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Does Your Past Affect What Happens to You Now?

by / Friday, 18 June 2010 / Published in Human Behavior, Personal Growth, The Human Condition

Boy, do I get some good letters. Here’s another one, with my answer.

Hello Bill,
I’m interested in understanding better why people in general can know that a certain way of life is good for them but continue on a course that isn’t. For example, smoking or being overweight. There is as much information available as we’d care to read on both topics, but people continue to do what is not good. Are they all “unconscious incompetents” even though they cognitively know what they are doing is not good for them. I haven’t smoked in many years but have just lost some weight and want to keep it off permanently. I “believe” being at this weight is good for me. What beliefs do I need to be aware of and guard against to stay at this healthy weight. How do I reach “unconscious competence” on this issue?



You’ve hit on precisely why becoming more aware provides a solution to every human problem that has a solution (some don’t). People do most of what they do OUTSIDE their awareness, which means they do it automatically. What you do with awareness, though, you have a choice about. Awareness creates choice, and what I teach is largely about how to direct your awareness to what YOU DO inside your head that creates:

1) how you feel and the other internal states you experience,

2) how you behave,

3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and

4) what the events around you seem to mean.

Notice that I’m implying that you create these four things (in fact, I’m flat-out telling you: you create these things). If you create them with awareness, you have a choice about them (and you’ll always choose what is most resourceful, for you and for others). If you create these four things outside your awareness, they will happen automatically, based on your past experiences and the internal programming they created.

So, the question is, how do you create these things, and how can you become aware of how you create them, so as to create choice in these four key areas (which, you might notice, pretty much create your entire experience of life)?

You create them by what you do inside what I call your Internal Map of Reality. When I say that you need to be aware of what you do in your Internal Map of Reality, though, I do NOT mean that you “know” about it. When I use the term “aware” I mean the ability to observe yourself as you create these things, to see how you do it, as you do it, and also to see the consequences of what you’re doing.

The most basic thing you do in your Internal Map of Reality is make internal representations: internal pictures, sounds, kinesthetic sensations (touch, balance, hot and cold, physical sensations, etc.), smells, tastes, and internal dialog.

These six kinds of internal representations directly create your feelings, as you make them. The simplest distinction is that when you make internal representations of what you want you generally feel good, and when you make internal representations of what you don’t want you generally create some sort of bad feeling.

This means that if you are aware of how you do this (and which of the two kinds of internal representations you’re creating) you’ll have choice about the feelings, behaviors, etc., that these internal representations create.

Why, then, would you make internal representations of what you don’t want?

Here’s why: When you have a traumatic experience, especially when you’re small and powerless, you develop a belief that something out there is dangerous, or potentially dangerous. This causes you to automatically make internal representations of what you don’t want (the danger) whenever you experience it again—or, even when something reminds you of it.

This happens without awareness for nearly all people, though you can learn to become aware of it. If you do learn how to watch yourself as you a) see, hear, touch, etc.,something that triggers this danger response, b) make internal representations of avoiding that danger, and c) as a result, feel bad in some way—if you can see all of this as you do it—whether or not you make those internal representation (and experience their consequences) will become a choice.
If there really is a danger in that moment, you might take steps to avoid the danger. If there isn’t a danger (which is often the case–something just reminds you of a past danger, but there’s no real danger in the present moment) you’ll clearly see that there’s no real danger and you’ll choose not to make the internal representations of what you don’t want. As a result, the bad feelings and other negative consequences will dissolve.
An example: you were yelled at and punished when you were small by your authoritarian father. A male authority figure is a danger to you (this is a belief). When you experience a male authority figure, especially if he yells, you instantly and automatically make internal representations of the danger you want to avoid, and because this is something you don’t want, you instantly feel bad, which may also lead to certain behaviors.

As a child you were powerless when your father yelled. Now, though, as an adult, you have many more choices and much more personal power. When triggered, though, you’ll automatically feel like a powerless child—IF this process happens automatically, outside your awareness.

On the other hand, if you have enough awareness to see how you create the bad feelings, as you do it, what you create will be a choice and you probably won’t create the bad feeling.

Internal representations are the basic unit of your Internal Map of Reality. Beliefs, for instance, are collections of internal representations about something you think is true. Values (which we will look at after beliefs) are collections of internal representations about what you think is important. As you’ll see, all the other aspects of your Internal Map that we will look at are also built on internal representations.

The most basic skill to be learned, then, is how to observe your internal representations as you make them, and to see the consequences YOU create by making them in a certain way (the consequences being your feelings, behaviors, which people or situations you attract, and what meanings you place on the events of your life).

Beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. Once you deeply believe something, you’ll unconsciously seek “proof” that you’re right about them. In the lessons in my online courses I list three ways you prove that you’re right about what you believe:

1) You’ll attract and/or become attracted to people and situations that help you prove that you’re right. 2) You’ll interpret what’s happening in a way that supports the “truth” of your belief, even if there are other interpretations. 3) You’ll act in ways that make what you belief come true.

The woman above with the abusive father will probably attract, and be attracted to, male authority figures who are assholes. She won’t find authority figures who are more kindly to be interesting. She won’t even see them. She’ll also give off unconscious cues that will cause the kind of authority figures she doesn’t like to be attracted to her. Obviously this is not what either person would choose, but this is what happens when you operate without awareness. Such people don’t have a choice. They’re automatic response mechanisms, acting out what their Internal Map of Reality has been programmed to create.

This woman will also interpret events in a way that helps her to be “right.” If a male authority figure is an otherwise kind person, but has a bad day, or in some other way does something that reminds her of the abuse she experienced from her father, she will interpret this behavior as dangerous, even if there are other explanations.

And, she’ll unconsciously act in ways that trigger male authority figures to act in the way she fears they will act, thus accumulating more evidence that she is “right.”

Your job in this course is to learn how to observe your internal representations, and to see the consequences they create. Then, you’ll use this skill to observe your beliefs and see how you use these three methods to prove that what you believe is true. Then, as we get into the other aspects of your Internal Map, you’ll watch to see how you use each of them to create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events around you seem to mean.

If you really apply yourself to doing this, you’ll gain choice about everything that a person can have choice about. There are, of course, things we don’t have choice about. If you exercise choice about those things you can have choice about, though, your personal power becomes huge.

I hope this information allows you to answer the question you posed, and also gives you a better idea of what this course is all about.

Here’s my suggestion: practice watching your internal representations (mostly your internal pictures and internal dialog) for 5 minutes or so three times a day: when you first wake up, when you turn out the light to go to sleep, and perhaps one other time during the day. Just pick something that happened during the day and think about it. Notice what internal pictures you make, and notice what you say to yourself about it. And, notice how your internal state (which includes your feelings) changes as a result of the internal representations.

You can also think of something you really want, notice the internal representations you make (and the internal state that is created), then think of something you strongly want to avoid, notice the internal representations you make (which will be of something you don’t want), and notice how your state changes (it will probably change to a negative state). Seeing how you create your internal state begins the process of having choice over it.

Let it be okay that this watching isn’t easy at first. Just play with it a little bit every day and you’ll start noticing what you’re doing more and more often. You’ll begin to see ways that you’re sabotaging yourself by focusing on what you don’t want. As long as you do this outside your awareness, you can keep doing it, and keep creating bad feelings and negative outcomes. Do it with awareness, though, and what doesn’t work falls away.

Be well.



Then, another letter from Ellen…

Hi Bill,
Once again, thanks so much for the insight. I see where you are coming from and I’ve been doing the 3X a day exercise and getting much clarification on the issue. Knowing when to stand up for myself and when not to – knowing how to avoid the “victim” and be the problem solver from a more “power” position is a challenge for me. I’m watching my internal representations about when I am “assertive” and when I am not. My past trauma includes a parent who was very controlling and managerial, who reinforced my dependence and actively thwarted independence, perhaps out of a combo of some fears of her own for me and also out of a narcissistic orientation. So, even in my 50’s I struggle to get beyond that and be visible as the effective, autonomous person I truly am.

I noticed in the visual activity you teach about making a picture that if I am traumatized the picture is a panorama – if not it’s a snapshot. I’m working on making the panoramic situations right-sized (snap shot) where I feel I can manage them.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that I can be this old and still struggle with the same primary issues despite many years of training and therapy. I’m a work in progress and your help has been invaluable. Thank you so much.




Age doesn’t have much to do with any of this. Not many people EVER deal with this stuff and as a result die with it.

One of the main points I’m making is that you don’t have to know when to stand up for yourself, or know how to avoid being a victim. Using will power to do things in a different way doesn’t really work very well because the old unconscious patterns based on past trauma are stronger than your will power. What causes them to stop dominating your feelings and behaviors is awareness–awareness of how you create them.

If you watch to see HOW you create the feeling and behavior of not standing up for yourself and JUST WATCH YOURSELF DO IT, as you do it, you’ll find that if it doesn’t serve you it will become difficult to keep doing it.

So forget about trying to not be a victim or trying to not allow others to dominate you. Just watch to see how you create these feelings and behaviors. It starts with internal representations you make in response to certain outside events. Watch the process. Don’t try to change it. Just watch. It will change itself.

Be well.


If you’d like to learn how to have this kind of awareness, there’s two things you need to do:

1) Use Holosync (

2) Learn to be aware of how you use your Internal Map of Reality to create your life. You can do this by taking my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, which are temporarily HALF price. Just go to to listen to a free preview lesson.

Be well.


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142 Responses to “Does Your Past Affect What Happens to You Now?”

  1. Chris says :

    Visit the NEW Holosync forum at :

    You can blog, share your experiences on using holosync, and connect with other holosync users. See you there!


  2. carlos says :


    You say that will power doesnt work, but I think I have used will power to change unresourceful patterns I used to have. If you go against a bad habit you have for long enough you can replace the old habit for a new one.Again I have done it with certain patterns , with some others I have failed of course.

    Your thoughts?


    FROM BILL: If you watch to see how you create your feelings, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or are attracted to, and what meanings you assign to what happens around you, whatever doesn’t work will fall away. If you try to change something using will power, if you have a reason for the bad habit (usually that you are protecting yourself in some way) it won’t matter how much you try. Any habits you have changed have involved your awareness of what you were doing, how you were doing it, and what consequences were being created.

  3. Michelle says :


    I love the post! And Ellen definitely hits issues I (and I’m sure a lot of people) can relate to.

    As I get into deeper levels of Holosync, I notice that I get moody, or in a funk….where I am doing things I DONT want to (example, alienating friends, shutting out people). Now, I DONT want to do this. As a matter of fact, I have been wanting to connect more and want more friends, and I am well liked (am told) and have never had problems having a lot of friends in the past, but it seems everytime I get the chance to socialize lately, I decide I’m going to stay home alone…..opposite of what my intention is. And I think you are saying, to WATCH myself do this, right? I’m sure I have some internal representations of being alone…… Do I have to figure out what these internal representations are before this behavior falls away? Can I just simply watch myself do this, never figure it out, and the behavior falls away anyways?

    FROM BILL: You don’t have to figure anything out. All you have to do is watch.

  4. Matt says :

    Something I learned is that:

    1.) We do not equally have the ability to change and grow. Some will go on to be NBA super stars, most won’t. (quantity/quality of growth)

    2.) What we do equally have is to at LEAST improve upon where we are and hopefully reach ‘our’ maximum potential. (the ability to grow itself)

    I suppose this comes in response to those personal growth, motivational types who say: Just create “x” beliefs. Just do “x” strategy. Just focus on “x”. and you’ll be successful. As though everyone equally has the same ability to grow and change. To me, it’d be like an NBA super star saying: “duh, all you have to do is train the way I do and you’ll have the same success that I do”, meanwhile I’m 5′ 1″ w/ depth perception problems. Or a power lifter saying: “Well come you fool, all you have to do in order to be a power lifter is squat 500lbs. Duh. Now do it.”

    I guess this gets at the core of trying to do something independent of who I am as a person. How can I act outside of my own behavior? What’s wetter than water? I’m pretty sure you wrote an article on “change” following this concept?

    But, regardless, hopefully something comes along to stimulate you to be self aware in order to realize what it is that you’re doing and how it is that you can grow…however that happens is dependent on the individual. But, I think everyone AT LEAST has the ability to grow.

    In the end, everything we do is a result of who we are – including taking responsibility. Kind of paradoxical, really.

    Thoughts? Comments? Critiques?

  5. Jeff,

    I’m tired of people like you constantly putting down people like Bill who have been successful in business. You’ve obviously got some serious “stuff” going on concerning money and business. Yet you probably watch TV, or drive down the road, or read magazines and think nothing of the ads and billboards you see.

    Also, I always wonder how people who trash the business side of things get to find out about Holosync in the first place. There must be a few adds and testimonials that got you interested, no? And this blog is free, as is a ton of other stuff on Bill’s website, such as years and years worth of valuable personal development information.

    Instead of dissing Bill, who spent a few hours answering those questions in writing and then posting them to this blog, why don’t you try to find out what makes him so successful. There is a common misconception that you need to be poor to be “spiritual.” What BS…

    Richard Martin

    FROM BILL: Money and selling is a huge shadow in the “New Age” community. What people fail to understand is that all sales transactions are voluntary, and are hopefully made based on “I want to solve such and such a problem, and it’s worth such and such amount of money to me to do so.” There is a lot of envy involved in this problem, where someone who doesn’t have enough to buy what they want blames the seller instead of learning how to be of greater service to the world, and therefore increasing their value and their income.

    Whenever someone is intensely offended by someone or something, there is a reason: they have disowned that aspect of themselves. The marketplace has been disowned, and is a huge shadow for the New Age culture. What that means is that such people express that shadow in a dysfunctional and immature way–which always ends up causing suffering, for them and for others.

  6. Lynn says :

    Hi Bill, You’ve said we all learn differently. That is for sure. Finally, after all these years of seeking, and working so hard, too hard……..a shift.
    Much more from ‘being’, much less intellectual………….and finally getting things deeply, i couldn’t get before.

    Language cannot describe this…….
    I stopped doing some things, incorporated other things, and with level 4……..much more able to be in the integrated state of witnessing… was work, and partly conscious… is a state, and doesn’t come from the ‘intellect’……….part of what i was ‘doing’ was being too much in one or the other……and a lot in the left brain…….which can be a ‘monster’……..while my mind has thoughts now, i rarely engage in internal dialogue………it is the internal dialogue which gets me engaged in my stories. I have to live a certain way, very quietly to maintain this………my nervous system is quite shot…….but at the same time, this aspect of my inner life is in the best place it has ever been……….when ‘negative’ feelings come up, i can allow them, and they shift easily……….i rarely last in the ‘trying to change or get rid of mode anymore’…i know much more deeply now that it just doesn’t work…….i have connected with that much more loving aspect of self……..that can allow it………and again, for me, so important, not to have the intention of bringing love to it……….as i did years ago, as that is also an attempt to manipulate and change, resist, deny and reject whatever it is, exactly as it is. And, i also no longer have the expectations i had to get to where i thought i wanted to go or be on this ‘journey’…….it is okay…..all the intellectualizing, thoughts, beliefs about this journey have gone out the window……….none of it matters to me right now…….i do not seek the answers, i’m too present in some ways for that..and present in a way i didn’t know before…..but not at all the big ‘NOW!!!…relationship to self…… really is all about that………shift that and so much else will also………i was really stuck in a story i really made very big myself……..though it went back to early childhood……….and i finally was able to drop it……..i made the decision i was lovable……….and worthy………just feeling those feelings was a huge step for me……in the integrated state of it………
    I too realized something i had been doing in the distant past which could still come up from time to time…….i would sink in too far, and become ‘it’, negative feelings.
    It doesn’t work………I realize those feelings may always be a part of me………i can choose now to acknowledge them……..and shift, sometimes that is enough, and other times, just a bit of allowing…….it doesn’t have to go very deep, but it does need to be felt, and with it comes even more heart, and connection, with self, and others. thank you so much for your part in all of this Bill. Outer life is far far from perfect, as is my inner life……..but even with that……..this!!!!!!!!! very best, Lynn

    FROM BILL: Do you remember when you first learned to drive, and each step of turning, changing lanes, or whatever it was, was complicated? Or when you first learned to read and you had to figure out each word, one at a time? When you first begin to watch something about yourself that you were previously unaware of, it seems overwhelming at first because you have to use your linear mind to do it, and that part of you gets overdosed somewhere between five and nine details, But after a while, another part of you takes over and now you drive a car or read effortlessly. So you aren’t going to have to “live a certain way” to live from the witness. Just keep watching and pretty soon it will be effortless

  7. Lynn says :

    Thanks, Bill, That was great, it brought tears……I have physical conditions that leave my nervous system and brain very affected……….we’ll see where this goes……….best, lynn

  8. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    FROM BILL: If you watch to see how you create your feelings, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or are attracted to, and what meanings you assign to what happens around you, whatever doesn’t work will fall away. If you try to change something using will power, if you have a reason for the bad habit (usually that you are protecting yourself in some way) it won’t matter how much you try. Any habits you have changed have involved your awareness of what you were doing, how you were doing it, and what consequences were being created.

    Dear BILL,
    is only the solution to eliminate bad habits (-)
    is the solution to create what I want (+) too,
    to create what I want (+) I have to use WILL POWER
    (focus, etc.) ?
    ROSARIO (Italy)

    FROM BILL: Why don’t you try it and find out for yourself?

  9. Hon Peng says :

    Hi Bill,

    Before it seems to me that the reason I keep holding on to certain negative pattern is because I am still not ‘willing’ enough to drop it (a little like blaming on myself). But after reading your post and doing holosync for quite a while it seems like it is not about ‘willingness’ but my awareness that is the key. Watching is still not easy for me and I still hold on to a lot of stuff, guess I just need more practices.

    Anyway, thanks for your holosync program too. Had been using prologue for 2.5 years and a very serious anxiety issue I used to experience intensely almost melt away about 95% gradually, it is really like a miracle to me when I recall how terrible I was 2.5 years ago. Now I even can feel it melt away more and more everyday. Probably will be completely clean up in several months and I finally can move to the next level.

  10. Gloria says :

    Perhaps there is a difference between willpower and self discipline. Will power being an attempt to force something because of a fear whereas self discipline is a choice made from awareness. I have found that self discipline is still required if I want to achieve a goal but it requires much less effort because it is coming from a clear choice of what I want rather than a fear of consequences that, more often than not, come from an outer imposed belief or value.

    FROM BILL: If you want to do something that goes against a strong feeling a danger (for instance, be open to groups of people when you are deathly scared that you will be rejected, because of childhood rejection) most people try to use will power. This doesn’t work because the feeling of danger is stronger than your will power. If you step back and watch to see how you create the feeling of fear by making certain internal representations of what you are afraid of whenever you are around people, and see how what you do inside (not the people, who are just the trigger) creates your fear, and if you see that whereas there might have been danger when you were small but there is none in the present, the fear will fall away. After all, you are DOING it, now. It isn’t just happening.

    Self discipline is easy when you have passion about the result you want. What causes passion? Making a lot of internal representations of what you want and what is possible. But you can’t just decide that despite whatever you feel that you’re going to focus on what you want or what is possible. First to have to become aware of how you create the fear and allow it to dissolve. Then it’s easy to focus on what you want. In fact, it happens automatically and naturally. When you are passionate about something it takes no will power or self discipline to take the actions you need to take. You WANT to take those actions.

  11. David says :

    Hi Richard,

    who’s Jeff? Can’t read anything from a Jeff here. I do however agree with what you and Bill are saying on the subject of money.

    Regards, David

  12. Natasha says :

    sometimes it feels that getting attached to people and things
    is way more difficult than realising unity consciousness

    just a thought…

  13. David,

    Jeff is in my head. It’s a long term effect of Holosync use. Just kidding.

    Actually, some guy named Jeff wrote a reply to this blog post complaining that Bill had made it too “commercial” or something. I just got pissed off and wrote him a response. I don’t know what happened to the original post. I guess Bill deleted it because the tone was pretty abusive.

    Richard Martin

    FROM BILL: Now that you mention it, I do remember doing that. I do delete a post now and then (probably about 4 in the course of a year), but I usually do it before it’s publicly posted. It could be that in this case I did delete something after it was posted.

    There are plenty of people who have shadows about making money or selling something (forgetting that all buying is voluntary, and that you should only buy something you think is worth at least as much as what it costs–but don’t get me started) and want to vilify me for actually SELLING my services.

    A lot of forums turn into hate-fests, with lots of name calling. So far this one has been pretty civil, with a few minor exceptions. Usually if I don’t post a comment it’s not because it’s anti-Bill (there are whole forums about that). I have posted several of those over the years. If I don’t post something it’s usually because it’s totally wacked and/or unrelated to anything on the blog–or it’s a commercial posted by a bot (rather than a human reading this blog) advertising some other website. If someone writes something that is beyond the pale in terms of vitriol I usually will not post it, though there haven’t been too many of those. I’m also not saying, by the way, that’s Jeff’s post was in that catagory–he just didn’t like that I was telling the person whose question I was answering that she would benefit from taking my online courses.

  14. Gloria says :

    Bill, thanks for the clarification re willpower vs self discipline. Makes good sense and fits with my experience.

  15. carlos says :


    Did you mean that there are a lot of anti -bill forums??

    I would like to read one of those :-).

    Do you think that the effectiveness of the Sedona Method is in the fact that it gets you to watch your feelings and emotions?


    FROM BILL: Every human change is rooted in expanded awareness.

  16. Reed says :

    I verymuch agree with all you have said about awareness, except the value judgment of feelings. Feeling are neither good nor bad. Also, neither are they right or wrong. However, recognizing our brain generally categorizes and organizes to bipolarity, we fall somewhat victim to that biological patterning. That is where awareness, and your blog piece, addresses the issue.
    By calling out (labeling?) some feelings as “bad,” that, through our biological brain function, will then recognize the polarity and therefore label some feelings as “good.” Both labels are inappropriate.
    If one continues to use what I call the GBRW Box (good, bad, right, wrong) then that is all we will tend to see and experience. We do not allow for, nor will recongnize, the “shades of gray” experience and feelings. This practice of judgment of feelings sets us up for the following behaviors: stereotyping, prejudice, bias, judgment, procrastination, opinionation, labeling, favoritism, unfairness, provincialism, scapegoating, rationalization, self-deception, face-saving, etc. These are precisely why we want to become aware, so as not to participate in them. If we continue to participate in the labeling of feelings, we are doing exactly the opposite of what you, and many others, are promoting – awareness.
    In lieu of good or bad feelings, we might put a valence on them such as positive or negative. That valence has an energy continuum that allows us to not be so confining which leads us to labeling and continuing to participate in our lack of awareness. Thank you for the invitation!

    FROM BILL: If you have read anything else on this blog you know that I have written extensively about what I call The Game of Black and White. I am NOT saying that feelings are good or bad. The idea, however, that a person will get to a point where they don’t play the Game of Black and White at all is a delusion–and, wouldn’t be desirable anyway, for several reasons. Life would be dry and boring, and the human reace wouldn’t survive.

    The distinction I am making is between what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. When people feel uncomfortable–which they do, including Zen masters and others considered to be “enlightened”–they generally seek to end the uncomfortable feeling. If humans didn’t do this they wouldn’t survive. Yes, good and bad are ideas about reality, not something intrinsic to reality. Still, humans suffer, and they seek to not suffer. I am saying that 1) a certain amount of pain is built into the human condition and is inescapable, and 2) most of our suffering is self-created–by our resistance (which is something you DO by making internal representations of what you don’t want) to life. That aspect of suffering can MOSTLY be ended (no one gets to the point where they NEVER resist–again, it is a survival mechanism).

  17. Donna says :

    In an email you’ve posed the following questions, which I will attempt to answer here. I use Holosync daily, am on Awakening Level 1, and I’m currently enrolled in the Life Integration course having just completed lesson 3 of Course One on Values.
    So…the questions you asked:

    Your question: Why do we keep doing what isn’t good for us?
    My answer: We do it because we’re unconsciously incompetent, that is, we are unaware of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, so we unconsciously create what we don’t want even though we know that what we’re doing isn’t good for us.
    Your question: More important, how do we STOP these destructive patterns?
    My answer: by learning to watch and become aware of the feelings associated with what we’re doing and then focus, but I think the main key is to learn to let whatever happens be okay, as you so often say in your writings and lessons.
    Your questions:
    what would your life be like if you had CHOICE about these four things:
    My answers: first, I do have Choice about all four things….

    1) How you feel: I can become aware of how I feel, learn to focus on the feeling, and make the choice to feel differently.

    2) How you behave: again, I can learn to watch, to become aware of my behaviors, and that which doesn’t serve me will become less and less, and will eventually become nothing.

    3) Which people and situations you attract or become attracted to: these, too, become what I want and need as I watch and become aware, and learn to focus as I continue to evolve to a higher state.

    4) What the events happening around you seem to mean: the events are the ones I’ve created by my own focus according to my values and beliefs instilled in childhood, and which I can identify and change, again because I have the CHOICE to become aware, and eventually to become “consciously competent.” At which time, I’ll probably be ready to make my transition!

  18. Marguerite Warriner says :

    Hi Bill, While listening to this lesson it called to mind what I experienced this past week. I work for a company that hires people that are in some way handy capped and cann’t work in the jobs that we once were able to. The work that we do is contract work for the Armed forces. I am lead over 15 to 20 people. When we started this contract the job of developing how and who was to do what part of the work fell to me and another lady. We were told that we would be compinsated for this. Well for all the different jobs that we are doing we haven’t been sufficently compensated, 20 cents an hour extra just doesn’t cover all of the responsibalities that I am shouldering. I was recently told that I wouldn’t be receiving the pay raise that I was supposed to get, not because the money isn’t there but because the new director has decided that he doesn’t want to use the money that way. I understand what you are saying about being aware and that the awareness will help me to change the way I present myself. My question is will this help even when I have very little interaction with this man and have never even had a conversation with him? You see I have seen him talk to the men that I am lead over but he doesn’t show me the respect of my position. He is dismissive and I have a very hard time dealing with that. My supervisor told me that I just need to get over the fact that I am being treated unfairly and just be happy that I have a job. As you can tell I have a problem with this and I feel that I am justified in my frustration. I need to have a little guidence in this and maybe this isn’t the right place but I don’t know who else to direct this to.
    I haven’t been able to purchase the holosynce program but I have been listening to the CD with the short introduction almost every night. That little bit has helped me quite a bit, for one thing I have started getting rid of the excess weight that I have carried around for a long time. I have also caught myself thinking about what I’m doing and how to create a better way of handeling the problems that I deal with through out the day. Those that I work with have noticed a difference too and the feel of the office is changing since I have been changing. When I’m stressed I handel that stress much better and our production has increased. I keep thinking of how much better I could be doing once I am able to purchase the program. I’m so glad that I opened the original email and found this program. Thanks for your help. Marguerite Warriner

    FROM BILL: I am not saying that you can solve every human problem. I’m saying that with enough awareness you can solve every problem that has a solution. Perhaps this one does; perhaps it doesn’t. There are 6.7 billion people on this planet and most of them have a different agenda than you do. This is part of the reason why I say that you can’t do much about cause and effect. If this guy has another agenda, you may not be able to change it no matter what you do. That’s life. You can do something about whether or not you are in this job, and you can do something about your responses to whatever happens. You might even influence this man, but it’s quite likely that you won’t.

    Many people look at the personal growth universe as some sort of magical way to solve all problems. There isn’t a way to do that. If you become aware enough you can solve many problems that you couldn’t solve before, but there is no way to overcome the fact that this is a world of cause and effect and impermanence.

  19. Jim says :

    Will power; self determinism. Difficult concepts to explain; difficult to change/

    I want to suggest that any behavior is designed to accomplish one thing. To meet some need. We breathe, dance, laugh, design building etc. to meet needs such a understanding, play, trust, companionship, security, safety, and so on.

    If a behavior meets a need we repeat it. Basic behaviorism. When we are doing something that we are regretting. i.e. smoking, gambling, arguing, etc it is because of the underlying needs. Trying to stop a behavior without addressing the source, the underlying need, will have us replacing the unwanted behavior with yet another one. A person quits drinking, and then starts gambling, or shopping, or eating more. Drinking was not the problem. drinking was the solution to the problem.

    To successfully end the addictive behavior, such as drinking, one must figure out what needs are trying to be met. Perhaps one drinks to reduce social anxiety. Now we can solve the issue. We generate other skillful ways to reduce anxiety that are not harmful to the mind/body.

    I agree, Bill, that at the core, the essence is awareness and holosync and/or mindfulness is the key to awareness. (a syncer[?] since 1991) But becoming aware, or conscious, is only the beginning. Then we move into tools and skills.

    My personal favorites? Byron Katie’s 4 questions; Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Nonviolent Communication (needs awareness).

    Clear out the soil, add fertilizer, and plant new crops.

    Best to you,
    Jim Hussey

    FROM BILL: The problem is that quite often the behavior DOESN’T meet the needs the person is trying to address. A simple example would be a person who is afraid whenever he enters a social situation because he was traumatized during childhood and “learned” that social situations are emotionally dangerous. He has developed certain behaviors to cope with that perception of danger, but most of them probably don’t work (get stoned, be shy, drive people away by being beligerant, etc).

    What’s more, he’s trying to deal with a problem that isn’t necessarily a real problem–or it’s a problem because he believes it will be. If he believes that social situations are dangerous he will 1) be attracted to social situations that ARE dangerous, 2) interpret what happens in a social situation as dangerous when there may be several other possible interpretations, and 3) act in ways that cause his social interactions to actually BE dangerous.

    As you say, everyone is doing his or her best to navigate their way through life. My point is that when that navigation is happening largely on autopilot, outside the person’s awareness, there is a danger that the automatic response a) doesn’t meet the need, and b) creates the appearance of a need that isn’t real. Generalizing a traumatic childhood situation to all adult situations creates lots of suffering for those who do it (which would be nearly everyone).

    I know you know all this, Jim, as you are a highly skilled therapist. I saying this not so much for you as for the others reading this blog.

  20. Harald Roth says :

    hello, I haven’t used Holoync for 7 years. The last I listened to was awakening level 4. Should I restart with level 1 now or just continue with level 4?

    FROM BILL: Just start where you left off. Anything that happened when you used Holosync previously is permanent. Welcome back.

  21. Jane Champion says :

    Many people are terrified of being alone even though they might deny it. Any feelings of loneliness that crop up are often it seems concealed by keeping busy or making sure they have lots of friends or people around to support there fear of being alone.
    I found that learning to be alone and exploring my aloneness dissolved my neediness for people to assuage my fear of being lonely. Surprisingly once I could really enjoy being with `me` I found I could actually be with people and enjoy them for their own sake rather than needing them them to fill an agenda of mine, or avoid an unconscious fear, one of which was the fear of not being wanted.
    I decided quite a long time ago now to make my unconscious conscious as I knew this was the way for me to evolve out of patterns which were dominating me. It isn`t easy to watch mydelf in action to see how I create feelings and behaviours to bring on certain scenarios, but it is OH SO VERY WORTHWHILE.
    I think the fear of being alone is connected to death and for some people the fear that they will disappear. I would love to know what you think.
    One of my first steps was the realization ( breakthrough) that I was not who I thought I was.
    Thank you Bill for your posts and I appreciate you being in my life.

  22. Scott says :

    I think it’s fair to say your answer to the original question was logical and consistant with many other answers you give. But why is it that all the logic in the world can sometimes or very often I should say not have any effect on a person. Why are we so addicted to our self distruct button.

    I have to admit there is a certain comfort zone in being a nobody a lazy individual who does nothing, and you have said that nothing has any intrinsic meaning except the meaning that we give it, if this is true can we change the meaning of every answer you give us? If so why bother giving us any answer. Surely the opinion that everything has no meaning suggests that ultimatly the intrinsic value of life is meaningless. Hence meaningless is the true meaning of life.

    I think I want to be succesful, I have all the tools to do it, and I just don’t care about doing it, how can somebody like me change themselves so they start to care, to care about answers, to care about development, to care about being successfull. Often the only thing that ever motivates me is when I believe I’m a complete down and out loser with nothing left to give, then I get motivated and surprise everybody, as you can probally imagine this is a terrrible form of motivation. I have to wait until things get really bad before I get excited so I allow myself to get into heavy debt, bad relationships etc.

    Is there any hope for people like me?

    FROM BILL: So someone has convinced you that you “should” be successful, that you should want to be a certain way, and not the way you are. Perhaps you might want to question that premise.

    As I am saying over and over like a broken record (a simile that makes no sense to those who’ve never owned ‘records’ in a CD and mp3 world), if you learn to watch yourself, so that you see HOW you create motivation, other feelings and internal states, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and so forth, everything sorts itself out. But most people aren’t interested in doing that–which is okay.

    I am not telling people about this because I think that logic is the answer, or that if you understand what I am saying from a logical perspective you will suddenly want to master yourself. I have nothing against logic. I think logic (rationality) is a grand human development. It is not, however, the reason why people change or improve. All human improvement–or, you might say, all human expansion of perspective–comes through becoming aware of something you weren’t previously aware of. You learn to move purposefully when you become aware of your movements, for instance (during infancy).

    Hope, in the sense you mean it, comes from becoming intensely curious to discover what you are still unaware of.

  23. Tim Jones says :

    Hey Bill- I was just wondering, do think this primacy/ all importance of consciousness/awareness you describe, will ever be accepted outside of the New Age crowd, i.e by all those mainstream scientists who teach that consciousness is nothing more than an illusion created by the brain? Most mainstream scientists and philosophers of the mind flat out reject the notion of any ‘power of conscious awareness’, in fact many of them regard consciousness as some kind of evolutionary fluke that has no influence on the real world, in stark contrast to teachers such as yourself, Wilber, Tolle etc. who teach that consciousness is the ultimate and most important ‘thing’ in the universe…

    FROM BILL: The perspective that sees consciousness as important DEVELOPS. To get to the point where you see the importance of awareness, you have to go through many stages, and everyone starts are stage one. Most people move through three, four, five stages and stop, because that’s as far as they needed to go to have the ability to get through life, and because the center of gravity of their social group is at that stage. I think it will be a long time before a lot of people arrive at the higher stages of development where awareness is important or obvious. And, there will always be many people at these more fundamental levels because everyone has to pass through them, in order.

    I don’t think New Age people, however, are among those who have this perspective. They give lip service to awareness, but I don’t see much more than that.

  24. Barbara says :

    Bill, thanks for another great article. Everything you say here reflects my own experience. Like others I had a difficult childhood. I also am a long-time cancer survivor and have had many fears related to my health in the years since. I am also a long-time Holosync user. (I am on my final level: Flowering 4). As a result, my life has turned around completely. When I began Holosync, I was depressed and played the victim. Through Holosync and your courses, I have literally become a different person. I recently had a cancer screening test which in the past would have sent me down a deep hole of despair. This time I just watched my thoughts, feelings, and images I was creating and let them be okay. As I became more aware of them and deeply accepted them, they dissipated. I spend a lot of my time just watching my thoughts and feelings and am now able to change them at will. Thanks to Holosync I live a joyful and peaceful life regardless of what is going on around me.

    Thanks for everything,


    FROM BILL: I am in the process of interviewing about 20 people who are in the final levels of the Holosync program, and every one of them says essentially the same thing you are saying. If only I could motivate people to stick with the program, everyone would get to where you are. As you know, it’s a great place to be.

  25. joyce says :

    Hi Bill

    I have been a holosync user for 4 years, and its helped me get through and deal with some serious emotional trauma, like a spouse who left me and the family, and my parental issues (everybody has those right).

    I am now trying to lose weight: by reducing portion intake. trouble is, i get hungry, and then i start to crave for certain kinds of food, and then i cant sleep. I tried practising awareness, observing myself being hungry, observing why i wanted to eat, observing what i was craving for. It still doesn’t work for me, i usually give up after 5 minutes, and go and have a snack ….

    can you tell me where i am not getting it right?

    FROM BILL: How do you create the motivation to eat when you don’t need food (for nutrition, that is)? YOU create whatever motivation you have to do anything. As long as you create that motivation unconsciously, outside your awareness, it will run on automatic. Watch yourself do it, with awareness–which means you have to have enough awareness to do this–and what doesn’t serve you will fall away.

  26. Dan says :

    The simple answer is “yes” as long as we are caught in the cycle of action and REACTION. We only exit that cycle when we discover that we can become the observer of our thoughts and emotions which govern our choices and actions. Once we have learned to be the observer (“just watch”) we can apply reason and RESPOND to circumstance instead of REACT. The problem for us lies in the fact that we are tuned to “react” because paterned response works for us on the primal level of survival. ie. Dodge another vehicle in traffic or other physical threat. Reaction of this type works for us most of the time and so evolution has primed us to develope patterned responses. When survival threats become less immediate and envolve our fellings of general well being we still tend to develope paterned responses in an atempt to nullify the percieved threat. It is in this area that we need to become the observer in order to change.

  27. Hi Bill,

    I would think it would make a good topic for one of your blog posts.

    My personal opinion, is that people who put down others for their financial and business success are often suffering from a victim mentality. It shows up in resentment and passive aggressiveness. The feeling seems to be, if someone is successful, that somehow they don’t deserve it or their gains are ill gotten. It drives the whole political and economic left. But as Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

    FROM BILL: Amen.

  28. Ellen says :

    I wonder if difficulty breaking habits is related to deservingness. Meaning, do I deserve the greater happiness I would have in my life if I was able to “improve” myself by initiating a new, healthier pattern? So, my internal representation might be that I believe I’m not good enough to be this happy, so I set myself up to not be happy. I instead deserve to strive, be challenged, and be thwarted in achieving success, over and over, thus I continue the faulty internal representation. I might visualize myself being happy but the visualization doesn’t stick. I undermine it with my internal represenations of deserving repeated failures. Sounds like it could be a core self-esteem issue.

    FROM BILL: Yes, of course. What you believe is a self fullfilling prophecy. You will do whatever it takes to be right about what you believe, even if what you believe leads to intense suffering. This is exactly why awareness is the answer. If you watch yourself proving that you are right about a belief such as “I don’t deserve happiness,” it will become clear to you that you are doing this to yourself, and you’ll stop doing it.

    By the way, beliefs ARE internal representations. They are collectons of internal representations about something you think is true.

    People have traumatic experiences, which cause them to believe that X is a potential danger. Then they try to avoid that danger, which means they have to focus on it (in other words, make internal representations of it). This gives your mind a goal: create or attract more of what you’re focusing on. Plus, focusing on something you don’t want always leads to some sort of uncomfortable feelings. Again, however, nothing is accomplished by trying to get rid of this or stop doing it. You can’t. You can, though, watch yourself do it, with awareness (if you have enough awareness, that is–this is why Holosync is so important), and if you do, you will automatically stop doing it.

  29. Matt says :

    “If you want to do something that goes against a strong feeling a danger (for instance, be open to groups of people when you are deathly scared that you will be rejected, because of childhood rejection) most people try to use will power. This doesn’t work because the feeling of danger is stronger than your will power. If you step back and watch to see how you create the feeling of fear by making certain internal representations of what you are afraid of whenever you are around people, and see how what you do inside (not the people, who are just the trigger) creates your fear, and if you see that whereas there might have been danger when you were small but there is none in the present, the fear will fall away. After all, you are DOING it, now. It isn’t just happening.”

    Little intuitive insight here…

    And a very important aspect of this is to do this WHILE you’re experiencing the fear/activity. Otherwise it’s pretty much useless – platitudes in a lot of ways. Don’t just do this in your room by yourself (unless you’re practicing for the real world experience). Do this while concurrently feeling afraid/fearful, because that’s the only real way you’ll work those muscles.

    You know the saying: “Do things in spite of being afraid.” “Being afraid is ok.” “Doing it while you’re afraid is when you’re really alive.”

    “Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”

    ~Mark Twain

    So don’t just sit around and play the game of trying to eliminate fear via internal representations. Watch your internal world WHILE you’re fearful. THEN it’ll fall away. Assuming you’re not being chased by zombies -_-

    FROM BILL: First of all, I’ve never said that you should try to get rid of fear–for two reasons. First, fear is useful. It alerts you to danger. (It isn’t useful, though, when it alerts you to something that reminds you of danger, but really isn’t a danger. This is the problem many people have–past trauma causes them to feel fearful when there is no actual danger in the present moment, though to them it seems as if there is). The second reason is that trying to get rid of something doesn’t work. You disown whatever you’re trying to get rid of, but that just causes you to attract more of it, and to express it in immature and covert ways.

    What I have suggested is to WATCH your fear with awareness, to watch how you DO fear (or any other uncomfortable emotion). If you do this, and the emotion serves you in some way (which it does sometimes) you’ll keep doing it. If it doesn’t serve you–as when you are feeling fear or anger or anxiety, or whatever, just because something reminds you of past trauma–you’ll stop doing it.

    Most people in personal growth have spent the last decade or so under the delusion that the whole purpose of all this stuff is to get rid of whatever you think is “wrong.” The purpose is to become AWARE of what you are doing, to become aware of how you are creating your experience of life. NOT to change it, but to become aware. When you do that, everything sorts itself out. When that happens, as I have said, every human problem that has a solution is solved. Then you’re left with all those things in life that don’t have a solution. But that is a completely different dilemma.

  30. Gloria says :

    I really don’t understand why people think Holosynch is expensive. Compared to many other types of therapy and self help modalities it is really quite inexpensive. e.g. I was attending a zen meditation group which was costing me $20 a double session plus around $8 in fuel costs as well as a stressful 2 hour round trip. Now that works out to around $1,500 per year (these are Australian $). Many others were spending much greater amounts than this in regular extended retreats. I have also spent a small fortune in books and other media and in attending talks etc.

    I have purchased the whole HS program plus the LPIP course and it would have to be the best value of everything I’ve spent money on. Not to say that other things haven’t been valuable – they have, but given a choice from where I view my progress (7 1/2 years of HS just starting the first Flowering level) I would have to say that if money were the ONLY issue, I would choose HS over everything else if I had to make a choice.

    I suspect the issue is not the money at all but the willingness to do something that will create real change.

    FROM BILL: I’ve always thought you were an extremely bright woman, Gloria.

  31. Matt says :

    “What I have suggested is to WATCH your fear with awareness, to watch how you DO fear (or any other uncomfortable emotion). If you do this, and the emotion serves you in some way (which it does sometimes) you’ll keep doing it. If it doesn’t serve you–as when you are feeling fear or anger or anxiety, or whatever, just because something reminds you of past trauma–you’ll stop doing it.”

    My point was simply to take action. The above would never happen if you avoided action over whatever it was that you were fearful about. Using your example, avoiding groups of people for fear of rejection.

    “So don’t just sit around and play the game of trying to eliminate fear via internal representations.” I wasn’t inferring that you said to eliminate fear. What i meant was not to avoid action over the issue of concern and instead sit there and “watch” all day until it resolved itself. It won’t.

    Nor am I saying that you said you shouldn’t take action until you’ve had some resolution over whatever it is that you’re watching. But I did feel it was worth mentioning, because I can see how a subtle dialectic between “watching until you’ve had a shift, then taking action” vs “watching AND taking action until you’ve had a shift” could occur. Whether that shift be things staying the way they are or things changing is entirely dependent on the circumstances. But you’ll never know until you take action – and even at that it’ll take going through the experience quite a few times to begin to see what’s going on inside your head.

    Hopefully that clarifies

    FROM BILL: Action without awareness can create big problems. I am advocating awareness no matter what you do. I’ve never said “Don’t act, just sit there and be aware.”

  32. Marguerite Warriner says :

    Bill thank you for your reply. One of my favorite sayings is change your perspective. I forgot to change mine as far as my boss is concerned. I guess we all get stuck on one view every once in a while. I can only change me and if others change because of my change all the better, if they don’t I have to deal with that not them. Thanks for reminding me to change my perspective.

  33. David says :

    Dear Gloria,

    I find it very interesting that you bring this up (and I quote you):

    “I suspect the issue is not the money at all but the willingness to do something that will create real change”

    Some people ask me what they should do to get rid of some issues they have in their life, I tell them to use holosync, they say something like: “that’s interesting stuff” or “that’s awesome” but then they never do anything about it. Instead they prefer to go back to their favorite bullshit show.

    Someone needs to create and keep a clear mind in a world that is coming apart by design. I wood suggest that the number one public enemy that supports the agenda, by brainwashing billions is television, channeling a program to people’s minds.

    Back to my headset, I’m almost ready for the next 0.3 track, and I’m surely looking forward to it!

    I really don’t have the time NOT to do holosync!

    Best Regards, David

  34. David says :

    Dear Barbara,
    Dear Bill,

    I am about a year or less from finishing the first third of the program, and I can already imagine what it will be like when I get through it all. I can’t believe that a certain person has kept this program from me, not telling me about it, I had to discover it 3 years later by myself, thus to eventually understand why this person was so happy and peaceful all the time.

    I have intuitively known that I wanted to do it all, even before I started (premised that I am a stubborn bastard and that if I decide for something I follow through all the way).

    As you say Bill: given the fact that I know this program is dynamite, I would love to see more people do it as well, but many don’t understand the value of this practice, they think their time is too valuable and then they spend it in front of their damn TV set.

    I know people who work in coaching that know about Bill Harris and Centerpointe but that do not know or use Holosync, can you believe that? This is something that blows my mind, I mean how can you say you know about a person and their company when you’re not even aware of the products they’ve created?

    Anyway, I am willing to pay the price to meditate every day, cause the rewards are thousands of times bigger than the price!

    Take Care, David

  35. I’ve used Holosync for four and a half year now and I’ve taken Bill’s LPIP online course and during this time my thinking regime has shifted considerabely.

    However it is still wonderfull to read what Bill writes. It’s wonderful to get reminded again and again. Thus I remeber that it is the observation and aceptance that makes things change, not me forcing it to happen – which is never crowned with any success.

    Let go and let happen. It’s probably you Bill that has said that somewhere in your very empowering material. It’s so easy to forget and so important – at least for me – to get reminded.

    I am one of those people that read a lot of self help books but never DID what they told me to. I couldn’t understand why my progress barely was noticable. After all I had lots of knowledge about these things. You Bill made me realize what awareness really is. To me it has become the alpha and the omega.

    Thanks for serving humanity as well as you do, Bill. I hope there is growing a forest of people around you who will spread what you’re teaching around the world.

    With all my Gratitude,

  36. Matt says :

    You mean awareness without action. And once again, I never said you said that, but I’m emphasizing awareness with action for reasons I already listed.

  37. Sam says :

    FROM BILL: I am in the process of interviewing about 20 people who are in the final levels of the Holosync program, and every one of them says essentially the same thing you are saying. If only I could motivate people to stick with the program, everyone would get to where you are. As you know, it’s a great place to be.

    Can we hear these interviews somehow? I find that when I read that I’m able to gain more and more awareness, whereas before I used to hate anything but audio because I felt that audio was the only way to truly learn, and simply reading these interviews might be increasingly helpful for me. However I’m still curious about the audios, and if we might somehow be able to listen to these interviews that would be great. I loved hearing the people who went through your lpip courses.

  38. Sam says :

    I was also having a thought about what people call samsara (the world of suffering) and nervana (the world of enlightened bliss or whatever). These worlds are really one, and the duel nature of their separate existence is only created in our minds, so it’s easy to see how we can drop the duel nature of our perception and notice how they really are one thing; it’s much more difficult to put this into practice, though, or to say what success at this looks like to me.

    I also think that our perception works for us in another way. You speak in your second course about a “round” and it’s also often been said that buddhists are trying to escape from the round of samsara. I’ve also heard of this “round” as being termed as the “round of becoming” which makes me think: there’s this thing called a round that either creates suffering or becoming so all we must do is embrace our becoming nature–the nature of change in our lives–and recognize how beneficial it is to be in the path of the round of becoming rather than the round of samsara. Most of us will never get around to it, however when we do it’ll be a round of becoming. Boddhicitta is also important to generate the motivation necessary to get those of us who are interested in awareness to get around to it.

    I still haven’t figured out what a “round to-it” is (sorry grandpa). Maybe I’m just rambling. Check it out for yourself and find out!

  39. Sam says :

    Dude, why would you post my question about the interviews and then not post any reply? Leave the space blank for someone else. Interestingly there’s a lot more people who use holosync posting in now, which provides me useful feedback. No need to post this, but I’m wondering…

    FROM BILL: I have not failed to post any replies to anything you have said.

  40. Brent McGrath says :

    Dear Bill:
    As I read all of what these people say I must admit that I agree with most of what is said. I am on level 2 disc 3 and I have had some major behaviors in my life vanish. I am not sure how they disappeared, but I guess I was witnessing and didn’t realize it.
    After about 2 months of Holosync most of my fears seemed to disappear. But as I realized later my threshold just went up and thus my tolerance for them increased. Since then I’ve had many revelations from the Holosync solution and I am convinced that it works. Sometimes I feel that my mind has been holding me hostage all this time and I’d love to just shut it down and move on. I know that this is a hard concept to follow for me. I am however a lot happier than I have ever been in my 46 years of living. Intellectually, I understand what is being said, but sometimes it seems difficult to apply to my life. I went through a period of 5 months where I negated some people in my life and this caused me some serious anger problems. It wasn’t until a friend made me aware that it could be coming from inside me that I stop to analyze this aspect of the problem I was facing. Then I vented to a friend who asked me why I was so angery. After this, I realized that many things were from inside me. I also talked to other people who confirmed my beliefs ( Which Bill talks about). It took me another week before I finally talked to my roomate about what was bothering me. Only 2 things he did bothered me. The others were from inside me. I tried so hard to watch myself after that and intellectually I could see everything, but did anything shift, I don’t think so. Then I read my evolution book and I came across some interesting things. Now, I am more aware that I have problems in relationship which means I have problems in my head (mind) I create things and they seem so real. I try to just let things be okay, but sometimes it works fine, and other times it doesn’t. I know that I am a beginner in this program, but I know it is working and Iam anxious to listen to Holosync every morning. I think that I need more self talk that is positive and more focus on Happiness.

  41. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    I was just listening to a Ken Wilber talk about the emergence of integral consciousness in about 5% of the population. As I see it it all has to do with being willing to go through this cycles of chaos and reorganization that not many people are willing to endure. A part of us has to die for another part to able to emerge.

    I know you discovered this many years ago. I myself have gone through many of this death and rebirth cycles, some are easier to go trough and some are really overwhelming. So my question to someone who has been doing this for a long time is: do you still go through this cycles ? is it still as overwhelming ?

    Thanks as always


    FROM BILL: Actually, I don’t–though I supposed it’s still possible. Chaos is created when your sense of self doesn’t help you navigate your life anymore. Then, hopefully, that sense of self reorganizes in a new way that does allow you to navigate your life. I guess I’ve just become comfortable knowing that all navigating, all control, is an illusion and any sense of self is merely conceptual. Once you get to that point, the reality that there really isn’t anything stable to hang onto is a lot easier to deal with.

    As Alan Watts once said, “From the moment of birth you’re in free fall. Clutching at the other stuff falling around you isn’t going to help.” Once you’re okay with that, you’re free.

  42. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    So knowing that all that’s around you (including your own body and mind) is falling apart, and that all goals you’re pursuing are illusions that won’t give you any permanent happiness ….. how do you find the motivation to keep on living ?

    FROM BILL: One of the things a person becomes aware of when they do something that expands awareness (such as Holosync) is the impermanence of all things. Most people, as I have said, are doing all kinds of things to not acknowledge impermanance or to fight it. A point comes, with enough awareness, where you don’t try to fight it or ignore it. You make your peace with it. You know it’s there, you’d rather it wasn’t, you do feel the bittersweet nature of its existence, but you aren’t fighting it anymore (certainly, like anyone, you might do what you can to make what you love last longer).

    I guess I could say that all I need is what is here now. The fact that what is here now won’t always be here isn’t something I can control. That’s just the way it is.

    This isn’t a philosophy, though, that one can decide to adopt. If a person ever gets to the point where this is how they approach life, it is because they have embodied it, internally. This isn’t something intellectual. It isn’t a belief, a dogma, a philosophy, a point of view. It’s something that happens as a result of awareness and, I guess you could say, a process of surrender (which is something else you can’t decide to do).

  43. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    One last question, about spirituality I could say this: there are broadly 3 ways to live as a human being:

    1. We are blind to impermanence and we experience ourselves and the world as solid “things” (prior to experiences of emptiness) and therefore we suffer cause we resist impermanence.

    2. We experience ourselves as emptiness, therefore it’s all perfect and we don’t suffer. We’re continuously happy and consequences don’t matter.

    3. We realize that there’s no control, no escape and that we will get old, fall apart and die along with everything we love, we feel the suffering and the joy of existence, it’s a strange bittersweet feeling.

    If you could pick one way to live, which one would you choose and why ?



    FROM BILL: Is this the Miss America Pagent, and this is my question? Or is this like, “If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

    The first qustion is the relative side of Genpo Roshi’s triangle. The second is the transcendent side. The third is the apex. I pick the apex.

    By the way, that the second choice avoids suffering is delusion. And, all humans resist impermanence, no matter who they are.

  44. Sam says :

    Could the fall that Alan Watts talks about maybe sort of like the 4th stage on the path of the human being, or the 4th rank you spoke about in one of the posts here? I think that there’s a useful metaphor here and if we can keep an open mind like mr. Watts then we might learn a great deal from it. If we’re all in a fall from grace of sorts, then it’s a bit easier to deal with the situation and take proactive action to make our world a great place to live in despite our circumstances.

    FROM BILL: The fall he’s talking about is the human condition, especially the impermanence of all things and the illusion that you have control.

  45. Sam says :

    A lot of people don’t like the fall, though. One could make a lot of money by making this fall more comfortable for those who don’t like the condition they find themselves in. One would just have to get people to buy into the round of becoming rather than the round of samsara. I guess it all depends on one’s perspective. I don’t have control but I do have awareness.

    PS: I love the last ms. America responce. Glad to see that your sense of humor is still alive and well.

    FROM BILL: And you know this…how?

  46. michelle s says :

    Santiago- I would also choose number 3-bittersweet it is-I would think a lot of people try but fall back into 1-for 2 I don’t know anyone ‘really’ who is there permanently-doesnt’ seem to do much good- number 3 can at least do things while realizing that it doesn’t matter much anyways- but enjoy it all the same. Interesting all the same …

  47. Sam says :

    For instance let’s take your question of “does your past effect what happens to you now” and not look at it from an either yes or no answer, but as a point of discovery. My contention is that our past only effects us in the now to the degree that we focus on our past, for instance I might have a feeling that was triggered from some past trama or learned behavioral responce, however if I focus on something else (rather than what that pattern usually results my focusing in) I create a different experience in the now; I could even focus on the here and now, as a matter of fact, and recognize that this whole “tromatic life experience” thing doesn’t do me much good. I could for instance focus on the training I will receive if I maintain composure rather than falling apart at a loud authority figure (this aint the time to focus on daddy issues son) and learn a lot about how to maintain focus in a situation and keep focused on the now rather than anything about my tromatic issues and what they cause me to do. If I’m in that type of training, for instance, I’ll notice when feelings come up and then continue taking whatever action I need to take for whatever particular task or engagement. Even if I’m sitting or standing still the simple maintaining this stillness can be very important, and one can see this both from a meditative perspective or from a perspective of maintaining military bearing for whatever reason.

    It seems to me that people are often plagued by waves of uncontrolable feelings, or perhaps we could call these rounds of suffering. There is nothing going on and everything is fine, and then a “round” of feeling comes up and someone has to do eft or whatever to “get rid” of their suffering, and then things go back as they were before with nothing going on. I’m learning in my training to watch for these types of things and use them to my advantage, for instance becoming more in tune with my environment by recognizing that possibly something triggered that feeling that I wasn’t aware of (then my focusing on increasing my awareness superceeds any feeling and what it triggers me into). Over time my training results in my no longer being triggered by these feelings, but rather maintaining a watchful awareness of how the feeling arises as well as any other information that I need to know, and over time I notice that the sharp intenseness of the round deminishes; I still have feelings of course, but they don’t seem to strike me from nowhere resulting in eft or the like. BTW: eft isn’t always necessary, but sometimes you have to knock the lump out of your throat or loosten your head up a bit to get rid of a headache.

    Over time we notice with training that our awareness increases to the point that we can recognize these rounds for what they are–only energy–and we can use them to our advantage. I might recognize that my first impulse is to jump at a loud authority figure, for instance, so from now on whenever I hear a loud sound I’ll be aware that I’m about to jump and try to change that pattern; you Bill talk about interupting strategies, and in nlp this is known as a pattern interupt. I might for instance “match” whatever external authoritative voice with my own internal one commanding me to go to my center of being, from which nothing throws me, and then no matter what I’m in command of who I am and my responce to the situation. My responce will be in tune with that part of oneself that you talk about, in that I know just what to do. With this training what seemed previously to be problems become nothing but dirt under my feet, and I can then choose to plant seeds for what I want or leave it alone.

  48. Elaine says :

    Hi all,

    Ellen asked, “What beliefs do I need to be aware of and guard against to stay at this healthy weight?”

    Ellen, this is a type of question I often ask myself: “What beliefs would I have to have in order to _____________(eg, stay at a healthy weight/enjoy great success/etc etc)?”

    Or another way of putting it, “What are the thoughts & beliefs of people who __________ ?[stay at…/enjoy great…/etc.]

    Bill says (have I got this right, Bill?) “For whatever outcome you desire, there is a way of thinking & acting that will get it for you. Your job is to discover that way of thinking, and be willing to adopt it.”

    So that’s it. That’s the answer to any “How do I….?” question. Study or observe or listen to people who are already doin’ it, and adopt their way of thinking.

    As an addendum, I’d add: “Thinking is 80% of the solution, Acting is the other 20%. Best of all, the Acting follows naturally upon the heels of the thinking.”

    I watch what I think. I especially like to notice what I’m thinking around outcomes-in-my-life that I’m not too wild about. It’s not so much “guarding against” (Ellen’s term) as it simply noticing them, recognizing them as unresourceful, unsupportive, unhelpful, and unWanted.

    Once recognized, they do eventually fade away, but in the meantime, they can be useful. Yes, Useful, as triggers that remind me to ask, “So… What thoughts are used by people who__________? [are doing or being as I want to do, or be] Then I can think that thought, or believe that belief, instead. It is a choice! Thinking and believing are things we DO, not things we “have.”

    We could call this post, “What I’ve learned from Bill Harris, so far.” Bill–I trust you will check me on this, and correct me if I’ve gotten things a bit muddled up? Thanks!

    FROM BILL: I find that many people have bought into the New Age idea that somehow you are going to gain control over the world with your mind. You aren’t. You might gain more control over yourself with your mind, but not the rest of the world. To whatever small degree you can influence the world, it is through your actions. So your thoughts determine, to a certain degree your actions, because they 1) help you generate ideas about how to act, 2) help you notice resources you could use when you act, 3) help create the motivation (an internal state, created by the making of certain internal representations of what you want or what is possible) to act, and 4) help you develop the qualities you may need in order to act resourcefully; i.e., courage, enthusiasm, persistence, integrity, compassion, etc.

    Much of what happens to you is not under your control because the other 6.7 million people often have a different agenda than you do. You can influence the agenda of others to some extent, but ultimately you don’t have a lot of influence. It is valuable, however, to develop your ability to influence others. My point of view is that influence is best exercised by helping the other person get what they want in a way that also helps you get what you want.

    Second, there is nothing you can do about the impermanence of everything in this world, including you. So the control people are searching for is really an illusion. In fact, scientists sometimes call it “the illusion of control” and have done experiments on it.

    The other myth people fall prey to, especially if they have drunk the New Age kool aid, is that changing your thoughts to positive thoughts is valuable. While is is true that the mind is a goal-seeking mechanism, and the idea that you will find a way to create or attract what you focus on repeatedly is also true (though this doesn’t happen by some sort of magic– rather, it happens because focusing on something causes your mind to generate ideas about how to get it and the motivation to act on them), in many cases you can’t just decide to change your thinking to what you want.

    If you see what you want, or the act of getting it, as involving some sort of danger to you, especially emotional danger, thinking of what you want will trigger thoughts of what you don’t want–the danger. You can’t overcome this by deciding to change your thoughts. Try it and see. You can to do something about your belief that there is a danger involved. The only way I know of to successfully do that is to learn how to watch yourself believing that there is a danger, watch yourself focus on the danger, and watch the consequences of doing that (usually bad feelings and lack of action or non-resourceful/self-sabotaging action).

    If you watch in this way–which takes more awareness, quite frankly, than most people have–you will see how YOU are creating the feeling of danger. Not whatever is happening, but you. Once in a while there is a real danger, but usually it’s all just something happening in your head, based on some past trauma, some past danger your experienced. This almost always causes the non-resourceful belief to fall away. You just can’t believe something that doesn’t serve you AND watch yourself do it with awareness.

    So the questions becomes “How do you become aware enough to do this?” The answer is to use Holosync, though traditional meditation will get you to the same place (but about 5x more slowly and with less immediate reinforcement and signs of progress). Then you have to know what to be aware of, though this often takes care of itself. You can save many years of figuring this out for yourself by taking my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, where I show you, step by step, what to focus on and how to do it. (see for a free preview lesson).

    You say “It’s a choice.” Yes and no. Nothing is a choice until you see it with awareness. Until then, whatever it is will operate automatically. We’re programmed to do many things automatically. These automatic generalizations are very handy, except when we generalize something in a way that isn’t resourceful, such as “It’s dangerous to try and fail,” or, “It dangerous to show people who you really are,” or whatever. These are the kinds of beliefs that keep us from success, but if watched with awareness dissolve–because they don’t serve you.

  49. Elaine says :

    Thanks Bill – it is always helpful to have your feedback on my interpretations of the concepts you give us. Here’s something I recently experienced:
    At the end of a 3-day workshop, which was partially about communication style, one of the other participants deliberately turned her back on me. In the language of our course, she “broke connection.” I found this a little amusing in the light of what we’d been studying, and I also thought it was quite an interesting phenomena.

    Of course, I have no control over her perceptions, decisions, desires, actions, etc. In this case, her action impinged on me. What I do (seem?) to have control over is my response. What other folks do and say become triggers for me…I could have been hurt, offended, etc. Why go there?

    With this heightened holosync-induced awareness, I have choice—I can decide “what it means” and what response will be triggered.
    -Amusement was one choice.
    -Making it useful for me on my little new-agey voyage of self-discover was yet another. Somehow, I’d triggered her to do this–I’d ‘broken connection with her.’ Hmmm…. In my pre-holosync condition, I was quite shy; “other people” represented danger, and they still do to some extent. I’m ‘not very good’ at creating & maintining connections. Or, a better thought: “I’m getting better at…”

    Frankly, this “other people are dangerous” belief is getting pretty tedious. I’ve noticed it before, and here it was raising its plug-ugly head again, causing me to quite unconsciously ‘break connection’ with this gal.
    Oh sure, there are reasons why I do this belief (‘do’ it, rather than ‘have’ it). It is rooted in various traumatic experiences—I was brought up in the dysfunctional fifties, by people who bore their own scars from being brought up in the equally-but-differently dysfunction depression & war-years. But who cares what its source is? The fact is, it is a tedious belief that is getting in the way of my enjoying my brief tenure here, being human.

    -In short, while I have no control over this action of another person, I do have control over how I respond. I can choose to make her action a “black” thing, or a “white” thing (game of B&W) So I choose to make it a good thing, a thing that helps me to become aware of yet another un-serving belief.

    Sometimes I feel like a little kid, playing in the gooshy mud of life. Sure, it isn’t real, it’s not permanent, it is escaptism maybe from the Reality of Life….and it is fun and interesting…. as is participating in this bog. I sure appreciate the opportunity to ….(oh god, don’t let me use that awful word, “share”) ….be part of this.

    Best Regards, Elaine

    “What meaning shall I give that?” I asked myself.

  50. Gloria says :

    Bill, would you say that Holosynch works because it *makes* one meditate whereas in normal sitting meditation the mind can engage in all sorts of creative ways of avoiding going into a meditative state?

    FROM BILL: No.

  51. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill

    Does Holosync affect DNA?
    Is it possible that information stored in so called ‘junk DNA’ is ‘awakened’?
    Could this be one of the ways intuition and information seems more readily available as you move through the levels?
    I’m on flowering 2 now and ask you this as I am still having what some would describe as other worldly experiences!
    I also seem to know what is good/right for me with little thought which ties in nicely with the original question from Elaine.

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: I doubt that this has anything to do with Holosync changing your DNA.

  52. Catherine says :

    Sorry I meant from Ellen.

  53. Denise says :

    I just got the cd’s last weekend. I know you may think I’m lying, but I feel like I’m getting a drop of water on my arms at the beginning of the Dive. It’s like a slash, a tiny splash like when you hide from the rain and still get some on you. It’s pretty cool to me.

    FROM BILL: It took me a long time to figure out how to add that effect to Holosync.

  54. Gloria says :

    So, how does it work to fast track the meditation process. Or is it a trade secret? I was under the impression that it is essentially having the same effect as meditation but ‘stronger’ in some way. Is this an erroneous perception?

    FROM BILL: If you use Holosync you will notice that the benefits happen much faster (and, for that matter, easier).

  55. Natasha says :

    Bill, sometimes when I have a transcendent experience I feel terror afterwards because I realise that “Natasha” is an illusion.
    Can you advise me how to cope with this please?

    thank you,

    FROM BILL: Okay, so “Natasha” is your idea of who you are. It isn’t, though, the full, complete, real you. Since it can’t contain all of who you are (there’s no way to be aware of all those cells dividing, and all the changes goinon in your body, and all the memories and thoughts, and all the relationships you have, and on and on), of course it’s an illusion. So what? Everyone’s idea of who they are is incomplete. I wouldn’t let that bother you. That’s just the way it is.

    Any time you feel fear, it isn’t because of the experience you had (in this case, an experience of the transcendent). You feel fear when you make internal representations of something you don’t want. If you learned to watch yourelf create the feeling of fear by doing that, then you’d stop doing it–unless these really is something to be afraid of, which there is now and then.

  56. Terry says :

    Take Bill’s Life Principles Integration Process online courses. I’m doing it now…the low end without personal support. But, the multitude of support that’s provided relating to many questions asked by participants really helps to clear things up if you have a problem. This level is “dirt cheap” and if you follow Bill closely in all the support material he offers with Holosync, you will, time after time, say to your self…OMG, now I get it!
    I can’t recommend this enough! Every single lesson I say to myself…I WISH I HAD KNOW THIS 40 YEARS AGO!
    The reason I post this (and I have before) is that there are so many who want to create things the way they want them to be. But we ant to use “will power”. The truth is, as Bill says, unless you know HOW you are creating your life, it’s pretty much automatic and “you” are really not in control. IN fact, there is no “in control” needed.
    So many post long messages debating, corroborating (I do that), denying, challenging, arguing…et al.
    I’ve recently read a book called I AM THAT (okay, it’s taken me almost a year to read) . A book recommended by Bill in one of his messages ( I think it’s early on). All through the book Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says ” I simply believed what my Guru told me, and that’s all it takes” (my paraphrase).
    I can tell you that simply by accepting Bill’s teachings, I have never been at a better place in life.
    Watch HOW you do your life…you will be amazed!

  57. Mike says :


    Is there some sort of secret involved in finding a purpose in life that you are passionate about? I know that you advocate finding a way to fulfill other’s needs, and I agree. But is there some way that being the witness plays in to finding your passion. In other words what should I be watching for?


    FROM BILL: There’s nothing exotic or secret about finding your passion. What do you love to do? What do you do that you’d do whether or not you were paid to do it? Figuring out how to make an income from your passion requires a little bit of ingenuity in some cases, but finding your passion is easy–just do what you love to do. If it’s really your passion you won’t care if you find a way to make a living from it–but you might.

    “Witnessing” just means watching. It means you are aware of whatever you are watching. What you are unaware of happens without choice; what you are aware of you have choice about.

  58. Sam says :

    When the world–or internal map of reality–was created what was the creator like? I’ve taken the lpip courses and still have trouble with that one; anybody else come up with anything?

  59. Chris says :

    Bill. Where would we go on this website to find those interviews about people who complete the program? Listened to the first one, then I came on today and they vanished.

    FROM BILL: I told you at the time they would only be there for a short time.

    So everyone can hear them (they are amazing) we’re creating a subscription service where you can sign up to receive one a week (to listen to online or download) for about 20 weeks–for free.

  60. Chris says :

    awesome. Can’t wait to check em out.

  61. Mike says :

    When will the subscription service above be offered and how will you announce it?

    FROM BILL: You’ll have to wait and see.

  62. David says :


    I must download me those interviews! I can’t wait to get that deep into the program myself!

    I gotta have those audio files! Will you send an email about this or do we need to check back in on your site, but where?

    I’m excited! Thanks Bill!

    FROM BILL: And the tension mounts…


  63. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    your HOLOSYNC neurotechnology
    is the max possible that you can get, or do you think that HOLOSYNC can become more deep, like
    4. BLISS (for example) ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: You get bliss right from the beginning.

  64. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    HOLOSYNC can become more “DEEP” of what is now
    or you have gotten already the max possible ?

    FROM BILL: Why does it need to be “more deep”?

  65. Mary Ann says :

    I’ve been a Holosync meditator for 2 years now and I love it. It has created the positive change that was promised, and I look forward to even more improvements as time goes by.
    But I was wondering: I know we create our lives through our perception.
    But how are we to know the things that happen to us that we haven’t created from the ones we do create? Random acts happen all the time, right? How do we know the difference?

    FROM BILL: You have to gain a certain amount of awareness in order to tell the difference. You also have to purge yourself of magical thinking–which means you have to understand how cause and effect works in the world. If, for instance, you believe that your thoughts caused someone to go through a stop sign and hit your car, you don’t really understand cause and effect because there’s no evidence that your thoughts can influence whether something like that happens. That IS a random event.

    This is partly why I’ve written extensively about the things you can’t control: much of cause and effect is beyond your control (you have some control over the cause and effect stuff that happens as a result of what you do, particularly your own behavior, IF you are aware enough), and of course the impermanence of all things is beyond your control. I’ve discussed these things partly to help you distinguish between random events and events you generate through your own thoughts and actions (I’ve also done it so people will give up the silly idea that they can control everything in life, because letting go of that, ironically, brings a great deal of inner peace).

    I’ve described how you create several things in your life that you CAN have choice about (IF you’re aware of how you create them): 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to the events of your life. These four things make up pretty much your entire experience of life. To have choice about these things you have to be AWARE enough to see how you create them.

    How you feel becomes a choice when you’re able to observe, as you do it, HOW you create your feelings. You have an experience, you respond by making certain internal representations, and then those internal representations create a certain internal state–a feeling. This is an automatical process UNLESS you are able to observe it as it happens. If you’re aware enough you see that that second step, where you make internal representations, is a CHOICE. If you aren’t aware enough, it just happens automatically, outside your awareness.

    Once you can observe this process, you clearly see how you’re creating your feelings, and you automatically stop creating the bad ones.

    The same thing happens with behaviors, which flow from feelings (especially from the feeling of motivation). As you see how you create your behaviors (or lack of behavior, in some cases), it becomes a choice instead of an automatic response.

    The problem of “did I create this or was it a random act?” become a bit more complicated when you look at the third thing, the people and situations you attract or become attracted to. If you’re walking down the street and someone bumps into you in a crowd, it’s probably a random act. But if you go to a party and you’re drawn to a certain person, and they’re drawn to you, you’re doing something inside that causes you to be drawn to that person, and certain cues you give off (as a result of what you’e doing inside) causes them to be drawn to you.

    If you’re aware enough, this process becomes a choice. If not, it happens automatically. Even so, it’s coming from YOU, from something you do inside, just as feelings come from you even if what you do to create them happens outside your awareness.

    The fact that a particular person was at the party, though, is probably a random event. The idea that you wanted to meet someone like them, and your thoughts drew them to the party is magical thinking. There’s no evidence that you could do such a thing (despite the fact that many people think they can). When this happens, it’s a coincidence.

    Once you were at the party and met the person, though, certain things you do inside do cause you to notice that this person fills a certain need you might have (if that’s the case). This usually happens outside your awareness (which means it seems as if it “just happens”), but it becomes a choice if you learn to do it with awareness.

    The fourth thing, that YOU assign the meanings to what happens around you (they aren’t inherent in whatever is happening–you add them), is entirely under your control–if you’re aware enough to see how you assign meanings and are able to watch yourself do it.

    My overall advice is to work on becoming more aware. If you do that, everything will fall into place and all questions that have an answer will be answered. Understanding everything I’ve said here is of limited value (it won’t create the changes I’ve described), other than to motivate you to pay the price to become more aware.

    And, as I’ve said many times, the best way I know of to become more aware is to use Holosync, and keep using it, and then to learn how to direct the awareness it creates, which is what I teach in my Life Principles Integration Process online courses. You might figure out how to direct your awareness without outside help if you become aware enough, but it’s a huge shortcut to have someone save you all the trial and error that I went through. Anyone can take a free preview lesson about these courses by going to As I write this, the online courses are temporarily 1/2 the regular price.

  66. David says :


    I guess that what you are trying to understand with your mind, cannot be grasped by the mind. It’s about experience, not understanding.


  67. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    do you think that HOLOSYNC can become more
    deep-powerful of what is now creating another level
    or do you have gotten already the max possible from it ?
    thank you.
    rosario [italy]

  68. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    it was only a curiosity.

  69. Bruce says :

    Bill – I am going over the LPIP program now for the third time. I had tried using Holosync but it didn’t work for me. So I didn’t develop the ‘awareness’ that you talk about. You said that my problem was that I didn’t believe that I create my reality. And you also said that I was expecting something outside of me to change. (Actually that is an incorrect assumption – I have put work into this). OK so I create(d) my reality. I am supposed to watch my thoughts. If I have a negative thought I try to change it to a positive one. You also said that you have to change your beliefs. So I go around and say to myself ‘it’s easy to make money’ or ‘I am relaxed, confident and successful’ and the like. A few questions for you: If Awakening Prologue didn’t do anything for me would I be wasting my time by purchasing the next level? If you have an ‘unconscious’ belief how would you know it if it is ‘unconscious’. Wouldn’t that mean that you were unaware of it? I am trying to be aware of my thoughts but it is taking forever. When I am at work my thoughts are on what I have to do – so how can I watch my thoughts when I am focusing on my work? You keep talking about ‘creating’. What are the steps I need to take to ‘create’ more money to pay off my debts? If I live with somebody who is ‘creating’ an unsuccessful existence does that mean that it is affecting me as well? Any help appreciated.

    FROM BILL: You have a number of faulty assumptions about what I’m saying. I’m not saying that when you have a negative thought you should change it to a positive thought, for instance. Nor do I think that walking around saying affirmations is going to have any kind of substantial effect.

    The basic premise behind everything I teach is that you have a choice about those things you do with awareness; what you do outside your awareness happens automatically. When you do something with awareness (which means it becomes a choice) you’ll always choose what serves you (and others). This means that you don’t have to use will power to change your thoughts or beliefs. If you do these things (think, believe, or anything else) with awareness, they change themselves. A part of you automatically chooses what is more resourceful.

    Awareness is the ability to see what is happening. If you’re looking outside of yourself, it’s the ability to see what’s happening around you. Most people SELECTIVELY see what’s happening around them. They filter out most of it, which means they don’t see it. If you focus, for instance, on what might hurt you–which you might do if you have been traumatized in the past–you will probably see all kinds of potential dangers, but you’ll miss the things that could be good for you.

    Most of what I focus on in what I teach, however, is what YOU DO internally to create your life. Plenty of things in life you don’t create. There are 6.7 billion other people who have agendas that contradict yours, and there is very little you can do about the effects their actions have on your circumstances. That’s just the way it is. Because of this you sometimes get what you don’t want or fail to get what you do want.

    And, there’s nothing you can do about the fact that everything in this world is impermanent, including you.

    However, you do create 1) how you feel in each moment, and all the other internal states you experience, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what you think the events around you mean. When I say that you create these things I mean that they are generated by something YOU DO.

    If you’re doing it outside your awareness, though, this doing will happen automatically, even though it’s coming from you. If you learn to watch the internal goings-on that create these four things, as you do them, and see the consequences that are created, as you create them, THEN they become a choice.

    And, once you have a choice, you’ll always choose what serves you. This means that if you can observe how you create your feelings and other internal states, you’ll have a choice about them. If you see how you create your behaviors (or lack of behavior, in some cases) you’ll have a choice about that. The same with which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and the meanings the events of your life seem to have. Create this stuff with awareness and it becomes a choice–and, you’ll automatically choose what is most resourceful. You can only create negative versions of these four things if you do it outside your awareness.

    When you use Holosync, you become more aware. And, I might add, there’s really no way to use Holosync and not become more aware. Saying that it didn’t work would be like saying that you exercised but it didn’t work, or that you climbed a mountain but you didn’t getting any higher above sea level. It’s a cause and effect sort of thing.

    I can believe that you didn’t become aware enough to notice it yet, or that whatever happened didn’t match your expectations so you missed what DID happen, or that you resisted what happened because it didn’t correspond to what you believe about yourself, which slowed the process, but I you can no more use Holosync and fail to become more aware than you could walk and not as a result move to a different location.

    So the essence of what I teach is this: I have a tool, Holosync, that creates more awareness–if you use it, and keep using it (yes, going on to the next level would be worth it, though you might want to spend more time with the Holosync you already have–I’m not just trying to get you to buy something). Then, I teach you where to direct that awareness. It makes sense, I hope, that if awareness creates choice (which it does) that you would direct it to what creates your life, so you could create choice about THAT.

    Your internal cognitive processes (what I call your Internal Map of Reality) create those four things I listed above, so that’s what I suggest you become aware of. Becoming aware of them means to watch these internal processes, as you use them, and to see what results they create. Then these processes and their results become a choice.

    You mentioned that you can’t do your work AND watch your thoughts. At first, that’s true. It’s like learning to drive. When you first start, you have to pay attention to everything–how you use the gas pedal, how you use the brake, when to use each, how much force to use when you use them, when to change lanes, when to start changing lanes, how fast to go while you’re doing it, how much to turn the wheel, when to signal, how much room you need between cars before you start the lane change, where to look in each moment, and on and on and one.

    Do you remember how hard you had to work, at first, to do all this?

    Now, though, you just drive. You’re one with the car, and you not only do all of this, you do it while you fiddle with the radio, eat a sandwich, talk on the phone, and several other things.

    Learning to watch your mind is like this. At first it’s too much. But with a bit of practice a part of you does it while you do other things. If you’re driving (as an experienced driver) you don’t consciously notice everything you’re doing and everything that’s going on on the road. But if something happens that is important–a ball bounced out in front of you, for instance–a part of you instantly notices it and does whatever needs to be done. You don’t go through all these steps in your head that allow you to miss the ball. You just do it. You can do this because at one point you practiced driving in a way where you did use your conscious attention. Then, however, you moved from what is called “conscious competence”–where you have to use a lot of conscious attention to do something–to “unconscious competence,” where another part of you just knows how to do it.

    If you practice watching your internal representations, your beliefs, and all the other aspects of your Internal Map, after a while you begin to do it without conscious effort. If anything happens in your Internal Map that doesn’t serve you–something that’s likely to create an outcome you don’t want–you notice it and you choose something else. Just as with learning to drive, however, this involves practicing until you become unconsciously competent.

    If doing this is too much work, that’s okay. However, if that’s the case (and I’m not saying that you said it was), be content with your life the way it is. There’s a price to pay to be good at anything. You have to be willing to pay it. The price to be a master of your life is 1) do something to increase your awareness, and 2) direct that awareness to those things that create your life. And, be willing to be a beginner at watching your internal processes. It isn’t easy at first, just as playing the piano isn’t easy at first (or, driving).

    My suggestion is to practice watching your internal representations (mostly your internal pictures and internal dialog) for 5 minutes or so three times a day: when you first wake up, when you turn out the light to go to sleep, and perhaps one other time during the day. Just pick something that happened during the day and think about it. Notice what internal pictures you make, and notice what you say to yourself about it. And, notice how your internal state (which includes your feelings) change as a result of the internal representations.

    You can also think of something you really want, notice the internal representations you make (and the internal state that is created), then think of something you strongly want to avoid, notice the internal representations you make (which will be of something you don’t want), and notice how your state changes (it will probably change to a negative state). Seeing how you create your internal state begins the process of having choice over them.

    Let it be okay that this watching isn’t easy at first. Just play with it a little bit every day and you’ll start noticing what you’re doing inside more and more. You’ll see ways you are sabotaging yourself by focusing on what you don’t want. As long as you do this outside your awareness, you can keep doing it, and keep creating bad feelings and negative out comes. Do it with awareness, though, and what doesn’t work falls away.

    What will happen is that you’ll start to be aware of what you’re doing during times when you aren’t practicing–like while you’re working. You’ll start to see that when you focus on something you don’t want, for instance, you feel bad in some way, and you end up creating or attracting more of it. As you see yourself doing this, you’ll find it harder and harder to keep doing it. It becomes a CHOICE, instead of something you do automatically.

    You don’t make these choices, though, through will power (“I will change my negative thoughts to positive thoughts.”). It just happens–because, as I said, once you are aware enough to have a choice, you always choose what serves you.

  70. Santiago says :

    Thanks for the pageant type question response Bill …. now, are you ready for the swimsuit competition ?

    But seriously (or better, sincerely as our beloved Alan Watts used to say)

    I do have another question like that if you don’t mind answering:

    About this human game we’re talking about … lets suppose the moment you die (after being born, creating a sense of identity, experiencing love, loss, fear, joy, hope, disappointment, having beliefs, ultimately getting old, sick and dying, realizing or not that there wasn’t anything to hold on to anyway …) you hear a voice that says ” Wanna go again ? ”

    What would you say ?



    FROM BILL: Now, who would be hearing this?

  71. Santiago says :

    I have no clue Bill,

    I don’t know “who” or “what” experiences, I just know there is experience … I don’t understand what Buddhists mean by reincarnation, however there are experiences in which one can feel that there is only one Self looking through (infinite ?) different sets of eyes. That everything is awareness having all kinds of experiences and you look into somebody’s eyes and see yourself, however you could say that’s another delusion.

    But c’mon …. let’s just play the game ….

  72. Mike says :


    I have heard from many Holosyncers that are deeper into the program than I that “intuition” plays a big part in your actions as you get into deeper levels. I’m wondering about your take on this. I normally associate intuition with what you consider ‘magical thinking’, however I am aware of other meanings of intuition, such as seeing the whole instead of it’s parts. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Is intuition something that naturally emerges as one gets further into a meditative practice?


    FROM BILL: Yes, intuition does become keener as you go more deeply into the program. Intuition is really just a result of greater awareness. As you see more clearly how all the different variables in a situation affect each other, you have a better idea of what might work or what might be the best approach. There’s no adequate way to describe what it’s like to be more aware, because it’s impossible to accurately imagine something you aren’t yet aware of–like imagining what it’s like to be 80 years old. You just have to experience it. But as you become more aware, you do see connections you didn’t see before. And, there’s nothing magical about it.

  73. Neo says :

    @ David/Mike, the Holosync forum doesn’t seem to be working today. Does anyone know what’s going on? Has it been moved?

    FROM BILL: I know nothing about the Holosync forum. It isn’t a Centerpointe endeavor.

  74. Sam says :

    David: I guess that what you are trying to understand with your mind, cannot be grasped by the mind. It’s about experience, not understanding.

    Like one taste of a strawburry?

  75. Jane says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have found since using Holosync, stuff i thought i had dealt with is re-surfacing. In fact sometimes over a period of time it can surface several times, to the point where i sound like a stuck record.
    Is it because I am not FULLY aware yet of how these particular issues that happened to me as a child created my dysfunctional behaviour, which is still having an effect on my life now? That’s why it keeps re-surfacing because it needs all the pieces to be put together to make the complete picture and at that point, i’m guessing it will fall away?
    It has been like this with a few issues that have come up over time. When it happens it’s like hmmm this again.
    At least now I am far more able to witness what is going on, it feels like i am a small step away from it as i watch, which is nice!
    It does make me think though that other stuff that I thought was sorted could come up again and will need a bit more light on it before it can finally be let go of.

    Many thanks

    FROM BILL: You are the one-millionth person to tell me that stuff you thought you’d dealt with is coming up. This is why Holosync is so powerful–without the kind of awareness Holosync creates you can only see the surface stuff. Everyone has much deeper levels of stuff, but they rarely get at it without either sitting on a meditation cushion for 30 years, or doing Holosync.

    None of this has anything to do with you figuring out what happened to you as a child, though. While interesting, and sometimes comforting (it can shift you from “There’s something wrong with me,” to “Something happened to me,” which can help get rid of the shame you might feel about yourself) knowing what happened to you doesn’t stop the way you respond to the world and the feelings and behaviors that result.

    Whatever you are feeling, however you are behaving, whichever people or situations you are attracting, you’re doing it NOW. Whatever happened in the past may have caused you to set up an automatic way of responding, but that way of responding is happening now, and the only way it can keep happening is for it to happen outside your awareness. Anything that doesn’t serve you, done with awareness, falls away.

    So, first of all, I would keep watching, and what I would watch is what YOU DO to create the feelings and reactions you don’t like. What do you think? What do you picture to yourself? What do you believe about yourself, the other people, the situation?

    Overall, though, I would not be so eager about all of this. Just listen every day, do your best to watch, and don’t be so obsessed with all of this. If you keep listening it will all work itself out. Relax.

  76. Jane says :

    Thanks Bill,
    I’m honoured that i am the one millionth person to ask that question
    do i get a prize ? I bet you feel like a stuck record too sometimes. Hahahaha.
    Good to be told to relax though, it helps to be reminded that all will be well.

    Love Jane

    FROM BILL: My answer was your prize! I really want you to get that past trauma may exist, but it can only affect you now if you make internal representations in the present of wanting to avoid something (or being afraid of something, worrying bout something, etc)–in other words, by making internal representations of what you don’t want. It’s what you do, now, inside your head, that creates what you experience, not what happened in the past. What you do now is a choice if you are aware enough to see it, as you do it. Otherwise it just operates automatically (ie, you automatically–and without being aware of them–make internal representations of what you don’t want) and makes it SEEM as if the past “caused” your response.

    Before you read all those books about personal growth stuff, you probably didn’t know that past trauma affects how you respond to others. I know that at one point I’d never heard that idea. I thought my reactions were caused by other people, the situation I was in, and so on. That the past affects your present responses is a popular idea in personal growth circles, and it is true IF you allow the process to run on automatic.

    Here’s how most people think it works: Something happens —> You have a response (the event causes the response)

    Here’s how someone who has read books or who has been to seminars or therapists who taught them that their past causes their reactions thinks it works: Something happens—>it triggers your past—>You have a response. This is TRUE, but only if you are unaware.

    Here’s how it really works: Something happens—>You make internal representations—>You have a response.

    The internal representations you make will certainly be influenced by your past IF you are unaware of them. The internal representations create the response, and which internal representations will be colored by your past if you are unaware of them as you make them. If, however, you learn to observe them, you’ll automatically see whether or not what is happening is REALLY a danger. Usually it isn’t–it just reminds you of something that was a danger when you were small and powerless.

    When you watch your internal representations (and the other parts of your Internal Map of Reality–beliefs, values, metaprograms, internal strategies, etc) whatever doesn’t serve you falls away. Since being afraid or reactive when there’s not real danger doesn’t serve you, you stop doing it.

  77. Jane says :

    Thanks again Bill for taking time with this,

    I think i’m getting it (or maybe i’m not if i’m having to think i am)

    Can i just give you a brief outline of what happened that triggered off a load of stuff that lead to me writing to you? Thanks i will then!
    Last Sunday i was just sitting quietly and relaxed, nothing really going on in my head or environment. All of a sudden i felt an intense surge of anger, seemingly coming from nowhere. I felt very strongly i needed to be alone ( i was with my partner).
    Once i was alone the next thought i had was, ‘there is something i am doing here that is creating this’.
    I sat for some time with the anger, pictures came into my head from the past to do with needing space. Bit long and drawn out, but i linked the images i had with the beliefs i had created as a child that had been with me since then.
    Ultimately that space = danger
    They all linked in a short space of time to a particular way i coped or didn’t cope with space as a child.
    So.. were all the images i had, triggered off in that instant moment of anger and suddenly needing space, internal representations?
    I know responses to certain triggers seem to occur randomly, like i said this has come up before, probably triggered by a similar situation but not all the same pictures came into my head.
    Did that happen in that momment because i was unaware of of all that stuff and it was a reaction to the environment that was on autopilot?
    Now i have made all those connections (are these the internal representations?)
    and… is that awareness?
    Will i no longer be triggered by (and feel anger) about needing space or not having space?
    God this is all sounding a bit pointless and waffly now and does it really matter anyway hahha.
    I know it is a very simple solution overcomplicated by our minds. Doing Holosync is simplifying life immensely I am incredibly grateful for it.
    I think i feel i need to understand the workings of things and what you are saying because life has been so dictated by like you say beliefs and the I.M.R.

    I have just started the LLIP course which is making me think even more about all of this, again fantastic because the more aware I am the better. I am on a mission.
    I was always desperately looking for my creativity and purpose in life looking at other people who have obvious creative talents (which includes all my family) and wandering where mine was?
    The other day i suddenly thought my creativity is right here inside my head, to become as aware and wise as i can possibly be! Anything else that might transpire will be a bonus.
    Thank you again for taking your time with me and all of us on our mission to become the best we possibly can be in life.

    FROM BILL: The answers to your questions are all “yes” except that I wouldn’t expect that you would stop being triggered just from this one moment of awareness. You need to really see how you create this feeling, as you do it, and see exactly how you create the consequences. To the degree that you do that, you’ll stop creating the problem. Usually people only partially see what they are doing at first, and the full awareness takes some practice. You are, though, definitely on the right track. Good job!

  78. Sam says :

    I think that we’re always responding to something from the past, because we’re always responding to something that happened just now (before the brain had time to create a framework that could hold the experience) in our present experience. This is why I find zen–with respect to other practices as well–useful is because it trains us to be in the present moment to hopefully gain greater awareness of the processing of our body/mind; we try to maintain awareness on the present moment and find countless examples of how this is seemingly impossible, and these countless examples of destraction help us to become more aware of what we’re really doing in this world.

    I think that stuff coming up is one of the best things in the world, and one should try to move toward useful ways in which to process whatever’s going on rather than try to move away from it or “get rid” of all of the stuff coming up. It’s when stuff stops happening and I think I’m doing zen practice well that I start to get worried. Whenever I’ve thought that I’ve delt with something I’ve usually turned out quite wrong, and simple zen mindfulness and vipassana practice are a couple of these examples. These things I think help holosync to work more effectively, and help us deal with these issues that will come up on our path.

    Holosync is like having the ability to go online and learn anything, and meditation practice to me is sort of like going to the library to learn whatever you want. You can probably get buy just fine doing only one, however it’s useful to know how to utilize both.

  79. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    I think you can help people to OBSERVE better their
    -THINKING (voice+images)
    if you say them that
    everything is happening spontaneously.
    In this way OBSERVING can become more easy.
    But if you say them that they are creating them,
    they block themself.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  80. Sam says :

    We don’t create reality, God does. When the world (your world) was created what was God the creator like? Establish some rapport with God and respect this creation. It helps a lot if your curious about these things, and yet become curious as if this were a teaching tool. Zen uses koans as teaching and this is one of the koans, however I think that we might rely more on curious study of the mind rather than tools for expanding awareness for now; thinking, thinking (what’s it all about).

  81. Mike says :

    I think Rosario brings up a good point. If there is no seperate self, how is it really possible to create anything? How is any form of control possible when we recognize that there is no doer?


    FROM BILL: Well, obviously lots of things are created, and this creation is happening all the time. But why do you think a self is required for that to happen? And, in fact, I never said there wasn’t a self, I just said that there is no SEPARATE self. Everything is one, connected, flowing thing. Nothing is, or does anything, in isolation from the whole going on of it all. You have an idea of who you are, which includes the concept that you are somehow a separate agent who acts in isolation. Any action you take, though, is a response to your environment. You and the environment are one system. There is one thing, one event, and it’s always acting, and it’s always creating all kinds of stuff. You just mentally chop it up into supposedly separate things and events (including the ultimate separate thing, “me.” Then you think “I” did such and such. This is why in Eastern philosophy they say, “There is action, but no actor.” The only actor is the whole, but we mentally pretend that it’s a zillion separate actors. That, however, is just a way of THINKING about it.

  82. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    the question for me is not if I AM ONE or a separate person named ROSARIO.
    The question for me is that EVERYTHING
    -THINKING (voice+images)
    and the only thing possible is JUST WATCH.
    For this reason I said to you that
    I think you can help people to OBSERVE better their
    -THINKING (voice+images)
    if you say them that
    everything is happening spontaneously.
    In this way OBSERVING can become more easy.
    But if you say them that they are creating their
    -THINKING (voice+images)
    they block themself.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  83. David says :

    Rosario, don’t think so much about this stuff, just keep going with the program and it will eventually all fall into place.

    Once again Bill, thanks so much for Holosync! By the way, where are the interviews? Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about them! ;-)

  84. Sam says :

    Can you do a post about the people you attract and are attracted too, and how it has changed over time as you’ve learned more about the principles you teach? Do you notice for instance the number of people that you would like to be around increasing, while those whom you dislike or whom are otherwise not a fit decrease? How has this information impacted your life?

  85. Colton says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have a question pertaining to Holosync and chaos and reorganization…

    I remember in one of your articles you were talking about when you first discovered the way carrier frequency controls the strength of binaural beats. You said that you tried a super low carrier frequency which caused unbearable chaos.

    My question is… could you have theoretically continued to listen to that extremely low carrier frequency, and very quickly reached a bifurcation point and experienced a massive shift?

    FROM BILL: No. That would be like thinking that if you want to become a runner you should start with running 20 miles in order to get in shape faster, or that you would start lifting 250 pound weights thinking that that would make you a great weight lifter faster.

  86. Sam says :

    David: Rosario, don’t think so much about this stuff, just keep going with the program and it will eventually all fall into place.

    Sorry for writing in again but this type of thing is really starting to worry me. This sounds a lot like those law of attraction folks who are just waiting for the universe to give them whatever they want; I’ve found that most of the time these types don’t even know what they want, and wouldn’t recognize it if it were right in front of them if it did show up (like someone who’s hungry rejecting a perfectly good carrot). Always remember what the Buddha said: don’t believe anything I say, but do go check it out for yourselves to see if what I’m saying fits with your experience. Waiting for life–or a program–to give me something doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I think that this is a real issue that needs some consideration and something that I would really appreciate comments on Bill, however I know that you’ve alluded to this previously in some posts. It’s not a direction that I particularly want to take and I’m wondering if my awareness of what could be happening here is enough for me to avoid the auto-pilot… I’m really worried here. Also this may be something to discuss privately, such as via your online course, but I’m wondering if others might be noticing how JUST using holosync might not be the best way to go regarding awareness and what we might do to maintain awareness through the whole program. It seems that one might disown certain aspects of life believing that holosync will have these certain areas “worked out” if one sticks with the program, and I think that awareness of these certain areas or levels of awareness might help one to both maintain an awareness of owning these things as well as use the holosync solution program.

  87. Bruce says :

    Bill – I am confused. In my original comment to you in your blog I said:

    I am supposed to watch my thoughts. If I have a negative thought I try to change it to a positive one. You also said that you have to change your beliefs. So I go around and say to myself ‘it’s easy to make money’ or ‘I am relaxed, confident and successful’ and the like.

    In your response to me you stated:

    FROM BILL: You have a number of faulty assumptions about what I’m saying. I’m not saying that when you have a negative thought you should change it to a positive thought, for instance. Nor do I think that walking around saying affirmations is going to have any kind of substantial effect.

    But in LPIP program Course One lesson 2 homework you state:

    What beliefs will I need to create what I want in your life? Look at each area of your life that we’ve discussed, and any other that are important to you, and figure out what you want and what beliefs would generate what you want.

    For each belief, create a positive affirmation about the new belief, which I will repeat many times each day. An affirmation is just a positive statement about the new belief, such as “I believe that I can have lots of friends,” or “I believe that I can learn how to make money.”

    So maybe I misinterpreted something but if you change “negative thought to a positive thought” and instead use a disempowering belief to an empowering belief – isn’t that basically the same thing?


    FROM BILL: Some of what I said in that lesson I need to change. Certainly making internal representations of what you want (which positive affirmations are) is better than making them of what you don’t want, since what you focus on affects your internal state and also becomes a goal of your mind.

    However, I have found that if you are focusing on what you don’t want, you have a reason for doing so–you think there is a potential danger and that focusing on it will help you avoid it. This doesn’t work, but it is human nature to do so. If you think there is potential danger you will say your positive affirmations, but doing so will remind you of the danger and you’ll immediately start making internal representations of what you don’t want. So you have to deal with the belief in danger if you’re going to change this dynamic. And, you do that by watching yourself focus on what you don’t want, with awareness, as you do it, also seeing the consequences (bad feelings, etc) as you do it. This causes the belief in danger to fall away (unless there really IS danger, which there almost always isn’t–something just reminds you of danger).

  88. David says :

    @Sam you’re taking this in a direction I didn’t intend to begin with. I was just getting the impression that Rosario is trying to figure out stuff with his head that can’t be figured out with the head. That’s all I’m saying. I am not at all saying that you should wish for something and then wait that it falls out of the sky at you. I was referring to the ability to understand how he’s no separate self, that ability will grow out of doing more meditation, that’s all I wanted to say with: “it will eventually all fall into place”.

  89. Sam says :

    If I say the affirmation: I am infinite being. What you’re saying is that awareness is the key because stuff comes up with the mantra, and what one should do is allow the stuff to come up and let whatever happens be ok. What might start to happen is that I consciously examine what comes up when reciting the mantra and all of the stuff that doesn’t serve me then has an opportunity to drop away from my awareness. Say for instance anger comes up: the disfunctional irrational and distructive anger falls away, while what remains is the anger that results from injustice or our neglecting certain fascets of our reality for the sake of apparent material gains (like “rewards” coming from the mantra recitation) etc (this I can do something about).

  90. Santiago says :


    As I understand, the spiritual path is about going beyond all beliefs …. good and bad ones … If we think the world is “bad” that creates suffering. But if we think the world is “good” it also creates suffering, because it will fall short to our concept of what “good” means …

    Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous to “Implant” beliefs in our minds when we listen to subliminal affirmations in the holosync cds, no matter how nice they sound ?

    FROM BILL: ALl humans have beliefs. They are veyr useful in navigating your life. Aware humans know their beliefs are just beliefs. Unaware humans think their beliefs are true.

    I’m not implanting anything. People create their own affirmations, or decline to add them.

  91. Catherine says :

    Hi all

    Here’s a good one to ponder on.
    Had a fascinating experience whilst meditating.
    Came round from nodding off a bit to realise that my awareness was in my foot!
    And they say it all goes on between your ears!

    Catherine x

  92. Natasha says :

    Bill, what is the difference between the ego and the thinking mind?

    FROM BILL: Depends on how you define each of them. Those are just labels, words. Different people would have different definitions. The only value of using these words is to communicate with others.

  93. Chris says :


    2 1/2 years of using holosync and still going strong. How ironic that I can look at people who are OLDER than me and say, “I used to be just like you…”



  94. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    am I happy that the holosync forum is not a Centerpointe endeavor! Back to the your blog, that’s a more constructive way to keep growing!

    Regards David

  95. Sam says :

    There is research indicating that behavioral analysis can greatly increase the effecacy of ones mantra recitation. I’ve been looking at different reinforcement schedules and have come to the conclusion that awareness of these–and how we function in relation to these reinforcement schedules when unconscious–can help us eliminate a lot of the confusion around mantras and also eliminate a lot of the unproductive effort that can come from blindly doing something without awareness. For instance someone might repeat a mantra over and over trying to recreate an experience that someone might have had with the mantra without awareness of how that result was created. The person will be relying on the universe rewarding him or her for meditating with the mantra by giving the desired result, rather than doing some behavioral analysis and recognizing that this type of meditator is very likely being rewarded by a random event (rather than looking at how this occurrence might be reliably replicated the individual continues repeating the mantra in hopes of some sort of material reward). That was probably a bit long-winded however I’m working with this myself and am trying to become more aware of when I’m following a reinforcement schedule rather than being aware of what’s happening with the mantra. I think that repeating mantras is important when coming from a place of awareness and that there’s a lot of learning to be gained here, and also there’s a lot of fun to be had in learning from the mystery of life with respect to repeating mantras or tm or other practice that works with awareness. I hope this makes some sense.

    If we’re looking for material gains from mantra recitation this is fine, however we must pay attention to what Bill’s been talking about regarding going the extra mile and so forth. There is a lot of power in the Nepolian Hill material and mantra recitation and big mind and the like, however it soon atrophies and goes dormant if people do nothing with it; use it or loose it. People who don’t really care about success won’t pay this high price, however those who are interested may feel a bit ashamed of not taking advantage of this resource and hopefully are motivated to do something to make sure that this whole thing is kept alive.

  96. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    I read that a person that has finished the HOLOSYNC programme has said that she feels no more negative emotions about anything and she feels only good about everything.
    How is it possible ?
    Why ?
    She is repressing negative emotions ?
    She is identifying with positive emotions ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: You’ll have to ask her.

  97. carlos says :


    To be effective in life , What do you think is more useful, watching or focusing on what you want ?


    FROM BILL: How can you focus on what you want unless you are watching?

  98. Gloria says :

    The administrator of the Holosynch forum is suffering from a severe case of hubris, i.e. ego inflation. What goes up must come down.

  99. David says :

    I NEVER used to be like you! LOL

  100. Catherine says :

    Yes David the agenda is being rolled out whilst people are completely distracted. It’s a very clever illusion that has been created! Try telling your family or friends about it (I’m sure you have, good luck). I feel like I’m in quick sand when I try (ie I get a sinking feeling!) This is real and happening whatever is creating it. It seems to be a case of you either ‘get it’ or you don’t.
    We have been so bombarded with toxins, pollutants, GM, brainwashing, false flag terrorism and fear mongering that people don’t know their arse from their elbow.
    I’m told that “you mustn’t believe it as you’ll perpetuate it’ what total crap. People used to believe that the earth was flat but it didn’t make it so did it?
    This isn’t about beliefs, it’s about what’s happening in front of people’s eyeballs for goodness sake.
    Our present PM David Cameron basis his so called ‘Big Society’ (which was what his leadership campaign revolved around) on the work of Saul Alinsky. Give him a google he’s a lovely chap, even dedicated one of his books to Satan.
    The problem is that critical thinking has gone out the window. In fact if thinking ISN’T critical then what the hell is it? It’s blind acceptance which is what’s occurring at the moment by the majority of the population.
    This is very relevant to holosync if anyone thinks I’m just having a selfish rant.
    Before holosync I wasn’t aware of all this and now I am. Simple. It may not be the whole picture but it’s more than I could see before and I am grateful for that beyond words. I have taken back control and responsibility for myself in so many ways it humbles me.
    I can’t begin to tell you the things I’ve discovered from information that has been suppressed! Question everything, always.
    I realise that we are one, but if this is the game of life I’m playing it with my eyes open and with a passion.

    Catherine x

  101. Sam says :

    Is this agenda something that’s done to us on purpose? For what purpose? Who binds us all to the fulfilment of this agenda? Who signed the contract? How do we break this double bind we find ourselves in both individually and collectively? Is there anything I or we can do? How might our all being interdependently connected and interacting, and thus our combined action being a force to be contended with, play into the healing of this situation we find ourselves within? How might prayer fit into all of this? Does it… Awareness? Is there a difference between observing what’s going on in our situation and actively witnessing how we might collectively take action steps towards healing? What about the agenda of our mother earth? Can we learn to listen? Can we focus on what we want? Can we all act to heal our collective mother and still strongly act to get what we want? Can we live in interdependent independence or will we blast our way to awareness and freedom? If you are called to action do you have the courage to find that certain way of thinking and acting that promotes healing? If it were all up to you, what would your agenda be?

  102. Catherine says :

    David I understand. It will all unfold and you can only do your best. Rest assured that I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I have extricated myself from this decaying system because of it (in so far as is possible).
    You seem very lovely and I wish you well.

    Sam, goodness what a lot of questions to which I certainly don’t have the answers.
    What you CAN do though is notice a situation that is clearly harmful, damaging, evil….. (pick a word) and take the appropriate action. Only you can know what this action will be as it is your choice. I certainly wouldn’t advocate violence but on the other hand a prayer might not hit the mark either………

    Catherine x

  103. Gloria says :

    Sam, I am simply stunned by your post – such deep, thought provoking questions – especially this: If it were all up to you, what would your agenda be?

  104. Catherine says :

    Oh and by the way Sam, I wouldn’t have an agenda.
    Why would I need one? Think about it.

    Catherine x

  105. David says :

    “Man is a machine, that’s why. Man as he is is utterly unconscious. He is nothing but his habits, the sum total of his habits. Man is a robot. Man is not yet man: unless consciousness enters into your being, you will remain a machine. That’s why the Sufis say man is a machine. It is from the Sufis that Gurdjieff introduced the idea to the West that man is a machine. It is very rarely that you are conscious.” –Osho

    FROM BILL: Perhaps if you read enough books and collect enough sayings by other people, you’ll get it.

    Or, maybe what other people say or believe is useless in your spiritual journey–unless it moves you to have the experience yourself.

    Who cares what Osho says? Go beyond adopting other peoples’ ideas.

  106. Anna says :

    Hello Bill, I have talked to your staff a couple of weeks ago about your resistance theory. They told me I better write you about my impressions. The thing is that your resistance
    theory did not work for me. Having had eating disorder you just do NOT have any resistance at all. So I could not
    understand how to step aside and watch something that I had never had.
    I just could not see and understand the discomfort. But I became more and more aware of the pain inside myself and of its origin and what the pain had created in my life. So I started to face it, follow it back,admitt
    it and really feel it. I realised that in my case I had to develope “my pain” theory. I met the people who hurt me to face again their try to hurt me again. But I behaved differently. Over and over again. They kept offending and despising me. They were and are my very close relatives.

    I was getting stronger and stronger every day learning to love and respect myself. My visible strength was devastating to them. But I was very happy finnaly NOT to care what they were thinking about me. I only saw how weak they were. Otherwise they would not need me before.

    But I also resisted them. I had to learn to develop resistance.
    That was the moment when I completely disagreed with your resistance theory.

    That was also
    the moment that I had a vision, an apparition of my
    pain as a red ball attatched to my solar plexus….I am not kidding now!!!…..The ball was as big as a soccer ball is. In my vision I just
    took it in my hands and left it to them. I put it on the kitchen table.
    Then I felt a huge relief.
    I uderstood that my pain was being
    brought up
    to take care of my relative`s ( my mother and sister )
    and fears and not to be free to live my own life and to fulfill
    my own desires.
    In my opinion eating disorder is an energy flow disorder.
    Being forced to
    “feed” others
    I refused to feed myself. Food is energy.

    Now I learn to live my freedom, to use my energy to create my own happiness. I learn not to feel guilty to do so.
    This is the most beautiful time of my life. I attract interesting
    people and experiences.
    I recognize those who want to steal my enyrgy.
    It is a huge victory to have a courage, self-esteem and self-confidence to resist them. So, in my case, resistance creates comfort not discomfort. This is what I feel.
    I also understood the fears and anxieties of my mother so that the forgiveness was easy to make. And easy to understand.

    I am really looking forward to your opinion about my experience.
    What do you think about this form of resistance, Bill?

    With a big gratidude and love. Anna.

    FROM BILL: This sounds like a very healing experience.

    It doesn’t have much if anything to do with what you call “my resistance theory,” though. All I am saying is that 1) things happen in life that we don’t like, which causes suffering for us, and 2) if you resist those things emotionally, you add a tremendous amount of additional suffering, which goes away if you stop emotionally resisting.

  107. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply that you implant beliefs in peoples minds, I know it’s an optional thing. Since you developed this program a long time ago and you yourself have changed your own map of reality I was wandering if your take on that kind of subliminal “Implanting” (for lack of a better word) had changed.

    I do have another question though.

    In Zen there’s a talk about having no preferences. What’s your opinion about that related to absolute and relative perspectives about life ? About not having a preference for either in daily life ?

    Much gratitude,


    FROM BILL: A lot of what happens to any person is the result of the internal representations they make and what they believe. The more you represent a belief to yourself (with internal pictures, internal dialog, etc) the more likely you are to believe it. If that improves your life, I think it’s a good thing.

    Having no preferences is a reference to the transcendent in Genpo’s triangle (bottom left is the relative world, the world of preferences, the bottom right is the transcendent world, the world of no preferences). If you have no preferences, there is no suffering. However, you can’t stay in the transcendent all the time. People sometimes try, but the reality of the relative world always intrudes eventually. The Zen “solution”–if you want to call it that–is to transcend and include both the relative and the transcendent, which is the apex of the triangle.

    You really can’t live without preferences. Without preferences you might eat your shoes or have sex with a garden rake. You have to be able to tell chalk from cheese to survive in this world. Having preferences is what I have called (from Alan Watts) the Game of Black and White, where White must win. One might think that if you get rid of preferences you’d be better off.

    The problem is that 1) you can’t get rid of them, and 2) life is dry and, well, lifeless without them. So the solution is to play the Game of Black and White, but to play consciously, with awareness, and to do so without taking it so seriously.

    This is what Genpo is referring to when he calls the apex of the triangle The One Who Consciously CHOOSES To Be A Human Being. You CHOOSE your preferences, knowing the consequences, but also knowing that it’s impossible to not choose.

  108. Sam says :

    Bill: Right on as usual.

    Gloria: I appreciate your feedback; I was going more for the thought-provoking rather than deep, but both work for me.

    David: I believe that there is a definite agenda in the universe, one could say a universal agenda. It’s like how the ocean has an agenda to keep creating waves and, whether or not you believe that each individual wave on the surface of the ocean has an individual agenda, it could be said that all agendas of the waves within the ocean are all agendas of the ocean. Similarly it could be understood that all agendas within our universe, whether bent towards good or bad aims, are all contained within the universal agenda of the one universe containing all of them: they all have to exist, and they all are being chosen by the process of the universe (there is of course the koan about choiceless choice as you know Bill). I think that what’s important is what we energize as our manifestation if you like, or in other words what we put our focus upon. Those bad agendas or tendencies will exist within the ocean, and the degree to which they manifest is the degree to which we place our individual or collective focus upon them. We can focus for instance on the lies that they tell us, or focus instead on finding the truth and doing something about “their” lies (and while we’re at it find out what’s good and beautiful in our manifestations and our universe(s) respectively).

    Everyone has an agenda. Some are skillful at getting what they want done and some are not. Hitler was very good at getting what he wanted done, however his agenda wasn’t a very good one. I think that the skillful means would be to educate Hitler type person to become aware of his ignorance and how many other possible solutions to the perceived problem he faced there were and utilize his skillset to get things done, not to just get rid of Hitler and those like him who are evil and have bad agendas that the masses blindly follow. Ignorance has existed since the dawn of time, and almost as early has their arisen people who know how to take advantage of that ignorance. Don’t get rid of the agendas but create one of your own, one that focuses on a labor of love and going the extra mile for your fellow man who is lost in the darkness of ignorance, and you’ll do your part to ensure that that agenda is kept alive; had Hitler a labor of love things might have turned out differently.

    You’ll never uncover anything, rather you’ll own it yourself and do the right thing. Take responceability and become empowered, don’t try to take the power from those whom you feel abuse it or otherwise use it wrongfully.

  109. David says :

    I get your point Bill, however, I remain of the idea that most people on this rock are not much more than automatic response mechanisms. I was just quoting osho to put this into words, not because I’m attached to what he has said. However, I have also seen another level of people, where the cashier at the grocery store was glowing in beaming light when my mind chatter went dead for a split second: speechless.

  110. Catherine says :

    Hitler was also manipulated Sam.
    You don’t really think he was in charge do you?

    Agendas are about control. Even if you have a ‘good’ one you are still trying to control things to a degree. I think people should be able to do what they like and think for themselves (as long as they are not impinging on anyone else’s ability to do the same). THAT is freedom and probably impossible.

    Catherine x

  111. David says :

    Agreed, Sam :-)

  112. David says :

    well I have to agree with catherine as well, so now what are we gonna do about the mess that’s unfolding? duh!

    fix ourselves while the world burns.

  113. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill!
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Suffering is pain. And vice versa. Being in pain we automatically resist things that makes us suffer. Resistance comes from a fear of more pain. This creates consistently more pain.

    Putting resistance in such an important place by you created a lot of misunderstandings for me. But I am a big girl.

    We never feel resistance.
    We feel pain. Overwhelming pain that paralyses us completely.

    My healing was to heal my pain so I can feel love, joy and happiness.
    But also understanding.

    Thank you.
    Love. Anna.

  114. michelle s says :

    true enough- but most people don’t think for themselves. Most people arene’t even aware of what critical thinking is and how to apply it. What I have concerns with- is that while I am living and playing the game of black and white- how can I improve my passion for living? I am focusing more and more of what I want and how I want my life to be, but there is still resistance-obviously, otherwise everything would be ‘happy and joyful’. I am struggling with being joyful when all around so many millions of people are in turmoil and distress- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo,and so on. While I sit in North America able to contemplate and do what i want. I know somewhere that life is not fair- and it’s not meant to be- but obviously I need to do something about that belief-otherwise it wouldn’t bother me- or would it?

  115. Gloria says :

    Anna, thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I could relate very much to it and also had anorexia some time ago and for much the same issues. I am wondering if what you refer to as ‘resistance’ is really setting healthy boundaries. This has been a big issue in my life and I don’t see it as the same as resistance in the way that spiritual teachers speak of it.

    GROG is definitely good medicinee – Get Rid Of Guilt.

  116. Catherine says :

    Michelle, I wouldn’t say that I’m joyful all the time either. I am finally at peace with myself though which is all I ever wanted. I think the joyful thing is only possible to understand when you’re ‘in it’. We shall see if that day ever comes!

    I think that critical thinking is a natural human process, it’s just that people have been dumbed down and look to others for answers. We’re here on this Blog full of questions and expecting answers to some very complex issues. Imagine if we had been taught about our ‘map of reality’ etc as kids! I know it would have made a huge difference to how I viewed myself and the world. My son is only 4 and already understands that he creates his feelings/emotions and that they are not ‘done’ to him. He actually chooses whether to have a breakdown (his word!) or not if he doesn’t get his own way. 9 times out of 10 he decides to stay happy.
    He’s playing with it all but he ‘gets it.’

    You think you’re free to do what you want in America but that is not the truth.
    Your civil rights are a thing of the past! I read a great quote by Plato the other day something along the lines of ‘ if you don’t involve yourself in politics you’ll end up being governed by your inferiors’.

    Suffering is going on all around the world and it stinks. You can only do your best as a human being to help alleviate it as you see fit.

    Catherine x

  117. Sam says :

    Awareness of all the agendas is useful, and being associated with agendas that are doing good in the world is also a good thing. First be aware of your own agenda and then find like-minded people who share the same agenda and work with them to see how you and yours can do good in the world. Eventually perhaps what the Buddhists call a sanga may form around your common agenda, and you’ll do a lot more than just “watch as the world burns” because you’ll be too busy to watch. Watching the world burn is a great way to witness the suffering of the world, and commenting on it perhaps helps raise awareness about the ignorance that exists and the efforts to keep people in ignorance done by other ignorant people, but then what? Hitler who was ignorant was manipulated by another entity of ignorance, and then what? What does the white light of truth and it’s winning over the darkness of ignorance really mean? Can we gain so much enjoyment from playing the game that others start enjoying it too, and then something happens from the feeling of joy that nobody could have imagined previously? What if my version of “white must win” and your version of “white must win” make a compromize such that perhaps white as well as all of the other cullers have a chance to win? I’m rambling again, mostly because I’m trying to win at a game that I know very little about. Someone help me to play this game, and to have fun doing it; please, don’t make me beg.

    It’s time for something new to be boarn rather than this continual focus on our separation and individual agendas and all the harm and lies… I mean for god’s sake, whatever happened to love and joy and having fun in the world? Is it truly factual that I alone am? I can’t believe it… Someone proove me wrong!

  118. Anna says :

    Gloria! Thank you for your feedback and nice warm words. I am very happy to hear that one more girl is free of anorexia.

    It is highly dangerous and very often terminal disease. Still difficult to heal. I have never taken any therapy. I talked to many psychologist but they all were too weak for me. NOW I know why. Many of them deal unconsciously with other`s people anxieties and fears just to avoid to deal with theirs. They avoid to approach themselves. So that they are just unable to approach anybody. Their patients are people with the same fault. The therapies often look like a flight through Bermuda Triangle.

    Before Holosync I`ve used a method that heals the flow of our energy. And I still use it. It works fantastic with Holosync.

    Putting healthy boudaries was and still is a very important learning process for me. Guilt was a part of my pain.

    What I think is that just “the resistance theory” is NOT FOR ME. It just does not work for me.
    I read the supportive material that Bill has sent us very very often. It is terrific because I keep discovering always new things.
    At the beginning I just realized what CORE BELIEFS I had had and how I created my life through them. I started to listen to my inner dialogue. Then I made my MAP OF REALITY. It was very revolutionary. I never realized those things before. They were enormously helpful.
    But…when I got to the resistance I got stuck….I just did not know how to apply it. It is the only thing in Holosync that I do not want to hear about. When I read something from Bill and I get to the “resistance part” I just jump it over. And I am glad I do.

    Holosync is fantastic. I love the feeling of responsibility for myself that I have now.

    FROM BILL: Sounds to me as if resistance is the place where you are stuck, and where your greatest breakthrough would lie.

    There is no “resistance theory.” All I’m saying is that resistance to what is causes you to suffer. Stop resisting what is and your suffering goes WAY down. That’s all there is to it. Uncomplicated. Simple.

  119. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill! Thank you very much for your feedback.
    You might be right.
    My life-journey still lasts. There is always something very important to dicover and to become aware of. Now I feel fantastic and do not feel any suffering at all.
    I had never felt love from my mother. Now I know she does love me. She herself had a very traumatic childhood over the war.

    Could you please give me an example of resistance to what is and the following suffering that is caused through it. Without theory. Just a life-example. All you write is “resistance to what is”. What does it mean?

    Does it mean that a girl who is sexually abused by her father has to stop devoloping resistance through which she will be able to find help and escape the awful situation one beautiful day. Should she let the father continue abusing her. Fortunately it is NOT my case but…Unfortunately case of many many many girls. So let us take it. Just take this examle.
    Does the girl have any resistance in the moment when the father penetrates her? What is the form of her resistance in the moment? Resistance to WHAT IS…and how her resistance in this moment creates her suffering? How is she creating her suffering in this precise moment?

    Just please please please answer me this. THANKS!

    Love. Anna.

    FROM BILL: Everything I have written about resistance is filled with examples. If you lose your wallet, there are consequences. They are unpleasant. If in additiona to those consequences–you lost some money, you lost your credit cards and have to replace them, you have to get a new drivers license, etc–you are emotionally in resistance to losing your wallet and you make lots of internal representations of how bad it is, how terrible it will be to make it right, and so on, you add suffering to the situation that comes just from your resistance. Resistance is something you DO, and you do it by making internal representations of what you don’t want.

    I suggest that you read what I have written about this subject, which is clear and contains many examples.

  120. Catherine says :

    Sam I don’t think you CAN ‘win’ the game, that’s the point isn’t it? You can learn not to resist (emotionally) what IS though can’t you ? That’s why we’re all here on this blog desperately trying to expand our awareness and integrate all the bits of our experiences (good, bad and indifferent). I mean it’s hilarious really. I bet Bill has a right old laugh sometimes at the things we say.

    I think we’re on a road to nowhere discussing the agenda scenarios. The agenda both David and I refer to is a hidden one and that’s the issue with it. I repeat ALL agendas are about control, but go ahead and have one if you want and people can decide for themselves if they would like to get involved. The problem is when people are being controlled by agendas that they didn’t sign up for or don’t even know exist! Personally I like to know what’s going on so I’m not living in a vacuum.

    Love and joy still go on, but nothing will change surely if we refuse to look at the bits we don’t like! That’s true from both a personal and global perspective. Isn’t that what we learn early on in holosync- that ‘disowning’ your ‘stuff’ (resisting)
    equals suffering? This is where Anna is getting in a pickle.

    My ‘stuff’ has now gone beyond my personal suffering ( I’m at peace) to a much broader perspective and it simply cannot be ignored because it IS.
    Perhaps that is the path to greater healing?

    Catherine x

  121. Catherine says :

    Sorry, I’ve got the bit between my teeth now!
    Just to add to that last post. I think you get to a level of awareness where you integrate the suffering of everything no? Great suffering or some such term that has been discussed here before. I thought this was exceedingly self indulgent at one time! I now understand that your (everyone’s) suffering is mine as there is no separate me and that you can’t look away if you want to keep expanding awareness of what is. I’m certainly not in that place but I understand why it happens.

    I used to think that ‘enlightenment’ meant that you had access to all the knowledge in the universe and could most likely perform miracles. That seems like an awfully long time ago.

    Catherine x

  122. David says :

    I digress from what we’re talking about here, ultimately we’ll just see what will go down collectively, individually we’re just trying our best.

    I gotta laugh my ass off about people who keep whipping out this article from Hutchinson claiming that binaural beats are dangerous…ha ha…such nonsense…I have read Bill’s reply to his claims thoroughly, some interesting considerations for sure.

    People that are afraid of change (and I would even include myself, even though I am doing some efforts to bring about some) will come up with anything, to present that nothing changes.

    Would you believe that the same person that was feeling bad a week before, tells me: but I am feeling fine. Yeah right, just when you’re about to do something to change things you feel good again and act like you don’t need anything.

    You really can’t force the world to change, that was what got me going in the first place about this whole new world order discussion where distortion rules the minds of men.

  123. Sam says :

    My ownly concern is perhaps what Bill talks about in the lesson in his second lpip course wherein he discusses responceability. He said that going to a zen master presupposes that this individual in going to the master has some sort of a problem that the master should solve, and he was illustrating how this whole business of the disciple having some sort of problem or the master having some sort of agenda is an illusion put upon the situation for a purpose. A lot of people in this situation would seek then to just drop the whole idea that there’s a problem because there isn’t one, and besides who wants to follow a master who’s only agenda seems to be playing a game with us wherein he tricks us to continually believe in an illusion wherein we have a problem and need his help (what a mean master). I don’t just want to give up and say that there’s no point to the game, rather I recognize how many place a lot of their time and energy into playing this game therefore let us guide that effort towards concentration on a definite major purpose. The biggest travesty would be to let many continually place their efforts into a fruitless and furthermore nonsensical endeavour without putting that effort to good use.

    My whole point has been that we can solve problems if we focus our minds upon the game of white must win and work together, and if we recognize that white can never win completely but at least we can leave the place–our earth–a bit cleaner than we found it when we cane here. I think that our mother earth certainly has an agenda for all of us to live in harmony with one another and the environment, and that it’s our individual and collective agendas which overcroud the original one and make it difficult to hear what our mother is trying to tell us. This may seem a bit utopian and perhaps a bit sappy however I’m playing the game of white must win with the line of reasoning I’ve chosen, therefore this vision probably won’t come to pass on a global level for some time now (if ever). I take heart in what Bill talks about regarding modeling, in that I can look at how far we’ve come collectively and notice how many of the conditions for what that utopia might look like are starting to line up. Perhaps sooner rather than later we’ll learn what manifestation means for real!

    We have to be willing to try though, and it takes more than just one; I don’t believe that I create your reality, even if I alone am the one to create mine. I also think that there is a huge lack of respect for god or our mother earth or mother nature or whatever else you like to call it that supports us and has been neglected for so long. It’s high time for us to stop talking about our manifestation and the like and start becoming curious about the manifestation of undesireable sircumstances all around us, and perhaps for us to take the first steps in our asking how we might be involved as a small part in healing all of this: how can I and we adopt an agenda of healing for our world. If enough of us believe and adopt this agenda then it will become the gold standard for how we treat each other but it all comes down to responceability and how much of our creation we as individuals and as a society are willing to take responceability for. I also think that those of us who use holosync are at quite a prime position to help the others bring this vision and agenda of piece into the world. We need as many perspectives as we are able to gather together, as many people who are interested in voicing their unique contributions to this revolution of thought as is possible to gather together. We need people who are willing to speak up about creative solutions to the gulf oil chrisis rather than those who might speak out against the establishment and their agendas. We are looking for people willing to go inside and find that part of themselves, perhaps that part within all of us, that knows how to forgive and heal. We are looking for people who will go through heaven and hell, through thick and thin, people who will come out the other side bruised and battered, and people who are still willing to try to fight for the survival of our common life source: our earth, and our shared environment, and most of all our humanity.

    FROM BILL: Sam, give it a rest.

  124. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I have a question that I know is very open and challenging but I was wandering what your take on that would be.

    What would you say is the maximum potential for a human being, with what kind of eyes would he/she see the world ? What is his/her relationship with the environment moment by moment ?



    FROM BILL: I don’t think I understand the question. Potential for what? Your relationship with the environment is whatever it is. It isn’t up to you. And how you see the world is a reflection of reality, not reality itself.

  125. Anna says :

    Dear Bill!
    What resistance does the abused girl does? What internal representation does she make that she adds suffering into her life? Where is her resistance? Is there any resistance?

    FROM BILL: Her internal representations of what she doesn’t want are a form of resistance and cause her additional suffering, just as they do for all human beings who make internal representations of what they don’t want. Try it for yourself and find out. Focus on what you don’t want, what you are afraid of, what you are worried about, or what you want to avoid. Not only does this create instant bad feelings, it also gives your mind what you are focusing on as a goal to be achieved.

  126. michelle s says :

    Thanks Catherine, and everyone who commented. I know that in many ways civil rights are an illusion- however I can walk down the street by myself, go to work, etc without being in danger of imprisonment. That is still real.

    Personal suffering is transitory- as is all suffering- but it’s still bothersome. The personal is easier, because I know how to lessen it- but worldwide it’s harder.

    I agree with the Plato quote-interesting because I used to hate politics but am now becoming more interested. Change in focus from inner to outer-less drama in my life-mostly anyways:)
    Agendas- will wait and see-
    Looking forward to continued learning

  127. Gloria says :

    David, that is a very dangerous saying coming from the mouth of someone who thinks he is above the law.

  128. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    I guess I was speaking in terms of spiral dynamics and stuff like that, how some people see the world in magical ways, other use rational explanations, others as one flowing process, etc. But now that I think about it, you’ve already written extensively about this (unless you’ve changed your mind in any way since then).

    On the other hand. The “no preference” statement I see in a slightly different way. I understand what Genpo is saying, like this: Not having preferences means that for the spiritually mature individual there is not much preference between experiencing the world as a separate individual or as the whole. There is no attachment to either perspective.

    First we experience it as separate (with preferences), then as the whole (no preferences), and then there’s no attachment to either (a deeper understanding of no preferences), both self and no-self come and go like day and night, like a natural flow.

    This makes sense ?



  129. David says :

    One question Gloria: who gave us laws? It’s based on deception. A mind trickery. A lie. And why should we conform to these? I should be free to do what I please, as long as I respect your right to do the same. Did you know that your birth certificate is quoted at the New York stock exchange? You are a living, breathing asset of this system, this is some very serious shit. I think People really don’t get it, not a bit. Societal systems are not a human endeavor nor have have they been put into place by humans, but people think they have, cause they can’t see the level from where this is coming from. May be you could do some research and understand where all of this originated. It’s not how it’s been told by history books, and there’s plenty of evidence that supports that, if you can see it. And may be I should, as Bill suggested to Sam up here, give it a rest, for the sake of this blog and for the sake of my mental and emotional sanity.

  130. carlos says :

    What new agendas are we talking about anyways. Since the dawn of humanity the stronger empires have prayed on the weaker people , the Romans, Spanish, British , Germans etc. did it and the new empires will continue to do so. In the past people fought over gold and territories . Now it will be over oil , water or whatever. Whatever is scarce or valueable the stronger will try to get from the weaker. I might sound cynical but that is life.

    It happens in nature too. Nature is not only the butterflies, flowers and deer. Nature is also the crocodiles feeding on the baby cows. In nature the dominant male gorilla/lion etc mates with most of the females , gets the food and controls the territory.

    There has always been wars , hunger and rape… and there will always be.

    I think suffering too much about what is happening in another continent can prevent us from doing something for the people we can do something about. Ourselves, the people close to us and the people we relate with.


  131. Catherine says :

    Anna, I woke up thinking about you!
    The girl who’s being abused by her father can try and DEFEND herself (ie kick the bugger in the bollocks) or escape the situation in some other way but that’s not resistance in the way Bill means.
    She will probably feel completely traumatised and defenceless both emotionally and physically. This is completely understandable. Perhaps she will react to the trauma by starving herself (seeking control over something ie food) or by self harming in some other way at some point.
    There comes a time though when REACTING to the trauma in this way perpetuates it when the danger is no longer there (ie your dad has gone).
    I know from having shared a flat with a girl who was both bulimic and anorexic that initially the self harming seems to alleviate the pain but that ultimately it is completely destructive.
    So here we have a situation where a girl is self destructing over a past trauma. She doesn’t realise that SHE is creating her suffering in the present and that it is not created by the events of the past. That is the reality and that is where she is stuck. She is ‘resisting what is’.

    Catherine x

  132. Catherine says :

    Oh dear Michelle. Try walking to work wearing a clown costume and shouting out anti government statements. I’m sure you’d get your collar felt pretty damn quick! A vey fine line has been drawn in the sand, it’s just that most ‘good citizens’ don’t cross it and so think they are free.

    I travelled and worked in the middle east and Africa as a young woman and was taken back by how politically aware and well informed the people I met were. I learnt an awful lot about why and how people are suppressed.

    The bottom line is that governments don’t want the people to be well informed…… etc, etc ad nauseum.

    Catherine x

  133. Gloria says :

    David, so you should be free to do as you please as long as I can do the same. What if I think that rape and murder is O.K. and you don’t?

  134. David says :

    Since the term Magic came up more than once on this blog, and since this relates to the general discussion here, I would like to share the definition of the term according to Isaac Bonewits:

    “A general term for arts, sciences, philosophies and technologies concerned with:
    a. Understanding and using various states of altered consciousness within which it is possible to have access to and control over one’s psychic talents
    b. The uses and abuses of those psychic talents to change interior and or exterior realities. Another way to look at it is a science, and an art comprising a system of concepts and methods for the buildup of human emotions altering the electro-chemical balance of the metabolism using associational techniques and devices to concentrate and focus this emotional energy thus modulating the energy broadcast by the human body usually to affect other energy patterns whether animate or inanimate but occasionally to affect the personal energy pattern.”

    So in this view Holosync would be application of magic, altering my state of consciousness and thus making me feel good. I love it. :-)

    FROM BILL: The way I use the term, I mean the mistaken idea that one can bypass the laws of physics.

  135. David says :

    Gloria, if you were to think that murder and rape are okay, then you definitely would interfere with other people’s right to live their life as they please! ;-)

  136. michelle s says :

    Carlos- agree completely:) but being human we can relate to many different people

    Catherine-if I did that it wouldn’t be much different than a few Greenpeace protestors in the Canadian city I live in- they were arrested and released- for scaling a public building-not for what they were saying.

    Society also determines what is acceptable behaviour-based on cultural mores. That is a whole other discussion altogether.

    I would always say it’s in people’s best interests to be aware of the world around them if they have the education and opportunity to do so.

    Peace out,

  137. Catherine says :

    Carlos and Michelle, I’m flogging a dead horse with this one!
    You’re defending a position that I really don’t think exists.
    This isn’t about ‘natural selection’, ‘cultural mores’ or some other concept (which is all they are). You are defending things which you have been taught to believe.

    There is a hidden hand controlling us covertly and you might like to know about it ( or not, as is evident ). It uses those misplaced beliefs to do so.
    It’s not rocket science, you don’t need an ‘education’ to be aware.

    Catherine x

  138. Peter says :

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, I must admit, that I don’t understand what does this discussion about some hidden controlling powers has to do with this blog post. But if I were to add something from me, I think that you are just talking about your interpretations of the actions taken by the people who are powerful. Mine interpretation is that they are doing what they do because they think it’s the best thing to be done. Even if they are killing people they probably do it because they think that otherwise they would be killed or harmed in some other way by those people. That’s just my interpretation. I don’t know if it’s right. But I also don’t know if your interpretations are right. Yet some of you sound like you were sure and knew everything about it. I guess you are free to do it, but I’m surprised that you claim that being aware and believing in conspiracy theories has something in common. But maybe I’m an ignorant, I don’t know…

    Best wishes,

  139. michelle s says :

    Catherine- sounds like magical thinking to me- “it” -whatever- I will continue to live my deluded life and at the end of it- we will all be in the same boat-dust- Peace out-

  140. Catherine says :

    I think it’s a bit too easy to describe something as magical thinking without researching it properly. I spent 2 years trying to disprove this ‘conspiracy theory’ and instead found a plethora of evidence supporting it. I don’t claim to know everything, that would be ridiculous. I do know for sure though that your government is serving somebody’s interest and it isn’t yours. This has everything and nothing to do with the blog.
    Can we stop now? Pretty please?

    FROM BILL: AGAIN, when I use the term magical thinking I am talking about the belief that the laws of nature–the laws of physics–can be suspended. I am not talking about conspiracy theories, or in general calling something that isn’t true “magical thinking.” Magical thinking has a very precise definition.

    Catherine x

  141. Catherine says :

    Yes I understand Bill.
    Some people believe that we are being controlled by beings from another dimension. That’s the magical thinking that Michelle was referring to I think (reading between the lines).

    My reply was trying to say, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water over that one thing, when there is hard evidence for the rest.
    I just put it badly.
    Honestly, not another peep out of me, I’m done.

    Catherine x

  142. Dave96 says :

    Boy, do I get some good letters. Here