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“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” Part 3 (The Empire Strikes Back)

by / Friday, 10 December 2010 / Published in Human Behavior, Philosophy, The Human Condition

(This is part 3 of a 3 part series, so if you haven’t read or listened to parts 1 & 2, please do that before you read or listen to this one–unless you really don’t care whether any of this makes sense to you.)

When we left our story of chaos and reorganization a few days ago, I’d just revealed the exciting answer to this question:

Why, in a universe that is irrevocably falling apart, do some things (including you) become more complex, more ordered? How, in such a universe, could something as complex as life develop?

Then I told you all about dissipative structures–open systems that grow and evolve in response to their environement. This was so fascinating to everyone in the blogosphere that thousands of blogs instantly linked to this one. (And then I woke up.)

At any rate, let’s continue our story because I want to explain something closer to home: How all of this affects your life, at the most practical level.

Here, then, is the second Big Question: Why do we fight this process of chaos and reorganization (you do, you know)? Why is this fight unnecessary–and, does it really cause most of your suffering ? (Yes, it does.)

Finally, is there a solution? What can you do instead of resisting this process?

Here’s why I became interested in dissipative structures in the first place. I noticed that Holosync users often experienced periods of chaos, followed by significant shifts of perspective where everything seemed new and different. After these shifts people can handle what previously had triggered or overwhelmed them. In other words, Holosync increases one’s mental and emotional threshold.

Prigogine’s theory of dissipative structures was a revelation to me. It described exactly what happened with Holosync. First, things generally make sense. Then, they feel chaotic–they don’t make sense anymore. Finally, a shift in perspective takes place where you see yourself, other people, and your life, in a new way. Your perspective about life reorganizes at a higher level. Things make sense again, but in a whole new way that you never would have imagined before.

Since chaos ultimately leads to positive change, you’d think we’d welcome it. Instead, we usually freak out. We resist chaos. We fight to save the old system from breaking down, despite the fact that it’s very limitations are the source of our problems. I noticed that we do this in three ways.

Imagine that you’re in a boat and it starts to fill up with water. What would you do? Some people would grab a bucket and bail. When chaos starts to build, bailers frantically try to push energy out of the system. They get angry. They cry. They yell. They exercise. They have sex. They do something, anything, to get rid of the entropy.

Others say, “Find the hole and plug it.” These people try to block more input to the system. They isolate themselves. They shut down. They get depressed. (In depression, we isolate ourselves, we breathe less, we constrict our pupils so as to take in less light, and we often lose our appetite.) Hole-pluggers do whatever it takes to reduce the amount of energy coming in.

Either method can work, after a fashion. Especially if input slows, the system’s exporting of entropy to the environment catches up. The pressure diminishes, and you feel better–until next time.

A third method is to distract yourself, by getting high, by zoning out in front of the TV, by getting absorbed in something that takes your mind off the fact that you’re overwhelmed with too much input, that you’re over your threshold. This obviously does nothing about the real problem.

Here’s the problem with all of these methods. Once the system returns to equilibrium, it’s still the same system, with the same threshold. The next time it’s stimulated in the same way, it becomes overwhelmed all over again. Most people repeat the same cycle over and over: overwhelm, relieve the pressure by decreasing input or increasing output, and eventually feel better–until the next time.

If, however, you let the system reach a bifurcation point and reorganize at a higher level, the problem is solved. A new system is born, with a greater ability to dissipate entropy and handle what previously overwhelmed you.

Instead, though, we fight to hang on to the very thing that causes our problem.

Why, I wondered, do we do this? Here’s what I think: When the system goes into chaos, we think we’re going into chaos. We think we’re falling apart. But that’s not true. What’s really happening is that our Map of Reality—our concept of who we are and what the world is—is falling apart. What’s more, this is a good thing. Isn’t it? We feel chaos because our way of figuring out who we are and how to navigate life can’t handling our situation.

When our Map of Reality starts to break down, we should be shouting “Hallelujah! A new perspective is coming, one that will work better!” If you think your idea of who you are IS who you are, and that idea starts to fall apart, you’ll frantically try to save it. But if you know it’s just a map, a navigational tool–and, in this case, one that isn’t working all that well–you just stand aside and watch the process.

As I’ve suppested many times, the solution is awareness–the ability to watch yourself create your life. Awareness is the solution to all human problems that have a solution. How do you become more aware? The fastest way I know of is to use Holosync, though traditional meditation works, too (though it takes longer). Next, you need to do something with your increased awareness. You need to practice watching so you can see what YOU DO to create your life.

In terms of the chaos and reorganization process itself, it would be good to notice when when you’re approaching your threshold. You might say to yourself, “Ah, I’m moving toward my threshold, I can feel the internal chaos.”

Next, what do you do when you approach your threshold? Do you push energy out? Do you block more from coming in? Do you distract yourself? Watch. Find out. Then, instead of automatically doing whatever you’ve been doing, pay attention. Watch with curiosity. If you’re going to use one of these three methods of dealing with overwhelm, at least do it with awareness.

When you feel the overwhelm building, step back and say to yourself, “Ah ha. My current perspective can’t handle what’s happening. If I watch instead of trying to save the old system, it will probably reorganize in a new way, and many of the problems of the old system will be solved.” Then, watch the process with curiosity.

Let’s face facts. We don’t have control over many aspects of life. We don’t have control over the fact that everything is impermanent and eventually falls apart (this is the underlying message of the Second Law of Thermodynamics). And, we don’t have control over most of the physical forces in the universe–gravity, weather, cosmic rays, the sun, etc.–or the actions of other people, many of whom have agendas which contradict ours.

You have choice about four things: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens.

You only have these choices, however, if you have enough awareness to see–as you do it–how you create them. So, please, use Holosync faithfully every day to increase your awareness. Then, practice watching until you can see how you create the four things I listed above.

If you find that difficult, take my three Life Principles Integration Process online courses where I teach you how to do it, step by step. You can listen to a free preview lesson at (Right now those courses are half-price. I strongly suggest that you take these courses if at all possible.)

The process of change–of chaos, breakdown, and reorganization at a higher level–is the most natural thing in the universe. It’s the heartbeat of life, the dance of the universe, the way God unfolds the whole show.

Of course, some people would contend that the whole show is YOU.



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116 Responses to ““Breaking Up is Hard to Do” Part 3 (The Empire Strikes Back)”

  1. Paul Cowan says :

    While this makes total sense, it seems that most people choose not to restructure at a higher level.

    I perceive most people stay exactly the same when their threshold is exceeded.

    Are you saying that we are all very good at being able to dissapate the input without restructuring?

    FROM BILL: The system only reorganizes if it has to.

  2. Reed Daugherity says :

    To support your thoughts, you might want to read George Land’s “Grow or Die.” It is now out of print. However, if you would like a copy, I have one. Also, George lives in Scottsdale, AZ. George’s work is highly supportive of your recent posts and demonstrates the S curve through several systems. As you stated, it is often difficult for people to understand that we too, are a system in the universe. We to, are subject to the same laws of the universe. Amazing! Yes, we may just be a part of the whole creative force.

  3. Andy says :

    Talk about synchronicity – here I am listening to ‘Gamma Compassion’ every night, doing my Holosync meditation in the morning, fully expecting to rapidly become a much cooler, more compassionate and ‘together’ dude. Instead, yesterday I get caught in a huge traffic jam (my pet hate, must be symbolic on some level) delaying me for hours. I became incandescent with rage. If I could have got hold of the traffic supervisor who closed the road I would have beaten him. Why had there been no warning ? Why was no-one helping the (thousands of) drivers caught in a 50-mile radius gridlock ? I rang up my destination and fumed about the country and the incompetence of its administration. Then during the rest of the nightmare journey, I experienced several incidents where other drivers behaved aggressively towards me (like attracting like?). So far from being calmer and more competent under stress, I became homicidal, to the point where last night, on reflection, I was questioning the efficacy of my affirmations (sweetness and success:-) and even the whole Holosync process. From what you say however, I might still expect to emerge a better and more competent, loving human being ?-)

    FROM BILL: When your threshold is exceeded, whatever it is, you will experience overwhelm.

  4. Tom Pearce says :

    Perhaps my favorite of your blogs! This peers into the heart of a great part of the conversation succinctly and lucidly. It examines; then it offers resolution. Aha, Ahh…

  5. Sam says :

    How much might the reorganization process (and whether or not it is engaged) have to do with whether or not I really have a passion for what I’m doing? In other words if I’m passionate about something I will use big mind or whatever methods to look at how I respond to chaos and use the method to overcome my unconscious responces, rather than simply witness chaos and find it really really fascinating (I might lead retreats wherein I help those in attendence to find it really really fascinating so as I get paid more).

    FROM BILL: It has nothing to do with it.

  6. ILIR kALORËSI says :

    Hello Bill
    I am on PL4, D1. and i won to ask you about these to other modules of LPIP.
    1.The Accelerated change Maximizer.
    2.The Success Sultion.
    How much is the price, for these two modules,and Way you don´t sell them
    like the other productes you have on your web list.
    The reason is that, i liv in Sweden, and is easyier two order via internet
    Thank you very much, for the time you taking and care, for alle of as who has taking journey of self developing,thank you for the info keep up the good job.


    FROM BILL: They are sold on the website. Go to

  7. Joan B. says :

    Thanks again Bill. Just going through another bit of ‘chaos’ and this morning could see the light of day – or as you would say followed by ‘a significant change in perspective.’ I set myself an intention to heal a problem with lower spine (osteoprosis) which required a change in nutrition, more walking and lots of prayer and meditation. Thank God for Holosync as I know I will achieve my intention. I’ve given it two years. I’m curerntly on Awakening 3, Disc 4 and will move to Purification ! next February. Holosync along with some of the great comments all tell me I’m on the right path. Thanks You! Joan

  8. Gloria says :

    Thank you for this, Bill. It prompted me to re-listen to the CDs I have of your 2003 spring retreat in which you go into all of this in great detail.

    When I first listened 7 years ago, I understood it intellectually well enough (most of it anyway) but relistening now I am amazed at how much of it I have integrated into my new map of reality. I am also dismayed sometimes at how much I still resist but the key is, as you say, to notice it when it is happening and I am becoming quite skilled at doing that. Things are definitely changing as a result.

    When you say that this process of chaos is natural, are you saying that the force that causes it has as an inherent characteristic to evolve to greater and greater complexity until such time as it ‘outgrows’ itself? Is this force consciousness itself – the Chit of Sat-Chit Ananda?

    Not sure how to word this question, so I hope you understand it.

  9. Alex says :

    Dear Bill:
    As always I find your ideas thought provoking, and I wanted to ask you if as you said, when we die it will be as if we didn’t existed at all, then in a way life looses any meaning doesn’t it? It’s ups an downs and turns in a larger perspective doesn’t matter. And maybe the only purpose of our lives is to make a contribution for those that come behind us, and maybe to have a broader perspective instead of a personal view or purpose, life acquires meaning as we see it as a species, or maybe not even like that?!!!
    I would really wold like your opinion.
    Thanks in advance!

    FROM BILL: Why does life have to have a “meaning”? If you are having sex with your favorite partner, and you know it will be over eventually, does that make it meaningless? Perhaps there is no meaning in it. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t SIGNIFICANT.

    Of course I have no way of knowing exactly what does or doesn’t happen after death (nor does anyone else, though certain people are REALLY CONVINCED that they do). Wanting there to be “something” after death seems to me to be wishful thinking because the idea that it all ends gives us a very weird feeling. I don’t see any evidence (other than that a lot of people have IDEAS about what they think [hope] happens) that anything happens after death. I prefer not to give a lot of energy to things for which there is no evidence. If I die and wake up in hell I’ll then have some evidence.

    Some of you, I know, will cite books you’ve read that you claim contain “evidence” of various afterlife scenarios. These books, however, don’t contain what I (or any scientist) would accept as evidence. Evidence must be empirical. Otherwise it is just inference, a confusion of correlation with causation, or fervent wishing–or, magical thinking (which is how children make sense of the world).

    Personally, I think people confuse meaning with significance. Meanings are added by the mind. Nothing intrinsically “means” anything. Everything just exists. Humans add meanings, which is fine as long as you’re clear that you ADDED THEM and that they are happening in your head, not “out there”. Most people, when they think this over (that nothing means anything, think it’s depressing and they say, as you have, that if there’s no meaning there’s no point to being here. A lack of meaning, however, doesn’t mean that something isn’t significant. I find that meanings are not needed for enjoying life. In fact, since they are delusional (ideas about reality instead of reality itself) they add confusion to life, and, quite often, suffering.

  10. Keith Vogt says :

    Hi Bill,

    OK, you’ve discussed how entropy and re-organization relate to individuals using Holosync. Now let’s reframe this discussion in terms of your business. What does it take for entire communities to be ready to try Holosync? Are some communities more receptive than others, and why? Is the world ready for Holosync? If so, is Centerpointe ready for the world—for orders by the millions?

    I think your product, website and blog are excellent, and have received tremendous results from Awakening Prologue. From what I have seen on blogs, many others have had similar results, so it is surprising that more people don’t know about Holosync. The communities that seem to discuss the product most are wellness (I was given my CDs by an acupuncturist friend), personal development and new age—i.e., people looking to make changes in their lives.

    Here is a sales strategy to further tap the wellness market.

    1.) In order to visually back up the scientific claims of your product, go to the Amen clinic, get SPECT images of five of your customer’s brains before, during, and after trying Holosync. Publish this data online as raw proof of Holosync’s power with an actual image of a brain and some sort of description like “this is your brain on Holosync.” (I am not affiliated w/ Amen.) To me, this is a stronger visual than the bar graphs on Centerpoint’s site.
    2.) Whether or not you do this, use your scientific claims to get influential wellness practitioners and psychaitrists, like those at the Amen Clinic, to try your program. Let them use it at no charge, based on the agreeement that if they like it, they will recommend it to their clients and collegues, and distribute free CD demos. They can also get a percentage of sales as affiliates, and perhaps endorse it. The endorsement of health gurus is immensely compelling.

    But what about other communities? Aren’t high school and college students generally looking for solutions to their chaotic worlds? The best sales solution is to make it hip, a trend, something that people must try because it gives them unique experiences. Do what no other binaural tone program is doing and target popular culture!!!!

    3.) Your product is auditory, so target the musically inclined. Find a major musician as a celebrity endorsement, or other musical figure (Russell Simmons and David Lynch head up a meditation in schools program. Maybe you can contribute to their project with your product.) Let the world know: rock stars use Holosync.
    4.) If you don’t have the budget for a major musician, use several less-popular ones who have loyal fan bases. Whoever endorses the product must use it! If they use it and have a relationship w/ their fans, they will talk about it.
    5.) Whether or not you use endorsements, take out well-designed full or half-page ads in magazines like Rolling Stone, Vogue, or trade periodicals like EQ. The objective is to get hip and fashionable people to use Holosync, then others follow and it becomes mainstream.
    6.) Whether or not you do any of the above, create a series of videos about Holosync and hire a social media creative team like to make the video go viral and to increase traffic to your site, Facebook page, Twitter following, etc. (Again, I am unaffiliated w/ Animaxent.)
    7.) Hire me as one of your salesmen. I have more great ideas to share with you! I am a visual artist with a background in sales and an education in music, and have always kept my hand on the pulse of popular culture. I think it is unfortunate that more people are not aware of your product, because it could be changing the lives of entire generations. My name is Keith Vogt, I live in LA and you have my contact info. – Thanks for doing what you do!

    FROM BILL: OF course I’m all for more people using Holosync. However, you should know that we are by far the largest personal growth company, other than someone like Tony Robbins. Our sales and number of customers is more than everyone else combined. Daniel Amen has endorsed us. We don’t advertise in magazines because it doesn’t pay to do so. I’ve been doing this now for 25 years, and believe me, I’ve explored every way of promoting Holosync. I’m sure there’s more I could do, but I only have so many hours in a day.

  11. Brian says :

    Hey Bill, I have a question about this subject. When faced with some stimulus that makes us feel bad, we can almost certainly be sure that our resistance is both causing our bad feeling and blocking our systems evolution to a higher level that can handle the stimulus, right? So does that mean that pretty much any external stimulus that triggers a bad feeling is actually a good thing and we should create more of that stimulus to promote evolution? Clearly there are some things that makes us feel bad and are bad for us and should be avoided, such as physical injury.

    My question is how do you tell whether something that triggers a bad feeling is just part of the evolutionary process (such as meditation), or that it is actually bad for you (such as physical injury). For example, if I do some sort of breathing exercise and feel bad afterwards, how do I know if that is a good thing and I should do more of it, or if it is just not for me?

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say that being overwhelmed was a good thing. Or, for that matter, a bad thing. I said that IT HAPPENS, and that when it happens it sometimes leads to the system that makes up who you are falling apart and being replaced by a more complex system with a higher threshold.

    I’m pointing out that this is part of life, and you can deal with it with resistance (to be human IS to resist) or you can do your best to become MORE AWARE, in which case you will resist less. Since a huge amount of the suffering you experience is caused by your own unconscious and automatic resistance to things not being the way you want them to be (which happens a lot–to everyone–for reasons I have outlined in detail in other posts), being aware enough to resist less will create a big change in your experience of life.

  12. Jem says :

    Hi Bill,

    I respect alot of what you have to say, especially the last 3 bloggs, however I disagree in many ways. (not last 3 bloggs), but alas thats neither here or there. I do have a question though, you recomend in your earlier talks (which every one gets at the begining), to read “Autobiography of a yogi” Now if I have never ever heard any thing
    so involved in magical thinking as it is in those pages!!!!!

    “The Yogi received calmly this fairly compulsive invitation and did not so much lift up his head from his couch of leaves”

    ” I also am a son of Zeus, if Alexander (Alexander the Great) be such,” he commented. ” I want nothing that is Alexander’s, for I am content with what I have , while I see that he wanders with his men over sea and land for no advantage, and is never coming to an end of his wandering’s”

    “Go & tell Alexander that God the supreme king never the author of insolent wrong , but is the creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls; He recieves all men when Deaths sets them free, being thenin no way subject to evil disease.

    He alone is the God of my homage, who abhors slaughter and instigates no warS. “Alexander is no God, since he must taste of Death,”contined the sage in quie scorn. “How can such as he be the world’s master, when he has not seated himself on a throne of inner universal dominion? Neither as yet has he entered living in Hades, nor does he even know the course of the sun over the vast regions of this Earth. Most nations have not so much heard his name.

    Now that was impresive, but nothing compared to some of the stuff in that book. My question is, as I know you are scientist, & hence yoga is a science, what is your view on yogi’s, are they delusional, or do they know more than you? When I say more than you, I mean yoga takes you far further than holosync I am extremly interested. Holosync seems to me a starting point, being only on level 4 I am extremly intrested in your view. I do kundalini yoga & know how far it can take me, holosync only enhances it & lets be honest improves everything :-)

    Anyway love to hear your view,

    Gratitude in abundance

    FROM BILL: Yes, the entire Hindu world (including Yogananda) is rife with magical thinking. It’s still a beautiful book.

  13. Jane says :

    This is so relevant to me at the moment. Thank you!

    I have recently had a huge realisation that I am not something I thought I was! That something, was a belief about who and what I thought was me.
    It feels so huge and has made me question who or what am i, In relation to absolutely everything and everybody.
    I feel as though I am at that point of chaos.
    Since starting Holosync nearly 3 years ago there has been a gradual peeling or falling away of all the layers that made up who I thought or believed was me, this recent one has/is the biggest so far.
    I almost feel as though I am in shock.
    I have stopped using all the usual strategies for avoidance of this uncomfortableness and am aware that nothing will make it better or go away other than focusing and watching and trying to take that step back and say ah ha as you very aptly (to me at this moment) put.
    I can see the flimsy scraps that I thought were me that I hung on so tightly to and It seems that any belief I had about myself is completely fragile.
    I guess the time it takes for this point of chaos before the re-ordering comes, is down to how much I do or don’t resist.
    I have been withdrawing from a lot of the usual strategies that helped to keep me stuck with my beliefs. But then again they just seemed like a ‘normal’ part of life like alcohol chatting, internet ect. non of these feel ok now, or not for long.
    Maybe they don’t feel right right now because of the re-organising that is going on inside my brain and once that has happened I will use these things again but with a different perspective!
    It feels very disconcerting and scary because what I thought was reality, (I know) really isn’t, or is it? eeek! At the same time I know or think I know that something much better is round the corner.
    It is a definite case of the map of reality falling apart and although I am aware of that another part of me is searching for the new thing to replace it quickly so I feel comfortable again, also a bit of panic of what or how will the new thing be, how can there be a new thing, the previous belief was so strong and powerful what could possible replace that!
    Well back to some focusing for the evening.
    Actually reading this last blog and doing this bit of writing was very helpful,
    So thank you again. x

    FROM BILL: Remember that we’re not trying to get rid of our map. We’re just trying to realize that it IS a map.

  14. LUCIA says :

    Thanks Bill for insisting on this point… blessings and good luck with overwhelm to everyone!!

  15. Kathy Steevens says :

    If you continue to re-organise at a higher level and continue raising your threshold, do you ever get to a point where you just don’t experience overwhelm in any situation; where nothing really bothers you and you calmly and dispassionately deal with whatever curve ball life throws at you?

    Are you there yet?

    FROM BILL: No, and no.

  16. Carmen says :

    Hi and thanks for your wisdom dissipation, Bill.

    I’d say that I agree with you in almost every aspect of all the three parts of this series.

    In my opinion, there is one thing I’d add: the traumatic experiences, specially the childhood ones, are also part of one’s map of reality, although they’ve left the deepest marks in the brain; because of this, it is easier to take them as one’s being, rather than as those parts of the map. I mean, it is easier to take the map as if it were the territory for a person who has gone through childhood trauma.

    Eventually, an adult person who has had childhood traumas will be able to reorganize her or himself, her or his map of reality at any level or degree, and yet there is like a rock inside her which never changes, which always is the same weight, which becomes impossible for her to see as something different from herself.

    What would you say to a person like this?

    thanks again, from Galicia-Spain-WS Europe

    FROM BILL: I would tell her that the past automatically influences the present only if your map of reality (which includes your memory of the past) operates outside your awareness. To the degree that you are aware of that map and can watch it create your experiene of life (emotionally, behaviorally, and in terms of what things seem to “mean”), that experience of life will become a choice. Once you have choice you always choose what serves you.

    To become more aware, use Holosync.

  17. catherine H says :

    Interesting, reassuring and heart warming.
    Thank you.

  18. Fraser says :

    Is there a difference between the map re-organizing to become more functional, and the map re-organizing to be able to dissipate more entropy?

    For example, learning to drive. This is quite stressful initially and as the person gets better at driving, it becomes progressively less demanding. Is this what you would call an increase in threshold, or simply increased skill meaning that there is less entropy to dissipate?

    FROM BILL: All learning involves a reorganization at a higher level.

    Most people would define “more functional” as meaning “better” based on their beliefs about what better means. Though having a higher threshold does make life easier, is it “better” to be out in the world taking care of yourself after leaving home, and having to adapt to that whole drama (which does require a higher threshold and a new map) or is it “better” to be at home having mom wash your underwear and cook your meals?

    If you can dissipate more entropy you will be overwhelmed less. Whether or not that’s better depends on what a person’s definition of better happens to be.

  19. Sam says :

    Actors who use sense memory techniques–see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt etc–seem to be more associated into the process (and thus more effective) when they do what they love. I am much more likely to experience what I want when I associate into the experience (as it seems to me) because I’m more engaged in the terretory of what I want, therefore when it comes time for me to follow the map of success I’ll have already been there. I believe you’ve discussed this methods–and other great methods–in your lpip courses: this is nothing new for us insiders (inner circle “members” and those taken with your course) however the practice for most of us might be (I speak only for myself with respect to you and your courses).

  20. I find thinking combines all three methods of going unconscious, especially when meditating with Holosync.

  21. Kathy Steevens says :

    So what you’re saying is that no matter how high you raise your threshold, there is always going to be some situation that can push you over it.

    Not sure how I feel about that. I suppose there would be little challenge left in life if you never went over your threshold, but I certainly look forward to raising mine a little higher.

    FROM BILL: I didn’t exactly say that. I said IF something pushes you over your threshold, you will become overwhelmed. I suspect, though, that no matter who you are, something will. The Buddha didn’t say, “All life is suffering, unless you have a high threshold.” There is no escape from the human condition (other than dying), and the human condition includes a lot of what you don’t want. If you got to the point where none of that bothered you, would you be human? What point would there be in being completely disconnected from life? If you could turn that connection off, you have to turn it off for everything, not just for what you want to avoid.

  22. sam j. webb says :

    Hi Bill

    Would be gratefull if you could comment on a couple of points:

    Re. ‘the Chaos – Breakdown – Higher Reorganisation’ I have heard you refer to this in the past as ‘God Godding’ and in this post as the heartbeat of life, the dance of the universe, and the way God unfolds the whole universe. This seems to imply your belief in a God of some sort.

    What/Who is the God you believe in and do you have/need scientific proof of this God that you refer to?

    Also I know you have referred to Jesus in the past. Are his miracles to be believed or would this be magical/mythical thinking in your opinion?

    Would also welcome your take on ACIM (which I think you mentioned one time as being more Buddhist than Christian) Magical/Mythical?

    I’m also reading Neville Goddard, Thomas Troward and Itzhak Bentov among other stuff for personal research purposes at the moment.

    Are their ideas (eg) such as ‘thinking FROM the feelling and assumption of the thing desired as already achieved’ ‘all is spirit and the whole of spirit is all there is’ or that ‘Jesus manifested loaves and fishes by being at an Infinite Energy level of consciousness and putting in the required desire’ and so on….

    Are they delusional, are their ideas magical?


    Sam J. Webb

    FROM BILL: Magical thinking is a belief that the laws of nature can somehow be suspended (they can’t).

    “God” is an idea. Humans seem to need an explanation for why all of this is happening. Otherwise, most humans feel a bit anxious. They feel anxious because of impermanence and cause and effect, which I have written about extensively in many posts. If you don’t know what I mean when I use these two terms, go back and read past posts.

    A person’s perspective on “God” is tied to that person’s developmental level. The first 8-10 posts at the very beginning of this blog were a detailed explanation of this developmental process, including a tour through each of the developmental levels. Definitely worth reading if you want to understand the human experience.

    A “personal” God, one who is a “being” you can talk to, is particularly tied to the mythic developmental level. Magic is the idea that YOU have magic powers. Mythic is the idea that some powerful other has the power and you can contact them for help if you know the right way to do so. When I talk about the chaos and reorganization process being like God I mean that this process is how the universe changes and evolves. This is, however, an impersonal process–it isn’t instigated by or operated by a being. It’s just the way things work.

    The truth is that NO ONE KNOWS–or will ever know–why all of this is here, where it came from, or where it’s going. As I’ve said before, a spiritually mature person is comfortable with that mystery. Those who are less mature spiritually need some sort of God, myth, or explanation, even if it doesn’t really explain anything. Saying that “God did it” isn’t really an explanation. It just gives a name to a supposed and unknown cause, but clarifies nothing.

    As for a Course in Miracles, anything that is “channeled” is magical thinking, as is all this stuff about assuming that what you want is already achieved. If you want something, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will allow you to get it (unless other forces prevent you). That thinking is PRACTICAL, though. There’s nothing magical about it. Those who have trouble achieving things in the world generally don’t understand how cause and effect works, the basics of which are learned in the concrete operational level of development (see my posts about development). The idea that if you’re having trouble creating what you want in life that magic will help you is a cruel hoax. Look at those who achieve what they want. They do it by deciding what they want, finding out how–in a practical way–others have achieve something like it, and then taking action.

    One of the first posts on this blog was about Jesus.

  23. David Thomas says :

    This is excellent stuff Bill – thanks a lot.

    The question arises: If the more entropy we can dissipate, the more aware and evolved we become, is it good to release or let go of mental rubbish, or is it better to help the process by just watching and allowing the build-up of chaos to reach a new threshold when it will re-order into a new level of awareness, undisturbed by the previous overwhelm.

    I came across The Sedona Method about 10 years ago and found it to be the first truly effective means of becoming happier and more whole, of all the long list of therapies and spiritual paths I had tried in the preceding 50 years of my life. That and to some extent EFT a few years later, made a huge difference to my feelings and peace of mind for which I am deeply grateful. I presume they are dissipating entropy and the less attachment, the closer to reality/God, anyway they feel good!

    On the other hand, I have been doing Holosync now for three years – just about to start Purification 1 – and am amazed at its power to connect, create awareness, raise my threshold, quieten the mind etc. It also seems to allow me to release, via Sedona, stuff to which I had no access before. That feels very right and I would be reluctant to deliberately forego the Sedona Method in order to assist the build-up of chaos!

    Have I understood this correctly? We can only release what we have access to (thanks to Holosync or long years of meditation) and to release what we can is beneficial. So Holosync and Sedona (or choose your preferred method of letting go) are complimentary and releasing is somehow not going to prevent the necessary build up of chaos in areas that require evolution.

    One last thought; has this dilemma something to do with the different levels we operate on in different areas that you have mentioned in previous blogs – you can be a very simple saint or a very brilliant monster for example – such that if we release, we may become happier and possibly more saintly, but if we want to evolve, we must suffer (not that much) the periodic chaos.

    I would appreciate further illumination, please, Bill. I haven’t asked Hale yet!

    Best wishes


    FROM BILL: As I have said many times, the solution to every human problem that has a solution (many don’t) is awareness. Holosync makes you more aware. As a human being, you have a choice about four things, IF you are aware of how you create them: 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what the events of your life seem to mean.

    As you become aware of how you create these four things (if you ever do–most people don’t), they stop happening automatically, outside your awareness, and become a choice. Once they are a choice, you naturally choose what serves you.

    As for entropy, I did not say that the more entropy you can dissipate the more aware and evolved you are. Perhaps you would be, perhaps not. The more entropy you can dissipate, the more input, the more stimulation, you can handle.

    Hale is teaching you to stop resisting what is. When something happens that you don’t want–which is built into the human condition and is unavoidable, since you have choice only about those four things I listed–you tend to resist. The more you resist, the more you suffer. In other words, you create most of your suffering by resisting what is when you don’t like it. By becoming AWARE that you are resisting you naturally let go of it because it doesn’t serve you. This doesn’t stop things from happening to you that you don’t want, though (unless they are one of those four things, and you are aware enough to see how you are creating them). It just stops you from creating suffering for yourself by resisting life.

  24. Sam says :

    Richard Martin: Can you please tell us more? How in each of these three ways do we go unconscious, and how is this process different without and with holosync? Can you make these processes conscious in your experience? Thanks in advance; you’re a smart guy and I’m looking to hear more from you on what we’re discovering here.

    FROM BILL: I assume you mean trying to push entropy out of the system, trying to stop more from coming in, and distracting yourself from the whole thing. These seem self-explanatory to me. I guess I don’t understand what you want to know about them.

  25. Sam,

    It just occurred to me while I was meditating the other day. I had listened to this series, and I realized that “thinking” and cogitating are ways of not seeing things as they are. It’s just a way to push entropy out and distract oneself from the reality of the non-thinking mind. An observation, nothing more than that. I don’t know if it “right,” but that’s what came to me as I meditated.


    FROM BILL: Well, thinking IS a level removed from experience, since it involves ideas ABOUT experience. To that extent is isn’t “seeing things the way they really are.” When we realize that out thinking about anything is flawed in this way, and see it for what it is, we’re less likely to be deluded by it. Many people, as you know, are so in their head–and think that their internal map is as real as the territory it represents–that they certainly can’t see things they way they really are.

  26. Jimmy Hendrix is God. Oh, no, wait. It’s Eric Clapton…

    FROM BILL: I thought it was Michael Jackson. I just can’t keep up with religion these days.

  27. Elaine says :

    “Meaning” and “Significance” Now there’s an interesting pair! Will you be writing more about those two?

    Meanwhile, you’ve given me some interesting intellectual meat to chew on, thanks for that.

  28. Kathy Steevens says :

    When I’m meditating and trying to just watch my thoughts pass through my mind, without engaging them, I find I’m still analysing each thought as it presents, despite my best intentions to simply watch.

    I find it very difficult to watch and not have thoughts about my thoughts and sometimes wonder whether this is even possible for me to achieve.

    Although I do, at times, achieve that non-thinking state you speak of, for short periods during my meditation, I certainly don’t seem to be able to repeat it the next time I meditate. I’ve been using Holosync for two years and I know you said a lot of stuff comes up in the early stages. I do wonder, however, how long these early stages last.

    As you said in your book, “research suggests that there is a built-in human yearning for what scientists now call “unitary experience”. But it seems this yearning precludes us from actually experiencing the very thing we yearn for. It’s like Catch 22.

    FROM BILL: Why do you think there is a problem with having thoughts about your thoughts? This is about AWARENESS, not about getting rid of thoughts.

  29. Sam says :

    I think that there is a time wherein the task changes regarding chaos and reorganization. First we observe the chaos and how we relate to it, then we reorganize chaos by making these processes conscious. I don’t think they’re separate and destinct stages of experience, although you could view them that way as different levels of the path. I know myself that I’m working with different breathing exercizes etc to work with chaos and I’m reorganizing a great deal, however I still get stuck in the chaos part and keep recognizing how little I’ve been open to witness these things. I like to hear from others because it helps me learn where I can change on my frame of reference on these things and how this evolves over time, and also I have an idea that more than one working on this allows the system
    to work more efficiently.

    I have only one burning desire.

  30. Kathy Steevens says :

    Re: FROM BILL: Why do you think there is a problem with having thoughts about your thoughts?

    I guess because my meditation is much more pleasant and peaceful when I do reach that non-thinking state.

    Because I want to see things the way they really are.

    Because I think too much and analyze everything to death and get myself in knots in the process.

    FROM BILL: Disowning thinking will just make thinking express itself as shadows do: in a covert, dysfunctional, and immature way. That’s probably already happening. Then, you like it even less, and disown it more, which compounds the problem.

    The answer to anything that has an answer is to watch it with awareness. When you do that, everything finds its proper level. When you try to get rid of something, it just becomes a problem. Allow yourself to be human, which means owning the thinking mind–and a lot of other parts of you that you probably don’t like. Own them, and they will mature into something you will like.

  31. Jeff says :

    1) I feel awsome. How could life be better
    2) You would have to ask others about my behavior. I haven’t had anyone express to me that it is bad.
    3) I am not really sure here. I like to play golf with people that are better than I am but it doesn’t matter one way or another. ?
    4) I don’t attach much meaning to what happens other than it’s funny, interesting, or ?

    Your topic makes perfect sense. I had an aha moment reading the interview that you did with Genpo. It was when he talked of the triangle. I found it easy in the past to stay in the ego corner. I have found it more difficult to stay in the no ego corner. The aha was realizing that you can never be in one corner or the other. You can only lean towards one or the other. It then became a lot easier to find a balance between the two. I am now waiting for the next moment of chaos.

    I do have some questions. First, I have not purchased any of your materials. Should true wisdom have a price tag? There seems to be a lot of people trying to profit from Ekhart Tolle, himself included. Are you interested in teaching the world for free? Would people believe you if it was free?

    FROM BILL: You’re right. True wisdom has no price tag. Delivering it to others, however does. How would I pay for the internet connection, the phones, the rent, the electricity, the postage and shipping costs, the office supplies, et.c, etc., etc.–and getting my thirty employees to spend all day here working to serve our customers five days a week–if someone didn’t pay those costs?

    If Holosync was free we would have offered it for about two weeks and then gone out of business. You might also consider that organizations that teach meditation, for instance, for free (and there are many of them if you’re looking for something “free”) are always quite small and therefore teach and benefit very few people. Any organization that has a large impact on a lot of people must charge money–or be backed by some sort of philanthropist.

    Charging money works out great, though. People get to decide whether the value to be received is worth the cost. If it isn’t, they don’t buy. If they think it is, they do buy. Assuming that the value is really there (which in this case it is, many times over–ask those who are using Holosync), the buyer is happer after buying than before, and we are happier after he buys than we were before. With a one year money back guarantee, the occassional unhappy buyers can get a refund, and then he’s happy, too! Happiness for everyone!

  32. Jeff says :

    By free I did not mean that you did not cover your costs. Obviously you can not provide what you do for free. How much of what you do is motivated by the profit you make? If 1 million people worldwide have purchased your materials for $75.00 (a very conservative estimate based upon your current prices), you would have 75 million dollars to cover your costs. Don’t get me wrong I am sure that the materials you provide have tremendous value. Do you provide product to those who cannot afford the cost? The cost is not an issue for myself but can you spread the word without profit?

    FROM BILL: I have given more to charities helping kids than you have probably made in your entire life. I’ve also given jobs to many people. My idea has fed many families. And, it has saved many lives of people grateful that it existed.

    You have an incredible amount of nerve criticizing me for starting this company and running it “to make a profit.” If you think that there is something wrong, or harmful, or unfair–for those who use Holosync, or for society in general–that I, or anyone else, make a profit for offering something that others need or want, you are an incredibly ignornant person. Exactly what value have you created for the world? Based on what you have said, I’m going guess that it’s not that much.

    Unfortunately, these days, there are plenty of people like you who ignorantly think “profits” are “unfair” or bad for society in some way. Prior to “profit” people lived half as long and worked from dawn until dusk just to stay alive. Profit and the capitalist system have transformed the world. You have been the beneficiary of that system, and without it your life would be incredibly difficult compared to the life you live today.

    Sad. Truly sad.

  33. Elaine says :

    Notes for Jeff:

    What is Wisdom?

    You can’t buy wisdom, because wisdom is simply not something that is purchasable. There is no wisdom inherent in Holosync.

    Likewise, although there is a saying that “with age cometh wisdom” it ain’t always so. There are a lot of stupid old farts & fartesses.

    However, wisdom is far more prevelant amongst the old than amongst the young, simply because at 80 or 90 one has had, usually, more overwhelming experiences-s-s-s-s than someone who has only been floundering around here on the planet for 20 years.

    The more overwhelming (re-organizing) experiences one has, the more likely one is to grow wise.

    Holosync just speeds up the process, helping us develop older (aka, more experience-filled) and wiser brains.

    How’s that for a theory, Bill? Tho’ I’m still not sure what “wisdom” is.

  34. Jeff,

    I agree with everything that Bill has said.

    I’m glad he had the idea and courage (or foolhardiness?) 25 years ago to start a business around Holosync. If he hadn’t advertised and promoted his product, how would I and all the others have learned about it. The fact that he has been an astute businessman and shown persistance means that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have – or will have – access to the benefits of Holosync.

    The reality is that the vast majority of people do not truly value something they get for free. If someone gives a free seminar (or publishes a free blog), anyone and everyone can just show up and criticize the presenter or author without having “skin in the game.”

    To truly learn something – and that includes progressing spiritually – you have to sacrifice something. In our society, time and effort often don’t cut it in that regard. Money, however, does. If people pay a nominal fee for something, they will at least try to absorb the teaching, but there is often still a lot of resistance. If, however, you pay a lot for something, the barriers tend to go down and the resistance to the teaching is much reduced.

    The inventions of money and, eventually, free markets are amongst the greatest historical advances of humanity. They allow the free accumulation of capital available for reinvestment and they signal value to buyers and sellers, thus working WITH human nature, rather than against it.

    It’s funny, but if someone wants cable TV, or cellphones, or junk food, or porn, or alcohol, or lottery tickets, etc., they always seem to find a way to get them. Who are the biggest consumers of these categories of goods in society? It’s usually the poorest, especially tobacco, booze, drugs, and lottery tickets. Yet they find a way to pay for them, despite their meagre earnings.

    Where there is a will there is a way, including purchasing Holosync, or Big Mind, or whatever. If someone wants the benefits bad enough, they should look at their priorities and find a way to pay for them.

    Just my 2.5 cents worth.


  35. catherine H says :

    I think there is a tendency in many people to imagine that having wealth means you are corrupt or insincere (not you personally Bill, I mean generally).
    People assume corruption in the system, in governments and in other organisations and individuals applies to anyone who is wealthy currently.
    We have been programmed to believe that anyone who is spiritually evolved should wear sandals and kaftans and lead a life of poverty ( If you’re looking for corruption, try the Vatican). It’s these kind of programmed beliefs and lazy assumptions that hold people back. I used to feel guilty about all this (being relatively wealthy) but see it from an entirely different perspective now, I’m pleased to say.

    FROM BILL: With a very few exceptions (a few criminals and those times when a huge business is in league with the government, which is where the real corruption lies), those who have money have it because they provide something other people want and who are therefore happy to trade their money for it. The amount of money a person has is a measurement of how much they have served willing customers.

  36. And furthermore…

    What this really speaks to, in my estimation, is the rampant spread of victimhood and learned helplessness in the modern Western world. If somebody screws up, it’s never their fault; it’s always someone else’s or the fault of “circumstances.”

    There are helpless people in the world: children (relative to adults – but some are bullies and petty tyrants also), the old and infirm, mentally handicapped, severely mentally ill, etc. But on the other hand, most people most of the time have some level of control over their circumstances, their decisions, their attitude of empowerment and accountability.

    Another thing that Jeff’s argument raises is the issue of guilt. What Jeff is really saying is Bill is successful, so he should feel guilty for that. It implies that he somehow did something wrong to have his success. I find that is a very common belief, no just in the moochers (to use Ayn Rand’s term for the perpetual whiners), but also in those who succeed. They have internalized this concept of guilt for their success to such an extent that they twist themselves into all sorts of shapes to account for their “undeserved” success.

    What a world it would be if we could just succeed – and fail – without all this useless baggage that we have to drag around.

    Another 2.3 cents worth.


    FROM BILL: What those who hate people with money don’t know about are the sacrifices made to acquire the wealth. I risked my own money, time, and reputation to start Centerpointe. I paid myself ZERO for the first four years. I was paying employees, but not myself. I worked 18 hour days, with no assurance that I would ever make anything.

    And, though this is certainly not always the case, I wasn’t really trying to “start a business” in the normal sense. I was just super-enthusiastic about what Holosync had done for me, and I wanted to share it with other people. I never expected Centerpointe to make more than about $30,000 a year.

    Of course, Jeff has never used Holosync, and I can tell from the way he talks that he’s never had a business himself, provided jobs for others, served a group of customers, etc., so he’s yapping about this without having any information other than his own “hate-the-rich” ideas, which he learned on television from crooked politicians who promote these ideas so they can get elected over and over, and a biased media who have infused these ideas even into mass entertainment. Shameful.

  37. Jeff says :

    I did not say that profits are unfair or bad for society. To call me an incredibly ignorant person because I may have a different view than yourself makes me wonder where in the triangle your thoughts were when you responded to my post. I did not criticize you or your products . They obviously are very beneficial by the responses from the people who use them. My only interest is how WE can “Create a New Earth” in the most expedient and efficient manner. Any ideas? And yes Elaine, there is a good possibility that I may be a stupid old fart. But even stupid old farts need help if we are to “Creat a New Earth”. How can WE reach them (me)?

    FROM BILL: We will create a new earth by shrinking the size of government to about 5% of what it is now. Stop bashing people who create the things you need to live.

  38. darlene says :

    Bill, your blog as well as others who contribute their comments really helps me stay on track with staying in awareness I’m out hear listening and appreciating.

  39. I’m a businessman and profit is not my motivation. I also know a lot of business people and entrepreneurs, and I know no one for whom profit is their principal motivation. There are just too many sacrifices and obstacles. I’m not saying they aren’t out there; I just don’t know any. Besides, the real benefits are intangible.

    The reality is that every entrepreneur hits “the wall” sooner or later in their business. For some it’s fairly early. They run out of capital, have too many obligations and can’t meet payroll, or whatever, and fold. About 95% of businesses disappear within 5 years of startup. I hit the wall after about 2 years. No money, bills to pay, waking up in a cold sweat, the whole nine yards. I just had to decide if it was worthwhile to continue. I did, with my wife’s encouragement. We decided together that I really had no choice but to continue, because we both knew that I would be profoundly unhappy and unfulfilled working in an organization. I’m glad I continued, but it wasn’t always easy. That’s why I like to say, if I had known what it’s really like to own and operate a business, it would have scared me and I never would have started it. I’m glad I didn’t know, because the real rewards have nothing to do with money. Money is the icing on the cake, but not the cake itself.

    I do, however, like the financial benefits of owning my own business, and wish to dispose of my profits as I see fit. People who are against profits and business just don’t know what they are talking about. They are more about taking than giving. The most generous people I know are business owners and entrepreneurs. Many spend money and time helping others in their communities.

    In essence, I would say that entrepreneurship is much more about giving than getting.


  40. Jane says :


    It goes without saying Bill is doing a hell of a lot for creating a new earth, what is your contribution?

  41. Catherine H says :

    Yes,yes you’re right. Governments and the media are shameful in promoting this, but shame on those for sucking it up too. There will never be a shrinking government or a new earth unless people question what they are told.
    Isn’t that what we’re learning here, how to be the change we would like to see? A corny phrase these days but still relevant to Jeff’s question.

  42. Jeff says :

    Jane, My contributions at this point have been limited to buying books (Tolle) for people that I meet that may be open to the concept. It has been met with mixed results. But that’s OK, some of the results have been fantastic. I would like to do more but I am unsure on how to proceed.

    Richard, I too own a service business, and if I did it just for the money I also WOULD quit. I like having the opportunity to help people with solving their problems. And yes, I could not do it for free.

    Bill, I apologize to you and anyone else if you felt that I was “bashing People”. That was not my intention. I am very interested in helping others to bring awareness into their lives. Besides the things that I am doing now, do you or does anyone else have any suggestions? What has worked for you? This planet will be one very cool place when we accomplish this task. The concept is mind boggling!

    FROM BILL: Apology accepted. However, you’d better go read some of my other posts, such as “Seeing Things the Way the Really Are,” Parts 1,2, and 3. I see your idealism, but the world is never going to be a really cool place (in fact, we’re heading into a very dark time, no matter what anyone does). The human condition has a few things built into it that make that impossible. In fact, trying to make it happen puts you in the frustrating position of trying to solve an insoluble problem. Nothing wrong with trying to alleviate suffering, but there are way too many starfish stranded on dry land to think that you–or anyone–can throw them all back into the water.

  43. catherine H says :

    I presume there is no guarantee then that after these very dark times the old system will reorganise at a higher level? Given that there is an infinite number of possibilities, there really is no way of knowing how the tide will turn. Is this the only logical conclusion to draw or are there other factors which can predict the outcome?

    FROM BILL: I do think that what is happening now and what is coming will be intense enough that the world will reorganize at a higher level as a result. In the 1930s something similar happened, and there was a question as to whether it would reorganize in a way where Nazi and the communist methods were the norm, or free market republics were going to set the agenda. As it turned out, the Nazis were defeated and there was a standoff between the free parts of the world and the communist parts, with the free parts having the upper hand.

    How it will turn out this time is anyone’s guess. One unfortunate difference is that many of the people in charge in “democratic” republics are more in favor or socialism that they are in free markets and democratic principles (though they use the word “democratic” all the time).

  44. Jane says :


    I think the best thing for helping others is firstly helping yourself to become as aware as you possibly can, for me this has been using holosync on a daily basis,
    I am much more effective, compassionate, focused generous and clear, this has had an impact on all the people around me, if they have been affected in some small way then that will be passed on to whoever they are involved with.
    Who knows at some point in the future I may come up with a bigger plan but for now it is important to get me right first.
    If you are too focused on solving others problems it can be a block and a handy way to avoid looking and resolving your own issues, I know only too well from experience.
    Best wishes

  45. Jeff says :

    I prefer optimism to idealism. We can all help one starfish at a time. Pretty soon we could all be wet. Let us take the next step.

    FROM BILL: I prefer realism to optimism–or to pessimism.

  46. michelle s says :

    I agree with the heading into a dark time- so what can we do do make this bearable- and liveable?

    I am, with varying success -watching with awareness, focusing on my actions, and trying to protect myself and family -but is that putting my head in the sand- or being a starfish?

    Is that being selfish? How did people live through the depression, or other dark times in history- protectionism or activism?

    Are there times when the ‘system’ is overwhelmed- and instead of reorganizing it just ends?

    Comments as always appreciated,

    FROM BILL: Yes, sometimes the system doesn’t reorganize. That’s what happens when you die. The mechanisms that export entropy become weaker and weaker, and at a certain point you die.

    In my opinion, the more you are able to observe from a meta-position, and the less you are immersed in a point of view (immersed meaning that you ARE it, and therefore don’t see it), the more likely you are to see what is going on and successfully adapt to it. Negative social mood is overtaking the world, as it does periodically. You can be blindly sucked into it, or you can watch it happen and therefore have a certain amount of distance from it. I find, however, that even if you are keenly aware of social mood it’s very difficult to not be effected by it.

  47. Kathy Steevens says :

    Thanks for the tip Bill.

    I must admit, I never thought of the possibility of “thinking” manifesting as a shadow, but it makes sense that anything you don’t like about yourself has the potential to do so. More than just a potential.

    I’ve watched the Big Mind dvd’s you send out. I think I also have difficulty separating thinking from my inner critic, know-all that she is. I guess I’ll have to let her out of the basement, although I have tried before, but since I really don’t like her very much, I have a tendency to shove her straight back in.

    To Catherine: I know many people who believe that the rich have somehow become that way through exploiting others and you’re right that the media have a lot to answer for. As for those who “suck it up”, I think that’s because they have no direct experience of being rich or what it takes to become rich. Many of them have worked hard for many years and never become rich. Because they don’t know how, they believe what they’re told and unfortunately, the media have the loudest voices.

    In Australia, the government and media promote something called the “little Aussie Battler”. This expression covers all those honest Australians (mums & dads is another favourite) who work hard but struggle all their lives to achieve any real wealth. The idea is romanticised and held up as being everything a good Australian should aspire to be, implying that those that aren’t are somehow not good, honest Australians. It’s so entrenched in the Australian psyche, that people proudly stand up and declare themselves to be “Aussie battlers” as if they wouldn’t have it any other way. Is it any wonder they never succeed at getting rich? It just makes them feel better about being poor and they happily buy into it.

  48. Mike says :


    You said: “To call me an incredibly ignorant person because I may have a different view than yourself makes me wonder where in the triangle your thoughts were when you responded to my post.”

    I would like to point out here that you yourself are admitting to differing views with regards to different people. It is these different, and sometimes opposing viewpoints that will occlude this idea of some sort of utopia from ever happening. Discord and suffering, including as Bill has pointed out, not getting what you want all the time is just a part of life. Do your bit to help others, but don’t expect that it will ever be the case that everyone is on the same page.

  49. Jeff says :

    Life is so incredibly awesome. Every fork in the road is a new opportunity. Take care and enjoy it to the fullest. Have a beautiful life.

  50. Visvas says :

    Hi Bill,

    Concering the amount of overwhelm and the level of threshold does this all depend on the individuals life experience? When going through the program would persons who experienced “more trauma” experience more overwhelm as they progress in the program?

    As far as dark times ahead, “How it will turn out this time is anyone’s guess. One unfortunate difference is that many of the people in charge in “democratic” republics are more in favor of socialism than they are in free markets and democratic principles (though they use the word “democratic” all the time).” that is frightening!

    FROM BILL: Yes, it is frightening. Is is to me.

    Those who have been traumatized definitely have a more difficult time with Holosync. When we are traumatized we end up repressing a lot of things that we think are bad or wrong, about ourselves and about the world. When we begin to become aware of those things (which are, by the way, the source of much of our suffering), because they are “bad”. we resist them. The upheaval is really our own resistance to see ourselves and the world the way it really is.

    A person who has been traumatized has a lower threshold than someone who hasn’t. It will obviously take less to push you over that lower thresold.

    However, the end-point of using Holosync is that all of this is healed, and the threshold is pushed much higher. Though the program is more intense for someone who has been traumatized (I am an example of this, by the way), it is the most effective way I’ve ever seen to get out from under that trauma. What you go through is worth it, and if you use the support we provide and do the program the way I say to do it, there’s no reason to have a lot of resistance.

  51. catherine H says :

    Yes Kathy, we have a similar culture in the UK. The government likes to call it “in the spirit of The Blitz”.
    In the 1970’s in the UK we had what is known as ‘the winter of discontent’. The miners strike, 3 day working week and limited electricity plus many other factors (including a weak economy- I think the govt devalued the GBP by 14% over night) plunged the UK into darkness (literally!).

    However ‘the spirit of The Blitz’ ensured that a lot of people look back on that period with a rosy, romantic glow. I was asking My Mum about her memories of it only the other day (I was a child at the time) and she said “ooh Cath it was wonderful! We all used to huddle round a candle to eat our tea and went to bed early because the tele stopped broadcasting at 10.30pm!” She has very little idea ( or concern) about what was going on politically at the time (or now) and she is, and was, a school teacher to our developing youth!

    I’m not into shame or blame (honestly!). It does however inevitably affect everything and everyone if people rely on corrupt government and media for their beliefs and way of life. ( let alone all the other learned setbacks we collect along the way).

    Talking of Nazi Germany Bill (or any other Americans out there), is it true that Walmart and Homeland Security are sneakily trying to turn the public into the equivalent of the Hitler Youth? If so, I hope people see the consequences before they start turning on their neighbours.

  52. Andy says :

    What I love best about you Bill is your own human’ness’. You don’t float above it all like Maharishi Fattifatbastard. You always react so strongly to magical thinkers and people who just don’t get the effiicency of the profit principle, and that makes me laugh and feel closer to you. As to money and profit, maybe we could start by calling both something different (eg ‘lube’, which contains the idea of making things run smoothly). I know ‘greasing the wheels’ has already got corrupt connotations, but that’s not a bad thing as the language needs to reflect the reality and scope of human behaviours. As to being rich, unless you are passionately engaged what is it other than a security blanket or the enhanced ability to order waiters about ? To repeat the old cliche: money is neutral, it’s what you do with it (that can have meaning ascribed to it).

    “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.
    In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”

  53. “Talking of Nazi Germany Bill (or any other Americans out there), is it true that Walmart and Homeland Security are sneakily trying to turn the public into the equivalent of the Hitler Youth?”

    Catherine H,

    That’s a joke, right?


    FROM BILL: It is a bit weird that Walmart is showing a video of Janet Neopolitano (or as radio talk show host Mark Stein calls her, Janet Incompitano) asking Walmart customers to watch for suspicious activities in and around the store (people buying too many Chinese products? Middle Eastern-looking people buying Rush Limbagh books?), comparing it to Nazi Germany is a bit over the top. However, if this is where our tax dollars are going (which it apparently is) on the pretense that something like this keeps us safer, it just shows how moronic big government types are.

  54. catherine H says :

    There are quite a few benefits to being rich.
    To coin another old cliche: you’re only as free as your purchasing power.
    I think Maharishi Fattifatbastard came up with that one.

  55. Heikki says :

    Whatever Bill!

    I just welcome chaos to my life, again, again, again, again….

  56. Sam says :

    I find more and more that my integral practice helps me to deal a lot more effectively with chaos and, on the flip side, how poorly I deal with chaotic situations when I don’t practice. The farther out I go with this in the practice on the bell curve of experience the more my having and maintaining my practice seems to be escential. I feel backed by something larger than myself that provides guidance as to where the reorganization lies, and the more I engage in practice the more refined my abilities in tuning in to this larger part become. It’s not the larger part that provides me some sort of guidance but the development and refinement of the skills necessary to “contact” this part that is important. The more separate I feel from this part in awareness the more effort I need to put in to tune in to it, and the more likely it is that magic type thinking comes up (the statue of the Buddha helped me focus) and the more important practice becomes. I say this because I’m sure Precter has something to say with his waves and all of that.

    I started off with big mind speaking from different voices, or types, of awareness. I then started to notice that speaking from these different types of awareness allowed me to access different faculties, or lines of development; I am for instance more intuitive in certain “voices” and quite distant in others. As I went along exploring types and lines I noticed that in the background quite a number of states started to unfold, at first quite dim and far away from awareness but with practice steadily more vivid and intense. Over time I also began to start noticing different subtleties and shades of grey in the process, and different levels started to emurge almost alike when in the Wizard of Oz the film turned from black and white into color. I’ve also recently started to work more with quadrants, although this is a bit more difficult; Bill you teach in lpip about this but I’m lazy about the practice and, even though I’ve studied for a few years now, I still don’t get the hang of it completely.

    Why I bring all of this up is that I’ve been playing with integral for some time now, however I only recently with the discussion on the blog have realized how shallow my practice has been. I recognize this from witnessing the potential of the practice and where it can take me, and my not being where I want to be due to my own laziness rather than anything outside of myself.

    I don’t want to go on at length here however I wonder if anyone else might comment on practice and how it helps them with chaos. The thing that’s really shown me about how to deepen and improve my integral practice is work with others (I’d like for others to discipate some of this chaos) and seeing how they effectively impliment these strategies in their lives. We can for instance go into these dark times ahead knowing the integral practice–or indeed whatever practice–and use these tymes as growth opportunities. Being prepared is what we’re learning to do I think, and reading clear and concise posts from others helps me prepare for clear communication of integral.

    Thanks everyone and happy holidays! I look forward to some nice discussion.

  57. catherine H says :

    “comparing it to Nazi Germany is a bit over the top. However, if this is where our tax dollars are going (which it apparently is) on the pretense that something like this keeps us safer, it just shows how moronic big government types are.”

    I hope I am being OTT but I do think it’s worse than moronic, I think the consequences are very troubling and they must have considered this.
    I find it creepy and Orwellian and it’s only one of many similarly badly thought out ideas that have been implemented (at best. I’m being generous).

    Making light of it won’t make it go away.

    FROM BILL: These “Big Brother” types of things have been happening for some time. When social mood becomes more negative, however, this sort of thing becomes more visible because those who are in favor of it become more emboldened. It is frightening.

  58. Dan says :


    Do you think it is possible for somebody to become so “good” at using the 3 methods of going unconscious that they never come to a point of reorganization – and thus never change/evolve? Or, will consistent use of Holosync “force” change depsite one’s strategies for keeping the system as it is.



    FROM BILL: If someone consistently uses Holosync, it will cause reorganization no matter what you do. It’s just a matter of whether it happens with lots of resistance, which is quite uncomfortable (this is what I did), or if you are able to learn how to observe the process will less resistance, in which case it is relatively easy. If you use it, Holosync will make you much more aware, and that awareness makes your old way of seeing things so obviously incomplete that you have to create a new perspective.

  59. catherine H says :

    FROM BILL: These “Big Brother” types of things have been happening for some time. When social mood becomes more negative, however, this sort of thing becomes more visible because those who are in favor of it become more emboldened. It is frightening.

    Yes, it has gathered pace in the last 10 years or so. Current technology makes it easier to snoop also.
    I’m in danger of making a list of ‘govt crimes against humanity’ if I go on with this and then you will slap my wrist.

    To coin yet another old cliche, they know not what they do.
    What’s their problem? Is it some sort of pathological narcissism?

    FROM BILL: They have two problems. One is that they want power. The second is that they need to learn what I’ve been saying on this blog: that there is no escape for impermanence and cause and effect. This means that there is no utopia that will be created if the elites decide FOR YOU what your health care will be like, what prices can be charged, what will be taught in all the schools, what the cars will be like, what food is okay to eat, what will and won’t be accepted as money, etc.

  60. catherine H says :

    Would it be fair to say that bad governance is a symptom of social mood? If social mood drives everything then ultimately the responsibility is ours? Not in a blaming way, I’m trying to get away from that. I suppose what I’m asking is, is it social mood that will dictate what happens as we go through these dark times or does the system have a ‘life of it’s own’ as it goes into chaos and reorganises?

    FROM BILL: Everything in society flows from popular mood.

  61. Sam says :

    Wouldn’t it be saner [siting your example] to describe Janet Incompitano as a racist? And “man-caused attacks”?If she’s changing the name from terrorist attacks to something else to keep the people from succumbing to terror why is she sturring them up by having them–the public–be on the lookout for “suspicious” activity, resulting in someone all too willing to make a citizens arrest based on this racial profiling? And what about woman-caused attacks anyway? Where does it end!

    Talk about skillful means utilizing terror to keep riff raff in line. Maybe we don’t need her for a protector but she’s sure good for something; let us humble servants of the public reorganize the chaos rather than going on a citizen’s arrest rampage. Let’s make our lives useful rather than pointing out an external structure that doesn’t work and how we–riff raff–are caught right in the middle of it. How do we make this plannet a world of love and light, wherein terrorism cannot abide? And what about emptiness; not just a code word anymore.

  62. Sam says :

    I appologize for any disturbance everyone, I think it was L. Ron Hubbard speaking rather than me. Please remember to forget all that is unnecessary. I prommice not to take this as ceriously in the future. The chaos I mean.

  63. Andrew Baines says :


    At the ever present risk of overintellectualising these things, does holosync work horizontally and or vertically?

    Referring to spiral dynamics, I remember you saying that there could be a self actualised/enlightened “red” (was that Julius Ceasar?) or indeed any level (save perhaps beige) on the spiral. Referring to Dan’s comment above, does holosync work independent of the person or in sync with the person.

    For example, in my own life I can see that I am at different levels in my own life dependent on the circumstances: e.g. mostly green at work and family, orange as to material possessions, frustrated green chaotically heading towards yellow in spiritual matters. Makes for a bit of a muddle, but hey, wouldn’t it be boring if there were a nice clean linear progression.

    So as life comes at me and I continue with awakening level 2, can I expect e.g. to stay at the green level but become better and better at dealing with what life throws at me on that level or will it push me towards yellow in my understanding and dealing with life’s little problems in that area. Also if I’m happy in one area, say blue for playing games, will it push me to orange, a more self actualised blue, or have no effect at all.

    Having written the post, I can guess you may well say, sit back, enjoy the ride, just notice what’s going on and you’ll have your answer. You don’t need me to tell you – and indeed if I do, you may not notice as much and get in the way of the process.

    Well, I’ve written it all now, so Merry Christmas to you all out there.

    FROM BILL: Holosync makes you more aware. If that increased awareness causes you to see something you previously weren’t seeing (which is what happens), and which was causing you to create some part of your life automatically, outside your awareness, you’ll go from being unconsciously immersed in that something to “having it”, in the sense you now can use it, by choice. It (whatever it is) was operating automatically–you were so identified with it that you couldn’t see it. In that case, you have no choice about it. The object of this new awareness goes from being subject (something you’re so identified with you don’t see it) to being object (something you can operate with choice). You were “being it,” and now you “have it.” It was subject, now it’s object.

    In other words, your perspective has become larger (you see some aspect of yourself or the world that you could not previously see), and as a result you have more choice than before.

    An example of this would be someone who has thoughts, but is largely unaware of them, and especially of how they originate. They seem to happen automatically. They “just happen,” without choice. This is, in fact, the way it is for most people.

    If, however, that person gains enough awareness to observe his thoughts, how they arise, how they pass, etc., thoughts move from being subject to being object, to something he has a choice about. Before, he WAS his thoughts. He was so immersed in them that he couldn’t really see them. After the shift in awareness, he HAS thoughts, and they become a choice.

    In fact, a person with a lot of awareness doesn’t do much unintentional thinking. My own mind is relatively quiet unless I decide to think about something, whereas years ago my mind was running constantly, creating a steady stream of thoughts, mostly unintentionally. Many people report this same experience, pre-Holosync–a mind that won’t quiet down and isn’t really under the their intentional control.

    I just offer this, however, as an example of how becoming more aware of causes the object of awareness to go from automatic subject to intentional and choice-based object.

    At any rate, this added choice will change how you see and relate to your environment, which could manifest either in terms of horizontal development (you gain increased facility at your current developmental level) or cause you to see that your current way of relating to and navigating your environment doesn’t really work anymore (it doesn’t take into account the new information). In that case, since your way of understanding and navigating doesn’t work anymore, your map of reality would go into chaos–things would not make sense anymore. To deal with this situation, your perspective would have to reorganize in a new way that DOES take into account the new information–an example of vertical development.

  64. Catherine H says :

    FROM BILL: Everything in society flows from popular mood.

    Righto. Just making ABSOLUTELY sure god damn it.
    If I find out you’re lying to me there’s going to be trouble. (joke)

    FROM BILL: You’re just saying that because you’re caught in the prevailing negative social mood. If these were times of positive social mood you would be begging me to marry you.

  65. Alan H says :

    I agree with what Sam has to say. The problem though with being able to have a planet of peace is that there are literally billions of people that deeply subscribe to different means of conflicting magical thinking. They hold onto this magical thinking, mainly religion, so hard that they end up fighting endless wars over it. These people hold important jobs in government and commerce. Whenever we, aware rational people, question anything we are branded a conspiracy nut! I agree that there are dark times ahead as Bill said, but this is only because the planet is reaping the consequences of the actions of billions of magical thinkers. I have gained incredible awareness in the past year about how the world really works, and I have lost a lot of personal relationships because people would rather hear the fairy tale instead of the truth!

    FROM BILL: No, it’s because social mood goes up and down in waves, and we’re in the beginning of a down wave. In times of positive social mood magical thinkers are very warm and fuzzy. In fact, whether magical or rational, people generally become aggressive shits during times of negative social mood.

  66. Kathy Steevens says :

    FROM BILL: “If a person gains enough awareness to observe his thoughts, how they arise, how they pass, etc., thoughts move from being subject to being object, to something he has a choice about.

    In fact, a person with a lot of awareness doesn’t do much unintentional thinking. My own mind is relatively quiet unless I decide to think about something, whereas years ago my mind was running constantly, creating a steady stream of thoughts, mostly unintentionally. Many people report this same experience, pre-Holosync–a mind that won’t quiet down and isn’t really under the their intentional control.”

    This is encouraging Bill. After 2 years of Holosync, my mind still runs amok with a steady stream of seemingly random thoughts that I have little control over.

    But lately, I have actually been able to catch myself more often during my meditation, suddenly realising that I’m no longer focusing, but am caught up in some long winded thought stream about whatever. I backtrack to the origin of where and how the thought stream began and then get really frustrated that I can get so caught up in it, that it takes me what seems like ages to backtrack to the beginning. I mentally chide myself for allowing the process to go as far as it does before I realise what’s happening, yet only minutes later, I find I’ve done it again. And I do it again and again and again. I then get so rattled, that whatever peace I may have attained from the meditation is completely shattered and it takes me a long time to settle down again and find some equilibrium.

    You said in your book that it took you seven years of daily meditation to finally be transformed. I sometimes think that if it only takes me 7 years, I’ll be doing really well.

    As to this negative social mood you all speak of. There seems to be very little of it here in Australia. Sure, Australians realise that things are not so great elsewhere in the world but the general mood here seems to be that “we’re alright Jack”. We’ve survived the GFC better than most of the rest of the world, the economy seems to be humming along just fine because we’ve finally decided we’re part of Asia rather than Europe and everything is just dandy, thank you very much.

    I know Australians have always lived in a bubble of their own making (due to how far away we are from everyone else), so don’t you guys go spreading this negative news around the place. Being the sheep they are over here, if they catch it, there’ll be panic in the streets and goodness only knows what will happen as a result.

    FROM BILL: First, why demonize your thoughts? If you have lots of thoughts, if you get lost in your thoughts, it isn’t helpful to resist that fact. So what if you have a lot of thoughts or get lost in your thoughts? This is the way it is for you right now. Keep using Holosync and forget about evaluating what is or isn’t happening the way you want it to.

    I didn’t say it took me seven years of meditation. I said it took seven years of Holosync meditation, which is quite different. I have, at this point, been meditating for 41 years.

    Social mood is worldwide, and also regional. Australia is effected by the social mood of the world because the entire world is connected. Social mood is also a bit different in different parts of the world, just as the weather is different from place to place. Still, all social mood, Australian as well as in other places, moves from postive to negative and back again, over and over, in a series of fractal waves.

  67. catherine H says :

    FROM BILL: You’re just saying that because you’re caught in the prevailing negative social mood. If these were times of positive social mood you would be begging me to marry you.

    Ooh, perhaps when things pick up then.

    Is social mood a product of the collective unconscious or another term for the same thing?
    I realise I’ve gone into question mode, it will end soon I promise.

    FROM BILL: It’s another thing.

  68. Kathy Steevens says :

    I know it’s not helpful to resist my thoughts and thinking. I do practice letting whatever happens be ok. But when I get caught up in thoughts that create a negative internal state, it takes me a while to remember to do so.

    I was kidding about Australia and the social mood. I have heard about social mood driving actions and events and that it moves back and forth from positive to negative, though I know very little about it. Another one of those unavoidable aspects of the human condition?

    FROM BILL: Google “socionomics” and you can learn more.

  69. Peter says :

    Bill, you say that “those who have been traumatized definitely have a more difficult time with Holosync”. I do have a difficult time with Holosync and with life in general, but I don’t remember any significant trauma happening in my life. I have a lot of unpleasant memories from my childhood but none of them is really so dramatic. I just think that my emotional threshold has been always low, because I remember being scared of normal things when I was very little. Is it possible that I just forgot what happened to me? Or by being traumatized you mean a lot of subtle unpleasant things? One more thing that makes me wonder is that I have two older sisters who have lived their childhood in the similar conditions to mine but they seem to cope with life better than me and no one really understands why I have so many problems.

    I know that knowing the reason why I am the way I am won’t change a lot but I’m just being curious.

    FROM BILL: Trauma does not necessarily mean you were wipped with barbed wire, or molested, or locked in the basement. LIFE is traumatic–you get a lot of what you don’t want, and fail to get a lot of what you do want. Just being a third child means that you probably got a lot less attention and care than your sisters, not because your parents were mean, but because the novelty of having a child had worn off by the time you were born. Look at the family photo albums. I’ll bet your oldest sisters has by far the most photos as a baby and a young child, and you probably had the least. All those unpleasant memories are the result of trauma you suffered. Anything you now think of as a potential danger is probably the result of something traumatic–even hearing about certain things and thinking they MIGHT happen can be traumatic.

  70. Chris says :

    Lol. “I was just kidding!”

    Lol. Say what you mean, people.

  71. James Wilkinson says :

    Dear Bill,

    beg you pardon for posting this here, but I have referred this issue to your staff and your webmaster on several occasions, though no one responded to the issue.

    The last of your podcast that downloads in iTunes is: “Does Holosync resolve shadow material?” (episode of May 2009). All subsequent episodes DO NOT automatically download to the podcasts module in iTunes, check it for yourself on your page at Apple:

    What’s the point then, of having a podcast in iTunes if your tech guys at the office fail to upload the episodes to the Apple website, so as to making them available for AUTOMATIC download as a podcast in iTunes?

    Thanks for all Bill, Kind Regards, James

  72. James Wilkinson says :

    “FROM BILL: They have two problems. One is that they want power. The second is that they need to learn what I’ve been saying on this blog: that there is no escape for impermanence and cause and effect. This means that there is no utopia that will be created if the elites decide FOR YOU what your health care will be like, what prices can be charged, what will be taught in all the schools, what the cars will be like, what food is okay to eat, what will and won’t be accepted as money, etc.”

    All of this is only possible cause people don’t use their FUZZY LITTLE ****HEADS and are TOTALLY BRAINWASHED by the media, stupidity & ignorance reign sovereign.

    And of course, sitting in front of the damn TV set and smoking dope is a lot easier than using Holosync and facing your shit.

    Bill, my hat off to you, cause you’ve done a lot of good, and still are, yet chaos will ensue anyway, as my late friend Heinz already told me back in 1990, though rest assured that the new world order as it is planned will fail miserably, yet, in the process the elites will (with the help of the stupid sheeple out there) cause quite a bit of havoc.

    ORDO AB CHAO is their motto, maybe they know something most people are unaware of? NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM?

    As for me I am creating more order in my head, while in the outer world para-police forces and surveillance cameras sprout like f****** mushrooms, and the brainwashes ****heads are all cheerful about it.

    Enough focusing on this shit for the next 3 months now…back to healing.

  73. James Wilkinson says :

    “FROM BILL: It is a bit weird that Walmart is showing a video of Janet Neopolitano…”

    Suspicious activities: LMAO

  74. Jem says :

    Merry Christmas one & ALL,

    What alot to think about, gosh. I personally go for the view that Gaia, the world/Mother is going through another birthing period, & we are experiencing it, what a trip :-)

    Sociobolloks _:-( I don’t know why you actually believe in this Bill, I thought you were more, & believe you are!!!!! Socio-old men ttating the old/past…future fucked…..

    I don’t understand you Bill. How about we are going through a phase where the old corrupt system of dog eat dog is dying, & this is the chaous before the better ,more spirtual system happens of Compasion Occurs????

    There is so many interperations you can give to life, & they will only be yours. tHE CATERPILLAR goes from caterpillar to beautiful Butterfly. Thats so crazy, We are a ball of energy, sitting in the middle of nothing but energy. Our entire beings are energy, made from the stars…which are nothing but empty space. How can you say you don’t believe in magic????????

    Your whole being is magic, you being here is magic, life is magic. If you promote depression (& people belive in you ), you will create depression. If you promote peace, (& people belive in you;_)), you will create peace. Nothing is concrete, ideas are just that, ideas.

    I think Padma, created so much possability of peace that he got it, God (what ever) is here, you just need eye’s to see.

    FROM BILL: Magical thinking is alive!

  75. Kris Wade says :

    hi Bill-

    Listen, I recently started working here at what’s called the Nevada habilitation center; working with low developmental consumers. On the extremes of mental retardation and what not. Was thinking Holosync could be of aid to these folks and could be used as therapy (there is plenty of time just sitting around where these guys could be listening to holosync). Having had this thought I was wondering how I’d go about implenting such a therapy. Getting in touch with you and the higher ups in this facility seems to be the first course of action. what do you think? Isthis something you’d be interested in entertaining perhaps maybe?

    All the Best, Merry Christmas.

  76. James Wilkinson says :


    In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.
    In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

    FROM ME:

    An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger.

    I could go on all day quoting Confucius–a very smart man.

  77. Peter says :

    Thanks for your reply Bill. You are absolutely right. I have always thought that I’m less important than my sisters and that what I think doesn’t really matter. And it still happens in my adult life. Whenever I am in the group of people I’m always convinced that they don’t care about me and what I think and feel. Yes, life is traumatic. It’s sad.

    FROM BILL: Only if you resist it.

  78. Sam says :

    I find myself buying into the hype around my personal growth, and the hype around “I’m not good enough” or “nobody likes me, everyone hates me, I’m going go eat worms” and that it’s time for a shift in consciousness. Whatever does serve me about the garbage I tell myself let it be known to me, and let the rest go. This 2012 article helped me quite a lot in putting things in perspective: The end is near? Happy reading and happy thoughts!

  79. buzz says :

    I have seen such great changes in myself regarding clarity in thinking regarding circumstances that used to “shatter my world” since I’ve been listening to Holosync. I’m much calmer, I feel I see things more as they are rather than by my conditioning and automatic pilot.

    I still go through chaos from time to time while listenening to the cds. which I am getting through more easily as time goes by.

    However this is my question. I think you mentioned in one of the cd’s that came with the soundtracts, that you don’t get excited about life as you used to, that things don’t upset you nor do they excite you as they once did. My concern is, I enjoy being thrilled by life, even though it has it’s ups and downs, I don’t want to loose being thrilled. If I come to the end of the cds, am I going to be less excited in general regarding life.

    Although it sure is nicer not being upset all the time, and I litterally mean I was on automatic pilot of doom, I am concerned about the excitement part.

    I may have misinterpretted what you had said. When you have a chance, thanks, happy new year

    FROM BILL: You speak as if how you feel is beyond your control. Is that true? If so, perhaps you need to do something to find out HOW you create your feelings, so they become a choice. (Hint: take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses:

  80. Jem says :

    This is an extremly interesting blog I have to say. Peter I sympathise with you, holosync does bring up the Devil within doesn’t it!!!! Bill this is a question cause I really want to try & understand where you are coming from. You talk about NO GOD, yet I am really curious to see how you believe life happend………Ok, I get you believe in evolution, the logic of the day, yet (I do as well), it doesn’t explain many things, for example….

    I was just watching a documentory about China’s Rain Forests, now there is a plant in the forest called the Withches brew or something. The point being it attracts beatles when it opens, which is at night. It attracts THE BEATLES BY A PUNGENT SMELL, THEN KEEPS THEM CAPTIVE UNTILL IT HAS DROPPED ITS POLLEN ON THEM SO THEY CAN FERTILISE THE NEXT GENERATION (sorry had the capitals on). Now when the forest is cooling down this plant is hooting up infact it increase its temperature by 10 degrees in a very short time, now that is impressive. But…..

    My question is, how on Earth did this plant evolve such percefic ways with evolution of synchonising its life with this beatle. The plant has a waxy interia which enables the beatle to be caught (after being drawn in by the oder it produces), & the circumfernce is perfect not to allow the beeatles wingspan to open. The plant keeps the beatles captive for a day & a night then it produces a rough wall (where once it was wax), so the beatles can climb out & fertalise other plants within the area. Now that sounds near enough impossiable by evolution in it’s-self?????? I could carry on all day citing varios other examples that scientists choose to ignore. However I wont :-)

    My question being life seems so perfect, we have a moon at exactly the right distance from Earth to affect the oceans but not enough to cause chaos,, we have had the same consistency of salt in the sea since life began. The story is endless infact on how perfect life is to support life & to say its all an acident really doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway would love to hear what you have to say. Happy Xmas.

    FROM BILL: First, I didn’t say that there is no God. I said there is no evidence for one.

    The beetle and the plant are the way they are because those that weren’t that way couldn’t survive. Those that did what these two organisms do, over hundreds of millions of years, survived and changed into what you see today.

    There are plenty of planets with moons that are other distances away, or where circumstances are not condusive to life or anything you would approve of. In fact, no other planets have been found like this one. Idealizing it, or using it as proof of some sort of divine providence would be like using a person you find with an ideal life as proof that life is fantastic for everyone.

  81. Chris says :

    Bill, I have a question/comment about awareness (I know that seems off topic!):

    I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to be aware of my thoughts that once I start watching them, and how I “do” something inside, it just completely stops. My thought patterns just stop and I almost say “what the heck” because I want to see “how I do it.”

    Does this sound familiar?

    FROM BILL: Questions about awareness are never off-topic.

    When you are aware of something, it becomes a choice. Once you have a choice, you will always choose what serves you. Since many things we do automatically, outside our awareness, DON’T serve us, becoming aware of them causes them to fall away–we naturally choose not to do them.

    This probably means that what you are thinking about isn’t necessary (most thinking isn’t). Since it doesn’t serve you, it stops as soon as you observe it with awareness. This happens a lot with emotions that don’t serve us. When we watch them with awareness, they disappear.

    It’s also possible that you aren’t yet that proficient at observing your internal representations, and that you’re just losing track of what you’re watching, which just means you need to practice more.

  82. Kathy Steevens says :

    FROM BILL: “The truth is that NO ONE KNOWS–or will ever know–why all of this is here, where it came from, or where it’s going. As I’ve said before, a spiritually mature person is comfortable with that mystery. Those who are less mature spiritually need some sort of God, myth, or explanation, even if it doesn’t really explain anything. Saying that “God did it” isn’t really an explanation. It just gives a name to a supposed and unknown cause, but clarifies nothing.”

    I like to think of “God”, as the ‘one energy, aware of itself’? Being raised in a religious family, as many people on the planet are, makes it difficult to discount God altogether, despite a lack of evidence and being human makes it difficult to “be comfortable with the mystery” without seeking an explanation. The human mind likes to have an explanation for everything or at least mine does. There is no doubt that I am not spiritually mature but I have to agree with Jem. There are many examples of phenomena that science has no explanation for, that the ‘one energy, aware of itself’ could very well be responsible for.

    FROM BILL: Do you notice that you say that you like to “think of God as…”? In other words, God is an IDEA you’re having. Ideas are not reality. Reality is something you can point to, observe, put in a wheelbarrow, or measure in some way.

    To say “I don’t know why X happens, or where Y comes from, so it must come from God,” just begs the question. You might as well say that whatever you don’t understand comes from the planet Krypton, or from the fairies who live in the 11th dimension–or make up some other “solution” to your problem of what, why, or from where. None of this increases your ability to understand what is happening. Putting it off on God or the fairies from the 11th dimension just fools you into thinking you’ve solved the problem. It might make you feel better, but it’s delusional.

    Some people would say, “Well, what’s wrong with feeling better?” For one thing, it closes your mind to finding out more about what it really happening. People used to think that if they wore garlic around their necks it would keep vampires away. I suppose these people felt better when they did this. Do you want to be like those people, doing something superstitious that has no relation to reality? Those kinds of people were not the people who figured out how to harness the laws of nature. They were stuck in magical thinking, and about the ONLY benefit of magical thinking is that it might help you feel better.

    As I have said, spiritual maturity is the point where you realize that some of existence is unknowable, and are okay with not knowing–in other words, you don’t need to know in order to get rid of your fears of death or lack of control over what happens. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever totally gets rid of those fears. Personally, I would rather face my fears than adopt a delusional way of thinking in order to paper them over.

  83. bill norman says :

    Bill, have enjoyed your mindchatter and blog for years. Running through all of the posts, and your on line courses, and the seminar I attended in LA last year, is the central theme that resistance it self is the cause of pain, not the item being resisted. This seems intuitive but i was wondering if you peel back the onion far enough, is there a source for this concept in modern psychological principles? I understand it is ancient wisdom from the Buddha and others and that could be enough, but it seems that the idea might well have roots in empiral studies of the brain. After all, pain is an emotion and thus something which stems from mental activity it seems, so is there in the development of your ideas a scientific or empirical study that also supports the common sense?

    From the other Bill

    FROM BILL: It’s all about survivial–in a universe where, ultimately, nothing survives forever. This is why resistance puts you in a double bind. It’s a fight you can’t win. It’s possible to do what you can to improve your situation, though, without resisting.

  84. Rob says :

    Hi all,

    what a great blog, very thought provoking and inspirational.

    I agree with the science content of what you have written Bill, I would like to expand a bit by looking at the idea of chaos and order in a slightly different way. After writing this darn long epic reply, I have realised that the science behind what you where saying wasn’t so important as the final message you are getting across, but I will put it anyway as Ive written it now haha!!

    In 1964, two scientists called Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered that there was a background radiation permeating across the entire universe. Wherever they pointed their telescopes they found that the radiation had the same temperature and wavelength. What they discovered was the background temperature of the vacuum of space!! This radiation gives energy to matter within the vacuum of space (yep, there is matter in the vacuum of space, just not very much!!) This temperature measurement is not actually of the vacuum itself but of any matter in it, it also allowed them to find the frequency of the radiation in this way as well.

    One thing this indicates is that the universe, but excluding all the interesting stuff in it, such as galaxies, and the stuff in them such as stars and planets, has slowly become MORE ordered and LESS chaotic since the first existence of the universe. Why? Because the background radiation is uniform in all directions, and it is homogeneous, ie it looks the same in all directions and has the same characteristics in all directions. It is essentially about as close to describing anything that is in a permanent state of equilibrium as possible. But it cant be in permanent equilibrium by the very fact that the two scientists were able to record a temperature and wavelength reading from the vacuum. By the very act of taking the measurement they increased the chaos and complexity of the universe (ie by interacting with it!)

    So why then is disorder and chaos supposedly increasing? Because chaos and complexity are different sides of the same coin so to speak. Without chaos there would be zero complexity. We would be in a huge void of background radiation with no stars, planets (or any matter of any type) without the process of chaos and order. So on a grand scale, the universe can be thought of as actually ordering itself down to a background temperature of zero Celsius, where there is only pure energy and it continues to radiate for all eternity, but never interacting with any matter to create chaos and order!! (the law of Thermodynamics describes this final state as ‘Heat death’. We are an integral part of that grand process. If we could step back and see the universe as an entire object, we would see that from its creation (by the big bang or from something else) that I the universe has cooled, increased in size, and become less dense. It has done this by the creation (what we see as order) and destruction (what we see as chaos) of galaxies.

    Recently I have been listening to Bill’s Masters of the secret series, and I think part of the interview with Hale Dwonskin on the teachings of the Sedona method are very applicable with regards to Chaos theory and randomness.

    Hale describes positive and negative emotions that are ‘projected’ by our conscious onto things that are exterior to ourselves. Ie objects, people etc. He describes these emotions as different aspects as being one and the same. In other words these emotions are different sides of the same coin.

    And so as our feelings are constantly creating positive and negative emotional states, chaos and order and constantly transferring energy between these states (like the chaos and order of galaxies) I’ve come to think of the body itself as the universe, and that the feelings we have of positivity and negativity are the same thing, just different only from the perception we place on them. (Again like the galaxies within the universe) As a being we can point ourselves to equilibrium by allowing chaos/order states to exist as what they really are, instead of ‘becoming’ them.

    I hope that makes sense???

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Apologies for the length of this reply. Im new on here from yesterday, and the whole thing has got me quite energised.



    FROM BILL: The homogeneity you describe regarding the background radiation is NOT an example of order. It is an example of equilibrium. One of the main characteristics of highly complex ordered systems (dissipative structures) is that they are FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM. They are dynamic, not static. What you describe is a form of what scientists call heat death, a form of thermodynamic equilibrium.

  85. Jem says :

    I understand what you say when you talk about evolution, I am a great fan of evolution… makes sence! I can understand when a flower needs more hight because of circumstances, & the one…. because of DNA/mutation, has an advantage over its brothers & sisters & hence it will be the surviror & his or her genes will be passed on. I have no problem with this, even bigger leaves, colours, spikes, etc. However some things go against basic laws of evolution.

    Life has a tendency to be totally simbiotic (cant be bothered to check dictionary for spelling), it means life depends on life, hence the arms race which it is called in ecological terms. Plant had invasion, adapted to invert being destoyed, invasion (a) needs stronger weapons, etc, etc, etc.

    But I do draw the line where the Bee Orchid’s flower looks like a female bee & give’s of the scent “of come dine with me :-). When the only way a Large Blue Butterfly can survive, is when there are certain ant collonies in the area. The Large Blue (please don’t shoot me if it was one of the other Blues?), caterpillar gives of scent which says to all these ants i’m one of you, look after me.

    My problem is, how can evolution do such prescion?????????????? All my my professors haven’t been able to convince me yet, but im eager to learn. I realise you are an extremly well read individual, plus youv’e finished holosync etc, but some/many things just don’t fit the model, so that’s me for now :-)

    p’s’, have you got any statistics where alcohlics/addicts stop abusing stuff, is there a level where you understand your-self enough to stop doing this??? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Im on level 4 & this has challenged me more than any other level (which is good, but painful), yet I am still drinking.

    FROM BILL: Evolution is precise because it has occurred over hundreds of millions of years.

    Ending anything you are doing that does not serve you is due to a lack of awareness that YOU are doing it, and HOW you are doing it. I have written extensively about this, so I will not elaborate here. Read the rest of the blog.

  86. Jem says :

    Awareness, Awareness, where are thou’t Awarenesss

  87. Kathy Steevens says :

    I don’t think I’m stuck in magical thinking. I’m very conscious of your advice on “premature closure” and keep an open mind on all subjects and it is a fascinating subject.

    I am a bit confused by your description of reality though.

    “Reality is something you can point to, observe, put in a wheelbarrow, or measure in some way.”

    From listening to your posts and the LPIP courses, my understanding of your previous descriptions of reality were nothing like the above. I’ve probably got it wrong, but my impression was that the reality we all take to be concrete, solid and measurable was an illusion and that the real reality (for lack of a better term) was something intangible that cannot be described using language but can only be experienced?

    FROM BILL: Your IDEAS and REPRESENTATIONS about what is concrete. solid, and measurable are an illusion–if you mistake them for the reality they represent (which nearly everyone does).

  88. matthew says :

    What has changed for you, bill harris, over, say the past 1.5 years? Clearly a marked difference in engagement over the past 1.5 years or so.

    Personally, i’d guess “genpo” has had a lot to do with it, but I have no idea. I’m curious though. That might be useful for “all of us” to know.

    Would be much more enjoyable to discuss in person, but, oh well. For now anyways. Don’t you die old man, not yet.

  89. Kathy,

    I don’t know about Bill, but an illustration I often use to comprehend reality a bit better (which we can never really do anyway) is to think of light.

    It’s a puny part of the electromagnetic spectrum (from about 0.3 to 0.7 millionths of a meter in wavelength) but it occupies such a large part of our conscious awareness. But bees see in the ultraviolet wavelenghts. They see a completely different “reality” than we do. We perceive infrared electromagnetic radiation as heat, but in the military they convert that heat into visible light so that soldiers can see the enemy by their heat signature. What if we were to see in radio waves, or in cosmic rays? What would reality look like to us?

    It gets even weirder if you start to think in terms of the infinitesimally small. Light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are either particles, or waves, depending on the type of experiment and the instrument used to measure it. So what is the “real” nature of light? Is it waves, particles, wavicles, both, neither, and/or? Who knows for “real”?

    And what about other life forms that don’t rely so much on sight? Dogs, who apparently can’t see as well as we do, have about a million more olfactory cells and nerve endings than humans do. They must “smell” a three-dimensional olfactory reality that we can’t even grok! Or how about animals such as reptiles that can only detect movement, but that can react to it about a 1,000 times faster than humans do with tongues 3 times longer than their bodies?

    If you start imagining all this, it becomes quickly mind-boggling, and you start not only wondering about how little of reality, whatever it is, we actually perceive. You also can only be awestruck. At least I am.


  90. Jem says :

    Im with Rich, life is to easy to explain by simple evolution.

  91. Kathy Steevens says :

    Thank you Richard,

    I ‘see’ what you mean. Certainly puts reality into perspective doesn’t it? You’re right. If you start imagining it, it really is mind boggling. It would be fun to try them on though wouldn’t it? :-)

    I see what you’re saying too Bill. Our ideas of reality are so ingrained that we assume that there is no other way that things can be and most of us never give a passing thought to all the alternatives. Unless you’re a scientist or immensely curious, which most people aren’t.

  92. Laverne Jacob Weisel says :

    Bill, After finishing the series and reading some of the other comments and your responses. I think that life is the answer to its own question. Because we are energy flowing and we are part of it and being aware then as we releasel our energy for the last time we are then free of our physical shell. We will simply flow into the larger source of energy and the reality of this last voyage we create in our map of reality will become our reality. Understanding that we are not who we are or what we think we are but we are what we think. So if I chose to believe I will retain my physical image after I leave this body than that is what will happen. If I visualize what my heaven will be than that is what it will be. After all the I think the same rules of the universe apply in any state of awarness we might find our selves in. So if wwe are truly aware that the map is not the reality than anything is possible.

    FROM BILL: Your comments are a great example of something I’ve been talking about–how humans are generally unwilling to really come to terms with impermanence and need to create ideas about what will come after their life ends.

  93. Rob says :

    A very profound insight from laverne. I think I will cut and paste it onto my desktop to ponder on it!

    Regarding Rich’s comment earlier about electromagnetic radiation a few posts up the page; The wave model of EM radiation was created to describe the nature of EM radiation as it permates through a vacuum unimpeded by matter. The particle model was created to describe the interaction of EM radiation that is interacts with matter.

    The wave model doesnt work when applied to em radiation/matter, and the particle model doesnt work when applied to unimpeded radiation. So with this in mind, the models are right and wrong depending on how they are used.

    Could that be a bit like how a bit like how we percieve reality?

  94. Carlos says :

    Many people choose to ignore impermanence so as not to feel the pain. Their coping mechanism is to convince themselves that if they imagine something hard enough that will be real. That if they ignore the facts they dont like (which might be facts scientifically proven)then those facts are not
    real for them.

    When they see something they dont like they choose to ignore the pain and to look the other way and pretend that did not happen or is not real.
    Like the ostrich which put his head in the hole and think that because they cannot see danger then there is not danger.

    But for one thing the more you ignore danger the faster it will bite you in the ass. and no matter how hard you ignore the pain you will feel it because pain is unavoidable and a part of life no matter what you put in your head.


  95. Gloria says :

    Sorry to be picky Carlos but for the sake of truth the ostrich putting its head in the sand is a myth.

    FROM BILL: But a great metaphor.

  96. Sam says :

    How ultimately does all of this talk about chaos reorganize into something that can help us navigate the terretory more efficiently rather than being stuck in the map?

    I’m trying to maintain my role as protagonist in my journey through life, and I notice all of these things that push me out of that role–the role of protagonist or main character is disowned and takes a back seat–and that keep me stalled on the journey. This disowning the role of protagonist is quite important for many of us, as I feel that this–not being the main character in our story–is one of the main issues that keep us stalled, and perhaps resourceful reorganization happens when we start to own and embody that role.

    Sometimes I think that many of us in spiritual comunities tend to disown the role of protagonist and, ironically, tend to use this as a crutch to remain stalled (I often lose it because of something a family member says or does, and if they were only different; if they would only live in love and light as I am…) and we then get stuck with magic and mythic types of thinking to explain why things aren’t going the way we want them too.

    I imagine that our main focus for this might be starting from a place of power, starting from the place of protagonist. Then we watch very carefully to see when we’re knocked out of that role by something or other, and pay attention to how we unresourceful “deal” with chaos and stay stuck rather than owning that role. I notice this within myself: I don’t “export” to the environment by speaking up for what I want, I often shut down when opportunities show up that I might really want to engage in, and I pretend like my journeying through all of this doesn’t matter and I should go sit or something. I’m not very good at practicing this witnessing yet however this first owning and then disowning the role of protagonist seems to be a very effective tool for understanding how I deal with chaos unconsciously and how to bring consciousness to what I want. Does this make sense for anyone else?

    This expression of art or journeying or story structure really adds a three-dimentional look and feel to all of this, and I’m wondering if others might also be interested in understanding witnessing from this or other perspectives. I’d like to hear what you’ve thought of this process, as well as others how you deal with it. Let’s have some fun!

  97. Gloria says :

    Bill, A metaphor based on a lie is not a great metaphor.

    FROM BILL: Many metaphors are based on stories. A metaphor that gets the point across is a good metaphor.

  98. Kathy Steevens says :

    Dear Sam,

    I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘protaganist’ in the context you speak of. If you mean ‘standing up and being true to yourself’ then I agree, the times when you do not do that are very disempowering and I know, I personally beat myself up for hours and days when I allow that to happen, which is far more often than I like to admit.

    You do say though that “I feel that this–not being the main character in our story–is one of the main issues that keep us stalled.” I feel differently about that. I feel that getting stuck in my story is what keeps me stuck in the map. Everyone has a story – which essentially is what happened to them in the past. In order to change and move on, I feel I have to let go of the story.

    It’s the story that’s moulded me into who I became with all my unresourceful behaviours and beliefs about myself. Because I was timid as a child and teenager, I allowed myelf to become a victim of anyone who wanted to control me, bully me or look after their own needs over mine. I created a map of reality in order to cope with those situations and carried that into adulthood, which as Bill says, “is not resourceful”. It has caused me to react and behave in ways that have actually perpetuated my story and my behaviours and beliefs. It’s only been since I discovered Bill, Holosync and Bills Life principles courses that I’ve been able to see that it is possible to let go of the story and be the person I want to be.

    That’s easier said than done of course, but I’m working on it. The story keeps me trapped, and living the story is such an automatic, unconscious response that it really does take a hell of a lot of soul searching and conscious awareness to avoid slipping into my usual behaviour every time I’m faced with a person or situation that I find confronting, intimidating or uncomfortable.

    I want to write a new story, where I am the person I really want to be. You can’t change anyone else no matter who they are or how much you care about them – family in particular. And I’ve discovered that trying to is much like bashing your head against a brick wall – very painful and usually makes matters worse. I can only change myself, and if others don’t want to come along for the ride or don’t like where I’m headed, there’s nothing I can do, other than try to detach myself, feel compassion for them and hope that one day they will.

    I’m not very good at witnessing either – especially when I’m right in the middle of one of those situations I mentioned. I can look back and see how I could have responded differently and know what I shoud have done, said, thought etc. But as Bill says, until you can see it happening while it’s actually happening, it’s not very helpful. I keep trying though and now there are occasional times when I can see it as it’s happening . If I keep practising and keep reminding myself to be watchful and diligent, hopefully it will happen more and more and ultimately I will be able to choose how to respond in the actual moment rather than agonising over it once the opportunity has passed.

    It takes courage though. I’m not used to standing up and speaking my truth in the face of opposition and I personally find it very confronting and scary. My heart beats double time and all I really want to do is say or do whatever it takes to simply smooth the waters or better still just run the other way. And that’s what I still do, often. But I’m getting stronger and I hope the day will come when I have the courage to stand up and speak my truth in the face of any opposition. I wish you all the best in this also.

  99. Gloria says :

    I see your point Bill, but when a story is shown to be an outright lie, it just doesn’t cut it for me. Besides I hate to see intelligent animals get a bad press.

    FROM BILL: Is this the most important problem you have to worry about? Sheesh. It’s a myth. So what. Do you think the ostiches care?

  100. arturo says :

    Hi bill,

    Just a context related simple question if I may:
    I am a holosync user (awakening 1) and I’ve always love doing some workout (like lifting weights or go for a jog or martial arts oriented cardio). I am careful of never doing it excesively (always less than one hour), just enough to stimulate and energize my body not to spend so much energy to try to escape from reality. I do find it, however, to always make me feel very good, deal with life challenges more easily (including over the threshold periods from holosync), and stabilize myself. the question is, am I still just trying to push energy out?, to a what point this is a “good tool” that helps me smooth out the process, or is it still just dispation of energy?. Thank you very much Bill, keep up your great work…

    FROM BILL: If you watch whatever you do with awareness, you won’t ned to do these evaluations. Whatever doesn’t serve you will naturally fall away.

  101. Meave says :

    Great stuff. Practising awareness builds identification with that within us which is aware – is always aware – subject to change as a result of experience, ie, growth/expansion. That part of us is beyond selectivity on the basis of pleasant or unpleasant as perceived by the personality – its focus is on wholeness hey, the wholeness that is achieved through experiential knowledge of all of it.

    And yet …. there is a sense that there is a direction beyond just becoming a bigger blob. That we each have a role in a bigger whole. Where is the point or what makes the point between awaiting the presentation of the new order and acting in accordance with the learning we have accrued, to do what we can to contribute to the style of the new order that is being created or at least to negotiate the chaos via those principles?

    For example. Suppose an aggressive and violently destructive character shatters a reality. The new reality imposed is one of “might is right”. Mmm. I am aware that the lives of many can be sacrificed to enhance the power of that one. Interesting. – but not progressive. Resistance only amplifies the problem. Co operation validates and empowers a megalomaniac as does passive “awareness”.

  102. carmen says :

    OK Bill, as a holosync user for almost one year now, I have to admit that my general attitude to life has changed for better…, don’t ask me if it was because of this tecnology and all the philosofy around it or simply because it was the right moment, I mean the moment in which the circumstances went over the threshold of my mind…., whatever it was, be sure I will not regret to have become a participant of this program. Whenever those circumstances allow me, I will continue it to the end, more and more interested on it as time and practice go

    By the way, only kidding, have you ever discovered the way for anyone in that boat to reorganize the system to a higher level?…,it does not seem to be watching the process with curiosity, does it?

    FROM BILL: The system quite naturally reorganizes at a higher level when it has to. You can either resist it and suffer through the process, or watch the process without resistance, which is the easy way.

  103. carmen says :

    Am I reading too much of this blog, going to mental chaos???? First of all, forgive my English, my mother tongue is Spanish, yet I’ll do my best.

    Jules Verne had nothing to show but ideas about things we all can observe and experience nowadays….,what is the right concept for “evidence”? I am sure now that any idea my mind is able to concieve is an evidence that the very idea is going to be observable outside its creator (mi mind)….,

    the transformation of ideas in reality is only a matter of time or evolution.

    That is one of the reasons because of which I want to observe my mind, such a dangerous machine!!!

    Ergo, if I am able to think of something I name “God” “One energy”, etc., this very thing I am able to think of is coming to be real, yet this does not necessarily mean I feel more comfortable or relieved, since it seems to be another of my mind’s products, nothing outside there

    Again, should I have a rest here?; not easy, this blog is so interesting

  104. Pete says :


    I appreciate your honesty about the dark times ahead. This idea has created quite a bit of chaos in me. How do you stay focused when you know what is going on in the world right now and what is coming?

    Thanks for everything

    FROM BILL: Usually people become MORE focused if they sense danger.

  105. karyn says :

    Dear Bill
    Three years ago I was hit by a car and my life suddenly changed. While I was convalescing I was given the DVD The Secret to watch which amazingly led me to you..I have been on a roller coaster ride ever since. I am now on the level Flowering 1 I will now purchase Flowering 2 but I have to say that during the last level I started making mistakes at work which nearly cost me my job ( I am a nurse in a very busy surgical ward) I had to have 6 weeks off with stress to reorganise…wow that was enough chaos for me !!!! so should I expect more chaos with this next level..I feel that maybe I should leave nursing!!! I did purchase your course three years ago but never completed it I just wasnt ready! but now I feel that I wasted all that money and would benefit by doing it again. Can I still access the course? or will I have to9 start again?
    thanks a million I must admit that My life has changed remarkablyy

    FROM BILL: You have unlimited access to the courses.

    I would be wary of blaming mistakes at work on Holosync, especially once you get as far as the Flowering Levels–unless you totally rushed through each level and didn’t really intergrate it before moving on. Human make mistakes, you know.

  106. Karyn,

    You’re on Flowering Level 1 after only 3 years? What’s your rush?

    I’ve just started my 7th year and I’m only just finishing Purification Level 4. I’ll be starting Flowering in the early summer. Since about Purification 2 I’ve spent an average of about 12 months on each level. I’m in no rush to finish the whole shebang.


    FROM BILL: Wise words. The idea (and the reality for nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who gets into the Flowering levels of Holosync–the last four levels) is that 99% of the upheaval is behind them. If you’re having a lot of upheaval in Flowering, it’s quite possible that you hurried too fast through these levels, as Rich is saying. I would suggest going back to Purification 1 and S L O W D O W N! This is not a race–it’s about your consciousness, your awareness, your happiness, your life.

  107. Sam says :

    I’m noticing that a lot of stuff is coming up for me in purification level three and I think that it might have a lot to due with my rushing through each level previous to this. I spend about two months on each disk, meaning that I usually take around eight months to complete a level, however is this perhaps a bit too fast? I’m wondering if I should go back to previous levels and do those for a while, or if it’s ok to just continue on from where I am taking more time with the disks–say three months–to allow the changes to happen the right way. If it’s advizable to go back should I start the previous levels from the beginning and go through them in their entirety? I don’t mind slowing down but I somehow thought I had to keep up. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    PS: Anybody notice that when they start a new level they get symptoms of having a cold? This is coming up for me.

  108. Sam,

    It says right on the package to do disc #4 of each level starting with Awakening Level 4 for 8 to 24 weeks. If you go the maximum, that’s almost 6 months just for the 4th disc! I spent about 15 months on Purification Level 3. You haven’t cut any corners, but you have been doing the minimum, from what you write.

    Why don’t you just stay on your current level for a while and work out all the “stuff.” It could take a year or two, but so what?

  109. carmen says :

    For me as Bill has repeated, the key is awareness, which is easier to get as I go on with the holosync practice. Time is not that important, whenever I find myself able to watch my mind’s functioning and its products and influences …., the holosync sounds help me to go back to that state of witness everyday

    Actually, I would say that I do not need so many levels the program is all about, although I like to go through them, but doing it with “curiosity”…, not because a feeling of need

    all I need at this moment is to be more and more aware of how my unconscious mind operates; awareness is the basis from which holosync and its levels can be a very useful tool

    by the way I am still at Awakening level 1…

  110. Michelle says :


    I’m so glad to have read this blog and the comments about the Purification Levels. Thanks. I’ve been doing each disc of Purification Level 1 for 8 weeks and was wondering whether to move on to Level 2 or stop doing them all together. Now I’ll continue on the last disc and let my brain sort itself out!

    The big issue I’ve been going over and over for the last little while – and it’s been getting more and more intense is: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE? Now I’ve read this blog I’m going to try and accept the fact that it is meaningless. I’ve been thinking recently that there must be a HIGHER purpose to our lives, what with all the chaos going on and talk of a higher consciousness – and I’ve been waiting to find out what my big purpose is. Obviously this is my stuff. Hmmm!

    Thanks again


    FROM BILL: All meaning is added. As a human being, you get to add all the meanings you want to anything that happens. Be careful, though. When you add a meaning there are consequenses.

    Meaningless doesn’t mean insignificant.

  111. Michelle says :

    Hi Bill

    After realising this afternoon that there is no higher purpose to my life I wondered why I have believed that for such a long time – do you think this is a result of me giving myself a meaning from a very young age?

    I’ve hit a strange place after listening to Holosync for three years. I seem to have become depressed for the first time in my life. I’ve always had enthusiasm, loved life, had a career, a beautiful child and have just published a book (a dream of mine). However, I’ve always been seeking something more and have been through various therapies. Holosync has been amazing and I’ve rapidly moved through masses of emotional turmoil and am able to “watch” myself most of the time.

    But for some reason, after all this uncovering, life seems meaningless. The brightness has gone and I’ve no passion for life and laughter anymore. I feel like everything I did was a cover up and never really done with any meaning. So I read a few websites and I resurrected the belief that there must be some higher purpose to my life.

    Today I realise this is yet another part of my map. Holosync really weeds it all out doesn’t it?

    I think all my life I’ve been covering up a deep feeling that my life is pointless and I’m useless. I know that as a child I believed there was something very wrong with me and I felt different. My parents didn’t help!! Do you think this is where this belief of a “higher purpose” could have come from? Is this what you call “magical thinking”?

    Do you think it’s OK to just watch oneself feeling “depressed”or should I go and get therapy. Is this a resistance to something? Where has all the meaning gone?

    Thanks – and sorry, I must be right off topic.


    FROM BILL: I suspect that you realized that the “meaning” you’ve been searching for doesn’treally exist–that someone alluded to some special and significant meaning that if you found it would make everything okay, and you realized that this wasn’t going to happen, that it was a fairytale. If you’ve had that assumption in the background of your life (or maybe in the foreground–I don’t know) it’s quite a shock to realize that it’s bogus. This is something that anyone who wakes up has to go through.

    What I’m saying is that life doesn’t intrinsically mean anything. There is no meaning embedded in life that you have to “find” or discover. That doesn’t mean that life isn’t significant, though, and it doesn’t even mean that life can’t have a meaning for you. It just means that YOU supply the meaning. It isn’t there under some rock and you have to find the rock. You decide what your life means.

    This is a “map not the territory” sort of thing. Just as your map of reality isn’t reality, and seeing the difference between your ideas about reality aren’t the same as reality–which I assume you heard me say many times in what I’ve written–your “life’s meaning” isn’t an aspect of life, but rather of you. A person who discovers that their map of reality isn’t reality doesn’t stop having a map of reality. They just stop mistaking the two for each other. Reality and ideas ABOUT reality are not the same thing, and really seeing this creates a huge shift for a person. Huge.

    In the same way, seeing that there is no intrinsic meaning to life, and that any meaning is added by you doesn’t cause you to drop all meanings from the way you see things. It just means that you see those added meanings for what they are–something you DO. It’s fun–even necessary–to add meanings to things, just as it’s useful and necessary to have ideas ABOUT things. It’s when we confuse the two that we get into trouble.

    So life means whatever you want it to mean. The meaning is up to you. That is part of the creative power of being a human being. You get to have life mean ANYTHING you want. You don’t find it so much as choose it. Most meanings people add they add unconsciously, and a certain amount of them aren’t resourceful–they create suffering for the person, and often for others. When you add meanings with awareness, with intention, knowing that you’re doing it, they will always be resourceful. You won’t be able to add non-resourceful meanings because you can only do what doesn’t serve you if you do it WITHOUT awareness.

    So sit with your disappointment that life has no intrinsic meaning, and that it just is what it is, and you’ll come to terms with it. Then, figure out what you want it to mean. It can mean helping others, enjoying your talents or the talents of other, enjoying your sensory experiences, building something (a company, a foundation, a body of work, etc)–or anything else.

    Looking for some unfound meaning is a search for something that isn’t there. Once you stop the fruitless search, you can begin really living, being in the moment and enjoying (and sometimes not enjoying) the ups and downs and twists and turns of life.

  112. Michelle says :

    Dear Bill

    Thank you. Yes, I have been waiting all my life for something to happen before I could be content, find joy etc. I even started Holosync in the search for this elusive state.

    How strange it is to realise it was a trick of my mind. It does feel like a huge shift has happened which is hard to describe other than feeling a deep sense of calm and clarity.

    Occassionally I feel my mind try to give energy to an old thought but the thought dissolves before it really formulates and stillness pervades.

    Thinking about creating a life which can mean what I want it to mean is wonderful. What a extraordinary gift. Thank you.

    It’s funny though because now I don’t feel the need to rush into creating a future. It feels as if the energetic impulse has gone, there’s no urgency now I’ve realised this elusive thing isn’t there. This moment feels far more important – and gorgeous.

    Thank you again


  113. Dale Remlee says :

    You use the 2nd law of Thermodynamics more than once as a sort of rock bottom this is true .. and so… As you must know this “law”as now been challenged and no longer presents such a solid structure to build your senarios upon.

    FROM BILL: The second law of thermodynamics has NOT been challenged by anyone with any credibility, and will never be proven wrong. Do you even know what the second law is? Maybe you should look it up. All energy exchanges create entropy. They always have, and they always will.

    When you say ridiculous things like this you just show that you are scientifically illiterate. Please do not post anything more about this, as I am not interested in discussing this sort of ill-informed nonsense, any more than I want to waste my time talking about whether or not unicorns exist or whether the moon landing was faked.

  114. elizabeth says :

    Bill –

    This series is describing my life right now. I have been through this overwhelm stage once before and came out the other side just as you describe. In fact, I just told a friend that while I am hating this experience, I believe that it will be better once it’s over.

    That said, I am stuck and more stuck than I have been in my life. It is beyond frustrating. As you mention in the blog, that “stuck-ness” might appear in different ways: mine is “find the hole and plug it.” I have observed myself doing this all year – I have even said it out loud, hoping that by acknowledging it, it would disappear. I am now at a critical stage, possibly unable to pay my mortgage next month after many years of abundance.

    Last time around, this chaos didn’t feel as difficult to manage. I think it feels worse this time because I have more financial responsibility. Last time, I could throw caution to the wind. This time, not so much.

    So, I ordered the free sample, and find myself wondering, how will Holosync help? Can it help me get …unstuck?


    PS – I was just re-watching the Secret video and when I heard you speak, I paused the video and googled you.

    FROM BILL: Don’t try to “manage” your overwhelm. Just observe it and say, “Hmmm” a lot. Be overwhelmed with awareness. Managing it is resisting it. Just be overwhelmed and WATCH. Watch your body, watch your thoughts, watch your internal pictures. What you do with awareness becomes a choice. What you can overwhelm is actually your resistance to something that is happening. If you just watch you won’t be resisting.

    And of course Holosync will help. Holosync creates awareness.

  115. trace says :

    great article on kurzweilAI about brainwave training,plasticity,and nuerofeedback loops. researchers are confirming brainwave entrainment is real and can be used for a variety of dysfunctions. holosync rocks! also, thanks for introducing me to Kurzweil. trace