-wave recovering from that (as seem by the recent highs in the stock market). I think we are on the verge of a down-wave beginning again.

    Go read abou Elliot Waves and socionomy.

  25. James Lunsford says :

    Well Bill, I only disagree with you on one small part. There were no good guys in WW2. Hitler got his eugenics from us; Rockefellor and Ford and Bush had their business with him as well. Also, even though Japan tried to surrender before we nuked them, we just had to microwave two of their cities to show the world just how tough we were. Other than that, seems about right to me. People will always be people. Some insist on being victims, others conquerors. Me? Do what I can for those who at least make an effort to do for themselves. Oh yes. I also really don’t care about the whole big picture thing. Too busy enjoying my life where I’m at right now.

    FROM BILL: I agree. There are no good guys, other than in a relative sense. I would still have rather had the Western democracies win than Hitler and the Japanese.

  26. John says :

    well bill, fantastic blog. I don’t agree or disagree. I feel it is all irrelevant. I have moved away from complexity and embraced simplicity. I thank holysinc for the part it paid in the journey.
    over last few years.

    The key to simplicity is found in the sermon on the mount spoken by Christ and the last supper speech on instruction given to his disciples by Christ. 2010 years ago or thereabouts!!!!

    I value my life only in terms of the delay in being with Christ in the next world. I have no other interest that rates at this level.
    To commit to anything other that the absolute simplicity of belief in Christ and his specific instructions of living is for me a waste of time.

    I try to have absolute obedience to his command to first seek the kingdom of God.

    When all the things that are meant to happen , going to happen , conspired to happen happen, with big govt small govt etc etc it happens. I will not deviate on my daily and hour by hour focus on the presence of Christ within me.

    If in the changes I am asked to renounced my belief or die then that an easy one, die.

    Good luck to who wins in the material form and don’t hesitate to let me know.

  27. catherine H says :

    Some people are in danger of making the classic mistake of shooting the messenger. This is all unfolding right now. The more informed we are the more use we are to others. Please let our common sense and courage to do the right thing prevail.

  28. Jerry Dechant says :

    BILL WROTE: …I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. So far, everything I’m talking about is happening. Perhaps you aren’t aware of a lot of it, since little of the information about it is widely known, since the media doesn’t cover it.

    What I wrote about has to do with being present in the moment enough to take appropriate action for my own health and well-being. Frankly, that’s about all I can do. I think this is about all anyone can do. If we take care of this moment, the future will be taken care of as well because I will have at least for myself, planted the seeds for a future which perpetuates my well-being. My hope is that others realize no on else can save them, each of us is our own savior.

    Additionally, in the balance of expression in being, there is an equal amount of negativity as there is positivity. That means there is opportunity for at least half the expression in being to express positively while the other half expresses negatively. How does one experience the “positivity” side of the balance? By planting the seeds of positivity in this moment right here, right now, making choices and decisions which engender the growth of this sort of experience.

    While I endeavor to maintain a life experience of well-being, I know that there are those who won’t do that, and I do have compassion for their part in this play of consciousness. I also realize the potential for postive and negative expressions reside within my own being, the same as is true for each other individual in manifestation. Fortunately, each of us can make choices which side of the equasion we predominately express within.

    However it all plays out, there is a point of attention, expression which endures throughout the ebbs and flows of manifestation. As I find this point within me, even though my body may suffer and pass away, the being which transcends all things endures eternally.

    What else is an eternal being to do except experience this ride?

    Looking to the past for guidance into the future has some value, yet like driving down the highway constantly looking in the rear view mirror can have disasterous effect, so too can constantly looking to the past for guidance into the future.

    I encourage each person to find the joy of this moment in life, and share it with others. In the very least, at least this moment will be joyful and wonderful to experience.

    That reminds me of the story of the monk who was being chased by a tiger, and finally came to a clif where he lowered himself down over the edge out of the reach of the tiger. As he held on to the vine, before him was the most beautiful bush of strawberries he’d ever seen with plump right sweet strawberries aplenty. The vine was about to break because of his weight, and he would surly fall to his death, but in that moment, he enjoyed the gift of sweetness the strawberry offered him.

    I hope we all are wise enough to enjoy the strawberries which life offers us before the vine breaks and we fall to our deaths.

    Best regards,

  29. Ron Crider says :

    Please check out the work of the Socionomics Institute and the work of Bob Prechter. I think you may find it very interesting and cogent to the points you have made here. Regards, Ron Crider

    FROM BILL: I’ve been reading Prechter for at least twenty years.

  30. Heikki says :

    Thank you again Bill!

    Well …., truth.

    When I was younger, not so much younger, I dreamed for years of war against the Russians and Swedes. Many times. It was like an autopilot, really. My main thought in my “dark times” was that I was going to kill, or at least to organize the 200 million Russian and 9 million Swedish murder. Machine guns, gas chambers, nuclear bombs, etc.

    Each of the Russians and Swedes, one at a time, but all of them.

    Yeah, and also a quarter or half a million of my countrymen here in Finland.

    I was filled with hate, and I ENJOY it! Really

    (Do not ask me why? long, too familiar and boring story of 800 years of history of colonialism in Northern Europe)

    At the same time I was “normal, average people” who wonder the brutality of nazis and soviets???!!!

    Well, then I woke up. And now, I have also listened to holosync about 5-6 years and have read everything you sent to me by email and post.

    Yes, I am now a different person, a different human being.

    But my thoughts of the “dark era” did their job and living today in our society and our world structures.

    So, I do not blame anyone. I could not even myself. I just take full responsibility for my crazy ideas. And I do my part just a little every day reorganizing the world with better thoughts.

    Perhaps it doesnt help, and perhaps it does help. But, like danes had a good saying in early -80`s. “Yes, we might be on the road to hell or heaven, but we go there in first class”.

    I have chosen first class;-).

    “What man can imagine, the man can also create”

  31. Alan H says :

    Hi Bill

    Well I guess we have identified a MAJOR shadow in some of these responses to your post. Well here’s my two cents:

    There is no easy “answer” to the worlds problems. Mostly because everything is connected, even though it doesn’t seem to be. Our currency, US Dollar, is just about bottom. The middle east is being played off against each other for regime change by the elites. Yes those in that area should be fighting for freedom, but freedom is not what they are getting. And the more chaos in that area of the world, the less oil production, ergo higher gas prices which cripple our weak economy, which bring the riots, etc ( you get my point).

    Yes the Zeitgeist Movement sounds great TRWiley, but try getting the rest of the 7 billion of the population to sign on to it. And I too read David Icke, but to understand him you need to read his first 2 books. He really believes in all of the Alice Bailey stuff about the 7 rays of energy that will awaken us and save the planet. The rest of the “conspiracy” stuff in his recent books, albeit mostly true, was added to make his magical theories palatable and to make him not sound like a quack (plus it helps sell more books).

    We should all be thanking Bill for this info. I know I am. I dont get my info from any mainstream sources if I can help it, and theres still a ton of what is happening that I am unaware of. Thinking positive is great, but whats so wrong with being informed? This shadow will really be a pain for you guys when it hits then fan. And it WILL hit the fan. And no magical thinking will save you. I also think that magical thinking (religion) is so ingrained on all parts of the world (including Westernized) that any hopes of a peaceful uptopia without an attempt of mass execution by some group, is really not ever likely. Get informed now while the internet is still on and form a plan, or youll wish that you had.

    FROM BILL: Utopian ideas never pan out. Humans have certain qualities that cause these ups and downs in social mood, and though idealistic people keep trying to change things, the dark side of humanity will always exist.

  32. silvana del favero says :

    i agree with what you said and it’s not very comforting especially at my time
    of life so please try and include something that i can look forward to with
    pleasure.also please use a larger print as my eyes are not good.

  33. Neil says :

    Bill, I recall a book by the famous space scientist Carl Sagan (who used to appear on Johnny Carson as a guest, from which Carson would imitate in one of his inane skits..”billions of years ago”) that there was a mathematical formula for determining the number of advanced civilizations in the cosmos, and one step was to subtract the number of such civilizations that gained the technology to destroy itself… and did so.
    We are only a little more than 50 years into the Nuclear age, and
    basic know-how to construct WMD’s is becoming easier to obtain.
    Human beings are still very insecure and defensive by nature.
    World awareness will take time, if our kind can survive long enough to root out the “cave man” part of our brains that sees variety and change as a threat to be wiped out.

  34. Linda Lawless says :


    Thanks for stirring the waters. I’ve been plugging away at Holosync for years now, still love it, and encourage all of my clients to use it. I haven’t been reading your blog, don’t know why, but this post caught my attention. Thanks again for showing me to a new way of looking at things, Elliot Waves, and prompting me to finish my family emergency plan.

    Your post reminded me of the saying “Trust in God but tie your camel first.” My camel is a 43 foot sailing yacht moored 2 blocks from home with a full 100 gallon diesel tank, my ark, for the family and loved ones to anchor offshore if need be (I’m in CA where the “big one” is always on the horizon). On the other hand I’m active in my work and community to increase personal awareness and responsibility. I’ve always believed in being aware of the sh… that can hit the fan, being prepared for it, then working to do what I can to improve all that is around me.

    Keep up the good work, and please keep stirring the waters.


    FROM BILL: Just don’t take you boat to Somalia!

  35. Hi Bill,

    I recently started using Holosync after a recommendation and am enjoying an increase in my meditative abilities. Too early to tell if my modest awareness increases significantly but I’m enjoying your piece of the jigsaw-pie.

    My own view on the subject of the World mood swingometer is quite simply – the playing field is levelling out-up, much money is flowing into Asia as those areas are becoming increasingly industrialised and “modern”, yet the currency flow isn’t returning or coming back into “Traditional Western Economies” in the way that – “the man on the street” is being told they should expect, simply put – not enough ingenuity and wealth creation is happening in the west.

    Negative mood is here and happening because we want those cheap goods from China et al, we also want to keep our grand posturing abilities in the value of our own currencies, quite simply a major adjustment and devaluation of most Western currencies is required.

    Negativity is happening through and because of the resistence to this need and governments don’t know it but they’re desperately trying and finding new methodologies to quitely do/fulfill these “shock horror” requirements in round about ways, ie – lets have an expensive war, – the methods that you’ve already stated in earlier replies.

    I’ve found time Interesting to read your blogs.

    FROM BILL: The increase in awareness happens over time. If you talk to long time Holosync users, they will tell you that their awareness has become phenomenal, and that this translates into dramatic changes in your experience of life. (Comments from any of you lon-time users?)

    I suggest that you google Socionomics and read up on it. Their point of view (and they have a LOT of data to support it) is that social mood is not the result of events, but rather the other way around. Social mood changes all by itself, which then affects human behavior, the stock market, the economy, the arts, and everything else. Check it out and see if you aren’t convinced that this is so.

  36. Bill,
    Thank you for sharing your interesting perspective. As a fellow eclectic reader who has drawn from many of the same wells of thought as you, I share your concerns. My personal outlook is optimistic, but as a student of history I know that as white, male, American, baby-boomer, I drew the best possible lot for incarnation. Not my doing–just plain luck. As a student of history, and a recent reader of Morris’s Why the West Rules–For Now, I appreciate that humanity’s track record, even recently in the “Age of Aquarius”, isn’t very good (to put it mildly!). With these preliminaries in mind, some random comments:
    1. As Morris notes, we have taken off with the industrial and subsequent revolutions, and we may be perched on either the edge of “the singularity” or a new collapse. Because of the industrial revolution, we’re in new uncharted territory. Not since the advent of agriculture have we seen such a shift. (If you haven’t read the last chapter in Morris, I highly recommend doing so now. It won’t spoil it for you!)
    2. I highly recommend Peter Turchin’s War and Peace and War (2007) to you as a follow-up to the Morris book. Turchin is an environmental scientist with his own very sophisticated account of historical patterns, although he acknowledges that this work looks at agricultural polities, and industrial polities may establish new patterns.
    3. Although somewhat dated, Lewis Mumford, the great 20th century American humanist, is an excellent “big picture” writer on culture, cities, and humankind’s journey over time.
    4. It seems to me that the future isn’t fixed, that it can’t be known in advance with certainty, and that the point is not be take an attitude of either optimism or pessimism, but of realism, as in “what should I do now given my current circumstances?”.
    5. Two nuggets of wisdom that keep coming back to me: “Work as if everything depends on work and pray [however one may define that] as if everything depends on prayer”–attributed to Gurdjieff, and Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer.

    Thanks for your work. Also, for your sharing your interesting reading list.

  37. David Allan says :

    Congratulations Bill, it’s about time someone said this. In my lifetime the world population has gone from 3 -7 billion. That’s an exponential curve. Similar curves relate to fossil fuels depletion, minerals depletion, pollution, global warming, species extinctions, over fishing, logging out rain forests… All these trends are accelerating out of control and yet the only solution our politicians propose is even more growth. Madness.
    On the one hand our economy (as it is currently strucured) must grow for us to be prosperous. On the other hand endless economic growth is not possible due to the constraints of our finite planet. Which adds up to one thing – collapse. Ironically this could be the best thing for the planet and every species on it (including our own).
    Great to see this out in the open and I’ll be interested to see your analysis of the underlying factors.

    FROM BILL: Actually, people have been predicting that we’ll run out of this or that or the other thing (resources, room, etc) for thousands of years. The reason we haven’t is that technology always resets the bar. There is, for instance, enough energy in a small rock to run everything in the world for millenia (E = mc2). We just don’t know yet how to extract that energy. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t know how to get at a lot of the other energy we now use now, though. Though I suppose that ultimately the earth does have finite resources, I have a lot of confidence that scientific exploration will find ways that will set the bar much higher, as has happened over and over in history.

    Then, there are many other planets with resources we can use once we learn how to get to them.

    As for population, this seems to be self-limiting. When social mood goes negative in a big way (or even in a moderately big way, as in the 30s and 40s) humans kill each other in large numbers. Not a great solution, but it has happened over and over. I suspect, though, that even if this didn’t happen that again technology will bail us out. The percentage of the earth that is populated is quite small. What we need is the technological ability to support more people, which I think is coming.

    Progressives have been beating the “we’re running out of ____” drum for a long time. This has been repeated so many times that people assume it’s true. I don’t think it is. We have AT LEAST 500 years more fossil fuels, for instance. We’re NOT running out of oil, and there will be ways to convert it to energy without all the pollution. There is enough nuclear energy to last for thousands of years, and the problems associated with that are solvable, too (and actually have mostly been solved already, though most people don’t know about those solutions). Crack the E = mc2 puzzle and there will be pretty much infinite amounts of energy available.

    The only think that concerns me is whether or not in this next downturn in social mood humans will use nuclear weapons to kill everyone. Hopefully that won’t happen.

  38. catherine H says :

    I’ve just choked on my tea thanks to Silvana del favero’s comment.
    That is hysterical!

    FROM BILL: You see, in times of negative social mood, choking incidents increase.

  39. Jeff says :

    Hi Bill;

    I think maybe your awareness has just gotten high enough to notice all this stuff. It’s nothing new as you mention, only ones awareness and maybe noticing how you yourself interpret or deal with the information.

    Is any of this important? Has anyone ever dealt with this before and been successful at keeping their wits or peace of mind? Maybe that is someone I would be interested in hearing from.

    I hear that raising your awareness is the path to take. When you hit the outer limits you have found the “Big Mind” or are the “Big Mind” then maybe you shift dimensions and start over again. The path is so big and wide that no one can ever tell you the true path to take, you must find your own way.

    I like feeling enlightened, I like communing with the Gods of Mythology through meditation. I also like the daily chopping wood and hauling water
    the work seems never ending. Technology is always changing and the learning curve is challenging.

    What a wonderful time to be alive and having access to all the information we have. the stuff that would take lifetimes to learn is now available in book or electronic form and maybe we can’t be competent at all levels of awareness, we do understand how it works, better now than ever before.

    It is good to be prepared. The ol chestnut “Prepare for the worst, expect the best” pretty much holds true whenever or whereever.

    I remember doing a course on “Evaluations” that looked at outpoints and very little plus points. Your mind became trained to look for what was wrong all the time, there was no balance. One day my mind took off and looking at everything in the world that was wrong. It was like being in a wind tunnel. I had to let it run it’s course but realized what had happened.
    I had to balance myself with the plus points in this world. Yes things can go to hell in a hand basket if you let them. The rudder of a ship isn’t stable unless a good hand is on it.

    I believe that the choice is yours to make. We can trust our Leaders to pull it out of the woods for us but having a garden, a years supply of food, some home brew and family around you isn’t a bad idea.

  40. Beth says :

    Dear Bill,
    this is a very interesting post, thank you.
    You gave a number of references to a young person who requested further reading and I’m in agreement with you over the importance and benefits of being well read and educated and indeed, politically informed.
    You have made reference to information behind the scenes eg:
    ‘(by the way, if you knew the back story of who organized the Egyptian protests and what their goals are, you might think differently about this situation)” and “No offense, but 98% of people, which probably includes you, don’t have access to enough accurate information to evaluate what’s happening. Getting your information from mainstream media leaves you woefully uninformed.”
    Would you please tell us where you get your information about such specific things as the Egyptian protests? And could you tell us how you know it’s accurate? There are many of us who would certainly make the effort to be better informed if we knew where to look.
    thank you in anticipation,

    FROM BILL: I get it from the actual websites of organizations of, or connected to, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Muslim groups, various socialist and communist groups, the writings of various progressive authors. Google “Caliphate”, for instance. Google “Muslim Brotherhood.” Start poking around and you find all kinds of info that never makes it into the mainstream press.

    A week or so ago you could go to, which was an English language version of a Muslim Brotherhood site, and was a VERY scary site. When Glenn Beck drew attention to it, within days it was taken down.

    Also google “Rules for Radicals” and “The Coming Insurrecton” (books).

    I know from extensive reading of Muslim history (which I was doing LONG before 9/11–in fact, as far back as the 1970s) that uniting all Muslim countries and then trying to make the rest of the world Muslim has been a goal since about 700 AD, and reestablishing the Caliphate has been a major goal since 1920 when the Ottoman Empire (the most recent Caliphate) collapsed.

  41. Leslie Myers says :

    Thank you, Bill, for a voice of reason. I totally agree…though I wish it were not so. As you so aptly pointed out, if history teaches us anything we must pay attention and not stick our heads in the sand. I’ve been meditating for many years….and Holosyncing for several and both have contributed very positively to my life….and will I’m sure help me make wise decisions in the chaotic future that looms. It’s that everpresent Chaos Theory at work again. So will things reform at a higher level???…I guess it’s a 50/50 chance. I’m not feeling doom and gloom but prepartion and information are definitely warranted. Makes me wish I lived in some isolated rural area…with about 30 of my closest friends….It could happen!!

  42. Mike says :


    I have a couple of questions.

    You mention that epidemics such as plagues are a part of the downturn of social mood. I’m wondering how this comes about and can be explained by cause and effect?

    Also, I’m wondering why you feel that, just because social mood theory has been a good predictor of past events that this trend will continue. You have stated before that a person’s history is not a predictor of future actions. Wouldn’t this same statement apply to society as a whole?



    FROM BILL: I don’t remember saying that, though I might have and you are interpreting it/misunderstanding it out of context. People mostly run on autopilot, unless they do some serious work to increase awareness. Less that 1% of people ever do this, so the herding instinct, which underlies the changes in social mood, aren’t going to be overridden.

    The Socionomists have noted that in times of declining social mood people behave in a way that makes epidemics more likely. Go to the socionomics website for more info about this (google it).

  43. Yan says :

    You didn’t mention my friend the very first reason of the today crisis.
    Now that not any ghost of communists or nazhists flying over the world.
    For everybody who can see, simply see, it is the markets pressure for more and more profit and probably Wall Street since it is the leading market.
    Through their plans and actions nobody cares for real people’s needs but only expansion to the third world to obtain and take profit of the raw sources.
    We saw that through the commodities price increase they don’t care if the people they don’t have even food for the day, if the children die from starvation.
    They do not hesitate even for a second to destroy even ancient tribes to gain the control of an oil source, or to devastate prehistoric forests for same reasons.
    Now that not any communism exist for the last 20 years just stay and think for a moment what makes these people more greedy, more heartless to the majority of the world’s needs.
    Maybe then you could write more enlightening articles and not just words.

    FROM BILL: All the economic behavior is driven by changes in social mood. In times of positive social mood people are willing to take greater and greater amounts of risk, which does result in greed. Humans are basically greedy and fearful. Only when they are more satisfied do they become more compassionate toward others. This is one reason why more advanced civilizations, where the standard of living is higher, treat people better, where in more primitive societies they stone people to deal, cut off their hands for stealing, repress women, etc.

    At a certain point the risk-taking (caused by positive social mood and the idea that nothing could ever fail) becomes so high that disaster follows, which is where we are now. Greed is the end result of times of positive social mood, while fear is the end result of times of negative social mood. Social mood, however, is the driving force. It creates the behaviors you describe.

  44. D Gordon Graham says :

    Dear Bill,

    I think you are absolutely correct in this latest blog.

    You may know or have heard about Claude Levi-Strauss and his worrying about “… poisoning our planet” concerns. Those concerns are similar to the basic scenario of the Limits To Growth published by the Club of Rome in 1972, and to its 30-Year Update, published in 2002. I’d attached that scenario, but am unable to figure out how to do it. Suffice it to say that for the last 39 years I’ve been extremely concerned for the fate of our species based on that book, and supported by the update.

    Those books contain a scenario such that if we are unable to do anything on a global scale to reduce our impact on the earth and its resources, it is highly likely there will be a global population collapse beginning in the next 5-10 years. The collapse would be due not to global climate change, pandemic or warfare but starvation – due to pollution poisoning our planet.

    I have been so concerned about those scenarios that I committed myself to the psych ward at the local VA hospital.

    Here in the Puget Sound, and to a slightly lesser extent the North Pacific Ocean, the entire food chain has become so contaminated that were are advised to eat salmon only once a week. Other alpha predators don’t have that option.

    I’ve crying “Wolf” so long that I have finally given up. Were it not for “holosync” and meditating several hours per day I’d probably still be down at the funny farm. What hope I still have is in finding any survival methodologies for the next few decades to pass on to my family and friends.

    If some of your readers have concrete recommendations to survive our future of poisoned soils, water and air I would appreciate hearing about them.

    Faith based initiatives or positive, but unrealistic opinions are of absolutely no interest to me any longer.

    FROM BILL: The unfortunate thing is that certain groups (socialists, communists, fascists, progressives–those who think they know how everyone else should live and are willing to force others to adopt their way of doing things) have historically used such problems as a justification for centralizing power IN THEIR HANDS. This never ends well–in fact, it always ends in a loss of freedom of choice. Centralized control removes your voice from being heard.

  45. Corinna White says :

    Dear Bill

    It is global conversations like these which will stimulate the change in the balance of the ‘aware’ and ‘unaware’. I know how easy it is just to see the ‘aware’ since becoming aware – because that is what I am seeking every day. It is easy to feel as if aware people are the majority from the day to day conversations I have and the new like-minded people I am finding through social media & the new daily connections I make to aware products and organisations, so I was very happy to have my brain challenged by your blog.

    I have observed that many who begin the process of awakening can tend to become what I have heard refered to as ‘ceiling surfers’, finding it difficult to be in this world but not (the majority or mainstream) of this world, perhaps sitting in an ivory tower believing they can control their world with their minds. There is no magic without action.

    I am partway along my Holosync journey and grateful for the awareness and inner peace it has brought me so far. The initial gift Holosync brought me was the synchronisation of my very right brain diminishing my ‘failure to implement’ risk of the ideas a minute associated with strong right brain lateralisation. Such relief.

    I am now able to implement and am in the process of sharing of my ‘gift’ with the world. Reading your blog helps me accept the reality that the job ahead may be a never-ending task in this lifetime and perhaps incomplete by the end of it. But what more can one person do but keep putting one foot in front of the other believing that positive energy & intent will manifest opportunities to find ever increasing circles to communicate their message to? Finding like-minded others to help them communicate.

    My gift guides people, who otherwise could not comprehend the technoloy, towards Holosync, preparing those in emotional distress for their inner journey. Stress/emotional distress to me is as good an indicator that someone needs a change of mind as sticking a sharp needle in one’s arm warns of physical danger.

    ‘Joining’ groups & movements following other people’s agendas does not sit right with me as it tells me those who need followers/to follow are operating from a place of separation an not connectedness hence agendas may not allow free manifestation of what needs to come. All progress depends upon the unreasonable man, the expression of what lies within each individual and not a tick stamp on where others have come to, therefore supportive strategic alliances seem to sit better with me.

    I think I understand the message in your blog. It is easy to be ‘Pollyanna’ playing the glad game once we understand positive polarity rules, but would it be ok to smile & say ‘that’s ok’ if someone unexpectedly punched us full on the nose for no reason?

    I believe we are here to help humanity evolve to a place that sustains a gaia-type hypothesis and we must learn to be attentive, assertive & focused on changing the minds of all those who don’t understand and threaten humanity.

    But he only way is a peaceful way, a ‘sneaking up behind’ those fear-based individuals with dangerous levels of power until their power is diminished. I believe the internet & social media mediums manifested for just this purpose. If we focus on getting all of the aware people of the world together in one place & communicating that would be a start. I also love the idea someone above had of a global daily meditation time to generate global positive energy at it’s most intense.

    Another little question to those who don’t condone the selling of ‘products’… how, oh how, do we communicate massively & change the minds of many if we do not have a medium easily distributed & used by them? And giving free; do we not have to survive ‘in this world’ whilst not of it and adjust as we see where the evolution takes us? I personally give back for every sale I make to a relevant not-for-profit, charity organisation or individual without means to make sure that everyone has access to tools which I believe will evolve humanity.

    Thank you for those of you have read thus far!

  46. Seer says :

    Just a thought here. Try not to be so negative toward ‘new age’ers. Admitted there’s a lot of happy-happy, sing the praises, we’re all good, better times are coming stuff – but – those who’ve stumbled onto that path have at least taken a first step to an ‘other’ awareness. They’re waking up, which can only be a good thing :). People being people, this waking will allow many of them to find their own inner compass ; ‘new age’ serves often to break the ‘group think’ bonds that society encourages, freeing people to start looking for something else. For many people, passing through ‘new age’ has allowed them to take your thoughts and teachings seriously ;).

    Personally I think you’re probably right, in that it is going to get darker. But, it always is before dawn :). The trick is to find the balance, hope in one hand, awareness/preparedness in the other. There will be a dawn, there always is, it’s just a matter of how many will manage to see it.

    Interested in seeing part II :).

  47. Santiago says :

    You really got yourself in trouble this time my friend …. (your welcome ;) )

    I got a question on Elliot Waves. How do you globally measure social mood ? I mean, is it possible that the mood in one part of the world goes in a different direction than in another part ?

    I ask because for me the key difference about this time in history is the interconnection of the world. Before, people where not aware of what was going on in other parts of the world. In this way social mood is measured more easily by region. But when you have the whole planet doesn’t it get a little more complicated ?

    Are your forecasts for the US ? Europe ? Asia ? Do the waves come equally in all this places ? Is there an index for the whole planet ?

    FROM BILL: Yes, it does differ to some degree in different parts of the world, and yes, it is all interconnected. The best gauge of social mood (the most immediate measure of it) found so far is the stock market (there are stock markets in most places in the world). The Socionomists have done quite a bit of research on this, which you can find on their website (you might have to subscribe to their stuff to see it–I can’t remember).

  48. Laurie Gillis says :

    I agree with you that we are in terrible times, mostly because there are too many people on this planet, which causes violence to prevail due to fear of loss of what little one may have. I feel that a small percentage of the population has evolved to a point where we, if I may include myself in that percentage, know that great change in our ability to communicate – both amongst ourselves and with those that reside on “the other side” – and understand our place in the universe is beginning to take place. Jesus and Buddha were early indications of that type of evolution, in my opinion. However, the human race is just barely out of the caves, and although we dress in suits and have stock portfolios, we are just a step from being cavemen. So we have the choice of being beaten down by it all, or influencing whomever we can with our beliefs and thoughts. Like a butterfly’s wing beating can influence the weather over time, so can our thoughts and actions influence the future of our planet and its residents. We must never give up acting in the most civilized and thoughtful way possible. It does make a difference. Laurie Gillis

    FROM BILL: Many “green” types have been saying “there are too many people” for quite some time. I addressed this in my response to an earlier posting, so I’m not going to repeat my answer here. There are not too many people. This is something people believe because it has been said so often people assume it must be true. The earth could support many more people than it currently has. Though ultimately resources are technically finite, we are a LONG ways from running out of what we need, and technology continues to change the game, as it has for millenia.

  49. Laurence Baker says :


    The barrage of Green pseudo spirituality being thrown at you must be exhausting. I’ve used Holosync for 5 years and have read a fair number of Ken Wilber books. Before I found Ken Wilber a couple of years after starting Holosync, I’d had it with the magic beliefs and spiritual materialism I found in my attempt to discover spirituality while I was involved with internet marketing. I remember seeing you at Joe Vitale’s Spiritual Super Summit. He’s a good example of the type of thing I was able to drop permanently once I ran across Ken’s works.

    For a couple of years though, I was lost. It seemed like this pseudo spirituality was the only thing out there and while it annoyed the crap out of me, I didn’t know where else to look and ended up endlessly questioning myself as a result. Had I really done what I needed to do to prove these theories for myself one way or another? I’m glad now that I ran into Ken Wilber (through your interviews with him by the way) and developed a framework for real objectivity.

    I’ve found though, after getting involved a little with the Integral community, that Ken’s books and the “Integral” culture are two different things entirely. I had the good fortune not to go down that road too far due to a couple of friends I’ve made who appear at this point to be some of the only people out there who really understand the fallacies in that culture and way of being. One of your reader’s comments above talks about being “Integral” and yet they wholeheartedly embracing Zeitgeist and that whole movement as having all the answers. I recently saw the latest Zeitgeist and while the first one opened up a whole new world to me, this last one is so biased that although it makes some interesting points, it’s probably, like most green movements, doing more harm than good.

    So I continue to be amazed at people’s complete unwillingness to look at themselves and their own egos for bias, which is necessary to have any hope at discovering the truth. In integral speak, it’s all “confirmation bias,” and rather than evolving as a result of our interest in spirituality and the “truth,”, I think these very things have caused us to regress in some ways. I’m sure it’s not new to you that governments like ours are using the sick Green out there to generate support for doing things that otherwise make no sense.

    You don’t seem to be getting caught up in any of the political battles of our time, which are just a diversion in my opinion. I’ve actually been watching Glenn Beck quite a bit lately, who really seems to be trying to rise above that, although he still has his biases and sometimes communicates as if there’s no other way to see things than through his point of view. I haven’t had the time or the inclination to research a lot of other sources for news. I’m too busy trying to make a living and work on myself, but it seems to me that he’s the only somewhat mainstream source out there who’s reporting what’s really going on out there, not just the typical noise. I just purchased Why the West Rules–For Now per your recommendation and am looking into some of the others you made in response to one of the comments.

    I’m curious – what are your thoughts on Beck? You’re one of the only ones out there to talks about philosophy and spirituality in a way that seems to make a serious attempt at objectivity. I’m always eager to read anything that you post.

    FROM BILL: I like Beck. He has a great research team. Every person I talk to who doesn’t like him admits that they haven’t actually listened to him, other than a clip taken out of context on MSNBC. As you know, he mainly plays video (or quotes from their books) of people saying what they believe and what they plan to do. In their own words, these people confirm what Beck haters dismiss as “conspiracy theories.” Demonizing the opponent is the refuge of cowards, in my opinion. So far, I haven’t seen anyone actually dispute any of the facts he presents. They just attack him personally. This is a common device of a person who can’t dispute the facts.

    If more people listened to Beck this country would be totally up in arms. Since I knew about most of what he shares already, his info was no surprise to me. It’s available to anyone who does a little research (and it doesn’t come from particularly partisan sources, either). And, as you say, he does seem to have the attitude of rising above the fray–again, contrary to the way he is portrayed by those who don’t like him. I think he is sincere. I don’t agree with everything he says (I don’t think he quite understands what’s going on in the economy, but not that many people do), but I’m glad he’s there. Someone needs to expose what’s happening.

    I’ll tell you, reading the responses to this post confirms something I’ve been thinking for quite a while: most people are woefully uninformed, about the economy, about history, about how the political system really works, and about science. Sadly, our education system is a joke. I don’t blame most people for their views. They don’t know about most of the information out there that would cause them to question those views. At one point I didn’t either.

  50. Paul Cowan says :

    Saying you can predict the future seems like “magical thinking” as you would say :-).

    It seems impossible to see trends in the past when the past is subjective to the language of the victor A.K.A. HISstory.

    Getting impartial news is impossible, trying to make sense of it to come up with a rational prediction seems also futile.

    Being able to judge the mood of the planet seems totally crazy.

    I don’t mean to be totally critical but this seems so contrary to your other posts.

    FROM BILL: So, not being an expert on history, or social mood, or using patterns to make intelligent predictions (all of which, so far, have come true), you have this opinion. And it is based on…? Why not educate yourself about these things, and THEN make a statement?

    Noticing the patterns of social mood, and noticing what kinds of things happen when social mood turns negative (and what things happen when it turns positive) isn’t magical thinking. Magical thinking is the idea that one can suspend the laws of nature somehow, using some sort of magic.

    Noticing patterns in social mood is just like noticing other patterns that allow us to make predictions. We’ve noticed a pattern, for instance, called day and night, and we predict that it will repeat, and that certain things are likely to happen during daytime, and other things are likely to happen during night.

    We do the same thing by noticing a pattern we call the seasons, and we predict that certain things happen in the summer (days grow longer, it’s warmer, trees and flowers bloom, people spend more time outside, etc.) whereas other things happen in the winter.

    These predictions aren’t magical thinking. They just common sense based on observation, and the same can be said for noticing the patterns of social mood.

  51. Paul Cowan says :

    It seems impossible to know how you are making your predictions without the variables or the data you are using.

    You are also making some heavy judgements about who I am based on data you do not know or will never know about me. I could have studied history well and come to the same conclusion.

    We can evaluate a day turning to night because we have experienced it for many years.

    We have not experienced the past for reasons that are obvious. All we have is HISstory which is at best subjective.

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you go LOOK AT the data (of which there is an overwhelming amount) before you voice an opinion? The example of day and night is a valid example. There are thousands of years of data regarding the movements of social mood.

  52. Yan says :

    Thanks for your reply.
    But you can blame equally everybody for the greed.
    What greed have the poor people who have not to eat or have not place or job?
    The big companies needs the profit at any cost.
    Even if that means the starvation of millions (or even billions, soon).
    Yes, in very general words is “social mood” but the big responsibility is to the leaders and especially CEOs and their puppets.
    Ofcourse, if somebody thinks the world goes well because Wall Street goes well have a different perception of of the world or what “well” means.
    The 1% of American people dominates American life and social mood (by advertising, tv, cinema, music, fashion etc.)
    If these vampires will not change their habits to care only for profit don’t expect to change anything.
    Can you apply a holosync of 10,000 MegaVolts to these evil minds to see if actually there these method work or not?

    FROM BILL: I realize that this will go in one ear and out the other, but corporations have no power other than to market a product unless they can get power from the government. When the government is huge and has huge power (which is what has happened over the last 50 years), big corporations will get in bed with them–and they most certainly have. Reduce the size of government to what it was 50 years ago, however, and this problem will disappear.

    The little guy IS getting scewed, and sometimes it does involve huge corporations. Without gigantic governments, however, this could not happen.

    Those who blame all this on capitalism will be quite sorry if the nuts every take over and they begin to personally experience the consequences. You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry. Anyone who has lived under communism (and there are some who read this blog) could tell you how horrid life is/was in communist countries.

  53. John Griggs says :

    Gee Bill, I’m a Progressive with Socialist tendencies but I don’t hear a whole lot of my clan claiming a Utopia but rather a desire for average people to attempt to hold on to some of their hard earned rights. I also noticed that you do not mention the Republican Party or The Tea Party when it seems their tactics for depriving more and more Americans their rights are certainly in alignment with what you claim about media manipulation and skewed facts, such as what we see on FOX News 24/7.
    By the way I’m wondering since you have taken on this POV of the worlds Social Condition if I should go ahead and throw away your Pamphlet on Spiral Dynamics? Although it seems that one could look to the movements in Egypt, Libya and it’s ripple effect across the Muslim world as Spiral Dynamics in action. Are you now saying there is no such thing as Spiral Dynamics?
    Well, regardless I love Holosync, and cannot thank you enough for it-from the bottom of my progressive heart!

    FROM BILL: Maybe you’re the exception, but I find that those who hate Fox News have never watched it for more than five minutes. As a result, they don’t really know what happens on Fox. They get all their information about what happens on Fox from people who have a decided agenda and who certainly aren’t giving a non-partisan description.

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, that more people watch Fox News than ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and CNN combined? I wonder why.

    Spiral Dynamics isn’t in the least bit incompatible with what I have said about social mood (I do think Robert Prachter and the social mood people should look into human development theories and integrate them with Socionomy–I have).

    As I said to someone else, the little guy IS getting screwed. Just not by the people you think are doing the screwing.

  54. A Kirby says :

    Bill have you tried Ayauasca……the research is very interesting, there’s alot more on the planet opening up to this right now and I think this with holosync will lift the roof off the planet, probably a good thing, I wont rave on……..And I dont expect this to be printed but it would be interesting to know what your thoughts on this would be…

  55. Brian says :

    Hello Bill,

    Well, it’s refreshing to see you air a point of view that isn’t compulsively positive. And I welcome your attempt. I must say though I’m a bit confused about the stark contrast here with the vast range of heavily marketed recommendations I get from your site via e-mail. I find your current stance quite a contrast to all these ‘alternative thinkers’ you seem to be promoting/inviting us to study with.

    I’m also quite surprised, how much you’ve bought into the Socionomic ‘theory’. If it is a Science then it is a relatively new science and has a long way to go before it can be verified and corroborated. Wave theory is precisely that, a theory. It has not been proven.

    You claim the Centrepointe material increases your awareness. Well, I’m new to it, and I think it likely. But the question is, awareness of ‘what’? I proffer an answer: awareness of what one puts their attention on. Awareness is dependent on what we concentrate, read, ponder on. If we know nothing of something, our awareness of it cannot grow, unless it is firstly brought to our attention. We depend on teachers to point specific features out to us, so that we can then explore them with more depth. It is not enough to say, “believe me”, which seems to be something you are also warning us against here…but then ask us also to do of you. It is not enough to just say ‘beware’. The onus is on the proponent to prove it.

    Looking through the world through one prism or other, limits us. Elitism is falling by. All this talk of Masters of this or that isn’t very helpful. We all need each other. Some are more gifted than others, but nobody knows everything. And everyone can tell us something about which we did not know before.

    Integration of information is a key. Looking for corroboration from one theory to another, one discipline to another helps test truth. We are now in an age that is progressing beyond specialisation towards the interdisciplinary and sorry, Socionomics seems to be taking an anti linear view, but looks more and more like a closed system. As yet, there doesn’t seem to be enough corroboration with other evidence, in other fields.

    The idea of a herd mentality is not new. Evolution shows us where it came from…and hundreds of years of egoism have steered us towards individuation, towards thinking for ourselves, and now steadily away from the competitive behaviour towards rediscovering cooperation. The time requires it. The ecology and economy demand it, and it seems to me, at the very last hour, we are responding to a hidden imperative, a call to action. We’ll either, rise to the occasion, or fall…as you point out.

    You are right to say the there social mood ‘contributes’ to our current problems, but you are wrong to lump it all…to borrow your analogy…into the one basket.

    If I have understood you correctly, then you are also wrong about what is happening in the Arab world. I would hold it is a particularly North American perspective/fear. I have taught a lot of young people from this corner of the world and they are erudite and vigorous in debate. They have something that I would argue is missing in North America right now. There is a hubris that has set in the West.

    This movement is not driven by Islam, nor by any particular ideology. It comes from necessity; from the manipulation of market forces by a privileged minority that is depriving a young, curious, educated population of work and food. To define market forces purely by social moods is an oversimplification. There is a small number of people manipulating the resources of these markets through derivatives and speculating on the stock market. That is the cause, not just ‘social moods’. People are the cause of problems, not mysterious polarised waves.

    The rise of the Arab world is autochthonic, something beyond North American cultural experience. Remember it was the Arabs who kept Aristotle and a good deal of Greek thought about ‘democracy’ alive for us to share today. I would argue that level of thought is rising from their genetic memory, ‘rooted’ in where their culture has existed for thousands of years.

    There is no doubt we are at a cross roads. There is no doubt that the mob mentality is dangerous. And I thought myself that it would only lead to chaos and bloodshed, but no, young people in ‘Arabia’ and in Europe are far better educated and informed by the new media than you would credit, and we now have proof. North America is definitely in danger, because they are asleep with Nationalism and buy that there is a real choice between bipartisan government which has become more or less one. The Arab cultures realise that their leaders are corrupt and instead of adopting a blanket ideology, now have the opportunity to build from the bottom up. To participate fully; not to follow blindly; self organisation by cooperation – out of needs, not wants.

    So far, the demonstrations in the Arab world…and in London…have exhibited a level of passive resistance that would make Gandhi, Thoreau and Luther King proud. It remains to be seen how it transpires when ‘the shit hits the fan’ in the U.S. I think you are right it will come…but it doesn’t have to…and I don’t believe it is a social mood mirrored in the waves of the stock market, that accounts for it. There are tangible forces at work behind those waves. They are the cause. People and the environment.

    All of us need to think for ourselves. All teachers and authorities need be challenged in what they say. The collective unconscious is more accessible than it has ever been before…as long as we are educated in where to look for it and how to read it. You are right, merely following someone else is not going to help. Finding whatever means to cooperate towards an optimistic, ‘informed’ outcome is paramount.

    Prophets are hardly ever right. If they had been we would have long been gone. Trends can be picked out and speculated upon. There is a blue print, but not an end, or written destiny. We can make of it what we will.

    FROM BILL: All I ask is that you educate yourself a bit about this before you comment. Your assumptions about what this is all about, or what I am saying, aren’t accurate.

    Awareness is not knowing about something. Read other posts on this blog for more of an explanation, as I don’t have time to go into awareness here.

    I am not asking anyone to “believe” me. In fact, I have repeatedly said that this is not about believing this or that dogma or theory. It’s about finding out for yourself. Believing in a theory just because you read about it is about thinking you know about Europe because you read a book about it. Instead, GO to Europe.

    Elitism is not the same as learning something from someone who knows more about it than you do.

  56. Vic says :

    Hi Bill, You owe it to yourself to Google the name DON WALANCHUCK and learn his take on the current Elliot Wave structure. For what it’s worth, his outlook is diametrically opposed to Prechter’s and his long term forecasting record puts Prechter to shame.

    Disclosure: I have no interest in promoting Mr. Wolanchuk, other than reaping the benefits that result in increasing other’s awareness.


  57. Dan Amato says :

    While I agree with you that we are headed to a painful place, I perceive it like some of my personal journeys where I had to go through the pain to get through it to a better place. Over the centuries our combined egos have created a Culture of Violence and War, and now we have to go through it to get to the other side where our Humanity lies. I agree that the media does not inform us of some of the bad stuff that is going on, but they also do not cover those stories that would give us great hope. There are a lot of people quietly doing incredible things in the world.

    For centuries scholars have told us that we will always have war because our nature is violent. I understand why they say this. Certainly, I notice the same prolific violence that they use as proof of their argument. I just understand that what they claim is human nature is actually ego nature. The reason that we as people go along with the terrible things that happen is because we are stuck in ego, and we believe that violence is our nature so we just think we are giving into our nature. If we all understood that our true nature was to help each other we could use that as a guide for whether our actions are aligned to “who” we are. It would be too long to explain human nature here, but you can read my take on human nature on my blog:
    I believe that what we are going through are the ripples of pain from the violence that we have created through the past centuries – a sort of emotional cleansing. I disagree that people have not changed. Compared to ten and twenty years ago there has been significant change, but if we look at governments then there has not been hardly any change. Luckily, the changes are being propelled on a grass roots level – We The People!
    Peace, Dan

  58. Paul Cowan says :

    I hope this is not based entirely on Glen Beck’s assumption on caliphate.

    FROM BILL: If you would pick up a book and do a bit of studying, you’d find that Muslims have sought to reestablish a caliphate ever since the Ottoman Empire fell. It is one of their top goals. Nothing wacky or weird about it. Anyone who is familiar with history knows this.

  59. Me says :


    Having lived in the middle east for two years (UAE), I can vouch for what you’re saying about muslims wanting to dominate the world. It’s codified in the religion, and many of the arabs I’ve spoken to, when you get to know them well enough, have professed to me that this is what they want to happen and what they believe will happen. And these are just the normal everyday “family” guys.

    The college and high school degrees given to them here are not worth the paper they’re printed on. They don’t care about what’s true or not. There is only one aim — to spread Islam, and everything else is justified based on that. The degrees are given because it helps them get overseas. Lying is “Ok” if you do it in the service of God (allah).

    It’s a violent, repressive society with huge shadows about just about everything — sexuality, power, money, victimhood, you name it… to an extent unseen in western culture. It’s almost as if the religion creates a pathology in everyone. It takes a tremendous amount of centering and awareness not to get sucked into their games. Even then, it’s not enough.

    It’s not a thing of, if I make friends with them, then they will like me. They might tolerate you, but they know the “truth” in the back of their minds about all infidels.

    Truth takes a backseat here to religion, always.

    I fear that if the U.S. and much of Europe sinks into depression, that the oil producing nations will gain much clout over global affairs because they will be the only ones producing anything valuable. It seems to already be happening. This clout will be used to achieve their aims. And they will make no apologies about how they go about it.

    The people are throwing off the yokes of the familiar monarchies. But what will replace them, I fear, will be far more terrible. It’s not that they are less aware of their herding instincts, and potential for terrible things, than we are in the West. It’s that they just don’t care. Because God himself is violent, so what’s the problem?

    One thing I don’t understand from the December ’10 socionomist: These uprisings coincide with the peak of an up-wave. Are these to be seen as “positive” events?

    FROM BILL: They are to be seen as coinciding with an up-wave. In terms of wave theory I don’t think there’s necessarily anything positive or negative associated with it. Socionomics isn’t a political theory–it’s just noticing how social move moves in a wave-like manner, from positive to negative and back again, and how that drives political action, the economy, the arts, and other human social behavior.

  60. Dave Murray says :


    You are a refreshing counter-balance to unwarranted hopefullness. As much as I would like to believe Ken Wilbur’s view that we are heading toward some kind of integral tipping point in world attitudes, I just don’t see it.

    I see your predicted cyclical “negative-attitude” era intersecting with extreme over-poplulation and resource depletion (peak oil, etc.) to create a great big bowl of BAD. You and I might (thankfully) not live to see the worst unfold. My hope is that the younger portion of your readers and Holosync practitioners survive this coming era in a healthy state, and in large enough numbers, to rebuild a humane society.

    Dave Murray
    Louisville, Colorado

    FROM BILL: Negative social mood creates worries about resource depletion and over-population, not the other way around. Few worry about these things in times of positive social mood. As I said to someone else above, as always, technology will bail us out. There are enough resources, just not with current technology. The world could never have supported even a billion people with primitive agriculture, for instance. The population increases as technology allows it to.

    By the way, however, there is a lot of data that birth rate decline significantly in times of declining social mood.

  61. Tina says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m glad you’re posting this and will continue reading the rest of this ‘series.’ I love your blog, as I loved Mindchatter. I also agree with your comments about the negative social mood and have been sensing something, wondering about this ‘trend’ in bad manners, to say the least, that is turning darker and darker. This is not the first time I’ve read about this darkening mood, and I do know the fan is going to get pretty mucked up. The politics, financial markets, oil, and economics will fuel it. That is one big worry for our society as a whole. How we handle it will show our true selves, no matter how we word it… and that’s what counts.

    I’ve seen this mood acted out in the seemingly acceptable ‘soft’ violence on television, the stuff in commercials (see the Super Bowl ads where knocking someone around or through a window, door, what-have-you) and the rudeness and hate filled messages played out via the internet. It seems easier to say horrible things if one is behind the screen, invisible, rather than face to face. The ways in which we treat each other mirror how our society is headed. It also reminds me of the violence in morning cartoons as kids – at least we knew they weren’t real! This, though….is scary.

    I noticed The Christian Science Monitor was not on your list of newsworthy papers. It is noted as being unbiased. Is it not?

    Please keep posting…you have an honest voice and it is refreshing. I’ve used Holosync, meditated, took the Life Principles course, done other things…and have come to realize it is all in how I live my life and how I treat others as well.

    You are the real deal. Thanks for everything.

    FROM BILL: The list wasn’t of noteworthy reading material. It is of what I read. I’d probably read more, but there are only so many hours in a day.

  62. Ed Caldwell says :

    Bill, help me understand something. Several months ago you wrote extensively about all the hoopla surrounding the “end days” and all the predictions of the year 2012 being caught up in “magical thinking.”

    Now in “To Hell in a Handbasket” you seem to have joined those in the “rapture” movement.

    I’m truly confused.

    FROM BILL: Rapture moment? Really. I’m just telling you about a pattern in human behavior and what is likely to happen as a result. This pattern has been happening for a long time. I’m not talking about any “end of days.”

    Thinking that something is going to happen on December 23rd of 2012 because people who had not yet invented the wheel and whose main spiritual practice was human sacrifice supposedly said so several hundred years ago is, however, is beyond silly. I don’t get my information about the world from such sources.

    I am sharing this information because once you see this pattern you will be less likely to be unconsciously caught up in it–and, knowing what happens in times of declining social mood, you can do something to prepare.

  63. Tina says :

    Whoa…how I live my life…how I treat others….sounds simplistic. I apologize- I don’t mean it in a simplistic way. I can pay attention to this or to that…get charged up by whatever … to boost/negate my ego and still feel good about feeling….

    It is important to know when to duck when I need to duck. Then, duck.

    Thx Bill!

  64. Em says :

    I do not think what you are saying about the future is that controversial. I know that everything is always changing, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. It certainly does seem like we are all going to hell in this handbasket. My response is, “So, what?”. Awful things come and go just like good things. Humanity is good and bad. Nothing has really changed. Whether I survive this particular change or not, does not bother me. I have been around long enough to know that I will be observing this as I have most everything else so far in this life. I have lived many lives and this is just one of them.
    A belief is just a thought you tell yourself over and over. So your belief that we are all on the way down is just a thought that you tell yourself over and over. Our beliefs can change any time we are willing to look from a different perspective.
    You seem to be of my age group and yes the past century and this new one have certainly been active. The newest change is now going on in the Middle East. But, I like to think of the changes that have been so beneficial from the last century. Think of civil rights, the Vietnam war protests, women’s rights, etc. I am proud that I was able to participate in those events. I am thrilled that my young life was involved in that. Change is messy, chaotic, uncomfortable. But it is always that way. I sit facianated looking at the world and thinking about what is happening now. I appreciate my life now and I am eager to allow the next changes to come.
    I take a positive perspective and we each have that choice. I choose to embrace change no matter what.

    FROM BILL: I really didn’t say that “we are all on the way down,” though. I said that social mood moves from postive to negative and that we are entering a time of negative social mood, in fact, a time of severely negative social mood. I also said that certain kinds of things happen in such times, some of which are quite difficult to endure, regardless of one’s attitude. Do, indeed keep your positive attitude.

  65. Tina says :


    In an earlier post, I mentioned the perceived ‘soft’ forms of violence on television ad commercials.

    It reminds me of the depression and James Cagney movies. They too, had a rash of violence – mob related, war and such – all portrayed on the big screen. Cagney’s pushing a grapefruit in an actress’s face, etc. all were part of that negative mood. Gangsters, street talk, rough treatment of both men and women, later the McCarthy hearings…a real sense of fear.

    It is well known that television and movies model or mirror our society and cultural mores.

    Care to comment on its relation, historical or otherwise, to the negative social mood we are in?

    Thx again for your insights.

    FROM BILL: The Socionomists have done some major studies on how social mood appears in music, in film, and in other art forms. You are correct that social mood affects the arts. I think you would find these studies quite interesting. Do google socionomy and you can probably find them.

  66. T says :


    You asked me to read your recent blog. You asked me to post a comment so you could see what I thought.

    Here it is: sent out an email pointing my attention to the blog post’s exisitence. this is slightly sophist – you shouldn’t have to promote attention to it so I feel you are trying to persuade me. I know you’ll tell me I am wrong, and that’s fine, but you asked for my thoughts.

    2.You point out massively negative events in human history and say it, or a sub wave, is coming. kind of like a favor to your readers – ‘hey guys, watch out, this is coming up on my radar.’ but i can’t get past 1. so I think to myself you are merely describing yourself and your current world view, projected on to the external world. This again strikes me as attention-getting, if not alarmist. If you really want to do us (your readers and clients) a favor, instead of saying the sky is falling, tell us which part of the sky you think will fall next.

    3. I really disklike generalizations. “Positive and negative social mood moves in waves governed by certain mathematical relationships that are built into the universe.” Where’s the math? If it is certain, let’s see specifics. Are you familiar with the rest of the universe or were you creating grandeur with words?

    4. the best arguments, the best oberservation, the best treatises on truth are often found by exploring the best counter arguments to your main thesis. Your blog post fails to do this. Saving time? keyboard trouble? You know this stuff better than anybody, teach us how to stick holes in it so we can see how to do the same, exactly, and see how good it (going to hell in a basket) holds up as a plausible observation!

    5. Since we’re giving out book recommendations, try reading Voltaire’s CANDIDE. At least look it up on wikipedia, there is an executive summary there.

    Be well.


    FROM BILL: It is self-serving to tell you I have posted something on my blog? I suppose so. So what? How else would someone tell others that there is content they might want to read? Why would that be somehow sinister? If you received an email about the post, it was because you signed up to be notified when I posted something. You must have slipped up somewhere if you think such notifications are evidence of evil-doing.

    By the way, you might check out sophistry on wikipedia, since you apparently don’t know what it means.

    If you want more specifics about the socionomic view of things, I suggest you google socionomy and get the information from them. I’m not trying to convince you of something as much as alert you to useful and important information. I am not an encyclopedia, and did not set out to give you an exhausive description of this subject (though this is the first of three parts). Believe me, there is extensive data about this subject, including all the math you want, and many researchers at major universities are interested in it.

    If you want to chunk down from the generalization I offered, it’s all there. Sorry if I didn’t spoon feed it to you. If you are interested, go look it up. Then you can poke all the holes in it you want. You can even send your critique to the Socionomics Institute and they’ll be able see how smart you are. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to be cranky, there’s no need to do anything else.

    Perhaps if you weren’t focused on trying to tie some sort of sinister motive to me (I still can’t figure out how notifying someone of a blog post–especially when they asked to be notified–is evidence of some sort of lapse in integrity or other sinister motive), or trying to prove how smart you think you are (after all, you read Candide, and you hate generalizations, which I guess is something really smart people hate), you would go take a look at something that is a fascinating (and useful) body of information, one that is capturing the attention of a lot of very smart people (you could also suggest that they read Candide in case they didn’t read it in high school).

    By the way, thanks for the book recommendation. In the best of all possible worlds I would have all the time I needed to re-read it.

  67. John says :

    Hey Bill,

    I can’t help but believe that what we have are individuals in power (international private bankers with suspect integrity) sadly abusing a financial system that would work if run by better people. If the US could somehow cut its own ties to the Fed, and others with the other worldwide banks, we’d go a long way to curtailing this nonsense. When there’s a man behind the curtain screwing with oil prices, feeding us nonsense in mainstream news, and staging international crises, it’s no mystery that the prognosis is what it is. To me it just seems like such a bogus and preventable downturn that we’ve taken; I just cannot buy that this is inevitable.

    It’s just a shame Bill. Simple lack of knowledge on the part of the average citizen of what’s really going on, combined with the selfish agenda of the money masters of the world are messing this whole thing up right now. Now I pose this question to you. Could this have been, in any shape or form, prevented in your eyes? Or is this simply an unavoidable byproduct of where humanity as whole (in its development) exists today?

    FROM BILL: Humans are greedy. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This sort of thing has happened over and over througout human history. Power become highly centralized until things fall apart, which initiates some sort of dark age, and then it starts over.

  68. Michael says :

    Bill. I have listened to several of your posts for a few years now. I especially liked your posts on human development. I am inspired by your breadth of knowledge and obvious hard work put into your presentations. I am wondering where you are going with this one. You have always made it a point to communicate your non belief in what you perceive as magical thinking. You made it a point in this post to say that you don’t believe that we are entering into an Age of Aquarius or that there is a movement (evolution) toward unity. And on the surface I agree with you. What I think you have left out (perhaps purposefully) is that there is no doubt things are different now then they were in the dark ages or during WWI and II. Everything is evolving at an ever increasingly faster pace. Everything is evolving at an exponential rate. So, while I agree with the picture you paint in this post in a surface kind of way, similar to the way Ken Wilber uses flatland to describe a shallow perspective, I think you are missing something. Two things. One, I could be wrong. Two, since this is labeled Part 1 of more posts to come you may have done this intentionally I am just being impatient. Don’t get me wrong. I have bought my extra food supplies and some gold, I have a place to go if the “shit” hits the fan where I am at and I am not planning any trips to the middle east in the near future. But there must be a deeper understanding and reality to what appears to be chaos and disintegration. I feel that there is. I can’t seem to grasp it but I have sensed it and experienced it, I think. So, tell me this post is a set-up for the posts to follow. Michael

    FROM BILL: Well, it is Part 1 of 3. However, you don’t tell me what you think I’ve left out. What I’m saying is pretty simple. Social mood swing from postive to negative and back again, over and over. It is part of collective human nature that this happens. Certain kinds of things happen in times of postive social mood, and certain kinds of things happen in times of negative social mood. Of course the details of what happens are always new and unique, but the pattern remains the same. And, the pattern is more complex than I am letting on (which is why I ask you to google socionomy if you are interested and learn more). I do this in my spare time and don’t have time to convey everything known about this subject, which would fill several books. I suggest that you look into it further. I suspect you will find it to be quite interesting.

  69. Santiago says :


    Like you, I have a skeptical mind, so I always leave room for doubt, there are obvious things like gravity, but when you deal with predictions that involve so much complicated variables I just can’t allow myself to buy into them so easily (I’m doing my research though)

    About the integration of social mood and developmental theories. What do integral people (wilber, don beck, cook greuter … etc) have to say about socionomics ? I assume they’re aware of it, and since you know most of them ….

    FROM BILL: I don’t talk to the Integral people that much, and I really don’t particularly know what they think of socionomics. I certainly don’t decide what is valid or invalid based on whether or not Ken Wilber is interested in it. Ken is a smart guy, and I would expect that he would find socionomics quite interesting, but I haven’t asked him about it.

    I would like to turn Robert Prechter on to the various theories of human development, as I describe in the first several posts on this blog (Susanne Cook-Greuter, Ken Wilber, Jane Lovinger, etc). I think these two bodies of work (human development and socionomics) compliment each other quite well–despite the comment someone made above about Spirial Dynamics and socionomics contradicting each other (they don’t, IMO). Another body of work that also dovetails with these two is the fascinating work of Neil Howe and William Strauss (check them out on Amazon).

    Socionomics is really pretty simple. People have found this pattern in human behavior. It’s measurable, and there is a lot of data to support it. More and more aspects of human behavior are seen to be related to changes in social mood. I have articles, for instance, describing research on how social mood affects/drives the following:

    birth rates
    degrees of authoritarianism vs freedom
    economic contraction or expansion
    movements of the stock market
    the amount of nuclear testing
    the incidence of civil wars
    making or breaking of peace treaties (Arab/Israeli, for instance)
    the prominence of heroes vs anti-heroes in movies, books, and TV
    election or non-election of incumbents
    subject matter of popular films (as well as how they are treated–horror movies in down cyles are grim, but in positive times are often comedic send-ups of past horror movies)
    popularity of different sports
    clothing choices
    car styles
    criminalization/prohibition vs decriminalization of drugs
    centralization vs decentralization of power
    food scares
    increase or decrease of economic freedom
    how people name their children (weird, flamboyant names are more popular in times of positive mood, more common name are given in times of negative mood)
    amount of positive and negative words used in news stories
    “historic appologies” by political leaders for past actions of their country
    murder rates
    number of people in prison
    the amount and popularity of body art (a positive social mood phenomena)
    speed limits
    engine power in cars
    economic protectionism in trade relations
    the popularity of eugenics
    the amount of racism
    the amount of fear of overpopulation
    popularity of caffeinated beverages (higher in times of positive mood)
    integration vs disintegration of European harmony
    increase or decrease in hate groups
    isolationism vs internationalism among countries
    increase of decrease in the influence of women in society (increases in times of negative social mood)

    I’m sure there are many more that will be found and studied, and the above is certainly not a complete list, just some of what I jotted down as I scanned through my papers.

    Socionomics is not particularly designed for making predictions per se, though certainly (as I’ve now said in reponse to many comments) certain types of things tend to happen in times of positive social mood, and certain other things happen when social mood is negative. Any theory is as good as its ability to predict outcomes. Socionomy isn’t trying to predict specifics incidents, though, any more than you could predict specific incidents on the basis of noticing the summer/winter pattern–though you could certainly predict the kinds of incidents that would be more common in each.

    There’s really no disputing the evidence, except perhaps in certain particulars, any more than you could dispute that certain things tend to happen in winter or in summer. It’s observable fact, and in the past twenty years many people have gone to the trouble to catalog the evidence. the thing to do, if you’re interested enough to do so, is to take the time to look at it.

    Two popular science journals (that I know of–there might be more) have included lengthy reviews of the socionomic hypothesis as described in John Casti’s book Mood Matters: From Rising Skirt Lengths to the Collapse of World Powers (which you might want to read). One review was in the Sepember 2010 issue of Nature, the world’s most highly cited interdisciplinary journal. The other was in Science, which has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed, general science journal in the world. Both were positive reviews.

    Three papers you could also look up that go into more of the general data underlying socionomics: Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socionomics; Pioneering Studies in Socionomics; and Financial/Economic Dichotomy (in the Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2007). I suspect there are more papers on specific subjects–these are overview papers. You can also subscribe to The Socionomist, a monthly journal that describes new findings (very interesting).

    Every major theory goes through three phases, being ignored, being debated by the experts, and being embraced. Socionomics is in the second phase.

  70. Mike says :

    This is the first time I got disagree with you Bill. There are a lot of doom sayers out there predicting the end, bad times. I have to say that with the level of awareness going on it’ll be the opposite. I have faith in our Divinity, technology is advancing and so is our consciousness. If you look where we were 10,000 years ago and look at each paradigm shift, change in our advancement it’s happening sooner. So trust in your fellow man/woman to do the right thing and quit reading/watching the damn news which is full of crap and isn’t serving you.

    FROM BILL: For the 99th times, I am NOT NOT NOT predicting doom. I am describing a pattern in human behavior!

  71. Kirk says :

    Hi Bill. Just wondering how you find the time to read so extensively. Is there a particular reading program and or strategy you use? There is a lot that I would like to read, but I read really slow and if I push myself to read faster, I lose a lot of the comprehension.

    FROM BILL: I often read while I eat, and I read in bed at night, sometimes for 10 minutes, sometimes for much longer. I read on airplanes and in doctor’s offices. I read more newsletters these days than books (though I am reading about four different books right now, Why the West Rules–For Now, by Ian Morris (which I’ve already recommended); Their Finest Hour, by Winston Churchill (pat of a several-volume set of his); Basic Economics, by Thomas Sowell; and a book about jazz improvisation by Jerry Coker). I recently finished reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for the third time (about twenty years apart).

    I’ve had times in my life where I’ve read much more than I do right now (I play the saxophone about twenty hours a week these days, which leaves me less time for reading, and which is why I read while doing other things a lot). I’ve just been a serious reader for about 55 years now, and while other people were partying or watching TV I was often reading (and usually pretty serious stuff). Now that I think about it, though, I left out of my list that I have read a great many of the best works of classic literature (and a fair amount of trashy literature, too, like famous dectective series, sci-fi, etc). In fact, my two favorite books of all time are Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo; and Shogun, by James Clavell.

    I took speed reading when I was younger and can read pretty fast if I want to (and I’m very good at skimming and getting a lot out of the material) but I actually rarely try to read fast. I like to read and then stop and think about it from time to time rather than race to the end. I have a huge branching, hierarchically arranged matrix of information in my head, arranged in such a way that it makes it easy to add new information and remember it (it’s a form of pattern recognition/chunking). Sometimes I run into information that causes me to re-create this matrix because some of what I have in my head is invalidated by new information.

    I guess I just like learning, so reading is easy and fun for me. One of the secrets of becoming good at anything is to have a passion for it. Then it isn’t work. My advice is to read at whatever pace feels comfortable, but do it a lot (if you want to). The more you read, the better you become at reading. Anything you practice, you improve at doing.

  72. G.A. says :

    Is there a grain of truth at all that one’s thoughts can be transmitted to others (positively or negatively) as in that there is a higher invisible neural network which all human minds are apart of, or is this just a belief that some people have, i.e. pre-conventional magic thinking?

    FROM BILL: There is a modern, non-magical-thinking term for this transfer: memes, which are idea (chunks of cultural information) transfered to other. Not, however, through the ether, but through talking, reading, acting together, and even through subtle physical cues and gestures. If there is a way to communicate telephathicall (that isn’t really one of the above–or guessing) it hasn’t been proven yet. Since the military spent a fortune studying such things and concluded that they are all bunk, I doubt it will ever be proven. James Randi has a long-standing million dollar prize he is offering to anyone who can prove any psychic powers under scientific, controlled conditions. So far, no one has been able to claim the prize.

  73. G.A. says :

    What specific, practical things do you suggest we can do to prepare for dark times? for example, greatly reduce personal financial debt?

    FROM BILL: I would get out of debt, store some food and have some cash or gold that’s not in a bank (you’ll have to figure out how to keep it safe), don’t vote for people who want more (and more centralized) government, be wary of people who say they have the answer to your woes if you’ll only follow them, educate yourself about history and finances (read Thomas Sowell’s books on economics–they are actually easy to understand and quite interesting). Sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Maybe you’ll never need any of it. If so, it won’t hurt to be a bit prepared, and if you do need it, you’ll be really glad you did it.

  74. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    Socionomics says that what is shown in the news is from the past. If the newspaper has happy news it’s a reflection of past social mood. According to them 9 -11 was the culmination of a negative social mood trend, but almost immediately after, there was a rise in social mood (stock prices).

    So is the present negative situation the outcome of a past negative social mood trend ? I know it’s more complicated than that, sorry for asking so much.

    BTW Any jazz books recommendations ?

    FROM BILL: You have the socionomics correct. What kind of jazz books? Biographies? Music theory? Jazz tunes?

  75. Joe2 says :

    Hi Bill.

    Thanks for the great post/posts on your blog. I’ve been avidly following your posts for quite a while now.

    I had a side question as I’ve studied composition and know of your background in music- Do you have any recordings of your music up on the net? I’d be interested to hear if you do. 20 hrs a week practice! Thats great. I’m trying to work my way up to 10..

    Thanks again for the information, insight and service through this blog.

    FROM BILL: I’m on a few obscure albums, but nothing I know of in on the web. If I record something perhaps I’ll make it available.

    When I was in my twenties I practiced 8-12 hours a day (too old for that now).

  76. Brian says :

    Quote Bill: All I ask is that you educate yourself a bit about this before you comment. Your assumptions about what this is all about, or what I am saying, aren’t accurate.

    You seem to be promoting the hypothesis of “social mood” as a viable theory. “social mood CAN bias a collective event”. That’s all that can be said about it…at this stage. It is interesting and we can keep an open mind about it, but it is an emerging science that needs a good deal of corroboration and testing.

    Quote Bill; Awareness is not knowing about something. Read other posts on this blog for more of an explanation, as I don’t have time to go into awareness here.

    “Awareness” – “having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact”. What you are peddling isn’t fact. It’s not even theory. It’s an interesting “hypothesis”.

    Quote Bill: I am not asking anyone to “believe” me. In fact, I have repeatedly said that this is not about believing this or that dogma or theory. It’s about finding out for yourself. Believing in a theory just because you read about it is about thinking you know about Europe because you read a book about it. Instead, GO to Europe.

    I AM in Europe. And your view of history is typically, Nth American skewed. Just because there has been a “Caliphate” in place for seven hundred years, doesn’t mean that it is the case now. It is not. It has nothing to do with Islam. The thinking has evolved, moved on, but Nth America has become static.
    You are peddling dangerous nonsense. You know about Holysync, but you peddle an amazing array of fads, without any coherent doctrine. Dogma is not the same as doctrine. Everyone needs something to peddle through the abyss of unknowing with and it needs to be plastic enough to evolve and respond to changing demands.

    Even if what you are promoting is true then you are merely adding to the wave of social mood by agreeing with it. Goes against a lot of the other stuff you have been offering us in from your Affiliates. You know about Holysync and for that I can take your word.

    FROM BILL: Brian, I’m just noticing a pattern in human behavior. There is A LOT of data to support it, and I suspect you are commenting on it without having looked at it.

    When I use the term awareness I do not mean knowing about something. I mean the ability to watch how you create it or do it, as you do it. It IS the difference between knowing about something and actually doing it. Knowing about the piano is not the same as playing it. One involves knowledge, the other awareness. This isn’t some crackpot idea. It is fully supported by cognitive psychology and a lot of research. I have just applied it how human beings create their life.

    There is no caliphate right now. The Muslims, however, want to reestablish it, and I have read and listened to their very words advocating it and describing what they will do to create it. You may not have seen this information, but it is available for anyone who looks for it.

    You might read Christopher’s comment, two comments below.

  77. Hi Bill,

    I had a look at ET Elliot and the time wave gang at Socionomics and agree that the theories they are presenting will filter into the mainstream and be presented as a step forward, having said that – I believe the ideology philosophy (choose a presentation frame) – is likely to be fragmented rather rapidly and spun into all sorts of miscommunication, reinterpretations quite simply because all perception is scalable and always begins with ones own outlook on the wider world.

    A poem, cut if you object to such behaviour :)

    the sew she owe gnome hic patterns,
    of Eternal creation within,
    creates a relf perception,
    scalable in Hell to begin,
    hand baskets or carts a ledger end writes,
    own mind nose a truth do eye tell,
    other dynamics in action,
    the alphabet was invented as well,
    congruence strips the invention of time,
    the calender does not feel,
    so positive or negative trend,
    equal be equal to sell

  78. Christopher says :

    Hi Bill … I have been reading comments from people for a couple of hours now. I’m impressed with the general intelligence of most of this audience, yet not surprised. My dear friend and ex-wife and myself are both Holosync users for 10 years now. We are also both Elliott Wave Theorists, certified. In reading your words and your subject matter, all of which I have studied for the last 12 years, including socionomics, I find it interesting reading because it is all natural to me. I would guess in reading what you have written that you understand and are aware of Elliott Wave theory.

    I don’t want to ramble on here and certainly do not want to talk about myself but only to explain that I am studied and that for whatever it is worth, from a studied person, I can validate your findings. You are absolutely correct and have put the point across in as positive a way as you could. It is true that we are in the midst of the greatest decline in social mood, in history. The results and manifestations of behaviors, certainly founded in deep technical analysis using Elliott Wave theory is that social mood is surely worsening and will dwarf that of the great depression at its end point. The reason for this, in easy-speak, is that as time goes by, we are building higher scale, more potent waves in progress and regress in human society. It just so happens that the programming of our lymbic systems makes us a preedictable species on certain levels of behavior. In other words, we repeat the same mistakes over and over on societal scale. It’s herd-mentality. And the few of us here in this blog, are more prone to NOT follow the herd, but to watch them as they devastate us all. THAT, is the unawareness. And it is mostly based in selfishness and ignorance. Greed and hedonism play a major role in this larger scale picture as well.

    Yes, Bill, it is true that peole do unbelievable deeds in these times of social mood downturns. I was coached and mentored by Robert Prechter, the master of Elliott wave and now a socinomics guru. He has laid it all out in the charts and proven when good and bad things happen based on stock market prices. Mood, drives those prices. Right now is a wave of hope, but that is all it is. Mostly unfounded and deteriorating fundamentals. Patterns in nature ebb and flow and we as humans direct them with our behaviors that driven from our moods. Behaviors are driven by mood. Period. And we are in for a real bad time ahead. It is just objective analysis for an Elliottician. None of us want it, but it is written in the chart. The chart has patterns that are recognizable to the trained technician. Based in geometry, Fibonacci mathematics and fractals, they repeat at deifferent levels of scale. We are now on a GRAND SUPERCYCLE scale, in Elliott terms. Financial markets will be devastated, taking with it the hopes and dreams of the common, good, hard-waorking American. Not many of which want to believe or can fathom what is actually ahead. I’ve met many of them and they frown upon such theories as mine.

    I want to say, good work, Bill. It’s objective. It’s science. It’s data. It’s real. And the people I have read in here that have decided that you are wrong are clearly in denial, uninformed and probably too scared to acknowledge it. Like the guy that wants you to work for free.

    I wish all of you the best in these coming times. Hang on tight to your loved ones, like Bill has advocated. THEY are your sanity. Be optimistic, but only INSIDE or WITHIN your bigger thinking mode of objectivity. Do not be blindly optimistic. If you have one person to hang onto in this, you’re lucky. In Elliott Wave terms, we should be close to peaking in a wave 2 recovery and the wave of destruction, wave 3 down of a C wave, should begin to manifest itself soon. It is the wave of recognition and will be unmistakable. There will be no denial of how bad things are.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to say so much, but there is a lot more I could tell. Listen to Bill, he is correct.

    FROM BILL: I appreciate your contribution. You certainly haven’t said too much. Feel free to add your expertise to the discussion any time.

    I have been reading Prechter (and many others) for more than twenty years. I have not gone into the actual structure of wave theory because it really requires visual aids (which probably can be added to this blog, but I’m too computer-illiterate to know how to do that), and it may be more technical than most people are willing to sit through–which is why I have referred people to the socionomics website ( I did do a live web-TV program a while back where I did have visual aids.

    I’ll tell you that what is most interesting to me about the reactions of those on this blog who dismiss what I’m talking about is that shoot from the hip, arguing against things I have not actually said, based on their own supposition–and, without first going to the trouble to educate themselves about socionomics. And, I agree with you that this is not something most people want to face. And, it creates a cognitive dissonance with much of what people hear through the mainstream media, which is very biased toward centeralization of power and other utopian ideas that on the surface sound good to people.

    Thanks for weighing in. Please do so again. I have two more parts to post about this.

  79. Kathy S says :

    It really does sound like a conspiracy theory. It’s all very interesting but I really don’t have the time to delve into socionomics even if I wanted to. As someone said in an earlier post, “I’m too busy earning a living and working on myself”.

    When you say “store some food and have some cash or gold that’s not in a bank”, is there some sort of time frame before all these negative events come raining down on us? Do you mean right now, or do we have some time to digest all this and then make plans?

    FROM BILL: It’s happening now. Look at all the states having demonstrations about budgets, unions, etc. It won’t be long until we’ll see crowd violence in the US. Were you around for the demonstrations, riots, and assassiations of the 1960s and 1970s, the last time social mood went negative? This is going to be much worse.

  80. Lynn says :

    you gave me a good laugh there Santiago..

    ‘You really got yourself in trouble this time my friend …. (your welcome )’!!

    WOW!!!……the response to this!!!!
    Bill, i was really hoping you would address the following ……….
    ‘After the years you have lived, the work you’ve done and the things you’ve seen, if I’d ask you what do you expect out of life, of your days remaining here, what would you say? What’s your view?’


    My answer: I get up, I eat, I come to work, I do my best to help people, I go home, I spend time with my wife, I play the saxophone, I see my kids and grandkids, I read, I pay close attention to the financial markets and the world situation, I go to bed.
    Thanks Bill,

    From Santiago: Very zenny – chop wood, carry water, I don’t care much – answer.
    …i took it as nothing to do with ‘I don’t care much’., but living daily life… in a more integrated state………….how we DO daily life, ….isn’t that what all this is about. those of us who are not content or happy in daily life, seek hard….get stuck in seeking so hard and it prevents this outcome from coming sooner……..

    One of the things i had to do, was that i had to shift what i was moving toward to help me better do this…………and get that suffering will never end……….which depressed me at first………, it does not……….what does, is when i get very stuck there.

    it took a couple of years to go from getting that deeply intellectually, to moving to a point where i got it in a way where my daily internal process shifted. ………..and i stopped resisting it so…… seeking, diversions, etc……

    I recently remembered how i used to be and why i was seeking so hard……….because i did not know HOW to allow suffering without fully becoming suffering….i was either too one with it or too separate with it……….so, i sought expanded states as an ‘out’.

    while i am far far far from ‘normal’, i am living much more in the present and at center……….not at all in a ‘zeeny’ kind of way. It is really ‘ordinary’, but different and very good for me. this has not ‘rescued’ me!

    FROM BILL: I grew up feeling like I was somehow “special.” Most of my life was about striving to get others to see that I was “special.” Of course no one cares whether I am (or anyone else is) special. And, over the years, culminating in my work with Genpo Roshi, I realized that I’m NOT special. This non-special-ness is called ordinary mind in Zen. That’s what the chop wood, carry water stuff is about. Life is just, well, life. It isn’t particularly going anywhere, and there’s no particular reason for it (other than whatever we create).

    This isn’t something someone can just tell you, though. It isn’t intellectual information. It has to somehow be realized or embodied, and what that is is difficult to describe. It’s something like the difference between knowing a lot about sex and actually experiencing it, or knowing what it’s like to lose someone you value and actually having it happen, in which case you REALLY know.

    At any rate, somehow Genpo got me to really embody being ordinary. And, I’ll tell you, it is a great relief. It doesn’t keep me from doing any of the things I was previously doing to try to be “special” but it certainly changes the motivation–and the experience of it.

    I can tell that you are in a similar place, so you know what I’m talking about. At this point, for me, it’s about how I can help other people with their own dilemma of being human. I debated whether or not to blog about social mood and what it forecasts for the world because I knew it would stir up a lot of strong emotions. It’s the sort of thing that could be “bad for business.” But so few people have access to or know about the information I see everyday, and have been seeing for several decades, and I just thought I had to “do the right thing” regardless of how some people would react.

  81. carlos says :

    One question Bill,

    What can we do in a practical sense to get ready for the worst?

    I have been trying to be more aware mostly by using holocync and I have been trying to be more effective in the world regardless of the times. any other suggestions?


    FROM BILL: Though it’s a bit intangible, being more aware is the highest priority, in my opinion. You can’t even evaluate and sift through all the conflicting information if you are so unconsciously reactive that you see it through your unconscious beliefs about the world, or, worse, through your reptilian brain’s emotional reactions. So awareness is first. As I have said, awareness is the answer to all human problems that have a solution (many don’t).

    I would have some cash that isn’t in a bank, and some gold if you can afford it. I would have some food and water stored, just in case.

    I would, as I’ve said, develop some other sources of information. Martin Weiss has a lot of good free information ( Also check out Stratfor (the most sophisticated–an objective–socio-political info in the world, used by most governments, heads of corporations, large investors, etc), which also has a lot of free stuff. John Mauldin also has a lot of free stuff about the investment markets and the economy. Another good, free newsletter is The Daily Reckoning (

    In an answer to another post above I gave a lengthy list of other sources of information. Some of them are expensive, so not everyone will be able to use them. At the risk of being demonized by the nay-sayers on this blog, I think Glenn Beck presents some very good information, too, and contrary to the popular Beck-bashing, most of it is in the very words, in print or in video, of those he is exposing. Read Basic Economics and Applied Economics by Thomas Sowell. Neither is difficult reading.

    Read up on history–which is a big project. Most people don’t know anything about what has gone before, so they have trouble evaluating what is happening now in context.

    Richard Martin, please weigh in with any suggestions.

  82. catherine H says :

    There is a lot of Glenn Beck Bashing generally at the moment as he is being accused of copying the material and style of Alex Jones from Prison Planet. If so I’m not sure it matters so long as he’s doing a good job. Regardless, Alex Jones has a wealth of news and footage not seen in the main stream media which is updated throughout the day. It will at least give a broader view of current events for those who really don’t have the time to delve.
    (We might all be dead by the time we get to the bottom of your reading lists. If not by a nuke, from bleeding eyeballs.)

    Reading Lynn’s post and your reply felt like eavesdropping on a private conversation. It was both touching and sincere. There is no doubting by the way that you have indeed done the right thing here. Reading Christopher’s post and many others only reinforces that.

    FROM BILL: Glenn Beck was doing what he does, in the same entertaining style, for a long time before he became popular, so I suspect he isn’t copying someone else. In fact, I would guess that it’s the opposite–he’s being copied.

  83. Lynn says :

    Bill, Re……..I realized that I’m NOT special. Life is just, well, life. It isn’t particularly going anywhere, and there’s no particular reason for it (other than whatever we create)

    yes, this is what i got this past year…..the 2 came together at the same time.

    it is much better than feeling special……it is relaxing into self, ..and allows for attention elsewhere and more energy to flow through. …..amongst other things.

    yes, Bill, that is absolutely how i saw this blog, ……as your really trying to help and wake people up….. very well intentioned….you put a lot into this. i did not see this at all as your need to be heard on this, other than to help.

    thank you! and best!

  84. Gloria says :

    What does this mean for Holosynch users, Bill? Obviously, if things get as bad as you predict, businesses like Centrepointe are going to be the first to collapse. Should those who have paid in advance for the whole programme ensure they acquire any outstanding discs? Should those who are dithering about getting the whole programme make it a priority? Should we also stock up on batteries for our CD players?

    None of this is news to me. I don’t know anything about socionomy but the world has always been going to hell in a handbasket as far as I can see. Nature’s way is one of checks and balances and extinction of species that get out of balance is one of her ways.

    It’s going to be messier this time around for the simple reason that we (those in developed countries that is) have become so highly dependent on technology and energy. Anyone who has been caught in a supermarket during a power cut has had the experience of not being able to buy a single thing because the cash registers don’t work. That is only a problem of the last few decades.

    In the 80’s my husband and I were so concerned about the growing economic and environmental crisis that we decided to buy a 16 acre property and live a self sufficient lifestyle. We had our own water supply but were still reliant on electricity and liquid fuels to sustain us. I can tell you from experience a self sufficient lifestyle is slavery unless you are part of a large community to share the load. After 13 years that experience came to a halt with my husband’s early death.

    As far as stocking up on food and cash – if things get really bad, they aren’t going to be much good. For a start, you will have to guard them with your very life and if they are stored in your own home and that gets acquired, you’re up the creek without a paddle. And what about water? The most important commodity for life is potable water. How do you store that?

    It seems to me the only real security is peace of mind and getting over the fear of death. This is my highest priority.

    FROM BILL: There are ways to store water. Google water storage.

    I don’t think Centerpointe’s demise is nigh, by any means. We have a very loyal following, no debt, and I am well aware of the situation so I’m taking steps to be more prepared for whatever happens. Of course theoretically anything could happen. I promise that in the event we were going out of business (again–this is NOT about to happen, by any means, so everyone take a deep breath–but IF it did) anyone who has purchased deeper levels in advance will get them, even if I have to record them myself with a portable generator. My word to all of you is important to me and I would never leave anyone without the Holosync they’ve paid for.

    Certainly if anyone is really worried we certainly could record and send levels now, though I’d rather not (it would really tie up our studio). Having everything recorded now prevents you from changing affirmations as you become more aware along the way, and if I make any improvements you wouldn’t get them. And, soundtracks for people who are waiting for a level to use now would be recorded first, as those people have a greater and more immediate need. If it looks like sending all un-recorded levels might be necessary, I won’t even wait for you to ask–I will on my own initiative record them all and send them out.

    Let’s not panic, though. I don’t think things are going to get so bad that we won’t be able to get your soundtracks to you. If they do get that bad, we’ll all have a lot more to worry about than Holosync soundtracks.

  85. This should keep people busy for a while…

    Graeme Donald Snooks, The Dynamic Society
    Stephen Sanderson, Social Transformations
    Jürgen Habermas, Communication and the Evolution of Society
    Ken Wilber, Up from Eden

    Other miscellaneous history, sociology and anthropology:

    Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel
    Nicholas Wade, The Faith Instinct and Before the Dawn
    Rodney Stark, Discovering God: The Origins of the Great Religions and the Evolution of Belief (and his other books also)
    Robert Wright, The Evolution of God and Non Zero
    Lawrence Keeley, War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage
    Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies
    Niall Ferguson, The Cash Nexus and The War of the World
    Stephen S. Hall, Wisdom
    Philip Jenkins, The Lost History of Christianity
    Earl Doherty, Jesus: Neither God Nor Man, The Case for a Mythical Jesus (it’s like 3 PhD dissertations rolled into one, not for the faint of heart, but you can’t look at Christianity the same way after reading it.)

    Other really cool books about a bunch of topics like randomness, ecology, energy policy, etc.:

    Leonard Mlodinow, The Drunkard’s Walk
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled By Randomness and The Black Swan
    Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, and What the Dog Saw
    Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational
    Dan Gardner, Future Babble, and Risk
    Peter Bernstein, Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
    Vaclav Smil, Energy Transitions, Global Catastrophes and Trends, Energy Myths and Realities
    Robert Bryce, Power Hungry
    Gwyneth Craven, Power to Save the World (how an anti-nuclear activitist became pro-nuclear by actually researching what nuclear power is all about)
    William Tucker, Terrestrial Energy (also about nuclear power)

    About management myths etc.:

    Phil Rosenzweig, The Halo Effect
    Hubbard, The Failure of Risk Management

    FROM BILL: Oh, my. I was thinking more of info about how to prepare for hard times, but this is a great list. Some I have read, other I haven’t. I trust your tastes, Richard. Don’t get me started going into my own library and listing books. Everyone would be reading forever.

  86. Josh Pearson says :

    No need to post this. I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed by your wisdom. I just read every post and reply and am in awe. I hope some day I get to meet, perhaps even jam with you.

    A lot of recent information has come before me about things getting hairy in the future and I’ve been debating selling some of my stocks, investing in gold & silver and stock piling some food and water. This blog is the final nod from my universe letting me know I’m on the right path.

    I’m about 3 years into doing holosync and words can’t express how much more beautiful life has become for me. Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.

  87. I guess I did miss the point. I thought you were still talking about history and stuff.

    I think the best preparation for hard times is resilience (holosync helps, of course), being healthy and physically fit, the love and support of family and friends, many and varied skills, so you can adapt to changing times and support yourself and your loved ones, and being well read, especially literature and history, because it helps to put things in perspective.

    I hope that helps,


  88. Brian says :

    FROM BILL: Brian, I’m just noticing a pattern in human behavior. There is A LOT of data to support it, and I suspect you are commenting on it without having looked at it.

    I have looked at it. It is interesting. It is a hypothesis on a pattern of SOCIAL behaviour, but I would argue it incorrect to posit it as a model of human behaviour, unless one is talking of humans together ‘en masse’. Large civilisations change human nature. People are more natural in smaller groupings – i.e. the size of small herds or tribes or villages. Living en masse is not the ‘herd’. The herd is part of our genetic inheritance. Sociology tells us that we thrive better in herds up to around 200. The Nuclear family is the lowest social grouping and is not enough to provide a human with opportunities for full potential.

    The psychiatrist, Maslow’s pyramid of Needs, however provides an established model of human behaviour, that is also “endogenous”. It explains that if someone’s physiological needs are not being met i.e. food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep, employment – then they will have a lot less to lose by taking to the streets and risking what’s left of their lives for the possibility of something better. That is truly “endogenous”. Then there is the “exogeny” of the circumstances that provide further resistance to obtaining what is needed. In all ‘systems’ there will be an interplay.

    BiLL: There is no caliphate right now. The Muslims, however, want to reestablish it, and I have read and listened to their very words advocating it and describing what they will do to create it. You may not have seen this information, but it is available for anyone who looks for it.

    I realise there is no caliphate now. SOME Muslims, or even the religion as a whole, may want to reestablish it – as much as many Christians would like to see the return of their Messiah. If you are AWARE of the history, then of course one can look for any evidence that supports held beliefs. I too have seen the information…but it is not the whole story. Your interpretation is not complete. You can also become aware that the current impetus in Tunesia, Cairo and now Libya has occurred on a most basic level, because they cannot eat and work (Maslow’s prism). It will most likely spread to Palestine, because of their growing poverty. Soon they will have no choice. Survival instincts are an endogenous imperative. The cause will be attributed to exogenous causes by some, blaming it on Israel’s repression.

    It has already spread to London – because their basic needs are being threatened and it will come to you guys for exactly the same reasons, because everyone’s taxes are going to bailing out abusive banks and they are expecting us all to go into debt for the next couple of generations to keep them fluid. What I’m showing is an interplay between endogeny and exogeny. There are causes and effects we can try to work with, but in the socionomic model, we should just prepare ourselves for the impending wave. Probably good advice, but who wants to role over for a developing hypothesis. I would prefer to get engaged than crawl away somewhere safe. We are all in this together.

    Monotheism is eroding all over the world and Islam is the last bastion which is crumbling before our eyes, for the same hypocrisy of leaders that we have witnessed in the West. Islam will soon be a spent force. Current affairs have already invalidated Al Quaida. Different awareness, different theories.

    Islam is not the problem. There is youthful vigour in the Middle East that is ambitious for what we have in the West and with the intelligence and education to go for it, if they but had the same opportunities. Forget China, India and Brazil, what an economic powerhouse that could be, given the right conditions.

    Glenn Beck might have something of value to say, but it very difficult to tell due to all his polemics. He may be right about some things but he is wrong about what is happening in Arabia. Of course there is the danger of the Muslims getting the hands on the new governments, but given the low level of violence and religious content (not including Libya right now) it is not likely. If the Dalai Lama is saying the same things you are, I would guess they would be for different reasons and from different sources.

    I read Christopher’s comments and he expressed his opinion well.

    FROM BILL: Okay, I get it. It’s important for you to argue, no matter what, and to be right. That must make it awfully easy for you to miss the obvious point here, which you have done with great precision and persistence. You may just make the Olympic Team for setting up and knocking down straw men–unless the Olympics are cancelled because of low social mood. It’s difficult to summon up a lot of enthusiasm for countering the searing arguments you make against points I haven’t made. Take a deep breath. Lighten up. Get over yourself.

  89. Gaudeamus says :


    do you have any concrete recommendations on how to prepare for the hard times to come? Are you in the survivalist camp, i.e. do you strive to become self-sufficient by moving into nature, growing your own food and hunting game? Or is this just an intellectual exercise for you, perhaps with the twist of adding gold to your financial investments, as Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters has been recommending for a long time?

    Just curious to which extent you are drawing personal consequences for your own lifestyle based on what you describe as the likely scenario for the future.


    FROM BILL: I think there are definite person consequences to what’s going on. I didn’t know, though, that my response to conditions had to fall into a certain category. I think the shit is going to hit the fan. I’m going dodge the shit as well as I possibly can, using every tool possible, and help as many others as I can to do the same.

  90. Brian says :

    FROM BILL: Okay, I get it. It’s important for you to argue, no matter what, and to be right. That must make it awfully easy for you to miss the obvious point here, which you have done with great precision and persistence. You may just make the Olympic Team for setting up and knocking down straw men–unless the Olympics are cancelled because of low social mood. It’s difficult to summon up a lot of enthusiasm for countering the searing arguments you make against points I haven’t made. Take a deep breath. Lighten up. Get over yourself.

    Would you care to reiterate the “obvious point”, because it seems to me you are lumping a few together in the one “hypotothesis”.

    Is sarcasm and ad hominem personal attack, the method of a compassionate teacher, or an indication your ground’s a bit shaky?

    From my perspective you seem to have ‘enthusiasm’ about one thing to another, which you often say, “I know the person who is the proponent of it” and recommend by virtue of your enthusiasm, but without from what I’ve seen personal reasons why you as a teacher are recommending it to your students. It is not enough to tell them how uneducated they are and then tell them to go and google it.

    Telling people to google on the internet isn’t really research and it isn’t the same as your addressing objections.

    I thank you for making me “aware” of Socionomics. I think it is interesting and might be a helpful tool. I am aware of the history and possibility of a Caliphate, but I AM in Europe and I am engaged with students who are there; and my reading and ‘research’ is broader than what you seem to be reading, which is nearly all ‘published’ by North Americans. To point ‘students’ towards Ken Beck and polemic, without fully disclosing your personal beliefs…and giving reasons…on the subject, doesn’t allow your students to have a reasonable discussion about a very emotive, and dangerous subject…especially in your corner of the world.

    Whether you want followers or not, you have them. And wanting to help people is noble…but if you promote things merely by virtue of enthusiasm, they will come home to roost.

  91. Chris M says :

    In Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” (concentration camp inhabitant/victim and psychiatrist) he writes “We who have come back, we know- the best of us did not return.”
    I saw someone I went to high-school with on the news today, his sister said she woke up with him holding her hand while under the rubble (after the earthquake). I remember him as someone who was practical and who would ‘give the shirt off their back’. On some level I feel a bit emotional about it – I remember thinking that my first high-school crush deserved to be with him (ironically they may have actually gotten married and had two kids). These such people care about people – ‘typical’ people (whatever that means). Are these type of people to be the martyrs in the future? I feel sentiment akin to perhaps the/a motivating factor of the now dead individual. I suppose certain aspects of being human are contagious under the right circumstances. Seeing social mood as more-or-less inevitably leading to certain real effects (and (on a personal level) now that the earthquake has occurred), I feel a bit funny. It may be wrong to write this comment, or not in the best interests, but it’s like I don’t want something like husbandless wives, good people being missed by their loved ones (unless I can marry the widow I suppose). It may be notable to mention that I was diagnosed with a psychosocial disability that is considered to affect empathy, etc. I guess even people with Asperger’s syndrome can be caught up in social mood. Finishing up, (I’m being more objective again now) I wonder if you have anything to say about/to this Bill. I wonder if this may be (broadly/indirectly) spoken of in the other parts of the ‘Hell in Handbasket’ posts.

    (Novice) Chris

    FROM BILL: It sounds to me as if you have plenty of empathy. I’m sorry for your loss.

    One of the main things I’ve been trying to get across in by posts of the last year is that there is no escape from the human predicament. We all suffer: because of cause and effect (many causes we have no control over) and impermanence, and also because we resist these things (this third one we have a choice about IF we are aware enough to see ourselves doing it).

    Humans like to think (hope?) that there is, somehow, some sort of “divine providence” or perhaps “divine fairness.” Unfortunately, I don’t think there is. Often people who are “good” end up is difficult (or horrible) situations. People create a lot of suffering for themselves by emotionally resisting what they think shouldn’t happen or isn’t fair.

    Certainly taking practical steps to prevent or mitigate tragic or negative events is a good idea, but emotional resistance to “what is” is personally destructive. It is, however, a normal reaction–I’m not saying that a person should not feel something about these things. I not added a “should” to any of this. I’m merely pointing out that to the degree that we resist what cannot be resisted, we suffer.

    And, to the degree we can see HOW we resist, and watch ourselves as we do it, we are less likely to do so (awarenss creates choice, and we choose what serves us rather than what creates suffering).

  92. Vic says :


    How can we be sure that, “Life is just, well, life. It isn’t particularly going anywhere, and there’s no particular reason for it” ? Is it not possible that we just don’t KNOW where it’s going and why?


    FROM BILL: Show me where it’s going, or where anyone really does know. I suppose it’s possible that there’s some secret about where it’s going that could be discovered, but no one knows where it is. Every “meaning” I hear is someone’s hope or guess.

  93. Paul Cowan says :

    I have been doing some research via the web (take that as what you will) and there do seem to be quite a lot of analysts who back your prediction up.

    For example:

    If this is true, what can we do? We are powerless.

    FROM BILL: After the hard time I’ve given you, I admire that you did go and do some reserach. Don’t stop, though. there is an unbelievable amount of information about all of this out there if you just look. The question of what can we do is what everyone who is aware of this is asking themselves. See my answers to other posts, where I have given my opinion.

    As I just said to another poster, I’ve been trying to get across for the past year that there are many things about being human over which we have little or no control. Though these are things you can do to mitagate what happens in the coming months and years, in some ways there may not be that much you can do other that be lucky. Preparation, however, increases luck, and that includes becoming more informed.

  94. Re: Prize money for scientific Predictive abilities

    What is the difference between the book category “Science fiction” and the book category which doesn’t exist “Psychic fiction”

    Arthur C Clarke wrote of Sateliites & Geo Stationary Orbit, which later became reality.

    I’m sure I could claim the prize and demonstrate abilities under scientific scrutiny, I’m also sure that probability statistics would be produced countering my proof, with some other proof – such-as a new born baby could achieve the same results, (without going into all the chaos and probability maths). I am relatively well educated despite the casual manner of my writings here and elsewhere.

    One of the biggest trends I see in a highly negative way is the reinforcement of the following of the herd mentality even in many of these recommended reading lists.

    Constantly reusing old ways and old words in tired and rigid ways. Creative vision is really where the positive outcomes happen, and in my humble opinion this highly negative time trend we are in is where the most ingenuity and creative positive vision will happen.

    How did you yourself come up with Centerpointe Holosync – Creative Vision.

    In my writings elsewhere I’m forever creating new words and phrases to fulfill a need or function in my enjoyable hobby. I know what the words mean, as do some of my small following, yet people here on your list could quite easily guess meaning with a chance of being correct or close to correct,

    I’ll list some

    Silvertoe Velocity, lomlaurial Cells, cheurostacs, helmarise, Jamproxing.

    So yes hell in a handcart, but also a breaking down and reforming at a higher level into a positive trend for those with creative vision – much in the same manner as your own developed Technology works!

  95. Paul Cowan says :

    I think Glenn Beck and fox are at worst politically motivated behind the tea party or maybe he is ratings motivated.

    The true criminals in all this as always are the people behind the bankers and Obama.

    The rothchilds of this world and the people pulling the strings are the people we should be taking this to. Their orchestration of catastrophe for gain has got to be opposed at some point in modern history.

    FROM BILL: Please watch Beck a bit before offering an opinion. No one who really watched his show for any length of time would say that.

  96. Paul says :

    It seems after reading some of these posts from obviously well read folks you have set yourself up to be a punch bag for intellectual point scorers and, knowing you Bill (which I don’t really of course), you’re loving every minute of it.
    I myself am not well read but I do believe I am more intuitive about social change in recent times after two years of Holosync. I am more aware of my own awareness now and how that is changing as I continue with Holosync. Your resilience to some of the pointed attacks on your positioning on this topic is noteworthy.
    Perhaps as a result of your support letters and posts I understand the implication of those two words RESISTANCE and ACCEPTANCE in delivering, or not delivering, an element of peace to my life at any chosen time.
    I did not read your post in a negative way, I only read it with a confirmation of what I am sensing myself in the world around me.For example, muslim incitement to hatred of us ‘infidels’ through doctrins taught at junior muslim schools here in UK’s towns and cities, currently exposed in our media, would support one small part of your predictions. I accept that shit happens and we must be prepared for that as far as we can be and I thank you for sharing this with us all. I accept what you say. Not accepting this information you post might imply a strong level of fear in those reacting strongly to your words. I can accept these words without fear. Also I am beginning to realise now that the dawning of the age of aquarius just might not happen in my lifetime. I was prey to this for a while, I guess as ‘magical thinking’ and this is clearly the result of fear taking control. Waiting for this to happen is like waiting for the return of Christ to land in my back garden. Better to do as you say, keep close to the kids and enjoy life in the process!!

    FROM BILL: The Age of Aquarius ended about 11 years ago. You missed it!

    I have to confess one thing–I don’t have to to properly answer all these posts. I have a lot of other things to do. To properly answer some of the critics would take more time than I want to spend unwinding irrational or uninfomed thinking. Those who want to actually do some research can find out why some of their ideas are faulty.

    In my younger years I considered myself to be a Marxist. I read Lenin, Mao, Fabian socialist, Trotsky, literature from the IWW, and lots and lots more. I thought I had it all figured out. I hadn’t, though, looked at the other side (the socialist types have a skillful way of presenting “the other side” in their literature when they are really misrepresenting it, so a reading thinks they know both sides). Once I got out into the real world, and also was directly to counterarguments it became pretty clear what was what.

    Now I see many other making the same sorts of mistakes–they take in a lot of information, thinking they are getting both sides, or at least enough of both sides to make a decison. At this point I have decades of dedicated study of this stuff behind be (and, believe me, I am set on figuring out what is true, not–to the best of my ability–to justify an already set point of view).

    I know what many of these people are missing. And, the left does a great job of demonizing their sharpest critics so that their followers never even bother to listen to them. Glenn Beck is a great example. I truly never run into a Beck-hater who can tell me what happens on his show because they’ve never watched it.

  97. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I was wandering about improv books. I’ve read Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner.

    Do you know what the socionomist predict for south america ?

    FROM BILL: South American is set to become the center of a new empire rules by monkeys from outer space.

    For improve books check out Jerry Coker, David Baker, and Jamey Aebersold. It isn’t the books, though, it’s the practicing. These books will tell you what to practice. It takes YEARS, though.

  98. Jeff says :

    Bill’s Blog; Where the Rubber Meets the Road.
    Thanks for this one especially; so much more light needs to be shined in this direction and yours, here, is indeed illuminating.
    One resource I’ve come across for practical responses to what’s ahead is John Michael Greer’s blog:
    His readers-and as here-commentators-add so much.
    I would not trade my years, Flowering II, of Holosync growth for anything. Awareness is the key.

  99. Jeff says :

    ps; One of the things I appreciate most about this blog is the way you, Bill, share your time and yourself. If only there was more “ordinary” in our world. You may not be “special” but thanks for doing the best you can.
    Mr. Greer also responds to his readers and what is so precious these days also shares himself.

  100. james says :

    Hi Bill, I’ve only read the first bit of this blog. YOu make reference to all the incredibly bad stuff that happened in the last century. I’d like to say that Ben (the us FED) saved us from a second great depression with his detailed knowledge of the past. In contrast, commodity prices are very high. They were so low in the great depression that no one could make any money.
    Do you think it’s possible that we are a little wiser now and may avert such catastrophies of the recent past.

    FROM BILL: No, I do not think we are any wiser now. Before this is over Bernanke will be vilified and demonized. The Fed is one of the greatest sources of all the crushing debt (and inept and even dishonest actions taken to supposedly “save” the economy–NOTHING can save the economy, and you can quote me) about to crumble around us. When that happens, you’ll wish it was just shit hitting the fan.

  101. Brian says :

    Bill, for what is about to come, do you think it will be more valuable to have an engineering degree or a business degree? Or will it even matter?



    FROM BILL: I think you should have a degree in English literature.

  102. John says :

    Hi Bill,

    As a follow-up to a previous post, in the extreme event that Centerpointe did have to shut down, would I have enough time to purchase the remaining levels, and have them shipped to me? I’m in the program, but not currently an Inner Circle member. Thanks

    FROM BILL: Why wait until the last minute? I can’t forecast what will happen, only my intentions. I would certainly do my best to allow anyone who wanted all the rest of the levels to get them.

  103. Brian B says :

    FROM BILL: I think you should have a degree in English literature.

    Huh? Are you saying it doesn’t really matter? I’m not the Brian you were arguing with earlier by the way. I’m actually torn by this decision and was going to see if you could be the tie breaker.

    FROM BILL: I think you should do what you are passionate about. Hopefully it will be something that society needs (which, I think, includes both your choices) and can make you a good living.

  104. Vic says :

    Can you get a degree in farming? :>)

    I love Glenn Beck. His show should be required watching for high school students.

    Yeah, that’ll happen. :>I

    Bill says, “Show me where it’s going, or where anyone really does know. I suppose it’s possible that there’s some secret about where it’s going that could be discovered, but no one knows where it is. Every “meaning” I hear is someone’s hope or guess.”

    My point is that there is MUCH that we don’t know. Much more than we DO know. Some things are just unknowable. Everyone’s hope or guess about where life is going and the reason for it may be unprovable and even wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that it (life) is going nowhere and that there is no reason for it. That conclusion can’t be proven either.

    As far as the end of the world as we know it goes, I hear ads on the radio every day trying to convince me of the same thing. I find it unlikely that when it happens it will be so heavily advertised. Not impossible, but unlikely.

    FWIW, I really enjoy reading this blog. It’s one of the best things on the net, IMHO. Thanks for doing it, Bill. You’re point of view is certainly appreciated by many. :>)

    FROM BILL: I see no evidence that existence is going somewhere, or has a meaning, any more that when a branch sprouts from a tree it is going somewhere in partuclar or has a particular meaning. It’s just being a branch, going wherever it goes.

  105. Andy W. says :

    ‘mutation’, ‘adaptation’, ‘natural selection’, ‘evolution’: Darwin’s four steps of biological transformation I was recently reminded of in a 3rd grade science fair.

    My question: could it be, without presuming a grand design or teleological direction of any kind (spiral dynamical or Wilburean notwithstanding), that “awareness”, as we speak of it here in this blog, is simply an adaptive mutation that will fit those who have it with greater survival potential than those who don’t, better equiping them for whatever existential circumstances the ‘SUPERCYCLE’ mood swings of today or tomorrow may present to them?

    I wonder if the so-called Superhumans of the utopian future that the idealists idolize are really just the naturally selected humans who were best suited to the challenges of those future physical realities – the new black finches so-to-speak living on the then black-colored lava rocks of human experience?

    I can’t help but think, like certain philosophers, that we as we, whether there are ideal forms or higher realms or whether there are not, that we as we are at best just Being in Time; and like Bill keeps saying, we have very little choice in that matter. The point here is “WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE LITTLE BIT OF CHOICE WE DO HAVE?” The answer, again, like Bill says: watch, prepare, chop wood, carry water, love your loved ones, feel the good earth in your hands (whether that ‘good earth’ is in the form of a saxophone for twenty hours a week, or a rose garden for 15 minutes before dinnertime, or a classroom of grad students – whatever it is that you as you the individual are called by your passion to “hold”), and by all means, LIVE your life and Be well.

    In that way, I believe, we will ‘evolve’ into that new species of the same old humans riding the same old social waves. Ecclesiastes: some chapter some verse: “There is nothing new under the sun.” And so it goes my friends.

    FROM BILL: Makes sense to me.

  106. Chris says :


    I’ve got a degree in English literature and I think I’d rather have the engineering. Seems like everywhere you look they need engineers these days!


    FROM BILL: Other than for particular vocations where a degree is necessary, I think a collge degree is overrated. The schools are irritatingly biased toward a certain point of view (especially in social sciences), they zoom through information so quickly you can’t really savor it or learn it adequately, and they don’t consider anything the academic elites haven’t signed off on (for instance, most of what I teach on this blog, though people who use it rave about how much it improves their lives, isn’t even mentioned in college–if it is, it’s mentioned in such a non-useful and boring way that you’re led to assume that it’s not useful to your life).

    The benefits of college, IMO, are that you are exposed to many things you probably didn’t know about; you have a shot at learning to write and communicate well (though obviously not too many achieve this); you might learn how to reason more clearly (again, many are called but few are chosen); you have a chance, if you take enough science, to get over magical thinking; you have a lot of potential drinking buddies and sex partners close at hand; there are organized sporting events; and you can escape from having to make it in the real world for a few more years.

    I’ve learned much more about a wide variety of subjects by reading widely (and, in some cases, by doing my best to teach what I was learning to others, which is very helpful in learning something) than anything I learned in college–and I took college very seriously while I was there (11 years, including grad school).

    Except in a few cases, no one cares about your college degree, and especially about your grades. What they care about is your willingness to work hard, take personal initiative, go the extra mile, think clearly, internalize the wisdom of those who went before you, practice useful skills until you master them, recognize and utilyze patterns you find in the world to create something of practical use (one of the keys to genius), and (more than anything) help others get what they want or need and help them solve their problems. If you do these things, you have a great chance to be a success.

  107. Santiago says :

    Bill I think I speak for many of us here.

    Now that we have a new mental framework about this topic, thanks to your recent posts an commentaries, could you make available your videos discussing this predictions again ?

    I think many of us weren’t sensitive enough about this when you first broadcasted them, it would be much more helpful now.

  108. Andrew Baines says :

    Sorry for the late info on this one but Re bodies losing weight upon death New Scientist 12/02/11 in its editorial refers to Duncan McDougall who, in 1907, weighed people upon death to measure the weight of the human soul. Apparently the soul weighs on average 21 grams. However there were uncertainties in his measurements. I’ve not looked to see if anyone has been able to reliably repeat his results.

    The editorial was relating to an article in the magazine about electrical activity in the brain after the heart had stopped. Some had referred to this as the soul in action. Given that the same electrical activity has now been found in rats, do we now assume rats have souls too?

    FROM BILL: And of course that weight MUST be a soul–it couldn’t be ANYTHING else, could it?

  109. Terry Lyle says :

    I am amazed at all the chatter going on here. When has the world, as known by humans, not been in catastrophe of one kind or another? When?
    Since I am on course three of the BILL’S lifes principles and have heard over and over that nothing matters, I wonder at all this focus on doom. I sense a bit of clinging.
    I started out 4 years ago thinking “how wonderful, everyone is becoming enlightened”. Bill has taught me a few things.
    1. It will never happen…I see it everyday. Most humans can’t even comprehend a minute of freedom from “the map of reality”. I myself continue to be tricked on a daily basis.
    2. I admit that I have removed myself from most all media influence. I haven’t watched TV for over 15 years. I gave up on “news”, 20 years ago. I decided that movies are not for me. I’m an avid reader but gave up on fiction about 3 years ago. Yet, when I hear others talking about “current events”..not a thing has changed since I last tuned in. So, am I turning away from reality or am I facing it? I wonder.
    3. Bill, although I believe that you mean well trying to prepare us for the “tough times” ahead, I think humans will carry on as usual…the best they can. We could all suffer or some of us could suffer and help others or we’ll suffer and isolate ourselves, or isolate ourselves and be at peace or we could all die…something that will happen at any rate.
    4. All the “predictions” mean nothing as far as I’m concerned. We, as a collective mind and body, are creating our reality…I learned this from you Bill (I think). Those of us who have some understanding of that can only “let that be okay”. Those who have no awareness what so ever will pretty much determine the way. Exciting huh?
    5. I’ve never been at a better time in life. I’ve never been more prosperous. I’ve never had such a connection with other humans as I do now. I’ve never smiled or laughed as much as I do now. Sure, I feel the pain of others and see the disasters that occur arround me. I will help when I can. I am okay otherwise. This is all due to Holosync as far as I’m concerned.
    6. I’ve taken seriously everything Bill has offered me. I’m far from enlightened, just barely aware…but that is light years away from where I was.
    7. Do you notice that I like to separate my thoughts by numbering them? That’s how I get through. One step at a time.

    It might be better to focus on ways to improve those current situations that are not going the way we want as opposed to fearing those things are as they are.

    If I remember my lessons…focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

    This blog sure has been a lot of “what we don’t want”.

    Just saying.


    FROM BILL: Are you saying that the rest of the world around you doesn’t affect you, so there is no need to pay attention to it? If that is your plan I suspect you will be in for a rude awakening at some point, because what happens around you does affect you. And, we are entering a time of historic (and, unfortunately, not positive) changes. Personally, I would want to know what is going on. Not paying attention is like crossing the freeway on foot with your eyes closed.

    I agree with many things you say. There is no escape from the human condition. And, it is a rare person who is not completely immersed in his or her map of reality. The media is not a good place to get your information, though there are other places you should be getting it. Not paying attention might by okay in times of positive social mood, but today it is dangerous. As I have said over and over in answering the many posts in response to what I have said, I am not suggesting that you should be afraid or depressed. I am suggesting that you should be prepared. Letting whatever happens be okay is something you do emotionally. It doesn’t mean that you don’t take common sense action. If a hurricane was coming to where you live, it would be prudent to take certain actions. This is no different.

  110. Paul Cowan says :

    I do not think that the caliphate is the problem. Islamic states being created through Europe seems too far fetched.

    Orchestrated global market disintegration by the ruling 1% seems to be were we are heading. Population control is the agenda. A 3rd world war and globalisation are the issue. The dollar will become completely devalued with a move to a global currency. The regime changes in the middle east are being orchestrated by the west. Iran to attach Israel is the spark. The globalists want to reduce the population of the world to 500,000,000. A 90% reduction.

    Order out of chaos. People need to wake up to how the world is really run.

    I thank you for posting this. I was at first critical but my eyes are open now.

    FROM BILL: I don’t exactly agree with the details of your analysis. Not everything you read online is accurate.

  111. Dan says :

    FROM BILL: I grew up feeling like I was somehow “special.” Most of my life was about striving to get others to see that I was “special.” Of course no one cares whether I am (or anyone else is) special. And, over the years, culminating in my work with Genpo Roshi, I realized that I’m NOT special. This non-special-ness is called ordinary mind in Zen. That’s what the chop wood, carry water stuff is about. Life is just, well, life. It isn’t particularly going anywhere, and there’s no particular reason for it (other than whatever we create).

    This isn’t something someone can just tell you, though. It isn’t intellectual information. It has to somehow be realized or embodied, and what that is is difficult to describe. It’s something like the difference between knowing a lot about sex and actually experiencing it, or knowing what it’s like to lose someone you value and actually having it happen, in which case you REALLY know.

    At any rate, somehow Genpo got me to really embody being ordinary. And, I’ll tell you, it is a great relief. It doesn’t keep me from doing any of the things I was previously doing to try to be “special” but it certainly changes the motivation–and the experience of it.

    I can tell that you are in a similar place, so you know what I’m talking about. At this point, for me, it’s about how I can help other people with their own dilemma of being human. I debated whether or not to blog about social mood and what it forecasts for the world because I knew it would stir up a lot of strong emotions. It’s the sort of thing that could be “bad for business.” But so few people have access to or know about the information I see everyday, and have been seeing for several decades, and I just thought I had to “do the right thing” regardless of how some people would react.


    After 2 years of Holosync use and your repeated suggestions to “become curious” and “watch”, I recently became aware that I too have this feeling that I am “special”, and that somehow it is the job of others to notice and validate this. I now can clearly see how this has created a great deal of suffering for myself, when others of course don’t notice my “specialness” or act in a way that I think they should.

    I was wondering if you have any suggestion on how I can let go of this and begin to embrace my non-special-ness.

    I know from my exposure to Roshi’s BHBM process that it is probably the manifestation of some aspect of my disowned and immature ego. Knowing this however, as well as knowing that I am creating the suffering by making others responsible for validating my special-ness, has not solved the problem. As you say, there is a difference between knowing you’re doing something and actually seeing how you’re doing it.

    Any insight would be appreciated.


    FROM BILL: Awareness creates choice, and once you have a choice you will always choose what serves you–and others. Watch yourself do this “I’m special” thing, as you do it. Don’t try to stop doing it. Just watch yourself do it. Watch the internal pictures you make, your internal dialog, the beliefs you express to yourself about it, the internal feelings that arise around it, and the actions you take related to it.

    This is what my Life Principles online courses are all about, so for a much more detailed, step by step explanation of how to use awareness to deal with this and other human problems, go to

  112. Chris says :


    Christopher said it was the biggest decline “in history.” Not sure what he means by that. But in your opinion, is this the millenium wave, or the down-wave of the one that began in 1720?

    I am learning about Elliott Waves, but I just don’t have time to learn all I need to know before I make some decisions. So I’ll rely on the experts for now.


    FROM BILL: It is the down-wave following an up-wave (which, as all waves are, was subdivided into other up and down-waves) starting in the last 1700s.

    I’m not sure if we know if this is the “biggest in history”. It is, though, the biggest in the last several hundred years that we have enough data to measure the size of waves. I suspect that the fall of the Roman Empire was a pretty huge down-wave.

  113. Paul Cowan says :

    The US and the UK have been behind regime changes world wide for decades now. I think it is a given that the US and UK are behind the Egyptian and now Libyan regime changes. Libya could be invaded under the guise of a UN humanitarian mission. They want the oil.

    It makes more sense to me than a Caliphate. Glenn Beck saying islam will spread through Europe does not add up. The muslims are a minority in each country.

    FROM BILL: As I’ve said to others, I would stud this a bit more before you offer your opinion. A few weeks of gathering information from the TV isn’t going to result in a very cogent view.

  114. Mike says :

    BILL: At any rate, somehow Genpo got me to really embody being ordinary. And, I’ll tell you, it is a great relief. It doesn’t keep me from doing any of the things I was previously doing to try to be “special” but it certainly changes the motivation–and the experience of it.

    How can we “learn” to embody being ordinary as well, Bill?

    Also, there was talk of the best line of work to be in when the shit hits the fan. Surely there are professions that will thrive and those that will not (construction would seem to be one). I feel a more detailed discussion along these lines is warranted if we are to be as prepared as possible for the coming decline in social mood.


    FROM BILL: Regarding being ordinary, go review my two posts, The Five Stages of Waking Up and There You Are, Enlightened. The fifth stage is “ordinary mind.”

  115. catherine H says :

    Not paying attention, not making plans isn’t an option when you have young children and elderly relatives who depend on you. That is reality.

  116. Terry Lyle says :

    Thanks Bill for your response, I truly apreciate your comments. I am not saying that the rest of the world does not affect me. I am saying that I affect the rest of the world (my world). I am saying what you have taught me (I think). I am saying that I absolutely agree that the rest of the world…every human kind and every sentient being (those are words I’ve learned lately) is creating the reality.

    I cannot create the reality for everyone…only me. My reality is awesome, yet I see everyone else creating a reality that is doom. Am I right that there is no doom whithout hope? (black and white)

    It’s intersting to note that although I have made every effort to remove myself from the world… I do have a job that I go to everyday…I interact with some terrific people around the world and, subsequently, hear of the world’s events.

    I know of the devsitation in New Zealand…yet another major catastrophe amongst others in recent years.

    But isn’t this what you have taught me? All systems must collapse. Ever since I learned this I have seen it every day. Everything passes. Everything. I watch myself and think…holy crap…I never felt this before…but as i near 60…i realize…well, now you have felt this.

    And ever since I have learned this, I look at every THING and think…this too shall pass.

    Everything. And the most amazing thing…I find comfort in that.

    FROM BILL: You carete your emotional and behavior world–if you are aware enough. You don’t create (and shouldn’t ignore) the effects the rest of the world has on your situation. If these effects are becoming dangerous to you, you should take heed of them.

  117. Robin says :

    I’m loving this blog post and the comments from all.

    Just want to say that I’ve listened to Alex Jones for many years, Beck is following/learning from Alex, it’s all good as we need everyone to awaken to the truth, the more people that discuss this, the better, as you are doing.

    I’m very happy that Beck is educating many people, well, more than many people, he’s still got some learning to do himself but he’s getting there, so kudos to him, as to Alex Jones, the info is way past Beck, always has been, Alex has been doing this for the last 18 yrs.

    It’s been interesting to watch how Beck has grown, how he now isn’t stopping because “main stream media says it’s not appropriate info” and yes, it is now mirroring what Alex reports.

    Either way, it’s about getting the info out to everyone..


  118. Bill,

    According to the experts, it was supposed to snow in the Bay Area last week, and the day was sun-shiney with pufffy white clouds and a dresden blue sky.
    So much for predictions!
    Have you read about the Dictators falling like bowling pins in North Africa?
    I have to say that my spirits are rising with each photo of people willing to die for democracy and freedom. It seems to me that you can view the world as a crisis about to happen or as a potential for a miracle. North Africa is a miracle. Would you give me a little time to enjoy it?

    The information about the Right and Left Brains has arrived just in time for you! Your fear of the future is Left Brain computation. Switch to your own Right Brain and consider enjoying each moment, as the Right Brain is designed to do. The Right Brain doesn’t DO FEAR.

    If you do not know how to switch brains in a mini-second, call me and i’ll show you?

    FROM BILL: When you see the next set of dictators take over, you probably won’t think it’s such a miracle. There isn’t going to be any democracy in the Middle East. Stay tuned.

  119. klaus says :

    Nobody knows exact what is coming (except God so to say) but if we see how the world is progressing, we can ecpect that is will continue this way like a staedy but continiusly downturn on all levels, be it pollution, be it moral, be it loss of virtues and honesty all over society.
    With more humans all the time the negative process will only speed up.

    Why is this happening?
    The human race has screwed up completely and there is no exception from it that a country is better than the other.
    The allieds did unspeakable unnecessary crimes against humanity esp. towarde the end of war with mass bombing from cities, dropping from 2 !! atombombs in Japan as the war was decidet and almost over, just to see how the different typs of bombs behaved.
    Did the eternal peace breake out when Germany was destroit?
    Everybody knows the answer.
    It starts with the unsustainable multiplying of humankind (no other animal does this but knows when to slow down and stop alltogether) and the distruction of mother Earth with all kinds of activitys and waste it produced.

    The global systems of climat are ruined from burning of fossile fuel and carbons in huge amounts the nature has lost the cabebility to deal with this.
    There will be no stopping/slow down of climat warmup, because the point of no return is passed. The heat absorbet in the oceans will be responsible that the large glaciers melt down keeps going and with it the ending of enough flow of the big livespending rivers in Asia, the rising of waterlevel of the oceans will be higher than expected in the range of 70-100 cm.

    The nature will rather sooner than later restore the nature in the way it existed before the multiplying of the unworthy human race.

    The ruining of ariable land, oceans, nature with the plants and animals, the unbelievable crime comitted on factory raised animals and all the crime commited from humans because there is no discipline enforced and a society as moral exampel left to change this decline.
    The so called kapitalistic democratic system of the most powerful system USA as far as weapons of distraction are concerned, with there behavior und loss of culture where only the $ counts did after WW2 with the phony popculture and all the exaggeration the cult of popstars, filmstars, sport give the whole world the direction in the distruction/decline of once prospering societys.

    The muslemic world is stuck in religious fundamentalismus responsible for their backwardness and because they work more like a dangerous idiology than religion are a threat for the whole world and the so called “Infidel” how we are called.
    The “black out” will be sudden by a cosmic event like it occures about every 10-12000 years or a slow but speeding up decline with even more suffering.

    The earth will in the end recover with different species and a new chance, the animal with the largest brain had the chance to be on top of the food chain but it failed terrible time is not a concern for such events.

    FROM BILL: The fact that you feel this way about all these things is BECAUSE of the downturn in social mood, not the other way around.

  120. Em says :

    Bill, I would think you would know by now that the Universe is one large ear. It picks up what you are thinking and gives it back to you. If you pick up negativity, then that will be returned to you. I am not talking as a flaky flower child.
    I have had people tell me things that I couldn’t do or be. And I ignored them. To myself I have said, “If this is to come to me it will and I need not listen to others about how there aren’t any jobs or there’s no more space for whatever”. We are all creators whether we realize that or not. What is the point of meditating if you are not going to become conscious creators? If the world goes into a negative mood, this mood is not responsible for making us negative. It is our responsibility to respond one way or the other. We have the choice.
    I realize that compared to the number of people in the world, the number of people who “get” why we are here is quite small. So what? It is my joy to dwell in the present moment and your CDs have helped me do that. When you really think of it, all we have is this moment. Don’t dwell on what is to come. It is a movable target and it is always changing.

    FROM BILL: I’m all for “dwelling in the present moment”–though I don’t know if you have a choice about that. It’s always the present moment. I’ve been trying to point out for some time that you have little or no control over all the other stuff that happens in the universe. And, some of it (a lot of it) can harm you. Being realistic about it and protecting yourself and those you love is a GOOD idea. That doesn’t mean one has to be “negative.” Are you being negative to floss your teeth because plaque will otherwise give you gum disease? Should all information about gum disease be banned because it’s existence is putting negative ideas out the the Giant Ear? And then giving us back gum disease? As I have said to others here, you are attributing meanings and motivations to what I am saying that are actually coming from YOUR HEAD, not my keyboard.

  121. point chaos in discussions all are free to choose,
    perspectives give the ebb and flow elliot waves are so,
    passionate in opinions Bill is Mr forgive,
    Chris is such an expert and studies fractals known,
    Stock markets give rise to god love eternal being,
    this quantum written verse of mine,
    will power us all the zone,
    One voice one higher calling seeking inner faith,
    the breaking down restructuring highers the DOW as shown,
    I can’t predict my future only that what is,
    so standing back and witnessing create with saxophone.

  122. Janine says :


    Thank you so much for a post that instantly put me into a state of resistance.

    That said, after a bit of contemplation, I have decided that I like your analogy “of a bus was barreling down.”

    That awareness gives one the ability to make the decision to either:

    -give up and get hit by the bus,
    -step aside to avoid being hit by the bus,
    -or jump on board the bus and drive it where you want it to go.

    Be well, Janine

  123. Vne says :

    You seem to be propogating or at the very least agreeing with hate against all Muslims. Why are you lumping ALL muslims as wanting a caliphate or wanting to convert the rest of the world to Islam. I think this is very irresponsible. There are radicals and nutjobs in every religion, Christianity included, so you need to watch yourself.

    FROM BILL: Really? Where did I say anything about hating anyone? Where did I say anything “lumping” anyone together, Muslim or not? Where is your integrity that you recklessly attribute words to me I have not said. This is either dishonest or delusional.

    Here is something I WILL say, though:

    It IS true that Muslim leaders want a Calphate. They are publicly saying it right and left. I’ve seen videos of them saying it within the past week. Five minutes on google will allow anyone to hear these same statements. I see a new video like this nearly every day from Mulsim leaders–about killing Jews, annihilating Israel, taking over America, killing Americans, and on and on. The Muslim leadership have been wanting to create a new Calphate since the Ottoman Empire folded. And of course they want to convert the entire world to Islam. Read the Koran. Listen the THEIR words.

    These same leaders advocate Sharia law: stonings, cutting off the hands for theft, honor killings, subjugation of women, and worse. This is barbaric. Most people I know don’t want to return to the dark ages.

    Does EVERY MUslim want this? I suspect not. But the leaders certainly do.

    Personally, I don’t want to be forced into anything. Muslims have a right to their religion. If, however, they want to rule others, they would have to do so by force, which many of the leaders are openingly advocating. In fact, why don’t you tell me which Muslim leaders are NOT advocating it?

    I don’t hate anyone. However, I will protect myself and those I love from Muslims who say that want to kill all Americans, or all Jews, or all infidels. Those who have a more reasonable point of view I see as my friends, no matter what their religion.

  124. Re: |Religion|

    I understand that historically Muslim teachings are about God and the teaching of God as being above that of “man-made” law, , hence when we look at Muslim society we have to understand that Religious teachings are culturally placed above that of the leading politicians and even the leading clerics and clergy – its an object orientated religion, scalable to each individual (which is why I believe one of the reasons why theres a tradition of having the Name Mohammed amongst ones given names. (people can find information on object orientation in most Engineering / computer science literature – but is basically the same idea that Bill preaches – the map is not the territory)

    As such this idea or ideology recognises/knows no boundaries, much in the same way as the idea of Communism past and your American (not you personally) Reds under the beds witch hunts of the last Century.

    This is something the book A Course In Miracles teaches (and that was Written by an atheist) – place god above man made law.

    TV as an idea recognises no boundaries. and could be regarded as a form of religion/god whether through individual favourite programs or stations.

    The internet – another god. the telephone etc etc

    We all choose – buy-and-sell – the idea of God in our own way without ever considering that we are doing this.

    when were asking those questions we often reach in our individual lives – the who am I , what am I ,what am I doing here, what is the script of my life that got me to where I am now

    we can list all these types of scenerios to build the reality picture and seek to restructure, improve if we feel were lacking in some way.

    My own personal latest-current god is Holosync (and I love it) and on top of my hobby/study of hypnosis , electronics engineering/computer science/artificial intelligence University studied background I feel I’m headed in the appropriate direction for some as yet unknown greater calling in my life.

    and the strangest thing is that its my silly odes and poetry and language based teaching that have really taken off amongst my friends and colleagues in recent years.

    I secretly like to think I’m responsible for the white christmas’ and snow across Europe of recent history. There I am telling people to own the now and they kept typing snow :)

  125. Vne says :

    Once again, you say “Muslim Leadership” instead of saying “some radical Muslim leaders”. I have seen videos of several radical Christian , Hindu and Jewis religious leaders who advocate some pretty crazy stuff. So, why are you deliberately mentioning just Muslims? Why not say ” be careful of fundamentalists in general” ? I watch Fox news a lot too, and and I have seen endorsements of politicians and religious leaders who advocate that all Muslims are enemies. This was especially rampant during the controversy of the NY city mosque. You have an added responsibility not to fuel any hate ( whether you intend it or not) since a lot of people (myself included) respect your opinions and have been positively influenced by you. And please, dont attack me personally by questioning my honesty and sanity.

    FROM BILL: Very few people I am aware of have said ALL Muslims are enemies. And, I don’t see it that way. Again: I am against all people and groups who seek to control others and cause others to suffer regardless of religion, race, political affiliation, or any other distinction.

  126. tim says :

    Bill, not really meant as a comment to be posted; might even be considered off topic, but:

    Somebody, sometime, said there was more than one way to skin a cat – (why you would want to i’m not sure). I also heard that the same information looked at in various ways can seem to validate both “correct” and “incorrect” notions of the Universe (something with no center and no edges but began from a common point- I still can’t get my head around that one)…

    What is seen by great minds today as “fact”, widely supported by the “available” data, may well turn out, like many other notions of man from the past, to be anything but “fact”.

    So, who am “I” to suggest that what is seen through the veiled eyes of anyone else has more or less clarity or meaning than any others?

    The NATURE of man: what is that? Is that some fixed static quality or quantity?

    The one quality of Nature that seems to me to be immutable is that the essence of being for all things is change.

    To be attached: what is that?

    Bill, at one time you, through your association with Learning Strategies, appeared to encourage and endorse the practice of ChunYi Linn’s Spring Forest QiGong. Do you still?

    How is what is taught by ChunYi Linn (…”a healer in every family” etc.) different (if it is) from what you call “magical thinking”?


    FROM BILL: Yes, sometimes other facts come to light that changes the way we see things. However, this doesn’t happen that often anymore, at least in the community of people who use the scientific method. It used to happen a lot because much of what was thought to be true was based on what the Church said, or on some sort of magical thinking (often the same thing). Scientific investigation disproved many of these ideas, and quite often people argue against science by pointing out that much of what people used to believe is now know to be untrue, as if this will keep happening. Though new evidence does sometimes alter what scholars and scientists think is true (the general public is often ignorant of the issues and the evidence), it is unlikely that any of the laws of nature will be overturned.

    QiGong seems to have many health benefits. I am quite skeptical of claims of miraculous healings. Many magical thinkers get into this stuff, and add many unsubstaniated claims. There is no evidence that anyone can heal the medical problems of others with their mind. James Randi has a standing offer of a million dollar prize for anyone who can demonstrate such things under controlled conditions. So far, no winners.

  127. James Wilkinson says :


    give me a fucking break with your wave theory please!

    you still haven’t got the faintest clue about the manipulation that’s going on eh? why is it that the elites have all these DUMBS ready for when the shit will hit the fan? chemtrails…ELF waves killing wales and bird and causing earthquakes…the FED and the IRS being private corporations, government lying and cheating more than anyone, and so on and so forth…as if some god damn waves were responsible for anything that’s going on…again, give me a fucking break with that crap!

    Regards David

    FROM BILL: David, don’t be a dope. Don’t put words into my mouth, either. Doing so is one of the most intellectually lazy things you can do in a discussion. Did I say that Elliott wave CAUSED human behavior. No, I didn’t.

    I said, for five-millionth time, that social mood moves back and forth from positve to negative. Are you with me so far? These moves occur in a wave-like patterns governed by fibonacci number relationships (some of which are quite sophisticated), for which there is an extremely large amount of data.

    Still with me? When social mood is positve, certain sorts of things tend to happen: people take more risks, they feel more comfortable going into debt, they feel closer to each other, they are more conciliatory, they are more optimistic, and so on and so on. In times of negative social mood, other behaviors, as outlined in excruciating detail on this bog, are more likely to happen. Social mood is reflected in politics, the economy, the arts, birth rates, and every other area of human behavior.

    People are highly influenced by social mood, and–surpirisingly, to most people–social mood does not happen because of events, events tend to happen because of mood. I know this flies in the face of what you probably assume is common sense, but ALL THE DATA I’VE SEEN SUPPORTS THIS INTERPRETATION. I was initially skeptical, too, but week after week for twenty years I kept reading more studies and seeing more data backing up this point of view.

    For some reason this angers you–and you haven’t even looked at the evidence. That, my friend, is the definition of ignorance. “Give me a fucking break” is not an argument. If you think what I have said is untrue, SHOW ME. On my side, I direct you to all the evidence, a tiny amount of which I have described, in a general way (since my goal was not to mount a polemic, but rather to inform). A boatload of evidence can be found on, on, in the books and newsletters of Robert Prechter, the the writings of John Casti, R.N. Elliott, and several others.

    As with many people on this site, you have jumped up and down with smoke coming out of your ears and fire in your eyes, but YOU HAVE NOT LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE BEFORE SHARING YOUR ANGRY OPINION. I have been studying this for about 20 years. I’m perfectly ready to have a reasoned exchange about the evidence, but you’d have not know something about it and understand it before much of anything you could say would be relevant.

  128. frank james says :

    FROM BILL: Just don’t take you boat to Somalia!

    don’t tell me: there are pirates there! I would rather think that it’s the hundreds of war vessels from all nations of the world that are guarding that seagate no one’s supposed to know anything about! no pirates there!

  129. Donna says :


    It seems to me that if we pull back far enough, EVERYTHING is part of a pattern. Why NOT this?

    PART THREE????? :)

    FROM BILL: Yes, everything IS part of a pattern. Pattern recognition (and the ability to chunk the pattern down and apply it to specific situations) is one of the signs of intelligence.

  130. G.A. says :

    Hi Bill, you say to buy gold or cash, but if there is going to be deflation, won’t gold’s value drop also? So it’s not a good investment. So buy gold only to keep money out of the banks in case of bank collapse? I hope I don’t sound like an idiot who doesn’t understand this stuff.

    FROM BILL: I am certainly not an investment advisor. You’ll have to figure out for yourself what the safest place is for your assets. You’re asking good questions, however. My personal opinion is that dollars and other fiat currencies will ultimately fail, as all fiat currencies have throughout history. That is the argument for gold. The argument for the dollar (or other “stronger”–certainly a relative term, since none of the fiat currencies is strong except in relation to each other–currencies) is that in a deflation there will a race to get currency, as most “money” (or should I say “assets that are the debts of another, such as all bonds, notes, money market funds, investment funds, pensions owed, etc) will be disappearing back into the thin air from which they were created. Cash is king in a deflation.

    No one really knows what will happen. I just can’t think of am inflationary scenario that takes into account the facts I’m aware of. In a deflation, gold may go down in terms of the number of units of fiat currency it sells for, but I suspect it’s overall value will not go down, unless temporarily. When gold goes “up” it’s really the currencies that are going down.

    The answer to your question will have to come from your own study of the situation, which means educating yourself rather than just finding an expert to “beleive”–there are experts touting just about anything you want to believe in. So, it’s up to you.

  131. Anna says :

    Hi Bill, you are very grim and negative in this post but this is your point of view which seems to be tipical american NOW.
    USA is not THE superpower any more and the fact scares every American. Your political and financial system does not work FOR YOU as it used to work before.
    And even worse – you are not THE GOOD GUYS any more which the Wikileaks has just proved. It is scary for you not to be THE FORCE any more.

    We think differently in Europe. We really do.

    Possibly the Holosync is the best thing USA have right now.

    FROM BILL: I am not being grim and negative. The situation might be grim, or even nagative, but it is what it is. You are placing a value judgement (grim and negative) on what I have said. As I have repeatedly said in response to the many “you are being negative” comments, you are adding this interpretation.

    If the doctor discovered that you had cancer, is he being grim and negative to tell you about it? Or is he just alerting you to a potential danger so steps can be taken to improve the situation?

    You probably shouldn’t believe the propoganda you’re being told about Americans. I don’t think Americans particularly feel “better than” people in other countries. Americans not only are the most charitable people in the world, and the first to send help whenever any country needs help (Japan being the most recent example), Americans also (twice) pulled Europe’s chestnuts out of the fire. Without the US (and the Soviet Union) Hitler might have taken over Europe in the 1940s.

    As for the Wikikeaks stuff, I’ll bet your government does business pretty much the same way as the US does, says the same sorts of things behind closed doors, etc. I’m not defending these things. They are, however, par for the course these days. The people who want centralized control, whether in the US or in your country, are doing many things that create suffering in the world. Americans are not responsible for this, however, as a people, and Americans, as I said, do not think they are better than everyone else, despite what you may have heard from your leaders and from virulent left-wingers and radical muslims who hate America (while, at the same time, they stone women for having sex outside marriage, or even for being alone with a man who isn’t their husband).

    As for our political and financial system not working, the more our it becomes like the European system (ie, socialistic) the worse it works.

  132. Anna says :

    Hi Bill, it is not the propaganda that I follow. I work a lot with many Americans and I visit the USA a least twice a year so I just have my experience, and my point of view as you have yours.

    I also work in Poland( my Homecountry), Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and England. I speak each of this language. I live in Poland and Germany. Now I learn to speak and write Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. So I do not read what somebody writes about somebody. I talk to the people and listen to them.

    Many Americans share my opinion that the USA never pull anybody´s chestnuts out of fire. They just do their business. And their propaganda.

    We are all free to believe what we want to. We are also free to question what we want to.
    Reciprocal respect is very important and worthy to learn.

    FROM BILL: If you think the US hasn’t rescued Europe, you obviously don’t know history. There are pictures of cheering French people as US troops marrch through Paris after liberating France from the Germans in WW2. The US loaned huge amounts of money to most European countries after WW2, paying for the recovery. This money was never repaid, by the way.

    You should bone up on a bit of history. You have fallen for the progressive propoganda about how bad the US is. Humans, as a group, have both positive and negative qualities, including Americans. However, America has been the most generous nation in history, and (until recently) the most free. There is a reason why, even today, people from all over the world come to American. People are not flocking to Europe.

    And, American is the only country on earth where once you are here and become a citizen, you are an American. No matter how long I might live in any European, Asian, Middle Eastern, or even British Commonwealth country, I would never be referred to as an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Indian, a Chinese, etc. America has always had its arms open to other in a way that no other country ever has.

    Does America have flaws? Sure. All humans have flaws. The flaws in America are mostly from elite government types who have spent the past several decades consolidating and exercising power. Most Americans don’t like these people any more than you do. These people are not America, even though they control a lot of America, anymore than Stalin was the Russian people, or Mao was the Chinese people.

  133. Anna says :

    No, Bill. You are wrong. I have never fallen any propaganda in my life. And believe me I grew up with a goverment that tried very hard to wash our brains . As the history showed – we fired them.

    I am glad you have mentioned the elite goverment types. We should always be aware of who actually is in charge “up there” in our countries so that we can get them down when needed. It is important to have a responsibility. I am always in Poland when we have elections.

    As for America – I used to live in New York pretty long and I had a fantastic time. You are right – people are very open especially in NYC. I go there whenever I have time and opportunity. I really love the people and the city. I have a bunch of very good friends so we exchange our points of view.

    As for me – living in the USA, Germany or somewhere else I always care to be reffered to as Polish citizen. I do not want to be anybody else. I have MY arms open for everybody. I have never ever had any problems anywhere with this attitude. So it is just me and my art of living. I love it. I never feel myself as foreigner. Anywhere. It is lovely.

    Probably this openness and curiosity saved my life.
    I love Holosync. I love the balance I get through it. Without my English I could never use it. I also picked a couple of things from Learning Strategies. They are very supportive,too.

    That is why I do not understand why you write about such sad and negative things.
    In “The Secret” you said by youself that what we focus on we get.
    Why focus on negative things, Bill?
    It is a waste of time.
    Life is so lovely!

    FROM BILL: I am not focusing on negative things. I am focusing on what is actually happening so I can do something positive in response. That I am being “negative” is an interpretation you are adding. As I have said before, if as bus was bearing down on you and was going to hit you, is it negative to tell you to get out of the way?

  134. Wow Thank you.

    I’ve just spent several hours re-reading all these posts after going up a level in holosync and it sure makes a very big difference in the experience.

    Tomorrow I’ll be reading part two again with great anticipation. :)

  135. Seamus says :

    As read this I thought to myself the internet is a beautiful resource for people to acquire information. However, it is also a proficient vehicle for people to spread mis- and dis-information. One has to be careful what they read and believe if they obtained it over the web. People have to learn how to discern information thoughtfully and throughly. For every argument like this there is a counter argument that is just as informative and persuasive. Remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and that is exactly what this is….one guys opinion.

    Live everyday to it’s fullest and remember that everything is Temporary!


  136. Seamus,

    What’s your point? That all ideas are equivalent? Certainly not the case.


  137. Simone says :

    Hi Bill,

    I came across this blog through Alexis Martin-Neely.
    I live in Australia and I am confused by what is being said. However, it does resonate with me and I feel some sort of connection to it which makes me think that there is sub substance in it. I can’t help but think with all the earthquakes, natural disasters out of season and fighting going on at the moment that something is going on in the world. My mum and I used to read Nostradamus when I was young, so immediately the thought of “the end of the world” comes to mind. But I don’t think even he meant the end of the world like it was in the ice age for example.
    Could you shed some light for me on the following questions, please?
    What do I prepare for? Do I grow my own vegies? Live in the bush? Not invest in property? I’m not sure what I should prepare for which means I can’t help others prepare either!
    Is this a world-wide phenomonon or is it just applicable to the northern hemisphere. We seem to (fortunately) have dodged a few bullets here in Australia.
    Why does the media not report things correctly? What’s in it for them not to? I see the media as gloom mongers, so if things really are worse that what is being reported, why don’t mainstream media report it?
    Are you saying that meditation will save us?
    Thanks for the info on places to get information from.


    FROM BILL: The natural disasters are not caused by changes in social mood. Your response to them, however, probably is. Forget about Nostrodamus.

    Though I have already discussed this in several answers to posts, my next post will deal with what to do.

  138. don wolanchuk says :

    Hi Vic..

    Thanks for the reference. Don Wolanchuk

  139. European - to Anna says :

    Anna, take it easy, it is funny: if BH claims that Berlusconi and Merkel are socialists as all of Europe it got to be right. He is an awakened being and never fails, is always right, never wrong and knows everything. So he can tell you to up your history and ignore your international experience. He told so far everyone who did not agree with him that they are misinformed or intellectually lazy, or wrong or whatever (making it personal)…. We got to laugh with life. If you read comments in Part 2 1/2 you can see that slapstick is boring if compared to the author’s views. If you observe how he acts here in his blog and the opinions stated it is easy to deduct his state of mind and the personality he has.

    FROM BIL: No, I said offering opinion without facts is intellectually lazy. Thank you for giving yet another example of this. Again, I am against centralized control. It always creates suffering for people. If you are for it, so be it. You are either a misinformed dolt, or you are advocating something that is evil.

  140. European - to the author says :

    Well at least I am an educated misinformed dolt and or advocate of evil
    : – )))) Again you make me laugh and show the level of your awareness and style in your comments. In my comment to Anna I did not advocate anything not even mentioned centralized control. That is something you have put in my mouth – making me a straw man (borrowing your concept) for your obvious mood. So much for adhering to the rules you make for others. Really funny and revealing. It would not hurt if you get a grip on your manners though. Why do you feel the need to insult or judge people you do not know? Do you want that for yourself?

    Btw you bark in the wrong direction: I detest centralized governments and therefore I like Europe with its many independent governments and freedom to choose the country you live in. I do not like countries to be run by monopolistic companies either or by lobbyists or monopolistic scientists or religions or self-proclaimed awakened gurus……I detest any form of totalitarian power which usually stems from centralization. Power combined with centralization are the source of abuse and corruption on the personal and societal level. Our long history in Europe is full of that and in the US as well. However the lack of quality you show here indicate clearly that there is no point in any exchange with you……so I keep laughing with the fun.

    FROM BILL: I was not saying that you were advocating centralized control. You were accusing me of certain things (saying that this person or that was socialist, for instance) and I wanted to make it clear that the only thing you can really accuse me of is being against centralized control. Debating whether or not a certain leader is or isn’t technically a “socialist” is a ridiculous argument. First of all, it depends on what definition of socialist you use. There people you mention, however, ARE advocates of centralized control. Nearly every leader of every country these days is.

  141. Brande Borger says :

    I will look forward to reading more of your work.

    FROM BILL: Don’t forget that there are quite a few articles I have already written in the archives of this blog–and all are still timely.

  142. Russ Entress says :

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and enjoy studying more on this subject.

  143. Gita Chubbs says :

    i recently came to your blog and started reading alongyour articles. i decided i would leave my first comment.

    FROM BILL: Which is??

  144. Diane says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for sharing these insights. I am a committed Holosync user for about a year and a half, and now several of my friends are also using it. I agree with being aware, self-sufficient, and prepared–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The advice I follow is this: raise as much of your own food as you can in your own back yard or community garden (get your kids involved!); buy organic seeds and KEEP seeds from what you grow–if the seeds are organic (not Monsanto monstrosities) you can do this; get a year’s supply of food and fuel to heat your home accumulated where possible; collect rain water; can, freeze, dehydrate your produce; get solar panels if you can afford to and live as “off the grid” as much as you can even in the city, and then INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME by your example. Most city utilities will buy power back from you when you have solar panels. In the city where I am currently living (Victoria B.C.) you are allowed to keep chickens (up to 4 — no roosters) in your yard. I realize this advice does not work for apartment dwellers or people who don’t like to get their fingers dirty, but even when I lived in an apartment I grew veggies in pots. It doesn’t take a lot of earth to grow most things. I wouldn’t waste money on gold. You can’t eat it or drink it or burn it to keep you warm. Investments may make you feel safe (and yes, I do have some) but in the end, as you say, they very well may disappear into thin air. Earth isn’t going anywhere.

    I can see that people may get depressed about what you have written, Bill, but if you let yourself get depressed about what IS, you’re helpless to change anything.

    I watched a great documentary about Cuba and how they dealt with their “oil crisis” when the Soviet Union collapsed and their oil imports were cut by 80%. It’s coming eventually to the rest of the world, probably sooner than we expect. I have no doubt that the average North American will suffer hugely when he/she can’t drive the SUV half a mile to the local Walmart to waddle into the store to buy his/her “food products” and take them home to ingest in front of reality TV. But that’s probably not anyone reading this blog. :-)

    The documentary is called: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. Google it.

    It shows what people can do when they pull together. They are still “poor” by U.S. standards, but they survived and flourished and turned their adversity into a blessing. BTW, I’m not a communist and have no political agenda. I just thought this movie was a wake up call to a very real pending situation but also an inspiration that shows that the “end of oil” is a problem that CAN be dealt with. I highly recommend anyone reading this blog to find this documentary and watch it. It should be aired on PBS and probably already has been.

    Bill, thanks for being a voice of common sense and sanity in the world of “woo woo.” ha ha Keep it coming.


    FROM BILL: I have to say that most of what you are saying is at odds with what I have been saying.

  145. Luis says :

    Bill, i have been following you for some years now.
    truly, it would take a very blind person not to agree with this post. and that is called normalcy bias. to think that life will continue to be the same forever. specially here in the US and even more so for people younger than 65 years old. since they have never seen or lived true scarcity or socialist governments. (and are blindfolded by the media and govt)
    it is very difficult to find out who are the good guys anymore. i do want to commend you for continuing your help to all people that cross your path.
    there are many people in business that work from love and i sense you are one of those.
    i do believe that people who happen to disagree with this post do so because it threatens their mental model and paradigm of how life is for them or it should be. this is because, as you call it, lack of awareness permeates their existence.
    for a few years now, i have been into shamanism. living and exploring the wiring of this 3rd dimension and those beyond. i couldnt possibly come up with many books to back up my quest, but i can tell you from my experience there that i have seen that what you are talking about is indeed already under way. centralized power by the elite will soon be complete. however, i saw that as soon as it peaks it will start to collapse. how long will that last? i am assuming a long time. like you said, nobody has a real number or the whole picture. we’d be just guessing.
    it is of paramount importance to be prepared, and to have very close ties with loved ones. (family or not)
    thank you for your post.
    you rock!

    FROM BILL: Centralized control increases during times of negative social mood and decreases during times of positive social mood.

  146. Sue says :

    Just found your blog. Thanks for all this!

    There’s a fine line between positive thinking and willful blindness.

    Bill, I agree with your comments on what we can control – and that that doesn’t include all that is. So I’m striving achieve better control over what I can control – my thinking, my feelings, my attitude, and my behaviour. I want to fortify that foundation now, because I may not have the leisure to do so in the months and years to come.

    It’s not about how well I do with this now, when life is relatively easy. It’s about how well I can maintain it if/when the s**t hits the fan. As a friend said, “I can behave perfectly when everything’s going my way!”

    I also liked your comment to the optimistic fellow. Optimism and gratitude are part of what keep me sane during these uncertain times.

    Given the social and/or economic direction our society seems hell-bent on pursuing (or ignoring), I’m hoping for the best and planning for the worst. As Muhammed said about 1500 years ago, “First tie up your camel. Then put your faith in Allah.”

    FROM BILL: You’re my kind of woman.

  147. thanks for the certain amazing information. i will be back to come across out a lot more after.

  148. I do believe that you simply know the way to make individuals spend focus to what you ought to declare, specially with a concern that is extremely essential

    FROM BILL: I have no idea what that means. Perhaps it is a language problem.

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