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The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter by Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync meditation program.

Going to Hell in a Handbasket, Part 2 1/2

by Bill Harris
March 31st, 2011

“Humans are prone to herd because it is always warmer and safer in the middle of the herd. Indeed, our brains are wired to make us social animals. We feel the pain of social exclusion in the same parts of the brain where we feel real physical pain.” –James Montier

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” –Charles Mackay in Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

Wow. Worms everywhere. A sea of worms. A huge can of them.

What have I gotten myself into?

Before I get into the main topic of what was to be this final chapter of this series (but isn’t), I want to make a few comments about what has transpired with the first two parts.

My description of social mood turning negative, and what kinds of things are likely to happen (and, historically have happened) obviously really struck a nerve. Though we’ve had a certain amount of acrimony on this blog from time to time from a certain few people, these posts really amped things up.

This has happened, I think, because this topic really hits home–and because we’re in a time of declining social mood, which is affecting you, too. There’s nothing theoretical about it. It would be difficult to not notice the negativity, chaos, anger, fear, and uncertainty in the air. Some are living right in the middle of it.

In the space of a very short time we have had a shooting of a Congresswoman and a Federal judge (and several others) in Arizona; union protests in Wisconsin (and several neighboring states); the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems; the Egyptian situation, the Libyan situation, similar problems in other Middle Eastern countries, a gruesome killing of a family (including small children) by terrorists in the Gaza Strip; just to name a few.

We also have economic/debt problems all over the world, rising prices, unemployment, record gold and silver prices…and all the various examples of political acrimony, most of it rather ugly and contentious. In fact, I could go on and on reporting various grim news items (but won’t).

I found the different types of responses my description of social mood elicited quite interesting.

Some of you are in denial. It’s not happening. The Age of Aquarius is coming. More and more people are becoming enlightened. We’re on the verge of a New World. It’s going to be fantastic. All our needs will be met and everyone will get along. Utopia is nigh.

Several of you wanted to nitpicking the details, as if doing that would mean all of this isn’t happening. Well, there may be several “wrong” details in the socionomic hypothesis, especially when you look at the most minor details. Does that invalidate the main point I was making, though? My main point went zooming over the heads of some of you.

There are several logical fallacies people use when faced with something they don’t like but don’t have data or information to refute it.

One is the Ad homimem attack. Ad hominem means “against the man” or “against the person.” In this fallacy an argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant and generally negative charge (whether true or not) about the person making the argument. Ad hominem attacks are fallacious because the character, circumstances, or actions of a person rarely have any bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made. (However, “You don’t know anything about this subject” is not an Ad hominem attack, if true.)

Another fallacy is “setting up straw men and knocking them down.” In the Straw Man fallacy the actual argument is ignored and instead the person argues against a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version. Distorting and then attacking the distorted version of a position, however, does nothing to refute the actual argument.

Dozens of responses utilized this form of attack. Many people shot from the hip without knowing what they were talking about. Instead of framing their post by asking a question, or saying, “What you’re saying contradicts something I’ve always thought was true…” the person made assumptions about or otherwise twisted what I am saying, and then argued, in effect, against their own assumptions.

And, some of you just called names. I was accused, for instance, of hating Muslims because I mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood and their desire to reestablish a Muslim caliphate (something that isn’t disputable—they say so themselves, and so do the Iranians, and I’ve seen many videos of them saying it and have read transcripts of speeches where they have said it and have seen passages in books where they say it).

Quite frankly, I haven’t been accused of so many things since…well, let’s just say it involved an ex-wife. I’m negative. I’m saying the world is coming to an end. I’m saying we should all give up.  I hate Muslims.

But I didn’t say any of these things. These are assumptions made about or conclusions drawn from other things I did say. They are reflections of the ideas of the accuser, not of anything I said.

As I said in my answers to several posts, I am against groups, whether religious, political, or otherwise, who want to control or force others to live in a way THEY think is best or proper, or who are otherwise causing suffering to others. I don’t think an elite group should tell you what you can eat, say, buy, or do (unless what you’re doing involves stealing what others have rightly earned or physically injuring others).

I don’t care what group it is, if they advocate or carry out such actions, I’m against it. To twist that into the accusation that I hate a certain group is a long-standing tactic of demogogues. This an Ad hominem attack in its worst form—an intellectually lazy tactic used by people who have no real facts or counter-argument.

Some of you have a bad case of what I call NAD (New Ager’s Disease). You have disowned the negative aspects of being human—you’re negative about negativity. This causes negativity to become a shadow, and like all shadows, you express it by being negative yourself, though you don’t see it. Everyone else does, though. Human beings are both positive AND negative, no matter who they are. If you think you’re never negative, or that negativity can be gotten rid of, you’re deluded.

In fact, I never said that anyone should be negative about what is happening. I said you should be REALISTIC about it. But if you have an issue with negativity, you will hear this as being negative, without realizing that this is an interpretation you’re making, not one I made.

Believe me, I’m very familiar with the whole idea of “As a man thinketh”. However, your thinking can only influence how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you assign to what happens. Material facts are not changed by your thinking, unless that thinking is accompanied by action, and unless you have the ability to alter the physical reality through that action–which, sometimes, you don’t, especially when it involves billions of other people.

You can’t control the world with your mind. You can’t make the facts in this situation more negative through your thinking. You can, however, make those four things above (which are your responses to the material facts) “negative”. You can create negative feelings or behaviors in yourself, you can attract or become attracted to “negative’ people and situations, and you can assign negative meanings to what happens. And, your negativity could influence a few other people to be more negative.

But the whole going on of the giant matrix of cause and effect you live in is so huge that your influence on it is negligible.

Certainly optimism feels better than pessimism. Being “optimistic” while denying the facts is just plain stupid, though. And, of course, one can be optimistic and also prepare for what one hopes won’t happen. I don’t have fire insurance because I’m pessimistic. I’m just weighing the pros and cons of insurance versus the slight chance of a fire.

We ARE entering a time of severe negative social mood. We’re already in it. Throughout history, whether you like it or not, social mood periodically becomes negative. And, such times have included some rather grim events. It seems only prudent to be aware of what is happening and take reasonable steps to be prepared, just in case.

Several people claimed that because “we create our own reality,” my pointing out a “negative” situation just creates more of it. Let’s be clear, though. You only create your RESPONSE to reality. Most of your actual reality is thrust upon you. You have no say in the weather, the movements of the earth, what the sun does, the laws of nature, and almost no say about what happens in the economy, or what most of the other 7 billion people in the world do.

I hate to break it to you, but you have control over four things, and that’s it: 1) What you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meaning you assign to what happens.

What’s more, you only have a choice about these four  things IF you’re aware enough to see HOW YOU CREATE THEM, as you do it.

And far less than 1% of people have this kind of awareness.

Looking on the bright side is always more resourceful, but ignoring the realities we face is just plain idiotic. Doing so is like ignoring a speeding car bearing down on you. Look on the bright side–and get out of the street.

Some people said that I was making predictions, and how could I be SO SURE? Others said, in effect, “This is a ‘prophecy.’ Prophecies are like streetcars. I new one comes along every 15 minutes. All such things are incorrect, so you must be incorrect, too.” Often this was followed by that person’s own favorite prophecies. (Prophecies, by the way are magical predictions not based on any sort of rational data. I am doing my best to use rational data about repeating patterns so as to be prepared for something I think is very likely to happen—and which is, in fact, already unfolding right before your eyes.)

I am not making prophecies. I am alerting you to a repeating pattern some very smart people have noticed. It is supported by a LOT of data. When we notice a pattern, we CAN use it to make some predictions.

I gave the example of the patterns of summer, fall, winter, spring. We know this pattern repeats and that certain things are more likely to happen in each season. We can’t predict exactly where you’ll go for vacation, or if you’ll have a vacation at all, but we do know it will be warmer, there will be more sunny days, people will wear lighter clothing and spend more time outdoors, and that more people will take vacations than in the winter. These are not “prophecies,” though they are reasonable assumptions based on a lot of past data about summer.

No one is sure about the specifics of what will happen, but I (and others) are very sure about what kinds of things will happen. And, if you look around, you can see that they’re happening already. To say “how can you be so certain?” is setting up a straw man.

All along I have said that what will happen is governed by probabilities, not certainties. I will say, though, that social mood is going to become VERY negative (you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet). I base this on the extreme degree of positive mood we just came out of, which was of historic preportions. That things will become very negative IS a certainty. Exactly how that will manifest is another story.

A few other people said, “It’s all One Energy, so all this concern is bullshit”.

True, it is all “one energy.” Many of you use this to deny the existence of the relative world, though. You are caught in the relative world as long as you’re alive. As a result, you are vulnerable in many ways, regardless of any transcendent reality.

Hunger, conflict, violence, disease, a 500 mile per hour wall of seawater, lack of money to pay the rent, unemployment, etc. are real physical experiences. You might not care about any of this if you’re in a transcendent state of mind, but they are still real and you and others are subject to them.

Don’t disown the relative world. There are consequences for doing that, and you won’t like them.

Physical realities cannot be easily altered, especially when they happen on a grand scale. There is nothing you can do to alter the fact–just to pick one example–that during the recent extraordinary period of extreme positive social mood (which ended about 2000), people, countries, and corporations were so positive about EVERYTHING, including that good times would never end, that they spent tomorrow’s money–ie, they spent money they didn’t have, based on the idea that they could always make more and pay it back later.

This, unfortunately, became unsustainable, the consequences of which we are still to fully pay. When a family goes into debt to buy things before they’ve earned the money, that debt can be sustained only until the interest payments become too large to pay and still buy food, shelter, etc.

At that point bankruptcy happens.

In the case of the collective debts of the world, bankruptcy is here. The authorities are holding it off with a dam made of carboard and straw, and it won’t hold forever. You might not be aware of the evidence, but that doesn’t change the facts. This world-wide bankruptcy was caused by the thinking of human beings (you included) who were so supremely confident that they thought they could keep spending tomorrow’s money forever.

Now, the money is spent and there is no way to forestall the consequences, any more than you could spend your entire paycheck two weeks before payday without suffering two weeks of no money. The only solution in such a case is to live on a lot less until the borrowed money (and the interest) is repaid. No amount of positive thinking can alter these facts. Positive thinking might allow you to come up with solutions, or take resourceful actions, but it won’t dissolve the problem. The problem is a FACT.

Either the borrower pays the money back, living on less during that process, or the borrower stops paying, in which case the lender must live on less. In this case, most people and entities fall into both categories. Any way you slice it, the world will have to live at a lower standard of living for some time. And this is only one consequence of the change in social mood from positive to negative. There will be many others.

Pointing out this rather obvious fact isn’t negative, it’s just an observation of objective reality. And no amount of positive thinking will change this reality (though it might help you take resourceful steps to prepare). The idea that the observer changes what is observed (something evoked by one of you as a supposed argument against what I have said) applies to the quantum level of reality (however not in a way New Agers claim), and to your EXPERIENCE of actual physical reality.

On the relative level (where we live, last time I checked), however, the observer does NOT affect physical reality–UNLESS he or she takes some sort of action to change that reality, which in some cases is not possible, as when a car has already been driven off a cliff. Actions that are possible are indeed preceded by thought, but the thought alone doesn’t change anything in the physical world.

Even when actions are taken, past actions have consequences and may get in the way. Often those consequences, once set in motion, are extremely difficult–often impossible–to change (as with the car and the cliff). In the case of today’s world, many of the consequences set in motion are all but inevitable—not necessarily in the specific details, but certainly in the overall shape of what is to come. And, in fact, those who are in charge are busily doing the very things that will make these consequences worse (something that has happened throughout history in times of negative social mood, by the way—and can be PREDICTED).

Positive thinking can certainly come up with the best possible way to deal with this reality, and I’m totally for “what’s the most effective thing to do” sorts of thinking, but actions have consequences, and the financial consequences of the past several decades cannot be sidestepped by any sort of attitude adjustment, any more than positive thinking could have prevented the Japanese earthquake or kept a car that has careened off a cliff from eventually hitting bottom. Physical realities have consequences.

You can pretend that this isn’t true, or call me names, or evoke some counter-theory if you want to, but if I were you, I would prepare myself, JUST IN CASE. If I’m wrong, what have you lost? If you’re wrong, watch out below.

So, in Part 3 (which this was supposed to be), I’m going to talk about what you might do to prepare. Hopefully, I should post that within the next week.

Be well.


By the way, for those who want more information about social mood, here’s something you might find interesting (and, by the way, I signed up for this myself just a few days ago):

The 2011 Socionomics Summit on April 16 in Atlanta will feature a dozen speakers, including five scientists whose work has captured the attention of the media.

And it’s only $199.
The day-long summit will explore the latest developments in socionomic theory and application. The speakers are still finalizing their material, but here is a sneak peek at what some of them are working on:

  • Indiana University professors Johan Bollen and Huina Mao: “Measurements of public mood states predict the DJIA.” Their analysis of social mood exhibited in Twitter feeds predicted changes in the closing values of the DJIA at an accuracy of 86.7%. [This leads us here at the Socionomics Institute to ask whether mood changes might register sooner in social media than even in the financial markets.]
  • Successful hedge fund manager Scott Reamer: “Socionomics as an Investment Philosophy: the ‘Unified Field Theory’ of Economics, Physics, and Sociology.” Why the socionomic hypothesis is critical to dealing with life’s inherent uncertainties — in markets, in academia and in life.
  • Scholar and best-selling author of Mood Matters, John Casti: “Anticipation of Extreme Events in Human Society.” The social mood of a population is a leading indicator of collective social events of all types, ranging from trends in popular culture to the rise and collapse of world powers.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Eric Gilbert: “Widespread Worry and the Stock Market.” How the mood of a large social community, even one that discusses ordinary daily life, can anticipate changes in a seemingly unrelated system.
  • Professor of psychology, Kenneth Olson, Ph.D.: “Why does social mood alternate between positive and negative extremes?” Social mood has far-reaching impacts, and the study of social mood has both practical and theoretical implications.
  • Research Fellow of the Socionomics Institute, Matt Lampert: “Blazing the Trail Ahead: The Next Wave of Socionomics Research.” Many of the most paradigm-shifting scientific breakthroughs have come from new explanatory theories. People such as Copernicus, Darwin and Watson & Crick developed revolutionary hypotheses for natural phenomena. Once they formulated their theoretical insights, scientific inquiry took over to test them. Robert Prechter and his colleagues have spent more than a decade articulating the socionomic perspective on social mood and social events. In this concise talk, Matt Lampert will discuss the research underway to rigorously test these hypotheses in the next phase of the theory’s development. He will scan the horizons of the next wave of socionomic analysis, report on the latest developments in the field and describe how you can get involved to move the research forward.
  • EWI’s Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Editor Mark Galasiewski: “Emerging Markets and Violence.” Since the financial crisis began, emerging markets have experienced the most dramatic effects of the negative mood trend: The escalation of the war in Afghanistan, the terrorist attacks on Mumbai and the Arab revolts of 2011. Mark, who correctly predicted violence ahead of each of these events, explains the order behind the apparent chaos.
  • Co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Pete Kendall: “Sinatra Swings With the Waves.” Frank Sinatra’s popularity waxed and waned with the larger trends in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. From Sinatra’s smashing debut at the Paramount Theater in 1942 to his Chairman of the Board phase at the end of Cycle III and the great Sinatra nostalgia wave in the 1990s, we’ll look at how the bull market, as well as the major corrections along the way, influenced this musical hero’s star power.
  • The man who discovered socionomics, Robert Prechter, will open and close the summit.

Attend the 2011 Socionomics Summit
As an attendee, you will hear, ask questions of, and mingle with a dozen of the foremost academics, writers and researchers who contribute to the science of socionomics.

You can join these academics and other speakers at the summit for just $199 — an amount which will cover, literally, only the Institute’s costs. We have made it as easy as possible to attend — including an exceptional price, convenient travel access (Atlanta) and a venue close to the airport.

231 Responses to “Going to Hell in a Handbasket, Part 2 1/2”

  1. catherine H Says:

    how dare your ex-wife be so bitter….didn’t she realise that you’re utterly brilliant….i’m using a virtual keyboard and can’t access much punctuation, otherwise i would have thrown in a load of exclamation marks at this point for comic effect.

    a good number of us ‘get it’ and get you though. those that don’t probably will if they stick with it. no capitals either by the way….

    FROM BILL: Yes, it’s amazing how pretty much everything in my past marriage was my ex-wife’s fault. How often does THAT happen in life?

  2. Kevin Says:


    I’ve been using Holosync for over 10 years (On flowering level 3 cd 4 I think. I don’t even know anymore) and I’ve absorb everything you publish multiple times through including the life principles.

    I’ve heard you predict many years ago the economy and social mood would get worse in the future and boy…you were right!

    I never knew where you were getting your information from though until now.

    Thank you so much for talking about this subject. I was extremely interested to see your perspective on everything happening in the country and the world.

    Although, it’s not far off from what I imagined and have been hearing from similar sources that you follow. (Although social mood and Elliot wave theory are new and fascinating to me. I’ll have to dive into these subjects)

    I can see how you hesitated about coming out with this. I imagine a big portion of your market doesn’t want to hear or agree with this news (particularly because of magical thinking) even though it’s genuinely true and you’re trying to inform people to take action against what’s coming.

    After coming out with it though, are you surprised with the reactions?

    My father just sent me this video on youtube titled “The Day The Dollar Died”

    I think your readers should see it. (There’s actually a lot of similar stuff like this out right now) Of course this video is predicting a worst case scenario because they want you to sign up for their newsletter, but on some level something like this is probably going to happen. Like you said the money is gone.

    I don’t have the time to do this now, but I’m going to collect all the resources you gave in all your responses and put them together for everyone in the comments section.

    Also, I’m not sure how you feel about this because it’s a lot to ask, but I’m sure some of your followers would love to see a resource page of everything that’s had a major impact on your life. From religion, science and philosophy to literature and the economy.

    You always drop books and people all the time, but a comprehensive list of major books and people would be awesome. Hell, put your affiliate links in there and make a few bucks!

    I would love to have the wisdom you have on these subjects and I’m sure other hyper responsive customers of yours would too.

    But thank you for coming out with these last few posts. It truly shows what kind of person you are warning your readers of the hard times coming. Even if that means losing a few customers in the short run.


    P.S. love the no b.s. responses to the people that are way out there. They crack me up.

    p.p.s. For all you who wonder what it’s like to finish the Holosync program, I’m almost there and I just received my warning letter to prepare me for the Mothership. I’ve got about a year to get ready!

    FROM BILL: Actually, what I’m surprised about is that, as far as I can tell, MOST people who read this can see what is happening, and aren’t spouting magical thinking bullshit. Either I’ve attracted such people, or I’ve convinced a lot of people to drop all of that–or a little of both. At any rate, for the most part the people who use Holosync (and read this blog) are pretty amazing people–probably more amazing than they even realize.

  3. Graziano Says:

    Hi Bill,
    I am using Holosync every day, and I am about to start 4 Awakening! I have been follow for the last few years! I start using Holosync for reprogramming myself for success and area of my life. I always want be financially independent /free. Do you is still possible and better in Europe or US!

    Thanks for your info

    FROM BILL: I suspect that it’s easier to become financially free in the US, though our leaders are working hard to stifle that possibility. Better hurry.

  4. Vic Says:

    It is possible that we are only in the midst of CORRECTING the historic extreme positive mood after which that mood will grow to an EVEN MORE extreme level, as has happened over and over (see Prechter’s forecasts for last 20+ years). There are aspects of the world economy that few are (publicly, anyway) taking into consideration (I’m too lazy to outline them here and am not interested in arguing about them anyway ;) )which could serve to “bail us out” as it were.
    Despite my belief that this is the most probable scenario, I am not an idiot and will indeed prepare for what YOU believe is most probable, just in case. Looking forward to part 3. Hopefully a part 2 3/4 can be avoided. :)

    FROM BILL: There are up waves in the midst of larger down waves, and we’re in one now, I believe. At some point (perhaps soon) things will turn down again, especially financially. Things are pretty bad anyway, what with Japan, the Middle East, unemployment, and so on, not to mention the incredible political circus. Is it possible that a bigger top is coming? I suppose, but the guys who analyze these wave counts usually don’t screw up the BIG picture. It’s when they get into the more minute waves that they often get it wrong. We’ll see.

  5. Chris M Says:

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but who cares if America collapses in on itself? Money is simply a means of exchange, it has no value except relative to goods and services, and I live in a so-called ‘farming country’ (excluding tourism). America gets the good and the bad together. It’s not as if America has taken responsibility for their negative impact on the world, either. For example:

    Hopefully as China emerges as the most powerful nation, they will do a better job than America. Is it ironic that individuals in a dictatorship take more responsibility for their lives than the so-called ‘independent’ Americans? I’ve disliked America for a while now, or at least how the USA comes across. Bill, do you have anything to say about this?

    FROM BILL: I don’t know where you get your information about China, but I don’t think you’ll like having the Chinese communist party being the leader of the world. If you’re so intent on the Kyoto Protocol, why would you be in favor of the biggest polluter in the world being the world leader.

    Finally–trust me on this–this whole thing is a world-wide problem, not an American problem.

  6. Heikki Says:

    Thanks Bill again,

    “So, in Part 3 (which this was supposed to be), I’m going to talk about what you might do to prepare. Hopefully, I should post that within the next week.”

    Well, in going to listen my daily holosync in every case.

    Be well!

  7. Chris M Says:

    I thought I’d mention that one of the videos related to what Kevin mentioned is quite the contrast to ‘Our Mr Sun’. End of Liberty: It starts out like a fricken horror film. It’s one thing to be disenchanted, but I cannot say I like either side portrayed in that.
    Well anyway, Bill, feel free to come over to New Zealand, newsworthy events over here include a guy living as a human battery-hen to gain support that the new cages haven’t become large enough. Plus, in case of nuclear war, you’ll be able to fret longer.

    As a side note, I just post, I know not the consequences of what I write. Oh, and I buy free range eggs. I think what scares people the most is that these posts exemplify that ‘there is no escape’ so well. Yet I’m not in despair. I suppose it’s important to actually experience things rather than analyze them after all. I suppose its so easy to forget that every word, every action is like a mirage in the wind, by the time it’s out there it’s already gone. I look forward to part 3, something practical.

  8. Vic Says:

    Bill said, “the guys who analyze these wave counts usually don’t screw up the BIG picture.”

    We don’t really know that, because we don’t have enough data to see the REALLY BIG picture. And, as I mentioned before, there are those wave analysts who are completely at odds with Prechter and company. Prechter have been calling the extreme top in mood since the DJIA topped in 1987 at around 2700. There were, as there are now, plenty of good arguments for that case THEN. I have several of Prechter’s treatises from back then. Very convincing, but as it turns out, very wrong. In an interview in Barron’s from 1994, Prechter said, (I paraphrase, but I think it’s pretty close) “If the Dow were to ever exceed 4000, it would prove that I didn’t know what I was talking about and therefore no one should ever listen to me again.” The Dow was around 3500 then. As you know, it has since gone quite a bit higher. I wrote a letter to Prechter after the ’87 crash suggesting that it was just a correction in a much larger advance. He conceded the possibility, but gave it about a 1% chance, as I recall. I think the market action from 2000 to 2010 is an even LARGER correction in an even LARGER advance. As you said, we’ll see (if we live long enough :) )

    Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that mass mood is not cyclical. There are plenty of data to support that. I just suggesting that Prechter’s analysis is wrong (again). I accept the possibility that mine could also be wrong and I will hedge accordingly.

    Anxiously awaiting part 3.

    FROM BILL: One of the thing Prechter (and all of us) learned over the last decade or so is that the top that has formed as the 200+ upmove in social mood ended was so huge that it took a long time to form.

    Thanks for continuing to nitpick, though, and to miss the overall message.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Hi Bill

    You are so right about some people feeling negative. I was one of those – I thought I was absorbing the whole world’s negativity I got so negative. You did kindly point out that it was my RESPONSE to your blog that made me feel like that but I’ve been trying to work it out and didn’t “get” it until I just read this.

    What a realisation – another one! It can be extremely difficult for me to remember that I’m the one creating my reality. My mind seems to pick up on certain aspects of my map that I want to become aware of but choses to completely overlook other things. Must watch it more closely next time.

    I’m very grateful for everything you do – it’s truly incredible. And I hope you survive your can of worms.


  10. Paul Cowan Says:

    If you have fallen for the glen beck’s calaphate nonsense, you might want to read this “”.

    FROM BILL: Glenn Beck has nothing to do with “the caliphate nonesene” other than reporting, in their own words, what Islamic fundmentalists are saying and planning.

    Is the CIA involved? Maybe. I don’t know, and neither do you. I do know, however, from reliable sources, that pretty much every Islamic fundamentalist organization and every socialist organization on earth ARE involved. The Islamists DO want a caliphate, and the other organization who are helping them all think they will shoulder them out of the way once they’ve taken over. I suspect the Islamists will have the last laugh. We’ll see. Keep the silly conspiracy theories coming, Paul. You’re one of the most entertaining characters on this blog.

  11. Marc Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    While I don’t agree with *everything* Bill has posted in this Hell series, I understand the point he is making. If you are having an angry or fearful reaction, that emotion is coming from you. If his words are pushing your buttons, it’s because you have buttons that can be pushed.

    Holosync (I’ve been using it for a year) helps with this. When anger or some other emotion is triggered in me, I have learned to watch it. Over time, the source of the emotion (usually an event or series of events from my past that had a negative effect on me) reveals itself. It feels to me as if an imprint has been made upon my nervous system from those events. The current situation presses again on that imprint and I feel these emotions. When I can see that happening, the negative emotions fade on their own, sometimes quickly, sometimes not. But they no longer have the power to f–k up my whole day like they used to.

    FROM BILL: Holosync creates awareness. Awareness creates choice.

  12. Kevin Says:


    In response to my comment above. Yes it seems like MOST of your readers do understand and get it, and I’m sure appreciate hearing your thoughts on everything as much as I do.

    Hands down there hasn’t been a single thing in my life that’s had a bigger positive impact on me than holosync. And I’m sure any long time user says the same.

    One thing is certain, for the most part the awareness created from holosync will help with the coming times. Especially if people take action on your advice and of those you recommend.

    Thanks again,

  13. C Says:


    Denial is a river in Egypt. There is none here.

    You just hate ad hominem attacks because you’re a jerk.

    Also, when you said that everyone is out to get you by setting up straw men, that was just plain false.


    On a serious note, though:
    “Wow. Worms everywhere. A sea of worms. A huge can of them.”

    Let’s work on the literary value of the openers, ok? No William Faulkner here.

    FROM BILL: I never said people are out to get me. Ad hominem attacks are intellectually lazy, so I can see why you have to resort to them. Please don’t post again. You add nothing to the conversation. I know it’s fun to go online where you are anonymous and pretend to be important, but go do it somewhere else. When all you can do is call me names it is clear to everyone that you have nothing of any substance to say. Why continue to make a fool of yourself?

  14. Tim Jones Says:

    Do you think it could get so bad that civilization and technology is all but destroyed, leaving the survivors in a post-apocalyptic, second dark age?

    FROM BILL: I have no way of knowing that, but I doubt it. Makes a good movie, though.

  15. Vic Says:

    Bill said, “One of the thing Prechter (and all of us) learned over the last decade or so is that the top that has formed as the 200+ upmove in social mood ended was so huge that it took a long time to form.”

    Who is “all of us”? Maybe that top only marked an interruption in a 500 year up move.

    Bill says, “Thanks for continuing to nitpick, though, and to miss the overall message.”

    Just because I don’t buy the message, doesn’t mean I missed it. I think you’re missing MY message and am left wondering if you even read my post.

    I don’t think it’s nitpicking to point out Prechter’s faulty analysis. The fact that he’s been so wrong for so long makes it perfectly reasonable to assume that trend will continue. Where’s the nitpicking?

    I would also point out that there have been plenty of times in history when there was plenty of evidence of plenty of negative social mood and they didn’t follow a Grand Supercycle top. This time MAY be different.

    Not incidently, anyone who followed all of Prechter’s advice for the past 20 years would now be broke several times over. Is that nitpicking, too?

    You seem very convinced of your position and I only want you to be careful. Prechter is very convincing, as evidenced by the fact that anyone still listens to him. He is a VERY accomplished self-promoter. You seem to hold him in high esteem. Perhaps you find in him a kindred spirit? ;)

    FROM BILL: This is exactly what I meant by setting up straw men. This is not about Robert Prechter’s predictive abilities, or the fact that you think another analyst is “better.” This is about a pattern in social mood. It is real.

    I subscribe to several of Prechter’s newsletters. I expect that you do not, which is usually the case with people who completely dismiss someone whom many people respect but with whom they disagree. I have followed him closely for over 20 years. I have seen when he was wrong and when he was right. He has been right quite often. I am not suggesting that anyone use his work to trade the markets. I am suggesting that people notice what is happening in the world and be prepared. He is NOT wrong about a downturn in social mood.

  16. C Says:


    the joke was in making an ad hominem attack to attack ad hominem attacks and setting up a straw man to knock down straw men fallacies.

    I wasn’t serious.

    But maybe the humorous tone doesn’t come through very well on here.

  17. bonnie Says:

    I am looking forward to a post on “abundance” manifestation vs wishful thinking. I am very interested to hear your take on this topic!

  18. David Says:

    Dear Bill,

    As a former financial-services worker, I saw things coming for a very long time with relaxed mortgage and lending rules, stock manipulations, public acceptance, even celebration of, indebtedness in North America. Of course, this was while my colleagues and I were seeing massively increasing performance targets and expectations just to keep our jobs, which, by the way, pay an appallingly low rate, unlike the people at the top.

    Your recent posts have been a shot of truth and common sense and for that, I thank you. Especially, for showing us the tools (i.e. socionomics) we can access and use to understand the massive changes unfolding and to hopefully help us to guide ourselves and our families through these times.

    Now, since paper money is really just that and things are likely to get much worse before they (hopefully) improve, do you have any suggestions for how we can a. protect our familes and b. exist and survive economically going forward? I’d hate to think that Robert Kiyosaki was right in 2009, when he talked about his “Four G’s”-gold, guns, grub and gas. As I understand the economic picture, we are heading for an inevitable and massive deflationary spiral, where even old storehouses of value like gold will lose much of their value.

    I realize that the whole issue has been very contentious, but now that we’re all here and massive changes are unfolding in the world, what can we do about it?

    Thank you-I love your blog and no-nonsense reasoning. Keep it up!

    FROM BILL: Though I certainly don’t have all the answers (there are no clear answers in some cases), that is what Part 3 will be about.

  19. michelle s Says:

    I can’t remember if I saw this recommended here or elsewhere- but a good read is Vaclav Smil “Global Catastrophes and Trends- the next fifty years”-especially for those who are not aware about the ‘big players’ who would take the role the US currently holds, and how history has played through different scenarios.
    I know my reaction is to prepare- and although I am enjoying the present moment- sometimes more, sometimes less- it is hard when I get the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop.
    I am looking forward to part 3-and I would love to have a spring special to stock up on Holosync while I still have a job and credit:)

  20. Robin G Says:

    I agree with you Bill, I choose to adopt the “Hundreth Monkey” mindset. For me seeing and becoming aware of the state of the world is so key to peacefulness, I can only control my 4 things, the people around me will notice and start to control their 4 things, until all the people see and control their 4 things. A process of evolution to be sure, that starts with Chaos and Reorganization. You are getting through one Monkey at a time.

    FROM BILL: A new Centerpointe slogan: Changing the world, one monkey at a time.

  21. Gustavo Says:

    Hi Bill,
    Very interesting posts and comments but as a career scientist I can’t help but doubt … assumptions, so-called facts and conclusions… don’t take it personally, I’m trained to doubt.
    I recognise upfront that I’ve only skim-read some documentation about socionomics mostly out of curiosity.
    I see the point of the “social mood” and I certainly see the “facts” of conflicts, disasters, crime, etc but I’m not convinced that we have all the facts.
    I don’t really think that we’re any worst … as a species … than a few years ago. It is true that the economy crashed in “most” places but there are people who are better off now (whether I like the people or countries who are better off now or not it is not the point). It is also true that the middle east is in revolt but conflict is not ubiquitous.
    Remember that for all the millions who use internet there are more people who do not. Also, there are literally millions who are outside the “formal” markets and for they things have hardly changed in the past decades … they still die of preventable diseases, they are still engulfed by armed conflicts (maybe not too big but equally deadly).
    I’m not trying to argue against the facts … that would be foolish, I’m arguing against the belief that we “have all” the facts.

    FROM BILL: I am one of the most skeptical people you will ever meeti. And of course we don’t have ALL the facts. However, those who are studying this do have one hell of a lot of them. You can get an overview picture of the fact that this subject is being investigated in an empirical, peer-review sort of way by viewing the summary of what is to be presented at the socionomics conference.

    And, by the way, I didn’t say that we are “getting worse as a species,” that everyone’s situation is getting worse, or that some people might not be better off today than at some other time in the past. I said that social mood moves in waves from positive to negative and back to positive, and that it’s now moving to the negative. And, that certain kinds of things historically tend to happen in such times. Negative social mood, while it is often accompanied by negative outcomes, doesn’t mean that everyone’s situation will get worse. Obviously some people’s lives will improve during this time, just as some people’s lives improved during the 1930s and 1940s, or during the American civil war. Please don’t bring up things I didn’t say as evidence that I am wrong.

  22. Terry Says:

    Bill said:
    …The problem in educating yourself about this sort of thing is that it really requires knowledge of history, of financial history, of economics, of political science, and probbly a few other things, and you have to sort through a lot of things to find the prince amonst the frogs. It has taken me decades to educate myself, and since everything is a moving target I’m always learning more and finding new information, some of which invalidates something I previously thought was accurate.
    To really learn about this sort of thing you have to really want to–it has to be a passion–since it is quite time consuming. If you are really interested in what is unfolding, as I am (I think it’s utterly fascinating), it isn’t a chore. For some people, though, it would be.
    On book I didn’t list in the other post that I think is very important is The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayak.

    I hear you; and part of what keeps me motivated is I have a specific purpose in reading about this stuff – aside from the fact that I actually have a long-standing interest in Politics and have been surprised to find out just how fascinating Economics is, my aim is to get informed so I can navigate the world more effectively. That keeps me motivated.

    I’m clear in my mind that I don’t want (or think I need) an encyclopaedic knowledge of these issues – I’m just looking to gain a solid overview; a good broad picture of what has gone on and what the major lessons are so I can make some smart choices about how to deal with the current challenges.

    I know one of your suggestions is to buy gold.

    I’ve been reading some of Prechter’s material and comments and he has voiced pessimism about gold on the grounds that 2001 was the time to start investing in it and now that lots of people are after it, that’s a good sign that it may soon be on the decline. Would you mind explaining why you think it’s a good idea.


    FROM BILL: First, let me be clear that I am not an investment advisor.

    Gold is no one’s debt. Most other things seen as assets these days are. I think many of these debts will never be paid. Gold has ON AVERAGE held its value for at least 5000 years. All fiat currencies (which is all currencies today) have eventually failed, and many people think we are close to a time when the major currencies in use in the world will do that. You can’t keep creating money out of thin air without it losing its value, as has happened with the dollar, especially since 1913 (it takes one dollar to buy today what three cents would buy in 1913).

    Prechter believes that when the shit hits the fan people will sell gold to get dollars (or whatever their currency is) to pay current expenses, debts, etc. This happened when the financial meltdown of a few years ago happened. Gold, however, came back and even made a new all-time high since then. It’s certainly possible that it could go down again in the same way and for the same reason. However, even if it does, the above reasons for having some will continue to be true. A time may come where if you don’t have any it will be difficult or impossible to get.

    Prechter may be right about gold going down. He’s predicting it now. He even send out an interim update just recently suggesting that people hedge their gold position by selling gold futures short. So far, though, gold is at about the same level it was when he made that call. It’s only been a short time, though. He may be right.

    A few others on this blog have pointed out various errors Precter has made in his predictions (unfortunately they presented these errors as a way to “disprove” what I’ve said about social mood, even though Precter’s financial calls are largely unrelated to his work on social mood and certainly aren’t a refutation of it). Gold, in my opinion, is one area where he hasn’t been very accurate.

    The thing to keep in mind, however, is that the guy who made the latest “good call” is thought to be a genius in the forecasting business. As time goes by, though, that person becomes an idiot when his next prediction doesn’t pan out, while someone else becomes the genius–for a while. The truth is that this is a game of probabilities and educated guesses. NO ONE knows exactly what any of the markets are going to do. If they did, they would be trillionaires. But some people are right often enough that they are highly respected for their analysis.

    By the way, my favorite guy, and the one who seems to me to make the right call the most often, is Richard Russell, an expert (THE expert) in what is called Dow Theory ( The downside to following Russell? He’s 85 and won’t last forever and when he dies it will be a huge loss to anyone who becomes involved with him. He is brilliant, though, and writes a lengthy and engaging daily commentary on the markets–and anything else he’s thinking about (almost always extremely interesting). Reading Russell every day is like sitting at the knee of a very wise old grandfather. I’ve been reading his stuff for decades and have learned more from him about investing and finances than from anyone else.

    He is, by the way, super pro-gold.

  23. Jim Lunsford Says:

    It seems to me the people who are negative about these blogs are the same ones who do not try to actively find out what is going on in the world, but merely accept whatever they are told (msm viewers would be a good example) by others. There are a ton of problems coming up that dwarf anything even touched upon by your posts (China is facing a real estate bubble approximately 1000 times worse than the one that just sunk us, Japan will have to get rid of much of its savings (They own 20% of our treasury debt) in order to rebuild what isn’t totally destroyed, and so on). It isn’t negative to realize these things, it’s not like a grizzly bear is going to disappear if you just pretend it doesn’t exist; you have to realize the bear is there in order to keep from being bear lunch. Most people don’t get this, and never will. For myself, just by being aware of what is coming down the pipe, I am able to position myself so that I can live as I choose (more or less anyway! lol). This would not be possible if I ignored the various grizzlies which are always around.

    FROM BILL: MSM viewers? Both of them?

  24. Bruce Boehmler Says:

    I agree with most of what you said, How could I not? and i disagree with the statement that “you have control over four things, and that’s it: 1) What you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meaning you assign to what happens.” I think there are 2 things we truly control and they are 1. your choices and your actions. We can influence how we feel not control how we feel. I agree with our ability to control our behavion that is under controlling our actions. Some times we attract or are attracted to others with out having control over that even if we do not want that attraction. i.e I am attracted to dark haired women I would like to be attracted to blonds but it does not happen. And you have an influence on the meaning in many situations but not all.

    FROM BILL: I should have said that you have CHOICE about those four things. As I said, these things are a choice TO THE EXTENT that you are aware of how you create them. You are not aware of what you do, cognitively, inside your head, to be attracted to dark haired women. If you were, and you could see yourself create that attraction, as you do it, it would become a choice. That doesn’t mean you would choose something else, though, because once something is a choice you only choose differently if what you’ve been doing is not resourceful.

    I agree that most people do not exercise choice regarding those four things. That’s because they are creating them OUTSIDE THEIR AWARENESS. Those who learn to observe the internal processes that created them, as they do it, can and do exercise the choice I’m talking about.

    Also, some things (people you encounter, or situations you end up in, for instance) are not a choice. However, if you are aware enough, those people and situations you end up with where you DID do something to attract them DO become a choice. I have gone to great lengths to describe the fact that most of what happens to you is not a choice and many “random” people and situations happen to everyone.

    The above is what my first online course teaches you to do: observe the internal process you use to create those four things, as you create them. When you do that, they become a choice. No one (as far as I know) ever gets to the point where they can observe this 100%, but TO THE DEGREE YOU DO OBSERVE THEM those four things become a choice. Ask someone who has taken the course.

    Just because these things aren’t a choice for you, or because you don’t know anyone for whom they are a choice doesn’t mean they can’t become a choice.

  25. Lynn Says:

    Wow, Bill, what a great response!
    …..and, you gave me a couple of good out loud laughs…..
    …Part .2.. ’1/2′, and all about worms!!!

  26. Jerry Dechant Says:

    I was frankly reluctant to listen to this blog, but because I have found value in what you’ve said before, decided to go ahead and listen. I base my evaluations on life and things in my life experiencing on how I feel in relationship to them, and this post felt a lot better to me than the prior 2 did.

    I think I will be most interested in reading/listening to these blogs when you get to the point where you present information and or ideas which express resourceful actions we can take to maneuver through the mine field we are entering into, hopefully, to come out the other side healthy and whole.

    We are all in this together, even those who we might not like or appreciate, and so because I am compassionate, I pray we may endure what is ahead with love still residing within our hearts.

    FROM BILL: Two comments. First, though I certainly will in Part 3 present my ideas on what steps you can take given the current situation, I have already presented many resourceful actions you could take in my answers to many of the comments people have made to Parts 1 &2.

    Second, feelings are best used to evalute the kinesthetic aspects of life: a kiss, a movement, a touch, a texture, an emotional situation, etc. Though we have emotions about most things we hear or read, often the best way to evaluate such things is through the facts, not through our feelings about the facts. Many of our feelings (especially unpleasant ones) are echoes of past traumatic experiences, which means that in such cases you are to some extent (and often to a huge extent) experiencing your memory of the past, not what is right in front of you.

  27. Aaron Says:

    You should probably look into the research of Dr. Dean Radin. The stats seem to indicate that thoughts and intention CAN and DOES have a measurable effect on the physical universe.

    “Material facts are not changed by your thinking” The research appears to show that material facts can and do change by our thinking.

    FROM BILL: I’m sure there are people out there, including a few scientists (I don’t know if this guy is one) who agree with you. The scientific community as a whole, however, doesn’t. No studies supposedly showing such things have been accepted as being repeatable by reputable scientists. The US Army did a huge study on all the studies about such things a few years ago and found NOTHING credible–regardless of what you might find on youtube.

  28. David L-T Says:


    I extend my gratitude to you for expressing your thoughts in a very intelligent and objective presentation. Your ability to perform research, understand/integrate huge amounts of information and then feed it back in a constructive format is truly astounding.

    I bring forward to you a very big Thank You!

    All the best to you and those around you.

  29. Michael Eisbrener Says:

    I am of an optimist bent while withholding belief but for a few areas. I am consequently disappointed by my unmet expectations often while my more pessimistic friends are gleefully correct all the time. My daily 90 minute Dive/Immersion sets up the day like looking into an orchestra of instruments all too often played by gerbils or the first day of sixth grade band. The random brief moments of remarkable symphony are quite pleasing however.

    I have to concur with your observations. I left the confines of the “Great Satan” over seven years ago. My short return visits the last few years combined with my daily interactions support North Americans are terrified and generally unready for what is coming. For those who pass through the next period the next up cycle will be an adventure told for eons into the future. The USA ideals of the ‘Lone Ranger’ and ‘Superman’ will cobble people into disastrous plans and outcomes. Those who are prepared to work together and solve problems in a group format will make the transition and many will thrive during the coming upheaval. I am excited about all of it. Thank you for the thought provoking series of posts.

    FROM BILL: Interestingly, both Superman and The Lone Ranger were created in another time of negative social mood–1932 and 1933, respectively.

  30. Sharon Gocke Says:

    Nietzsche said, “Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups it is the rule.” all the events and situations Bill Harris mentions are empirically verifiable. Our culture is declining rapidly. Just look at cultural archetypes such as 5
    tv shows as symbolic adumbrations of our collective psyche. Animal Planet used to broadcast many more peaceful shows. Now it’s “the planet’s most dangerous or treacherous animals or “I should be dead now.”. Bravo used to give us intellectual fodder on the arts, literature and film. Now it’s “reality show” on desperate NY housewives. The history channel used to be credible in the information it portrayed. While every generation laments the so-called
    decline of the younger generation, the qualitative and accelerated degeneration of the entire culture is painfully obvious to all who open their
    In addition, Americans are egregiously lacking in critical thinking skills. All of us could use at least one course in how to spot and avoid logical fallacies. Then we would be well advised to learn how to think logically and to know what credible research skills entail. I fear for us when so many take the morally bankrupt comments of Fox News or Rush Limbaugh as truth. I w

  31. Jacki Says:

    Hello Bill
    I’m not really sure what the purpose is for this blog. Are you or are you not about helping people to awaken? Is the way you are presenting this information helping people see the whole picture? People are reacting of course because they are resisting what you say. Wouldn’t you say people need help to see their buttons, not to have their buttons pushed? As I read this blog, all I really heard was you defending your position.I probably won’t read your blog anymore, simply because the length it takes you to get your message across.

    FROM BILL: We’ll miss you.

  32. Richard Martin Says:


    As far as I know, Prechter has always hedged his predictions about gold by advocating holding a certain amount of it. He has openly stated that he is less confident about gold because of its traditional status as a reserve of inherent value, independent of any other commodity or debt. Consequently, in a crisis how people perceive something like gold is quite possibly very unpredictable.


  33. Jeff Says:

    From financial sense;

    “We now have an economy in which five banks control over 50 percent of the entire banking industry, four or five corporations own most of the mainstream media, and the top one percent of families hold a greater share of the nation’s wealth than any time since 1930. This sort of concentration of wealth and power is a classic setup for the failure of a democratic republic and the stifling of organic economic growth.”

    Only one, of so many, aspects of our future on this wonderful planet.

    Please people pay attention; Bill is not kidding; this is real and happening now. “The Times They Are A Changing”.


  34. Daniel B Says:

    I am so happy that you are starting to show more of yourself Bill. More of your intellect more of your sense of humour. As a young man in his twenties i find it very constructive to be able to model myself on others. Observing how you deal with everything is almost more powerful to me than the information. There are not many individuals who i can really say this about. Since this series in your blog begun i am pretty sure my whole perspective of the world has been turned on its head and i am feeling freeer and happier as a result. “How i found my freedom in an unfree world” is amazing we should replace all bibles with this book, just joking, but seriously its amazing. Why is this book not as popular or well known as Think and grow rich?
    These posts have been the best slap across face wake up and really think for yourself i have ever had.
    I have to admit i have been a bit of a stubborn magical thinker as if i would really lose something by letting it go. But now it makes no sense. It makes life harder to think magically, because you are not playing what is in front of you whats really there. In the realitive world there is so much fun to be had by a clear headed aware rational person, which is what i am becoming on holysync. I am still only 26 and have now been using holysync since 20. Sometimes when I stop to think about what i am becoming. the quality of information i am exposed to and the endless possibilities it blows me away. The greatest thing though about it all is that i am really starting to not care all that much. I know life for me thru increased choices will likely get better and i can accept a downturn in social mood. I feel slightly fortunate that i have not really started to accumulate wealth so really have nothing to lose. However there will be saddness and compassion for those who suffer. But thinking about my own life i know what i want, i am not sure what will unfold but suspect it will be cool. I’m becoming peaceful and content. What a relief! Freedom!

    FROM BILL: (Applause!) You made my day. Good for you.

    How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World is to some extent an underground classic. It is not more popular because the group that controls most of the media and the schools believe that an elite “knows better than you do” regarding what you should be able to do, buy, eat, learn, listen to, etc., etc. They are called progressives because they think they can make the world progressively better if allowed to call the shots.

    That, however, is not freedom. Such things always end in tyranny and tears. Some who are onboard with progressivism are well intentioned because the stated goals SOUND good on first hearing. However, when you force people to comply, whether “gently” or with great force, it robs people of humanity, initiative, creativity, and many other noble human qualities.

    So when someone like Harry Browne says what he says in How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World he is a fly in the ointment of those who think the rest of us are just Homer Simpsons who need to be managed. Such people don’t get the publicity and acclaim that someone with progressive aims gets. The fact that Harry’s book is so popular (and pretty much blows anyone away who reads it) shows what powerful ideas it contains. HIFFIAUW and Think and Grow Rich are probably the two most influential non-fiction books I’ve ever read.

  35. Andy Phillips Says:

    Congrats Bill on setting the cat among the pigeons, although your pigeons are a select crowd who will not react as most birds of a feather might. For me to read a blog and all the posts in it is a first, so I’m kinda pleased to feel for once I’m actually in a ‘community’ – never thought that would happen :-) I am also privileged to have met you and therefore to ‘get’ your sense of humour which as was said above may be more difficult to perceive from the printed word. In that sense however I must confess to some disappointment you didn’t appear get C’s jokes. You are someone who puts themselves out there, and it is easy to become over-sensitive when you are as a result the target of others’ projections, so just mentioning that, and that most of us love you, so it’s all cool, man. Anyway, back to that idea of ‘herd mentality’ – somehow I have rarely bought in to most of it: I don’t get ‘fashion’ for example, and I could care less what some politician says – it is abundantly clear that Gaddafi is the epitome thereof, a lying deluded egotist, and that even the ‘rational’ Japanese government is holding back the truth of Fukushima, while as I have said before, Americans are blatantly as a nation lost in a materialist dreammare of their own confection. Democracy ? I probably find it funny because I’m suppressing my shadow weeper (big boys don’t cry). But to the argument: as I live in my moment, I find myself almost worryingly unperturbed – that is just wondering if I should be worried I’m not worried. Things are what they are, one will deal with it as one always has, as resourcefully as possible. Consequently very much looking forward to your next post…

  36. JoelSmall Says:

    Great Great post Daniel B. :) …………

  37. Vic Says:

    Bill says,”This is exactly what I meant by setting up straw men. This is not about Robert Prechter’s predictive abilities, or the fact that you think another analyst is “better.” This is about a pattern in social mood. It is real.

    I subscribe to several of Prechter’s newsletters. I expect that you do not, which is usually the case with people who completely dismiss someone whom many people respect but with whom they disagree. I have followed him closely for over 20 years. I have seen when he was wrong and when he was right. He has been right quite often. I am not suggesting that anyone use his work to trade the markets. I am suggesting that people notice what is happening in the world and be prepared. He is NOT wrong about a downturn in social mood.”

    I know what a straw man is. I don’t claim there is no pattern in social mood. I also don’t claim that we are currently not in a downturn. I am only suggesting that Prechter (and you) are wrong about the magnitude. That’s all.

    I have also been following Precther for many years. Since 1985, if memory serves. I attended one of his seminars in 1986. I have binders full of his newsletters. No, I don’t subscribe anymore, for reasons that should be clear by now. As far as him having been right quite often, he has been very wrong quite a bit MORE often. The point I have been trying to make is that if he is so wrong in his analysis of the position of the markets, he can easily be just as wrong in his analysis of where we are in the social mood cycle. Maybe the point would have been clearer if I had just said it that concisely earlier.

    Readers may find these articles interesting. Or, not. Note the dates.

    FROM BILL: A lot of researchers are onboard with socionomics. I’ve seen the research. I am very tapped into what is going on in the world. I am extremely skeptical of almost everything. I don’t see much about socionomics that makes me skeptical.

    You are certainly welcome to your opinion.

  38. David M Says:

    The premise: social mood will get worse…much worse. (Disagree)
    The theory: The Elliott Wave is a valid form of analyis (100% Agree)
    Socionomics: generalizations based upon the predicted wave count (prone to error…as depends upon having a good wave count)
    The theory: A grand super cycle top occurred in 2000 according to Elliott Wave Theory and will bottom around 2016. (Disagree)
    The theorist: Robert Prechter (stubborn and often wrong predictor)
    The track record on huge wave counts: not good. This has been predicted since 1987 and wrong for 20 years until 2007 (but still probably wrong that it is a grand super cycle top and not a lesser super cycle wave top)
    Alternative wave count: none offerred
    Error in analysis: Bear markets happen in ABC’s…in the history of the US stock market there has never been this killer wave 3 down predicted. Even the bear market of 1929 was an ABC as detailed in page 164 of Prechter’s text. No “B” waves in the US market have gone on for 2+ years and will be 3 years in 2012.

    A viable alternative count and my preferred wave count: 1929 was a grand supercycle top as it was the only 90% drop in the available history of the entire US stock market. 2007 was a super cycle top from the 1933 bottom. March 2009 represented the supercycle bottom of this cycle (a big wave). The stock market is now in a bull market. New highs or close to new highs will be forthcoming in 2012. A bear market will follow into 2015/2016 but not coming that near the lows of 2009. Gold is also in a bull market and will see great heights. The US will not go bankrupt as it can print any amount of money.

    Nitpicking Bill: You decide. To hell in a handbasket….the appropriate use of the method involved does not support this. The world will muddle through (with many problems) yet again and no great depression or 90% stock fall is likely. If the premise of the article is…the world could fall apart…and you should be prepared…sure, be prepared (have some treasury bills and think about selling your business or losing your job). Also, be prepared that going to hell in a handbasket is not likely. Buy stocks into the first quarter of 2012 and buy gold until 2014.

    FROM BILL: You have it all figured out. Thank goodness.

    Look. I read MANY financial newsletters and have done so since 1977. I am extremely well read in many other related areas. I don’t pretend to have everything figureed out, but I have a pretty good grasp on what’s going on. There are many disagreements within the financial community about almost every question. You could find a group of people to champion almost any point of view: gold will go up, gold will go down; the Dow will go up/down; inflation/deflation, on and on.

    You are welcome to your opinion. I’m not particularly interested in fencing with every person who has a contrary opinion. You do your best to figure out what you think is going on, I’ll do my best, and we’ll see what happens. I’m talking about something bigger than the financial markets. I’m talking about the human condition, and not just regarding social mood.

  39. sherry Says:

    Dear Mr. Harris

    I agree with everything you say…..It is refreshing and so needing to be said…..

    I too have been told I hate Muslims which couldn’t be further from the truth…..however, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Christianity fundamentalism and fundamental Muslims……They both will die for pre programmed dogmas and conditioning…they both think they need to rule the world… arrogant and egotistical is a mind made……by fear and hate….how foolish to think it isn’t so……we have all been imprisoned…..are we evolving or devolving???

    The world’s shadow is showing big time and the house of cards is crumbling….
    Face your shadow…. embrace it…. and then get on with it and give a soft eye and kind sentiments to all you meet……..the meek will inherit the earth… will be good for your soul….bit by bit…

    As my mother would say,”If you are pointing a finger, you always have 3 pointing back at you and what you don’t like in someone else is a disowned part you can not accept in yourself”

    With the complexity of our world situation…..wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could start afresh with a “year of Jubilee”….In Biblical times every 50 years all debts were forgiven……that is if I ruled the world…..ha ha ha…

    Plan for the worst and hope for the best…..a motto……….

    FROM BILL: Jubilees happen in times of positive social mood.

  40. Carlos Says:


    I cant wait to read “How I found freedom…” Growing up in a place where the government tries to tell you what to do , what to listen to and specially how to think I find those kind of books liberating , You are totally right in your response to Daniel, forcing things on people robs them of initiative and creativity and it makes people apathetic and helpless. Back then I was only creative in finding ways to get away with things and being sneaky.

    I read a book called “When I say no I feel guilty” that deals with the same issue. It tells you how some people try to manipulate you by making you feel guilty or ignorant.
    It teaches principles like:
    “You are your ultimate judge”
    “You have the right to say:” I dont care.” (and take responsibility for the consequences)
    etc .

    These series of posts even though they made me feel pretty bad at first have helped me to accept the situation that might come and be aware of it. I am not afraid any more and whatever might come I will do my best .
    It has also help me to enjoy every single thing that I have now and I was taking for granted. from spending time with my friends and love ones to enjoying an orange juice or a beer , to going for a run or watching a boxing match to doing holocync or reading this blog everything feels better now and I enjoy it more. The best things in life are free or reasonably cheap.

    Thanks for everything you do


  41. sherry Says:

    A king was very much interested in the ideas of Moses; Moses was alive. The king said to the court painter, “Go and paint an absolutely realistic painting of Moses as he is. I would like his picture to always be in my bedroom.”

    The painter went. It took six months for him to do a really realistic painting. But when he came back with the painting, the king was puzzled, the whole court was puzzled, because the face of Moses looked like that of a murderer, that of a thief, that of a criminal.

    He said, “You say this is the painting you have done in six months? The face looks like Moses, but it can’t be Moses’ face. I know the man, I have seen him with my own eyes! Yes, the outer lines are exactly like his face, but the gesture, the expression, it is not that of Moses!”

    The painter said, “But you have told me to be very realistic, so I have not created any fiction around him. As he is I have painted him; this is just an exact replica. Now I am not responsible. If you find any difficulty in it, you ask Moses.”

    The painter, the king, the court, they all traveled. They went to Moses, the painting was brought to him and the king asked, “Sir, I have known you for years — you are the most graceful man I have ever seen in the world. There may never be such a graceful man again… and this is the painting! My painter is a great painter, there is no doubt about it. He has never made any fault like this. He has painted my father, my mother, and thousands of other paintings — he has painted me. And he is absolutely exact, whatsoever he has done. But with this painting we are not satisfied — not only not satisfied, I am angry at him. Your face looks like that of a murderer, a thief or a criminal.”

    Moses said, “You are both right. Now, looking at me, you will see grace. But your painter has painted with such acuteness that he has caught my whole life in the painting. Yes, for the first time I am confessing: once I killed a man. I am a murderer. I have never told this to anybody else. And I have been, in my past, all the things that your painter has painted; they have left their subtle marks on my face. You cannot see them because you don’t have the eyes which your painter has. So your painter is right: he has depicted my whole history. It is not only my present face but all the faces that have been there before. And you are also right, because it does not correspond to my present face — but I have to agree with your painter.”
    Osho said this……

    FROM BILL: And the relevance is…?

  42. Vic Says:

    Hey Sherry, would the year of jubilee be a surprise or would everyone know it was coming? Just wondering, because I have a lot of ideas for year 49. ;)

  43. Em Says:

    I can’t understand why what you say has caused such an uproar. If you are right, then so be it. Some times are bad and some times are good. I get it. I am not some New Ager that stares into my crystal to change the future. You are dealing in probabilities. That is what most of life is about. I would imagine that most of your responses come from people who are afraid. That may be why they write back angrily. You know what Yoda said, “Fear leads to anger and anger leads to suffering.”
    For me I try to live my life in the center of the wheel. I am not out on one of the spokes where I am constantly thrown this way and that in happiness and suffering.
    I get up each day, meditate and then go on with my life. As you well know that only true part of our lives is the present. So I live in the present and that is it.
    Whatever disaster comes I am not going to spend my only true moments worried, angry or afraid of it. When it comes it may be awful, but I will have to deal with that present moment when it arrives.
    You are right. You can’t change what happens to you, but you can pick how you react to it.
    I imagine that lots of people who write awful things to you are allowing themselves to be tossed and turned by events of today and what you say. They are not aware that they have a choice. I believe many of them will choose to leave the planet at that time. And by that I mean die.
    We have been here many times and we have lived many lives and this is just one of them.

    FROM BILL: Some of the responses come from people who are just angry about everything and anyone who disagrees with them pisses them off. Others come from people who have a huge need to be “right.” And, yes, many are just afraid to admit what they can’t handle emotionally.

  44. Johannes Says:


    Bill, your clinical non-attachment is simply ridiculous. I wish I’d have that more often for myself… :)

    I don’t like it either but I agree. Shit is really hitting the fan these days and yes, it is getting worse by the day. I even notice it in my own life: everyday stuff is just getting increasingly more difficult. I live in Hungary and our government, while with good intentions, is taking some rather questionable steps to “increase” our wellbeing.

    I only hope that humanity won’t do anything outrageous like dropping nukes or biological weapons.

    Regarding your take on economy. I study Economics and I came to the same conclusion. Our economical system wasn’t perfect from the start but now there are too many variables and the system simply just can’t handle so many. The system is obsolite. In situations like these throughout history usually came a great mind who designed a new economical system that pulled out the old one from the mud.

    Oh and yes: guys, you are not Q from Star Trek who can bend time/space as he liked. People just don’t comprehend their place in the universe. We don’t create reality, reality is omnipresent. We however create our experince of reality this is why it isn’t wise to pretend a truck isn’t coming towards you on the highway (though don’t get me wrong, it will make you feel better). I am not the one to speak though, I am really good at pretending that things are different than they are :D

    And for conclusion a question: What do you suggest a 21 year old man to do?


  45. Valerie Wilkinson Says:

    Hi Bill,
    I read your posts “Hell/Handbasket” with much interest. I’m a holosync user since 2001 and I know that changes have taken place in me and how world events effect me now. I can observe without “freaking out”…
    I don’t think you are negative at all… Just reporting the facts as you see them… I agree with you… The world is on the cusp of change and not necessaruly for the better. Economically, the nations/cities of the world are in bad shape. Anyone that does not see this is kidding themselves….
    I look forward to part 3 of your discourse…

  46. Dale Remlee Says:

    You’ve got it all figured out and you are right. Perhaps what you are teaching will wake up people who need your clear headed thinking but…but… somewhere in there you mentioned your meditational background and the thought crossed my mind, ah it has not brought him out of the box yet. I am not speaking of magic. You know what I am “guessing” Your understanding is absolutely right based upon your study and experience. Ok. What I hear is a guy who is still in Plato’s cave.
    Just my take on all the fuss and fury. I will absolutely duck when physical danger comes but …

    FROM BILL: Why guess? Go read my posts: The Five Stages of Waking Up, and There You Are, Enlightened.

  47. John Kornhauser Says:

    As bonnie posted above,I would be very interested in a discussion of “abundance manifestation” particularly as regards Esther & Jerry Hicks and the LOA versus your model of awareness. Are they opposed or complimentary?

    FROM BILL: They are both rife with magical thinking, and there is quite a bit on this blog that is relevant to your question.

  48. Dave S Perkins Says:

    Heres a little poem I wrote following the reading of these comments, probably an indicator of where I’m at in my understanding of what you are trying to get across to us.

    Will always and never the same comments make,
    triggering processes being and create,
    the time laws are falling know points of view,
    who would be bad good or ugly-de-javu,
    patterns remapping scalable truths,
    waves come in amplitudes signed by god you,
    remember that film that book I recall,
    the one you based your life on,
    rethink through phone-a-jew

  49. Josephine Carr Says:

    Dear Bill,

    I just want to thank you for new food for my mind. I was in a rainy Brazil when I read your first post – quite an wake up call, though a good one. I spent part of my holiday reading some of the blogs/news letters you suggested. Very inspiring, actually.And holosync is helping me to deal with potential stress on many levels. I am eager to learn some more about what I can do! Meanwhile I will go on enjoying my life. Josephine

  50. Darren Says:

    Hey Bill,

    For what it’s worth i think your doing an outstanding job. Love the no bullshit responses to peoples comments as well as your realistic view of things. The subject is obviously striking a cord of fear that people do not want to face. Which in my opinon is exactly the reason were in this boat, people as a whole don’t want to face the facts, since it’s not what they want to hear. Maybe if we ignore it long enouch it will go away???? We are to afraid of rocking the boat or offending some one or some group of some ones. You can only ingnore something for so long, eventually you will face it and then it will most likely not be on your terms and it will be an even bigger problem. It’s not negativity, it’s reality……

    P.S. – I’m on Purification Level One, Holosync is a fantastic product and will see it through to the end.

  51. David Says:

    Hi Bill

    I know that what you say exists: “Hunger, conflict, violence, disease, a 500 mile per hour wall of seawater, lack of money to pay the rent, unemployment, etc. are real physical experiences. You might not care about any of this if you’re in a transcendent state of mind, but they are still real and you and others are subject to them.

    Don’t disown the relative world. There are consequences for doing that, and you won’t like them.”

    Homelessness exists and clearly there are rapists are out there… They are out there and will always be there in my lifetime.

    But, in fact, isn’t all about focus…. In a very negative social mood in early 1930′s, 75% of folks were employed. 25% were out of luck… We have always been focused on the 25%.

    So isn’t this about my focus or your focus? So, we can focus on those “negative” things – hunger, homelessness, Libya, a lady in Congress who gets shot, and have our own focus distracted, or the fact that we hate our jobs or hate our lot in life, but the reality is that there will always be “bad” or “negative” stuff happening. The question is what are you going to do about it and as Steven Covey sometimes points out in his locus of control model: You need to focus on what you can control… and chop wood to make it better. (I added the chopped wood part. : ‘) If there’s strife in Libya and you’re not a major player in it’s outcome, stick to your locus of control: chopping wood. Right? : ‘ )

    FROM BILL: Did you miss where I said this exact thing? It isn’t as if the choice is between focusing on grim new or ignoring it. Be aware of WHAT IS, and be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to focus on solutions. If there are no solutions, at least be aware of your surroundings so to dodge the arrows as best you can, if they come. And, yes, live your life.

  52. Terry Lyle Says:

    I sarted out this Blog “series” with a great feeling of fear. Yet, that fear came nowhere close to what I might have felt four years ago before I started Holosync.
    Then, I would have been panic stricken. Now, I’m more interested than any thing else.
    I am forever amazed at the responses to this blog. So many people trying to vie for being right. I don’t even have the level of thoughts in my head that many of you do. I like getting through the day.
    But, as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I am not naive about what is going on in the world, even though I do not pay much attention to the media. But, these days, because of holosync and Life’s Principles, I do pay VERY close attention to my fellow human beings. I am here to tell you that you can be very aware of the “social climate” simply by listening to and “feeling” the people around you.
    There is for sure, even in my small rural area, a great deal of apprehension…about almost everything. Certainly most of that comes from the media, yet there’s local proof in everyday events regarding local businesses and government.
    One of the things that I’ve learned from Bill is that what you focus on is what you get. This has become on thing I know for sure in my own life. I can look back and pinpoint almost every event and feeling that I created by being focused on it…both “good” and “bad”.
    Based on this blog and the news at large it’s very obvious what most of the world is focused on. We are “going to hell in a handbasket”. So be it.

    But I will qoute Daniel B:
    “But thinking about my own life i know what i want, i am not sure what will unfold but suspect it will be cool. I’m becoming peaceful and content. What a relief! Freedom!”

    I’m there too. Things have never been better for me. And that’s because of Holosync. I know, I know…I keep bringing everything back to that. But, although it certainly won’t save the world, it most assuredly will save you a lot of pain.
    Just my observation.

  53. G.A. Says:

    If you click the link above, on my initials. You can see a disaster-preparedness plan, that includes a lot of items you may need in a disaster, or for “dark times” So you can see how this could relate to Bill’s part 3. It covers a lot of stuff you may not have thought of. Just posting to help. Dr. Roizen had his food storage prepared starting decades ago!

  54. Tim Says:

    Call me literal but why do you reference a bunch of statistics and historic events/cycles to highlight social mood? Why wouldn’t you reference opinion polls instead? The two are different, right? What we perceive is often different from reality? Apples to apples, oranges to oranges, maps to maps, territory to territory.

    I also think for every statistic mentioned there is probably some counter statistic that you’ve left undiscovered. In otherwords, there are three kinds of untruths: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    Personally I suspect economic and natural disasters tend to bring out the best in people; people are helping each other more so now than in times of euphoria.

    FROM BILL: I don’t remember using statistics, though statistics by themselves aren’t deceptive. They certainly can be used to deceive, but I don’t think the Socionomist people are out to deceive anyone, nor am I. We’re out to figure out what’s actually going on. The studies they have done are subject to review by other people so that inaccuracies can be spotted and corrected.

    Now if you want deceptive use of statistics, check the mainstream media and the major political parties.

  55. Brian Says:

    I’ve been following this thread for quite awhile now.

    I”m finishing my master degree of Environmental Leadership in Colorado. While I am not familiar with the sources Bill has been using for his information, I certainly agree that as a whole we are not exactly setting ourselves up for Golden Age of Prosperity.

    Reading all the problems we are faced with in the world can be overwhelming. Many times I feel confused and helpless as to what to do.

    How do we handle the nuclear crisis in Japan?
    How do we adjust to rising oil prices? (which will continue to rise….)
    How do we handle the potential debasing of our global monetary system?

    These issues (and many more) can be incredible painful to take in. I think of a person, who has chest pains, high blood pressure and shallow breath, but insists its indigestion. Seeing a doctor may expose them to the reality of ill health. And who would want to hear that?

    It seems the more consistent and imminent these dangers are, the more I would like to distract myself from them. For instance on CNN’s webpage today the top stories were about:

    1.Charlie Sheen’s new interview
    2.Getting a Job at Facebook
    3.Reese Witherspoons New Wedding Photos.

    And tucked in the side of the homepage- 11,500 tons of Nuclear Waste Dumped Into Pacific.

    This is not unique to CNN. This is what can happen to me internally as well. I’d like to forget about it, I’d like to hole-myself off from the world, or better yet, I’d like to not believe it at all. Please someone tell me that there’s no concern, that there’s nothing to worry about.

    The pain, anger and confusing I’m hearing in a lot of posts (I believe) represents our deep caring about these issues. Of course I and others are feeling this way because we are sane people. We can see that this will have an effect on our lives in some way. And that can be very difficult to deal with. I’m still struggling.

    I believe I am feeling these anxieties because there is a fundamental part of me that knows of the inter-related web of relationships this entire system depends on.

    The reason I am writing is for those who are hesitant to “buy into” the Hell in a Handbasket scenario, is it because of refutable facts or because its actually a difficult situation to stare in the face of?

    What are you getting by not wanting to relate to this situation?

    Our confusion, pain, and anger can be a great source of direction and power. And fundamentally, I believe we are experiencing these emotions out of our basic love for our family, friends and the places we live. Our emotions around these issues hold a deep intelligence that is trying to communicate with us.

    Although it can be dreadful to walk into the fire of these experiences, I think it can offer a much more resourceful a way of being and acting as we go forward. We need to know where we are before we can figure how to get to where we’re going. Discussion and dialogue around these issues is great starting point.

    Thanks for your posts Bill and for everyone else participating.

  56. Paul Cowan Says:

    I take your point about the people in power doing the very things that will make things worse. The US’s policy of quantitive easing (newspeak for printing wads of devaluing cash) can only get worse as Obama runs for re-election. The current round of QE is creating a sugar rush or a false picture of everything being on the up. THis sugar rush will get not last long. I expect more sugar rushes before the next presidential election.

    I do not know enough about world economics to know who or were the US or the UK borrow their insane amounts of cash from and I have no idea how they can still borrow money when they owe totally unbelievable amounts.

    The west has had its day, greed and corruption will be its own sabotage.

  57. Paul Cowan Says:

    I would also like to thank you for taking the time to answer an email from me from the Life Principles Integration Process course when I was less than gracious in the comments of this and other posts.

    Thank you for the advice.

  58. Eric Says:

    Have you heard of this guy?
    He came to speak at my school a few months ago and showed a preview of his movie. The picture he paints of the future is mind-boggling. I am really interested to hear what you think about the subject (his predictions about upcoming technology and AI computing) and how it relates to our future. Does socionomy take this kind of thing into account in long term predictions? Please, if you have the time, talk about this a little bit – I would really value your input. It seems to me to be a very important and relevant information for everyone.

    Much Thanks,

    P.S. I grew up reading Issac Asimovs books, and now I find out that AI and Psychohistory are both real. How exciting!

    P.S.S. If we go to the Socionomics Summit, what is the probability of getting to meet you? Provided we don’t all use the Law of Attraction to make it happen.

    FROM BILL: If you see me there, introduce yourself.

    I am well aware of Kurzweil. He is a genius.

  59. Miika Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Do you think that the economic meltdown will create really dramatic changes (such as the transition from the type of society the Romans had to a Victorian era and then onto the modern age)?

    Do you think that we are heading into something that we have never seen before?



    FROM BILL: We’re always heading into something we haven’t seen before.

    The VIctorian era (which began in 1837, when Queen Victoria assumed the British throne)), however, started about 1400 years after the fall of the Roman Empire (no exact date, it it too centuries to “fall”, but many put the final end in 474 AD). It wasn’t as if one morphed directly into the other. There was a LITTLE BIT of stuff that happened between the two.

  60. Gloria Says:

    Perhaps this will provide a bit of balance and perspective on all the doom and gloom:

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, this isn’t going to do anything about what is going on in the world today, or change anything about social mood.

  61. Jeff Says:

    Hi Bill;

    Alot of things that come up in this thread we can’t really do much about. You can’t change the tide but you can ride it. I don’t know much about Muslims other than what the media paints them as. I take it with a grain of salt, being a Vietnam Veteran and how well the Media painted us being drug crazed murdering adrenlin junkies. Thanks Jane Fonda for your support.

    Although in this thread I have had the chance to meet Harry Browne and
    Richard Russell. Both look like people I would like to know more about.

    In all this, they may offer that seed of an equivalent or greater benefit
    in the sea of gloom and doom. Russell said something about 1957 being far more negative than anything we are seeing today. Recently there was a story in Seattle about a 97 year old Realtor (still working) who mentioned the samething.

    You don’t suppose we are all just slowly turning into wussies because we have lost our work ethic and wouldn’t know an opportunity if it hit us in the face? We are not strong enough to stand out in a storm and have a normal conversation while it blows over? If it’s a tornado maybe we should have coffee in the cellar.

    The only constant is that there is change. If you can get a lull, enjoy it but know it will be changing again soon.

    I think that one reason for the negativity is because of the acceleration of change we are experiencing, technology for one is changing so fast that it is mind boggling what can be done these days, the learning curve is steep.
    We need all the tools we can get our hands on to be able to process this stuff and use it. If you understand it you are it’s master, if you don’t you are it’s slave.

    In less than 2 years from now we will have completely grown further and faster, in technology developement, than we have in the whole time from when Edison first made a light bulb to the present. Stress from change?

    You could look at the social negativity as growing pains really. Life is really going to change faster than we expect. Money might even become obsolete, Maybe. What’s the greedy trade off?

    In money you have those two strong emotions of Greed and Fear. I think the only way to overcome them is through ‘Awareness’, a word you like to use.

    I buy gold but I really like gold. Even if it wasn’t worth anything I would have it around, it makes me feel good.

    The Hopi Indian Elders have some Youtube video’s and one of them gives the advice to ‘grow something’. Hmmm sounds like good advice. Probably learn alot doing that.

    All the best


  62. Vic Says:

    Uh, oh.

    FROM BILL: Russell is saying this because he is following certain exact rules in Dow Theory. This doesn’t change what is happening in the world.

  63. sherry Says:

    Dear Bill
    I was just using the Osho story as a parable….I guess…..
    The relevance is that we all have a shadow that we need to accept and learn to embrace and love…….the darkness we think we are hiding is not really hidden…….Even our dark thoughts are etched into our faces……I was just giving an example……..In learning to embrace our dark side we are then more accepting of others……Shadow work can be dangerous work…..there is a fine balance so we don’t end up becoming that which we see…..It becomes a shield as did Moses…..he was obviously a man that accepted his darkness……
    Sorry for not being clearer……I enjoy your blog……Thanks kindly for your work……

    FROM BILL: See my blog posts about shadows.

  64. sherry Says:

    Dear Vic

    As Bill said….It would happen in good times economically……..I just knew it was biblical thing a few thousand years ago……It would be my simple solution to very complex world issues… needs….. no greed……I have a feeling your year 49 would appeal to my darker side…..ha ha ha……

  65. Brian Says:

    That was a well spoken response and hopefully clarifies some mistakes of perception on some peoples’ parts. I have one counter though; the idea that we do not in fact have control over the circumstances we have, as you said, thrust upon us. Recent quantum physics is already showing the highly likely potentiality of parallel dimensions where all possibilities exist. Some remarkable work by IONS and other such organizations has shown that intention has a very real and very powerful effect on the supposed structure of what we call our reality down to the smallest building blocks found in quantum sub-mechanics. Could it, then, be possible to some degree that we CAN shift our reality to one where, if all things are possible, the circumstances in the world of billions will more directly match the mirror of our own inner solidarity and match the vibratory frequency in which we choose to resonate? There are very few laws on the sub-quantum level and for good reason. We just don’t know. Until we do, with absolute certainty, is it proper to completely negate the possibility that we as individuals have the creative power to literally choose the world we wish to reside?

    FROM BILL: Beware New Agers telling you about quantum mechanics. It’s a code word for magical thinking. Use of the term “vibratory frequency” regarding human beings is also magical thinking.

  66. catherine H Says:

    still makes me laugh…..enjoy if you haven’t seen it already.

  67. John Griggs Says:

    Thanks Bill,
    I’m really sitting on the fence with this one now as I have manged to get some reading done on Social Moods and positive negative waves. I do not think that we are in any way running out of money. I’m also curious as to what creates these Social moods, as it seems that we are in a 30 year spiral in which certainly our governments legislative action allows more and more money to the top 1%, eg: Bush tax cuts, and less and less money and benefits to the middle class and poor, Eg; Loss of Union power, fewer government jobs, massive cuts in Social programs that put people to work, and over sixty cents on every tax dollars being spent to wage war and kill people with no desire to limit the amount of money it costs to do such a thing.
    Although I find you to be a very intelligent man and find your theory on this topic thorough and very stimulating, I cannot help but conclude that although your blog thesis on Social Mood is dead on, that your conclusion on the cause of this effect is your map and not the territory and your finger is pointing at the moon, but in no way resembles the moon at all.
    However, I have a deep respect for you and everything you have done for our species with Holosync and your MOR courses, so I shall continue to chunk down and research your suggested readings.
    In the meantime, after much thought I have come to the conclusion that your knowledge base would be better served to watch a little more Michael Moore and a little less Fox News. A little less obsession with the evil communist corporations and a little more insight into American corporations communist practices-May I suggest Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Adendum.
    Looking forward to part three.

    FROM BILL: There is so much uninformed nonsense in your post that I just don’t know where to start. Pour yourself another koolaid and watch another Michael Moore movie.

  68. Chris M Says:

    Recently Avaaz started a petition titled ”Stop Wikileaks Torture” :

    “Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning is being tortured in a US military prison. Manning is subjected to utter isolation that can drive many people insane, with short periods each day where he is stripped naked and abused by jeering inmates.”

    While perhaps one example of the kinds of things more prevalent in times of negative social mood, some people may wish to sign the petition, which is free, requires little time, and may have a positive effect from a humanitarian point of view.

    FROM BILL: No liberal petitions, please.

  69. carmen Says:

    here is an evidence I can understand as a woman: if when I am having a baby -without epidural anesthesia-, they show me a photo of a healthy one saying to me “here is the baby you are going to birth; now, the only thing you have to do is to give it birth”…, well I am sure that the physical pain of giving birth would diminish at least at 50%

    my point here is that fear is a powerful arm which has been used all along the History to get people herding… without that manipulation, not only every human being but all the humankind behave inspired with an attitude of serenity, which leads to the best behaviour at all

    so, in some way our vissions about the future influence our atitude or present behaviour, and this one is really the only one which matters, since none of us -less any institution nowadays- can really, for real, really know the future…; is it easy to convince an adult as it is with a child?; no way for most of us, and still here is the inner child, wishing to be told about happy future coming

    I deeply respect science and the scientific community, all of them are doing their best in order to the humankind evolving…, but the model they observ, research about and experience with is not the only one, or the true one, it is just a model, and sometimes there are subtle variations which make the biggest impact on final results

    facts do not talk, we as humans are the ones who can think and talk about them…, and we talk about facts as accurately as we are able to, doing the same effort when talking about feelings, emotions, psychological issues in general…, the truth is always beyond humans’ biggest effort, which is the best horizon for our species to survive….Truth is a paradox

    sorry for the length: here is Spring with her intense colours….I talk about them, wishing my inner child to be dressed with all of them

    holosync always helps!!!

  70. Ron Crider Says:

    Dear Bill and Friends in the Forum: I read with interest and sometimes amusement, sometimes even sorrow what participants here discuss and point out. Many seem to be informed; many more are desperately paddling with one oar. However, one theme that comes across more often is that, whatever their take on anything, lots of folks are expressing great stress. It might be helpful if people become aware of using the Bach Formula Flower Drops to help manage their anxieties, both arising from the world outside and some of the more negative material that can surface while using HoloSync. I am fortunate to have a practitioner as a friend and she has kindly put together a Bach Formula based on my personal responses to a standard questionnaire. I began this formula several months before even discovering HoloSync due to frequent night panic attacks and high levels of anxiety about my finances and other matters. The Bach Drops are all natural, very subtle, are person specific and effective. They are also completely non-reactive with Rx medications. I began HoloSync with the hope of lifting up and clensing all the trash and miscellaneous garbage that has held me back for a lifetime. It is beginning to do that very well, but I also appreciate the extra assist I receive from the Bach Drops to help ease me through some of the rough spots! For those who are interested, try to find a local practitioner to make up your drops. If that is not possible, there are several books on the subject and you can order drops seperately to formulate your own. Lacking that, I was first introduced to the Bach Drops when my friend told me to just go to the health supplement store and purchase the standardized Bach Rescue Remedy. It really helped until I could get my own personalized formula. I hope this helps others who may be having more than just a bit of a struggle with the current social mood and other world events, not to mention the world within. Best Regards, Ron Crider

    FROM BILL: Sorry, Ron, but I think Bach flower remedies are magical thinking BS, and so does the scientific community. Stick with Holosync if you want to increase your threshold for stress.

  71. Heikki Says:

    “Humans are prone to herd because it is always warmer and safer in the middle of the herd. Indeed, our brains are wired to make us social animals. We feel the pain of social exclusion in the same parts of the brain where we feel real physical pain.” –James Montier


    And now I can choose what “herd” I want to join in.

    And I have chosen to be in “the awaken herd”

    Its very, very little now.

    Only 1-2% of peoples belongs to it.


    What a ride!

    Ps.thanks Bill!

  72. Chris M Says:

    Do you believe in genetic memory, such as repressed subconscious memories that all humans share? Memories are subjective, they change as they are remembered. What do you think is worth remembering (or holding on to) as we (in theory) enter into a more traumatic era? :)

    FROM BILL: Sorry, no evidence for genetic memory. I don’t think “what is worth remembering?” is really the right question. See part 3 when I post it for what I think.

  73. James Dai Says:

    ‘Bankruptcy’ is just a concept right? In the grand scheme of things, money is too. Sometimes I think it would solve some problems if everybody’s money was just reset. Of course it can never happen. And it wouldn’t be nice for the richer people.

    FROM BILL: No, bankruptcy is when someone can’t pay someone to whom they owe money. If that was YOU–if you loaned money to someone and they said, “Sorry, can’t pay you,” you wouldn’t say it’s just a concept.

    There is REALITY (rocks are hard, empty stomachs are hungry, etc), and then there are YOUR IDEAS ABOUT REALITY. Those ideas are concepts. The reality, whether it’s bankruptcy or anything else, is still there, and still affects you.

  74. carmen Says:

    I agree with James, banckruptcy is a concept, as well as money, and reality is that there are resources enough all around mother planet for every human being’s basic needs; nature always tends to be in equilibrium…, while the human mind is in the way, adding concepts and emotions which break the natural equilibrium…; but of course, human mind is also reality, it also tends to go to equilibrium, after journeys that can be more or less intense, as it always has been (here is where I agree with the wave theory)

    it is always better to be aware than unaware, so I want to thank you for your information in general, Bill; but you must know that information consists on concepts and these cannot be more than a part of reality (the map, remember?); this applies to scientific concepts too, which are not more real merely because they aren’t magical concepts

    reality goes beyond concepts and beyond humans’ awareness, for now

    I am sure you also know that either with or without awareness, with or without information, every alive being evolves

    awareness makes the evolving process easier and less painful; but awareness not only consists on information or scientific data in general; meditation does not consist on information -maybe partialy-; holosync helps with meditation, discipline and equilibrium, so first of all, Bill, thanks for this issue and please meditate about this question,

    isn’t it easier for an empty stomach to be led by a brain under the influence of holosync meditation, in its way to equilibrium?

    FROM BILL: Perhaps if you read up a bit on economics (see Thomas Sowell’s books) and read a bit about the history of money and finance you would see the huge difference in quality of life that resulted from the creation of money and a free market. You can have ideas about reality, which are not the same as the reality they represent, but the reality itself still exists. You are falling for the biggest delusion of humanity, while claiming that you aren’t: mistaking the map for the reality.

    Furthermore, without a map you would be lost. Maps are not bad. Concepts are not bad. You just have to be able to tell the difference between the map and the territory it represents. Using your logic we would have to believe that because the map isn’t the territory, there is no territory.

  75. Andrew Johnson Says:

    Hey Bill. I do agree with everything you’ve said so far. Even though I lack education on most of the subjects you talk about, I have noticed and discussed with family and friends for sometime now, the fact that the world is becoming a darker place.

    It’s not hard to see the increasing violence, the road rage, even car park rage where people have jumped out of their car and stabbed the other person… all over a stupid parking spot!

    Bullying (and cyber-bullying) is on the rise, and kids in general seem to have no respect for parents or teachers. Tolerance, respect and manners have simply gone out the window.

    Hate to see where all of this is going to end.

    Luckily for me I have holosync (Flowering level 2 now).

    Cheers Bill.

    FROM BILL: If only others knew what you know about the changes that happen when you just use Holosync every day for a long time.

  76. Rob Says:

    To James and carman,

    yes, bankruptcy is a concept. Someone, somewhere, a very long time ago conceived the idea of bankruptcy and made it a reality by expressing the idea to the world.

    The reality of bankruptcy is very different to expressing it as an idea. I went through it when a franschise I owned as a sole trader went bust, along with my franchisor. The restriction of all credit rights is very limiting, not to say the bankruptcy itself is emotionally debilitating and very stressful. It hurt bigtime! I dont recommend it to anyone!

    FROM BILL: My point is that ideas are representations of realities. You don’t want to confuse the idea with what it represents (for instance, you idea of “me” and the real you are very different), but to think that ONLY the idea exists, and the reality should be dismissed as non-existent is a gross misinterpretation of what is really happening. We use ideas to represent things, but the idea is not the reality. There is, however, a reality, and in the case of banruptcy it has real-world consequences.

  77. Chris M Says:

    What do you think of this Peter Schiff? Any thoughts?

    FROM BILL: That is an amazing montage. Everyone should watch this, and realize that the first video is of Schiff speaking BEFORE the financial meltdown, NAILING what is going to happen, point by point (everything he says would happen DID happen) while other experts (including Art Laffer, which I like-usually) sit there laughing at him and predicting a higher stock market, higher home prices, good times forever, etc. Though not on this blog, I was predicting the same things at about the same time, and as with Schiff, everyone told me I was crazy. They lost huge amounts of money when the shit hit the fan, while I made money.

    And, the problems Schiff is detailing are still not resolved. In fact, they are now much worse because the Fed and the government, as a supposed remedy for the economic problems have done MORE (in fact WAY, WAY, MORE) of what caused the problems in the first place–more spending, more debt, more propping up of failed companies, etc.

    Dismiss what I’m saying here at your own risk. Do your own research. Find out. Those of you who are blowing this off, though, may live to regret it.

  78. Terry Says:


    I was initially horrified by your endorsement of Fox news and Glen Beck.

    But when I really thought about it – I realized that your argument on why so many people dislike them applied to me.

    That is I didn’t like them based on snippets I had seen from media outlets that had an opposing view point.

    I’d never really sat and listened to a full Glen Beck show or watched Fox news directly for any length of time.

    So I took up your challenge and went ahead and spent some time reading the Fox news website, and listening to some of Glen Beck’s material, and guess what? I was surprised.

    Whilst Fox News on television is very biased at times (to the point where even presenters on Fox have complained about it and told each other off) – the written articles generally seem acute and reasonable.

    Sure they take a sceptical approach but that’s what I want from journalism – although there is a distinction to be made between that and outright advocating for the opposite political side which some of the television commentators on Fox News often do.

    That notwithstanding, the articles were fine, and this was a surprise as I was expecting outright propaganda.

    Now on Glen Beck. I had a very low opinion of Glen Beck due to various controversial remarks he had made, but was astonished to find that he actually has a lot of thoughtful interesting things to say – and in particular when it comes to economics and self-empowerment.

    I found him quite fascinating and witty, and moreover, unless he’s a very good actor (which is possible), he seems to be a very caring person.

    The sad thing with Glen Beck though is he badly lets himself down when he makes bigoted and incendiary remarks; for example calling the president a racist, and falsely accusing the presenters of the tv show “The View” of forcing him out of a seat on a train – something which when he was confronted by them on, he admitted lying about.

    Things like that obliterate his credibility with people who may otherwise have been willing to give him a chance.

    I like to think of myself as pretty open-minded, but if it wasn’t for you, there’s NO WAY I would have been tuning into him. He just seemed like a cartoon character and a waste of my time.

    But now I’m actually glad I did. Because there’s clearly more to him than the disingenuous and hateful comments; and he does have something of value to offer people if they can look past his silly habits.

    Wow. I’m experiencing a lot of uncertainty. So many things are changing – old beliefs falling away. It’s daunting and exciting at the same time.

    I’m looking forward to part 3.

    Wishing you well,

    FROM BILL: I hear all kinds of terrible things about Glenn Beck in the mainstream media and the leftist blogs. He did this, he said that, he’s a conspiracy theorist, he’s anti-semitic, he’s racist, and on and on. However, I have seen all but a handful of his shows since he started on Fox, and I have NEVER heard him say or do any of the things he’s accused of. If I had, believe me, I would not be a supporter.

    I find him to be an extremely caring and kind person. He is not anti-semitic, nor is he racist. In fact, he is one of the strongest supporters of Israel anywhere, and one of his sponsors is a charity that collects money to help Holoscaust survivors. He is good friends with Martin Luther King’s niece and a huge advocate of King (and of Gandi). The left, and the mainstream media, quite frankly, feel free to lie about him, and pretty much every word I’ve seen written about him is a distortion.

    Why do they do this? They hate him because he is exposing what they are up to. And, he does this by showing video of them talking about it and quoting from their own speeches and books. He doesn’t just assert that such and such is true. He shows you that it’s true. And, I might add, I am not easy to fool because I am very well-read, and have been for many decades. I know enough about what’s going on to smell bullshit. And, I’m not interested in supporting a certain political point of view (though I have one). I’m interesting in finding out what’s really happening, and if people are being screwed or in some way suffering is being created, I’m against it, no matter who is doing it.

    What’s more, I have NEVER seen any of his critics actually address the facts about anything he has said. They just attack him personally, call him names, or outright lie, which is what people do when they can’t refute the facts. I suspect that the comment about the View is either not true at all or distorted. I say that because I have heard literally hundreds of accusations about him that I know aren’t true, so if I had to guess as to the truth of some new accusation, the odds are great that it is, as the others, just another baseless attack.

    As for Obama being racist, I think a case could be made for that, though I think his attitude is more class warfare than race-based.

    At any rate, I think anyone who hasn’t drunk the kool-aid who watches even a few episodes of his show would have the same response you’ve had.

    Beck loses me on two things. First, he looks at things in some cases through his Christian lens, which seems shallow to me, even if the ultimate conclusion he makes is something I agree with. Second, some of what he says about the economy I don’t agree with, though his prediction that something really terrible is looming I do agree with.

  79. Santiago Says:

    Chris M,

    I’m not sure what you mean about genetic memory. I can tell you though that there are many experiences that humans all around the world share regarding the release of memories that include archetypal images and intense feelings from the past, this is part of human nature, they are even mentioned in early Buddhist scriptures and shamanic traditions as the dissolving of an old self, needed for the birth of a new one.

    There’s a danger that they get a magical interpretation though.

    There’s some explanation about it here:

    Hope it helps.

  80. Richard Martin Says:

    I find the “progressives” and other elements of the left, especially in the U.S., use invective and ad hominem attacks much more than people in the political centre and right. One of the favourite tactics is to accuse someone they perceive as on the right as stupid, uneducated, village idiot, etc. That’s how the left likes to portray the likes of Reagan and George W. Bush. I’m not saying I agree with everything they said or did as presidents, but they certainly aren’t the blithering idiots that they left likes to claim they are. Reagan, it now turns out, was one of the most perceptive men around when it came to dealing with the Soviet Union. He was a fierce negotiator at the Reykjavik summit in 1986, and Gorbachov has admitted as much. He also read huge quantities of raw intelligence reports, wrote extensively, had a radio show in the 70s, etc. etc. You may not agree with his positions, but he was no idiot. As for W, I think that eventually we will realize that he was also more perceptive and intelligent than what the left has claimed.


  81. Vic Says:

    The main stream media will vilify anyone that refuses to toe their line. It has happened and is still happening to Rush Limbaugh and many others. It always surprises me, though I guess it shouldn’t, when people I talk to attack certain people for their words and then admit that they’ve never really listened to them. Only a fool forms an opinion based on hearsay, but many seem more than willing to do it. Maybe it’s an indicator of the current social mood or maybe it’s just part of the human condition.

    FROM BILL: I think it’s a little of both. One of the tactics of the left (described in Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals) is to demonize anyone who is a threat to them over and over and over until the general public thinks what they are saying about that person must be true. They’ve pretty successfully done this with Glenn Beck and with Rush Limbaugh, to the point where some people are actually afraid to listen to them. Like you, I find that those I run into who “hate” one of these people have either never listened to them or have just see out-of-context clips. Smart on the left’s part; stupid on the part of those who don’t find out for themselves.

  82. Terry Says:

    With The View comment, it was all televised. Check it out:

    FROM BILL: And from THAT you concluded that Glenn lied? I started out to say that it sounds to me as if the only thing he said that wasn’t exactly true was that Barbara Walters summoned him to come to her, when he actually approached her. Then I looked at it again, and though Beck does seem to “admit” that he summoned her, if you listen to the clip HE DOESN”T SAY THAT! He just says that she said, “Glenn Beck…” etc. So even that isn’t true. The only thing he did was imitate her voice in a somewhat mocking tone. Woopie acknowledged that she “gave him a [dirty] look” similar to the look she had just given him in the clip, and I trust that the Amtrack person DID tell Glenn the seats were saved. So it looks like all Glenn did was exaggerate Barbara Walter’s voice, which I suspect was for comic effect–rather than maliciousness–in retelling the story.

    And, notice that when they called him an investigative reporter (in other words, saying that he should have “checked his facts” about whether the seats were really reserved) and he said, no, he was a commentator, Barbara Walters jumped on him about that, saying, “Oh, so you never check your facts.” This is quite a slam, typical of the left, and is an absurd leap of logic, since he wasn’t saying anything of the sort. He has a crack staff of people who DO check the facts for him (I have NEVER seen a single instance of ANY person on the left who brought up any evidence to refute a single statement of Beck’s–they just attack HIM without ever even talking about the facts). And, no person, if the Amtrack staff told them, “These seats are saved,” would doubt that it was true and do something to “check the facts”. Would you? Who cares? Why not just sit there and wait and see, which is what he did.

  83. Terry Says:

    After having another look – just realised…he admitted spicing up the story, but still insists that he was made to believe that seats were reserved for them.

    I also note that they’re so cross with him, they’re interrupting him quite a lot. Hmm….maybe embellishment stroke half-truthes (creative licence? :) rather than outright lying.

    FROM BILL: I wrote my reply to your previous post before seeing this one.

  84. Vic Says:

    Bill, this is a bit off topic, but do you believe as many do that Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the economy in an effort to create as many government dependents as possible?

    FROM BILL: Well, I certainly seen video of him and of quite a few of his closest advisors who are hoping that financial, social, racial, and political chaos (which they ARE taking steps to foment–including huge efforts to organize rallies, protests, and so forth, not just in the US but in Europe, the Middle East, etc–I’ve seen lists of all the organization involved–will cause people to take to the streets. They have blatently said in closed-door events that were surrepticiously recorded that they want to get as many people dependent on the government and then withdraw that support so those people are angry. This is what socialists and fascists [such as the Nazis] have done to foster uprisings over and over throughout their history.

    The only thing I have see to directly link Obama to such things is a) a video of him saying that under his plan energy costs will “necessarily skyrocket”–as if that is what he wants, b) several clips of him saying how aligned he is with serveral groups who are opening attempting to create this sort of chaos and upheaval, and c) the fact that several of his present or past close advisors are key members of these groups who are opening trying to foment unrest and even violence (Andy Stern, Van Jones, Richard Trumpka, and several others).

    It is unbelievable that an American President could possibly be in favor of such a thing, but Obama, along with many of the others around him, believe that the wealth in the West was all “stolen” and that the wealth must be redistributed to the rest of the world. They have many ways they’re trying to do that, which I won’t go into here, but if they succeed the standard of living of mainstream Americans will drop quite a bit. Some studies put the coming average income at $14,000–it’s now about $50,000.

  85. Michelle Says:

    Hi Bill

    I wrote earlier in response to this and your last blog because I ended up becoming very negative. You explained that this was suppressed negativity that some people have and this is exactly what it felt like. Not sure if this on topic still – it is nothing to do with the economic climate – just negativity!!

    I took my daughter to a dowser/healer a while back as she developed diabetes type 1 a couple of years ago and the medical profession declare that they don’t know what causes it and there is no cure. They do believe it is something genetic though.

    The dowser proceeded to tell me that my daughter has inherited a tuberculosis miasm which has come from my side of the family and this has caused a weakness in her auto immune response which is what is causing the diabetes as her pancreas is being destroyed accidentally.

    On returning home I researched TB miasms only to discover that the symptoms are extreme negativity, as if a dark grey mist has covered your life, the giving up of dreams, a resistance to the material world and a tendency to live in fantasies rather than making things happen in reality. The underlyng belief is that it is impossible to create your deepest dreams and desires in the material world. It is relatively common in the UK as TB was quite widespread.

    A miasm develops as a result of somebody in the family having contracted TB and then recovered but were left with some after effects of the virus which stay in the body and then get passed down the generations. Apparently when you are born with a miasm you do not necessarily develop all the symptons unless your childhood proves to you that these beliefs are true – ie. you can’t have what you want, life is hard etc etc.

    I have used holosync for three years and have moved through masses of my own baggage and now I have met this genetic darkness. Can you believe it??!!

    I wondered if Holosync can help people move through and release these genetic beliefs/influences?



    FROM BILL: You need an exorcism to get rid of your magical thinking. There is no evidence that “miasms” exist, and dowsing is baloney. I’m so sorry that you belief this nonsense, as it makes it much more difficult to function effectively in the world. You need an education in how cause and effect works in the real world, my dear.

  86. vijay Says:

    Sounds a new concept but doesn’t look like it is yoga practice, do you embed music with Yoga for teaching?

  87. Cathi Shaul Says:

    While I agree with most of what you are saying Bill, you lost some credibility for me when you support (in my view) a right wing Christian like Glenn Beck. You said he loses you when viewing things through his “Christian lens”. Isn’t everything he says, or makes commentary on, through his Christian lens? I think so. And therefore in my humble opinion, inflammatory rhetoric.
    I would tend more to agree with Sharon G, in fact I so liked her last paragraph that I thought it bore repeating:
    Sharon G said: “Americans are egregiously lacking in critical thinking skills. All of us could use at least one course in how to spot and avoid logical fallacies. Then we would be well advised to learn how to think logically and to know what credible research skills entail. I fear for us when so many take the morally bankrupt comments of Fox News or Rush Limbaugh as truth.”
    My husband of many years is a Fox News watcher, at first he thought Glenn Beck had interesting things to say. But, that Christian lens you speak of skews the view even too much for him.
    As Sharon said, we Americans are indeed lacking critical thinking skills, which is one of the reasons that I appreciate meditation, and consequently Holosync. I do however connect meditation with Spirituality, not magical thinking, simply put; mindful thought. Mindful thought takes as much as possible into consideration and then makes decisions accordingly.
    I do look forward to Part 3, it is a very mindful conversation :-) Accept that part about Glenn Beck ;-)
    Cathi Shaul

    FROM BILL: You sound like another person critical of Glenn Beck who has not watched him. Try watching him and see what you think. I haven’t heard ANYTHING from him that I would characterize as “inflammatory rhetoric.” And I do have quite finely honed critical thinking skills.

    Beck strays off into Christianity about 3% of the time. The rest of the time he is talking about factual stuff about the economy, the President’s advisors, or whatever. Nearly all of it is delivered out of the mouths of the people he is talking about.

    When he brings up Christianity is isn’t the political side of Christianity, but rather his ideas that faith in God will brings us through hard times, and that sort of thing. In a sense he is right because faith in God DOES bring many people through hard times. I have, or at least like to think I have, a more sophisticated view of the universe than that, so he loses me on that sort of thing, but there’s nothing about it that is off-putting. I know many people who are Christians and though I don’t agree with their view of what’s going on in the universe, their view are helpful to them and are sincere. Most of them are trying to live as Jesus suggested–loving others, turning the other cheek, and so forth.

    I don’t see “logical fallacies,” however, in what Glenn Beck says, or in what Rush Limbaugh says. I don’t agree with everything either of them says, but it isn’t because of logical fallacies. In fact, I think they are two of the most logical people I’m aware of. And, Glenn Beck seems to REALLY care about people, about the US, and about the world. He is a sincere proponent of the same sort of non-violence espoused by Gandi and Martin Luthor King. He just thinks the average person is being hosed by the government, which is true, and he has exposed how they are doing it more than anyone else out there.

    And, as I have said in my replies to other posts, I have NEVER seen ANY critic of his refute any of the facts he has brought forward (it’s hard to refute a video of someone blatently saying something, of writing an entire book about it).

  88. Catherine H Says:

    Michelle, the seat of the immune system is in the stomach. High quality probiotics Have been proven to be very effective against diabetes. You can make your own very cheaply with kefir. Certain other fermented foods are also good. Check it out. The stomach is the body’s second brain and poor gut health is linked to depression as well as a long list of other undesirable symptoms. Don’t let an unhelpful doctor send you off on a wild goose chase.

    FROM BILL: Though I’m sure that the quality of the bacteria in your gut has an effect, the seat of the immune system is in the thyroid gland and in your bone marrow.

  89. Dave S Perkins Says:

    spy down the worm wholes X- planted a shaft,
    new chromes a wonder a large hearted gift,
    down through the chapters as years-buy–it-here,
    gently unfolding 12 layers work sift,
    all the americans fox-news Becks Glen eagled
    water weighs and LAKES and waves I C I canal ponder,
    boring to re-doubt it all and change my own minds squander,
    known as deepening leverage Peter Schiffe talks walls law magic,
    all Ronnie Raygunning of Bushes’ is so Tragic,
    Virus’ threw traded depths releasing signs blind paddock,
    data-mining trojans own recursive loops are blind,
    desperately despairing depressing allegories,
    I only right these left it’s rhymes grim reaper THINK_LOVE_SHINE!

    FROM BILL: Huh?

  90. Brian Smith Says:

    I generally don’t go wading into waters such as this – especially when the heated arguments have pretty much polorized everyone and the chances for truely objective analysis/reflection is minimal to say the least…but here I go:
    What if everyone is correcct?
    The first thing that caught my attention about Centerpointe years ago was Bill Harris’ treatment of chaos and reorginazation. What I hear in this series of posts and especially see in the written comments is a very large complex system going through a huge upheaval. Bill seems to have picked out a few people who are good at picking out the middle of various separate (but interrelated) bell curves, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the curves (3 sigma and beyond) do not exist. This upheaval is certainly going to suck for many, many people regardless of whose side they were on or whether or not they were deserving. Remember the old saying “When elephants dance, mice die”? I’m just going to keep on doing the best I can with the tools I have and do my best to enjoy the ride…
    Which brings up the next question:
    What if everyone is incorrect?

  91. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Catherine H

    Although Bill you say homeopathy/acupunture and dowsing are baloney I did see some improvement in my daughter and am keeping open minded to everything.

    The medical world cannot explain Diabetes melllitus although they know it is auto immune and could be genetic. My daughter, her father and I are extremely healthy, slim and eat organic, unprocessed food (this is not Diabetes Type 2 that unhealthy fat people get) and all our family have good immune systems – I just don’t know why or what happened – and will always be looking out for an answer.

    I wouldn’t call that magical thinking – just maternal instinct. But women got burnt at the stake for less.


    FROM BILL: Sigh. Nothing I can do for someone who doesn’t understand how the laws of nature work and how intelligent people evalute what works and what doesn’t.

  92. Catherine H Says:

    Get with it man, didn’t you know that the seat of the immune system is in the stomach these days?! Forget the bone marrow and thyroid, they’re for losers.
    I am joking of course and you are right. Because apparently as much as 80 percent of the immune system is located in the gut some of the medical profession call it ‘the seat’. I am no expert and as usual come across as an arse when trying to be helpful. Do still check out probiotics though Michelle.

    FROM BILL: I’m quite away of probiotics. Don’t believe everything you believe, and the medical community does not think the stomach is the seat of the immune system.

  93. Chris M Says:

    I do not know if it would be resourceful to post this, and all for one joke. I say this because I have found you helpful in expanding my perspective, and do not necessarily want to deny others the opportunity to go through a similar process by posting my thoughts on a certain level that may be problematic for their flow, though perhaps I could really see ‘hell in a hand-basket’.

    There is something I don’t understand. On one level, the actions of people are sort of innocent, they do not know what they are trapped in, and barely anyone (?) predicts the future beyond the scope of their resolve. My general idea regarding Obama is that by stretching out the inevitable economic decline, information trickle means a greater range of people ‘get out of the way’ before the collapse. I assume that less freedom is the leverage to be used to prevent large-scale war by quelling debtors with ongoing action, by keeping people locked into the system and therefore ‘repaying debt’ (or equivalent). There have never been in human history so many factors threatening so many – war(religious&china), famine(fresh water?), over-population, pollution/climate-change, nuclear war, disease(super-bugs). It is a tight balance. I wonder if any president would prefer dissent such as public criticism on tv. I think we both realize the duality of freedom and justice, and how they are abstractly used in self/other cases in the purpose of self-interest. It’s the basics of the middle-class (or perhaps upper middle class). If things are shooken-up now, we might end up with a USA president who ‘brings down war’, or splintered decentralization and free-information causing anonymous nuclear war, for examples. The irony may be that it is good to have plagues because they wipe out excess populations, etc.
    I thought your way was somewhat like the role of an arahat, thinking globally, trying to reduce stuckness and suffering (giving you something to do). However, when it comes down to suffering vs death, are you willing to speak out now? Would you die for what you believe in? What combination of hells would you choose? Do you have anything to say about what might happen specifically in regard to some of the things I have assumed or mentioned? All said, you better not end the ‘Hell in Handbasket’ posts by announcing your retirement (I’ll be pissed, and you will die by a thousand toothpicks.) (oh, I like the ‘as a man thinkith’ reference, just in case you do wonder if some of the subtler stuff is appreciated, there seems to be a lot of nuance in what you do, more than most people write). OK, I’m done. I sleep now.

    FROM BILL: Next month I will retire and will become a guerrilla fighter in Libya.

  94. Cathi Shaul Says:

    I’ve seen Glenn Beck, but you’re right, I didn’t watch much of his show. I really can’t/won’t. Whether or not he is correct in what he says is almost immaterial as far as I’m concerned. Because the fact of the matter, as I see it, is that what he says (in my view espouses to his cult following) is said in a way that is so malicious, so lacking in a generosity of spirit, that I can’t or won’t be bothered and I do mean bothered to watch/listen for any length of time.
    Rush Limbaugh, whole other story! What a hypocrite. So extraordinarily self important. I’m disappointed that you a proclaimed critical thinker would mention his name or show him support. First of all most ordinary people would have gone to jail for what he was doing with his “legal drugs”. If not for his money and name, he would have. Yet he learned nothing, still the same blaggard and braggart that he always has been.
    My point is that people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, while they may be telling the “truth” (as they see it of course) through their own filters, as everyone does. They are largely, they and people who follow them, are the biggest part of why it is that we are “going to hell in a hand-basket”. People devoid of a spirit of generosity are to blame in large part. Almost literally the root of all evil. These kind of people couldn’t and will never be part of any sort of a solution, (they might lose money) and they are too busy telling “their truth” leaving out what they don’t want you to know or tell you (lies of omission), until they are caught red handed. Karma at it’s best I should add (when what they say comes back around to haunt them).


    Cathi Shaul

    FROM BILL: Perfect perspective, Cathi. You have demonstrated what I have been saying. Giving your opinion about something you have not experienced is beyone ignorant. It is dishonest.

    Either that, or your ability to notice generosity of spirit is completely lacking. In either case, you are severely handicapped in the game of life. I’m so sorry.

  95. catherine H Says:

    perhaps ‘is gut associated’ is more accurate…getting paranoid now…’s sometimes rather daunting conversing with you.

  96. Ven Says:

    I have personally heard Rush Limbaugh saying that maybe slavery wasnt so bad because it kept the streets safe.If that is not inflammatory rhetoric, I dont know what is. I hope those are some of the things “which you dont agree with “. This blog is turning into some sort of right wing radical mouthpiece. Anybody who does not agree with you is subject to “ad hominem” attacks from you. I am sure you will respond by calling me “intellectually lazy” or by not posting this comment. I guess we are seeing one way in which Holosync reorganizes people…not necessarily at a better level.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know if Rush really said that, since 90% of what is attributed to him was never said. If it was said, it was a joke taken out of context, another tactic of the left. Why don’t you actually listen for longer than a soundbite on a left-wing hack-job TV show, and find out what he’s really saying?

  97. Jaye Says:

    How do I get off your mailing lists?

    FROM BILL: Same way you get off any mailing list.

  98. Gloria Says:

    ‘FROM BILL: Though I’m sure that the quality of the bacteria in your gut has an effect, the seat of the immune system is in the thyroid gland and in your bone marrow.’

    I think you probably meant the thyMUS gland. The thyroid is part of the endocrine system.

    I also think Catherine has a point about the stomach – this is the place where anger, resentment etc. shows up the most – which most definitely does have a profound effect on the immune system.

    FROM BILL: I did mean thymus.

  99. Jeff Pendergrast Says:

    Hi Bill,

    We missed you at “The Socionomic Summit” in Atlanta today April 16th 2011.
    Bob Prechter, Dr. John Casti, Dr. Kenneth Olson, Kevin Depew, Dr. Eric Gilbert, Pete Kendall, Mark Galasiewski, Scott Reamer, Dr. Johan Bollen and Huina Mao, Matt Lampert all gave wonderful presentations.

    Scott Reamer was most interesting in his talk about “Socionomics as an Investment Philosophy: The ‘Unified Field Theory ‘ of Economics, Physics, and Sociology”.
    Bob Prechter ended the conference with a discussion of Herding as it relates to Economists, Money Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, and the Government.

    I had hoped that you could have interviewed Bob Prechter for this website as well.
    Hopefully you will be able to do this and more at the upcoming 2012 Socionomic Summit.

    FROM BILL: The weather prevented me from attending. I got up very early Friday to spend the day flying cross country, but there were severe thunderstorrms and tornadoes (with several deaths) right in my path. It wasn’t worth risking my life to be there, so I stayed home.

    I am talking to the Elliott Wave people about interviewing Robert Prechter, which looks at this point as if it will happen.

  100. John Stathem Says:

    It took me all of 30 secs to find 10+ refutable facts from Glenn Beck. I guess you’re more interested in being “right” than the facts. But, I guess that’s what happens when you get old.

    FROM BILL: Politifact is the most left-wing, biased group you could have picked. Getting your evaluation of Glenn Beck from them is anything but unbiased. In fact, it’s the epitome of biased. This is part of a very inentional campaign to smear him. In fact, this is the sort of stuff that most Glenn Beck haters use for their information. I am suggesting that you use your own eyes and ears instead of getting your information about him through a highly biased filter.

    And, I also noticed that all of these are petty trivialities, like how many people Nancy Pelosi has on her staff. Who cares about such things? Many times I’ve seen Politifact nitpick such things when the overall statement IS true, but they find a technicality that allows them to call it a lie. Other times, they just lie because they know most people won’t check on what they say. Anyone who uses Politifact for information is going to end up woefully uninformed. The left never (and I do mean never) argues the facts. They only attack the other party–a sure sign that they have no real argument.

  101. Julie C. Says:

    Alright, already! Just tell us what we need to do to prepare for this “negative social mood”. I am on the edge of my seat! Thanks!

  102. Dave S Perkins Says:

    Hi loved your latest sales promo and its definitely becoming more apparent that its all beginning to start working.

    This was the latest poem I wrote this mornin:-

    was it a shoe-in the expanse maximise,
    looking for zion transfer pore sports grind,
    no need to worry s’only-U find,
    re-apple-pearing raisin levels shine,
    letting it go over time right now set-adrift,
    chop wood for piano keys honk tonk saw it wind,
    as was not is pi-lan-lotus sharks,
    harpooning a whale song elephants marks,
    chess yourself higher signal-e-be,
    the higher yourself tolerance,
    the more rewarded you’ll see

    Obviously not major pieces of work like the long essays people are writing but bullet points and halload dollahs will be coming your way, when I know that all doubts have been collapsed and fully gone and I can move forward with life, but you’ve given me it (time) so thankyou. part three and your socionomics report are awaited with great interest :)

  103. Francis Says:

    Bill, would you vote for Donald Trump if he ran for president?

    FROM BILL: I guess it depends on what the other choices were. I’d vote for a chimp against Obama.

  104. Vic Says:

    Sounds like some of the liberals here are deserting us. Is this “The Blog” reorganizing at a higher level? :D

  105. Catherine H Says:

    Actually, Glenn Beck told me about the gut/immune system relationship so it must be true. He got it from Dr Mercola who apparently heard it from Colonel Gaddafi’s nurse, Gladys. She is a very sweet lady and apparently knows her stuff.

  106. Amber J. Gardner Says:

    I believe you and I definitely am looking forward to the next post cause honestly, I just have one question.

    What do we do about it?

    I have sensed something was happening, but always thought or perhaps, prayed that it was just a prelude to something amazing. A revolution to a higher level of thinking. But this was just wishful thinking. I had no fact to based this on. This was just what I wanted. I couldn’t ignore Libya, Japan and other little things around me (2 suicide attempts of people I know, the growth in free mason activity in my area *a friend and her family* when before I didn’t even know they existed in my area and honestly, it sounds like a religion or cult and they definitely believe the end is near from what I can understand).

    I can’t ignore these things, even if I try not to. I can’t. So I believe you.

    Now what?

    (Btw. THANK YOU for Holosync. It has changed my life. I used to be so depressed to the point of suicidal thinking. Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been — nearly EVERYDAY. Thank you so much.)

  107. Amber J. Gardner Says:

    Oh, and for the record, though I hate labeling, I do tend to agree more with liberals than with conservatives. I agree with the information, though not so much…the tone and the need to defend yourself so much. But that’s not important. The information is.

    If an ex-convict and overall unpleasant person had the secret to cure cancer, I don’t care if he was a ex-convict and unpleasant, I’m going to read/listen to that secret to see if there’s any truth to it.

    It’s too important to let personal bias get in the way.

  108. David Says:

    Sounds like some of the liberals here are deserting us. Is this “The Blog” reorganizing at a higher level? :D

    yeah right! :-D

  109. Jane Says:

    This sounds like the game of left and right and right must win!

    FROM BILL: I appreciate the joke, but in my mind this is a situation where some people want to control other people, which creates suffering. One of the most important things to me is to do whatever I can to alleviate suffering. Having an elite determine for other people what they can buy, eat, see, read, where they can go, how much of their own money they can keep, what their children are taught in school creates suffering for people. In other times of declining social mood certain groups who think “they know best” have increased the amount of control they have over others, and ultimately this ends in (literally) millions of deaths. I am against it.

  110. John Stathem Says:

    Who said anything about getting an evaluation? I guess you just decided to add that yourself.

    Quote: “And, as I have said in my replies to other posts, I have NEVER seen ANY critic of his refute any of the facts he has brought forward.” quote: “NEVER seen ANY”. I just showed you. It was predictable you were going to say “they weren’t good enough facts for me.” Some may be petty, but not all, which is more than enough to prove the point that he has lied or even exaggerated.

    “I have NEVER seen ANY critic of his refute any of the facts he has brought forward.” I think it can be expected that a lot of his critics would be “liberals”. But, that’s a moot point, because we’re talking about FACTS, not opinions — you added that yourself.

    If you want to stick by your guns, sure, it’s a free world, FULL of people who don’t like facts. Ironically you’re the one saying: ” The left never (and I do mean never) argues the facts. They only attack the other party–a sure sign that they have no real argument.”

    If you can’t even accept those simple facts, how in the WORLD would I ever begin to have a conversation with you about opinions? All i can do is laugh at how stubborn you are. Sorry buddy. But it’s true. You have such a huge blind spot. It just goes to show how biased you really are. Hence trying to turn facts into “evaluations” and “opinions” so you don’t have to admit that you were wrong. Classic.

    FROM BILL: Except Politifact has not provided a refutation. What’s more, the items they bring up are meaningless. They have little or nothing to do with the points Glenn Beck is making, which have not been refuted. Using one of the most biased left wing groups as a source of information is pretty one-sided. Again, I suggest that you have never seen a single episode of Glenn Beck’s show yourself. Like many other sheep, you are taking your opinion from other people who are clearly biased. If that’s how you evaluate things, you are quite handicapped.

  111. Cathi Shaul Says:

    So funny! Thanks for the sympathy Bill.
    I see over and over that you choose to protect/defend those you believe to be “telling the truth”, whether or not it is exaggerated to their advantage, or maybe even a little “magical”, to say this least slanted; filters in place! Funny thing the version of truth that they and you speak of is only true for the right-wingers. So in essence you and they are saying, that anyone else of independent ilk, or “left wing”, heaven forbid, are all just a bunch of naive sheep, magical thinkers I believe is how you put it.
    In this conversation truth is obviously a relative thing, just because some right wing blaggard spews something with a grain of truth in it, doesn’t make what he is spewing right. There is something to be said for someone who will at least admit their own short comings; it gives them some credibility that they don’t other wise have. And in this case own their political party of choice, shortcomings. That would be someone worth listening to!
    Anyone who says anything to the contrary of those you believe to be telling the truth, is said to be not listening, or is that listening through a leftist filter LOL. So ridiculous! As though the entire Democratic, and any political party other than the right-wingers hasn’t had an idea among them. The whole left and right thing is just absurd. How about independent, how about mindful ideas, ideas that are well thought out, ones in which all consequences are at least considered, and then decisions made accordingly. That being said; if the right-wingers had a single idea, one where they admitted their parties shortcomings from nearly a decade that they were in power, or any mistake that was made in their party over that same, previous decade, then that would be someone worth listening to. But they don’t, and therefore the “truth” that’s being told has no validity in the telling of it. Truth without the filter of self-awareness, or at least the realization of history and/or historical mistakes, is usually just ugliness turned inside out. It’s only truth for the self-righteous, and arrogant, those that are so sure that their perspective is the only one anyone should have. Sadly, it benefits no one not even those spewing the venom they call truth. But I’m certain that they would rather be right, than happy. In fact I’m reasonably sure that right is happy for them. How sad. This is where my pity goes.
    I’m going to hang out to see what it is that you believe the solution, or what kind of intelligent problem solving a critical thinker, can come up with to the “going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket” event. I am curious… Doubtful at this juncture that I will see eye to eye with what I now realize is your right wing point of view. Funny thing, not even the right-wingers were or have been willing to claim Rush L. as a leader in their political party. Who would! Go listen to some more Glenn and Rush, Bill and then tell us all about their/your truth LMAO. If these two are right, telling the truth, I’ll choose magical thinking ;-)
    (Rolling my eyes and wondering how anyone can believe the kind of garbage spewed, by the so called conservatives, as truth!)


    FROM BILL: Sorry, I couldn’t make it through your comment. When I reached eight things you attributed to me that I have not said or done that I’d have to say something about in a reply I realized I had many more important things to do. If you are going to set up straw men just to knock them down, I don’t have time to untangle it.

  112. Ven Says:

    I guess Bill is listening a lot to his new super theta CD. It has definitely developed his “right” brain functioning as his marketing claims it will. It works !!

  113. Vic Says:

    FROM BILL:” I appreciate the joke, but in my mind this is a situation where some people want to control other people, which creates suffering. One of the most important things to me is to do whatever I can to alleviate suffering. Having an elite determine for other people what they can buy, eat, see, read, where they can go, how much of their own money they can keep, what their children are taught in school creates suffering for people. In other times of declining social mood certain groups who think “they know best” have increased the amount of control they have over others, and ultimately this ends in (literally) millions of deaths. I am against it.”

    A freakin’ men.

    Why do you think it is that rank and file liberals don’t recognize this?

    By the way, I intend to use that response (mostly) verbatim, unless you ask me not to. Proper credit will be given, of course. ;)

  114. Vic Says:

    Cathi, please THOUGHTFULLY read what you have written. Oh, my goodness.

  115. Alan H Says:

    Some of the responses to these posts, at first, were a little on the funny side. Now, I have to just shake my head in disgust/sadness for America. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter about Glenn Beck, who is just a news anchor btw, or who’s right or left, etc? This is exactly why I agree with Bill that very dark times are ahead. In order for people live in even a fraction of a utopia, sorry for the name Bill, we have to at least agree a little on the basics of what is REALLY important in life! Here we are arguing over petty, unimportant things, while the subjects that we can have a hand in changing for the better are overlooked. Classic divide and conquer. How do we expect to get anywhere if we cant stop bickering over stupid bullshit? It doesnt take much “awareness” to see that we are standing on shaky ground. Lets learn from it and do what we CAN. Otherwise, the elite that Bill speaks of, who are better organized and can agree, for the most part, on a common purpose, will tear this country apart and give us the first thing they can “think of” as a solution for the problems that they created in the first place. And trust me, the solutions wont be soultions at all.

  116. michelle s Says:

    Part 3 please:)

    FROM BILL: I’ve been too busy to finish it. Coming soon.

  117. Carlos Says:

    Because I lived most of my life in Cuba I am very familiar with the tactics of the left. They usually dont make up lies, but they distort information, take things out of context and attack the opposite party(the enemy) rather than address the issue.

    Getting angry , worked up , yelling , becoming self righteous etc is very common too. I think they get pretty angry when they have a hard time refuting the facts.

    Another tactic they use is when someone address a problem/flaw they have or mistake they made they respond by ignoring the issue and addressing a problem/flaw the other party might have.

    I found the left in the US is exactly the same.

    I personally perceive conservatives as being very close minded too although they use different tactics. In my opinion politics is mostly bullshit and most people deep down are supporting the party/political system/way of life etc THEY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO BE BETTER OFF IN. although they say to others that they support that particular view because is the best and more fair for everybody.


    FROM BILL: In the US both the left and the right want a big government, but for different ends. What I want is a much much much smaller government that will guarantee a person’s right to what they have worked for, guarantee the sanctity of contracts, and provide a defense against external enemiesm and otherwise get out of the way and leave people alone.

  118. Adam Says:

    Scrolling to the bottom of these comments, on a mobile, is tedious. Will you please consider a last in first out structure?

    FROM BILL: That would have other drawbacks. No matter what I do, someone doesn’t like it. I’m going to take my ball and go home.

  119. Dave S Perkins Says:

    I once read a very interesting book by the late great hypnotist Ormond McGill which explained various types of techniques used by Zens/witch Doctors from all over the World to put themselves in trance states.

    One of the techniques given was tapping various body parts-something now used in EFT tapping amongst the directory and inventory of magical thinking-and you’re wondering relevance to my blog-I’m simply suggesting that he like yourself was highly successful and wealthy and had an any means available approach to integrating and improving his model of reality of the world, I’ve used EFT tapping whilst using holosync and have moved in leaps and bounds in my assimilation of your books blog and thinking.

    Your past several decades alleviating suffering from people does not make whole sense when you considering that blasting electricity through people (which is what holosyncs sign waves are) is is-also_known_as_electric shock_ treatment used in mental wards for psychiatric patients (at least in the movies):-

    whilst I understand water washes ships hence the use of rain water into bowls-do you consider it to be an art of science finding scientific proof to backup your latest product and thought processes and theories or am I just being a naive magical thinker in thinking everything just effortlessly and easily falls into your lap for you as you have so many resourses at your disposal for prose.

    FROM BILL: Holosync is not “blasting electricity through people.” Give me a break. How do you come up with this stuff?

  120. Vic Says:

    Bill says,”What I want is a much much much smaller government that will guarantee a person’s right to what they have worked for, guarantee the sanctity of contracts, and provide a defense against external enemiesm and otherwise get out of the way and leave people alone.”

    I know of some people who were very familiar with tyranny who wanted the same thing. They constructed a document which was the foundation for the creation of the most prosperous nation in the history of mankind. The resulting benefits to that nation and to the WORLD were probably unimaginable, even to them. Those who “know best” have essentially discarded this document and “we the people” have allowed it and are suffering the consequences. It’s about FREEDOM people. And MORE government equals LESS freedom. How much are you willing to give up?

  121. Dave S Perkins Says:

    flower mills in familes joining outward-frights,
    breathing slow in rythm time remember grand paps lines,
    theatre or theta somewhere deepened he art,
    whoops there goes another smile glowing bright as hot,
    cooking bread smell the waft summit everest peek,
    where the thought was wondering the thought belongs so be,
    reality in spirit keys no mist you find today,
    gathering forms the content book know your life hist see

  122. RV Says:

    For those eager Oct ’08 post could be another preview of part 3 I reckon??

    Comments are a commodity in this blog – thanks, Bill!


  123. Joel Small Says:

    Hanging out for part 3, checking everyday. !!! In the mean time I have gone back to the very beginning of the blog (reading everything). Wow! What a blog!, and what a good place for a 20 year old to start his life.

    Thanks Bill. I choose to believe and trust you.


  124. Cathi Shaul Says:

    I’m not talking about what you said directly to me Bill, so sorry for any confusion. For clarity; I read all the posts and your comments. What I perceive is based on your comments to everyone.
    Possibly my perception of what you are saying is incorrect, since I often agree with what it is that you write. However I will never agree that Rush L. or Glenn B. has anything to say that I personally want to wrap my trust in, truth or not. I don’t care for their presentation, period. I don’t think their presentation of truth is helpful, nor do I feel that they offer viable solutions, when I do listen to them.
    I have to agree with John Stathem when he says that you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the subject of G.B. and I would add, R.L.. Every time those names come up, it seems to bring out a different side in you (my perception). I feel so perplexed by the differences in opinion on the subject of those two men. I find it particularly frustrating, I suppose, because I want us to agree, and because I don’t like the division that I feel happening in our country, as other posts in this blog have mentioned.

    I don’t want government to make decisions for anyone, on that we can agree. One of many reasons I vote independent, and remain an independent thinker.

    Vic, I did reread it “THOUGHTFULLY”, and I can see that it was too long, and too inflammatory. For those reasons I apologize to you and anyone who took the time to read that particular post. Obviously I have some pretty strong feelings that I need to curtail when I respond to a subject that I find (as I said earlier) frustrating.
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention in the most positive way possible :-)



    FROM BILL: I can tell that you’ve never actually listened to Glenn Beck, as what he is saying is clear, kind, caring, well-intentioned, and based on values that any caring person would accept. His only “fault” is that he is exposing the plans of the left-wing elites to take over, and for that they hate him, vilify him, misrepresent him. Why not give a listen, instead of relying on what you hear “about” him (which is all coming from those who fear him because he’s exposing them).

  125. Catherine H Says:

    Do you think that PM David Cameron’s ‘big society’ is a real attempt to give back more autonomy to local communities, or just another load of political doublespeak nonsense? He seems to be promising to cut back on government interference at community level, as I understand, but nobody seems to really know what the motives are or indeed what big society really means. I read that the idea was based on the work of Saul Alinsky, who you mentioned earlier, and who some say was a very bad egg indeed. I would value your opinion if you have one.

    FROM BILL: Cameron seems like a progressive to me. Progressive is a sanitized name for socialist, by the way. These are people who want an elite to have the power to tell you what you can buy, eat, do, say, etc–for “the good of the collective.” Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is a blueprint for progressives to take charge of society, because you are too stupid to regulate your own life and you are ruining the world for everyone. So far progressives have been following Alinsky’s map pretty closely. Get a copy and read it. It is pretty scary. Will they succeed? I don’t know. Are they busy trying? Yes, they are. Is this a weird conspiracy theory? I don’t think so, though it sounds like one, doesn’t it.

  126. Adam Says:

    :) I’ll manage.

  127. Marvin Says:

    This is where I struggle. I have actually listened to several hours of Limbaugh and watched several episodes of Beck. I am also currently reading Beck’s ” Arguing with Idiots”…but I am still struggling to figure out how you consider these guys to be logical, factually correct and “sigh” caring about humans (other than right wingers and radical Christians and possibly racists like themselves). Maybe you should post some links and facts which support your opinion. Your common defense to every one who comments against Beck seems to be an assumption that they have not listened to him for any length of time. Also, when you say ” less government” what do you mean ? It almost sounds like the wild wild west, where anybody can do whatever they want as long as they have guns. You seem to talk about left wing bias, but why not comment on right wing bias too ?

    FROM BILL: I don’t have time to educate you about why a smaller government is a good idea. Read The Road to Serfdom by Hayak. Subscribe to Reason Magazine. Keep reading Arguing with Idiots. Read How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

    The government is at least 20x bigger than when I was growing up. Things are NOT better. They are worse. The government has devalued the money to the point where what used to cost twenty-five cents now costs five dollars. They are taking HUGE amounts of money from people who have earned it and pouring it into programs that don’t accomplish what they are supposed to accomplish. Instead they make more and more people dependent upon the government. Most people younger than fifty have never seen a world where the government wasn’t everywhere, where every news story was about the govenment, where the assumption was that if there is a problem the government SHOULD solve it (as if they have ever actually solved a problem), or could solve. When things were not regulated to death things worked a lot better, believe me.

    Read How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne. Get a copy of Reason Magazine. Go to and watch some of their videos.

    Unfortunately, I find that most people who don’t get that huge government isn’t in anyone’s interest other that the special interest groups they serve and the elite themselves who run it are just woefully ignorant of what is happening. This is because the educational system and the media are both controlled by progressives and most of the information that would cause you to go, “Holy Shit. Are you KIDDING? THAT’S what’s happening?” is a bit more difficult to find.

    This is why the mainstream media and the left detest Limbaugh and Beck and others like them. They are lone voices in the wilderness exposing some of this stuff, and those who are being exposed don’t like it. You might notice that they NEVER enter into a debate about the real issues–they just make personal attacks and call names–a sure sign that they have nothing substantive to say about the facts.

    I don’t see anything in what you posted to justify that either Rush or Beck are racist, for instance. Beck sure has a lot of intelligent blacks on his show, including Martin Luther King’s niece. I’ve never heard either of them say anything to lead me to believe that they are biased TOWARD Christians. Beck has MANY Jews and Muslims on his program, as a matter of fact. He is involved in many initiatives to help people in need. If you can watch him and conclude that he is a racist or a bigot, you are lost, my friend.

    I dare you to read How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

  128. ROSARIO from EUROPE [Italy] Says:

    dear bill,
    have you seen the film “Limitless” (2011) ?
    When we expand our AWARENESS,
    happen what happened to the protagonist of the film ?
    thank you.

    FROM BILL: Nit familar with it.

    Why not expand your awareness and find out for yourself?

  129. Mike Says:

    Forgive me Bill for my assumption. What isn’t be said is more important than what is. Sometimes I read things too quickly or make assumption, thanks for pointing that out.

    Breathe Deep. Seek Peace.


  130. Dennis Says:

    A-hem, when is part three arriving?

    Haven’t we done this one to death already?

    FROM BILL: I’m working on it. Believe it or not, I have many things to do other than this blog, and sometimes I just don’t have enough time.

  131. David Says:

    FROM BILL: Holosync is not “blasting electricity through people.” Give me a break. How do you come up with this stuff?

    LMAO, I think I’ll spare me the time to do HS and just plug me into the 220V for 10 or 20 seconds each day, that’s a much faster procedure I reckon! :-D

    FROM BILL: Yes, you’re right. That is the really fast method to nirvana.

  132. G.A. Says:

    Adam, you can subscribe to the /comments/ of the blog, so that way you don’t have to scroll:

    Bill, I’m not able to post links!

  133. Dave S Perkins Says:

    FROM BILL: Holosync is not “blasting electricity through people.” Give me a break. How do you come up with this stuff?

    Not that it’s any of your business I merely grew up in an environment where the life theme for children was being told to not speak and button it. Since that was a long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I have since moved on from that theme and do speak my mind on occassions I think appropriate.

    I have studied some of your past writings and indeed the recommended science websites (very good recommendations) that youngsters recommended )ct ’08 whilst interesting I don’t fully concur with his assessment that the present times part 4/3 will be all that topical, I believe we are 2 1/2 years furhter down the expanding of time and current situations reflect that, the longer the cycle has been allowed to drift the more punishment required for universal_correction of the descent of man-kind.

    I’m not sure what we in G.B. or U.K as we prefer to reference ourselves, can do to be brought into discussions that focus on a very narrow U.S. political tho colorful(American spellin) spectrum Cathi?? and constant talk of impermance just personally perplexes those of us who look upon everything in the US television industry as one gigantic titanic piece of iceberg-its all lettuce for vegetables :)

    Yes you can tell me to button it, tho I will also keep on reading this blog as I enjoy some of the contributions from more_advanced–holosyncers_who-understand all this stuff much much better than I do and where theres an opportunity to learn quickly and enhance myself I choose to do so and know.

    FROM BILL: Sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

  134. David Hedges Says:

    I began meditating, using the Silva Mind Control method, back in the early 1970s. I stopped in the 1980s and have only recently renewed my interest in meditation since my brother allowed me to use your Holosync Meditation CDs that he had purchased. I am also in a 12-Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) program whose focus is on living a “spiritual” life while developing a “conscious contact God”, and borrow my brother’s CDs for that purpose.
    One of the most valuable assets of the AA meetings is the strict guidelines on how an AA facility is to conduct their business/financial affairs, and their meetings. These are enumerated in the “12 Traditions” of AA. Tradition #10 states, “Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be brought into public controvercy.” This specifically refers to topics related to religion, politics, environmental policies, war, federal reserve policy, etc…………….., that may not be brought up at meetings, as they are topics outside the discussion of alcoholism. That way, Republican and Democratic alcoholics, or Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim folks don’t have to kill each other in the meetings. It has served AA, well since 1935. When I come onto this board, I, and I expect others, seek out discussion of “meditation”. And, just as in an AA meeting, when “controvercy”, outside the subject of what people expect to see, comes up, it creates anger and frustration. Of course, it’s your web site, and you are free to discuss any subject you please. Unfortunatley, through posting on subjects outside of “meditation” I believe you may have just lost a number of loyal patrons and readers. To me, that’s sad and unfortunate. What I’m reading on this board now(like “Saul Alinsky” or “progessives are socialists”) are comments by a person who has let his excitement about his political agenda trump his better judgement. Your blog now reads like the cynical and pathetic emails I receive from republicans, neo-cons, and “tin foil hat” wearing teabagger relatives who think they are smarter than everyone else. Not that you care, but I believe I will be forgoing future visits, and any thoughts I had about making purchases from your site.

    FROM BILL: If you look at the website for ANY of the public gatherings, protests, conclaves, or other events held by progressive groups, and look at the list of sponsors, you will see every socialist and communist group there is listed, along with labor unions, progressive groups, etc. All of these people want to redistribute wealth, which means taking it from those who have earned it and giving it to those who have not. They also want highly centralized government control of commerce and decision-making about education, energy, medical care, food “safety”, and many other areas. This outlook has two names: if it is “internationalist” in it’s outlook Ithe George Soros model) it is called socialism. If it is nationalist in outlook it is called fascism.

    Call it what you will, I have seen video after video, read book after book, tract after tract, from these people–who include MANY of the key advisors to Obama–where they openingly advocate these things when speaking to their own in-groups. They unabashedly acknowledge that they are socialists. They say what socialists say. They advocate what socialists advocate. You may not be aware of it, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

    I might also add that I used to be one of them. I knew many of these people when I was younger. I used to consider myself a Marxist. I have read their materials–lots of it. I have participated in their protests. I know how they think. I know what they want. I know their tactics and strategies.

    You can be in denial of this is you want to. I realize that it’s distasteful to contemplate. I wish it weren’t true. But these people ARE planning to make all of this happen. I hope they fail, as what they want will be a grim set of rules to live under.

  135. Santiago Says:

    For anyone interested in improving themselves and their world, also a beautiful map of consciousness, enlightenment and of what’s going on.

    FROM BILL: He is a Shingon Buddhist, a rather fundamentalist type of Buddhism.

    The problem with this sort of point of view, for me, is that they deny (and are in many ways trying to escape from) the relative world. Communing with the transcendent is great, but the relative world is still going to be here, and people will still be suffering as a result of several things built into the human condtion, which I have outlined and discussed at length on this blog. This stuff sounds good in theory, but denies many realities of the human condition.

    I don’t mean to denigrate this guy. For all I know he’s amazing.

  136. Marvin Says:

    In you response to David Hedges comment above, you completely missed his point. I think he is saying that you should keep your political views off this blog…we all know that this is your blog and it is your prerogative, but David is right, you are probably going to lose some people who will actually buy from your website; maybe you dont care…
    Also, can you name ONE muslim who actually supports Glenn Beck or Limbaugh or even a muslim who appears on Fox News. I am really curious to see a muslim who can actually support a person or a news channel which openly vilifies their entire religion.

    FROM BILL: I don’t remember their names, but he has has several muslims on his show who are against the radical muslims and their anti-US, anti-Israel terrorism. All muslims are not radical, and all muslims are not terrorists. MOST muslims are normal people who want a better life, just like everyone else.

    So you’re saying that I just made this up, huh? I don’t make things up.

  137. Chris Says:


    Specific question for you. Glenn Beck seems to think inflation is coming fast. Elliott Wave thinks inflation mania is here, and that deflation will be the event that takes hold first. Which do you believe?

    FROM BILL: This is a complex question, and no one REALLY knows. I have a hard time seeing how it can fail to end in deflation, however. I subscribe to MANY high level financial newsletters, and the smartest people in the world don’t agree.

  138. Gloria Says:

    It’s off topic but I think would be of interest to readers in here. Perhaps even the idea that there would be a list of the top 100 most spiritually influential people is a positive sign of the times. Heaven knows we need one.

  139. David Says:

    FROM BILL: If you look at the website for ANY of the public gatherings, protests, conclaves, or other events held by progressive groups, and look at the list of sponsors, you will see every socialist and communist group there is listed, along with labor unions, progressive groups, etc. All of these people want to redistribute wealth, which means taking it from those who have earned it and giving it to those who have not. They also want highly centralized government control of commerce and decision-making about education, energy, medical care, food “safety”, and many other areas. This outlook has two names: if it is “internationalist” in it’s outlook Ithe George Soros model) it is called socialism. If it is nationalist in outlook it is called fascism.

    Call it what you will, I have seen video after video, read book after book, tract after tract, from these people–who include MANY of the key advisors to Obama–where they openingly advocate these things when speaking to their own in-groups. They unabashedly acknowledge that they are socialists. They say what socialists say. They advocate what socialists advocate. You may not be aware of it, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

    I might also add that I used to be one of them. I knew many of these people when I was younger. I used to consider myself a Marxist. I have read their materials–lots of it. I have participated in their protests. I know how they think. I know what they want. I know their tactics and strategies.

    You can be in denial of this is you want to. I realize that it’s distasteful to contemplate. I wish it weren’t true. But these people ARE planning to make all of this happen. I hope they fail, as what they want will be a grim set of rules to live under.

    Bill, For once I agree totally with what you say, and would add: the idea of a new world order, that these people (obama, and all the others world leaders, including our swiss government, and I’m always talking about the very top, the people that put forth policy) is much grimmer than what you’re saying here…that’s just the tip of the iceberg, it would in fact be, if what these demons have in mind would come to pass, a living hell on earth. Ironically it’s all based on their ability to have people blindly believe and eat out of their hands, so that the unconscious masses are leveraged to create this nightmare. Cheers Mate! :-) David

  140. sam Says:

    Do hallucinogenic tryptamines heighten awareness or create illusions?

    FROM BILL: They can be an access to awareness of the transcendent. They do not generally give greater awareness of the relative.

  141. Catherine H Says:

    I completely understand your viewpoint David Hedges, but I do not agree with it. For me this blog is about dealing with being human. I love reading Bill’s thoughts on a wide range of topics and would be disappointed if there were stringent rules on what could be discussed. Most of the blog posts before this series do deal with the topics you mention anyhow.

    Thanks for your thoughts regarding Cameron. I am reading Rules for Radicals along with How I Found Freedom…. and about 65 other books I should have read years ago. In the UK individuals are being cherry picked by a group called Common Purpose and trained to be leaders within the workplace and community. This is being funded by the tax payer although not a single person that I have spoken to is aware of Common Purpose or it’s ambitions. It is all very creepy…

  142. carlos Says:


    You are making it sound like the left is ruling this country. I know some left people who think the opposite is true. That the big corporations and the right is ruling the US and brainwashing the masses and that obama is another puppet working for the right and big corporations. Dont get me wrong I aways hated communism , and i know how controlling and manipulative they can be. ( the only thing that attracted me to the left sometimes is that for some reason i always like to root for the underdog and they present themselves as the underdog )

    but when it comes to discern the political situation in the US i get pretty lost. the right accused obama of being a socialist and he certainly do things that indicates that. But his government is also saving the big corporations(banks etc)
    something that I think the left is not in agreement with.


    FROM BILL: Both the Republicans and the Democrats are in the tank with big banks and most big corporations. All you have to do is look at where they donate money (to both parties). Right now GE and its CEO are close buddies with Obama, and, as you may have heard, they paid zero takes on billions of profits. Regardless of who is in power, the corporations know that government is where the real power is, so they buy into influencing (and, often, controlling) it. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is to what use they want to put government power. BOTH, however, are in bed with banks and corporations. Democrats are more likely to also be in bed with big unions.

    If the Democrats had there way, the corruption with these big corporations would NOT end. It has actually increased under Obama, despite his rhetoric, and believe me, this same bullshit will go on no matter which group is in power–unless someone severely cuts the size of government to the point where it doesn’t have very much power, which is the way it used to be, and which was the original idea when they created the US Constitution (create a system where power was diluted and controlled so the government could not get big and oppress people).

    The small government wing of the Republican party is, I think, a bit different. They truly want less government power, less regulation, less control, less taxes, more local control, more freedom. They are not career polititians. This is why the Tea Party is so popular. Most people are fed up with all the corruption, the huge subsidies to corporations, the roadblocks to creating enough domestic energy, and all the rest.

    The Democrats put forth this image that they are there to help the little people, but virtually everything they do harms them (inflation alone has caused their money to become increasingly worthless), but since people don’t understand most of what’s going on they base their opinion on the rhetoric, not the reality. The Democratic party has done more to hurt the black community, and the poor in general, than any organized group.

    I’m for smaller, less powerful government. They things government supposedly does to solve various social problems clearly don’t work. Energy and education, for instance, were not under government control when I was growing up. Now they are, and look at the mess they’re in. The more the government gets involved the more it costs taxpayers, and they worse the problems become.

    If the government had one-tenth the power, the corporations would have to exist on their own merits, succeeding or failing depending on whether they could serve the needs of customers. Today they are shielded from failure. If they fail, the taxpayer pays. Knowing that, they take huge risks. What would you do if you got the rewards if the risk panned out, and the taxpayers paid the penalty if it didn’t. Let’s take that away from the corporations.

  143. Marvin Says:

    I havent seen any Muslim on his show and I tried doing a search for Muslims who are sypbathetic with Beck,Limbaugh or Fox News and I did not come up with anything. All search results come up with the rhetoric which Beck, Limbaugh and other Fox personalities like Bill O’Reilly utter. A popular one related to Beck is his debate with Fareed Zakaria over how may muslims are terrorists and so forth. I am not saying you are making up things, but maybe you are misinformed and attributing something to Beck ,Limbaugh, Fox News and co. which are not accurate. Why not try to be balanced here ? Based on facts , of course.

    FROM BILL: What can I say. He has had several prominent anti-jihad Muslim leaders on his show. I’ve seen the programs.

  144. Dave S Perkins Says:

    Re: Catherine H

    In the UK individuals are being cherry picked by a group called Common Purpose and trained to be leaders within the workplace and community. This is being funded by the tax payer although not a single person that I have spoken to is aware of Common Purpose or it’s ambitions. It is all very creepy…

    I believe this is actually a copy of a long held USA programme that has carried out similar cherry picking of young potential foreign leaders and thinkers for years. I happened upon an article on the BBC news website relatively recently. which I’ve unfortunately been unable to find again.

    Heres a similar article from an alternate source.

    Many well known UK faces have been through the programme including many of our beloved politicians. I believe the USA gives them cultural grooming during the infancy of there careers, helping them have better understanding and contacts amongst the US people and government, they boast of a high success rate including people suchas Tony Blair.

  145. catherine H Says:

    what about hardcore zionism…….hardcore anything for that matter gives me the wobbles.

  146. samuel Says:

    does a greater awareness of the transcendent have any benefits for the relative?

    FROM BILL: If I told you, what good would it do you to know intellectually? Why not find out for yourself?

  147. Santiago Says:

    Just to be clear, Shinzen is one of Sasaki Roshi’s senior students, in the Rinzai Zen tradition. He also studied Shingon, but his main teaching emphasis is Vipassana.

    There’s a mistake when we make distinctions such as “relative” or “transcendent”. Because there are no such things. However, we can make a sort of map of consciousness using this terms. Especially if we have had experiences of the so called “transcendent” But again, this is confusing the map with the territory.

    In the case of Shinzen, he’s far from a fundamentalist (though I’m aware you didn’t say he was, but people may interpret it that way). In this case, is not about trying to escape or deny the human condition. It’s actually the opposite, it’s about LOVING the human condition.

    In my own experience, I would say that as practice deepens. We do have a tendency to try to escape the world … Who in it’s right mind would want to come to the pain of form after experiencing emptiness ? But then again …. where else could we go ? After the day comes, the dawn comes. After the impersonal, the personal, and they keep alternating. We NEED one in order to have the other.

    True faith is letting go, letting this experiences come and go as they wish. Letting all sensory experiences arise and pass. Becoming solid or insubstantial as consciousness dictates. As I see it, this leads to love, not the aquarian age “stupid” kind of love, but a love that is wiser, grounded in reality, and helps humanity move forward.

  148. Catherine H Says:

    @Dave Perkins, there’s a little known newspaper called the UK Column which is run by Brian Gerrish who has been looking into Common Purpose for a few years. He does an online version and also has a website ‘exposing’ Common Purpose’ if you are interested. It may well be a copy of an American programme as you say. I would not be surprised if the teams of ‘community organisers’ that Cameron and co are putting in place had been through this training.

    All of this gives me an inevitable sinking feeling.

  149. Jem Says:

    @ Catherine H, if you notice as well you will see that pretty much every one in the public eye has been to oxford or cambridge university. This to me shows a very narrow thought pattern that is governing our society.

    @ Bill, you said previously that you think islamic law will end up governing the west in the end, do you really believe this?

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say that. I said that that is the goal of Islamist radicals. I suspect that they will make progress toward this (they already have–courts are already allowing Sharia law to by taken into account in Muslim communities in the US in scattered cases, even though it is not US law, which I find unbelievable), but ultimately will fail. I just can’t see Americans going for this (or the French or Germans, for that matter).

  150. Vic Says:

    Marvin, you didn’t try very hard.

    Five minutes was all I was willing to spend on this. There are a lot more examples. As Bill has suggested about twelveteen times, you should try watching his show for a while.

    FROM BILL: The third link has the guy I remembered being on Glenn’s show (in this clip Glenn has a substitue host while he is off doing some live appearances, but this guy has been on his show several times–it’s the guy on the left when they do the split screen).

    Obviously, as I said, Glenn HAS had anti-jihad Muslims on his show (several times), and it’s pretty easy to see that he is not anti-Muslim, but rather anti-terrorist Muslim, which seems like a pretty reasonable stance to me.

  151. Carlos Says:


    I guess you are right and a smaller government might be good in general(although I dont have the knowledge in economics or the personal experience to know) and I think there are too many people making a living on a big government for that to happen.

    I agree that Democrats and Republicans are in the game with the corporations , but you were talking about the LEFT. Do you consider Democrats to be the Left?? I was referring to people far more radical, who thanks god, I think they dont have big power or influence (although I might be wrong)

    Also you were talking about many radical muslims hating the west and wanting a jijad , I am not pro muslim at all (radicals or not) but I always like to look at both sides of the story and as far as I know the US has taken war to the arab countries far more than the other way around (right now the US has its army in three arab countries. )

    The excuse that the US used to attack or planning to attack middle east countries is that they have nuclear weapons . Well the US has far more nuclear weapons than all those countries combined . What gives the right to the US to have nuclear weapons and prevent others to do so other than the fact they are the most powerful nation ?

    I understand also that MAYBE if the US did not do so we all would regret it. that MAYBE they would use their weapons and kill millions. but those are not facts just possibilities. The facts are that the US is the country with the most weapons, the country doing the attacks (for the most part) and the only nation in history which has ever used nuclear weapons.


    PD Although I may sound judgemental or self righteous I did not intent to do so. I was just stating facts as I see them and I understand I might be missing a lot.

    FROM BILL: Would you say that it’s unfair that police have automatic weapons and armored vehicles in large cities, but the street gangs don’t? Of course not. It is a fact that a certain wing of Islam wants to take over the Middle East and set up a very primitive and oppressive version of Islamic law, with terrible rules about women (for instance) and how justice is meted out; eliminate Israel and kill all the Jews (you can find MANY videos online of them saying exactly this, so please don’t take this as hyperbole); and ultimately try to defeat and take over Europe and the US (which I doubt they can, but who knows). These people have already done quite a few things to kill innocent people, from flying airplanes into buildings to the common car bomb incidents. Don’t you think these people might be a bit MORE dangerous if they had weapons of mass destruction? They have sworn to kill all Jews and the end the “Great Satin”–the US.

  152. Dave S Perkins Says:

    I wrote this on my facebook page early today

    Just had an impromtu haircut from my 12 year old and now look much smarter and healthier (as much as someone of my years and looks can have) for the 2nd coming week of my holiday from work, tho if you see me, its not a bold patch it’s a triple crown :)

    and it occurs to myself that whilst I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the World situation and wars and debt-they are merely distractions that caused me to stop-living my own life, the more my focus was confused and my thinking-judgement elsewhere and mostly on the writings and pains of others so-less time was I spending on the things that really matter to me now_I can choose to begin living a more directed focussed and prosperous life thanks to holosync, whilst I am aware of all the other things going on and I understand the idea that we all march in time together I no longer feel that those issues are a burden to me in the never-ending confused way they were previously.

    I’m starting to agree with your Chop wood carry water philosophy from the original post of this series.

    My only question now as many multitudes have posted previously is what to do with it, converting fact to currency to health happiness and my American dearm.

    FROM BILL: Certainly to stop one’s life because we live in a dangerous world would be an over-reaction. To ignore what is happening would also be a mistake, as would refusing to acknowledge that the world is entering a dangerous era. The answer is to know what is going on as best you can, take prudent steps to protect yourself where that is possible, do everything you can to increase your threshold for stress and your awareness, and be willing to do what you can to alleviate the suffering of other human beings.

  153. samuel Says:

    Paranoid about delusions.

  154. William Harmon Says:

    Dear Bill,

    How did a blog about developing consciousness become a big political debate? Bill, the chaos theory as part of the puntuated theory of evolutionary developement you have articulated in your work on consciousness applies to all levels of reality and is as true on the socio-economic level as it is on the developing consciousness level. When developement grows to the point where the existing structure can no longer support it, it breaks down to give rise to new forms of organization. Just as this seems painful if one is resisting when it happens to our consciousness when we are using holosync, it is also painful on multiple physical levels as the world goes through the huge dislocations that take place as existing economic and social structures break down to make room for new, and perhaps exciting and unforseen new ones. For a large percentage of the world’s people, living on the verge of survival has been the reality for quite a while. More of us may be joining them for awhile. I was just listening to your talk with byron katie on the Tolle course ( something I do when I am just doing paperwork at work), and you reiterate the known fact that people only perceive evidence that supports their belief systems. I always thought this was the reason for the old adage about not discussing politics and religion. These are the kind of belief systems that are generally immune to being affected by argument or information, since generally, except in very unusual circumstances, most people are unconvinceable in these areas and trying is a futile waste of time. As you yourself teach on the consciousness level, let us not get caught up focusing on what we are afraid of, regardless of our situation, since it feels like mierde and doesn’t empower us to do anything positive, but instead focus on what we want for ourselves and for mankind, so that we can be strengthened and inspired to fare as best we can on stormy seas to be of service the best we can to ourselves, our communities and the universe. Let us ask those questions you promote, like what is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit in each of these situations and attempt to widen our circle of compassion to the greatest degree possible.

    Bill H.

    FROM BILL: The reason I brought this up is that consciousness has a practical aspect to it. What I’m discussing here is happening, and it affects you and other people. It is creating real suffering for a lot of people. As I’ve said repeatedly, being aware of a potential danger is not the same as “focusing on the negative.” It is being realistic, and allows you to take steps not only to protect yourself and your loved ones, but also to figure out how you might alleviate the suffering of other people.

    The reason why people look for evidence of what they already believe is because they are unaware. The more aware you are of how you, for instance, seek evidence for your beliefs, the less likely you are to unconsciously do so. Personally, I am interested in discovering what is really true, not just bolstering what I already believe. I am constantly on the lookout for evidence that would disprove what seems to be true.

    Yes, when the old system can’t handle the conditions, it becomes chaotic and ultimately either falls apart or reorganizes in a new way. What bothers me is how the old system is being characterized. For the last 100 years progressives have eaten away at a pretty good system until it doesn’t look anything like it was designed to be. This has resulted in highly centralized huge-govenment control of almost all aspects of life–so much so that most people can’t even imagine it being any other way. It has also created a massive degradation of the value of our money, a media and educational system that is mostly propoganda for more centralized control, and a huge decline in values such as self-reliance, keeping agreements, and allowing people to keep what they have earned or created.

    The current system is characterized by the current elites as “capitalism.” However, that system has been whittled away to the point where it doesn’t resemble capitalism at all. It is state-controlled corporatism, which is also known by a more highly-charged name: fascism. So you have people hoping “capitalism” will fail, when the current problems are the consequences of state control, not of pure capitalism. Hopefully, the current system will reorganize–back to real capitalism.

    As an example of the difference between government today and the way it was when I was growing up, here’s something I received today about Harry Truman, who was president when I was born:

    Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation’s history as any of the other 42 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

    The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence Missouri . His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

    When he retired from office in 1952, his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an ‘allowance’ and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

    After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

    When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, “You don ‘t want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it’s not for sale..”

    Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, “I don ‘t consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise.”

    As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

    Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today, many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale. (sic. Illinois )

    Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!”

  155. Terry Says:


    what happened to Centerpointe TV? I went to check out the page, it’s saying the publisher has prohibited viewing. Is it on a new page now?

    FROM BILL: It got back-burnered as a result of more pressing issues. It will be revived when I have more time.

  156. Catherine H Says:

    Oh dear. I’m rather confused by your last reply to Carlos. How can it possibly be right to invade when thousands of innocent civilians are killed, on the premise that you gave? Perhaps this ‘war on terror’ has gotten out of control and has an agenda of it’s own. If big govt was scaled back as you suggest, what would happen then? I doubt ordinary people would be interested in fighting wars on the off chance that a small group of radicals might take over the western world.

    FROM BILL: I said what?? Does the English language mean something different to some of you? The word “invade” wasn’t even in what I said.

  157. Catherine H Says:

    ……I’m sure I read somewhere that if govt got out the way and left people to their own devices it would be almost impossible to be taken over (one person at a time?) unless they nuked you I guess which would be a bit pointless.

    FROM BILL: Did that work in Europe in WW2?

  158. Catherine H Says:

    No I’m sorry, you didn’t say invade, that was a mistake. I do make them sometimes you know. I pretty much made it up on your behalf. Nice one Cath.

  159. Brian B Says:

    Very good post! I have been watching and reading with great curiosity. William makes a great point that you may choosing not to allow this to go to the next level. I see a lot of disowned voices here and a lot of people wanting to hang on to their MAPS of reality that kept them secure in the past.
    I am looking forward to Part 3.

    Santiago, were you at the Big Mind/Centerpointe Weekend in NYC in 2009? If you were there, I sat next to you. Thank you for your input in this post.

  160. Santiago Says:

    Bill I want to move the discussion a little bit from the political and social and ask you another kind of question.

    Since you’ve been around quite a long time … and you’ve done a lot of research an met a lot of people. I’m curious, who would you say is the happiest person you’ve met ?

    FROM BILL: I have no idea. Everyone is happy sometimes, sad sometimes.

  161. John Griggs Says:

    Kool aid Bill, Really? Article in todays Huff Post

    A newly-released study from the Congressional Research Service bolsters claims that the nation’s largest banks profited off the Federal Reserve’s financial crisis-era programs by borrowing cash for next to nothing, then lending it back to the federal government at substantially higher rates.

    The report reinforces long-held beliefs that the banking system in essence engaged in taxpayer-financed arbitrage: They got money for free, then lent it back to Uncle Sam while collecting juicy returns. Left out of the equation are the millions of everyday borrowers, like households and small businesses, who were unable to secure loans needed to tide them over until the crisis ended.

    The Fed released records under pressure in December and March that showed the extent of its largesse. The CRS study shows for the first time how some of the most sophisticated financial firms could have taken the Fed’s money and flipped easy profits simply by lending it back to another arm of the government.

    The report was requested by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who likened the crisis-era emergency loans to “direct corporate welfare to big banks,” in a statement. The cash likely was lent back to Uncle Sam in the form of Treasuries and other debt “instead of using the Fed loans to reinvest in the economy,” Sanders added.

    In all, more than $3 trillion was lent to financial institutions from the Fed, and terms were generous. Junk-rated securities were pledged as collateral for taxpayer-backed loans. The Fed did not provide conditions for how the money was to be used.

    As part of one Fed program, on 33 separate occasions, nine firms were able to borrow between $5.2 billion and $6.2 billion in U.S. government securities for four-week intervals, paying one-time fees that amounted to the minuscule rate of 0.0078 percent.

    In another, financial firms pledged more than $1.3 trillion in junk-rated securities to the Fed for cheap overnight loans. The rates were as low as 0.5 percent.

    Story continues below
    AdvertisementDuring one three-month period in 2009, Bank of America borrowed more than $48 billion at rates ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 percent. Meanwhile, the largest U.S. lender tripled its holdings of Treasuries and other taxpayer-backed debt to about $15 billion — securities that yielded 3.5 percent.

    During the third quarter of 2009, the bank borrowed $2.9 billion from the Fed through a program that charged 0.25 percent interest. In that same period, Bank of America increased its holdings of taxpayer-backed federal debt by $12 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service. Those securities yielded an average of 3.2 percent.

    “Bank of America provided vital support to the economy throughout the financial crisis and we continue to support businesses and individuals today through our lending and capital raising activities,” spokesman Jerry Dubrowski said in an email.

    In another period, JPMorgan Chase, the second-largest bank, swelled its holdings of taxpayer-backed federal debt by $20 billion, which yielded 2.1 percent, while at the same time borrowing $29 billion from the Fed at a rate of 0.3 percent.

    JPMorgan did not respond to a request for comment.

    In contrast, during the first year of the Obama administration, small businesses shuttered due to lackluster sales and a lack of credit, foreclosures surged, and credit contracted at one of the quickest rates on record.

    “Why wasn’t the Fed providing these same sweetheart deals to the American people?” asked Warren Gunnels, senior policy adviser to Sanders. “The Fed was practicing socialism for the rich, powerful and the connected, while the federal government was promoting rugged individualism to everyone else.”

    At the time, Fed officials said its bailout programs were necessary to restart the flow of credit. If money couldn’t flow to lenders, households and businesses would be next. Even more layoffs and foreclosures could have ensued, officials argued.

    Lending, however, decreased, according to Fed and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation data. Mortgage rates dropped, but mortgages were harder to come by. Credit card lines were slashed. Loans were called in. New financing plunged. In 2009, outstanding credit to U.S. households declined by $234.5 billion. For non-corporate businesses, credit plunged $296.1 billion, Fed data show.

    Sanders said the spread between firms’ borrowing rates and their lending rates to Uncle Sam amounted to “free money.” For Bank of America during the third quarter of 2009, the spread was nearly 3 percent.

    Dubrowski countered by pointing out that Bank of America “extended $184 billion in credit to individuals and businesses” during that time.

    The author of the CRS report, Marc Labonte, cautioned that “correlation does not prove causation.”

    “There is no information available on how banks used specific funds borrowed from the Federal Reserve,” he wrote.

    The Federal Reserve declined to comment.

    CRS on the Federal Reserve’s Bailout

    FROM BILL: A massive deflation is coming, where a huge amount of debt money will go to money heaven. The Fed, I think (and I have seen no one else say this) is trying to create as much “out of thin air” money as possible, stocked away in the banks, to offset the money that will disappear. Deflation is much more to be feared than inflation, and much less controlable. They know it, and they are trying something I have never heard of–throw money at it BEFORE it happens.

    At least that’s my wild-ass guess. We’ll see.

  162. Dave S Perkins Says:

    My MAP of reality has never kept me secure in the past in fact I’d say quite the opposite, I can point at a multitude of occasions throughout my 39 years where I had a much greater awareness and greater MAP, yet have always lacked ability to take advantage of it. Others around me would treat me as the proverbial “Nut-Job” and I would fall back into line with the rest of the social group and Company I was in.

    That may have been through my own deep seated fear who knows, society especially in the UK is built on the idea that others have to be poor in order for themselves to feel rich, and as someone who grew up on a council estate in a one-income family I can literally claim to be the person holding everyone elses superiority complexes in place. Even in my learning and the Education system -the bottom of the heap has always been regarded as the Working Class, the idea that an underclass exists beneath that or has ever existed is generally swept under the carpet and excused in other ways.

    In fact when I look at the facts now I seemed to have lived my entire life propping everyone else up above me. I now want to flipside that coin and do a Mario style flip into the stratosphere, I have everything to gain from such changes. Society can’t see the idea of Win/Win as acceptable, its a totally alien concept to the Elites of Government (and to most people at street level) , Government do give lip service to the ideas but then ask for people to overcome massive lifetimes worth of negativty to meet them halfway. The true targets of these initiatives rarely escape and overcome limiting believes to meet them halfway and the opportunities end up being used by the less needing social groups. (Thats where a product suchas holosync would be ideal in Schools and the Education system in general).

    The one thing I’m not particularly keen on is the idea of celebrity, I’m already infamous in my local city, and am known to have “magical abilities” your Millionaire friend can check my facebook wall for the predictions leading to your Congress Womans shooting or indeed the Japan Fukushima Tsunami situation. Both situations will lead to movies and TV adaptations generating money for someone somewhere.

    Hitler was a uniting Force, Stalin was a uniting force, the death and destructions aside-has the World ever been partitoned into such small groups of black n white, good and bad and so on. America has been a Uniting force and now China is becoming the uniting force. The middle_East is undergoing an upgrading and weeding process.

    Nothing unites Territories faster than death and destruction regardless of who is behind it. The same principle can be applied in medicine with AIDS/HIV and Cancer. Nuclear power is a good thing and we are constantly seeing new benefits and technologies. When people talk of the new 3D printers and the recent real 3D laser projections shown on the Science website you recommended, they are really ( at least in my mind) talking of Nuclear-Hollophied-Graphix-Systems.

    The real constant problem for someone with my background are the flow bottlenecks, actually getting into the flow of money, love, friendships and so on, similar to the bottlenecks they have had in computing for years, where super fast and incredible CPU’s were limited by the amount of data that could actually be funnelled into the CPU by ancient architectures and Bios’ that the vast collective were holding onto. The CPU’s there but the flow isn’t. I like your idea of creating and raising resilience which holosync does, but like the old Zen Master once said-the cup needs emptying in order for the fresh tea to be poured without overflow.

    Your Oct’08 post certainly gave myself what I would call a Transcendant experience, not bad for someone who only started holosync just prior to Christmas. Thankyou :)

    FROM BILL: A lot of limiting beliefs expressed in your message. Okay, life is unfair. People with more power than you do things that get in your way. So? It’s that way for everyone (though I don’t partcularly agree with your blanket characterizations of “society”.

    Actually, I have found that people who think win-win are the most successful. Perhaps more thought toward how you can serve others and less about what a victim you are would be beneficial.

  163. David Says:

    FROM BILL: A massive deflation is coming, where a huge amount of debt money will go to money heaven. The Fed, I think (and I have seen no one else say this) is trying to create as much “out of thin air” money as possible, stocked away in the banks, to offset the money that will disappear. Deflation is much more to be feared than inflation, and much less controllable. They know it, and they are trying something I have never heard of–throw money at it BEFORE it happens.

    At least that’s my wild-ass guess. We’ll see.

    THIS SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT BILL! :-) not sure if I should put in a smile here, but what can we do?

  164. Carlos Says:

    Two quotes by Mark Twain,

    “Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

    “God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”


  165. William Harmon Says:


    Thanks for taking the time for the lengthy reply. I relate to your perspective that todays “capitalism” is not what we grew up with (from a previous exchange we had I think I’ve got a few years on you). I also find it difficult to use the traditional terms to describe political trends ie. neo-liberal corporatist neo fascist might be a way to describe the ideologists of one of the 2 main corporate political power blocks and neo-conservative plutocratic elitists might be a way of labeling the other. I’m not so sure the term progressive describes something that’s particularly progressive either. Oh and by the way, in reading Prigogine I found that he was principled enough to give ample credit to Hegel, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels for laying the philisophical foundations in general philosophy for the continuing movement of order to chaos to higher order as a fundamental principle of all evolutionary processes, which brings me to the point that; if the course of development of economics and politics is the result of an objective process governed by natural laws of motion, in general could it have developed otherwise? And were it possible to go back and do it again, would those laws of motion give rise to anything fundamentally different than what we have now? After all, history shows us this process and what it leads to over and over again but to no avail. To state it a little differently. If the law of gravity causes small bodies to coalesce into larger and larger bodies, until the stars that are formed become so dense they cannot support themselves and so collapse and explode creating new clouds of cosmic dust, won’t the new clouds eventually coalesce into new stars and repeat the process(in a variety of ways of course,, since diversity is one of the ways order is expressed in the universe)? By the same token, if there were a natural law like gravity, that caused units of value in an economy to, by an identical law of attraction over time coalesce into gigantic bodies with the attractive power increasing exponentially ie. accelerating mergers, aquisitions, market adjustments etc. and dominating a larger and larger portion of the mass in a system, might not those bodies also reach a point where they are too dense to support themselves and as a consequence reach a similar point of collapse and explosive transformation? If this were the case, and one were to go back and start again, leaving the same natural laws of motion of value undisturbed, would it not simply produce the same or similar situation? And in all this, what role does consciousness play as an objective force in the universe of cause and effect? Is it possible for an actual evolution to take place where a new game emerges with new laws of motion? I think this touches a little bit on Ken Wilbur’s color coded attempt at expressing a model of evolutionary change. I laud the fact that you back up your views with research, however as an academically oriented person myself it has been my experience that there is tons of research to back up various opposing viewpoints but as the scientist Stephen Jay Gould argued in his book “Brokaw’s Brain”, because science is a human activity, and humans are subjective by nature, even when scientists are trying to be objective, they have an unconscious tendency to design experiments that will prove their theories and are not event aware they are doing it. By the same token we tend to gravitat to documentation that proves our case rather than challenges it. This make the “truth” a “damned elusive Pimpernel”. As for the practical need for people to know as much as possible to deal with “reality” here is where my metaphor for life is sailing ( having spent a lot of time on the bay in San Francisco). Set your destination and chart your general course but take into account changes in currents and tides and keep a weather eye on the windvane so you can change course rapidly without losing your bearings. By the way, I just ordered my next level of Holosync today. I appreciate the easier payment terms, however for myself it would be even more doable with a smaller down and a little bit larger follow up payments. Just a little feedback.

    Live well and prosper

    Bill Harmon

    FROM BILL: I tend to agree with the general nature of the comments you’ve made. I do think that larger, more centralized human institutions is a natural part of things, just as with the astronomical examples you gave, and that eventually those things break down under their own weight, so to speak, and the process repeats, but in a different way, just as new trees grow where others trees once grew, but are different trees in the details they exhibit. These things are governed by probabilities because there are so many interacting variable, all of which affect each other.

    This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our best to alleviate the suffering of others, and generally speaking the larger the social structures the less often they support peoples’ freedom of action and the more they create various kinds of suffering.

  166. Jem Says:

    Hi Guy’s & Girls,

    I actually didn’t really have anything to say, so these are just my thoughts….needed to air them.

    Bill, im just picking up on this & im sure it was just mis-sight on your behalf. You mentioned you didn’t think America, Germany ^ France people would allow islamic law….you forgot to mention England. Know any self respected Engish man/wowan would rarther eat shit than allow islamic law to happen infact they would rarther die than allow it, & they would., it’s disrespect on everything we have fought for, & hold true & pure.

    It saddens me, we have fought so long for freedom from the Church only to have some other messed up control freak try & come in & take there place. I don’t understand in this day & age how it could possiable happen its medival thinking. In fact its having the opposite effect by actually increasing Church attendance. Not good, fundamentalism self full-filling phrophecy Armagedon & all that, and actually putting normal muslims at risk from increasing violence.

    I was extremly saddened to see the other day a true story about an English man who converted to radical islam. He was obviously extremly unhappy with life & I can symathies with that, however to become so radicalised that he thought his adopted family was unworthy of shacking his good hand (muslims use there left hand for respect & there right for everything else like shit….bizare (one of the two,left or right). He woulden’t even embrace his brother who he was quite close to befor. How is this good?????

    I uderstand your concern with everything at the moment, we are in interesting times as they say. The major ironic thing is that when I was younger I used to desire something like this to happen, however now im older im hopeing it doesn’t. Not islamic law taking over, just a change in society, or something to break the montony.

    I am not anti muslim, just anti radicalism. I am ok with every religion, just not people who tell you what you have to believe in the name of God, & tell woman they can’t be sexy, or true to them selfs. I mentioned in a previos post that nearly every one in the public eye in England has either gone to Oxford or Cambridge university & I am totally convinced that it is the same universal, i.e. there own equivalent to Oxford…Again money speaks with lack of understanding

    People power has proved quite powerfull in the last couple of months, is it time we just stopped giveing the government power, easyier said than done I realise but its worth thinking about. Maybe for the future. I am not speaking about revolution just a change in attitude.

    FROM BILL: I should have included Great Britain. Perhaps the new princess will make the needed changes. Or, maybe not.

  167. Lynn T. Says:

    Bill, what are you doing here? I haven’t read your blog in about a year and I am completely nonplussed in your tone with people on this topic. These folks, in most cases, have come to you looking for guidance at best, and at the least have shelled-out a lot of $$$ for your product. You obviously have a political agenda, which I never saw in your written materials before, and you left inspiration at the altar weeping for her groom who took off for something that looks like dracula.

    FROM BILL: You missed the part where everyone weighed in with their misinterpretations of what I have said about this. I’ll add yours to the pile.

    My point is: times of severe negative social mood are happening, and will increase. You should be aware of this and be prepared, mentally, emotionally, and in a practical sense. What kind of a friend would I be if I knew about something like this and didn’t alert the people I care about.

    Politically, I am against centralized control that creates suffering for others. The current version, in my opinion, creates suffering for rich and for poor, for minorities, for hardworking people and those who are dependent on the government. It is based on dishonesty and theft and I’m against it. So sue me.

  168. Chris M Says:

    Hi Bill
    I have not seen any info about how negative social mood affects people (the average person) on the scale of the individual. Also, are there more suicides in such times? Are people more likely to dissociate from reality during such times? Are people more likely to perceive time differently during such times, (speaking less in present-tense, as a defense mechanism, etc)? I’m not necessarily looking for statistics, it seems to me that an understanding of such things can be helpful in understanding variation between people in general. I presume on average ones self-identity is different. I also noticed how peoples ‘current’ sense of societal mood seems to cloud their understanding of past events (such as in documentaries, etc.) .

    p.s. good to see recent podcasts are now available in itunes.

    FROM BILL: Yes to everything other than I haven’t heard anything about distortion of time perception.

    If you want to know these things, subscribe to The Socionomist and read some of the books I’ve suggested about social mood (Mood Matters, for one).

  169. michelle s Says:

    Bill-I would like to thank you for bringing economic and political discourse to the blog. It’s only with increasing awareness that I am starting to learn and give a crap about what is going on with the governments (plural- I am in Canada but include that because being so close to the US things overlap -and to others the rest of the westernized world.

    I appreciate the pointing in the right direction-because before you had mentioned how awareness,social mood, things being connected I wasn’t very concerned. I spent too much money on stupid stuff-and didn’t care about the consequence-to myself-or how much harder it is to work for free while I pay it all back.

    Finally it is starting to sink in. I wish I would have learned more about economics earlier-because everything is related. I am very thankful that thanks to you and others on the blog who pay attention to what is going on that I could learn from what you have.

    And no people, I am not sunshine and flowers about everything-

    looking forward to part 3

  170. jason Says:

    Dear bill so what your saying is human beings are just auto programs mechines …im sick and tired of this shit … do i make it better?….how do you remain on a compassnite state of mind… just watching anyway….is it true that the world is really just a internal map…and this all is nonsence……far out i feel like im losing my mind trying to find the truth…WHAT IS THE F*CKING TRUTH…. please tell me i need to no am i real or not real ……….happing or passing dream whats going on here…


    jason mathhew ronald hall

    FROM BILL: Most humans are largely automatic response mechanisms. Do you want to continue to be one? If not, meditate six hours a day, or use Holosync one hour a day.

    You remain in a compassionate state of mind by doing lots of mediation and by looking at the needs and suffering of others. The world is NOT an internal map. Your idea of it is, though. That’s a major point: the map is not the territory.

    No one knows what The Truth is. Anyone who says they know is full of shit. That’s the human condition: many things over which you have no control, a few over which you do if you’re aware enough to see how you create them, and know one really has a clue as to where it all came from or where it’s going, or why. Surrender to it while doing everything possible to make it better.

  171. Terry Says:


    could you explain why you think Paul Krugman is wrong about the economy?


    FROM BILL: I’ve already said plenty already about what I think is going to happen. Contrast it to what Krugman thinks. He is one of the least objective commentators around.

  172. Jeff J Says:


    I must say that you have a knack for getting people thinking! I found this series interesting and I must say that this is the first time I’ve heard of the social mood theory. I find it quite interesting and will have to find more about info about it. I think that after reading these posts and many of the comments and replies that you posted that we have a great deal in common. I agree with many of your statements about politics and the future of the world.

    The last few years I have been introduced to multiple sources of information on health, personal transformation, and conspiracy theories and if it were not for these things I would not have found you or your fantastic product.

    Many of your self-help peers seem to have quite a different set of beliefs about the future. Your colleagues such as Joe Vitale, James Ray, and Bob Proctor seem to speak more of a postive future, a spiritual awakening in the making that will awaken the world. It sounds nice and the way they speak about it sounds quite convincing but I tend to question everything before I believe it. I respect you highly for going against the grain so to speak and giving a different view on the current situation. Have you shared this information with them as well and how did they respond to it? LOL

    There are also many people that are trying to evoke changes in the world for the better that have a kind of new age belief system about spirituality but also acknowledge the extreme negativity going on and urge people to be aware of it and do something about it. David Icke and Kevin Trudeau are 2 examples that come to mind. Then you have people like Alex Jones who make documentaries exposing people like President Obama and Al Gore for being complete frauds and liars and essentially thieves. I think this all good and needs to be exposed. Which brings me to my first question… Do you think that if enough people in this world found out what was going on behind the scenes that all this political nonsense could be stopped if people would just practice non-violent non-cooperation? Then maybe the government would shrink back down to size and corporations would go back to serving people what they want and do things for the best interests of everyone involved. On a side note I’m a big fan of Ron Paul and would like to see the Federal Reserve eliminated which I think would help. Maybe he will run for president and get elected.

    Are you familiar with the work of Gregg Braden? I read his book Fractal Time which you may find interesting. He follows a little bit of a different belief system than you but I find it interesting how he came up with a scientific and mathematical way to predict when big events are more likely to occur. Check it out!

    And one other thing. I recently watched What the Bleep which was interesting and was introduced to Masaru Emoto and his book Hidden Messages in Water. I was wondering if you find that thoughts, words and other outside influences have as much of an effect as he would have you believe. He got me thinking that if everything is a frequency and we are made of about 80% water and everything is causing us to vibrate positively or negatively its affecting us and the entire planet and so on. Any thoughts you have on this would be interesting. Thanks!

    FROM BILL: I think the water thing is complete baloney.

    Personally, I don’t think anything will forestall the consequences of the huge debt, the dishonest creation of money out of thin air, the corruption, the over-promising of entitlements that aren’t affordable, the creation of millions of goverment dependents, and all the rest. As I said one before, once you’ve driven a car off a cliff, nothing can stop it from eventually hitting the ground. If the government was small the only power corporations would have would be to sell people a product or service they want. Government, however, will not get smaller, I suspect, and even if it did, the consequences of past action will still come to pass, which means a time of great difficulty for everyone.

  173. Dave S Perkins Says:

    so here we are on the 1st I am or May for the soulless in mass,
    80 per cent made of water magic or science for cats,
    eat with a knife fork candles are bust,
    shrugs for a spoon writing loon,
    know to think abstractionally logic just barks at the moon,
    begin a cycle hear colour sun,
    the globe planet spins in your head,
    scalable in everyway,
    one trillion per cent own your grace

    Do we have to stop contributing to this post in order for the next one to scientifically appear?

    Governments are as difficult to pin down as are Business’ and Corporeal ghost hunters, everyone gets locked into states of how the World should be and then ploughs themselves a huge trench steamrollering through opinions as needed, it’s almost as if people can simply find a passion and write themselves into history books with the “Worlds a stage attitude” according to how well they interact and work through excuses when they are wrong.

    Judgement doesn’t work for anyone when you look at the world through pscho-abstraction rather than logical means, reducing everything to science and mathematics would be like trying to find the last digit of Archimedes’ Pythagorus theorem-everyone finds more of it-though never that final absolute-definitive end.

  174. Terry Says:

    I just watched a Paul Krugman interview but haven’t read any of his stuff as most of my time is spent reading Sowell and I’m quite happy with that for now.

    The only reason I’m really interested is because someone close to me thinks Krugman is great, and that made me curious because of the way you wrote him off in the past.

    Obviously Krugman is a supporter of ‘big government’ whereas you’re not.

    But the main difference I see between you (based on this interview) is that he thinks that a sustained period of deflation could be avoided with a big government stimulus, whereas you seem to think it’s inevitable.

    His analysis of the Great Depression is quite interesting. Previously (based on my reading of Sowell), I was sold by the notion that government intervention ought to be minimised in the economy in almost all circumstances.

    But it is widely accepted that what ended the Great Depression (in spite of the silly economic policies that perhaps made it “Great”) was the war.

    As Krugman, points out, the war was a government funded activity, and drawing from that, it is not unreasonable to assume that government intervention in the economy in difficult times can help to make things better. That strikes me as a reasonable argument.

    Obviously I’m not as well read as you are on this subject, but based on my limited exposure, I don’t think it’s accurate to say he doesn’t know ANYTHING about the economy.

    It seems to me that smart, well-informed people can come up with a range of different ideas for dealing with what’s going on here, all of which can be reasonably plausible.

    The only thing in his comments that really threw me is that he views the current climate as bad but not dire.

    Whilst I don’t fully understand all the implications, the sheer scale of the debt, (which I understand if we include unfunded liabilities like pensions is upwards of one HUNDRED TRILLION) and the fact that so many worthless investments have been bought by the Government/Federal Reserve, makes it difficult to see how some sort of major economic decline can be avoided.

    But this may be due to my lack of knowledge about specific timelines as to when those items need to be paid off.

    I’m mindful of the fact that (as you’ve pointed out), investors are going to expect their money back at some point. I also note that the US govt recently had its long-term credit rating downgraded from stable to negative.

    Your thoughts?

    FROM BILL: I haven’t seen Krugman offer any evidence that his views are correct (and I have plenty that they aren’t). He offers opinions with no evidence in everything of his I’ve ever read. He has a strong political agenda and his comments on economics serve that agenda. I’m more interested in finding out what is really happening and what really works. Big difference.t

    Some people think the war ended the depression. I doubt it, and so do many other experts. Depressions end when all the deleveraging is finished. The government prevented that from happening (just as they are today) for over a decade with all their bailouts and government interference.

    What Krugman advocates is also morally bankrupt, and anything based on moral bankruptcy is doomed to eventual failure. Big government is based on controlling other people, and on taking wealth rightfully earned and distributing it to people who did not earn it (some of whom are poor and many of whom are rich). This is just plain dishonest.

    You’re better off absorbing what Thomas Sowell is saying. The only thing you have to go on with Krugman is how certain he sounds. Hardly a reason for believing him.

  175. Santiago Says:

    Everyone in this blog should watch this, maybe I’m the one that has to the most.

  176. Vick Says:

    I have recently read Glenn Beck’s book ” Arguing with Idiots” and I thought he expressed a few good ideas, even though some of his supporting data seems a little questionable. I think people like Beck do themselves a disservice by resorting to rhetoric and crazy conspiracy theories to increase their following. Unfortunately, people stop listening to some of the good things he has to offer. Even Fox News had to kick him out eventually….
    Also, I have been following Obama for a while and I have read several of his books. He seems to have one of the most balanced points of views which I have ever seen in a politician or President. To me, he seems to genuinely want to see the US prosper and progress and stay away from extreme ideological views, either left or right. Maybe both these so called right wing and left wing parties should really listen to each other and be flexible enough to adopt the good ideas from both sides. What do you think Bill, have you read any of Obama’s books?

    FROM BILL: Those aren’t conspiracy theories. Every time someone accuses Beck of that, exactly what he said would happen does happen. I’ve seen this over and over.

    If you think Obama has one of the most balanced views of anyone, there’s nothing I can do for you.

    By the way, Fox didn’t get rid of Beck, as the left claims. Great propoganda, for sure. Beck will now be doing special documentaries for Fox. Why would they have him do that if they “had to” fire him? And why would they fire someone who has the third most watched show on cable TV? Beck has more viewers than the entire MSNBC network.

  177. Bruce Says:

    I too have been told I hate Muslims which couldn’t be further from the truth…..however, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Christianity fundamentalism and fundamental Muslims……Quote from ‘Sherry”.

    Dear Sherry – the way to tell the difference between Muslims and Christians is that Christians don’t preach about killing anyone who is not of their religion, they don’t cut the heads off people, they don’t set off bombs designed to kill as many innocent people as they can in crowded markets, they don’t plot to brainwash young kids into blowing themselves up to further their ‘religion’, they don’t have people commandering airplanes to kill thousand by crashing into skyscrapers, they don’t post young children as human shields to divert attacks against their leaders. Hopefully this will help you distinguish the difference between ‘fundamentalism’ in Christianity and Islam. Oh and one other thing, any so-called ‘religion’ that promotes killing others in it’s name is not a ‘religion’. It is a death-cult. Hope this helps you sort things out.

    FROM BILL: All points of view have their fundamentalist wing, even Buddhism. However, other than a few stray Christian nuts, I don’t see Christians setting off car bombs, bombing embassies, or flying airplanes into buildings. Am I missing something you know about?

  178. Gloria Says:

    Good one, Santiago. Well worth the 17 minutes!

  179. Daniel B Says:

    I am interested by what has occured with Bin Laden’s apparent death. This to me three months ago would have been a big tick in Obama’s column. However the timing is so suspiscious. Just two days ago he took apart his main rival in donald trump. Destroying his credibility. A man who has been speaking out and would have a very interesting debate between him and obama. Look i know the birth certificate can be portrayed as trivial but all they were asking was for eveidence to be released ( He is a sitting president this should have be straight forward) not a big deal. Obama really is good at politics and playing perceptions. Obama is struggling in the polls then all of a sudden we have killed Osama Bin Laden. Exactly eight years after Bush falsely claimed victory. They don’t have his body because they dumped it in the sea. So there goes any evidence about when and how long ago it occured. I know this may sound very conspiracy theory which i am not into but the timing just seems too perfect for Obama. The whole thing made me feel very uneasy. This was causing me suffering.
    The upside for my self i noticed i had a shift in how i play the game of black and white so am not suffering any where as much as i would have just a few days ago. this is very positive. Great feelings of wellbeing.
    The world may never look the same again, i’m just fine with that.

    FROM BILL: So far, I haven’t run into anyone who attributes any of this to some supposedly smart move by Obama.

    And, by the way (and I am not a Bush supporter), Bush never “declared victory.” In fact, the mission accomplished banner you remember was made by the guys in the Navy, and the Bush people tried to get it taken down before his appearance on the aircraft carrier.

  180. Daniel B Says:

    I could have jumped the gun here and be totally off with my assesment. I guess i am just learning not to buy everything the media feeds me. And i am also beginning to see how they want us to view what they are presenting.

  181. Vick Says:

    Bill, are you saying Beck has a more balanced view than Obama ? Have you read any of Obama’s books? So why DID Fox News end Beck’s show if it was such a good thing for them ? Try to give an unbiased answer…..

    FROM BILL: They decided to have him create documentaries for them.

    Obama is balanced? Give me a BREAK. Only an incredibly uninformed person could say that…or someone who has drunk a LOT of the kool aid.

  182. Vick Says:

    there are several examples of Christian groups doing some pretty heinous things…KKK , Timothy McVeigh, Neo Nazi groups. This doesnt mean all Christians are bad, so get real and be responsible for the comments which you make against Muslims or any religion as a whole.

    FROM BILL: That’s your definition of a Christian group? You think those groups were primarily about Christianity? That’s quite a stretch.

  183. carmen Says:

    yes, good one, Santiago

  184. Vic Says:

    Vick (not Vic) said, “He (Obama) seems to have one of the most balanced points of views which I have ever seen in a politician or President.”

    No objective person could POSSIBLY come to that conclusion.

    Come on Vick, admit it, you work for the White House, don’t you?

  185. Chris M Says:


    I came across a curious sentence which brought up the idea of ‘motivation’. In the basic model of ‘reward and punishment’, ‘punishment’ was proven a greater behavior modifier than ‘pleasure’ in training animals. However, the (perhaps natural) assumption of (by definition) a productive (aka, ‘golden’) age includes a positive social mood, in my mind at least. When people are under threat, will they innovate and advance technologically at a faster rate than otherwise? Isn’t this whole social mood change simply society switching from one crutch to the other? And how does society move when both its legs are broken? *_*.

    Ok, ok, so negative social mood is not the end of the world. Although it could be for me – I don’t want to be loaded into a van in the middle of the night heading towards the next auschwitz (I fit a lot of the criteria). Can you think of any signposts to look out for, for when things get really bad? Eugenics is coming back into style, after all.

    (the quote)
    “War time production pushed technology to the limit and created cutting edge technology which developed the economies of the USA, UK, Germany to name a few.”

  186. Terry Says:

    Here’s a short video about two different perspectives on the economy. It’s explained in a fun way which I think you’ll all enjoy.

  187. Paul Cowan Says:

    The thing to bear in mind is just how hard it is to make rational decisions as every angle now sounds like a conspiracy theory.

    Some bearded man who lived in a cave and masterminded international terrorist threats (very like Emmanuel Goldstein from Orwell’s 1984) sounds just as ludicrous as if this actually is the case.

    The governemnt has used main stream media forever to pump their message so scepticism is natural.

    Conspiracy theories abound right now and can sound plausible when articulately presented. The more of a certain media you watch, the more you will be swayed by that opinion.

    We get seriously annoyed because people cannot see our heavily influenced point of view. We cry…”You must be mad”, ….”You must be blind!!!!”,….”You fools, you fools!”. This is interesting as we have no comprehension of other people’s map of reality. The chances of changing another person’s heavily influnced map of reality are extremelly slim.

    Marry this to the fact that we will probably never have bonafide way of actually telling if our assumptions are actually true or even partially true.

    Maybe this is the grand conspiracy :-) . There are so many conflicting views that we have no chance at all of seeing the truth or even the partial truth.

    One thing that does seem certain. Social mood, just as you have initially stated is in the toilet right now. Caliphates, WWIII, economic catastrophe, it is all that seems to be discussed right now.

    We, the herd, are seeing things going drastically down the pan right now.

    I am on the verge of giving up making any sort of rational decision about what is going on because it is insanely difficult without following some sort of prejudiced side. The truth is out there but it is distorted round many corners by the time it might hit us.

    FROM BILL: You can’t make decisons without criteria. You can’t develop criteria without objective information. Get the information.

  188. Daniel B Says:

    Brilliant Terry. Who would have thought

  189. Paul Cowan Says:

    In reply to your last comment. I find the thought of muslim’s flying planes into the twin towers equally as ridiculous as you find my claims that it was a staged event to justify imperialist wars.

    I have read the evidence from actual architects who claim that the towers could not possibly collapse in such a way

    You can point to evidence that it did indeed happen as was presented on the main stream media.

    How can we possibly prove which one is right with so much information and disinformation? Add into that, that our internal maps of reality will persuade us for other reasons also.

    There is little chance that we can change each others views because as human beings, we will do anything to prove that WE are right.

    FROM BILL: For this one, you’ll have to give me about 50 breaks. You’ve convinced me that you don’t have enough rationality to even have a conversation with you.

  190. Dave S Perkins Says:

    What is an interesting parallel to your ideas of how government should be is happening in the UK on May 5th. We are having a vote to change or not change our election system.

    The debate and question is set around being -do we set up a relatively fair proportional representation system for parliamentary elections removing the largest minority first past the post system.

    From how parliament was originally set up several hundred years ago with butchers bakers and candle stick makers we now have a professional group of politicians- people who claim to be butchers bakers and candlestick makers based on some work experience job at Summer camp whilst on a year out from Oxbridge.

    I haven’t followed the coverage so am somewhat uninformed but am surprised by what I am hearing in polls saying that changed is not wanted, that people are so terrified of minority groups that they intend to not vote for change.

    Whilst I understand that leaps of imagination are being made, this necessary change may not physically happen, the vested interests are really wheeling out every scare tactic possible.

    I personally hope and pray that people are lying to the pollsters and do vote for this change (much in the way that women used to not vote for Margaret Thatcher).

    Simply put this is potentially a major major point of change in History, not only for the UK but with regards to how the UK moves forward with the rest of the World, Other Countries and so on.

    The potential is there for the common man to once again be represented, yes common people could put themselves up for election in the current system but the massive odds against breaking the stranglehold of Eton educated political elites are astronomical.

    Change is not always good but it is always happening and a map change at Governmental level would give a fresh perspective to the UK.

    FROM BILL: Voting for “change” sure worked out great in the US. I would be skeptical that the leaders behind this really want to give common people more representation and control over their own lives. I believe they’re SAYING that they do, but I would be floored if this wasn’t another way to reduce freedom disguised as the opposite. I suspect that is why people are against it, not because they are “against minorities,” which is a convenient (and common) way the elites demonize those who don’t want to go along with their schemes. I could be wrong about this, but I doubt it.

  191. Kevin Says:


    I went and read Prechter’s deflation guide on your recommendation. Very eye opening and even though some of the details were over my head, he writes very well in plain English.

    I’ve got to get some of his books along with How I found freedom, the road to serfdom, and some Tomas Sowell. I’m 28 and My father is smart with investing his money and follows people who have similar knowledge. He has been saying the same things as you for a while now.

    I used to think he was crazy and I could care less, but now it’s hard to avoid and once you start learning about all this, it’s hard not to get fired up and disgusted over all this.

    Thanks again for all the resources, and BTW just got Flowering level 4 in the mail along with your new alpha CD. Great promotion, I love your marketing. (BTW does Brad Antin still work with you? I read his book secrets from the lost art of common sense marketing, on your recommendation and I think I refer to it more than any other marketing book I’ve ever read.)

    It’s been an incredible journey and thanks again

    FROM BILL: Brad does still work for me. You might consider posting your comments about what going through all the Holosync levels, over many years, has done for you. I think people would find it very instructive.

  192. Glenn Says:

    Glenn Beck said Obama’s visit to ground zero was “slimy” today. Beck may have good intentions but: If your family was murdered, wouldn’t it be REASONABLE to visit their grave after the perpetrator’s execution? Even Beck stoops to lows. Becks “slimy” remark is just as distasteful, more so imo, than Obama paying respects.

    I like how you push thinking for yourself. So are you going with the flow or what, why do you talk so much about politics? You are intelligent and well-read clearly; can’t we stick/lean to facts? The socionomic institute doesn’t veer far. These political arguments better suit a different blog. They feed the “mind chatter” and prattle that fills many of these comments.

    No disrespect, just my point of view. I’d rather master myself than politics at this point in my life, but after reading all that political comments, couldn’t help giving my two cents.

    FROM BILL: You’re smack in the middle of politics, and it affects your life. And, since this is my blog, I guess I can talk about anything I want on it.

    Beck isn’t against those who lost loved ones visiting Ground Zero. He is saying, I suspect, that Obama is insincere in visiting–something not difficult to suspect if you know the history of what he has said about the United States and things he has inexplicable said in support for radical Islam (which don’t make the news, but I’ve seen the video). If Obama was sincere in visiting Ground Zero, that would be another matter. It doesn’t jibe, though, with many of his other actions and pronouncements.

  193. Barrea Says:

    Can you point us to some of these videos which show Obama making all these anti-US and pro radical Islam statements ?

    FROM BILL: I have seen dozens–scores–of them on Glenn Beck’s show. I have seen a few on O’Reilly. I have been sent links to a few others by friends. I have seen even more videos of people on his staff, people who are frequent visitors to the White House (union leaders, etc), and those who are his “Czars” of this or that. You would be appalled at how open they are when speaking to their own in-groups about advocating Marxism, redistribution of wealth, getting rid of the US Constitution, and even eliminating (literally) their enemies, not to mention talking about the communists and socialists they admire, their strategies and goals for increasing the cost of energy, controlling the population, referring to average Americans as “Homer Simpsons” who need to be managed like lifestock, plans for creating chaos in other countries (and in this one) including hoping that protests will become violent, and on and on.

    I’ve also see the videos that were taken of people pretending to want Acorn to do illegal things (to which they gladly agreed) along with video of Obama telling Acorn crowds that what they do is the closest thing he can think of to his heart (it’s certainly possible that he doesn’t know about EVERYTHING going on at Acorn, of course).

    Some of this stuff may be available on–I don’t know. I will say this. No person, other than someone who IS a communist or a socialist or who just hates America could watch this stuff and not be amazed that such people are in charge of the US. And, I’ll just add that I am a skeptic by nature, not a nitwit who can be fooled by someone faking this stuff. I am interested in facts, not pushing a particular political point of view. This stuff is not covered by the mainstream media, though it certainly should be. You’ll have to do your own searching. Try, and if they have a search function look for Obama, Trungpa, Andy Stern, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein as a start. If you know the name of any other “Czars” try searching for their names.

  194. Paul Cowan Says:

    I am going to ignore your last rude comment and try and further explain my point as it appears I am making it badly.

    As human beings we tend to choose a side and stick to it. I find myself doing this by following Alex Jones and the side of things. They blame the government for most of the problems.

    You seem to be doing something similar with Glen Beck and the conspiracy theory that muslims are behind all the ills.

    My point is that we tend to choose sides, like in this example (is this white must win?) and defend them vehemently until death do us part.

    Once we have chosen a side, it is difficult to see outside of this view. We are drawn to arguments and media that makes our opinion “right” and repulsed by the opposing view that we perceive as “wrong”.

    FROM BILL: I have no problem “getting outside” a particular view because I’m interested in the truth, wherever it happens to lead me. Are you assuming this because YOU’RE stuck in your particular point of view, so you assume everyone else is, too?

  195. Carlos Says:

    I think politics is a very controversial issue and very Relative. Everybody will be supporting his point of view claiming that it is the correct/fair/just one but everyone just want the system in which they think they will be more happy/closer to his values. Everybody is human and full of flaws .If We look close enough we will always be able to find big flaws in the other person/system. In politics everybody tries to impose their views on the other person but nobody will convince anybody , that is why wars happen and will continue to happen.


    FROM BILL: Not true. The framers of the US Constitution did their best to come up with a blueprint that prevents the government, or other people, from imposing their views on others. It worked pretty darned well for a long time. That’s what some of us are complaining about–how those in power have gradually (and now not so gradually) undermined that way of doing things to the point where nearly everything that happens from the government is a loss of personal freedom.


  196. Kathy S Says:

    To Dave S Perkins:

    The change that the “status quo” politicians in the UK are so dead against has been operating in Australia for about 80 years. In the simplest of terms, instead of a ‘first past the post system”, the candidate with the least number of votes is out and his votes shared amongst the rest as preferences. Then the next one is knocked out and so on. This continues until there is a winner.

    Be careful what you wish for though. Australia currently has a government that relies on the whims of 3 Independents in order to govern. You can just imagine the wheeling and the dealing that goes on backstage with each one pushing his own agenda. It’s a right mess and is not doing the country one bit of good, but that’s just my opinion.

    I do wish we could move on though Bill. As someone said in an earlier post – “haven’t we done this to death?” I look forward to a COMPLETE change of subject. How about something to do with personal growth? There’s an idea.

    FROM BILL: Yes, when politicians propose a wonderful change designed to help the people it’s almost always a wonderful change to help the politicians.

    Though I’m not against changing the topic (part 3 coming tomorrow or the day after, by the way), this IS about personal growth. What’s happening in your life and how or if you meet it with awareness IS personal growth.

    Though I have expressed some of my political views in response to questions and statements from others, I never intended for this to be about politics per se. I intended it to be about social mood. It went toward politics because that’s where you guys took it.

  197. Margaret Says:

    Human beings are social creatures and the herd analogy is a brilliant one. I can see that the presented social economic situation will probably cause many people to take shelter in the safety of a herd. With different herds gathering under different political banners pointing the finger of blame in different directions. Optimum safety will be in the herds thought to have the most power, regardless of the truth. Protection of the herd against enemies real or imagined becoming paramount .

    Even if the herd’s members know that the rhetoric they are being fed is full of bull the middle of the herd is a good place to be, why?
    Because its safe pure and simple.

    Not so up on American politics as yourselves but can tell you the recent political scandals in the UK makes myself wonder what its going to take for the herd to stampede .

    When my child told me that she knew the way of the world was wrong but what could she alone do. I told her the world could be changed one person at a time starting with you. Bill you started by selling hundreds then thousands now its a million ! Thats a million people a million lights popping on all over the world. Maybe its time for a paradigm shift, maybe a different type of stampede. There is always chaos before change and as we all know change is good

    FROM BILL: I didn’t use herding as an analogy. I mean it literally.

  198. Chris M Says:

    These threads seem to have become a bit detached from the theme of the rest of your blog. Ultimately, it is not possible to discover another persons intentions (ultimately), although empathy may provide a sense of similarity. People are run mostly by their unconscious/subconscious mind, and make up their reasons ‘why’ they did something afterward. The human animal is just like any other animal. The only difference is we cannot fling our poop at (a president), because we cannot get close enough to actually affect (him), and he’d get used to it and perhaps start to like it (hmm, that metaphor doesn’t really work, does it…). Society may deteriorate when people get frustrated enough. People fight because they want to. People do end up fighting, after all.

    I’m starting to see more deeply how more every-day personal freedom would be a nice move. It’s not as if it will resolve any of the issues inherent in/of the human condition.

  199. Mo M. Says:

    The growth of government in the U.S. in the 20th (and even more now, in the 21st) century has been possible because most citizens don’t understand the nature of the beast. Somewhere along the line we became sold on the false notion that government could be a source of benevolence; a kindly, caring provider of services; always and everywhere looking out for our safety and best interests. If you believe that, well, the more government, the better!

    Our founding fathers understood that government, in its’ very nature, is not benevolent. They understood that the nature of government is the coercive power of legally sanctioned force. It is there to compel people to do what they otherwise would not voluntarily do. The founding fathers knew that given human nature, this power must be strictly limited or it would metastasize out of control.

    They gave it their best shot, but even the founding fathers underestimated the sheer tenacity and determination of those who seek power over others. They also underestimated how many people would fall for the false promises of a benevolent government “provider.”

  200. Barrea Says:

    I searched according to your instructions on I did not find an actual video of Obama any of the people saying the stuff you said they did…only Beck saying that they did. Do you actually have an unbiased source which confirms this with real video evidence ? and not just somebody like Beck saying they did ? Just curious…I would like to see some real evidence.

    FROM BILL: Beck didn’t say anything. He showed the videos. Scores of them. Many times. OVer and over. I saw them. Trust me on this. The evidence came out of the mouths of the perpetrators. Beck did not claim that they said it. He just said, “Listen to this.” Extremely credible, believe me.

    This is why the left has never actually even tried to refute Beck, but instead just calls him names. How can they refute their own words? For those of you who haven’t watched his show, I would say that 80% of the show over the last 2+ years has been video like this. Hard to refute, and very incriminating. No wonder the left hates him. He has exposed them.

    I’d like to find those videos myself. He should release them on a DVD. They’re actually even worse that what I described, because I’ve forgotten most of the details about the juiciest stuff.

  201. Barrea Says:

    It would be helpful and definitely add some credibility if you can post some links to these videos and hopefully they are not just some taken out of context videos. Honestly, I used all the search words you recommended but did not come up with anything which I considered as real evidence and not just statements by Beck.

    FROM BILL: They are not statements by Glenn Beck. They are statements of the people I mentioned (and more that I didn’t) speaking. And, they are not taken out of context. I can’t do your research for you, though. I am far too busy. These videos are either out there still or they aren’t. You’ll have to find them. I assure you that the conclusions I stated that any person seeing them would come to can be relied upon.

  202. Jack D Says:

    There is a reason why Barack Obama is the President and has the support of the American people (the non-racist ones) and lunatic racist crazies like Glenn Beck are trying to take advantage by increasing ratings with others like them. Bill is right, every one should look at both (all three sides if you are a Bill Clinton supporter) sides of the coin and make the right decisions. Thanks Bill ! This blog post really teaches us how awareness really helps us choose the path which is most resourceful to us.

    FROM BILL: So you think that those who don’t support Obama don’t support him because they are rascist? Could it POSSIBLY be that they don’t like what he is doing to the country? Calling those who don’t like Obama racists is one of the most intellectually lazy and out-of-integrity things you could possibly say.

    And, most Americans, at this point, don’t support Obama. Did you notice the crushing landslide against his policies in the latest election?

  203. Terry Says:

    But Beck frequently takes things out of context Bill – just to get a point across; and SOMETIMES his points, just don’t add up.

    Like his attempt to defend the ignorance of Michelle Bachman:

    Michelle Bachmann made the ridiculous comment that the founding fathers ended slavery – for someone who has an interest in running for president, this level of ignorance is breathtaking. As you know, it was almost 100 years after the signing of the US declaration of independence before slavery came to end.

    When Michelle was criticised for her comments, Beck (in addition to editing the video of her speech on his show to try and make her look less silly), accused her critics of sexism.

    That is not only intellectually dishonest, it’s just outright propaganda. Again, when Beck does this sort of thing, he lets himself down. A shame because he has lots of interesting things to say.

    Also it’s not true that the left doesn’t refute him. I”ve seen Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow do just that, based on facts not rhetoric.

    I too would very much like an unbiased source from which I can view some of these “anti-american” comments that Obama has supposedly made.

    I looked at a couple of videos which were supposedly proof of the president being anti-American, Marxist and racist.

    Most of them were taken out of context and others proved nothing at all. Where he talks about some of the problems in American society and the tragic aspects of its history, I would regard these comments as self-reflexive, and they have been within the context of suggesting ways of moving forward and making things better.

    The suggestion that this is anti-American reminds me of the fundamentalist elements in the Zionist movement who suggest that anyone who criticises anything the Israeli government does is anti-semitic. Even when their soldiers target innocent civilians in Palestine.

    Whilst there are those who have legitimate differences of opinion with Obama on policy issues, I sense that the more incendiary comments (him being racist, communist, hating america etc..) are either populism for political or commercial gain, or projections of their own fears.

    FROM BILL: Sorry, Terry, but I just don’t have the time to read all this baloney. Beck has exposed many things going on in this country–things that are serious problems for you and any other citizen. I suppose you can find this detail or that mistake and then say, “See, Glenn Beck did Blah.” Many of those things could be debated, but even if they are true, they don’t refute the main points he has made, which are true and valid. Personally, I do think Obama is racist. He views the country through the prism of race (and class and income level). That is racist. Martin Luthor King was hoping we could look at the contents of one’s character–not their race–in evaluating things. I don’t know if Obama HATES America, but he certainly thinks America is the problem, and he has said and done many things that could lead one to conclude that he certainly doesn’t like America. Finally, I have seen him speaking to union groups, ACORN, and other organizations where he clearly embraces communist and socialist policies. Whether he would say, “I am a socialist” to his close friends, in confidence, or not, he DOES favor economic policies and increases in the size of goverment that most people would admit are the exact goals of most socialist groups (I know what they people want, as I used to be one of them).

  204. Vic Says:

    Start here:

    Then, write down the names of all those mentioned.

    Then, do a search for each name.

    They do not (or DID not) hide their beliefs.

    There is none so blind, as he who will not see.

    FROM BILL: There you go. Not only can you google the names he mentions, there are a whole list of videos on this page to other GB shows where he plays clips of the people around Obama professing various sorts of marxist views and affiliations.

  205. Ganesh Says:

    Bill, you and I don’t agree with communism and that it doesn’t work in the real world, but then how is China able to prosper while being a communist country?

    FROM BILL: Most people in China aren’t prospering. And, most of the freedoms enjoyed in the West do not exist in China. You need to read up on China somewhere other than popular news magazines. Do a little research and you will see that things are not so great in China.

  206. Barrea Says:

    I have read Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” and I do not get the impression which you have given of his political views. He seems to be looking at both sides of the coin, so-called liberals and conservatives. This is the reason why I am so curious to find this video evidence you talk about, but have been unsuccessful so far. Have you read this book ?

    FROM BILL: I would judge Obama by what he does, not what he promises when he’s campaigning. So far he hasn’t kept many of them. Someone has posted how to find those videos a couple of posts above this one.

  207. Barrea Says:

    Those videos are completely taken out of context. Beck very conveniently shows clips whic SEEM to support his theories. I have seem similar videos of Beck shown by the left which show him as a Muslim hater and racist but are also looking to be taken out of context. Do you have anything which actually shows Obama saying I hate America or i love radical Islam or something really incriminating. Try to be objective. You seem to be intelligent enough.

    FROM BILL: And you know these are taken out of contest because you were there and saw the whole speech? Is that what you’re saying? If you can’t see that nearly every person around him is professing socialist agendas and socialist tactics from these videos, there’s nothing I can do for you. Trust me when I say I am interested in what is true, not in pushing a certain political point of view. I can tell from the things you say that you have a limited knowledge of these people and what they stand for. Educate yourself.

  208. Daniel B Says:

    I don’t feel like this subject has been done to death. This stuff is hugely eye opening. this is the real world. Closing our eyes will make things worse. Being ignorant makes things worse. Before this post i was just like every other sheep buying with out evidence what i had been feed by people with an agenda. I feel priviledged to be awakened to this stuff.

  209. michael c. Says:

    re; the video vic posted, and which bill responded, “there you go” –

    as glen beck himself likes to say – judge for yourself if this is definitive or even credible evidence that obama’s staffers are openly advocating marxism.

    bill claims beck just shows the videos – he doesn’t say anything himself, he just presents the evidence. Please watch the video that vic and bill claim is credible objective evidence, and judge for yourself. remember – this is the one they want you to watch! if exposed, this would bring the obama administration down.

    bill claims to have rigorously examined these issues, and that glenn beck is the the only objective voice in news out there. don’t take his word for it – watch the clip and ask yourself if you think this is true.

    the bill maher clip somehow got slipped into the vic clip. apparently it shows maher (a secret advisor to the president?) openly advocating dictatorships.

    FROM BILL: This is one of scores of videos, in fact it’s a shot of several clips from previous videos he’s shown, not the entire video. However, on the same page as this video are many others. Watch them all.

    Look, I don’t really care if you want to hold to your opinion. You obviously haven’t done your research and you’re just looking for a reason to not get what’s happening. Open your mind.

  210. Terry Says:

    I felt some trepidation before posting my last message because I thought you might strongly disagree and I wasn’t sure how I would react.

    But to my surprise, my reaction was laughter.

    This is progress for me as in the past, if someone I liked and admired dismissed something I said, this would make me incandescent with rage – as well as giving rise to lots of other fun feelings like shame and self-loathing.

    It seems some emotional maturity is developing here – and you have quite a bit to do with it.

    Thank you.


  211. Vic Says:

    Here’s another “out of context” video for you all.

    If you can’t see what’s going, it’s only because you don’t want to.

    FROM BILL: Yes, and check out all the other videos on the same page.

  212. Dave S Perkins Says:

    I was much interested to see the Glenn Becks video clip after reading all the Hoo-haa discussion from you Yanks.

    As an outside observer my view is as follows – Your one and only Glen Beck is what we in Great Britain would call satirical SATIRICAL. -And being satirical HE WOULD TARGET WHOMEVER IS IN YOUR WHITEHOUSE. A long standing UK joke is that Americans don’t understand IRONY, now after seeing and reading all your comments I understand the humour inherent in this observation.

    We have many such people here in the UK-GB, and Though I know little of American TV -I would assume that if what Bill says regarding the ratings is correct then he is superb in his role

    I include a link from wikipedia explaining SATIRICAL :)

    FROM BILL: Yes, sometimes Glenn Beck is satirical. However, there’s nothing satirical about showing scores and scores of videos of Obama’s advisors, his labor leader friends, and others involved in his administration advocating increased control over your life, eugenics, revolutions, making energy unaffordable, Marxism and socialism, redistribution of wealth, and various other anti-freedom ideas. That’s just exposing that what they want and what they say through the media are totally different–and that they are dangerous people who do not have your best interests at heart.

  213. Kris Says:

    Are you concerned at all that your rabidly expressed hatred for Obama etc. is going to affect sales for Holosync ? I have been a Holosync user for about 3 years now…about to make a decision whether to purchase the next level or not. I had asked this question to your Holosync support person last week and they were a little guarded n their response; he did mention that they were getting questions like these pretty frequently. I have seen your comments being linked in other holosync discussion forums and a lot of people do seem to be surprised and put off. The general opinion is that Holosync is supposed to make you more balanced;give you the ability to look at all sides of a debate , but you seem to be using the phrase ” this is true” a lot these days.This goes against everything which you have talked or written about previously. We can almost picture you frothing at the mouth when you talk about Obama being a racist and communist. I dont take sides very often in politics, so I am not concerned about your political views, but the rigidity and nastiness with which you are responding to people who dont agree with you concerns me. Is there anything you want to reveal about potential side effects of Holosync ? A potential for paranoia or something? I hope you post and respond objectively to my questions.

    FROM BILL: If you are going to decide whether to use Holosync based on my views (which you are misrepresenting–I never said I hated Obama, though I do dislike those who want to create more centralized control and take away your freedom) then you aren’t very rational. If Holosync is benefitting you, use it. If not, don’t use it.

    Holosync sales, by the way, are increasing. Hmmm.

  214. Barry Says:

    I guess people like Beck and Limbaugh should try to run for office. We will definitely know if they are the patriots they claim to be or just ratings whores. They will atleast get two votes : Bill’s and this dude Vic who keeps posting these hilarious links. Or maybe you should consider politics Bill and try to bring back the “small” government you talk of. We have seen those in history…back when slavery was rampant. I have a feeling you would be ok with that.I am bracing myself for a no post or a “ad hominem” attack from Bill and maybe another video link from Vic.

    FROM BILL: Slavery had/has nothing to do with small government. Slavery has to do with the developmental level of a society and has existed in situations involving everything from huge governments all the way to those with no government at all. When power is centralized, those in power dictate to people how they can live. That’s why they call them dictatorships. This has never failed to happen throughout the 5000+ years humans have been creating larger organized societies. The whole idea behind the United States was to create a set of rules–the US Constitution–that placed limitations on government in order to protect the people from it. It worked pretty well until some people began to find ways around the rules and increased the size of the government and increased its ability to control people. And, it had nothing to do with slavery. Just to throw in an ad hominem attack, so as not to disappoint you, you are apparently historically, economically, and philisophically uninformed.

  215. Kris Says:

    If Holosync sales are increasing, then good for you ! I guess then that you have consciously chosen to rant and rave like this on political topics on your blog. It was the more resourceful option for you ! BTW, Holosync has been pretty good so far. I am assuming I will deal with my shadows just like you are doing right now.

    FROM BILL: I assume that if you were in my place you would be mostly interested in your own business fortunes, since you assumed that of me. Instead, I am more interested in saying what I think needs to be said. The first thing I was trying to say was that social mood is becoming more negative, and will become extremely more so. I brought this to your attention so you would be less likely to be unconsciously caught up in it and instead could have a fighting chance to prepare in a more rational way for what is going to happen. The second point I am making, though I didn’t start out to make it (posters on this blog brought it up and I merely honestly responded with what I think), is that centralized political and economic control causes suffering and is not in your best interests. Since those who want that control (and have already achieved a lot of it) control the education system and the media, most people have only heard their side of the story. And, they have spent a lot of energy demonizing people who try to tell the other side of the story, which would include Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (and, to a small extent, me). Now you want to help them out by jumping on the demonizing bandwagon. Calling what I have presented here “ranting” is just intellectual laziness. I have listed many sourced of information. Go and read them and then come back when you know enough to debate this.

  216. Brie Says:

    Wel said Bill ! Obviously, there is no one more informed historically, economically and philosophically than you, especially the readers of this blog;except for the ones who agree with you of course ! Facts be damned !

    FROM BILL: I’m not hearing any fact from you, my dear. Or, for that matter, from them. Gimme some facts. How easy it is to be snarky when you are anonymous, even without any facts. So show me the facts you have that refute what I have said. If you’re more informed than I am (certainly possible–many are) show me. From now on, if you want to disagree with me, it better be factual or I delete your post. What good are opinions from uninformed people? How does that further the discussion? If you want a no-facts discussion, WordPress is free. Start your own blog.

  217. this dude Vic Says:

    Barry (Sotero?), AKA BS ,said, “I guess people like Beck and Limbaugh should try to run for office. We will definitely know if they are the patriots they claim to be or just ratings whores. They will atleast get two votes : Bill’s and this dude Vic who keeps posting these hilarious links. Or maybe you should consider politics Bill and try to bring back the “small” government you talk of. We have seen those in history…back when slavery was rampant. I have a feeling you would be ok with that.I am bracing myself for a no post or a “ad hominem” attack from Bill and maybe another video link from Vic.”

    Ergo, small government is the cause of slavery. This is the kind of critical, rational thinking that allows tyranny to gain a foothold. Absolutely brilliant.

    Since you’ve already gone to the trouble of bracing yourself, I am happy to oblige.

  218. Terry Says:

    I like the John Stossel video. Thank you Vic. It is balanced fair and conclusive.

  219. Brie Says:

    I was trying to point out the general pattern of your responses to commenters. Several people before me have tried to give you facts which point to Beck and Limbaugh being racists, muslim haters etc. Terry had some pretty interesting comments which show the kind of gimmicks which Beck uses to confirm his point of view and leave out relevant facts which go against his propoganda. You can go and type “Limbaugh racist” and Beck racist” int he Google videos section and you will get tons of videos which support this. They are no less or more taken out of context than the videos which you and Vic have posted in support of Obama being a marxist, racist, alien or whatever. Whenever facts have been offered which do not support your view, you have caled them “baloney”, “missing the point” etc. You obviously have a strong need to be “RIGHT” because you are interested in the absolute ” TRUTH”. As I said before, unless I agree with you, I am uninformed, right ?

    FROM BILL: There’s one difference. I listen to Rush and Glenn a lot, and have for years. I have heard what they are saying in the full context. I know what they are saying, and that those clips of them supposedly being rascist (or whatever) ARE taken out of context because I’ve heard the context. Neither Glenn Beck or Rush are rascist in the SLIGHTEST. Those who created those clips have one agenda, and it isn’t to get at the truth. It’s to portray those who are exposing what they are doing as racists, homophobes, evil, etc. Instead of refuting the actual facts, they attack them personally and relentlessly.

    I’ve said many times that in my experience those who say these things about Glenn or Rush are NEVER those who have listened to them routinely. They are people who have only heard what their enemies say ABOUT them. Any reasonable person who listens repeatedly has to admit, even if they don’t agree with them, that they are sincere, that they are seeking the truth, and that they are good people.

    I also know a lot about Obama and the people around him. I didn’t learn it from one minute video clips. I learned it from reading their books, hearing their speeches, noticing who their friends are, seeing what organizations they belong to, and so forth. I also know, in detail, the history of the organizations these people belong to, the strategies they use, and what their goals are. In fact, I used to be one of them. I know that the clips Glenn Beck shows are not taken out of context because, again, I KNOW the context–extremely well. I’m not using these film clips alone, but a lifetime of reading, study, and personal experience. And, from long association, I know that both Rush and Glenn (contrary to what you have been led to believe) ARE interested in getting at the truth.

  220. Brie Says:

    I am sorry Bill….I have read books by both Beck AND Obama and I have listened quite a lot to Limbaugh. I have also watched several shows of Beck. My opinion is that both Beck and Limbaugh have some interesting things to say but at the same time they make irresponsible statements which are quite incendiary sometimes just to increase their ratings and popularity. At the same time, I am not absolving Obama of making false promises during his campaign , but he is far from the socialist or communist you claim he is. I was born and raised in a socialist country and I have seen how socialists can destroy an economy,so I have an informed perspective. When you accuse people of being influenced by left propoganda , you are also not completely immune to the right propoganda. I am just asking you to pause and try to look at both sides. But you just seem to attack anybody who does not agree with you and call them uninformed,”intellectually lazy” and so forth. Just my two cents again..attack me again, dont post this…doesnt matter.

    FROM BILL: To the degree that you are actually INFORMED about what is really going on, and really are interesting in figuring out what is true, you ARE (and I am) immune to propoganda of either “side.”

    And, you are being intellectually lazy–for instance, you say that Beck and Limbaugh make “irresponsible statements.” Prove it. What statements have they made that are irresponsible? I assume that means purposely untrue (also called lying). Show me one “lie” either of them has ever told.

    I’m sure each of them has said things from time to time about which they later found to be untrue, to which I have heard each of them admit (esp Beck) when more facts came to light. I would say, though, that neither of them has ever purposely told a lie. And, you seem to be able to read their minds to know that these “irresponsible statements” were made to increase their ratings and popularity. It is intellectually lazy to say that you know why someone does something (in this case, something they haven’t done) without any proof that the motive you attribute to them actual is their motive.

    Both have hugely high popularity and ratings already–they are, in fact, two of the most popular human beings in the country–so I doubt that ratings or popularity are motives behind what they say. If Beck was saying things for ratings, would he do shows about US history and other subjects in which the public has little or no interest? It’s a running joke on his show that he is having yet another program about some obscure subject in order to get better ratings. But you already know that because you watch him so often.

    The only conclusion I can come to, based on statements you have made, is that you don’t have a fraction of the information I use to evaluate what’s going on. If you want to argue with me, bring facts, not opinions.

  221. Brie Says:

    As I expected, your response was very predictable. You refuse to acknowledge any facts which are against your opinions. At this point you beleive in Beck and Limbaugh…it does not matter how many racial comments have been made by Limbaugh; for example his half humorous support for slavery or Beck asking rep. Keith Ellison if he was with the enemy just because he was a muslim and then very conveniently apologzing the next episode….if those are not irresponsible then maybe I am uninformed. You have a very high opinion of yourself obviously, so anything I say is not going to change your stance. I hope you go back to posting more useful blog entries. To be fair, I think your intention for this blog post was good, but you lost your way somewhere.

    FROM BILL: Show me the supposedly racial comments. You haven’t actually heard any–you’ve just heard about them. You haven’t shown me any facts, just your opinions based on what other people have said. Glenn Beck is a FRIEND of Keith Ellison and was not accusing him of anything–I saw that show, and I’ve seen the clip of that interview more than once. There was NO racial accusation made.

  222. Bill Gordon Says:

    Do you know Beck and Limbaugh personally ? It seems like that from what you are claiming to know about their true beliefs and characters. Most people who are just watching or listening to them would not have the sma eperspective.

    FROM BILL: Most people who are watching or listening to them DO have a similar perspective to mine. It’s those who just hear what their critics say, and rarely or never listen to them (or who see three minute videos of them every other month) who accuse them of these various sins. I would guess that I’m much more able to hazard an informed guess as to their true character than you would be, for instance, since you, quite likely, have not heard or watched either of them very much at all.

  223. Bill Gordon Says:

    You dont have to attack me…I am old white far right republican , just like you. I enjoy both Beck’s and Limbaugh’s shows. I am just saying that you seem to know a lot more about their private beliefs and true characters (in their real life) than what I can gather from just listening and watching them.

    FROM BILL: Surprise! I’m not a “far-right Republican.” I would characterize myself as a libertarian. I want the smallest possible government and the greatest amount of personal freedom and personal responsibility. I want the meritocracy Martin Luthor King talked about, where people are judged by the onctent of their character, not by which racial group or social class they are in. Just because I defend Beck and Limbaugh against the grossly unfair demonization directed at them doesn’t mean I share all their views. (Beck is actually more of a libertarian, while Limbaugh is certainly a conservative. Neither is a liar or a “hater”.)

    Republicans just talk about smaller government while they make it bigger–in the same way Democrats talk about helping the little guy while screwing him royally.

  224. Terry Says:

    How about THIS for a surprise? I’m also a Libertarian (newly converted) :)

    My suggestion to people wanting to figure out what’s going on and who don’t like Beck and Limbaugh is to forget about them and just use the other sources suggested. There are lots of great ones.

    Love to all,

    The “you don’t have to attack me, I’m white and old like you” comment was just hilarious. I almost fell off my chair.

  225. FRANK Says:

    HI BIll
    whatever you said is just common sense.
    however it is very very uncomon unfortunatelly – or simply really
    you have hit quite a few nails in the head.
    problem is people wnat to believe what sounds nice.
    there is also one very good old saying:
    “love for love cheese for money”
    far too many people think that by pretending to be good and loving and noble they can get cheese for it.
    nobility. love and goodnes is GOOD ONLY AS THE ACTIONS FOLLOWING IT
    nice nobles loving people – which actions do nto follow – wake up – it is USELESSS.
    to get the cheese you have to do something in material world.
    far, far too many people try to manipulate the wordl and others to get cheese for love and goodnes.

  226. Caren Hunter Says:

    All’s I can say is I wish we were neighbors because you are putting on paper all that I believe and know to be true…it is awesome to read this information from someone that I have great respect for and admire.

    BTW…I am most thankful that I have Holosync in my life as I watch all that is unfolding before our eyes.

    Love you Bill Harris,

    Caren Hunter

  227. Tate Siemer Says:


    I have been fascinated by the Holosync technology and today, took the plunge to purchase your product. After the completion of my transaction, I followed your suggestion to check out your blog. I sure wish that I had not done so. While I will take responsibility that it is my response (not reaction), I found it disheartening to find an ego-based, fearful political dialogue with a lack of recognition that we really do create our own reality, every bit of it.

    As this blog proves, your focus determines your reality. Look at the ugliness in this blog, from the perspective of the witness. You seem to have been seduced by the ego’s attachment to “right and wrong” and a fearful need to try to predict, rather than create, the future. All this really points out that you, like us all, are human, and prone to forgetting your divinity, and your Master Creator role.

    What you resist, persists.

    I will whole-heartedly and completely continue down my holosync journey’s road, but will intentionally avoid your blog if it will continue to be subject to a perspective that is less than enlightened, or enlightening. I can find ugliness in other places. I came to you looking for liberation, transformation, integration, evolution and miracles. As the creator of MY reality, I continue to intend to find those things here.

    FROM BILL: Perhaps your response is coming from you? Naw, that can’t be it. Is it “fearful” to point out the truth of what is happening so people can be more prepared? Reality doesn’t go away because you avoid seeing it. The world IS going into a time of negative social mood. That is a fact. Certain things happen during such times–things that involve suffering, cruelty, and ugliness. This is just the way it is. You don’t need to respond to this with aversion or fear, however.

    My purpose in alerting you to what is happening is to make you more aware because awareness creates choice. Perhaps you should read the rest of the posts on this blog, much of which is about this.

    If you are not aware of social mood you will be swept up in it, unconsciously. To the degree that you are aware of it, you have choice about how you respond. I am not walking around in a negative mood, or a fearful mood. I am in a realistic mood, seeing things as they really are, as a spiritually mature person does, and then doing my best to make it better. Creating a happy delusion is not spiritual maturity. Seeing things as they are IS.

    But seeing the world as it is doesn’t mean that the suffering of the world needs to pull you down. You have disowned the negative (see my blog posts about shadows, please). When you disown something, it triggers you, as these last few blog posts obviously have. Disowning negativity has made you negative yourself, though you don’t see it because it is disowned.

    The world have many delightful things. Many. But it also has sorrowful things. In times of positive social mood people are more likely to notice the good things; in times of negative social mood they are more likely to notice the suffering and ugliness. You will swing with the herd unless you become aware enough to stop playing such a hard version of The Game of Black and White, where White must win. This is an unwinable game. There is no escape from the Black side of the coin. The two sides go together. They define each other.

    Acknowledge that the coin has two sides. See things as they are, and then do what you can to alleviate the suffering of others.

    Everything I’ve said here is in the posts you read and rejected. You missed a lot of it–including the basic intention–because you (not me, you) are actually more focused on the negative. Why? Because you are so strongly trying to run from it. I, on the other hand, am focused on helping people, on loving, on serving, on doing what I can to diminish the suffering I see.

    Hopefully you will stick with Holosync, which will make you aware of what you are doing to yourself. Look closely and you will see.

  228. Jan Says:

    I really enjoyed these posts. Positive or negative, I believe that were in the midst of a paradigm shift. Much like the turmoil of the late 60′s gave way to relatively calm our turmoil will resolve itself into a period of repose, albeit with a different vision and different societal values. Just as great upheavals in our personal lives can be resolved by awareness, social upheavals can change everything as well. Be aware, don’t fear change, understand the EVERYTHING is in the process of changing.

    FROM BILL: To a degree you are right. There were many positive things that came out of WW2 and the depression, for instance. However, millions died and millions more suffered. What we’re entering into isn’t going to be pretty. Anyone that didn’t fear what happened in the 30s and 40s wasn’t paying attention.

  229. Ron Says:

    I appreciate the good information. I think most Americans have their head in the ground. I used to work for one of the “Maes” Fannie and Freddie for 16 years. You would not believe the greed that was so pervasive in both these companies. Now they both continue to drain funds from the US Treasury while in receivership. Of course both political parties blamed each other for their demise. The democratic and republican
    administrations both were responsible for pushing high home ownership percentages. By the time the republicans realized that Fannie and Freddie were “too big too fail”, it was alreasy too late. Their political machine along witht the ABA (American Bankers Assosiation), MBA (Mortgage Banksers’s Association) controlled the housing discussion on Capitol Hill.
    So any attempt at meaningful regulation was pummeled. It wasn’t like there were early signs of potential problems with mortgage securities. weren’t there. Remember the Reverse Floater Bonds that were sold by Merril Lynch to Orange County, Calif.? The collateral belonged to of one of the “Maes” who ultimately had to buy them back after the litigation.

    Next, I have been utterly amazed at the stock market rally that occured which was organized by the world governments, which has only staved off the debt problems, i.e. Greece instead dealing with the issues. US Banks still have millions of dollars of debt on thier books because of the market to market reporting change the FASB relaxed due to pressure from Congress.

    The Federal Reserve has lost it’s independence and now answers to the hiccups of declining financial markets like a crying baby. The problem is this time our debt problem is now in center stage and the old model of 70% consumtion in order to achieve positive GDP growth will surely be
    re-thought to achieve a “new normal”. The recession never ended and now people are starting to realize it as it shows it key data points and the fed has removed it’s most potent stimuls.

    There has been this “party like it’s 1999″ when the stock market was going parabolic for the past two years with minimal down days. It’s so funny to watch CNBC when the market plunges with their long faces and the commentator says, “when will the carnage end?” People actually believe that marktets are always supposed to go up. For the past two years the Fed has killed short sellers with their monetary policy and now people want to cry at a declining market???

    They media talks about the trillions of dollars US companies are sitting on and it’s not being put to use. It they beleived in the economic recovery
    the cash would be at work, but they are preparing for lean times also, they just won’t communicate it.

    The politicians preach this message of fixing the economy so we get back to the way things used be. The truth is we are never going back to the way it was and will probably experience a standard of living shift in the US.
    Both political parties are just as corrupt and are masters at political spin.

    So, I applaud you for educating those of use who are still wearing a veil over our eyes. People get mad often at what they don’t understand and so often the real story is cloaked behind the media/government whitewash.

    He are two financial websites that you may already know about. and

  230. Wesley McCants Says:

    The saying ‘Going to hell in a handbasket’ is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who uses such a phrase to characterize a poor state of affairs is a brainsick nutcase. The origin of this fragment goes back to the 1920s, according to several dictionaries. But in truth it makes very little sense, unless, one means, the world will be put in a handbasket or handcart or handbag and sent to hell, which too, doesn’t make much sense either. Who’s going to put the world in one of the above objects and send us all to hell?

    Why not just say ‘Going to hell where you belong’. Although the alliteration, hell and handbasket, are not present in my fragment still it is more sensible and rational and makes sense. Plus it maneuvers itself away from evidence of a dumb down society or what I call ‘Parrot Syndrome’.

    Wake up America. It’s time to put ignorance behind us.

    Wesley McCants
    Cincinnati Ohio

    FROM BILL: Are you serious? You take metaphors literally? Wesley, you should engage brain before typing. Really. Why let people know so directly that you have no idea what you are talking about?

  231. Gordon Graham Says:

    Ever since Limits To Growth was published, in 1972, I’ve been dreading the next 10 years. Fortunately, I started Holosync 9 years ago, and now seem able to handle that dread. James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency hardly phased me. Now I’m reading his Too Much Magic – wishful thinking, technology and the risk to the nation. Like you, he has no solutions, just warnings. My Facebook persona has been along those lines, like a good Boy Scout – Be Prepared. At 68, there’s not much that I can do other than be a squeaky wheel on its downhill slide outta here.

    FROM BILL: I don’t think it’s that dire. I don’t think we’re going to return to a pre-industrial way of life. And many of the things you are worrying about are things progressives have chosen to scare everyone so they can tighten the controls (for you own good).

    Buffet, last Monday on Charlie Rose, thought kids being born now were the luckiest ever. I don’t agree, but then neither am I wealthy so what do I know?

    Until Fukushima, I thought we lived in a closed system, that there would be a BIG “reduction in the surplus population” due to global climate change, pandemics, warfare, etc. And like Kunstler’s “The Witch of Hebron” and the BBC’s “After the Warming” we’d be forced to return to a pre-industrial, agricultural way of life.

    Fukushima and Sandy have changed that survivalist perspective to one in which random, genetic mutations offer the only possibility of the survival of all life forms on this planet. Unlike most of the lower life forms, we humans don’t reproduce often enough, or fast enough, to evolve and adapt to the changes that have already begun.

    The poisoning of our planet’s multiple life support systems is obvious now, at least to some. Ocean acidification is killing off life forms at the very bottom of our food chain, the mother’s milk of subsistence hunter gatherers (whales, Inuit to name but two) has become so toxic that it’s killing off their firstborns.

    To the residue of our consumption, from the hygroscopic nuclei of our fossil fuels to our floating garbage dumps gyrating throughout the Pacific, has now been added the radioactivity threat from Fukushima. The half-life of some of that is longer than than the evolution of homo sapiens.

    Those who think their God(s) will save them are delusional. I have yet to see even a mustard seed’s chance of escaping unscathed. Ban Ki-Moon said it best at Copenhagen: “Nature (a.k.a. God) does not negotiate,” and that was only three years ago. Nobody gave him any more credence than they have to Claude Levi-Strauss or the Club of Rome. This time it won’t be a cosmic curve-ball that changes everything. This time it will because of us.

    Reminds me of: “Noah. Noah! How long can you tread water?”

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